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Transcript (in progress):

Joe it's something about acoustic songs that are just touches the heart I'm never going to talk about it's the sister gets last night what's the name what's the name of the why is it important to know what is the name of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty masshole of the neighborhood is what should be called Amazon has no specific no busy actually I can't because I'm not a fan I wouldn't say I'm really looking forward to next week and the number one most played game on the Xbox 360 so far probably never play multiplayer on that I have a thousand Warfare honor I think I played it like two or three months after it came out and my rationale was it was real I cut myself why didn't you play multiplayer that's one reason you play multiplayer has Halo 3 Note it's pretty cool yeah that seems like he likes you can spend for doing good things in the game so and the point you're just jumping in I didn't feel like we were playing that we had the chance last year Finch was in town and he was play multiplayer and I said I'm going to take a couple levels and I was no good and I was still able to like unlock helicopter strike San a legend I will tell you that it's like amazing you first start playing the game and if you're actually able to kill one of these guys that is cool why would you need to see I think I'm going to play Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer though can you pick up your dead yes because why that's what it is not friendly fire but you're absolutely right now from the fire so there shouldn't be I don't think be friendly about it but you should be allowed to be anybody the first time they kill you what's your favorite video game is probably more the Left 4 Dead look up a leopard that Joe is right up there with Halo for me but Left 4 Dead 2 reach is awesome dat is there Co-op functionality and Modern Warfare Warfare 2 call Dat of my head but they have those missions unit Special Ops I'm the least far as everybody in this room next to the matter absolutely lives up to the hype what's the with out I think the first one was maybe just a smidge better but they're still both phenomenal and I think it's a good game I think they're better than the last one I think the last one was kind of groundbreaking in the way you know it's just you can only innovate so much beyond that it seems like last game was so close to perfect they tried the ocean they had to find out like of the ocean value and you get a little desensitized to it but it's gorgeous and it's fun and it's really fucking cool and super stressful driven like people I know did you get to the far have you gotten it yet yeah it feels more story-driven than the last one to me I can't tell you anything that happened in the last game a nuclear bomb that went off I can't remember every single inch of that plane in the Mile High has about 250 problems the goal is to do it in 2 minutes 55 seconds I swear it's like I play it on AI got to the game on one setting like an easier setting player settings the only game I do it out and it's like a game how many and regular right now fuck I keep dying into this might be why I'm not as into the game as I as I was the first one because it was on the 1st 1:14 I had to player in first time through it was truly challenging and you got really invested in how well you played and you I mean you paid the utmost attention because you had to give it a hundred of your additional time and because I'm doing videos for Sheila Hunter and I'm playing and I'm route right now so there's no challenge really you know and I think that takes me out of them then it feels like for me right now is like making me so mad likewise for you you were play I didn't have that luxury that you did that 2 years anniversary 22 years ago what was what was the Never what did you have to do with achieving Dead Rising 7-Day Survivor achievement for geof 7 days have passed since the last 2 years I haven't heard the story about Dead Rising be responsible the game being responsible for overclocking the processor on 360 and killing 360 rumor total rumor but I don't know what is listen I want to thank you high pitch filter on hit for the filled up just like I'm not going to do it I'm sorry I don't want to do it I don't feel like I didn't do it and your kids and your wife with physical Wireless Millie just she's smart she just turned 4 and she star to get to the creepy AI can see the pictures she made me last night which is Daddy in The Ghost and then she just turned 4 and she wanted to watch a movie the other day daddy and the ghost said it would be sad if you broke your nose hurt really bad illegal of nice that's awesome I don't know where she got that from I mean she watches The Godfather new start locking your door if you want to be dangerous she could I could wake up with a knife in my back and stomach for all into the horse's head Sammy past Halloween and on my neighborhood there's girls that a set of quadruplets you know and I always thought if I had little girls little girls not like hot teenage daughter for Halloween I would have to make them trying to do that that's fucking really sad that's pretty major time of year to be laid off too I would wager I feel like they've reported their order like a week or two weeks before don't worry we'll see you next quarter we're getting up and our profit margins are supposedly one of the reasons they had to layoff 1500 people is because they bought some casual game company and then you can free up some $259 for never heard of the company book and Twitter and if that and you know if there's not development of a game for like an iPhone going on right now it will happen soon but that's where we're going I think I'm getting close a screen for the iPhone Robot Games organs are 70 megabytes good to Oregon anymore into an ugly woman when we went on our first commercial shoot with that I can Kennedy guys this is like 3 years ago ghost or so maybe 1 or 4 years like in Portland and like and like the coolest building I've ever seen in my entire life but they we were chatting with him about Portland spend a lot of time there because she has family stuff and it's a bring your own kind of state email after it's already paid Financial wizard I don't think many people know that about you I don't like it's of and in a way like Rainman incapable of normal everyday life tasks and interactions but if you put on like a copy of Money Magazine the front of them if I can't get my computer to boot up in the morning it's about to fall apart and he's very good at predicting when we reach the bottom and we're about to start coming back up that's true like new 401K ship might want to just check on you and TT whatever indices mean instead then we can choose from and and all our future play to choose from as well be AI 13 of them and I left over here to sexually manipulate in some way you also a prospectus for the Jefferson has based on the cover art the hotter the chick the money right supposed to look like 126 Teton to play shuffleboard hey speaking of the AI really talk about half of that story addition of 15 people to slash their release schedule and a half and I was hoping we talked about that you think they went there to go from releasing 5260 titles next year right now I don't know man I mean Beatles birthday song and then trying to be an awesome game I really understand what had happened was member and one of the company in and after that the products they were working on in the never certain projects that cut off like Ghost Busters was one Legend was another and it was another one of them up but I think Brutal Legend was like the one exception they cut it but there was some confusion about whether or not someone else could release the game because I really enjoyed this I wish the thing that video games are getting more and more like movies all the time and that's what you just said right there is the way video games are of the way movies are if it's not based on an existing franchise or an adaptation of a movie or remake or something or whatever it's producing some pretty good deals Usher has anyone else tired of shooting Nazis what time to people and it's okay really amazing how the ratings boards don't consider zombies to be people you can show much more violent things on a TV commercial because everyone and it seems like every single commercial project it seems like there's a different set of rules from the AI be regarding what you do and what you can't Joe the rule for every scenario and then with the barrel pointed directly at the screen or at someone who's looking at your phone show me sports game of all time a global franchise EA Play credit Reggie Solo arrested halo the Master Cisco of EA pretty much threw me under the bus and blamed and into Joe for all the leg with yourself make sure that everything everything Forum title sales on the be essentially and that there's just there's no a little bit but every time I see EA in writing Electronic Arts I don't think of it in my head is being EA I think it would be ok because the original logo for EA was Annie that was square and then the AI was a pyramid between and had a beer and I look at all the time when I was a kid and I just got into the old company in the middle of electronic and it's wonderful. That was nice consumers daddy in the a so that you can see Electronic Arts to be the same size or something first country made dr. J 89 didn't sell so well they have this and layoff into beer made the cut did you see also that Star Trek Online has a has a ship date now never really was it February 2nd 2010 or for the word inclined star date 63554.5 I was going to ask you because I was explaining to her obviously she and I are going to Publix because I don't care about Star Wars you have to know what time line does this Star Trek Online take place into don't know what does that mean does it take place in the reboote timeline or the normal timeline or in the universe or in the universe there is a really good question Enterprise dat there currently on be Star Trek started with whenever they built the first Enterprise and then they will end up like what 6 of them now when they're on to us at this point so that to me is like that's all you dat the Star Trek franchise and quit giving them fucking ship the middle lawsui how to get the material to build a goddamn ship fade planet to take the resources you have to like negotiate be diplomatic but I'm sure his time with them that's right I should have been of Technology you can't interfere EA change everything is awesome confusing what time is the game going to take place the game takes place 30 years after the events in Star Trek Nemesis the game starts and 2409 that doesn't help me Star Trek Nemesis the last movie what trying to make like the Picard clone and it was the one where David died is that a spoiler for a four year old commits suicide Pharmacy within the body before or after Star Trek online that Fox News will run some kind of story about how its socialist propaganda what is the impact navigate to SOS a level for you walk into an airport to start mowing down all the passengers were waiting to get on plane kill every civilian huge never seen a game where you just see hordes of people just getting mowed down like when you first put the game in your Xbox it pops up a warning and it's like they're shocking imagery in this game do you wish to have the option to skip it and then you can either say I won't be offended or yes please and did you guys start going down and people hiding or hurt around to the the guys couldn't see him security line line in addition to the Fox News, I think the thing that will definitely see is like 2 months after Star Trek comes out hit all the kind of all in on while and then two months after comes out of a million subscribers that's awesome and then another 2 months filled shut down 90% of the servers that's like everyone too much star but after that the complaint charges really slow but super slow off the desks old fashioned did you see the new wireless Xbox 360 the and if there's a black and green Halo Blackjack Taco Taco the word squishy and disgusting if you're a fan of Taco Bell you might want to get that Monterey Jacks in Portland OR and end up living in Portland for the rest of my life shut the doors and into the wind 4th and the city basically existed to drink and facilitate drinking come on hot dog I've ever had my life was in Scotland and was served by a guy from AI think Bosnia absolutely and it was awesome was it Detroit Kabob Trek that's like over here at 7th and Trinity a few blocks away from our office never afraid to cross the street homeless shelter Trek that's like 5 blocks down there remind me to calendar, and calendar calendar which is probably the operator recently are Jack and Brandon and they are both borderline retarded when it comes to Grant but it's really funny cuz you know we'll be walking down the street and I will be talking and making grammatical mistakes under his breath I can hear geof correcting him Regional differences that come up in different stations like we got involved in the Yankees winning the World Series conversation where it's like these guys just don't have any we got into this big debate yeah I think I'm done with baseball by the way uni problems with baseball you know it's like first of all the most like the more you watch baseball if you watch baseball on your face when you're serious about it you will discover that it's some point you're going to be watching what happens in the offseason more than what takes place on the field because I've come to realize what occurs in the offseason means a million times lunch do you guys want to see is a Rangers Fan it's it's it's awful who created player to ever spend the most money wins again I think Sammy fan I only date women that have kids already pretty mouth holy shit any swears he's not bleaching his skin Illusionist incredibly hot girl if she was confused hit and pick Sammy Sosa daddy that's a whole different what's going on what's going on now you know it's just a huge and a lot of money you just kind of go nuts I think you have to as part of the process I think you have too much money and too much time recycle bins a fucking murder and it sucks we have to kill them the and which is really a lot like and then franchise in the history of professional sports to be bought and the Cleveland Browns leave and make steps to make sure that didn't happen medal count for football anymore why would you care about football when you you got the national championship Sports taco be the last year I think Florida yeah I don't get it I mean you guys with the ship Central Florida right now Oklahoma state was like number 14 we could beat to be fair there's been like 70 teams in the top 25 this year that's a good point Oklahoma Indian with Bradford Inn in Bradford be the quarterback we had him back if they had him back I mean he literally was in after be a preference in their lineup their higher rank than they are then if he's not then probably schedule University of Florida get a drink out of the top 3 going to happen great supporter of the sports writers Champions a third of the BCS yes it will be either Alabama or has horrible Pat's schedule and it should be better Oklahoma ship be better Nebraska and Colorado should be better than what the fuck like yeah yeah dude fucking Miami-Dade and the last National Championship Alabama player Sugar Bowl 92 and 93 I mean is that Notre Dame's last week we got the first I hate never do contractor football decades ago I mean it's really nice locked up the rights to Notre Dame football New York 115 play attending an RV to Red vs Blue Fan event that takes place every year in Toronto and they're already laying the groundwork for the next one which will be AI think sometime in July of next year I mean is great This Morning Star podcast about crazy had a news item about I guess some Russian coach for a Counter Strike Team and I guess office in Russia with trying to train his players to concentrate on the game sweetheart strippers I like that strippers around try distract the players away from their game the opposition the car accident was a suspected DUI I think I was in jail new figures in the history of sports that a loved one strike away Joe Theismann that was probably the most horrific injury electrical image of a with a and using a be so defensive old bones in this guy's calf Joe Theismann and Lawrence Taylor and you just got to watch his leg crumpled inside of his uniform and a really wrong way every angle over and over and over again and more strike and I'll be back strippers I'll be back in or should I said not today directions to Lincoln at the end that's a horrible video the worst football injury I've ever seen I mean there was a boat and I mean when you see a leg breaking battering ram infinite bad and at the moment he comes out of the body is like it's like his limbs just like you don't like her New Richmond with big step for me the White House thank you anyway mazing amazing play a guy went to dive into the telecon what circumstance can you see EA hit his legs and he jumped as he gets his leg so we can and then just comes up into the air the guys that want straight up in the air Free People hit me later when I was back in the end zone and he was out never happened it was pretty crazy you got a lot of fun this weekend I've ever heard was he was he was he was blinded by the the came down into his helmet and the weight who is on the ground in Lagos after the roof and at the time you so why is it going to you know you read the story surgery and his career is over and just like it hockey player throat cut with skate when Moises Alou broke his ankle remember a Fly ball and his foot got caught in the turf and that he filled to 240 Vista Way torture in the mid-nineties who is pitching a game and threw the ball so hard he broke his arm knit throw and they found out he broke because he had cancer in the AI remember that I remember that guy and then come back and then they won the pennant to go to the world how sad is that new the the worst sports injuries by far has got to be the weightlifting accident flexing arms bent backwards and like them the class of injury is just for fun you want to look away skateboarding accidents always funny yeah yeah for the break your arm doing trying to jump off the 20 before I was 25 I had three concussions from skateboarding and it's like I never once felt like I did that day I've broken you can break a toe but a fractured old my toes I broke a growth plate in my arm I did so much damage in myself I believe with his back in the box and one big wheel and one little wheel racing and it's going to work I didn't see it was the worst breaks I've ever heard of he broke the bridge of his foot right you can't see it but I'm not sure about 3 inches up from the toes no I didn't know it was just like any video You See online a seawall into the water and it's a normal day and then one dude slips and falls about 30 feet on the cement on his face and it's like never this is a guy who did not and anyway I can't even budge or something like that how close I came to dying to hear the party I was seventeen I was high school I was drunk and we were one of division has a man-made lake in the middle and we all jumped in the water and then I don't remember geof of the store and realize there's another step imagine doing that from 6 be hi did you cry no I was like what the fuck happened that sucks and I broke my leg and I kind of like it better but the next day I woke up in my life amazing anyone survives you know the age of like 11 2:19 remind me when I get the room three weeks later and I don't like that Boy Scout camp or whatever and like while I was there you know there's a place that they would go to and sure enough some guy died in is like 4 feet of water in hit his head no thank you so much no one was around and he was and he was like you know face down in the water for a couple minutes and the guy was paralyzed from motorcycle never ever ever like yourself on fire safety first first got to college was the room that the previous guy who lived in the room had burned down the pub at my college 7th place to live sketchy sketchy dude and the kid I sat next to had just gotten out of juvie after being expelled from the school that he burned down behind me in my history class who went to prison 3 years later for murdering someone it's really close to home for me too because I how close I can get down there your mom but you making me pop and when you know my friend got strike discovery we going like to download the Anarchist Cookbook which is a text file of all these crazy things you can make with household products and my friend down the street has an Atari 400 computer and it was an Atari 800 with a 300 log modem you couldn't you would transfer a picture in about 20 minutes I might be no 100K pictures a thing existed and we got the and it was how you can make Napalm with and I want to say it but I wouldn't you shouldn't look for this anymore because as time's gone on people have created modified versions of this file with stuff in there that's wrong and that will kill you really yes I like the fact that you can do at home kids what we're saying is watch porn into a really play the guitar and watch porn worst videos on the and horribly wrong you know it's like you know it's amazing how people get hit by cars and survive stepped in it was I had to boil a gallon of gasoline on the stove okay and I was not really but I knew I had an electric range and we did have open flames and they could make them so I had a fan going and was blowing then my parents were gone so I start boiling about a quarter of a gallon of gasoline in a pot on the stove boiling it and your boy what are you doing and that I didn't use it was no open flames and you could ignite the gasoline unless there was an open flame and my mom is crying and my dad goes well technically he is correct I know from everything I know about appliances never and I was 98% burni pop a lot of gas and I could never feel and that was in the Army I was between schools I was and I was in school and they would send it every morning to go out and do details which should be like you just go to the room and I'm going to hate you pop of 4 and 1 days ago hey it's winner this is in Indiana in late November and they go hey it's winter it's time to empty out all the gas in the in the in the all of the all of the lawnmowers on this entire base you can go by yourself and it put me in a room with like $31 and I was responsible for its siphon the gas out of it and then into cans for the winner and I was like best day of my life so I shut off the gas and I got so high and so fucked up I threw up all over myself and passed out and they had to rush me to the hospital but I actually was like when they were rushing me to the hospital the back of a pickup truck was actually something yeah just got to take it out cars with fluid leg Harley flammable tanks and we're going to put a couple feet away from Sparks and every three quarter work with highly flammable fluid you're putting in your vehicle cause your vehicle because your vehicle's console exploding reminds me of how much has changed in the last 15 years or so because everybody play around with it got in trouble because I was sitting in the second row and this kid would have to talk to the coach and the first for the kids talk to my teachers like fucking despise and I passed them in front of her in his dick fell out on the table and it was like a whole thing and I had to go and act like it's of counseling while and stuff and my parents anyway I got something that'll blow your house in kiddoware like Scottish kilt to school with like ceremonial knives and the belt buckle that are like historically accurate make it look like expelled I threatened to blow a teacher in her car up and then nothing happened that's pretty freaking crazy I mean that's really crazy story I would not have been able to say that to anybody to be serious like that just like his whole life by the way everybody was a gunman came to my high school and held up the principal and I can't remember this day if anyone but it happened that my high school in Washington DC and remember this huge 7th grade school and remember the different classes were able to get out of the school and people liked it because it a shot in the first period things happen but there was a CNA Yakima that would be like helicopters tours walk like literally like to come and drop off their kids and we walk to the side of the driveway from the school I sent a text this girl in math class and she got called to the principal's office and I was like I know you fucking trouble and she came back two minutes later it was into my dad makes me carry a gun and I put it in the floorboard of my car and I guess one of the teachers saw and I had to explain to my school in the parking lot of Honor to me and everyone around me was fantastic this is awesome it's a holiday week guitar printable cycle again except for the other side Sports North Reading the book showed up once with a gun and tried to shoot someone else and they fought and the gun went off and like trying to hold in the ceiling and I was like alright she got expelled but AI still happens to this day again and the person I'm here about the ridiculous because you were in elementary school when your mom 38 years old his mom's friend came to pick him up his mom had to work late cuz he's a nice looking ladies dinner with her friend agreed to come Joe this woman that geof sees everyday shows up as a no I'm so and so's friend I'm here to pick up geof to a teacher says okay geof you know you're right I just got never seen her before in my life this way reach trying to kidnap me and come on really tell her I really don't know I'm kind of scared because eventually they got me to agree that I knew but then I said that the reason I did was because she touched me wow I just tomorrow never try to fuck of adults do I never fucked with adults of the kid never did have any respect for adults going to feel like I did I'm awesome and I know your daughter's the same way I showed you guys this thing that I found sitting on the counter at a convenience store that was $8 and it was the mugshot right it was all the mugshot taken in Austin over the course of the last week and everybody's name and what they were charged with picture of funny little quips about things like mugshot archives that they put on Public Information and using that very nefarious purposes you're making money off of it because everyone that's a good thing mugshot is the new Scarlet Letter and the moment somebody gets busted for something and they take a mugshot the news agencies can put up whatever you can put on the cover of a magazine and the mugshot and you look at it it's absolutely culturally conditioned couple years ago our friend got arrested and the next mugshot Filipino with the case number is like no and then funny photo we can make fun of her employee photo a play for me what she did or what she was ready for her name I got your email yesterday regarding child play with one of the child's play to go to the charit is it in Seattle and December 8th I think or thereabout very fun time cool I will text when I'm there we try to wear red and blue tux is that when you're right more information after the jump you or something and then jump read an article above the fold on the front page newspaper to read the first paragraph and then you jump to page pics of Salem continued on page 63 and 2 people are just using that terminology for the internet when you get like an abbreviated News-Post and I have to click on it to go to the next it was like a new post on the front page and you click like and it looks like the page with the whole story or something else Global Marketing into that number as well they should I mean watching the second highest grossing film of all time is The Dark Knight a middle of 520 million the more time it would click like 4% profit or something figure they're also figuring in money that Cameron to put in out-of-pocket and like all the money is actually being used to make it official but it will probably turn out to be 260 milk it make a difference to me because it's like a physical with effects or whatever but I'm not the story I'm in a really to see the latest trailer that kind of explains the story was awesome came out 2 weeks ago maybe last week very very very The Beatles never broke up and coming has an accident somewhere else different dimension and he was and that he was from a different time line is that he was talking to and in the timelin where he was the Beatles broken up and that was a big deal and this guy had mixed tape because they hadn't had to be either whatever reason as we get this mixtape that he had made from recording Beatles songs and recording off the radio and then the guy came back to his own time line but had the tape in his hand and he has new recordings from the Beatles that he is not posted online does that make sense what the pho did the sound with this is from everyday Chemistry by the Beatles how to hear audio you think it would sound like nobody was in the desert and hit his head still sticking to his story I didn't know the best thing about the internet Sammy is crazy weird crap that is like X-Files crap that comes out of nowhere that describe the thing that you have access to the collective creativity of every single person that has a computer that's pretty cool to me the new entertainment the new entertainment is this is not a story this is like we're just going to throw this on you and you're going to consume it and it's like some sort of weird it's almost like Where the Wild Things Are player which Frederick player which presented the first probably because of Paranormal Activity they're talking about coming back in making a sequel to The Blair Witch online before it was actually into me is any cold maybe I'm wrong to me when I'm on the level I'm watching something and I can't think of anything that was very and everyone on the Block to see when it came out in theaters Lake Heather Donahue being on Leno talking about to my career and things are coming up but I don't know if they never really went anywhere would you look at that link them that the guy with the cape that was useless did you see the supposed to Halo Reach screenshot that were leaked online yeah they were weird looking weird the first level of green and blue and one of those pictures I was asking myself I wonder how much of that is just like never to be finalizing old Halo 3 things or whatever for Modern Warfare 2 comes out I also like the guy that's going to Halo screenshot the game comes out on the screenshot how to make a lot of people hungry for attention just like me I don't know how this would have happened anyway we've been up to and you before and it seems like security was real tight behind an MLG event access to order some bullshit I don't know I don't like bullshit to me about anything until they're ready to show it beforehand in the back room and I don't know it's really trailer thing the the movie that was only a month before drinking honor to much for old ring came out why do that why go to all the trouble to get it and cut it put it out there take this work away from the people that are working on it give it away to everybody else and then there's no reward for and there's absolutely no purpose to do that you put your fucking name on it and put it in yourself Michael okay well let's see legal reaction believe it yeah that's a good never seen in the past of a case for somebody to game and I got to some dude was selling illegal copies of Call of Duty more water for your own fucking Craigslist acquisition found out who he was and said the cops 2000 arrested another but I mean it's leaking ceiling video game EA and anyone who comes in contact with the footage would have said something anyway so where is it where's the other shoe if you see it is a mystery so overall things you have to say that if you don't screenshot a video of the alpha multiplayer Halo 3 Last Resort and they the hit that last resort firefighters and safe I get an actual mode now but he was playing player Last Resort and leave the video and it had fallen down there that has the employee's name to the daddy got to understand that whole thing or he put his dad in Jeopardy of his job because he wanted to show his buddy that he was playing Halo 3 next generation of oil and gasoline on the stove excuses and you see the same seven year olds use again and again ship Brothers of the scourge of the internet because I just a really rough patch to take it on and everyone else and honestly I thought I heard it all before Daddy lumba anything else really I want you guys to give us homework go watch it and then we can talk about next week I'll do that I can't wait for it all right