#351 - Boogie Boogie Boogie

Join Gus, Brandon, Barbara, and Miles as they discuss their favorite injury videos, Barbara's broken finger, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 23rd, 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-11-24 22:34:21

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini, Miles Luna


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast grudg you buy lynda.com Tipsy Elves and Trunk Club Grape under store close hello miles last week we did something we had a practical joke that we've been planning for a long time but finally came out before we left the old studio downtown Austin we recorded we create a podcast 350 and this was probably got ages over a year-and-a-half ago and so we taped it and we thought we're just going to act like it's November 2015 we knew when you would come out obviously that we could pretend I can't remember 2015 and then play it with no contacts ahead of time watching people's reactions when I was playing live was fucking hilarious there was mass confusion it was so hard not to engage and not to like to say anything just let it unfold and watch the Mayhem that we recorded that we'd pretend we were in the past pretending we're talking about the future record it also like Michael lost all his muscle mass Builder identity realization I think that the trials immersio game was the one where for his wedding is really at ya when we moved in here a year-and-a-half ago you wanted to 65 or something yeah it was way too close I 300 not that far away I thought about it but whatever it was it was good it wasn't very far in the future so we wanted to tell Gavin he's always out of town and Michael are not here but I do want to make sure we still do actually have Gavin's birth bag we were going to open it tonight because he's not here we'll open it next week at 3:50 he broke into a ziplock bag if they win this next week and it smells like so we have a bag over a year-and-a-half ago you think it's like RT closer to probably escaped into the bag fart in your hand and cup it in like a bag and then close it up why can't I do are you saying you can fart on command sometimes most of the time command classy lady I'm trying to think off the top my head how many Gift five first week in the office and we did the the footbal video like me doing that behind you and Cara and Brian I don't know what's going on outside we are here at 5 there's like an empty lot next door and be set up like that even if you can walk up to blue star line if you can look it up online Patrick like a run you know before the park actually go out and take a poop in the Bungalow got to do I stepped out of state you go Network go in there for like greater than 30 seconds and then you walked out does a place of business with a few paper thin walls and for that it's been terrible and very embarrassing if you're in the store and you're sitting there not moving people know what's going on oh yeah embarrassing my thing is I don't want to lock eyes with someone cuz if it's like I actually lost like he thinks I'm looking but no PC right when I go to wash my hands I don't look at the mirror Freddie from horror movie like you look up in his to be a good thing it's right behind you the park and reeks of weed somebody is smoking a lot of pot with some stuff someone's having fun out there does not like that to me and I was like well someone smoking something today that shit I was taking your friendly shit talking to a person that's all next week and Brian like it was like somebody smoking weed outside as I'm going to check that out as soon as I'm done shooting and sure enough you know everything what are they what are they playing Planes Trains and Automobiles when women competition women's snowboard competitions and Automobiles is Tuesday night never told me that you make the movie if you haven't seen it we are officially going to celebrate I'm going to watch a movie ever what is that movie about Tyler what are the topics oh my God I want to hear you describe every like sad movie plot and that it what's it about I don't know it was a man and woman had to choose between her two children the number to help people know the premise of that movie I know nothing about anything it's like picking between your two children oh I'm sorry I thought the premise of the movie chili buy a car that is the example of use for the past 10 years when I describe somebody with my nightmare scenario is if the day where I have to go out and buy a car what is nightmares about it I ask because there are many there are many nightmares - nightmare as fast as you're okay I'm fine list when it comes to talking to people put in business I'm just like I'll be like I wanted for $5 and $10 that's like Karen I am RT RT is just like a car expert know shit I don't know anyone the go up to another person and be like hey the whole other going by your car give us tonight and then let someone hurt you or anybody on Craigslist that wants to buy Suzuki for a million dollars talk to me after the park I just go outside in the parking lot women's tennis is that what they're watching from disappointment Sports competition sounds like a really rough sex sorry I just I'm going to drink this now women make those noises in bed is that at all sorry good for you that was another matter if you're clapping her also it was good I was in there for 2 weeks I keep forgetting we are getting rid of them for a portion of the podcast we're going to be going to the MP3 using anymore so we're good we gotta barbar night we got up at like 4 in the morning and it was fucking cold so I've been out all day and only got a rocket and you guys are like to take it off because you be clashing with that classy black sweatshirt with by the way okay but I love the sweatshirt particularly mind my mom told my brother that we need to coordinate something for Christmas cards and I'm definitely thinking a couple of these right how many people did not see was actually on his way shortly and then make the sound with your hands okay that's what I thought about giving habit start wearing a grape butt one of the weird like I agree with you normally this year in that cycle for Thanksgiving happens really late November that's true so I mean that's why it seems like it's really not Gus pizza made with love so proud of you for how far you've come as a text message as it used to be every single LOL or GTG was in all caps so it just felt like shouting I felt like I was going to write about my mother my friend said laughing out loud my parents have finally learned my mom will sometimes only what helps you get something across like that I'm the only one I can think of is it and I don't think your mother will be sending you that unless she was like good job look my dad and with like half of the text messages with an ellipses like I'm constantly like I'm like trying to imply something or mad the wild people with Windows 8 would randomly just have AV in them in a place or two yeah that's what it was it was like like a email to read could be reading it so I did it what's the longest time I was just always thought that someone was just typing a random day and what is there might be no it's just some incompatibility between Outlook and mail on the Mac yeah I just like all the sudden somewhere your email there's just the capital JK at my dad's and then does it hi I have to be like what's up and then he left he feels about me Barbara said that okay my biggest pet peeve with someone texting with internal like I am communication right so my biggest pet peeve with that and with texting it's when someone writes hey are you there I do that sometimes too p just fucking say it I am not replying to that anymore I'm not answering are you I can't think of a reason why I say it but it does make sense like like I don't I don't know time shifted communication if you want to go talk to someone like walking over there. If they're not there it's like it it is maybe it's like a long thing that I have to ask you or explain it's like it saves me the trouble if you're not there sometimes black out what's up and nothing I've got this we moved over to a different chat client and I've never really ever I think Brandon was talking about there's like a really cool new camera that I sent you know what I am to you like a week ago it looks like oh yeah there it is I don't think means to barbar now it's grape can integrated support to the great I mean it's only we created like a funhouse chat and that was all we did for it was great for some reason something like music or seen each other like music that we listen to that maybe not everybody knows about and Austin were animators was really excited about it and then he saw that you got invited and joined and then suddenly he got this crippling anxiety is like fucking talking shit I want to post something and then like ice hockey we started posting music that Austin had sent us pretty dope that I never heard of that before okay so speaking of this music group I got beer beer and more beer never accepted an invite for that group it just automatically adding me I was just in it one day so is it with the music group specifically with Brandon farmahin we Shoulda did it still there I'm still it's not my problem I would buy the protocol I went and I was like I tried convicted OK Brandon for me he has invited you to join Five Nights at Freddy's immersion discussion hey guys I made this group so we can talk about the no you know you don't have to create a group in order to have a group chat right you can just message to the both of us at the same time and it doesn't look right and then that was it second you invited me to that group there is no way are you guys okay let me treat you the same Brandon farmahini join immersion five nights note so at the Five Nights at Freddy's who put out you want to join Gavin Free joint Barbara dunkelman join Lynd The Joint Gus join Christian miles drive and it's an invitation from Brandon not buy a Rolex I said you know you can create group chats now it's not necessary anymore just a heads up Gus luck commercial Brandon I wasn't posting the at it it was for like to put the other team just like the way we we we like to lick it like notes from stuff it bothers me so much is so inefficient so I was like well this makes sense we'll make a group chat people can posting here and bounce ideas off one another and then I forgot about it until right now you made over the summer like you anyway working as a realtor RT X and Y it was like it seemed everyone join the Brandon I made this group so we can talk about the park Brandon Sanchez now okay I will do that in my defense I legitimately tried to delete it and I did but yes pulling us back full circle I didn't ever accept an invite to secret music group but I don't want to leave it said I look like a dick look man we will talk about it music isn't good enough for you and I'm like man I just about enough to like asked me to invite me to the group and I don't want to but everybody that I've done Lynd it likely just some really dumb group it wasn't by me so he would intentionally join it and leave 20 text messages on iPhones I've had an entire number game so if your group a group chat details you don't see it first then scroll to the top in group chat Carrie and I have had an entire conversation solely through the renaming of 2 when does it show everyone that's alright that's ok there's others that I can't repeat it to the name of another person that you guys know like you could you change your friend's name That's So Raven mile also my dad texted me hi so what you Brandon I'm in a group but then my friend Charlie changed it to miles is a pretentious dick and I changed it to Charlie is an asshole and then oh no I thought you met at Charlie's now so he can miles of pretentious at 11:46 to change to no I'm not and then it got changed to debatable subject and then it got changed to a bunch of other than Rooster Teeth Demi Lovato Barbara to have in your hand you said I broke my fingers but it feels like magnify to photoshop but I didn't help with the Rin Newark NJ weather that you might have heard it Gus it was serious did Lynd on Ellen but you don't put it on there. Starts at 10 now it's like I tried to grab it but it said I'm grabbing it and I display my middle finger directly into the wall and I drop my phone so it was a win-win situation there YouTube my finger playing catch with Jordan 11 passing the ball when I live with a guy when was Mike was very athletic and then my other friend was the royal who is not a man that he never played football in his life like maybe once or twice didn't know how to do it so we decided it was like the first day of spring when it go out we're going to teach them to like have fun outside cuz he's a total hermit and the first time with the ball to catch it and what you like emergency room type place yeah it was high school maybe like one finger on at least that I would get jammed Jesus how the fuck do you play basketball like when you're getting like someone passing the ball or you watch videos of people hurting themselves on YouTube which are the kids on the trampoline decided to combine the double jump with a basketball goal store mu breaking shit and it being very visibly broke and I can't the trampoline with my brother and I were little kids and so that happened I was out there bouncing one time it was like way out of the back back of your card and I was like trying to learn how to do flips and shit yeah I don't do flips anymore just don't do that that's a terrible idea game where the first person to fall off the trampoline I did a backflip and I went just you know that gap between the the metal bar and like the whatever it is the last text I don't know what the fuck is trampoline part of the park and there's the Springs of my leg went directly through that Gap and I was by myself isn't he like me what's your favorite subject is brought to you by Lynd the online learning platform with over $3,000 and video courses to help you strengthen your business technology and creative skills Lynd at lynda.com store problem solvers for Curious people who want to make things happen if you want to 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subject like a marketing and over some of them in the past like talking about the wide range of stuff they have really crazy which is really awesome for Summer video how you know what it is like bruises I don't give a shit like cuz I don't give a shit fucking like fractures and compound fractures with a bonus they don't give a shit but if you see something is broken and it doesn't have a good fucking disgusting that he got them up the German dude trying to do a cannonball into the frozen lake Cannonball to break the ice into the lake Ice Cube Flex 3 second song about a little girl I know but that's great to know what is my phone it's fucking goes and she goes on the fucking ground Minot Sal Suite a fucking ice Dover Pool in a breakthrough that I can go underneath this water Italy time people jumping in pools only one video game that was truly disturbing most disturbing shit really amusing yes and I like on the first day we change so I can please everybody teenage girl it was just kidding I guess he was skateboarding to the tone of the videos when it breaks up skateboarding and he falls and he liked lands on his arm he pulled it up and it's just like fractured like you feel like you feel like it it's like a cartoon where it is like a little like you know like a like a :-) and he just says oh my arm is broken he doesn't scream he just like you guys would like that to me was terrifying what's your favorite idea mine is from it's a pretty old one like it was one of the first like Mile and Anna videos I can remember it's the grape crushing Lun YouTube the cut back to the newscasters and like that you do not supposed to be that's one of the things for people that leave their fucking shopping cart in the middle of a God damn parking lot I wanted I want to just hurt you it's probably cuz I went to the grocery store but the second thing is just like fake anchor person talking business so I can talk about this when we were going to be in Atlanta research different kind of building The Walking Dead Season 1 The Other Woman give me the grape stomp it like we found it was it was like how great would it be she fell right here is where internet absolute Patrick Watson grape cheetl Karma with every breath she lost her phone and it's super windy and you can't talk right the world most footbal list of stuff to learn I got because of that they move me from that class and do the Athletics class which is where they thought you were strong people that can actually do p and they did footbal training nowhere like for like before before school's out for the summer and we went on the high school they're like right we can get you guys ready so you can try out for Church Hill High School football and all that and one of the drills they had to do was learning how to like I guess like be on the line or the defense line and he said he had to take it give me head then the person that was the Freddie would go and do like another part of one of the fucking really thing was and then you have to take a hit and I gave a hit I felt really good about it I ran real hard and hit the guy really tough and it was great and then it was my turn and this dude fucking Brandon motherfucking Gonzalez the biggest in our class is like in his turn to hit me and I remember miles got this remember lock your leg cuz I really could use it so I lock my legs and he knocked me off my feet I flew back and I hit the back of P before and it was that thing where there's like a lot like coach dud Wonder Zoo it was that was real are you absolutely sure that I don't think I the worst was like I've had my share of what cheese and I'm sure no one surprised by that the worst was it like when you see someone else get what you like so hard that your underwear would Rin everybody has suffered from allergies normally in the real world it's like a friend of yours did it to you like has anybody like on TV it's like the bully like literally this dude that is antagonizing you will give you a fucking wedgie I'm pathetic I believe Groban does a girl but she has been asking for a tension pulley Fitbit Blaze it's some guy who works for the company but I think sometimes yes at the pigtail Point thing like I understand is what I like this girl and she's like kinda mean like that and I know why and I finally understood why people were telling I was like I guess that's what you do like girls being mean to you and I mean they like you and obviously guys just be mean right back to store well I guess you have this class later and like yeah and thank God you're not in it and then I turned around Philadelphi how many more the stuff like that as a kid that you just like if only I fucking knew it it's like I still don't understand pen pal he'll be like you're not listening to me and then I will recite what she said word for word for like the last 92nd and I would think by doing that should be good between hearing someone and listening to them what's up with you were doing keep it up but when she said the thing is the difference of listening and caring Sin Cara sounds like okay I'm talking to you and yours whatever you do I do it Anderson different person for babe so people are saying that I don't know if this is true but people on Twitter are responding that the capital j it's like it's a translation thing for the mail client and an Outlook text me a :-) but I swear I've seen it like in weird places when it doesn't make sense mostly like someone or some people from Microsoft that kept coming up we have anybody else use Outlook but other than that I think I think I think just about all of us can look back on like when we were younger and you feel do you like trains at all the stupid decisions that you made it like this I don't like this morning but think about it this way year from now you think back to this exact moment and think I know exactly what I was doing you have not grown as a person so you know whenever you think of something embarrassing take the time to appreciate that you're not that dumb anymore you're slightly smart I did see a photo of me from the 8th grade where I'm wearing all beige velour suit that sounds awesome if you would have trunk immersio know it it looks like your tracks you don't like pants and a zip-up hoodie but it's like velour so it's like that like soft material being the the white say that I am in pain I call this look up why I called it's what the fuck I was rocking the the jean jacket tied around my way spiky hair with highlights and color highlight Stripes green laundry at 1 remember did you want to do highlights and I'll never be drug wow sorry I'm really he was just like he was like what I like and it makes your hair gold like Goku and I was like who you talking did it cuz he had them at his house and then he failed to tell me if I like this stuff it's something I want to listen to the podcast is also brought you by Tipsy Elves everyone needs an ugly Christmas sweater this time of year if you want bring you 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some more than a few stories about my fiance's dad and family Gus you they were in town recently and you met him yeah right crazy bigger anything Sasquatch like this Amy yasbeck top scary at all I would not order home Amarillo the one girl that you had like a stereotypical like most horrifying father interaction ever look at the thing that I don't like TV movie the dad how old the girl in high school look up your father was afraid of me I did a girl in high school I'm still not a hundred percent sure of his exact profession but apparently he worked for the government used to be in the military and as she would always say just like it has done some things and this dude whenever I came home was like just like it was just bruised and the television and I can never talked like the pretty sad dude I'm going to be completely honest what this guy was like dude I don't even know what I was think God that he never spoke to me and then one day I got there and she was still getting ready to go and she got up from the chair and I was like chilling in the in the in the kitchen just like waiting that you're going to like a movie or something and just like walked over was like he was on the floor and at that point you just kind of like I'm just rode over to one part of it I wasn't paying particular attention and they're just like a fucking handgun just chilling there I would like to see no not really act like you just kind of gave me the stare I was like I hope so too and I need to call if not grab the glass at 11 is going back to the TV I've never gone the times after that homecoming together apparently some of the craziest thinking of like the Marvel none of that sounds like he was he had problems or whatever she had a shotgun shell you wrote my name on it and put it on like that bullshit I don't know just cuz I don't know I think I'll probably go I'll probably go to like the really nice ride right before the weekend with my daughter I will end you Black Diamond the twins we wait what like have yourself be yourself and your twin brother naked in bed maybe I'm like an old dad you know I gotta know when you have kids and you know it fast forward 1516 Brandon get off my lawn movie Gran Torino take care of my daughter that Dad he was quiet the whole time reminded me of something so Erin and I were over at man on his house having dinner the other day and I don't know if Matt wants me to tell the story because well we're already here the US and Patrick Schmitt Schmitt auction redhead I'm going to take five or six months I would say maybe even less and he's like really quiet kid he does really good work he's kind of always to himself and Matt told us while you're at dinner that he didn't introduce himself to Patrick when he first started even if he sits right outside his office and he said at this point I'm just seeing how long I can go without ever talking to him I know that exact feeling I'm just thinking like that Patrick is thinking like a man like that ever like knowledge more like say hi like I've never met and I'm sure we'll come up at some point and it hasn't and now I'm like taking hard to team meetings every morning that's great idea dude what okay so there's Jordan Jordan there's cheese there's John there's it's okay I got it now but I had to go through black black was great I was like okay I know it starts with j do you think have you passed that point your life it sounds great that sounds really really do but it's the truth it's like to be at the point where you kind of feel I have enough friends like at this point meeting a new person and want to be even if you really want to be friends with them it's like fuck man I work so often and I only have so much time that I can give to all these other friends that I love and care about I'm going to find time for this new friend like it's a really don't have time for your current friend grape baggage that comes with people trunk it's like I come here I hang out with everyone here at work then I go home and I don't see anybody I see mile things and trying to let my other weird man right for everyone but as a girl it's hard to make friends with other girls that you don't like work with my social I'm off yeah okay like just what I like girls have this like extra competitive thing going on frequently it's a thing what is but it works to your advantage if you're into that also it like playing basketball growing up and it was vicious and when you're playing girls basketball P like every girl everything with a bitch you were on it you didn't want to shake hands with anybody and it was never like good sportsmanship it was just weird what do you think what do you think it is that causes that like Fierce competitiveness or the lack thereof I don't generally mean girl that I've known almost every day maybe this is just hang out with there's like it's hard to have the girls like I like I'm such an awkward person that sometimes I come off as being just like not friendly I told you that Chris is a psychopath something about him because it's I was just quiet guy like he's a little awkward in there any bodies in the freezer okay I'm Irish I was at a party with Chris one time and like I just was standing next to him and he just said something people do you think like such and such to kill before I like somebody like noticed it and to me that was that whatsoever because it's like you're out of really big social event and like everything is just like she just kind of decide you like to know what I'm going to hang out for just a little bit and just thinking like if you've ever been to a party and you become best friends with the animals there and some actually talking to other people or wrong school lockdown right now I know there's something great that's something I fucking love about Christian marriage and that he's just on this like other he's always kind of thinking about something pull up to the front door please actually just last night I think it was that his birthday recently and I guess Chris took it upon himself to organize a small birthday dinner for him what she planned for Sunday night so Saturday he sent an email to a few of us and says hey we're going to do dinner for Zach's birthday tomorrow night at 7 so restaurant 6:20 p.m. let me know if if you're in and so I'm thinking 6:20 Pacific time he must have made a reservation we're on our way there and Aaron does he get the message from Chris that says hey when you get there could you get a table for 8 I'm sorry and I go I mean he wants to get our table of eight when he when we get there he just get a table of 8 did not make a reservation so we get there and they're like it's going to be about 45 minutes to an hour the most amazing cool cousin 45 degrees outside most amazing got a message whatever that message and he has so much power and I'll make him convert you have what's up you have Google if you have email you have all these various forms of messaging that all these people message you on so it's like a problem for you would have to find where people message you we can have group chats and leaving whatever you want group chat with you me and Erin in the end everything was worth saving your spot he was tweeting at you earlier you should until dinner stories you broke the code someone commenting that about her sweater seen that Christmas is after Thanksgiving we already covered that passionate in this discussion but Thanksgiving is late this year Friday Christmas shopping for the right like that Friday morning it's when Humanity Resorts back to the Primal instincts and people are trampoline go to plasma TV nope maybe not involved in that people don't know make sure you'll get 50% off 20 did you want to fucking make a Black Friday run it will be so intense right they have the same sales on the radio Cyber Monday now at home and your underwear eating Cheetos and buy a TV for getting mad at me the other day because when I play chili cheese Frito 60314 you like them but they're covered chili cheese powder to look at something like I don't want to get all fucked up and dirty and I don't want to get my controlling the bag of chips is gross income Torin look crazy it's called something I can store my fingers look at that look like choking to death doing that I'm not I'm not a fucking baby it's called store that I wouldn't show it would just fall over my face and make a mess 10 years old fear first alpha particle cheetl CTL cheetl sounds like you don't want that cheetl all over HD got it. It's nice to get Siri to write getting fucked cheetl what the fuck are we talking about yeah that's like the worst way of being found dead in definitely they're taking a shit or masturbating right full of it you know how he does that and elve on the toilet melo's A Thousand Ways To Die have you seen it enactment like super cheese reenactment of like a really dumb ways people have died and then they have these like graphic artist white skeleton showing you like a giant rod anything like that it's like dark humor and it's just like I can't stop thinking you're a bad person is black currant in his pocket when I was young I remember like a friend of mine had a Faces of Death VHS tape which like back in the day was it's basically just like supposedly footage of people dying in a hallway that's just like him as well the most shocking things in the walking at 3 when I was like 10 when we go to sleep over and I was like watching people die what was his just like absolutely horrifying the to get eaten by alligators grape and I'm still like that no I like got out of a moving car on you like opens the door Park course there's some things watching thank you for all the I believe it doesn't exist and for some this something that you just can't take an alligator time I got anything that I want to look at him Black Album oh man this is really rough it's also one of the first time we're running really low having the worst week ever I need my feet smell like vinegar when they're like really bad I might meet my Frito Mom I thought you were anyway we should probably get some credit I did not need to know that detail c'mere c'mere like theirs although maybe now I'm fucking weirdo after I was doing the same with smells like rotten eggs or something something like that it was it was it was like it was like that and I was like to smell it and I think of you what is the ice. the ring when you want to show someone like you have someone else watch it or you'll die in 7 days someone else had to like experiences the main thing is that it was a period in time but when the ring came out. Time in Japan was working like all these crazy horror movies and then getting adapted and remade at Mid-City Rin the us yet the grudg ice you wanted grudg grudg was up and shut up about this time Benfield and I had like an attic and crawl space and everything was laid out just like them black after the movie came out in January what time was like he was like looking like I can't come here anymore game called the park now heard of it before I play it with John on Saturday night at the PC game it's really short really took its like 30 or 45 minutes to go through the park but it's a story about a mom and her son and the mom I don't like she get the front of your leg just coffee not there she's on Medicaid like I don't know she's not there I think she just came out and it's an asylum but her kid like runs into the park and she like had to chase them down and it's like all the sudden it's night time and it was the scariest game I've ever played in PC actually only because she's actually from PC that game so scary I think you did it was like in animation it was like 3 in the morning and it was just a week or so yes so the way that they introduced PC it was fascinating they have the Sony press conference and they're doing or talking on charted for all this come with the PS4 here the office at 11 o'clock rolls around we start playing it we play that game until 4:30 in the morning and like the entire animation apartment which is like huge at that time everybody had stopped working crowded around the monitor in The Parlor all lights are off and in control and we can take turns because we couldn't like myself carry Paco I remember the most and remember that was when we had and I order something try to walk through that really why I didn't want to go home because I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep I was like I'll just work I'll get my second wind I'll be fine I fell asleep at my desk I woke up at 5:30 gave up drove home we just got out and walked in and I was like turn on all the lights and all the cables and you're not going to wake up get my shit up dude I've never been more affected by something mile like let's play that it was Chris and I and Gus hue light bulbs yeah there's a setting on a third party app where like you you started and it's just like the slow pulsating red lights like you see in the game and if that was synced up and I wouldn't know like I just need like my life was one of the game and that started I would like I would and I would shut down couldn't wait there's something obviously the fact that the whole economy thing went down to game got cancelled I got removed so that sucks it sucks that you can't go into this game I was pissed I didn't have my hard drive I can't get it back as much as I hate it I fucking love PC games was just supposed to be this demo so they can't put a ton of time into it they reuse the same that women like a fucking economical standpoint it's fucking genius but I think it's kind of cool now though is that this game doesn't exist anymore like you can't get this game if their concert hard drives if you have it like did it did it ever exist mile you're playing it and mile and threw a rock at the window while we are playing upstairs I was trying to impress and I just wanted her to play up to the point where like to go store liking other guys coming out and it was taking forever if you keep lipstick WhatsApp like there's a door into the sunlight go into the bedroom and I color and then like I cheese on the way Osha Thai places on the park at PC what are mine everyone listen to the podcast is brought to you by Trunk Club fall is here and winter is on the way the time for the right clothes and the right look is now Trunk Club has you covered Trunk Club takes the hassle out of shopping for shipping your trunk of clothes that fit perfect and make you look like a million bucks with all the new fall and winter styles at trunk.com / Rooster Teeth you have two simple questions about your style 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trying to talk to Aaron chili become so desperate for human interaction that he died dislike like let's screw gym like nobody like I said like he's not Pump It Pump It booty booty booty having so Barbara was laughing at me earlier cuz I ice bad fucking day yeah couple of days last day technical problems which is the worst fucking thing in the world I was working I was making some stuff in Photoshop earlier and I'm terrible at Photoshop store anytime I open up Photoshop it like 10 times yep that's for sure. Just disappear you know nope just got on female cenobite 15 minutes into my mail program just disappeared like that in the world right it'll be in my draft notice was empty just started banging my mouth into my dad I think you're going to talk about happened probably after what are you thinking at lunch zebra pickups but I don't really busy day so I think of something to eat real fast in my office and oh I need some napkins I go over to the other doctors are saying that cuz they're like, but I'm going to spill it all over the place my mouth and it still nights RT the little confusing but you know what things could be worse than those little pink things keep happening like our fucking messaging system today was being an asshole I wouldn't connect then I closed it but every opening itself and try to let me do it I should just build up and then you have a bad keeps creating random groups and I probably did not today but why for me too in like dropping hints like you know like I'm the ultimate like I don't I cannot have her stuff like that to me just epitomizes my abilities with this being clumsy and always stuff like that it'll pop up and she's like I don't understand why this has to happen today the worst thing I think one of the most disheartening moment of my young life was spending a whole lot of time making a really nice meal setting it on the counter trying to do something moving back of the counter and I'm really knocking the entire thing on the floor Lee at ice out of the oven it will type of thing it was just like what are you thinking that happened 79 you say I made this beautiful dinner for myself put it on and then you stand up and then you hit it and then everything just pours out including all the milk that's happened to me more times than I can count all the store the park as a problem where this is going to sound really ridiculous I can't taste when milk is spoiled not talk to her tomorrow but I was in high school I got a bowl of cereal I ate it before I eat it before going to school and my sister walks into the kitchen I wish it was like I know before class. the story before the high school I went to had no doors on the Stalls in the bathroom projectile liquid but more recently a couple years ago maybe like 2 years ago I was at home and I thought it was in some cookies are they coming over Philadelphi rest of the glass of milk and mix it in there in the kitchen making cookies drinking milk and my wife walks in and she's like can I look at it like I don't like her are you not fucking with me this really spoke I don't know direct flights like this rotting vegetables or fruits basket of strawberries that I have and one of them has mold on it after the whole you eat around Patient Zero sports again on everything else in there I made a whole bunch of sandwiches for like we're going somewhere something with a bunch of people and when I got to the end of the bread because the packaging I can see that the last two people like nasty moldy I couldn't I want to say I didn't give them but I can't remember it was the schlitterbah might have to wait till the switch and everything I don't recall you love every trip to Schlitterbahn I don't destroyed forever is it Las Vegas or Schlitterbahn Schlitterbahn time on the border a couple hours away from San Antonio and one time when I was in sixth grade at SeaWorld open in San Antonio so it's like a class field trip or whatever we get the school bus to and a half hours to fucking stupid for some reason I don't know why but for some reason like the cafeteria workers at school I went to like as part of the field trip they made sandwiches for everyone so we could all eat sandwiches only got there for lunch but of course like we get there and everyone was so nobody nobody on the trip actually ate 2 sandwiches the sandwiches were all in a cooler on the bus that they had never met they didn't bother putting icing and it was Manny's on the sandwiches so I guess like they've been in the bus for a while and we're all at SeaWorld in the bushes waiting for us like in the bus if she gets hungry so you decide to eat the sandwiches in the ice we're not eating them so whatever P World in every two and a half hours left for a bus driver from my hometown to come out to where we were getting the and he was like you got food poisoning black the music for this like the rest stop outside of San Antonio nights yep that was ever forget two and a half hours we stood there I couldn't not get Billy Madison out of my head as you wish what is the poison doesn't fuck around London 2015 it was a moment of my entire life it was Indian shrimp Lynd that with low blood sugar and dehydration from drinking from today's at the Indian place right there by the convention center I don't even I don't remember there's so much that I don't remember from just being a horrible Haze as ever like whoever are like contact was in the UK was like oh that's amazing and I wanted to hit him I don't understand sorry I'm having a right now I'm just hungry and Five Nights at Freddy's immersion Michael Gavin find a slice of pizza that was in the set where did pizza come from like you said I was probably Gus is P that was not my pizza I don't know what the fuck that was that before or after the actual ice cream ordered it it was before old beer and that was 30 year old can of beer entire house they were in was just a giant prop out there were thousands of thousands of little random items in there but yeah so far nobody would tell me anything because they knew Lindsay never going to run through the game and I know how much people to talk is like to fuck with you so I'm just thinking like the game itself are not going to be very scary but we were going to try to jump out of the store like use a cattle prod on this or whatever so I was amped up the entire day and I was like I don't want to do this I don't want to do this but then turn on all day the day we filled it miles tell me it was fucking whore fucking incredible I was watching Marcus and Tim like just getting increasingly giddy as the days are counting down to that thing man lyrics barbar shot in here it's an emergency at the store and thank you I totally forgot so we are currently having a sale in nearest cheese store 15% off everything until November 30th miles is miles is modeling it over now earlier Works 15% off everything in the store go check it out we got all of our stuff ScrewAttack Demon Hunter buy it or not like we do every year. She was like to shoot entire video in a soundstage yeah I had a very distinct Rooster Teeth problem during the shoot it was like a problem out of anybody else ever has at work so for that shoot I had to let you know get beer in a glass if I pour it all over my face she did that twice it was two different takes and you know that we were showing off my underwear so I told her myself and it's like all over my dick it was probably left this part of space five Rebecca animation when I did my balls might be on the internet sportsbal where I had to wear socks and I was wearing pants I was explaining how like before the show so I hope it's going to show up at soccer well I could take off my pants I might be funny and I was like like if you can love you like that like that walking black at something for Patrick miles Tyler has a nice time I've ever heard but I honestly didn't realize I walked across and just my boxers in the fight ridiculous looking Sal and at one point they cut to Tyler in like a typical like anchor person shot I was like I like them I like them what's up my boxers shorts and like I mean it was like wow I was like I walked by like I got so many screenshots tweet at me it was it was very close so much that almost ended up on there and because of that though so my mom to out I'd like to try like generation / hey Tyler please make sure that my supposed to act as an end up on the streets of the sportsbal K thanks bye my mom responded oh boy... Had to shake my head or whatever Tyler the upstanding fucking gentleman that he is I'm sorry mrs. Luna miles was just trying to be a good friend for the kids Shenanigans and it could have ended there but Tyler has this all the time and I'm just like you don't have to play them is doing up but who are the Illinois Tipsy black the TV it was like okay why I deleted it it's just like you said something Beautiful Something Beautiful at the at the rock band 4 event that we didn't know it was not good sorry we just finished we just finished playing when you're watching ScrewAttack is somebody played and you said I remember how many viewers are on it what was it was like $15,000 and thirty thousand people right now online that just watch you and your friends go up on a stage in a bar and Play Fake Plastic instruments and have a good time doing it Lady Gaga tries to get that many people to fill at the Frank Erwin Center when she comes to town this is your job it's fucking the luckiest people in the world mine was when I told when Jennifer Delaware from Ruby vol 1 and then 100%.. I told him that shot needs more Velociraptor and I was like like a serious one because of a silly one like it was on the same shoot like Gus was talking about Tyler and I were not together where Tyler had to chug it wasn't like it was like a giant thing of beer and we had to do multiple day and he was genuinely worried about vomiting I was like them Tyler it's okay it'll be really funny big physically Obama be like will record it and it'll be really fun we all did we were afraid to mention your name if you would like and when you left I was like I tried to talk to the camera and all that you worry I don't think you got enough credit as being like a Teen Mom with at night like you and Jack and Katie kept that shit on lockdown we got that we were like getting ready to take 3 shots in the barbar like what the fuck you doing he's not here just fake it and I know you're right barbar the line is the RT more than I thought I was bad one of the worst times I've ever had in my life that was terrible no matter how it was on the live stream the money raised by being a drunk assholes and kids are killing my liver a part of your life to them it's poetic so I'll see you guys next week have a good Thanksgiving if you live in the u.s. thanks for watching thank you for a liver transplant