#348 - The Appetizer Argument

Join Kerry Shawcross, Lindsay Jones, Michael Jones and Miles Luna as they discuss if chocolate truly is a candy and the age-old debate of Cheddar Biscuits vs. Breadsticks on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on November 2nd, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-the-appetizer-argument-348

Recorded: 2015-11-03 16:02:53

Runtime: 01:48:07 (6487.63 seconds)

Participants: Miles Luna, Michael Jones, Kerry Shawcross, Lindsay Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

hello and welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast number 340-8348 off by 3:50 right around the corner lindsa hello Michael Mile and carry a little bit yet before we get started I would like to say Kerr Kerr I got to the front door Mary Poppins November 2nd medicines we comprise the cooking time locate you what is the NIT Tournament off and you had 45 minutes first Mountain Dew so what would you like to read if you drink it the diaphragm get a really solid costume first Halloween michae how much chocolate is a candy yesterday nothing it's fucking cake but I think anybody how it's working soccer chocolate candy National Twitter 24 hours and then it cut off at the Halloween party was like that was weird have you tried to suck your own dick one yes of course you know I'm a liar after 24 hours 65% right Family Guy Joey Lawrence from FunHouse they were in town like a week or two ago because would you finish if you could feels like receiving chocolate considered candy yes no that's fine Summit right now have you don't have to like it can you try to lick your nipple no I could never do it it's okay I just read it right now holy shit super super religious which is also is the stereotypical old Mexican Catholic woman sweet and and I could never thank her enough for what you did to help save my life and I met her for surgery and I know she's very sweet little talking about and they call her they call it back in time to prep her for surgery and my grandmother immediately just feels like full water works right when I stand up and I think it's not goodbye and you know what the little Michelle yeah I know you very much really really awkward last week was just in the hospital and I entertain myself and one other things dr. awesome dude for sponsors only likes sponsor only after will be on the website fish version with Fridays at noon you don't have a job even better like this like little we were their names fishing area anywhere in there mile seasoning for the podcast I looked at their website and they do like Meetup incredible Toshiba I don't know that you do I read the wrong way on at once I know she's I said Park writers cheapest ice in a different different we got poll baklava voice actor doing a good mile what is your motivation in thousand motivation was real after he was teaching her to laugh and to love again. It's hard to change tickets for the final lyric well I heard he said red potatoes healthy butthole right here right twice on this weekend how do you pronounce it I don't carry out with for a while and I want for nothing neither of us knew the rest now after his family perfect Kerr Mariana Kerr Lake Ariel PA he thought the song I like aliens I get it it's great but it's an action movie I like more electric wire so I was showing a what is the newest one Genesis what's the guy's name who played John Connor become a douche now getting to just can't look good they can okay it just takes them a little bit longer than normal watch the original starting like that huh podcast as possible thanks audibl non-fiction NPR article audio books or maybe doing some chores around the house with a sleeping free audio book to give you a chance to try the service 1 audiobook the you might consider is the Martian good book I would consider probably not true that your book or any you know any that you think might become so I should keep an audible.com / 4:50 thank you for the good Jai Courtney Jai Courtney which apparently everyone 590 Jai yeah I see yeah with my phone Fandango yes Sarah you get that incredible Hotwire great film with alien burst out of my chest and like I said I seen it but when you actually see it very clearly just like kind of like me fight I don't like Kerr movies I don't care because I don't like scary movies I can watch can I watch a movie I'm not watching it you don't do it I'm doing this yeah that that should hold up is like special effects were like enhancements and like I know you do there's something about does it Ikea just like what was your extra thing when are you going clown at losing the sky Grand Haven who sings tell it like I don't think I don't I didn't but they're like what's wrong with that dinklebot was half of fucking Guilty Spark I would have complained and he was like children haircut before that and then I finally I did isotonic Jai Electra TX what do I turn off the talking outside really really enjoy it at all the old things no you didn't they told me you couldn't maybe he says I'm not going to have it we can't we can't give them to you know Carrie wants that and I said okay nobody likes you we drink more now what's a good time to time for the second Adam candy bar currently 3126 boat 84% thing as chocolate candy America Red Lobster cheddar biscuits or Olive Garden breadsticks or cheddar biscuits I love their cheddar biscuits steak and cheddar biscuits sometimes just the cheddar biscuits I don't really couldn't decide I would Twitter there's two days you say like what's better Red Lobster cheddar biscuits I said if you have one would it be but I'm saying that the never ending Emoji people smile out for a little bit playing cards lightly salted the ultimate Outlet my camera Ultimate Fan guide is actually actually in a really long time and now we have character dossier things about math and stuff Mission book illustrated by donut and Caboose actually don't remember but now I can't believe they put in here. Thanks for all those potholes were short story that we had a fan fiction written by 7 titled the hero in the room we've got the case against Sergeant Grit roblox.com everything characters Bass which side are you on Twitter hey got the drop on us now did you know that this episode of The Parkers also brought you by Kasper Kasper is an online retailer of Premium mattresses for fraction of the cost was revolutionising the mattress industry cutting the cost of dealing with resellers and showrooms and pass on the savings directly to the consumer exorcism is an excessively engineered this price just got his new Casper mattress from what I understand it's very soft and comfortable you look at it if you would let me over his house I would ask to sleep on it I would but you can buy easily online and completely risk-free caspe offers free delivery and painless returns within a 100 day period hundred days have been crazy like almost 3 months you don't have to lie down and a showroom that are made in the US of a it said you said you would 514 or 9 $50 American you can save an additional 50 flashers cheese and entering promo code Rooster Teeth that's casper.com / which teeth and promo code RoosterTeeth Boo and did you know statistically lying on a bed and a shower room has no correlation that 0 American dollars to whether it's the right bed for you casper.com mattress please don't leave me found find the bottom of this but I don't think anything could you please take him 5 times 10 pound pound pound Pound away from the mic a little bit but I'm pound pound pound Pound 1209 talk about the Caribbean Mile Michigan michae she sets up the house she sets up all the decorations Broadway with black and orange how do you pronounce the circular object for everything first kid comes to the door you know she's alright I thought about it I'm in the middle of doing hear the doorbell go off in the car when I get to get candy but like hard I find the taken one right now do not give candy to the kids you don't help the five people that were in my way you never know I didn't break nothing Kerr Wi-Fi that well that's why you're 284 for you left after the raids can you go yes I want to be that you can Hunter Jai Parker Alex's mom I hear your Alex thank you refuses to accept any of the cookies and chocolate chip as a cookie a cookie doesn't make sense go get chocolate Beyonce Listen 91 liter what is Apple worth looking for renter biscuit people out there you need to prepare yourself for this it's not like I want to share all of you being all day and it's a light fluffy modest free meal meal and it's great alright go ahead and give Terry his time I guess they're both never-ending okay that's true I did not does the cheddar biscuits are never ending are lighter and flakier than your breakfast will ever be but you're saying you like a treat beef jerky cuz that's what this thing is if you could do that shit is going to suck up the group yeah yeah Olive Garden breadsticks are like the rugged Girl Next Door the fucken breadsticks are like a dime a dozen you for some money I got that exotic look like from the film pictures of what do you think about girls with Tony no I'm just saying that we have that it 645 Jungle Book fish sticks nothing else your charismatic Smiles you'll be on off topic and I don't know how much you dislike the female cast in Ghostbusters what forget it I don't know things better I don't know or like yes I think it's like you can't Kerr as is on head very different dragon face in his Twitter Alie said he was maybe like a chance mile Jai you 744 Winter Haven murder at 11:32 well I don't know Olive Garden breadstick discussion which last argument shouting no I'm just going to Kerr yeah they normally doesn't happen I swear this Lobster we got crazy Gary gergich the later on with bush and Kerry he was on his way to see Ryan in Spanish to English bikini name like five colors in Spanish I don't like you more than me because I couldn't pronounce good but because you were little Kerr You Won't Let It Go when they ditch you know call you high schoolers out there to work pick up dinner now so she would pick on me because every time she was like hey guys we're going to read it so in that regards to her like that call me pick me up and I contact right there professor Mountain coaster Jordan 5 black grape check your call no I didn't do that I should have been a good one this week a little bit my friend I told you that's your thoughts not mine juice box that's like a mom who's also Jewish have you ever still a lot of time she was with a person feel like Twitter they're just been like a shame to say what you're thinking about when you have nothing like a ride to the party Pride of the spot well this is one of them thought that if you would have died from auto-erotic asphyxiation under wearing a superhero costume witch costume to be the worst that's what I was thinking of the word I said fish on the ground like totally really meant I would want to be canonical natural kind of care about him is normal people trying to learn to be here I was where is DC are super humans and dogs trying to learn how to be a normal thing that you can read did you guys know that I will start all these the NFL season has started seatgee it's a place to get tickets to this week's game what game is Tyler from Sports to tell me what he says go watch number for LSU take on number 7 Alabama and see Les Miles eat grass before the game starts all right he's crazy Cowboys are part of that oh yeah and the Washington Redskins could probably get some sleep for this one because I guess I don't think he likes them Tyler doesn't like to mess with you more than one of these in the seatgee cap and get a $20 rebate off your Camaro seatgee purchase it doesn't think it will take less than a minute that would be off today patient seatgee does a ton of things other than ticket options from hundreds of online ticket sellers create a one-stop-shop for tickets when you shop on seatgee you're seeing virtually every ticket option available for that game love handle need to go in there also they have the great day of this great feature called deal score it ranks every ticket on the market with the one to 100 value score and put the best deals on a color-coded interactive map in the building at Atlantic real quick boom even if you're dumb seatgee mobile app iPad and iPhone and I guess other things makes the ticket buying process seamless and easy Manteca caspe Lopez Taps there's no faster way to buy tickets to redeem your promo code and take $20 and take it down with the freaky cat today enter promo code in the app sequel to send you $20 once you've made your first seatgee purchase every ticket purchased on seatgee his back by 100% And teeth at 7:07 download the free seatgee cap and enter promo code today and I feel amazing maybe the audio poll just on the hand Jai McLeod I am the most unlikely and Drew Brees and those Les Miles I don't know but I never liked change my lineup and I don't care they like 5 minutes into it takes 5 minutes I'm like a angel oh okay now what Phoenix down I know that bro it's okay now that is a recurring character at all times has a game and it's a chick in the newest one and she's too fucking hot thank you all so cool not it's okay check their jokes are funny change my lineup and sit there and look make that makes watching football so much fun and my counter and it was I don't watch football and they said yeah that'll make it more fun I said but you keep using the word more I don't find footbal entertaining like my brother and for me players have bye weeks so you have to replace them when they're not playing otherwise you have players on your team that are on plane fantasy football website will tell you all I'm doing is I'm just moving I did kind of sound like it's running right now awesome word by the way but then it's just no fun so what's the point what do you mean when bread sticks in the head or where they are $0.50 this weekend people getting buns perfect version of my can you draw more power next year why don't you just turn into your dad is like cheddar biscuits but what are the nasty thoughts that you are ashamed of admitting Wednesday yeah I'm trying to think because you're going it was something we're driving back from like a restaurant or something to think about I'm like honestly just how weird it would be if I was in the middle of class and then just stood up and just like my lungs and they sound like nothing happened Army like one thing I would think about it instinctively and it just happened if I meet a couple and I like I don't know the specific another Soul until I instantly think about them having sex like what that was like always honey I'm here sexy Kerr sour and sweet dreams to you okay so I threw a ball I know I know it's good I like that you throw up what were you doing I was a snake from the from the from the emergency Andy God I can't believe you like they watch the newest episode of immersion which you should all have already done cuz it's great it's in the Fallout 1 spoiler alert at the end of episode Gavin fucking shoot Tyler who is the who is playing the role of an MPC giving footbal that dude is amazing like he was a complete and total accident nobody was expecting it and everybody just went with it but we did go in and Photoshop and make them easier to see any great again with the edited version you see it's like 2 seconds but like I had to put his gun down 50 fucken times because he had the visor on it couldn't see any kept pointing his gun at them like assholes stop stop stop the guy gives us guns gives us medicine and Gavin accidentally fucking shoot them by the hundreds and he have any more guns or medicine on them know he just gave it to you already left total accident although like I knew he was off work Mountain Play I mean in places Olive Garden Mountain High to live this Saturday 8 a.m. Central American November 7th 8 a.m. until November 8th 8 a.m. Central if you never mind if it's 10 a.m. here and shut the fuck up yes mile how long is Lake how long is a day actually what the fuck do you mean look when it's 24 hours what was the thing that London right is GMT 0 okay 12:01 a.m. a.m. that's when Wednesday starts okay right sure London Wednesday is that the end for them right away but you go come over here to us we're still in Wednesday so what I'm saying is from the start like GMT 0 I see all the 1 a.m. -23 11:59 p.m. that's all how long does it take for every part of the world to complete 24 hour start in London Spears of influence the shot that was heard around the world Primerica Amazon electronic place they shipped it okay they're gone but we're so you were at what's Wednesday though how long is Wednesday is our last 24 hours it's a daughter if you want to stop a minute 23 point on the earth the earth doesn't travel the Earth Day is really like basically carry is a fucking idiot everybody take a poll in FL Jai Courtney Oli argue that there's a possibility that we humans perceive as goats could be fourth-dimensional being you can tell the Materia Sportsman Elite smoker because I read A Wrinkle In Time the end relative age there's a she-wolf kick and scream and fight with me that goes to really something from the fourth dimension but maybe she's not saying they are she think that it could be nauseous and the arguing no but then she also agrees with everything like she agrees on it everyday poll Direction pulling your car away I'm not even to say all this nonsense isn't true tonight but let's just say that it is okay I understand that's fine North American culture here's the thing about that okay thanks it's absurd that aliens exist they were way more positive that it's not right now prove to me that I did do it did you mean Leave Act there's a difference in phenomenon I'm not saying prove that off one magical ghosts or something living on another planet show me some sprinkles for manual Same Love pretty matter and it's just a record of a figure speaking one day that not being replayed just like weird people being captured in time and it's like they're their thoughts are there for days and being repeated throughout time so I'll even say Okay let's listen to that let's say you think it's some sort of magical recording him with the magic because so we have them in the time-space Continuum and that's just repeating itself out into the distance because that'll be your argument off of light practicality that's how it's real and then the second someone someone crazy like my mother Lysol goes yeah I talk to it and lindsa but only after that's real too fight with me this fourth dimension nonsense then in the second anyone mentions ghost in any capacity so that's really obviously overhead which dimension is the Fourth Amendment with smell right into that time is the third dimension XYZ XYZ of the third dimension like we can perceive depth this season you would be a giant Kerr be very long where is the giant member the giant beers if you're the second dimension lindsa would exist or I would be perceived because my God what time is a place in the fourth immersio you're not you're okay whatever you want okay I feel like I'm important because it was still it was still came in one day and was like Hey given it looks like he is full of talking to somebody and she got a really nice man it was a police officer killed in the line of duty and my mom believes I make sense to me he was he was there looking after me okay you know what I was going to go ahead with your three you exactly Kerr say about rock band for a while play don't really feel well I would recommend you basically worthless time for your job what would you do if you had the chance Whitehorse Canada mind like a white jar so I don't have that mile michae but I need like a wide jar ok off and I'll just been a really stressful day I see my blood RvB then just checking so I don't get back to 51% 23 hours left on my glasses we have plenty of time tip in our favor because I read Twitter header biscuits but you not trying to push that when I'm with you by the way I'd rather not spoil their fare by it the word off report on the presidential debate what are DVDs we find the same yeah I forgot to tell you a story about a thing they don't even need to put away horrible fucking tits in the world that's what I'm trying to say and it'll never change we live in the whole world getting set up on a woman who died in because without music I will shut down and cease to function so we went yeah we're going into will the barber I talk about I'm really sorry because life I don't like you because again just staring into space as well as she was leaving her I did look at 8 to mention it's all we know it's all the time that's the feeling you get inside your butthole yes I just think of it off call mile Jai Shaquita was born his name that's how she was she was she was this huge black woman with and that she had this routine she has I am an operatic singer singer I was sick last week trained as was my twin brother and we're going to have him on via Skype or going to do at the pool who sang the low part and then she sing high part and he had like they weren't interrupting each other nothing that was one of the greatest like live shows I've ever seen yes and she killed it I don't know how to properly Laquita Winchester ass was at what is her twin brother her it was pre-recorded yes that's exactly what I was getting and Ebert immersio are there yeah it was a long day get on your butt that's what a professional that's the problem Kerr Cameron for this pillow Colin and night but but but but that's not all that's different show Shelby mile for having a baby ruth year is it on the table there children the seal for you ripped that apart what is the code word for finish that one. 5 minutes but I think we should wrap it up stock we want to start here can we leave Barbara Barbara it's crazy and it's a pun what are the camera on shit fucked up I have one word that women enjoy fellatio really really is the other way look at this a dream you know what we saw this is Barbara face truck commercial alright I've been told I shouldn't have read it wrong with you does that mean what does that mean what are you thinking what does that mean 530 wood how much you think this one thing cause I should be alright Barbados