#358 - Mormon Porn

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns as they discuss bubble porn, bad kickstarters and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 11, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-01-12 16:45:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

this is a lot of work into this week rooster podcast bra to buy Casper harry' and trunk club got a returning sponsor in the response over there and then another returning sponsor and normally every Monday we do the podcast and trailer for premium members on our website. Come every now and then we'll do one that's open for everybody on YouTube so as people who don't have enough to see what they're missing by screaming like it's a little more pressure than normal because no the fuck up one that takes on the fly anyway I'm Gavin Gus Barbara and Gus wait what did you say before I said I'm on Burnie now you are now we were playing with it but it's more than that one conversation he was trying to ask what it was that got bleeped out if you sent anything with the belief people go if they really want to know what it was everyone's like oh that feels in the worst stuff it's like to become of those that for him we were talking about Bubble por on here before was bubble por bubble por she was going to say you're at work Google bubble por bubble everything in the book R underwear and U make bubbles around let's make it harder for skin cover the hole the entire image play text when you cut out circles but you leave stuff behind the background that is closing but your brain fills in the person is naked U eat you'll just have to Canada movie about a 14 year old with Photoshop as some countries are poisoning the more as the Morning by 4 when I know someone is let's give a guy a picture and then he filled it with bubbles and gets it back bubble por which way to like to have your brain think it's looking at pornography Bullseye you printed out how you can male masturbation worse but you're not return to hit the streets like that the new laptops for this but maybe you have is there like is there any porn that is heterosexual burn but it's filmed entirely from the female's perspective not that I've seen so U Want When U watch porn you're watching sex from a male perspective so it's all the time third person or male POV but not female POV is what you should never probably split wife don't like as harry' U like grunting dude Canada a little more pleasing to look at the General in life and the dudes pornography strictly from the male perspective Centerpoint U does that mean that guys would like a really I think they like me off of jobs and things like that kind of thing Aurora play okay I was curious about that so yeah you want to hear about Bubble por more important or bubble por also known as bubble collage in Japan refers to Photoshop pictures of naked people which are made by consuming your outfits by the bubbling technique can you can look this up if I say it's safe for work but that's a thin razor Thin Line like if you loaded that up at work that would be a fake someone don't you don't even right now so not safe for work as a designation that's been around for ground there's been the people who complain about why something was labeled not safe for work every single time that someone is labeled not safe for work let's a woman in her lingerie and those a to be labeled not safe for work and then one of the first times we wife is not safe for work she's in her underwear so you don't think that you can look at pictures of people in their underwear catalog tractor the first time you remember hearing that designation not safe for work Mark R thing I remember was review the nsw not NSFW I think that's the first time I also got her that doesn't as well as far as probably back like in 2002 to that number earlier than that 2014 the let's play trademar not really for work at one point he tried to trademar the NSF wsw NSFW I'm sure it is coming out Barbara I wish I looked that good when I was in the U mannequins little picky white package yeah it's just like a little before they even started I think burni U and I were talking at the Overlook a Barbara as I can she was doing just sitting there rubbing the crotch of that then what are you the Allen one Gavin was ever somewhere recently did mention that I was at libraries in the movie Gavin and Michael and Colton and Alan and somehow somebody that you knew who I was and what I was looking at these girls I'm going home so we have 5 emails and I want to go see Lazer team the challenge it I thought you said that maybe the talent he was in it who's our director did you see a billboard I did I went and saw them so the Billboards for Lazer team in the outdoor advertising is starting to go up and I went and saw the one in Austin so far no that was NSF burn it down to the gets like a printed on deal right like a big thing to print out in the dispatch it and I'll take it out right then probably just cut it and then the next one would you want let's just put it on the front should definitely try to get the ones are like hanging on the corner of the building in New York and is hanging on the outside of absolutely do that you're on my side right you and me transport from New York City transport companies Times Square right now and earlier was it this year the previous year in 2015 to 2014 I was in London he was in Piccadilly Circus right now which is like the London Times Square I'm in the subway search really cool and really fun to see that stuff that's amazing we've always joked in the past about getting billboar to various projects her or doing any kind of promotion like that but just in your neighborhood we never had anything serious to promote so it's really cool to see an actual project that we worked on for a long time you don't really know it's not a joke but a few jokes in it that is 5 stories tall covered we should wrap your house that day that is bigger than the right but the whole thing like a chance of having the whole thing until at the billboard of the building billboar speakers yes I understand your frustration if I should bring that up again please that is taller than this build what is not later okay you feel like you need to lay it down flat so I'm crazy yes it is a stick that goes to hit bigger than your car if I want to put it in my car I gets so put it in in touch with the orientation stick doesn't matter it's a real simple question there that you guys are changing just fucking whores at you because I was passing your house anyway is it big and as I was not big enough for that she says I know why but I don't know but there's a really I forgot why we don't just Bullock as I thought it was because nobody wanted to watch them cuz like only a certain segment of the audience has seen the thing that we're going to have a spoiler caspe about which by the way I hate the name for the place or try to spoil it when really what it is we just saying a lot of things that yes it's a full discussion is what it is not intentionally spoiler or anything I'm not going to spoil anything about anything right now except for my feelings but I learned it's not a total recall of all my emotions when I was reading comments about it and I remember what it is cuz I don't like I don't like when we have a test and then people and they tell me they have a different opinion I don't like when they have a discussion about the fact that they don't agree with my opinion so Burnie doesn't get R to get whoever doesn't get it Gavin doesn't get it what it what is a Gavin didn't understand about this that he doesn't like like it it's like it's like you must be stupid is what it comes down to it you're stupid the I want to have a real discussion with you talk back and forth to see this is why I like it and I don't like it and they're not engaging as an idiot like if only he understood it then he would like it but it's all figured out or Gavin would like it or Gus would like it and I forgot it was on that particular brand and who's on the Doctor Who you just didn't get it though whether Kelly contrary opinion and everyone in the comments tea stand it the way most people understand that Joe or interpretation confident about it that happens I got ran off the patch because I told people that physical media was going to go away and fucking blasted me to the ends of the Earth about that looks like I just thought it was a thought it was an obvious trend that was nothing but off just like video the fucking nightmare you guys that's what is it bad for a little while this weekend because burni texted and said he text a couple people was like going to lunch in 20 minutes 20 minutes notice so you got to feel what we just we were just curious if anybody want to go we were on our way it was it felt like it was a trick it felt like a trap she knew she did the worst thing of all which is like I can't go to brunch with you I'm sitting down to brunch right now somewhere else that's like to thank you for the invite you fucking bitch how dare you eat just I just I just can't make it I don't know brunch places the other brunch place that used to go to close down for some reason I don't know what was it that pizza place is open down south is a pizza place that in there saying something Philip everyone it was terrible it was like the best brunch in off that's why I was crushed when it was made by the same guys who did it was not cell phone yes Gavin Free net worth of the company she knows that so I guess we can say that right now officially Center a position to bring up content manager anyway that place was to try to find a place a place I found as this is like the best brunch ever kiss Ashley gets her it's her champagne but it's a cold the most likely like that and then I found out this place has Fried Chicken and Biscuits chicken and biscuits like a lunch buffet the to as and brunch brunch brunch brunch is breakfast and lunch together so it goes across the whole thing if you eat breakfast and lunch what if you eat brunch at 7 a.m. is that too early for brunch breakfast what's for breakfast damn life is like off 12 what is half of 12 show women how can breakfast be late at 12:30 but why isn't the lunches at 2 like 20 minutes notice is no such thing as lunch dinner there's no such thing as a good brunch as a concept does exist a different kind of me it's not grab brunch first off I want lunch to make up a bullshit me off and I'm not going to be brunch is delicious like you could have coffee and you get of alcohol you could have eggs and ham best breakfast so delicious and the example you gave was coffee gross coffee for coffee black coffee and Bailey's as the the cream alcohol your heart beats fast but then you doing with in Blood Bad Blood Lott of in blood can't babysit trunk brunch you have to like give an excuse as to why you gotta be like that is it cuz you're too polite to be like nah I'm good getting mentally unable to attend to what if you are able to attend you just working harry' Barbara do this weekend then you get invited out and you like calgo be nice and go we should be total assholes about gu fucking reverse Guilt Trip text you guys here's the thing I did that was nice I just messaged the two of you and you of course but I didn't message your significant other I can't message your significant other because he doesn't answer and I didn't message back because I thought that would put undue pressure on you for a while I would have been the U one of the two of you would have shown your significant other I would have addressed it when you put it in your fuel pressure do not know what she would want to go metric come out now that's true love is the only you like to do what I should order something on Amazon Prime now well you look like you're doing that also see if I can remember why you were mad at me you said you were mad at me you didn't even explain your house brother the problem is cuz you can get in front a long and stupid story with minions announce the short version which isn't that entertaining as I had to move my washer and dryer out to get them ready for repair man and the washer dryer in the room that's literally barely big enough for them how do I get in I had to go over them and pull them up on me Spider-Man trunk over them and put them back in the dryer duct connector gets like St I'm so scared of one of my big fears with my with my house is too dry of something going wrong with a dryer vent and it just venting that super hot gas in starting a fire in my head of the gastro no buts like the hot air that comes out after let's say gets finished with that washing my new house or my house that about like last year or last year the garage I need an outlet for my car to plug into and it's like a 220 volt connector that I need for it and that the box where the electricity comes in the house is way too far out of the way so I had to run a conduit all their in the house so I cut through a thing as smart and capable it was an electrician work for two days doing this Tuesday the same time I buy my washer and dryer I could have just taken the dryer outlet and put it through the wall but I just use that and kind of gas dryer instead it said they didn't realize it till later like I was literally doing both at the same time I was like the gas around Some people prefer gas to cheaper it's like buying extra clothes as it looks it's just me what does that mean how do you think it would you think its due the electric to shop for clothes Gus as a flame ya clothes smell like gas burni to clean it's a clean burn still thinks it's just oxygen $1 a barrel barrel oil barrel how much does a barrel cost the barrel oil barrel made of steel how many barrels of oil are you and I have to get before we get like an account guy at OPEC like her what do you think he's doing okay weather oil Gus you talk about oil oil how much oil do I check of crude light sweet crude price philli if you store an above a set amount of oil that be like you can have that much oil trucks and trucks of gasoline I just like feeling a pit in your house I wasted vessy actually work like this if you would have to buy the stuff and hold on to it like if you're investing in oil I have to like have like 80 guess you have to clear in my garage until I'm ready to sell it then I sell it that way philli barrel of oil in of Apple stock is like 3D to come to work at your house and you the manager Phil off when I get in the oil game for team to do that I don't know oil harry' currency in lead by the tanker are you doing what am I doing this absolutely podcast is brought to you by Casper caspe as an online retailer of Premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost caspe as revolutionising the mattress industry by putting the cost of dealing with resellers and showrooms and passing that savings directly on to the consumer testers mattress and specially engineered mattress at a very fair price to Technologies latex and memory foam come together for better nights and brighter days too comfortable mattress that is just the right sink and bounce you can buy it online it's completely risk free online speaking I don't like talking to people understand the importance of truly trying out a mattress that in all reality you spend a third of your life on caspe R offers free delivery and payment returns with a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in the showroom if you want people looking at you like how I don't get it for $500 for a twin or 9:50 for a king size mattress compared the industry average that's an outstanding price point and you save additional $50 to one of her audience members are going to kasper.com / Rooster Teeth it's right there entering the promo code Rooster Teeth kasper.com / Rooster Teeth promo code Rooster Teeth terms and conditions apply and you can check out their website I've got one of my house love it great mattress absolutely awesome love sleeping on the bed with pretty good A predictions week R cost predicting the future when is paper currency gun what year R see if you're right paper currency man will take a while and take a while I'm as a 2035 that's when I think you're being a little too Optimus Ma I think I would be surprised if it goes away by 2050 like this I would be surprised because in my lifetime yeah that's what I'm thinking about like we can't even get rid of do you need a pennie 4 Australia 2 years ago can we still get rid of pennie I think the US would save some like too much oil billion dollars if you didn't use pennie billion dollars and off billion this week it's for a 1.33 billion dollar dollar loses 700 million like this last week nobody 100 million is not is it still there Lott to 1.3 billion at the community or last night or the night before sometimes weekend and that was it was like is the Powerball 1.3 billion and I just have a lot of machine here in the store and looked at me like I was an absolute idiot that anybody would ask that question he was like of course we were powerless tea okay cool it's not every day that I think there's only four states that are not worst state organizations and then some of the smaller states started to combine their lotteries into big ones and then Powerball became a thing which was multiple States it was like Powerball I just don't fucking pay attention to it it's okay just not on my radar just keep the cat hundred billion gets owned by Apple or we're well past the point when someone could buy enough tickets right to buy all the tickets to get it it was not time it would break even I think at this point the fear becomes the pool gets diluted with multiple winners ma U Don't making the lottery can you find out somebody else one billion dollars a billion dollars because I Got 5 out of the 6 numbers right so they were literally like one number away from having seven hundred million dollars probably about 5 or 6 hours dude I already know you couldn't with 7 one last U of very it's not like seven hundred million dollars 700 million days would turn you into a complete prick vacuum it hit 5 out of 6 numbers on the lotto twice really yeah that's gotta be even more frustrated they said burni if you want one billion dollars in the lottery what would you get for Rooster Teeth and I was like cars for everyone to middle finger my best to hide it and not let anyone know I'm just going to are some states where you can hide it I know in Kansas U Can I don't know about Texas but you can't I would I would 100 million electric of U one hundred million dollars I would totally still come to us and then got it later you shouldn't disclose the fact that she one it's illegal for her to do one point there's a tree in there but when you went to look for you don't get it once you can do it front r u got it annualized over 30 years they as dollars but that way I would do it I would have in billion and I would spend money like normal except in very extraordinary circumstances like that like if I'm at a restaurant and the food is late I would step away from the table by the restaurant and then fired that's the kind of thing a joke checked all my friends like with a billion dollars billion dollars would you still working or just leave the hundreds light on my trouser leg so when I go out there just like come out sometimes making Trail that's what I would do that surgery or something where's I'll take anything if we do it for real when we can tell the people on it but it was for real but like at the end of his life 6 million for all the different scenarios and the different people playing largest U one like super one 1110 Sergey to implement the theoretical conversation like if someone needed to have a glow in the dark dick lead actor research and then have a surgery to get a glow in the dark tape a stick his finger up your butt every time you spend money depending on where does as a lottery ticket with every number they have is one number r chili' the first thing we ever had was a crowdfunding site gril just running a project where one guy is trying to turn into a giant Rich Pricks what's a headline talking about the odds of winning the Powerball and I guess they reformulate the Powerball early last year so now they are just like the one in 290 million in order to win and someone was commenting was like one of those shower thoughts Reddit someone said in order for you to be born for your sperm to fertilize your mother said you already hit one in 250 million dollars so I like hitting the Powerball would be like doing that all over again it's like you've already won the Powerball once in your life just by being alive and he did it somebody has to nobody has to in it 2 and 190 million so that's a population of 320 The Chadwick a bee with the growth of Las Vegas I learned that San Antonio is not the 7th largest city in the nation according to population most populous cities in the US by population the US San Antonio Austin as I think things like 11 or 12 you nailed it on the 11th we're almost in the top 10 for cities by population in the u.s. is crazy but in terms of actual size will probably cost more populous than Seattle or San Francisco and Boston and you think of some of the cities have things like San Francisco's seems I was right here in a big city and has a bunch of other big cities like Round Rock and all the other stuff we just include that he knows there's no can't do that with places like Boston or Washington DC billion a billion is a number that we throw around what time is to Big to get your head around like I love you are you okay how how long is 2 how long is a billion seconds ago a billion seconds would probably be something like 2 years a million seconds a million is 2 weeks a billion seconds is 40 years fucking a pretty good 31 years I'll be spending more than dollar second I'm just saying I can print running you think about it I saw I saw this chili' to buy actual by actually seconds 1 million seconds is 11/2 days one billion seconds is 32 years and a trillion seconds is 32000 years $32,013 and 14/40 to know how many USD is 32000 years rid of a dollar a second that's how long it takes play so what is the u.s. debt right now I think you're right I think in trillion billion we are a curly 818.775 trillion + 24 trillion oh I know right that's how off work the as she got to a surplus with the the budget and data plan in place to pay off the U get the total national debt by 2011 and then other presents like we have done in the past and then there's people who died but they did have a surplus of how much money is in the hands of the population of America the u s how much actual currency is in circulation hundred dollars when you move out of a house how to take the couch and he's on there now but it's stuff like that that I used to because I just I would say probably 90% of my transactions are probably credit card or some kind of card a digital transactions some pretty average my car doesn't turn on and I have used it in two places okay so we should play the coin is that credit card that you can program all the different credit cards on to and you just talk on a public Street if you want me not of knowing this you can talk with your credit cards and then it supposedly works as a man you can you can play with it like it's a credit card purchase for pre ordered one it wasn't funny it was like it looked like it one time I preorder it works 10% of the time there's no reason of carry on my the card anyway so I guess they heard us complaining non-stop I went as far as to call them criminals if it doesn't work that's even worse for you yeah I said absolutely so I started keeping track of every time I try to use it the new one that they sent and whether it works or it didn't work we tried it 5 different times and places it worked three times one of the times I just never rid one of the other time the other times I try to swipe it and it's a chip card into answered it but it wasn't a chip card so I couldn't so I used it twice it said the same thing twice and then is off now forever but it just doesn't know 60% of the time for me to talk to him just that I got at least work a little bit no you just given up on it and then I make a different thing that just loves you let me let's just has it come out that just tells you when to drink so if you want to drink it like a tea the stopwatch on it drink it 851 it's time to drink Buick LaCrosse one me with my bill to show this thing coming if you're something the charger thing where I hated my old phone a complaint about the iPhone 6 they made the iPhone 6s and I thought it was and everything that was wrong with the 6th they fixed in the 6s but I couldn't justify spending the money to go and get it checked it I'm going to break my phone eventually going to happen is going to happen to your phone if your phone to do it so I finally finally happened you have to suffer all day with a broken iPhone the plus side to this size battery it just goes like I just charged it twice today that's why that's why I started carrying I got that Apple case but you have to charge one that is ridiculous just got the answer the phone so whatever how much more is it matter what the size we have it on the right in thinking that this isn't the battery dies all the time if I don't have this fucking case on it the fix yeah that's that's what I thought the exact same thing when I saw the case like so they know the battery the problem is he was with us at the phone as small as we want to so we didn't make it right so much money to pay for it museu text messages okay what am I doing this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by Harry's guys it's a new year time to improve on things while we're excited to introduce you to Harry's these guys make awesome razors we try to leave Brands try to save clubs they just don't stack up to Harry's are new and improved shaving solution for 2016 what makes harry' special they have German engineered 5 blade cartridges close comfortable shave no Cuts or Burns quality guaranteed their price for factory direct the cut out the middleman and shipped right to your door quality blades at half the price of the leading brand over 1 million guys have already made the switch and thousands more switch every day I paid 32 bucks for an 8 pack of blades when you get them for half the price at harrys.com the harry' starters it's an amazing deal for just 15 bucks you get a razor moisturizing shave cream and 3 razor blades I was just like to Discount the price already really low got a special offer for you guys though harry' will give you $5 off your first order with promo code rooster stop overpaying for a great shape and start the new year off right go to harry' Stockholm right now that's Harry s.com enter code rooster at checkout make sure you go to the website you can see their Factory in Germany and they have like this really cool big animated gif sewing machine the machine working and and making a C-section it's kind of therapeutic great product thank you sponsor for 2016 The Underachievers just like the rest of my time so here's a message I have an unlimited data plan with AT&T cuz I got it when I got the first iPhone and then they tried to take it away but they couldn't for some reason so anybody who holds on to theirs has an unlimited plan for data plan or 20 20 Gigabytes one to Shared pool between me and my wife right okay well that's okay I think I was like 6 or something like that actually has it in her one phone so it's only told me that my data usage was exceeding was reaching 22 gigabytes in a month Telus Wi-Fi for like a really long period of time on a Bluetooth POR in your car all the time apparently take it easy if you can look at the usage so can I do that so they are like other a lot with my laptop and if I need to get internet on my laptop I'll just tell her it's it's the same thing and once again I'm not doing anything today if that AT&T is going to bring back the unlimited data plan for people who subscribe to DirecTV or U-verse television really but they haven't clarified whether or not that'll involve tethering and of course always plans always super complicated I don't know if it would make sense to switch to that or not you like crazy again to get a lower speeds their fingers the whole conversation replace the throttle is Cattleman's wife funny however your speeds may be reduced at times in areas with network congestion wife I will help you avoid this problem I try to do wife like their middle finger to Wi-Fi if your connection is faster than The Cellular Connection Internet Office if you can create a Wi-Fi network to connect your iPhone to that Gavin over there downtown Los Angeles California has awful reception there so many people and buildings and 43 people showed up on time to build a fucking shower or something I just feel like I don't know if it's just like me when I'm on the road we got called out of town because we went to LA for some promotional stuff will be in theaters later this month we're doing one of the benefits of the driving factors for doing this was that Google was putting out this huge need a new platform and they were going to put a lot of marketing dollars behind it put Lazer team of the voice never try to steal it so it's really awesome but while I was out there I had forgotten that I had my installation date for Google Fiber final at my house is it in Austin that's awesome and so they called me because they're like hey we're at your house too I know you're not here but we were giving out on your counter I'm like oh did I say I was going to be there if I were to show up and I left and I was like so you can come back at a later date and install it In-N-Out the service I'm pretty sure that the way it's the future 2016 and everyone's a liar play game stalled Google Fiber do you still have to pay for a cup yes I think I get paid for a cup two years ago crappy a cup pissing record like did the guy who signed up for vessel is that the longest anyone's ever gone after paying for a cup and getting stuff but I could get a cup right away I have to wait 2 years in history ever until now when they said hey I need if I want to buy a cup for you make me a cup of you guys are making a comeback in life for you and I will have that 2 day delivery United standby to deliver you like 68 delivery Sears delivery on Wednesday then you wouldn't be there this I love this guy so much you hear about the guy who broke the record for was it possible that your high jumping something going up high fucking love this guy so I don't know how you figured it out but he figured out I guess in practice that he could really demolish whatever the world record was at the time so I can do that and so what she did was was there some kind of bonus for not putting a bounty if you broke the world record that give you money they give you money I'll give you a bonus you mess with the stick u pull it apart so it's like standardized to be like at a competition with a telescopic stick this guy would break the record by like an inch and they go kill let's raise up to 2 inches and leave for the day he get his money that he come back and break it the next day for an of competition but he broke his own record 14 times and tea let me see if I can find this guy at let me see his name it was like don't do the best you can Neuromancer points me it's happening right now it looks Flamingo as terribly place it looks like it really looks strangely family the sky is Sergey bubka something made him and repeatedly and deliberately broke the world record pole vault record by the smallest possible height Sergey cashing on a Nike bonus with each new record in a two-year span he broke his own world record for the a with the bonuses because Ma what's the Builder Reckless Records Chicago to as the Guinness World Record holder for the most most rarest is it me or is like a hundred grand each time while fucking smart he would 1441.4 million time if some reports are to be believed why not I want to believe it cuz it's so ridiculous every little kid go through for their best world records right or was that just me the book as always for what I thought was easiest world record that wanted to beat the record the kids always like this a lot so I can't do here if I can't be the world's fattest man as I got to work to that like as a kid as I do right now I've got 15 minutes to record like in 2016 because I feel like it would be larger than it was like 5 years ago people are just better these days. Did you see on the website that used to have next every record it would be like can you beat this record is like it you know to sign up and trying to be it but they never took it off from like stuff that is ridiculous like biggest a disaster ever listed on the website screenshots so you think about that anymore now I'm settled in my comfortable R Us of what this does is if you could break the record my daily routine my dear I have not breaking records I think you hold the record for most miserable Boston as I would hope not because then I would be more miserable than this see this is what I'm driving at is that you're forgetting the fact that you have a Guinness Book of World Records record they gave us a record number of U it's not on it was there for Red vs Blue most successful web series they gave they gave us that and I laughed at the time because I was a kid I would try to make up stuff to win a world record for and then somebody else to meet up something so we actually have a Guinness Book of World Records record to ever like think about that ever blew my mind right shut up it was money we want to record we want to record for making money yeah they said reports said that you made this amount and we don't we talk about this and I said okay for a really long time like our whole company made that amount what is that was really damaging to the competition I doubt it what year was that 2006 is someone there that was so weak they made one up like pizza or something don't waste it we should do that no I think we have we have it don't we have the book we were in it we had that so that's like the thing you do not know we had to get up I can do it from the phone did you the Guinness book The Guinness Book of World Records that she associated with Guinness let's I didn't know that I just thought it was a coincidence or just some bloke who gets his brother did you ever making the connection it does right it seems like it would be some kind of connect there's absolutely no connection Bob Bullock is the name of the IMAX theater Bob Bullock Bullock Bob Bullock state of Texas history museum IMAX as she rolls right off the tongue who's the guy who's the jamai let's see who's the guy Joe Jamail cities U know what he was talking about it's up this come up please. So he was like a big booster app I didn't know this was Lott that like the position that he's given anything old dudes I could ready to throw down like the old Texas guys like yellow it's a great thing he was an awesome Lott R lawyer Canada gets done but there was one Eddie's like talking and asking questions and lawyer said lawyer said are you going to you can ask him that and then let me tell you shut your fucking mouth the largest Furniture gets making of a murderer I can really making a ma quotes kids with actually saying when they write that tweet is that I just watched a 10 hour documentary about one side of a court case and now I believe that side of the court case that's all that that's St court case aside the Crux of the documentary one to agency doing the investigation should not have been doing investigation conflict of interest which negates everything else after that the whole people should walk away with that with a better understanding of what a reasonable doubt in the American seater R Us to me that's the main thing that you People Come Away With Me won't you come away with a guy is definitely interested or guys definitely guilty they should have that like an attitude documentary one side of it somebody did a really cool thing where they they came out of this watching it with the lot of his emotions and everybody has the same emotions there's a particular somebody who's involved with the case who should not be giving information this person is just not capable of getting information and watching people interrogate him is like it's just frustrating part of this guy's got an article where they went over all the things in the case they went to look at the case all the things that the documentary people did not protect you they just got left out with her again that's kind of damage the agency that the investigation should not have been handling that investigation got to go in there to watch you guys just going to think about what your opinions of Reasonable Doubt and presumed innocent mean and then how does that change of the course of you watching this thing didn't 300000 signatures for a petition to release him from jail 300,000 people are so convinced. How many people watch the show there's a lot of thinking about it anyway in trouble for something like that the easy to live like he's allegedly fucking nuts the jinx this the series lead to him going to jail arrested the day after the finale aired the Jin sales a little bit in comparison to making a really like the Jinx making of a murderer more than wife no thanks I think that you did something on it so I watch a lot of documentaries I mean I watch a ton of documentaries 6 hour documentaries and one thing I hate about documentaries is when the documentarian put himself in it I feel like I had the documentary should be removed it it should not be should not have a voice in it so when the Jinx started I got really upset with it because Jackie was Consulate in the fucking show and then as the Jin explains that you realize old as a reason to it yet he's like totally killed himself in it and then it pays off in the end it's so weird V episode where I felt all of a sudden the documentary crew was a major part of the of the thing that they were as much a part of it as the subject of the documentary and I was talking about that as we have we're in the middle of producing some documentaries for Rooster Teeth in the bane of live and some other stuff you want to do and you're talking about the example I didn't like all of a sudden the documentary crew was all the sudden part of it kind of early to talk about how to reach out to them and talk about how they made this movie and one where they start introducing themselves into the document the Bowling for Columbine has not come back up as a major documentary did you just assume it's like this documentary what you like get rid of all guns and we had gun so Columbine happen it's not that at all it's an analysis of like American culture and why we know why is America so violent it's actually right the guns are an aspect of the documentary but this is like the charge of the NRA and all that other stuff but it's like talking about other countries with just as many guns or more Canada gets my guns per capita in all that stuff you know we know a member a guy who did a dissertation on Rooster Teeth for and he was from Switzerland and that's when we learned that everyone in Switzerland has to go to military training in Israel they have a mandatory service but I want it done they have to keep a rifle in their house they're required by law to have a gun everyone in Switzerland has a gun and he had to go to enormous poops to declare himself a pacifist and have the gun removed from as soon as a multi-year process is already long time to get it done if you said it wasn't like it was self-defense depending who you ask so it seems like a positive culture but it's got everyone everyone in the country and they want to be ready to use it conscripts draft everyone immediately if someone you know is it the same law if you shoot someone let's say you take the gun to a drug and how they kill a bunch of people was that you still doing it if your control over Joe and yeah you're responsible for that they traced like fingerprints are you trying to figure something out wish you were here but how they get the fingerprints play can you get away with it you might get away with like using a gun on a drone and shooting somebody most drones are hardly enough to carry a gun as a Gavin yeah I want to know I never wanted one before so you didn't register your drone St channel do I get one to fuck him in a minute gavi the first rap song about drugs going to come out but not shocked if one does not exist when it's been as I love I love like rap and hip-hop culture is like a a social indicator remember everything remember we had a conversation years ago about the declining dollar and one of them said it was a trap video started the future you're over all the guys would have Euros instead of dollars is like American Rappers that's how they were showing that they had more money than the rest of their money was as a never seen this video before my wife told me about it maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago I don't know if you heard it R Kelly has a song called Echo and I guess he thought that maybe a lot of people didn't know what an echo was so he made Amazon Echo know like an actual Echo Barbara like hell who was shut up tea made of video explain to people what Eco means and what an echo is who did this R Kelly University the full For Love or anything or banging like say his name over and over but people didn't know what the heck was so he had to get to make a little video explaining the encomienda the greatest thing ever heard Mr Kelly had like a science channel I would absolutely sure that it is video Sony's the wizards return just by talking about the crazy update to have my car this week when my car U hit a button and it just will park itself in the garage or it'll just come get you but we were walking down this way as car pulled out in front of us can you call it here right now no I should be clear it does a great job of like a stair-step the stuff out where they also updated the auto-drive features of the car and I get a periscope your favorite show was showing people this and I don't think anyone like let's U like 90% of people to watch it was just like you know we talked about it like that it's really crazy when you see it in action and the auto drive when you first start it was really just kind of like super Advanced cruise control but it's slowly but surely gotten better and better and taking over more features each other like almost like training you without training you like they're only giving you some pictures are going up and the summon feature right now it will only go in and out of a parking space so if I pull into a parking space pulling perpendicular parallel park but now like back out of town right now it's in my garage and I submitted it open the garage door or back out of the garage in the driveway and then shut the garage door and then I gotta get it how I can open the door how to get as you to see this program for a long time we can program it into the car to to do that this is the first time that I've ever seen the car operating with nobody in it and that is a surreal thing the first time you see it was a car just like driving out backing out like I was really excited about it saying that in two years they hope to have the summon feature working regardless of boundaries for example you are in LA in the cars in New York Patrick the next the next the charger which is used to he seems really upset by that I could care less that's too long for me to go play that message is getting out in front of the house it opens the door goes in plugs in and close the Joe be cool if your car ocean and I'm not going to meet my plane and two days I'm in my car come get me I'll drive home and then you hit the button in your car to start coming on the Freeway stopped charging cell they just keep coming over like you're flying Austin the storm so U Get diverted to San Antonio or Dallas like my car between us Superman r instead of the director and if it's like I think it's like the closest technology we have is going to be total game-changer like something like smart phones or internet at work just like you to capture all of that time that you spent driving what's wrong with your hands as a kid I dreamed about that what you would have in the future like when I was a kid I couldn't imagine a smartphone like that's a technology that I think it's deadly futuristic that we have now that we take for granted but a car that can drive itself was always something you can wrap your head around even at a young age that's going to happen in the future flying cars as I can that's capable of caring one person and it's between two and $300,000 I'm not doing a problem with it it doesn't have any control that controls in their patrols and it's really just like you tell it where you going to get in there and you just way better than having control of what other people have done and distracted a nosedive and everyone else can have control I want the controls I just might want the ability to take over a phone if the GPS is on your phone it would have it would have just had you in the as a Fail-Safe Gavin connect to a remote Center somewhere else in the world and they would pull your Dron to take over the control the dumbest stuff at CES I still send me some dumb shit Roomba gril can you put as Canada drives around like what is spinning and cleaning I was kinda excited about that screening Ma to clean your gril and I was like oh right I'll put out send it to them if I can do anything and then I saw what looked like two fridges stacked on each other in terms of size and it out there this exact thing Dallas horrible operates on batteries or something and then there was this laundry folding machine laundroi and I was like really to come out 2019 you put your clothes in it it washes them and then okay I'm going to look this up I want to know how much does a fucking laundroi a cost and they have a website you can see all the information about it how it's developing the lunch 2019 as I can okay so what you looking at there at Sea as his bullshit there is it doesn't work there's like there's like a magic trick like a dude like hold up the laundroi of what was happening and it showed like the piece of clothing coming in at like 2 hours to pick it up and then it was just so you could see what was happening and then they show it was coming out for ancient Chinese secret remember it was for cleaning products it was hot calgo calgo we need more Calgon ancient Chinese secret huh people the A on Patrick thanks commercial where they were washing clothes with Calgon but then this lady was a Calgon take me away so was it laundry soap to put in the bubble it's all the same right it's all the same just different concentrations of in a pinch I can watch what I do it's really just as good video the way it makes up for weight with RPM not find it now a reminder 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keep anything Japanese twill pant it's almost like the way that it's a little bit you can buy the stuff and it's like it's a good-sized Everything feels like a good fit without getting it like old Turner Inn girls have someone to do this Castle says that her mom says we're too young to know about Kelly but it was so soaked that well because it was there with his lunch pail and washing machines it's like a soap / bubble bath calgo on Wikipedia so it is used to be in the late seventies and early 86 sold it like as a beauty product sodium hexametaphosphate do to make a couple things about Lazer team I feel like we talked about Lazer team so you know where I can watch the movie website called tugg that they can go to if they can find screening close to them in their local town and if they don't have one they can they can set one up there's only one week left for people want to get tickets to make those screening as possible to make them happen to the one in your area that they need to buy their tickets within the next week I believe Madison does not matter saying that you know the way to tugg works as people that want to screening in metallic Biloxi Biloxi Mississippi and they said the heater's that's okay we need to sell 50 tickets in order to make that screening possible you have until one week from today to hit that threshold to make the screening happened but after the screens are confirmed there still tickets to be sold until they are sold out so there's like 3 to note that it is there's not confirmed confirmed and then they're sold out and people apparently get a discount to the Restore store and special Lazer team work if they attended screening on the 27th so how did they get the March 28th email discount code the link okay to email to people tweeting of photos of that stuff in Sherry when do the screening is confirmed yet then we meeting them later today also the second your screening is confirmed Twitter pictures of people saying that they got them so that's a good time for him so I know that they're out there and I believe the normal to have to run starts on the 29th if you'd like 4250 big cities I don't think we talked about this too much right like I kind of did this a little bit backwards normally what happens is you announce the the date that your movie is starting and that it'll be in theaters and go see if it's in your area and then if you would want it in other areas they do they use tugg and services like tugg to make screening in the area because it's not running in there cities the other way where we did all the tugg screening first then we have really been talking about are just our normal theatrical run but Lazer team is going to be in theaters in just running for a few weeks you know like any other movie is going to be out to be about 40 to 50 different cities Ma u.s. u.s. Canada the UK medicine so I feel really great about JJ Abrams Star Wars you're taking over the domestic box office record for a couple weeks it's to be great one Star Wars not all of the seater chains have started to put up Advance ticket sales but AMC and Alamo in the US have and you be you so you be able to go see this lovely jamai Gavin Free on the Street Watching you watching you can watch it and you as well Gavin about flying to New York to go look at the billboar Joe Pesci get that photo Chicago let's try and find all the Billboards Lazer team is the guy that Patrick should I show you in a second my stomach was you might not have to make Mormon porn if you can I think that's it it's in the trailer I think he was having a naked Playboy Playmate in this fight and then in the other I wasn't naked Gus sorola like this Cross Your Eyes they became one with her it was awesome it was a lot of fun I have a small party MGP know what I'm doing trying to get us to go to a screening or in Fiji on vacation there's a bunch of us are going there after work can screening there is this guy tea one of us confirm that it was a Hawaii Honolulu I go to the Australian calgo right now right now I believe it is 6 hours later there early so it's like that like 7 in the morning there is superpower tea feel like the West Coast which is what my way to work I agree because it starts at 9 here so its like 10 a.m. out there when is the next bus pass game I think it's quitting time in Australia I think it's I think it's that weekend the 23rd and it was so I thought about this I really want to watch it but I think it comes on like at 3 in the morning if you're committed that you would like it is true I have to be committed to the cause from CVS I want to see that you don't really want to see the sidebar about sports I didn't realize this until recently you know the local Austin team is the Austin Spurs and I never realized that I think there was full for football for soccer I think there might be an affiliation between them because I've never seen their logo before this past weekend it looks like the hot spots like the ones that like the rooster or whatever it is I can try to call her but like I'm going to pull up the off so it doesn't look nearly as running where is the 43rd one seater Dron with props the whole thing yeah I just don't like what the fuck does that mean Dron like you're going to four propellers and like a frame with legs and you just hang on it which seems super dangerous better than head level above your head probably a little bit better um and give her those horrible stories to about like people who wave from the door of a helicopter and chop it off and fingers on it one helicopter U first I will go over my the Austin Spurs r a local Club who support the Tottenham Hotspurs get together and watch the game the tramps to Oxford Massachusetts video of just people I have a humming noise so there's a there's a subreddit for for often without of you often and they are obsessed with making jokes about the fucking chilis at 45th and Lamar and several times they will not let this die what's funny about it nothing there's absolutely nothing funny about it it's someone from out of town what's a local place for the frosty Martian Skillet queso go to Chilis at 45th and Lamar nobody thinks this is funny Chili's at 45th and Lamar as the people who make the joke are there I don't to get downloaded but here we go why are you all still making the joke why are people happy Frosty marks and having fun St Urbandale IA if I can Bob chili' billion audio design on a screen having kids is that they always want to eat and places where you can get anything good like a healthy little chili' it's unbelievable to still have the Awesome Blossom of the rid of that I didn't see it on there they have the boneless buffalo wings with chicken nuggets what's the oldest in Boston that like mutilated onion thing Texas Roadhouse Bloomin Onion Australian Outback Steakhouse as well and then continue to do it pretty soon not next weekend for the first time never to be shooting an episode of immersion I don't know if you're okay with us talking about yet and was still the Thunder so if you want to participate no still be an opportunity to do that the day before R text Australia on the 22nd that's were doing the Australian Premiere at the event Cinema lyrics thank you I didn't say that it's a really cool check it out preciate you I'm like thanks bro oh yeah she's like an hour cuz I do like Megan Ashley will like me like what 6 hours to get ready right now the shoot and then she's like I need a hole tell them that it's saying if you does my little making Carolina can wrap up mode here but it was a one time I made a comment on the broadcast about an episode of emergency shot that didn't work and it was a bad episode like it's just there was a failure of an episode the test failed and I know that somebody would use these test they fail and you can find out that gets what you can't do these things in the real world but we decided not to air it the problem with that is I said that so that every time an episode of a people are questioning why I think this is the Bad episode let's been going on for three episodes now you've even clarify this already on the park that we tried something from Skyrim and I'll let you guys figure it out almost spoil it but Brandon is trying to figure out a way to edit it in such a way that we could put it out but I'm just not sold on it yet so that if it does come out we'll say that it's the one that you know if not that's the Skyrim episode is not sure if it was just asking everyone that wasn't so bad video Relentless Relentless with a paintball gun and she was like oh my God you should carry somebody tell everyone a lot of times including the people we're going to sponsor it was where they're filming as well this is my job like this is this is crazy it's like something you would do as a kid like to play for fun I like imagining you with your friends and pretending and it was cool to actually have it built and have it look really awesome in that making game that just so much more fun than real games like more fun than Lazer Tag to This Light custom to as it was crazy that's the thing I would turn around and there'd be a boxer and I think I did seriously did not hear or see that there were some times where I lost track of the people I carry or miles I would be like okay I could have sworn that was them but that box hasn't moved and someone else is saying hey you know what is that winters going to putting on a scarf possible to do more stuff together take some quick questions for 20 Questions R tea podcast a car tag R tea pot can you really not grow cabbage in a bucket in real life the difference pissing off the preacher got in the truck with the bucket quickly had to come up with something it does the other thing that was really good running man Damien ordained the guy on Twitter one syste making an American version of the Korean show Running Man what is that I heard of it in person Boland on Twitter as that off there was a common denominator as a comedy it has a musical or comedy jokes right and it was definitely a light-hearted moment didn't classify the Martian as a comedy you think so I believe the Hollywood Foreign Press as suggested in the movie studio studio have to agree U think that they agreed that he had to go up against like harry' your dramas but I tell ya or what want get Revenant one and you know it was almost what are the seasons of Red vs Blue Ribbon in doing all the r names does Revenant mean the ghost that you can get rid of and that's why I took an arrow name their album from a season the ghost that linger was because that's a play off of revenant and then we changed it and it was like 100 some kind of last-minute the name of that crappy Covenant vehicle in Halo yeah they didn't team gun of vehicles are named after Spirit daylight wraith Banshee ghost in Revenue was one of the making but after that we like but then we were real life in as coincidences between Halo and R BB that would they would freak out when going to happen they're going to see if there's been a few like broken helmets the broken helmet one was probably one of the worst ones we put our reach and we put out our V8 it's just that's a long time ago at this point but with a broken helmet image that was Central to both the market Canada my internet stopped working on my iPad so I can't look at Twitter right now the other questions we treat my screening we're too much I want to hear somebody has the link to the screening the city that scene and then I checked the link and make sure it's like within about 20 seats of getting filled and then I'll retweet that because I retweet something it's not like there's four seats sold and 60 seats needed it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to tweet that one of the most remote screening in the US the remote from someone in North Dakota where the population of Martian there's something in there everybody who's going to go to the screening in their City who's never met anyone from the community is really turning into a really cool like Global media big segmented out to drinks or dinner or something do something with the people you're going maybe even fall in love and get married how they should contact each other the group on the rooster teeth website I think I post about it if you read my profile you could find it it's a tugg group and post in the forums and maybe we'll promote those posts and told you tugg Twitter one orchestral soundtrack for Lazer team yes there is that was one of the stretch goals that we had that went out with Jeff Williams and they directed the video game Orchestra that's really awesome score orchestral as I say orchestral movie soundtrack out this month for Lazer team and we don't let something that doesn't go to my list of things to talk about today R we actually broadcast live every single Monday every Monday for our sponsors on the receipt website and if you want to come and see if you can come watch that next week we'll be on our way to Australia will you be here next week Barbara. I leave on Tuesday I'll be gone you're going to be doing the program on Monday it's already kind of like an older issue but pretty relevant one about the Flint Michigan water supply we should talk about that you any about that or not heard about the price okay so no response just what we responsible off or should I leave it anywhere they switch the water source to a polluted river but they compensated that was putting the chemical in that would like pull out all the nastiness in the water from the use of the Flint River a mature the river that Flint Michigan was using but that chemical then as the water passed the types of the chemical and it just ripped all the let off the interior of the pipes and then just let it the water that everyone is drinking poison the population how long is it before you can go read about it I mean your people discover it yeah them for 6 months it was approved it's a huge deal yeah oh my God and it yeah this about your kids a drink of this water and now they're just like they just don't know pant related to the cells reading study a couple days ago that talked about how the speculation that the u.s. move away from leaded gasoline lead to lower violent crimes in the United States because I guess lead fumes in addition to more people like you it makes people agitated and just like prolonged exposure to lead creates that and I guess they tea out of leaded gasoline and no longer have the fumes in the air decrease crime a word that you have that like like one of the slang words for going insane comes from that isn't that I want to say I'll look it up for next time we talk about it we'll talk about the first thing that surprised it's not about that and it's like this is poisoning poisoning Sherwin cities Skyhook in Batman what are memory foam play mat Crime Boss out of China that use the Skyhook at the way they pick up people from a plane without Landing the plane is hook U off the same thing where you put a balloon on something that goes up and then cleaning company when they were testing technology test on a pig it was one with the pig was they picked it up it was spinning uncontrollably in the air for a long period of time thank you everyone underground the fuck out of everyone U trouble cuz I'm going to go play u pull up in this pic I was like no room what is like trying to fucking go at U good luck with that you just have to spend it the other way I just put it back and then you a big list which we did a whole new story about what should be posted as the Sony attending U trademar let's play how do you feel about that as foolish as foolish as it was already denied it was contested by a company called let's play Kelly tea ' play Let's Play they do like tournaments for video game enthusiasts and there's a few people who could contest Bubble Express a dr. pepper has the domain name for that it's like an outdoor get fit initiatives we try to get it many times and there's no way I can get some dr. pepper good luck Sony making their own and I don't know I think they were in for a long time I think they've been absorbed by a bigger company now right for the picking 1.3 billion dollars so someone suggested were you thinking of mad as a Hatter 9 Elizabeth Street the water for team a look it up and I'll put it on the to do with like a factory where they deal with let's a little as we're talking about it so much and I will see you guys next week favorites