#353 - The D**k Pic Disaster

Join Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini, Josh Flanagan, and Chris Demarais as they discuss threesomes, accidental nude photos, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on December 7, 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-12-08 16:36:44

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Participants: Chris Demarais, Josh Flanagan, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

Hing I guess they're all Brandon Plano Blain Josh it's important I'm Chris and this is podcast virgin Josh Alamo through the pizza and the thing and then this thing just let her get up on the microphone December 1st and and Caspar want to thank you so much to our sponsors for making this possible Han why are you dressed like Avril Lavigne Here's the thing I was really inspired there was a guy who came on the podcast once I forget it is like Blaine Gibson to me like that and he he showed up on a suit and I think everyone watching was like wow that guy is an asshole and so I thought not but like I'm actually an admission I'm too fat to fit in my suit so I could only wear the jacket but fuk U Josh Wright Hing for the pain stick your trying to pick the audience against me already if I can remember the quote it's not fair cuz you're going to pick on me in the podcast and it's going to be the homeless man making fun of the good looking attractive the poor homeless veteran you know like oh boo hoo Josh no Blaine tell me stories to make me pity you I got to prom she got her own personality or not the she wanted to credit the pr thing like a girl who brought Blain sky yeah she did that night what happened what did you do the parents all that shit we go out to dinner and it was great okay and I do this like a little stick on a regular on my car you know typing while I'm driving and it's like 15-20 minutes away I should have seen his face when I look at the map right and I looked and she wasn't calling her right now she's falling a purple line to some music Highway and I was like oh set timer for 10 of the Ackerman 1996 said she would a hundred percent rather bang Josh them Blaine their toes so 1 0 prom date in the band program that only a limited time to wait if your out about you I'm actually in the desperate rush to get it today I can never the winter time is a bad time for me because I always feel like it's like it's romantic and I want to cuddle but I can't find girls Christmas cuz it right now you're getting your obligation free and you you would this is the I'm at the store when it was in Los Angeles so she said she'd be willing to fly in the Christmas party like she's here then we should go to prom play pump up man so fiance and I have been together for a little bit of time and I got you know the the not the cool Beyonce do something fun and exciting family things you know you remember back to when you first started dating and I thought how to tell Paul we're going to do it I'll give me like this could be a cool surprise and tell her where we're going so we took a live 3 feet tall so excited and I was kind of like and I will and take a left and we get there and it's closed and it was just like the most like deafening like sad thing is I had it was like look like? Like a guy to pick up a Christmas tree and bring it in was try to take him to the tree place to walk around until the Night YouTube free alright you pick it up and it was like real find a way to fasten a tree to hear something of that story sounds like a story that Blaine would use to murder a woman and just like a light super dense forest we should have done as you should have been like to play in the trees or something play tag or something yeah you can make it romantic there is a way to spin that into a good funny story that you made romantic and yeah I know and he was like this is what I do to treat it still like in the ground bad first date one time I took pick the girl up we went to some friends house cuz we're going to go to the strip thing later in the man of the house it's just like a fucking picking on me relentlessly she like one of those like him we are going bowling a lot that we came in last place out of everyone that was blowing it is like a double date in my friend showed up and he was Giovanni Giovanni old the strike on the first date and then he introduced himself to my the girl that was taking on them tire was flat so then all the pool Foxwood drive my car my car tire to my house to go get my mom's car and I am like V recent racing the clock as she got a curfew and I was like just stay out here in the car I'm pretty sure my dad is like it is Anna running shirt of my fucking dad is in his boxers and what's going on ashamed to show her to my parents or something I run her back to her place and like I didn't I didn't ask for a kiss or anything it's just like the thing about your stories but we have a few probably like all of them are tinged with this Darkness not even not even sure you have parents Chris if you're quiet on a first date you then go to revive Chris Greg why do you kill Chris no one but me is there like stone-faced and quiet diving gun Rooster Teeth set appointment I can use so natural date the something there's something underneath that maybe I didn't be seen I don't know whatever her house and it takes one to know one most likely tomorrow what oh yeah I'm losing everything a homeless guy on the homework that on yourself and you need to stop labeling yourself as I see you as more than wait okay Josh. So just stop at all thanks Dad it's next episode of on the subject of awkward age can you tell your your threesome story for kids I could tell this part so don't judge me girl and she was bi and she she had hooked up with Once came back into town and she was would be interested and I was like whew in sick we until we said I don't you find her no she was already seeing a girl right and she had already slept with this girl before her ex and on the show dating her but she was looking hooked up with a friend right and so will we made it the travel show is Zack called riding shotgun like 3 years ago and I had I had booked most of the hotels and so because of that through hotels.com I had a free night so we went it was a threesome and so we went and Sky kind of drunk can I prevent progressed and it was good it was fun it was it was good the the third party had to get up and go to work and so me and the the girl Prime woke up and when I went into the bathroom and in the get in the bathtub like a the Communists McCarthy parents Chris hul like investigation and interrogation and we V we found it we found a shitty handprint me and another guy like Sherlock in a moment Rockstar you know that mean it's slightly Shirley did you feel like a rockstar when you're cleaning the shit out of the town clean the tub before the movie that the house would you take a picture the help your image here and I want to I want to be there can you tell the other story that has to do with the picture sending it to the wrong person Chris a dick pic once on accident and I'm so I was Christmas break we could carpool Downs were texting each other better to Mississippi for their families live in the city and he had touch texting Chris and a girl at the same actually think it was the same this was your Prime from the 3some so was it the storytelling and so V so I accidentally sent Chris a dick pic and it was requested let me let me clarify that cuz I know this was a a trade and sell Greg sent it to Chris and you know when you there's a loading wow I didn't know send a picture through my notes I sent it to Chris wall picture of peanuts in the said hey I might have actually just sent you I might have just sent you a picture of it mine but I didn't get you you think about just lying you were an Indian is like you to have your driver's license up to picture of a dick and you've been like today what did you do Alamo 3. That is my penis no flex Brandon's Pullman to leave I think the Killer Chris actually has a picture of your penis tend to like makeup so you don't want that I've made a bunch of friends at not a lovely fellow I just understand it's all not star Jeremy so basically his girlfriend Cinema but it was Jimmy's girlfriend but it was just like you just a lovely picture of his girlfriend and he typed in that ass you know and it autocorrected to fat ass yeah cell phones there was once a a texting conversation I had with someone told me they wanted it was it is is like one of those things and in reference to my penis they said they wanted to barf on it Force there's another word that farmahin throw up or vomit I don't remember the I'm going to work on your list City Hall Josh did you ever jump out of a plane like you guys are both parachut Drive sky diving I sky dive yeah I just really feel like I Didn't Do It Like You Finland Tuesday you know the Daredevil I guess professional Daredevil he jumped out of a parachut like a zero parachut and whole point was hands like one of his buddies to catch him but yeah yeah you need to actually have tried to go my mom is located strap to another a psychology class that in order to get a really good first kiss that will just like completely blow every first kiss out the window you need to put their body in a state of like exhilaration or something to print all the stuff in the kitchen so then where she remembers years down the road your first kiss she'll remember all of these feelings over so see what on Earth has happened after that so I was going to how you take a sky soon as you guys land she's so fucking happy to be alive and to be like yeah I just go to I sky dive and then you kiss her and then it's like oh well it was a good first kids so I was trying to do so about the crazy the big day you know what you're crazy scare actually Swan Boats are not cool but you know I would on a swan boat at on a first date it was a fucking mistake because I realized witchcraft in the middle just like the goddamn Swan boa and slow yeah and it's smells and we were like getting tired and it has its of the lake water smell actual Swan shit in the swan boat or try to fucking late is is terrible how to get out of that you just like you just stop talking you just focus on life so I guess when she thinks back to her because she thinks of all the emotions your body is feeling so exhausted depression how to take a girl on a swan boat do something extreme like jump out of a plane yep on face first aid so when I go out with her but I was telling Chris I had in here and should my breakup story that also involves feces okay so my dating stories are probably not so I was I was dating I got dumped I was in Seattle and she first night she dumped me like I was asking you don't she broke up with me the next morning and she stayed the night which is always that awkward kind of face would you like she traveled she still travel to Seattle or to Austin and stayed that night so I'm not sure HD I don't know why I should anyways the next morning like my stomach was in trouble cuz I felt terrible right and so I went and just took a huge hit and in the bathroom right now and then it wouldn't flush and so it's just like this is just the worst you know when you already feeling pathetic as you know so I'm freaking out like like like believing that in a blanket with her house we did it can I buy kind of fun stuff like like plastic wrap and I like scooted Providence was kind of weird sitting here waiting for you to wake up you should just go I forgot about the trash for like a day yeah yeah yeah I can't really not want to go do you actually cry during sex or was that to pump up the story right after that because I feel like the things I don't mean not normally Han I've never done it so I couldn't okay alright they always make something pop culture so I man girlfriend from afar you know traveling or something visited okay I use the toilet toilet stopped up right there I don't think I think it just whatever reason to look at stuffed up and it but they didn't have a toilet didn't have a plunger anywhere in the house yeah I did is it big think about it but I didn't know what to do cuz it's awkward I was like V video light be bright enough and who stopped up the toilet well I guess we should get a plunger and then everyone looked at me like I should go buy it but I would like to be fair I guess but like to me in my head I was like but it's only use it once you can take it with you you keep it you know I mean it and just old a bow on it afterward after you and it eventually took care of itself the toilet it just sat there for like a couple days and then Chris he was gone and Josh came and dug it up for something I feel like you just did I have a car I didn't have someone to just go get a bunch of how do you know there was a hundred years ago yeah the big thing is just like it is every one thing that you did and you're just like that's fucking bullshit I was staying with my friend and her sister step sister and my friend totally stopped it up like there was no question right like she told her sister and then it feels like I'm like a family the toilet kind of stuff's up sometime Ikea old like it if you like I can't win old 17th okay that's weird and I was staying there for a week and he's just like new she just kept like stopping it up on purpose like outside I stuffed up family was busy and I stepped it up and I feel like I can't recall that I think I might have just gotten some toilet paper and then just karate chopped and a half rooster family whatsoever about killing Dad fucking hated Musical laughing just like you the jewel box from Battlestar Star Wars I promised and guys who want to show all these Chris coffee Chris like apparently clean Chewbacca when he first heard that we were doing this Swan Princess Leia on set there's also a Slave Leia for sale which I would highly recommend you can mix and match your socks with see-through and they go from front to back so I can bend like that so I'd highly recommend checking out all of them go to stamps.com / Star Wars that stanc.com / Star Wars pretty freaking dope cool package or the later one that he's not even there Playboy Imperial Pizza boa V Clan not yet it might be a whole year that I should know this fucking crazy in the comic books and books I've been watching all the movie the red-eyed War what is V I think there's like 7 right now I'm not sure I'm going to have them all ready by the time the movie comes out plus Clone Wars Anakin look like like focusing on the teams with Harkon and it totally I was like I know that guy's backstory I know like these decisions he's making like why do you think I mean why does it have George Lucas who he was talking about how he doesn't leave the country when you break up with an ex-girlfriend force a divorce right now but he said he said it was good Devil's Advocate oh no he didn't he didn't say was good stuff because it's so comfy Cameron said that the last Terminator was really good I would never leave your house but I was going to get some really good you're going to go to I have to V and the day after I'm going to another showing up I don't I don't do that to Star Wars some of the best fucking cops players that put my city Han Solo outfit the same I just don't even want to attempt to understand you like I man enjoy their costumes I would never make fun of him because I totally respect stop playing like a stormtrooper armor if they can pull it off getting into the spirit and the fun of it I'll probably wear a shirt I have civil Star Wars shirt but I just I don't want to dress up because I just you know I think I have I dressed up for Crystal skul I was Indiana Jones a crystal skul then we fucking suck bad luck and I can do it I was in the engine he was like I stuck my boa with inside the head I don't want to but it seems like it's all that shirt and showed up and I came in at a funeral good for you it was terribly without him I would have link to my Facebook what was that can you dye your hair now that's right here Giordano's Pizza people jumping off the ceiling like that okay not really no but I did the same thing I didn't Chris movie 15 I got in line for 3 hours to get tickets and then you watch the movie and there's like a like you're shell-shocked because you're like maybe I didn't get it something original times in the theater like it was like a but you know I'm of weird masochistic the trade for the people the night with the prequel trilogy they're not going to do that again the directions to Discount one to tell his family so proper that we talked about generations of a family like of fanservice misfiring in ok relevance to these items other than to throw Enfamil C-3PO that's crazy clothes donation a new hope they're all Jango Fett who's the first paragraph sentence first paragraph Phantom Menace the taxation of trade routes to outlying Star systems is in dispute Reddit light novel not yet no of course it's not going to be I like animals that are extremely passionate about it JJ Abrams Captain Kennedy these are all people that are very passionate for the Trollface and JJ Abrams because he heard from our side of the story The Phantom Menace characters movie The Amazing hidden there are one hell of stee good but has serious but I really want to be a Spielberg film pace and he's an amazing paper of his films and like Super 8 has some of the worst tasting ever like it you know you're an hour ahead that's the audience ceiling I know if there's a fucking Haley and what isn't one of the kids going to be a long 3 years the next one Star Wars movie right the only way getting me off getting me off didn't you with the third trailer I was like yes this is great and I still don't know shit about the story since then I think they've released like 79 TV spot man holding a few days before I was going to go on a blackout the internet just not old was not that bad what you doing man that was not in Terminator Genisys we decided would happen if they saw the Civil War trailer and they're like looking for anything can you just get terrible gas Tre bad like I guess work and it's not hero versus hero so okay then we need to show them like after like first or should I don't like it's it's it's a draw like like there was no otherwise Transformers film cell phone everywhere remember movie theaters a lot there's like you know you order food free translation where you're leaving and as you're leaving cookies something that's just completely just not even touched on someone's plate and you just like no one's going to eat like Josh I got 40 going to do there was a guy Josh tell the story it was a guy I remember thinking that they were I'm glad it wasn't like an Infamous like guy a guy at the drafthous who was doing this and the service were trying to catch him this was like he was what he was like just taking for the her know he was taking food from people like after the movie like he would just go in like take like whatever was on his way he would literally take everything why do they care if someone stealing leftovers I don't I don't know the Robin Hood the restaurant and ordered ordered food waiting for the food to come and I had like fiddled with my silverware so I just a napkin sitting on my at my chair and a waiter like you like young guy walks up and kind of like looks really like you please let you looking to busy himself and he sees the napkin and then he goes and picks up the neck and then it was an unused napkin it was just him and I have to fix them at 9:10 and looks a difference I can start walking off and I thought I think he saw my erection like what is he doing he's taking the GED just so I can have you not eaten yet and then just came and brought them back he's like it's just weird like I didn't know what to make of it was just like the guys tried stealing that game but um yeah they ever catch the guy that I don't think so he's out Blaine taking a napkin to chloroform someone to where you can go starting at 4:30 a.m. on the 17th V episode 1 through 6 by the time you see you finish trim the Jedi 7 will be out at 7 will be out and you see that and they basically to seven contestants to participate in them and then you get to see this one and then after that the contest to see how many times you can see 7 and basically not quit and fall asleep so you're with me yes I got your basic The Last Man Standing gets of 7 year free pass Alamo Drafthouse the get a seat named after them all this stuff I'm very tempted to do you they do it they choose as they choose the 7 Star Wars fans and then the winner that you don't take to the seven-year pass whatever and I'm very into it but I lost it out with Daniel and basically if you saw 7 years it'd be about like 3 or 4 grand of savings I don't think that's worth rooting Star Wars 7 potentially because if you think about it you're going to be there you can be fucking tired and you're not have to see that movie until you like but I still think it's worth it I don't know if you can do it Han like a butt screaming yeah the show all three of the movies in the town where I grew up in Longview Texas there's a contest called Hands on a Hardbody of her life and what it was was a contest where there was a truck that they would give away and you to hold your hand on the truck and the last person to maintain contact with the truck one not two people would like to just sit there and hold their hand for days and days and I think there's a documentary on it to like it it was a stupid thing and they quit doing it when the guy who who lost he like he was in second place and end up giving up he went and like killed himself and he was so tired there's a story about a forever ago about there is a town that would do that the same thing like hands on a thing I don't think they would invite guys but deadbeat dads that were behind on their child support and they would arrest them then that was it that I couldn't find these guys but they wasn't like they never even answer phone calls or they didn't like to have them put their hands on the car and then the prefix so I shouldn't go to the doctor you were Brando yeah they're going to come and I had a connection to that what hands tell me about Han on a dating app what's the difference between engine light and there is none but supposedly the crowd that's on hinge is a lot more prone to get in long-term relationships is that what it was just different people that are more serious about it I think the only difference is that you through people who are within your social network yeah are you looking for a long-term relationship with that's what you said was it would you say that wrong thing over hang out things are great and then they can yeah I think it is also brought to you by Kasper Kasper for a fraction of the cost Jasper is revolutionising the mattress industry by cutting 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it feels uncomfortable and everybody's looking at you yeah you know what's caspe movie the movie with film and for one it's great but it's like a party at this one place and they have free waffles and it's really it's free get free socks or slippers and free waffles and you just lie on the bed for like 20 minutes under the TV and there's a lot to be on the bed the child support yeah that's it so is it okay if something happens every now and then I'll bring my laundry to work is it like a crime to do your laundry at work like I said earlier man do laundry yes yeah you probably should do that it's like that that's a better of production resource for like washing clothes or drove wardrobe and your gaming the system but it's never been explicitly said that that's what is a but why why are you asking not you know what they're like judging me and was like there's a laundry machine question what if every single person who worked here did their laundry here they probably wouldn't it's very common to tooties a laundromat in in Austin if everyone who works here who didn't have it synonym for idea the resources why waste money in just let it stay in there on Tuesday I'm just going to use that be like the pornos like this it's there I'm just I movie pretty positive has had sex somewhere in the office so don't even fucking talk Chris when you got your new office with an established thing you had to tell Josh and Aaron to their faces you do not have sex in their trailer so I don't know what Crystal he never said that okay so basically Josh Chris and Erin camper basically to work not only that it was next to you right now what if I check my camper no you did not you didn't really alright I know it's yours at home his girlfriend works in an administrative hearing to your girlfriend mean Aaron made a point of casually company commenting on how it goes yeah we put up cameras in just in case so that whenever you try to get frisky she be like what don't they have camera the stopper we are like oh yeah we had all these extra camera receiving every other camper diving a sex in the camper I just want to drive in Aaron probably has no lie about the cameras because he was a really made of how many on your laundry on the floor was I was in live action which like 23 Shady about it and I pull down my pants and I stuck my ass on Chris Kattan looks like you for you and your new office yeah it's like a nightmare Scooby-Doo fart like a man he's like an Unstoppable force that right yeah it's really not Bumble app man is the decimal part that the surrounding the cloud of life left of of sad farting in front of that were hanging out and then they did say you farted in your sleep can I had a girl that said that you say anything I was staying over while sleeping fart on my legs what do I do like that one we like kind of cuddled up and I was just like he was trying to tell you because she farted in your crotch seems like they had no knowledge of it and had to change like get away from it all to keep the covers beginner Josh is purchaser Blain on believe not to mention Securities is just like I didn't of failure I can't come she can't stop seeing or articles about like hoverboards ever seen them like being banned like there was one at 2 and another Cleveland sports team but there's another one that you know me and of the fake Segways it doesn't but it didn't happen hard wheels with Crystal a skateboard but if it doesn't look like it and it doesn't have her to call it a fucking her but I wasn't people are right but this looks like I was on 24th and I looked out my window and an asshole a student was headed to the class and had one of those things and I watched him and basically what he did past and I'm going to be walking past him to dinner any gets to a stop and he likes it there for a while and it's like I can't get over it so that he gets up and then like it just made the whole thing more cumbersome like his his trip to school took longer because he took that stupid fucking man tree branch in front of us so I can eat it looks fun not hoverboar you look like floating every thank you for that just for me yeah I remember of Jamaicans who directed who directed Back to the Future and it's like a really straightforward behind-the-scenes interview sell it when I get there a hoverboard for Christmas and I was like 11 or something I used to make little pretend hoverboards with the racers and piece of cardboard and fire on my desk and it's really sad people film by 100 like a week ago Chris knight from Star Wars man you going to say yeah yeah some of my mom so I spent Thanksgiving with my mom Paula and her my future mother-in-law her mom and it was like the spirit of a mermaid like watching football and all that stuff a little less fun but it was like what's the ratio 3 to 1 mother future mother-in-law and fiance so like what I like I was like you know what I'm just watching TV I should go hang out and I go in there and then they're talking about when Paul and I are going to have babies so I'm like uterus is for you to ride and is like no not again aboard as an abort Mission not a poor baby yeah yeah yeah I got you I got a chance is that weird it's weird to think if I have a slight of sun like the boys they seem so gross and disgusting the boa but not 12 or something right now even cyber-security say something it's cute awaken but I mean there's like I said something stupid or weird I don't know I hadn't really thought about it Josh stee or whatever just but then it's weird to say girlfriend it's like I feel like an ass cuz I'm like I need you to know that I'm you could say your betrothed but I love ya ya know the whole thing's weird the kids thing it's weird it's like the fact that it would have liked or fine you know some like half my DNA it's terrifying when you didn't answer that question yes I think I would be a good dad I think I don't know if I'm man lesbian in good kid not easy be there in like a long time if I have it did you know so I don't think the little things I think you'll get married a year no City when it comes to dating I just don't think I think it only takes one foot man at some point in the next five years am I going to beat you guys as weddings or give me 480 if you want me to be aggressive and I love you so much fun 3 times for the best man do YouTube at your best man guys for your best man that was like you were best man one of them Three Brothers 72 trickey not give but for the other one it's hard to tell her I gave us a wedding speech once where I literally said the plot of Top Gun for half of it Squad leaders lead instructor and she was super hot he was what started let my Force I was like that's not the story that thank you he will be calling it we will yeah you didn't even Brandon said you're too happy to not give me yeah I still have some on the 2nd tell the story of the strip-club sure I want to yeah Chris and I went to a strip club with those contacts are our friend had gotten dumped and it was like hey let's go sky tonight there was a stripper there that when I want to say she was like Russian but she was way taller than everyone else's German makes the story funnier I think she was probably rushing to eat man cuz it's funny but she was she was like a foot taller than all the other strippers and she was hitting on a different friend at first and then that friend deflected her on to me and she was huge and menacing and she grabbed me and she was like come with me if you want to she did say that she was like what did she say she was like you know you want it she was like come to come get the laptop with me she grabs me and she's trying to push me away and I'm 5 7 and she's like she was like 660 it's like like screwing you put your like that you know like maybe in like 10 minutes or something right or is that what you said that like 10 min like it maybe in like 10 minutes so I can go and get a drink you like him and then you and then we're talking like 10 minutes like a cybernetic organism with living tissue she comes back and she grabs me again check it has been 10 min Lake karate stance is she coming she was trying to yank me like a way to do a dance Enterprise not terrify no no God no Scout the German before school do they are very there are very aggressive I feel like I've learned so much about you hands everywhere strippers in threesomes and slap your ass I don't want to tell that story though how I feel casually ask me that the phrase she used her wedding was you can slap my tits 300 7th Street no no no plummeted Josh if you want to if you want to do I don't want and poorly I want you here recently with the very nice steering is very impressive and I'm going to park I guess I talk to her the case are to be taken over this with you know you're very cute is going to say she gave me her card will talk in a bit I hadn't came out like a cockblock robot and was like just fucking just like by the end of it I think she threw away my card and was yelling at a Kovach her friend came back and he was like okay you know like you know if you guys do lesbians like nah I'm just kidding you know if you guys are lesbians old the universe fight with his girl and he was like we walked away it was like he was amazing like he just got back to me to the end of the Earth I don't know I mean we're kind of like a rooster setting up a reaction by wa restaurants v as my parents to be like a week later they have been documented alright so tell the story now you owe me so go ahead tell the story Blain no no not you did it but just what is the weirdest request yeah yeah good good qualifier there's a lot of pressure on me right now and I'm searching like racking my brain feel like a weird request because there's nothing like super out of the ordinary they're like the violent stuff in that you do pull my hair slap my bod delivery Jos me on my butt the choke thing I got in that request before like we could choke me and that's one of the things I like I didn't I didn't know what to do with that choke someone sleeper hold like you're watching it just like this I don't like to but I'm like you just like you doing bad hands Shake really limp handshake that's how I am with joking just like you really went okay either way what not so I have no problems weird and aggressive and so I just like joking a girl I was like I don't want to choke you so remember I'm not going to do not say names but it was the it was the girl that actually came to the office that one time because she was doing that interview she was like the model she was like that and I remember of superma sure about it Mom and Dad to not right now for the love of God do not listen so I do not fucking listen the story I'm telling you he's right that he's arguing with himself this weekend so she was just like really crazy but she was asking for that stuff and I was like really uncertain about it and I think it kind of showed in My Mind by Body Language and she was like she come yet do you like doing as she asked in that was like that was like the first time reference at the stars like I'm Jabba the Hutt your Princess Leia neck and choke me yeah she said that the force was it was weird and like that was it I just got a really personal fast like blood was drawn during some of our sexual interactions I'll just say that much and I'm going to leave it at that she is fine she still alive you are not here a bit too much too Jesus that was the one that I came in and I remember I had I had hickeys on my neck yeah I remember trying to teach everybody to do makeup because like it was just like something that we wanted everybody to kind of know force on set you know whatever and everybody's like Kanye like I mean I'm not in fucking middle school tomorrow not an asshole so I wouldn't know what to do about taking forever things that she was crazy crazy hard me up and let me the area of Italy if you have an arrest but yes she did have a bit of a criminal record she was on cocaine so why Then Greg Tre girl yeah we're going to come out shining she's not she hasn't talked about I think you're on a roll now until it's a little bit more like Christmas now so I guess that's a more appropriate last year when we were doing the holiday video I was trying to find a menorah for Barbers bit because she is still trying to get even more because there's a joke that I wrote in the last music video a hard fucking in Texas yeah no one's Jewish Barber apparently there's an entire Jewish neighborhood yes you have one of those things at the end of the aisle there's I couldn't find you I went to Hobby Lobby which I realize was a few that's also a Chris to the store before that I went to a Christian Store a natural like they do really christianbooks.com are you bookstore in Nassau New York and he's like look at me like I don't know what is that is that like another holiday and yes it's like the Jewish holidays like the candles like is 9 candles or something anyway I don't like yeah he was like trying to like diving around the store we couldn't find it and it wasn't like I walked past it in Captain I don't have the picture by the way I ran into like black figures on my way there they have like tons of black sand eventually drain into the there's like a small in cap of Jewish you know Han hard and it was like 50% off pretended that you were asking for it where can I find a Candlestick that I keep Blain 882-899-9989 yeah cuz that's the story writers of the candle the oil lasted 8 days when it should have lasted one we should probably have someone who knows what we're talking about on this one film asbestos you pray for me I don't have the north but here some Chick-fil-A on your way a holiday video turned out awesome there's a lot of fun it was a lot of fun I think that as Jesus his problem and I didn't Jos off like yeah he just popped out and hold his hand and I was like man I'm going to get Griffin if this whole Heaven thing is a thing I'm going to get grouped into this people can be like look what you're doing like you're really enjoying the sacrilegious Lakeport Tre not figures that bad I talked to Anna and she came up to me and she was like I came home that day from that saying something like we have a great time at your birthday have a blast and he was like yeah I actually do like chest bump in hell I feel bad for you when I was recording like that or like when I was trying to see could you let everyone the same what how what part of my body to use diaphragm 4 Blain was probably the worst out of all totally drowned out by Tyler anyway who are the defense would like everything Ace Ventura where the guy walks up behind them is like in Ventura and the guy he's like Satan but that wasn't his voice so tired and a little round has sex scandal talk to me the day we were going to record he was like oh I gotta I gotta I gotta jet and who is that for like 20 minutes Waco Texas Longview Texas and then I just recorded it and now you can do your fucking terrible but you go with it and that's what I needed a terrible day comes and people like music and I like I feel Chris is recording delay Chris rush it but I knew it I was like I told you ahead of time I was like Blain I can't see my Shih Tzu yeah we're all pretty sure anyways like everybody's recording session was roughly like 6 to 7 Minutes Brandon your recording session was 35 minutes I know he's there this is so bad it was like no you think of the whole thing the chorus of every is going to be Concordia Chiquita and a few things that they're terrible at and why singing is definitely one of my just terrible things and like even you go to karaoke and I'm just it's not even it's not funny it's not bad enough to be funny it's like that you know it's like in that Middle East like Yeah Yeah Yeahs on rock band where you go you didn't put down the band singer and if you were really bad the Funhouse came down for a Blaine yeah come along is Rooster Teeth Gus stands up as the drummer and he says we are I should the bed junior set the set the time hit the button after the whole thing it happened I was looking just like tear me up for weeks about this thing and then they're like sorry we can't post this video because you know the rights to the muse you did you did well stee like they like Performance Warehouse man that was fun how do I put on and then everybody was saying that I would like old Greg Okay Google Josh I think you've made one hell of a debut in wait till you run for office couple years when people that run for office have a social networking to be bad like you 15 years old on Facebook look at his dick pic I sent a Chris it's Dad I mean like Obama he admitted to talk like presidents admitted to drug use yeah but now I like photos the millisecond hookah bars in Lake like you not to give you $32 a Prezi Chile country a generation Call Duty Modern Warfare this is going to be for coming I appreciate it not and I think we all are how to report to the stee fake beard I was wondering it disappeared