#352 - So Scottish It Hurts

Join Jon Risinger, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Miles Luna as they discuss accents, dating apps, unexpectedly flying first class and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on November 30, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-352

Recorded: 2015-12-01 16:14:10

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Participants: Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna


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Transcript (in progress):

like I'm going to do it the doo Barbara welcome to this post this is over do you think I did it Lenovo and Tipsy elve Shop is open on Monday night selfie up on this podcast we have strawberries when I got here I have Gavin are you saying I Master P and I'm normal I'm dropping miles nice but it's just like you don't know baby I was really hope can you pick it up you get me in this tropical power are you picking up your Final Fantasy honor this is actually just the first thing that came to mind so it wasn't really my dream team right things to say I'm freaking out thinking right as you do get time in time where did you are remembered for the final time yeah like where someone will be like oh yeah that guy and then after that no one will think of you ever again somebody tweeted the other day it's like like Thanksgiving you can take them with you Thanksgiving which you know and it's elve is the celebration of when yes and conquering people came over and took a bunch of Natives and feeling sorry for them topic Gavin brought this up to me before the podcast and I was like well you know I guess the youngest person you know once they die then everyone who you is dead well you're quitting forgotten but then he's like what if there's like a really young fan who was like 89 and she's like remember that barbar girl is going to be her last that's really standing around here like just try and let you know more and her friends Joy Cinema she's going to remember me and she's going to keep on yeah I think it's interesting that kids when you're done tell the next person around you about me first you remember the Barbara Barbara Barbara game 101 game like you can't escape it the game the point of the game is not to think about the game having been informed of the game you're not playing the game there's no way to win the game you can we lose the game and talk about the game now we've all just lost the game only start again sometimes I never said out loud theater I think of it and I walk off into a quiet room where there's no one and then I say I love you and I come a little later Huber for something that I did well I did before Pocus 3:50 then I'm going to do on 351 but I was in there and then this week I forgot the bag it's bass been above in that bag for the is a weird the shooting and the day that I put into it and where is there I just moved out and I lost it but I will find it because can agree so there's somewhere in your moving boxes yes a bag of them is a mattress inflate it was my birthday but it's like okay I made it video Doo when does the stat does it feel like Gus to be on the party we will show the time where I put in the back of my 2 month and then we'll open the back of it do you think that somebody's last memory of you patient zero right there what are the things I'm actually really excited about it I'm like phone number or whatever it is you know we are born at a time where there are like some home videos that exist of our parents that like I don't like my mom showed me one when she was little girl there's no sound to it or anything but just like her running around with a balloon cuz I guess that's what you did as a child back then so I don't know Mom there is so much so so much of everybody online these days like there's any parents were saying like you don't do drugs kids and then there's you highest thought so much of our lives on the internet that it would take up a significance ignifica amount of someone else's life just to watch it it's weird that you could waste your kid's life with your own life just with all the time Rapunzel we've been doing so much content to be able to sift through it all to find that moment that you don't want them to see that would take so much energy I mean like finding that moment and that one podcast for you said that one racist thing remember going on faith deleting all pictures of me drinking or doing anything like that a club or just feel good job yet and then I got a job at Rooster Teeth and bass I can't get a job anywhere I was going I remember just for things like you need to like you need to clean up your social media world like get rid of everything that could be ever seen and then I got a job here and just got to keep this job for as long as possible done this job isn't the worst thing on camera Doo think a lot is being naked dressing as a woman with teeth Master pretty group my ass was that bad but there's a bunch of people in this world to be like his daddy I would like nothing much we're going up there probably a little earlier than that people like of video games fucking losers nerds are everywhere now it's the best thing ever video games that soon but most of the racists and homophobes will be dead and everything then we will be the problem in a different way like the generations way below us will be at AutoZone but those are the years using it now having the news all these social justice Warriors that is the term that gets thrown around a lot is that they think is theirs somebody that's like Jon Williamsport is it was like Hey that thing that you said is super racist and you should feel shame for you of your son doing I'm doing so what I say there's no they look it up in a second actually there is trying to fight for it seems to be coming again this is a huge generalization but a lot of younger people seemed infinitely more sensitive to things and blow up in arms about stuff and with the rise of the internet which is a place we can go say whatever the hell you want and not be held accountable for what you say you get the hyperbole everywhere you go on one end of the spectrum a fucking kill yourself like this is so rude and like I can't believe they don't even think about people that are handicapped or whatever right and somebody pointed out on Reddit in a thread the other day you know I think the question was what's the greatest lie ever told on the internet but then believe start off or she saying it's not nice to lie that's been believed but there's now this kind of mentality that you don't have to grow as a person or change the person because somewhere out on the Internet is a nice group that things exactly the way that you think the same thing we like something statistically there's bound to be other people out there that enjoy the same things we do just a thought now it's like oh I see Mom and Dad say I need to learn to go so I don't even do that I can just talk with all these other introverted people online again that's just one example there's a million to a certain point but then you get stuck in the truck where did you never grow as a person you will always remain in that mentality because you have other people like you that you can just talk to you as opposed to broaden your horizons I think that is my biggest fear stagnation I think I look ugly person or someone in their ways and something that scares the hell out of me is stagnating in the world I still hate it but I'm still trying it's weird open Facebook now is it something that people in their mid-twenties to be on the generation is like yet we don't use Facebook is Jordan doing a Snapchat is a video after you're done filling the whole thing Amazon hour a good interesting point of comparison to the KKK you can bake in your mind about having you do you imma do me and that's it you should also add that I understand you doesn't affect other people negatively what are you doing LOL you do that we did know her know and just so you know I love it when old people let my grandparents always try to stay with technology like my granddad he wants an iPad Pro for is for Christmas he likes it or not yes the apple pencil Jon phone like a drawing tablet to be like that had put up a posting where they offered that they asked you to trade in your selfie stick for iPad a pencil and paper so that when you're going to Muse like maybe sketch something that you see you or you're right now this is me with the phone the wonderful day and then we were sitting on a rock in the middle of having having our sandwiches and I saw a family walk up like for adults in a couple kids they were taking Christmas photos taken phone but just sitting on the ground and then like 5 freeway a mom holding the selfie honey mile mile honey and they're like is like a camera I was concerned about her daughter excited and she can't see up close what you follow me you know I was live tweeting everything mile wonderful grandmother board is the right word my mother is probably so upset at me right now though first to do things with us and ankles which are great I love them the car whining you doing this weekend like we talked about I saw selfie stic of clothes for the first time it could be those things are a pain in the ass how old is come on just going to take I don't have I don't walk around can I find an address the Drone like the drones like a and I was like man of the phone right first shot in Lazer team is it wasn't like that I was there for that day is like the short way it's like coming towards us as though it is the spaceship and we will try to run out the way Prime drone or whatever it was I saw that is there an Apple store at is there a app that just pulls all the stuff you ignored why would you want that I want an app on my phone together all the happy bother to wait for something to load because I'm not quite sure it would be worth it phenomenal I did I did like the trial and the fact that I can just click on any YouTube video and now it will pop up for summer get most of any empty stor up like you want someone to play with I'm going to do time to like fall asleep and stuff to do if your Airplane Mode is ok hope you have a nice relaxing day so we're going to go ahead and clas Michael Tipsy male or female I'm just playing you know I actually prefer male I think sometimes gets a little weird if you intend on letting you know I wasn't there my favorite guys are you still there the girl who is is one of my favorites video there is a ship with the name paper selfie and it's an Indian man that talked so very sorry about the things teeth reviewing content and provide every single video with iPhone YouTube fat little thing I know a man who can is made up by people it's not like a scientific theory recognized experience washing Bob Ross and his son in the movie I was just like I can talk forever brush hair braided by houses like in the playground and I was watching some other girl brush his happy ass out of bed bug bites cuz I didn't know it directions the first time I don't know the first I'm going to wreck shins I remember the first time I learned about masturbation I was just like pretty much that's how that day went how many times the first day how many times do I have to pee what's the most times in one day Madonna 2007 like 2011 dime double digit division teeth or twice maybe we'll go there tonight I feel like what you want to go that's what you do that's what they stopped at 11 like what why was it why was 11 the stopping point because you hurt gam laugh Neverland Sunday this Sunday do you want to a hundred and Seventeen times really thinking about myself I'm trying to think what led to those events I'm thinking woke up did some things maybe took a nap woke up from nap and then you're like let's do this are you dehydrated after 12 it was just like because like fun using Dusty The Villages those are my boys doing something so now I'm just I'm drinking I'm drinking tea instead of alcohol can we throw a code which by the way I didn't know and I bet you like stage performance well I don't of the day you lose motivation right it is harder when you unlike sleeping pills and you're trying to stay awake just cuz it's funny and then in the end you just give up just like that great time. on the subject of barbar Doo until 11 the only movie on IMDb that is not ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 is spinal tap of it rains on a scale of 1 to 11 what is the habitat of the lovely trucks point right where you were supposed to be watching porn on a on a tablet or computer was it made I was in training I would like to think Lenovo first time podcast riff team of x triple A game developers decide to partner it is going to be never decide to part with them to help get the word out it's first and third person tower defense in the game and the Damned state.com today and complete the first mission by leaving your comments in the tile Good Guys bad guys and the weapons spread the word by using hashtag hashtag game stat and Fall updates on at Lenovo gaming stay tuned for game stat update to see if your submission was chosen by Nova for like 10 days just walk right so another coat for your throat okay to go back to talking about things we've done the internet the moment I walked into your camera I felt Gus wherever he is just like his in Australia we really got mad at me today because I text you a bunch of matter attacks plan to get there I'll get there for fucksake this right so I texted him he's in the conversation I texted something about him being in Cape Cod on Cape Cod on the way that they just called. not in and I don't know why this is not know if anybody else run into this issue apparently there's some weird bug with iPhones where I don't know if it's if it occurs when you do like a backup of your phone and what my phone just decided to change my contact numbers so I thought I was texting on a whole of this weekend and was instead texting Kyle Taylor about some random stuff talk about what we talked about this thing that we're working on and then get a text by talking about this what is this time it was going to be on with hanging out with his girlfriend police or something and then he started sending me 5 fan pictures and then on I started sending me really game Metal Gear Solid 5 fan pictures and I was really drunk at the time and couldn't comprehend what was happening so Kyle can do the same exact thing haven't meet up with a friend of his from college and then showed up right he showed up to meet this friend and it was a different friend from college he just rolled with it holy shit dude that's on 45 now to text anyone anymore issue please talk about it in the ComEd different but I don't know what you're talking about texting things to each other that you wouldn't want to text as someone else yesterday Jon I stream separately separately Monroe County phone account that I was just do I don't know when I'm right on time but it was Sunday night and people might like to watch the game and I sent John a text hey I think you're pretty swell is your response to that I got the text and Lynn Ahrens brother was next to me and I have your money so you said okay so I had to lend it to me and we sent and I took a picture of him a picture of art in The Logical regret and I took my pants off and send picture of just me in my boxer shorts and my pasty pasty white but yeah and I sent that off what did you do Jon first I didn't realize it was yours but your boxes and we even found this little situation you have to so then you know it's like he was kind enough to show us his and so then I proceeded to take our pants down to your ankles and send him another nice picture of two gentlemen and ladies first scale I remember that yeah so then at this point there's no turning back so at what time if I remove my boxers cups I grab my favorite mega64 that placed it up my junk and took picture and I sent it off both of your check doing it doing it Jon Jon Master would ask if he's OK putting those and I don't know I'm leaving like you even like me down at the exact position of the have really the conversation with it coming across I mean I turned and I was like all this was because some kind person on the internet edited together both of our streams live reaction mile I ran into my room I grabbed a hacker to find a second-half I find a beanie on the spot had that Nick Rutherford and Kirk Johnson and so I place my hat as I know we both kind of what kind of late and I both going to turn away from each other because he did the floor are all around riff situated your stuff properly and then turn back to each other and sat down and then mile cheaper Hunter Beanie was not his at you better be little selfie can think it over mile is not as forgiving as the cat that's all I did was I just sent him another message preciate everything that just happened at 8:30 p.m. on a Sunday night I love you jumping jumping back away what is what is your call at the moment of the Momen a moment you can find on YouTube if you want stat never forget the crazy things we can do crotch right now so if you do you'll never find it when I find it white Tic Tac Jon back just a little bit stat RT Podcast I worked at Apple for five years and emergencies happen all the time what do you do when you get a text from a number you don't know I haven't felt it so it just goes to a folder that is unknown numbers every so often I feel bad but I don't know talking to me as if they know who you like I'll of striking up conversations with wrong numbers for the text I'll talk to me as long as I can come up with how can you tell the story about how he got a phone call conversation where it he's some guy called and was like you know that whatever the budget and he was he was like I don't know a couple days like talking back and forth about small business in the budget problems all the people in the company and they figured out that he wasn't him they thought he was actually just someone else from the company that it was like just rolling with it just having the best time is like anyone in serious trouble from that killed someone with a wrong number Telegraph and I heard the most horrible story it was on but it was like one of the stories that someone is reading and it's like animated and they're telling it but it was the store you got your Grindr right if you don't know what it is like just like just sex hookup is intended to strike Grindr bumbl but it's on the girl to make the first move but you both much like normal that's right that's right the conversation 24 hours otherwise she was a chance to talk to you so it's kind of like a more like him getting all the girls on there are significantly more attractive than everybody on Tinder shut up like an oyster was 2012 where would we live in a Grindr Grindr Fresno a right things are like they are Grindr Grindr Grindr Grindr 2009 a tender was the straight persons Grindr a of this option can we take a little story of the guy who was in New York for a business trip over the weekend I will try not to pay Barbara Grindr tell me about the New York open Grindr to look for a hookup I know he was there and he Master this guy who had like pictures no no Pace there anything that took pictures of his body what do you think you all that stuff one of which was water sport that goes it interesting you know if not a complete turn-off but I can deal with that apparently he was flirting back and forth with a guy and he's asking for more pictures and he got the picture and he goes the bathroom looks really familiar I think that's my bathroom and he gets a little scared and he sends a Skype message saying hey could you send me a face pic to Facebook and it took twin brother not only has he just been texting with his gay brother well how do you come back from the sink you think it's bad Luke and Leia right document about what they didn't like had a thing with where is this going how do I met them one time I know like 7 years later she messaged me on Facebook saying that she liked match with someone on Tinder that are using my picture with my picture we know this person and you're pretending to be not yet that's pretty even with your your stretch of people who know who Gavin movie Gavin Free is a lot you're not on Tinder are you cuz I just mess with you but it's like someone using my pictures but a different name Barbara is illegal to open mail that's not for you it happens maybe once a week Jermaine Lindsay from invisible Sentinel we have the a group a pass which is the rapid method for us for last night I had I had wrong numbers coming to me for a while that is if it's something really good and then voicemail try to get ahold of someone about my medical for a really really long phone calls for like dr. Salinas in every person spoke only Spanish there's like no hello doctor doctor doctor doctor responded so much power stat for us to Tom Hanks anyway how was your Thanksgiving where do I spend my Thanksgiving with me maximum making it sound really nice when I got out of the mile someone came over there they're going to move him to remove it so it was really nice and when I text me if you want to come over and have Thanksgiving at my parents so that's when they and so I might head out like at 7 to make Mom and Dad I can handle that I can handle and then parents house and she's one of them right now okay the family members and so I got to the door don't knock on the door and then a stranger answer the door if I have some young some small person and I was like wait like a kid I liked the middle of middle kid I don't know so someone someone who's not a baby answer the door I don't know is first one and maternity residents in let me in I walk into the entryway and everything Mitt Romney entire the room up front about a dozen people at minimum 230 resident just let me and so they did not feel like cooking fried like kind and then look through all the way to the kitchen and I finally like some a find her and don't you come out the door with your two kids and it's like that you would be there video of BS that was a little worried about no because I texted back that was on my way and you guys had even left yet I kind of me alone with like Meg's parents that's awkward and then non - me alone with meds like Army of a family and so Thanksgiving is very kind of my family to invite me over but it was stressful. Because I do not do well in large groups that some kid is well with you and the kids awesome kid miles I know I didn't I printed them I'm just not used to seeing him in that mode impressive he just turned it on and it's an impressive the kid comes out and you like quick but she was told it wasn't from there that was easy what I just tried you feel like the first like parental shout probably comes from any moment when the kids about to hurt himself and then I'd like it there it's like your kids are the ones you like and then from that point I found out there is it the two children I say that every kid goes to this the time where they will learn the word no which is a very interesting is it weird to think it to learn the concept of no other than that it's just I want that's all I'm going to do and both of my kids like they have done the exact same reaction that learn the word no and that's just a look and then you just saying like you know they're going too far away for you like no don't go that far you pull it out what I'm going to say what you thought was like yeah yeah yeah teenager baby trying to parent a kid and then it'll be like I have two very well-behaved little girls now mind you I love that I have the boys give me this point they're just distracted little monsters my girls are fantastic master of none Aziz ansari's new drain out of the way and in the first episode he deals with babysitting a friend's kids and it goes from there gam it's of like them being like really cool and playful to them just like flat-out screaming no never ever just been like looking at me and just screen to me non stop by tonight I've never done that like that total caricature movie Lion King the Gus trophy I'm going to say that I have two little girls because they're just there and that I love them and they're fun to talk to me like that but I know there's going to be a time where I'm going to have two teenage girls and I'm not okay with it and then filtered knowledge of how horrible boys are and how what horrible creatures they are going to look at you mile okay will pace and .4 and the factor they're just horrible creatures are what you say you are horrible so when is there an extent I mean appropriate I feel like everybody's brain has horrible diarrhea when it's bad a little girl from the ages of like being born till like 10:11 and then having a boy obviously you can't do that but I mean like girls are better when they're that age and they're better when they're older the biggest phone the surgery but you know scare in it change it to the documentary what were you going to say I could have given you money to get the knife in just a few one day maybe not maybe how many how many kids you have 10 of one thing parents probably Doo and there's one episode about parents loved it so is if he plays like that I guess I can generation Indian he has a friend who is like a guy and they both go to these things where they got their dads and kind of annoying kind of that kind of thing and their dads like to help with something like that I got to go to a movie and then they're in their home country like scraping through life like when their parents what they did and there here and there but I didn't talk at all not because of any sort of battle right there and my dad was like he was all that like sports and I thought I would play games and stuff and a lot of the Boy Scouts but I remember one day thinking like you know I don't know a ton about like my dad when he was my age like a lot of times when your friends tell you a story it's just like an hour to teach you something I don't don't fucking do this cuz it'll suck but never wants just heard my dad like tell me a story but remember we're in the car and I was like Hey Dad when you were like my age never do something like a really really stupid you know you like it auto shop in high school and learn how to work on cars and his car that they fixed up and there's just one stretch of road along the seaside and grew up in Galveston Texas was like right in the gulf and they were just like let's see how fast we can get this thing going on this like the wall I said Larry he was like that was hands down the worst decision you ever made it was really dumb and I was like thank you that makes me feel so much better about a lot of crazy shit to tell you about something for extra credit first second third girlfriend has a moment where they think I've been pretty good life like if you if you're so like your mother and grandparents house that's funny I just feel like that's going to be a moment where you just want to wait and see what happens if you just got it meant to a midlife crisis I think I've been 25 years the same job I never got my dream car so I get it now price of work full time so you have disposable income so you're going to buy yourself some shit and if you've never had any of your dreams stuff yet gotten quite enjoyed it I realize it's going to take some time we've all had incredible luck in the stuff that we've got to do it already one of those moments for me was when I finally started having some disposable income is around I bought every Council that it was growing up so I gotta send it before and I have my Xbox and I was just like I made it buying an Aston Martin that's what that's what yours was that was mine as yours you know I don't like that paint coming off of Washington called into work every day he would get really anxious in the car and help calm himself down he would put his nose right up against all the windows with master all over my Windows 8.1 I didn't care anymore I try it still there it's just my car's paint chip started already kind of chips I didn't realize months after I got out I drove home I might always been there you like show me a picture of risinge a thing about getting nice new stuff is nice but you was right after that I understand I still think I got a new phone yeah I don't get it soon as you drop it once in the side of it and it's kind of early for game jaded with it you deal with it every day all day you just get used to anything for granted when you first get your sleep all the money you just had that you don't anymore about this I'm sorry I don't do that I do that I do the Gavin Jon Gus and I've had this for a couple years now what that word was working earlier when I told you I could sense something was wrong speaking of speaking of of of phone cases that carry love gadgets and you love buying new things that he just got the smart watch are we talked about it and now I'm thinking I know for sure to appreciate you is a boy first then a girl who is a child actually probably 10 times 1 dr. Jonathan give him the beer no Jon God I thought for sure it was going to be like hey just got up are you proud of yourself not so much as you tried to stop Q miles was bullshittin but whatever I remember one time he got everybody telling me doesn't need a Jon why I tried to convince them not to buy smartwatch I was going to do with it right now is that worth $250 in overtime phone charger if it's on the counter in the kitchen I love watching my car when you fix the wristband on it but I'm not I don't know I'm sure in a year when I'm wearing a smartwatch I feel like an ass but right now I don't really see the point I guess it was kind of his new phone this big deal about how he's the perfect age for it 100% I believe with bamboo Artisan wooden case it was beautiful like a hundred bucks is a first time you dropped but the phone was fine right on was fine which was why he what he was like that's a hundred dollars more I've never gotten so much pleasure out of somebody The Hangout Android everyone needs an ugly Christmas sweater this time of year if you're on it if you want bragging rights for the most talked-about wear to Christmas parties to listen trust me when I tell you that these Tipsy Elves Christmas sweaters are like nothing you've ever seen before they're not for the faint-of-heart nobody's warned me that this was before you I will kill you where you stand so you don't have to worry about finding your size and you have a ton of styles to choose from while you're shopping for ugly sweater check out other Holiday Inn Collegiate tire for yourself or as a gift like adult onesies with barbar you have one really fantastic right now mile is 20% off Tipsy elve.com on anything they order on the site to do this now so you can choose from and have it in time for your ugly Christmas sweater party go to Tipsy l.com enter my code teeth at checkout to get 20% site-wide discount that's Tipsy elve.com and my coat local Tissot of thing that you always buy what do people buy anything sorry functional I could have any toys or my destiny think I'm a sucker for limited edition Xbox controllers I had like so many different kinds I have that inhaler when you don't need of control and control it looks really nice and I want it I think I could but it's not so much but I love is having something that is from the fictional universe that I'm your friend that's like a Johnson 140 that you probably want to play in your house is exact same thing of people buy sconces door door decorative this point it's like the modern sconc what is the deposit at the place that sell stuff for your house I don't care whatever that fucking thing called that's just like that I want Harry Potter one that's just a hand carved wooden Harry Potter wand at the riff one of my teachers like me is somebody that likes to write stories and should I look at all these things I love him like a horse things called that you just put yourself through all this and then I can spend way too much money but it becomes recreational when you have too many I guess so I have expected we have about I think I have like 6 or 7 pairs of shoes in my closet because we stayed at hotel usually because we have to be there at 6 in the morning every every time so a hotel so I pack a bag and I had more pairs of shoes and there were days that I was staying downtown back up the back up and he was just like why do you need 9 pairs of shoes here for 3 days and I'm like option the options no I understand if you want to plan out what you're going to wear prior to it never maybe you're not the kind of person to have you ever put on an outfit in the morning and then take it off and put it the milk feel like I'm going somewhere like this monosyllabic is make you look way better than I thought should I just wash my did you shrink like what they're going out at night and you change something different but it's also just feeling pressure you put on a whole new set of clothing it's like you've been walking around in your sneaks all day at the convention and they're going to go out switch shoes without socks you're going to feel like everything is different than I can ever go out anymore I just have like a go-bag let my suitcase is always packed I'll just put it away sorry of course the beautiful without the food the heat like to send it off and I'll shut up I swear to God and then if you're on a trip and left of your luggage doesn't make it they send you your duffel so that you have like a change of clothing to pay her whatever I want I want the address of this place because when the apocalypse happens this place is going to be the best supply of everybody can you find the duffle bag. There's an entire Warehouse 424 is going to be away the switch it with someone else. and your a Bad Thing, beautiful. How's your Doo forget to China bison Houston pay for post is like a head I don't know where to buy things from China everything I got I got I got a buddy that was marketed as a how do you say I bought it it showed up and it said double XL and I was like what the fuck I look at the packaging like everything is in Chinese and it was labeled as American large and then a bunch of Chinese characters XXL size for men in China the girl sounds like the closet and allows you to virtually packed by selecting your clothing items from within the app lets you schedule your trip you'll travel bag for you and your freshly cleaned and neatly packed clothes Australia in January travel without a bag yeah I got real sweet will travel by Doo phone by a doo doo pie why I like drone or something I just like to come down to you and we should get Doo full this month for the podcast how to do a trip yeah that should be fine I'm sorry I was traveling to LA with Achievement Hunter last week I just want walking up the stairs to the the Admiral's Lounge bass test because I have that membership I can get to people not good we will go there and just be right about you you're in eyebrows 284 yeah he's never been in there and he was just all over the place he couldn't believe it I was like a cheese ball and crackers and surrounding Cities book 3 teeth and he was going back and forth I was going to buy food down stic so I lost my contacts so I got you Wayne Gretzky's recipes re where are the tiny little picture playing he was a myth at the window like freaking out because the engines just turned on because I never Florence non non burning I went out to LA the first time to go outside funny how something that I have been to bring the stuff the airport and we text and everything like that and got through all the security is like that in the heat he went to the bathroom area and and I never been there check into the feeling I think if I was a kid walk into the Teachers Lounge phone sounds like sometime like comfortable so you can sit with someone else, and talk about feeling like you should be there that you don't belong getting dressed up a little scary when he's all fancy and like black-cherry what is Fandango's in first class on a plane as he does I was in sweatpants and a Sportster the first clas in sweats and a t-shirt his wife possibly demand that they relate to his life and he plays like that the Admiral's Club is it closed you stand out that much so like I feel like if someone is like a good time I'm in jeans and I'm in a T-shirt and I'm in I'm in tennis shoes if I was in first I don't completely like unheard of in that area can see how many like Tech conglomerates are these like passed off as just some guy who like you know made his first company and sold it for a billion dollars that kind of thing from Silicon Valley being a 22 year old girl in first but you don't see that very often it's usually older guy not young girls I don't know why I said it was probably like 7 or 8 years ago he was supposed to First Class like orange juice before we take off I thought the guy was old enough to drink something wonderful Journey flight delayed by a couple hours if you pay 50 bucks you can get a pass to the Admiral's club and so it's like worth it to just pay it and get free Wi-Fi and get us food and drinks you still have to pay for it if you travel enough it like makes it cheaper than fifty bucks every time I was going to say earlier have you ever gotten you know a lot of like apps and things have like a little push notifications like I haven't seen you use this in a while never actually worked on yet because I didn't know that it did it and then I'm like you know I might even delete delete reminder for mile run Pace over the hour just New York upcoming week like I just wasn't because I was away and it was like I haven't noticed you were gone for a run and I was like fuck you Subaru Pocket Fort for bumbl and it was like hey you know they're still out there don't you colonic a picture of it cuz your a different voice again you see that we know you're still there somewhere open bumbl people are waiting for you is like a challenge for them if they find an account that's been doing it for like a week and they pull up account back into you do you think I got them to use bumbl TWD please define signify Barbara looks like seaweed like this post is like the contrast with the requirement that you have to do with the address how do I open an accident they want me to do access to only one still have to do the a team is doing a job and I actually may be miserable live stream I can imagine Gus doing Scottish accent reading what are the most attractive accent the world I love French Parisian no one ever said anything other than I actually he just left from there but you're likely to be like someone Zack that you like I think it always is a hyperbole right yet lucky charm eskorbuto Scottish it looks like it hurt them honey I need to go out is like oh my God I'm sorry the German accent was the YouTube video that was titled it would like I would like the beauty of the English language and it was a Scottish guy on like a roof and his and his and his mate was down on the ground and he's like can you crush or something and so we got him to respond he just like it was is just not worth it was English language my brother just called it selfie stor board how many people are always in a trying to talk British and it sounded like that first time I ever listen to wherever he is he's re Batman Scott a great accent because he talk fast oh my God daddy thing when of Q sings My My My elve has ever done is that she one of her favorite shows is Angelina Ballerina which is the British ballerina think you should wash it so much everyone is like you just British accent go ahead I think I was actually thinking somebody had a bit about like I want to British kid can we get to the phone for free I got geof the international British sound like I've been I've been watching excessive amounts of reruns of Q I recently I'm listening to Stephen Fry talk is just beautiful like he's he's got the first accident just like it sound so proper to say to French punk band but I know I'm probably wrong there's some band that did it I think it's a rock song and they did it and pretend American English accent which is a very harsh with lots of hard work it's all gibberish somebody that doesn't speak American English it sounds like it could absolutely feasible kind of like I don't understand like if you you're imitating just tell like a parrot can imitate like the sounds that appears like a parrot imitate like a car going by and getting at is if you're not fluent with that language than that song if you like what you like to actually kinda sounds like English words I don't know if you're sure that's okay just text and the type of people who do that that makes it I guess it's an asshole does it and it's like phone ASM Patrick laughter is the best the re really Keith Sweat like a lapel on Patrick's living just like he's the only the laugh track left right with this one guy I contact for that that's right Amazon everyday at a certain time Doo miles a tweet that says miles just stop and then I'll give miles and Momen slow down 200 hamsters are rolling around in Florida horrible life or death situation where I'm parked facing like my father's killer and I have a gun like it's finally come to this is going to be miles just stop and then the dramatic piano plays and I dropped the gun and still get some traction and I don't understand okay let's say you die right eventually sure would you rather everything's going dark it's kind of cold now you just send it and then you're gone would you rather have akd like point to that shows that like at the end of the multi play around like all the things and she meant that you did like the credits roll and then whatever happens after that had its credit what would be the song from Seinfeld your data centres whenever his door was open to pay Seinfeld on like a riff in Seinfeld it was a different one each time I would change I would have amazing yes I would like beautiful like there's like a love scene and then the next morning it's is the cheapest way you can I don't think not really I mean and have you help if your play the piano okay well I mean I just Master happy music Raven your school where you would like to come YouTube music pictures a fucking dickhead BLM write out music and then one time you spend in the music room with all the keyboards and stuff and we figured out that if you change this specific setting on the keyboard the keyboard in the voice with Usher right now School in high school or college was that it doesn't I'm waiting on you. You're like a thing and they were they ran out of light and infrared Parts on there that you can go on with this is this is this is good this is I'm okay with this new remote control that Jon happy turn off and on TV because I get infrared of a remote control and so I learned I could be in classrooms and turn off and on the doo it that prick have you heard that trick with cell phones became All the Rage when I was in high school that was like I remember that was like I feel like people is a bunch of things that I know I'm sorry there was that one ringtone that people over 30 can't hear there's people like because like you know like you don't have a cell phone on clas people would text without the teacher knowing is no other teacher is an older person and you tell the story and then realize you completely forgot where you going there was some other thing that was talked about like 8 today I learned was that people get here and what if you ever feel like you get a random ringing in your ear that's like really high pitch that's like apparently that's like some sort of sign that you're not going be able to hear that tell me more it sounds like absolute shit like that doesn't Science Friday the flash goes off and you share that you're here that's that frequency dying Grindr is anything true or not every now and then when that happens Home Depot image search Master useful freak like if it sounded exactly like a coffee and then never again wait what like Robert Rodriguez why would you have one of these selfie I would like for that to happen and feet the shoe and it's hot and likes me a picture of is but I think I actually was not happy about it finally I'd like to make sure I'm around you comfortable and then he had a twisted right up there with on the way it's not a very long flight either to hour 50 yeah you can you can put more a cancer can we wrap up the party instead of doing the post-show tonight we going to play a clip that we recorded a few weeks ago bunnies in it and he was talking to Kevin DeCicco who is the Survivor of the crash of the of the guy to come down talk to text this pace with him and Kevin having a chat about and tell him stories about their friends and it's really awesome to hear about all those kids thank you for everyone we better not for the first time in maybe four or five years were running low on funds and I really no really