#347 - The Director's Chair with Robert Rodriguez

Join Jon Risinger, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns and special guest Robert Rodriguez as they discuss From Dusk Till Dawn, independent filmmaking, and the origin of the word "orange" on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on October 26, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rtp-347

Recorded: 2015-10-27 15:26:42

Runtime: 01:33:26 (5606.48 seconds)

Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Robert Rodriguez




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Transcript (in progress):

hey everybody and welcome to this very special edition of the paper and squarespac he was always for your support today we have a very special guest on the podcast burni mr. Gavin Free it's filmmaker right here in addition to mr. Gavin Free barbar. We have our Austin neighbor and filmmaking Legend mr. Robert rodrigue you got a production going on here we're shooting Dusk Till Dawn actually both season season 1 & 2 lot of killings happened right here and now live action and for the tag office in your office they were Motel 6 interior Motel so we built it we just left them up and you guys like to read for the set aside reviews of you guys used to great effect make these amazing but also I mean you started companies are involved in feature filmmaking in the independent film world of the nineties which is really the total Kim Smith people like that and you work for us because you were a couple years and you made El Mariachi for 7 down in Mexico you find it how do you get that $7 it's hard most of us pay for college was a place where you can go to test new medical testing for money usually pay off my credit card bill or something and make like 500 bucks in the weekend or the one I do it was $3,000 over a period of two weeks but knows a month is a whole month in there but I wrote the script while I was in there and some of the guys are here me and kinda looked like they could be back by the cast in the movie and I made $3,000 and $3,500 in there but you were texting turned out to be a stroller I like a low fat diet we got to eat bacon we had a good a good deal sounds like it they were not using any kind of anesthetic for removing wisdom teeth like didn't give you anything like profen if they didn't I didn't completely we got to play on the podcast kind of for wearing different stocks in one of my favorite stocks do something be creative with socks and then you would get to the sign sock so that's awesome and it was a time when we were shooting Dusk Till Dawn till 10 right now they just released it and it's good school and ended up being a six-minute film instead of two minutes because we got ambitious and it's badass it's actually in its horror and it's not on my parking lot but since we had the access of the crew and the cast from dusk till dawn there's cool stunts and things we never could have afforded with a commercial they let me design pier sock South Robert Street Sony brand to do something really creative with the brand to make you feel good about the brand but ultimately it's about entertainment when you watch it it's just a cool little film but I love short film format this is something you can show someone that you really want to watch it again because it's crazy how much has changed since you started me El Mariachi 11616 millimeter like now it's like the camera that you carry around in your pocket is a better camera than ever price scrap in to get back in those days people that this a movie today would probably like a $700 7000 went to the process of transferring it to video so you can say nothing that I didn't already do it and I know kind of what I could do to stop myself from giving those responsible people of myself I actually ended up enjoying those so I still write produce direct edit operate the camera do the same next to the score I mean I still do a lot of this job because I discovered that on the first one but it was just so fun and now they think it's a lot more relatable to people today I was on that new later I was coming and I learned on video learned on digital then I shot him but I applied what I learned on digital to film which was do it yourself no so many people today not shoot that way cuz they shoot digital but that was unheard of in the film world to do it that way you always needed like 200 people all the jobs because it seemed so fast and it's so fun and next year I'm going to do another movie for $7,000 till the 25th anniversary only this time we'll have a documentary crew filming at More Money More how you would do it make a feature film and promotional Stills I think I think was probably Desperado and you were in a city camera will running a full TV Camera was Rebel Without a Cause yeah that's that's the whole point of it no your not and they talk about it in that how he'll do that which do it better than a well if he can just absorb so much you're better than them but you know the material better take a right towards it because it's so subjective and then also why I couldn't for that I heard you but you didn't the pharmaco thing today cuz you would just do crowdfunding probably see for yourself if you have anything that's what I'm going to show that you want to do it is showing that sometimes limitations are good like we've only got seven props and you've got to make a feature out of this and that you have a really by limiting yourself it's almost more friend because when you can do anything the big question becomes what are we even doing that we can do anything but if you limit yourself and your till most like within those walls like really looks like the freedom of limitations happens I'm going to blow up within those confined and that's what's really funny about it is amazing created Ruby is in with Red vs. blue you just have to tell you have me yeah yeah but it's the same technique but you just doing it you know you only really just scaling up you really like you have Rooster Teeth it's like you create a beast and then you gotta Feed the Beast the Beast consumes you and by creating for that for actually come up with things that you never would have done otherwise and you're really proud of like our Network we have if we had to fill it at work but at the From Dusk Till Dawn for the show called the directors so proud of you or anything that you come up with it was because you had this destination so I would suggest anybody who created Beast first then feed the beast till I can make it it's cool you wouldn't you wouldn't have so you have to come up with stuff and you do that they always surprised when you look back at all the stuff for me this year and it was the first time you'd ever working TV is all right get a show on the air on a network it seem like everybody was trying to do that whenever there's so much competition you just gotta think bigger you don't have your own network have your own destination for people to go to very few people competing at that level so then you end up with a networking and fill it up with whatever you want which is exciting that work is coming on TV me just got everything put on a license old movies and series that you love and curate them in then you fill it with the rest of it with original programming 24/7 Robert down another director from Carpenter Michael Mann Georgia me there for you. And it's great it was cool is that you know whenever you feel like 3 hours and then I cut it down to 45 minutes so you can only just the best of tons of information like master class I learned so much master classes with filmmaking and I have one that the most proud of it is been friends too long for a long time to kind of forget that it comes up with these characters of Star Wars okay most people probably don't even realize they already have it so just go check your dial you run Comcast Time Warner Direct TV sling TV and a bunch of different DirecTV just about all the carriers have it and you may like 35 million of them don't know they already have it for some of the programs available digital online first first V sometimes 10 sometimes like in the case of AMC 20 years right so it's really unusual to have any network in half program me but I thought that's what really differentiates the Creator's that's have original programming right off the bat first year in the Premiership to choose a sort of Premier show they would have a sizable budget that would really compete with other networks I thought you no Dusk Till Dawn is just like a no-brainer people still love that movie tonight it has anywhere we go people the cult classic film so I thought that had such as Mesoamerican feel a very very much better no that would be cool to continue and I Paul Temple and all that was added to the script I thought it's going deep into that and really figure out how to expand on those characters and expand that world all the season one was an expansion of Clinton's original script retold in a way that would set it up future seasons and now we're at the season finale tomorrow for a second season tomorrow night director that will be Tuesday night and its at 9 p.m. first one of the season and in the finale which is a blowout it's like a lot of the Dusk Till Dawn Magic from the film is in this one even a seven-minute sequence of my band playing a song has a Slaughter happens in there with some scoring at for 7 minutes no no second season and also firing on all cylinders it's the kind of thing you don't even see it television or actually better features that really choreographed in a way that's pretty exciting that I'm most proud of that episode I'll check around the from I've been green-lighted first you know it was kind of difficult to get up in an hour it's pretty much you know I go Robert what are you thinking ice cream yourself in the office sorry I didn't know ducks and everybody around here has been maspalomas dollar right here well we need to baby the shooting that I don't Angela Leto El Angel we have been talking with Jim for you 18 years or more and I will try to find something to do together so we're in talks to do a project called battalino can't say more than that but no it's totally exciting he's he's he's the master and maybe part of director chair after this I'm definitely when I record the definitive version of that kind of what the directors chairs is actually have had so many great conversations with the filmmakers over the years only like I wish somebody was typing this because they say such amazing things that I know filmmakers would be blown away by it really high and got super inspired by him and this is been a chance for me to go to recreate some of those conversations I'm so happy I always get the same energy in the same stories that I've known for over the years so that's what I'm most looking forward to going back getting all these guys have had talks with an air for people to see if you can probably make you interview you're with somebody you interview directors chai fantastic yeah that's a really good Dusk Till Dawn season finale for season 2 check it out Tuesday night Robert 20 safe you know you got that old me terrific program as a fan of you guys back when you were back and beautiful chords Red vs Blue that was the best when your kids come up and overheard for you for all the wonderful feelings you made you guys for what is mine are they just getting started Fight This Feeling you go around Burning Bridges you could end up all alone on an island sun goes down things get busy that was me I promise I will come back mr. Robert reviews of you just tuning in what is join us for the first part of the podcast we talked to him about El Mariachi they had to give me those I'm going to watch that right now the ones with the peace and order in the airplane on the camera do you get to stop by here or just what we see gotta make some mashed taters Playa Vista without him there and cut that in till when he was it just looks like we're talking to an empty chair Robert not your me on Twitter at rodrigue as we got to me finally I don't know how I did that mean you don't like I said that he was a huge inspiration to me in particular job was working for Robert on the faculty when we went to make sure we still met in one of the pictures on the wall like a big crew for a little cooler that was interviewed on that shows the directors chair full circle full circle real. Star Wars run this headline computer I saw the most amazing headline and I wrote it down and I want to see what you take from this headline you understand it tell me what the story is about you can maybe get you ready man fails paternity test because the father of his son is his unborn brother I can tell you exactly what this is I got totally figured out why failed a paternity test me to his unborn brother was the father that the guy was a twin in the womb between died then he became what they call a parasitic twin which is actually the opposite where the living twin takes over and embeds the dead twin in it somewhere and pointing to my armpits and 2nd different places in his body has different genetics is there and it's completely different to the DNA or genes in a saliva so he failed his own paternity test on twins Gene will post on his child in the majority gavi the fundamental philosophical question for you if you have different DNA in your saliva and your testicles which is your DNA answer that question from your brain and that was given your testicles you're still going with testicles could you like pulled away from the brain testicles testicles out right now fluff Million Dead last night what is the ranking body parts think he is the lowest pinky finger why thank you want some weather like for for Boss to kill someone but they didn't magically took it from a different father no that's actually I read a story about crime I was it was a robbery though it wasn't like a murder or some like that and they had genetic no DNA proof that it was one of the two twins and this one too and was like a bad because the DNA was the only evidence they had they couldn't prove this does the sunset no Al barbar that was not sexually getting off so is it okay to let bug spray when I get really professional Robert for that right there is some parts where I want neutral feels empty one cheating during that time inappropriate embarrassing time to get some pretty wide I mean it's like some stuff in Spy Kids that you know and of course you should gavi from a movie he released it was from the check that was put there with the cutting off who's talking Talking Heads so if you look at it like-like old in a Flash I get there I don't know in fact I was strutting hard I said that you look dapper Dapper like that thank you God is going to work on Battle Angel Alita manga Robert Sandy. I probably had to cover screen directors like this cybernetics doctor who finds like parts of like an old Cybermen and restores it and robot turns out she does I mean within like the first issue of the manga is she shows that she can like she remembers his very elite kind of fighting style in till then it's like her finding herself is like becoming a bounty hunter of these other monsters in and that kind of thing but I mean it Robert work and stuff I mean I'd be down with something something that James Cameron was supposed to he said had the rights for its like forever and then he just he did that happen at we're going to have a Trilogy and so he Jo nothing says it's a big deal very strong female lead character which Cameron does really well like it's like it's like that kind of like World 'em flux yeah well that's not say that Robert horrible movies back from the really cool thing on MTV liquid television and then they made it it was Charlize Theron live action movie freaky as fuck what you said it like there's a whole show starts with the intro where the fly like walking in a venus fly trap catches it but then you realize about a venus fly trap at these eyelashes and then I like rolls around to look at it but your eyes in the back of her head and it just like that stuff like I can actually create this world is to be to the point have hold up perfectly fine after all this time Terminator 2 which was about the same time frame as drastic park boys and revolution of the time to you but also doesn't quite hold up as well then that's a 1050 1001 and doesn't hold up to that one where he's suddenly turned into a stop motion animation that they literally spoiled the movies in every single trailer for that franchise or whatever they gave away the big twist in the movie what was the twist they gave away all the good dude good guy or bad guy and he's like I just said I'm the good guy in the first minute is that still a Twist no what do you think it said to come in like the last stitches in your leg outside of the Alamo return if you are my favorite what happened how is there a hole but I totally describe what they say it's like a whole but shoots out like a new Mexican July 2002 it doesn't the scene with him stressful scenes in film that I can make a call children and passing that savings directly to the customer Casper's mattress is an obsessively engineered actually we need a new bed for art systems in order bed in the guest bedroom better for turns with a hunt 200 days so you don't have to lie down in the showroom Casper's mattresses are me king size mattress comparing the price point flash RoosterTeeth and entering the promo code rooster teeth at kasper.com / 3:30 and the promo code Rooster Teeth and did you know statistically lying on a bed in the showroom has no correlation to whether it is thank you Caspar for supporting Rushdie podcast as always you guys are wonderful okay just like my toes really nice natural hold on I need to read this no that works on the hands the page for the No Country for Old Men try to me to cut up your Jo Crystal I mean I guess is Josh Brolin garbage you really think McCarthy novel and it's hard because he's a fantastic writer send in just the same way that the book. So what's your problem with the end your problems to anyone movie movie good exclamation if you have to No Country for Old Men 10 years old but No Country for Old Men like the whole thing with Tommy Lee Jones's dad at the end and talking about like the way things used to be and then the whole thing with the kids dealing with Javier Bardem and gets into an accident and I've been dealing with him and it kind of gets away and does another CarMax San Antonio Jo sock is so on point for what the title of the movie is which is just like this applies to you know what we deal with like right now I'll tell the story about like stranger danger and shit like that in a second but it is a notion that when we were younger the country was better and safer or that the world was a better place and if things have gotten better over time and that's never been the case the world is always getting better not worse it's just us who just like as we grow older and we can't tolerate those things we've learned too much about the world and it's more about us than it is about the way the world is going on that's why No Country for Old Men because this is a place it's always been rough and tumble me the wind no that's when I go to a playground and there's as many parents at the playground and I'm one of them but there's as many parents at the playground as a kid when I was a kid that was a fucking just leave my house at like 9 a.m. if they come back on the street light turn left leaving the door unlocked we have to compliment the locked doors in the house and that drove me nuts what was just as bad back then it's like it's not like the world has gotten worse by the body this morning. We talking about this I prepare for the Hitler Target and he went to the bowling alley and normal day out with the kids and go to bathroom in his daughter barbar sex and it's under the mat and he's like okay there okay it'll be okay here you know so we go to the bathroom so the bathroom is this like day camp for kids where they're all out on the field trip bowling in El and their they're there for the day and he's going to the bathroom and there's a female camp counselor there and she goes you can go in the bathroom there somebody in there and it's a big bathroom and he's like to be around them because it was with you right now Airlines with a move the guy because I need their policy was adultery illegal you know what is the stomata being an adult man from going into a public bathroom just sent a couple kids and it's just that like Stone prevention because if something did happen maybe in a lot of trouble but like how many people I can add it as a kid Ohio female female priests gravel dusk outfit sorry if your boy scouts really situation if you let you know if you just barged in and pay it would you get in trouble like I said it's cool just go in anyway while he was at just walked out it was like literally like I mean someone stops you if you were how to be just as mad as he was would you do did I reconciled myself with this I caught myself one time at a playground where it was a kid who fell off of like maybe like a for foot drop and fell on his shoulder and he gets up and he's crying and it's like I just said like two feet away from the kid going hey you're going to be okay I didn't you falling prey to that same idea that I'm going to look like I'm done if I don't I don't like the feel you're almost scared to get in proximity or or or even like you know for any reason touch germ that you can't you know that you know anything about because I feel the same way even though flying his drone around just taking shots of the landscape and everything like that and some guy can from seeing my kids playing soccer over there stop filming my kids are weird the hills in Missoula baby microchip till like in bed in people that when the cameras film then they like blurred out yeah I seen them and probably have a lot sooner though probably have chips are going to be shooting in the kids arms so we can track them with GPS like that's a totally no no you shut up on the internet I mean really creepy that happened I didn't even sign up for the upgrade all of our computers to Windows 10 at home and Teddy has an account and JD has an account and I'm tired of their Xboxes and everything else will be getting it as a child accounts till our first week after having Windows 10 I get this report that hears everything your kid did this week Windows 10 and it told me all the sites that you change of the time you do it without you that was what was it or did you just be like that's why I didn't read it out of curiosity but what other reason would you read what carryout delivers steam people.com their no iCarly think about my own opinion in that situation I thought you'd want to know no I mean I kinda like 16 for do you want to know what you're doing no you know at that age you just you want to me that your own and something that like thing that your PewDiePie and you know the younger generation they just post all their lives on the line and share everything overseer stuff in it so you don't have to you don't have to share when they invented fire in college before everything started getting documented that's what that's what it said once during night talk show interview where he was like we talked about his kid you back but there was no social media to document writing down just lost 170 that he subsequently had a 10 plus years ago and I was reading an error got on like the like the or what his I go to battle that he was he had like a GPS device on him which is before like your phone taking pictures of himself and to read that like to know over a decade documenting throughout their day on the Internet is like that no the post you fucking Dad it's whatever what are you thinking which way to Facebook and it said hey you have this link in your clipboard do you want to play Studio suites do you have all your photos from your Camp to happen now Haystack Liberty Street from the city where there's a certain kind of Razer keyboard I like it the dusk Kiki on my own and I was like forget it so I went and got what are those wacky mechanical keyboards No Love Allowed switch she can get in this clickety clack ridiculous it's awful reference to the like what color switch they want and stuff and it also because rainbow or like to crawl underneath my clipboard was Myles address the new keyboard I finally Robert ipdp does liking keyboard turns out somehow I open up a profile make a profile for the keyboard and changed what does dog cabin Jo actually saying you left out of a keyboard 20 of my company what is your congratulations sign up the website Adam said he brought 40 servers online in order to maintain the website while people are getting Ruby and it didn't work it was double the amount he thought we would need he literally said I spent too much money on it because I was out of town and I didn't want to have to deal with it was out of town so I like doubled up on what I thought it would need and it was enough accessory round here is how much we till a terrific how many how many are your shows do it looks really happy on Monday like exhale no I got this just everyone's me just let me know what's up either but today they Halo get NatureBox and I'll hang out on the couch eating your NatureBox last time and I did not do it who did the second to last one hair stuff that I had never seen before some paranormal even had a pair in it hair related like if you were to ask the World of Color the orange fruit they need to try to pluck it wasn't old how much is a gavi want to go with your sandwich too much nipple what their favorite freeway so if you could be a fruit which fruit no one would say that I'm here is actually my favorite fruit pear is my favorite fruit how do you buy prune juice or soda they're like why me yeah well there's a reason right there 230 Orangewood College Jo the Rouge neutral DeLuca read what I say what is the meaning yellow red and yellow red me okay with that was right after right before last English it was glorious Corey favorite fruit wow baby I like it obviously I need to be having grapes for me grapefruit no pink and white WW2 from the way you eat a grapefruit like if you gave me an orange and I put it straight down the middle of starting with a spoon I would be a fucking lunatic what night is the grapefruit the only thing that you do like that I don't like an orange and you eat it like in slices no extra people no it's intensely what it is my parents would prepare grapefruit very specially for me and my brothers they will cut it open and then take a knife and cut around the edge and then cut through each slide so you could just spoon each piece out very easily you don't have to actually like scraping childhood sprinkle sugar on it Escape repairing a grapefruit so it looks like we made it Woodland Bowl thanks what's your studio like from believe that's the worst ever but it will respons what's it like really crap but not Jo King Chef videos we prepare food and let the worst ways already gavi he's in the main room now with it with the big boys now he's noticed how much money story modes it's just like every minute really excited it is appreciated that what you're doing or just color for get well soon talking for like 20 minutes straight like no college classes just like lecturing it's like standing in front of class and talking for like 30 minutes Non-Stop about you know a programmer or designing that kind of thing is that you know my voice went away and he was like it's hard to do that prepare for that that's like Master that's a lot of work at work and be glad this job my favorite job I've ever had was being an Adjunct professor and it was a great amount like you the class then once you have like a cricket and it was kind of like you just fine how old are you and your sister or early twenties and college how do you know 9:31 I think my friend no you said what you like short hair and people been posting like how I looked at the First episodes was how he look now not trying to like that's crazy yeah he definitely went through the biggest and then I'll cut to the the picture of me that I post a 4x4 like last year before they do any website before this little bit try to stay away from website as I could because I wasn't like a programmer I was on the outside one thing in till like oh you're going have a good website if you had a really great go to squarespace.com till I reach your teeth Squarespace build it beautiful so we always said this before but you have to have your own space online the reason I thought about that today that I put out which way no cooking required DEA have intuitive and easy-to-use tools and squarespac state-of-the-art Technology powering your site to ensure security and stability trusted by the people squarespac charging $8 for Years start your free trial like today with no credit card required at squarespace.com when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure to visit squarespace.com / RoosterTeeth for a free trial and get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful thank you for sponsoring her podcast yeah we're talking we did some interviews and I know it just starting out and how we were for years before YouTube even existed we started doing other stuff so what do you want to talk about like talk about the lazer team did you start out important just like make that just that uneven you at some point the future I'm going to read a what people will have do you have on your phone weather alerts on your phone now I have a new phone dude it's like a fucking train is running through my mind I can't sleep tonight so I thought why don't you listen to headphones in my sleep but I had to cuz I can please listen to relaxing shit about 4 a.m. I don't think my heart is happy thought that our physical reaction to I just on the road what are the best I went over there but there was a time about it get somewhere safe I can cover my entire life and I was trying to figure out who of my friend sounds like Jack what do I do not trained it somewhere safe the fanciest place in my house and there's 2 more walls back a little bit ago will that even that option in the phone I don't know whether they just added it after I moved here we just don't have them in England but it's it's terrifying I don't know I always thought they were just I recognize that's a real problem right and I know what's missing old but it doesn't seem to be the same level as a missing kid to me kids committing his life has on their own they can't do some stages if you're not going to come out we're just good like he's fine he's fine he said I can they're basically in the car driving while he's well he's supposed to be me the country for selling about signs for grown up on a freeway or like a highway like I don't know where are you as long as like I got a straight like shot just follow this road because he's tail lights does it slow down in bumper-to-bumper traffic because it has all the cars they like but if you're driving along director reacts faster than I would like if someone cuts me off in front and back to way to hell out of the one thing it does and it's like well wait till the car gets a little bit of the way then gets over it so the car is actually like way more aggressive about changing lanes and I would never be the problem is when it happens a lot of places in Austin where old and it splits or Elaine like comes together and something like that human traffic station in the car in front moves ahead the next time it's kind of like a very slow so it's like a snake-like movement if they will Tesla 3 chai with a old just go at the same time there's a bit of a delay there is but just like you I think I the light then we going to me but it was like a robot or a computer when it just like 2 in real-time broadcast estate like a traffic light needs to Wi-Fi the fact that it's red and another cause can pick up on the car already detected it cheaper to have all the cars that have a camera with a tiny computer accurately measure me down the road you know so good at how to cut slits in a brake light and a traffic light because it speeds it up higher and it's round and sock on a car motorcycle and I turned it on and it recognized the motorcycle as a full vehicle like this that small little profile said that's a vehicle and follow that they would follow anything else after I smoke weed it doesn't have any until 10 when I me good I think I'll be auto drive cars no me to be there will be much nicer family rich so if you want there are self-driving trucks in Europe right now like 18-wheelers knows anything that's pretty fucking terrible sci-fi horror film about self-driving cars baby like Jewel again the movie do what I say Jewel 3002 Route 130 I think would happen if more advanced and people get more used to it he had a PDA the dumbest thing ever and you get one and then it's like the most important thing in your life so I think it was so bad I first heard about a smartphone it was like to look like when they put the camera on the phones I like it and I'm like why why do I need a camera on my phone I mean I can I can I have a camera but I need it on my phone when did the iPhone DEA couldn't pay that was awesome you couldn't send yeah and when you when they talk about any files or pictures to people emoji cakes I don't know that seems like we're discovering one for like the first I just want to see videos and all the radios autodriv speeding ticket that his car to come faster even though you men control that's what that guy is that he's a fucking idiot driving around my car so whatever you think like the owner of a Tesla going to be a pro there with you money doesn't equal intelligence though always slowly the light right now but I know the money when we got done but I'm sure what time ShopRite right now so he follows up that statement saying they got a small load of million dollars but property okay so you made the money back yeah don't trust me I guess he's a political figure El me people going to leave the country people say that every fucking time we have we have a new president gay marriage is legal for abortions legal for all the stuff is illegal free healthcare everything you're complaining about no one no one Trump becomes president no I'm at the 4th but we both might be forced back to the images always worried about me like you can do that because last blessed week of the YouTube event they can talk about how Cutie Pie has more subscribers than the entire population of country country girls perk up next talk about hockey dinosaur MMO like garbage game Adam is like a level 58 Adam was getting me Nintendo rules interview talking about like just a bit about it but he's like he missed the exit on the freeway just keep driving like towards Houston is that sounds like a lot to talk about if you pick them up and just keep going straight from Toronto he's like Canadian streets in Japan today was British which I've never seen before taking jobs from people from people make Uber drivers to gavi you played Fallout and Fallout you play Halo 5 this last week I should probably for a couple days but if it comes out tonight I had a great time and everything sounds like the story in the campaign the middle which gavi Jo Jo's there's going to be a three-part Trilogy till sheet and the Beast into the story because I wasn't Halo I thought this was a way better middle story than Halo too and I really like to go to but I think that this is a better game and a better story than Halo 2 actually like to where they were going with the story too very much people me no she has to get what I liked about it there's certain aspects of the Halo Universe never really was it was finally shown for the first time supposed to happen that you thought about happening and you see it happening it was cool do people buy a big fat thumbs up from Gavin really great here in Seattle for the Halo 5 live stream till after this you go see Jeff in there Halo celebrity tournament which challenges both the worst Droid I'm sure that she could be releasing the entire campaign and let's play Fallout 4 playthrough from beginning to end today till there's been something happen there at 3432 and last year's that is like they're hiring like X MLG like ringers that work there so when you end up playing people now that I work at 343 there actually like unbelievably good at the game because he didn't see the last name La Quinta Ventura for RTX last year it was like it was awful it was the worst experience I've ever had play Halo together why would you hire someone to do that wouldn't I would like some people like a game that you want them to be able to be good at it passion Halo to be played Halo in a Professional Psychology podcast let's play this weekend I'm supposed to organize your counter strike the bomb game what's that you were going to see how good you are on the pressure to low pressure Westwood you want to do any instructions or him defusing the bomb we should write a el rotate with you yeah we should provide Halo 5 they teach you how to do a Spartan charge which is Sprint and then you hold down million any kind of compound you jump up in the FMLA and kind of charge it spot you can see where it goes then you can have a lot of fun doing that everybody told me that whenever you describe how amazing it was so you can jump up in the air looked on the site and you have a minute did you use a lot of the iron sights of the left trigger site that will type exactly like I play Destiny into the distance nearly as far as it used to the statement again I have tried to do that at work it didn't work for me clickin me with the binary rifle on the left or right stick Xbox controller yes and you could look like the hair trigger function where you can make it to the trigger only to be pushed about half way 11 o'clock on the body but mechanically stop that like it just triggers The Game of Life do I keep my left trigger soft for looking down the side so it squeeze I didn't want to switch it so you can take them off 3 sock it to me today I really like the d-pad has that circular version take it out and put it in your direction you can take it off and on like the end never ever fucking one around arms race you're going to like the night my life I'm just if I put like a 1 kill death ratio like I'm even I'm ecstatic I just might have just dropped on me like one no one I just want to kill I'll be like because you just stay the same level of bad and you will join me it Halo 2 20000 kills and $25,000 10 Hills and 25000. It was like across like $50,000 and I was off I didn't think I was that close to like when you tell me the time that you said you should get in there and like just died 10 times and then My Favorite Things lipito me posted of Futurama that's the neutral Planet I have no feelings and the guy he's all dressed in Grain is Blaine character he says he says that he sent I'm from the neutral planet and we have no strong opinion 7 second clip but the votes are the likes and dislikes for for like 200 and like Nutella country funny but you couldn't write that you could actually could you could you could have happened but how did you come up with that no coding no right it is at 269 269079 dislike I'm watching it right now ready to rodrigue no you should do it difference between August $50,000 for time then and increase the amount an insane amount of money is always somebody nothing crazy he said if anyone objects to the fifty Grand I'm going to give risinge had nobody would know what you're right maybe they would just have to be a real prick like a prick in the nineties movie that's my favorite thing right now to do it because people through their anonymity or even just like behind the guise of like a username and Avatar till say whatever they want and I love going to like YouTube videos risinge me or some like that and finding those people and then striking up a conversation with them it's fantastic because I'm like completely make sure you eat because once they like once you confront them with like you they both are just like okay I was just kidding no problem Rihanna finish up today. Pretty cool even Robert Rodriguez who said cool when John got knocked out yeah if we should just meet at the sports bar tomorrow at 5 o'clock that Wednesday or 5 o'clock on Wednesday 4 o'clock on the spot at 5 o'clock on Thursday how many everything and people especially Robert rodrigue if you want to follow Rodriguez special shout-out we made a huge change today at the company we made a big step and change where we have a new member of our executive management team mr. Gavin Free is now the creative director of Rooster Teeth for every promotion and we have a ton of work in front of us from the job that I didn't think it was possible to get a promotion Casper and squarespac and we will see you next week rodrigue Richie podcast featuring The Great Corolla Corolla Gus Gus sorola Gus Gus sorola panga panga stupid