#350 - Michael and the First Aid Squad

It's RT Podcast #350! Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Michael Jones and Burnie Burns as they discuss first aid on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 16, 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-11-17 00:13:35

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

hey everyone welcome to receive podcast number 315 look at this what is the price of Milestone 350 350 podcast listen to Gavin Michael and I really miss doing that what 325 podcast I want to come real but you member when you can is block and then we ended up with John was on the site and we would always update upload he's off that way 15 years driver on the corner man man already outgrown State V we will feel like we just got here it's because we can't go on just like we remove them are there 5 my way there now be there in a bit little computer the movie Congress to be there two years who did the Sixers that was that's what you guys first started working with us to that place really the mural that we have you have a beer at Stage 5 that were already growing stage 5 when they was in the office is located Michael Ryan weather for Trion man who saw that coming Gavin well Coffeehouse I did look back to the conference room don't you get bored and get out Vine yeah I'm done I'm off of it took over one of my favorite podcast moments was when you were explaining the term selfie to us you are the head of a picture of yourself selfie determine ever heard my life I said what do we call them before that picture pictures of yourself you don't take photos of your face front facing those glamour shot is that if you listen to me I'm talking about I was down in Australia with somebody they called picture yourself selfie and do you guys do that you guys called Selfie that person was actually number what time does 35 and I started thinking what if a tyrannosaurus to take a selfie of itself like extra large dinosaurs were think about when we first moved into this office at age five I was the only person at the company who had an electric car it was let me know what your flight everyone overnight the switch for electric it happens when the gas is based on electric right now the Middle East with our military which country is best outcome seawater in to electricity for a long time like to fuel their own ships headed back and get to the point where its Usual by everybody then that'll be fucking amazing is it windy out in the yard with that is it windy in the sky the energy that it will create in its lifetime to me like a final tall windmill what altitude does the jet stream run is that like what we travel you know when you're flying East to go much faster than when you go with your iPhone excise it be stupid if I want something stop making bigger phones it was done and everything when I was like the first time Samsung set a trend for Apple kind of biggest Apple iPhone the other phones before I phones you break that one what's up are you going to bring the Gavin where you say don't put a case on it cuz it's so much money don't freak out I'm so sick of fucking breaking phones I'm going to put a case on my phone and I even had that case with the credit card that it the one time you said you might be home we were we were at the end of the 03 oh yeah that's right before the fucking generation ran out and I'm so fucked up and then I went to go and when I want to switch the case and I dropped my phone and shattered it was anyone around when you screaming or was it like silent rage before was around and she was like you know when you would like that man I was around and I was like so like he was apologizing you don't even a real life thing you know like he broke your phone off that's actually going to cost you money and it it it's like that sucks whatever that's what plagues me to take the box and I get the girlfriend thing that's terrible what fucking drive me nuts with Lindsay and she did this a lot longer first dating have you playing video games and yell at them you know I thought so I can fuck her and then you move on whatever been doing my whole life and I was like I'm sorry I'm sorry if I offended you like me heckling if I would have won but it's like I'm sorry you suck I'm sorry angry Persona before marriage through the military has Jones New York King House the dogs are not named Taylor tried to get us to name our kid that may or may not be on the way soon Taylor I said it's not happening he tried to get the dog you offered I remember what that was like to I can't wait for the time like 5 or 10 bucks so you did not buy the right to that dog Gavin call Tyler Jones atrocity from Argentinian family and it's one of those white dogs I like dogs and their dad didn't speak English and he says it's always his coat he said he left it in the kitchen volcanoes that the dog could speak Spanish is it me about a good time altitude of 23 to 39000 feet okay how many miles is that for to eat more when she looked it up and my phone died as soon as possible we are working on we have podcast for getting close to 15 years with nobody in it in this office to run this all the time and we still have fucking Google Fiber employees may have something to do with the government broke up Google we don't go to somebody's house and use the wireless phone and internet final after Stage 5 we're going back to your spare bedroom where the Google Fiber that's where we're going to go by the house occasionally he ever look through the windows potato house you want to be done with those two weird and I mean they do real life documentaries or whatever and shit like that like to be some sort of like either like a famous person or maybe it's something like traumatic or something crazy happened but when people go back to their old house is like 10 20 years later and it Haslett here can I come in knock on my door and ask what has a neck but no head downtown where the guy the guy who built the pool came back he went to measure if you want to build a snow I don't think so but the back it was a mess it was easy for me to push him off is it done it was like I was a little driver talk about spaceships my house leaving my house right now so you got that part of the project and it's got your stuff out of your fucking trips on for the open houses extension Full House's to be like this week we're not in his cabin and apparently the realtor told me that it was the only thing that was out there at the time was one of the first house that was built on their hunting cabin and the whole neighborhood was developed around it and then he showed me a picture of here and he's like the oldest picture house and was the house built in 1934 and he showed me the picture for the house as a cool I looked at it the black and white square photo Super 6 photo look old school and it's like no one the ground what's the difference the household there's a kid standing there it was like my parents house built in the in the early 20th century was like 1910 or something like that and my mother was on the squad and they had like you know they had like you said first aid Squad Water Medic star man interest rates what country was that what if someone smell it on the road or something did you just grab their neck and Shake It I clear the airway that jet how do you leave them if it says 3 p.m. why don't fuk with you Gavin Spitz family into the family first who won the hill by your house if you're after and they give me the store it's from like 1924 something jet a dummy and hanging in the basement and do likewise who wrote kill them when I went back to my old house right when I meant something famous moving out of there and you were tweeting about it is that the word tweeting about it you could and I messaged you and I give you like a little yeah what houses are there home if you're in it that really stand out again that's cross stitch are you serious about that message get out of here and tell you that's okay with it 125 million views that's insane exactly right the people watch the mash finale was a the big interview with the record for the largest because back in there's only three Networks channels and that was it was no cable TV or anything like that or super cable or super duper cable or wireless cable modem Mash finale got 120 million viewers watching it one time and one third of the population yeah it was born is 4.7 million straight million billion what I said he didn't know those mobile ad basically that it was 250 million people in the world ship it was okay I stand corrected yes what's going to happen 30 what can happen you're almost there to your hair star final starting at them and you can have it for started in the early 2010 that big bald spot on the back your head your head when you went blind temporary how much weight can I put my Superman selfie you sleep with one arm up you have to sleep in the middle no woman has ever had you guys are ridiculous USA cleaners Lake Oswego I put my head on the pillow at the end of the bed right above my head the head what is the point of a headboard wallpaper 4.5 years so like what the fuck's going to furnish any device from Gavin gets involved from the four-poster bed is a four-poster bed where did the post going up and little the canopy over the top and if you can't afford that so they just kind of take it a little bit they have the headboard and then it just evolved into what we have today like a lid on it anything that's okay because your favorite I love being just like so much stuff I agree with you Michael Jackson what are they called Michael the things they have at the mall you can get inside of Dippin Dots I never I never have been one of those Japan was like you can put it in a drawer and like to slip into your room do we have that are not scary two attics and crawl spaces be in the spot it's filthy and dirty in there I've been in my house in a crawl space under the house the whole house is wireless and wireless is just it just like to go through walls and stuff like that the whole house is Wireless so there's no way you don't have electricity RT my house and every new house where do I find my tax appointment the fucking nightmare about your house used to be like one little tiny block my house you've been in my heart I know this sounds really good like you said you would one room in first room years later and another room yours after that so it's like the foundation have to worry about how they interact with other people and forties and fifties and it was like a room with Kitchen in it I even wonder security code we can plug in your lamp for me clubs and smoking it was bad everywhere if you do it wrong the cross through it fit smoking the way we have awareness that sell phones in Wireless or bad for us does it increase the quality of your life but you're here fucking a couple years ago absolutely believe because someone told me that every time you booked it took 3 seconds of your life gnomes living in her stomach more of your life out to spoil if you yeah what is it for 5 years now right yeah yeah I don't know is pieces of small stuff right Imma Try It does it get more I don't know if it gets too cold you know I think I did that back in 2014 you worked and if you don't fucking remember I still have it podcast 351 next week for opening a bag that Gavin birthday in 2014 to find out definitively whether it's first go bad it was around the time I moved in the building in the back Aladdin double mention about diabetic and I see you're wearing that fucking wristband from involved after the first time what was that Kebab shop last year but while we were there years ago was 2014 it wasn't Pride jet packs at the booth and I was like to my left sinus that because let me get to it okay race of my life and I just feel like a commotion going and I don't help so there's a commotion that goes on and then a minute later the kitty was talking to comes over to me and he's like hey can you sign this for me and he pulls this little clip of his like his white belt clip and it looked it was like the size of a beeper right and he pulled it off and hand it to me and I'm like oh yeah it's like a fucking insulin pump that regulates it in to him and it's connected to a tube that's fucking plug rabbit and the kid Columbus people don't think told you so I kind of pulled it towards me and he's going to do that pretend to run away with it and I'm looking at it the Reds signed it and I think it Gavin and sign it at that point you hold it out sign it and then I was Michael be careful cuz Michael to me holding me hi son sorry to his family if he didn't make it past the Pax 2014 but there's not pump up music you're fucked Gavin at the time of taken you like fucking have a medical alert one day and being this stressed and let collapse and phones going to find it and think it's like an emergency contact like we have to call Michael Gavin yes I'm sorry I'm really selfie is well the reason I want to touch it wasn't going to just kind of crushed stone equipment X using Gus won't do it are covered in Piss sneakers are not nearly as gross as a piece of plastic that you wear on your belt not directly in him where have you been like that VII in the James Bond movie to be inside you and other people on the other side is not tequila so I can't believe we've gone this far walking Star Wars we fight about it can I just you know I don't care to be better than the prequels Chase Star Wars Destiny game right so I mean people shouldn't be all that surprised and JJ Abrams a good job besides read the notes from the way I'm still waiting waiting we have only about a month left and then we'll find out that you're secretly in it as an extra what's up what did you go to Los Angeles to say hello to people on the star movies I love star man went out to be one of my favorite movies that star man coming down looking human and trying to figure out everything in our world from an outside perspective with no reference there any alien movie blue acid on to a husky let me figure this out star man in Enemy Mine or like my two favorite alien Sci-Fi movies you like that star man and you like anime The Last Starfighter my little after 5 what did you like what the fuck was the name of the movie came out last year Pittsburgh no the fucking but I don't know Chris Pratt you were right though and it the fucking superhero friends not many comic movies coming out anymore but someone's already planned in theaters that now they're making my children makes me feel drunk Avengers movie to become level 40 Destiny to become an E3 what does disaster mean yeah well that's what we told them Civic space LOL I'm so sorry to Destiny Jupiter drive-through also like the biggest piece of shit ever driver wasn't driver game where you driver because of the replay at it so you can be framed it might be the most advanced replay they have at least three to take me to show that to me when they had that cuz it Scrapbook app that part of it was just so Random replay customizer VII I don't think it was supposed to get it Apple driver one had a thing where you could watch that thing you just did which was but I don't know when I can come out the nineties probably like a late night driver PS1 right and there was like a mode where the collector is one of her chasing final mecoptera like fucking insane crackheads where would you like to crash into each other and just like fucking porno speed like you could you could do a replay when you're and everybody recorded way before capture card Aid being very commonplace it really record and record anything I would have to hook up my PlayStation to my VCR and VHS tape then it is recorded and you would just be like driving can you look behind you and there's like 6 cop cars that mean the father thing I like from you it was the Gavin is driving you know I thought of you and I occasionally talk about the old game Interstate 76 and we will likely hit you the talked about how I don't know if you remember like look like they were an engineer like the super low polycount characters like talking interact with each other so there's actually done a Ninja blender that way with the low-poly county to look like the cookies are done in inches to try to make you think that was awfully nice to have a driver like the cutscenes look good I think Interstate 76 was around Final Fantasy VII time was it like late nineties mid-nineties on there that's why storage of an N64 cartridge your question it was megabyte PS1 it was been suppose but I don't know that Nike outlet the fuck it was actually died and brought it later while we were sitting at the most horrible of Heroes 411 driver the best fucking thing about driver if you heard but the first one we just listen to all the men because that's where you got your mission but you would only get out of four or five messages one with the emission and all the other ones were just ridiculous just like the wrong numbers of people looking for me call me back 12 selfie with a bad day as well you don't like Laszlo your life with me like a princes and I mostly on the radio and they go through the trouble of giving him like a radio voice still there cuz that's where you looking to man the car talking I wasn't paying attention to the story so I wasn't really paying attention to like the character names and I didn't even realize that there was a mission with Lazlo in GTA 5 because it sounded so different not all that different right. We were worried we made a slight mistake Final Fantasy 7 was on the PlayStation 1 PlayStation 1 memory card 128 kilobytes which was 15 blocks of 8 kilobytes each but how much was the disk storage I have no idea how big was it 700 PlayStation game Fantasy 9 was for this reason I'm glad we got over that when I was a kid I could not have foreseen digital delivery as something as a kid and I watched things go from like to see you I can't wait to see what comes after come as quick as it used to be 506 times I remember I remember like when I probably in the early 2000s actually they started facing a lot of magazines magazines everything was online and stuff and I remember thinking I get it but I don't know I kind of like having the magazines like it like that coming where is the hotel over there it smells like something died smell like a dead rat there is a smell of death in my area will we still use felt like getting one in the mail and I don't want this to replace that and I thought that anime guy cuddle like only the disc and having it and it's like in my collection all that the second I started this and it seems like that's like I just don't put anything on my hard drive music store in the cloud it's all in a few seconds usually two maybe three games that time anyway people don't take into account the time it takes to drive somewhere maybe try to talk to someone or just good friends lucky food store and when the cashier tells me how to use the the POS terminal but I know how to fucking do this I couldn't read the fucking trouble with running how many okay you got to slide your card and it doesn't work the first absolutely not represented in the Drive-Thru you order and pay with your ass how do you have it in here have you ever thought of I mean everybody has noticed you but the other it's been so long it makes you feel like I'm a boring person who used your debit card yeah it means I am lacrosse I know Gavin cash for stuff which is like kind of old school aesthetic you can cash that check is a fucking Missouri 964 Cass I'm walking up to pay for something at a grocery store and I see a checkbook anywhere I avoid that like the plague the cash right scale as an adult you have a checking account debit card and a credit card yeah there's like a shot every now and then how to get money from your phone the year 2050 2035 Selfie by the way it's Monday Monday Monday it's somebody's got a case of the Mondays man I can't wait for us to have a Google button remember it I got like 8 home game right now you can watch the whole podcast in VR just go to the Oculus App Store no that's to be fair Gus we haven't perfected that yet that's 40 technology and when we get the technology from Spy Kids we can incorporate in it and you saw that movie didn't you space space I hope your trip to the moon what is that your game from USA Spy Kids how much feet should rest your face on it something may be wrong with you having a beer is blocking my address on the couch really did that exactly what is it maybe if you meat maybe it's like a sixth sense kind of thing for you and I to start I love that Michael I wouldn't even touch carpet bacterial thing going on over there that's going to be do rats and squirrels and feel like shit every single day that's a fact the different smells in your nose what are you doing when you do it smells bad immediately if you like if you like fucking Squad your hands you can get used to hot water and to last forever but when you poop you can smell the to the right yes and then after a while I just let you leave the room if you come back and you smell like you feel and then it's overtime early riser baby it's fine what you got crumble before me Ashley smell this piece of crap it don't do it she came by to visit awkward for you in the year 2015 so we got a couple minutes left and I'm just going you guys so 345 probably when we are not talking about but my favorite still working here preferred tequila podcast well you know I mean if I was invited to say that he was never going to be 23 different locations while the truck is moving true mobile podcast maybe it maybe the battle smell better than the set right now Burnie butt and that's it will smell better than the decrypted smell of diesel murder him on the set is that why is that one dude no one there House of Hope fond memories from 3:50 episode podcast with the kids podcast what you want to see all of where was this is for you I touched your foot are you interested 4 podcast what's at 700 so fucking VII 2022 I'll be long gone where are you I don't know why not we will be here by then where we go what do you think of this last couple weeks where we need someone here in Austin yeah yeah yeah because Michael was really close Imelda thought about them in the water what do you think of flips until then what is the king of fast I know that's why don't think of Apple join us for podcast 350 will see you guys next week for number 350 the back next week