#346 - Back...To The Future!

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns as they discuss alternative wiping methods and peeing in the shower on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on October 19, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-346

Recorded: 2015-10-20 15:27:54

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to receive podcast what you have brought to you by lynda.com meundie sand Trunk Club time for talking on the don't care who are very important sponsors have the graphics on screen sorry I'm done I'm gavi man tried to hint about the undies right before we started the podcast just was sitting here saying like literally 2004 that she thought that the patch intro was coming I was expecting sound you can start it today I thought I thought I heard the patch I was expecting like I was surprised by the short interest expecting the longer the path translate I don't like the Wilhelm scream keep it nobody screams when I hear the Wilhelm scream it makes me mad and I just saw him so cool right when people only cool the first time you hear it and everyone else is fucking sick of it at this point translate we everybody into a first-year film student is like a movie theater here in some jackasses like and a big fight with her in the Crazy 88 there's like three Wilhelm scream in the night yeah it's it's awful it's awful I know that movie where the audio and visual are likely over and do some henchmen but when they put it on main characters dying is ridiculous even a movie about volcanoes I need a headlight old is Rachel in a reference to the band room was covered in Ash and some kids like they look the same lava melt melts in like 3 inches of lava symptoms of bronchitis who would happen if you steps of what happened I think my shoes with the red man just into flames how hot and cool down she did but I think I could Man 3 I'm looking it up how hot is lava when the pressure and not actually what I'm fine it's not that hot friend love it is 2085 degrees Fahrenheit is 2200 degrees Fahrenheit in that range 5500 wait wait hahaha 2000 411 Lehigh on your foot well can you make anything living not living thing and does another Chambers are between 1400 and 1800 degrees Thanksgiving turkey in there that would be ridiculous you wouldn't tell anybody your dinner household income if you threw something into the sun on a rope and pulled it back it be 1466 4th Ave to cook a turkey in the oven do you had a device where you could swing through through it and it comes out completely cooked in one second would you get one of those swing thru to hunt could you put on a sweat too much I don't eat alot swingable food that mean like what I'm different Arizona glass container of some kind or in tin foil cost $50,000 - $300 there's a real on Kickstarter that says you have to have a working prototype or a believable prototype so do they submit the prototype to Kickstarter can ask them for it had won that kind of work but it's only so it was it was it was a razor and said it believed it had like a little high powered laser on it and that's what would on your hair Sheila give me a call what is Lazer basket plastic but I don't know what I just might traveling I don't know she can travel the lazer point on mail it here and she still is your plan shopping bag looking black Brothers bag of lettuce and it split how many how many of you go shopping shopping every now and then every now and then for groceries and food in Austin they instituted a ban on plastic bags currently Austin which of those little plastic bags you're not allowed to get them anywhere anymore she bring your own reusable bags but because nobody brings reusable bags they also will sell you bags at the store when you're just bigger thicker version of the old bag that they use more plastic tore the paper once University of thick plastic but I don't like her I mean right so you can 710 Dusty and with the new one correct etiquette there's a place I go to as well but I don't know, I don't like them in trouble there's your place I really don't know still allowed to put in a $50 that's one of the weird loophole Pinterest for someone who lost a video I can't pull it up to send it here when stepping on lava what happens to nothing bristle in the fire you don't email them so I wouldn't really can melt rock Double Rock Milk-Bone Molton Rock I mean that's what it is so it's like it seems like what does it melt paper religious throat problems does like my state of matter genotypic know what are the monkeys mother really invented it coming Barefoot in the on the top of the that was the most fun Eclipse you were talking about swinging your food through Lycoming over cookie really bad someone treated me this week Kathy said that we'd seen those commercials for the Japanese cellphone provider or they do like to Second cooking and everything to make dumplings or something you just freaking out Star Wars tickets just went on sale sorry things just not there I will be over here forever just to end it so we have some time should be timing with the podcast crashing left and right is one of those times I was up and the trailer is going to be played tonight at halftime during the people want to see you man with right like if 40 people show up to something vide crash right is that a new thing that's been like that every web pages like 5K Goodwill used to be two full-time and then put it back in the day people with the flash Effect Star Wars in 3-D or no Twitter steaks over Molton the conversations that was that was 3300 thank you very much but when I was really steaks BBQ over a thousand degrees Celsius steaks over so he has told the perfect love is one of those things where you just want to look at it I will just look headlight the flow of real wood lava look at you you're really creepy I just want to look at you like a compliment it wasn't intended as a compliment but you just like you video.com if you don't examine 20 how weird it is for them to like Christmas and for those of us that on the podcast but I think like I know so much about your life it's like weird to see you in there talking to you and you know you don't know me but I understand that perfectly because I'm like a huge fan of a lot of like talk radio shows like Howard Stern to let you know so much about those people so I totally get that whenever that happens I just try to freak people out when they see you in real life on my other cases with you in the future what Pokemon are real headlight switch on Titan welcome on the first time was it yep I'll bring break doesn't cover which is where the time where you go like basically that night I'm like I'm going to go to Austin next week and then sit there and keeping Gavin actually like be there for vacation and then you were sitting in the it was most awkward first meeting I've ever had with another human being he was facing the TV playing Griffin walk in and I say OK and then like keeps playing and I'm like nice to meet you at the junkie on his head and I had to save them all right if you play nice to meet you after 7 years of knowing you was just cuz you suck all the time to Dan the first time I ever met with 4 x 40 was like really recently I was going through some old archives of photos I just I had that photo of you guys outside the Congress office you guys look like you're ten years old and still crazy 21 barbar barbar and Gavin I just want to look into that video where you could be inside you and I assume that I got your message and I get a lot of Vine snapshots we should make some more money controlle Cub being well if you actually did barbar Diego rooftop man on it it's really showing now Brad it's not barbar DMV got your right here there's a way to see all the videos I really miss the days when I could connect to the Wi-Fi with Star Wars tickets did Star Wars come out really fast Austin I should put them back up. They should be there in December yes in time for Star Wars Red vs Blue and just like finished episode start of the Revolution episode start another one and then as soon as we're done with that like a race back and do something else what time I have a group game it was greenligh in 2 days so Ruby Grimm Eclipse Gwyneth on green light Thursday right it was a win-win branch of steam where you go when you get voted off Christine you can every game on Steam good for the north for Avenue for indie games that you don't have a publisher game in the valve family to educate current and future to the Mat Yoga steam link does not currently work on iOS 10 so if you purchase the steam link for an 00 S10 computer then they just gifted you think we can have a catalog but this point who doesn't know about the already on it it's nothing at this point I think that anybody would be really chomping at the bit for the gram I got steam language is talking about and I got the steam controller to steam link or just announced that thing like like takes your PC and put it on your TV using picture mode is steam stream machine comes from her but you don't need an actual steam machine anymore yeah you stream to the spot I'll give you the room you use the controller the steam controller that thing I don't like speaking negatively but I think you can probably get that thing is not good what's wrong with that the two pads oh yeah I posted on Twitter ba nobody showed up at my house on Friday and so I have it I should have brought a terrible first of all the buttons that are images compared to like an Xbox One controller for instance the buttons are the same colors and all that stuff but the arrangement is such that its left thumbstick button then write some stick on the other side of the button as opposed to left to right something be next to each other and I never said that that's backwards from both the PS4 and the Xbox one I wonder why I don't know had like a touchpad on a notebook and so it's meant to be like so you can navigate a computer screen and control steam link and like load games and that is the thing about controlle I looked at it and I thought that looks like garbage but obviously I just haven't used it I don't understand that yet I'm expected to understand I told him that scratches from the picture yeah it's really pretty disappointing honestly it was the first I'd heard of the steam like pushing on the light rarely occur but like maybe once a week it's what I do that so my connect then when I turn the switch back on my Kinect will be off and he the future of the Xbox my Xbox connect to remain off for 3 weeks and then it comes up like I can unplug it and plug it back in 3 weeks every time about a problem is not accurate and I just recently where I have an account that has a password on it and I was trying to get into it and it said account not available or like a service not available service unavailable service unavailable and I can't right now I'm finally called tech support and they said oh you're locked out your password was locked out and I was like so that's an additional security measures they give me a fucking break and then I even found out that it had a system I've never heard of before for locking someone out of the password when you get locked what's the normal amount of times as well but this thing is like that if you do 3 incorrect password attempts on this account it will lock you out of it except it's not three in a row. 331 send something earlier that I just type it because you're locked out and let me know any kind of code that there's some engineer at every company goes I'm going to come up with my own truck and password and I change the world don't be a schmuck and password requirements who coded it to tell me no special characters why couldn't you say that when I first put the password in to use the special characters you know to mean funny when you reset your password because you forgot that you had to do the link in your email and the password capitalize my password to my laptop what are the super okay waiting room I just feel like after I dropped it last night was like a tomorrow thank God for that I didn't have to know password manager I did I finally passed that I left you far away for me to shove this week who made barbar over there I want you to remind everyone that this episode of the podcast is brought to you by lynda.com remind them that's what I'm doing a platform with over 3000 on demand video core strength in your business technology and creative skills for free 10-day trial visit lynda.com / RoosterTeeth Lynda lynda.com is her problem solvers for the Curious for people who want to make things happen maybe one of Master excel in the Goshi ation tactics build a website boost your Photoshop skills go to lynda.com / RoosterTeeth and feed your curious mind with a lynda.com membership you can watch and learn from Top experts who are passionate about teaching 2002 video courses on the man and learn on your own schedule you can work at your own pace courses are structured so you can watch them from start to finish or consume them in bite-size p download torrents and watch them On The Go including access on your iOS or Android device create and save playlists of course you want to watch to customize your learning path or share with friends colleagues and team members your live.com membership will give you unlimited access to training on hundreds of topics all for one flat fee or they looking to become an expert your passion about a hobby or just want to learn something you go to lynda.com celebrities now sign up for a free 10-day trial Lynda.com / RoosterTeeth should I use that URL so that you know that we sent you ly nba.com / with your case information on my treadmill gaming setup the reason why the game today because it's also everything over the last month-and-a-half signal lights in the garage has been superseded and I think I play Netflix movie almost exactly two minutes to do it this time please try another title or try again later and I'm like okay and so it's like I tried that tried reconfiguring my router all that stuff trying to make it the DMZ host so they could like pushed it through it nothing work every other fucking Xbox that I have her necklace device that I have worked like a charm this one box wooden plate you know it was HDMI cable is bad really because it was dropping the hdcp protection weird and it was like and then apparently next week doesn't tell you when it's doing that I was on the Xbox and just let you play it for two minutes and it's over wanted to buy so cut it out so I was troubleshooting data issue for like 4-5 days and then finally told them do I have an update about my coin I mentioned it last weekend I just got a call and I can get it to work still never got it to work but I might think you got it Mike's put the battery it works for me once the coffee shop somewhere it's been so long since actually did work so I can remember to 85% of places places that I need to tell you about steam terminal and see if we have to fix the problem here is an idea that you two in the same place outdoors in not that okay great we didn't have someone here barbecue little bit later in The Press Room is a little bit to help me think yeah she looks like she had a party no no she was just like helping me because she could tell you what was wrong with you guys you got to Boston Joel Rubin with us and he was like in role-playing stop the role play shut up shut up Eclipse trunk bag story like this do you think of this one compared to the thought the game was fun but the art direction of the room was not up to par and they openly admitted that as well like the way the room looks won't be as good but it was it I thought it was great actually if you look in my sister had the nerve to call my guy I like it it's fun and it's a guaranteed one-hour Hangout right it's like we're going to start going to do this I'm on my way is perfectly schedule no commitment no awkward I'm going to go to the over because you think you might be able to talk work it's always awkward congratulations what is a real friend are both everything you think end of the curtain and they have this so they have smoking there and maybe shoot Lazer how to get across and I was not very good in some James Bond stuff like some rolls or something and you have a lot of lasers if you do a roll more help just like I feel sorry for anyone like hearing because you caught up on all fours go you have a picture just put the steaks on to the program right after on Sunday they didn't get out didn't get out there was only one we just don't talk about it whenever you can notice but that's something today we went bowling and then they could last an hour too long to answer that to Oakwood that what you feel because because more than likely knowing me I know what you like to play again but still that's an awkward exit from you I hope that doesn't happen at all that you could visit with that you can understand for one bowling place I don't know what I'm trying to avoid texting for the Nerdist you should say publicly that we practice for that I'll try kids like at 2:30 and every time you both that's like I've definitely got vide so I thought the GoPro and tell me when we do things you could go for him strapped to his forehead it'll be fun yeah we did that or not handball go all the way got the pins turns around like he just doesn't ever seem to hit the practicing news Italian cheeses should I get the fastest boat to get measured 2 speed run where was the place we were going to meet up whenever we're done different things and he was trying to do that now they switched up everything where he's not nervous anymore and I do like a lot of communication around that trailer for The Pilot Saturday Russia Today that's rtaa Russia Today pilot aculabs pilot what are keloids I cannot fathom that just didn't work that well that show was pretty good it was a good concept but I think the one word that came off like a pedophile have that show but she also looked like she was 12 also probably 12 right so it was good casting and I think I over 15 as a woman and nature town we probably should have split off news on Channel right away is 8900 was one of the first shows is going to call the show or have a bit departments where we started and they can produce a lot of video really quickly and still all of a sudden 3 video of the day we're going up as opposed to and tell me all you saw the research and over video game sales and so it was like what we got to do something about this so we move the guides in the map videos somewhere else and then like me different shows and try to do that way but if you guys didn't want to move off at the time because they hadn't even on the channel and I get some kind of analysis where if they put a video up on Rooster Teeth video got 80,000 views but if they put the video up on a cheap mint Hunter the channel and only got like $30,000 and it was it they were getting started as like year one or two and they're like we just have to be able to like build this thing we can't do anywhere else so we didn't realize we were talking about moving all the narrative content of the hole just like moving all the shows you know the scripted stuff that's actually we're going to move it up the receipt right things but that didn't work so now I think we're in the best possible place if someone watch the video that they're not expecting on your channel it this way to them in those last two 1 why didn't you and I honestly only vide on the entire channel that has less than a million views what to say to make you feel let me delete that what useful information to people who are really into it it's like people share those people wouldn't necessarily share cuz I never hear from you that's why everybody should just send the info yeah I was looking at the animated adventures and for the longest time the highest viewed animated Venture was the one were you talking about headlight fluid and I think just recently that got past it's like I think it's an adventure I meant when you asked me what was the one where I talk about I'll put your nuts in my mouth to man or something he's never there anyway does looking up and it's like I mean give me how far back to you most likely rtaa headlight 2 or 3 million views now it's crazy crazy I love that show because of all because of the podcast it might be something that you said to refer to something that you are a bit I think a lot of that comes from the rtaa it's like air with the whole ice cream thing she doesn't on the podcast about her and then it was made and that's all anyone associated with him barbar compliment before that's all how to change my filter media Avatar 2 anime rtaa Gus video game video you sent me a video the other day but it was a compilation of all the times that you can make fun of me there's any fan made compilation such a concentrated lav are the Creator that makes him but the guy who kept together all the awkward silences or one long mascot the comedian in the UK did one that's where he just took it from the news it was like BBC News or something that night and you just took all those same moment so I like someone's looking at somewhere also listening to the news and I just like shuffling papers meundie asteroid that one of the 2.7 million views lav arcade fucking awesome did you see the video I don't like last week was talking about the Chicago Cubs mascot I don't know about the role of the mascot walking around shaking people's hands and then after the first of the Cub mascot hairy dick go to next Wednesday that someone went through to find the asset for the Mikado Cub to it and left maybe you'd like to go just waiting to get fired man with the Krispy Kreme in its diversity that it's all about the woman newscaster that talked about the Krispy Kreme and it says Krispy Kreme Donuts but then someone has to catch the ball it was just so good you'll suck a dick they put it up on me do you do you watch Last Week Tonight watch some of the highlights of last night in yesterday's episode where they talk about how now on the internet for not just on the internet but in general you can't trust quotes that people missing tribute quotes or get quotes wrong all the time so absolutely true it's a point where you can't believe anything and now you always see on the internet this ability will like post a picture of someone and then supposedly a quote next to it and that person never said it so they just decided to make a website that just puts random people read historical figures and random quotes together this week what happens put someone's picture up there it's like it somehow Lazer weird credibility to it so there was make sure that I got it correct and I hopefully I haven't mentioned it before in the podcast I thought it was really cool we're going to see John Green for his most recent book The Fault in Our Stars but it will Paper Towns I believe it was for it and there are shirts made on it and all this other stuff and then it turned out he didn't make the quote it was somebody who read the book one of the fans who made the quote and it was attributed to the book and they said they sold merchandise I think that maybe posters and t-shirts and I was like I didn't know that I had no clue you know as a writer you write thousands of pages he thought the quote with Sonia pulled the quote from the book and like the company and everything was great all the first person who made that quote I can't believe I spelled it wrong how did you come to write to John Green quotes about he was part of a poem that I tend to write but then I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met anything about it because John Green John Green that he didn't know that he didn't write that I'm not trippin greenligh told me that John Green said that sounds like something for a while they been putting clothes that she said that are completely not from her to do that all the time to take pictures of Marilyn Monroe Lin right like I just farted really no I think you're one of the people that I said but I've never said that Pinterest green said that he had remembered writing the words but quote I don't remember writing a lot of Paper Towns that book came out seven years ago and when he started seeing the quote on the internet a few years ago he said I just assumed it was in the book I suppose instead of blindly assuming I've written something the internet that I wrote I should have done some research she reflected if you think of a situation for me if you play me a clip that I sent a couple years ago I probably would actually not remember saying it and then people listen to ever again so you think that they think you remember it 3 years ago you're taking a selfie and how there's no name for that at all and you've already been Sony probably for years ago at this point so it was when I first met actually and she told me selfie in Australia talking about that a lot we will in the future right now who knew that we would be talking not knowing what they were stupid or just write it down and we have to guess who said it are they going to be called YouTube Whose Line Is It Anyway different format where we actually played a clip but it's okay guess what you were talking about play that way yo what's up I was doing push-ups because we were doing a red vs blue script for the thing coming up and I was just offering up some of the characters on The Strip but I was offering some lunch and Grimm and I turn them in as well I'm absolutely positive stores with the I can't remember how many times I fucking watch season 1 yeah we would love to where we go to events and festivals it was like the full movie write 70 and 65 I think it was 7065 Riverside Landing like an hour so that we could like sit through it at event won't go faster what did you cut alarm 3:15 and 3 was quite long on it like the monkey about Toronto we watched we were there for like six and a half hours it would be like 2 days remember we also had a beta gavi on tape I think of season 1 the truck right now we have to take to play a certain certain facilities didn't have a projector like they didn't have a DVD player in my truck in the truck and someone to show that she asked for no physical media like certain ways but it looks like you took the season one script and did push-ups on it yeah I can do that headed to be so much faster pace and by the time I was doing and you told me to have one line end and the next light stuck on top of it like right as one is finished in the next week and every week for the originals so crazy that's what I write 64484 people paid 10 bucks for a pirates mask crazy was it even yeah that was that standard composite video cable write some of them so anything for you and not for you just over all those files box to convert 2x original Xbox output s video capture Progressive video you can download either in QuickTime for WMV what you became Lazer that was not enough a WMV when I signed up maybe I maybe I better not sure that way anyway so different perspective and when we started vs Blue you could not play video in a browser like I should do this for this conversation FUNimation animation we would finish shooting on a Thursday night and had to come out on Friday for sponsors and I talked about it a little bit what usually would be Friday during Lent always different times but you didn't we finished third and I got and then because we had on Monday to work on Monday but I didn't the right give me all the way around with you man they worked at night sometimes but sometimes it was like let me let me know story of like an overnight success yeah I mean it was okay we were Off to the Races from day one it's actually with that show and I remember the fun we had I was fucking amazing everyday is incredible people now think of it send it to other shows I can imagine now a single day when nothing goes up your age yet I mean we made shows in the offseason like panics and strangerhood Captain Dynamic on 100th and the short 2000 surrendering her magic was the first thing we ever put out that I hadn't written so that puts it in perspective eight years before we got like another study shows everyone between seasons on the forums would just kind of sit around everyday just like chatting to each other stuff and make it such a big deal when the next season started like we've literally just been here waiting for those guys doing just sitting around hey I talked about the block and cut this out as long until I talk to the audience about stuff to talk about with sponsorship was listen I think there's people who will not read now they just have to hear stuff and also it's like I don't know about you guys but I feel like we can put information out there a thousand different ways but the audience will like somebody on his will just misinterpreted something and then the internet just turns in the biggest game of telephone in the world would I miss read the things which is really itching to hear it when people try to rationalize why we do something you know it's like the rationalizations it's like what and I know exactly why we're doing stuff for the reasons why we're doing stuff and it's just like it's like so off-base it better to have a place where we can directly talk to the audience about stuff unboxing I'm kidding it's funny how information just can't explain why don't have Lemons at 60 frames a second this is to do it like it speeds up the flow of people trying to spread the good word about why I'm not doing that weekend it wrong and it gets so I like it so even understand but I'm pretty sure that tickets attributed to like everybody at the company in some way shape or form like you know for whatever reason like I don't know why isn't Joe Lin the short and if I know because he's taking a break his fans showed up at his house he got his information online and showed up his house why does he jump on the podcast he got you like things got too big enough and showed up at his house and I think anytime there's an explanation for that you're burni I forgot mine was but that has never happened they're mistreating event that happened before we even started and Jen pissed off somebody a web developer with their their site ugly internet and they picked a guy off and he sent threatening messages like FaceTime Google map pictures right no school man exist at the time but you knew about like your car and your house three years three years they were made we never got asked for 2 hours on line until we mention that we can and then it's like as soon as you mention because there wasn't that many requests but you were being kind of a me before is mentioned I mean it's crazy still that have been in development now for like 6 months here that the audience has doesn't know anything about at least two shows you know and I want I'm just wrapped like last week is completely didn't shoot as you go to the right I'm doing a thing about getting rid of Velcro I was trying it you try to accelerate man stick upside down on the back and actually it was like eating shit for me on the head and brain nailed it and it was going to explain is that steaks is the audience knew about the lazer team in 75 well before the show was like really RTX people so we kind of had to tell him it was about to do it but I'm not sure what is development for a really long period of time but the details about it because of that shooting because the crowdfunding aspect of it it just seems like you know it's been a little you know it's like we're two totally normal time frame for like doing distribution rapping at the movie like we can sell those two particular project so we're quiet now but other stuff that we're developing really well for her romantic vacations do you get upset if you don't hear anything precious right and I don't want to waste their time with like coming soon stuff for anything like that if I can avoid that because I mean that's kind of hard because there's so much stuff going on there's so many things out there you know you can watch whatever you want to on line you know and if you can watch anything you can't watch everything so what they choose to watch is really important that's like I want to make sure that we're very precise and our effort - exist anymore something something else to your point you wear underwear days and you need to be extraordinary without an insane price tag me Andy's address underwear laundry at half the retail price you find anywhere else man Jesus made from Motel gavi from the softest cotton that's twice as soft as whatever underwear you wearing right now and he has tons of colors and styles and it's the only place to get matching pairs for men and women even release Community hours in the US and Canada shipped for free and even has a money back guarantee so if you don't let me first. 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Without doors just like two different ways to offset too Con Edison not to touch the little thing you want to use the point she's got great point you can touch is the soap dispenser in the handle to the door leading out of the bathroom should be the cleanest surface in the world because everyone's washing their hands up with nobody right before they touch it yeah people are animals what percentage do get from genital like what is that what do you think pee in the urinal I request you something else doing that you're just watching can you go to look at them and then they left without that would not be okay and thank you and it comes out your dick hole rate of getting John anything I don't want to feel bad Rhino coming out of my hands touching my face and then on the way out I just put my two fingers in that's what it's like it's like I don't think about like that you took a bunch of horrible stuff all day long that's why I wash my hand sanitizer elevator buttons in public and everything like that anyway Wikipedia no I was not on the park anything anything what's a man to do like a normal disgusting human being every day the shower okay but if I did I probably would but if I was to see if you're in a leg your inner thigh would it smell like to know because I'm in the shower before usually usually the running lights when you touch the water sleepover party at some of the stuff you put there let me piss my pants when I get hot hot water is not working it makes you have to the bathroom you got one more this Trunk Club shopping is awful fishing for trout at stores or the time to try and 10 pairs of pants that don't even fit well here's the problem I still want to look great with trunk love you never have to set foot in the mall again trunk lip steaks that has a lot of shopping by shipping you a trunk of clothes that fit perfectly and make you look like a million bucks with all the new fall Styles at trunk club.com / you answer simple questions about your style preferences 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this morning when is the trick for people to see if they can't sound of running water Yahoo answers like sneezing when you look into a bright light normal thing just one of those things we're talking about it on Twitter was saying that you were saying that doesn't exist anymore but you were able to buy Star Wars tickets 461 Hyperion over hydrating Star Wars everything is everywhere constantly could just see that R2D2 paper plane that on the pond Airways rolled out now they painted a 787 to look like R2D2 and then what are you what was happening is something wrong pictures of me and her let's take a picture get to go see the picture okay something weird like other people from your skirt that was not the case yes I think it's in like testing mode at the moment it's open wide for everyone yet but he's getting invitation of some things that have gone open wide my car has autodriv on over good for you that is it's not feel safe other than it was and it's not touching the pedals 50 miles an hour greenligh which is fine pulled out from the right and the car into oncoming traffic where the cars coming in the other direction now we were crossing over an intersection it was like different Lane of traffic Soho Drive date the over Market let me know about a company trying to build I let me know I'm a big fan of the company I really am but they have definitely hate this app is being like Oh now all Tesla auto-drive if I get on the freeway and I drive on the freeway it's it's perfect like I actually like bumper to bumper traffic now because what it does it first so that you have to be on a road that has stripes that has white stripes like the one on the right and had to have like the middle one is quite a lot of roads to have some time to have all those things off of other cars around you specifically mostly from a car in front of you it's okay that's behavior and behaviour by itself and everything but I definitely get you into an accident and there's been no accidents reported could you know if a car driving itself had gotten an accident in the last week that have been huge headlight even looking for reports of I have been I tried to search for it and I couldn't find it what if we just get in your car and we posted up massively Wilhelm it and just sit in the back seat in the other people do you legally have to be in the front seat like put a bag of sand on the front like something that happened it's a weird feature in the end of the bar is that if I have the car and drive the Tesla man it it's one of those things where it's like it so much stuff for you and makes you build that habit like I can pull my garage and drive and then just get out of my car like while the car is in drive and it has helped you leaving Park and put the car in park and then shut it down and I leave it just makes you a lazy bitch it really does and it's like bumper to bumper traffic right now and you're going to start and stop traffic it did the car just does the whole thing and you can just I mean could sit there and lie to you you are operating a vehicle I do not sit there and text or anything like that how can I change the heads up driving cars and even if on the on the on your hands have been on the between the wheel and then you take off again and I feel like 2 minutes if you still there if you haven't put your hands on the wheel to reduce your speed to put your hands on the wheel to maintain your speed exactly right you cannot you're not kidding you can drive with your knees over how do you play with your niece what if you need to change from your closets your sunglasses not time to look away from the road and running out more which I know it I like your work to somewhere that's near my house all of this out of my house and I'm like hey come here I might as well when was even a dick yeah it does actually we've gone overseas that's the hardest part about trying to drive on the opposite side of the road like we can we drive on the right side here when you go to somebody to try to drive on the left it's all of your instincts that are wrong little things you're not thinking about One Direction you're looking in the wrong you're doing manual but since everything was back where it was like all even all the manual controls where she was telling me that the snake was in the lav left hand having to do with religion oriented to the right automatic whatever even know on what they call that right side Drive I do done that but not manual transmission because the clutch is on one foot if you have a try and use that for the right side of the car but left side of the road does left side of the road driving with your clutch foot it's so because you're used to just push in the clutch all the way in and if you try and use it in the break if I try to do that turned on because the geotagging around my house since that I've left and all the lights go off that's not true I mean it's cool that you can put on a bridge but I forgot now I bought all the bugger all I'll ever need I think they have one bathroom where the entire closet is toilet paper what's wrong we could have no toilet paper and you're about to move listen just let the movers left at 1 which website we have a boy the buying stuff in bulk is the best toothpaste that 28 time is great women who like to bring it up anyway is that we had the discussion here about people wiping and to think things like the bathroom just remember what we talked about this before your time there's half the world like standing up and have the world like sitting down and they don't know that the other half of the world exist until this conversation started and then people started freaking out like people who have never heard this before, even though we talked about on the podcast over 4 times if you want to get down there but it doesn't happen so there was an issue that happened today what happened in video where someone had to stimulate wiping drinks it was from it's got to be a guy it's a video that year headlight I thought like on a storm got some help me out here I don't know what's going on there but after I go and do your thing after I poop would you like me to wipe after I said he was you can't poop without peeing impossible it's not impossible impossible don't don't think so but he will have a full but you only need to poop poop that came straight from the urinal and sit down to we'll see what happens then you want people not to pee gavi first and then my 45 extra pee after I'm done it just more comes out the doctor told me about it show me a cut of it what was which just like it so what's up what city is the middle the night and you sit down and try to sleep a little bit so do you like any of her sitting down sitting down from the front but the front you can get clean that way I just don't fit into the back of your voice and your wife in that way we we have to do we have seems like either like Texans or you can all things are but other times it seems and you have to like inadvertently you are the dividends letter technique afterwards and you see it later or you see somebody else doing it like fingering video Wright do it why was I was going to do Indian girl mention yourself off on me going from the back remember when you first started coming in the podcast is I thought it was interesting that whenever he referenced dick like you can do the hit with the hand motion for screwing like you say we're going to do it just like that every time you were going like this yeah but is it mean I suppose