#354 - The Apple Argument

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns as they discuss varieties of apples, gruesome Canadian saftey videos, Lazer Team's theatrical release and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on December 14, 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-12-15 16:27:08

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the punch at Braintree Shari's Berries square space and my hoarse voice I'm going to talk for an hour and a half and you're going to enjoy listening to my city for what I'm doing I just read your office number when I call the business and other businesses but I don't deal with anybody just because I don't want them Bad Johnson from flight from a lot of stuff I think you can find it in Sydney Australia then on the way back I connect in San Francisco so I stopped for a PSX for the weekend then I came home and then I immediately started shooting for about 24 hours straight and it was sleeping and I've been I've been an international flight and return flight think about something like another country Australia's so crazy about no outside flora and fauna but no outside food it is an appointment that helps you lose your bases that's helped plants spread across the globe is something would eat it and then wander off and poop it out with fertilizer and Seed later and that's how this stuff moved from place to place and the wind will that in the wind but poop the poop thing is relevant to our particular discussion because I want to come to some kind of thing Apple produce and also your food first the first countries Don't Do It Outdoors the airport you need to see a dump in this bag and it's probably going to happen eventually right I'm going to take like mandated to as you land in a new country emigration scan everything and they make you do it like 2 or 3 times even after you go through it first and you get to your gate like we know you're at your gate you have to do it again are they going to install those in the toilets at some point how to make a full month because regardless of how long you are participating in it they keep everyone away the same amount of time so you can't tell like what place people finished in and things like that but I was dealing with like I care but there's a big run down but I picked up security for the first time and it was like is this is New Zealand drugs food what's the training for that dog that it's like you have to be like what are you into how you reward it when it finds food my food my food have to give him like the same version of food like you find a pizza what is the best job in the world other dogs it's going to be tough for a lot of dogs like what are you doing just fine food at the airport did you know that no first job in that case the eat it if it falls off your dog is basically the vacuum cleaner of the house for lazy people who are there as well although I have eaten that food to that don't even get the trash and then it was before the dog that's like a Roomba but I don't remember New Zealand that time and I guess it wasn't the same answer the door because if there was it was there the dogs are sniffing dogs I thought there were others look like a drug-sniffing dog and they were right around those remember there was like a group of black Rastafarian but they were like kids but they had like dreadlocks on her and it just looked like the protocol we've been smoking pot on the beach all day and the dogs just like I didn't do anything but I can't play it cool just came in like sidled up to them or just like hanging out like square one time I saw the same thing and New Zealand and got this guy you know they did do it when you're getting your luggage off of the belt I can buy dog smells like something everything look through it there's nothing different the doctor wink candy flight take-off a350 so I guess it was the first a350 take it off from the US he was like a press event where they had like media influencers on the plane now have 36 player the first class a350 taking off from New York flight to Doha Qatar Qatar Qatar lines and planes taking off down the release video of the guys inside were all the people and so there's this video of this guy filming it was like looking at the camera the camera out of the tail like looking at the climb it's like looking out the window look at the camera and everybody and they say that the plane to take off the Runway was too short for takeoff so it automatically apply the brakes when I said that I had to go back to the gate people wanted to be let off the plane they would not let anybody off the plane here for 2 hours trying a different runs the Broadway strike a plane should be telling anyone that I know I hate that the pilot is flying the plane like that we can do something different but I guess he had some kind of alarm that goes off the Google self-driving cars around here all the time or there's a garage on actually on our lot with his all these the self-driving Cars come out of cars actually impressive because life isn't all this stuff already in flames and everywhere else amazing I've had like autopilot on planes and black Landing autopilot even for the longer I stumble across the cloud change your life and now he touches you on the shoulder yesterday cotton from normal roads are not like my car has autopilot feature five star flight Gus I thought you might like to go to takeof flight 2nd few a few hundred miles an hour and it says that it will break then we stopped in 15 seconds while give us rest is what you need takeof Friday so I guess this speed and Mission what has the mission with your friend in his ground speed like if it's going a hundred fifty miles an hour but then the wind is not enough from the little speaker thing that they have on the side of the cone shaped flag that's actually like a cylinder that indicates when I never seen him look at it earlier that's all like so fucking bored and a storm comes through a lot and I just freak the fuck out there like 40 miles an hour climb where to do that they do that with other things like they talk about how fast I can publish it and it was hard to believe how fast they can skeletonize a cow like a piranha takeof in like 3 minutes the wind that's how that black guys on takeof in Cloud if I take the table that are Gavin space new Chef menu you like because of 40 candy good no big deal I just if there was a lot of strong winds blowing horizontally humans will get blown away but cats wouldn't because I can just grape so hard a cat when it doesn't want to move and it's little kids when they just couldn't stop sign maybe yeah I want to say we stepped across the street and I just turned the wrong way and the wind caught my glasses near me yeah they're like a hole we would be careful not taking my beverages supposed to 50 mile an hour Gus symbols for wind speed speed speed is probably like five miles an hour on a treadmill runs 25 miles an hour just aborted 25 miles an hour run up to that right there is a lot so it's not like you can get a burst of speed like a cheetah what you're talking I don't know when we're in training to go in The Amazing Race I got to the point RAC and run like I got to run two laps on the track I Ki 800 meters essentially I can do that at like 11 or 12 miles an hour like they like a full split which I a train doing like the Sprint actually is a better distance Runner but it's the patience for this and I have no patience for it all and I can run I can run so much further and so much faster by the end of my time with the race then I could at the beginning it was crazy it's like are going to build a super super super fat Semi-Pro tea calories completely changed because I was like this stuff and then when I was doing it was just like what is the most amount of calories the least amount of money I just like everything and anything I get my hands on you a lot of soda and Gatorade never I never think of trying to break my habits now from from the race and like every hour it's too many questions is out February 12th and the big part of that is I can't really say anything so I'm I won't talk about it a lot until right before the show starts because the last thing you will do is talk about them you can talk about but there's obviously lots of the big secret surrounding it like performance and where people went and stuff like that so it was a blast it was the adventure of a lifetime like it was grueling and very very hard and a lot of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat you know and it was just like it's really crazy international flight like back-to-back-to-back-to-back you just like talk to you about special special season of The Amazing Race which is social media influencers people from all over his tea never met before the funniest guy on the planet just like super easy-going guys up Rogue and Kurt that you like Frisbee trick shot stuff there's some blind people in it as well one of the guys is that came from we had actually but he's probably the person I need the best beforehand people don't recognize them to recognize him he doesn't text video looks like magic is the way a lot of people describing them as you who has like he's only 18 followers on Vine yeah and then I believe she does she does like fashion stuff in this is like lots of people who have channels that have run for years and years like Tyler in there some people just had like one big viral hit one of the ladies and it needs money she's the Southwest flight attendan to the really funny announcement and got like 65 million views on her video or something like that so I just went for we've been talking about everything actually when we got back you know she slept for 26 hours straight there. Like she fell into a coma pretty much so it was it was it was awesome and awesome and all that came about kind of the real myself but they're talking about people on it came about this way back at VidCon I don't remember but there was this Hollywood Reporter article that came out it was like the top 25 stars and they put me in it the next day because that article was published Hollywood Reporter article at the time because that was one of the kids came out and it has a passport so he couldn't even like yes and you have to have a u.s. passport because you could get an unfair Advantage like going to come cut some lines and some countries like if you went to you I don't know what's up with the UK surviving Colony at this point why mat of European possible any European country especially if you went to India or Hong Kong that used to be British or Australian New Zealand part of the Commonwealth it's like you're not back yet so I can pick up passport control in the airport they can fix with just some signs when you get off the plane and you walk to passport control machine on your passport then they give you a ticket then you walk up to another machine and it takes a picture of your face and it looked into the country but when you get off the plane and you go up to the station there's two of them so everyone get thank you for those two not realizing there's 12 more right next to them so that everyone get the line for these two and then you like just walk over and look to your right a little bit put up some fucking time it would help so much I have a fucking mat in something that actually makes sense like where you can find stuff it's crazy I mean there's some parts of World War I just like getting them somewhere where they speak English it's great if you're somewhere where they're not that's just like you turn into like a minority languages in preparation Hindi and Ashley focused on a little bit of Mandarin but she speak some Spanish and I speak some French when you a lot more parts the world people speak Spanish in speak French but anyway it was a French in Africa there's a little bit of French in Canada I mean it's like this one particular Province where there's a lot of French but I in France in French as well but I mean it's like a lot of people in Spanish she has no problems talking to Italian very attentive when I sweat so much when I talk to them I'm going to buy Braintree developers around the world embrace the braintre V10 SD Ki the easiest way to secure mobile payments to their apps and websites no matter what payment types accepted Apple pay Android pay PayPal venmo credit cards even Bitcoin and it's something you pops up Braintree will support that too the same Payment Solutions use my Uber Airbnb and get home so you know that it failed developers we got you don't worry about taking days to integrate your payment with Braintree it's done in minutes the Braintree code supports Android iOS and JavaScript clients integrating and you're as easy as inserting a few lines of code chart at the sandbox and see for yourself at Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth good check it out traffic to Braintree for supporting the podcast you have good taste podcast Braintree right now I think you're going to go places so when I was traveling I was going down to Australia had probably the worst time the worst possible timing for something to happen to me on that trip so the trip down there was the flight was awesome San Francisco layover San Francisco to Sydney so I have flight from Austin to San Francisco you know what your movie on the plane and I thought that's where my headphones are really good headphones for 11 years ago and every international trip of her taking a rooster teeth and it's like really happy about the player over the second flight climb good music to put on my head but your butt on the right to tax write-off I got a 15-hour flight in front of me and I just fucking broke my headphones I just like I stared at them like it was one of those where I just couldn't believe it was happening Australia the first time and when did you know she Airline headphone to the rest of hundred percent volume of what they need to watch everything on the way down we weren't sure what we were going to do with you because you don't like a year and a half or two or something in there that that age when they're kind of crazy and they're running around but they had like this amazing entertainment system on the Qantas Flight that like movies and kid shows all the stuff they had like a little video game system in there and everything so he was happy because he's playing all that stuff and then on the way back we were thinking like it's going to be great we had a great time and it was all broken like no that's tough work that's that's pretty funny but it was the entire plane nothing works and so their solution was to pass out magazine things to her body and they were like well our sons to and there's like he doesn't want Ladies Home Journal play back 478 I was on and by the time I was at the very back of the plane by the time they got to me I had two options for magazine it was either Australian gossip magazines about Australian celebrities I've never heard of or soccer what you done with soccer media thing from those trips to Australia that was actually kind of cool was like a mother's flight we were just like a really out of it and like I think we have been up doing a bunch of stuff before we got on the flight and then of course with the time change the flight for so long you can I get loopy and I was just watching a bunch of movies at the end I was watching Inception and I was kind of like halfway between being awake and asleep and then I realize like we're on the flight in Inception do you know what I mean do you start looking around at the past place to get the same plane all the airline many kinds of planes are there major airline is the airline in charge of the configuration of the plane yes they are I can request custom build out so there's different configurations and different about the rose in bathrooms in weird places the bathroom configuration typically like the Triple 7 that I think there's a difference 100 200 300 - 400 range bathroom downstairs like there's no bathrooms it was a normal playing it felt like but all the bathrooms were on the lower level and it was like an area where you just went all the bathrooms working for the flight so just let me know Fiddler's Green it was weird it was like eight bathrooms there I don't know if I get there and find the movie The Sitter on a plane and crying on plans all the time I walk by it like pics are of course but I do see that it is truly in the rotation and that was like people be balling watching inside out a movie because you watched it that doesn't help me in anyway so it was like I was getting a must be like that the truth is messing with me cuz I'm drunk I've been drinking on the plane have never been drunk on a plane flight doesn't matter how long it is it could be domestic 2 hours I can be one of these flight to Australia at $15 the whole day the whole next day I'm like completely dry like I said to drink as much as I can like my nasal passages are just as I don't know what that is like I've learned out of school just like CarMax and put it up my nose before I go because it's so I don't really drink it on the whole time to drink as much water as possible I can in like 15 seconds and that's how runs today the water of Water I want to new Mission Impossible Rogue Nation on my way thought on this flight you think it was really good it was way better than Ghost Protocol there is a different kind of goofy in a way to especially everything that goes on between Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise a voice that the villain used in Ghost Protocol a tough guy version of the villain from Jupiter Ascending he looks like the guy who Rogue account I just like to everyone in the Jupiter Ascending it's like he's breathless like literally you take a fucking break plane plant did you cry a little bit though nobody really I like at you watch a movie on a plane and I was like I think I'm this is the email I felt like watching a movie appreciate it so much to the point where I travel quite a lot to know a movie will come out and I'll see a trailer for it say it comedy making a very big budget so I'm saving that for player that because I'm going to save these movie good I saw it on the plane flight like I think I'd like it more if I saw it in the theater if I saw it on at home or whatever there's certain stars that I only watch their movies on the plane if you'd like that Tom Cruise is probably one of them had to take some of this like I was one of the team's better and I'd like to binge watch on the plane because you know you travel back and forth in certain periods of time because you see the rotation of films and what's your favorite movie you've ever seen them play but you discovered on the plane cuz you had that you had to watch it basically it was Searching for Sugar Man the documentary tomorrow I totally Miss five or seven years or something I started watching it and the episode 1 first scene is like that naked murder victim tied up with really alright other people can see this but if something the first scene was like wall-to-wall tits and just like crazy violin Lazer team you watching this and thinking like other people watching by in like judging me for I feel like you can always apply the rule if it's on the back of the seat that is fine it is on your laptop then it's question this was in Flight in flight Days of Future Past once on a plane and I said you know this whatever it was it was a different boiler plate at a time like this movie has been formatted to fit your screen and it has been edited for Content it contains a scene of airplane pilots and is like really cut in the airplane version of flight release a car listening to the radio and advertising their car horns or alarms or what it is I want to reach to the radio and punch whoever programmed TV shows are starting to show commercials on TV where they have like a car alarm Army but the chirping noise my dog start growling and barking at door because someone Airline speed 50 year old mat right now for 20 years well we have so much to learn today this the person was born in 1946 what building was telling me cuz we got to go see it early to start talking and how much you really liked it and I was like he won best picture and beat out Star Wars for best picture and now it's really weird that there's a Rocky movie that's very critically acclaimed the moment we have another Star Wars movie that's got probably the most hype of any Star Wars movie has more hype than episode 1 Star Wars oranges go watch it and opening times are just unbelievable Matt about those oranges it's alright just buying the front of oranges I know she's going to the premiere tonight what's going to happen think about it we were talking about earlier in the winter and at the end I didn't reply to me from both customer support and I was like oh sorry to hear about this Grape at work for 11 years I did reply I said you were player I bought another pair I was like kind of the product I already bought another pair this isn't about that it's about trying to do some kind of sleazy customer service thing good man yeah I was going to get stuff for free like some freaking awesome but if you can contact me to send me some free music Matt don't worry about it I got the Jack Jack Jack will take it from Shari's free pie Wednesday I don't want to do that just ask for stuff for free with Time Warner at my new house today student the wrong address I will get into it but I just wanted to follow me and I deleted it and just went over the end it worked out well I did want to publicly talk crap about someone that would like someone who couldn't get by the same yeah I didn't know that now I don't know because it is I saw pictures of his house from from a from a cat to like in its the same Builder and I told him that you had not been invited to his house that I never went to that bullshit people who were in my house Michael chef people with in your house Apple USB port Gus are there any where was maybe that's true I did go out beyond the mind is just regular boring electricity we had the exact same as before 24 plan exact the Builder exactly the same slightly off from what he was like but you go ahead so I know like want to see how many other people at Rooster Teeth I can just have a new password you got to stop holding custom house is now serious impossible things we're trying to wear when we hire somebody to come work at release we didn't really hire somebody who has the exact same name and it's like like for instance we just started for the first time ever we work with somebody named Ezra on Lazer team and we started working with someone as great as her to pursue someone who looks like what are the teams on The Amazing Race the woman who had the viral video where she's a flight attendant the other funny announcement her daughter's name Hagen really spelled the exact same way Hagan what you my character's name in Lazer team five never heard of and as soon as like I have that name in my life then somebody else shows up it has that new social media one person who says his name is Hayden and is excited about Lazer team a wants to watch it because he's never met anybody else think again and he's excited that there's a character on the street and with his name I love that new trailer trailer number 2 why want to say one thing about the trailer but I'm actually really proud of that you can't see you in the trailer which is we made a conscious decision to not include any of the things that people said were their favorite scenes from the initial screens because you know black people always complain like all the best parts in the trailer we deliberately included but did not include what people said her the best scene because there's a lot of good stuff and stuff like that and that and that you can watch the trailer official trailer number 2 the trailer nobody nobody like it seems but just you know when you go see it trailer since the few things that people consistently cite as their favorite scenes in the movie we avoided putting into some people feel like absolutely sure they got new stuff I'm excited and everything but the trailer is one thing and it's supposed to get you to go see them things were in too much of anything right now how to go to the movie now and I don't need to see the rest the trailer and it was specifically I'd seen all the Star Wars trailers and then there was another one that came out there was the Japanese trailer go to that additional footage at this point I'm going to see it I know I'm excited about it while I see nothing is going to a lot of willpower screwed over anything for it was good for me I like your day was a lot I didn't see what he's done with like Star Trek everything I have watched television shows going back two decades now it feels like but listen I mean I was remember that someone would come out everybody was super Heights OH NFL different now so everyone came out in 99 and at the time you couldn't buy tickets for a movie online you have to in order to get tickets for all of our friends Jeff and I camped outside of the movie theater for 2 days and anyone who wanted to get the movie tickets they just had to bring it here and we were sleeping in a tent behind this fucking movie theater down it was like we just hook up a PlayStation video games behind I was kind of surprised when they made such a big push for Star Wars force awakens ticket sales because they camping out Star Wars like any other movie 4 days that's what the whole like camping out to wait for something movement I felt like it started I'm sure people to concerts and stuff but they were just fucking do it for Black Friday I want to go by every time Black Friday is about to hit and those people camp out from Wednesday to save 200 bucks I just want to go out and just like stand in the bullhorn and berate them for like 20 or 30 minutes I'm about to just drive me fucking nuts is it safe to save money right now tea for two hundred bucks if your time is worth 0 then it makes sense to let you know just like people do people want any part of that spectacle you know I mean and it's like you just invite I really do want to push people around and they want to be part of the mat but talking Black Friday drive me fucking God damn it Black Friday hated to see the clip of that woman yanking something with a child and it was like a vegetable steamer she took turns right and yanked it away from the child the child would have vegetables r2ninjaturtle to get another one and she was grabbing the other one someone else came and took it from the kid kid 170 levels that really does suck I can't be in a situation like that that's something 4 Star Wars in front of the Mann Chinese Theater in 04 this one it's like there's no reason to right cuz you can buy tickets online it's already sold but they're doing it they want to do it in there 2 hours before movie corner of the front row or you just didn't get it but then they didn't even know we had talked about it as well Southwest flight flight Airline bring the airline flight I think I just don't like the boarding procedure that was like I mean I know the whole thing is like no fees and low-cost Airline but it's a way for them to try to scam $25 out of your check and we'll make sure you get in the a group or 130 because he remembers Southwest $20 in cash at the door it was almost like it was a flight the universe back in the seventies against 21st start early eighties and if you want from Dallas to Houston you want to get on it you just went through the gate and paid the person $20 and got off and that's working that's why they don't have reserved seating release to do it that way then everybody got them smoke cigarettes but I smoke two flight attendants are all dropping dead from like the seventies and sixties from in those tubes filled with smoke constantly or just part of the larger Reno casualty numbers from second hand smoke one of those things where it's like your chances of getting lung cancer Flight 222 Phillips dipping have it for like 6 months and then quit and three years later he had throat cancer and it's like cigarettes put the cigarette companies branding on the cigarette boxes it's just the box is a picture of a cancerous origin and it says smoking causes this and then like really small fine print is like the brand of the cigarettes player steals burgers deliver what are those things to us like an offshoot of having publicly funded health care because that's more than the whole system so that it becomes more of an issue of you know trying to reduce the burden on everybody right things you ever see the workplace safety at the Canada ran a few years ago like how to be safe at work and avoid accident they were the guys getting his hand like sucked into a machine in the country but there's one I remember was carrying on like a pot of boiling water or a pot of like boiling grease or something and she slips and Spills all over herself and then she's like screaming on the ground on screen for like 5 seconds straight and then it touches lightly workplace just the just the imagery for that is pretty good really can't wait to see it's a fucking crazy England runs are pretty much on an island what happens to a body when in a car accident because you're very keen on other people being trapped in a car with me they will kill me if we crash it's going to happen every time she's like she's like oh my God streaming title for that beautiful brunette victim of gory was that the name of that video with beautiful brunette Shari's I'm curious is it with this group here a curious who has a Christmas tree in your 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Click on the microphone type to order them today so everyone loves to Shari's Berries here at the studio that we had an accident we got the box in in order for the battery tonight and the person who received it forgot to put a note on it saying this is for sponsor that we do not eat and in like the hour they were in the the fridge the a entirely all got it so if there's only 4 left for the 4 of us so that's an important lesson for the group the Christmas tree in their house we haven't moved so that would be probably not but I don't think Meg would put up with not having a Christmas tree although her family does live in Austin if he can get that experience and Gavin doesn't have a Christmas tree and you definitely don't have a Christmas tree and Matt definitely know the answer for me I think I think everyone does I think everyone has a tree I might not though I might not like that I think you do I think I think I think it's important and it was put up I think it was one of the first things to do Cree Cree like I know like five or six years ago because we're never in town long enough to enjoy like a real treat your family like your House burn down Ted talk about the burn down from the light to me what are you getting yeah but not with me Plymouth Ice was actually funny a Christmas tree like a bitch you know what I mean they're just leave your house for 2 weeks in as we could and that's what is it to me five nights tea like a flamethrower essentially dr. flight it's really terrifying it's really terrifying when you cannot get over it is very wasteful 15 or 16 that there are multiple kinds of apples but I just thought Apple was the only kind of apple and then we were like like black apple no no no no like we don't good how about you that I knew about this nights now we just need honey Cree but it's the one that's the bottom right like one from the far bottom right color red new balance good flight this one just good Jonathan who's going to turn into an apple it's like I think the first Apple I tried that wasn't a red delicious apple was a Fuji apple and it was like some kind of hair that grows on Mount Fuji the truth look at this RAC in Tokyo where they have the tradition for decades or whenever they have a new hire or whenever someone gets promoted to Senior Management they have to go and climb Mount Fuji in Tokyo new hires and anyone who gets in your Matt has to go climb Mount Fuji in at 4 something and I thought it was interesting never again do we still have the family is usually cooking apple and there's also heirloom apples like their heirloom tomatoes and that's like they're not sure they don't try to keep them within one genetic line to have it like that out there just let me know that's all I guess it's a grape it's grateful that he said yes okay wait I tried it for the first time the other day and bullshit no it's all right I've discovered something else about it it's an apple it's grape flavored apples the accomplished this was some kind of cross breeding cotton candy grapes genetically bread taste like select account combining State for the DNA of pizza they just selected grape station more more like cotton candy and then brought those together tea sugar Apple out of a bag of sugar but it is just sugar but it doesn't taste like eating Imperial sugar the cotton candy just sugar the hottest cotton that's just showed up so yeah I mean it's like fun so light it up candy candy listening from the UK expensive long enough to hear me look at him right before I left for 30 days we shot the mission that kind of didn't work what happened with that guy I would try to make that work was it was that every other than yeah that kind into maybe like his one that didn't work Friday maybe we'll revisit it and likes takeof the beginning but the good thing was it was super expensive actually too many cooks working on something and I was like we never deal with safety precautions and that really actually throw it all away like we had professional people who were making sure that we stayed safe and it just made it kind of not fun you know they were OK with their usual working environment where everyone is safe and then you just speak it and make it look like it works but we don't think it is really cheap but it would have just been set up before I left and I said my fault I was the one putting out next communicate with a large group of people is really difficult without the lazer team screenings in just one second it's like one of them out and then we did one that didn't work out so well but this one the next one we're putting out the public the Five Nights at Freddy 1 I was super excited at the five nights everybody love that one that was thinking black explain to me what their process was because I didn't understand how they thought it was the one after five nights that's what I was talking about we have redone the third one is it is it that we don't think it's going to work but the more important it is great that is great sometimes but we had to wait until I got back to work and just kill everything only press the button but I don't know that working out the algorithm for how that episode was going to work many times that we just have candy footage you know it just like that but they really wanted to do it live and then but there was like 3 miles of cable really did a lot of work on that trailer visual effects done and it was just it was really early in the editing you know there was stuff in the trailer that didn't even make it into the movie good we didn't know where the hell it was just like they call an assembly cut at that point which was just it was you know basically everything without taking a scalpel to it and really making the same type of mat expensive the most expensive but it was like I really wanted to keep them The Watsons Go to from the lawyer in Austin to at commercials where it's like some ladies on the phone if you'd like to read a lot of terrible she's like I just don't know he's in jail and I don't know what's going to happen what's going to happen with him you do nobody black Access Atlanta immersio in Austin this terrible as you do nobody good cause that reaction movie player black beautiful brunette Betty Blackwell Black Law still practicing yes she has the updated commercial recently sold this with nights at some pretty awesome release scenes from the movie something to be said about that but they always tell me about the screen of a release for Lazer team I was playing this the best I can Matt you stop me if I'm explaining it correctly release for Lazer team which will be in the US for select cities like a normal release for a movie of this size for theatrical screenings and that's great but we recognize this is a global audience that watches this and there's a lot of people who don't live near a selected city so we went out and formed a partnership with a company called tug where you can essentially say I want a screening in my town doesn't matter where does Lansing Michigan Houston Texas where ever you want there's even some international support for you know you can we're trying to add more we're trying to work trying to add more all the time New Zealand Australia also have it as well and what you said at the screening it lets people know that the street needs this thing it'll look it up and then once they spill a certain number of seats they say okay now this this screening is guaranteed Friday and it's working great I don't even know I think so I'm going to leave it in the movie update on this is Friday and we told our Indiegogo back is about it first and then we can have like two started yelling at everybody and it's sold everything sold out by Sunday so which was an awkward day for it to sell out because you know you can't really get more theaters and get stuff moving again because it's the weekend and those people dressed up aren't working so today we were able to upgrade a bunch of the theaters like a lot of things that sold out for like 150 person kind of theater venues does got upgraded to 300 a350 person screening so if you tried earlier and it was sold out in your area try again it's probably available will now and then we also been able to add more screenings point in Australia for sure that maybe the UK also we had more screenings 71 in Tasmania if you want to go pretty much everywhere and we're still trying to add Ireland there's been a ton of requests Friday we're still trying to get those added tug let me know. Okay but like you said when you came but not in order I think it's just their networks it's more about the commercial aspect in the governmental runs hard to communicate to people is that a lot of times the rules around International distribution has very little to do with the people who make the content and more to do with your country like if somebody blocked in your country like he's about to like they don't want to let us watch this in Germany they want to let us watch the television show what's wrong with them if they know there's a company in Germany but I paid a lot of money to distribute it in your country and they're the ones that are making the requirement that they block it I'm sure major television networks would love to sell the rights to other countries and then still make it worldwide available online Friday that would be fine with them there's other stuff too really have full insight into you like the Canadian screenings they were having date the pre-sale for them starts while I can a couple days but today today is the 14th starts in a few days and everybody else is already started even though the theaters I Can't Tell You Why I'm sure that's what you look like that's why this cree and it's like I can't wait to be like the full list of all the different cities where we're going to be showing Lazer team to be awesome in it other the other thing that's cool with tug in recovery you can make your own screening request it so we have a bunch that we set up to cover big areas where a lot of people are then hoping the people if we didn't cover that area that they would set up their own screening thing they got 1500 request urine screening so they're trying to make sure there's not too many overlapping East Houston in northeast Houston but those are supposed to start going up on Thursday supersaturated super wide release movie would be like 3300 that's all that's all 1500 mm the vendors release 4:35 for someone in their 3-0 still working right now physical the cartridges and I don't know why they use them because it seems like you could but I think that's like a safety thing a security thing like that I want to happen over the internet and see what it's like because it seems like everytime I'm going I don't care about Idaho it's a no no that's really frustrating because I keep like that's what it was like we're constantly like messaging you just kinda like that's what you do with big groups of people have to constantly the same thing again and again and again and it's like people who watch all the time like talking about there's always going to be somebody who still doesn't understand it was just really mad really like I can't imagine how that is but it's like you just have to take a message over and over again and it's not and everybody just like you only hear it one time or past think about other stuff people like you told them Age of Ultron open at 4203 North 4240 number to me when I was looking into the list of teachers and all the the theaters like the venues being filled up I was thinking about when we showed it in Toronto actually we did this the screens at the trial after dark don't past and that was amazing venues such a great theater it was like a 500-seat theater and we did two screenings and they were both sold out and just about seeing it with a ton of people there is just so much fun and so exciting and I think that the screens on the 27th and 28th they're going to be awesome because it's going to be in at the community together and do you know who your people are Room for 2 people in a room just having a great time I want to make Lebanese Armenian comedian made the movie possible to have all these great community events everywhere with people watching it it's like they're pretty cool about Ireland I was like walking up to the event it was like it was a line of people run the Block in a world like this one a little more like her from you all that in there that's like I'm crazy when I went to New York recently the only place we could think of having I'll be happy just in the middle of Central Park because any location what is flooded with people like 250 people showed up I heard that you guys are not going to trip how do you play Fallout New Vegas based on your website for free child temper sent off your first purchase go to squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth square space build it beautifully designed regarding required used tools square space a state-of-the-art Technology power to ensure security and stability? Millions of people and some of the most respected brands in the world Square speech starts at just $8 a month you can a free domain if you sign up for a year so your free trial site today with no credit card required at Square space.com when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure to visit squarespace.com / restore free trial and get 10% off your first purchase square space build it beautiful I think Square space.com / Rooster Teeth some of the control room before the show I was talking about the course before the show started about how they couldn't believe how easy to use it was and how intuitive so if you want to build a website like he's really making websites for fun I feel really fortunate did you put it on a computer does that mean that I just explained that it's a computer if you have to build YouTube that's that's pretty much it you built your own YouTube Play-Doh videos or something else different versions runs different resolutions for people and stuff like that it's only like it's like it's like things you can become so Advanced that you just don't understand like would like the bones behind that you need to understand why people complain they upload a video on at nights and processing for like 2 hours so let me do it making all these different versions of your video and making them play on the different browsers and all you did is press one button and it when you're done I was convinced like when computers for sale to cover the popular in the internet for start of becoming really popular the individual early in the mid-nineties I was convinced in the future everyone would totally understand how computers work and told him the same thing about the internet and this good because that's what you have to know everything about your computer isn't everything about the internet and I thought about how all of this stuff works so that I can fix it on their own and now it's just become a black box where can I get the book when we really do everybody has self-driving car drug companies will just block users from messing with the engine my the guys left for his BMW up and drop once was just like a big black like a lid over the whole thing they needed like special key to get into it like I said I want you messing with the engine or something when you're really enjoying it could have convinced I'm just making the wrong decisions I was making a safety should I be saving his life and I have to decide on this so this will make another safety so I can come back and do the other because I have like the best experience and the fact that I'm playing along question me to not have other questions this early on start talking and it'll it'll give you a class I wish that was an indicator the quest the just ongoing like like like the exam Quest the same for me you give it back to them and right now I'm going to this thing for me because I'm just game getting ate by combo in if you like like that takes about 75% of your total time I'm getting on the elevator I just wonder good cheap Italian Oculus but it's like once I collect all the trophies like there's 8000 trophies but you don't realize that when you start the process here but this is potentially potentially I'm not very far into it and maybe a third with her again this is potentially a little blurry but I'm doing it so just be warned if you're not playing Fallout 4 yet there's a thing there's a person that you're trying to find in this for her and then you find the person and they're a little bit different than what you expect that you like that was an odd moment in the game like that would have been a bigger moment to me but there was like no reaction to that at all like me but I just didn't know reaction no reaction whatsoever I mean if we had a reaction to it and I told her I was different Game of Thrones season 6 coming back in April and April there was some question the way that the HBO lineup for this year that it might get pushed a little later confirmed April so what will be able to transition from one you have an amazing race tonight how many episodes are in Amazing Race 12 totally believe you didn't hear any of them we got a limited in the first half of that question too much give me up when I was on the road I was like I was like in the city started as we like so much like what was going on I was just on the road I went to Sydney Australia January if you don't have tickets would you like to be amazing we went we toured the the 2016 venue just the Australian Technology Park and it's probably the coolest thing I've ever seen for an event the college park but I think it was built in the late eighteen hundreds when it rains or technology not like Berrie a steampunk feel and aesthetic to it as a historical building and got like a blacksmith Workshop in one area and like this locomotive repair yard Bioshock carry over there it's really really awesome super cool but I went to what is now my favorite bar in the world was in Sydney now it was called Baxter's in and I specifically I think the place was called Baxter's basement so we heard about this from someone but I didn't know I was down there yeah we're going to have everything here and walk down the sidewalk over there on the other side of the door respectful of our neighbors and make no noise after 10 p.m. nights I try to open it and its basement bar that has the best coolest selection of whiskey I've ever seen in the world they have like this in the Middle with you I've never seen before I've never seen anyone with all the different drinks I tried the Pappy Van Winkle which was fucking amazing what they had I forget what it was I think it was down more constellation it was a scotch in if you ordered it it was $740 for one for $30 hours for the drink that is Allenwood you don't spend money on like any particular thing like some guys like to hurt people you know some but you know what I really think of you as being a gadget guy bye bye love stupid but occasionally you will do like high-end stuff like that's what you like that kind of thing it's like you had spent $200 on a glass of whiskey that's the kind of experience that I was $80 and $80 for like a little bit so I really appreciate it we probably would not be happy about that so when I order the Pappy Van Winkle very very happy black in 2004 flight January 2004 and we went to New York for the Lincoln Center in Graham put it in the Lincoln Center to show it was 2005 when we went to that Hotel bar at the Hudson in Manhattan do remember that we got drinks and they were $25 each and we were all more to flight or drink and I have to pay for it like $25 in my wallet green yeah or something yeah and like the get down trees in the middle $25 for a drink that is that she literally in pain I was just I couldn't believe that and it's like it's like $25 for drinks and other places like that strive for 25 bucks I wasn't price $78 eight dollars a month for 3 bucks did you drink at the party from giant lightweight now I got drunk and I didn't the next day I couldn't really remember what happened and I felt bad that I can a sickening feeling that I must have said something wrong to him but you said to him are you being serious right now at least it was when you were awesome yeah that's a really great show and I think they had a production that question it was going to be there preachers I just wish that one of the rules with the races you can talk about if you can't use any of your existing perks for an advantage so you can you can get the miles for your flight if you can't you can't like really anybody your frequent-flyer number for Waste a reason not to like we're saving up their information so that they could do anything that would give you an advantage like you could get into it you can do it because I asked for a piece of cardboard hey there going to be asked like I have a 50000 numbers on a piece of paper and the one they wanted to have like we need your confirmation code and it's like I have a reservation number and I have a ticket number and I have a flight number but I don't have a confirmation to know what any of that is there's only so many people on the plane information you can figure it out right on the plane have my last name what are the chances there's maybe a hundred and fifty two hundred people in this place but now it's like when you the specific information it more difficult time for you guys next week or just go to Lazer team the movie Dumb and you that's really funny hello everyone well Ki Gus Gavin Game of Thrones go to Dennis soundproof at as isolated as I can