#365 - Salty about Salty

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the Oscars, the word "salty," weird horror manga, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on February 29, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-03-01 19:08:41

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Miles Luna


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Transcript (in progress):

Blue Ruin movie review podcast this week brought you by Harry's nature box and squarespac I wish every week was brought to us by harry' NatureBox and squarespac the week definitely is part number 365 delete your podcast that's not happening again until 2044 when I'll be too long in the cold cold ground eye it was going to be alive I'm Gavin miles and I'm also did you know this is the first Monday of this month since 1998 the first 5th Monday of February that I was born in February how to say when's the last time what is a blue moon Gavin once in a blue moon what is a Blue Moon the Moon goes with that was in a blue moon called me out and I feel like I'm going to bed I wasn't there one day next year Wednesday least favorite miles and I don't know why do that do you want to go see what he courage okay short in your head and I think it's next to him about this on Friday no I never even think about it I can't leave people be like Easter was on a Sunday whatever this Ali flight the dramatic remember any day I can remember the name of that 19 Blue Moon the second full moon in a month and it also can be I guess an additional full moon in a season with a blue moon that's not it I thought it was kind of something right into astronomy can you talk about space is that mean that the first day of the month was a full moon and chances are before the end of the month to have his again I mean it's like what is the first day of the month is a full moon and there will be another full moon and New Moon full moons in one month you're probably not the time for that Blue Moon what is called what is it called when it happens I have the same socks miles no I got this and I don't have different shopping with John rising over the weekend every I finally I got new pants can every pair pants I own has a hole black Moo Can that's what it's called I've never heard that before it's wicked did it so you know they thousand years ago or who live in East Austin Ube the weekend probably next weekend I think I know the next weekend as hell yeah we got a friend she does she does sound therapy sounds in my Facebook feed the first time I have ever been on a podcast miles I have been it's been very long time to break a tree can bring miles out I was like like I said give her some time off to work every Monday at him not drink anymore alcohol drinking habits and then we ship it on another topic and I think people thought that the conversation was getting too sad and everyone slowly realize 2 inches up on Saturday it was really hard to not drink at fir easier now but still really want to drink have people have that I'm going to people my life it's like that I'm very genetically similar to the night they like I mean alcohol is like they can't resist it but I'm that way with craft cards like scrap service Cardinal God I was on a movie set the last two days last week and it was a fucking craft service card and I was just like I'm eating right I'm not knocking do anything I'm just over there like that one too it looks like it's not just follow you wherever you go it's always there so it looks like I'm not doing that now we have those here this production Cycle Gear immersion was like I would just buy the car for the dogs for the dogs for the dogs Metal Gear immersion in cages they were just out here at night so happy. Never thought they would bark when they see a lot of fun it was really the lobby bursts Turner's the scientist I didn't mean it was cool cuz one the first things I ever did for the company which would help out on the do members and shoot I remember that that was a word Jack's house got broken into again and I kind of wanted to talk to that guy I know the answer this for me to answer I would except I have to work on getting in the building so I kick him the fuck out when I first showed up the short-season the shorts I don't know which one it was I remember but I remember but I take you lunch and I was like Ali G thanks current temperature knees and watch the Texans game blue do I call when I was out I went to that office a few times transfer files back win I think we're still doing much better but faul management Scott damn fucking stick power lines meet at a hard drive it's like everytime I think about you know kind of like so if you want to connect to a server file transfer for Mac OS remember the view that the last person in that drive had its always like set up into the access and then every folders expanded everything I wrote The Twist down as a photo that should be a hole down like you're right I did and you have a photos of throwing out the last person wanted it so it was decorated differently and everything gets all over the floor Brandon who like expect all of these all of these trees and leave them all open so you can see out of miles out do you still keep people out so you know everyone's face most people at the point when we have our meetings every Monday win at any time something new is at the office they're like in front of everybody a new HR person they're allowed to be here but I think they can both people I can name one of those people I can tell you for sure it was a GU who is that what that was and I quote I read was Ali was I think I'm sure you have been so Johnny and hole Gavin said you were there for that meeting last week one of them was Nathan the people person I'm good at Red remembering them to recognize do you keep people out of your life how can you get out please for you look at the door you were here even though yes it is your problem of like there's enough people around me I assumed that the responsibility of taking people out will surely fall upon someone that's smarter than me know do that thing was like at the highest position a security guard stands by the door making sure people work at everything you do gavi eye. That is the position that we needed his company and maybe if he gets introduced next week on Rivers Ave kill mega6 for cat this weekend #fre mega6 of War hashtag because I was really gu never forget the next morning and I'll check Twitter and I saw like 100 you tweets or some other planets little higher than normal and I started throwing up instantly like who was this email I click on it like it used to be before they change your name out of your mouth filter I tried to help I was always try to do whatever I could I buy message to Twitter Gamin try to stuff and sure enough they don't work on the weekends but that was their excuse is blocking accounts like getting no love for you Sarah do in the cat tweeting stuff over and over cat the bill like the law I said you're probably and then she looked at it look at them and she was walked and change it to somebody else got the mega6 your account can you change the username on Twitter you're gonna lose your old one take it when I switch on Burnie Burns to burni I did it like at 3 in the morning and I still had it all set up to go do I have a different account switch Burnie burn to Burnie and then to meet leads to the other counter Burnie burn should have done Jackson and I got my when I got my new account I didn't take out the old one I just didn't think to do that use my picture started tweeting as me and when I call them out there they change their neck was talking about this mega6 before that happens and you only took one the next day I went to work I told Gus that I change my account give me to start typing away when of your security guard cartoon avatars I'm going to scare you about her not just a security guard talking about a globally broadcast podcast we don't have any cable no trespassing beware of dog signs my grandmother did that even though her dog was like the most kind polite little thing so people will be where anybody thought you said you didn't know so happy that Leo one just because I'm so tired of that fucking joke I'm so tired of it pleco like the Duke Nukem win do you can kind of went away I guess Half-Life 3 kind of took it over same like you know like you go to the development for 12 years was halfway through this morning at 11 o'clock and crazy Jenny won the most Oscars of all time who won Oscars of all time if I can guess I'd say John Williams dead prefer prefer Walt Disney do one for just because I think with even likely they will the only ones was like 24 Oscar that's a pretty fuckin serious with him and he's probably a couple of special effects or sound eye win that was going to have on lock coloring color Oscar definitely all that and a movie Run start blue and all the girls in the back around a little fire is like a beautiful child Matt hole movie Superman vs Batman win Sarah correctly no regulars like on Twitter all the time like you the gets smashed then it didn't Matt still damn it man it looks like the same the same to look like the Spider-Man 3 problem and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 problem which is you know what this movie can use all of everyone both good and bad a load blue just like all I cared about was Batman and Superman but then they have to give us Aquaman and Wonder Woman doomsday Lex Luthor fucking out Louis is still be fucking around doing something like that you might like to see you I've never been a big Superman fan because he's a fucking Superman that's not a thing that's a rock like that I can review it was amazing the rock with no emotion behind it like a ride from its home planet that exploded box from his own Planet he would have been like the biggest win from whatever I'm sure you're pretty legit to the core of the Earth rocks on Earth would you normally get your butt superhuman really right isn't that something Breeze back in normal Dead Rising there's there's another Marvel and DC heroes which is Marvel heroes are normal people trying to be heroes and DC heroes or Heros trying to be normal people and I think to me that's what makes a lot of Marvel heroes morning because they're relatable like Tony Stark in his promise like alcoholism and Peter Parker was just a fucking do we even fucking Superman like all of his friends that he was trying to fit in a time that true I guess you could say that meeting so relatable in the same way that like a no segregation against different races and stuff there's a lot of like hate against some of that stuffing with Superman Superman being an alien but now it's like that sounds good Common Thread and Superman stories that he is not from this planet is an alien puts our current comic series Greg Miller always preach about as well as win if we can trust you here to save the world needs like in Kansas we talked about cool playing up the fact it's like there was a fucking Godlike superhero on Earth that would be a fucking problem like people would not be okay with that ass Red Sun where Superman crashes in Russia yeah that's that's a really highly controversial there be like hole to his following and I thought was really interesting that they're going to touch on that but now I feel like we're not going to really get to explore that at all because I'll be too busy watching doomsday Fir and then the next reboot you get all of that stuff was that he fights for truth justice and the American way and it's like you don't use the American way that anymore at all so he did not be like he wasn't able to fly like you started being able to miles critical Matt Lee Billingsley automatically get on top yeah I would need to make sure that really Ali and I was too but I would love to see meet you so I could send a reboot for later explanation of the Matrix fairly recently was like buried in the comment section so we're making it the red thread and it was a super long explanation of why the Matrix sequels were actually good movies and it made me want to go back and read what he said I can we watch the Billy Joel she's not going to hold up the things that made it so it was a lot of the original Leo Johnson agent Smith at the end spoiler on his face of the forms and like to be stretched out weird but it looks computer-generated win a computer so did you ever see Kill Bill movies okay cuz David Carradine's character bill has a big long monologue about the difference between Superman and other superheroes remember it's a long time the to be heroes just those are his clothes that he came down and that he dresses on the TV show with Dean Cain anyways I was it was on the blankets the blue the kryptonit cat that he came from his alien spacecraft alien spacecraft that landed in Kansas she took the blanket out of that made his suit kill I can't believe she always made it to that was that it's impenetrable somebody was able to sell it with a Singer sewing machine that's how is in a blended by being this week same person might say the same thing about bursts win after the events that happened to Bruce Wayne heat Bruce Wayne is just as crazy as the bad guys that he put the way to that he has to be fighting for something different where is the Joker fights for Anarchy and chaos and then eventually comes up with Batman Batman fights for what he believes is Justice there any way to remember what Bruce Wayne is the is the Persona that he puts on at the end of Batman Begins where the ladies like mask black Batman it's whenever he goes out in public he has to put on the Persona of Bruce Wayne when in reality they're going to bring the models to dinner with the Harvey Dent is that right then they get in the fountain know that stuff like he put on the show of being a Playboy II wasn't totally for some time before that I was concerned about Leo win the Oscar what that might do for us future Oscar nominees that's actually the arguing he was making was obviously best actor should receive vesse actors acting abilities and it doesn't really good acting is it necessarily mean suffering and doing and saying things from your role so like like Christian Bale losing his shit ton of weight for what was at the machine and it's only 35 pounds Leo keeps on the hole I ate raw meat and I will have them in all that stuff it's it's kind of scary you don't have said this president said you can come to go through this insanely transform that you're Factor Fear Factor do was ask I was just concerned like I hope this doesn't set they're not for actors or something like that during the Martian Matt Damon early in his career he played a soldier in a movie called the same program no in the line of fire courage Under Fire woman in the first Iraq War soldiers she win the Medal of Honor posthumously she was the first female to win the Medal of Honor for Emily first female tank commander maybe he played a soldier who returned from the war and he had HIV so he lost a ton of weight for the role any permanently damaged himself but he probably didn't damn it I think it's pancreas move so that she could watch The Martian I was very I was watching when you'd like it towards the end of it when he dies spoiler wait what did you see the skinny version of a cell phone courage movie nominated Dreamin Wendy show the clip in the Martian they showed that his beard was digitally added on it what's that you know Matt Damon stats tracking and it do it for some of the close-up stuff but for that one time but that doesn't mean by Andy Weir dead so much good stuff in the book that's not in the rear I hate when people say that the books out of the movie but the book is definitely way better than them grueling it's you know I feel like in the movie It's like a in the book it's like this is impossible I'm going to die there's no way to fix this and then like maybe this will work okay cool it worked you know it's it's it's a lot more gray Matt is pretty huge setback in the movie when the hole on the back so that is a huge gets worse okay but if you're looking to see that thing was it was included that was the plan for cannibalism which eye they left out of the movie entirely remember that the cannibalism on the Hermes okay alright yeah such a great moment is Rodriguez in there why is the Martian a mark on your mind everyone to this episode of the your digital cat a beard with a harry' star to do with anything we'll get this Mark is the third month of the year also have to be our friends over at Harry's 3-year anniversary as a business. 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Mary Edwards Walker and I probably had that for like six months to the end of you and me that was Mark Hamill bursts in the blood vessel in his eye while filming the first Star Wars had to do that in the trash compactor scene he was doing so many takes back and forth of him having a hold his breath for so long must of liked that scene with the car accident thing Empire the hole look so different like it came on we just watched I just watched the first one and the second I was like the edge of his face as he was I don't know it looks so different to me really I saw earlier C3PO the stupid arm earlier today I think it was a Mental Floss tweeted this image of a bunch of C3PO and they hit on Oscar in it and they're like I bet you can't find the Oscar in the same and it's almost like a it's in there somewhere and we're just trying to go through and find out until someone likes to go to the comments and find it or just browsing the web today he sent me an old webcomic I hadn't seen him for ever oxycodone Friday and I thought it was and give me nightmares like I haven't 56 it's a mango it's just like a weird creepy little story lovecraftian it's just like it's not scary it's just creepy and it makes you really uncomfortable and I miss is that there's an earthquake and what part of a mountain slides off and when it does it exposes that in the mountain like in the side of the mountain there's all these human shaped holes perfect like like I'm talking Looney Tunes Wile E coyote through the wall perfectly sane people see it on the news report on television and then it like draws all the people to it and they're like I'm looking for my hole it's called the Enigma MN Flex so people are going to their hole and then it's like they walk up to it and it sucks them into the mountain I'll be able to figure out what's happening a bit trapped in there and like the center that everybody the black people shaped holes in one by one people cycling that's mine that's my hole so if you wanted to find the hole in one of the putting Little Pages Hamill read right to left reports like this one character that she has a panic attack on the mountain because she says I'm afraid I'm going to find my hole and then I have to go in and the kitchen was like me you don't like nobody's forcing you to go win you know once I see it I'll have to go in and sure enough she sees it she was this is my hole this hole was made for me at the library to live beneath the Earth that's the thing like you just have to go in courage too tight and constricting under multiple the under unsettling like this like it was like nightmare fuel I didn't want to go to sleep it's called the Enigma Scott it suck if you didn't want to find a hole but you would like 745 and you like it's just man it's still gets you like that store it's like they don't go too much to the death explain why is it there now it's like there's this thing that's creepy if I leave it over explained it was really the first one but there's a girl what's up with that someone came up with boxes what does Dead Space 2 have that challenge to see who could kill Isaac in the most interesting way and we can put into the game Final Destination series eye movie started as an episode of The X-Files and it was never made did you know that I didn't watch The X-Files going up because of theme song scared me really dungeons in Zelda summer trip me out vampire level in Conker's Bad Fur Day scare the shit out of me as a kid all that like his usual like babies laughing that's what are the best one of the things that gets Knott's Scary the earliest in life like I found it when I was a kid I would be scared by music and stuff and that war up way sooner than not being scared of the dark I was scared of dog longer after into my life than interesting music I said I had a weird Revelation as a little kid about the dark like I think all the kids are kind of scared of the dark but remember one time I was really really young you know I was like in my bedroom or whatever in the lights are off and I thought to myself everything's exactly the same there's nothing different about this room right now except there's no like being afraid of stupid I was just over at the house soundesign or something I eat shit like soap soap of your sample a few weeks ago I of this is never happened before my life I kept waking up every half hour from a nightmare and I didn't sleep that night the same night no no no it wasn't a nightmare is in like normally watching a movie for me but this was I lay my head down I feel like I would fall asleep and then it sounded like someone went up to my nightstand win and I need to shut up like somebody was just right there another one was in a little tassels that hang down from your ceiling fan I lay down I close my eyes and it sound like someone and he did against the top of the ceiling fan sleep I thought it was awake and that someone was in my room and I did not fucking sleep with a poltergeist could have been cat of Indian burial grounds in Supernatural thing not me personally no go ahead and I was at school. Houston I needed girls who live off campus in an apartment and one day it was like a two-story apartment is like the living room the kitchen the stairs in the two bedrooms upstairs one of the girls was home alone in her room studying that she thought she heard her roommate come home she walked down the stairs look around there's nobody there so I thought maybe was my neighbor or something so she walked back up the stairs then turned off the light for the downstairs and then she said she heard a whisper that said we don't like the dark hole in the door she was the kind of permanent lock the door to go right and it's it's it's like what the ghost know that you were going to run also I was wondering what would happen if like to go Scott like what the fuck you say I'm sorry Frontera take your kid to a ghost sounds like he's been really friendly but passing through the different planes of existence of gets track Central difference about the same really wet dreams lucid dreams are pretty rare that you really know that you're dreaming but I've been sleeping on planes a lot more and I just waited I was going to play and I can also I need to sleep miles bullshit anymore it was like a man and it's like it lets you know it was coming but you head off you might need to be like someone left the light on wake up now you're always say damn it what's the scenario do you need to shut your eyes it's a stupid is as stupid now what we need to evolve is black Pilots because it black black don't do it but stop light because I would do that if if if I were to change one thing about the human body I would make it so that the tube that are used to breed is not the same to buy used to eat and drink that is the greatest faul on the family was only because you would you call it a choke point Translate design flaw if I make this piece of shit we won't teach them how to use it but they were cat Kill the Boss summer sleep upright on a plane Gus stupid I must go to do and I keep getting lucid dreams and the only reason I know I'm Dreamin it's because I get curious unlike all my eyes open right now and I think in real life I have reached up and I feel my eyes the shot and I'm still seeing things but that's how I know I'm Dreaming because stuff is happening in front of my close eyes but I know my eyes are closed it is a really bizarre feeling like thank you and if you sleep so bright so you're saying in your dream You Could See ya soon as the man of your dreams and you touch your face but then you felt your fingers felt like cloth or whatever but you didn't see your hands or anything you just trust this is reality you would realize reach up and touch your eyes checking to make sure it's cool cuz that's what I always had a lucid dream in my life and it's what I was really like 12 or 13 I remember the dream was I was I was being chased nightmare star the nightmare like something was chasing me and like I ran into a public restroom the head the closest all and I was looking at the floor like trying to hide then I thought oh wait a minute it's a nightmare and then I remember like the stars like the walls of the star just fell down and then I was like whatever I was on the train I was off it was also being chased by somebody was a nightmare and have of the chase I realize I was dreaming so because I still didn't want to get caught for some reason I bet everybody on the train to make as much noise as possible so I can wake up in the real world that cuz I was a little kid and it was my logic and then I woke up and now looking back on it I had a golden opportunity to do what countries are there black Astros mascot that when they I mean I sleep in a little bag them if they're just floating around aimlessly that be some interesting Dreamin do that for me Leo TMNT Scott Kelly yeah sometimes things happen that are weird he's back now and then do you hear that the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke the first time in 10 years I miss a lot of gas in the chamber just mention that I did I did okay but he made a joke about calling from jail and that's literally the only thing he said in the Supreme Court as a Justice for 10 years and I believe was February 22nd 2006 how are you supposed to tell a joke yeah that's the one soap when you're sleeping so when you fall asleep on a plane Gus you fall asleep Ali show me your posture if you fall asleep that's good sleep lately star to sleep before you can leave and sometimes I'll do this this is what I'm assuming happens I do that what is doing this I feel like I've done this I'm going over there on the floor and then I fell asleep with my forehead on the back of the chair in front of me for whatever reason the problem like if I fall asleep sitting up like if I don't reply my seat and I'm like this right and I fall asleep I feel like if I sleep for any amount of time my tailbone hurts like all my weight is down right there on my ass Get Along 2 slow it down in your office and most people don't know if I 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before the podcast came up if I can try and doesn't let you say goodbye the weird mystery ingredient starts and I can confidently with my meeting gredients I buy nature box.com / Rooster Teeth the gets 50% off your first box now nature box.com / Rooster Teeth right now the price for 2016 one last time that's naturebo Star Complex Rooster Teeth for 50% off your first box of delicious high-quality snacks sent directly to your doorstep mile do need them I didn't think you need your box for supporting the podcast we love you and I'm going to try to get away from the microphone I know for a fact so many people watching right now but John just tweeted that he and his friends are doing like a podcast party and there's like there's like a million people there so much Herman know this person of 20 people and for whatever reason I'm like I have so many people watching win this one picture of like a small group of people ever podcast play the drinking game Dead on Hulu burn a texting buddy to buddy tell me about drinking but how about that drink app on the Play the name of it but you can contact me it was like uber but for cameras in the world like you say I want I want to know what they're cleaning the Gum Wall in Seattle I want to see that and I got to go to Seattle to see it until I just type in somebody that nitrogen go look at the Gum Wall and give me a video of it and then you've got the person like they accept your request there in Seattle they walk over the Gum Wall the hold up they do start doing a live stream to you and get directions like turn left turn right and it appears on their screen then turn left and turn right like they're your camera that's why the Lumiere do gets paid to do it right but I believe what you say was it 8080 cents a minute with your phone weird mark on your head your Gus's like private investigator damn my wife have somebody that's going to be doing that crap for Ali to drive around in and then and car people around dead the person that said she has an interview today so they won't of course can't say your not busy if you want what would you do and I said the same thing is that if I win Amazing Race $20 I'm going to buy a Rolls-Royce and I'm going to drive the Rolls Royce that's what I think it is and then nice of you to do that really expensive to rent a Rolls-Royce in the waiver signed by people and really get to talk to them typically never even try to talk mile swing Stewart clip of the Cat video do we talked about a few weeks ago when I mention that when can I put up a video of my Twitter account on my Twitter account viral propaganda Bible jokes and of them like you know whatever like black men or something like that there's Ali I have real jobs like they have like this one it was like 2 or 3 fake World Star Hip Hop accounts they weren't actually WorldStarHipHop accounts accounts they were just they were like Worldstar but the L in the world was of one bill and it was like 2 or 3 of those and they were like they're ours we can claim ownership also parody account. And something else for you know it was even there yeah but I still like to try but yeah it was so I think I'll put some like it side there that I'm missing Ali daughter that's a lot and what does a person get out of that of liked it so I did so I have to tweet about this product cat in the door I thought about replying with a picture taking her car for dinner the clip of me and Joe are like smashing my face on his head and every like 2 or 3 months I just posted by different like million follow-up account and it just has a caption posting your pet to spend time with you like that gif I've been getting ready like five Tweets in a row that have included that's a sign that I posted ages ago it'll be exactly what I said but it hurts and I'm I don't understand the vine on the Vine app just makes that person tweet it like it was you it like it was damn the post now I know it's weird so I was curious about earlier today I've never Ali you said you didn't know what was the app idea that God puts on the play Ali said I wanted to try to spend eye win during you know you can you can try to get that I'm going to pay $25 for Twitter and I'm going to see how many followers I can get so early today I paid $25 to see how much does it cost to get a follower what do you mean but you can run black of Twitter ads and for $25 15 inch I got $12 out of $25 so anyway it's like that and they click on it you get the follow-through that bad that I discovered women are much more expensive than men to gets follows yes how did you discovered only by women who follow do women cost $4 each and then cost like a buck 60 each how to put the ad in front of someone gu follows a little pissed off about it because I wanted to find out what I like I like who are these people who are not following before but if I haven't already told you know you like it and so I don't know where they're from or anything but I also had for you for some the UK through this after like 4 of them from the UK so just give me some stuff that's really interesting but there's really no further information about hole and he heard you say experiment 25 bucks so how could you explain explain that's okay Matt what you did today explain gave things of value to someone else so that other people could listen to what I said do you think do you think it's even possible for all of you right now to make it 2-0 followers if you had to start tweeting things that will get rid of lower mega6 I wonder how low you can get like posting certain images like racist sexist of 25% will be really scary if you started posting all these things that would you would think would lose you followers in your cat started without you we physically cannot post a video and get interviews it would just never happen ever but if if it's always good to me post a video have it have no views or like all of your family dies I'll be like my family is dead there's no way like on unlisted video check this shit out of it with that with that caption I had to get less than a thousand views it would still get one of those beers and that's what's crazy about like this this whole life numbers profile based stuff that he gets to the point where you can't go anymore does it right now you have no do you have your phone is like you for having him watched your story I believe that is correct just another guy your guy he said he was the most followed on Snapchat it wasn't a music account do you know who is the most downloaded personal what was her name Danny Danny something and it was just something she said she was the most downloaded person on the internet and we can refute that but she just like she said that enough time to work through most downloaded there's no way you can prove that woman unless you were the first result on a Google image search for boobs or woman or women or test bursts return is my Internet working and you will become the most downloaded fir the website Google interesting that way anymore okay that was a long time ago what each other over who was the most downloaded person woman on the internet popular do you think of all the miles in the world where do you rank as far as like most popular most searched for Miles I'll never be Miles Davis I don't know miles does Miley cat Miles Davis Mark Davis Gavin the only guy who is the lead singer from Bush right Gavin Rossdale yeah he's One Hole by Gavin DeGraw Miles Teller he's laughing at them you got $460,000 she was getting for Fantastic Four and Chris is in all the things I'm doing and I'm so happy that there's not really another miles that I run into you at the day the him according to Josh Testa on Twitter but you can see how many views you got on your story on Snapchat this weekend anyone so I was definitely everything I hate that I tell people that I was right on top of it indicate that you're not enough you had to go you 1918 Elijah in a long time and I was Paris going to walk over to Fantastic fest with actually we were walking over from that we're going to be walking over from the house I've got that old house we park there and then walk back over and I was prepared to go because we're walking like always think it's about time we lived over here and all the stuff and then we got to the front of the Alamo and run into a lot and I'm just like at me like I'm periscoping this is life just as you never know I mean it's like yeah I've seen you in awhile but she just closed of course it happens while your live on camera well get over it because of shit is fucking it's lame and I'm sure we'll have accounts in like 2 years I'll be too late to be effective it is not yet but with me at Texas communication media is the reason I never joined Instagram back in the days I got I want to take pictures and have that be my message I'd rather just type something that's what it was kinda funny and hundred forty characters how bad was the last Saturday I was trying to work from home and I had the worst case of writer's block I had in ages and because Norma how's working at home alone and I would like some consolation just tweet like a password rest of kylo Ren asked me and I didn't realize it like 6 times a day and you texted me at like 6 like a big gun text me that night on Twitter it's fine everything's fine all five of them yes I guess one of the other than just one Greg nope nope nope black 1964 Jordan children whose mile text Josh Sorensen text me Burnie Wisconsin state of the same thing you think of me HD got a sick kid at school me to call Gavin Free C3PO the silent treatment now now preciate Tryon trying to work and called Gavin Free he's going to do it as your phone ring Gavin phone number for Gavin Free height eye cancelled in do it didn't work at all acerola where's my do I under now it just call Gavin Free I got yours then we go Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready does do anything for me anymore she does nothing garbage can set a timer cat she can't do anything I said she was like don't tell me I haven't said anything what's the Dead Sea if it is enabled cat want to come in and close all your tabs under my name win this after the podcast is also brought by Squarespace Squarespace site specially designed regardless of your skill level there's no coding required for intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year but your free trial site today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure to use offer code rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful thank you to Squarespace for enabling everyone to make a website everyone should make a website and everything that's way better Sacha Baron Cohen came out dressed as Ali G to do a presentation I was like oh God no the office it's so funny because everyone noticed I was I was not watching the Oscar and I was just following Along on Twitter that I was doing it it wasn't like that for an hour or day or whatever they're actually for award shows I would pay money on Twitter and Facebook do you have a mute this person until after the next election and then there's like a then all the sudden they're back there something other than just fucking Relentless with politics they are like there's something different about this election where I have had so many people come to my door to give you literature about this election really never had this happen before multiple times a day like some my door telling me to vote for someone like this get any of that it was from a Muslim woman and she said if you know people on the right can't seem to understand how the Muslim world could be dominated by a small minority that scene over a couple of the demagogues well here you go this is what it's like and you're in your country and it's like there's people in this country that would like to search polar gets of the rest of the country yet somehow somehow there that's like they're dominating the news you know and now America looks like a racist like isolationist Nation does apparently likes it if you like to say yeah if I just replied to every one of his tweets which shop you can hear me now he can't see you for that you can be sued for anything but he wouldn't win they're probably not but hurt you take me to court or out in the parking lot will ask everyone to do it anyway this weekend how to pull a prank on Donald Trump and they got him to retweet Mussolini quote and they said they worked on it for like a year or something like that they got that the plane was going to play a long time they made like the council between them all the time in the box and tweeting inspirational quotes for the real quick he said it was like they were trying to get into reading quote which way is better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years old naturebo do to me somebody stole it is it the people who do that stuff you don't realize they're getting someone they don't like and I'm sure there's people who look like as you think straight when of them and they should do that if they want to but these people obviously don't like Trump and they're doing this thing we spent so much time doing it they're just getting more press which obviously is something that he's working very well for him getting hole of that press every time you said something inflammatory so this is like to add flame to that fire just not help like suppress him in anyway it's just like it just adds to the Mystique of Donald Trump there's nothing at this point that could happen with an old truck that would like like you said it's going of 00 followers it's like the joke about walking on the street and shooting people he was still win the election and it's like the primary not the actual election itself but it's like it's like ridiculous statement added to his mistake and someone who was good to you I forgot it was in there the other day no not I think like a man too happy about it though what a minute stuff today what's going on Matt the name of that I think is you guys put a slug but Imma see what happens when was it was like this all the time it's like people using shitstorm that Gus Carr you want to but I feel fine I feel good and I'm pretty happy I'm a little tired I thought of you tonight I got called one of the most incredible things I've ever done in my life like this being the 29th of February this is the end of the first two months of 2016 the first two months of 2016 have been like beyond my wildest expectations of how awesome a few months could be it's just been incredible the first bar 2016 it makes you wonder what the rest of this year will be like if the first two months of this year have been so fucking credibly team stats 2015 - 91 you know he's passing on a post-show we can talk about it much of the podcast but it is crazy like it was so fucking long ago so long crazy. Compare the two years it just like that in 2015 even though it turned out to be overall a good year had this horrible thing that happened at the beginning of it but it's like the win 2016 to charge but not feel like talking yeah it was crazy I can't talk about but I would love to talk about and hopefully Christmas lights just like not invited to the White House and everything crazy this is like what and I was like I don't care I'll come out and changed on my social media live in Los Angeles because of pop up in Los Angeles sic meetings whatever I don't want people to talk to you next time you're in town or have any inconvenience this was a great example of that where they were like well you're in Los Angeles so we want to do this thing with you and I was like okay I'll do that it's Thursday and Friday next week and it was on Tuesday and I said okay that's fine I can make that work then on Wednesday they called me back and we changed it up it's not going Thursday Friday next week it's now Thursday and Friday this week so can you make it is like Wednesday at 5 p.m. I was like what time is the call time the morning at 8:30 a.m. that's like before any flight gets into LA and I was like I was like yeah I can do it as you run to the airport that's exactly how I used miles high miles used the airline miles it was like that's the way to book last-minute trip to LA and back for like twelve thousand miles away I've never had that so and it was like this will cost me 11 bucks when you redeem miles for a flight project I can tell you about but that's your project when people do that like they know they can't talk about it but this is something where it's like this is somebody else's thing that I was involved with and it was no different entirely different sociologist used men's golf at least you have certainly been talk about what we thought was let's find out we're friends you think I have a little bit like that to snap Bill good how do you keep track of everyone's guns on on social media you see everything so it's because Eye Care that's it that's my hole secret if you could just adopt that philosophy to life just care then you would be in the Scott never never about the next time like other people's problems are like their problems to you like you want me to help with it what are mostly useless and I do help out in whatever way miles you're right so we only have 5 minutes left too much of a deflection to talk about how you pissed off the entire audience Scott you were told this ought to proactively and a problem that's a great way to phrase it Gus a way to phrase it mile that it was that many people is a very vocal group that was the tweet that started it all was my most liked tweet of the month of February really so it wasn't like everyone was pissed off they were people who definitely liked it as well I just never knew everyone focuses on the negative probably like subreddit someone made a threat that was a lie my dog throws up sometimes when it does but it doesn't eat as dogs do sometimes wonder if he said someone posted this trip going to see if someone throws up sometimes he says he has a problem and Cindy Yorkies to have this disorder where Bob Loblaw he would take his dog to the vet and see if his dog has this Medical problem and eye when I read that essentially the post said to me hey gus your an idiot if your dog is sick you should take it to the vet didn't let me I took it to the vet my dog has been to the vet about the specific problem no more that's it that's it that's why there was no further information of the story part of the story just cut all that out until the interesting part so the person and then it sounds like we need to tell Gus this so that my social needed to start getting do you know I saw the post I almost sent you a link to the poster to help gets help that's missing for Bill even have all the facts will help help help it's nice it's useless gibberish that begins filling my feet okay it's almost like a denial-of-service attack where you said how to keep up with everyone I read everything you said to me on social media so when I start getting a lot of the same shit over and over it's disruptive because then it's like I'm missing actual message is an actual communication we gotta do sometimes I thought okay I thought I had to be a big deal I'm going to start seeing this let me just send a typical angry Gus tweet that people will see it that way I guess he knows he's always mad Matt the constant flux in the garage should be sending someone else if I have a Twitter timeline he only got to him twice which is blue retweet but it's from you this weekend for like 12 years or something whenever twins 2003 13 years ago and you Angry Birds Eye Bill sponsor for 11 years and this is the most asinine thing I've ever seen I guarantee you they're way more acid I was just saying no one's going to care about this big Groundswell of support for Conan O'Brien and like a Rally's eye what to keep Conan O'Brien on The Tonight Show on NBC and I was like he was moving no one is going to care that in like 6 months no one's going to bring this up no one can give a shit and what somebody wrote it seem like it was like breaking down and I was like I was like damn it was set by that people just gotta go I gotta be honest with you guys might think that I've said countless times is that this is primarily a comedy show and like one of the ways that we have come to the shows we think we're OK with getting mad at each other damn it I can get mad and scream again for 10 minutes and then go like if I can meet up sometime when you come up to like you are then part of the show and it's like you gotta think about that experience it like when you step in and you forget about I know that someone try to help Gus with a helpful tip about her dog falls in Africa the other person in the kiss my ass so then why bring up the do I bring up the do it's just I was talking about how he throws up sometimes I have to deal with that and that dead people want to participate there's a fucking problem maybe I should just go ahead and send it I didn't realize twice the amount of tweets are you really okay though we'll talk this through and it's going okay yeah I know it's like so they can just want you open that chain of command chain of conversation and they can do some people have the end zone but the fully sure it's not just that if you checked but I don't and I can get me back is what I'm saying if I DM somebody so they can DM me back even if I don't follow them because I've said hey let's have a conversation let's do this I didn't change when they made it was character Cindy probably but that's always the case it's not like the idea to have like 10000 characters in tweets or whatever that is 10000 characters is another change that Wi-Fi data call Marisa let me tell you like I didn't know they had polls on Twitter for months until last month I wasn't where the polls on Twitter posting voice but I thought that you were supposed to reply back the person with this election we can achieve but you don't see it I don't see it ever since the beginning of time with him Twitter what is it like so I treated this Emoji with just two hands up with like a little rays of sunshine come out of it what does that mean in Madden Nation we were having it some people said that was like probably from SpongeBob SpongeBob imagination I was like yeah the Phoenix what is the happy face that has a dollar sign for the mouth what is that I have no idea exit Emoji gets win this that every situation smiley emoji that looks like black guys eye damn this is my favorite emoji normalize and the straight line now :-) with a gun next to it give me time to wrap up I feel like I'm justifying me like that I just think it's just an asshole please like it that's what we do that's what we do and we love you for it do it very well that was nice it was so boring you got to have some controversy some conflicts to exist Gavin at running a booth at Comic-Con is the worst thing ever because that will happen will be a line to get something signed by something and it'll be about A2 minute line and then I will show up at the booth and I will sit there and chit chat with everyone individually for like four or five minutes and then our line becomes a 60-minute line thank God fucking hate that he's like you're fucking you're making everybody wait around for 60 minutes so they like you what you doing what you want you know it's like that so it's like sitting there in like chatting it up and then you know if you want to wait 60 minutes to chat up some people don't want to do that because I'm sorry eye sensitive online order these things just very different you have to pray easily offended I guess like everybody is more easily offended cat become more vocal because they're still if if everybody online if everybody that's on line was like the scent of a person out walking the street will be pandemonium in the streets like you see people that are like you know there's one person there between like oh so until fictional character died and like I've been sick for like 3 days and I'm thinking what's going to happen when someone you actually know do like that 98% Ali are you okay but it sounds aggressive if I ask the person are you okay is everything okay what level do have to know someone to have that like what level would you have to know somebody to have like an intervention with that person really with anybody so I can't imagine you have people here it's like look me in the eye I like what's happened what was going to say that to me okay what are you doing what are you doing here