#362 - The Pancake Podcast

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Prostitutes, Prostates, and Pancakes on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 8, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-the-pancake-podcast-362

Recorded: 2016-02-09 16:25:20

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

probably a good idea if you podcast this week brought to you by proflower Shari's Berries and trunk club in that order but in another order an annual tradition will four so I'm guess I'm Gavin and I'm excited I'm Barbara and I'm also excited burni 4th annual rooster pancake podcas one I wasn't looking for cause I sit through telling me welcome to the third-annual fucking pancake podcas such a good day with your anger is always really did you fuck up the second one that bad if you like Gavin trunk weight will a 2016 to 2015 for three decades wasn't on Pancake Day it was just about Pancake Day this the right all right chicken chili with pancake Barbara beer in the mouth should I give to her mouth for a long time and it doesn't look like anything's been drank out of it and your dainty @ 96 how many times I want chocolate chips and strawberries I would like audience loves this pancake Comcast internet Los Angeles I'm excited but I know why I'm excited I get to see plenty of people making pancakes along with us oh yeah you should tweet us your pancake house I appreciate its. Pancake podcas before this is because of shrove Tuesday Tuesday which is tomorrow right started like many things on the podcast start with us thinking Gavin was talking about it's the day before Ash Wednesday trip Tuesday also called Mardi Gras in ant poison and take these kind of Pancakes usually crave something but there's a new grill pretty good to be back probably great time thank you just ruined the pancake Pocus when he hired outside help for me yes because I like making the pancakes barbar that the best part I thought I was trying to save you from the work pancake is a good pancake so I don't worry I'll still pancake Tuesday the real pancake house cause it was like putting a bunch of peanut butter and put that over it don't you know Mike we are especially waffl day we went to the waffl in LA with one of our favorite place I feel like I'm going just you and I got three balls between us and usually we take like a little edge of one of them but we never finish it we devoured all of them this super hungry the never happen I don't like feel like a kid again but it was last time he flew 16 flights in January he landed in Austin with me in three hours later he would help with anything throughout the airport to fly away to somewhere else in the office as quickly as I would have liked you the first time tattoo that I can see the perfection in the practice at the bottom could show it when she's not typical incidental quite strange stuff happens when we travel together do you explain what happened when we travel together this time with a fireplace which do the video of it we should just put the video up at some point but it was a Airbnb Airbnb today light switch driven fireplace on the whole different level barbar you want to look at tonight Sega barbar the chocolate chips in there I recommend you put a little bit of the bananas on it and to peanut butter can I get the the display over here so I can see the same thing I'm talking to control when we showed up they gave us this big bag gift bag filled with candy bars and balloons it was like sorry the fireplace isn't working him like you know that was our place we don't give a shit so I just got to your house you love the cookies from the @midnigh dressing room so the next day Gavin I had to go do something terrible what we do that was so awful all the time to move back to the house for a brief time before we went to midnight but in that brief amount of time apparently they had sent repairman to come fix the fireplace because I just need to the park until we actually walked in the manager there baby was there years ago so sorry sorry I was leaving you guys know that the fireplace is fix now cause I don't care about this but thank you for coming by and perfect effort into making it work for you and so Gavin is doing this thing I'm like there's instructions right there just read the instructions you like I'm not doing it so finally after literally Gus it was 10 to 15 minutes of him staring at it quickly pushing the button finally he goes and it's like the fireplace is going then he said today that was great so then he sets down the remote for the fireplace that use to connect it to start it up he said that down that's it to look at the flyer but I'm looking at it now for 10 or 15 minutes he really goes it looks like there's a pair of sunglasses and glasses and I look up I need the sunglasses so it turns out that the guys Sunday Gavin solution is to this I'm like we should call the guy and tell me burni just throw it high time he wants to we got the call and it say I just melted your sunglasses give me all the tech chocolate chips and some surprise salmon surprise me something crazy uncomfortable situation the world the universe guy tell him that you murdered his sunglasses which the thing is it was dark in the fireplace you want I should put that there I gotta remember to grab that yeah if you put if you put that I'm afraid of Confrontation I don't like talking to people this would not have bothered me at all okay so you just met someone this is what you do just leave it and throw it away maybe if I was really nice I didn't know and I was like no I would not say I melted your sunglasses I would have your sunglasses got milk find the Hollywood sign Diamond four burn again. So I'm saying apparently some people here are having a pancake party that's re Light My Fire people that's better than there are literally dozens of people watching right now have a good movies all the time like super regimented like the receipt podcas is now they are ruined list of topics that were like burn through it literally has no structure whatsoever four year for a long time is that comforting each other just talking about this week during the pre-show you know people here setting stuff up just for the microphones out on the table and just like go and now there's one two three four five six Crystal pancake podcast would have worked in that environment one of us would realize halfway through its pancake Tuesday sit we should have done something that's exactly how we did it like 3 weeks ago it looks that pancake podcas was coming available embarrassed about how long I was looking forward to tonight all week I've been just never showed up that early Four Paws you were here at about 6:10 or 6 o'clock you were asking what time do you start what time is it like Gavin you know what time we start you're here every fucking week guy here it was working here ground up graham cracker crumbs chocolate chips and then I want you to put some of the marshmallow spread out and make yourself some more paint over that Gavin I last week four on @ midnight with Colton Dunn really turns out he's a cheater he won but I'm really how much you like what it comes down to it I'm very very competitive like now Nerdist bowling thing I went bowling for like 6 weeks straight I bowled the best game of my life on that show in front of cameras I can usually like at 2:35 or something because half of the team got inexplicably really drunk for some reason given that up with them make a pancake for some of the in the crew guy selling favorites what's wrong with the Internet he said he wants me to make him a pancake with what four pancake four pancake stack like just playing I was very hungover what is the word for what happened what was that Riverside car set-up Bowl party last night so I can invite me what is just we just get over there not enough room in Greg Plitt the in my always busy so I know that something burn yesterday bronzer know I know I just thought I'd just burn really easily so but I won't but you not sure about that I would love it that is a modest Tech person Bethany who is now she's over RTX have it on your life right being events person yeah but she is remarkably light out of touch when it comes like inviting people like personal things like she'll talk about stuff like in front of you and then like walk away get good at writing you a love letter four Cycles so how was so this time @midnigh to suck because I wasn't there you know what actually Gavin I agreed that we had more fun the first time but it probably was because that was our first time doing a show just like it was over and done with before enjoying it we had the first time was the first time we've ever done it that's it I think it's like it's like everything was cool and you and you lost except Chris Hardwick throw him a bone JFK eliminate from three players on the team in the final challenge just only two players so they change the format that you four are just as important cause you wanted to because in the final thing to put up my answer first and they put you in there first then they said they think it's the weakest one must have because he had everyone shunning fruit group doubt they will ship XCOM came out poop group was like well you guys were busy movies that have the guy who who do like jokes and I like warm up the car before you guys come out maybe Colton you the guy that was way fun when we have when we went when I was there for our showing was like I really feel like talking about nothing people about his experience at Starbucks earlier waiting line for a drink it was like cracking up guy like just talking about it the energy in place like that is a lot of fun the event audience is just a word that cause you up 80 people laughing like I did diet for the duration of the filming old like to laugh it up a little bit for everything she knows that there's always a part of that raising his arms like that there was anything I'm not aware of that but I think the most you ever lost your life when did Kara said that the Back to the Future car goes north through time that was probably the hardest another one four sharp I laughed for a good 15-20 minutes I feel like just like couldn't catch my breath couldn't stop laughing you couldn't write that joke there's also I read a story recently about a dude who discovered prostate masturbation on Reddit @ along and then wrote this thing just I left on foot patrol the whole time it was like talking about how fucking funny the guy wasn't writing I want to the first paragraph what is prostate masturbation just wipe it up did you already set in my life yeah I kind of think of that I feel like I've lost like a lost ceiling and you had that feeling a few times Tyler pancake the ready would you like any syrup looking for dry pancakes the population of Canadian Park maple syrup the table this is a 23 male just discovered prostate stimulation this is a test of that I found it and I prefer it to sex with my girlfriend like by a lot help? Then there's a stink first started four the way around this writing in this way helps because I'm really embarrassed by all of this and with the old posted even anonymously just bear with me okay this started a stupid embarrassing way I'm 23 but my doctor says he wants to do a prostate exam during my physical which requires him to stick his finger up my butt questions that like 20 years too early I was going to say 23 okay Google chicken blood okay so he pushes in and it's the first time anyone's ever been in there like ever and two things happened within 3 seconds I gotta clean you can bend a steel bar around my dick stupid hard I grown in voluntarily and explicitly and horrific he laughed and told me it was okay really says it's pretty common he says picture of like how we explored that @ just like I don't know what to do prostate drumstic drumsticks well I don't know I'm asking you about prostate biopsy the doctor is the guy I don't know I don't know medical store in prostate would you go for with this like really enjoyed the week is it do I look on your finger you might be able to get the angle for you guys curious of a light for medical purposes would produce food from the cutlery drawer tech store the the handle of a spoon @ guy where's the water you know that the TV show How It's Made How It's Made recently where they need drumstic just like I thought it the most in the world there's things I didn't think about like they have to sort them by weight too because the different densities of wood so that like your balance with each other it's like I never would have thought about that all the food stuff food I want the first time I met someone from axis they said that they work on some golf so I said miss you know like that well if you really like me he was impressed you like nobody likes or was it like this hour Tanaka ships being sent right we can talk about the ant Simulator game I guess one of the developers list or was it would be one of the Developers programmer because the people running the crowdfunding game the people running the company that was making his cut from the game his business partner supposedly wasted all the money on booze and strippers 20 $20 four song and usually short the song still had consistent just for Barbara made another one for 7:40 meeting for you guys but that's another probably but he's like he's an adult he went an hour gavi 220 lap dances at $20 a piece that's four hundred bucks right forget a price check on hook people saying yes to everything what to make with depends what you want her to do in the control room is that a hooker the burn raising hands in photography and video for a hooker Donna Summer by the way you're ruining pancake Tuesday with the story this is a family Family podcast feel an obligation to be a little more in the weeks around when Amazing Race is coming out because that's way more family-friendly show tonight she the reason navigation to like like I'm scared to be my normal self I'm just saying if I relied on them being a family-friendly show it's one of the reasons why I agreed to do the show and I would watch episodes of it in one episode they literally blurred the nudity on a statue in a public park they did they blur the nudity that's not family from the show it gives me comfort knowing that if something like my pants fall off 24 hours a day something's going to go wrong there they're going around on CBS sidecar do we have the app is not available I don't like it also we got another a different party DFW surprise me the processor that was also a picture of a guy who printed out a picture of pancake the picture of pancake the land pancake party Rooster Teeth Adam niccum traction assistant I set up the site and run the cameras and everything okay how you doing tell us about this she was an escort what's the difference the difference is you actually have to seek them out onto the web Craigslist Whenever Wherever Backpages on Craigslist not Craigslist it's worse than Craigslist Reddit photography and video four four website to update it and they charge a lot more than $500 an hour remember Moto Japanese school kids to adults to go out on a date together right correct and then whatever have just consenting adults making their own decisions and that's the exact is actually if you go to an escort website they actually are legally we need it you know when you go to another you go early which is kind of disturbing that you know this actually put it it is exactly how he said it's two adults going in meeting and anything beyond a date is between two consenting adults ready to go out with her be like 800 bucks in after an hour and then get turned down for her and it's a little different with her I can't speak for all escorts cause I just know her but you wouldn't for her it was all good news she would meet with somebody that is typically over dinner you go and meet they would bring an envelope with cash there was a prearranged three predetermined amount I think it I think it was for her was like $500 for an hour to meet that was to me to me and then after that it's not really surprised that they have the cash if she determines that she doesn't like the person she's just not feeling whatever she can at that point she's going to have this any further and go about her way and he'll go his way or they can if it's going to go anywhere not if it's not going to go anywhere then she's out and she's not going to take your money it was like right away right you know if a dude like what's your time do you want 10 minutes I like how quickly is that decision made what was like you know what yeah I'll give him some epic not influenced by alcohol have you let me ask you the same question so we're not sending Barbara on your Gavin have you ever come around on it now I feel like I've always been like that person I would consciously sort them into a yes or no to call them are wonderful I want to refuse something someone who is re says that for the record prostitution isn't legal here in Las Vegas to know you wouldn't find one on the street so that's how that works just as easily right but you have to be like that like at a brothel questions illegal in Austin to run burn to find a prostate sit around the street that's not how that works free $500 at least you know where the police are always doing 841 seems like you can't say I didn't fall apart while we were in the red light district the place where all the hookers hang out specifically feel like walking down the streets in the red light district you just by saying no because people guy lady heroine just like everything that was illegal on one street need luck I'm good coca coca coca xsxsxs YouTube wave cocaine and ecstasy at me do not work and we looked at them we got pancakes barbar stuff and everyone else right Kelly want to take it thanks man you're special to tell her to tell her about this mysterious pancake Baker Heights Elementary the sun is out here 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like that gift for you but we can all the time with him really don't like having to open it in front of them I would rather get into a dark room and I put it there because they did that Shenanigans where they filled my office with a bunch of stuff and all the comments like Gavin doesn't open anything the gifts that fans give him cause he was like a bunch of stuff in boxes yet none of that was mine like that way the final in the old office behind winners movie with all my stuff and they just assume you like all my crap guy didn't know what you know what I just like the one thing that that's a picture of me on my desk and someone sent it to me and a friend and said please sign this and send it back but I got it around the time that we switched offices and I lost the Note 4 charger to keep it for myself on my dat the ones I signed it like to my biggest fan burni going on here two bills pending from like 2:15 to go we don't have said he wanted some what way is my next one coming up 9 or pancake Blueberry Blueberry stink when you cook it on top of them you're done out here to see you there on my desk on the faces of everyone else in my office New York the Big Apple on top of pancake but you would run back inside blueberry afterwards we got it was easy where to find out that I'm his biggest fan of the of the light just like so we introduce a new feature on the website rooster teeth.com this week and I wanted to test it out we introduced to questions so it's like we're people can post your question you can go through select question you want answered ant like an ongoing anime I thought about 10 or so. start stop it but we're still figuring out the feature so trying that I had to review something that I don't think I've ever talked about on the podcast four but I feel like people should know and I've been trying to figure a way to bring it up I've said before I don't eat home-baked stuff when people bring it to the conventions like they hand me a plate of home-baked cookies I'm like this is very nice of you thank you but then I don't eat it like just like I just don't know who I mean to appreciate everybody everything about me some food that's somebody walking me a sandwich I wouldn't eat the sandwich and whatever the other thing like that is the same way all the time I want to maybe me a particular they want to share work with me like cause they're they're looking for a job or something so they had me USB drive I will never ever plug a USB drive into my computer that I don't know where it came from I have like virus so I don't know I really don't know I just have too much sensitive information on a computer I just wouldn't plug a USB drive in it so I'm going to send me a link to Summer online sit at the waist of USB drives you can put it online and send me a link I'll look at it that way download you're asking for it back you want me to send it back and it's like really I didn't know what happened until I got a skateboard 101 son of just a few minutes your skateboard just the tech DEC the guy in my life I'm not a fan of like all those weird novelty USB drives but you always see like the dumb ones like dogs that look like their humping your computer and plug in and actually give you air USB drivers lifestorage he's not interested we're talking about storage devices rooster probably home I just I'm very impatient now with things and so I will give up on stuff very quickly why is this I don't know I've had my feel like I'm just about done with my phone I'm just like I just it just frustrates me on a daily basis I'm just like I can't be bothered I met you at the other day was in the morning it was already at 29% just my phone's probably not like probably 30% of our charge it wants to be off this weekend is mostly battery it was in my pocket it was in my jacket pocket I have my leather jacket just like one of the buttons and it tore out huge chunks of the case what is the just touch a butt I'm fucking ripped out this joint trunk in the side how does a hundred dollars out of my pocket and this is probably the most probable time the wait in the living room the way the TV isn't really very cool is that it's like flush with the wall by the TVs in the hole in the wall is flush with it it's really really cool I could cut out and then almost like that yeah it's like also then there's like a part of that like wall set up a wood wall and there's like a wood thing where you put all the components in it but then it's like hidden behind that like wooden paneling that wouldn't more than enough to block an Xbox One controller signal really it's so fucking aggravating it is so unbelievably aggravating it's like unless you got a direct line of sight between a controller and the Xbox just like and it works like 99% of time but I find Just Cause 3 last night it must have disconnected once every 4 minutes and just disconnect and bring to the Gus reconnect your controller today and it was just like a just cause YouTube just run a cord through the wall and out to know I can plug in USB there but I'm just like this sucks it sucks because I was supposed to connect can also act as a controller sensor but that doesn't work because it's right there at the bottom of the TV what does that mean 53145 gas four the four the remove that piece of wood blocks are single from the dollar store the Xbox and the TV so it's going through the TV to get to the Xbox and it's like that might be it it's a problem nobody care about me shouldn't care about them just like I don't like Xbox because we have Solutions the controller I would be so happy what kind of signal repeater exactly thinking just put the Xbox in the room like on your lap for some of the table that's what I have to do what's the weather for Gir Xbox on my really close and then cabling long the distance between is meeting you and the Xbox is on the other side of it that's that's that's the distance was nowhere close to the room enclosure will be in the room on the floor that would be on the way to back me up 349 seconds like 8 months old at this point can you four the love of God get out of pancake guy that what you need on Xbox One and PC Just Cause 3 PC framerate issues and sometimes less than one frame as it was like a slideshow I don't know what you're talking about I haven't had any problems with it I don't know it looked unplayable unplayable you watching the JV play XCOM 2 and the frame rate on XCOM to she didn't like how it turned out I see people complaining complaining about that I see videos about that but I have not had any frame rate issues iOS airplane XCOM 2 I finish the witness like my goal was to finish the witness that was our plan to come to finish what we started playing XCOM 2 and I found myself sitting on the floor again so why would you even start old just seen it before coughs up some design four sit in front so it's fun it's fun until you solve the puzzle and then you at all that was a guess how to do that and they have to figure out what's going to happen one time and I was like I'm never going to figure that out you can keep trying to figure out what it was so that's what I'm so the shapes shapes shapes in your head and then draw a line that contains a limb with landing on the symbols I hate that sometimes people in an insane asylum having a conversation right now I gave him the location and the puzzle how far along are you again we don't even know how many is 60 written as a conversation Gus where we try to get Gavin to explain something there's a lot of complications and what is Prosecco on Monopoly what does that mean that's my way of making sure someone continues to talk with the time make sense but sometimes you say what does that mean on the sentence like my favorite color is green what that mean the compilation I just want you to talk more that's all they keep talking I want to hear the voice but what you say he was relentless live so you do that what happens in this is like shrove Tuesday or podcas pancake Tuesday is we will then Gavin talking out his ass then we talk about it we can explain it more and then probably 95% of time Gavin is right he just can't explain it I don't know about that I think we just what is good explanation for the most part everyone Gavin the British school system that's been my favorite like his people been doing all sorts of videos based on that I have been laughing so hard I think it was when Patrick was in there talk about it was exact same stuff I just said I believe your school is unnecessarily complicated smoking kissing buddy how are you making out with someone already I was going to Gavin but I will all right every room dare me to fit a whole pancake inside of my mouth look like 8306 Witter the RT a hashtag RT Podcast I cannot do it I'll try I'm going to read this you check it or do that let me remind everyone in this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by Shari's Berries Valentine's Day is just a couple days a week that we 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microphone and your coat if you must order the day time is running out and he want to work on that while you're doing that read burn ant with Ryan to see how to clean up really like all of our sponsors but I like Shari's Berrie yeah I think they're on the menu is pancake Tuesday didn't wanna mess with you your Xbox turn on Xbox turn off Xbox vs cause they're going to drop significantly Series starts thinking that was talking to it was transcribing the next minute of let's play that's why you funny people the NSA that would make it turn that on there was a story we talked about it years ago cause 2001 I think and people even give a shit about privacy for smartphones even existed I think it was still like flip phones the federal government was working on a case that they used it against them they were in the case against the mafia and the boxers would go into meeting to turn their phones off and the federal government still remotely activate the microphone on the phone even though the phones were off in their pocket and you have a phone with that that's crazy that's possible pretty much everywhere you go at this point in time everyone is outnumbered by cameras everywhere you are at all point in time there are more cameras and people everywhere you go I sit here this one two three four five cameras that's weird to the studio but we each also have two cameras on us the back camera on your phone if you added up all the cameras in the water looking at the inside of pocket it's probably like the subject you everything about that when you get to looking back at you I'll try to look it up fucking camera all the time we had a buddy of ours he has like stickers over his laptop cameras in there he has one of his front facing cameras using the speaker there that's it I don't know what are you I could so use a phone to ant looking right at you when you're looking at it I got your message compilation of all the how to get a prostate exam porn and you're rubbin one out go ahead it probably has the worst and yeah that's probably strangle you like this in case you probably grunting and stuff if you want you work today to see the rest of them over here do you want yours to thank you TDM castle and Brittany old on Twitter for letting me know I still have to put cream in my eyebrows American headdresses going to trim it up it was disgusting Gavin did it to me right before the play started I know taste like spoiled don't you taste like do you ever wonder like you ever smell something bad and wonder if it's a smell that you actually smelling or smell that's in your nose I think this is stink sneez and I think the stink sometimes gets stuck in my sneeze like a fucking my dad and then I smell it I had a stinky sneez I was so fucking scared I thought I had gotten it like it was going to follow me or anything it's like a long just don't know I had been I had been moving a lot that day from allergies and stuff but I don't like bananas my mind does not smell like bad breath been having stinky sneezes it's been awhile since it's been like a rock did get them I got them from you you're at your patient's urine what causes it and wrote something in my sinuses and other people I think you don't smell your own lungs and nasal passages can you breathe out and I guy in Spider-Man Gavin Headley redundancy she said whose nose was no actually I said yes he said he has to be before 8 okay he said yes would you could you smell if someone knows it was just really DEC stress what you just did he threw up a play about that paper towel roll pancake when you say you know we saw a video the other day were you and I kissed and neither one of us remember doing that you never that like I said I've never kissed anybody @ rooster do to guys re send it to you kids Gus and I think it's Gus and somebody sent me a video on the mouse that was a typo website and I was shocked to see that I have no recollection of this and you can carry as well I did I just scare you by accident I was going to fake a kiss what are you doing the first season Ruby live stream @ walked out and covered his mouth and he kissed my hand but I move my hand and I like him Square in the mouth of the body does what the heart wants burni ant leave the park one of the kids to do to taste like hot dogs back at the studio in Congress 3 super hot back in the days when we were at the studio on Congress Jeff and I didn't interview with CNN and we sat on the couch next to each other it was a real tight couch and we're just in a real small couch or sit right next to each other at the very end of the interview returned it looked at each other and started kissing and making out Ant Man review how do you spell germaphobe hey if you could too would you watch people that you know Bank know well let me know what you have to trade with somebody else have to watch me like I can't have some type of me like this four how about this would you pay to watch the kids so I can K thanks but how much but I'm something like I'm in my head I'm like because it would be interesting to pay like at least 10 bucks. barbar just have to do it like it's just anybody those two would do it I don't like it I'll see Zipcar enjoys it interesting do you think it's just the Intrigue of people you know cause you're offered anybody you might think about it for sure your gut level does nobody like me like that then don't go you can let you on on your TV you can just buy it and I'll just deduct from your account 1999 Hotel unlimited it right you would just need to see that on your TV but how much would you pay to not see it then at least $20 just like I would do that electric fluorescent lights okay so you got on your TV Barbara and Erin right it's been 899 had to call or not honestly audience and you just have like 2 friends in your head you would watch it for the four at 10 right everyone cell phone to secretly record video Chloe testing the water heater electric yeah yeah anyway really why not life is that why not like even people who you don't find attractive absolutely just like how it works with them how other people have sex just worried about you um yeah yeah yeah yeah he was like 45 now he's like you hockey guy anyway he end up sleeping with this eighteen-year-old Czech Republic model and she then took a photo of the two of them in bed the unless you take a selfie next to him sleeping with her like literally sleeping in the bed and then she threatened I forget how I would never blackmail them I forget how much money it was like 2000 bucks I think it was like ant or she would post the photo online and I don't know she post a photo I know why she went through with it and then it turns out she's the girlfriend of like another hockey team's defensive captain boyfriend Idol the guy that you looked up to or something but that's over with 30 blackmail they're still there reminds me of another story that I read on Reddit a couple weeks ago where this guy says that he was on some dating site he didn't say what it was it was in there today I fucked up some Reddit he said you know he was on some dating site and that one day like some girl contacted them and they were like chatting with you I told you I was going to Skype and it started chatting on Skype and then she was like I just like being rude you know really seductive like trying to lure him into having and getting undressed and like having Skype sex with her so that you know he did and I got him dressed and she was getting address and everything and it just like partway through all of a sudden she was like a computer and started and ended the call so that's weird and then she started messaging him it was like send me all the money you have right now I've been recorded everything I know who you are and I'm going to post all of this on your wall on Facebook and not on all your social media so he said that he activated his Facebook account with social media and didn't pay them it was like maybe they'll just go away like you said maybe they won't go through with the threat they started up a Facebook account with his name sent friend requests to all of his friends in the middle of the profile pictures of screenshots from from that recording that's fucking crazy remember the couple thousand dollars four cycle on cameras exit to take from assuming nobody in this room does that one gets to know about on camera get to know about the camera gear just do it no I never did I never did I don't trust you like not just a secret I don't trust anyone know why though I produced a version of the script that we had from like 5 years ago and was like this see version of the script for the third draft of like what turned out to be like a six or seven draft script I was like where the fuck did you get this is every time something comes up you were Gavin like cause this magic archive I was like I just keep everything doesn't go away it's like it hard it was hard for me to get rid of stuff it was something like physically feels and I feel even I still get it covered all like 8 years of photos for her on she had a hard time which I hate her YouTube burn fast that is not going to sign up for that one Reddit or sorrow over voltage capacitor on the controller board for a hard drive and would you have too much voltage what she was coming from Australia with the drive it over voltage somehow and I blew it so instead of bringing up the hard drive but you would voltage is it burns out that one just quit all together anything just remove it entirely and then there were none a hard drive to a working hard drive by just cutting removing something and I still had to do it at like 1515 it looks like it to me I thought I was your boyfriend I was like oh my God I saw what I saw I know what I saw earlier someone sent to me on social media that bullying 787 plane generates 40 terabytes of data every hour in the air flight Delta flight from like that is a totally was guy Gavin just from like measurement 40 terabytes of data an hour it's in the air stats on the plane everything like fuel consumption pressure hydraulics I'm only the pictures to I flew a 787 burn a 14-hour flight 440 terabytes of data per hour what is that 400 560 terabytes of data for one flight I feel like that's not true I came from a Twitter account we want pancake I'll be right I'm looking it up right now for verification I can hear everything in Seagate tweeted it 40 terabytes of data per hour in Flight let me read the story bullshit to get you for the information it's just the whole way RT 28 along with Ashley myself and it starts Friday 8 o'clock 7 Central unless you live in a country outside the US and want to hear something this just to make you mad because that's the way you react I need some TV or anything it just like I might but that's the way people that's weird I was like a long explanation on Twitter as to why you blocking even exist so how is faithful four the probably not able to broadcast it for a certain amount of time because big Us Media companies like CVS they would be more than happy to sell the rights to a show like The Amazing Race to you know overseas to foreign audiences would be happy to sell those rights and then also broadcast it over the web to those same countries but that would be a really shitty thing to do and for obvious reasons the people in your country that bought the rights tell them in the contract to not do that so they have to block at CVS is not choosing re told me to come with you choosing to block your country out of some Vendetta it's because they're required to do it by the laws of your country how YouTube red as well listen to country the food show February 10th which is coming up if you're listening to this podcast it's today at Publix if you're listening to everyone who just come out to the pub Lazer team is on YouTube red and if you're listening here is sponsoring February 8th currently in so tired and Gus his birthday's coming up my birthday is coming up today Tech 21 the hell do you know that would be the most a 21 year old I look like a piece of shit 8:38 so we had to do this thing where one of the hardest things to do with laser team was to orchestrate a theatrical run of the movie and also be able to offer both digitally at about the same time and then give Blu-rays out to the people back to movies that was tough basically the way that would work out as we just didn't get a theatrical run so we were trying to work that out so we worked it out such that we can do day and date was the same day we can put a digital copy the movie out there in the same weekend that we did RT @ four that's the way we work within the touchscreens him up and those were the week before the theatrical run those are special screenings in the theaters don't care about that because those are also held in theaters but we didn't have a way to like digitally offer the movie for download in at that time because we specific date as to when we could do it so we had to come up with creative solution of allowing it to be streamed but not download it is that wasn't explicitly you know forbidden in our agreement with them so that was the way we got around it and that was really Air Canada pancake Tuesday old no rules that say you can leave now but we make it Wipeout now that you got it be on the pancake St.Louis and the wild now I want to do is make a pancake that you for the sole purpose of flipping out to a play over here sure you got it let me add more to my test is also barbar Trunk Club no matter what time of year it is you got to make every second count and that means looking your best no more Reddit jeans are oversized hoodies and get the fuck away from me it's time to upgrade your wardrobe and trunk club handle all of the work for you trunk lip Tech the hassle out of shopping but finding the best clothes for you and your style and your look and feel amazing and will always have the perfect close for the season @ trunk live.com / region to answer simple questions about your style preferences and size and your sign an expert stylist your thoughts will handpick closing the best premium backgrounds just to prove what you like and send back what you don't like and and just like that a trunk arrives on your doorstep filled with hand pick clothes that are perfect for you try them on and keep what you like and easily return what you don't and they're prepaid trunk Trunk Club stylist Subscription Service only pay for the clothes to keep from your trunk no hidden charges just great clothes get started today and trunk club without you for free plus free shipping both ways only pay for the clothes to keep take advantage of the trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth that's trunk club.com / 54 a trunk filled with clothes that you love wearing all your money right now sorry disappointment from Barbara just said sounds like what are you doing you're a grown man that's actually got some syrup on the carpet on the front of the sit look at it going well can you say look it up we're working on it what is that by the way a couple weeks work up what are we doing this at again question but what we do with this I'm never going to Slow Mo Guys video rooster on a motion for me slow motion for me we fill that Space Invaders immersion in Australia and nobody will answer for me why did I have to be in my underwear if you would like that when it came up that you were going to play the mother ship I don't even know who was in the room but I said will you be naked and like everybody just kind of nodded like that was of course Gus will be Australian I got a message from Chris Damaris that just said I'm going to miss your Christmas just said what's your underwear situation like get some real get some real get high on insulation take your pills is Eminem gay peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter chips big difference with that okay I bet now you wish we had the people that I got to make another batch this weird way I'm going to be a voice in a mobile video game Hawkeye in Marvel Avenger YouTube The Voice match should be like a scientist to create a superhero baby the bravest I know it sounds like what you're about to say something else that sounds dirty but isn't like always haha it's okay it sounds like it could be hot guy the back of your car what other word like that 44 candle that come up often but what do I mean to say it like that cause it's really four candle like you should be more of a distinction between the words that and I like running together four candle oh I didn't I thought you were saying four candle I thought you did Tech the joke it's that you don't know which one of sit the amazing it's one of the most famous comedy sketches from The Two Ronnies you know the classic the comedy Legends Gus assume that you can guy I don't know that is a comedy classic old Greg you guys gotta know no oh my God Godfather watch your fucking laugh your ass off too much old Greg I have an idea for what you four candles my favorite videos that was ever online got taken away and I haven't been able to find it but the guy who made the videos has since come back he's going to go ahead and cross my palm with tuna the cat the cat is a bad Mystic it's the talking cat who's a very bad Mystic that video was taken off the internet and I cannot find it anywhere talking about this when we were thinking about this because he recently came back I think he did a video with guinea pigs talking about pumpkin spice but it clearly that guy to me it's like the style of it is clear that guy and he did his most famous videos the dog that he teases about food even though I think it was always existed video disappeared for a really long time and I also did go away from what I understand the woman who owned the cat was upset by the way that was portrayed that's not a joke by the way that's actually what happened to website called into that hole no no no Burnie find a company called internet home I got money burning a hole in my pocket the stock market down I need to invest in something that holds the next big thing in the Bay Area what is internet hole sounds great well all I know is you have to pay $800 an hour app to tell me about what the apple song about guy that guy that you said that you on the plane I don't think I can I don't know if I can interest and I pitched an idea @ me on a plane for an app that he had I think it's been released but I don't know if I'd be comfortable talking about let me find out and I'll talk about it I'm totally messed up by the way to do it I would do it just crazy like a trip like we learned about some other apps to that you're just like four different that what you want to say something say the internet has gone and you enter into ant hole and the internet finds it wherever it might be on the head re upload somewhere I can't find it interesting is there anything at all that would you pay like you like if anybody can find me this video of him 20 but you know what that's called that's called the internet you just described it's just the internet you just search for something on Google and other companies that's what that is but what if you don't know what it is so I told anybody Reddit prostate drumstick surely someone downloaded it and have somebody has a bad Mystic cat is a cat is a bad Mystic @ that's the name of the video because the girlfriend is it the same guy you wanted the truth that's the guy we're talking about the cat Mystic video and that's why I think it was about millions of years and in just one day it was gone or something like that banana chocolate don't get hurt you going to refill it the Revolutionary technique I've ever seen oh sweet you know that you're living large now joint it's going to be good you're going to like that before about how stuck-up for pancakes isn't good because the pain with some chocolate chips on the inside Berrie device pancake it's what they asked for your the incredulous in it in his voice when I asked him do you I'm not you can make burni but come on I guess that's a good pancake finished and start making another one K-State is sweetie I made it to Pancake in Gavin didn't help someone did a Google search for cat is a bad Mystic and we do the same I see which one of these if we could find it by typing in the Google we would have fucking found it I never thought that we should search for it was the last one can I buy a size smaller is a small re I have not anybody your cat have not seen then you said yet but I fear it has a smaller couch Tech I trust you I've had it with him this couch now that's what we planned for this one I think of don't listen to what would you change no it's my lack of resolution to protect all right before we leave don't forget this weekend on what has been our most Monumental volume today I was watching episode 1 volume 1 it's crazy how far that she always come out not just the way it looks like the tone and everything like that it's been a crazy crazy season anything but it's not doing a live stream on Friday leading up to the the next episode of rooby Dooby Doo open up a bunch of guys out on the livestream to talk about you know the work they've got so excited to hear so that on Friday going on sale next week wait say that again our tix tickets are going on sale next week will be some people there 16th which is Tuesday also sponsors get a 5% discount Sports just will get the 5% off sign up for free trial sponsorship so RTX tickets go on sale and what are the dates of RTX 2016 July 1st - 3rd I believe and this is RTX in Austin going to be the best RTX never it's going to be off the hook as a kid radical dealer going to say that I think the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie actually looks really fucking good and I don't like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I like the old school graphic novel where they all wore the same color bandana and it was just my on your shit I like that but I got to say for the people who grew up watching the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I think you're going to love this movie Rocksteady and crying and it was a crime in your box in your box in the trailer that trailer I know they played in the Super Bowl yesterday but it was on was refilling my dream car falling down drunk I'll be on Friday at 8 o'clock 7 Central Thank You Gavin guy that I was seen by approximately 200 million people plus longer believe that it's just some of us we doing pancake Barbara is tearing up a pancake and put it inside of a pancake it's like when we were in Australia what does a butterfly cake the cupcakes but you slice up some of the cupcake and then you took it into itself to the butterfly wings never hurt you never just like a pancake without wings when I went to a cupcake Australia I saw there was a bar Candle Store Hotel I went had a drink and that you did and they had a sign that was advertising that they were going to be open for the Super Bowl which was weird seeing all over and they said doors open at 10 doors open at 10 a.m. kickoff at 10 a.m. until I understand it but it's open at 10 in their name cooler and it would eliminate the whole football soccer confusion that the United States we should we should rename football Gridiron I start a petition that's not going to happen to the NFL to NGL I actually had on Americans ant reason why the fuck was the Super bowl.50 and not Super Bowl L because people don't understand Roman numerals looks like a mess when I was a kid I was like 12 or 13 I thought okay the Superbowl big deal. Roman numerals one two three Super Bowl well I can't wait to see Super Bowl and then they fucking go with numbers the official Lewis another thing was the L1 Superbowl lithium lxv me why why why tmn you never see that like ever since 2003 like now that was stupid so they just never see Roman numerals for the year anymore because it's not just lame mmxvi Roman numerals Bula when is the World Cup every 4 years and in on the 2nd every four years just let the Euros to let your 96 the world series 2006 the cup the cup yes it's a topic that you could use on something else please give me some theaters YouTube Reddit everything we talked about it YouTube February 10th the team will be available on YouTube Red for everyone who has YouTube Reddit sit part with the Live Stream post information about that today or tomorrow for you guys how many years is Gavi YouTube Reddit already you never know until it's totally worth it Peter this is the best feature for me though is being able to close my phone or navigate away from the YouTube app and it still continues to plan should not be a future that should be for everyone that is in the future for all you know what it is if it's okay with you still playing in the video but this time I guess okay he came in there like can you can you film on Wednesday Barbara from on Wednesday I said no my case entirely but it will be coming in the morning got you out early I said be back at the studio to record audio by 11 I can't say yet is the hockey thing what is it whisper it kind of sit here so I have to be in Stage 5 four Court 11 can you reschedule your recording your other things like no free time so I wanted to but I just can't well shame on you do it the four parts to eat that's what we're doing on Wednesday the barbar to Easy by Lorde that illuminates that's right you in that one doesn't do the guys are Tech Australia Who cosplay is that good for him it's about time the weather really successful pancake podcas the tastiest one yet to show any learned a lot about pancakes in a little bit about prostate today would you want about Barbara I thought you loved the Lord will be a gift via what is the thing that people do how do you use a whip cream the hot lips show me listen to the podcast Home Depot shower supposed to be a sponsor will see you guys next week by