#356 - Surge Shrinks Your Schlong?

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais and Burnie Burns as they discuss sodas shrinking your manhood, the difference between a shower and a grower and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on December 28, 2015.

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Recorded: 2015-12-29 16:19:16

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello hello come over to podcast on this weekend brought to you by lynda.com and trunk club I like saying that makes you sound like a real person but you by lynda.com trunk like I'm sorry that this happened I don't know it's been up and had a temporary more that I forgot to do something really like 6 minutes yes I am 1129 I was very late to the special Star Wars podcast that we were Chris podcast and and released as a separate video on YouTube speaking about your podcast I have a beef with my least favorite company in the world APPL Sears Apple iPad and I have this app on iOS call podcast podcast underwent a change a change on the backend here the way that we do podcast we had to update the feed from an old server to a new server iTune to your L & M iTune slow down you aren't you you're over there like cool so I had to do this for most immoral podcast I have been sorry with the old website went through updated them all put in your feed URL and check on iTune to my laptop everything updated reports of people like podcast podcast but I do want to come see if you the podcast subscribe look at you for a few if you don't then you're sure it's a stuck reading L she doesn't need that iTunes and iTune that really has nothing to do with the podcast thing right so I told him how do I do it so it doesn't suck up to do it this way it's fucked up Jason burn them all so fucking mad at myself text me telling me how to fix it right now like an Android tablet that just hit me know so I can work it out transcribe it will be what the problem is and I guess you're not getting your Blazer tea Miss and screaming in my hometown that's the new that's a new one I saw you replied it's somebody I was like oh Barbara drop in the bucket but you gotta try you gotta try everyday so I was I had a horrible thing happen like the day after Christmas where I broke my Elite controller for the Xbox I don't know how I broke my left bumper button I must do something about bumper buttons it just like her matching the shit bumper buttons right my L be and that's $150 controller so just like its force it now we can you replace just the bumper don't know what's wrong with it how much get the mashed potatoes in there more than this one but it's like you press it nothing it's like I don't know what's wrong with it is it possible open it up and try to do that rubber pads on the bottom I could technically set up a paddle on the bottom and map of going to be I'm not doing that I'm just getting my controller or discovering that I broke my trailer then drop and smashed my iPhone 6 it was $1,000 NASA Space Center Cape and it was really fun to think about it come back to it it was absolutely ridiculous that's a lot of money in a very short amount of time I was just touching anything for the rest of the day that was something of Wars I guarantee if I drop my phone off from the Second Story on it and it was fine about the balcony onto a hard floor really the case did they have like a the ridge around the front of it was from a second-story balcony and fell and hit like water cement or something land face-down hurt like this on its back so I didn't know if it was over guy who broke and ran down there and it's fun cruises don't drop your fucking phone the Moral Stories don't because I do weird thing where I want to upgrade my phone but I don't spend the money when I have a perfectly good phone so I will take the case off my existing phone or just be like the six the iPhone six was complaining about it so much it was a definite piece of shit and Gavin assures me that the success is a much better phone and so I can want to upgrade to the 6s but I was like New Year's and something came out the 6 so I can just like you want to do First Niagara if you're going to be dropping it your current phone only switch phones when I break them I have never upgrade from a non broken phone every other week you break them is a beer and a half to your head if you drop your phone in the toilet or something or it gets wet and it sends out like a message to everyone like an automatic like your phone is wet why it does that waiting on your call you know what Dad used to do that is Tamagotchi Steve Tamagotchi burn and I dropped mine in the pool land time and because it died I guess you see the little Tamagotchi pet like fall over and like all these X's Gold and I mean you could kill the device and it shows it done yeah that's cool at least more episodes of a working device if I can work either for a joke Midway die they just gave everybody who calls you a spooky ghost take all the pictures everything before you more like Siri home to you so I downgraded in a way I went to the success but I went to the smaller version I didn't get the big fat plus one just cuz I just like you disrespected me don't like the big hand motions Tokyo world coming back after the holidays I'm sure I left he was travelling still traveling for the holidays is fucking terrible especially when you let the bad weather around here don't really have to do it L for like 4 or 5 years now I went down to visit some family didn't see the Christmas I went down to Google shut up home for Christmas and then as I was driving down there I'd forgotten to fill up my car with gas before I drove down to visit them so like partway between here and I was like okay I gotta stop and get gas at stop it sometime the middle of nowhere try to use my credit card to pay for gas putting them in the pump it's like please see attendant your credit card has been locked did you just try to purchase fuel in shitsville Texas and I was like if yes reply 1 if no reply to it like one okay your car's been unlocked please try again but I travel all over the world with this card gas pump Asheville Texas blocked a red belly frog security during the holidays apparently these are huge time for fraud on credit cards surge time passes we can do that like that seasonal the grocery store then my house will check IDs but only during the month of December and it said that they should really check IDs for credit cards during December a lot of cool services in Austin Google Fiber is coming to La Gus yeah can't wait to see land 15 years from when they announced Google Fiber you said before that you don't know anybody was Google Fiber and I see people in the comments repeatedly say but Gus has Google Fiber I do not have any Google Fiber I do have a fiber catch up with another ice PE but you're right I don't know anybody with Google Fiber can you one person who lived in a neighborhood that had it and then but that person can no longer say that after I made that tweet David a Google contact me via email there like we're ready to install your 5 days from now Google social media or something barbar sauce until I have to fiber connections cut off AT&T AT&T dropped the price of Google Earth 18 tea fiber everywhere in Austin which is really what happens when they announce it Google Fiber is going somewhere they want people to sign up for contract whatever but I cancel AT&T and Google should I say like Google kind of like strung out just not have the Google Fiber installed the service light guy doing the installation but not the connection that's a little worried you're going to do that I'm going to get the Jack installed for Google Fiber because I'm going to sell I'm selling that house and in Austin it's like I was this year guy who fiber the old lady I'm all moved out and everything but I don't want to be a landlord and how I feel about the current landlord I will be like hey look the heaters on this thing is broken it's like the water heater busted and I'm like yeah it's a bummer doing work on a house that I'm not living in a ticket to spend a lot of time at arilinn to be a good landlord it's a lot of time and I know you have so it's pretty funny but if you want to do the same to Aaron where Aaron was about to buy a new place but at the place they live in both him and his brother they have separate Apartments you own a place and rent it out to somebody so itchy and it is owned by someone and they're usually rented out like on dos and so his brother wanted to secretly buy the place and was going to move into and then just be his landlord without telling him and so when something breaks you would just show up like with a plunger I feel like it's like the most practical an account manager for a hotel something he is very the place we stayed at one hotel all the time you have an account with them you would like it so that we have a count manages like when people do shit like that your car valet L feel like managers those and he has way too much responsibility cat-scratch so he's going to buy a car electric company to do it at this point I do not want to rest of your money in this but I would watch this yeah I would like some cold I like to fuck with you mentally if you don't like that about 2 years ago water heater but two years ago you have to use my water heater broke on New Year's Eve now when it broke did it stop working or did it bust open it was one of those things where it was a tankless water heater and I was sitting in my living room I hear water tank was and it was just like hearing water everywhere it's like a little bigger than increase the temperature has it's a much bigger one it's probably like the size of the table but it's like endless hot water I can have every hot water the other one ever asked what's up why would it run out of hot water tank will probably have my old place was it was so small it couldn't provide hot water till Apple places at once I say okay Justin come to power than you want to have it like every bathtub the dishwasher or the washing machine like everyone that does the whole house to my electric was electric don't do that NASA flight to Italy they look like oil filter black oil filters essentially when it and it's like and just a bunch of wires looks like a bomb like Ashley has a thing that I for some reason didn't know existed don't they have these in Canada more and like tea cultures where she has an electric kettl I never the kid you take a kettl put water that you put on the stove and it would take so long to heat up there was a fucking whistle to alert you when you walked into the next room cuz you're tired of watching it electric kettl you can a specific temperature to switching to go and like heate water super fast but it still takes a good 3 minutes to do it why don't they just make kettl Star whatever this oil filter dos and it just like all of us so you have boiling water there's there's one I forgot to the Japanese company I think it's like there were two tea or something like that that they just make like a little canister and it's always like you just push a button and it just water on demand superpower that's like if you could your hand like something that could be like a superhero like heate you like Batman or something he built his own superpower burni don't like boiling water management energy like a little like I was not enough for my whole house I think was like 40 hours will they have a whole extra grids are power plant on Griggs in the UK that are ready to take over at halftime football matches because everyone fire something kettl and it like put the string in the grid need to spend up other powers like the most English thing what have time time during football match American soccer ball foot UK kettles in my covered that before so I'm going to see if it's true guy tea time in Britain causes predictable massive surge in electricity Demand by the way you guys are nineties kids did you drink surg don't stop because it's trunk your penis there's a rumor in middle school or Elementary School it was a rumor that surge for shrink your penis that was like a and end and everyone stopped drinking it I think that's honestly think that's the reason they feel I never heard it was that I was not in elementary school once I got around that when you know that shrinks your penis no one drink thanks like some kids mom told him that and then he told every other kid I don't know triple off and how do I get home stop drinking sugary drink hey Jimmy your Cox connection why do my mom's and I heard it is the same soak corn before Tamagotchi video on Twitter the the my Supply is made by Zojirushi and that person to say it still takes time I thought it was like hot water heaters and everything else good to put hot water in the bathroom that's what you want water washing machine shower scene but that's what the dishwasher I just thought you taught water you put in water and then heate State don't water don't even trust the pi 2 have different heating element to melt plastic you leave it there is nothing like running the dishwasher leaving the coming home and being open and don't like what you like and like something melted around it off the top down onto the heating element of and just like milk kitchen was full of soapy water apartment dishwasher that came with the place don't know if it's that I didn't close it all the way or that something open. Also the dishwasher detergent is not interchangeable with this it doesn't work it won't work but it has bubbles ever lived in the dishwasher and it just like it makes a phone Ma phone yeah you can't stop it I mean no no no I was at this is one thing where I still live with my parents but I was still like in in a teenager so you're not trusted to live alone yeah yeah yeah why was a freshman in college but I put the time so no I mean I think at that point I asked ahead of time like I do laundry instructions on the barbar Star College probably burn my laundry Middle School probably yeah I saw it when I was 13 the fuck did you guys get the call I didn't I just never did laundry 5322 ever do my laundry separately my mother was also the same way but she said you're going to learn how to do this and you're going to start doing it for not even knowing and I was fucking it up yeah she like made me start doing that one or two times when my family was on vacation I was at staying at home or something and I need you my laundry but I mean my mom didn't trust him the guy who like flooded the kitchen with bubbles so I was in charge of folding the clothes that was my thing you already fucked up on The Amazing Race I've been listening to his biography Before the Race started and did laundry for the first time in 9 years old and he fucked up so bad that he can't bring himself to do laundry ever since that day he pays like someone else to do his laundry it is hard to get inside the dryer not to me I didn't it is a thing that I have heard it remind me when was my The Surge thing I am in the Burger King in years and I for some reason I end up in a Burger King just recently he say hi for me to professionally wake up Hungry Jacks is it called in Australia and they have surge at Burger King surge like frozen drinks everyone Britney's house right now if you want to shrink your dick College in a couple weeks for some reason to Burger King here in Austin and I walked in and I looked around at everyone who's sitting there first I was like there's something weird about this I look up to the counter and ordered waiting for my food off to the side and look at everyone who's sitting there eating it is all middle-aged guys sitting by themselves looking incredibly sad looking down at their burger only have in their life is this Whopper Electric the one of those are there for the Hilbert she stood out because it doesn't snow restaurant that didn't have a drive-thru the things you Burger King drive-thru of any kind it's really weird really and it's not like it's him then there are some City things where they put restrictions on drive-thrus in certain places in the city you know of another fast food restaurant in Austin that doesn't have drugs you know they did do that I think I'm on Riverside I think to restrict people putting up more fast food restaurants okay so I think that could be nothing so weird and that's where you can find all the sad people you can bear the cameras for the reminder burn this after the podcast is brought to you by lynda.com want to thank our sponsor lynda.com the online help you strengthen your business technology and creative skills for a free 10-day trial visit lynda.com slash Rooster Teeth lynda.com is for problem solvers for Curious people who want to make things happen maybe want to master Excel learning the Goshi ation tactics build a website or boost your Photoshop skills go to lynda.com / heate and feed your curious mind with a lynda.com membership you can watch and learn from Top experts were passionate about teaching 2002 video courses on demand and learn at your own schedule there at your own pace course the structures you can watch them from start to finish or consume them in bite-size pieces don't you Turtles and watch them on the go and couldn't access on your iOS or Android device your live.com membership will give you unlimited access to training on hundreds of topics all for one flat feet what are you looking to become an expert your passion about a hobby or just want to learn something you go to Lynn.com / Rooster Teeth Now and sign up for your free 10-day trial that's Lynda.com / Rooster Teeth be sure to use that URL so you know we sent you I think maybe more than any other people always are asking about lynda.com they're always like me to come at like what's the service where you can learn something or and you can watch online lessons there you go free 10-day trial and.com / Rooster Teeth the one woman one of the lessons is how to get up and running with RSS feed APPL artist surprisingly by Nick Brazzi it's surprisingly complex like try to figure out artist indication that comes out of your right it is just a bucket that should just be like a PE specific version of an API using URL that's all you should do is like figuring all that out and if it doesn't work guy so I love you much and I like artist because I can subscribe to multiple website I have to go visit the website any time there's any article of something but it's okay if I use the reader can use 5 piece of shit don't download it guy bought this app from the OS 10 App Store back in July it was called news fire and all it does is you paste in an RSS URL and then select for Mashable I tasted like your front page news don't you tell people that you time the front new artist to watch video about lost explained in 4 minutes which is terrible early November so one morning I go to launch news fire and it wasn't my dog and it just doesn't look like that's weird try again looks like bounces doesn't lock so I look it up it's like 10 bucks for this program for months and I look it up like 1 review for it on the App Store it looks like it just doesn't work anymore Huffington Post sues of a program for three or four months and then I would just isn't working for me right now he just gave up on it criticize your whole approach you learned all about RSS feeds you the trouble of finding RSS feeds of the site that you want to go like you download another program it said the RSS addresses into this thing and then you just say what you want to look at website you want this program and go through them that's always just leave it there not going and looking at stuff that you've already seen or you're not just going and there's nothing there if I have to see the whole thing and then you do it the best thing ever but never really got to watch the city video National put out today by the way it's not lost it's lost I just like that video I give it a thumbs down it was just an accurate revisit relearn 4 minutes of bad jokes about lost is like the point of your hair sorry dude so it doesn't work as well did you hear about the traffic probably because that wasn't him you know he did that why you stopped traffic there because that's her favorite view of Houston and it was like Chris Christie stop traffic across 5 Lanes they got out the car why all this stuff so that you can send out the force dude I would run them over but legally he's going to jail Chili's upper class misdemeanor which can have up to 6 months in jail I should find every single one of those people who help them to make sure they cute Justin is serious about freeways and traffic they're going to throw the book at him cars that was stopped because his wife was in labor Jam like sheer probability if you stop traffic in Houston for like 2 minutes yes there's probably and it's only going to start going in the traffic problem goes away and who knows how many accidents they cause car stop and how many hours that residual traffic there and he was like yeah clu it's only 5 minutes to take time out and just stop traffic but it's a dick move that stopped a hundred people for five minutes which is 500 minutes yeah it's not like 5 minutes so we got divorced because somebody was late somewhere or something like that I'm sure couple both of them are equally just like really really stupid traffic this early break and I didn't realize that it would be such a problem that you know it we're just don't like oh my God okay I'll be cut your wrists open right now that was so infuriated when I saw that fucking terrible it is one of the first cars like behind the window guy runs over proposa the guy who proposes at someone else's wedding but like way worse you know like it no the girl I feel like it's just me and that this is not going to work night to prepare for this party and you're sucking I think I'm leaving do you have the same thought you did barbar when I saw that woman talk in the video right now there's a reason to survive first people who talk too much about it last week but SpaceX and landed their Falcon 9 rocket so we started fighting with them taking off and I turn it off and restart the podcast at that moment really badass facility I mean like when a country they were screaming but nothing landed they just went absolutely and so they're not the first person that's right like I'm going to and then land at the rocket and so I thought it was SpaceX did it to their second and then I saw a diagram illustrating the difference in the mission that the two underwent and it showed blue origin goes straight it was straight up barely any space and come straight back out right SpaceX went out much further deploy the payload and then like loop back around he'll see satellites get for the route SpaceX origin you took a football and threw it up in the air a hundred feet and and caught it yourself that's pretty cool but it the orbital one is like throwing a hundred yards and catching it yourself like running underneath the ball and catching it that's like the difference in the degree of difficulty first one it was still super hard and it was historical and everything that blue origin did it but it's a much different shape rocket it so it's meant to deliver I didn't people into space for like 4 minutes one of those Adventure rides where you going to like suborbital flight you can see the curvature of the earth and everything in it come straight back down this is what found bases on the NASA pillows so that I can curb is the and I just have to find it and control it I'll see if I can if I can full orbit of the Earth but there's a still image that illustrates it send it to him I don't fully understand what the implications of this are but every comment that I read from someone who seems to have a better understanding of aerospace engineering and I do like this is an enormous Milestone most people don't understand the impact of this rocket I mean they can make more flights is essentially what it boils down to if they land the rocket which launches the payload of the space like you see the Apollo missions was like stage 1 separation and the most blacks into the ocean is like stage one separation within stage one comes back and lands back of a truck there's like blue origin goes up comes back into space at end of line going up to the right is the payload a diploid that's cool so I see as well that's two different things I mean it is a hundred kilometers to get all the way out there also the shape of the Rock in the blue origin one of the videos are online blue origin is much shorter much better in order for the Falcon rocket orbit with pillow to have to be a little longer than a rocket which makes it a lot harder to land because it wants to topple over her some really awesome videos of previous attempt to try to land this thing and it just smashing it orange I don't know because I thought that's what I thought SpaceX was trying to do was try to land on a barge in the ocean have been trying to do that I don't know if this particular and they just did they just try to be good try to like land on land I don't know maybe it would be harder like a moving Target like there's a lot of shit that you could fall in yeah so one of the people on Twitter saying it's as big an achievement as the shuttle was a reusable Land Apple functioning unmanned rocket returned to the problem we realize what the shuttle was it was a great idea I didn't realize it takes months to turn it around have it be ready to have it be have that turned around really reduce to time to make it like the Russians Rockets and the rockets are enormously predictable and very reliable and I can just like it said in the speech was that if they tell you a year from now the time and date the soyuz rocket and launch it launches within like 5 Seconds of that they don't little stuff for weather they don't scrub the launch is there any way that they go up and said it's like a combination because it's it's got the reliability of like Street Rock and deliver but it's got the reason why I can't I think and returned Earth does it cost an enormous amount of fuel no.2 land they think I'm watching this thing on cover and trying to land and thinking that's a lotta extra fuel extra gas to fuel up the and have to send if you like exactly so that adds to the weight of trying to get this thing out of the orbit is enough fuel to land it again but I should have figured out the spreadsheet to scale that is not scale the package that you would I'm pretty sure double the height of the blue origin rocket rooster Portland you got a lot of really awesome stuff blue origin images that people are taking all the pictures taken out of Falcon that have taken down drones yeah it was like a falcon sitting on top of the Drone out there this time yeah yeah I can imagine trying to land that one on the right and you'll end up right perfect images likes it over it triumphantly never Google Fiber the light show demonstration of the actual ones in motion and it looked okay but I don't remember it look like R2D2 and C3PO so all this like talking about drones being unsafe and everything you'd like to the rear drums on Airport and everything Somebody went through come through all the Collision data for airplanes and determine that there's been zero collisions of aircraft with drones and there's been a hundred and ninety-eight documented collisions of aircraft with turtles major crab fishing how to make an air cannon said Dorado when speaking to popular science about his findings I picked turtles because Turtles are funny how to hook up your cross the runway and run over by the tires or like maybe sucked into an engine but that doesn't star in the sky somewhere like someone Eli drone at a retreat this Turtles 1990 to 2015 Harvey tweet this now drone artist Norah Jones in 1990 so it is obviously but it's still really funny that's an excellent point Chris but Turtles are heate minute every treaty that hopefully work soon so the law where if you own a drone have to register with the FAA that wouldn't affect right so I don't know I have to registrate I think so I think like as of this past Monday as of today or last Monday you have to like register with the FAA if you wanted to what counts as a drone vs. just a little like flying thing because I'm not stupid so I don't know maybe drone specific Chris has some level of autonomy that's what I feel like when I hear the word drone with it maybe it's only the cover on it sound like the Drone that I have which is a DJI Phantom it has a GPS in it and so it like you just send it up and the wind hits it it starts blowing it because I'm not getting any commands to move and it's freezing in the same place and my GPS is changing so it just sounded like it big Google just wants to keep it so basically in the same place Force up to a certain point then certainly not I have no idea how windy it is like 300 feet over my head because I was so you just disappear and then he gets out of range of your and you just go from home remote anymore so I know where I started based on my GPS I'll just go back there so just like coming back to school like everything feel like fucking the registration begins December 21st Restorations free the first 30 days it's a terrible website and I game December 21st okay great see you soon as the definition of drone what is it Look up the definition of the FAA downloading model aircraft dos and don't and less than 55 pounds unmanned aircraft weighing more than 45 pounds can not use this registration process and must register using the aircraft registry process an unmanned crab that's more than half a pound you have to register it minding my time reading the do's and don'ts the FAA made a nice little graphic here hey you know we should do New Flyer model aircraft for personal enjoyment someone got paid to make that this is a fucking Government website marqui come up with is it good point Barbara they have a shitload of don't and I pi they said do not fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport 5 miles on this one new contact the airport or control tower when flying within 5 miles of the airport quits don't order with permission so fucking annoying if you were working in airport and let people want to let you guys know I don't call Blue Flame model aircraft at the local model aircraft Club what if you don't want to don't find your mind aircraft the don't make sense don't fly contrary to your arrow model and community-based safety guidelines allow what community-based safety guidelines with the other do you take lessons and learn it's almost like and don't like don't fight with someone in the Austin area modeling community and find out what are often based safety guidelines are Austin arrow modeling it's like we have drones and hoverboards and get for Christmas and they're all city it's like it doesn't the hoverboard doesn't cover it just catches fire drone czarlite AI don't know like Falcon kill them self-sufficient they're not like and then it will thing that they didn't build it on Cyber Monday they announced they were going to be pretty good sleep drone China theoretically it was just made a delivery via drone video guy biting me to take your point but pretty much like Amazon drone Austin was one the autocomplete this drone looks so stupid what is it clocks and dreams to Amazon Prime in Austin now will deliver food yes it will yes it will go to some cards and everything trucks AI Prime now that's that's different though then you can okay but now you just pay as you do it you like to order now either drone or Burger King I would do it but I'm going to wait around you do it I don't have it what is it Prime now to send me to feel better about yourself I do have it and what you want what you want Frozen surge Frozen surge Burger King I'm sorry I Chris you want one I want one true story more I order all my groceries through another one of these apps where you just like put what you want to bring it Ai No go to the grocery store because I was like NASA but I know I know we didn't go outside and it was because we had like instacart come up the weekend yeah it was weird to me so I had so I ordered some food over the weekend I'm pretty so I had to exchange some text messages with invariably what happens is you order all your food to go to the grocery store and then they're like oh we can't find an apple right like we got you a pair Apple that happens all the time with this thing we couldn't find the strawberry yogurt so we got your cherry yogurt I've never been in the store with my shopping with some of the same thing every time I go to the store I've been and that you don't have the food that I brought up that's all from my fucking groceries and this is no this is another service don't have organic Fuji apples they were replaced with AI can red delicious apples pears and I was like no can you get honeycrisp apples instead and they were like no they only have Granny Smith and crab apples I would trade company 1930 cross street with my pretty little superstar football they're not edible they're like the things that you trick your brother and Heating your profile picture is a picture of a horse a horse it was awful crab apple delicious those awful terrible radishes tea guy that force will promise that you can have that order groceries online didn't have the apples I want how do you say to them he said no I don't want to know and then I don't want them okay I already checked out but I will return the Apple did it have a question though with InStyler Turtles AI don't want APPL the people of returned the cashiers like you're returning APPL don't like sorry about everything with my parents I don't know if it's different for the people but when you're ordering you can select replace this with this if you don't find it or if you don't find a door place that also have them suggest a replacement so I always get them Texas Whole Foods at the electricity in foods and HEB Land O Tea Company Central Market this shit someone on Twitter Emily why why and it's 4:31 CET Gus went from being mad about APPL to be mad about actual APPL electric window that's good it's pretty good thank you I will try Amazon Prime now next week with the Drone can you order drone with a drone we were doing RTX this past year we have like a hospitality room for guests and I and I was there when we opened on Friday and I sat down and I looked around the room and I thought music player something to this music so I try to the TV in the hotel room and there's like no music and just put on but using prime now I ordered a Bluetooth speaker and the guy came and brought it like 30 minutes like you said something to me good now but soon it will be and she was doing I wanted to talk to me and then they were finished it showed up and showed up at the house and I was able to jump on the street that's really crazy I didn't just feel like why aren't there any like $200 controllers and that is a really nice controllers and the value but this is got metal sticks in everything but the fucking bumper the talk was still plastic and still broke more than I love you much much much much people people have really expensive mice and keyboards for gaming right and it's like you make sense in trying to feel like people who are into PC gaming or a lot more in it and if you buy a console it's like a couple and it looks like you're buying like $100 per component building like the best thing you can so you know that extends to the keyboard in the mouse as well and I would also like more of the same guy names on Twitter and was in a position where he works but he says he works at Target and 90% of time to throw away food when people return it that's too bad poor APPL what am I doing this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by Trunk Club New Year's parties credit airport the family you have enough things to worry about during the holidays and your outfit shouldn't be one of them Trunk Club has your back trunk lip take that has a lot of shopping by shipping you a trunk of clothes that fit perfectly and make you look like a million bucks with all the new fall and winter styles at trunk club.com / 42 answer simple questions about your style preferences and size in your assigned an expert stylist accurate closing the best premium Brands and you approve 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going on with the weather on Sunday it was like 9 different zones of weather this is like snow this winter advisory this extreme thunderstorms and tornadoes with everyone all seems like the right below it all sounds like sitting sitting at home watching TV then like all the same with my lights just went out for a minute and came back on and then I just heard like non-stop hail outside of my house I'm so sorry therefore I think 200 and 300 houses got destroyed I mean I traveled I was until this morning because my flight was morning morning like Monday however people though that had flights on Sunday and they've been there all night and stay the night I force Wars 2 how do Dallas today only I flew from deliver burn Dallas and they're all I just heard I've never heard more fox in a airport ever really just not like people fucking is my plane has been delayed and they had a different thing and everyone that was in front of me said fuck I've been in here before and seen just like where they'll bring cops out and I've seen just like a whole section of the airport filled with cops and it's like people think I know what I saw it was like they were just empty like they knew it was coming so I just realized he was sleeping here tonight until they had like a cute little puppy that they had 4 people to pay it when I got off the plane as well as like a comfort relief for something I thought United was due yeah and there was one dog I wanted to steal you had one dog in Dallas airport was like it looks like a little black bug war Ai No Shiba but it was like when I was like really cute light brown fluffy dogs that's like women like you know a waitress is being really really flirty with you and you know she's doing it for like 2 because she's a waitress and it's like part of the thing but you still like her into it right now with me all the time storm watch winter storm warning blizzard warning and then face blue Montebello non-stop for 10 minutes over the top of my truck and I'll take it down so you know video I feel like it's been a really mild you know it's been really warm really unusual up until now there's a picture someone posted of like Texas weather and it was I think Friday was 73 and sunny Saturday was tornadoes Sunday was hail and then Monday is like 31 and felt like we went from being in the seventies to being in the thirties with in like 4 days it was it was weird we had hail in the winter storm so we never got down below freezing the entire time I was worried about like like get to work if it's like the roads ice over in Austin if we get we're going to snow on the ground but sometimes we'll get like a quarter of an inch of an inch of ice and it's it's it's just it's done for we have no ability to deal with that salt trucks or anything like that so that people slide off the road weather like that was dumb 3540 minutes to go to work because I was an idiot what is about 33 degrees it was raining and it was like sure enough you were like flying off the roof and we're making fun of her when she turned out like Joe had wrecked his car that morning it's amazing how that happens we'll go with the safest drivers the freeway how does how do you get into cars AI don't you adore the most common technology stuff you know like a car text. But I mind that cars I got I don't know I don't Lynd the cars and be like excited about Indians fighting about exactly car siren or the card to me was that it had an AUX port to plug in my iPod and that's really cool that was example more classic like engineering and stuff like that the other ones more like electronic and Technology Carlson dislike Sports I don't know what he's also liked it and stuff I don't know something about cars that just missing you thank you for your trunk and surge I just don't want to bypass cars I don't like cars this is and I know the least about like someone could be like what kind of car it's Blue Force support or blue actually I was driving United South of the office but while I was driving there I was stopped at a stoplight and I saw two guys breaking into a car and I was stopped like right next to them and you could tell that there will be really shift because one guy was kinda like leaning on the carpet trying to be on a phone call on the other one had a crowbar and I didn't really make eye contact I stopped at the next street and I called nine-one-one and I said that there's a car being stolen and I like I can you describe the car and I was like it was great and I look a like a like a order is like I think it was dark it's night time so it's hard to tell Ma weather 42517 Toyota MR2 Toyota Toyota Stadium the same way like I never really got in the car and I didn't understand them so years ago I decided to buy an old car an old truck like she's going to learn how cars work because I bought this old truck and everything in the truck is very mechanically you can figure it out it's like there's nothing wrong with Plex about it's like the fuel pump has like a lever that does this and it's pumps feel like it's it's very very manual process even traced everything you put the pedal to see if I can next to the wire is a carburetor it was a good idea in theory but in practice I just ended up with a broken car key broken car and I had to drive around with a tool box that's good it was it was it was before we go out to the truck and I go to start it I'm not starting I'm sorry but don't worry I'll be right back star quits in Orlando Florida burni guy covered in grease and dirt like you know your dress is missing something no I have to try these on formats and that was when I first started to make money when we sold the week started selling first season DVDs and then Gus and Jeff they got a paycheck like really for the first really the first paycheck right and then you guys if it's and really goes out and buys 1964 Ford truck and she said she had always had a dream to own a classic Bronco he was going over to Classic Bronco his whole life and he was going to do that finally as I can you know do it if you feel like you should do it you showed up the next day to work with I'd like a 1966 Mustang it was a 66 Mustang remember his urine Milwaukee guy but I need your truck was a little younger than older older older so you don't like to see the traffic on a Mustang yeah yeah and I go what happened to the dream of getting the Broncos because I couldn't find anybody can find anywhere there was one he looked at if I remember right I was the one who told him I think I got a truck just like yours but a little bit newer truck was also a 66% down everywhere everywhere where the trucks are broken down by trunk was all over traffic at least you're fucking truck didn't do it just did it because they kept coming over my house to make reverse blue so much I decided to come up my driveway and it was nothing to do to the back down my driveway so it's okay I'll make a cement parking pettin Edison parking pad become became out the port this is a good turn off of the driveway to park it was like 3 parking spaces to the driveway will driveway to the side it was brand new and everything it was like alright it's cool I can handle this then just shows up in his Chevy truck parts at on the new space and it rains that day it covered the entire thing in the truck like you so much better than it was a picture that somewhere probably on the site somewhere honestly I know how old cars work but the problem is like now cars are totally different like someone had a problem with a car made in the last 30 years ago the pics of the car with his truck had hit the bed of the truck which would they wasn't metal the floor of the car made out of wood made out of wood and tires like the bed of the truck by the time I sold it didn't break down anymore I just want to point out a lot at first but termites in your car it's something I used to think that it was indestructible right like if I got in a wreck like this truck because they built cars like all this car will never break but because it doesn't Bend you just you take all the impact and you crushed it said the car had the gas tank was in the cab like the dress I was literally right behind where I said like if I took a turn I can hear the sloshing because it was right behind me 701 I filled up with gas I can smell gas Buck 45 in Austin now weather and what is not crazy you know that famous image of like a die-hard thing with a plane or what what's and what is it the Southwest Airlines that crashed and it's like it like came off the Runway picture and it's a Great Neck Suzuki Baleno cheap the gas wasn't $0.79 that were halfway back to that at this point more than a dollar 45 this week for Christmas and it cost like 17 bucks don't make me wonder actually has a question she said so is gas ever go back up in price or is now the Tipping Point where people are adopting more renewable energy strategies like wasn't Norway just said that a hundred percent of their energy comes from renewable sources and made with Norway who's buying the trash or Sweden buying trash from Norway and to burn basically cuz they have this they have a system by which they burn trash and provides all the energy and you just need more don't have enough traffic from Norway and electric cars the demand for gas at this point in oil is going to go down over time but then I read stories like what's going on in China right now with air pollution have been thinking Us cars have to be kind of like a drop in the bucket for that whole thing right and yes about the air pollution in Beijing Red Alert the side because it doesn't artist who did this thing where he walked around Beijing 400 days and he would walk with a vacuum cleaner I just hold the vacuum cleaner like the hose up in the air to Electric in the air and after hundreds heate emptied the bag out and took up all of the smog and shit and if I compress it down to meet a brick out of it if that's what everyone is bringing their and filtering through their lungs one child policy China how many years what was the motivation behind second question having to change it or to do in the duet photography Indian summer why they started okay just was like wait what was it like not very why was it good I think we're going to get it why did China build the Great Wall why did they devalue the one we have been given a Google why did China end one child policy China and allows families to children so they upped the ante economic Ascent the Communist Party leadership ended its decades-old one-child policy on Thursday announcing that all married couples will be allowed to have two children what about unmarried come I don't know apparently that's only apparently barbar what about the next quarter and she said we'll the birth rate go up yes will it somehow increased significantly we don't know get well good luck with that I mean how do they enforce it before taxes you have to pay a fee if there's a second one that was like super prohibitive time with everybody in the country it was like $2,500 did you hide it or like what but some water so much just didn't have money to pay for their the taxes like what I sent him how do they sounds like now I'm not paying for my baby while it's an article from 2010 to enforce the one-child law in an unprecedented Crackdown Chinese officials set out to sterilize 10000 women by killing their relatives until the women submitted to sterilize a wow that's crazy it's like they sterilize people who had more than 2 kids I guess if they had one there like you've had enough that's like you realize you're broke the law and breaking up people who are in jail for Life marijuana based offenses becomes legal It's really because this was against the law but now it's not it's really only blame the women for that that's what's up we don't punish the average penis size there sorry China that is at the smallest I think so I think the average is two and a half inches or 3 inches erect flaccid crab you know that's a big yes because flaccid like you could barbar I know that's an ambiguous black glasses and ambiguous term or send me your measurements and ambiguous measurements if you're a shower or going over your Chris I don't know what Barbara Turtles ashore means but it looks good flaccid but and Iraq will probably be ok probably both and a grower means it's funny what is a latte it just grows like it's holy don't want to see you Moon l in it you know it's like if it's a girl or shortly so you think your a I don't know you don't know what you don't Wars Chris will I get can I get confusing the terminology here right now I'm lost out here in the Chinese one-child policy like an actual study Anna determine that the correct population China should be 700 million so the one child policy was such a douche China population to 700 million by 2080 but they're way over 7 million now and they're stopping home safe so I guess they didn't know if it was something other factors of 1025 the population to lung cancer you know when you have more kids if you vacuum the air this isn't a head-scratcher Chris AI really scratching your head I guess I was just trying to see if it was weather when you get a boner or it's and it's kind of impressive when you get a better basically is what I'm understanding not affected by the way I mean I would I get a grower okay there you go? Grower and a shower just got out of doing that walking around carrying moon walk around with it running walk around with it running with the brick that's it that's the box for it we don't have to live in a city like Beijing in northern China has a much bigger problem with it than 7 China like Hong Kong but it seems like he just feel like I'm moving as soon as possible I'm getting the fuck out here cuz I can't breathe the air here in the force like how long until a pi like canned air to breathe yeah they're selling out of canned air makeup model There Are Places I don't want to live here the question though right so you're a single dude and China Friday Blue China and it's in so there's only a one child policy which means there are way way way more males or can I write so it's hard to find females right cuz that's the thing that's thing with the one-child thing was there was wondering if you move out to the the like rural areas the chance of finding a female is way harder there's just way that more women in the city well there are more by number you'll see more women but there's also lets me know where there's like people who live in cities where there's like one female or something haha so you move out to the country and there are no women and you live in the city and you canned AI by the air but there are women barbar 3 by canned air canned air breathes hot air in smog in China what that means Beijing China smog has made masks and air purifiers the hottest of Commodities now a new product is getting all the attention canned air screen shots of a woman breathing air from a canned went viral on the internet last week with the Broadcasting Company BBC reporting that many Chinese residents are beginning to buy cans of fresh air from Canada the products come in different volumes of model that contains 150 breast cost about $18.50 us the air comes from the Rocky Mountains which boasts the purest air and contains Natural Energy according to the company's official website that sounds like selling bottled water if it's bottled beer from Canada surge ice ball at the top of the Rocky Mountains it's got less air pressure right now and what are you looking at that photo again and all of the bottled air canned air its interests like think about how much pollution bottling aircraft and they haven't boarded and trucks and everything it's like it's a drone cavemen canned air you know we can't do it now you have to pay for air it's a good thing in Spaceballs yeah. Yeah. Yeah they have canned air it's ridiculous smog problem pretty significant what is a male female populations guy who lives in Canada we all know this first and he was telling me about his money Chris a buddy who lives in the Yukon where it's a lot of guys to go there for seasonal work and the differential between men and women is significant but it's like there's a lesson there just like people have it to the normal social norms go out the window and think about certain things just the way they operate there he said he hurt his buddy tell him he said oh I gotta run because I'll be back in a little bit I gotta go pick up my girlfriend at her boyfriend's house because there's like other boyfriend and he just was like a girlfriend and it's like okay because you're just happy to have a girlfriend right you're one of the few who has a girlfriend that has only three boyfriends go get my girlfriend at my boyfriend and her boyfriend have multiple listen so that you could see how did you come what ratio is it become a surg like a thing works like it's cool to have multiple boyfriends like at what point Barbie and I would think like that are you looking hot dos brick what was the ratio the point what is the Tipping maybe more and I'm like 80% to 20% Chris I think that's what I think they were if they were if it was 7520 I mean 7525 I think it would be a thing because men want to have sex that bad they're like I don't care you know it where what do you know as soon as I get closer so you're talking about yeah did you read about and he's usually not so I'm up did you see that there is a movement by people in Norway to gift a mountain to Finland L writes On the Border Mountain on the border and they wanted border redrawn so that Finland is gifted a mountain for AI China shipping Mountain Ma percent of Denmark's electricity demand Denmark hundred 140% of their electricity demand they have Surplus power from wind in Denmark and Sweden one looking for trash to be so you got your trash you're so sweet sweet sweet trash you want to give it to them as an anniversary gift for the hundred year anniversary of finland's Declaration Declaration of Independence Independence from Russian Republic really Finland came from Russia in 1917 Revolution was it what was the revolution that was that other one turned out a mountain as a generous gift I think I think land now is like how many people does no new land to discover that you can make land for a pair of Revolutions in Russia in 1917 was the tsarist autocracy and led to the eventual rise of the Soviet was like 1911 going nuts how do you make land China making Islands without trying to extend their Japan made an airport out in the Ocean than any other Island 422 airport Rd is it and then Dubai they built the Palm Islands what I thought we're just like little like sandbars it's a fight scale on hotels and shit on it there it's amazing he knows the world's airport that's cool that one I think it's more prominence and there wasn't there before for a reason you can't see that process there's a lot to see right now between the Philippines making food giant Google where do you live Texas or like the picture that NASA released of Music a million miles out from Earth and it was the moon passing in front of the earth couldn't see that photo that's really interesting is it weird to see a perspective of the earth that you've never seen before and it was a third of the released just last week I don't know what it's from I'm assuming from somebody just the Earth but far enough out that the moon was in the way of the earth and its really crazy to see it so I'm assuming that they're looking for it right now yeah it's the final frontier something that emotions because it do you like ready for a huge disappointment like AI think the oceans are like 98% nothing but a weird shit down there though I mean a lot of it's just weird looking creatures like wars in the planet guy that keeps the weirdest looking stuff down there who wants a weird looking fish gain from it other than just weird fish so we learned a lot about medicine from rainforests Center natural habitats on Earth what's to say that if we if we explore the ocean that we won't have more Loops in medicine and medical technology for finding something internal exam can survive in any environment and it can survive in the Attic or like super high temperature lava you know anything okay there it is I guess it isn't me so that's a series of images released and is really so that's what about the picture this is the sun is on this side that's crazy right now he seems like a really bad complex cameras melanoma it's my time to make sure we covered everything did you hear about the dude who quit his job to become a lawyer and Sue spammers he got so much pain at work he was sick of it so we started doing filing small claims lawsuit against paint companies in his spare time as a hobby and then he started making enough money guy quits job with the law school and that's what he does full time at 1 this morning his balls some he was once awarded 1.125 million dollars in a verdict against pornography company that had sent him 1125 emails I think it's $1,000 per email he was not able to collect the Judgment however because the domain registrar tucows refused to identify the owner of the company that had sent all the spam so there was no way temperature maybe you get subpoenaed and then find out you know but they refused war did and a judgment against this company but can't get the money because he can't like get to the company and take it to the actual physical company did the company not come and defend themselves in court they must not have been there it was a client that was at the site tucow new cast and I really like electric shocks off my socks I think that you would go to to get like in the early days of the internet like a trumpet women's soccer miss you guys still going to hand over someone's the same fucking love do you have you just like a few days apart not like you go to apply to get a job at 2 cause I know you guy didn't sound like pornos Maine register something wind it up 1993 Michigan things you look at somebody applied very small Trend online that they applied this thing where they use the end credit music music from Curb Your Enthusiasm univers Curb Your Miss David Tennant using guy skull on stage it was his last wishes he won his skull to be used in production of Hamlet so David Tennant used this dude skull who died in a production of Hamlet I feel about that I feel like that's weird but awesome a way to get here so late I'm just coming out