#364 - Gustavo the Birthday Boy

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss birthdays, poaching mysterious troll dolls, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 22, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-gustavo-the-birthday-boy-364

Recorded: 2016-02-23 18:53:43

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast die Blue Apron Braintree and Squarespace thank you for 364 this week with Gus Savage Barbara but I already told me it was 365 this week and that we'd have a year of podcasts on the leap year free stuff to do in Portage special during the year of the strings next six days using a pre-planned special it doesn't work out well like some organically comes up that we really what I came up organically I thought this is Tuesday we're going to fucking make pancakes so the next time we just made pancakes and now we plan to have it cuz it so the next time I looked I was like so next week we're going to leave here it's not going to happen again on a Monday kill 2044 wait let me think about this meeting until 2:44 so that is less than 30 years since the 28 years so how do will you still be here Gus 2044 hopefully not 28 years 38 someone decorated my office with streamers and a unicorn pinata and a birthday cake I would like a lot of work how do you think birthday is special it's just another day you can just like I didn't do anything I just didn't die how to say happy Monday but I thought I might be a little bit too many birthday Melody 38 219 year olds so I walked into the office will immediately turned around and talk apro on the wall hiding die price we are meeting in The Bungalow to go over a what's your shirt it's a donut LOL I was over here going like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jumping into fallo and we are alike in our office talking about it and Colton's in there with the cake and all the streamers and everything that we're going to put up and he walked out with me and Bethany and as he was walking across the Bungalow Gus is sitting right in the fucking Lobby it looks like they're doing something it seems like that's what just there but you don't even see you soon as I put my laptop on the couch what are you that I had a meeting in like a minute I was just bad timing I walked out in like one minute I was sitting there waiting for everybody to dinner for Ashley's birthday and make like I invited you Gavin then you invited me to go places with Maggie and then we all got together at some point after that but before the party and make it so I'm looking forward to birthday dinner on Thursday and I literally just said that was surprise surprise surprise but it's like she got AC3 birthday surprise yea but then I was talking to me and everyone knows they weren't invited dinner it wasn't anybody listening to this was even worse that way The Tonight Show dig a set of shows in La this last week okay and I got to friend friends right person who is the producer for the show and then somebody else we know is that she won the Raiders originally said you want to be if you're in La when you come out watch will the show so sure I'll go do that so I was going out and I just Gavin turned out was going is everything he threw in an extra day early he go with me to the show so I said let's do it the day before I asked him are you coming tomorrow he goes even what you said to me when I say are you coming to you coming tomorrow so Wednesday tomorrow and are you coming and what you said to me it was like that all the time like before no I do not mind that I took today you can't back out of that you waste a lot of money being alive betting people shit there's something going like something was coming in town you want to shoot them then you would have not gone right you wouldn't dare Buy get like bump on free Gavin were fascinated by this more than he really was not a teleprompter cue cards like a dude with cardboard cue cards he was just holding the whole ship and it was not really frustrated because they were like a lot of surprises like come on because it's like usual very funny dude is the best but she's the best part of having heated lunch box yea well I didn't realize it was the game show you get a date they are behind by there they could see each other's faces and that's it and that you get a box off of like this three shells at 9 boxes on it without the other person seeing that can pull it out and show the audience what's in their box then the game as they tell them what was in the box and other person has to guess what another tell the truth or the line until the items are really strange and they try to come over some changes Vince Vaughn he would first he got a action figure of the Incredible Hulk action doll on a bed of crayons like they were all tied together and Jimmy Fallon was a taco with gumdrops in it instead of like talking to me like I'm drunk and so Vince on describe his perfectly and .41 Jimmy Fallon said that his talk was actually a ruler made out of celery rice with and I wasn't wrong was in his head and like me that he was lying so that's why I was really impressed by Fallon's will activate trave the end of the show it like he went around hugging all the audience and stuff and like take to make up covered by Black Star. He wasn't covering people's makeup from giving them hugs weird yea just like we were sitting down and makeup on 5859 tell everybody there was told they also had this integrative Grateful Dead Reunion Band but it's like Jerry Garcia is dead they have John Mayer and you know this no dead and Company had no clue that was a thing and John Mayer also super tall was like the night of like super tall people Kareem Abdul-Jabbar how tall is and Jimmy Fallon look at you told me 510 one of the most common things I feel like people tell me when you meet me somewhere and have it always say you're much taller than I thought what about if I get you a much shorter and and you're much too it is what it is and you'll notice is much bigger and much smaller 6 foot even I have a tough time getting up this morning I was told that for sure that's what I've been trying to picture being really talking stick Spa Mars real name did he convert I think you're thinking of a Gavin together your handlebar for sure but yea Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor loss center and different will you converted to Islam Kareem Abdul-Jabbar I think that's what you see here 60 most viable player but it was the only famous is Kareem will be famous before Mary Lou Alcindor play keno Muhammad Ali's original name you just said it I did it I almost said it you're thinking about it you pretty lady where is autocorrect getting way worse it is fucking with me on a daily basis call Gavin Free wearing audio podcast have good reception here is it going to rain she said that for everything now she can't do anything anymore for me I'd like to send a message to Gus anything like that what's up what's up what time is it cause I can't help it it's a timer for 10 minutes set a timer for 10 minutes waiting to order says that he did everytime I talk to say that you're better than that wasteful even though he said very clearly he was done with that phone yea he had a replacement phone already and he just need to ship it back to people I don't know that's like 10 feet away this is crap exact same model same gigabytes same exact phone with crap about it it's really hot all the time actually goes down twice as fast and the keyboard mistypes like a hundred percent more like I misspell stuff is like I've got done with this phone it is like to be like just a little bit what airline I mean to say and it puts in a baby I wouldn't normally Galaxy 7 that right they just came out with all the specs for whatever and I would say all right I'm going to make the switch to Android I'm doing it I'm moving over however my ex Jordan she just moved from an iPhone to a Samsung phone Android phone it's been a nightmare for everybody and help me figure out what you think or know we can messenger still register on iMessage must be the registered on my message so hopefully I can get her phone back in like figure that website I think that phone number for my mess and I will die if she can't receive or send out an iPhone for years so when I went in there messages from my phone she was blue so she was registered with imessage Services different than SMS the problem is when she switched over to Android I think this was taking place anybody can I Pocono on your messenger but that's because everyone already has theirs an iMessage person so it send it to her iMessage account at Apple and apples going to like well the phone's on the line as way for come online I'll deliver the message said but her phone will never come back online catches on another platform now that's really stages to go through when you switch away from an iPhone I'm horrible like trying to get everybody in the whole family I love her too like a new chat service that instead of just turning off iMessage for whatever reason I didn't even think about it until after that until we're in the car we already knew about that was such a stupid Nightmare on for Apple but I'll try it it might it might work it might not just I can't send messages to people either didn't come in only if it's my phone or anyone she's not only has she dropping burn stuff and something happened in the last week or in the last 2 weeks now and it's correct and then it will change one of the words now it's like your she should be doing that the other way I assume it does what is it doing now predictive text on the thing that like 3 messages perfect you don't need anything else TT seems like more hassle than type of the email responses apro does predictive like response that's great I'll look into that and it's like that and one of those like I used to just want to feel like a man but you find that it was a date in the email it would lead me to my calendar and it doesn't do that do that are you how do you use Google Drive with it you don't suck you're missing the ability to unflag something as spam so if you find something in your spam folder that's not too bad you cannot unplug it and you can transfer it but you can tell it was actually you also cannot block recipients so if you want to block recipients have to go to a different mail program blog and my life will be better people I've never blocked anybody at the company but I block people outside of the compan day I want to go through like if I feel really bad I will go to my milk my milk my mute filter that I have on Twitter probably 50% of people that have a sort of muted can you tell and Unblock Me and please tell him happy birthday for me first of all people do this on a regular basis they write me to tell somebody else's company to unblock them I would never get only get about 3 or 4 times it literally it's like a download but your criteria for a just if I don't like probably like 5 people I block I can fly a week so I'm not going to let more people against the mute function on Twitter because I don't want to hear what the master say I want them to know that I'm not listening I feel like what is a pussy way out your life describe fallo don't listen to that shit I like to think of someone who like you unfollowed sitting at home cause on phone recently blocked on Facebook cause you got accepted to my friend if I like this person but I said hey Bernie how high can you block me and I just I'm blocking a person because I like to joke that was would you use that yes it would send the message and and to prove my point I stopped accepting a friend request did not I had corrected as a result I also like smacking a dog with a newspaper in the face another damn right what causes Lightyear toy Samsung phone that you tell you that I messaging thing like that should be something I want to run by you have a hole like it moving Apple has I think they were doing I think they have a website where you have to go through to deregister from iMessage you don't you ever you could do that and you never know it's too much unfollow yea I've got a phone call and I try to keep it so I got one if I follow someone I really want to know what they're saying there has to be substance hey thank you for following me and what I have to say I'm reading something someone else to say I don't know I appreciate the people who read those but this is the stupidest thing what's up podcast 364 favorite 22nd 2016 how long until Twitter goes out of business how long until Twitter is no longer available as a platform to platform and go on like oh man what did Lakewood dig count as being in that category still going I would say dig is gone because it does not exist in the same for years and years and years sweet will be 4 years from now I guess what you doing how much for 4 years or by January 1st 2020. How long before it's no longer a primary like social media platform experience nothing just me and you ESP pre-workout I think I'm going to concentrate on Instagram more how many personal fouls Gavin Free he has one picture is my second picture it's going to be and it will be of my own thank you for asking and it's been like 5 years after it looks like boobs or butt will you go for Gavin on Instagram right now you be like oh my gosh I was in with it was wonderful I want to keep like a really high post to follower ratio that you have the dumbest criteria for everything it's like Gavin wanted to buy like but his first car he thought it would be funny if he waited until I thought of his cars come out and they way he'd never ever driven his I was going to say it's a life so I could next day I never liked polluted by driving I don't know you said it would be funny story nobody cares oh my God that was pretty amazing what's the trip it was then Lazer team promotional thing came up dead and he was all the way to Sundance you are did you anything did you like those sliding down one of those stupid mountains or anything you could go skiing I went I ball ball ball tonight from Sunday from like so like it was made from the Salt Salt Lake to Salt Lake the Great Salt Lake or the first year that we went out there we went I think in 05 maybe or 4:05 we went out there and I think that's the whole for the first time we underestimated how cold it would be we got there and it was like holy shit I went to the store Australia so I was walking around the snow and like Converse and shorts I do it's in England I didn't think it would be smart to bring a winter coat to text it's kind of cold here he called it doesn't feel like it's gotten below freezing I keep I keep waiting for it I could wait until 8:44 winner to start and not realizing it was the end of it already dice on record in as long as you've been recording it we keep breaking records too often and we should stop talking about it but at this point I feel every month that was the hottest month that was the coldest day in that month just happens all the time the records are just like who cares I'm such a degree that they become in the future and then and then it'll be like in the Ice Age I recorded a video of my TV so that they can will my TV looks like an eye just received it I'll walk over there yea just plug in lightning cable go get the camera away from the clear camera and I'll start reading them good he's going to free our mind Blue Apron you need to know how to cook not only do you feel like you know your way around the kitchen but cooking at home and eating healthier and saving money instead of ordering expensive take out again where do you start Blue Apron has you covered for less than $10 per meal Blue Apron delivers all the fresh ingredients you need a great home cook meals just follow the easy step-by-step instructions it really can be repaired in 40 minutes or less overwhelming trip to the grocery store no more said take out no matter your dietary preferences Blue Apron makes it a breeze to discover and prepare dishes like steak so I don't know how to say that states how do you say it takes some french toast or cauliflower cheese steak sandwiches right in your own kitchen cook with ingredients that you never used before like watermelon radishes fallo and purple potatoes recipes are between 500 and 700 calories a portion delicious and good for you right now you get the first two meals free at blueapron.com / Rooster Teeth that's blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook thank you blue apron for sponsoring the pop what the hell is going on I look at the iPad 4 mini Barbara getting crushed red Crystal Crystal tears out your face who got hit last week we were talking about bunnies ridiculous last week 2 of The Amazing Race and we went to Columbia Columbia part of it is because of Mexico City flight with the models and then dig on a later flight from a connection to me to split up at some point anyway tattoo the middle of me and she was like Hey we're going to a whole new continent because when I started the Amazing Race I had not been to South America and up in Antarctica and I had not been to Africa so I was hoping I would go to one of those probably not an order together never been die in her co-stars in the on the show but I was one of them and then we go to I checked everywhere don't teach that South America is a separate continent than North America that it's one giant America continent and north and south or just political geopolitical borders I was like the first person in South America continen way to go burn his white Americans people that Americans are stupid I'm like a fucking asshole but apparently a lot of places in South America so we can correct one of them has to definitively be correct I think about it technically their continuous land mass was the only which is a man-made thing fir what's your name all those people that other continen Austra Australia Australia we've had this discussion before we learned they don't teach that Australia is a continent of the Big Island 5 continents and that's it like that imagine that Europe and Asia can't be considered separate anyway here are we consider them to be separated like why is Europe a continent north of South America and North America 32 plates hitting each other so once again we're back to the police got away from each other is it the source of the tectonic plates what the children, but I'm just saying that's what the terms of something that's why Australia exists because it's all on the same tectonic plate Thank You Gavin I appreciate that bit of color commentary for plane like super tired at 11 so just half asleep what happened the plane took off I'm actually really good not fully asleep before the plane takes off continen although in some cases continents are connected by land bridges the seven continents are North America South America Europe Asia Africa Australia and Antarctica when has massive land mass burn of Europe and Asia to Europe Asia to North America South America but if you think about it North America South America are an unbroken rainbow australasia make any sense the connected in any sort of way here's my Gavin Australia used to be a British colony so they're upset don't get will definitely right it couldn't possibly be the sun still never set on the British Empire sorry I was asleep before we took off and then takes off in your sleep you kind of like going back in temporarily but you're just like I asked if we got to take off and we were probably like a hundred and five miles an hour on the runway I need to slam the brakes and everyone like slid forward and I was like oh it's really hoping this was right off the Runway the next leap on the ground we just pulled off the Runway and that he just came on saying stay in your seats and one of them is like the tower just told him to a ball as he was taken off the speedway you have to take off it was and Speedway let's do a maintenance check on the plane to check the damage to the brakes primitive like that it was it took me like that the flight should have been against like to know how to get on the plane the whole time what you about two different 70708 for a while and when I tweet it say above a certain speed we had to come up to get some maintenance people that was the reason the plane like a bullet take off will you still be able to just pick up something on the ground right off or something or maybe it was a false alarm that I have to report every time after will plan anything that wasn't true enough my day terrible it's just the fact that I was half-asleep it was so jarring to wake up from like it down like it was that. My knees hit the will I'm so happy a new season of air disaster started last night really interesting terrified every time I flew you know something about someone just sent me this thing you say it's correct that the continents are determined by tectonic plates Europe and Asia are on the same fucking play they are looking at that would make sense are you saying no not according to this hand-drawn map from which is totally accurate and I'm going to block you fixing me up with your embarrassing in Russian not yours can be shamed for ever read tweets cause I really have free time just watch Netflix but I was when I got back was still in Long Beach to the convention so that I may watch some Netflix and I remember you told me about it and then the bad news is the best movie recently this Machinery supposed to stop so goddamn hard I know it was lower than my left foot and then I catch myself I like try to like do the pole spread eagle over the trouble it was too wide so I had my left foot on the part of the trouble that doesn't move my right foot was all the way across and down on the floor and then I was falling forward also going like it's like 7 miles an hour that was that it was like it was still going I was like try to catch myself on my knees Lauren like like took the top of my life sponsors playground feel like Jimmy right now it looks like it looks like a little baby what are your tips on your knees yea feed the kids on the table what Gus is answer that question would be that million dollars but question asking lately when you ask me I have a test at 1 so I use Afrin episode first one really dark just before the podcast Gus was here help me out what is the blade that just now so I'm saying or should I wait and leave it for an episode off a million dollars and everyone in the world gets to pick a superpower of the choice which they get to the rest of their life that is what I was thinking but you don't get a superpower everybody else does you just get the million dollars can I use the superpower to get a million dollars what superpower I wouldn't have it either you take a million bucks but everyone else in the world has to power except for you steal your fucking money person on Earth will and Barbara super powers but everyone did know that you passed up on superpower is to take a million dollars instead everyone was aware of that fact but you're the one guy on Earth who took a million bucks instead of taking them which compan the million dollars to you when I want to buy something like this going to be a superhero cause salesman yea can a millionaire not want to take a nice trip and go to Brazil and like now just 30% of people there now Flight 666 destroy Brazil for superpower like for the city of Barbara just called I don't know nutrient just like Subaru yea she's at work I am like acid man let me take me to melt just read it through and make sure the cat does not touch me short how to do it well sure that they are all over it they should question yes is there anything in your head that you have established your head is being a certain price and you know that's wrong but that's still the price of the thing in your head that you know let me give you my price of a hotel room my head is $80 that's how much a hotel room cost night it's not right dead in hotel room is like $170 and I'm like that's too expensive but since that's exactly what hotels cause Christina yea it's like usually is 509 303 bedrooms my head every time I encounter and I try to correct my thinking on it I can't it just a hotel room she got $79 for Me Maybe it's like even though I like it still may be there for sure any plane ticket I look up I like it more than the cost of that every time I actually usually when I went to see Megan the time it cost me like $600 every time I went there about five hundred bucks should be the most like Seattle or New York for all the way across the country but anywhere else it should be like two hundred two hundred fifty bucks you can actually get that's like $400 every time am I at the fucking door to the plane in an empty seat on it I should be getting like a hundred bucks and get it right and that's my risk is that I won't get a seat on the plane but I should pay less not more but that's a hundred bucks what time are you coming back from Portland I finished work early so I didn't have a return ticket so that I can leave this work and I'm doing on this flight back to Austin to the airport it was with Jason both of us were there two tickets on that flight sleeping in 45 minutes to fly to Austin and I'm sorry it's it's all sold out also for first class seats and how much is first class $600 tickets and it's all over just cause I showed up 45 minutes where the police showed up yea I got extra fucked by the time I got back from Australia print your boarding pass ssss Heidi I just had a really terrible day of travel some reason I go to the airport really early which was luckily cause at LAX what terminal for American Airlines but there was one flight it wasn't in there and I was my flight to Austin will just from the international terminal what does the term brown bread leap up early sucks it's no it's no priority line there's no PreCheck have to stand in line with everyone he's going to live in the world travel when you travel domestically in the line for International Security next plane out of town that's so weird I guess I missed the flight so you still just show up an hour before it's apparently a flight to Toronto from Austin there's going to be a flight to Frankfurt he can fly to London typically don't fly but there's also a flight to Cancun Mexico Cancun Mexico I got to go to Cancun you were going to go because you guys were going to take you guys like for us in Texas that's like that's like two and a half hour flight the Gulf of Mexico get to political what would we talk about something that was vaguely political wants if you are really mad I don't even humming the country from Aladdin yea we just like to mention that story if you really mad you didn't mention any political dead and bored in my life that I would give up something that I enjoy this entertaining like as soon as I can I'm done I don't know what TV show ended by a jerk never watch it again reaches through the screen like shoot someone I know I'm not gonna be that annoyed by the TV show come back later and say the whole hashtag cancel Colbert and when they yea it was making fun of the Washington Redskins Yea Yea like a joke or something like I don't get it when people call people problematic I don't know I've seen it so often on the internet these days someone problematic will like that like you like that person but they're prone to saying things that offend you I'm just posed to come to this problem problem I don't really understand it the problem Logitech Gavin can U just AirPlay it stop with it but it's a low-resolution Alright Alright Google I don't want to them 22 wait wait wait wait I can really not talking Gameboy or something not going to listen to the podcast is brought you Buy Braintree Abdul velopress around free tree Vince easiest way to and secure mobile payments to their apps and website don't have time give me a call and we'll even handle the integration for you and walk you through it no I don't payment type Braintree accepting Apple pay Android pay PayPal venmo credit cards even Bitcoin and something pops up Braintree will support that to the same payment solution use my Uber Airbnb and get home so you know that it's scales shoes apro Subaru in Grand Rapids easy as inserting a few lines of code try out the sandbox and see if your self at Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth thanks to Braintree for supporting this episode of the podcast that's what she said I thought we got caught on the couch and then I realize it's just a couple weeks ago I was in LA and I was thought I was flying out and was one of those deals where I was there with a co-worker and we were in a business meeting and we had you know an hour and a half before flight weird Hollywood will Ex-Lax yea it was like 4:30 p.m. traffic to LAX we got back to LAX rental car and so we got a silver car service to the airport have PreCheck cause I got right through the line walked up to the gate with literally like 2 minutes before we boarded as awesome as like this is the perfect time to get to the airport if we had to spend even 30 seconds later like we would have in stock we might have been in that wreck that would have been delayed by that wreck strain I like becomes unintelligible 1.3 just something he might think that you can't even start I'm going to get this damn file should have done this earlier in the week I think it be worth it now you know where they don't know who's going to be worth it cuz it's too fucking big meeting but your phone tonight though they don't have USB ports Google Drive cause we were shut up City problem Gavin dig an asshole I just I had to go walk by the front door. I'm just going to leave we have thought for sure that summi do you know it wasn't me Barbara you fight with your dicks like their swords a sword fight over who's never done that I've never done anything to have ever actually fought with their mom Barbara the pilot for a couple of somewhat related news stories that really pissed me off this past week there was that that group of people on a beach in Argentina who saw a baby dolphin in the water they said they picked up the book and it started passing it around to a crowd of people taking selfies with it fucking rare baby dolphin dies because they took it out of the water sunset today earlier today I read about another story about a zoo in China with peacocks where the people who were at the zoo that one of the peacock and held it and then they started passing around so they can take selfies with it and the peacock died had a heart attack because I was so scared because people have picked it up touch the animal with long feathers out what's wrong with the fucking at work who would do that to a defenseless animal a lot of people that's what's scary is on just one person doing this the group of people there are different they don't get their chance to get the selfie it's not fair everyone else got to take a selfie with the dolphin why don't I get the dolphin in the water maybe we should put it back in the water at some point so we can actually put it back you want to hire is what you get oh okay well I sure don't like a web service to and made me put a message along with it so sorry about the movie hours for the email to get there so I did see no I told you what the first version I sent to you on the drive to think just by hi-rez rooster Gavin was in the control room I don't know Tokyo much more Angry than you the rule is you have to hit the ice no I will get them really makes me give up on the people who have what was poachin Wars just move dolphin style at in Vince dig itself it okay will let me get a pic white dolphin dice get the pic it was eliminated Gavin You Really Got Me that's what you're saying so people fucking kill dolphin probably not are you can stop doing dumb selfish yet they can't stop poachin cause I'm not talking tattoo like giant trolling fishing net so you think cellular 12907 video of sampling it up okay this is what I'm talking about here's the TV is a projection TV just in and it goes down until then I can't hang a control room if after all of this is that played Without audio 3 hours to get you that file and there's twelve of you guys dead and 120 this stuff I'm leaving the audience is on Twitter they are very sorry about the poachin Gavin and they will poachin golf coaching dolphin will all of our audience knew about the difference we just made millions of people are going to stop poachin dolphin email you a hundred percent 3520 we really made a difference today birthday with my point was going to say we don't know what it was Dallas Fort Worth community group they have cancelled their seal clubbing event for this week so good for you guys sorry to ruin all your fun baby seals deserve to live too nobody else editing after the fact when it goes when it goes public availability no but this conversation should be left with a fluffy Leatherface music video and also if you are taking selfies with barbar now yea well I see the selfie argument what we want for that video when there is one it is that video didn't show anything this is exactly what you told us on the park cover a hole the stud behind it in the walls no stud there are no students alarm TV hooked up to that how is it how is it floating there Barbara oldest base in the stand because he goes into the wall and it goes down all over the floor has a big long stand that I'm finally understand an 80-inch TV you get one of those ball mounts fly on the wall and you drill that over the like drill in the cabinet but I can do that I mean I could I could draw like that drill into the cabinet but that what seems like it's very insecure cuz it's like that you can make one of these posts in your wall and people that are really good that's what they're intended for pictures the first time ever I've ever look at the clock so we have half an hour left and I was disappointed but I have to what's up now Gavin I'm just disappointed I'm just upset about the dolphin I want to see somebody to listen to podcast probably know somebody in their Network that had posted a photo with that fucking dolphin as a selfie and someone posted that somewhere those people should be Running Scared they should be ashamed of that I mean the other Free Willy die Gavin you're right everything in the movie but the words he's on the die watch free will try to free will see what burn Gus he's done it to me on Twitter that I am trying to find what I'm getting mad at every Twitter someone just so you have a whole made specific for the TV it sounds like a personal issue stop talking about it about the number to my personal issues here so I'm going to experiment right now different room I probably couldn't get the fireplace I don't like TVs over fireplaces I agree I can't do any of the other wall has built-in bookshelves and the other wall has will just let you know you should do to put it over it's it's a feature wall bookshelves on a normal thing to normal thing there's a doorway in the middle of it it's ok with you guys I have a built-in hole in the wall fucking amazing stole somebody else's idea online no remember a few years ago the dude from prank vs. prank with the think Jesse or something nothing it's just right she's Gina Gina he's just right he did a really funny like public only a prank was a republic where he set up an electric skateboard to look at the Red Carpet and then zoomed around on a troll that's a lot for my fucking doing all this because you just did that Japan with a hoverboard where in the fuck those stupid things are called and made it loud and I guess I'm from Dragon Ball Z like flies around on the yellow Cloud the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Super Saiyan I guess so okay I don't want to do it is fine with us right now he's like he clearly that's where you got the idea to do early that's what you're talking about I feel like that was popular Just rediscovered that 2 months ago for longer than that I don't know for some I thought was about to make up some time ago is really funny off of the Living Dummy look up put a coffee table in the wall and put the TV on that that's Jonathan Browning that is the best idea anyone has had so far this stupid idea but it's the best he didn't understand what the problem was her idea barbar Ranger protection so I'm going through a bit of a forced experiment at the moment regular baking is when the strap on dildo pregnant Italy just have to be a woman fucking a dude or Kendall Wright someone who doesn't normally have a penis using a dildo to the peg yea I think it in the bum by someone wearing a strap-on I am not getting paid compan to the Internet so I just got back from out of town trip and when I came back my wife was convinced that we are alcoholics so she's trying to see if we can go 2 weeks without drinking Buckeye message make you do this but you guys because it's my birthday yea it's on your birthday drink on your birthday what who you proving it to Panama cell trave gu incredible struggle not to drink really has been 270 weeks it's entirely possible that you could drink unless I was sick I was really sick I probably didn't build this big Challenge and he's like I might have done that okay with you really sick I think I'm sick for like 2 or 3 days I didn't wonder why do you have a great day what are you drinking vodka or gin we had it for like 5 o'clock you go home cause like I don't see Barbara anymore because 90% of my you're tucked away in that corner in the Bungalow style is everywhere yea you're tucked away but my real friends kill everyone except you on the couch and chat with me it's very lovely on Fir know somebody has been leaving fucking troll dolls all over my desk and in my purse and I don't know who it is I don't know troll dolls on pencils and then there's another two trolls on my desk and then I go home and I'm empty on my person if I don't know troll in my purse that's creepy if they put a new but it's like it's like it was just not tell you what is it like and she's not like troll are you doing are you don't I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other about him I know you said it so it's just going to get worse did Romo have this and what you're talking about I had troll dolls as a kid on the pencil this made me think of something I'm rubbing my hands like I'm running a pencil back and forth have you been watching the primitive technology no you're going to fucking love it is it is something wrong with you what's wrong with making hot sauce like just sticks and mud is everything now is that the way that works the reason as well known as because of and some of it is that the guy doesn't talk or anything I guess it's a dude who's like working his way up through technology and like he had to make fire this is so I can make fire is this thing that you're talking but once again make fire with two sticks then he got to the point where now that you're fired he could make leap Stone discs and fire them in his fire in just kill him there and and that allowed him to then go to show you his hands are calloused but it doesn't work he just goes and all this crazy stuff you're watching a video right now he's about to drill a hole in a rock with another rock and he just chipped away at it for a couple days and I'm assuming scoby from beginning to end fast forward about a minute here Patrick if you can do that or sublingual film to know that it was like like your work and I think that behind them it's like sticks and he slept like gray metal ever and it goes hard because I found this through a semi dead I watch ASMR videos and maybe was just recommended to me it's such a shame as goofy but it's such a good way to find like really weird crap on the internet this is so crazy with this guy does like this but he's working his way through it so he's doing now is he showed how we build we can build this drill to with quartz to make fire yea crazy I mean this is like people like develop technology on top of it gets really crazy makes a punk version of this once he gets like some play discs where he just move the stick up and down and it's really cool it's really cool sounds the no speaking like a tapping and that the wrestling Goku flies around on cloud called the nimbus thanks I'm dying to know I want to remind everyone this episode of the podcast is brought you by Squarespace Squarespace sites look professionally designed regardless of your skill level and there's no coding required the offer intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for year start your free trial today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure the offer could rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful and I say it every time it is so easy if there just click on the template dragon images on to it you can even like resize the template and what you want to show on it it's super easy to use if you've never if your spiritual websites only looking you can make a website there squarespac complex reset the slogan for squarespac sleep to sleep and I woke up because I'd like vomiting acid into my mouth because it reflects weeks ago I woke up and it was coming into my mouth a teaspoon full of acid it is but so much like I scored a touchdown I don't like just tasted like its tongue all the way up your stats in your body will time having eaten anything for him so that stomach gases that come ball and cry it was the stuffing I don't want to dream about I have this annoying thing I love my dogs have a suggested that I fill the hole in my wall with a bunch of dead baby dolphin it's too soon to say I love my dogs but one of them I was on the one hand how to take a selfie on Fir and sometimes he won't eat and he doesn't eat that he just wanted to ball like it's like dogs don't know like if they don't eat they can't deal with the ball in their bodies so they have to vomit it you wouldn't be doing this if it's really annoying I can't get this look here we go how does that happen normally I keep an eye on him to make sure he eats but if I'm not like monitoring it then it'll come you can't hear anything where do Vince children they will not feel like you make them food and they like me and it's like I don't understand that children are just like there's no we're not leaving that thing that everybody did for years to survive Frankie and I get a headache and it's your fucking fault that you're the adult and then you also to be assholes boxing worst about eating food and will you want children are totally different than human children feeling children no to fucking dumbass kill the Cat when he's really happy with me on the deck with you that any more fucking idiot because it's not because I didn't want I didn't like me I was a vegetarian for a while as a kid and I hate it I wonder what age are stopped every time I beat you and me and I'll be like maybe like 2 minutes swallow it or spit it back out so cause I want to love somebody roast beef and that the Sunday roast tried to put Super Service LLC Connecticut I got that one very good Gavin has been birthday what am I burn whole I'm surprised we haven't had an issue if you're fighting with those before country song Don't talk about it too much when we talked last week and I don't keep teasing it that is coming soon creative directors opinions are going to be heard you should definitely make your opinions heard we want the best the best someone sent us a someone heard us talking about going to get the oil game yea and I'm proud to say Oregon retirement plan here my hands were in a little game now someone is oil sender Burnie sent one of me and I walked over and gave it to me that would be something here and you say here is one for you and one for Barbara and one for burni I will distribute those things that people come up to me when I'm out of town and they give me something to carry back to the office in my suitcase to get the people the other 95% I might not make it 543 I see that you were the decapitator these spoiled and showed up I might add that she finds out behind me on the Burnie that you can see that it's like it's right there that's it that's my little by the way back to just messaged me saying that she spits out what time she can free style guide that we should adhere to when writing and posting stuff about respect big debate over something as soon as I'm doing this I'm doing that I will not use the Oxford comma cause I like pissing people off and I will not think about that the word ends in s it sounds like how do you know if someone's calling you you have to know that rules us ' no cause I know Gus is plural Gus burn this and he passed away this year how to think here's the thing that we talked about there's a longing for lunch your time is Rooster Teeth one word or two words number we finally sat down one day and said we should keep this to work because it is because it is to work its 2 or 3:40 so we had this time for the guide was Red vs Blue does the vs. have a period I got it does not what the free says no. They should make the decision was made now earlier today that yes indeed it does have a period initially because now the cover art for any of it but it's not anything ever has a pier was the original Red vs Blue Blood Gulch Chronicles logo that appears at the end of the trailer being encircled the big circle that had a. And I think that's only good thing I was home I hit that did it. You are elsewhere than it should have. That's fine so if you want to give it Red vs Blue. That's okay as long as it's never just just as an RV like the short black on it but I was like really me think about that no because it's much more than that anyway registry letters blue is for Gus read people funhaus what how you doing it's big and fun house also lower case some people some people capitalize the H the big guy from the front or the two words some people have to spell slow that is true, it was someone else you didn't mess it up whenever I don't fuck shit up friends company and represent I fuck shit up look at your just being upset about the Oxford Comma just so passionate about it I used to always use it but if you got your password about it I stop how do I, I don't want to feel down because we were trying on every word should could get continually more important as the sentence for stealing anything chupacabra that is increasing its speed no, because and credit information about Grandma to the point where like it if I feel like if you make a status on Facebook it's something relevant that happened to you that day you might be one of the most important thing you did that day yea sometimes I could just like bitches about a, and that was like the most important part but she's really passionate about ComEd from Mangia burn she wanted to let us know she says I have a ba in English names you can end with Just ' 4 ' asked both are correctly face of Montana podcast one rule that both ways to not be correct we will find it until some people totally forgot about it until somebody is right and then the other people have to be wrong and be ashamed of themselves also a ba in English I will take a large cappuccino wow guess but what was your name Monica and just got blocked another bag of that so no I'm not I really never when I'm ever going to walk into the gym at her office and got a dice summi Michaels why did Burnie block me on leap fucking no I'm not burni your last week that's exactly why your brother to eat at the tech support dead little brothers are like the scourge of the summi like my family is dead post from going to fight it out with it was my brother always little brothers happen to a lot of people but this woman who got a dick pic from someone on Facebook and I don't think that happen and she must come back often as you like I guarantee you it is someone who Dice and their dicks to make it sometimes I'll be in bed I'll Facebook people on Facebook as your fan page I don't know what made you directly send a message testicle aches Everett right I've had them on Twitter before but it like it's just an account but there was a woman who received on Facebook and then she messaged him back saying this is disgusting you shouldn't be doing this this is a form of sexual abuse but would rather impressive and I'm going to message all of your friends on Facebook and I see that you're marrying a message your wife and tell her that you're doing this and he messaged me acting like someone hacked my Facebook it wasn't me that sent that to you please like fucking bullshit man own up to it so what you're talking about maybe a different one it was a model on Instagram who does anytime someone sends a picture just look at that person's account then like send the person sending back a picture of him with his girlfriend or his wife and it is sorry yea pets that people send them to the parent to just let people friends with their parents I love it penis images what's up what's what but you see if we sent your mom for dick pics in one of them was yours about this do you think she can pick Gavin do you think she could pick your penis out of the lake for absolutely but like you know like circumcised uncircumcised a birthmark and remember if you cut her son's dick or not I got your mom would know Mom would remember that remember it like that I'll be done with this for you know what's funny is that people produce Googling happiness that's what I think that that's what I'm trying to say earlier is like that I'm sure people get them like she can just put like that people are taking photos of their own dicks and sending them or I would be interested but I believe that if everyone is now seeing these Google dicks come out you someone might think I might as well just take a picture of mine and he'll never know it's my will just think I Google that some of the adults have you ever taken a picture of your own dick Gavin have you ever done that you can say you don't answer to no answer no of it but it has been in a picture of the purpose of the photo is not to take a photo of your dick that nothing never done never a moment when you're like man this looks real good most vaginas are not pretty most what's wrong with you sideways person on two different time leap everywhere you look you see me just pictures of Ardex like this it's a choice to take a photo of yourself naked there just Barbara little barbar someone hack your iCloud account just getting dead people get it why would you take a picture of your own dick when you finally a well-lit good-looking dig for Google if I can will you take a Facebook profile photo vs. like actually meeting someone if I send you a picture of their own die for this and your random picture of a person that on the Internet it's still as offensive it's only fair that I also don't think people that send death threat I don't think 99.999 percent of those people are dangerous and anyway I think you're just fucking idiot but it's not the job of the person who is receiving a figure that whether or not someone or not you send that message and that person you should be punished by the law for sending that to somebody but I still have those people are dangerous people but I just think they're fucking dishes and everything distance of the camera light not change if the dick is small like not the focus or if it's just like this or if you like so we can see it again so I'm looking at your camera just like the side of your shift and fill the frame is just like skin it's not offensive exactly right it's right just like 160 edgeridge isn't you don't know what it is we're on the same page will be going in laparoscopically to remove and how to describe it oh man I got in trouble for cursing on a plane really hit the other day some of the kids yea somewhere the kids sitting behind me Soccer City of Temecula I'm from Austin to and what you know I know you guys get energetic when you're talking and doing a lot a lot of f-bombs the kids back here if you could refrain from it and let her know when you get energetic when you talk to just if you could refrain from using language like from Austin to bit stuffing turkey cheeseburger kill fat fuck wow sorry it's a little fat ass salty Viking podcast and I really felt alright what happened today we didn't talk about the couple things off my list here that you don't even want to talk to you about the fact that President Obama decided to come visit Austin for a fundraiser on the first day of South by Southwest this year that is going to be traffic nightmare here in Austin and it's going to just chill the city already and then Obama's going to show up and it's going to be awful today and the last thing I wasn't crying car video baby I need to play ball here but you didn't so you didn't do that sweet thing this week how are you doing this what you doing are you doing okay then I will I will go through it I will find a treat for each of you that I want to know more information about okay gu forget we got so yea dig through all the stuff in the meantime and everything were venting with my phone I got your right here Twitter The Amazing Race's happens yea I can't find it dead send it to me in a tweet about it that you an idea for using Touch ID for different functions on the iPhone and actually go ahead free program I left index to unlock the third straight into video mode you can swipe up into and probably a selfie if that's what you last and you flipped around flit switch to feel like I'm looking and straight into what you want is the next step from swiping up from the reason that you can only program two different fingers touch ID like I feel like they should have more by 10:10 what is 5 scans the same yea I do multiple scans the same thing you said you too there's a my bank app has a thing where you could use your fingerprint to get into your account GetGo on your lock screen use a finger to get yea if I put my left to help when somebody quickly like to stop filming it's still not very fast this came up because I surprise Gavin when the jetway of a plane hoverboard and I like turned a corner and I was at the sharp corner or some of them in there I thought I think I'll stay unlock it and get there we can do the Abdul considered a selfie videos slow mo for photo this is quicker than that somebody Mary oh she's doing that was and she said it was her it was her birthday she was a real birthday so I wasn't here to celebrate celebrate no she wasn't she wasn't in town about where she was vacationing and other favorite movie or something about communicating and every decision maker the game studio is there so like for example one morning I got there a little early cuz I want to get some coffee and ask you some email so I walked into the lounge getting my coffee and I look up and it's like okay okay okay Jimmy standing right next to me you know you just happened to be there and sit down at a round table discussion and it's like oh cool Randy Pitchford in Fergus catches last name City Entertainment just like sitting there talking about building a community center like them how do you get started on your 25th anniversary and during the average play time on a game blue for someone who on civilization 150 hours average playtime average you know there's like 18 hours a day that are like really pushing that wrong way it's just mind-boggling to think back over the history of the series about all the time in the relationship to me anyway he said that very frequently when people walk up to them to talk to about civilization the first things out of the mouth of the reason I dropped out of college talking about that day because it's it's it's really fascinating to listen to you you can try I don't know what's really cool as someone who's a big fan of your games to see these people and I'll be able to talk to them as a mess up here so it's very humbling smart good luck charm will strap up with everybody not like will see you guys next week