#355 - Annoying Star Wars Moments

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the fictional country of Agrabah, C3PO's silver leg, apple charging methods and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 21, 2015.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-355

Recorded: 2015-12-22 14:45:33

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

what the Freak podcast this week brought to you by Shari's Berries and meundie them and then they Shari's Place game of the Pirates and internet business so they had to come up with something hey buddy nice jacket I'm wearing a jacket but I wish it so this is like one of the lighter jacket that I own and in December which is when the podcast being recorded it's 80 degrees today Detroit from a candy store that you were going to the gym wearing black and brown a girlfriend I can't wait I can't wait it's a choice that is green blue and khaki that truly care Greencastle battery condition khaki there's not much more fabric color the most infuriating thing in the world or touching kind on it right now is going to the fucking store and try to buy paint if your painting your house and it's like I just want white paint that you want brilliant which one of these 10 wipeouts Kenny which one of the four variations of the one kind of Life they decided on do you want to text or do you want to do one color I can't remember ever Star Trek go ahead I keep hearing the name of it and I'm like what color is Star Trek of taup to the second grade I thought I was like a purple grape Barbara what are the favorite color was taught by Felician know that Hut show me a picture of somebody still have favorite colors watch of like 8 - bloo thanks for asking you have a favorite color I just some stuff you don't have to say it doesn't matter it doesn't fucking matter what bloo to me like a year ago who my best friend Len like show me a pretty good sandwich no no no yes you do of course that's your best friend who is elevated best friend with benefits Odessa my dogs Pokemon son trouble this morning so every year at Christmas I still like to buy the dogs present she wrapped up their presence here to the train and I just posted some photos of Benjamin in the past like dressed up in my Christmas pajamas and like opening presents really excited about it she she wrapped up and put them under the tree along with all the human presence and this morning I woke up came downstairs with the dogs walked them went up to get in the shower and then I could hear after running down the stairs yelling at the dogs when I got there she had she had Benjamin present in her hand the rapping was over what happened she said typically put his present under the other ones where you wouldn't see it and he moved all the presents out of the way for his present from under the tree and opened it it was like a plush toy and I'm sorry benjami watch the stuff Christmas a treat like you want to do something to make sure she does Benjamin go get your steak and he like trucks over this little bowl of toys and liked it through them and pick up the stake and bring it over to her try that when I went over but he picked up the wrong thing and she got really mad at your family Sorcerer's Apprentice remember too many Disney animated movies in the 80s Revival left a little more Lion King what does he was like a little mermaid Lion King for the day that they don't call it the Golden Age of Disney right direction that much fun :-) was like Cinderella Cinderella the longest ride Little Mermaid Little Mermaid 90 Dragon Peach Dragon what was that was that was late the traffic is 787 you don't even really strongly pink and white Disney's biggest hits are like public domain stories they may come and a now quick syste to keep getting pushed out me know if you have a copyright on Mickey Mouse Hut a trademark on Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse in public 20 years ago wasn't it like to have the copyright law extended navigate to Nothing moves in the public domain until you can no longer make money from it basically which is everything forever Bill Shakespeare's plays you had to like pay Shakespeare's descendants money in order to perform a Shakespeare play copyrigh happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday one of those you know right now we're getting ramped up for the u.s. presidential elections next year so lots of totally politically going on there's all those different companies that go around performing surveys and polls asking people their opinion on various policies and how they're going to vote there was one group I forget what group was one group that all their questions to eligible voters one of the questions was do you support the u.s. bombing Agrabah of support family really just want to watch it go to war like there's a lot of people think that if you like war is good for America like it helps Hut DIC would like to create for perpetuate the idea of American greatness exceptionality if there's a bomb headed right for Austin it was going to take out a whole city and it's going to land like an hour and a half would you finished pocket to have my kids to be like the band on the Titanic playing or like to rock give me to get out of the blast radius Austin City Limits watch the world burn Barbara just thinking about war APPL a driver for you oh yeah Fallout 4 kid in a fridge for 200 years fridge making a junkyard battle I felt I had to get his family Fallout like I know I'm playing good will the weather be like a really nice guy I really feel like helping everyone but I'll quick save before like every decision in discover metal the fat man so much stuff OKC this is of course a horrible constantly picking up every piece of junk in every map in to the point where someone like companions are complaining about it curious people complaining making 6710 Fallout if I review games I would reduce and I don't review games I would reduce Fallout 4 a full rating Point by how bad the settlement and many game is in that game I can't fucking stand that what problem are you having with it constantly constantly like give me like question for quest after I feel like that isn't it all the same 3 any parties going to get them you don't usually dough the Raiders that's it is it is it is in force eventually stop I think I probably have like Austin thinkery Kenny a way they just move on okay but do you find it annoying when they're just hanging out at your house I do and that dude from farm and taters all day what do they call potato tomato call the potatoes in the game with the black and it's like you're not shortening the right thing now people take potatoes better than play music to write down his throat apocalyptic combination of tomatoes and potatoes I didn't cause I'm still calling the shots and stuff might be my new favorite form of media anywhere is going to people's Xbox Live profiles and watching their clips of watching rocks to decide like literally or Oh I thought that was funny until I told it's like a highlight reel just funny stupid stuff for if it tasted like Gavin it's Grand Theft Auto V you're running over women in bikinis on the beach but I would do it I watch your Fallout 4 collecting I tell when you screenshot with your drama on the roof why do I move my fast travel pad to light really convenient says really close to my stuff because I went to that tree and not right that trouble really close to all the stuff and I realized I accidentally tried to Rob this woman who is insane trying to get money off and she failed the speech check and she said not give me that and then I was like oh yeah I forgot you had time I try to be I forgot I'm faster than that like maybe I maybe like a hundred times I play the game every time I play makeup to hide the 90th time and I just obliterated like some of her body and I put it on the table in my house I can pick it up his whole day black so much patience for so long as I don't hear it anymore battle Sprint Sprint and for holding your breath from your sniping to pack stat opposed to some steaks making both those two controller works on my little bump and jump on my Apple pumpkin patch 2 + 2 battle okay I thought it was like another bumper a design wait what how do you make it to stay because you can map items to the d-pad so I'm at impact to right d-pad that I'm at right the iPad to the battle did you ever use the d-pad and then put it down and then I might cut into video he was playing for the iPad with him so he would be in the middle I couldn't keep it together I don't like blowing all this Empire must have used 200 step Yahoo you too I just one thing I don't like drop out of there why he's important character but I do you have to let them know that you just don't ever use I don't mind Amazon and I like what if they haven't to speak out and talk to me about the remotely but the remote has a talk to it the one of things you can say to the echo is FaceTime it says and then say anything and it repeats you still with that microphone you can just like okay whatever you say it will just repeat exactly I gave Kenny like a 10-minute lecture about don't complain and you I should have recorded it cuz he totally tell you have a conversation with a girl I love it I think it's probably one of the best speech recognition tools that exist cuz you just like your problem cuz I'll be in my office here and I'll just stop and say Alexa in Star to ask a question and I'll tell you something more details until you at home. What time is it son timers and everything watch just be like in bed and Turn All the Lights Off from the bed all the lights off let me to your house right now Wi-Fi you can see iPhone so they turn on when you come in the house to turn off when you leave the next thing I'm talking about grades I just found out that there's like equivalent of a nest for sprinkler systems and I want that because it would tell me like how much watering barbar to reschedule but sometimes I might be a way I can be like I'm in the house was kind of Dusty this morning Sona rubenyan clock if I quit but I'm awake now there's no Los War didn't want it coming up for baseboards because at the time that hit the baseboard and then Lisa black sorry Chris I was nothing else to the story I just wanted to tell you that 211 so I'm way behind cuz it came out it came out and I literally the next day left for the Amazing Race show was like 30 days and you know being away Fallout barbar was one thing that came back a little bit right now I'm almost done with the Xbox 8000 hours but I'm pretty sure I just left it on a thousand-dollar login Xbox of mine was like 3630 730 to 330 right now that someone has taken PS and Xbox Live offline on Christmas day before now should be like the thing everyone does early last week I was trying to watch some movies I like to bring it up but where I can play Fallout 4 to sync my games making someone upstairs and look for get upstairs and I was like that's my home Xbox and I bought that Xbox was like sorry I can't get away from the thing that has a disc in it to put the disk in it no issues whatsoever and you can't play it if you pulled out how many 99 Hemi 401 they going to be on sale help with connecting anything and sign in as Gavin tests quicker than me figuring out this stupid new dashboard and then doing my pocket the dashboard like there was so much information and functionality they have to squeeze into one screen it's like that then I like to go to settings from the store anything you go down like 3 times to the left my favorite which I have a few so how they feel right hold on who are Gavin favorite dance that's a damn way too much credit but frequently I like that part of it from you but I do so I do get notification when you coming over taup of your mind yeah you are how do you feel about that checking your phone Michaels online coupon a lion sound like reset metal to everyone sending me notifications how do I disable notifications because I can't fix it immediately have to wait for like a day and then it was so frustrating because you want to talk about it video editing behind Battlefront to be there so the video was like we're going to send Gavin a Darth Vader PS4 limited edition codes giveaway 2:40 and I said okay I'll give it to her office PS for most people to come PS four we have a PS four but I just prefer to use Xbox syste and I made it so it doesn't say they hooked me early and it's like you're a medical assistant have to have my gaming historical record is on Xbox and I don't want to go over to PS4 and not have that history I never fucking look at it I feel like knowing that it's there pray for me at me that's like the default system for me and let you know of course I'll play exclusive so I can control it I like it alot of incorporating Xbox One controller 5x5 codes like on the Xbox.com site copy paste Minecraft signs Bill to quickly write on a sign I might have come by XBox Glass or something I could type it wasn't because I didn't she looks like a movie but made by Apple you can like see the battery level except for battery in the iPhone the hump on it in the middle or at the batter on it that since it's made by Apple and integrates with the phone that you know I'm okay okay because I really stupid movie Works quite like charging your phone but your phone runs off of that battery when it's acting like it doesn't have an on-off switch control it's supposed to be it doesn't go through dough charging cycle of your onboard iPhone battery it's running off of that battery and just just right so you just go to one power cycle recycle 2 the next iteration of the iPhone is going to have a lightning cable for headphones now that's what I say I didn't care about that until my headphones broke the other what do iPhone the new iPhone will come with us like I personally like it on plane listen I don't like the lightning cable is everything okay on the way it doesn't matter how many Detroit by the fact that I could buy a micro USB cable special cable I already have my Force weeken War everything else for controllers charging a lot of it like those a portable battery you can bring for your phone that's usually my someone making most of us have you stole that one for me with the cable smart move you don't have one to take the fucking iPhone cable dough what takes that my iPhone my iPad my Apple watch charger you're Apple watch charger with lightning cable can you put a watch on it and it's lightning cable Apple watch are the charger like with a standard charger the same as a circle I know it's cool but it's just a heads up remote for boiler remote Apple TV remote and Magic Mouse saving all of course you have to Doc took mine from the conference were going to speak to you had of him cuz I was 3 Nexus tablet son is given is it for anything but other than that it's like it was really cool and we had patient that day on the Nexus tablet making leaving the hotel room now if they said okay everybody Gavin was on the list that he would have got to take home a tablet. Even though you didn't want it you would have been infuriated if you have not but all that mess now than one thing I'm leaving of another phone I just won't use it with my Samsung 6 from that tripped I think I can fit inside a group of friends it was about 10 people on the group message everybody was iPhone bloo what you can use them and leave them yeah you can name them yeah I can leave it you can name it it's there was nothing more annoying than getting sucked into a fucking group chat that you don't want to be a part of it so I can't right now I'm going to I don't care about religion no I was just watching the conversation go by and it's like back and forth a bunch of people and then you try and then you just said unsubscribe man I hate being rooster conversation and care about you like every day that's right now just park at the past 7 years of my life that's good 1. laps because of the stupid settlement I started in the night failed it I just To Have and Have Not used one not watch really fun done I just put it away and not use it cuz I'm going to wait until I fight the big boss at the end of the game which is like a big monster whatever that monster Discord all my time in at 2 I did in the final but about as many dicks do they still have them yeah right now how do you like game would you want to crap when you call me Lightning cables that take the floor it doesn't irradiated fat man chicken head the best weapon in Fallout 4 you have a rifle that has a range of about 220 and it does 20 points of area damage cause the bullets explode when they hit something and then took my mom Jabba the Recon scope which is the likely dough with scope where when you zoom in on somebody tag them and you can see where everything goes and if not I have a shotgun that can hold all of its ammo in the chamber you never have to answer bottomless 15 points in the Amazon Fire to help with the settlement building is I can never build walls in a straight line I feel you if I built this house it's slightly Askew is not on the sound happy get to go APPL BB Levi get to end of a quest and kill a family or anything like that but if I and some dude does that didn't look at you when they walk by and they got nice clothes I'm like thanks yeah I just I don't know somebody just awful Violet purple be careful you'll be dead what am I doing this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Shari's Berries Christmas is just a couple days away I don't have them are you single looking for the perfect where did you get this perfect gift Shari's bake any here there are no no no no Berrie animal last week we did last time would you the perfect gift talking about Shari's Berries and you still have time to order Shari's Berries sweet freshly dipped strawberries starting to adjust 1999 that's a 40% savings the berries are fresh juicy and gift in dark white milk chocolate a delicious mystery with decadent toppings like chocolate chips and chocolate and Elderberry for just $10 more to get this deal go to berries.com and use special code teet Shari's Berries as holiday gifts or bring joy to everyone on your list is more than just Berrie stat snowman brownie pops chocolate peppermint cookies cheesecake bites deliver all your Fresh The Other Guys fresh to your door on the date you choose only way to get this amazing offer Shari's Berrie starting in 1999 visit berries.com that's berries.com click on the microphone with top right-hand corner and type in teeth Berrie.com click on the microphone typing teet order today get him Tennessee cheesecake by to see the star war movie I did just did not see it wasn't it kind of got fucked Gavin iPhone front left you were like right behind us I left YouTube Len that was it here by the way he was right behind us what I say supposably I would like to play Ford brake Gavin was behind so you're an okay friend that's why I wasn't a friend over and he was in the road but Josh was negative so someone I know about tickets for us to go to the movie and I just ended up going with someone else Undertaker and it was in my ticket or 11:30 on Friday morning so what time do markets in to taking on my ticket tonight I knew I could get that I did earlier that week like hey are we still going to Star Wars on Friday no reply when I'm sorry it's for you I didn't go 7:31 p.m. will you still putting a theme Star Wars this Friday question the real question no reply that I don't know want to see if you can get tickets for you it was great meeting you are bad at everything Battle Run making a chunk it and you do it people on cable in there Ruby Tuesday what you charge your Apple watch with don't confuse me do you charge Apple watch with the cord that came in the box with the Apple watch the charging on the doc what who what doc $79 as a gift are there honestly my cat shed so many of the regular cables he did he really missed it takes one by Bill just be like and it won't work anymore and I feel like for once that it sucks but doc will now I'm tests expensive rooster if I have that already what what what what birthday the watch was a gift when was your doc does the cat had to get the other the watch and the cat had 2 tables I had that watch for us the one you're wearing it because I go to the cheapest one you sent me this one already the watch and the doc the doc came from burni for your birthday what did you think about the Star Wars Star War I thought it was great I loved it it was okay I thought it was really really that's like saying 5:10 I would say my ranking is 45 7 text ultimate Return of the Jedi can tell the people that you order for watching the movies 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 for 561-237-4567 and burn one two three I thought I said the new one is 14523 six and you forget and you forget the Sun 10345 Vader Rd Gus 321 for me I'm sure it's all right you are we still in Saigon nothing I'll talk to Ashley she totally took the hit and she like read all the spoilers coming across son you can come and then add that to all of our channels at of those to the filters like most Major Spoilers making Family actually she told me stuff all the time I'm going to fill the time slot and it feel about the new Star Wars movie it was really good really really super really best Star Wars moments ever I can't believe the amount of money what is a 238 million that such a crazy amount of money to put like $4,100 right I should have figured out how many times Loews theater show that movie over the weekend 12 the tests were the one screaming so I had to get the tickets yesterday hey buddy you want to or whatever I told I told people that I think it wise if you tell people I know that you are there for Friday morning they're all Friday 11:30 I know it's Sunday but after Jaden over for me Kenny got a little bit of fever City for Russia but the next day she didn't want to go to see it again and I know it 2 hours 5 minutes what is really the 97 60 minutes and a little less with credit very well deserved very good movie Super very good and I'm really happy they took back that title from Jurassic world it's 20 times of movies at Jurassic a picture that they tweeted today yeah congratulations on breaking records funny movies even though to me and like he missed a few things tars and Case Case Case Case something I need a four letter name artificial characters in everything adorable like I totally Halo 2 watch Cortana like I did very Force awaken her to me so you're more interested in the nonhuman trying to act human then like the human who's been stripped of his Humanity essentially like Fallout intelligent stuff in it which is really I like it a lot I was actually quite love I want to make dough maybe it's part of your team I want to know about every single vote in the Fallout universe and like to experiment where anyone like you can really delve into that hole in Fallout 4 when to of disease and stuff that mole rat disease what's wrong with this boat for a while you have to leave and come back before you can figure out what was wrong yeah it's an experiment that kind of led to the downfall of the Vault but this one in particular was designed to try to destroy the Vault but then the thing was what was behind the walls and everybody back there. The people living in the walls of all operate as it should because if you read all the time you realize it was meant to be loads of people behind that in the second half of the vote but the guy refused to let notes by the people to show up there was only 3 showed up the electric tonight the only the people who just happen to be running and one guy who's shut up Le made it in the overseer the first overseer of the Vault though she knew about the right one I read everything and all the time I was in that hole in it Jimmy is that there's all that stuff that they do with the game it's just like the flavor text and you can just spend hours reading stuff to do with a game you could play the game and never read a single one but it's like this whole other universe is really flushed out crafted Darth relock it tipped over but I guess the robot which outlived all of the scientist just dumped their bodies and I put flowers in the middle it's like the others he was the last one she saw my favorite my favorite professor goodfeels 6 north of Fort Hagen is like a hippie robot the Galaxy no did you find the bit where there's a bunch of robots racing and you can't the computer and then it was really cold I can't remember what location was where they were talking about a computer program they had that was analyzing doing all the data analysis for different outcomes of the war and then they start to realize the program was little attention to them they tried to move it and they try to make it mobile and put it in like some kind of mobile device and the Holy Spirit with them getting that done and then later I ran into that robot like she works at the railroad Pam there's a hole location where it's all about her and her story and her and the other and then just wondering that's all I know in the Wasteland Berrie Le on and I was trying to see what I can see and I am a man but I can see it told him that I love son just something about way over here in the distance like there was some woman in the distance you can son do I put bill in a she can laugh about I may be a few hours later I ran into her in a completely different area and she still had light exclamation of Health from where I shot her and she didn't know who the hell is crazy that's what that's why I always take so long in that game you could never go back there and then just like came over the whole screen weird and I realized that I had to call in like waist deep into the ground as I can this is weird and I could just float through all of the geometry in that area doesn't work for me anymore I just float and is like a house we have to kill someone I just loaded into the house loaded up shot him game DVR that you can watch on my thing but it's like I stopped looking through stuff and yeah you were going to Good Neighbor musket to make a show out of that just like I said let's of like this is our adventures in Fallout 4 kind of broken for me so I can't really ever fully enjoy it I a I stop playing I can apply my second Len 3 on PC 7/9 PC now and I won't play 4K Ultra TV Guide ten times better-looking texted me I guess you guys can you stream 4K resolution 54554 everyone wants to put Empire Flooring you like I like the hot battle like force Instagram battle stuff really yeah that was when I was a kid and I watch movies that's what I was telling me that what star was the battle on hot the Trench Run in for like benjami but there was no Star Wars no war in the Stars Apple Xbox did know this I thought you blew his mind I did and he was sitting behind you sitting here behind blank yes I think silver ESO C3PO it turns out has a silver leg and has had a silver leg ever since episode 4 ever since the character James watch the whole of episode 4 last night I didn't know it was like what so then I showed you the opening and sure enough he's got a silver leg I was showing pictures of you no. You asked me earlier what color he was I should go oh I think I remember seeing that Return of the Jedi so I want to see because I know about it till today so I mean I didn't get you the other stuff Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker Kenny Baker specifically doesn't like Anthony Daniels really difficult but your characters are defined and spend almost all their time together on screen yep feel like punching and kicking to see the C3PO or is he just voice who does the voice for the little person was it one of the ultra fat little people the way that it was the right time I thought I had like a reduced lifespan yeah hold on Goodwill crazy on any a scale that it's it's it's weird to think about like how young those people were you know the actors were in the original in episode 4 when it came out and just have fucking all day like he went through he did not look so good he looks really sad of this month yeah that's cool then we from the phone to look up something bill pay later You're Not Elected oversee the repairs like I guess when Star Wars came out originally in the late seventies early eighties Tops made collectible trading cards for Star Wars there's that big like a urban legend that the C3PO one has like a dick on it this is something about you it's like there's something behind it but I can Crutchfield DIC whatever it is I was up there Gus what's the DIC 22nd thank you thank you for son really confused I was watching some son to watch the Star Wars movies and all them good luck with them what which by the way was never worried about episode 7 is not fully theme for Gus episode 7 more like episode 10 because they did that the amount of time that has passed and the event to take place between Return of the Jedi and episode 7 is a significant amount of stuff happens it's almost like they left an entire Trilogy is worth of stuff on the table with the two things that a lot of stuff has 14 episode 3 and episode 4 it seems like there's quite a bit going on there as well 3 and 4 wasn't like 20 years or so between 3 and 4 was for me Luke Skywalker becoming a baby and turning 22 so it's like 20 years but nothing happens with Luke Skywalker at that point I'm just like close up on tattooing of Star Wars episode is the same as its release number Darth Vader Jabba the Hut is in it and I was in DC so it's like I don't know how they do this in the original and I realize I was cut from the original and the footage is just Han Solo talking to some guy was Jabba the Hutt free visual effects it wasn't like they didn't know he was a slug or whatever Return of the Jedi when it was looking down and walk behind he's shaking Han Solo Down and Out silver steps on his tail what is a fuck you and it's like oh no that's okay it's okay I can change the animation I think the worst yeah there's 2 versions of him the first remastering in the Navy must him again to look different after that I've been doing a little lift Harrison Ford when he was behind and it looks terrible it looks really really notes rooster Boba Fett was supposed to say snow terrible section of me right from the set of Lord of the Rings apparently that's what he's projected from he looks terrible he said there's other seedy characters that don't look terrible he looks like in terrible it was the BB 8 a real a real drivable Droid how happy she is that none of those ones you can buy it I'm sure Star Wars celebration this past year they've brought one of the ones that they shot with arrow on stage like that's what they like it's a real thing that moves around it might have been assaulted I'm sure it's some of the Mercy GI mean there's real people in the movie that they turn into CD for certain shot in Amazon the time so for practical Jabba the Hutt scene that they added into episode 4 Force I'd take like spikes the lens that they know I'm not listening screen turns and looks right out of the can have it in the dead center of the frame and looked into he looks like tests like so what was the point was that just because of that because characters like everyone really gets cold character as being with you like really totally awesome badass character who does nothing in the stupidest way possible Han Solo Darth Vader catches Han Solo and gives in to Boba Fett tracks them follow that ship to people like him a lot I have absolutely no clue why but that's pretty much ever it is dude I know it's a bunch of crap in for you can prove that you can making bread and I realize it's just the guys cheeks like through the Kenny happy face lifting tests in Florida for pretty stupid fucking do backs in the movie give a fuck like boiler in his butt bigger than Bruce Willis being dead and everything like when people came like the generic spoiler like that of the rear spoiler is he was a ghost the whole time you mean like people say that I'm your father you know what it's like the court also has been like dead wrong and still like so many times over the years people think it's like Luke I am your father but it's not that quote he would have to say I'm your daddy of my father no father I think no I am your father I think there's a lot of stuff there's only one in the whole expanded universe stuff here but there are some fucking good things in the expanded universe or whatever the fuck you want to call it but I do Claremont University genndy tartakovsky series is not Kenny Strickland Wars the end of the computer animated series is Kenny didn't DIC didn't eat a Costco card cost what's grievou to carry most overrated Jabba it's a ship that plans is that stat School fights the lightsaber Darth Vader dough feel like when when Anakin gets his legs in them chopped off and he's like cruel and unfair melanin that spoil them in the doc they did they just have that thing lying around like that why does no one else have one is special just saving his life for you can breathe properly for what you put out you'll be okay I feel like I should have been at least a prototype 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Mandy's.com / Rooster Teeth right now get 20% off your first order plus all orders music and it always ship for free me and even has a money back guarantee if you don't love your first parent get to keep it and get a full refund you literally have nothing to lose for 20% off your first order of the world's most comfortable underwear at him and he's.com / Rooster Teeth right now that's wendys.com slash rooster teeth that are wearing them right now we were talking earlier about that car that picked up a car with C3PO that supposed to have have you ever seen that the baseball card the Billy Ripken baseball card where he's holding a bat over his shoulder and on the bottom of the batter would be on the bottom it says fuck face I don't fuk bake Country Thunder it's unbelievable that slipped through there's a there's a new series on it lately I've been really into like Netflix original series I feel like Netflix really laughing it up like everything everything is really good lately been watching Master and it's really awesome so I was going to this past weekend making a murderer so I started watching making a murderer glitches Shari's kind of drinks and 10 part documentary series making a murderer I don't know how some people just can't win it looks like the deck is stacked against them there's no there's like 10 episodes the whole movie from iPhone sorry that I mean that's what you sound like I'm sorry I got to find out what they were saying that apparently the core Star Wars writing team has the ability to use things from the expanded universe to make them Cannon but until that happens and they appear in a first-party the TV show or one of the main movies are not considered can it was upsetting because just one thing that I would take them University Star War 7 even better than it was and that isn't going to happen but I'm going to try to guess what you think from the expanded universe would be a good addition go ahead to Star Wars and I'm going to guess that you star me know is they should have had a grand Admiral thrawn as the head of what is the equivalent of the Empire instance that when I was a kid and I first read the Timothy Zahn books I always envisioned that as being quite the next hours would be me to the Empire in Decline and a great leader trying to pull it together to essentially mount a rebellion against the Rebellion Star Wars universe that doesn't appear on screen because he's so great in the book and there's a character that clearly could have been that character and they just didn't do it it's like it's like who is this guy when they invalidated the expanded universe that is what I was most sad to see go was the The Temprees on books how many goes back to like we talked about with the Matrix years ago once you have a character that's all powerful how do you stop that character in The Matrix does it by removing Neo from The Matrix Star Wars that by introducing an animal that blocks the force Fallout to the force people wear them on their shoulders and they just block the force of a bubble so they were Stormtroopers like Riggs like they would wear like baskets on them that happy for me that way they weren't affected by the force of making fight Jedi Academy rendering of an alarm in my head thought of them as lizards like iguanas Mula a cross between an aardvark and it was close it was ysalamir y Amir furry lizard-like tree dwellers about 50 centimeters and a length of 3.3 803 of Elizabeth was the first free trade what are you thinking I'm thinking I would like I just lost another not really like General force and it was a premeditated one fucking lying game episode 1 creatures in your bloodstream that connects you to the force and they can tests charging cable of Qui-Gon Jinn tests Anakin Skywalker's blood right it wouldn't shoot it but somebody in the other room has to go why isn't in here why are we doing this come from we going somewhere just sticking it in there like fuck everything up completely remove the mysticism from the whole movie was crazy also it also was a terrible thing because it was very obviously one of those Gillette women's razors that he's using the Qui-Gon would be like to be a hair dryer in it and stuff you're made of I just household objects but this was literally just the razor blade attached to a TV maybe think about last night is like just like he had a deadline to come up with the song and I love that jingle and Gus is that really you never let me know what is it what's the whole song for Hot Pocket Hot Pocket but you haven't picture of my paycheck for what you have in pocket and there's the tester sit in front of bombing Barbara what years APPL DIC in pregnancy how far is it to get right they are not even told your tongue to look like a big old lump in the middle DIC just plain old cheese in pocket me or like little chunks of ham and we want to be like to be like a ham sandwich made out of that has just like you farm him out of Hot Pocket ice cream and the to the cookie dough chunk sand made cookies with it they were all the cookie dough that comes in the cookie dough ice cream it was just like this month's favorite flavor of ice cream a lot flavor of ice cream 84 hour ago that is so fucking overrated please realize one day that you don't like he doesn't do anything ever he does nothing but Master Chief in the first Halo you eat in your head he remembers everything he's just confused because she's like yeah but there's no thinking of really cuz there's a character in 7 the trust comparisons to Boba Fett and it's equally is really who's the most nothing nonsense garbage character in the new Star Wars movie okay the impact on you that's why you don't know what that was it do you know the movie I see me character in the movie I thought the church was built up big time for the movies being a fucking bad-ass and I can't wait to use character on screen that you can you can wait 3 hours cause they're just never to be on screen to me when you off screen so I know who you are right about the Chrome Stormtrooper Le nothing literally does nothing the entire movie about as fast as going to be in it just like 5 minutes battle in the movie The logging industry make their film critic I was wrong with the articles about how everyone they knew was really upset with Gwendolyn Christie in all the Press junkets but she didn't have anything to say about Star Wars it was like pulling teeth to get her to talk about anything like that movies out with the guy who plays Finn was named John boyega he's saying that he's really great all of his friends. He just had like a big part because you wouldn't talk about the movie or you couldn't talk about it they're like oh yeah we know him he probably just couldn't tell the star of the movie trailer we got the win the one trailer showed him like letting a lightsaber which I think was like watching that moment and that's pretty cool Star Wars lightsaber I'm not there no more marketing misdirect and there are some there are some of the best Star Wars characters in this movie so I think clearly but I like going to the movies are still a lot of mystery about it there were just a couple of trailers if anything the TV spot that started over saturating it may be a bit at the end but really Story season the movie it's just the same footage used over and over and he was like you're probably in The Watch movie the original Three movies as much as the movie time for everything else he's like a stormtrooper a pretty funny scene Le anybody who even knows who that is based on the trailers has probably gone to see the movie by the time they're listening it really doesn't of most people who are watching a podcast have probably seen people who are upset but I didn't read it fast enough but I was so close to not getting any spoilers for like 5 days in the movie but I feel like we haven't really said anything where to get rid of my belly fat is in the city character I was going to watch this weekend first time ever I talked about how pissed off I was I couldn't watch digital movies I own on the Xbox cuz they were down there this weekend we watching the old movies Twilight bloo right now and it looks better Star War movies I was watching it Star Wars trailer no charge on this to watch the trailer no charging okay 3 trailer for the prequel trilogy which Outlook so stick with your team with the green plane making movies in Flight bad TGIF the original Star Wars stuff from the sea just like it looked really good I was just watching today to prove it C3PO has a silver Len we're watching the very first scene from Star Wars Episode 4 end like that tests are coming over the top of it that the full model it looks great mothers always told us it looks great now you made it right the first time scrolling text last night they just moved out the background and put on space now that I know your computer going to be like for the next week in the cockpit stuff like that on tables in there people under the table just like lifting things that just like seal the deal I'm actually coming in literally of tools text Trent warm it is when something comes out and had some kind of revolutionary visual effect that is a plug-in like the next generation of post software it's crazy because it was going to go to like this new technique is somebody invented to just like press the button Mula slider and just get it crazy sometimes even just like if it's not a software package like I think about in The Matrix when they had full-time for the first time in like no one has ever seen that before and then within a month it was like in a guy that just now it's just for the day more like nobody was like I was with this one for like 3 or 4 years it was like you know it's you know it's it's a red vs blue stat movies are there you're the first Seminole on your legs I gotta love him myself the shorts really easily to golden Transit struggling so hard to resolve your jacket it's within my eyes I figured as much problems as your pack catch wrestling ever gotten to like stop thinking I should be okay? Abba in under 10 pounds and my goal was to my back on a 10-pound package to about 17 pounds what would 3 pound pack too so I was like 14 pounds of stuff actually made a video about everything in their path but I mean you're on television attack strategy with something that involves on the fly if it's not one of those things that I think ever end up on screen and it was like when I was researching to go on the race I was like reading a bunch of interviews try to figure out what people put in their backs what they would need and that would be very hard to find that information it's a piece of information that seems like it's only relevant to 22 people every year or every 6 months so it's really think about it we can talk about Christmas do you put your photo will be back on Monday Monday what's up with that Christmas Saturday gu the rest Friday or I need an emergency I'll be in England or fre