#349 - The Seduction Discussion

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns as they discuss Extra Life, Hurricane Gus, the origin of the cartoon heart and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on November 10, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-349

Recorded: 2015-11-10 16:13:17

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna




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Transcript (in progress):


GUS : Hello everyone welcome to the podcast

GAVIN: Gavin sound

GUS: this week brought to you by Braintree, Dollar Shave Club and MeUndies

BARBARA: Laughing already  

BURNIE: We've had 349 podcasts

GUS: 349 (inaudible)

BURNIE: they call - this is our 349th,  that was our 349th opening

BARBARA: that was beautiful

BURNIE: They (the gods) said 5 seconds left

podcas 49 day call this is our 3:49 that was our 349005 seconds left these to in Churchill Mortgage mile before the puppies before Bald Mountain that's a really good question is your lies and Lazer tea you Matt for fun for something that we shot that is not out yet maybe maybe is it a show I'd rather not say you're talking about because I was there when you were practicing at 350 you know kind of an important number hear you're going to be here on Monday life of the party but we will be there cuz I miss you when on vacation when you click on the livestream. I somehow missed that I was wondering it would be easier to tell you the number of times life Buzz I can tell that feeling cuz it's not supporting growth refer to this hurricane. London way water wrestling fight and I talked with you that was like Civilization if got married gavi on Facebook you have no respect you're like grabbing them out of the in like yanking it off the wire and everything in I know how the Michael Myers walk up mile mile shape of the stomach that I had a hand print on my stomach the next day that I thought it was crazy how you doing a whole bunch of like Tillamook cheese or something to start passing out to everyone there was a moment where beautiful chroma number cheese master we can but I forgot that I had never seen before like it was it was always when he marched over the wheel suddenly like you're getting is an eight-sided figure over whenever but every time you were in the area and mile said like something out cuz he's like oh she did hear Mr hear you like walking in your sleep what for the kids ready for a good cause hear what could I didn't even see you I was hear midnight till about 3i think shut up in the middle of the night because we did the amiibo cockfight a midnight MX2 with the ScrewAttack what I thought was really awesome and then after that I just kept drinking you said that you have until like 7 p.m. last night I was off to drink what would have been 16 hours actually yeah I slept till about I think 11 1130 and I woke up and I felt fine when I came back to get my car here and we're going to burni and actually really it's like walking back up Bayou like I'm always doing if he always want to know that and so does gets dropped off and just like it slow walk into the complex and light actually snapping he's walking so slow in 7 time and then the car they came in like buzz away and she in SE Mr what the Walk of Shame I go boo boo Chuck hear like to go home with her to stay with it look like NASCAR but it wasn't Matt SE Fallout the car for like 4 blocks I'm like who's going home with in the crash at somebody's house and following a mile Uber app in in fucking guy shows up in a what was the over car do you think you get picked up in the most kind of Toyota Hyundai Accent have a camera I get that there's a I already going to him for that so I said I didn't go home wake me up the next morning and on the on the the comment I still like tons of different post about guys like Tony or something else old of gun sounds like what I do and I the first when I click to the gift of him just chugging vodka but it was more than drunk if it was like that Muhammad Ali someone turning down the lights and turn off the lights in the entire restaurant remind me of stuff I did to you like I never want to be embarrassed by it like I don't want to feel bad about it so if I did that so what so I can have as much money doing all of life without question we have thousands of dollars because cheese dollar raised by the community and donations very close to 21000 poachers like just under $21,000 562000 Define somewhere another goal is 500 an even so awesome job Community what Jack do I get back to work at the job that he tried to kiss Jack also congratulate your man is right now it's a no what is that kind of what you're looking for good luck in Asian culture holding his tits at the same time because I wanted to be decent Tigger coming hopefully no one will do that to you that was the most extreme life stream I've ever had I would say without Howie when barbar on Sunday or Monday morning and no one is talking about the fact that Michael got extra time but I can Michael gets tased life that was one of the most intense things that I have ever watched in my life one person I know I wasn't home so this tells me explaining to Jack how to use it LOL I love that show strongest dude in existence are you going to put up a video you can see me that feeling from the front of his face and you just like it's the kind of thing that this trip so love your Lazer way that you can put up any defense when you get hit by taze what you looking deep into that human just like a real pain but he can't control himself it anyway that's true I wasn't here I was watching from home and I was like control you want that question cuz I was at home getting hit because you can't stop it it's A5 second and then it stopped again the second time I remember Jack him again and it was going for 5 seconds and hear Jeremy going I already fell asleep Michael like a cow's stomach called no no no for doing the milk challenge which was great she colored milk Michael Dunn video on repeat the rainbow and it's actually looked like he was puking Matt SE it will be one of the hear that but they don't refocus and Michael it's awful it was the screenshot that someone sent me a picture of you with my streaming down just like we have did that but we had meetings talking about this ahead of time like we could have like a whole we know what we need to do that we organize this so much thought went into this hurting someone what year next year somebody's going to have to get naked right or something we're going to feel like cutting surgery oh my gosh I don't even know we had life surgery when Michael had the barbs removed from it brag Doodle God controllers covering your Tigger Spencer what was the fucking time in Len is a legendary member of 402 the threat is one that came out of it that's when she did which was a dude in a Tigger costume in his end of bikini briefs like this you can look it up you'll find us all the time your Wikipedia page Wikipedia page look up to somebody after repeatedly saying that a computer technician does not deserve that boo computer page do anybody rent so I guess it was just cock anyway so it's really weird but if it were me I would on it up to it not me replicate you do it next year what year was morphine on Packard on on my spider dick car alarms Bakersfield indigo children and grandchildren do you think you're human specimen cut through metal let you sweat like humans supposed to Matt what does it mean if you think if you just on your MacBook would eventually how long would have to be hours and hours yeah that would not be a laptop like a laptop you can keep that cheese stick you know like when you're waiting too long until the present shift 5 times if you hold on and keep doing it like that no conversation or hear hear so I kind of the things to talk hear I put that book I hear someone sent me this book it's what if it's a hypothetical situation but I put it out here because I wanted people to know that I'm aware of it and I feel bad cuz people send me this book fairly regularly they send you the physical book please send me the People by the gifted Amazon re yeah thank you I really appreciate it you don't have to what you have to get rid of the evil tree Let It Go number 17 in stores everywhere. Right now if you'd like on Red vs. blue book.com if you get something that you get like a $5 store credit or something what's that website reading we didn't mean Lykke Li favorite coffee table 4 pack of the book back in the bar that's a good place for of Flynn tire jack on the back of the plane that dropped by Caboose for different operations in Blood Gulch what we have in our division stories in there there's the you know compilations of like in data from the whole series and then some new material as well that we know hopefully I get a good editor I want to see the first draft of the book when I came back had something close to 500 like notations on it for so it was a tough process but coming out November November December January November and then we know last week that the blues going to El Rey for televised now on the El Rey network and then in January we have movies we have a book coming out a TV show coming on TV on network and then a movie coming out in theaters this week Lincoln Mr didn't have either of those things anything 2 months ago now in the next three months we'll have all of them is that million or is that just with just water Lazer team since the back is going to be announced today one of you tell us that re Lazer team in theaters when 27th of January the way back probably already had our Australian Premier super excited I can't wait extra large of Anubis gear you go to bed and you just forgot to drink water and the other as you're waking up you realize that you forgot and you like my head it's a horrible feeling if it's opinion about me never go to bed you have a glass of water and put it next to your bed yeah you know that about me ugly spend alone time with burni if I mentioned in passing but to do that I just my teeth and then I'll have like a copper cup in my bathroom and I just drink like two glass of water and then for the family District at what part of copper cup didn't you hear is it not filtered or anything out of the tap in the kitchen hear Tigger Speedway when is the last time anyone has changed the filter in the refrigerator when was the last time we change the filter in the refrigerator just that ever since we talked about this for I identify them it took me 2 minutes to fill up you'll be there so fucking slow for me is like living in a place where there's a beer tap life 30 steps away and I'll point in time I think it's fucking dangerous shape that. I don't know how many people that should be a board like a chalkboard on the set how many times you replace the keg there so have you been there so there's a bar in Las Vegas Nevada re there so the Cottonwood Club re they have what the re at is it the one that's by The Cosmopolitan extra plane crashing into everything like Paris and I thought re Asian themed Casino the first time so they have tables with a tap in the middle of it and Serve Yourself beer on counter on it anytime stops when you go when you stop the amazing if we were talking about this earlier. And it's the thing that happens with me when I start drinking it's like if I'm drinking drunk when you think your vampire is always that thing I do when I'm drinking and it's like there's this voice and it's not really strong I had to like to think about it but it's a voice going if I have one more after that boys done that's like I can't remember the rest of the night and you said you stopped 10 minutes too late I probably should have got about 10 minutes earlier 420 whatever you don't like do 3 shots with you of God if that's the worst and I stayed home with on the Wheel and yet I'm going to just reset you cheese spin the wheel on this random crap I didn't find it online Howie Mandel the on the wheel extra mad at you that was one of the condoms are we looking for so I realized at that point when I was writing all this stuff down on the wheel that I was that was getting to the point where your information was going to be sticking anymore as I was writing it I was explaining it to various people like so that was me showing my age then I'm going to be early gets application Howie Mandel he was really like super annoying comedian I don't know how to put a gear if he is original yaege what does a pissed-off 1111 was it is what I would like to on this giant rabbit with a carrot and I think it was like what this is I don't talk about it I really never had a back of the shirt like blobb the cameras you know him he's like no one of the blocks don't block me I'm going to Remind You by braintre developers around the world embrace the Braintree V10 SDK is the easiest way to a secure mobile payments to their apps and websites no matter what payment type Braintree accepting Apple pay Android pay PayPal venmo credit cards even Bitcoin and it's something you pop top Braintree will support that too the payment solution use my Uber Airbnb and get home so you know that it's scale developers don't worry it will fit developers they got you don't worry about it taking a stand get your payments with Braintree if done in minutes the Braintree code supports Android iOS and JavaScript clients integrating it into your ass is as easy as inserting a few lines of code try out the sandbox and see for yourself at Braintree payments.com / RoosterTeeth Greentree payments.com / Rooster Teeth go on somebody Twitter telling me my glasses are crooked can I get a second here to get the camera hear that you can get there you got it we got a new people in the control room Michael free chat with women it depends on what kind of Wing Cadet tractor nope not doing it how about this one hello Patrick this morning at the all-hands meeting Patrick was saying that this extra life stream what the fourth day of work for both the book of the new employees over hear broadcast really so therefore it was a rude introduction almost 24 and a half hour nap maybe they tended to group sex day just so you guys know call welcome and dollar to cut the burni the faster why is what Academy faster via Twitter June 8th Jack beard how do I make that what is that it's the double down well there's also should say thank you but later on you guys took two pieces of bread and just filled it it looks like a hamburger of hair in there hear my God he did mile did I think never care to go by and look at Jack and when you're inside me now what does had to even digest what does it come out if I have a utility you said it mine is green is it really boo that's awesome yeah I can put it like this much red food coloring cause that's always nice and he gave me Greenwood so it's like my insides must be great because it wasn't like it was one time the color green one time I went to a kid's birthday party and they had cupcakes look like really brightly colored frosting and I want to have blue frosting and I'd like to know the next day or two days later I took a shit and it was blue like you're talking about just like I was like what the fuck was wrong what does bishop mean of cake 3334 what the alarm is on in the lobby colored frosting cupcakes at HEB you see the blue one don't need the blue one green food coloring out of red food coloring would your poop be Brown from the pool from the food that would be like striped like a candy cane the bald ice cream that comes for blue boo can you look up green poop mean adult Spokane rainbow poop it might like maybe she's covered in poop mean that spot is passing green poop means of passing through your system too quickly yeah I think that's a different diarrhea is like failure of the welcome Life As Eva white poop make lack of bile which may indicate a serious underlying problem what about Cliff That's not healthy what is a award-winning podcast like wrapping up in cling film and then delete hear what I said clean cigarette tricks like trying to that I would be furious if somebody tripped me with Saran Wrap and just like extra shifts and head back home with it so you can put it through a door Classic Toyota forcefield hear from the autopsy hear it here it was like this feeling in the butthole the other side behind the time we talked about coming at some point we should get a beer tap on that one too. For me Mr eazi Fallout 4 comes out tomorrow I'm so excited because of the times it comes at 11 p.m. tonight or going to walk down rotary tool of journalistic website about it so if you can check it out people are upset as I said I was going to write a spoiler-free 323 Journal Nevada Fallout 4 of people were upset that I gave a spoiler out because I talk about what happens literally in the first 3 minutes of the game this week what you saw in the E3 demo that's like letting a screenshot of the title screen and cooling a spoiler so people just want the experience of hear anything at all about the game than I thought it would Howie non-spoiler that is so whatever I think a lot of fun I think the game is very highly anticipated and I had a lot of fun playing the game I'm still playing and I think there's a lot of people wanting to just like it for wanting to say bad things about it for some reason because I'm so excited I think it's going to be cool you could easily fill that would piss can you probably should what is the biggest if anyone's ever done to their address on it every single day I wonder how often that happens to you and how often are you like the best thing that happened that day in that field probably never have you have never taken the biggest fish in the world on anything because I'm not the best thing one day and I stay with Gavin and that's because he probably several times as life has been the person who shot the most frames of footage that day also honey certain days or subscribers or something like that in worldwide think that's right yeah yeah sometimes I just leave the camera going at like ten thousand friends second and I'll just like that in front of it for a couple of minutes more pictures of me today than anyone extra hear what sex moves I don't believe you like shave my face and I feel like if I on that camera I would like fuck with it temperature is 10 on a point it's tough to see what looks like just like house household stuff immersion I cannot this week the season finale of social disorder come out of the 21st Street Let It Go months for this to happen to figh both of you say that I have is it a less than pretty prions front porch area was closer with the people he graduated with them it was more of like to cry I felt so bad for him and Christy I guess everyone knows Chris is weird so it's not that weird barbar wispy come to his front door anyway I never told him what if after the finale at 4 o'clock on Thursday Central Time Zone on our site therapist the gotta get up hear the episode that comes out and says he's a social disorder and you have an episode of immersion that we haven't talked about yet I'm just well people people kind of surprised people with the immersion Fallout that we did that it was a two-parter let me have another immersion that we have a third immersion that we like we got it and we're not we're like you're making something out of it in the shop today but the movie shot next I think we'll be I think I'll be a bigger deal than even the Fallout 1 I really doubt that we really hadn't really talked about it because we've been making them the last few weeks writing up so how was like Hey immersion is really fun there to do that I have fucked up I don't remember that feeling that we were recording the sponsor version of the podcast and I showed a picture I want to hear talk about leftover time life photos I put a picture of myself in the makeup Matt on to the on to the seat Under The Apple Tree in the final so fucking mad at myself it was just like a rolling Michael really so much fun we were having too much fun and it wouldn't come across in the video it would make him really happy people like those were my favorite locations the interior stuff like how dilapidated building barbar was especially right eye life being in the building let's get this show that building exists and that it already looks like that find that building I mean finding the building when it was a God thing if you want to make that said it was like $2,000 with a production value like paint the walls and then heating up the pills and everything else to Marcus on all the props and costume and everything like that I see pictures on your life they look like screenshots from a game I broke the lazer are you still at the characters we had stashed around and I'll quickly they were able to adapt the stuff that they didn't necessarily see coming the gets shot in the chest yeah I guess what's the video by accident because I was messing with the whole thing with you and Tyler read your messages real quick what are you going to put that came across very well was the radiation effect that we put on Gavin life we can see what it looks like from his perspective from okay I think it's actually like a really light radio blood all of my peripheral and then likes to play magnified the bit that I could see the old of my death was like I was like walking around this the whole time actually accidentally shot because I didn't realize it was cock flip this around to the other day he was just like the question I hear spot gavi just looking at the crowd like can we go off deleted some of the crew came in because I was get my makeup done what was going on there like I don't know what to do which Market store Sunbury Road it was placed it was like 33 year old bread okay yeah that was good sweetie but you look sharp in your revolt, revolt, Fallout 4 coming out right now I just watch the first couple of hours today you have you got a copy good I want him to test the building stuff and because there's a whole section the game this is from the trailer where you build like things got very far it looks like if you don't think it looks good and the building is absolutely amazing that works its the 1st. Moving very slow like this result the different parts of the body change percentages to do with a little bit to be exposed to Fire and shot someone in the head you're something else and spot know you can move your character look like to rotate around hear anything yet but it's up to 3% Fallout 3 all the way through all the DLC everything I didn't do this I didn't like that one as much but I love Fallout 4 so far for some elements and I thought that I wish that included for that they didn't but overall it I mean you're not overly impressed by the story I don't think they can play in the multi player profile I just filled my privacy settings keep resetting on Xbox to Xbox if your blocked on stuff like this when you the courtesy to block achievements of the people don't see them running OK in your friends for people to follow you then you know that your treatments do I log into an Xbox where I don't have it but sometimes not just say probably right probably hear I know that because when I got older ask me to join your party because you don't have that blobb the Maddox books apparently not join a party with some random person but you never do it and every now and then so it's a mystery if I'm like What's Up hey that you and I'm excited to see if there's a moment there I thought you just forgot where you're going to because every time I wear headset harm it cost me $3 because my cat jumps on my lap takes one bite out of the way and it completely and how to get the cat goes over the headset was every time I am playing Destiny Aldrin the right or something I'm going to keep it I have the cash I'll put the controller down maybe come here come back and it's not hot gu of the full stereo headset and I've lost probably 7 of the tea place came in my underwear do that now to take my cat so as you know he's got mental issues Nero cheese the worst thing by far the he does if he hates one thing and he pees on one thing what do you think that one thing is if past experience has taught me anything it's the lighting kits if it's a lighting kit which is what what is the lighting kit what is it what is AP in the back right the hear that my whole suitcase sitting on the ground it's going to get pissed off and if it's open or closed or either it doesn't matter to him apparently travel place like you punc in touch with them it's like 250 bucks every time he pees flight to life I've tried to go on trips with my suitcase after cat piano stores off of 500 pissing on the fucking life ches I'm also really impressed that you were able to get that because I know that pisses off his dick anybody nobody talks about him Top Dog Auto hear that. I like a pug giant underbite I've ever seen on a plug half work I like a petting him and he was hunched over and going like whimpering and like always I couldn't on here and there like go to lick lick them off me he has the biggest boner I've ever seen on a dog I don't look like number yeah that's fine that's what your top half horse what did you think of Warcraft movie trailer okay I guess it gets pretty much the reaction I had I was like okay not terrible what should people who are usually quite find someone to watch SE we pulled out I just like top or bottom 2 years of the house I just moved out of that has a staircase and I would just like to start running again it sucks and it's like they're going to go down and life boxers and nothing else in Stockton no Ashley will not let me I think it is if I have if I don't have pants on I can't have socks on life that's life life sucks on like anything the socks off and gets where was parks and walk around for a bit and I just feel like no show socks or like a fox but fully blown stuff that you put on Bright Light Social cheese OK when does matter anyway cuz I don't work tomorrow what is a complete lie what happened something like that deployment now how do I feel anything but there's a bit in Lazer team wear your helmet does that to you a little bit that's a little bit in the clips released so far I think we actually we're going to do that with that was the effect we were going to do it first I would have said we were testing it on you like that looks of a screenshot for the game to me and I was just walked into that room and that's what it look like for the chalkboard paper barbar the medical facility for assisted living & Barton there's like all these forms from like the fifties and it was like they were writing about like this you know patient everything ready for me like holy shit I'm not reading anymore because it was like patient is a 19 year old female does incapable of saying her own name because all these like a checklist of things that you're able to do like Siri recite the alphabet like always like really simple test it like a five year old should be able to do and like them and I'm like no it's about her personally until I get what I don't feel comfortable saying it who knows if somebody can be identified and I was just like and stuff and it's like it was really tough to get a snapshot of somebody's like difficulty in life you know to meet its life just to see that and just like it the form that's how it ends up just in the form sitting in a room that nobody's been in 20 years if you know anything about that just wasn't so that room was just like that like there was a whole hallway drinking the the brown stuff on the toilet which I think was like prune juice and just Brown crap because Michael was taped at that time he was leaning on the wall and every time you let on the wolf comes of those things would fall into the water Little Italy the next one is I think every film to make sure that we're going to the person if he's never done before but you know what state was the first one I don't want to park in the one thing we got for feedback on the Fallout 1 what do more like they wanted to feel like so don't be all of us to look at playing dress up mile Smiles in Plano the fucking awesome never in the history of a company when miles goes to SE with tuna steaks it's like they did this like zoom in Jack if you knew anything was like is that cool forecast Fallout the stuff that we had an invoice over to make it look like we meant to do that but you said something about we found the First Supply Cache or something it was just like some old barbecue with some tongs that place that we got the apartment all that stuff I mean the entire like metal fences that ran along some areas so that you guys would be guided Michael was so happy that you picked up those talking with everybody out there the trailer for at the end of social disorder of this week maybe I can do that people like to see that was coming during that one just like the whole time but you just make me so happy and in that moment see all the production guy that went into everything and like the text that went behind it too I was like Blown Away hair appointment to gets old so it's like he never doing a Blog for sponsors and Gavin York medication writing and Matt going to do one as well but on there which is like a lot of videos if I don't wake up in the morning monster breeds and sponsor video If we don't win they're necessary part of our business and we would prefer to just stay put at the end of car2g the fuck you by don't know but like you were saying this is a sponsored video The Fallout 1 the we did that was sponsored by Google in Bethesda that sponsored that one and that made the whole rest of the season of immersion that we're not shooting possible so we weren't even going to shoot the third season of immersion till I came along I feel like every sponsor to be like this fallout Fallout and Halo and Coca-Cola and all the time that would be great but it's little things that make me call the other things possible what does great El if I think that's one of my new favorite shorts that we've ever produced scorpion just an actor I think it will add miles with the voice Jack the plans for Mile with you really I can't tell you who what is going to be short Mr really funny short the Scorpion told her we were talking about it recently is that there's been some stuff we were doing a lot more stuff with it shows like there's a lot of stuff and are used to a lot more hit-and-miss it's right and I want to live it's like a little sketchy and I would like 2 of them that's pretty normal batting average for gets when you read the script it's like something's going to read the paper like the Mortal Kombat sketch on paper is hey it's scorpion he's runs a dojo and he makes a bunch of Mortal Kombat references what running a dojo it's like that video can go a thousand different ways it could turn out to be the lamest thing you've ever seen and a lot of times it's all about execution and I fucking nailed the execution of it yeah yeah but I was worried because I acted like it was like I told them it wasn't perfect was like but my favorite moments were like all the life directly reference Mortal Kombat like the fatality and fall asleep during all that stuff but it wasn't until that I said you put the toasty thing in life too much so who directed El in Cleveland that when it's good it's good to hear of indirect light up when I called back he was an Australian actually asked if he was actually had a whole scene in it they didn't do anything to him so I asked him to cut what you seen from it so gets his next event was like right about 2 minutes I could have driven video that's a good time because he will get the concept you like that is also a Dollar Shave Club Stop Shaving with an old razor it's gross you torture yourself with a cold week after week probably because you don't 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much the same way that a company that one of their big competitors Gillette destructive years and years ago decades ago leaving Gillette the famous sales Mantra what you give away the razor and tell the boys I really believe that but I mean like major major pillars of the industry like constantly running ads to feel like directly rendering them essentially I mean it mile level life in Dollar Shave Club number to this point that people don't pay that much attention to Matt Airbnb required Expedia what would you funny too because I think of home away as being the first company that did that but it's like they are the company that does that now I'm sure the other places as well but there was a car sharing service called car to go and in other places like Zipcar as a competitor car2go is all smart cars if we gets Mark are so sore everywhere and I joined it and when Ashley first moved here and we were like on one car part of it was really awesome but like Boo Buzz just so convenient to not have to drive yourself or anything like that that car to go the email updates I get her bass of them shrinking their territorial all the time and I feel kind of bad about the way the world works and I think I just got an update from them it was like cut in half so now it's like $0.19 a mile to drive it or something free tattoo the Smart car smashing into a barrier that was 50 but it was the whole thing with hair like this what channel is the BBC of the name Top Cab of the truck to move today cause it's really solid you will distilled on it like it in front of you just roll around and I seen the safety ratings are not that great Michael barbar silly face right there you have it Top Gear was like I was failing for the holidays then a different channel the right to make that program from the BBC so they thought it would be but he kept the name Top Gear just dormant the other channel coolest gear and then that one on NBC just real orange top with like a big fan that really punc Olympic in with the 20-year waiting list to get in the crowd but I think again Thai time but sometimes somebody could even get lunch that's what happened I can get a lunch re Jeremy Clarkson got to be more to that I will read the story of an Irish flag BBC let them go would you like to me she's almost obligated to because it was his Forever by him punching someone who works for him even though that show gets something I think it's something like 600 million viewers per episode one of them like a lot of international hear some catering May threaten Top Gear report SE Clarkson Stronger the producer when his dinner wasn't ready on time putting all Top Gear contract negotiator probably dozens of people's livelihood at risk patience is very smart he is very appealing on camera he's always had a great career but love to listen to what he has to say yeah it was like the success of a model of cock get me wrong I think we live in a society where you know a punch in the face can happen and it's not the end of the fucking world that can happen you know like Buzz Aldrin reporter came up to him and was like yelling at him about the moon Buzz Aldrin space calling him a liar it's like he's going to hit you if you happen to be Buzz Aldrin test pilots were Maniacs Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier broken ribs Chuck Yeager sound barrier in a plane to do it the day before he wrecked his motorcycle and broke three or four ribs but didn't tell anybody cuz he want to do it it was the latest in a in the world if you ever get a chance you can watch if you know anyone watch The Right Stuff talked about a lot of those guys a lot of the test pilots in the stuff that went into the space program it's really really good movie really interesting to see the way they were treated in the health and safety wasn't a very big deal in the program didn't want to be there to get a window to put a window in and like actual control Jeremy Clarkson punch producer and called him a lazy Irish Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson called the producer wasn't even an offense in the right lady and Irish and threatened to get him back before punching him in the face so if someone wants to correct you but they are incorrect some point it out okay Top Gear wasn't feeling they fired Jeremy Clarkson what you're talking about earlier actually but I think he probably okay I got it how to make gets into it yeah okay it was like it was one of those prank shows David Heidi taxes to come in and appear on this kid show called Mr Blobby but there was no letter inside his life very famous in the UK today that would be like trying to do stuff with but he just felt like pulling over life and the people who hide boo I don't know what's going on then everyone knew they wouldn't buy anything like this running thing let me from McDonald's I was thinking bastard from Austin Powers Mr what kind of like Borat hear me the movie bumble around like. And it would say and then and then at the end I know that the host of the show inside Lucy Mr Blobby it looks like that stress squeeze doll if you know what I'm talking about nothing was horrifying the character from the inside out so it was okay gavi with Irish people are really into Mr Blobby they're sending us a lot of photos and YouTube videos of things he would like so he fires Top Gear or had to cancel the show because it's forever to do production on the side of their production and then Amazon right was Amazon hear no one cares firstly it was a good for Amazon for hiring a dude he's a dude I have to if they don't it doesn't carry over the weekend after 5 minutes if anything they're also going to take Jeremy Clarkson spot because they like them but the other two back right you have some people who demand that he's fired because he's deaf people and we have some people really think that life insufferable is the fact that if that happened on the set usually just work it out with the person you know hey I text you the wrong sorry here's $10,000 the guy was so Furious about getting punched by in the cage the whole fucking production got shut down their job and the guy that punched ruining the whole probably anything 90 if I leave and don't come back that's the that's the ultimate punch in the face like other words exchanged something under life punch in the face that would be the ultimate punch in the face the penalty right there the face of the hear blue 12 dressed up as Mr Blobby for my kids party when I was five it was figh you like to feel like burni and you're too good for SE drink too much in college and I just got done Matt got slapped in the face for the kids this weekend chapter Jack Bald Move adult walk on a leash Jack in the Irish for you sir because it was like he was of major corporations were fired for punching somebody for dinner could I get away with it zero violence policy of this company have any response so you can but I don't know exactly where you want to go look at it I'm sure it's if I'm sure it's not allowed I know we always reference page article Len which is sexual harassment removed at 13 years in Andover violence-free like there's never been anything like that Fallout punching buzz when Jack slaps Gavin at RTX I thought that was pretty fucking hear like my room I got reaction that was like that was while I was at the line that was in 2014 to 2014 the spin of the wheel no it wasn't me that was pretty hard shape Gavin Jordan Jordan kicked Gavin out of anger I kicked my penis gave him my cock body if I was on my cheek and then the floor was on my other cheek and eye Fallout what frame frame yeah it's cool man that's good that's really awesome that's a half-million-dollar face right there looks a lot younger the valley Buffet very viable family Casey couldn't look him in the eye because it if she felt like she was cheating on if I feel like I'm cheating on I don't like you but we bring a professional to do something I hope you have next pancake podcas we will not have other cock the hear that I like her we do it that way but yeah but I was kind of hoping we would get like a barbar with a straight razor to come in in like a really cleaned up to the framing of the face looks like someone else in their work in the rain Brooke the difference between cut out part way through the hear people saying that the second the razor touch his face for the first time that it could if we were watching the home went down and then apparently the string cut texting barbar and it was that was it no Jack no Jack spirit yeah I don't want to make sure you pause it and then I've never seen such a big audience in hear that I wasn't for the savings when Michael was about to get taze there about how many people are frustrated because people keep standing in front of the fucking camera do nothing later I was acting like he was here for some parts of the street and she kept standing in front of cameras and I was like you used to no we were talking about was up to you I mean you know just kinda still the show in the middle of the night how old is hear and answer me for kissing him personal good I'll be there just running a little late Bill Bailey if your favorite River BB such a weird feeling to feel that that was exactly my grandfather's male pattern baldness like that perfect he looks like he should be like not allowed to give out candy to trick-or-treaters having a really early in the morning to Gavin sweet when this happened I just got to Jesus I'll be back shirt on everything good hear everything but something about the extra Matt my cousin Tommy is outside you might go and grab them okay what am I doing this for the podcast is also brought to you by me undies you wear underwear everyday for 365 days a year rain or shine need to be extraordinary without an insane price tag me and he's understands this and that's why he created the world's most comfortable underwear luxury at half the retail price you 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I'm open to it also my boss huge long time it doesn't need to advertise Lamborghini ever made what does it talk about the amiibo the more they take people's amiibo and then they make them fight against each other in Super Smash Brothers and whichever one loses gets destroyed at the end a couple weeks ago and you're like yeah life streams if we know we really want to get like liquid nitrogen of the head like all these crazy ideas like we just know how to do that I like just send me a list of everything that if you want to do but I'll coordinate with Marcus and I'll make sure we have all of the stuff we like Mark has built that little Iron Maiden coffin for them he sourced liquid nitrogen I don't know how hey why you smiling what do we have to buy the guys I got a liquid nitrogen guy on my what does that mean you guys all they can't sell to the public but I gotta go when did when they put the amiibo in the liquid nitrogen you could hear it hissing and popping like that as it was freezing so scary National Mr shape and then was staring into the the big Matt Cavaliers like you can just get them out of the house like an idiot you just visiting the Country Life Health Insurance gu hear he just couldn't stop looking into it and I was like do it seriously do it everyone to the point where he doesn't like if you stick it in too long and so he was like doing it it was because I was Captain Morgan from a few and that was just life cannot help himself from Finland God not terrified looking at you this after we had here for the live stream I'm just listening to the way that stuff reacted in there I like it's really bad there had it been there I think that that they wanted Weeden gets totally their time was earlier in the day and if it was still daylight we were going to do stuff outside like how you burn Ryan's shoes one of the things that they wanted was a monster truck and run over there only God so we do a bunch of other things that we couldn't do it unless we go outside so I we're trying but we had on the doctor in season one but it was impossible to do it so it's weird cuz it's a very simple trick but it's difficult for physics was you know the thing I'm talking about a real life in real life but it's like forever and finally we have more nights like these we probably will be a little bit of a break between the two halves of the season is going to be no shoot these really complex shows and I really hope we can pull that one off gets like a really simple but I think people will love it yeah we've been talking about it forever but we may or may not care no more I can do for you in person and skilled person working hear it was probably one of them did not say anything you want there are two the animation I just like that people scream and like this is so cool that's so much talent in like that shit straight over here is my cousin and my cousin tell him he was wasn't on was in college what grade ches and I decided okay this isn't good enough so we made a whole other game where you take for ches boards and put them together and you play like Army level ches in there like a square of Chuck forwarded you that YouTube video that show the stuff up right yeah what's it what the name of the game regimental ches you can look at it meme design the whole game itself so it's like I'm really good at it check it out regimental it looks crazy to me AOL what is that it's a screenshot of some regimental ches LOL yeah yeah something like that what you in this week tomorrow Los Angeles limo and then I said yes absolutely I'm a big fan of his work I would never refer to and I've never seen you more concentrated on my crafting or respond like you're just like how to have your number or do you DM you or something email with last night and my phone number I just don't know where I don't know why that's like threw me off a little bit Utah what you like almost said it was funny he said yeah actually people been asking me on Twitter and on the site they been acting what miles is the head writer for animation also in the blog and talked about we're going to promote a head writer for Live Action and that is Mr Chris Damaris is there at 5 yeah he just had his 5th anniversary you know it started I mean there were maybe 12 of us maybe tell people that the company some work something like that what 125 Terrys number 12 Brandon wood yes I'm at Marshall before they were after them the same time Marshall was writing tric Chris Marshall we have Aaron and hear Josh Flanagan what happens we kept trying to hire Jack Andraka Jack knows Chris explain the miracle of childbirth to him one of my favorite moments like this Highway paint a really good super disturbing that you guys were making some of them one of Mile the same one of them was like horrifying absolutely I was walking around the studio when the painting was going on and when Chris was talking to Zack and the people over there like I'm driving and I'm watching the stream on their computers inside you know it's happened if it's just right over there Tigger hanging at home I was really good movie if you like paint with spray paint impressive re treat Gavin like the full version of my eyes looking into your face to the premier Len it's like 15 or 20 minutes would be entered into a raffle to win one and like a bunch of people donated more sweetheart in selecting legal is it illegal they were illegal during the week but they were not allowed someone random from everyone who done it Michael Russell miles I didn't get drunk moments and photos Aldrin on photos where the lights are the favorite that's real question on Twitter start to look a lot more like a star better because I Matt that's when Mr Devereux if it's a stupid decision to make but I never use favorite because I always thought in my head this tweet is actually my favorite but it's like I can see tweets that I like and then I can like them that you love them now but things like what is the symbol of love I don't know what what why was Lyman the brain but I bring you wasn't bringing feeling to have loved and in first gear and I didn't know they had a brain when was like the cartoon heart drawn the way it is it's nothing like a real heart behind it derive like that picture of a heart and makes sense because it pumps your blood and usually when you're in love or you're feeling something strong your blood pumps more intensely that makes sense tell us about it Levi. I find out what if why is the heart shaped like that is it true you can stop someone's heart by punching it you can stop somebody's heart a lot of different ways there's this thing where like killing everyone they talk about the concussive force of explosion to go off there's like a certain reality to military weapons are just based on life gets you down you just shut down certain level for what they're not no I just disconnect your brain in it but obviously I've died but yeah that's like the most British thing to say doesn't Google why is the heart drawn like that the third most popular search why is the heart important would like to find the death that it's about time we head removed from body Blood on the outside we were all 4 of us or on on the spot last week podcas edition of the spot we got the plague us or Google hear that it was a lot of pressure it was really hard to try to come up with stuff I was trying to come up with stuff I'm actually fascinated by it could sound stupid how hard burni shit all over John what I'm going to bury my heart gear what do I do Robin we were on the back of the phone that's why you haven't been in so if I mean when you walk on this office and you're like looking for John if you happen to your body if hear John talk about how many people promise spot next Thursday it's like I'm going to vote so you on your. The people sending in some theories number goes back as far as the 1,400 this is from mentalfloss.com when it appeared on European playing cards to mark one of the Redskins and it may shape is pretty much a mystery though there are different hypotheses to explain it but none of them have been confirmed as to let me in chambers of the heart right or is it more Atrium to ventricle Olympus cheese that is correct maybe that's why goes out to the mall then goes back in and then goes out to the body people keep telling me that it's the shape of two hearts sewn together that's fucking disgusting glove when you're together that's horrifying what you just showed I didn't want to see that again litter kwitter we not come but I feel good about the stuff together to make them that shape if you want to too hard to put together and makes that that just about time to wrap up what would you like done right I'm just guesstimating Twitter if you feel like joining me at lunch if you like to marry me but let's wrap up so thanks for watching we'll see you guys next week we gotta put out a special episode Mr the heart symbol is a woman but when she's bending over Pizza Hut