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Recorded: 2009-11-18 23:28:14

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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and go with the theme song I'm driving Burnie on enemy on I White what is meant by cat like you we may be angry with Angeles wow that's a lesson we card list Joe to be crazy the last week and a half because I have desperately been trying to find a home for the office cat the coolest cat in the world for Joe the on the podcast because we knew that probably somebody who listens would want the cat and it would become this long process as well how do we get the cat to Canada after Joel & The Cat made for each other Joe is a single man can obviously have a cat no problems he should have taken the cat everybody realize that love the cat loves that fucking with me fucking with me cuz I think I'm going to take the cat okay will do it happened about 30 times and it go no no no no because Joe said he doesn't want the cat and Matt would be there he said no Joel doesn't the cat then that would leave right then about 40 minutes later Joe would come in by himself and say to me alright I think I'm ready to go she ate for this cat like I said you want the cat Joel T that say when Krista who works on pajamachievements she's one of the girls from pajamachievements she took the cat great home hopefully Joe will be very happy there Joe had to go with us my mother was Joe and then we kill him is not to be confused I could pop in his mind he was thinking if the cat in the dogs don't get along I'm going to throw my car and take her to my house like he was waiting for that moment to happen to have an excuse but alright I'll do it do you think it was that or do you think he was looking for any opportunity to go to a girl's apartment where I went to go to make a tag for Joe and I was going to make it with Krista's phone number on it and I thought on the text I don't have Chris's phone number I need to find it out so just text Jack and get her phone number I'll text Joel and get her phone number to Joel someone do that now that he had her phone number because I text him to hurt him through him we'll have a new home next week and next week so thrilling conclusion will be does Joel want lunch I don't know man Joe Joe seemed very happy when we left last night he was getting a little house that you bought for me curled up in very quickly that I bought him a little like to me process of like wean them into something right is waiting is the opposite of the king bed and she couldn't be 100 feet of a Jack & Jack cats named which may be the only funny thing you've ever done we had to Catz my parents house and they were brother sister and they were probably the most pure bred cats because I'm Joe to the cats my parents house they were outside so I've been reading a lot of cats with 672 do your parents have lived in the house at the time they're all outdoor Catz how many ounces eternite of them the Cannabis like rolling around how can you paint an outdoor cats okay but we also have no spiders & snakes around the house before I got the kids got killed in that explosion or whatever like something terrifying and name something a really really cute and takes away that power the name is that why you have the Hitler exactly right now biggest impact in history is that that's what I will never come back into Staten Island there are people look at some point I did there people named Adolf in is not like a big deal but not really wow and I understand I just like to know I'm going to name my next king of France that's never going to happen and also a fantastic internet meme we're talking about the back-to-back because just the other day I went and found cats that look like Hitler.com I Can Has Cheezburger and all the other Catz like that I can remember for sure Catz people who have cats that have that Hitler was like stuff on my cat did they make a did they get in the face of crazy blogs to books I think they made a book yet is it over yet the blogs to books I don't think that's okay twin Infinity book deal Gramercy the that website stuff white people like yeah that was pretty funny that black people white people it's safe for work it's just too loud for work and it's worth talking about cats and this is videogame pop culture technology cats is a device that replaces your Xbox Live microphone around your neck pictures on the side of my throat and it like this of your PC headset black I will do anything I can to replace the horrible Xbox live voice experience that I have it's the Xbox 360 60% chance of red ring where am in the same situation multiple Xboxes right that is true I don't go without an exactly if I only had one and I lost it I would be out of luck I mean actually we just become friends I lost my 360 the week before Halo 3 came out numbers that I could borrow 3:16 from you could have been the worst time before Halo 3 my box Red Ring Saturday and Sunday I had the box and I got less than a week There's in McKinney Texas Flex envelope in the mailbox at the post office and by the time you get back your computer that registered somehow that you returned it now I don't know how that works like Netflix mail drops now like specifically for Netflix disc and it really I just saw a photo of that somewhere was like someone was complaining like some other competing company was complaining that the u.s. postal service is giving them preferential treatment ice or you can put the barcode in the exterior window and that can take place at Netflix or does it take place tomorrow at the post office Joel that we can talk about what's going to happen Comcast for style and some other the whole different NBC Billy Pesci Modern Warfare 2 throat Communicator sure about this I'm super excited because while I can tolerate just about everything on the 360 the one thing I refuse to tolerate is the lousy quality of voice messages if he people send me voice messages on Xbox Live all day I just don't listen to I don't have my head if you try to play those things over the speaker's they sound unbelievably horrible and it sounds like and not like someone laser like it you would think it would be a smart thing for Microsoft to do to give me more options of what you accept and what you don't accept like friends popping online I know when black out people's names stuff down as though I don't give a shit but I wish there was an option appears in your tax person has signed on over and you can turn off which is cool but the checkboxes like what you want what you don't want and also like I refuse to accept voicemail my voice messages I wish you can uncheck that and it in my profile but selling it for whatever reason send me a text I don't have my headset on I don't have my headset on because I look like a dick head play Modern Warfare 2 full my friend something guys on the couch you know that is like that's not right that was at 1:14 in The Break-Up with Vince Vaughn that selling of a 13 year old that was funny I was good so I busted out this Joe Communicator I recorded one message with it I just was going to send a message to you saying I got my new throat communicator and you know you can record it and then listen to your own messages I'm going to text the closet thing wow it's like swallowing your normal books for the state comes in that hard sealed plastic episode that you feel like you can't return anything because I took a chainsaw out of the thing or just drifted apart so there's no way now that I can return this thing and I get the package I'm looking at the package and it's not what the hell what is this what is this here in the small tiny in the back of the package in the corner what is this logo Mad Catz what in the even hiding their own logo it was another for volume in MW2 on the throat part and clearly were not sponsored by Mad Catz the Mad Catz brand is a very valuable brand to me because I'm never going to why are all the third party accessories for consoles inherently works why is there no better products in the IP World sure there are people who dedicate themselves to making awesome accessories and they're better than what you can normally get and that's just not the case of consoles it's really good question what is the deal why don't they make like a super Xbox 360 controller controller we bought a memory card that Geoff and I did you could store up to 4 gigs on this thing are you is expandable to 6416 yeah it was a lot it would take a little memory card it was like almost like an adapter for the small SDHC memory cards because then you can have that amount of storage on your memory card and then in the last update my calendar but he wanted to say these things because people could use in the cheek that's horrible it is a very the games from your Xbox to your computer again what's the largest memory card you can buy legal or not legal aid but like from Microsoft on ten twelve and a half ago and its 12:40 bucks right now you can go online and buy an 8 gig thumb drive for ten bucks like Microsoft I mean like a hundred 20 gig hard drive from Microsoft is still $100 a 512 megabytes memory card from Xbox Microsoft is 2999 now that's pretty like your cat Geoff and I think I cut myself Geoff & I we move around quite a bit like from Xbox Xbox and so I haven't like recently I've been putting everything I do on a memory card and I'm going to push it I'm full what am I to do with the stuff on here well it's going to be if you have a 500 card to be fair it's going to be awhile before you that that's not true because if I had my just stored my fable DLC on that that's just walked around with it and that would have been really cool issue at Pax last year with a grip ball tournament we had to download like of the pack or whatever for the map packs another great example to memory card in those like like it was like almost got in had to download it to hard drive so in the future and if that's the case there's got to be a better solution for your first party memory like we're going to be more Fable 2 DLC it was just like that is purely Real Estate Management now it's different that you can buy in Fable 2 you can buy property and you can buy stores and bars and hotels we can rent out house is basically the Sanskrit to is a little bit of that and you can raise or lower your ring is that when you turn off the game the money still generate so if you're thinking about Fable to go ahead and either rent it or download the first episode buying a couple houses then just leave the game on for three months I will have all the gold LOL so great I finally hit that last night were making enough we have property like every minute we're making like 3 or 4 grand and it's just like whatever you like everytime that you like so I can buy a new house now this is how the real life controller work if you had to cut a check for your taxes if they didn't withhold it and you saw what was going on had to write that check everyone would be safe everyone to be Republican day one and you can see that in Fable like over your head will appear for me at 12000 golden on your property for all the stuff all your expenses and you can see the kids that I don't have that my life I mean my wife just takes off 900 gold for this family 515 like damn video of the bar have a beer watching your money I look last night at about 11:30 I started playing with my wife and look at my friends and said I like 27 people on and it was like I don't know 18 people playing Modern Warfare 2 and then the rest playing Left 4 Dead and then Geoff playing two year old Fable to care at all play Modern Warfare is well yeah we just finished all that like 21 Modern Warfare 2 videos as of right now they're doing really really well and this week we had Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed to hit and so Geoff and I have split up I'm doing this assins Creed to he's doing Left 4 Dead 2 and ultimately we're going to kind of regroup and keep working on my other new one is extremely hard to do it's unbelievable and I sat down yesterday Left 4 Dead player I can tell you everything from the start of the game to the end regular which is like it is on me and I'm regular and really no problem it took us probably 3 hours she is and we probably white I'm going to guess 5 times I can't believe how hard that game is it's tremendously difficult it used to be like we were talking about this like now if somebody set off a car alarm on my drive to the house to kill them because before zombie Zin like the break of like ten seconds few to try and heal or do some adrenaline and then that's just like it's constant I had a point on the fourth chapter of dark carnival where we had a constant horde of zombies and we had to slowly work our way through and I put it in a videos of horses coming and like you like that was what the fuck is coming again and it never ended and they have the funds and there warmed up so it would you get Abigail Breslin and that the chick from Superbad when they show up I don't know if I really haven't seen it the other night Left 4 Dead 2 T zombie were developed at the same time but if I was a Clown Zombie spoiler in Zombieland is look for before you say what is what is a month-to-month Zombie Land amusement park 8 Seconds of good filming that movie shelves for years that with the rotting zombie face and all that and I just can't bring myself to watch it ever such a pretty boring I would imagine so I might have it on DVD I bought it in 97 when DVD's first came out and it was one of the first DVDs I saw more than one version of Dawn of the Dead was an Indian Superman Wizard of Oz DirectBuy this it's one of the most talked-about you Red vs Blue give us in our verse be creators talk to Martin about their internet that Kevin revealed some secrets on PC password hacks as well as part two of his sports program & Sports sports programs but we don't know who Kevin Martin but we really appreciate them making them someone also just wrote to congratulate me on getting our box set in Libya and he sent me a picture of it French I would love to hear in Spanish English the rivers blue it's distributed by Warner Brothers apparently in Libya so what about this wow that's really great I'm so happy so happy that was Mad Men Mo that to me did you guys that all the Facebook and Twitter has come to Xbox 360 sign up for message and I was like well I don't have it on this controller I'm done to them to show them around the office and then never visit Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook yeah after looking at Geoff it's going to be interesting Christmas have you talked to her since the day we all need time to cool off Thanksgiving should be fun I always told her something that she gave birth to me and therefore is ultimately responsible so any bad decisions reflect poorly on her as a parent when do you think the fascination with boners my father my dad I wanted to bring him into the computer and so I went to North Carolina where my dad lives and got him and we set it up so we can video conference with my son Jack uses his video camera to talk to me all the time how to get past the level on Indiana Jones Legos my dad to do that as well so I'm not kidding files on his computer from 1996 and I had to go to say are you going to use this you know this is important stuff and organize my favorite things in the world to do is organize files and make one of your other favorite things to do is get mad when people touch your cat backups one of the reasons why I bought a Mac laptop is one person after fighting back for years and years someone showed me time machine and I said I'm done that's it backs up on everything that I do all the time anyway so in love with it so I'm setting up my dad's video conferencing and I want to set up in a way that would be very easy for him to do like button to accept no that so in order to test this at the office cuz I'm in North Carolina right here I can hear your voice so my dad will know that it's connected properly magnificent magnificent Mr Ed is my wife go on WOW my senior citizen father and then we have this magnificent has connected forever owner I'm sure there is a magnificent but her name it is not Geoff my name boner with your name every computer peripheral or peripheral I have it has something the owner that is true that is true love Mexican food like my hard drive my time machine kill taco salad my phone to listen to music that Call of Duty is three of the top four titles crazy I would think that Modern Warfare 2 would just destroy you know take all the users from the other two games but number one obviously Modern Warfare 2 number 2 which still was World War I can't believe it we note that says Call of Duty 4 is number to put that says the boycott working you see those images right like the list of groups I guess I'm stuff PC for some like groups and there's a left it's a Modern Warfare 2 is it because the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 does not allow dedicated servers and you have to go through Infinity water whoever they use in that group they have the list of all the users and 90% of them were playing Modern Warfare 2 no they wouldn't they would say well I want to play it when we going to do of the same there's that in those to 30 year old you can't do any more everyday new Modern Warfare 3 with Xbox Live only was it three of the top four but for the first time in history last week Xbox live in 2 million concurrent users which is an impressive feat but I think what you're going to say is 10% people that use Xbox live worldwide on the same time they were all playing on the Xbox PlayStation Mad Hatter galaxies white to Xbox Live that I could do on the PlayStation 4 free is going down what twice in the past five years I think you for 7 years launching on the 360 and being broken for whatever reason Battlefield 1943 was busted for a day and a half that they only sold 1 million copies that I couldn't problem Xbox Live I don't I don't have both I'm sure you know if your company about to release a big multiplayer game like that you gotta prep are you going to be like you know working with Microsoft make sure you have enough servers are ban with the whatever right I mean I know the Xbox has a very stringent certification process at least for this I've been in that process really works and I work at 1 that's why I say the name commander and I just sit there and watch them go back and forth very very processor-intensive so we can the frame rate issues Microsoft to fix This & That Nintendo yeah I don't know what that means because the Hasbro party games or whatever you like and put it on that iMagic traction which is a fantastic game that does horrible on the Wind Dead Space extraction yet this week extraction nobody you know it wasn't like that because it's scary horror data problems come now is that if there's a cross-platform game and you really want to play it you're probably not going to buy it but we know that's a given the choice I think a lot of people only and something else at this point what's the subset of the owners also have another platform will be people that have more than one system everyone has a way I think I've been told recently that we are buying a week well I have never owned one bar oh yeah alright bro well I guess I hadn't noticed but I guess my wife was a really kind of a boy and his blob for the Wii and she found out about that and she's latched on to it so she really really wants a big fan of Crazy Climber arcade version of that what is it called on the week 12 America's memory back in that it was his you-know-what Genesis have one in ten don't the next level yeah I was I was just kidding about the red ring it's become over time it's become is kind of catchy cultural Touchstone for everyone Halo on the controller that's funny & cute t shirt that when you were trying to play the game and you were trying to get it to just work that wasn't funny and cute at the time you know do you get 45 minutes trying to get Zelda to work to do it's your weekend and you would do it you know there's a stuff everybody everybody everybody does a blow on it to be pushed into pop it up push it in pop out a pushed-in power power power and then I work in a like everyone has their own specific thing and imagine if you had to look at the red ring the next 45 minutes like that right now there's not impact for the Nintendo brand because everybody's NES fail everybody was probably the first fail product that most kids had almost feel their lives had where I had Nintendo to work for years and then suddenly that's why Windows did so well even with all the failures and crashes people to sort of you still working with like Nintendo and having a certain basic failure at all times that he's got used to it I just think you can't growing up I didn't know what single person who owned an Atari that had a joystick with a rubber thing still on it laser blast that was it look like you actually can laser blast is your a yellow saucer spaceship saucer you and you have a laser gun and you can shoot down a diagonal directions to and then there's green clinical grass which is a blogs of pixels in the bottom of the screen and on the grass are three tanks and they're shooting at you you shoot the three tanks one hit and you kill them and they blow up then we shoot those three tanks the screens scroll to the left and a few more times and you just repeat that until you're dead for 2 or 3 hours react faster in stuff you have until it's like one time when I was a kid and I have my Master's and I want to see how long I can play hang on and I played hanging on for 6 hours she is just the same look at the game it just loops and you just go and go and go and it just like it never ends and it didn't bother me at all if my kid play laser blast today and wanted to keep playing for more than 5 minutes I would be concerned he looks like you've been playing laser blast you realize it's just those three tanks right you're just going to shoot those three 67 post your high score and send it in and I have my mom take a picture of me next to my high school I was ever never heard anything back but I had a higher high score than any I've seen published as always I'm go to mailbox every day after school and like it today the day I get certified ever heard of the official scorekeepers on the internet I was in like 20 minutes it's right where was the place at is it in the king of Florida Hollywood Billy was is what the name Billy that Halo guy the awesome time like you said I delete delete delete that's it Billy Zane the Twin Galaxies arcade family there's not an official RK Motors high school year and that's where what you think Steve wiebe that they are he got the kill skream and everyone's walking around like an that guy was like oh we're about to have a kill screens kill skream what Jack is referencing is the king of Kong was one of the best documentaries for the high score in Donkey Kong yeah there's a guy who has the current high scores in is Billy Mitchell absolutely heartwarming documentary is overseen by the end of this like this guy is one of the best guys in the world and the chance to meet him a few times to come to the Drafthouse look for for a screening and I saw it at 3:30 probably actually this past year he was there trying to set the new Donkey Kong world record Like Walter is the guy who runs the Twin Galaxies he was there and everything and I saw in person to the kill skream & kill screens memory kill screens see that in person the record for highest Donkey Kong score ever but she's got like one in three or no he's got two and three because Billy Mitchell still has the high score king of Kong of how you would get high scores in videogame is an arcade we didn't have the internet back then there was no we talked about Nintendo is breaking nude blow on the cartridge every kid I just wore them out for it it's like there never kids in Boston red his friend and there's some 28 year old somewhere who says that was me laser blast with an Activision game that has been around forever not a good example that you were a third-party developer for Atari all the other games King that were card games and then suddenly there was another developer called activation and they were better than the other cats around & Company that was infogrames that bought them and using them again but I didn't know they still have left that such a great remember them the throwing stars now heading where are eight it's underneath where Best Buy is now that as a kid my parents of your that my parents are taking HEB my dad will sit there watching play Arcade games my mom's shop and that those are some of the best memories of my life I can tell you the exact location my first videogame ever it was a gag store in North Austin off Anderson Mill and 183 in an era of arcade games as a kid head where every arcade game was and you knew if I go to this mall to have those games in the game room they are in the arcade of the Ninja Turtles of the Mr Gatti's Borderlands that pizza places I knew how far it was to bike to certain places and you have to get up with your friends on Saturday morning see how bad we really want to play off-road do we really want to ride our bikes 15 month do it I'll be there in 4 hours I had for buddies we would get on our dirt bikes and we would go play Powerball at this moment convenience store all the time and it was there any convenience stores have videogame dedicated part of every convenience store where they would have videogame I can't recall the last time I saw videogame in there 3 or 4 games how like in North Carolina South Carolina those areas and those have all been retrofitted now to be gambling stations 24-hour gaming rooms now and they just moved all the arcade games out and put in like slot machines stuff in Fable 2 kill yourself II do you talk to a guy and he just gives you the stuff that you had to work for it you work your ass off at this armor or whatever it is is here to talk about it and then the running through the like RFC to get some tea or whatever it was back then like your 5 year I guess and then the extensions on it's all worthless if you can pick up Green Drop Fable 2 lady question anything comes out of it was too boring is there's no way to short-circuit like the shortcut that right I just have to go through and do the city process of doing cleaning all the clothes and then ask him before you try the clothes in the other stuff PC my breath there's the stone doors terrible the diamond that had his face they almost look like stones new faces with the long flowing hair does one tell the truth one lies I hate you tiny map in & that matters at present in all the demon doors is 8 of these things are so mean of them all across the Fable landscape and that's one of the things that was originally not an achievement in the game in the fable why isn't this is achieved by collecting all these things are doing all of these things and sometimes games just don't put that in there you just do everything else and you get to see me for a little stuff like annoying abandon or yelling and I got a shipment and it said I'm playing Assassin's Creed right now and I first look at the achievement list it didn't look like there's any Collectibles as far as like in that in the first one is all the flags right so in this one there are feathers are heading out through their hidden throughout the world but there's no achievements guide to getting all 100 feathers and turns out after you get the 100 feathers you get arcade and there's a demon tied to that case yeah so it's like you have to get all the feathers to get the cave to get the achievement so it's like you might as well go ahead and say it was like stuff like that but anyway Ip Man In White in Playboy the legend cuz I just kind of missed it and I'm sure eventually Borderlands the Borderlands IP the year that's what they agree books announced it's only 450 thousand units in the first week which is pretty impressive for a new IP but also would like to forget about that like that because of everything an Infamous for the PS3 was it was new IP as well that's it that's all that's all I can remember playing this year that man right now right now to Mass Effect 2 is on the way on the way restart the game or connect to Xbox live in order to get new playlist data the PC version is now a port of the console version that's gone though it certainly was be totally down there if you're up games that is crap but discounting MMOs because that's a whole separate thing water people excited about Diablo is coming out Starcraft is coming out and really think of them someday Half Life episode 3 come out I just can't bring myself to get back in the buying PC for gaming you know that's just it's just too much too much money to pay more for the video card then you would for an Xbox and then that's going to be great for about a month and hopefully it works for everything hopefully I still like when I was a baby when I was first really got into wow I had the most trouble with Nvidia cards on my PC's & wow like they would oversee their go to all these problems I was constantly fighting these two Nvidia cards I had and there was just no support no help anywhere near the price of a nice gaming PC you can buy a 360 and an LCD TV Assurance best Ringo play any game in the world for a week for a week for $5 and it is for gaming it is enough to put it in you know it's going to work and you're going to have with Xbox like you're going to have a very streamlined homogenous experience which I think is good for gaming where the PC game it's over and you can ask you know trying to be cool with the letters in the name of their version of the day in everything around a coffee cup did you see the article I think like you Catz Time Justin like that for a guy who was ban or his Xbox top break because of Microsoft when they went through and kill all the hacks machines UK think it was right now they gave this guy a to write about how he was pissed off at Microsoft that they would break his Xbox just because he was downloading illegal games saying you know this is wrong with Microsoft is what's wrong with it but come on data to connect Xbox Live you just can't ever from any account ever made the network adapter in that Xbox can I get like that happen that when you connect Xbox Live you're also sending some serial number information to Xbox Live games of the console game that just makes sense of the developer they don't have this the guy from crisis where he said the ratio of purchased games to pirating games being played online but they can steal that information he said it could be as high as 1 to 20 that's 95% more than on servers that they have to maintain it was it was it was I think it was Chris Taylor from gas powered games I think so I don't look at him for anything and it turns out that actually had like they were killing the server that's a great way to repay a videogame company for making you an awesome game by bankrupting them overnight and also we're going to run yourself into the ground you try to support them stuff I can never get a game so laggy the point where we're at and maybe not everyone I had a point where I'm like you know what from now on I'm not the pirate stuff anymore I new interview so that yearly I completely forgot I had seen this developer suggest that the ratio of legal to Illegal copies of T PC titles could be as high as 1 to 20 and to discuss the past and future of the franchise so frustrating we're going to be seen as you know really speculate of the race yet they didn't hear that the ratio between sale to piracy is probably between 1 to 15 + 1 - 20 quote for one fail there are 15 to 20 Pirates and pirating version and that's a big shame the PC industry, this is this is what's going to happen you're going to get Xbox Live messages are going to make versions for Xbox and they've dedicated consoles where they make an effort to have dedicated Hardware that can have a piracy solution and then there will be a market for PC but it's going very quickly you're probably already is there it's going to be a secondary Market absolutely and for whatever reason they want you're going to have to authenticate and pretty quickly down the pipe after that you're going to have to have an account that you pay for for that developer now like you know I don't exist for World of Warcraft private servers people actually owning their own like the number actually it was a big portion of that Starcraft pet in to work on on to me tonight Halo like the Halo armor Halo armor just yell at the top of what time tomorrow Joe is nice as it is not as much as I go to San Marcos the Omni in Austin in the country no really they have for 4K screens that I'm not going to tell her you're not going to get drunk and yell when they blow iMagic account which was I thinking the standard free plan and I'm not going to miss it because it's too many other people who have the higher-level accounts are going to start doing that or just going down to 2 days a month I should I should get on the one because it's basically just the whatever free kids movies does Millie want to watch today Netflix that I'm paying for and then I just I mean I like her but if she needs anything never makes it to my house like yesterday data pop data if you're not in it it's definitely worth checking out about it after the fact we just stop doing that then we finally connected to that thing and what people modifying ships and ntsc yeah it was really fucking for some reason those two things were very closely connected living on numbers she has become the to let me know some online video and everything else totally different animal now and you can't upload video game footage anymore too many videogame videos out there too many movies twin the mission of stuff just please know that look similar move around new Styles in stuff and it makes like weird noises and people does like a whole thing that really big in Japan and Germany and they have ban he makes a living at it the labs soldering in stuff that makes music as they're changing seminar Sunday to make a free noise making robot checked it out and it was like the most fun I've ever had in 45 minutes and to check out bleep Labs because that's pretty fucking his labs daughter fucking do that kind of stuff but I'm telling that so stay away from you course before Brandon because we're supposed to mention that the iTunes Store iTunes has Trocadero the first two albums on the road which was the soundtrack to the new album that's not the new album which is called her and then soundtrack