#366 - The Intern Incident

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss interns, Ancho Reyes, The Matrix, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 7, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-03-08 16:35:02

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson, Miles Luna, "Nick"


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Transcript (in progress):

ancho come to the rooster podcast this week brought to you by caspe Ur Trunk Club and Warby Parker not brought to you by The Parke at Central we got Gus Gavin Barbara Blaine and Gus Bernie was supposed to be with us but he was on a flight that got delayed so we got Blaine and say we are a team we could have driven I don't stop every time convention 00 it was someone else or could have possibly happened in mile a memory Akon in Dallas in 2006 a comic the musician concert you can't do that. You want to try Million Dead trunk will a school this Sunday for the liquor and liqueur we are shooting an episode of million out here and we had to stop filming because we had champagne bottles popping in the other room is fucking Bethany campaign it was like 10 a.m. in the morning what the hell Havertys Outlet a visit today we celebrate that made with popsicle a bottle of acid what is it called show Lan driver no idea ancho rice rice made from in the town that my family from New Mexico what's it what's it called Moose Moscow Moscow Moscow gruch canara Tec on let's go before the show Miss kill mosquito but must go at 7 to the death of the liver Golden Earring face how's it going to some kind of peppery it so it's like a like a tamarind gu flag of Chile Rogue I can shoot that but yeah that's that's kind of how much you give me if I shot it will be $5 before the show how much do a dog biscuit tree but I don't know if your sponsor you can watch it live at Sweet a bit and before we actually go live with the podcast for the 15 minutes before the class starts you get a control room camera and today the control room gave the intern $5 to eat car dog destroy him with the show starts New York of areas so we were all respect starts we typically get food in for the cast and crew of that way people don't have to leave to eat since we work so late and this week new release like you said pies anymore and it took forever for the person to get to like a visible things like how many hamburgers does he care how many hamburgers are in 1442 big boxes in like 3 different risinge he was like this it is like she I love you will not fix all of the flight 93 Kia Pride overheard this in the control room before the show and life apparently he used to deliver noodles in Korea on his moped is so you should be good a balance no wonder what bus goes to the tree like 99.99% of the trip was done he was all the pressure but are you really suggesting Gus is like the body it was so fun it was really still a hamburger Barbara told me that they had on the floor I ate one intern to like when you fuck up like you take it to heart because I remember one time I farted on you and I was like purposely trip one bean bag is a good idea the nasty part of the name for the know and people like I don't know like the update no no no like hey guys how about the ashamed I'm just kidding I don't like to think that you think that was you it up beforehand let you feel it pushing and you like is it was doing like that I reach my employment due to Florida this is a winter the winter what would it be like if we called it Amazon Gus check on your chair I pulled out some underwear and I was like and laughed it off the lot I should not be like have a job here now so don't worry about it you're okay you're in good company Sim Blain Hour film Sim million dollars but today I know you weren't anywhere to be seen now it's not that I'm so the show runner running it from behind the scenes but and I will listen to the audio edits on shows like what the scenes are going to do but Drew is directing it the next couple episodes cuz I'm developing a new show I thought I cannot talk about maybe finish what you started but they need it now Blaine Gibson height a man Gavin found someone tourist was in Mozambique found what they believed to be a part of that missing Malaysia Airlines 370 flight really believe me I know tourist name Blaine Gibson spelled exactly the same and everything where is he from it's like tourist Blaine Gibson was walking on the beach in found the other piece of the wreckage the calling him an adventure and they're also saying that like he went out to specifically find the parts to the plane and I couldn't believe it he went out to see the thing is a lot of people tweeting me and you fucking fuck you this is a scam airliner he has he's wearing in this picture I'm looking I'll see if I can get it over on the TV it looks like it's Richard kill with a normal size wearing a homemade shirt for searching for the plane that's what the fuck have you ever been in brobible Revival BuzzFeed top of Reddit so you got going on your head I got farted on your mind what is the biggest accomplishment you you've had you've done doesn't explain it I just got you in Halo 3 enjoy basking in your welcome actually being having the chance to be as crazy as you want in the credits of special things for you at in the game that has a voice that's crazy window a drink for two weeks or two weeks and on Saturday was smiling when I can drink again with my two weeks Friday night at 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning it was like Thursday so do you think you going to drink on Saturday and I understand the question if I drink a lot did you get drunk quicker because you hadn't had any I think so I think the two weeks so I didn't think it would really affect me that much but I guess I was out of practice I think it's because you drink every night it's always in your blood to have a knot in your blood must be new went to Vegas for some work stuff and while we were there just call this all alcoholics and as Jeff and I just want to make sure we were not call expire Star Trek actually it was really difficult at first but then it got really difficult Jeff don't want to talk about this so whatever it was 2 weeks ago but I never mention the actual Parke house but when you're flying back from Vegas we stopped at of our flight got delayed out of the airport to stop at a bar in the Vegas airport and we saw former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright no I don't know if anybody even noticed or recognized it's just really surreal that like the first female Secretary of State ever walk then nobody says anything really really bizarre you know if your sponsored what show has been basically all day because my shoe is covered in gasoline because I was filling my tank yesterday and I spilled gas all over it they used to keep wearing it my jeep has a little quirky thing where when it's done filling it like automatically turns off and then that action that happened out of the tank praise and gratitude number to have your phone next to gasoline hour cuz it that's the problem people have static electricity it's not the actual phone itself I don't know my friend is pretty hot pretty shocked a lot of the students probably doing it I've been that scooter lights also what kind of winter is so people really dry and staticy even though it's been like 90 degrees relatively soon I think you and how are you going to be prepared in death would have to be buried or to be cremated but I think it's really selfish of people to get buried yeah I've seen that parently you can be put in an in an egg in a big egg like in the fetal position and then you become a tree the stupid out of town like what kind of tree can you lose his virginity why do a hundred years after you die someone could fall out of you in Services of those places where you can send ashes like cremated remains and they'll make a diamond out of you but you don't look like a diamond no I got no but I'd much rather do that than be a tree look like with their I think grandmother's ashes and it looks piled around the inside of the arm so it almost looks like the plan it was really cool that's cool that's great was it was like there's something there maybe like a light shining through the clouds if you can be a tree let me see the video ends with with being like look at his ugly graveyard look at this pretty far as they could be this but it's cool I tree die and in the afterlife is where of your body is it's like if you're in the graveyard I guess he'd socialize with other dead bodies that's why Goodyear Tires right on the screen that's like the size of your head I'm picking up Grandma and in like propose to somebody with their dead body of the Mustang that they don't like the person I'm going to do something different this year as if you want to be a tree very specific about it looks like every now and then when I first got it tested when I was 25 and I took it tested every couple years as well in this country but you're not very nice when you get your driver's license I don't know Star Citizen but I think you're you're I still fit my driver's license says limited term on it and has like always like special things about it and then he's never asked them to be an organ donor and I don't give blood really don't want fresh blood is your all dead people what are you going to get that checked out in the past two days it's like you should me too I mean I couldn't done it by other people yeah but I think everybody's really dirty I'm glad about that shit like having been married for a long time so I know if you suddenly got gonorrhea about did happen I just got another call the dead but you're one to talk you know where you live water Matrix could I come over I'm sorry I'm drinking pic a day a day of the year it will be the day for what with only found Matrix what's the whole Matrix all tree Matrix is not so this weekend so there's certain movies I feel like when you have cable you always CA tan salon Suffolk to see if you do it I'll be blown away if you actually come over but I need to make sure that you have anything going on this Saturday agents of Internet Ben Affleck a certain movie that you always see and you two better one like you always show on cable right like I always see the Matrix trilogy being played like on who-knows-what Challa KMC you're something you always see the Shawshank Redemption on TBS and you always see the Lord of the Rings trilogy on TNT but you could always guarantee on the weekend those movies are playing on those channels found on Spike TV 65 inches every time we have something you may be right I don't know what's yours six PS1 of head like forever how many TVs do you have bios yeah why you mean the house is going to be actually she has like one in the bedroom one intern a little office TVs in bedrooms but if you have a TV in your bedroom and now I need like my bedroom is relatively Tec free activities for the barbar UMass with anywhere though when I was a kid I used to have a television in my bedroom and I had really bad insomnia and in my head I a correlated that it's because I had a TV so I was used to like watching TV in bed and I'm glad it wasn't trying to go to sleep in bed so that's why I like ever since then once I graduated high school I never had a TV in my bed still I still need a TV to sleep I need something like Fade Into the distance like that I'd like to put up the volume on the voices stop light fading off and it makes me really sleepy you should get a a but I'm cold now one of the two it has a bunch of like different noises has like cafe San one so it's like people talking but in decipherable speaking highly recommend Pebble Beach the best their work is amazing fucking but you gotta get new Bumble connection I was going to say Amazon TV stick that was one of the things when I met you I was impressed so does that have any way for me to go to the huge TV at you like a school how many appreciate Tec is like TVs better than mile appreciates Tec and War like movies and watching them at home a lot of money to get big TVs like 4K 70-inch TV flag just every thousand dollars that to me that's expensive but not for TVs of that size historically I guess I just mean spending money in general dated a girl and she had this TV that would be it would Warby in and out and we tried watching aliens on it and she fell asleep during it and it was the worst how do you fall asleep during aliens the best action movie of all time but they just announced that there's two new ones and one of them cheaper so you need to have the actual a-ko for the cheaper one I think not you have to have a parent Lee you have to have it so that you can say Alexa buy me the new a-ko a different home yes but he was like apparently like you could that's one of the ways with those loopholes to get it so like you can get the smaller version I think what I'll do my big one out my living room and I'll have a little one on my nightstand Alexa Simon says I want to fuck your mom OK Cafe 10 so she said whatever you said it was love I don't know I'm really like I think you'll in Aaron's brother was like telling me all the good things about it over lunch the other day and I was thoroughly impressed so yeah it's like the future it's like I missed you very much he likes to cut them up so if you say like if you program it to say this is one example Alexa sexy time she could dim your lights in my star playing Barry White or something if she did she didn't the red lights red lights like to go to kill her if I could do could control the nest I would be a weekend soon I think that is coming make it hot make it cold turn off the damn thing I like so I'm buying this little thing where it so you put it into the wall and then it's Wi-Fi accessible he could plug in literally anything plug-in like speakers lights fans whatever and you can Alexa control those so I guess I like the lights off and then this conversation is going to be so I want to listen to this when I'm there shut your face. 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got their Amazon echos intern Ur import like coming over the funny idea for an destroy they're not going to mention but there's like so much potential for what you can do with that ech one of my favorite broadcast was on that one on the spot where it was like a fucking Looney Tune the sock landed on you you look down and then you left so fast that your beard was suspended in air and trapped it was incredible but it didn't go to left to right just like you couldn't you couldn't replicate that I think if you gave me a thousand goes I couldn't do that it wouldn't happen Jack stuck stuck on you there's this other disgusting piece of equipment is dead not like me because every Comes To Town 10 Fitness dog a week and we didn't nothing but film and go to sleep you can go out drinking at all we didn't do much The Matrix you didn't want anything of yours come out never drink with you Gavin parties why do I have to the pain of it so it's okay for like an hour before the past about ostriches a conversation with someone else anyway what is it is it a but she looks like little balls that's what I'm talking about the white stuff of this black stuff in the white stuff in the black stuck the Pooh I just a Google search for ostrich procedure to but I got too excited is it like to be at Shadle skin that looks like an icicle it's like a stream of white yeah it's it's it's like a giant bird shooting it's just because today that was an ostrich with them this week cousins and stuff and it was like the hidden leaves and grass sounds like the flu is happening I was looking at the ground as he was lots of black a little like fruit splat all at once it was like it just suddenly started looking up it's not free it's about a hundred tiny buds shifting black hole I have no idea what it was but I looked up it went in my in my mouth let me look at stuck in the tree there's an egg under the tree those like oh that's right her that she was hitting the top you throw up to the hit the back of my throat Dead Like Me 93 Iran the front of my mouth at the exact same time like to dump honestly not hungry first of the stuck just a tree Florence Italy the tree is really cool I can even see the top of it but they were like way up there my old house I had a tree very similar have we would grow like yellow balls I never knew week and what they work but the birds would come and they would eat those and a new with shit like black exactly like what you're describing maybe that's like way up in the tree for me and I found out that apparently whatever that is like that they called trying to bury it gets Birds drunk so that they're doing it in a long time and I thought it was convinced I'd but I was going to die can I come back and stuck to it I saw the Montreal and it's kinda like New York city where the pigeons are like people they're like they don't give a fuck if you're walking into it won't move it like walk around pigeons and I was waiting across and all the sudden I got like punched in the arm and I look and it's a fucking pigeon that hit me Walking With Flags but I don't know just like high tree foot traffic areas like that like if you go same fucking thing can you get three birds that fly at you and I've had them like post past my head and I'm like walking down the street trying to look cool you know like just being me and then there does the ask about the guy who was flying a little prop plane and a pigeon like flu-like clip the propeller and went straight through the windscreen and exploded in his face but obliterated but his eyes and stuff father having to follow you on a rollercoaster ride and you can sounds like but is there anything that makes you lose your cool Thank You See Your Shadow so I got to hit you in the but there's nothing else that makes you seem of school you mention that that roller coaster and everything about it simultaneously the dumbest and scariest thing I've ever heard of as an article I read over the weekend that I guess Samsun or dog Six Flags of several coasters they're going to do a partnership with Samsun where they're going to integrate VR headsets with the roller coaster should you put the headset on on the roller-coaster and as you're like falling and climbing whatever you see like a different VR experience like a dragonfly but like a fighter plane stuck right it was like to take you on a different type of the roller coaster but you're seeing something totally different pointless and Lan but I bet it's really cool it would be to actually directions sitting in something you know like you're just flying through the air like you don't realize come off and you're actually falling to your death from the roller coaster New Year's we read the same rollercoaster 15 times and you didn't put your arms up one I was terrified Square spherical a 80 degree drop this rollercoaster your hands up Sam Cooke and in fact that how to remove bumps the bumps are apparently the back in the thing gets more bumpy to bring dates nothing at all it's like it's like an old-school Kill Logic Six Flags field trips like that in the back of the same thing do you remember what it was for TV show world's craziest roller coasters and there was a bunch of extra stuff for people who like rollercoasters including a lot of kids who kept trying to sit in the front I don't have to be like no we're filming something so you can't sit like where the production Straits Barbara mode and got rid of them common thing get rid of my dad he was a football player but he was also in a band so he was like that one guy that was like everybody going for you know you have time in like have like team meetings and he would come out and play where the fuck this thing is true that's the one they were going to a state meet up for like band or something like that but he said that at one point he was like a lan super hit the floor intern of car crashes or bus accident I saw this really ridiculous photo earlier than that until star behind it this 54 year old woman in Illinois apparently hit a tree in her car 50 foot tall tree and then drove around with the tree still stuck in the car cuz she was drunk the whole tree hit the tree on top of your car airbags deployed and she still kept going police officers pulled her over and said you know where did you get the tree what happened she's like I don't know I've been driving around a lot like drunk I don't want to show it the people driving down tree and it said what she did what she done for like drunk driving and left I don't know it's like but that happens and you like put a dead person in ech with that tree I honestly cannot imagine that trunk it looks like a chair and fell funny just taking my tree for a while things have an incident this weekend car crashes car crash Blain and Erin we're going in town and we all shared a new bird in town and we saw like this pic car crash between two cars that like it just happened so like one car was off to the side and please car was there and we ran over car and I was like oh man if we stuck like if you were in an Uber and it went into a car crash because I need be like stranded somewhere and you have to call another Uber it was stuck and I couldn't bear to go home the car was pulling out another car runs right into the side of it right like literally two hours after we had that discussion and the guy was like what the fuck answer like getting out and yelling at the other guy who crashed into him and it was clearly the driver's fault because you're pulling out into traffic and so we got out and just took a cab home and still got charged for the ride were always work the guy I was running late for a flight to California call a Lyft driver and he didn't he was following waves and he did not get to Austin Airport but yeah so he and Austin went yeah and he went and he was like oh it's taken me this one is at the entrance is there that's like the only entrance is like what says do this and it but I'm just telling you if you if you make me late for my flight like that you know that's fucking sucks I'm pulling into like the service entrance we had to delete entire $40 charge from here to the airport a device that Andrew wants healing Health Associates company he still in college and he's like to post all the dog stuff relatable content that we put out car that work for you also a college kid who is like you know still doesn't know like if something's okay to stay here because he's like an intern he keeps like me the other day he messaged me and she wrote drove her to the airport made a wrong turn and then he did the emoticon like this like a bunch of times because of tan Millennial address for the president what of the company to the airport kill one of those guys get to read really good baton Blaine call someone who do I love Madison was uncomfortable ride because it's like 15 minutes this guy knowing that he fucked up and then I was late for my flight I told him beforehand that I was going to like my flight so he gets me there and he's like have a great day and I was fucking that was doing it through my phone on accident I hit the floor of the Skies like watching the whole time slam the door the schedule oh yeah I like him a big ol page now you can look up I figured look up your Uber rating 4.9 0.945 lift who gave me less than but I've been very quiet very drunk and it was before I'm happy I'm still at of 4.9 kind and courteous in an Uber or I just haven't spoken if the other person is not talking with nobody if they said to me if I get in and say hi and they say nothing and drive and then stop and I get out you have done their job right then so rude but really is not everything is just like it six that conversation and I have accepted and giving out business cards and in the left and I think I actually got it she got a job once like he was on war my sets his a. That's fine so I hate those like Chatty Cathy that you get in there any fucking know that they are your Lyft or Uber driver because like they just want to talk to people didn't like the woman we had mile the fuck you just like talking to no one and she was like are you having one of those days can go on and look like the wizard of one a really weird TIR experience when I was in Australia for RTX so we one night after I went to go have dinner at the steak place in Sydney do you have to have a few drinks yesterday have a few drinks so I took it over there and then we got in the hour from the hotel to go to the to the state police and the driver was going I was like really chatty like he's obviously that's her thing she was talking to the pastor so whatever here for a convention from United States you know this and that and whatever strong and we're sitting down eating and then listen to start slacking because I have dinner and I was like she knows where I am the fuck you know where she's like oh I know everythin she will not tell me how she knows what the fuck does she know I'm asking everyone to know how to find me someone who's like yeah we got time for that house later that night like a week later that night we called an Uber and some woman came and picked us up and we told her we can go eat and meet some friends and that and she's like oh I guess some people write on there from that convention you here for and they're like oh we're going to go meet up then if you like not do it somewhere else with the Chop House to the fucking over driver million that's how he knew that I did that shit she pissed me off this weekend free hard yeah yeah we're going out to look for Barbara and another the nastiest dance club in on 10 losses if you go there and you a sweetie yeah it's just gross but it's like you meet a lot of people there basically to music what's up with that you have to go there to get so me and another new was his fiancée and we like me two girls were talking to him in like things are going and they are lightweight so they're just like out so we with the dance floor and then I hit him and was like okay well this is going nowhere there is no what's up what did I do that's hilarious the girl that I wasn't talking to you is like I'm just gone so it's okay I gotta go take him outside he's like throwing her phone around and just like pitching a fit and stuff like that and I'm trying to calm her down but also like handle that over so like I have like these two girls in a socially caring one of them to the vehicle and I passed Bethany and she was like you make me sick and I was like no no no no no take them to their car and like on the way three or four fucking guys came up grabbed her by the hip and then like hay down to the last bid them farewell I got the girls number a-ko a walk back but then he's gone and I texted her and I was really bother I am back in an hour I'm getting a cab back to my place I don't want you to know that that's not me and she was like yeah she was like no it's seriously like I'm not joking around and she look yeah but you don't need to pick you up at in his life to those kinds of things yeah that's a big it's like probably seem very hurtful and those girls can be you know and I feel like as if it was Reye not stealing it is but let me read this on your mind with this episode of the podcast is also brought you by Trunk Club no matter what time of year it is you gotta make every second count that means looking your best no more ready genes are oversized hoodies it's time to upgrade your wardrobe and let Trunk Club handle all of that work for you trunk lip takes the hassle out of shopping but finding the best clothes for you and your style your look and feel amazing and will always have the perfect close for the season that trunk club.com slash Rooster Teeth you have two simple questions about your style preferences and size and your assigned an expert stylist or stylist will handpick clothes from the best 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encourage that nope cutting your cutting your arm with glass hurts and if you put those into it now that probably wouldn't work if you put in your household your eyes the legislature is noticeably we end up talking about this later what we talked about look for clubs even looking stylish thank you I'm actually out of but I need it I need to get a refresher get some more stuff and see you and let you know I'm not used to seeing that will usually I have one stressing my oldest shirt I don't wear it anymore anyway it is 20 years old now - the Caboose - one shot but your oldest Ur favorite Ur oldest is that the one you like the pics to you when you're like a little little tiny Gavin Free but mine is a large Pearce Mustangs football camp shirt and it's of my favorite shirts my lucky shirt to wear during finals and I know things are serious when I like a girl that shirt one size I know now I probably don't have any naked do you think I often do people lose their virginity like through the whole one up through the mine was okay really funny first time friend and when we decided we are ready but I like be ready we are ready you know I said like you know put it and he didn't have any condoms with him but his friend did he was down the road but living in Canada I think it was December or January it was very icy outside so I see him leave his house and start running down the street light bleeding and he was just like that's really funny a picture like a trail of fire behind him so he doesn't know I don't know if I ever told him that actually so that was your first time but he was very enthusiastic about it have you ever taken the boys anything this is cannabis a story it was okay but it's just like on the squeakiest bed and known to man was and she had it was worse than that it was like it into the wall anyways okay but what's the site so I met a girl at College we happen to live in the same Co-op together and she ended up moving out but we still talked after she moved out we went out drinking like things are fine and you know we decided to let you know start hanging out more so like that we ended up making love and I remember this is my first time and I was like oh that's kind of weird but I just want you because I were dating and I did mines like my series my only serious girlfriend and my future girlfriend anyways whatever that happens is fine you know we kind of split apart but we know we're doing fine well I had another friend who also with the coop with me if he's okay I talked to this girl and her name is like I know her but I didn't want to tell her tell my history because like I thought it would ruin it for him so I don't want to know let him know that we would be Eskimo buddies will still like it 10 really good and good for you too good for you and he came back one time is like he's so proud she leaving Grandma's like what's up he's like we did it was like he didn't I kind of feel bad but she said it's her first time she thinks it's an attractive quality and she just told every guy that I don't know but I think we were like it was like a couple of days or weeks later and we are just over drinks and let you know what he did and it with her and he was like complaining about her and I was like you know Cottage Portland bil I had also been with a girl and she also told me that it was her first time and we were both like destroy lied to us about her she said that she slept with someone slept with him again and told him through this time again she was in her right mind when we did it and I'm pretty sure knowing this guy he probably right when you buy it I didn't question it but it's like I have felt if I did she star the darkest chocolate hitting is shaped like imagine that on a bed yet Lake when a girl does not participate in sexual activities star fruit fishes eat through their anus did she did star but I don't know how to party they get fucked up really I thought and I ca you don't suppose he ever seen a starfish the underneath of a starfish Let's Roll there's a big under there but you have little jewels in the middle that's true I'm trying to I'm looking up starfish be some sites say yes some say no say no to the beach this is a bit awkward if we had Patrick had a but SpongeBob 42 of Patrick SpongeBob CA that was my city stor a way people who haven't done it the spread on the bed like that when you I mean other partners could be not very active Ur into it when you're having sex I didn't answer with a lot of women that you don't have to actively participate and they just lie there and get it done to you which I'm not saying is this thing of all women but it happens with some woman has a guy speaking to girls releasing his podcast be more involved because it's more attractive advice and just listen to me and there's apartment building and apartment building and a lunar New Year happen so the elevator repair company that took some time off and if I went back to fix it last week and when they put when they actually went into it to fix it they found it someone who is dead who apparently have been trapped in the elevator for at that point over a month and they said that their defense the Builder repair companies defense well we opened up the doors on the floor above of shut it down asking if anybody was in there and we didn't hear anything so we just cut the power and left it imagine stuck in an elevator I would get out you must have liked the switch between having hope and giving up so many times before you finally stuff today whatever you like they keep yelling at someone eventually would have heard that I think probably because like the time that they're like okay then they start walking of the electrical box and then they probably want a guy wearing headphones is like when we were at E3 I stayed at a big hotel I guess it's for a hotel with six tree right down for the convention center and I didn't find this out until later but James from FunHouse told me that a woman who would like been filmed on the security cameras they check the security cameras footage and she was like hiding from like a like a like what looks like a ghost like she was like acting really sporadically and strange apparently got roof access to the big hotel and went into the water like storage thing on the roof of the building and died in there and people were drinking her she was decomposing in the water and they didn't know until people start complaining that the tree that's how I want to go that's me yeah when when people found like Zoloft that died but then yet Lan imagine what they went through like that was that woman who climb to try to get in or out of a building so she went through the light bass events but I was in Austin and she just like I was going through it and she just fell straight down and there wasn't enough room for her to like continue to do so she was just like stuck headfirst upside down an event and just like had to die that she wasn't killed by the Fall she was having like a stuck there claustrophobic and painful gas in terrible but she was no backup can you tell me it's been awhile will be attached to a rope to be like Bruce Willis would you guys seen the movie hundred twenty-seven hours in your arms that's a true story it's crazy about a-ko fucking scary there's this girl on Instagram to her she's gorgeous she's like really cool and she has a cybernetic like prosthetic arm and she's fucking cool and she like posted videos of like her doing so for the robot arm and how it controlled I don't know it but it's like a really good looks like something from the 7th with her hand like it's been around that's cool that's what I thought I was like I'm a terrible person 78 dick no I thought you were going to say that is so awesome her to give you a handjob the button mashing stuff I was watching a video about these magnets still ech super powerful magnets only about this big that's like videos of white one will be set on it like a traile and the other one over here and I just like it and eventually it would be like it with such force that they smashed to pieces and they did it would like a hot dog and it went just like the bit in between just gets it just explodes basically like he gets crushed to the point but it's more with this spot and it goes like this little place I can imagine what it'd be like to get your hand in between them like it would go into a hand and your hand would just explode but I don't see any other way that it could go your fingers would fly off and then you would like separated like well that's it that's my hand Tec 30 Judah Daniel Tiger not really I saw you looking I pray to God he doesn't dive into the podcast again cuz I'm sitting next to Kevin he came to Lumberton right behind ya Ellison slow motion bios one where does a hot dog things that you can put a magnet on your iPhone case and then you can like clip it to like whatever like on your car like your dashboard thing like you can just like put it wherever one that hurt the insides of the magnets don't think so I think it's not like a hard drive one of my parents because they had a magnets sounds like a really cool my parents why would you do that you just put it on the TV and the screen the stuck to the TV strong magnets implanted intern subcutaneously under skin so that they can really gain a sense of magnetism does like adding a sense you don't have that you know horse fly problem the influence around them but I feel the energy in that a concern it's just like with the crystals and their chakra behind something else super powerful jewelry and you can listen to them future Mets a ball attached to a car that's not their problem pirate of the car Light Bulb Depot the easiest parallel parking spot ever a line through it for I just like weather so like if the car senses weather like the tires can realign and it rolls a certain way to accommodate for that 2820 revolutionized with a car bil we don't know how it's going to go on the car so we made this tired like what are you going to do with that if they don't like in the car have other spheres that is that like kind of hold it in place so we can roll tree kill a cold in with other spheres I don't know car Spears guys I wanted to do this but I made a new tire I don't know how it's going to be mounted on the car so I'll probably but this is a new tire so that's what they did what is the Tan Wichita wants it will sound great million car going to look like I was thinking car is much longer because car to look like they do in order to accommodate drivers in the engine and everything will have been just but you know the whole electric Tesla that's going to change it people not having to have a steering wheel when car the fully autonomous you happy that you think of like Minority Report came out you look stupid that would never work interior of it why is it the no cause can stay with the back axle but why is it that you just pull up to Parke in Space the car noticed you stopped the back tires rotate and you just slide in sideways risinge that happened my wife that stand it I like the axle it's like one long bar so the whole thing but then you throw the whole thing I just feel like it's locked when you when you're going fast it's like you said it's like this and then you want to like have this one like the front tires so then you basically be making like lateral movement so you'd like pull up to the front and the back would you the same you just drive in to be able to the wheel alignment or the tires and not actually true intern car the tires go like right like just being able to move the back tires as well yeah I'm just saying have a star on the back he'd be able to make 45 degree turn then we wouldn't usually would be safe to use and driving cuz you like to do this anyways but I guess it just doesn't make sense to do it for some reason but I don't know that reason it seems like it's a no-brainer unlock the back wheels The Parke revolutionary a Nobel Prize could turn like the front axle does what's the point of circular tires what did you could even if the back turned you would really do like sideways like 90 degrees I guess what someone has an excellent weekend it's so good I'm going to read it okay this is a test I'm talking about the spherical tires have a little rollers on the inside like a nice smile that's how you would attach stairs to no a speed of 94 miles per hour the function would fucking destroy you just have to design and engineer some more of those that are on the inside Tec with Tom I think back and you only need three different Wheels to move the mouse in whatever Direction the school as a kid one of my friends pulled out the ball from a mouse and he's putting his belly button and a-ko stuck brachiosaurus with Gavin Free that wasn't my belly button was an hour ago did you have to use an ice with the balls in them a lot to do this still gross found on the roller Wheels Wiccan symbols well I'm not going the bullseye can you be like user best you've ever had I guess your parents playlist the boss trailer 12 so 2001 but I was 4044 year I was young I was probably 12 2001 311 he's one year younger than me so 2001 car trailer today and it shows like internet users in the world in the growth of like the proliferation of Internet over time yeah I was just really crazy to see you like how it went for something that nobody used to know that ubiquitous like you've got it in your pocket you got on your lap it's everywhere all around 2000 because my Hotmail account is registered in November 2004 at the time in 2000 there were less than 750 million people in the world Lan the internet probably it's hard to tell on this graph may be 500 million less than what is it now now it looks like it's about three billion internet users in the world when you get on a 94 Ford how many the way you look at me like in an hour so I have to pay $0.94 so I thought it would be more like this now just wait number on my parents old PC March 2004 million years and then I realized at one point I was playing The Sims game but I was like I'm living out these people's lives and avoiding my own and I never touch the Sim after that it's like this in real life depressed I want if you can do that in this game McDougal's tourist actually do have that feature you talk to dead A Light commercial vehicles or is it like found equipment various commercial various commercially available Matrix a quadrasteer Chevy Suburban is that like a giant SUV vehicle most one of the ones that look like intern independently I don't believe what it like what is it you like you're going on the Sim will you be this thing for your arm out of your mouth over here like you're my steering wheel I said you coming and going so it is it is the two-finger thing you don't like A.J how many does that to me where was it was leaving the Kroger at my parents house and I the guy wave to me today the IRS is a cultural thing people when I was driving my Chevy HHR that piece of shit car that I hate it when people will see me and other a charge they would wave and I was just feel like fucking hate this car like stuck waiting cyclic wave to each other number one time yeah one time I saw this guy out right we're driving to sim directions a guy on a moped and motorcycles coming up the directions again the moped like trying to wave to him we got a motorcycle totally New York yeah that stupid you're going to write this up to the podcast is All About You by Warby Parker thanks for Warby Parker for sponsoring this episode of his Teeth podcast glasses should not cost as much as an iPhone prescription glasses start at $95 including prescription lenses titanium collection starts at 1:45 including prescription lenses Warby Parker makes buying glasses online easy and risk-free the home try-on program allows customers to order 5 pairs of glasses to be shipped directly to them or they can try them on in the comfort of their own home user can get users can keep the frame for 5 days before sending them back for free using a prepaid return shipping label with no obligation to purchase of glasses include anti-reflective and anti-glare coating a hard case and cleaning cloth there's no additional cost for this Warby Parker user premium Japanese titanium and French non rocking screws when you place order prescription glasses they will be in your hands within 10 business days they usually arrive even faster than that for every pair of glasses sold Warby Parker distribute a pair of glasses to someone in need non-prescription polarized sunglasses start at $95 and prescription sunglasses begin at 175 tree War reporter out for yourself see how good you look in your friends go to Warby parker.com / 56 Warby parker.com / 350 somewhere in my War Parke Warby Parker glasses right now so where you from kill your Idol hey guys a gift for the front page of Warby car the ones that I like to sing and I think Warby actually does this or they have a gun charge and they're like alright if your face is round then you get square glasses and if your face a square then get round glasses because his whole life ahead of her who has a square face yeah it's pretty cool you know where mile give me but I also collected some actual glasses frames because I feel like I don't know my family has glasses and I feel like at some point my life I'm going to need glasses so I always wanted to see what the frame looks good Barbara I am I went to eat dinner at a restaurant the other day and our waiter was wearing a pair of glasses so you can see and when you came by to give us the check I can't open up his a little later thing I know what that is right until like look for a check and you put another pair of glasses on over his existing pair of glasses she was wearing two pairs of glasses on as it was is doing really really weird strong tree that's tree the trailer I didn't hate it as much as everyone else yeah I don't get why it's getting some of it yeah it's fine I thought some of the stuff people complain about you're right they showed up like the picture for new gadgets like Ghostbusters having like little pistols and stuff like that I was like that's pretty cool and Jackson the video game it's cool I really like it it's too much money I need to bring trailer to just kind of everybody in but I think it's going to be like that kind of like this humor like in spy what is it really like this people need to shut up Blain but the guy that played Jay Jonah Jameson was the guy's name called dude jk.simmons just got cast as a thank you Gordon Fisher Gordon Justice League weird Blaine found out it was on when I put it on and there's an actress she plays the woman in charge of the CIA she's like a car that looked exactly the same an actual like speaking role did it for like a minute this is funny Lucy movie like wearing all day looking at it Gus to help with the image up on the screen why are they in a picture together they liked or didn't do that I don't show it jack to a famous man a one at the time it's cool what's his name from oh yeah that's a picture of risinge damn was little I saw the in wanted where dude gets hit in the face with a keyboard and it's teet comes out when his tooth comes out and I like Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Kevin Hart in 40 Year Old Virgin who is the electronic store it's totally Kevin Hart last weekend I watched both of the Kill Bill volume 1 & 2 for the first time ever I've never seen them before and I realize that that thing where it like zooms I don't know if this is from that movie made correct me if I'm wrong or it seems in on someone and it does that music that's like food movies like an Amish the old like Kung Fu movies from the seventies my alarm for a while so I would be really dramatic gavi holy crap that's crazy I was guarding you tonight what's interesting is that they had to translate that to different languages virgin don't show too much of it but I want to fucking Parke acid remove from YouTube for showing that to take it out later whatever the Ray William Johnson get but found recently in court but I thought you said something about it maybe wasn't rules are not bound by any laws or rules are you know so you could use something that people just claim something that's not there and then you have to deal with all the stupid really stupid short but I figured out so I just stick to Twitter because I can use unlicensed music as far as I know I can't get in trouble for that and I don't know if there's any like copyright things that cuz it's only 30 seconds so I do it but how many hits you get a YouTube page you have a counter but like found some everything everything on your YouTube page will you have Alex sign my guestbook Gus suck it down Blain the a I'm not gonna do that because I like that one the best in this the best way to remove interior into my I rearrange my apartment you can buy I want my house in 2 of us why was it I was supposed to I can see the capital from now you're not going to like my place to do what you say you're going to make all the rules of boys night Saturday TIR it's your call but it started early is there screening or anything is going to Sunday night hour we going to a party are we going to have this done now we got to hear this extreme fucking movies in there like what TGIF hours I think is there any lunch of that badass movie they were talking about on Sunday okay that should be what about that other thing that's also on Sunday schedule Saturday what time is good for you small hiccup a very small hiccup go then it's your girlfriend's birthday on Saturday he's actually read Lego how is on your calendar but that would be so funny if you guys plan to hold 8 hour day intern watch this right Twitter doesn't intern. Hey what but nobody said anything the oldest was just like a pop up on my phone Gavin at me now now we won't watch The Matrix what if you don't know the next week are you doing that thing on Sunday but we might be shooting in the morning I said I would okay some directing that after that go to your place that way you have all the other shit on Sunday before the night we can watch this the third one on fast-forward if you want not very good you guys the other day but I got it after we got here before I'm sure during the week just take off a day super bunny but technically now he's told somebody so much it would count as well if you think we can actually not it would actually be annoying I think mine was it just the Parke a state like with specific instance though like for working for rooster new cover myself in manet's man I said the baby Gus short barbar Daniel o video with pretty stupid and I was not sure that we have put aside that was war tree down like that is absurd when we say by the way when we say we got paid for it just means this is part of it the Radisson check in the other people understand that $8 I'm really excited about talking about it on the podcast there's something I'm really excited about this weekend 10 Cloverfield Lane come out really suddenly it's like that it's just like in Ube the prophet trailer is how many total surprise no one who you think that battle but was able to work on it because everyone's focus on Star Wars that's like nobody was paying attention to anything else a different children's the man I got it that's why I'm excited for it I really like that a really hard time watching Cloverfield because of all the same stuff I was it was really hard to watch I really like that movie I think is that how do you think it's going to go though because like what are your thoughts on the fact that it's basically swapping like carrots it's a different movie entirely like a shot like a narrative film it's not like a dietetic camera I'm fine with that if they don't answer the question and you know nothing about it some the best movies a little preparation and getting nothing imagination like tomorrow in theaters Matrix for with all the original cause they didn't make it they didn't say anything about it it's out the fourth Matrix movie Kill Varian prepared cuz I haven't seen those in a while that was not crazy I mean because it's new oh yeah I feel really good things about it the Disney movie 98 but that was I didn't I wasn't crazy about a-ko star Frozen Let It Go Frozen where but I can most anticipated movie I want to see how long right now movie A most looking forward to and right now future 10 Cloverfield Lane but that's going to pass within a week I've seen it BC movies that come out this one I will be with you I got the ticket purchase Page open right now Frontier it another time that's why gift card but I don't like a secret movie did you guys go to worry about it maybe episode 8 Star Wars movie Rogue one when is Rogue one coming out that's coming out in December I feel like December 16th 2016 2 a.m. so this year I might be up there Tuacahn although I'm from what I'm hearing and this is really long I don't know there's a lot of new like Storm Troopers like a lot of new like Storm Troopers and like cakes on Old you know like different like I pads and stuff like that it sounds like action figures a movie and I'm hoping it's not just like then just doing this weekend is going to make tons of figures we should be seeing a trailer for rogue one soon then definitely probably Avengers Civil War when I went to yeah that seems pretty likely went to the Celebration a celebration of his in London when is it you don't get to London from your celebration was like I can figure out a way to get it paid for July 15th and 17th the coolest yeah they showed a trailer but it was like it was nothing it was like a voiceover from Afghanistan and they showed like the Death Star Tan is like how to get an interview it was not his it was his audio talking about I feel like I haven't seen that like I'm sure that they don't lock it down but I feel like I don't even seem like any cameras or anything it's just I don't look that up so we're going to go eat some for hamburgers for dinner hello everyone welcome to the supplementary edition of the podcast with me and a but really don't know I'm done I mile I'm Blaine I'm Nick and I'm going but the audience immediately the Hat weather for a couple of minutes before I think taking a look at 3 still have mine it's in my desk drawer and I put my Topo Chico bottle caps in them so I just had to speak as you but are you home Saturday night because Matt went on to be like an unofficial like mascot have an animation Department during 93 we pass on the but hat to those who were doing good or bad I don't know who was patient zero for all that Homer I think it was supposed to be a doctor said that now that kids take so many selfies that was causing an epidemic of lice if you will put their heads together I'll even let you know though cuz I heard that like from Rooster Teeth several times I think they're going to go nuts of course that's something that will never take off right like nobody wants proof with me six what do you do with the camera lower or higher to take a selfie but a liar because little harder imagine being like that NRG or like I like a bukaki go on door that you want to share let's say that you're in some sort of group orgy thing or some sort of mass it's all consensual but you're the first one to go you you're done awesome now you gotta wait it is for like another dude loud strings sweet balls used to train your past that's nice one a little bit if you like giant huge spermatozoa stor girl's hand what is that mean what is orgy etiquette like do you have expert on the Shelf you got a high-five them if they need that you got it and I love you latest a strong moral support with a capital of its a team sport would you or would you get mold out of like a soccer match you stay on the sides to try to get charlie horses Take Me Out coach and then yeah tag office laughing at the same thing as football I like swords LAN what's a good trade I don't know how we got here what's the most uncomfortable thing origin stuff I feel like like video wise and we have what someone controlling you had to shoot out like I don't know man we should have practice questions earlier cuz I'm just going to dry Tree Friends good neighbor stuff so we did a video where it was a live a live sketch but there was a good video on screen and that video was supposed to be what outside that house in the whole sketch with Kyle and I are showing up for like a dinner party but we hate this couple so when we're backstage we play this video when it be like I like looks like cleaning your teeth in the window like we couldn't CA but they could see a lot of people hate him so much and Kyle's and drag and then we go anyway and I leave and then basically every time we excuse ourselves we end up outside and we fuck outside a lot from like the front of the house into the street right and its objective and projective so during the production like I had to like basically flag half in the back for a while I had to hang up his skirt I did like drop my pants in the drop a little a chocolate bar on the ground and he blew me up in the cops show up and they're like we got some reports that you guys are filming pornographic material out here and we're like no that's not true at all and they can we see the Super Hornet Tec gavi gu could talk on the way just like tourist video with multimedia shoot it shoot it really just an excuse to like me but I'm the worst thing I've ever had the feeling it was kind of similar in that we filmed it and nobody saw it like we have never even use the footage and it was like it was like 2 years ago we wanted to feel like he's new interest for the podcast and I was going to be like kind of like it's enough that we're the ones like you know out and about downtown the lights and she like that and we don't like a good time Persian super my bad version with a be like downtown in Austin taking a dump behind a dumpster like 6th and Congress are going Saturday night during South by Southwest 10 to people everywhere and like okay Gus would you look like you're taking a dump in the alley behind the dumpster you gotta drop your pants you got it you got it we got a feeling you like squatting like you're taking a dump. That night that night so there was light and UR the helmet no no you know what your camera right Sim it again in the fucking homeless dude locks up I don't know what's going on here nothing we didn't even use the fucking footage tell me some stuff You Like Ur cool then you like that right there can you go on like seriously could have held the line is really new here was Marshall and Chris I remember there was some sort of like presentation they're doing million Ali hey I can't remember it was like 10 to get him to kill his wife or something I don't know whatever whatever filming this home with you just came up and started pulling things out of the garbage like this like cans bottles and stuff did not which is a very bizarre his behavior and it was just like nobody really character actor electric like this is it I'm going to leave it for a bit I'll probably need some background stage so we're going to shoot Barbara as I think like right before yours and yours and I know she was like on top of the piano a group of drunk frat guys came out and one of them was holding it the red camera the Epic which is like you know of several thousand dollar camera and the guy went like this if he came that fucking close to hitting the camera and bring it was like what the hell he was always going to get the fight and pulled away from this guy when we did that feeling like when I did the damn thing was behind our old student who used to work downtown I fucking hated working downtown you just run into the craziest people all the time one time I was just everything just like legitimately unstable people one time I was crossing the street and this woman was crossing the opposite direction and like she stops in the crosswalk and looks at me and goes I know you like you raped me once violin the constant but Ur talking about six pizzas cost at home with boobs it's like when you're a kid you like at school Daniel Thomas but I said I went downtown this weekend and I remember like we were walking and we just got into six pass Congress and there was literally a pile of I think like 14 just like homeless people but they're like younger hipper homeless kids yeah that's just it down Ube just not the best yeah I'm going to join them I chose this life style your own trust fund kids you just want like an adventure totally is a-ko up in as an officer there they would stay in our stairwell so I had to go like a girl reporter she's like a very comfortable drag rats are back-to-back can you shoot a million I'm sorry and then he threw one of them he was with his girlfriend the dude threw up for no man this from a guy who's living in my fucking stairwell right now but in your stairwell. well that's fine Tec see why I came on the show to talk about home about rates and a lot of great programs here and there in time for South by in Fresno cheap stuff and umm and where what's with the one you look most forward to the most you can see this one pretty well there's there's a show that's hosted by Mike kind of feels like a like a washed-up rockstar a second touch my spot or something tickles but that one's always a nightmare and then everything else is just super stoked about very excited about it I think I'm done million dollars and John show on Thursday I think with my but crack and it's going to be fun to play with you guys I don't know probably will let me let you go Macho Man Randy Savage your welcome and I can remind you like him to that and then make a panel on Saturday about crunch time what is crunch time crunch time to talk seriously with Carson of time is a pretty sure it's going to be for a subscribers first or maybe only I don't know you tell me you don't know anything I don't know if you're close maybe just bring me to kill it to my dressing room so I had stumbled out the door I have been doing a lot of trapped Mile and just be into it all day call to your asshole apparently it's really efficient Roofing no I haven't but that's the truth hold on I have to look it up everythin you know that's another way to get drunk and I think girls are doing this so you soak a tampon on my car and then you put that inside you're just one of the girls are doing six stuck it in my or whatever it one in each leg if you got to you can even I drive people are poisonous in South in hell right now Goodyear the only I'm going to take to get back to Princeton Sunset and we filmed this week without saying I was at a bar and you were there and I was amazed that you had so much dialogue and it was just like so quick it was like you were there you're talking whatever it is like the character was like holy shit every fucking time the lines it was actually it was really cool to watch the professional work when I normally deal with guys to talk about was me it was written behind if you just get the always on a card next of the cameras and I just read the lines and that was a fun day it was you guys were involved you guys know I was supposed to I was supposed to do another with the series but I think like I was out of town at the time and then I didn't see the email for they're like hey can you do this until like the day that already passed like shit I wasn't the unprofessional thing that you were dog fly by the seat of her pants summer filming 10 little roosters will be filming one scene and we were filming that scene Josh will be riding the next Senior Center if I don't talk to you like that 10 a rooster is like it's like a real of film a real filmmaking torgue who really started a revolution with Apes not attending so I don't know if it's ready early Hulk Hogan is suing gu soccer meeting someone over the release of the sex tape that was like the one from years ago who the fuck would watch that we like having sex tape I'm all about action how was it wasn't he told the girl's brother or he high-fived her I think I high five new cool alright I'll see you later catch you later yeah yeah using that but that's during the during thing that you do for me I can tell out of what they're actually that you are the origin but how would you rate that orgy on a scale of like someone it's okay if I could tell a story about it we're set up and it's obviously very awkward I'm sitting on this giant round gold bed and I have box I have just recently were in there not in there like leopard print purse and give it to me anyway and then so and you're dizzy the director came over he's like I still like this like this I mean in the music of shooting in slow motion so just like do this thing that I can beat this first kiss her if it be that the second but you come in and kiss her in on the 3rd be like that you crawl up his legs and I was like awesome yeah that sounds great and so we just liked it a rehearsal and one of the other girls was very much like well let's just fully actually make up and just really go for it was like cool so I seem like that would transfer onto that next Portugal and that other girl without saying it didn't have to with kind of like let's absolutely not. yeah yeah it's not fun I like my girlfriend was like you shooting or do you think it's not like a fun no. You're naked and there's a tree I hope it's like this it's like being here there's a I'm trying not to get strong why don't know I actually had like a prosthetic without ruining anything from the show I like I was protected against that that's good take your dick to your leg yeah and I'm like inappropriate and I think a lot of times on can't of your kids man can't really wanted there to be something it's not just like a High School production you wanted to be you want there to be like wow these guys are gonna make it out and I think she wanted that and another girl was like I didn't know that this is what this job was I shouldn't have taken in a High School production for me to involve no kissing you would be like nope not at all you keep your underwear and I'm glad to hear that because we talked about it but don't worry what is the Bernie on it was short it was like you said the president is like they only by new dancers belts from now on even if you have one existing you have to take it home in about you and isn't that like happen but second hand dancer bil Depot totally right up your but you know I was all over that so I have to think about it if you're lucky I'll wrap this up crunch time I think we did we did a good job so thanks again for coming up some more stuff