#368 - The Dust Discussion

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss dust, shrimp, BB guns, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 22, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-03-22 15:44:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast this week brought to you by burn trees and nature box I wasn't ready I've not tried to save it and I totally forgot thank you Braintree naturebo life somewhere Life Part 1 just once I'm just Gavin Barbara I'm telling burn your wood pellets around for an hour and a half or so not really talking about anything I'm so proud of myself because For the first time in a long long time I am playing a game actually launched the vision come out the division division I thought there's a really really good I like a lot would you like me to call them until the trappings of an MMO where it's got quests in side quests and all that stuff and collectibles and everything that's the game would you like to discuss what helps with division is that I'm recycling I did dark Zone and there's a place in the and it's where all the best loot high-powered enemies in the most U but I didn't actually see it like really good lately and you're obviously texting on their Gavin because you can get a blue gun or perhaps even a purple or orange gun with an agency but says it the same color palette is Destiny for the Rarity of gun was the first what's the most powerful color but you can orange 1115 green is better surface the way you walk the way and up dying if you can get loot like always he's talking about you can't just walk out with it that's cool part of get extracted Fallen helicopter I don't know what you're calling it and never survive long enough to see it and then everybody is like oh let's go fuck that guy as I can see the thing coming and everyone is notified in action is taking place and 30 and it shows up and you gotta hang your little bag on the hook because you're not allowed to take it out to the gate you have to have to be taken out like to be decontaminated and you can like get up to like 7 things in your little dark zon pack that you have and you lose all 7 things he's done that is hot you like you like you like me like no you can't do that you can't get them now and take the stuff off their body right yes you can definitely shoot them in the head like a bowling I moved all the time this is like there's a role and everybody the firefighter dine around like the same repetitive motion again fast traveling like win level 20 fallen for you my story about how I didn't know if a struggling was a thing when I play Skyrim Gavin mr. Patrick laughing I just life I've fallen for the middle painful for and I do this thing where I like fast travel to Some Like It states so it was like a little neighborhood and when I came out to fast travel I was like really the middle of fighting all the stuff happens sometimes where you like U come out faster on your right in the middle of I the super mutants in the Brotherhood of Steel and I like shove I had think I have a clip from it to I shove the super mutants everything Fallout 4 like 3 or 4 minutes in the Brotherhood of Steel were there and I was still pretending like I was friends with them so I didn't mess with them but then I thought video text me and I would text back but I thought about the Battle and I won the battle but what did that look like from the perspective of the people in that battle what does it like to die just appear out of nowhere and then just turned it down and I come running in super fast just like Daddy University I just got okay I guess he's not going start shooting everybody ready to be dropped in passes don't worry I've seen this before just keep going let me know he's not here I just want to know where you stopped how do I fast travel to the the prydwen I seem not to like get into a shelter at some point together Deadpool right girl I have a great movie I would have thought people like overanalyze superhero movies from this point tell me to put the superhero anything together with the reveal at the end of The New Avengers trailer and spoilers for trailers is that possible and try to pay for the ticket so you going to spoil you I wouldn't be surprised if Spiderman was a blockage in the new movie the whole thing BB I can come with her because that's exactly The Commodores work on the reaction channels which it's like they just played the whole Avengers trailer then he shows up in life and I say what's up who is the United States Post with a fully cubic cubic better man Gavin I don't want to be table right in front of I don't want to what's wrong are you all right with everybody it's like a Chili liquor life first it seems like the worst thing in the world get like the best thing about it is that it's awful and then it's like Fireball if it was a chilly I like it it's so good we're supposed to Barbara Pancho Reyes ancho Reyes station I may or may not have to get my nose and mouth and I need to disinfect gu with that so you're fine so we just went the other day to come up to the studio after getting on a plane and take this to the right there that was because his laptop and his mom made it through the right by Gus doesn't react that she just goes straight by and got that microphone had been me it would have hit the middle of my face it's like a right smack in your mouth and nose I would have been full of like airplanes Youtube the gavi foot dust anyway but it would have liked me it on my face put your feet together 95% humidity like dust like rubbing your hand over stuff and it's like the dust that U shedding it's full of dust and it hasn't been humans and therefore Butter Skin you could take what percentage of dust is human skin but then how do you explain the dust up like all of the places that are abandoned usually 7 year 80% to 20% do you think you could collect your lifetime supply I've dust so you're 50 you take all of your personal dust could you make a pot big enough to save your life if you jumped off the roof of the building and you could save your own life with your own body because she have single story for the I Survived with nothing more than my body you about the dude who cracked the knuckles on one hand his whole life and not the other way to prove that they didn't cause cause arthritis for hero I guess that must have been like around for a long time it was so dissatisfied with the other hand when I talk to figure out this time but usually if you don't crack your joints you don't like you don't desire it on that part but people who know I like symmetry look like when someone I don't know where my middle finger I don't have to correct my middle finger on my other hand I have been getting rubs with that move down one on the left on your hand and then I can massage you the hand one hand because you know you are coming up pedicures or something pedicure is that what you're going to do spotting I got a birthday Spark pulled on your toes and it's like almost to the point of cracking does not feel so good no I want the crack the. Everything still good if someone tige little strings to all of your toes and then you hung upside down but like it would just be like I told them real good and feel good for like half a second you don't think that would support your weight I don't know 150 pounds okay what time do you have for looking at the past and you have ten toes in U divide 2 evenly with every 15 pounds of weight per day the big one will take care of a lot of pounds the little ones are carrying 15 pounds I think if you type individually sweeter than honey like a fat I could I could stay that way I'm totally going to break your toes by doing pull-ups the freezer Bowl freak out about how strong my hands are Jim and Nick's my hands I have muscles that we can meet let me I can hold my entire body weight with my fingers like I can like crab legs and hold myself you never think about your grip LOL that's coming from your almost wasn't life I'm just like pulling with something like my fingers like totally want to go but I have to maintain my grip with my hand when you're working out of the gym if you build your bicep up to where you're doing curls with a 60 pound weight your biceps get to Norma's with your hands like your hands are holding that 60 pound weight they have that grip on this well it's just amazing to me how strong like your hands are and you don't think about it cuz are there hand workouts U could do to make your hand signals get your feet in your hands and fingers the same thing so I'm sure U Dallas be hanging off the opposite effect at the gym actually I have grip strength is because I can physically lift something but I can't hold on to the bars like my hands aren't strong enough to hold up the bar but I could physically lifted it's very weird how do you know how do you know if you can you hid it somewhere on the wrist and on the fingers like on the Aristocats surface to do when I click every time I did that and it's not like you're out of alignment I see and try and try to walk around my house using just this just what just lying around I know what you're saying I'm not I've not seen every time I take a left my house is tiring but I'm gonna go back to what you're saying about like it was colder whatever my brother wants to skyri the best feelings ever to me which is he was in his room and take me a second to get there this is not the best feeling he was trying to learn how to skateboard in his room he fell off his skateboard in his bedroom on the carpet for both the bones in his right forearm like to cry when I came in and he was like freaked out and my dad made a split out of newspapers we ran into the hospital and then my brother was like so much pain so much horrible and he was in the waiting room got back there and he said they lay down on the bed and they put his fingers in these like Chinese finger traps you know that was like where you can put your finger in the butt as usual type I've put up with some way to the side and he said he finally was like oh my God this is the best feeling ever because it was like everything was in there probably can walk up and go that was like the best feeling ever broken a bone fracture in my toe or my foot 4 months ago walk-in eye doctor about it too much sorry I feel bad for John still hanging around the great amazing opportunities gun care of everything here local business by the way the dressing waiting nightlife nightlife the last night Patrick we responsible for that right now so just to get some contacts the makeup room before this was utter disaster not even describe it I don't even know there was probably that's a better one organize the all the flies in my house you would think I'm a psycho no but would Gavin was talking about earlier the thing that I get ASMR from his watching massages like head massages I gotta do Barbara didn't and that mean that leads to other massages like that arms and shoulders and stuff I have that thing of symmetry like the Gavin talking about like he spent like half as much time on the right hand as he did on the left hand and that bothers me like that really bothers me for some reason you do that I'm just like quickly finish up on this dream I had the other night I was at home and was a knock on my door at your house it wasn't you it was the cleaning lady my front door knocking on the door and I let her in and she said you need to help me Burnie trying to kill me yet and I said what and you were parked in your car and you would like this to me I said you were actually shoot I was with his hand and feels like I would totally come like not like me you just like in York girls like and then I woke up is watch your back is all that means and you're trying to kill her and she came to me you dream about people from work almost never should have been like Thursday night or Wednesday during the week you probably seen me that day two full days shelves at the Ramsey's house where I was staying there why do they have those you doing what's the big emergency was love in your shove your father's going to Gun Show Can't Hide yourselves what you're saying my shotgun I just can't see your show gun on a trip what in the world we should I like literally I've ever heard that gun outside of the zombie emergency while you're on Wi-Fi the shooting range Red's Shooting Range will take you guys to the shooting range that's what it was I've never been outside of that either just so you know never have done them right we still need it yeah that's what happened oh oh oh oh we were with somebody it was Ben Candy Crush 202 he cried about all the good it was a lot of emotion because of the lot of emotion I've basically been I saw him at South by Southwest and it's just like it's it's crazy to have known someone that long you know and he's like so many different jobs and everything is working now the tiger I have the pretzel for the for the German border and everything little bit little taste of everything it's not much of the West this place is turning into a nightmare and it's like I just anywhere I know I can grab something and they have the pretzels on the hook so I just like I just give me that pretzel and then just walk away get those little stands that I never eat at those little pizza stands along 6th Street and I've done some I go to the ER and South I just cuz I know together we do the demo down there of some tech stuff during South by and I got there couple minutes early so I'll just get a cup of coffee at the coffee shop this place is crazy I was one of the hotels are Apple customer connected Centre absolutely ridiculous chil everybody that has a booth at South by Southwest gaming at South by Southwest game break do you do like a diva when you do it but if they have it or they have other people even look like it so dark in the gaming section so you see it was really dark they do they do have carpet cleaner my problem anymore that's how much is it for a couple hundred from carpet because you have to cut it to the specific size you are waist to I think the carpet is about to haul one which is the word Gamin once this year and were cancelled in 2012 I want to say that they quoted $70,000 it should be like a pool cover that is rolled out for people who want the bed be super close to be like and pay for doctors able to pull it and rip it that's going to happen let's see that one coming right on 6th Street which happens sometimes where do you go to eat that you would never eat any place on 6th Street 8A roppolo's pizza place I thought you guys always good but actually a new favorite spot of mine wasn't that 24 hour diner which is on 644 24 dine everything breakfast chicken waffles get chicken and waffles in America because number one every time someone said look at exactly what I do what hopdodd is weekend how do you line up for the podcast we talked about the 4th I'll try it again now that you are a fool when you get in line nothing at all there's only one more the comic shop right by there if we could would you remember the alley the smell like really good waffle U would rather that was there Amsterdam the I saw him he came in to do some recording for RV the 14th and we were Tucker's and I was a few weeks ago with Alan and Jeff and that we were walking around at the event and I just started talking about Jason like I said we're having a discussion about him as we were talking about him and texted him in months just in that moment that's when she was like we should hang out right so weird so weird I guess something something going on we like watching barbar videos I want to go to India just for that has a cosmic energy stuff and yet there's something to that because we're sitting there effect from a dude he's like rubbing someone else's head in India all the way across the globe I can feel some kind of my head tingling yes but it's just like when you watch somebody at 11 and you can pick up do I sound travels through get up Beyond physical travels Beyond physical map looking like I had a broken bone now in traffic so you don't have someone like visualizing putting a catheter done some of you are not Hut ComEd that's and we fully understand that isn't recognized officially by anything yes do it again do you pronounce I saw one of those moving images on the internet and it was of I don't know what the practice is called with the girls lost it the girls putting up a metal rod down there erect penis standing around it what is it Gus to fit in different diameters I will try to help and it just disappear it was like to know you have a strong and you have an extra large cup and then they cut that can go in like too far then you're not getting the straw back out that's what happened except with the dude's penis so he lost gavi dark I am but I'd like it if you okay it seems like a horrible like my vagina is like this because I've seen a lot of things get stuck in holes before picture quotes of get stuck like I've never seen it like a video or GIF of someone getting a butt plug put in and then it good to walk I accidentally go too far and then it's like yeah that's like you go to the hospital get U can't get that on your own or you just push if you're lucky if you're lucky can't push it out but most the time we're talking about your dad the best part about it is the look on the girls faces when they just like it or not life but I could still sympathize with that dude even though you think so life makes me wonder what that's all about them curious now I've the feeling it's the best feeling in the world it's like all my God I can't believe I lived all my life so far without sticking a metal rod actually with life the next morning I'm like see me I look in the mirror gun is this is a test but I know there's some stuff I know for a fact that people fucking love that I know I would hate for you to think you could ever know where the people like they put themselves between two sheets of latex and pull all the air out how to spark Preston wrapped like I like I like I'm like the opposite of claustrophobic I love being like to talk about being like roll up in a blanket all like Titan stuff is way different than being Flex suction with latex I feel like this around here like you're nice but not like that kind of thing that people in the feeling what are you showing some vacuum sealed stuff unbelievable skin colored the network gu PR I never put myself in a situation where I require someone else's assistance to get out of it like I've acquired them like someone else but I was trusting that it was a kid because I had an older brother and I learned don't ever fucking get into anything like a cabinet or like my bro baskets in here and I curl up in a ball U put the laundry basket over me and then you fucking sit on it and watch Bugs Bunny for half an hour while I didn't friend life there is that thing of Michael he would after he was trying to convince Samsung to give me free stuff that the photo of him inside the dryer no fucking way now I won't do that kind of stuff from the inside of Indiana Jones survive a nuclear explosion I've got the feeling of being trapped in the closet really safe in the Congress office that broke break it in the office and it didn't work 5 minutes after we had it reset the code and turned and broke off I was just thinking that would be the most unpleasant thing get people out of stuff where they're trapped connected through Nick Louisiana to the face let me know what am I doing this episode is brought to you by Braintree payments by next year maybe even next week there could be a whole new way to pay me to be the next Bitcoin or the next Apple pay or maybe even both fortunately Braintree full stack payment platform is easily adaptable to whatever the future holds so you can easily adapt to accept everything from pounds to PayPal to the next big innovation from any device with just one integration when it U payment method comes out all you have to do something a few lines of code no late nights no complicated recoding no stress about staying ahead of the curve Braintree payments is here to help learn more at Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth such a good deal someone's running off their chair over there go get Podcast incredibly stupid discussions I don't know why you do it but I really appreciate it appreciate it video posted a couple days ago that subway line in Beijing during rush hour that's mad it's okay the train but then after they literally have to fight like the looks like throwing punches trying to get out of this thing is crazy it looks like the apocalypse is good looks like there's a last train to get out and everyone's freaking the fuck out in rush hour get trampled that stuff I just remember Fallen one dude and I was like oh he's almost there patriota I don't know if I can swing it let me see what you're describing what you're describing sounds like that simulation with the people running to the life swinging metal pole watch the Dead coming out of that the closest Torrid U try to get out totally made with apples it looks kind of like a lawnmower blade but it's not sharp it's just Apple spinning flat on the ground like that and it's a bunch of running a getting hit by the pole and do it cuz it where's Waldo thing there's like so many people at the computer simulation was showing physics U just sit there watching like one person run through that thing and I need the Clippers overall like a minute long but it's like so many people that U Denise time it is U get fucking head over heels tumbling in the middle going around on Facebook and stuff for this kid he's doing some sort of thing but it's like the spinning thing that has to stand on a platform that keeps life back in the head and he gets back up and it life takes his legs out and hit like 5 times my favorite or one of my favorite ever seen it was a kid standing on the platform and there was that spinning thing below or jump over and it was a really little kid and it came round his back and it just hit him in the break me starfish one-day games will be this good looks like you're some distance the script is a simulation or I just found the name of it on video It's called I've fallen and I can't get up but I'm sure if my daughter get VFX visual effects I'm sure if you start the simulation like a second later but everyone around and when the poles are slightly different position the entire simulation will be hundreds of different I need to run it again it would be different no changes and there's probably a little bit the people run up feel like a kid again you know when I get there probably ABC I love to see it when they described how they made the battles in Lord of the Rings with that system massive where they wouldn't really animate the entire battle they would just set up characters like a human fighter and they would give it certain rules like if your next one or take a swing if you get hit hit back if you get hit again fallen and I and then they just copy that 10000 times did the same thing with work and then let them fight I was like dude I just want that software I would just run run I know you don't like talking about this long time ago the podcast but one of things I loved about that discussion was the emergent behaviour that came out of the system that were not programmed like a couple people like ran up to the battle were like No And just like turned and ran the other direction and just didn't stop it just like stopped in their tracks and ran the other way and they were like dude you just end up on top of rocks like staying out of the way of everything else and they would just go through they would delete those characters from the simulation and then render and play it the opposite way you only show those guys and see like where all the weed life mutants like all the freaky freaky looking people flying with a bunch of stuff in it another video I saw over the weekend so I'm always fascinated by these videos that you see that come out of trying to just get to like that that's the subway 1260 many people living U Know and in such a concentrated place to see like how things scale but there was another one I saw over the weekend so I guess it was a bunch of tourists at a shrimp Buffet did you see that one that he did not and it's just like you said it's just like people using plates as shovels to shovel up as and what shrimp is a can't he stay behind what happened in Thailand or something is just like a list of what to do if shrimp are those just have people do closing and u cheated because they didn't have like 40 pounds of shrimp and so they all just started doing that you the way that mentality works and I think that's probably pretty Universal human behavior U something and I wanted to leave everyone for everyone 40 pounds of shrimp in the shove it today so far for this is so if you want to ask you any questions or suggest that we look anything or talk about anything just tweeted that has a tag or dark green that's crazy he's been around for 10 years do you have the volume on this I don't know that volume goes through is the kid in the park and a couple different shrimp shove what's happening at the Legends BB Pelini Nebraska and pounds of shrimp your pictures after what it's really like Gavin are you like U have to be to become germaphobe now what happened to a bunch of animals talking about this earlier when there's like a sneeze guard and people point over the guard what they want plexiglass Apple Restaurant what types of everything you don't know what remain ask you what is a because I really but I can reach over the phone number I want some too and some 9 also. You shouldn't fucking thing get my kids this at a very early age and I don't like most people don't know this and that is if you're out anywhere don't touch the bucket glass it doesn't matter what it is if it's black don't have to put your hand out when you're life at the donut shop put your fucking greasy finger on the glass you don't do that before I've noticed that should be touched by Burnie you're absolutely right you don't need to touch glass don't you answer the fucking mirror butcher shop in looking at right now it's like I want the rib or ribs everybody everybody has a glass-front smartphone everybody has that you know how disgusting that gets so quickly it's and you're not cleaning it half the time you don't like going days before you like that fucking thing off every time she puts her finger zon glass dust what Flex with flex computer displays windows on a car to reach over your shoulder and touch you and what are you doing car windows on the inside by the door don't put your fucking hand I've got the whole and that's what I can't hear you can put your David and Nathan Zellner made where the head of break a car window traffic in the morning break it or trying to directions smash hit on the driver side window and it just bounces off its get some my Dad tried to break into zon call once and it ends up walking off on your break and lunch in full force into the window itself went straight over his head and Tiny get a BB in your hand that will break what's up with BB from a BB gun burn a bald head what are the BB still file BB Mulberry I soon as I said it's crazy I never I never made that connection I've ever known that's where can't have you ever seen that video where the show how easy it is to break car windows with like the ceramic from a spark plug I've seen how you guys like to sit at the window and it shatters junkyard Wright and I want to know how much stress I want to smash that car up how much I'm looking for a billion dollars absolutely 1 billion dollars the show me to the anything it sucks it doesn't work crushed puppy to death for as well refers to the size of the ball bearing I think about that refers to the size of the ball bearing BB and I will stand for Zano BB always beside U know if a boy I like it better like this what does BB does not stand for ball bearing did did Rick from Wikipedia wallet informal hearing this is not the case this is from Wikipedia the original BB guns use the BB size lead shot gun Patrick's Day Province Dayton Barbara Lake OK the podcast just now this information constantly say that I mean lunch with other people and looks like we were talking about this potential upcoming show and I pitched this idea for it and like it was a guy who's sitting there listening and like other people pics ideas and I pitch my idea and then he goes he has to be great and then literally just the situation okay that's a great idea with the bottle opener and that red label I need to go. remind me on this what are you wearing a suit or sweats U spend almost 24 hours a day in your underwear instead of making a statement like Superman's tights under his everyday clothes your underwear is probably boring Wendy's is here to change that my reporting every pair of my undies made from sustainably-sourced mold out of fabric that's twice as soft as cotton nothing to describe the FIT and feel of being nice but once you try them on you'll understand why they're called the world's most comfortable underwear if you don't love your first pair meundie for free no questions asked me and he has dozens of styles and limited edition prints to help you make a statement with your underwear where anyone can see them or not remember Superman shipping is free in the u.s. and Canada and you could save up to $8 a pair with a mini subscription plan get subscription or single pair get 20% off your first order when you go to me nbc.com / Rooster Teeth that's wendys.com slash Rooster Teeth for 20% off your first order wendys.com slash Rooster Teeth thank you and respond to the podcast and for giving me comfortable junk he sleeping on you Instagram I've been the new city cuz you sleep naked it's more comfortable you can if you're letting everything be I don't want you just because I feel like when I roll over like a get constricted like my shirts a little loose or something I can go on it like tugg zon U and you don't have free motion covers with like nothing else also what would if you just put what you do on your phone what you just have like a bad wife a bad wife job do you not life until there's nothing left but I just feel like it's going to be like but dust and crumbs what is it there is everything now this is how this happens whatever dine the price so much information so but that's okay go ahead be my guest room is bugged and on the back of the rim but crumbs what is that is it because those are like completely still a hundred percent like when he pees life seems like dust crumbs come up and land on the top of the toilet seat Life Of Crime no I just float off that John didn't come on the on the paper or anything they're just lying on the seat was little you don't I can picture it now I'm done talking about this conversation are complaining about the employee bathroom earlier today I can buy the last week right how many people to make a lot of people that should bucket I don't know here in this building hundred 33% of what we have here is is that some of our we're going to be Sound Stage where you left it just to be saying that her brother leaves but crumbs Electric I know you don't want to talk about I was getting mad at our fridge the other day because I couldn't get ice out of it and I thought this is the same fridge we had when they were like 20 employees I was giving it to her the other day and it's funny to me for a company that started the spare bedroom in my house that over the years like little things have been bought but have never been thrown away so I'll be wandering through and I'll see someone like how the fuck did that get all the way through the years to keynot I saw the other day I saw the Lord of the Rings magnets that we had the Buda office refrigerator they were in stage 2 in the art Department holding up like paper zon there magnetic whiteboard like all the way through two divisions at end of lord of rings women to the Tampa Museum and they weren't a pop-up magnets I don't think somebody else here had it you know I bought them when I was down there for the first time we went to Wellington back in 05 yep it was a long time ago there was a long time ago yeah it's weird to talk to an excited look behind me when I saw the first HD TV I ever bought back in like 2003 and expense it was like $700 for a 13-inch display the fuck is that still here and put away what sleeping naked tige comes up on sleeping naked but one thing I want in my life that I think another culture does better than us is from what I understand squat poop injection in Japan it is more customary to take your shower at night before you get into bed and then not shower the morning where's in the US I feel like mostly people shower in the morning meundie always told me that that's the way you should do it because your hair needs oil in it throughout the day if you shower at night U get your oil back for the night and then today or tonight fresh right now I need to wake up and start my day clean I don't want to like start interacting with people 8 hours. Yeah but you're just sleeping late hours I hate the feel of the sheets when I've just had a shower what time to clean dust the sheets that you like him life is like a horrible feeling if I empty the dishwasher was just ended and all the stuff I can't touch the glass in the same way it's like that it's like 4 hours before it sticky and Michael didn't have to be I would dishwasher that doesn't I don't know how would you this not care I just want something that the thing that fixes this that gets water on top of like a mug that's upside down and it gets in that little like give it give me some dishes that like when you go to take him out of the dishwasher and water everywhere that is like and if you put them in the cupboard but that's the top of them is wet let the underneath of the mug is what some people put them upside down U put glasses upside down Lobster the kind that collect water on the bottom yes there it is if they're not the kind then now let's have it over here at 7:20 that is ridiculously small it looks like a toy 700 it came out Magnavox weeks ago with a friend of mine up in Seattle and he said that he was looking for a small HD monitor that had a coax input does iOS I stand a Magnavox it that he was I found a Magnavox at a pawn shop that is I always like a little silver one with the speakers on the side office easy the power adapter for this U can buy it will tell you there's a little sticker the old Xbox games on it that's funny last night at the bottom of it you can tell is the bracket to hold it on the wall as well Casper Smart TV zon small enough to do that anymore have you figured I got I got a solution for your right here taped to the front of his old I bought this just to play Soul Calibur 2 on the original Xbox component HD break out for it and they were very few games that supported HD and HD on the original I don't really remember yeah that had like the little break that came out of it and that's where you put it out there I really hate to on Xbox one we have to reshoot the Covenant Halo 1 or Halo 2 we'll have you discovered anything Halo 2 I believe with 720p I believe you're correct thank you Doctor you remember that original Xbox plug and I had a button on it Xbox the original Xbox power cable defect in the original power cables that they shipped with that cause the house fire I'll write with I just had to replace it or replace it with everything else we had an original Xbox U just had like a standard normal power cable but if you had one that got me a little later than you had like the other special ones too if I settle the HD gavi and stuff the season 3 in Hawthorn Woods was on the original Xbox Halo 2 was on the original Xbox it wasn't Halo 2 PC it was actually there was any different than lunch today there was much like any of the stuff before we learned you can drop the weapons and get a full frame capturing HD at the time in season 2 to and have a hard drive fast enough I thought it was HD when you switch the 360 we started out we start at 3 we started HD with out of mind get out of mine was the first HD thing we ever did HD resolution released and that's when we finally got able to buy a hard drive fast enough to capture because it will until then that was so dumb now with a hard drive faster Movie I've that could capture in 3 to 1 compression from standard definition but you can get one to 1 compression like that was it was called broadcast quality standard a postcard 16 to 1 and 16 to 1 compression get I feel like it was too hot you can catch the 5400 right now the capacities were also smaller on the driveway it had moved across the platter had to cover more surface area you have any pictures of us like to start using it to be able to do that I don't think many people realize how good they have it is encoding cuz even when we made Red vs. blue I had to encode in three different formats DivX WMV and Quicktime and into different resolutions because you've recorded time to go I don't have a good time we would be doing that all in one go it's get them out of the process for putting out right now you just go to lunch either out of the same program she had to have like one program that output of a WMV I know that one that we have anything to the DivX and another one that I'll put it QuickTime because I couldn't even do them at the same time but it's in one of them to start with out of Premiere I had to explore in the DV Rex format and I have U file then take that to the 7 exports to make one fucking video and they will build this the high-res files which is 64540 which is the standard that if you go to 6:44 and then everything else was catching up the other way is much more common on the internet get 60 frames-per-second now for video footage in for movies or 48 frames and movies and I'm like I don't do anything for me I can't stand it and I can't get him but remember my parents were I mean Karen game so I'll go with 30 frames-per-second be totally fine but my parents are going to hide the TV they just left it on Saturday they didn't like the look of I defer my standard def TV in there like that's good enough for us HD TV and it's fuzzy you're watching the standard version of the channel here if you go to the channel 5 if you go to channel 105 the height of her there on your table and it be like I don't want to go to different Channel don't want to be with two different friends who for HDTVs probably still 72590 but both of them never said that 360 stage 2 they just don't like because the TV was plugged into the TV it's right on the 360 switch out the blades you could tell by I like everything was slightly but misshapen instead of that feels like differently Fallen I did because I guess it was hard to read so not only did I just life UPS get for each day they moved around too so it actually looks different on the dashboard look different is that it went to Tennessee this weekend for some reason they got a bug up his butt to play Castle Crashers and it's one of the backwards compatible remastered version but we are playing the 360 backwards compatible version of it cuz we have that Apple pay the Xbox Live arcade slate at the front of the game that had the little pop-up that look like 360 on it was fucking awesome I love the 360 I miss the 360 actually it was great and I with you you know it's crazy it's like it's too bad you had like I just abandon the whole aesthetic for something new you always want things change for the tige looking back at that I never got tired of the 360 years ago it was awful from one of the consoles now and it'd be so much better I wish you could just change the way trophies are handled in the PlayStation I just some about it just like drives me nuts I don't even know your dad let you and it's in the middle of the list it depends on the game to play now it's one that's always been there kind of Stand Out is the way they handle treatments now we go to the game hub Easy Life rankings with all of your friends and different stuff have you done that yet fucking love that stuff like Far Cry and just cause Fox Lake they keep changing interface just as I finally used to it and it's I recognize that it's not great like now to sign in where everything is on the left side District located in the store and as soon as you go to the store but instead I still don't know what they are on the controller what do you call the square button strictly oral Xbox One to this day as a controller the Magnificent Masterpiece controller he actually surface my left shoulder left shoulder button U gun bumper buttons your shoulder bumpers and triggers Barbara buttin I left my LB button that thing is always breaking on it it's like that thing just have like a really strong index finger on your left hand Xbox 360 everything everything in the middle of the movie Minecraft broken man I'm still good iPhone is I've been playing about it there's lots of people who listen to podcast U also I guess work at The Genius Bar and I've had a lot of offers to help I've taken of one person on the offer and it was a try to help me over to chat and it was just like yeah your things bucket remind I have fun with the activity app is gone it's like part of the software for the iPhone it's like you're can't delete it it doesn't show up. Nothing I'm trying to use right now Siri doesn't do anything dust U Want Me get into good shape after the break up so my phone wasn't thinking too the app right so I had a few months where was blank no activity from my from calorie goals and all that other stuff or what but yes I'm I watch the activity that exists on my watch but it wouldn't stink with the phone cuz exist unpaired the watch from the phone then repaired the watch and set it up as a new watch that was wonderful and the app disappeared portion tige I can but yes we are I just put a bunch of crap video announcement ever today it was like oh I like that program and how long do they spend talking about that 15 minutes of work tickle get the fuck over here to see products we don't get to hear about that what does this this resolution and its light green and it's cold this is a blessing that people seek out and they reduce the price on the Apple watch introduced some new bands the meter smaller City rifle and I Apple keynot no comment about that and then they made another iPad Pro lost it I don't know why I was hoping there would be some announcement have everything you want anything or anything I cared about what is the next will be the life I bother having this event was just to announce the city I don't usually like crap stuff just get the silent I just like it when you cry where did Beijing the crowd you know you want to sit there or something no that's helped that's different that was also the night if I was running the most up-to-date 9.39 point to point this is the one activity Gavin Apple watch that you don't have it but there's no way to install anyway Robin the total change in window there's about a half apple is good to have data from like the whole month on there for like your past whatever San Fran today we don't have activity your dad still like Apple Siri doesn't respond to you know how can I talk to Something to Believe In the Apple feeling that they are losing the position as easy cool tech companies I have a price to hack Tesla battery Factory is like 100% Off the Grid at the factory which they build all those batteries aside from the fact that you'd like lithium salts from South America energy the other question I had was supposedly wants to make a car I've heard that about Google's making a car so I think apple is feeling the pressure from stockholders I think that they're seeing slower growth and they need to do stuff to try to create growth so they're doing things like creating video cheaper phones and I did hear cheaper iPad so I can come see you but I really need to and that's pretty fucking awesome I've said that for $1,000 create a meeting for you want to show stuff that people working on the concept art and trailers and things like that and yeah but then it's like this laptop from all across that big conference tables like you're looking down at the end of Sly can't have it is not bigger than that but you could also hand it to people the Surface Pro the other the surface book but like the Surface Pro table it's like the tablet connected and I can cover the difference of one that's like a laptop and one that's like a tablet with just one tables the table with what you need don't listen to everyone else but the crowdfunding project that completely fucking tank which one I mean life is so short that people keep messaging me because they sell the vessel in Apple Store if they sell the box with a cup in it the one that the one that they made because they can make the best exactly is it that you poured into it and it'll read out according to the announcement video that they put out for this thing will tell you that beer it's this many ounces that means is this mini calories and I drink it so I pre-ordered that for Dad for Christmas 3 fucking years ago at this point they realized they couldn't make it how to make it so instead they threw a different vessel which counts how many cups of water that U did they refund you the offer to give me a vessel Prime for freedom they may have offered to let me get a refund I'm not doing I'm going to sign up and do that for a refund on the way that's how much is a European Kickstarter crowdfunding project on Kickstarter for mini drones I just went like oh yeah we just we raise much money in account for 2 years can't be can't do that by just gun for $9 I want to start something and I'm going to steal $20 from me to you three point six million dollars I want to see a .6 million dollars from you and you can help me do it section 11 probably that when they did this trying to think of my crowdfunding knowledge I did was right after we did the lazer team crowdfunding Campaign which I've been late in 2014 Kickstarter introduced they change their usual licensing agreement prior to that it said you can't see like you said this is a project you're finding something hoping that'll happen it might not happen and you can't do anything about it then I've heard enough people went through enough project which is a lot of products in crowd funding that don't ever happen picture and I change the language and you can't sue us you can see them but you can't see what this company may have done there to Charlie was Kickstarter Zano Zan and they may have done the kickstarter the point in time when they were everybody waive the right to sue and they can probably rely on that yeah and all the people out like doing some else to kick start it right and they got their money exactly but I can refund you 10% of whatever whatever this episode cast is altered by nature box trying to eat better but think nutritional labels were confusing NatureBox has a snack for that they've taken out the guesswork and frustration so you could snag confidently and stop wasting time sifting through nutrition labels the Box makes over a hundred diculous Lee delicious snacks the resource from all over the world for you to choose from they got greats like vanilla wafers and Santa Fe Court sticks picture box makes it really easy to find the snacks you want without questioning what's in them plus a costly adding new and interesting snacks for you to discover naturebo I believe he shouldn't eat something you don't like so we try snack U don't like to replace it in your next box for free can't do that with your other snacks go to naturebox.com / recipe the right now to get 50% off your first box of delicious and unique snacks without any of the junk that's nature box.com / received for 50% off your first box of the best tasting snacks in the world nature box.com / Rooster Teeth for 50% off right now could have any sorry I forgot the Mini version of the iOS update the day it came out that's true that's true I've got yeah I'm done I'm at I'm at your mercy now I'm happy with everything but I'm stuck I can't jump ship I can't I can't I'm close I'm right on the edge of my time on the railing we could go the Google ecosystem like for I am and I use Gmail all that stuff like I don't use the mail client on Mac I just don't do that you know he's made his fucking piece of shit has been terrible it was the last time it worked I just got to checking for the update what's the about mail client on phone you're searching for him but it's a complete to something and sometimes you press that and then you say find U turn out that wasn't looking for you can't get back to where you were typing to adjust it it raises the whole thing about stop talking and start over now we're mobile content developers don't make like a month I'm on my phone and I'm on Reddit and it said here's an article about the kickstarter in Europe that just collapsed like to read that she got it like that I would never normally go to which is ok you know I'm really different article but it seems like now the common methodology for delivering content on mobile is here is the article now immediately here is a full screen ad that covers the whole thing and there's no way to get rid of it and I can't go back I can't do anything it's like literally I was there for 2 seconds and now it burns yeah you have to press on the get the court of I could do that thing for that appear to show full article and then we'll time it so that right you're busy but hit an ad pops up in front of it and you have them I don't download this everything's annoying process service take off so are we doing this he said Sunday you said you talk to me this weekend on Sunday I want to talk to me on Sunday night and I answered immediately on Sunday night mystery writer it's okay okay so I messaged yesterday Sunday and said are we doing this take off tomorrow and he replied back very promptly that good question I'll talk to Patrick and see if he can get together a grill for us as well its like 9 o'clock at night on a Sunday I don't want to get Patrick like running around we have done to prep for it now and Monday is the day to be doing that yeah I just I feel like if you're searching for bunched up and prepping U Got think another shove but I mean come on I will just sitting here carbon monoxide report it right outside the doors and have a wireless can't and I also need a I need a burner with it what's a cast iron skillet that's what I'm bringing April 11th April 11th April 11th what day is today May 21st the way this like 3 weeks away what about next week is it was April 4th April 4th reviewing the new podcast about baby what are March 28th Patrick's in downtown and I might skip next week's podcast I'm about to go I've been so that the 4th and then April 11th April 11th D Day 25 the first episode of news that we left it immediately we going to go look at it Marcus said he would set up a thing for us to look at it look at it and I don't think we're going to do it at any certain point in time just because I'm going to make sure that like we're all happy with it before we put it push it good push the debut and we have the stake in its place instead of a new set we have stated that first God damn couch for fucking years how often does Gus completing the sentence what are the Saturday burn it have it all set up and see how high we can get it what do that look like a bunch of rockets are very happy with you what is a lot smaller so we're probably going to be late so more and try and sit as far away from you as possible everything a little more intimate little bit closer together and every time he tries to do that he gets us all for their part and I'm not sure how that happened so I live my life is not like this is like a last look at this face this wasted hit we're too far apart we're not looking to be station 33221 so you should get on Steam I'm not sure if it's a fan project or somebody got the license for it Masters of Orion maybe just master override it's a look at Galactic Civilization game the best compliment I've never played the series but I'm familiar so if you buy Master of Orion is a Masters or master of a roaster oven if you buy Master of Orion on Steam you get all the previous versions of the game answers 1 2 & 3 anyone doesn't remember it's just master of her and then you should get it dust of this game I go to disappear yes yes you will also U should level up your division character so we can play Dark Soul 2 people dark side I might just like this is going to put the helicopter so we have the trailer for the documentary finally come out today but things U feel seemingly forever ago that does seem like a long time ago that's going to be the 2nd in order Shari's Berries the word to see how that came out there were a lot of fun things that as a result featured heavily in that documentary I'm saying if you take away everything in your the I was very happy about it biggest computer off of the course you're just like I might have broken his computer it is really fun and cool experience to be part of I'm sorry for people to see it will be a fun one and then we have some other ones I think we would have a total of 4 this year they were producing they may not all come out the same as working for documentaries this year and that's the first of four but it at least have documentaries as a regular part of our slate going forward we will see today Gavin I are going to take a little trip try to organize Gavin 122 South travel to the problem I'm I'm good you're the problem but I don't have people that work for me here to deal with you so you're saying if I give you a date you're there I mean I'm going to say yes to me that you're going to have to prep for this you know you can have to get medical I wish that your total looking at get more done here I am Apple watch it gif you're thinking about going up to 200 of Minecraft which was that 100 Wentworth Austin the last time launch the new let's play stuff braintre I like it what I was talking I can't find it I'm not looking La Costa video when you like bumpers for the for the looks like it's like their mind me the Channel 12 News Channel 4 it's like a decade ago that was random and very channel for MTV and like Adult Swim kind of stuff or just like and doesn't necessarily go with building brand I've made a couple 11 seconds to make it took about 90 seconds thought we could have break down someone did notice it's a good place to buy cheap and we didn't make it someone else the logo Kilpatrick made that Patrick shrimp and I want anything on them before so we're going to have those Ruby tugg screening coming up when is that is that in its in April April or those May 27th May 1st as well as and then there's going to be some extra footage shown there for anybody who goes there's going to be some trailers for new shows coming up and some other things but you'll get to see if you go to screening and a 25% discount and I'm starting a new channel tv.com YouTube series where we take life hacks and we prepare We compare how long it takes to do the life hack as it was actually just doing the regular thing like I was working on the house this weekend and I am Burnie life hack wear when you're drilling a hole in drywall U should get a Post-It note and liked it a little bit and make it like a little be safe and put it on the wall right below your drinks are catches all the drywall done I was like that I had to go find posted over to my house and I should have figured this life what's the geometric shape I need to tear it get it get it on the floor it would be done and if they give get on my hunting all over for like 10 or 15 some kind of the something the human mind that a lot of clickbait titles tap into like the one weird trick you always see that could be titles like this one weird trick will say this is tremendous how to fill a bucket with a tap because he could never fit bucket in your sink bucket the big what's the life hack U get a dust pan from a dustpan and brush I just shove that under the tab and the spot where you shove the brush you like photos into the bucket in the bucket on the floor the school later when you're like you have dust in life you're going to sit down to Marathon break it up into five gallon Home Depot bucket dust pan dust float so just put a hose into the bottom of the bucket I don't know but bucket under the sink in the scenario that smug go back and look at the guys tugg Bucket look on his face the end of video I've had a very lovely man life hack Channel or satellite channel channel and one of them we were all I've returned the conversation to you talking about dust in one evening it's been like 5 or 6 times what dust with Oh I thought you're talking about the Dust the dust on the bottom middle is safe is that what you're doing another one bites the dust of the rabbi do and remind everyone Marcus with you want to go and you're in the back to video player you can also download the podcast from iTunes to subscribe check it out there and we put over plug test products out there do it on a lot of different platforms like iTunes iHeartRadio free Google Play probably everywhere so just check it out you can do it you can package them up and sell them computer I can hide the ultimate collection and you sell it for like 2 bucks so we should do that nobody will see you guys next week