#363 - The iPhone Incident

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Deadpool, Valentine's Day, bricking your iPhone, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 16, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-the-i-phone-incident-363

Recorded: 2016-02-16 17:44:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to receive pod can write this week brought to you by audibl top and meundie scannable hey I'm wearing the end of today what is the story of those cuz I see people tweeting on Twitter now it's like I don't have it but I need to get a pair promo code you can use it Barbara burn faster burni I'm Gus navigate 43363 23rd way SE 6363 to many many many get to 1002 be like took a seven you are so would be like another 14 years Dallas bear the drive safe Edition post real bad let me drive safe is a little mini drunk tank the joke that you made at the time I assumed the last week I thought something, just a lot of them things I forgot to say I was working on something out there so we are flying from Austin out there the flight path for some reason two that's really close to Las Vegas and I could see that with the in-flight math that we're going to pass pretty much right over Vegas so we got close I looked out the window and I saw that the solar facility outside of Vegas called light solar one or something like that were different the sun's energy back up on one point and you could see was really bright and water tower the water and it makes everything take anything the power unless I guess they rotate as well but that is all solar powered but it would be better just have solar panels they just say if that space with solar powered little boy I don't know I don't know enough about the facility I'm sure people on Twitter will correct me instantly what is that kind of solar installation plant called reflective no centered plant or something we could direct all this unbelievably dangerous burn when you get close to the desert this no part anyway so I see the thing I posted this makes me think of Fallout New Vegas can you bake if they have that said I think they call it Helios one very similar facility I shouldn't have the shouldn't have phone and this could probably see if I can see Helios One I wonder if I can see the town of Novak just a little south of there so I started like trying to look from there looking for Novak and like I can't see it you're fucking it is looking for Fallout New Vegas I just saw the Haribo the soul of Priscilla first time it happened I was like thank God I didn't say that about anybody would you like oh I know exactly what you call the Hollywood sign I don't know what is copyright trademark and show it is called say it you can't see the Hollywood Sign just like you can you write it the same way with her or she doesn't really do that for the public place the private he'll give you your house is you a little bit it's private property and I can photograph your house and put it in there can I can with his trademark right now concentrated solar thermal concentrated solar service in the center of a concentrated solar thermal collector in the middle of that is a solar thermal collector what does that mean so what does that mean that is a ceramic something that water passes through in his superheated you want it cuz I can handle that he does something that transfers heat yeah you can get the car transferred into heat they will hold it for very long time as well for a limited time but it will transfer to the water is hard to heat so I'm just guessing that's that's my Gavin the center of a centralized solar thermal think these are the moments what is it was a long Wikipedia I said always got wrong or right gravitational waves what was the detective two black holes hit each other and then there goes gravity super dense objects gravitationally no they can detect them prove general relativity two black holes hit each other surely they didn't stay there sucking and everything even light the walking on his face with the race was won with one black holes sucked out from by the other was one from you should ask your brother post about that one what is it a sucking in the stuff made the black hole they just attract to one another but then what happens like do they just think I'm buying you a like a super duper which one goes in the other today the same thing compromise between two black holes two ladies having sex what is a supermassive walking really the middle the solar system black holes social status the Sun he basically the theory of relativity is not the law of relativity yet but it's now on the pathway for that is going to become a lot because they can prove doesn't mean you'd like two thirds of the planet to vote for governing body of science get there and go we ratified the plot of Star Wars Episode 9 Ryan is going to meet to see if we can ask questions of gravitational waves disprove any other laws that we felt for a long time throw out anything else into comment section scientists know it just proves general relativity competing law of evolution and the Big Bang science but it's real has anyone ever made up some clothes that's cool well two the year not to the date but two the year hundred years since they were theorized that the gravitational waves exist then they proved and measured that they do exist or does it mean what are the effects like why is this news today because it's it's a major step forward in its good question I don't know what practical the big thing is that it will allow us to do it allowed us to see things in space Gavin we said about this like black holes that we previously could not measure but now we can measure those things in those events because we can see the evidence of the gravitational waves is there ever been an explosion in Space Center of time P Star Wars so that's part of it through its time if there's a timer and you go towards it as you the wave do you skip it I don't know what it means like I don't know like if you want like a lifetime originally trying to understand this as a ripple right and I'd like to send this trip will be like this time compressed to see if you experience that compress bit this time speed up or slow down two you are somewhat related topic to this that witches are people talking about how if no time at the speed of light and that if you have it out how are going to say this and I fuck it up it would take light to cross the known universe it will take it the 14 billion years but that you know when universe is 93 billion light-years lot like it's bigger than the amount of 40 billion years have passed since the Big Bang Theory that was it but the universe is 93 billion light-years wide how is it wider than there was time black is the universe expanding faster the speed of light which is our constant the universe is older than we think the explanation was that space expands at a different speed and isn't Bound by that law the speed of light post light the fastest thing in space lost in life but but but everything will be done RT speed the speed of light like a cross the distance what are the distances are different as you get further out in the universe what if it operates on Hammer Time Barbara Barbara important questions at any time so we have gravitational waves now you can have every question you ever wanted to ask but supernovas and black holes and everything it will not be able to measure all that supernova supernova no will discover something that will just make it look at the universe in a different way and it will change fundamentally the way that we interact as people with Universe I think I kind of got the confirmation for the discovery of observable dark matter and and learning that there's this whole array of stuff in the universe we never were able to observe before but it makes up like 90% of the universe there's no that will never be time travel how do you know cuz you asked if you would go forward in time because of the ribosome would have come back to last night and space space space Samuel Johnson said that if the RT Podcast keeps doing it one episode a week it would take is 12 years and 3 months to hit episode number 1012 for 14 years and it was good model according to Sigmund sex and thank you to faint of heart sign laws are mathematical months so like not being up to buy alcohol before 12 on a Sunday is mathematical top people with the most alcoholic beer at 9 p.m. on a Sunday I mean anything anytime the waitress or something recently in Australia I was down there in December and I learned that some bars have takeaway shops so you can go to the bar and buy a bottle of liquor and take it home what club are the liquor store I'm like a Friday looks like the bar I saw him that was example it was like there was a divide on the bar and it was like all the barber shops on this side and then the pub is on this side you buy a ball and then just take it to the other side and start drinking I don't know I ordered a bottle of whiskey and sat in a bar drinking it before it came out like liquor I know I can paint stuff out like you said give me a bottle of Jack Daniel's glasses for $500 bottle of liquor to buy at store Barbara shuts off campus toilet paper but anyway what you doing this week I would love it if we got moved into my house my house that I bought a long time I never wanted to buy toilet paper for as long as I lived in that house until they tell us how you have like to take one in the bathroom and I just loaded it with toilet paper how much light is like 200 250 rolls and I moved house unload it was like 3 moving boxes for the toilet paper I need toilet paper $20 that's what you need a power adapter for a laptop or something do you ever wonder like so I think about toilet paper I don't know why but I think about toilet paper and I think about how it is and how long it took the world to invent toilet paper Reddit toilet paper thing didn't exist to like the late 1800 just walking with wooden cross and materials that how would you invent toilet paper why wouldn't you have anything The Good Wife with like a washcloth having a baby what is better like a Spinning Disk with bristles feel like like a wheel with cross taped to it and that you spin and you just go out your anus on it like that so if you like Ryan they can and they use law which is just like washer fan in the laundry toilet two shuts off two separately but the same machine that's awful no I could not recommend picking one because it's funny and it's supposed to write pick one thing and just get involved massively feel like toilet paper what else you go somewhere to sell a 365 pack so you can buy at like 1 or 10 if I call you or are you ordering are they going to make it how did you get in here next week is going to be two-faced I want to see if I can buy my life two at the toothpaste now I just tell the driver just Chuck it over the gate when you get here now walking through time so this is depressing if you bought all of the toothpaste for the rest of your life then like every time you open the YouTube it's like one less and you feel like your mortality in the form of Trevor like last year and I'm just getting 120 toothpaste Tuba City AZ 12237 dipping your toothbrush into a two loads of it and it's funny honey don't you get that started Pittsburgh Pirates 11th St wiping cloths someone dies in Barbara no that's a clock 2015 the big four getting your kids in cloth diapers as they would never use disposable diapers environment on their first kick it with you I wish I wish we had not used any plastic bottles that we did use some that's the only thing like as opposed to something like the way the manufacturing process of plastic that I was a baby my mother complains to this day that I was in my crib and I was done with the bottle in the middle of the night I would throw it out of the crib on the floor that she walked in in the middle of the night and just cut her feet up on broken glass all the time what you have done with it I'll just throw it out baby room rooster fries concrete floor the house on the border of Mexico how cold can mean they would never get cold at night the gunfire caspe do you feel this way when you go into a hotel bathroom with bear freezing my back really weird experience when I was in Seattle the other day I stayed at this hotel but I've never been to before don't ever go there no I was supposed to the hotel I need to find out places I never been there but their website was like my GPS found it in the morning or something so I Google search for the hotel it's like no it's not West 3rd Street it's just 3rd street address on their website to get to the middle of goddamn nowhere it's been another 20 minutes in the goddamn car whatever they're finally go to sleep for a couple hours wake up early the next morning to take a shower going to hit the road to get in the shower I've never had before it was no shower never no hot water before so I took the hottest post office hours fuck you so fucking hard windy outside today Stevie APPL the problem and I told someone I met with later that day the report people in third world countries who would kill to have that problem either nobody wants no first degree burns while getting up to tonight so what you in the car because I have to drive around to different places that I've been to the the reason you get a car terrible idea when you went with me no it went out for the Amazing Race premiere places to much money how much does a rental car if you get like a silver car it's like 70 bucks a day like a week and you get like you're waiting for me bus to get to the airport of the Hollywood Lobster it's no wonder you're right there you go sounds big pain-in-the-ass let the stress of driving around in LA traffic bear there stranger I just started driving before they get fucking lost I have to take the GPS away from a fucking driver I did not his GPS access because you fucking Amazon order still being prepared all of us I got there going to the word buffering window here two cute amazing. One of these every one of those who want a reminder to listen to the podcast is brought to you by audibl thanks to audible.com for supporting this podcast audible.com is the leading provider of audio books with more than 180 post across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction periodicals audio books are great to listen to when you're driving at the gym doing chores around the house you can use features like narration speed you control how quickly your house slowly the book is narrated from .75% to 3 times the speed was recorded for our audience members audibl da fre two free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service when are you looking to consider is A Feast for Crows which what I'm listening to right now download this audiobook for free or no the one of your choice go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth that's audible.com slash Rooster Teeth I've been I'm almost there was A Feast for Crows for the second time. Roy Dotrice who plays the pyromancer in season 2 of the TV show tyrant thank you I can use all the narration binge by Tyler Oakley as read by the author best friends who aren't you get that one if you like dicks hope you like dicks in the book like corticotropin audio Tyler Tyler is a very well-known karizmatik individual Out imagine yes but I don't know anything I was just imagine that's the case for Bachelor of the Year from Out magazine I'd like a hundred do you like the boyfriend currently toilet water two of them and not annoying because I can't be an event with him but never talking to him so one day I was just like hey and she just myself what did you make the turn I feel like you didn't always healthy person between laws and theories medicare.gov topic take a fucking like 20 minutes ago with it I know we all sing Let It Go by you know of someone you keep being at the same events but you don't actually know them all the time that's what you really no the first episode Amazing Race two but you also that's what we're thinking like you're right about that we always kiss a lot like Barbara when she was in a bucket or the longest relation that one time you would whenever we're around you kiss you the normal amount for what you do in life normally kissing winning things really accomplishing things have any kids that's right let me check in at halfway point of that land we were dead last that was that was that your last last last last night was terrible in the you get to watch it in Canada and Australia but for some reason there's no way to watch in the UK so you know how we feel about that fuck you you can watch it what kind of challenges do yellow pamphlets called a detour and you both do it but you get to choose between which activity you want to do like one would go to the Marriott but he really didn't say much more than that and the other one was go build a bowl and then blow it up and I'll be fine we'll go blow up the boat but everyone who did the Mariachi child which is really cool it looks really awesome everybody did that every single team finished before anyone on the Dorito challenge it's a really difficult one and it seems like everyone found people not playing really quickly and got out of there and then we got out so and we got out 3rd so we were when we left there we race out of 11 teams so we check in at 11 because our cab driver along the way was a good 60 Minute maybe 70 minute cab ride out to the pyramids where we stopped and got everybody's pass work at every single person passed on I was going to stop then he stopped and got out of his car to pay a toll like stopped and walked over but that's okay just checking if you have some things are like every leg is different can you break the law can you break the law you can I mean there's nothing stopping you from doing that like that I don't think the crews will tell you to stop but if we get thrown in jail you're on your own there in season 1 of the amazing they can get you out of the race and really is if you lose your passport if you lose your passport you always have you jump I jump in the water or like there's been some previews for this upcoming episode just like you didn't know but you tend to keep it on you just because you don't want to lose it if you leave your bag and tell me when you're done there's a guy in Season 10 I think it was Natalie was a little later than that where he was in Russia and he gotten like a private cab passport in it anyways is that he's done interviews with a guy when I was there and everything two days or day you said he was in Russia for 30 days Gmail 3057 Bethlehem the fucking thing I'm not there I went to Mexico and then there's the people who are who they go to the caves to do that one Challenge and to do it you can't switch your problem you can switch the task though you've only said detour but for every example the roadblock is you pick one member of the team to choose the person is going to do it based on a tiny little clue like in this episode it was who wants to pick up the pieces that was it so nice I will do it and then you open up and you find out what you're actually going to do it anyways in the cave and you're like oh I didn't know that Spanish to go do whatever we do is so much speculation as to what we were going to be doing like 1% of these rumors are that we can be hot springs and then we walk out from underneath this like enclosure where we were it was hot air balloons all over the place in the air like a hot air balloon bungee jumping out of a hot air balloon or somebody just have to be there was nobody like it when we saw that we are definitely going but no we went underground literally seems like you talked about Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth and all that stuff yeah it's the real thing that I like never tell them I was on screen for a second Patrick Thomas has our Amazon order and is on his way, and are usually close to the same trip the other day when I was flying over Arizona what kind of what kind of flu actually feel pretty much right over the Grand Canyon and I looked outside at the Grand Canyon out there and I saw another plane like off two are off to our right and it was smoking it was like a thick black smoke coming out from behind it was like oh shit is there like a plane on fire is it my walking and air disaster happen and I stared at and I wash it for several minutes it was like something was going on and then another place are coming in the opposite direction really fast towards it also trailing black smoke something no nothing okay for you so it was fun to see you and to see me it was like it was like a million years ago at this point but that's Friday night 8 o'clock it'll be 11 weeks but the last million dollars to make up for that for the very very very rare normally I don't know traffic ticket and had to resolve it before continuing that happened on a number of different seasons in before you leave the country if you owe yeah yeah yeah okay you take care of it like that then let you get away without doing that kind of feel like sometimes bureaucracies the government's are so slow that the ticket might not be in the system they got to deal with all that shit right go to each team has a camera crew I don't like it either but the production of the show that had to or did she just have a piece of string stuck in your head like your break it's a piece of carpet bear like that did you roll your head around on the floor under the carpet is a rug munching out what your break so I kind of think whatever you want the delivery guy to get on the podcast I don't think I can do that podcast and say hey the love Lobster Gus from the shower Twitter feed a hashtag but it was a different hotel and they had something that was really cool they had a check-in app where you could check into the app and if you registered your app with that hotel company and it would turn your iPhone into your room key that's great I've never had that so it didn't work and if you go and you can say like okay request check in every now and again and it's yours if you are interested so I'll be there I don't know 4 o'clock 4 o'clock at the hotel at 4:30 or 5 o'clock okay I'm here if your room is being processed fucking piece of shit if they're going to have it it should work and not go to the University two different points and only had three keys do three different things like we had one key to get in the look around on the floor we get the drinks and stuff like that and one that works in the elevator was with his wife anyway have one that worked on our room. Everybody says that but just driving is crazy like we can get new keys and they only work in certain stuff is all I was really toilet paper what do you mean Twitter with who just walking back and forth hey Patrick just went out that way though I told him Gavin doesn't know anyone's name though don't forget to bring people in and have Gavin what's the most liked the how long do they have I know Barbara Barbara dunkelma what does yes it was the amazing Barbara Marion da sleep old lady named old lady names dunkelma so you're saying two actors oldest couple in the world we like it what are living up to what time logo quiz answers what's up with Barbara Gus and Ulysses 201 was another name but her smile her an algebra teacher who's the female teacher whose first name was Ruby Ruby IL the only so we we we have one setting off the hook what's your middle name hey come back come back out here you know burni smiling yes what's my name Justin named after my grandfather Barbara sitting on my chair. Mine was Anthony for some reason right now I make with Barbara for 10 years is it the Amazon Prime gavi the phone up to hear he's not negotiating with the driver for the delivery of his Goods special instructions installing around directions to exactly the way I like it the guy went into the wrong driveway two guys wanted to get popular driver barbar to do that what you doing directions to look it up on Google what's the temperature caspe Justin my name is Justin oh is that what made you confused because I thought you took another driver not me earlier okay you said hi no I was going out yeah I know I didn't know it was going to come down Gavin just covering for me Janice no Sanborn Jewish what's a short form of the Jew Barbara two dunkelma nailed it nailed it Julie what's the next week you prime no idea she really doesn't come from Jewish that right now okay pool that goes to say enough bickering ASMR is the best history send text. two QB with Tony BJ Rialto Pape Patrick James and we've become PJ up until he was like so you're MJ when they were going to nickname with anything in high school there was the nickname of my friends that I when I met him in high school and it was too many mics there's a mic on Michael and Mikey and Michael Jordan nickname me Mickey but I knew a Mickey and holes like no some but my nickname is almost making you going to be frustrated. 1 it was only everyone the one who likes lots of people call me Vinny what is a Gavin Vinnie Vinnie Vincent like it came ashore and it became like the long Hutchinson internet box reference no it was America you got all the way through grade school with that name he seems like post something like that it was like so obviously close to another word and I can't remember it was now is the time that we can look at the service gummy bears coming I forgot I have all my toilet paper and even has the time you ordered it at the time it was due out of the window and check you out that's impressive less than half an hour then I got toilet paper is totally seems like an ass the plant that they're like they're going to be autonomous vehicles in Uber and it wasn't for that little bag welcome to Amazon you ever order things from Amazon that's kind of ridiculously big I got a refill for my pen my fountain pen and they shipped it separately then everything else to use a fountain pen with expandable but it's in your favor little late I'm going to stay for about 1 block later though but I got that was like this big and I'm going to think of my index finger inside 341 P 796 ship separately my ears you should I should have got older and kill ever need something good yeah but you don't look at that everyday you don't you don't think about that in the country two out of your PJ Duncan fuck my kids just recently I was having gummy bears with Teddy we're eating and I was like giving them out for myself as you do what are there strawberry I think the greens are strawberries the strawberry gummy bear gummy bear white gummy bear bear I looked up the history like a Benz how many other one what flavor is yellow do you want just one win in the milk in the couch Reddit ever got high on the Fly yes we'll get you out of my pocket that's on you that's a given but would like to see Brandon on Twitter said he burni you like fountain pens join us at the subreddit / R / fountain pens you have a great time I would like to thank Brandon tell him to go fuck himself what is the top headline right now I'm gonna go first then you check out my own homemade fountain pen that I just made I'm going to guess it's either this fountain pen on Amazon and they were filming package came in its own giant barbar filament package really P shuts down and pain in my butt and I can write real good with it 30000 subscribers do not do business with... I'm sure it's like some CDs out and Company with my brother should be a letter using the noodler's creaper I got him for Christmas okay sounds like a sex two noodler's creaper don't like a sex move I would do Maggiano been driving around I was going to make a check on your spreadsheet how much is a noodlers creeper you should seriously change your middle name gu two no no I want you right now but I mean my name should be my name is awesome together I like my name but I've always been a pain in the ass for me because I'm the third so my father has the same name and constantly people are looking for him and they find me because and he's Junior you're right because I guess when you Google search my name it's all me it's not him he's like the internet so whatever it's like no people come and then try to give me stuff if I had if I had to guess what no answer I guess you don't even keep your own last name the wall just got to make up the name on the spot you always have from the people that really know what race you are because of your fiance and not only do they not know what race he is they do this thing where they will stop him in public and guests like people that don't know him the best of them but that was Gus was playing pool one time or another he was going to the bathroom walking past. Space and Gus hey hey black and Korean and US Gus not even who is black and P what you and Esther and she's Korean writing what what would the baby look like to look at it because I want to see it sure there's an app for that combined to be with faces like you so baby I want her I could be no they had this test to see what your baby would look like hard time making your face in the face generator in a video game and after she makes all my faces for me that's really good I'm really good at it so she can make the characters distinctive granite something like you have a very good nose and you have like thick eyebrows and like your fingers YouTube JD my son JD is really good at that he made himself and fall out but he made himself at like 25 years old I should Gavin the photo of it it was easy to see that lady was his opinion of what he would look like in like 25 or 30 two to make up for that burni 201 reminder burn this after the rooster podcast is brought to you by Kasper Kasper is an online retailer or premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost customer is revolutionising the mattress industry by putting the cost of dealing with resellers and showrooms and passing that savings direct to the consumer you can be easily online a completely risk-free Kasper understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress in all reality spin 230r life on Castor offers free delivery and painless returns with a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in the showroom because that's gross get a car for $500 for twin or $950 for king size mattress and prepare to have just outstanding price point I save an additional $50 as one of our listeners by going to kasper.com / Rooster Teeth entering promo code Rooster Teeth that's casper.com / Rooster Teeth promo code Rooster Teeth terms and conditions apply but you say $50 to do it I look like Casper mattress oh yeah I got the cash burn should I got a mattress a few months ago was a nightmare scenario for me was one of the showrooms getting that fucking thing delivered motorcycle air time is 8 p.m. right guy called me at like 745 and windows really like 6 days already been there for 2 hours waiting on this dude 1045 calls me just hate when I can make it there but I'm like you know okay he's like we had a lot I told you I'm just here all night anyway just call me when you get close like 10 o'clock comes and goes he doesn't call me so much two hours later I called because they are still making deliveries be there soon it's like that he's like it closer to midnight I'm like no I don't care just get something here cuz I was actually going on the race I was going to be gone for a month before I needed to know was that week but I need to because race is going to stay at my place for a month to watch my place and feed the cats in the fictional so tired but I'm keeping you there all night you're tired reschedule Pape course did not so I did call the place and then like go to the whole thing and then Casper and get it delivered to you they got and you cut it open and it just very distracted with that system in my new house and I need to be there so just waiting like you here at 10 a.m. he took all day like he had enough Breaking the Law like bric the one that he was with and even have his parents come back another day or break lock on the front door like I can he was like and I was like I can't take another day off work no I just assumed that because I was like to see Michaels in a hurry it was just work for me if I decide I need to go to work later would have been faster but it's that old it weird that I just don't work at all doesn't work for everything I know what you're looking for this is it like you say and you say there it is he does not like he got me I just didn't want to show it to you I know what I'm fucking talking about how do you admit to that I didn't say and I think this is it I didn't say this might be it I said this is it . Don't fuck with me I just had a really hot shower I'm not in the mood a little workout and pens the newest post on there was a second to his post as fuck off burni the first that the most recent one is we are currently getting roasted it's pretty bad but I can't stop laughing they are driving more people to the two separate at least so I was going to write you can write us a pretty calligraphy thank you note gu fancy Fox what's up what's been up to this to be okay so let's see this new game you have to guess that's the closest to what the top headline is in that subreddit time did Valentine's Day no one in the oven box with a bunch of random words in it and you pick up two words put them together through vents what's going to be the top the past is looking it doesn't this make it so guess what if you exist walking second give me a give me a give me a sentence for Shrek pancakes trains are sliced trains trains exist every time is it does it exist Jesus absolutely top post is about it's about Union Pacific Pandora don't know I don't really know like it doesn't include mild trains are just Race 2000 meters by the way I just saw an NX 87 and it was green okay Gavin is the wind that the clothes you could get that here's a photo of an Eleanor Clase for 4-6. To number 60007 the certain Hydro Gresley undergoing maintenance at the National Health Museum 33 two ComEd the comments you think we'll really cool man I saw that train 1002 for the trains I do p the rest from something across post Ross post or whatever alright penis I don't want to go to bed two that is to it to bring him to the top of the years and that then black top and you like search top for the year top for all time it's actually like really entertaining very entertaining those tabs very frequently choir you can see you like to talk to you all the time so she was a race teet something there top post is iPhone better than congrats that's the top one for a year top one is for the past let me see past month I want to go past year that's wrong meet at 1 across all things regarding today's drama what is that about does arguing over which fountain pen is the best brand rooster photo of a dude who tried to fill as it is getting out of bed at 4 a.m. to spray them self with it. To 4423 yourself yeah I have it but it's complex, so good what everyone's talking about it and everyone says what's the island that the plane crash Head Island movie the game lost it seems like in that vein but I never played because I don't play Just Cause 3 slowly but surely I don't know why I had like 10 minutes to kill between right before meeting so I thought it would load up and check what my payments are in Just Cause so I loaded up my game and then sure enough I loaded it up and it's like half two provinces that I had liberated word liberated and did not think I told you shut up my Xbox and I watched it sink to the cloud from there like you fucker you should I should have probably I hope I didn't do that burn your data is older than the cloud and you just go with what you have I think that's the way that works I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I found it so frustrating go somewhere else to a bear that come back in your life walking stick because you was going place to place unable to do anything how do I live like 3 of those laser beams things without without like using any help you learn to drive when it says finally figure out 20000 to speed up I think I did about 6 before I was like I need to finish this game I need to start using some walkthroughs every now and then Lake Barbara the moderator found penis who is the other one that you said no no no you said another one of its development Maybe it was for this game real quick what do you think is the top link of all time in the rooster teeth subreddit a list of reasons why I hate Rooster Teeth what is the all-time no no two people are mad or upset about no Claire Sinclair someone figured out I came up with for the kids so it was the last extra life 4800 community Community Day babies black George Washington's birthday it is today George Washington's birthday with me the 22nd president last week's is between Lincoln and Washington's birthday so I could have sworn Gus I apologize I could have sworn when I was there the wire where I thought Muhammad Ali have the same birthday as me you bear more referring to the fact that was only interesting to you was only I had a curse 32 was number one when you were born I don't think I know mine will not stop on Twitter that kids shouldn't go to see Deadpool like they're making a big fuss about it like a pretty fun it's alright if you can see with your parents two really were thinking of before you trains or they get proxy outrage were there like upset on behalf of other people that's not right we're not upset the kids are going to see Deadpool we're upset that kids are going to go to Deadpool and their parents will complain and Marvel won't make anymore R-rated movies it's like nobody doing that black 135 million dollars Marvel Comic characters I look this up earlier The Matrix Reloaded or revolution the second one of her friends had a post social media was asking his friends like what was the first age where your parents let you watch an R-rated movie and I remember for my ninth birthday party which I was saying disregard his birthday my mom rented a VHS copy of Predator all of my friends to sit down and watch it like my birthday we just like we shot pretend guns at each other and then watch Predator 4 not working I didn't see it I like it for Valentine's I decided to surprise her for Valentine's Day so it took you to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies nice actually that was it it was never like that direction Jane Austen I'm just not my cup of tea Really Ever Seen The Source material now my exposure to Pride and Prejudice is this is in Bridget Jones Diary the same as what was in there Korean zombie isn't Colin Firth da seeing that as well did not see Bridget Jones's Diary I get the greatest odds of a woman having I've seen parts of it but never in it I saw that the first 20 minutes and I fell asleep so you think deadpoo very funny if I said you also Deadpool will it ruin their life right now what is the weather tomorrow Reddit for secondary get their sexy and there's no I was just checking to see Ryan Reynolds penis before his penis people get picked up from far away a little cut off at 4 the trailer guys hey if you see that tree that's like the most part yes you can you can like say okay if I want to take my kid to see this movie also clearly says rated R and tells you why it's rated R and I would say the joke per minute ratio is list of what the funniest movie ever really TJ Miller's and it's usually it's not the funniest movie on Dow this yeah just like this self-referential this late you talking camera French with you like other movies in the franchise and the production of movies themselves and stuff the fourth wall this doesn't exist It's Only Love by the darkness of the character what I have that's what I'm Ryan Reynold perfect for example in Deadpool the reference Wolverine as Hugh Jackman and his Australian okay I mention that we can meet about the Deadpool movie quote we were in Australia I made a tweet that was something like that I'm really glad to deadpoo movies coming out because we can finally see some Deadpool cosplay Reddit favorited that tweet P Ryan Reynold penitentiary barbar alright you know what it's known that he's like mutated like he has a really fucked-up burn before this but he's far away and like in the shadow so you just feel like a little hint of p p Ryan Reynolds let's get him on the post that's a No-No it's really weird with the letter c yes do you like that is perfect oh yeah the percent of an American what's the most inappropriate person like already movie Titanic rated I want it for like 3 seconds Kate Winslet it I was like 558 Red vs Blue probably be 15 minutes I was and I wasn't either the Predator deception all the kids in my school didn't watch The Simpsons cuz it was tv-14 she's like 14 and I was not for self but I remember being on the on DVD South Pape was raised 15 in England and I remember being like 12 of them really excited to be 50 and watch South Park I'm so excited and I became 50 and I was like really you wouldn't Kim wasn't allowed to have a TV in your room go ahead and play with it so no cable signal we don't have cable TV where I live is that true did you watch television than satellite dishes or whatever they have like those smaller satellite dishes are like this when I lived in Puerto Rico I guess it's just on the peripheral of that service area so if you want to get one of the satellite Riders get to get to Giant dishes to be able to pick up the signal good Lord you could not get by with like the normal ones I try to say that everyone everybody is like you the 4K TV for the Super Bowl globally can you not watch the Superbowl in 4k you can watch it in HD you gorgeous 720p become nothings bra cost of cable in 1080p and 1080i are you getting your little antennas rabbit ears into it you get out of that way and it's not overly impressed no I think they recorded it work better I'm being subjective mean on the 4K TV upscale no actually I do but not my TV the wall dr. the lot behind the wall was like a big thing you are a projection rear projection TV it doesn't have a name on it is it built when the house is filled with putting the house is 5 years old because in the wall it's like I got to find it the hole you think that's going to take up all the space in the world you're blowing his mind do you like it and it comes up the whole drop down to the flow yes instead of cabinets and its backside of the cabinet and take a picture of this you guys can understand this 3PD Parkway window with no glass in it the fucking hole discovered it was that it's a big TV what how big a hundred inches no it's 65 inches yes I believe it is because otherwise let's for what is a boy with a hole in it at some point the world ends and there's a hole right right weather ends that's where you put your TV that looks like today where it's a square and that the entire TV Ashley said you can we see what this looks like her yes what is the screen and behind it that some Gavin two projects I see what you're saying yes I see what you're saying he's right it's the bottom part right under the TV that supports a rear projection television has all of that would just be left open if you would hang in the wall the bottom or something for supper okay way too big for you hope it's a whatever it's so fucked up somebody last name that isn't holes bigger the TV series holes right it's really frustrating hole in the wall which was built by hand over here over here got to see the house around them that they definitely got it set the TV on the foundation is it through the floor might be in to check the concrete that you need to find it get me HTV put it over the holes my parents ever made Stars movies go with that love was they said this kid really likes the star of course you could be a lot older than me because I like Star Wars lot so it was like a kid in a lien and I was just like I made it all the way through the egg hitting the guy in the face everything through like right in the chest bursting scene in the dining room and then it was like I lost my shit that's why that one Gavin the end of May but it's great it was like this and then you a new phone was like in what way station for the big fat phone and then I get the little phone that's better I can't just use the same docking station cuz it looks like it'll be on there like a fish hey what's the lazer Team poster bigger or taller than the studio keep looking me TV goes up like this from the floor it goes up and down the street diagram Overlake feels like a like a like a like a like a pipe like that and then it's a hole in the wall that goes all the way down to the floor behind the wall that's what I've got I got a cavity filling in there do I need a TV but I got a funny way to hang a TV on a whole what is not supported mean house full of nice things but using an old 7047 TV without HDMI that's what I have to do that well that's as you for the TV it works fine but I just like it could be better it's not that much money relative to the cost of TVs no money 800 bucks that's all the time the whole conversation is Gavin what's wrong with you whether you're wearing a suit or sweats you've been almost 24 hours a day in your underwear but instead of making a statement like Superman's tights on his everyday clothes you your underwear is probably boring me I need to hear to change that every pair of my undies made from stable Source modal fabric is twice as soft as cotton nothing can describe the FIT and feel of your needs but once you try them on you'll understand where they call the world's most comfortable underwear and if you don't love your first pair of my undies there fre no questions asked me and he says doesn't start as a limited edition prints to help you make a statement with your underwear when weather in NC if you're not so shipping is free in the u.s. and Canada receive up to $8 a pair with the meundie subscription plan give a subscription or single pair get 20% off your first order this for you Burnie it's Amanda's.com / Rooster Teeth Let's meet.com / Rooster Teeth for 20% off your first order Marvel the fuck are you wearing that pulling her underwear underwear right now are you looking at me instead of Barbara showing her underwear Barbara spreading her legs showing her body limited edition print and that's the limit Edition print for the month of February how much is it to have 365 president think it's $4,000 if you want your underwear there it's like it's not that long you have to wait for you vagina you like both sides like yeah you basically have a front bumper and a family give me one the Gus can't work with you I know that's what I meant I bet you're busy it's okay I can do that The Prodigy is that what I was doing at work no audibl oh I got some stuff performance up don't talk about the Netflix tax that just passed in Australia with a tax digital goods from overseas so that they're not like I'm fairly competitive with the the digital goods from within Australia is already ridiculously expensive there is 53 million dollars in debt and is trying to give him a lot of money on Twitter two like an African school you're only opening one school give it to me because he's the greatest artist of all time yet but people are talking about it that's all he needs love you too political what's up my child for second or so Bernie Sanders can win by 20 percentage points in New Hampshire and walk out of that state with as many delegates does Hillary Clinton have no idea I don't know what's the point of having the phone he said he won but you know we have this other thing that we use them it is about 20% you would get more no the rules are rules alright performance and battery life post to Facebook I used to play my back my but my battery on my iPhone are you bitching about it all morning I was bitching about it all morning success was the worst decision you could have made it literally went from the 6 Plus to the 6s normal yes where is that you went down to a small battery size no it's not the difference between the normal one in the afternoon the no more the plus uninstall Facebook the rules apparently on an iPhone if you set your time if you set a date to the 1st of Jan 1978 break since 1978 your phone there's no recovering your phone your phone what is it it just hangs on the Apple logo what does it feel like to but that's the second time according to him riding in it that's like that you next time started just like this stuff in your phone before that because you have iphon history of stuff which means that anything before that underlies all the time in the future urban legend no it's a hidden feature in your iPhone if you want to unlock the rainbow logo Apple logo you can set your date to 1970 reboot your phone and it does not do it is just like a troll that's good though 7/6 as it happened as a result of this jump to 64-bit architecture which I think happened with the iPhone 6 you could do is hack a cell tower taking the time and date function and have all the phone take to the DA and then it would think about the January 1st 1970 hundreds of thousands if you do it I'll do it the only you can make me Gus Quantum break is coming out for the PC they just announced that this is more of a patch top Atlanta forget about this morning break was announced for Windows 10 it was previously only come out on the Xbox one but it was not two thousand people very mad about that why would why would people be mad about that people are mad they're saying that now it is no longer a console exclusive so is that a big deal I feel like I bought an Xbox for the game right now they could have perceived outrage does exist but they're like farming like one or two comments are there but I think people are getting mad for the other people who made a purchase on Xbox One keep scrolling to the good part is visible now researchers have 1.125 terabytes per second for Barbara pair of boots that I can you divide by to get the blazingly fast you can write to her tonight if you're really fast or you could make it December 1st 1969 December 2003 oh yeah what does have to be done at 4:17 actually do it Saria Legend break that song what building is dr. stork from your computer so you can see you cannot I'm telling you that does not fix it so just broken right now but yeah I mean it does that every night is it good to find out now Barbara number one video on gametrailers type no fucking clue what the hell that was where Monty post it or he would gametrailers was supposed to hit when you watch it it was like the number one I was very happy to see that some of our fans made sure that it was digitally archive that it wasn't to be lost in that which I don't think was you know I'm actually have copies of it money if I have DVDs that monkey burn break for bric you're done with his phone is broken but you do that did you not think you would actually do that not yet are you on your phone tomorrow so you can see my new friends actually sell the table here's your Pape no you can't wait the data from your phone no I can smash it to Pieces so what do you do if you don't you can turn your phone and blow it up throw it up I can't like there's no requirement was the phone and pay full price when you fill it out so I'll just take it to the Apple store and then and then like a thousand bucks I give you a new one in the old one and you can get them to do it you can do it I told you everything like a secret secret I was ordering from Sonic what what Amazon book if you can keep it a secret that you went to Sonic for lunch at Market my Sonic order a secret from what every guy next to him what's wrong with you I have problems always get what you want at the drive-thru and you hit the button the story you wouldn't what's wrong with you everything I don't know what your real secrets are the enforcer two way to live your life you scared the people over here so this explains a lot about your personality secret not give a fuck with anybody knows about me and no one can fuck my life and somebody knows something about me two rights the worst is a cheeseburger with Alan ritchson and ordered a sandwich really wanted to throw up Summit RT two things first I'm surprised none of you watch The Walking Dead watch The Walking Dead how far did you walk much as you used to watch it sometime then you really have half the season like on the farm looking for one person that's literally the whole first half this season Walking Dead is back on the air and had a crazy first episode so I'm at somebody talking to nobody about that one a tweet from each of you that was an interesting Tweets in the last week it was Ruby Davis stats you retweet academ bear and yours is about the review for now so you can pears two! Where one guy was rolled down his window and yelled fuck you asshole to somebody else on Valentine's Day I was driving through the parking garage and I told him I'd like right as I pulled it was like there was another backup of cars and one card turned into some kind of big truck rolled down his window to scream fuck you asshole that someone else was driving around no it was like I don't know what to no response you're sitting in a parking garage parking spot was going to be silent damn it's warranted I don't understand getting so eager to the point you roll down your window two I would roll down the window and scream at someone ice cream in a car dick no really just kidding Valentine's Day very good at what you do but I mean you did nothing really nothing good left no romantic gesture for your wife no really you woke up that day didn't you said you did that's sweet enough for Gus really did you do something nice with your significant other doesn't do anything together but it was still called and I booked us to see where we can go because it was like fully booked what being a mom is weird RT 77 so be cool like relax together but those are nice thing and I see the tweet that you had her cell the movie was fantastic the animation group volume 3 you guys are awesome that was an incredible season and this season to come for a long time but it was a point in time when I was like in season 2 volume she was like I'm saying stuff and I was like man Monty telling me about this two and a half years ago it was like the traffic that came to the website was absolutely crazy that was another tree that you made 1.331 gigabits a second that mean that's 4 gigabytes a second of data transfer going out now so he has learned to open doors the door knob two of a kind whenever you in every room I kill the captain no I just ruined my the cats too smart for the house and then me doing that just cost me $900 but there is one more thing I want to mention speaking of phones and remind everyone that I'm going to be the voice of Hawkeye in Marvel Avengers Gus let's play that was sponsored by there might be one of those say that but I'm actually that is incredible big names on at caspe the record last week so I'm hoping that it's going to be in like the next patch I don't know that but I'm hoping that next time it'll be in there give me a script on my desk still scripture what the heck are packed but it's it's it's it's a part of it makes me think of it did you fix it I turned off traveling things that me like it seemed to us that the content that is the most expensive thing you can turn the door handles over to lift them up instead of pushing them down and it's me couldn't be is the simple thing I just said not being able to sleep without him coming in the bedroom but your check is in the bedroom that's what cats do not sleep with your bedroom door open not working out what is a round face the first shot in the door locking the door bedroom door that would stop them from putting open to do that has the door closed is broken and he just seems to push it I can share of enemies for the laundry basket that you have come into this place that's it make that noise just like Barbara you will next 30 minutes let me know no Baxter fre keep them what should I do to this phone is slow now so someone saying according to James Duffy on Twitter this 864 Gavin phone if you allow the battery to die in the time will reset and reboot it there overnight I have a month to send it back leave it like that I'm good I had less time to wrap up yeah okay so what's you guys next week don't forget to watch on CBS on Friday night Bono YouTube Tuesday the 16th at 10 a.m. see about tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow if you want to watch concert stream is even more advanced information of your sponsor of rooster teeth.com you're getting super super Advanced information that the arcade tickets are going on sale tomorrow night if you're a sponsor you should have received an email with the discount code for 5% off the cost of our tickets yet another find a reason to sponsor that receipt., so thank you for watching and I will see you guys next week APPL no I was just Gavin Barbara Burnie and just got the same flights as you love me so much talking about the new as well and get them back up maybe Gavin