#359 - Happy Birthday!

Join Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns as they discuss birthdays, leap years, the UK's education system and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 18, 2016.

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

when I was in the Blaine is fired up man you really are we doing it or not you do the same way shirt podcast and I was wearing my lights dim when I took it off to switch over this one occasionally on one of them and he was one of the proudest moments of my George before we get into superhuman internet dog Barbara I'm planning it you will have first right you have the floor first watch introduced yourselves for people were listening hi I'm Blaine I'm Kevin I'm Barbara and I'm Burnie and I'm Blaine stop it alright coming through like feedback so are you making out to say that today is a very very special day you know we're all here on the podcast together today is the birthday of a very special man who we all admire and love and cherish very greatly and that is a mr. Christopher happy birthday Chris how old is Chris I think it's 2928 feeling bullets which were going also someone we think you have some party hats all the time green or purple so I encouraged doublet really excited when you saw them Blaine plane that we did in our simple planes United States USM and you're 21 now no the other than Gavin this is my 43rd birthday it is not its 43 I'm 43 years old I think about that how do you 2727 to go to catching up somehow or some way 16 Harold Abus can you started Red vs Blue falling backwards cap does it look how does it look like 27 I think it was right at the end of my twenties I was 29 here Lord we have Blaine death start talking then build up a portfolio and the rice become world-famous on YouTube you know that that's the environment nowadays they feel like they can do that and it's like we talked about building a powerful it's like that it's like you could do it like 4 to 3 years and even starting out like if you're 15 you started now you'd be so far ahead with three years of experience dealing with some kind of art form by the time you're eighteen you'll be so far everybody else is just like I don't do that we were at it for like 11 years before they got to be it says melting UK menu I don't know what you think can I have a piece of paper and I'll come pick up the paper and I look at the garbage can and I'll sign up and I just got to let it fall out there's something very funny to me. You're just Gavin it is what it is if you want to help you but that finger though story Death in barbar was the discussion of it was absolutely about your birthday hold on hold on good grief there's a lot of jokes that Burnie makes it a lot of it over Blain how much to eat in one mouthful 50 UK trailer star death Roosevelt Middle School yes I suppose it's possible but you want to get the money if birthday one year we made it - yeah I think they're completely in a divorce would look like if it was a cake Pam Ferris going nuts UK deat Nicole just called I don't choke to death can I say anything at all death 5212 oh you're killing me no you don't know you're not sorry for what Reddit Christian hear that but I said I'm not retarded is there give me what website pays more why because it's a big assumption he got some dried towels coming in that Jil my hands love touching nobody touching you with my hands I look this way I heard it bubbling and like calling you but I just it was closed on Martin Luther just want to know I understand because it's a major holiday to Monday yeah I noticed my birthday can I gravitate towards money away from Monday but other days a week that dates never fall on like will January 18th always fall on you like a Thursday or Saturday or you don't it's hicke that's what you're saying for sure tomorrow death January next 2001 Sunday because it's a leap year this year the way this year's a leap year so it hasn't been fed yet so it would have been fun you would have been a Sunday on your calendar what day was January I can watch Commander 2015 and you could just open your calendar I could do that here Saturday Saturday and the next year I'll be able to use and Lazer they go one day at a time a man says I never knew that I honestly that's the thing that everybody else knows but me yeah I just Advance one day was Christmas last year was believed it was a Thursday and it was a Friday night on a 2013 birthday was on a Friday I was trying to see if my birthday fall on a weekend so I can plan my birthday party 2010 the last year of my birthday so it was stupid homily person who has ever come forward to every year we just think all the luck of the draw what day it was Huntington Tea I would notice that December 25th and January 1st are exactly 7 days apart so those always fall on the same day of the week every year relative to one another but I never noticed before they Advance through all the days am I alone in this did you guys know that that's the case the days advance notice David teet Americans many days Advance do the do it like explain it to me like how does a how does that explain to education has explained it to me I have no idea I just like the fact that I know what is explain like someone's never heard that before how do they teach it to you what you doing I love you I just thought you should know that like you but you base knowledge on your ass I value my memory has to go back the two years to make the trip not happening getting one year ago from today to figure that out really dear I can keep that consistent to where even across the leap year it doesn't she doesn't move up a day or anything I just went back 6 years I went across a Leap Year in 2012 and it didn't change so what's it going to be next year for you Wednesday or Tuesday maybe Wednesday because this is we don't change it to change it because it's like a day you're one of the few whose birthday is before the leap day then you can experience that is hidden 54 UK If you go to kindergarten kindergarten or first the official level of school but it's okay what is your first level School Reception receptionist receptionist yes 4484 so what's the cutoff date for that like that I think it's like very early September the oldest kids are born in the early days of September right okay yeah he's like that class it wasn't cuz like Applebee's and some extremely young or extremely old for my class so they're like let's just talk for him being older and possibly more drone when he plays football the future even younger but when I start you later the group color within the lines a little better Gavin it would rather than being put your head 1921 no 1990 socially like 6 to 8 grade and then I did my first two years in high school like I was a much more successful than was intended but they like smaller than everybody else peripatetic a girl like 6 inches in 8 months out so yeah it was painful very painful like when you grow too fast or too much weight and your skin stretches or is it like that you thinking for people who lose a lot of weight have stretch marks by losing weight does make sense to me or is it just revealed when the skin comes back that's what the thing that sucks is I don't know a stretch mark is right get you held back in Canada yes Miss Elliott and mrs. Stroup that is kind of dislike starting later though it's nice reception level 121 tea 34561 and that's the controversy when you take your owls so our College University level it's usually you can leave school at 16 UK gcses they determine like what a levels you take or you can not do that and just go to college and do specific gcses and a-levels to say I want to do a level science I need to get at least AC in my science GCSE where do you go to my school and I could see IGCSE in English Glenn you away like Matt's even feel like doing that but I was your only doing what you doing over the phone that comes with all the lessons you just doing like the three subjects you want to do what are a levels grades are they texting applications okay so you want I have 906 number and then somebody threw a lot of letters that you that's exactly your life is a test you take a G6 and then I say 1600 like I love my friends I became a plumber for that point you do this 12 and 13 and that's cool too sick for me to get there cartoon farm animals 11th grade level princess Junior and I like a sophomore 834 equivalency but that's an alternative to the Americans as if we dropped out tell me how smart Gavin is and happens to be secret Hitler you'll have to go to school oh really that's what the law homeschool kids they just take him out of school homeschool there's no I mean they just run the kids to the yard it's Alan can and I still text you yeah that's why I like to be here anymore if you're not going to do when someone has a levels levels after levels is also called College the - because I got you what you fre RT Podcast so Patrick hold of the UK education system Wilson and Chrissy now we call it Primary School common entrance examinations GCSE examination is there a lot of exams I guess we have like we have you yeah you can pick your GCSE if you still have to do math all the crap you hate every year I like 20 different college courses but it's on hold at College Hill the school rather than college campus can you go to separate let me see education your qualifications so what if I asked you like we go we go we go all the way from Lawrence train station 3 to 12 grade what you fre so great you get a diploma American what we teach our the education Lake Wawasee like 1452 that fucking sucks 3 years of math two years of science 1 year of history and you can't keep taking this course is and like the 11th and 12th grade but you didn't have to so there's a minimum Crystal and they had to take and everything else you could sell the stuff you wanted to do so it's like it narrowed it down but still have an understandable fucking fuck you would have been if you would like those in your career path a 13 or 14 what would you be doing right now University so if he was going home I have a splint on my finger which is the splint is on a bandage I didn't break my finger I'm not allowed to bend my finger trigger word Gore and blood sugar are you going to get off but I'm not sure that's going to be blood and More in pain I would not take it off your hands for death by a picture on my phone I'm very happy with my new set of knives knives that they cut through anything like cutting steak if I give Barbara your break already likes the sub shop called Jimmy John's but yes I can because he loves it he's one of those guys that like goes in like kills like a thousand-year-old elephant and stuff a picture of your face that spread from there so I can making the same one I have like some smudges on it so I thought paper towel wrapped around it and I was doing like like just like this go to the blade but also kind of moving ahead with it as well and then went too far and I came back and went across my hand the inch-and-a-half huge gash in my finger just like instantaneously please tell blue and blood everywhere and ended up getting six stitches in my finger and that was no fun and I was cleaning up and doing everything so then after like 4 hours in the after all that and I saw it on the kitchen table was City sandwich and taking like 5 bucks out of it and I'm like that little shit and I'm like hey I got your sandwich and like you fucking dick I want to see that pass over here and work at Kroger and I unbox ice Oregon the dairy and unbox boxes of cheese and one day I was there with my box cuz that is my ex and I you don't have to know Gavin with the knife hit my hand with a penis I had Jack and feel like the individuals in later like pop and made like a domino feeling effect sabotage everytime I stand my head hurts and everything that a photo is his age that creepy love you that phones have now where it's like a gift anyone to say that you're going to click that little stunt you get off it still open to the idea to me the magnitude making to be 10 days after I get this time 4 RTX Australia and some stuff so I had to find a way to get stitches out in Australia I'm pretty sure they do they have social health care but I'm not a taxpayer in Australia so what does that mean good health and should you get travel health insurance you should be okay if you get the chance I will just find a helpful person I try to punch me in the nose go to the doctor no Alex Ellington hi so I gotta go Boston to Washington to LAX to Sydney love Washington I'll talk to you at the city for a while the premier of Australia then there's another screen that I'm going to in Sydney on the 27th and I fly from there to Honolulu Hawaii where I will be attending the training you get the Honolulu and that is Honolulu girl who likes that show me to go there being a lady then from there too travel fucking conversation by the way you ever heard of qanta don't talk about that MLK means Queensland and that she was qanta Smith she's not there impressive but it's and qanta stand for some Queensland and some of the teeth let me know what does Qantas stand for what's the qanta Switzerland and Northern Territory area aerial Services that's a cuantas me so that I can and making fucking forgot that's why the gift gift thing is like if you can put out to whoever you want you to fucking Akron it and the person who made it up connectio say how it's pronounced and I hope you like what does it take Jack White to give the graphical for the house acronym is my name is on the neck and in my name is a set of words scuba you don't take underwater and yeah it's pronounced incorrectly but that's just what it's called like an underwater now UK so I had to make a change I have why I was going to fly from Austin El a Sydney City back to LA back to Austin so I had all the stuff come up I had to be in Washington on Wednesday and which I'm glad Blaine tricks some clear some of those as well so I had to come Washington so I said okay here's a more recent article LA to Sydney to LAX and to change that to LA to Sydney Sydney to Honolulu distance and taking less flights a call to make that change and Airline people are fucking crazy and they are no problem just like saying insane stuff and acting like it's totally normal I told the person I wanted to change my flight LA to Sydney Sydney to Honolulu that's it nothing else really easy blue like what what do you think is well with the change fee and everything that is going to be all together to change that $14,000 that's not a joke she said 40 and she said it as calmly as a person can say anything 40000 and 14000 she does because we're doing a change I can't get any discounted rates so it's $14,000 cheaper tickets to a I just let my old tickets expire and waste the money and I would still come in at about like 60% left I got it yeah they're just crazy gas prices David go fucking set the price of gas and oil has dropped from 100 to $28 a barrel yet at the same time gas has dropped about 30% and that's about it but meanwhile the price of oil has been absolutely got it and I know there's other stuff show me some explain. I'll just reschedule this Reddit other factors too there's refining which is definitely part of it but replying to me is pretty static because of the differences in the grades of gas and we've been a $0.10 different that's were finding different like premium is $0.10 more than regular and supreme is $0.10 more than that but even those gaskets to be like 3 bucks a gallon 4 months ago and it still a $0.10 difference in that's it and it was related to the cost of the price the think tax would go down as the price of the thing goes down to you about it but yeah it's ridiculous I've noticed a change year to year but I have noticed that when the price of oil goes up the gas prices in melee change for the positive a go up as quickly as oil does oil find oil in the ground yeah you just get it all out well some oil is harder to get than other oil and that's I think I'm going to be cause for the drop in the price of oil as we the oil from different places specifically like tea Royal Shell Oil David MO mining Franklin burn gas is well fracking a supervisor make steel wool flammable yeah but somebody did Bedford Heights the water moving under and they stuck in ice in the ice and let it and it sucks all the air out of the underneath of the eyes and it's like a fire coming out of ice that's really cool what is it as soon as his oxygen but maybe it's like me saying that's got ice hole fire video Gavin I understand that do you see what I'm saying that it's just oxygen under the ice oxygen coming up through a hole does not make it flammable what are you talking about if I disappear I feel like you don't like a bunch of plugs into the wall making your oxygen my contribution is no invoice were you born when that happened we were love Patrick was Blaine alive when the a Elite all the way love you Pacer game when was Exxon Valdez Chipotle for lunch today and wife Chipotle for that is not living in the u.s. what about it what is it love beans making food anymore 1990 March 24th 1989 and I'm one up on you Patrick so if you could listen love you remember Reddit it wasn't Gavin kids you know my generation was the Challenger explosion what is City Chicken the big thing Houston on 11th and Gavin Gavin da that's like the world like I think I like older generation but I knew where I was when the Challenger exploded do you remember where you were when princess I was it was in 1977 that I was like yes I would love it I'm like was crying during the funeral everyone was crying the same time is really weird I don't know what's going on and I thought mine was like Oklahoma City Bombing because I was like a city way in fact my mom is there I think like a day or 2 prior and that very building and like where we were I was in my babysitter's we and we could feel the shake your pom City Bombing Show Business a lot and people who lived in Oak day it was always based on what happened before the bombing a football stuff about a travel we'll just do everything terrorism like the way you view the world now miss masses 5th grade class my friend Tyler Keating came in and he told me that the Pentagon attacked and I was like well they'll rebuild it and make the hexagon fucking idiot circling hexagons in class and Lee princess shows the plane hit princess or anything from the Holy Father while he was in the Pentagon on the day helping the government agency kyl and her boyfriend it's really cool so he was a prison guard documentary last night about how some Secret Service dude shot JFK by accident but there's so many funny the documentary the trajectory of the and the difference in the bullet like the bullet that Lee Harvey Oswald fired went through the president through the other guy at the other guy and it wasn't like they went through like a bunch of stuff for the one of him in the head like splode it Shine into pieces like blue his head up and everything that you can divide both of those from the same gun with that trajectory and then there was thinking on the car behind you heard the first two shots went to pick up the gun a bit by accident I'm love blue the president had a lot of respect you tell me you could shoot someone by accident from one car to another very very unlikely accidents you accidentally shot the president had from like what 40 feet away while another guy shooting a be right there there's a guy that tells dudes to back away before the firing happens we'll have to see I guess straight the presidential limo is coming through the guy's name is George hickey and Son the da look up that hole theories the body sodium stabilized HD version of the JFK assassination rooster I'm amazed at how close the his wife's head was to his head when it blew up but that must have been she must have heard the bullet go through it her when you're on Air Force One in LBJ is being sworn in and she is just like thousand yard stare she did for some reason they made her stand there I'll get some kind of continuity of government like they had it was good she's watching between his present was right I'm sure. That is like she wore the same outfit the entire day with all of his death his blood look like that and I think it was like as a selection from what I heard it's like a symbol it's like look what has happened your president and I like I think she was there is like a symbolic thing but he was shot in Dallas Texas a weird thing like he has an aunt who was outside of the theater watching when they brought Oswald out of the theater when they went found him arrested for the assassination of John F Kennedy was standing right there watching she was also on the mall at you tea when Whitman open fire while he was there he the guy who went up the tower but I was like yeah she's there for two major Texas history of text so we should probably invest Kate Mansi Michael Tyson of crackpot Theory did you eat Blaine really Glenn rightfully so did you read that the filmmakers for making a murderer did they are now like in total backpedal mode like the 360 or 180 on those guys get you laid you know they're saying they're defending themselves relieving information like now the level of scrutiny for the evidence they presented it full documentary a reaction that were okay you know what happened and that was it his girlfriend at the time saying she was like terrified totally change your opinion of him and everything else in that she was she's convinced that he killed her really and that's why would I watch the Jinx like 2 years later I need to watch for the people who can participate in the conversation so badly now it's a long story short I hurt my finger who are you ridiculous because I cook a lot of ground beef because I want to be well Blaine you need to know how to cook not only do you feel like you know where you start Blue Apron has you covered for less than $10 from your blue apron deliver you need to create home-cooked meals just follow the easy step-by-step instructions each meal can be prepared in 40 minutes or less know overwhelming trips to the grocery store no more said take out no matter your dietary preferences Blue Apron makes it a breeze to discover and prepare dishes like creamy lemon linguine and shrimp and pineapple fried rice right in your own kitchen cook with ingredients that you've never used before like watermelon radishes farro Alan pronouncing it correctly and purple potatoes and recipes are between $507 per portion delicious and it's good for you right now you can get your first two meals for free at blueapron.com / Rooster Teeth that's blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook and thank you blue apron for supporting our program from Blue Apron and take out you going to get some Amazon Prime now and I keep forgetting that it was supposed to do Blue apro Steak Cook-off and a couple weeks ago now its February we are losing that I agree with you are those people were very nice last year but I was very sad that I did not get to cook the pancakes on the shrove Tuesday podcast is that what I think the first Monday in February and February is that had to do with Mardi Gras when's Mardi Gras show me get this straight this is a day ahead of where it was last year question just one day last year when I moved up here what is Leap Year wait so if it Chipotle twice today yeah it's part of your colon the delicious will you go summer like what you would never tell me what you believe it's readable to go because I want those 10 so I can check everything out I get brown rice extra brown rice please pinto beans and I'll have half Barbacoa half chicken and then we'll move down to the café when I tell you I went Pico De Gayo Two Scoops and salsa come on Blue more meetings also you're not Chipotle hot sauce I love that stuff also have salt the saltiest chap 7 or something that is a really good guy so good is because it is not the translation yes Richard Rossi is rhetoric and you asked me to get what time I visited often like 5 or 6 years ago and I want the grocery store with you and you're like hey why don't you go down and get some vegetables and some tea name things and like I said that like a cheese I didn't know I never heard that term before no it's not as you are to begin with the temperature helping started cutting jalapenos and she somehow got jalapenos all over her face was red but I do that don't do that and then she was crying and she was like then she start crying more cuz she said her ears were burning your face it was pretty impressive think about when you watch The Matrix and farting a lot more love them for their big fat Twitter hashtag RT Podcast a look at it I would fart into the microphone but I don't get it on more times that I farted that's true for me when I was a baby love you Google why do we thought they let me down and let me down the same thought process is that I contribute more methane global warming personally to the atmosphere then my car got his car to my car can she would do nothing that's weird what does explain why did she say that now but supposed to be packed out so that makes passed out Gavin has your license will drive myself because she's worried about you don't mind it would be funny that way 2013 2014 what's better lighting wire don't trust Blain can I fart on you always are your seats I want to stay at 4:40 always you know any Pico De Gayo 2004 there the spot in that but I'll try to think of an embarrassing question no I would get out of there get out of there I can't first friend at Rooster Teeth and shake my hand so I gave him the fish UK map a few Blain Trainor like the fuck out of here what's your screen name you dumbass in real life how old was and I was like 60 well I'm sorry Which lady to get a job a few times you drink beer at their Facebook Blain the thing today so much greetings I said no mistake of theirs everybody and I have a new screen name and I went in there and said hi but I say this Burnie a thanks guys I appreciate it fell down Burnie can use my name is verified member there's nothing where we had change your password with Richard UK as a result of treason they change all the passwords for all of our accounts they change the receipt one and I got kind of tired of asking barbar and that's what the receipt password was for Reddit and I don't really post anything on there like maybe once a week I have made a thread that you deleted and blocked me I think he was ready for it and it has 32 the here to be fair you didn't have any proof that with you I didn't even remove when you post on your own birthday and rooster pretending to be you even if it's you pretending to be someone someone text you have verified your username but by whom and how asking what they want for verification and I was like I was like thanks the birthday girl in the picture for that Reddit but mine for some reason this year was your Chemistry Barbara I guess it's not that exciting as exciting as $14,000 for flight change but so we're going to Australia tomorrow actually write about it is when I fly out and I couldn't so I went in to make sure I could select my seat because I was like I know I'm City see it so I make sure I know spread out a little bit or head like an aisle seat so it's like my dad said it confirmed today to make sure everything was good because it's 12 hours before the flight and it says seats not selected and I was like that weird and I went back in and I was like oh shit there's only like one row it available now so I guess I'll pick up there if your plan changed and I clicked it again and I reload the page and it said she's not selected what the fuck is happening and I'm playing with Aaron so it's like I'm trying to teach her both of us probably still together and I call qanta and I was like hey I switch my seats about two weeks ago and they disappeared and I tried to let them today and it won't go through and she goes oh yeah your flight is through American so you're going to have Fletcher tea and I was like there was no indication of this whatsoever on the Qantas website it said it was confirmed two weeks ago and now when I go to the American website there is one middle seat available here but there's another middle seat available there for $80 extra if there's a middle seat on the other side before there's no seats together Qantas Flight operated by American Airlines flight operated by American Airlines German American plane but you bought the ticket to qanta well I didn't buy it was but for me as well and she booked it for me and I can travel cuz I feel like the moment I lock it in that's what my plans are most likely to change to the last minute never change and then there's empty and is going to fly through the air with empty why is that the most expensive seat ever let him try to buy the day before I guess they want you to buy plane tickets earlier but it's like you buy the day of or literally 24 hours in advance and then it should be like we were for sale in those seats just get them get them sold so we can have a full flight but I told her that sounds like I'm traveling with I'm going to be really upset if I'm not sitting next to this person and she was well I'll make a note of it for the gate agent that you guys want to sit together and I'm like what what kind of shit is that making it to the front hey did you get the note El polite and Canadian you are and when you're mad you like super UK do I get off alright cuz you moved offices Abus Australia of universe is it going to our church Australia a stop by the Gym Bar t-shirt everyday not really I don't know where it is it's called the dean Barbara Ann live stream of RTX Australia in the bar all day so you can go to the bar and watch the live stream t-shirts and anything else or just the T-shirt if they do more UAC t-shirt Carson must really make sense I'm sure you guys are there United Australian Council shows on a Qantas flight and I had to brush my teeth and I didn't want to get up to go to bathroom to do it the wrong with you you should I brush my teeth and my fucking flight and I'm brushing my teeth right now a bottle of water and I do this for surround and spit it back in the water the snow was going to give it to the lady that was going around you might look like an asshole I'm looking stuff around back of the so embarrassed by it for like I don't know see you at the bar look like 12 how much is 4 minutes what were a mistake it was boring it right I left and I got it or use it for my mouth and I spit it back into the White House you would have to tell you otherwise you have to take the ball back in the world was still out there is it a challenge how much you going to pay just saying he said it looks like a hundred percent, but yeah it's as if I just came into 12 straight hours death to all traitors school and he's too were like really baggy tracksuits and stuff like that in the The Myth around school is that he wouldn't jerk off during class under his bed because he doing this number he had his hand tucked away and everyone of my friends looked at them during class because he's just watching him and the guy looks just like doing whatever and they looked at my friend and then he likes to pull out his hand it was just covered High School 64. Lost one making me the word my gamer card is going to take it away here a UAC stands for Union Aerospace Corporation it's from the Doom video game that's only makes sense to me that's what that's what he's doing infantis no I mean like I feel like it Jason's Lazer bird poop because he came into the NBA yeah a lot more in in person though and like poop but about what you called each other around 5 restaurant chains that use names that rhyme with real from the beginning of never going to change it so I'm told happy birthday to me some shopping for that so I can trade you voting for I told you because that's against the rules Dave went down it was like half cracked articles and it was something else that was like that's all it was it his story got up and cracked it was on the front page of day because it was just like everybody would like to dig up those things are still around and if you and some of the Lincoln from a subreddit to that other Reddit like to see movies on videos are videos are some of the from the Rooster Teeth store funhaus or Ruby subreddits if they think that video from the sub Reddit and people directing traffic from one subreddit to another and then those people uploaded it in any capacity they would all get Shadow Man from the other for somebody NRV do shingles the only time that I saw status of the post about Rooster Teeth and he's a rooster teeth fan and it was weird like making a blade and I was like asking for people to have like hey can you know if you don't even remember making a medieval same thing and he liked posted you look like my cousin Blaine from Rooster Teeth posted it is a personal Facebook page a good story why Alan Rickman died cuz he was unfortunately he's not even currently the latest celebrity to have died in 2016 I was bummed now Glenn Frey from the Eagles is dead sorry if you didn't know that can you still use 67 Glenn Frey now Glenn Frey Jackie literally just got to Great musicians that are really that sure was a bar and did you mention someone 2 musicians in an actor you know he said you just for people that would really listen to musicians and an actor but there's a rickma let me El David bowi yeah I just a musician but was it always think you just let me know and okay that's what you're missing I need the countdown what do you guys think of it the part that hard Galaxy Quest first light yeah I love that movie the whole time when we can Lazer tea data Galaxy Quest was going to production I legitimately didn't want Galaxy Quest to come out to to come out the same year we had our thing because it's like whatever king of vastly underserved genre and you go back to be City Galaxy Quest I didn't mind it that much Adam Sandler's cowboy movie over the holidays ridiculous ridiculous 6 never this that was a parody movi on Sunset Western Jefferson City MO we left it running in the background and I watched like 5 minutes towards the end and I the before that hours of feels like we're all just like you like me like making movies just to like his friends lately it's always got like it's not her and Kevin making any money he's funny sticker what's the name from Knocked Up I saw Jack and Jill why because he was a double feature at a drive-in Galaxy Drive-In theater in Ennis Texas and the other one was in time and I went and we just made out through that City movi play didn't actually watch it because it's fucking garbage we tried and then there was like oh hey it's Al Pacino not being graceful haven't even seen this movie with me 02 movies that completely a career she was do something bad movies in my life that was the worst I've ever seen can I find my car even funny but he's not being a leading man it's because he shows up it like a random Parts is like supporting characters like he was Inglorious Bastards the yeah he was so fucking yeah yeah yeah Star Wars second viewing I enjoyed it and much more not that I didn't enjoy it the first time I saw it but I enjoyed it much more the second time I did I was past all the referential stuff and watching it I even like I got kind of got okay with kylo Ren a little bit more but I still have to say that it's just it's bad writing it's not the actor you know but it's bad writing that if this guy is like an evil villain on the caliber of someone who can destroy the Galaxy or rule the galaxy having a conversation about just come home and everything will be okay so it's like that kind of just like nurse that character meant I mean I mean it's like that should be a lot of discussion I assume you guys have all seen the SNL skit with color sketching the witness ketchup better than the original Star Wars movie it's true Patriots lightsaber that looks stupid it looks great I'm going to see if I can find it he walks out I just like you guys yeah I'd like to see like some of those actors do more stuff looks like a movie with that guy Hot Rod Andy Samberg Gavin the guy out of five of the six screenings that have gone to and I'm going to see it twice more before it leaves theaters making the Declaration making people laugh when you take it off no this is like when he takes off the helmet and I think it's the most over-analyze generation in history but when he takes off the helmet he looked exactly like the person I picture every time you read it he's like Darth Millennial seriously over analyzed since basically the baby was only two generations removed but the Baby Boomers were like it's one of growing up it's all anybody fucking talk about was the impact and you're a Generation X and Y transformed in the millennial and then I'm on my way yeah but we're going to get off I'm on my way I'm in Lazer like the 2001 is a millennia if you guys were also noticed by the following Generation X there no precise dates when the generation starts and ends most researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the mid 1980s to the early 2007 text Bubba Genji ultimate making more generation WRX fucking cool now you can give me smaller than the Baby Boomers that looks like and we were in the shadows like Cold War Kids and all that stuff so you know I'm excited about go ahead I'm excited about it before now there's all these like first ladies of the United States I'm excited about the first man good as the first male first lady with the first let me know making the male equivalent of lady what was the first first lady Washington no questions no he learned that and 24 more would have thought it would a president go ahead have a first gentleman would he be referred to as that I would have just be 22nd president more like a long-term basis gay as a president was like gay marriage wasn't absolutely hard for a lot of I agree that's a horrible thing to have to ask him if there was a single president and he just gets so much action that he the best it's amazing to me the never has been a single president be a relation like becoming the First Lady you think I'm too far gone for 1 week and I'm 25 I got ten year that's around you on the internet you're too far you're fine everybody your generation is exact same problem you do love from the lot of you and because your medicine for college but you're in with a group of people who like understand the present where is a lot of other people don't have that info to the like the stuff that was just like I don't know like pictures of you guys in your bed the posters on your wall and something that they told hello I should have like covered up my walls there question of picture my face up or you shouldn't like me posting from your death give me everybody that's and it's like everyone sorry for not posting his pictures of his bedroom was like because they can identify where he lives gavi here's why when Gavin is Gavin is named creative director vs. tea 12 years Lee Ten Years Later at your side to hurt Abus death right they posted that picture being creative director of a company like Rooster Teeth you know and I don't know what organization where that would be without the stupid stuff I mean I mean I'm glad there's no photos of me Disney Channel just for you UFC video try to change it a video of you in a party got drunk and I love everybody feel like you never know how that stuff can be used against you the same thing that privacy is an argument if you have nothing to hide you have your problems until you have him and I didn't somebody to know if they can call everyone's information it was just wait for the people to rise in power and they use all that stuff again so you say your not even time to change for you or more like some that stuff now right what you told stories they probably wouldn't have ten years ago I should say this is my life and that's what I did to my stuff everything the cloud it doesn't matter because we all do it and no one's going to really discover when you become a person of interest or a person of note to run for governor then they're looking for that person then they have all their stuff in all day start to search for your name amongst all those other things that's when problems arise you think that Sean Penn is going to get killed because he's associated with El Chapo got no idea why would he get killed for being so she was El Chapo because they're there relating El Chapo's capture back to his meeting with Sean Penn they're able to track him and I do like fucking powerful now that he's like you know like you were talking about you know that you know that he's connected to that the stars that there's a mob boss super powerful Polly has dudes on the inside of like US Government Lake CA FBI and all that stuff and this guy goes and he's one of the reasons that he is captured do you think he's going to get killed now and being in danger possibly yeah that works I'm just saying like if you represent yourself like you said yourself with me I just don't see how that has anything to do with online you try to do something important the good solution for some of that stuff is that instead of posting on social media sites you can just post it on your own website and then you can take it down if you want to or at least have a little control or people might not think the archive it but you have on your side and then you can just turn it off as needed but still says stuff with pride light reminder buddy this episode of Hershey Park as is brought to you by squarespac so if you're going to put your own website Squarespace to that you can put all your photos up there videos of yourself at parties and then it's not controlled by Facebook or anybody else that's what I would do that's what I did with Squarespace sites look professionally designed regardless of your skill level there's no Kodi required they offer intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for year start your trial today at squarespace.com / we should do when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure to use the offer code rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful that is squarespac complex receipts on the site Squarespace supporting our podcast even though Blaine said horrible things today he's quite well so we cover stories to tell on the podcast with your Blaine Tina what are you doing oh no I won't talk about that we are starting to hear you guys had such a good thing we did one for let's play to talk about your thing live what's my face you know this thing this week so the reason Barbara you were asking earlier the reason why I had to change my flight and go from LAX to Austin to Washington as opposed to Austin all the way to Sydney as I have to go to Washington because on Wednesday I was invited to go to the White House man looking sad yes I have been invited to go to the White House and still hear the president's plan for climate change and then communicated to me like you're all the way to the White House certain number of social media influencers I hate the word because you connect with the younger generation that might not be knowledgeable about this kind so it's like the ministration is being smart about the way they reach out to everybody the round pen Hart's girlfriend and you know that Hannah Hart Destin was doing it I didn't realize that's what the guys a question he showed Obama the how would a dog wear pants and Obama said that it would be on the two legs in the back it would not be across all four legs that's not silly it's just silly that the President right there and I'll hear about this Nicole arbour's thing you know everyone it was said that she did not backpedal she did not say I was misinterpreted I was thinking of contacting you any of that stuff she just said it's comedy video making fun of fat people okay so there's this thing she's dating a famous YouTuber named Matt something couple months later I think he releases video of crying basically saying like I need to stating that he supports him it was domestic abuse and then she released this whole video saying that he's lying and he's just trying to back off of her Fame and all the stuff and throwing her under the bus because they ended things badly cuz she broke up with him and then there's the YouTuber that does these big ass words cute little animated stick figures with giant mouths just talking and it's like a British voice to know I'm talking about hives that she had to leave it and he's happy to see this video of her crying after they had just broken up saying that he broke up with her she sorry for everything she did to him like basically backpedaling on all of the things she said and that other video where she said he was lying that she had deleted it from the internet but you made it when they broke up apparently so is all the more so that she was revealed to not be telling the truth. Okay. Things are never like what you put on the Internet it's there forever she's an idiot I was surprised she didn't because it seems like everybody does now likewise I was surprised that like people could remember to be outraged about something that happened 4 years ago because now it's like the culture of outrages by the time you the outrage reaches a fever pitch on something or he moving on to the next thing in discovering the next thing to be upset about no I totally got blindsided by that it was not that was from your Evernote so I guess and California ignore me the Funhouse directing a shoot and I heard his voice was really excited and I was like I ran in and I think will was there and like he will get these two off my sexy's with Bethany like making you laugh and he just was talking to somebody else you just totally blew me off and I was like waiting for him to say hi and the kids I can't even walked off and you never said bye I'm kinda hurt my feelings that was probably his worst nightmares in public somewhere not going to do it yesterday here yeah me and Jordan sweers representing the rooster teeth and then others can be two guys from Street Exxon to get some fun out of everything okay and someone else I forget who so they could grab you from people you me Chris and Jack went to Texas last year it was good it was good it was just so I know that they're switching up the crap I just remember that we were there from the start of the opening of the floor to like the end of it and we have like a lunch break in there I actually haven't broken up to work are sometimes are all different so I'm going to be able to actually look at supporting everyone complains about an hour I was there the whole time you just you just left off the interstate your legs tired for one person they're going to walk away from them feeling like well I have three three days of game yeah I can go 3 days in a row and then after that I'm like stranded for days it's like God or Comic-Con San Diego Comic-Con is brutal because it's pretty much birthday and insert on Thursday and so you're there 5 days at Business Connection I think in the US I'm so sensitive it's a lovely city and it's only had to drive there know how to fly and flying everywhere here so when do you leave for Australia Barbara random seat if I'm going to hate every second I think I know what he's going to let you know actually if you want to there's a seat right next to Ashley will not be there I can cancel it and then she can't brush your teeth and into a bottle of water because its so I don't think that she came in the fall she just there Brighton collections DJ stupid things that would be perfect we're all back together again after Australia there is a hotline that's been established that film companies can call for scientifically accurate information like if they're presenting something on screen that scientific thing called to make sure they're getting a correct so that they have scientific accuracy in films is forging companies somebody follows you on Twitter so what's up on me that's really cool I feel like that's a huge honor and then you look at this thing and I follow like 800000 what is that personal there's some accounts on Twitter that have verified it doesn't say what they do and they follow the same a lot of people to follow them and it just like these so fake Twitter famous people who I can't figure out what they do and it's like several they just have a username and that's it there's no link to a website or YouTube channel that I need to tell you that your verified is an egg yeah but they never fight they found the grocery store later account they're like oh my God followed me and I'm like oh it's really cool and it was like that for some reason want to see that they were following the person like what it's like see the list of people to follow and they also call this person 291 I don't remember now celebrity net worth today it was a hospital trip in a few days it was awhile ago so I can easily find it again and I will do that stories like that I purposefully will put a lot of time between the actual event and when I talk about the podcast simply because I don't want people to piece together that I'm talking about that looking for people to go through find a personal burn relief the time I can't stand that tattle-tale on you like they like it's the lamest thing ever like you're talking about what something like I hate Burnie is talking on the park we think about that topic in life don't do something else I mean it's like we talked about you talked about visits example of a person or whatever fucking bullshit like that someone was asking me who I was talking to people were going through my Twitter and talking to every girl that I felt like a lot of a lot of female friends article on Twitter and they would have them in the be like hey you two dating and it's like stop it's not weird I have you ever had that moment where you were following somebody and they were following you and then you realize that Then followed it all the time the following each other for whatever reason we had a really Awkward Moment Australia 13 why did you confront him no I would never I don't care but I figured like it was we figured out the only way we can communicate with each other was through Twitter messaging and then we like got onto it was like alright well I guess we should message each other every night there with her following each other after the trip is done we just cooked up he unfollowed me and I'm following him then I keep having the last thing I must refer to mention this when we spotted limit but I keep getting matched on Tinder with people using my photos I see people on Twitter all the time that use your photo or Michael's phone a lot and it's like it makes me do a double-take and no not Twitter I don't like this kind of stuff people sometimes but you know I like it David catfish I was going to say so remember when I went on that whole Twitter I'm taking you guys out on a date thing yes that was a catfish I never said that because I was like really and so a lot of people are asking who's the person that did one day Blain went out on a date and he got stood up and told you this really funny thing was he said hey Twitter my date stood me up some of my date stood me up so I can take all of you on a date so I need like a post and it was one of many things that Blaine has done that have gone completely viral like when he proposed to the princesses at Disney World and stuff like that that's one of the things that person I was getting Tweets in there like who is this person that would stand you up and I'm kind of curious you can do reverse image searching so I did that and ended up being a model from California blue a different name and I texted the person that who we know why we had to stay with and I said I said he know you took these photos from somebody else I don't know why you would do that to you shouldn't do that to people and I just stopped talking I think it was a fan the a there maybe that I've got going it was a lot of worry I found people on Twitter and then I'll get screenshots of people doing like I found Blain on Twitter or Tender and the only reason I know the people using my stuff is because those that I actually know I getting matched with me Glenn people from my past like syste will like what the chances that they get matched with that pussy no just the picture in the house and there's there's like I've gotten to the point where I can sniff out a catfish and probably like 3 or 4:17 or like or like just based off of their profile and just like the way that the pictures are there by like it's like that's clearly not a real person very to make sketches for the podcast conversations every week somebody has avoiding catfish in life it makes dating Hard Play Hard a they really could not use the app sorry that fucking generational dating for you is so difficult like for your generation of like swiping and clicking a button them whatever you like and it just showing up at your door the process for you yeah I'm looking after never have to know that sounds awful it's fun it was kind of coming around when you you did not you couldn't you couldn't meet in person like for the first time you need to eat more so we can pick you up some if you need it I can find somebody in another state to date is like impossible but if it a prison in Star Trek because you still like you know that I met somebody who lives in Canada with a VHS version of Tinder love connectio ecosystem exactly so I can't believe I just said that I hope that's okay they said that the Jil the love connection nobody can find it happens at the end of the story what was it makes it makes online dating hard and I could go out and date normally if I wanted to reverse it like to have your pictures of Mega ugly guy and then when he shall be like a surprise surprise she's like I was into that ever mattered to me to begin with there's the speed bump some dick head named Michael keeps using might not Michael Jones keeps using my pictures and acting as me but with a different name people family don't like and keep in mind those dating sites a funny story she said she used to like and she would probably get report because he's a person in the company what it would be like their photo be used like I said Barbara Meg is having a girl yeah and then like in terms of like guys for being attractive but not well-known enough that the majority people on a dating site would recognize them anywhere Gavin and I were somewhere recently so we were some magazine where we were we were somewhere recently and we ran into a model love note I will say that and she found out we were YouTube people that are like online people and she got really excited about that she goes I'll follow you on Twitter and you follow me remember this place now I just bought him a phone and then she like maybe like a week to see if she would follow back when she said alright all your stuff down there and father as well I never said I was I thought it was a really weird exchange that was like a really like 10 things almost like this is yelping when she was watching like following models buy me what I need to do the stranger you working right we worked with her that was the correct ones but once I don't believe in political follows I think I had like 76 people I'm following they're all like friends just like people I interact with you full of 76 people is way more than I do you like a thousand people Twitter look at the time line I saw them intentionally mentions so basically the only way you would seem to me that like what they Burnie and the only way you think something in your brain Twitter I love it I love that approach never look at your timeline I was there about a month ago I lost it I don't know how to scroll down for that think it's ridiculous makes me feel special when Gavin response something that I don't wear because I assumed that that was the case is it to get in anytime I'm friends with someone on Facebook and they have Twitter post to Facebook I see a lot that way you don't have friends on Facebook that happen to like just like a couple months ago and like I think I was in your life friends request queue for ages and was like it was like you are now following Gavin Free but you are not sending a friend request because he has too many friend requests and I put this on my phone because Facebook anything right like maxed out the amount of requests and then it Glenn broke the page so I can't load the page the night everyone signs like that money request I think I should have some social media things I had a cloud account the dumbest thing ever had my level on cloud and then I saw like Shiki people who you know watch your shows like the one you gave me like + ones and silly stuff like sandwiches and tacos and they're not wrong Jack and every time I thought of my profile so he's got rid of +1 and I absolutely believe it is cloudy absolutely I'm done with social making his house what does it back in the freezer get stuff from all the times she's mentioned I don't really go to social media Jack and I think Jackie was pushing for free stuff I have an inexplicable thing that keeps happening really free stuff I love free stuff but no is it and who is General Mills sending me badass cereal I think it was like I have a connection or maybe it's just because they recognize music a really big person than on some sort of list to me like Star Wars cereal then they made themselves I don't know what happened what was it was yeah I don't know if they've got it don't worry about it Jack remembers talking to Jimmy John's to wrap it up and go to push out Barbara wants to fucking Lazer team screenings but that's in the Monday version of the podcast so to be clear if you're living with someone you're seeing it live tonight is the last night you wish you can buy a touch-screen a ticket to verify a screen in other words make it happen tickets will still continue to sell after that so if you listen to podcasts on Wednesday you should still be able to buy tickets to screenings for tug that have been confirmed and have not yet sold out those could to get those tickets right up until the screaming starts and then it will also be the opportunity to buy tickets for the normal or not normal theatrical run Lazer team was coming very soon within the deadline of tonight is only for the 27th and 28th streaming so and if I'm correct and I heard there's certain people that are making surprise appearances in certain places we are just people going different places so that we talked about now you want to be with you manage to get screening in Fiji while we're going to be there on a vacation you guys going to go on vacation after all RTX Australia you guys going to go to Fiji as a pic of the group you guys 77 46 Ridgeland at 7 Darren Criss Bethany Adam kovic Jack Bruce a Morkie the difference between her and any more than usual Miller da Chap and I lost the list qanta make sure you get a screening so you guys can go to see a screening of Lazer team and he's so young that I think that's the English pronunciation they speak English colonies and pollination they speak multiple asian life which is what that is that's what I don't know still the head nurse and I don't know what the native language English or I mean I don't know because it's like we're going to her serious so it seems like native language in food delivery fart poop dude that's my dad that I'm fucking pissed the official language of Fiji multivision is Pigeon in every