#360 - RTX Australia!

Join Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns as they discuss Australia, planes, scars, Immersion and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on January 26, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-360

Recorded: 2016-01-26 16:51:52

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Joel Heyman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receive podcast this week brought to you by Harry's NatureBox and Warby Parker I'm not joking join me on stage for the receipt podcast sitting next to me I believe maybe Joel Heyman Joel what are you carrying Joel sitting sitting next and finally anchoring the podcast by bringing it down to the bottom of the ocean is Burnie Burns so we're doing the full normal podcast for this week thank you wow this is amazing I need to hear we're doing a couple of sponsors and we're going to talk like normal it never happened Teleflora bear like trying to catch his breath did laps around the place of microphones and get up here try to do something like that so I tried talking to you in the main hall and take a bucket of beers put it on the table behind them and we'll just that's okay I was gave it to the Gus okay I got it now makes it 5 minutes later somebody walked up and said here's your beer yet podcast with over the Burnie snooze you booze apparently so bad the Guardians here are doing a very excellent job they are doing a great fantastic job of keeping me from getting into the fucking building are you now then where's your badge Joel I don't know what happened to my badge Joel so what happened you go to the door and they just said they didn't recognize we have events like this is like two levels is like the Guardians and the actual security people and it's like you don't watch the fuck out for the actual security people cuz I mean not guns but normally like you're going to throw up help older the guardian does not have to know where you are me from walking around the convention center and stealing 20 different items on the podcast no I'm serious I had arguments I went to The Green Room they said sir you cannot take that I said right before the podcast Burnie says the Stray of stuff and it goes I'm scared you'll have prepared my career that was just really scary to me I can either take me to out of the Green Room they're probably saying over the radio that the homeless guy with the backwards cap is now stealing stuff out of the Green Room to try to get the belt gold or something to of oil these days don't fucking get me started and another subject I get that so I'm not going to talk about it here in your time away free stuff 10510 podcast while talking the stock market is tanking the price of oil is plummeting the Chinese stock market is also plummeting are you rich yet I mean is this how's it going to have had some games and I had to pile it all into airfare when I landed in Los Angeles as they were bringing the Jet Bridge and it broke in such a way that they couldn't close the door of the plane because the Jet Bridge was in the way it was about it was it was a big jump over the gap 40 foot drop yet decided that from the cockpit got out in the Jet Bridge because maintenance was trying to come up to the door to get into the gym kicking the door we try to move the planes on the tarmac and destroy it before dudes to hold door up while the plane moved and backed up and that was a solution to fix the problem and then we have to go up the stairs to get off the plane it took about 40 minutes are planes above 4 feet yeah let's be honest could you jump off the pilot Parker man that's a lawsuit pepper meter because I had to fly from the east coast of the US I was in Washington had to fly to La that was five and a half hours then down here LA to Sydney was 14 + we're here it's 41 degrees and in Washington it was -8 degrees don't want him going to Washington DC all right don't I don't know as an American as an American taxpayer pay for YouTube the Redskins man that's on the Ritz talking Indian I have to take you on a tour and apparently you get kicked out of white house if you sit down and one of the chairs I learned that they wouldn't let us they wouldn't let us bring any electronics for that meeting I went there because I got invited to go hear the president's plan about climate change and then let's figure out ways to communicate that and they wouldn't let us bring phone to laptop 10 years where this is everybody just had a pad and a pen that's really disturbing you going back to paper to another one more no more no more planes flew Burnie hash it over they built it and it has been used by the president and his administration ever since then they didn't build in certain rooms for technology so as their administrations of drunk like literally I'm not getting up here for one of the offices was in the men's bathroom that's not a joke because copiers there's nothing like that nothing like that yeah there's a couple places Wi-Fi Wi-Fi waiting to be called Obama rules security how old I didn't say a word you said tomorrow Harry's it's a new year it's time to move on teen knowing that our company saves what makes Harry's special German Engineers cartridges close comfortable shave no Cuts or Burns quality guaranteed their price for Factory Direct right to your door quality blades at half the price of the leading Brands over 1 million guys more switch every day by 4:34 and I can get them for half price and Harry's.com Harry's starters Army Harry's discount is a price already really low what kind of special offer for listeners Harry's will give you five bucks off your first order with promo code rooster stop overpaying for Great Escape start the new year off right with a Harry's.com that's Harry s.com enter code rooster at checkout thank you Harry's so funny question is Harry's available in Australia I do not believe so this is a global the new jeans with a concrete or not right I'm assuming you didn't like tear those jeans on your road construction job or anything crawling across the floor one time and then it's All About You Nails have you ever shaved your shave your legs in such a way that you just shave the part that showing up in app this week actually what I was in Australia during how do you not know that was the other one not covered in shaving cream and I don't put shaving cream on it was perfect and the other one had a bunch of Stop Shaving your leg I'm blonde so it doesn't show very much so what's the longest two inches couple months a couple months away that was the way it was a longer 2000 wink as in like hey date me so you asked her if she ripped her jeans up as part of a construction job when we were walking back here to come up to the panel you know where I'm go on the railway there's all this power equipment going on Bush trimmers does giant scissor looking things dick's getting cut off oh okay well and I can fit on that screen so I could some people out I mention that I cut my finger and I said that I would try to put a photo of it online and ever since have people been asking me about that and I just can't find a way to hold that without grossing out like everybody cuts Joel came up to take a photo of this Joel here's the problem I've gotta get my stitches out Wednesday and I'm still going to be here cuz I'm going to the drug screening that got like 700 people going in City biggest screening in the world for Lazer team is in Sydney Australia did you party like you I have a stretch goal so we can take out my stitches because I had surgery one time and I had stitches Burnie military hospitals and slowly the skin over grew the stitching and disappeared and it said don't worry it dissolves in the bloodstream so help me dear God Almighty six months later I noticed on my foot at the base of my floor so that it was black and I was like why is the base of my of my finger light spectrum at Spectrum app how have I known you for like 2 decades large chunk of your skin ripped off of your body you have to get a tattoo around it with with that Maher honestly this is one of the weirdest things about Joel has a place on his man there where he has a scar I've never noticed it you've never noticed it but it but Joel so much that he had this morning I don't want you around I just never noticed it until you pointed it out you're here I'm sure you know what's funny is that other people have pointed out of me to like what you have a square score on your hand and I'm like women to get dots around it and now that surround it now he sees it and it's like yesterday or 2 days ago can you talk about so we are filming in immersion on Friday and at the end of the day they like a Barbara and Lindsey do you guys want his father cut her lecture water balloons filled with shaving cream and paints and things that smells weird I don't know what was in there and Lindsey was pushing me on a cart as I was shooting people that want to give away what it was and she split at some point and I didn't know this and all the sudden I looked behind me and there's like blood gushing from her face and I just thought it was red paint from one of the balloons she apparently slipped and fell on the bar of the scars she was pushing me on and had to be taken to a hospital I don't know whenever we shoot like and we realize she's bleeding for like oil in of you sit down sit down yeah you can stroll over there and help her out there and he's like everytime she opens her mouth opens with their mouth open when you have Medics on set big typically don't ever do anything at all they just sit there for 12 hours I will have worked on sets and I will tell you that's not true a lot of these Medics have books of the history of the job that they've done and they will force that book up on you and that's gross pictures of gross things Microtel Joel has a weird history of people showing him books have ever told a story about the fan at Comic-Con that made Joel look through her art book and it was like oh here Joel here's a picture I thank you thank you very much she was like oh here's my heart but Joel will you look through with me he said sure I'll do that and it's looking to the art book on him he said so Joel here's a picture of you that I drew and then here's a picture of me and then here's a picture of a tiger that I like a lot now here's a picture of me having sex with a tiger now Joel here's the tiger having sex with you yeah it's like I can none of our parents understand any of this directions to this 15 years that I've done this I have not heard from my parents about any of this shit except for one time and one time one of my parental units discovered sexual fanfiction between me and Ray and it was that I'm really proud of that piece to thank you very much if I can but I don't I don't I don't know the name of I didn't know I don't want to bring it I can listen to my parents for a very long time when you get an email thread from your parents was like we have to talk to you about something and you respond OK what is it no seriously we have to talk to you about something it's like he's like no my parents have some exchanges with the talk to you about something and then they give me a fucking link to me right banging each other did they like it what I was trying to talk what's the Grand Canyon fucking fanfiction so if anybody wants to Joel and Gus one you can send it my way I'll send it to my parents pulling the string out from the bottom of his toe your welcome it was really planting Moon and I'm stupid I saw the headline today that I knew would infuriate Joel dedicated to making smart delicious snacking easy 578 redsky 578 what the fuck NatureBox trans fats MSG artificial colors sweeteners or flavors especially gaping wounds unhealthy to invite any claim I want to share Burnie hours to fly from Syracuse to peanut butter Nom Noms NatureBox is over a hundred seriously delicious options to choose from all delivered right to your door seriously delicious delicious delivered right to your door that Australia starts NatureBox price for 2016 NatureBox.com / Rooster Teeth Gavin could not be here because given that she was but you're down here Sundance to promote Lazer team and that's in Utah so he had to fly over there you guys remember Sundance Film Festival where they like debut the biggest hits to the movies by really famous people all together so Joel I read a headline from Sunday and I thought I had to read this to you because you worked in a team for a long time you know how hard it is to get films made and it's like to get new ideas out there and it really good ideas get people to recognize the value in that and make a movie and put it on screen selected to Sundance exactly the best entertainment in the world this is an actual headline from Sundance this year features tangle Radcliffe from the popular Harry Potter franchise Sundance Daniel Radcliffe's new farting corpse movie prompts walkouts Daniel Radcliffe's new movie is entirely about a corpse that farts who the fuck is going to go see that and I want to go see that movie and report to us on it what the hell that is Michael weird buddy comedy or something it's like a guy who finds a corpse that farts one of the most anticipated movies at this year's Sundance Film Festival also turned out to be one of the most seriously though that's great to hear that what happens when you die of gas poisoning Tucson Barbara farting corpse movie appointment incorporating the guy from Telecaster got his part Kevin Costner's first role that you know the guys in the baseball movie with Kevin Costner baseball movies are there jet because it was decisive for audiences so do we want to take some questions for the audience I know everybody want some free ship from The Green Room teeth we have around with my question for everybody and we can answer them so Joel what is the story with all of these questions but you have to man got in trouble I'm not kidding when you see some of these are give me like I should not have this talking about you can go to and get the real shit literally it's just I really don't know I mean sorry I'm sure you get a lot of things you must remember I feel like my friend what does devastated we remember him with the question rub sanitizers into them black hand sanitizer all over what's this clear toner all of the Guardians Guardians we got Sudafed rooster as a guardian yes exactly you're terrible under guardianship that is a new Siri what is going on all right first I will give guardianship to anybody who keeps you out of the building for the rest story of like doing weird things you remember he was in his Yang and Blake shirt that he's wearing reminded me of something that happened to me for the first time ever and it was like a crazy Milestone where I was at a signing yesterday but I was it a sign of yesterday and there was a little girl who got in the front of the sign she's a cute little girl probably like 7 and she had me sign a Red vs Blue Book and then I noticed she also had on a straw hat and I said you want me to sign your hat as well and she goes oh no that's only for the ladies and you know we have a ruby and we have to be female cats there we had the ladies original yesterday that was like I was like now we have so many females in the cast that this young girl would be inspired to do that and like get her hat signed by just all the females in it as I was I was really touched by it so I got down and I was like I look at her I got done and I was like I was like you only want the girls to sign your hat and she goes yeah and I go well that's fucking sexy so get the fuck out so if she can hear us from the parking lot that was really touching thank you very much I also feel really bad cuz I was planning to start the park as a certain way and I didn't do it so could you read introduce me this is all I have to do that sometime backstage everyone let's just leave it we're going to finish it ladies and gentlemen Haley from the great white north of Canada Barbara City Suburban Houston Burnie Burns take it off I regret trying to follow that inappropriate things to say dunkelman continues down under and my parents are here fantastic people what went wrong I think your dad replied to one of my tweets about the other Jet Bridge breaking here so I think they know it's the end of the podcast by the credits roll the cameras and Barbara how do you last week the court of the week was I get wet Barbara with someone who looks like Barbara tells you that that's what I don't want to love you number one number to number to you I mean at some point in your life like 10 years ago you're like to listen at some point you have to get a job and now here you are and she's working Facebook not in person at a crowd of thousands of people I mean really it was his fault a little bit of it but don't come as you guys know I miss you man and Larry I love your fanfiction of it that way and Joel was fantastic don't let them discourage you and your scars on the right of the aisle so I was talking about the Jet Bridge breaking on my way here price and then someone sent us a video of themselves spinning the wheel who worked on the Jet Bridge right I met that guy he's here he came by to have something signed earlier Gus head dagger eyes right then I mean pretty good actually never do that you know like a technician Mountain Army so dangerous dude really nervous for what Joel had Michigan presentation jeans they're over there Galaga price of alcohol Heather Park the people and I don't have a funny person who's ever the greatest fans on Earth and when they say that it's because they love it so much but that's not the case like it RTX in Austin when we have RTX and Austin legitimately like people in traffic get more polite like people signal people are polite to each other no legitimate Lee we do have the best fans on the planet no I mean your behavior says you're emotionally balanced you're so good-looking too the little girl really was sex what is a bitch what do we eat what are we giving him something Joel let me read another one of these things my final one and it will continue as our questions I gotta know so I hope it's new movie Runner Runner 20 of a shout-out to our friends at Warby parker.com Warby Parker makes high-quality stylish frames for prescription sunglasses awesome classes start at $95 compared to similar quality but cheap brand frames that sell for $300 or more Warby Parker's also has a free home try-on program that's very cool go to the website shoes 5 pairs of frames and they send them to you so you can try them on decide which ones you like Warby Parker sends a pair Warby Parker out for yourself and see how good you look in your friends go to Warby parker.com / region teeth get free 3-day shipping on your final frame selection that's Warby parker.com / have a couple here so I'm glad you took this Joel Supercuts Frisco TX understood our system here and when they sent them to me in the states I just chose these and then sent my box back so I assumed I was getting a free pair of glasses and hopefully they won't send me a bill for it I don't wear glasses I'm giving this way so I just paid you for it you know if I did I bought or didn't but I picked up pairs that I would like if I ever do need glasses I do have to say that seeing people who don't wear glasses or who wear contacts at something wear glasses that can be a little jarring it's not more jarring on anyone else than Blaine Gibson he's got like this possible glasses I can measure what is the deal with that he puts on his glasses blind I think he's like it medically blind he had an eye after me you're going to need sunglasses I had I had a pair of prescription sunglasses stolen by a valet want to park my car would you steal prescription sunglasses and he had the same prescription weird I don't have prescription lenses that they had LASIK surgery so any time I get a new pair of glasses the production team hate the lighting does the reflections off my lenses so they immediately just take those glasses off my face and pop my lenses out and then I'm miserable the rest of the time so I'm glad to have glasses that have Bushnell Laser Eye Surgery break some more of this stuff so now I have one lens in and that's it so I can probably continue with our line of questioning if you can I can't see anymore so help me you got someone in a few Teeth podcast would you lick Burnie do you really think question for now I had kind of a bummer when you cut your dominant hand apparently they make you take antibiotics like a right away so I couldn't drink the entire time we were here and I was on my last day of antibiotics not to drink on it and I said all I can drink is on antibiotics and just cuz yes you can and I said it says on the pill bottle don't drink when you're on a budget you know what happens when you drink on antibiotics Bella story earlier about why didn't they make the label not operate heavy machinery because of jet ran over be riding around over here came and then he ran over Gus so he left out a part of that story when he told her earlier call with me and he said you know what I do and I said do you have a gun and he said no I said if you're not going to shoot that deer in the head just drive away and leave it any call Griffin what are you getting at story listen I've a picture of a kitty cat it's very cute I drew it it's for you and then on the back is a very important schedule here that story always carry a gun everywhere you go you're going to kill a deer fucking do it right who goes hunting with a truck yesterday morning and this morning coming into the building with everybody and like all you guys are waiting to get into the venue so like everyone's coming in and it makes me feel like right now if you happen to be late for a bus and people like you have to go to the bathroom really badly make sure that when you get off the bus there's not five thousand people applauding you on your way to the restroom although that was the most satisfying poop I've ever had cheer them on every Chinese people are disappointed in you until you poop in the right place my favorite moment actually happened before the start of the show yesterday and Matt has his two kids here and it's oldest kids name and I went up to him and said hey what's going on how you doing you excited about the show and we were up in that room right up there and he took me any took me to the railing and everyone was down there below and I was just sitting there looking I'm looking everybody and then I look at what he's looking at me like this and looking at everyone down below and it's just what you're doing but are you just bringing people out to the railing to say hello to everybody else and it goes they didn't yell as loud for you there's a basket full of chips so I had the Guardians remove them question who's going to get the plant next one is the last one I'm going to pick it if you have money in your hand he might take you put some kangaroo dollars in there sure when I first person sorry buddy we know you were at the climate change Summit I don't know what you're saying what we know you were at the climate change Summit at the White House are you able to tell us what the best part about it was what was the best part about the climate change Summit at the White House is probably the coolest part honestly was being like in that room where there's like a Nobel Prize on the wall and right across from it was a medal of honor and then also like George Washington's Battlefield sword was on the wall hanging there as well and I stole all that shit Joel giveaway the chips cuz I think someone is concerned about climate change would be happy with what probably happened of the plant removing CO2 from the atmosphere and there's a bottle opener in that plant cells have so thanks again for watching thanks again for listening I really appreciate so I can say that I will be back next year for Architects Australia 2017 we will be back February 3rd and 4th at the International Conference Centre down and darling darling Harbor Sydney I'm sorry you cannot get rid of us biggest rival as it has air can