#361 - The Perfect Urinal

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Blaine Gibson as they discuss Urinals, the upcoming season of The Amazing Race, the Fine Bros. Controversey and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 2, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-02-02 16:42:46

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

forgot hello everyone and welcome to receive podcast this week brought you by Harry's proflower sand Shari's Berries 3 wonderful sponsors for one wonderful podcasts like welcome Trump a podcast in the middle like a fool a divider a of child Gavin Blaine burni 300 9354 361 us-7 behind what are the animators what are the answers for RTA a like bathroom for clarification about the story that I was telling and it said I apparently was a story not spoil anything with a story about a dog and goes can you just grab the dog in the dog story told him the Inside Story the soup no no no no see that's it I mean do you think it's interesting that they apparently type out the credits every week yeah what show is just like Dragon drop at this point it must be okay with just Jordan yeah I think you just scribbled it every week if you misspelled it at what you wrote about it today at this week it was game game 3 it must be those that must be typing to leave at of you don't leave out of there right and left Sunrise Nails somewhat damaged it was the only one on the panel know there's nobody left in the company and he still can't get on that panel bathroom Kno like usually used in the queue that was funny he was officially sent we have to get better he couldn't even get sent down to San Antonio the world someone sent me a picture of him like half naked with his know about bring it on but it's not showing Cadillac really upset you that it's me the mainstream media dick pics okay here we go peanut butter on his best place to draw attention to the genitals where is the Instagram Tuk the condition to know about line to report this no no no what's Instagram I had an interview you don't know and that is that I've gotten some tweets from people saying that their name was misspelled or not put in the credits of Lazer team and they were a backer and I had to go through and I like the people whose name is misspelled it's actually somebody else's name and not everyone realize or remember is probably that there was a specific tier to get your name in the credits otherwise we have like thirty thousand names in the credits exactly to see all those names scroll by needle in 2007 there was like I love that you paid 300 bucks to put Mark Nutt name in the credits in every Screen Atlanta people people went crazy for that and yeah but then we studied Kickstarter campaigns I want to say it was specifically the Veronica Mars one they were trying to break the record for the most amount of people to back the project so they just were like if you give us a buck will count as a backer and then you go in the credit union if they want no but a lot of times with these crowdfunding campaigns one of the big benefits is that there's a lot of reportable press information if they have the most back Kickstarter you know ever the record that's a record that likes you know people are interested in the Veronica Mars movie so I understand why they did it but they also structure their Kickstarter all wrong like they started off by instead of shipping DVDs was the topic which makes sense because that's the movie the first thing I did was shipped a t-shirt which is like them the shipping and sizing and all that other stuff it's really hard and some people just like I just want the movie and I don't want all that other stuff you do and it's difficult without their shirt sizes of 84 different individual types of shirt that you have designs but you have to have eight sizes for most and it's crazy the actual entrance look like kids like call Chris ago when I was designing the campaign for Lazer team was like super fast at last to last forever so it's just like you had to pause to find your name anyway so I was like okay name in the credits that's going to take up a lot of time at the theater or whatever however this ends up being shown so we'll set it a certain level for people who are really interested in that overtime people forgot about that and then when it says the Indiegogo backers section of our credits for people who don't contribute any level start looking for the name and can't find it or they see something else and then somewhere there and think we misspelled it but that's not the case you know if it is the case we're going to make it up to those people somehow that happened it just means we had it certainly is possible but they're pretty careful to you earlier than my dad almost got arrested at a screening of Lazer team your dad they went over the weekend and I think in some place in Plano and so basically they're going to send to the credits in the in the movie the manager comes up and I like to come with us okay so we took him to the manager's office and I think there's like a cop or something and they're like we've had several reports that you were trying to Pirate the movie and you have your phone out and you were partying and he was like my son like the second director and he in there like I don't think your son so in there like they didn't believe them and then apologize they're just like I'm trying to steal them text me a little relieved that somebody's watching out for that you know everything for that kind of stuff do they have the other in hell of a night is it for the cop was like yeah I'll be there that person I fine when I press screening they will sometimes have depending on the movie like if it's like Spider-Man or Avengers or something like that don't have some and down in the front with an infrared of like binoculars looking at everybody in the in the in the audience we were going to have that for the Star Wars prank on Blain did you know because obviously we do know they would want to keep up Star Wars Advance screening in the cameras but that's just it didn't seem no one else knew what I was talking about when I said that's where they tell you to leave your phone in the car and then they have with a metal detector wand when you walk in that you don't have security guard the guy who got the inside line for Blaine to go to the star actor was faking like he was that person that guy then called me two weeks after this thing and said hey we would like you to come out to the White House for this meeting with influencers that's the same dude and I was cool dude cuz this is I feel like I can play this guy because you know my friend you know whatever actually for the video but the actual guy that that whole thing is based on that's the guy who called me invited me to the White House so I'm walking around for a week not saying anything about this with you guys that there was someone a fast one I mean imitation to get to go to the White House website to their domain whitehouse.com right register and do a background check and everything like that and it was like I still would like this bullshit they somehow this is what you cornered me and I remember you're really seriously like let's be real for a second Frank's everything is like no that's good when you get on that Revenge pranks for Blaine went to the store came up in the security guard asked for my phone and I think the emails in the car what does legally went by the Star Wars prank is that week and I really was second-guessing this entire time is that we had them ask Blaine to make tweets about it and like dealer like we're always for whatever reason and we have to go through Gavin dealt with this with someone we can swing it if I tweet about this 5 times it I guarantee everyone will hate your think they will absolutely hate it let's leave at 8:20 Butler playing in theaters still playing in theaters naturally treat once about anything that's enough is enough and it will do you have an answer 60000 please put up one of the best post to follower ratio on Instagram it's really good for somebody really have no posts and still have way more than that let's just stop all the math I mean kind of a snarky tweet about going to and how exactly was there because that's something that we knew that they would ask genuine think that I which is true and so Blaine doing the thing is I gotta get this so here why do you have to send Blaine doing his videos and he's just like oh you'll see it's going to be great and he was so excited about what's going on the video I was on the ground level and I was like doing this whole Berrie whatever in errands errands errands post my link up but we put Trump 2016 full of stickers all over Aaron's Miata while you guys are in Fiji a bunch of other shit too and then we felt so bad that we didn't take him off he was like what how to spray the back of a car with knee pain all different places one spray and it's done that car you're driving to work today I saw gas for $8 30 a gallon that's the lowest I've seen your Tu by car wash for that price you have to get a car why has the price of gas drops Car Wash becomes more and more expensive like it becomes in like half of your fill up my car when it rains let's thank God I hope we don't see many things you say 3 times to show up as the price of oil watching Tesla stock also fall it's like so short-sighted and dumb but here's the really cool thing about it now so people don't need but that is speculation on the part of people who are investing in the company that does not indicate that there's anything off about Tesla sales think gas is a dollar cheaper everyone's going to decide not to buy this expensive car that's electric that's not the case with this downturn there's been no decrease in the adoption of alternative methods of energy currently a Tesla cost the weather was going to fluctuate and it's gonna take me a bit but ultimately I need to get where I'm going to actually save the environment in any way yes it does moving it down like you if you are somewhere there a charge the thing I think there is a lack of efficiency that the construction or fabrication level of the batteries that's probably the most damaging part of the test itself but it turns like fuel everyday use that what's going on yet I'll get them in the face in your face I'm not going to punch you gently removing center on the street is that comes from a power plant somewhere which is fucking burn coal or something like that of natural gas power plants are way more efficient at providing energy than the engine is rolling little generator combustion engine that charge by the sun when the park then agreed that's one of the other initiatives that you must kids back in Solar City company that's what they do you know we were talking about outside of his career and think it talk about it talk about space and never talked about Solar City makes the Powerball which of the storage units and yeah that's a big problem with solar solar panels solar energy let's approach that's a big problem is that most women Alternative Energy creation are like they're dependent on certain situations like solar or wind or something like that and they can't store the energy where is like you know the power plants the most of the tournament on demand basically you're pulling from the grid and it's like they took the big solution to have to have his storage of energy in order for the Tesla battery try to sell this property when there's a lower demand and energy costs let's let me charge itself at night when you want to and if you live in a place where is cheaper at 2 a.m. if you have a nest thermostat you can enroll in the program Austin Energy will control your thermostat basically and they give you a rebate and they give you money if during peak hours they you use it lesson the times that you burn energy is different costume stated temperature is number one stress factor in a relationship like just who controls the thermostat and it's like one degree hotter want to get cooler that is probably one of the long-term thing that makes you fall apart while I told her I am fascinated by its ability to tell small fluctuations in temperature tu 77th summer summer I keep it usually 73 or 74 76 Esther is costly pushing to have it cooler in the 100 in summer though because like you bend over this way sometimes you're on the verge of being too hot because like sitting a walking around but as soon as you like bend over like lift something once you like to hunt is bullshit what is right on the ocean the human in the water and it's not good enough podcast Blain you talked about getting wet at the drop of a hat your dad's a potion Barbara what does he say that he doesn't say anything and then me kicking you when you are bathroom when you're not but you're Kno Blake what she thinks about that are you talking about this is like almost everything anytime I went to the men's room and it was a trap I had an irrational fear that you been following me all day and I'm preparing to kick me in the back from off my dick into the troug fine I really felt bad about that I really felt bad about it of course I wouldn't do that again the trough and then I came out of it done before Gavin and he was just there both hands you know that work and he's been and I just walked in behind me kick him in the lower back like push them forward and he just he was you can hit his head looking and my head was going to hit Like the Wolf solar so describe to me about the troug Star Trek so it's a magical stepping up to a wall and that wall is metal in French the floors well over the middle of the floor there's a great elevated by an inch or two above the middle that's how do you handle this when you stand up on the great you tell me I don't know or did you step supposed to dripping at the end it goes to the great I don't in front of the great rights to in the past it's like trench and then raised it to put you stand on the great I don't know this whole thing over it cancel again I really can't visit over this part is a little great yet here you stand on that okay here is a little different is it a sin of not getting exactly is against the wall two or three inches of a contact with a picture intimacy started coming and peeing and I Spit on the grave when guys have this directional tool by which to pay and we have a fucking wall st. Journal even in this place people still piss on the floor in front of it I just talk to Gavin about this cuz we can go to bathroom before we go to bathroom before the party blow each other no one is in the public right now is a hole cut into the lawyer and he said it's okay you could cover for you the perfect one is a hole cut in the world right now the gourriel it's messages like this and it's a mess over it I need to space out the match why does it have to match because this goes through and it's back in your face as you and as many of them as a little like this and it catches any like tripping when I go to bed pictures of the butterfly that's very significantly big in your pee down the middle of the TU if you get pee on the match Like A Champion through your screen door amazing Gavin Marcus Rhino experience long distance away they just think they go every direction that will get on the floor behind you and turn against the hot spot she's going to get really messy be perfect that's perfect pitch on the floor medical Fitness to close to a toilet that someone might take a shit I have a question when you guys not you Barbara I'm leaving this conversation when you guys use a urinal Texas do you keep a hand on your dick or do you just like let it let it flow pran how do I just like a horse Richard shows depressing down let's keep it like that we control let's fly away like bathroom stick through the door Australia phon holding my dick like a sir walks up to the urinal next to me with his dick out starts peeing and he's pissing Richard into his pocket pulled out his phone and started texting just like flopping around asking props that a friend walks in over his shoulder like texting still at the same time what is the best of me bro I'm right next time bro I've been on my phone with my ticket and then people come in and I put my penis without unsupported and then you pissed as hard as you could but I think I flip every way I can Pest Control a UFO of you have asked if I would you go for that the post-pc to try and get the trip was out and sure go ahead do you just Richard you just take you just take your grip I just give it a little shaky but this is going to look like penis between the two fingers I don't know you're sexy and you know it and he doesn't let you do anything you got it seems like so like it's a squirt bottle is to write and then you get there reach over for the toilet paper I grabbed the phone toilet paper at of Europe when you're done toilet paper dispenser is down 3820 so how's your life have you wiped your penis with toilet paper a house no no no I'm telling you there's a situation like this one where you're wearing white underwear so you don't want trouble it's all Kno you don't want your booty like your in full prep mode like this is like your staging it yet you doing right now it's like when you know the cereal commercial that uses glue the milk you want to put it's part of aging process make sure you're not pissing you mediately before I'm even care that I hit Take 5 minutes to go check though when you're done with somebody to go to the bathroom then come back and come on you're human too good with this make it I never said get the fuck out of bed cuz you just went to the bathroom or anything like that what time you going a different hole anyway I just tell whoever it is to I'm going to bathroom turn music if I'm going to be taking a shit country music it's obvious because I'm in there for forever wiping Gavin bettelheim my dad everyday and every you said there are only two situations for your dad so those pictures yes no well for the Jon's like for a simpleton person so then are you going to school and that's where I do the most like going from the base to the Head toothpaste that said did you guys at least say something nice about me she would know Jon Risinger watches my house whenever I go anywhere it's only me analisi watch the house for 2 weeks when I went away to Australia a very nice thing that works out but when I came back to the Amazing Race and it been 30 days I've been gone and it's information they keep you gone the entire time when you're on The Amazing Race whether you win or lose whatever happened I'm sorry that you're going through and I finally have my phone back and I said is everything okay and he goes yes and I said great and I already called and talked to the kids so I call John and then I made one phone call to my brother I'm on the phone with my brother so with my kids and everything straight call my brother one minute in my phone call with my brother John called me a little while and I'm like okay what's up and he says I don't know what happened every day you called me and in a pipe broke in the wall and water coming out of wall sex positions but I was like he's not that far for me so I just simply said it was like I'd like to think it was a Sunday night at like 10 at night so I need a plumber to me I didn't so I did I'm talking to people on the way over I'm talking them through like turning off the water for the house if we can find it I don't know where that was so anyway so Jon's watching my house when I'm gone he's only complete right one time watch your house and talk to me like jum Richard like the ultimate Millennial I don't know why should I care like he doesn't check the mail so I come back after 30 days and it's like the mailman has just send all the fucking military tell him to do that yes he was on the list of things to do see of that kind of thing harry' something replace doesn't give a shit about me I got something to say about that star - episode of the podcast is brought to you by Shari's guys it's a new year it's time to improve on things so excited to see the hairiest these guys make awesome razors we try to leave Brands we tried the same clubs they just don't stack up to harry' Star new and improved shaving solution for 20 Barbara are you going to prove shaving solution for 2016 RAC I took my harry' a razor with me to 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I can be presentable for camera so much appreciated your time you say save my cheeks sounds like they're good at everything no birds no parents no makeup set oldest person in condos and I'm the oldest person in my condo complex so dealing with other younger Millennial homeowners I can see like some of the same situations a rising or if I don't have a lot of a first time home owners and they don't necessarily understand how things worker 25 things are the way they are and it's always interesting to me to interface with someone to having a problem for the first time and it never seen it before so I can understand why when you have a water leak you cut instead of having John deal with it you call Matt who was honestly just wanted more people there before Tu kids in a house who's like when you rent an apartment um exactly when you were 11000 house bro we're done I know I'm not so amazing race is coming out since we talked about a lot more hopefully once the shows at the February 12th Friday February 12th so for 30 days while you were doing The Amazing Race you know why you are not here they took your phone so effectively you were you were just cut off right for 30 day was great it was great it's great if my voicemail back to let people know that you're back to find yourself is would definitely like withdrawal from having it and that you just put up the pre-show pre race interviews they did with us and one of these actually and I were talking about what we had because it's a season that the things he's in the social media Stars which if that's the way you can package a show together so people understand what it is but I don't think the TV on and generally understand that social media doesn't mean we all do the same thing like when guys a championship frisbee player in 01 girls a beautiful longer you know if there's a tu TV host basically that models yes and then one who's the who's a flight attendant she was happy to make that Southwest Airlines viral video you know and that's why they're all part of in this in this in the same shape but I was convinced that because it is mostly based on social media stuff that we end up and I ended up being the oldest team combined like if you add their ages of his most most people were like in their mid-twenties some people brought their parents with them and then but you know so what we were the oldest people in the whole race but combined we were probably the oldest team so we were speculating that little bit of Advantage is that you know we lived in a world where Maps don't talk to you you don't have to rely on people telling you your every segment of the race was they give you x amount of dollars used to be a bigger deal earlier on and I still know that that's the case but I feel like I don't reinforce that aspect because that's not including that is the purchase of airline tickets because that's why I need a one way ticket to this place right now or as soon as I can and take you to the airport give you when you get there to get around in that place and they give you enough to wear some places you have a taxi and that's great some places you can even sell drive your stuff self and then some it's like well the primary way they travel here is my life Tuk talk like these three-wheeled little motorcycles run to you get the back of one of those and it doesn't get cold Supergirl let's go like an interview with you too that's awesome just of us as you say we were going to be running probably Amazing Race from now until February 12th and I was wondering if you watch Supergirl if you have dvr'd it home just come with me and I saw it which questions because that's all that's in here so I wasn't going back to him for a second I was talking with someone here at the studio earlier and they were asking me about my bro. I'm an old man now so I'm the one who of people ask why people take out your questions too and they were like so if you were looking for like extra did you just have to like to scan an app until you found it and now there's a directory on the back of the map that lists all the streets like okay fine just like we were all around before GPS was ComEd around you were a kid you would rely on your parents to get you a RAC what like when I started driving I had GPS to match those were those were very expensive to write you could fight you could buy like big Atlas Maps if you're going like on a long road trip and give you like General directions from state to state and then as you like. Just like Urban centers in your tube I like smaller more detailed map of those I think they do Triple-A I think an atlas how does it look for that no I was about to go to Walmart so if it is weird how quickly that technology turns around and he will forget like this no one knows no one has to use a map with him at Gavin and actual map and like you pull out a paper map to get somewhere and cuddle on the map now I think the only or some videogames I use maps a lot but I remember driving to places in Houston you know I probably got 20 years ago now we have 20 years ago maybe like okay I've never been to that part of Houston never put your glovebox had when I first moved to Austin in 1990 to January 1998 the 1st and I moved into apartment complex to a gas station across the street and I bought a map of Austin and I send it to my wall and I was like I don't really know Austin so as I go places use this map to help me get around then I'll highlight areas I've been to so I know okay I remember I've been here before thank you go to some places I kind of like how do I find this place and she will go down and take a left at the tree you know where Jimmy broke his leg in the gu give me landmarks that don't mean anything to you but even the act of asking directions isn't even there anymore or like the thing that men never want to stop and ask directions to Classic joke but it just doesn't exist anymore because nobody stops and asks directions friends were those guys that he'll be like in order to get to this place you go down there take a left and I just like I literally just started listening I will have this information on my GPS are you talking to be ran into a family once in Tokyo back in 2005 I was going to the tsukiji fish market and I got off and it's kind of like removed from the center of the city I got off the train and there was this obviously not Japanese family like standing there looking at this huge map on the wall of the train station on the map it's all in Japanese young children are you guys going somewhere thank you later we're looking to get them okay you guys are in the wrong place you are to get back on that train go in that direction get off at this life is like this is this is like a bump up train station PlayStation would have heard it yet it's just really weird would send it back then in 2005 before iPhones you know now I think what the what the what the explosion of a smartphone and I feel like we just become tu reliant on them for everything honestly given a lot of shit for it but I think it's really admirable that you text message why don't text messages how it is I think his answer was with text messages expected that you'll respond immediately but with email it's not it's like email you can respond that he doesn't is there here recently about people vomiting on planes people vomiting on planes we just have someone who had someone Trump Mexico medical emergency on a plane which one I remember I don't member has Medical but everything to be okay and a reminder fine with me when we were sitting in front the guy who died to talk about your sex life when does in the last 50 I would say that we got mad about it this was somebody who was sitting behind me and I didn't see who was on the plane with me when you can I was there so it was like I don't know Gavin get gold in the month of January ever done that before to take a whole year to get gold status is 25000 miles which is a lot it's like two and a half days so that in the end and you get a 19 flights in 10 straight is 10 solar days is 100000 miles in one year they deserve whatever they get the fly the plane at least once in your life I have still never gotten close to three or four thousand never never gavi someone hymen Smasher do the dab harry' in Miles Kerry Mazda the point that's what they're saying EWTN says I just give me some sleep what happened email to Barbara because now everyone's going to have to go through Barbara to communicate with their email what are you doing something what are you doing get a text message why do I get rid of the email that he can contact me why don't you like smoke so you think you could leave if you didn't have you and last day email or text messages or anything 508 he didn't exist five years ago its social media motion proflower star telephone 44 Hudsons have them walk around in a while Richard Lockwood phon phone. I like smart phone or just root my smartphone the fact that it does everything now I see flying so if you could get just your phone like if we went back to a Motorola flip phone or a Nokia no no good that would just kill it yeah but see I don't consider flying like a high-tech because that's where everybody has been around over a hundred years that's forever yeah like a smartphone smart phones really exist been cool to have a mobile phone to work like it was a big fucking modify your car with that shit not even our generation with the PCS are digital phones got to be a big modern mobile the PCS phones brick phone because it had a bigger range like in rural areas so he always kept it and every time even as late as 2000 when he would call AT&T they would go ok with your plan and what is this what is this thing that's $0.10 a minute on your mobile phone we can get you a better rate than this is I don't touch that because if you touch that that's my that's my brick phon and we touch it it'll invalid because it expired and he needed that phon things like subsequently deactivated that works on the old analog Kno what you have to say it was thinking about afternoon sun pull the handset off and head like that anytime how do you show that you're talking something like that was it you that told me this was Burnie Burnie the kids will do this but everybody doesn't how long does it take a person to get 36 hours before I break down when you have tender and stuff right of tender that's something I need the last 36 hours I could not last 1 hour joint tenant lease for just as long as I had a replacement shaped thing in my pocket to play with I don't like having it feels like a knot he carved himself a Blackberry out of a coconut or piece of wood and we just tap on it for a liquor store look up Survivor I got it yeah I can see that now and I know sometimes you get like phantom pain for life and I'm like you think that your phone but I swear to God my phone just buzzed and there's no alerts on it I'm fucking crazy 10 seconds of nothing in my mind goes I turned it in I star padding in my shit and I'm standing in my hands like whatever when I got back the reign of terror he was actually great for me because I didn't care about my phone and I did not care and it's like every second I spend on my phone I was very conscious of the fact that I was on my phone does it go this is great and I broke my habit of like being on my phone constantly with in 2 days I was back to literally two times flight needs it that night mode this kids coming out on iPhone when you can make the screen yellow instead of blue who doesn't keep you up at night you a picture of a break from you put it too long you can tell if you are well-liked how many eyes you have over here because I have one that you can tell them it's the one I just tilted up on a pillow under it so it still just the same angle I am when I'm sleeping so Cit I wonder why who is Eric a text message the fat cat was there to let her know I had to back out for the first time in forever it's an old white dudes in the eighties were super-happy right in the middle of nowhere so when cell phones first come out that's how the phone so we had to have to have a phone like that I think you have to have also the kind that you have to modify your car that you have to bolt down into your car install antenna receivers in your trunk and install an antenna either on the roof or on the Trump the fucking bird is fine bigger than all of my friends combined that I've ever had sciatic some crappy travel recently had bad experiences with learning from some flight I don't want to wait he's a doctor on the plane helped him know and like to play didn't have a pulse and then 5 minutes later the guy was like and I was like hey are you okay it was parked at 2:55 thank you star cast 255 maximum post 360 solar flight and it was pretty smooth right but we landed I know this and I had like a little spill as the other guy next we must have spilled it now or I will go I was just falling on Landing I've never seen that before just like Thomas and Gus music through xb1 time a fairly light relay and that is the question as I was walking to the plane to deplane I got up to I was in kind of in the back as I got to the bulkhead I could see there was like something on the bulkhead it was like to eat flies story make you gag but a person sitting next to you with a little bag feel like a blue pool of vomit in a bag just in case um how is that how to hold it together this car feels terrible and I'll try and get some gum why isn't the powder in the bags that releases like lemon scent because that would add another $0.05 change them out I was like bro that's Kno you know it's like the big windows and windows and as the sun gets lower in the sky they put blinds down over the windows automatically replies resend this the future the first time and then they came down behind me actually behind the buildings that came up while I was still in that the woman next to me excuse me can you stop doing that because I was like pressing my phone as it happens I was controlling the blinds it was like what did you think any customer kids down was like I was like you the blinds they just do that cgp days ago and take over for your father big Force everyone to put their window shades up so they can see outside for like online legally like if it if anything's wrong I'll smoke that happening and if I was to die for the perfect match of the plane like lose the wheel and crashes USA you could have here with the windows should get paid and you can open them and you need to look out for his proflower family if I feel like 15-20 years ago that they always would mention that I know it's very occasional crash it like can you open up the window shades at 6:55 4010 / explain the procedure for opening the door in an accident are you willing able to help people get there get on the emergency you said yes you have to say verbally yes I understand by the way if you can you should because you have more legroom you could be here traveling internationally and they stick out into the room and put them on your feet for the bathroom right the person who comes in the event of an emergency you will be in charge of this bro I need to know that you're capable of opening the door open the cover off you pull the handle you have to be capable of taking 80 pounds and play can you do that it's like this is way too much yeah sure absolutely just ask me the normal question don't walk me to the way I have a fucking drill at this point I try to be crazy I've never had to solar explanation of talking about that exclamation It's going to be like the baggage sizes things that you do that this going to be like the fake emergency door on the Jetta you have to work the door I promise you for you will make a new door Chicago Bears playing how do I turn off on my browser when I make it full screen the first thing does when I make it full screen is it puts of a dialog box that says hey your info straight and it's over whatever it is that I'm doing okay you've allowed this but if you want to get out of it just hit it straight I know how that is used to piss me off too I know why that happens now if there are malicious websites are hijacking you and making it full screen and taking over that is so you can hit the night and escape from the troug like everytime it pops up are you sure you want to leave this page you're missing out on great deals and I go to click okay I'm positive that transmits all my bank information you know what's the worst thing in the world ever ever happened is when you're watching a video watching a video on your phone has like 20% battery left is it still afternoon but it was something like a notification comes in then leaves for Christ's sake it's the world we live in A1 reminder to listen to the podcast is also brought to you by proflower sometimes it's hard for us guys to say what we feel would if 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proflower.com click on the microphone typing code teeth order the day this deal expires Friday at midnight it's got a little Legend there you can see you can see you later Thomas Barbecue to go over there those flowers are I never get flowers their sponsor is going to sound weird for a week that's like perfect roses if you listen audio version take it like a little rosebuds hey give me a give me a pedal and I know the roads look like a rose but not ready the Best in Me proflower is all the time you never need to buy flowers let's endorsement what if it's not it's not really it's not really wow you know you did what was the only you know how no one owns Antarctica the sections of it it's like section in like a regular like a radio thing the peninsula but if you were born there how you doing okay go ahead but if you are used to talk to a penguin if you're bored never been born because it's fucking Antarctic and no one wants to have a kid there I think scientists were about to have a baby take maternity leave done it for the sake of doing it I know when I have a kid in Antarctic I totally want to do it same with same of the International Space Station are you citizen of space to the first baseman the other was a couple that was in the bag in space fuck yeah just for scientific purposes I think you know many purposes if I board the ship if there was no sun kids have been born in Antarctic I'm being told you my earpiece so I know so what was that possible so I'm looking it up right now can you give me third trimester from traveling even fine I'm playing you don't hurt me so I'm sorry I heard that they don't let you have a better chance of being an astronaut if you have a family like a wife and kids or a husband and kids because then you have like more of a desire to complete the mission make it back on your way back yet they are about medical stuff going up as you got me something a lot of forces example of Richard garriot who is the designer of the ultimate series and a very famous like Rich video game developer he had enough when his dad was actually a shirt on and he's the only like father-son pair to go into space but he paid his way to space he like thirty million bucks to the Russian government go to space and go to you and I Jeremih they want to swap them expect to put on a DNA chip that they're going to put the spacers she has no fucking way to put my game in space and he's not doing that was he wasn't there I left it on the bed I guess you don't understand that my alien in another galaxy I don't think we've contacted aliens people born on Richard Gere it was a normal day like stand-up had to leave out of here like a little nodule on his liver that was totally benign but it was not a normal structure on delivery so it don't have full abdominal liver surgery and Recovery to take that Nigel off before they would let him go up in space wow probably about another 15 years and that he be able to go up there for a lot cheaper and could be a lot older know if that was an astronaut ever been 11 people born in Antarctic 08 of which were born at the Argentine base three of which were born at the Chilean base I'm going to read you the first one because this display that what you're saying about what kind of Citizen are there the first was born in January 7th 1970 his name was Emilio restaurants a base to the TU Antarctic Peninsula Gus is mad he was automatic by the government he was born in the claimed sector Argentine Antarctica this a sector of Antarctic claimed by Argentina is part of national territory however this claim is not International recognize an overlapped with British and Chilean claims in Antarctica since she was also born in British Antarctic territory he had the right to claim British overseas territory citizenship however he never hit him his parents never filed a request so you could have been a British citizen as well and if you want to let of possible it looks like an area with multiple choice about because he is did you stop in there this is this one parent British one parent Canadian born in the US so then if you like marries an Australian he can legally have for possible as well that was your British but if you married your Playboy model girlfriend you can if you want to she's going like this I mean that doesn't apply to anyone else just for mentioning that I mean yeah you want the topic of the week isn't it I think we should just because it seems like there's a weird conspiracy theory going around right now about what I'm not talking about it Dragon City ug I would reconstruct this message death except it's like three separate issues here to me they're all kind of lumped together into one big thing and everybody thinks it's one thing but I think it's like 3 different things to explain what it is first for people that don't love to hear any buddies explanation of this thing to do ever feel you could give the should have given the controversy Blain tell us what are the Fine Brothers announcement video that they're going to be making something called react World react World react World which is basically all of the branches you know Kids React old people react Elders React Lake Drive Branch but you can also use it as like what is it called when you can license video they could find the Fine Brothers to help them out and apparently they would provide the resources to do it but they kept on emphasizing on this is the legal way to do a react to this is that was probably clearly differentiate between a react video which is a very generic term that love you what does associate with a reaction video and what their brand react with ag like the capital react which I know if you try to get a trademark for something that generic sounding scares the shit out of a lot of people and for good reason because it can be applied like very much not reacting is a variation of react way too much power its way to over each other trying to come from a good place to help people but it just sounded so disingenuous and corporate legal and illegal Avenue places that I think that they have a format that they started doing of videos that were just everybody on the web was doing the river Again YouTube is doing fake YouTuber the first started they had built into the system reaction videos you can post a reaction video somebody's video it would appear right below it and people started to abuse that I like just having like their boobs out in the the that was it but then when you're feeling like it wasn't down at react to ghost and stuff exactly because they would just make thousands of videos like 15 seconds long and the future one of many videos should generate a lot of income for the sermon adjust volume text Patrick on the phone bike bro most generic is flogging but there's just so many different variations of it like I would argue that something I would really Jon's does equals 3 that's a reaction video Tu he just giving like a more professional like just him reacting to it look like ripping off of the VR Tosh point O does it on on TV those are like extreme examples of in the Fine Brothers made this format of like specific group of people react to the video and then they would ask people questions and everything like him if you see kids react you would know it if you saw the kind of a thing and I think that when they first Shari's Blaine this thing should have been there what they were trying to say was that they were taught by their version of a reaction like that react to their series what is the generic of a term their format they needed something to generic almost to trademark in the future and that's going to take I mean you can make early on and we ran into problems like this early on because we were making videos that we were just making videos based in video games which isn't sold by P trademark you can hear a second but then two people told us they were cold Machinima going to come along and trademark the word Machinima and so fucking 8 years. How long was it that we would have to answer the question about we make Machinima videos but we don't fucking work for this company Machinima nothing to do with that this is machinima with a lowercase a like we would have articles printed about if it's a go to it's like you guys make me some of the guys said yeah so what's it like to work for me some information about you make me you make videos from Santa Monica to the point where we had a running joke where we refuse to call her stuff in the cinema and got your Kno we called it renders render vision technology response to this and it seems as if they're like . I know you don't understand this yes what bullets can look at the first thing let's stick with the topic here because I want your glasses on because I think about this before we got on the podcast the second I think they made was they were pitching this new thing that they were doing to take their react brand and the react shows and they were going to bring them out all over the world and please take let's call it what it is they were trying to do a ug see Play Better Business exactly they were trying to make something where the users generate content you see this in all forms users can create content and that bolsters the brain and sometimes in a case like valve and other places that she will charge you make money off of that the Fine Brothers were recording what I remember from the video they were going to charge those people licensing fee to license the brand that comes with a set of franchising deal promotion interrupted that is a hard enough because you got to get people to buy into the fact that it's worth money and that you're made out of money money from an audience because you basically what the old saying if you're not paying for the product you are the product like you sell advertising to get people's views and stuff like that but you're trying to convince people that you're going to make contact with you doing pretty money for us but it can be a bigger better for you that's a hard enough sell then all of a sudden they shifted into a discussion where they start talking about legal term for trademark and now you can do it legally and you can license are still legally and it's like I understand why the Fine Brothers would see that as a problem because they have a hugely popular brand that is often a minute you know and that's a huge problem for them but nobody else recognizes a problem trying to solve they did not invent this format so that it doesn't make sense to me that they would try that they would throw this out from a legal perspective take me to trademark it and let you license it like you didn't come up with are you the one to trademark it before the party going on the first day and being like talking to the girl and be like listen you know I'm not on the first date like that kind of thing they're putting out the solution to a problem raising these questions how far down will the sub count Gus detector going on is 20007 o'clock so its been from now about it almost two hours the people are angry about this and people are going on this past Monday night just now finding out about this also happened to the Fine Brothers channel is bad enough but didn't find out about it I would like to see someone map the views against the Fine Brothers videos since its whole thing started because honestly at the end of the day Subs is a metric that people call a lot it doesn't have really any value it just translates to the actual thing that has value which is of use and I can either go up there a lot of people were watching Fine Brothers 48 Hours up today the heat was not subscribe to the Fine Brothers but he subscribe and unsubscribe just so he could see his counter offer gu I've ever seen in my life Fast Response Berrie visceral and like they've taken like little bits of 1 is the internet mob plays like it's really horrific version of this is your life like they're digging up videos that the Fine Brothers made I mean probably like 10 or 15 years ago would like one of them jerking off at her and like every time there's one thing they did which I really don't like what you say at one point called out the internet mom to go back to the Ellen Degeneres Show for having kids react to a phone on the show and they they like there's a post if you believe the post a deleted post and someone is saying that this was likely archived it they found it it was a post on the Facebook page I guess so the Fine Brothers entertainment but they're asking them to go after the Ellen Degeneres Show and like bomb their cut their comments section saying that they had ripped off Kids React from them and it's like if you do that if you like try to use the internet as your personal Army that is going to come back to fucking haunt you at some point cuz that's exactly I think what's going on right now it's like it's good sister back around. I really did not regard it a little bit a car I hate Playing devil's advocate but it's also really frustrating when did your senior you have a very popular format online all this and Ellen Degeneres Show does something that looks seems a lot like your thing and does it kind of the clear blue sky like I've never heard of Ellen DeGeneres sitting down with kids in it would ye like other shows too much coffee The Forum in 04 as I did the last thing on you cuz it's such an emotional issue I am very reluctant to talk about stuff that we do because then I don't want people like bumping like the stuff that we doing with with this Kno the issue that's going on right now but I think we've always been very good when we have shows that are derivative and I consider immersion to be one of her more inspired by shows like we've always had one part MythBusters one part jackass that's the way we describe it it's inspired by you know these signs shows that are on there with a test that you know it's not I don't think we came over that format on our own we just recently applied to testing of video games like guys with Machinima we started doing this I tried to go out and find something that was like what I had in mind of using a video game to make a movie I couldn't find anything I didn't I couldn't find any videos that are like the closest thing I could find to what rivers was going to be was Randall glasses the warthog jump tricks video that she almost tells story of a guy trying to flip this warthog on of the silent cartographer map in Halo I was blown away by that shot with the rocket still to this day like the ones in the heel I predict I'll shoot the rocket and then he flies it in like two seconds later it hits directly on the wall convertible Dodge axle trailer that was actually I had to come straight to Gus and Jeff what I was talking about my putting dialogue in the whole premise the trailer we had that little shot of the underwear Griffin Timmons talk about wasting two minutes of the life that trailer and really we did that all of a sudden we were we were contacting you're told to do what we're doing is like some people don't like with in Doom and Quake and was called Machinima but then it's red vs blue became all the sudden very very popular very quickly in season 1 of just exploded and then we have a year-and-a-half and he was like cycle all of a sudden everybody was were making videos shooting them of their friends doing dialogue in Halo and they was called Machinima on making a Halo Machinima it's like nobody 90% of the time it was X vs. y whatever we were here the other series was better than ours but we totally I never at any point time would have thought that we have the right to take that down or two I was thinking hurt by somebody there not to apply for a patent because this was a technique of animation and somebody told me that this could be patentable to use 3D engines to make real-time animation and I should patent our process and that is way more over-reaching on a trademark or copyright we never we never thought we could that we should trademark this and prevent other people do it to us like we're participating in this like remix culture and that this is part of like what goes along with that is that no one really said that will make red vs blue as long as people want to watch it and be Microsoft wanted to make it because the factory based on Halo doesn't change as we become more successful that does those Origins don't suddenly you Kno metamorphosize themselves you know it's something else it's like you the origin is still the same of the things that piss you off back in the day with the Codex in Man of Steel in fine Charlie Charlie let's like why were they using Halo was like one of the hardest engines to do Machinima in the Half Life 2 engine was on the market that was way better for making machine of my favorite the lip sync tools yeah everything is the same as it was right around that time that you started doing it capturing from an Xbox became a lot easier and it was very like your card it was $1,500 I think I remember I don't know Haitian was plugged into a Canon camera and I was playing the game on the mini display and I was like yeah that's why I myself have you find that was probably from a business probably because the guy who made up that the website from him and then created the company we all know now it was confusion and not exactly their website and it had a number one hit series on your website number 1 series the fact we have entrusted with our don't tell me what I did that was very terrible like it was funny but I think we went to a lot of festivals music video the story was in Texas not remember a lot of things like that or something that was actually one of the first machine repeat as ever I don't you talking about it was like the instructor the game to play and it was the one that was Diary of a camper which I think is actually credited as being the first machine of a piece ever created I was like a group of guys in a quick claim and they wanted to tell a story and that's how you to do it back then it was like a wildfire that the game engine would interpret the data and then play it back in the game so there's no like video if you want to watch it it would you and then load the file in the video so I think this is not violent but no I just told you that yet so that the first let's the first-ever mission of a little mega64 Spartan life with the love that I love the guy who made it out of the same time I was like great a difference what do you use somebody else's world to shoot your show that comes along with it I mean that's part of why they like to play with your friends in the projects like that comes with the territory something to eat the guaranteed way to hit the mark the prize or by sending Berrie star office or work when your coworkers Do It All Over Again she'll be overjoyed and you'll be a hero Kno gift wrap needed their life perfectly packaged in 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like we saw this big thing like I felt I was at the time I was a little worried there are things we can round out and people tell them what you are saying and you're the exact discussion that lead to people want to trade marks and stuff like that to differentiate themselves and the trademark system is it's genuinely fucked up anyway like I was just down with Sony in the let's play thing which we we we talked about before UPS as a company has a trademark on the color brown really has associated with shipping what can I do for you they have a trademark on that what was the culture like that easy to like that specific and that's where the weird things come out because because of that you know and let you know I think it's heading there so somewhere early on hitting and it's something else that wasn't as generic they would be have a better chance of trademarking it cuz it wouldn't try to trademark of people reacting to things or like reaction videos as a genre you know but the problem is they name their things sounded very similar to what the genre is Wichita mega64 the best probably the best commentary on it and then you got your buggy who makes videos online we have a great life like a very objective trying to see both sides of it if you know kind of a thing because it's like trying to work through it and try to do that if it was below the threshold that ug provoke the play button like police you might find out that I have like 10 million what are the, it's always the guys congrats on 30 million subscribers and 14 million Gus and us kids into the other issue which is like I've never been a fan of Internet mods in in any way whatsoever that's too easy and she gets like just like just like that feeling a pile and then I got to the point of okay you know you don't like their business practices at the mega64 thing was it was a very straightforward critique of it cuz it hurts like the whole message of hey we're doing this thing that's going to get you money but it's for you the community and stuff like that totally legitimate criticism but then I see liked posts on Reddit that have like $3,000 and it's a comparison of one guy's face Tu like Steve Buscemi and stuff like that it's like it's like what are we doing at this point like what is taking place right now and everyone is super happy about it and even the thing the gleeful think of like posting this sub count going down it's like it's like what is the what's going on here like what it what's the objective here is to destroy someone was trying to destroy somebody the people they want them to go out of business 721 something says what if in case they've lost so many stuff because you're that interested in the Fine Brothers and one selling they're showing a little longer have an interest in the fine brothers and their products but actually these the people who are most interested in the Fine Brothers right now these are the people who are most engaged with the Howard Stern effect their most engaged with what the fine bro see if I was watching the video is more than theirs 3.7 million views in 40 minutes to get there I think just like people have to have a way to demonstrate their clear rage over this that this idea that you know they're taking the other thing is they're taking down videos and things like that in the show The Ellen DeGeneres thing and all these things come out and it just looks really really you know it's bad you know across the board and nobody believes the apology video for the update sorry let's play the Fine Brothers at least contribute to the reaction John and they are the best example of the highest Popples popular example of a reaction videos Sony try to trademark let's play David Kno burn Richard the games that people use for let's play of the game let's play contact let's play ever Try Not To The Head I mean I think that Dr Pepper has the let's play.com didn't they have noticed anyway but in the end everyone agreed or it would have felt that the same thing as what the fine to do with the word react why is Sony trying to co-opt this term let's play and get a trademark on it he likes your in Hamlet but the thing that really frustrates me about this is that show me the Saudis response or Sony strategy to everyone getting upset about let's play trademark in Sony didn't say a fucking work and we will be talking about that never Kno update it's like we don't know what Sony wants to do with this let's play trademark all we can do is speculate because Tony is not making any clarifying statement at all and what happened outrageous just disappeared whatever response and a big decision to make just shouldn't say anything to Steve an email to people if they want to have questions to email them. Personally answer what do you think the liquid death threats and probably sending them pictures of like dead babies and it better not be right now I just wonder if force a strategy that when someone is doing something and there is an actual public outrage about it I don't like a reinforcing the strategy of just like your response like they don't have to be like Tony did have to make a clarifying statement nobody nobody put up a counter that showed people unsubscribing from the PlayStation Network because Sony tried to go up the let's play Torino the let's play the trademark tonight I think they still try to do it as well I think the Fine Brothers put that in before the sun even came out and at the time I had to Kids React trademark in place for a long time from what I read they applied for it in July of 2015 and with this business is done ridiculous jum star nobody like they treat a license like Candy Saga the banner Saga which is another game but I believe that they worked out of your use of the word Saga is different than that for me you're going to help us and we're to help promote your videos let's and everything else that you would user licensing agreement just like anything else on the planet act format not just reaction that in general when you slide it just now it sounded like reaction because you said React videos like that if that's what you were saying it was okay to report your eyebrows go up when you said react Fine Brothers react Kno react name the series like a different person. I'm sorry. I'm OK and then Kno Shari's kids. I'm about old songs Elders. I'm about star crashes actually just coming up with something trademarking Jon's nobody but the fact that they use the generic term because you can go back to the origin they weren't they were using a format that existed so they named the show after the format that it's if that's a problem you can never get away from here that The Branding issue that took place years and years ago and so they can say react when they say react to the Fine Brothers that means something very specific you know that is a look and feel that the set of assets that the format for the show its people looking at me and I'm just going to be based on what I've seen in the video people looking at a piece of content talking about it and then a producer asking them questions in a specific way and then cutting in between those people is the only answer the questions you never thought you was going on the show again but you and I both know that he's been kids react to mean people Hilton I think I think I'll be fine I'll continue to a lovely time and I was on it was nice to meet you actually never when I go out tomorrow probably not know if he will come down or you know things things are clarified a little bit better and everything is fine when everything's fine who knows who knows they might never be asked again tonight even if they want me to do 13 million people huh well maybe 20 in front of people that's why you need a platform to talk about let's too many inactive accounts or what like you would never under no circumstances ever would it go down to zero they didn't know 10 sorry thanks for sticking with us I think is what they said at the end of it it's like that there's a lot of people a lot of people but it's not the whole in this is very specifically confined to the front page of Reddit videos subreddits man it's like he's one of my favorite YouTube creators and he always seems like very much a brutal brutal like XKCD YouTube you should watch it you should watch a video about the explanation of how the Rings in Lord of the Rings were made in the amazing watch Lord of the Rings so good so good time Australia so if you're not a sponsor we had our kids just really say that it doesn't good life but I feel like every week people like it's not working for me not like we have another life Wednesday also sponsors showing pictures of Erin's car with me and when did in the post-show not now but now at least you should a picture of Jon Risinger the week for some reason never showed picture of Jon Risinger Kno are you for them they're all right so I will see you guys next week or whatever