#367 - The Puffer Fish Problem

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Burnie Burns as they discuss food poisoning, SXSW, mowing lawns, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 14, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-03-15 15:17:56

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Ilya Naishuller, Darya Charusha, Sharlto Copley


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to receive podcas and this week brought you by Blue Apron hardcore Henry and Squarespace big thank you to all our sponsors and I stay to the end of the podcas from supplemental segment with some people involved with the hardcore Henry trailer cople the director Ilya and I could try to put the last name and his wife didn't answer so soon after the intro for hardcore Henry at South by Southwest yesterday the person insuring said Sharlto and his name is the easy one Sharlto yeah it is but you also you I'm wrong in everything for the first time Sharlto cople cople or something that you talked about him they just going to Pumped as District 9 came out in like 2009 when we were all about that likeable with a look at your weakest it was with the w is pronounced because there's a there's a movie that's out right now called The Witch but the way the writing on the poster it says Aww it's like to be together all the time but I see that we don't like a huge help I had a phone at one point he coming home today and coming in really hot the South by Southwest is by the way I'm Burnie I'm Chris I was like good one this is the week that South by Southwest is held in Austin we usually do a from some random bar person back in here we've tried to contact a few but then I think they look at our videos and I'm sure the more you know Gus start another company right after I started researching can I name the company know it was it was it was a place that sell t-shirts and actually one of my favorite t-shirts ever you know like it's not wasn't rooster t-shirt but it was like in the history of like this group was actually a we're sure you know which one I'm talking about that we gave them a design like whoa you said it was it was it was drunk was spelled wrong it was a really like a brown shirt with yellow on it retro shirt as a photo of me and I search for Gus dur and it's all like you did for me from actually are you this year for South by it's the first of the traffic because the night to the city shuts down the mayor actually told people on Friday to take a half-day or work from home and you know what that worked traffic was awesome was awesome the average so it is like for the first time ever the South by as I start taking the train to get around awesome awesome awesome you don't traffic stops for the train you never let you know exactly what time you leave what time you get there Austin used the trains more you should absolutely do it so it's way cheaper than Uber Uber surge pricing is on there is like 4 times sometimes I want to get an expensive but you don't have all the different levels of you but anyway you are just on the way here and they always do I was sitting at a stoplight for so long and I was like man traffic is really not moving her and he was like do you want to get out and I was like yeah he's like just go and he let me out and I walked up three blocks and then got another cab and then made it here like easy I had to go that right now I just passed the fattest it was totally fine where you would be a dick if you called an Uber guy got As in De yeah well that's the thing I did he offered it to me I would music to begin menopause you also pick up somebody else in like literally 2 minutes and tell myself why is downtown so this is so I will probably swing that 10 billion times but South by Southwest is actually three different vegetables it's an interactive Festival which is weird and getting weirder all the time the South by Southwest film and South by Southwest music and music hasn't even started yet that we can go tomorrow or like a million people descend on the city and it becomes a nightmare before the podcas but when we had our old office which we sadly drove by the other night last night and it was now it's not a hotel they don't even and hotel construction coming in 2017 this hotel Jeff Slyman that ping pong go into my forehead from like 7 years ago it's just crazy that removes existing isn't it who cares it was what we call our Congress office but that was when we started our to shorten its first ever get a live-action Productions Love is our first ever allow that person to remember deer hunting land in the hallway you liked into the back room because you are Phil man that and I like what you doing starting something big the other thing I was I was not in the room that was to the left down that don't know who or where I am there to the end the camera moves like the discovery movie which of the time was a big deal but I thought that's like we were doing like stupid life hacks you never posted a really the stop sign like we have where you're walking man of confidence as the live-action for me this is like this is working and never even knew it we did it we shot it on the urban exercise little screen without camcorder that's what I think is a whopping 720p Flip or something some some product that no longer exists the other thing I'm doing to try to get around and beat traffic and I did this last night we know we got a chance to see the movie last night hardcore Henry and when I was annoyed by this right we'll talk more about it when we get to the part of my other things to get around traffic as I rent those bikes from the b-cycl place to my place I drove down to this place got on the bike and rode a bike from UT to downtown like 5 minutes the bikes and those bikes are great otherwise you're going to get to a RAC that's completely filled so I took the bike successfully down to the movie last night then when I left I was like I'm kind of tired I'm going to go back up to my car and then take my car over and back up to my car then have to drop from my car back to my place and as I'm driving to my place I saw a cyclist get hit right in front of me and it was like it's a sign like I should not be doing this anymore line independable into my right he passed me and the car in front of me turned its right turn signal on and it was going to turn into a restaurant yeah and then just talk and hit the cyclists adding that the common accident between car and cyclist like I need somebody who is driving and a cyclist punched her car and she was Furious about it I think what happened is like the cyclist was in the like just driving along on the side of the road and I passed and I was taking a right turn and it's like he had to stop and then he punched me would like cursed me out what an ass home I know you cut off a cyclist you like past him and then turn right in front on the hill and a bunch of ants came out and I was like stomping on their home like God it was such a new bike it's one of those things where somebody she's not here if you like cut someone off in a car and they get out once your car though but if they hit your car with their car yeah, punches like we're also going to probably hit the side of the car and because he's out there cyclist and motorbike gifts motorcyclist dies while driving and it just knocks them off balance and it's funny cause I'm driving and it's Instant Karma the Justice porn and as you know it's all just like light comes back immediately to like pay off looks like the guy in the fancy sports cars like showing off and like a waving and he made me promise to bring this up but my son turns 14 this month times 14 over the hill so long in the tooth that JD will be driving before I actually think that's a distinct possibility I miss you like sabotage his test but every typ if I try to make like fake really difficult driving test Bronx find out if there's like a fake manual to study for the driver's test ruin him for the rest of his life South by Southwest that happens when were you know whatever happens let people come to Austin so I would like to see a bunch of people that we don't know normally see like I was able to record a podcast with Phil DeFranco the other day his podcas not ours and I was right it was real the bowl it's just a one-on-one conversation between him and me and I want to take away from you know that you should go watch it whenever it comes out but there's something really interesting picture that I saw on Twitter that I believe his wife posted which would definitely spoke to me it was a thought he was having to take a phone call during his anniversary dinner and it's like I could relate to that photo so fucking much anyway but we talked about it as podcas little bit from what we talked about from that podcas but this promotion one of the things that drives me a little nuts is when I watch people in this industry like a tweet but stuff like that tweet about and it comes up a lot at South by Southwest like where people go to a conference or a presentation and the personal there's a motivational person like telling you telling you all these corporate para times and I believe in your dreams and you know you gotta hustle that's always a big thing is awesome it was say that now people are tweeting man I'm hustling I'm getting it done making the dream come true and it's like then they post a picture and it's like their idea of hustle is that like one of those City Corporate party photo booths with like the fake mustache and they're out there hustling and making it happen it's like that's not what that is like Phil DeFranco on the phone interrupting his own anniversary dinner that's like that's what that last hug blue that's what that actually looks like it's like that's how you know you focus on your career ruining your relationship exactly it's like it's not it's not the Chris of like driving a fucking hover board with a snapback hat or shirt like there's that one hustling and is also world domination not everyone going to dominate the world why does everyone say that like it's a catch for de the same bed turn off I'm done typically people involved with people you liked which I find or or I mean listen was Bungie's motto for a long time world domination I mean it's like through a lot of people use it a lot of people and just like shit Garrett the happening dilato man Donald Trump it's right there to have another few years ago when we were dressed as elves for it was it wasn't what's trending but it was what training was hoping she was hosting was a charity thing yeah and it was like a couple of months I because to the untrained eye appears that we thought it was fancy dress but it wasn't but really we're just trying to be awesome Gavin show dressed as elf and just be like we're just walking around like I'm the only person as is a woman's elf costume Robin Hood costume I got turned into that something like that I'm wearing just just started dating Meg and it was it was like we were like that we had this idea and then called I think one costume shop trying to find elf costume that two days before Christmas go fuck yourself what happened and I was like oh no we will make this happen to and that she liked the different costumes and built the ELCA that makes it all that expensive so I should expect that as a business expense got it like we showed up was Grace Helbig remember she loved it she temperature at that that's where I'm at and for the last two years working on this book that he's been put out it's called the influencer come out in June is that right we were interviewed for and who else line Anakin blue screen and Freddie Wong Franc can I see the question is the rooster teeth chapter is it before Freddy's chapter application how's the weather the end of the book because we are the ultimate outcome from the influencer economy the Future Socks okay cool okay so where as he's telling you you can't hear him he's after the rooster teeth's the chapters after the credit check is messing with my eyes on that money on there blue apron you need to know how to cook now I do feel like ordering expensive take out or do you start Blue Apron has you covered for less than $10 per meal Blue Apron delivers all the fresh ingredients you need to create home cook meals just follow the easy step-by-step instructions eight real compared to 40 minutes or less no overwhelming tips to know overwhelming trip to the grocery store no more said take out no matter your dietary preferences Blue Apron makes it a breeze to discover and prepare dishes like chicken cacciatore right in your kitchen cooking ingredients and never used before like watermelon radishes farro and purple potatoes recipes are between 500 and 700 calories proportion delicious and good-for-you when you get your first two meals free at blueapron.com / Rooster Teeth that's blue apron.com slash gratuities Blue Apron a better way to cook and keep blue apron for sponsoring a podcast and helping me to get motivated to cook learn to cook fucking animals what do you think Austin is the state gavi just has a very important question for clarity when is the state of Gus with his pickup when is the steak off next Monday let's do it history of the 28th of March what he will say we have a scoring system or doing something to you and you tell us if you like it or not blind taste tests that show lol smell it there were going to be line dance with someone not next week what about next week or next week I will the next week we're not doing it next week but you can prepare a steak in a week it's at 8 let me let me see my calendar that was good got some competition what are you doing are you all doing marinate your cheek piece of shit alright alright alright next Monday I'll take what you have just like the other two judges that could be a draw that's why I'm totally fine with that but know who's that someone control room out of the twins in the podcas experience to take you guys to have a loaf of bread and butter you can have that back steakhouse like you're like a nice steakhouse to give you tons of bread and butter that is hedging their bets trying to make you fill out before you get to actually the main course Fogo de challain stuff Fitness how is it that they give you exactly they make sure the bread is really good that's a cover charge to fill up on salad and bread if you don't they make money however has a steakhouse that give me the bread first then you order your steak then that's where the real money first time the mighty mighty mighty my digestive system was not happy with me for him and for a couple of days after that meeting I think my body is okay with that we do a little over now give me know because you like cats it doesn't if it's alright if you just eat any meat you like goes wrong it goes rotten get out what's wrong and you're welcome I'm so sorry that's a different look what's the difference so let's let's let's set up let's set up some rules here is it just take just a different maybe we should have a palate cleanser on a sushi plate that you wait between cu sushi with Ezra and he just he just take all of Virginia and its eight satellite the odd ones out with the sushi with somebody years and years ago so I'm not incriminate anybody that we know who she was somebody is mad and I am this person and it was a business thing and they order we ordered edamam eight and we're eating edamam and it's and everything so you eat it looks like pea pods and you eat the beans out of the middle and then take the husk and put them in another Bowl so you end up with the other night with a bowl of these hot and I just thought of that but like really hard on the heart spit yeah FirstEnergy the rifle to the Phil dressed eating the silverware that you're done with this not me yeah it's cuz we're distracted Chris spit and try to be sidetracked question like the end of the sentence without and the waitress burni you drink a spit out if someone died if you know it would help like a business thing but someone's gotta spit cup and then and then and then would you if you know it would you pick up music if you made a million dollars but question really seriously that was just I had to drink out of a spit cup I don't think I could do it just like what if it was warm instead of cold amazing if it went through like this will save me a million dollars and if I drink it will give the money to charity so it doesn't go to waste but that's like that's the whole all the money for the car to go to that if I drink it I'll keep the man is dying so what was the amount what is it and I can just drink one spit up I wouldn't I don't think I can make myself throw up in and he looked at it started you know what made him gag as he chewed up piece of chewing gum healing anything looking at someone hanging your trash can makes me wanna throw up in the toilet I do okay yeah yeah the story out of China this past week or this man had to have a stomach pumped eight times because he got sick off of puffer fish soup makes you into a restaurant the amazing puffer fish soup and they said he ate it and immediately started vomiting for 3 hours straight and not have a stomach pumped eight different times of what they look like and what directions go on from the mouth or from the balcony Chris you know any do you think they're pumping your stomach they're going through just dozens of feet of colon from the mouth flows like eight times like this it's like that no no it is it was all out of the eight times so that I could the owner of the restaurant at Medical authorities she did not properly clean the puffer fish liver which cause a disc to be contaminated it's a shame that recently was when Dad was around and I was just like feeling really sick I was going to vomit every and have the ball it's going to the toilet water how long can I go before I'm completely dehydrated you're drinking you're already dehydrated from drinking Gus do you think germs are like electricity the shooting up there just waiting to try to get in your body how did the Germans come to climb up in there if water they can swim up I've never been at the bottom of pool swim up the bottom of a swimming pool with waterfall it was connected waterfall waterfall trying to get a piece of chewing gum and having your saliva in your mouth and it doesn't do anything anyway what was scrubbing the inside of a toothbrush man that's too far if they made a tiny toothbrush that was exactly like the 50th scale would you put it in your dick yeah I'm on my way pipe cleaners as much that's all they make little brushes for cleaning stuff out but why why would anyone right in there while I did I was just thinking like a tiny toothbrush sound satisfying to me to hold because it seems inoffensive yeah what are those urethral bleeding Ilya that was cool so fast but you want that what's the thing I know if you want that is that for like being harder I'll put your name in for catheter for Hank Hill syndrome what he said it so people can stick their urethral together 4.0 urethral stick together man grows back together like an ear like an ear piercing the things I didn't know existed and I don't ever want to hear it statistically who's looking to buy cat had suffered from an arrow urethral and our thoughts are with you what happened but some people with their foreskins as if they have like an overly floppy foreskin or and excessive force can I go to sleep it will seal over so when they go and pay it like fills up the inside of that what do you mean by Phil up so I can ping but you're just paying into your penis because of your urethral really some people have that this one of these hypothetical person has this what is his girlfriend I think of that The Voice kid you don't kick close up all the way so loose and fluffy it's just not functioning I just pulled back like you're wearing a turtleneck alright is everything alright have a good time yeah I'd like to go cold I don't think it ever closes and you never know you might want to cover so really I'm definitely yes definitely so you can close it in the morning like yourself I haven't had that in a long time but I have remember when I was younger having that and I just like you described like a dam bursting in like a little while the phenom uncircumcised don't know what you're missing out on so there was no one here did you hear those Hacker's who broke into a bank or what I think was in Sri Lanka maybe you wanted to try to steal a billion dollars and they got into the bank and they were going to make a wire transfer from that bank to their own bank to take a billion dollars but they made a typo and they're going to send it to like some fake account of it set up with something something Foundation but instead of typing Foundation to take like foundation and it misspelled it so that it triggered like it triggered something to look at it and be like what is that and pick up the phone and called you like to try I know why all this money out to Foundation the fuck you talking about the most expensive typ scams with will and I never mind whatever you see those like phishing emails they're always misspelled like anything how could they can be smart enough to make like a hacking system it'll take away your identity but they can't write a fucking letter it's like what's going on here and it's usually tell when something just fucked up Bangladesh Bangladesh if you don't know who took the money fucking apro transfer fuck like are they we fucked up we only got away 20 million dollars out there now Chris like it's still like well you know it could have been better but you know it's still a positive 80 million promises to different people another going to be executed I don't know their situation I thought I could make this a positive sperm trail that goes all the way up to the head unit check this out so he's like that she wants to tell the sperm got it got it got it nailed it let's get Austin to the egg man drives sperm around with a microscopic tail how crazy I guess it's just a better delivery system the weirdest fucking thing I've seen in my life I don't feel like I was not ready for that yet everything the first I ever heard was What If instead of having an orgasm you had millions of tiny sperm you just had one giant one and if they didn't like a pregnant someone you had to fight it to the death as a one night stand right before we go into this going to go on it yes apparently I'm reading up on this the spit yeah they make a helix metal then you seem like a rotating magnetic field they just make it spin so that it moves like as it moves through 201 the actual natural process of a sperm and egg connecting iPhone to talk with you guys getting genetic material into an egg which might be harder on they got done would you swallow probably my sperm there but I'll go ahead just the robotic how much hundred and fifty bucks now well as for your dressed nothing on it anymore I don't sperm before I'm not to go outside until tails before they introduced this present I'll just have some stuff to smoke to get more on it that you couldn't get them this just flew it because it's too small but just what is the smallest that just got it alright to take it anymore because they're so massive compared to the little teeny things you can dip it in sperm and pull it out and still look and let me know sperm on it mean what you're saying is you could do that with anything like anything is not gross as you go down far enough that you could get into the smallest possible no sheets on it I'm not going near that tree what's going to be on it we'll find out next week on the podcas Gavin I know exactly what it's like because and you can't even taste it something that came from my but you smell as putting your nose you selling my brother my brother Parts master do you like working for you like I mean you Aren't Alright CU like and I like and that's not the way mental happening that because sometimes I forget and then it's not mine right and I'm like later like this sucks oh wait no that was me because I'm not sure I don't like After High School was on a road trip and he was in the car and he farted so disgusting when he made himself throw up in the car Edmund lieck tried roll the window down rather than ended up throwing up that's bad news man that was a stranger to him he did not know that's why I think because people I don't like and I just acceptable but if someone else yeah and I knew you're about to fall and I thought it into your phone and you smelled it I think because you thought it was yours you would like it meant something to be proud of definitely my first question is it weird to smell the fart of someone close to you or a complete stranger what is grosser to you it's all the same strange worse than someone close like strangers then you stop right there game the system so that was dying Burnie so there's a really funny tweets only way I don't know why you make me laugh but the person wrote I hate when I miss the start of the podcas and I don't know if anyone has said anything about Gus as eyebrows spit set this guy off the same nothing's happening nothing wrong we didn't don't gotta tell me please I don't know not very symmetrical McEntire on Twitter just said I feel like tuning into the podcas and Amelia discussion but sperm is enough burni how to fix got it look at that and tell me what he thinks are we going to eat from this text how do you do how do you say that okay let's let's I have a word here and we're going to spell the word to you then we're both going to say how we say I'll say it when you mean say it right after me and Gavin and as you know app that speaks okay that's where I said that I was like this is a trick question correct someone treated her well said that I'm race pronouncing its species species other species okay yeah it doesn't matter I got so like there's a treat like that that is a conversation happening here but you're no the record dictionary.com lists both but it was species first four spit in your face you son of a bitch dilato I got done for the for the way up to now responsive website daycare Boyce yeah I got your appointment Chris are you okay well like wow that was crazy woah fucking hate Austin who I don't know if that's how that works out there is no word why there's no work the word wah however that word has somehow been generated and all the word with the spelling of it I fully recognized is changing and now the spelling of the word I believe now Gus is woa it's just gonna be another one of those differences that like aluminum aluminium like we have a rift between the UK and the United States only guest for horses or whatever something like that the really not too forward the language light language people there were two people I just really get offended by people's misuse of what Texas like I hate when people do that like really was changed many times over the years like the spelling some words of change the change it but as fast and watch that happen in a short amount of time somebody posted like the lookups on Google for whoa vs. woah and like 2008 basically when Twitter started when people started using Twitter heavily all of a sudden woh dressed what do you think caused that was there a particular I don't know could have been like one internet meme it was misspelled possibly one tweet from whoever or I think it's like one thing that's like oh yeah that's because this person spit in as soon as you know something happened well some people just felt that way it really is definitely not the spelling of your when your 2008 I believe so thanks Obama if your legacy was you begin the misspelling of a word like you were like oh yeah I'm the one who started the misspelling as well the from the store. Nothing on the reminder burn this episode of podcast is also brought you by hardcore Henry hardcore Henry as a first person action movie told from the point-of-view of Henry where you become the character experience and feel everything through his eyes it's truly groundbreaking division line as sensory experience where you learn all about this world is extremely dangerous situation and the truth behind who Henry is as he discovers it your resurrected by your wife with no memory of who you are and five minutes later you're being shot at and your wife is kidnapped by a powerful warlord with a plan to bioengineer soldiers movie is batshit insane and must be experienced in the theater the action scenes are Next Level amazing with my employe practical stunts that defy logic as to how they were accomplished in theaters April 8th so really excited to have them on as a sponsor it's something we talked about even before that they had agreed to be sponsoring years ago we talked about the bad motherfucker music video with the same director made but he was like 3 years ago which led to the movie and that we got a chance to see it last night it was really good stay tuned Chris podcas burn to sit down and talk with the director the composer and Star from Hardcore Henry all about the movie are you going to be I am not and I because I'm not able to be part of the interview tonight about Sharlto yeah so bummed and the movie USPS movie was like no it's not a first person shooter but you actually are shooting a movie at movie the trailer and everything from start to finish is 99.999% except for that like flashback kids stuff so he's not in first person so that's the reason I think that would get you in the door why would you watch this but Sharlto copley's character actually I think it's fucking a real character that is a likeable is in every movie the best movie in a team with Bradley Cooper and Rampage Jackson is it Sharlto Kohli was murdered I don't think that you know that for a fact why man I saw the movie 04 District hopefully Murdock 2010 was that before or after The Source Austin turn off the blade of a helicopter singing you spin me right round show me some movie recently where a black actor in it from the internet so we went to look them up ourselves video and he's a heavy your dude and he was like different weights in these two different things and I was like it could be like you music let me guess you were wrong about the cases but only Race season 1 did you watch the the Matrix of bone is the elbow times in answer to your tweet no he did not watch The Matrix I was going to mess up but that doesn't know what day it was on birthday cake what day is your birthday January 18th what day is that and this year it was her birthday on Monday because I feel like it happened my birthday was on the day I was lying to and my birthday was one day later and it didn't exist times I fall asleep wake up the next day I missed it you say you done with your. But if you want to you're still lying about your age line how many how many hours does a day last the de los the month we have this coming to know I'll be I'll be disappointed if we get our checks this year nobody cosplay sperm with the robotic we gotta have a friend who likes Cruz the tail end of them Naomi sequin employe that so they click the little plus sperm sequin looks like the way it's spelled but she told me it's pronounced she quit wow that's way better than they think I think I'm saying it right CU and Meg at Halloween game as she just want to Crash by the leaders of all the time you guys you and make him as like the things together cause she was a lamp and I was the box to the left came in all right that would be a good thing costume one of us being the one of you could be the spit tail light like come over like that Quizlet Gavin Gavin I can pull out at 1 get it lets me but I wasn't really not hear about that guy there's this person who's wanted in I think it's the Maryland and Virginia area he has been robbing Walmart what are you guys as he walks into the Walmart wearing like an employe vest goes up to a cashier and I need you at the office the cashier leaves he finished checking out the person that they were helping and it takes a cast or at least he liked help solve it what is enough time to get them out and then the person goes to the manager go what do you want to like get out of here and want you thinking that they come back and her tattoos it's such a simple thing a Confidence Game write three different Walmart and I just walked in and walked out with the fucken cash drawer but you know what that's what mowe cashiers in a cup Detroit taxi cab I don't analyze it for a second so you're just one photo they have a security camera the other one is like an Instagram recycle it looks like the same picture but it's a moment give me just hold his head high as he walks like that what are they want you to see it looks like one of them they could be that onion article coming to life where at any point in time there's probably a photo or multiple photos being taken of any square foot on Earth at any point in time to where you can just find somebody who's in the parking lot the same time as him and then get the photo off their phone is everything in the fire and they piece together exactly what happened to the fire like somebody dropped a cigarette butt and a 360 degree extrapolating view of the cigarette falling because there was 3000 South things being taken out and it was really funny and the timeline of the fire because we were tweeting as they were going down the stairs of like oh my God Building 2nd floor is on fire for 5 years ago along and that was awhile ago a really funny article that I really like and that's the way it is CSI as a very popular CBS show and I'm part of another popular TV show called The Amazing Race did you guys see the episode from Friday or did you see it yet we're Eight Episodes like that was and that's that's one of the ones that I was on words like I've been wanting to talk I want to say how many location like every place you went to and who is shaminy France it was the same with putting stickers on every week yes you just never said so I have stickers as one would care that is my friend sticker that's my Mexico won its California that's cool don't be and that is we got Switzerland over their luggage when they put the stickers on the from Chevrolet really getting the money blue Chevy sticker on the best year and a half of it yeah cuz that was as every shot ever 3 miles up on the other we have this mountain was like we're in the shadow of the cold the moubilink mountain and we had to do all the stuff out of the mountain to set up moubilink this is what they call Everest is actually don't know like that the mountain that we were on there's been debate as to actually it was more blank or not because when you're racing you just like going nuts and you're reading it's like that was so I can climb up the same kind of needle is what we were on is actually there what was the name you're under right under the mountain the shadow of my blue how many people do you think I've been places said they've done something but they don't know that they didn't do it right like confused about experiences Amazing Race is like an Excursion like that it's like all the stuff we got to do it's like we just wouldn't leave that stuff even something as simple as like going to cave in solving the puzzle it's like you just wouldn't do that you don't want to say it while you're sitting right next to the Aztec Pyramids it was cool because I like doing that kind of stuff you don't experience in the same way you do in real life right they didn't show it on the show but actually building or tent that we were doing she was like oh my God look at this and look at it like you're almost felt like that I don't think I told her I sent you I texted you the name it's the new way to pronounce this I'll look it up you just speak a little bit of French I hear your voice in The Amazing Race if you can pronounce this one so something of the day even if it has the cable car which would make you think that that's the one you are man out there might be translated correctly use military discount for the needle of the midday midday noon cuz I pray that he is an afternoon the as I was about they didn't show Ashley likes it I was like and then we had to wear these game as nobody was prepared for that like that was an extraordinary extreme condition until they gave us Mountain hiking boots which I think way about 7 pounds each it was it was like running around ankle weights on all fucking day was crazy and then we go to the top of this mountain that's it that's what that's the needle it was a lot more snow will be repelled out like a cross this crevasse where there was a thousand foot drop down the side of a mountain and she was watching people freak out about being in a cave or being on a mountain and being afraid of heights every week it's like someone is freaking out over like they were watching it with his whole body was shaking trying to step over that ledge and like what they walked along the side of the mountain that was part of the challenge that they did but for our thing we had to build this this campsite and that was hard enough cuz it really turned out to be a snow shoveling thing and it was like trying to exert that much energy at that altitude was like I'd never experienced anything like that but they didn't show was the last thing that we had to do was put the sleeping bags into the tent and for whatever reason part of putting the sleeping bags and we had a blowup two air mattresses by mouth and it seems like a big deal that was stupid thing that might be one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life because you blew up the air mattress and then was like home and I'm going to catch my breath it's like there's no bread there's no accident it was and I have to be very grateful for the eight that I got because going up the stairs I made some Phil lipof was probably the third for stuff out of what is about 400 or 500 steps it was it was like climbing a hold of those Aztec Pyramids that and just what kind of noises always make it thinking about the elevation Lakeland and I were watching it and the camera shows you know after you're done the camera pans over and shows the stairs and she was like holy crap that's a lot of stairs to go up now and and I can't even think about the fact that you're that high up and there's no Oxygen people running like they were just shuffling along that's because it's like you just ran out of energy the moment you exerted any energy out there was fucking nuts Mountain guide who dislike French Friendship but he was around and he's like this back upstairs let's go let's go and I that's what surprises are you know like when you're climbing Everest do you live at base camp for several weeks to let your your body adjust and low oxygen get to live at base camp before you're allowed to climb the mountains to make you make decisions that you're not sick I was I was worried yeah you should have been made one bad decision but we knew it was a risk and the risk like didn't pay off in a very dramatic fashion and he figured out why later which we totally should have just been able to figure out on her own which is we basically chose the challenge which was kinda like the penalty challenge for people who are afraid of heights and didn't want to do the crazy thing on the side the mountain so clearly they want you to do that one because it's more exciting and cool and we could get one try to pass everybody cuz like 10 seconds but it didn't work out that way light in and they were they were really worried about that because apparently it's at that altitude I mean since there's a billion things but it like that that I will did you get snow blindness Superfast from the Sun reflecting off all the snow around it so there's no or maybe it was just all the snow but they were really worried about me getting Snowblind man is that positive line I saw you just before they were really careful with those they were I actually do I don't know if it's the same production group that does it but there was actually a tragedy where two people died in The Amazing Race Vietnam de de died in Australia they were shooting from I think an ultralight aircraft and their camera people and crashed while they were filming until they died and I got to say to the people that produce Amazing Race the whole team is amazing they were they let us know when we were doing dangerous stuff and they told us the risks they let her make her own decisions but we always felt like they were doing their best to keep it safe so it's like when something like that happens I mean they're doing risky stuff and eventually something like that's going to happen it's like that's super sad it's really sad that these two guys died and we were very fortunate that I came back it was like the day I got back I think I gained like 15 pounds in 15 days after we got back to the house he did not stop talking about this thing where we had to paraglide but only one person for the team that it was a race to paraglide and we chose that because she was later because we know who's going to be a distance thing and it turned out that was a good decision because it was a take-off was the limiting factor like running down the mountain taking off the paragliding pilot but the best decision we made was when we got to the gondolas to go up that mountain I don't think she does either there was only a few Pilots left for reasons I won't spoil there's only a few pallets left by the time we got there and actually I just ran up and she goes who wants to go fast and we both saw the exact same thing as always Pilots as French Dudes that like this you just want to go faster like this and this one dude at the end with us if he was like this because you want to go fast fucking lunatic they came off the mountain and they just started spiraling the moment they took off like I never was like what the fuck is that with Ashley to spending out of the sky they came down super super fast and I put in the journal on the site but if he lasts how we beat another team to the mat when we left after them or when they landed so far before us and I put an exclamation that the journal employe to happen as I could screenshot we can see the moment that we passed that other team and it was just really interesting watching the show knowing someone I've always been interested and you find people you like and people you don't like him but knowing someone who's on the show is really as like a whole other element you can learn to run you can go to and couldn't be like that I don't know that's an early flight you know it and I'll see and I love you so anyone with legs as functional as yours and I would and that's why I'd be all for it because you need it Lee said if I said running his Sprint to the end of the runway and back real quick fre parking lot you can run who can run fucking Tyler Oakley can fuck your dad can run man it is unbelievable he was actually we went to a casting finals week we had some time where we go to the gym while we were there for like a week and then final casting process to come on the show they're really interesting you being on the show we still had to like go to the full casting thing and that's our process and do it better than anybody so I was like whatever from Tyler and I recognized you and I also and this guy Faisal long Runner like you can run for a long period of time most frisbee guys are but those are definitely the sprinting team but they can run a long way in the fucking dancers that dance for a living for God sake they're in good shape so I feel very well 1 and 2 well it's a long race Gus cell the first if you're watching Michelle take two weeks off for March Madness and it comes back and go to some places to purchase one more thing to hear much more stupid March Madness podcas is all to you by Squarespace Squarespace site specially designed regardless of your skill level there's no coding required they offer intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year start your free trial site today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure you guys offer code Rooster Teeth and get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful thank you Squarespace for the podcast easiest way to make a website an idea for a website domain check it out I've said it before that great templates it's literally as easy as drag-and-drop resizing does it all for you super super easy and you can try for free and when you decide to sign up and get 10% off by going to me.com / have you made much more still come I have not what should I read is March the stuff that you put in like the song yes it is I have no idea what the fuck mulc that's that with my yard he calls it much more interesting I don't use native to the US releases first generation but he writes like he text types with an accent like he types the words with the accent which I find funny I just like I really feel like you are likely to lose like that a little like he's literally spells it with so so what's much mulch know what know what is it though it's like tree bark and stuff and just like dirt like you do you like to party so I don't have so you know those paper bags and Like Home Depot looks like the city can't fix this app and uses like leaves and stuff and then look it up and I'm eight months it's just me 11 North Oliver the minerals right now there's more to just dump it at work some more on the screen is too especially places like Texas as important as it helps maintain waste in the ground that's really provide nutrients are in nutrient infused mulc but the purpose of mulch is really just to give you a ground covering to help keep the moisture in the ground that's the main purpose of its orbit mean you still Austin Chris is now begun the movement that changed the spelling of mulc stomach double mulch mulch mulch the most said March 4th is a material such as wood chips grass for these leaves are compost even Rock newspaper or shredded tires that is part of the surface of soil to retain water inhibit weed growth and keep the temperature moderate I hope my Tombstone they put more so I love you watch podcas younger people and they're in the process of building their lives what is like what is this build your credit what is the average you do that so what did you tell people to build your credit credit card okay and use it and pay it off but everything on it every month set up an automatic payment payment and then pay the full payment and spend more money that you have that is great advice that everyone will forget the moment they get a credit card also Phil keoghan and not spend more money than I have I just ridiculous okay I got you I forgot to pay but not because I didn't I spent more money than I had really even like some equipment stuff like that I've always spent money that I've had you doing is adding a step to the point where it could be taken out of your account if you treat it like money and not like you're invisible limited fre money buy a fanny pack the extra step is that you have a bank debit card right you have this much money in credit card with your account so no too much to do that you have to pay that separately what do you take the car but holding the money over holding the money over a month and paying more than having an extra step the credit card is the extra step paying more than what you have and Gavin said if you use a credit card more than what you have in the bank at as an extra step no credit card as a credit card like a debit card but it's just an extra step you're minimizing The Experience say it's just one more to spend more than your balance and you'll never be in trouble and then you get a higher balance or higher trouble just keep it on your balance in your checking account even if you live in is through the roof when are you about my first house back in 2009 like leading up to that we have to have them on my second one had an experience where how to make a joke I was hitting you up to Mike but our souls are sold the other house and I'm correct when I was going to first one I'm going to buy the first one I had a weird thing where I didn't have any credit like I didn't have a credit which is bad right to riches turns out is really bad so I had to use credit cards I didn't want to get De La Soul Trap always just use my debit card I paid cash and and handle things like that so I can come to my house so we want to sell your house but you don't have any credit with no history of you never having done anything so under the bill credit they give me a give me advice which I thought was best at the time would actually work they said go out get a prepaid credit card and just use it so I went out and I got a prepaid credit card just like you pay the bill in advance if you can't I just paid the bill and for one year as I just pay my utilities with it and then after a year they're like okay great you got it now you can because I couldn't get a credit card and I had a credit card that I did my credit building that that's what you should I use my credit score and you can take some of that I didn't exist no one will give me a credit card account I gave the bank 500 bucks and they gave me a credit card with $500 limit that's exactly what I just had to use it and then a year later they're like you have some credit now has a credit card you should work on that because your credit score is like going forward in his life you know if you're super rich you would have a butler and you would have I don't know what driver and you have other things like there are other things to do like in The Sims and there's like a handyman there's a gardener that kind of thing they'd made it out like what is the thing you recommend somebody that as soon as they have the ability to afford something like that what's the first nation to make their lives so much easier for me I would say that's what I'm getting anyone else to like do your yard work and mow your yard a stick the greatest fucking thing ever made should we live in Texas but it's like I have never regretted spending the money that I spin having someone else mow my yard it's like I'm so fucking happy about that was only in the yard like once really I did a lot of yard work you have a lot of work but I know I just never mowe the yard what happened I don't know I don't know my step dad didn't trust me with the big ones were fucking race driver was like one of those he was like a huge thing your shoes I would trust me and my dad have wheels but even if we just like the propeller propelled into the weed whacker lawn mower if you're ever watching a how-to video immediately fast-forward 252 seconds or thirty-two seconds that's where the how to begin and you can try that what what that's what he did and it was the end of it was that far and still not started so I'm allergic to grass for me it's it's really really bad and my parents even though they knew I was older sperm not moving a lot but I can't do it physically hurts me too bad just one of those are dust masks on that doesn't do anything and I don't want to do or you can make it Fun by like putting your name in the grass and then cutting it around as line employe longer exactly can I make it say fuck you that's all you got to do that help it did because it was faster I didn't I wouldn't know but also a statement I'm allergic to a lot of things I have a lot of nerdy Tendencies I don't know if that's ever come across in this podcas or not fast-forwarding to how to video instructional video I'd like to I'd like to know what it is it was somebody said it was thanks to Robert holding he said the it's called The Wadsworth constant the water is constantly talking about it all the time that way if things were the other ones that's much easier yeah that's cool what happened to all of them like to watch hello Adele why shouldn't I have you to give me strength who won of the stupid flu robotic Fallout wadswort alright fall out and look up Gavin tends to be right about this kind of stuff wadswort Fallout 4 eyebot Fallout 3 codsworth say comes out so let me look up Fallout 3 Wadsworth Fallout wiki let's see what fault wadswort as wadswort Cumberland can become the lone Wanderer personal mr. handy Butler at Megaton in the year 2272 Fallout 3 hats off to Gavin and I did not know that dad's name is Wadsworth Wadsworth fre had to act like Gavin remember dude you have a housekeeper Phil as the house when he saw it listen I've been and messy houses that's not a message this is professional conversation over the weekend I was playing games on my computer an ex-con to and I set the TV on a PC you play Xbox I just had the TV on and it's one of those shows came on and I just can't do it I can't do it I can't understand how it gets to that point and then need to try to rationalize with someone about it like and it doesn't make any sense to me it was really a lot of weird things about me but that's not one of them know podcas de DeFranco like I talk too much stuff that I don't normally talk about such a fucking negative reaction to that but you really really upset with me since like maybe I like maybe I'm wrong and I'm out of touch on this but I will I will back off on the digital media thing I'd like to say one thing it sucks okay great game oil yeah you tweet a lot about it so single player game you would like Michael with a new washer the tree on them it's play as one on line 1 is only what you can only be you and I game no one else's play and he doesn't you have to be online to track all of the challenges this child has been linked to achievement dressed Just Cause 3 has killed this guy I'll kill both targets within 10 seconds with this example is a challenge have to be online for that account you can play offline you don't get any of that there's no point in playing with me right as soon as you lose connection to the server you just get back to the menu what all happened to be the weekend maybe 45 times and the loading times in that game every time you get the thing pop up I've been making Clips you can watch myself as a bunch of them every time we get through it I make a clip to and a half minutes to get back in to get no way so basically just got some long will times to come say goodbye to the man you didn't have to go online it says we going to go online you have to pray about for times to do that you wait for to go in line then you press to load you wait for that to and you click you'll say anyway that's like I'm sorry I know you like that and you don't panic saving cuz you know you going to get blue it off it's very fun it's what I think of when I think of people not someone to get a person here but one thing is certain franchises associated with certain people hit man I definitely associate the franchise with you we approach those games let me let me name some franchises you tell me who their associated with hair Assassin's Creed absolutely absolutely civilization the harder you thinking Gus definitely definitely like the first one that's never seen again the collective Hitman game like a bunch of stuff that was never in that it was never on the console Dead Rising Michael Michael it's like you but I love that I love that franchise too but it's like I said that's not associate the franchise with Michael and I'll just play up to the point where I need to do the challenge of line thinking that you're offline saves not compatible with an online safely the board stuck on cheated in a game that is playable and I will say that I just talked about the digital media thing and how I thought it was very right about digital media and I defended the original Xbox One Design that they wanted to have but I fully recognize that every time something like this comes up at 4 Just Cause 3 even I played it six months late I played it like just recently and it had the same thing and online leaderboards and their treatment associated with calling out somebody on your Leaderboard on your friends list and you beat their score and they send it back to you and you be there score is like to achievement for doing that and of course there are line the boards didn't work because it was an online component of the game at launch date was like yeah it doesn't fucking work cuz I'm like the part of the games never fucking work on launch day and their solution was to turn off and it was like 5 months ago and I was reading post after post of people saying when is this coming back what's happening it was just like forever and eventually like quality Point all this and my little boy just kicked in again I fully recognize that like when these things happen it just shows we are we we are not ready for an online console not a fully online consultation just like it wouldn't work and then did you see that because people put on my component and stuff and then never worked did you see the problem people are having with the division one that launched that people would have to get in line to use the computer there would be a bottleneck we're going through the tutorial essentially you have to go up and use a computer but if there were too many people in the room all try to crowd around it they couldn't get to it cuz there was player Collision on so all the players would have to get into a line and then like one of the time go up and use the computer is finally Chris was not they had work when they showed up to Green shots of players lined up waiting music computer or times making your guy and you know an artist or something it's like none of your guys sucks and you have to actually wait for 30 years to go to through college and then like the whatever the equivalent 3 years and don't have enough whatever it is just the soccer game over I want to be clear it's not like you walk up to this thing and said if I understand correctly I have played none of the division you don't walk up to this thing and it acts and it puts you in line or people who are like in line they got in the line and then other people walk up and then come in the room and that's a No-No in line they have to enforce the line I know it happens try to clean up I did not experience that line when I don't know I'll probably play the division for the first time tonight because I just I'm going to my backlog I just finished alien isolation so you play man super repetitive game but wow they say freaking nail as a Great Dane and the aesthetic and the look and feel of the original alien movie 366 what I played with on Xbox one maybe it started out that way there right now I'm going between the division and I got my completionist mode going when it's plane Just Cause 3 and all the things it's like your voice and get a cheap mints and then you realize there's one fucking achievement that's going to be a nightmare and for that one it was there's all those challenges on all those islands after your 5 o'clock to 5 o'clock is 5 years and every single one of them that was flying with them the best racing games I don't like that they have a travel mechanic in the game so why not just have a travel mechanic with the time on it and it's like you're fucking all the senior racing horses like Red Dead Redemption be racing horses and wagons and shit like that the on the right the race is one level so that means the next month when the next level comes out everyone can be proud of yourself again to get that wait a minute what game is one level well as a tutorial and then there's one level there is one what April 2nd level comes up show me full price for this game but they just didn't finish the game and I didn't want to delay so they split it is basically what was going to be the original game and some DLC became one little sliver of the original game and now everything still see what the full price how much you can buy an intro pack which is just level 1 how long is it one level I mean you can beat the level in like 5 minutes if you want fun challenges employe different ways and you can believe whatever you want to send the best hitma level ever produced the one that's right traditions of the trade and one that you just met a guy in a hotel room Blue Sand the chandelier blood money as hitma and you can likely get loose in the chandelier and I have that phone on him and stuff and then but you make everything seem like an accident yes it was like kill the guy had the body pretty much no accidents you can poison people still have to play Far Cry Primal having a good time playing and I have not picked that one up here I've missed it here the rediscovery about that what's a map for as a father should have been pretty like some connections between Primal and 4 light indicating that it's the same world let me to Ubisoft games the same well not they are there everything is connected through town is that hover related somehow I'll as this tree stuff and I'm sure it is and some food I mean maybe not like red one of my favorite people line as they give to that Rico guy and I can tell they're just bad lines or if they're so bad they're meant to be funny like it was a blow these objects Chris when you like what's up with this red radio doctors and one of those you love is like fuel storage tanks and it'll say like he's actually line when you blow stuff up I'm one of those that always makes me laugh every single time he says it is when you blow up the fuel tank some time so go try to store fuel now you jerks the line sounds like you're right Tai Lopez me about the fuel for my treadmill gains that is those open world games are perfect can I play the Buckeyes line isolation on the treadmill better than playing with them just cause I just had to do that off the treadmill and it went right into Far Cry primal body beside me like nothing State Bank of India times yeah yeah what what why you get off the treadmill or game so I want to hear about to do an interview right now with the composer the lead actor in The Director of Hardcore Henry only go back and watch hardcore Henry and the entire time I watch the movie hold an Xbox controller in my hand and see if that changes my perspective of it you would be able the interview you don't know Chris don't give up watching on YouTube listening to the audio podcast eight and we're going to have a interview with the director composer and Star from Hardcore Henry but for now we are cutting the live portion and you'll just continue watching and are our interview don't forget to buy some of them much much more to make sure everybody welcome to the special bonus tag University podcas times on Gavin and we're very lucky today to be joined by other people involved with the movie were super into super excited about hardcore Henry the director Ilya the composer puffer and the lead Sharlto so excited about for a long time music video remember we talked about it years ago hardcore Henry movie coming out in April as he recovered his memory and see if we're going to be talking about the movie we're going to be sure to avoid any spoilers was going to talk to you about it from the trailer control into the video game the band's first but it goes Phil times happened to be video Gamers that getting that it's her phone inside of it it was never like it was always about was making for the theaters and then people of movies they go and hopefully their minds will be controlled can you put the good luck was trying to make something that gives people a reason to go to the cinema cause that's becoming more challenging to as for me as soon as you can make it great it's very funny movie you are very moving movie and people just watch it and you know and so what do you have to have some sort of and I imagine if I was a kid you know just leaving iMac screen that time and I had front-row 13 from the left I was watching him for three hours and minutes so the trailers very fast pace but the actual movie has lots of nice moments of rest so you can catch your breath if the rest of you which which totally sucks and then you like you're ready for the next step we couldn't do like 90 minutes of non-stop anyone want to let me eat video the contrast is the contrast that you have a moment to sort of makes the laughs are funnier when you just had a bunch of violence right before that and I really struggle when you have which one was a really good bit involving a horse and I'm glad I went because it was just a really good energy about it even with the title sequence rooster mating and making a small Indie low budget film it's like you don't have to do if you like video games to watch this thing on your computer because you just ignore it but I don't know if and the mowe Concho detail all of a sudden you can actually see what's happening in the background that we couldn't do this on iPhone United in some ways it's great to watch a movie just that if you come for spectacle spectacle becomes less a spectacle the smaller the screen it's not that I didn't think about everything Basin drilling as he still has to fly to the way it was it was it was but it was my friend so I shut the videos that my partner and one before that was a shot about two-thirds of it and they're just hardcore and they're pretty athletic Guys Deli Parker like special thing where they don't like spend too much time on it they got bigger business the show about two-thirds and then I shot a little bit just some cople dialogue scenes with Sharlto and running as opposed to 1213 henr is that just like the safety proper shoe de we just want you guys to like a bridge race to run and I was a kid and I'm probably do it now except it's raining you gotta bring it's not too late it's not too late it's not too late and you're wearing those shoes are proper dress shoes with big platform so you gotta run and shoot the guy and they did like 4 days straight up and we just looked at it and we liked and then didn't really tell the producers until now and several versions of the movie last night you said this is the hardest role you ever played you know by country male variation because of what the twist is in the form that they did you try I mean that was and to be able to and a lot of conversation Indian I had a front was about you know I was shooting stuff and sending it to him about the time that I felt the character should be that kind of informed the largest extent of the phone was going to be a little bit so it was fun how long of a trip was it and how long does it take to detect it with the whole thing together it was meant to be what 40 something I think the original times 40 and then we started then we stopped and we said this is not going to be going to do it we're going to do it big we going to do the problem will be out of this with a good story and you go big and we did it for about a hundred and fifteen days while making something beer and a half of shooting for months stopping from when the truck will have to check them imposters winter in Russia is not even quite cut it one interiors and Pa's way to see what someone should buy a sequence you know there was some days time you try to run race and that's been chopped up for a bunch of reasons and the other than just what I'm basing it as you know we would run five six seven minutes regularly and then I'll call you off with action and timing it so you have enough if it complicated CU man gets eaten in a day and then you just like none of them were actually right Ilya with my training for this kind of things because I think that dancing with the with the explosion of the way out the door of the van and jumping on the back of the bike and it was one of the most difficult thing that's the most frustrating that they were in some of the stuff you just looked so unbelievable to watch from the outside but it's actually like a guys lifting or theater yes she had seen if you're going to bring it was channel the Risen and the sons of issachar death row on some of those are in the trailer and you know watching it at first it kind of made me think of like almost like an homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark you know when Indiana Jones is crawling under the truck but then you see like the level at hardcore Henry takes it to you like this is totally different it's amazing it's so kind of video games books and that's kind of and you kind of thought about it Jeremy or there's another scene where they're going through an apartment building early in the movie came on as I pulled my level 1 so it definitely could be the reason why only 2 PS3 Austin yeah but it was absolutely amazing we love we love the Phil and like I said everyone should definitely go watch it in the theater when you get a chance great soundtrack to Great soundtrack and so thanks guys for coming out and for talking about the movie really appreciate your time