#369 - Burnie’s Hammer

Join Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss superhero origin stories, magazine covers, LASIK, and more on this week’s RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on March 28, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-369

Recorded: 2016-03-29 15:50:20

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

no I was going to work and they played it over not here today is not here today man don't you know the theme song the way you ended that of a solid and a on Gavin Blain already said me I'm Barbara number and I'm Blain solid what's up fellas let's go rooster podcast about this for years now which is whatever good travels he's on personal of the company who not only his travel day tours travel dates but the days around his travel dates are also traveled like if we have to go on a business trip like Tuesday to Thursday he will not come to the office on Friday and fly back late Thursday night in the afternoon he just can't come into the office the next day now he's going on a business trip tomorrow but he's not doing the podcast tonight because he's traveling tomorrow he's in town he's at home right now he was he was here today yeah that's why I said Rob day off that's in my suitcase to work then went to Australia but had the morning and hits I got it are you what are you doing anything I was possibly going to be in then things changed and I didn't so jealous here are you going to do something so they put this whole big thing with like all these sports stars and everything like that okay Thierry Henry most famous French man ever Gerard Depardieu Naperville fireworks the football player whose with Michael that was a great video what's the name of Gronk Gronkowski right what's funny is that Jack Doo everyone except Thierry on me and he's the only one that I don't know Life starts tomorrow and Charles Los Angeles where is right now just for perspective for lunch 7:37 time so it be two and a half hours earlier than right now if you're keeping score help Andy 1.5 hours away from our sponsors here today I'm hoping he's wrong I want to respond to him today our sponsors today are Harry's and squarespac so thank you very much. Squarespac for making this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast so the fact that Justice is in town means that tonight could have been mistaken that's another reason very mad because I'm just very excited the state but it's so hard to be hungry for something weeks in advance but I want like I want steak cause it's making me feel very self-conscious he now steak I would like you more than just tonight I can order favor if you've been so excited just to look for a pair of yours don't intentionally but I haven't had a steak since so when we do it will not have one until we're trying to organize it correctly and hopefully stay hungry but I have to the podcast so what are you traveling next week for next week if you'd like if I got to fart of us most 10 minutes before I walk out the door I really got to meet such like a traveler can't be bothered that I'll show up to the airport 20 minutes before my flight boards and I have decided that amount of time and I asked you like my calendar 2 things that have a lot less stressful one only you can forget everything else too there's always another flight I wasn't what you know the two very important rules for The Amazing Race if you lose your passport you are done or gone there's a dude who I think it was in Russia and his passport was pulled away like they took his bag he was done and he was in production just moved on because he was like the limited and he was a day with no help from anybody try to figure out how to get out V the American embassy I'm assuming it was within on shine here please I went traveling recently and I'm getting been getting into this habit where I will work the day of my flight to the point where I bring my laundry up and I'm always like stacking up laundry so I will do my laundry up here at the office and I will literally up in my laundry basket into a suitcase and then just whatever that is that's what I take on my cucumber leaves an empty suitcase and then I'll just dump it all in it to the next level my clothes are always likely though since I wear tight shirt no problems filthy casual shirt very trained like a pet friendly shot for you the way I like your tits in Italian navigate Naples Bay Oregon Batman feeling a whole here love you now I'm better at this game yeah he's pretty close to Sandstone here 3030 Bigelow nipple is the nipple here is what I think I think Gavin what is female friends will let him try it on her I've never done of the pogo stick getting your shirt here walk up to you like at a bar or something we wear your shirt hul do this you know consumers gas when your nipple itches an electron you of all people are terrible you know who's not terrible the best in the world of this game it's really she's never met him that's how she found out she is a trip which we might talk about you don't talk right now sorry non spoiler let's let's say that but we're going to address issues that the usual stuff an insert Man of Steel Superman have X-ray vision yeah they did that you can understand that message with him but they just use an old smartphone and it was through early the movie before there was any great V for the first the first green that he grabs to see if man amazing reflexes the second one he just flies right into it yeah but I need time so I'll get it and I thought I did a great Batman bed but Batman was fucking stupid in this movie an email to that what you show this post we'll talk all about spoilers about Batman should try to do that so apologies if so it's kind of become the place where we do all of our spoiler talk different thing I will say this though I like Man of Steel kinda like Man of Steel better than Batman vs. Superman I don't want to see the Batman Origin story anymore I'm done with it you don't see a kid crying of eclipses the dog walkers as somebody's direct Batman movie don't fucking shoot it I don't care about like your vision of the alley and the gun and the mom in the Pacific that's really the doo Thomas thank you it's raining and Martha Wayne D Wayne bu Watchmen Watchmen and that actually did have an interesting take on the Batman Watchmen cohe day do stage makeup that I write them in for yeah yeah yeah it's not an industry it's the chick from the Earth to the the woman from Walking Dead as well as in Walking Dead the mom was in Walking Dead she's the one that's dating that other guy that everybody loves Glenn Glenn and Maggie yeah that was so good really she's a good looking girl on the cover was like Shape magazine you like all the people when they those are probably the man 4 times the size it is on the show every week that's blowing up doo doo it wasn't covering his key he always had the top lighting cuz it hits the ABS and then it's like the Shadows have shadows I'm really proud of here in 2045 that the Batman reboot it's given to you you gotta stop Batman again how do you shoot it if I go to the Civil War Avengers and they show Spider-Man's origin story I will walk the fuck out I mean that we have seen that buck An Origin story a billion times it gets bit by spider or Batman and it's like hey we really want to do an origin story in this movie it's like do you want to make it the origin story 4 only one little tiny shred of information you get about this character you get nothing hul to look at the actress that played Gal Gadot damn good looking better not Wonder Galaxy was a cooler character when she wasn't I mean just look the 56 mile long runway in Fast & Furious Wonder Woman's alias Wonder Woman Diana Prince Prince the prince and princess a difference there's a difference I think that like I'm going to Future Generations are going to look at Batman kind of like okay so we have Star Wars 4 5 6 and then they had the prequels 123 Orchard significantly worse I think that they're going to look at tripping Batman Dark Knight trilogy you know like the Nolan Trilogy it's like oh yeah this was a good Batman movies and then they kinda got really shitty with Man of Steel and I think they were sitting with George Clooney another pretty sure I did not but Keaton Batman was fucking cool Schumacher there he was he was a true Batman 89 with Penguin and Catwoman are you yeah I don't know get fucking Batman right one the one with Jim Carrey the one with mr. freeze I read a quote the other day about Tommy Lee Jones hugging Jim Carrey and you like whispered into his ear and he's like I hate you I can't stand you and then he said so I cannot take Lauren to your buffoonery here so you really of Jackass I know the shit out of people somebody's trying to tell me Superman uses a ladder stee Batman uses a LED based smoke whatever that x-ray vision at any point in this joint Man of Steel what you assume is using it cuz he finds people like come spring Lauren Florida what is looking through glasses I bet he's a little extra Vision to see through those glasses otherwise you know cuz it where is the Clark Kent there clear so is that what you mean by they have prescription glasses like bigger or smaller when I look at you is there pulling up just put into words the camera slightly Galaxy the treated multiple iPhone contacts -77.5 only time I don't know what I mean that it's a question that I know the interpretation that you because I know some people get it today just do it in your head that here I would have to cut your oil Toby Turner just did a video showing his Lasik of God I wonder met before we did it to the side the one thing that we prepares you for when you get your surgery but he thinks he can smell your eyes are really prepared for Christian marriage is all about savings like I remember one time he got sick because I think he had like grocery store sushi that was free all about saving surger was like the day before he said she's very smart with his money yeah that's actually I remember he called the Lasik company that is about to get surger having a production company was wondering if you promote a here well really that Chris called and try to get a discount or does she live yes I'm sorry skydiving Norman yes skydiving in like laser tag in Just Cause all that I don't know and I feel bad what was the skydiving Fort Scott to his Ferrari recap he's like we really need to go skydiving Thierry capital I think of you but you didn't so different traffic will be at the hearing Spider-Man this is over so it's very appropriate officials origin story whatever it was it wasn't me it was tons of spiders from that place develop spider guilty and the ability to lie flat on his stuff as opposed to like getting a rise on top of his head that would have been way worse cousin in Tobey Maguire shoots webs out of his skin and tell me the shoes when it snowing Peter ringsmuth here I was like which one's the real one in the in the in the conductivity amount in the original comics Spider-Man he's a super smart kid so he built his own web shooter and if I can run into problems with the Amazing Spider-man 2 comic Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man web but it doesn't have to like take it out and then you put into the cartridges I believe no no pulling Andy bed sheets into a job that his wrist Andy make fart noises on Marvel Wikia Marvel. We can think of something quick web shooters going to find the nevermind gado reedu Day Creek and there's nothing I doo return books I read all Canon Star Wars novels and books the first Superman comic well I just got my dick slap you Powers comic books and of that that much information that's a really tiny little 431 Baxter at want to get caught up on all cuz you take forever and take a lot of money so I just don't because it's all there like 67 years old what you can to being played by like so many different characters and let people have died and come back to life the comics look at one of them right now but Robinson mobile Batman I mean to break I think took on the role of Batman Dick Grayson is that right. We're just correcting You Comics Tik Tok where is what is it actually I don't know the comic so that's where they did get everything I had no idea I never even thought about it and it was like I don't know DC stood for this week I need like to be filled in let's come can you take me to fucking Forever Living a Spider-Man web shooter think I don't when did Tobey Maguire have the organic web shooters that was a really interesting choice because it took away from the Mystique of Peter Parker like inventing his own stuff and being this nervous like you just came out of the bedroom let's see the difference I don't think wrestler Crusher Hogan in the ring and I need some cash using his scientific prowess he constructed a pair of artificial web shooters that attached to his wrists with an with an agent a costume and a new name Spider-Man 2 game the art museum where was artificial as well how do I put artificial in there if you build these things so do you like pulling web out of his ass and then shoving in the web shooters and then fire you the people I really don't think so why does web was being made how much money was the microscope and we haven't had the right away nutrients from its food and turn into when he just let her do everything buy like the spider comes out lands on his wrist like them I type it an envelope really fat transformation ahead do I get my stomach throw up and I was like feeling but tell me where it says like let me get this out fast took a dump so find out please people are fucking nuts so I gotta say I like to go there anyway because I just got back to the gym like I did and I'm so glad I did because I was like so what you know good fresh feeling you have right after you eating are you going to do stores that are let me stop and think about it it's because razors are so overpriced that people are actually more likely to steal them then just about any other product in the drug store good razors cost too much which is why do.guys like you started 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to harry'.com right now that's Harry s.com and make sure you use the code rooster at checkout to let them know who sent you and thank you very much for making this possible things that are harry' I don't shave as often as I should and razors are expensive so I usually only buy one maybe every month to month or so one razor the time you should harry' here to clear his name how are you yes because I remember that's when I was producing you're talking about this before the V Cast remember I was saying I was pretty singing RT recap he was going to go get his Lasik just normal and I was like hey what's Doo an RT recap about that and I was like oh yeah let's do that so that he can we film it for your fault it was my fault UC Browser the startling piece of information Chris H SwiftKey incorrectly stated on Twitter I just reedu Burnie about origin stories a story needs to stand on its own you can't neglect important aspects of your character if you're at the you can take the other things that happened in the trilogy as being part of the Canon of that trilogy this is now if this is Man of Steel we've seen the Christopher Nolan movies we see Man of Steel we've had Superman's origin story and we had Batman Origin story covered many times and the movies we don't need it again we don't even like Superman Returns the one before Man of Steel right even though it was meant to be a sequel we still have more to the story of him like Crash Landing met to an even everybody crash-lands again in like his original place where he hit but he's like a fully guard man let's hope we don't need to we don't need to show let's funny Russian all over you should just The In Crowd can't run it was mostly the skinny guy that did the whole truth before Rob Norman OK everyone that one they just covered his Origins and like the title sequence the angry Doo the banner Eric Bana and then they did you just remember nothing Which Wich hope you had the the guy from Uncle Henry the second yeah yeah those are all totally bed Rob him that's what that's what he said that was Doo the character in that that I got to talk about what she remembers Batman just remember that it will talk about it later you must get really annoyed in my dream the other night what do you call that like who I was funny I was going to be there for the other listeners gavi on a dream because everything in your V make sense of random firings of ships had a dream about me on a Sunday he hadn't seen me in 3 days is it still on your mind I dream I broke a lens right so I had to replace the lens but I first tried to fix the lens I broke and I put it back together and this yellow thing I remember the shape of that I could draw it was like a semicircle sticking out and I can Wrangle down a bit of the ball and for some reason I couldn't put this lens together cuz I can get the stupid yellow Andy Cohen about my dream came back to it was like then I was like figure out and I know that just to piss me off the same shaped thing is that what does it mean that I want to print out a 3D print and be like what Doom I wanted to do in the tree because this offense funny made up of frustrating situations it's like that's V shape so here it is I mean going to that the dream may have been as well let's see the short with Chris and I'm sitting there and I'm looking at I can let's records covered in paint but I think about how when we first got the equipment we were like taking it out of the case is like so carefully and setting it down and I'm looking as long as it's like being and shipped and everything will an Undiscovered painting like that's a fucking Slow Mo Guys didn't even need to explain what it was that the paint was on me the day and the chip I mean I take care of the lens but you can find the camera Andy come back to the top of the lens but you still need to see through the glass right I didn't have any Optical flat surface and paint landed like in the catchment rim on the glass just went inside and try to drop it off in it Eliza goes to what most dangerous Slow Mo Guys you've done what was it wasn't dangerous downwind from Denver and a flame thrower company pet mounted flamethrower right at me and I thought it wasn't legally get the car figured out is it sleeting V assurance that I was somewhere else so good that's really nice superhero origins Twitter Trigger Snappy here doing Christmas of what I already forgot about me so amplify sound and just kept saying bring them in because his ears are super gross so I waited until he was on the bottom the part that I talked about on the podcast I'm still going to look at okay so I can't see it too well as a waste of space I see the light so that is a charging case is about your bed that you put in here they're like fre Stanley earbuds and then you put them in your ear make the dinner at 1 and then you put them in your ear and because I've seen it amplify sound like you can turn it turn the world up or down basically the music no no like blew through it so it's putting the right side goes in the right ear here is something really nasty disease just like this so would you want this buildin cost man of my bed Batman ABS light do you have to turn it so it like it was in your ear reedu he was whispering and I can't say that you wish you could go louder than it does but because I talked about like seafood like new technology on the park as he sent me a pair of you up right now we can hear more I feel like superma somebody that somebody that you think might be some of the controller to the Wii somebody said my network connection whisper they made a whisper voice they went they went this loud play very bottom of the line with the stuff when can I hear that here pretty fair amount I'm not a piece of shit don't have anything else so you can like to choose sound cancelling this is amplify sorry but I wish I wish I could be connected to Bluetooth for my watching the RT Podcast an divisio here V the product to is that they hit their case for the coming you just plug the USB into the side of it the charges pretty cool how much are they if you don't mind me asking I want to see there like I should look it up it's because I did not pay for them hey Chris make a phone call and there gave me the news Theater Under the here plus dot me here here on the waitlist you can look up your earbuds into here but kinda cold here but they had a quarter if I had a yeah if I had enough money I would buy a set of night vision goggles yeah and that's like this seems to me like this and night vision goggles you beat the indestructible if you like let's smoke anything you know can let me smoke what is light enough to be smoked I think I just let particles in it, and here I do think I'm a creep but I have really good hearing you you got me you have really have good hearing but I am very selective about what it here so I can act like I can't hear somebody even though I can hear them like super well why is that it can be advantageous if you could like to know someone out and just like oh he didn't hear me you know I guess I like bother him later about it or be it's like if people are talking about you and they think they are being heard but I can hear them that's kinda sad she got mad at someone at school when the police come shut up oh yeah that's fucking guy during the shoot and we were outside and we were like really running against the the you know the clock is 12 or should we use every single minute of it if we try just pulled up and he came out and he had a red Solo cup is from Services it wasn't anything you know bad but it's red Solo cup you and meet you so see if there was a party or something but yeah yeah it might come for this Desoto, Texas for noise complaint so he started walking and I was like okay this copy questions this guy in Mazda line he said over the music what year did he like walk to the cop with a cop and I was like on I-80 that hold me back as I was but I was did somebody else doesn't help anybody out what will we do with it where it was one of Blaine shoots and we went three quarters the way to the day and we didn't answer there who was a day player that we hired three quarters of the way to the day he decided he didn't want to be in it the more I think you walked d like there was like a fart joke or something and then all of a sudden rooster for Chopra Center funny joke and he was like there's a there's a scene with waterboarding he's like he actually come to you like hey this is great who wrote this D like to start getting more kids even though and he left and I swore I told everybody what was agent hitma dropping from Austin Windsor weird like that one time where Gavin before we can play with on Xbox live with me where we wanted to put somebody in the rooster teeth comics where would you the picture and we just need to get a little that little permission slip filled out where that you have my permission to use my image active Lauren based on your likeness like a watch for the form I don't know this is like a contract everything go to read it or show it to somebody if you want to pressure people into it but it lasted like 5 days and was like the whole purpose of the contact to sleep as we thought it was just like and he was like well I'm afraid that if I let you use my identity it was one of the things I love about you it's like giving him legal counsel was like what the fuck is this a short week harry' plays a lawyer there's the lawyer lyca SIM card very brief cameo cohe yesterday pretty funny that was funny easy the grave there it's a rooster so someone gave me so much you like to think that you would take it through the city tanning mjolnir inscription Andy got that even Gavin even the name if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor even Gavin so I don't know the name of the gym it's it's pretty fucking solid so if you want to Jack says that like grip on it it's fun to mess with somebody's breath while you do a podcast divisio through the stable know it no go for it what the fuck you're fired Wet Willie's harry' here we go what was that the extra expected outcome for that Burnie was pretty solid for the next week I was just in my drink from Gavin I was out I was really good thing you raise the stakes we might as well just the thing this morning Hampshire Blain is a good guy would come by the table discount that was fun so Chris was talking about earlier because he was calling cuz out of context text and was like I'm so sorry to bed so he called and I was like I explained it to him he's like you really that was that's a funny on your table for one week at bed can I use that for some of us usually one piece of merchandise News Article 2 years ago and I don't remember read it right I thought about you today as a queer is that hammer time right like all hands of the company and was like I'm going to find this this Hammer that I had never turned out it was in somebody's office they kept themselves an animation should have had it and I'll have it there the office is pretty dope here from like where we did the first two seasons of Red vs Blue an like perfect diagonal to each other like Gavin tool in Photoshop it's pretty fucking Dead episode of million dollars is out right where Max is the control guy that's that room will use that so like Max from key is the guy from s of context Burnie about letting the rocket with his ass and that's the room that were talking about is fucking funny he's great I'm sad the season's over the Couple Episode 4 which should be really fun it's very similar to my daughter talk about this over on the 4th since the documentary with you guys came out and took away your technology to what it was day to go check out the original plans for it was I wanted to do one of you to the date of your birth and the other one too just five years ago just showing how much technology changed in just five years like you couldn't have a smartphone you know you couldn't have like social some certain Social Media stuff around it mean sweetie I would do it 2007 the iPhone is this is the changing point for the iPhone would probably go back inside what was at 9597 I think one thing that was just too much production value and not enough time to make it and we were trying to find a special person to create it was you know all the stuff that we have now is very stream-of-conscious in the moment realize and the only equivalent for something that was alive back then was in the stock market was delayed like 15 minutes and then we get live information was a thought from TV but that was delayed 15-20 minutes binoculars doo doo had those like the glass Dome or tape up-to-date information about stocks so it's trying to find what was old ticker tape machines but that would print your Twitter feed all the time if you funny to prank me with that because I need to just tell people to write these really long talk to me or lie to me over and over like employees were feeding us dinner day 4 messages of them just playing songs for 1989 on my Instagram are we need story about what happened the table we can get our story straight here just say what is the collapse to kill 3D I'll take the blame if you like Chris free will you on the table same as like current CTS has no precautions for the wrongful story that I told him I felt about him trying to Discount private service for I didn't I'm pretty sure it was like I said I was like he's probably a discount from until next week for the piece of cardboard will cost more because you're using as a filming location what would promote we got we got we got discounts for doing parachuting because he was like oh yeah you're basically from owning s plastic ski ranch for immersion God I'm going to send you guys a picture in the picture of it okay the address for that to go to right don't say it out loud the same trail that was you this the just came in its from Hold That Ghost but it shows Jefferson of the RV be set up from a few years ago that great what did you decorate it or try to keep it nice like a guest bedroom but you put up put up with stuff on the moon and then I can go Reservoir Dogs push their food couch bed in that room so let me wait the RB be there we did painted green the one day for what was the first purchase that you already have an Xbox I seen the other two just bring over each other's Xboxes suggest you go out and buy more we had to start Red vs. blue I had to buy an extra controller and instead of borrowing Gus's copy of Halo I just bought another copy of here so our production budget to start Rivers blue is $110 with that fact that one of those that lives at 304 wasn't for here so it's like budget to like the Reno box office or do we want to call Red vs. blue of the revenue from the show it's got to be like one of the heaviest hitters the great race yeah yeah it's like a hundred bucks to a show that's lasted now for going into its 14th season Rodriguez is trying to shoot something like a feature and then like I V grand budget or some really yeah but it's like I'm in favors like from Professionals in the industry anybody I know would be $7,000 feature right now looks like we'll be able to get like you don't the people usually puts in his movie all drama but I'm sure we'll just come here for second setup a joyride Master Chief photo look like the weight of that desk is like other yeah they were wired controllers back then so we we would like pick up the controllers and set them down but after doing that over a course of a day you wouldn't set him back down the same warranty big rats nest like right in the middle of the whole thing was setting controllers down deadly don't go to speak if you don't put on the left rape because it the worst about V burni walls of Flatbush the computers are down there that's cool yeah it's really cool on the side The Matrix yeah and it was all that was definitely for you too so we would have to take our on file and code at 6 different ways that was a whole day of the production I have to encode high res and low-res for QuickTime hi-res and low-res 4.wmv and high resolutions for dinner and then post them all and we had to host them ourselves and sometimes BitTorrent the biggest thing the biggest problem we had was when we had a viral hit like the first episode first few episodes of Red vs Blue when they just took off it was this idea that if you had a big hit that truck was just going to show up at your back door and it started dumping money let you know what it was exactly to pay for everyone and we there's no active video an environment like YouTube so there are no pre-roll ads didn't exist so we had to start doing now so we had to start supporting your business with t-shirts and subscriptions that was the first thing we did the sponsors your model and I can guarantee we would not have been able to do those things if we hadn't been on our own.com site it just wouldn't this would be the same as it is today if not for those things and squarespac of sites that look for regardless of your skill level there's no coding required they offering easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year start your free trial site today at squarespace.com / rooster teeth when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure you use the offer code Rooster Teeth that's rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful square faces but a very long time sponsor the podcast and I could be one of the first I know what I love when I people always leave feel like I started my here by starting my own corner of the web this is my destination and doing it that's I love to hear that cuz that's great yeah it took me forever to break the habit of going to members but I also just want to or didn't you know it was like implant in your memory that you can't do them look like a bajillion minutes first time you just have to type in your the first letter like s Facebook V Google are Rooster Teeth Red vs Blue it's been like let's move on let's put it on the whole time but it's been there get a new phone and my contacts in every time I probably would have to go through my phone and it's been like tons of names I need a purse again took this is full of numbers and light rally this one is actually a contest I just never had people you have this thing where you can set your favorite that you are real put your favorite on Xbox One do that the service is where they let you set up favorite contacts what's your favorite on Xbox One thinking about that what is what is your mom have a photo and nobody else does I don't know what's your favorite on your phone old Twitter Avatar or like that is one headshot Gavin the other house that's right it's like your smokey one where you're like all like your Smokey the Bear with Siri explain what you just did that is the best feature of the Apple watch buy funny do it from a from a laptop I don't know like I can do this how to make my phone pink wherever it is in the world right explain it it's okay I can just talking device so I have to use something that's on my head that tells me where the sun is and then when I talk to it a certain way that's yours I don't know if I can sit on their butts is your ass it's your rooster teeth portrait and I think I can see that you can see that the names of my family shows from Rooster Teeth we have portraits in the front Gavin so you laugh let's play broken sunglasses V on one side of the sunglasses in the truck can I get it from them but I have to put in for everybody crazy yeah I wish but I think I don't remember I don't remember recording on his phone that way you can nudes? Blaine capatch where to go for whatever is the easiest thing although the first picture that Toronto now I have it because in order to put in my contacts I have to save it to my email gal refers to an occasion when I go through like a day you can look through Facebook and taking his profile pic I've no idea what you're talking about nevermind I didn't say anything but that's the downside tax happened or like the road is doing the red and white equality signs it's like you have fun up there like the equality flag saying that well I got everybody back an call Mom and then that's my mom's thing it's Lee Gibson in a little elephant emoji and a mom cuz I like elephants and I feel like Associated did you know Siri call Mom it'll be like calling Leah Gibson I got a long time ago I put barbs in my phone is burp burp Dunkin snack like I would type it wrong to barbar bank on a timer for 30 seconds to tell you that and then I changed the joke so I changed the Barbara dunkelma can I had to change it back because I kept typing it is unlike her call burp burp Dunkin snack and she goes calling and texting right now so here's a crazy thing I was complaining on my watch I can play my phone I spent a whole day trying to reset I want to reset my phone do all that stuff it still didn't work you asked me on that podcast what version of the OS you have and I said I have the most recent one while we're on the podcast I put a new V fix all my problems with my phone literally in fact every last one of them is mine is like that but thank you for trying to solve my problem I appreciate it I smashed mine recently said his brand new brand new replacement phone you haven't smashed it since the last time you told her she should but this one let's put this one dies within 2 hours sorry I have to do it but I have to do the same way I just got a new phone I don't use a backup app the Galaxy Samsung 7 right now said called the most advanced smartphone best smartphone ever rated by consumer electronics until the next iPhone comes up maybe sell the next iPhone for sure to be under waterproof call Barbara on her everyone say that have two lenses barbar technology technology call Barbara Duncan snack kinda I am sorry but I'm telling you here as I know it's what I was doing this weekend. The flags in the Emoji Keyboard the two characters about something British flag sweet and you have $100 left it's probably just like a hex code for some time he had said something to do with the coating of it so you saying when you whenever you put emojis on the council two characters just like all the other emojis and I don't know because it's the country code Miguel Angel Rodriguez Alamo G notifications or Warnings that potentially that's put into every app right now are you updating your keyboard Snapchat man you know you just don't you just jump in they were subpoenaed they pulled out something it was like Galaxy Snapchat who I started using Snapchat how do you like Snapchat I'm getting used to it I never thought I'd say that in my entire life but I get it I get why people like it so much it's best so it's tough to do that you didn't do it like 12 an pictures and videos about having his purely for voyeuristic reasons I don't do anything that sends it out to people I just work there and she don't tell me don't say what my name is because I went public with my name was like yeah yeah this week and get some good pictures and then pictures of like 12 year old kids boys and I like I don't I don't want this in there interview of little kids movie with a person the other friends cannot send me snaps so I don't even get alerts probably who is the coolest way to say will you give me a discount of a bail bondsman here 90 death ripping someone's eye surgery going to that with you what prompted that yeah I'm sorry I was like wondering why you weren't talking it was Chris was asking for fre surger or discounted eye surgery it should be eye surgery the full price for that you on the floor right yet full attention from their tug you do that Thing You Do I haven't but I would but you said you do what's what's imperfect on your body that you I mean I think about like teeth whitening and stuff I've done that before the real tanning spray was that a real tanning someplace that she knows are cute an Palm Beach Palm Beach the territory and I felt like I had to explain to the receptionist was coming that's all but I just felt so self-conscious about being a tanning place aplastic bed I'm a blast did you get the little girl singing day by day they'll have the Batman or the LED based ones when I'm in the number to just staring into those eyes is a lot the way you say 3 times 11.1 at one time I went to a spray place I went with my ex and as a joke I said I'll do it I turned it all the way out because I don't be funny you know I would do that one Bahamut other weekend I got it Gavin to find a way to Home Depot in about the cheapest put it down so I can fix of like it's like a bent staple and put it out with a line in it for bills I just talked to the sun when is the drink came back but she on it that happened just now can you slow down a bit it's nice to know what river Lauren Atlanta sign into the bushes and then I'll just run into one another again feel like gagging it like at the top of the bottom here was like fuck yourself that is not what I D like to wear how to take a nice dinner take it with them when I was going into a new with the bunk beds are going to be able to chip in her office man that doesn't sleep and I don't think I've ever been washed I slept in those bunk beds I 8 nights in those bunk beds Batman season 1 of the family knows but what I'm going to tell him tanning I wish I'd done that earlier and like the first week and work. They got bed bugs continue cuz it was not turned out they had their apartment with a lid got bed bugs and I got evicted from it the meaning of be still here but it was interesting because this person has had a very storied career at Rooster Teeth intrical part of the team Mariana Jefferson door carefully we're all worried about getting bed bugs that can bed bugs get on people I was here do you want to be Rob of your mouth because they just going to Sheetz in bed yes there is one person goggle clothes and stuff like that no it's terrible like if you go to a hotel and you put your suitcase down Branson hotel that has bed bugs just hit done yet leave it at the airport basically had a really serious an excavator you can see they are carpenter ant is nice to live in a co-op and coffee filters smaller than a penny but we had we had hugs and she was this lady is crazy lately she was like 50 something as long as you are a student or a staff or faculty member you can live in the coop she was like a faculty member at some Lake Community College so she found some loophole that she was able to like her she was crazy she got bed bugs so she thought instead of contacting the people that would get rid of them this is come problem she took her bed sheets and she put them into work are assuming that the heat would kill the bed bugs get in the car no they just like the superheat your house because when I'm alone 10 degrees hotter than a super super hot day or maybe 15 degrees hotter than super super hot day in Michigan an issue with him having it was concerned you didn't exactly what you wanted house because someone was coming to the office on a regular basis with bed bugs what the hell is this problem solved movie things we forgot about it after like 6 hours and 8 minutes when we're not here looking at the Congress office I think I thought I saw it that's crazy Changed History for rooster it was a very big deal good old bed bug the thing that they get the name of this stupid town right did you hear about the police department that tweeted out recently that they put it on Facebook they posted that they had recently discovered that met and I think crack found in their Community had been laced with a bowl of the Ebola virus hul eat if you have crack or meth you should bring it into the station to be tested for a Bola and a woman brought in her met to be tested for Ebola and they arrested her and it wouldn't viral and got this national news and everything every report that it was like that's for making a big deal to me okay the entrapment law enforcement via social media these are all terrible things it's way worse for the police department to be saying Ebola is in her community and public an abortion a small portion of population could be unknowingly infected with ebola so anyway hahaha you know an airplane is a post like this mean it's not really a town really close to also think it's Granite Shoals Capital Ford go to get that back to get out of here expecting was it what was the purpose of posting that to like catch people with meth and crack or was there actually test it was for a lot it seemed like such a team like such an encapsulated experience of being on the web for this Police Department if they posted this joke posto is a joke and they got kind of a viral hit from it because the woman came in the people reporting on it and information about our crazy news story talk to this person in the Press Department to talk to you about it they did a couple follow-up post stuff like that and then they try to get backlash on it like really quickly if you were going to be like why you guys wasting time with a single drug user you know when all the stuff like you finding it and then there's that whole crowd but they were the people like you can't do this you can't Rob someone here someone else made a really good point which is there are times when this will happen where a drug Supply is Tainted and actually do need to inform people that it stated that's valuable information I mean drug use but you probably won't want the people dying of sucking rat poisoning in or something like that what you think criminal issue it's a personal enough what do you notify everyone in your community Where the Buffalo Clarksville met love ya but says joking Facebook post warning heroin heroin and meth users of a bullet in their supply day today Texas Police Department one arrest and a social media outcry police in Granite Shoals about 55 miles Northeast of Austin that leaves Northwest share a fake breaking news alert picture Tuesday night claiming the drugs could be contaminated with a life-threatening disease Ebola in the weird part about it was in the police department got super defensive and their post that they put up in defense of of telling everyone in the community that they get here they did this of this post that talk about how tough it is to get a cough and a lot of them have PTSD and it's like they need to be able to joke around and like also a lot of cops get shot too it was like this big dramatic a little post was like mr. active people just upset with you because you're not doing your job and like you're pulling out all these like heartstring things crazy they compare themselves like two Iraq War veterans that really it was really really busy for the Granite Shoals Police Department there's some joke you shouldn't be a part of it here in the US as a people that love making jokes like when Tony was in the hospital a few months ago and like the nice it was like hooking up to the stuff with like cracking jokes left and right I was like yeah we get it you like the funny funny guy let's be serious about that if you want to know the answer to the question s Patch Adams like panic attack and I thought I was having is going to hurt you and they tested my blood and so much potassium is of such low so they're going to give me a potassium supplement and she brought it and gave it to me and I was like wow that's crazy she goes yeah I have to sit here and watch you take it and I said you to watch me take a chance again we can't just give potassium to just anybody have to watch you and I took the pill and a saltwater ago otherwise like illegal or something or it's like people sell them if she goes no no no no that's potassium affect your heart rate and so if you ever here like a nurse to kill your patients that's what they give him and if you took the glass of water for me and walked out of the room situation and I was like this is a joke and killing me what she gave me to take you like would like to come back in your life are you doing Barbara bananas fun gal treat me like a and walk out the room and that's the end of the scene but in real life you like the way I can help him out doctor and I don't I can't tell if he's joking or if you just like legitly meant it but I was like probably like 1112 getting a physical because I was going to be doing like football or basketball or something you had to get physicals and he's like are you checking out you just drop your pants for me I have to see down there I know this is embarrassing of the girl he's like okay I see a lot of little boys penises Andy just like went to work and I was just standing there like Jordan zipped up like that they have to deal with that rough stuff everyday and I'm sure it feels nice stuff to you. Tons of dying people that too like crack some jokes but each individual encounter is like so rare for the other side of it he does that all the time but not every time it's someone else and somebody that role I think some new troll doll today yeah but had a new one when I walk into my office this morning so how did you really the chair and I hung it and then you don't see this I didn't take a picture of it put up a sign that said truly be warned like from Pirates of the Caribbean of all the hanging pirates in his power to be warned this isn't about the point that I stopped doing for Hoover because like people getting all freaked out by it kinda getting a little stocking feel like this is very new for us although I have it's someone who my brother has my brother told me he knew who it was interesting Arizona not real I don't even get on Facebook I'm starting to really get on Facebook is when I get like random request and my girlfriends always the same list of people that are like I'm like I can name them right now my friends in Facebook yet because I think I tried to add you and it has to and requests but you are now following him and I and then you add me later can I unfriend people on Xbox and they wouldn't know it because we talked about the the favorite earlier Andy Wood top Twitter and know when someone follows them but check it but it doesn't these are not people with like you know it just a few it's because usually people have a lot of people there to help you like recently is your website and go to the church who follows who like I can type and Gavin and Barbara says Gavin Powers Barbara and I think if you go to his profile you can scroll through all the bullshit people usually know that because in the people you may know section will pop up someone who you previously were likely that's probably it by the way there's on you that's what's happening I just looking for my best friends like one of my longest childhood friends still love the guy he will not stop tweeting about fucking Texas A&M football or Sports I don't give a shit about them and then he's like you but I love you friend and we're still friends 40 Miami V phone won't work is having a conference from their house the little baby ones I will try to give $5 to the first person who can name the building in the back of a nickel Target oh my God you guys are foreigners so that's house representative George Clooney's mansion the biosphere is the Jefferson Memorial Andy man gets a stick it's going to be fucking statue of him on Washington Washington Washington Washington man killed the state with the most Detroit building ever is the Capital Records building in Los Angeles the round Tower it's what they're standing on what an independence day that fucking blast right now what is The Maze Bank Tower in GTA V about 3 years now I know you guys play every week but it's like GTA 5 let me see man GTA 5 break it down again GTA 5 release date was those 20 1514 2014 release date September 17th 2013 so we're two and a half years we're coming up there are certain The Gauntlet that's fucking crazy there was Michael Oher sorry everybody miles was like yeah Andy was playing I think it's a great game it's a great game and great work with us are you still s v huge trenc of fan and then meet him and he did not know who I was and I were friends or friends but she playing Division I was playing division you just give away Norman shorts on the provision and you can see your friends on a map and normally you can say to like go to like I want to Waypoint to go find that person like other than a day to do it you just automatically join the group not only don't invite them you just like it if you choose your friends you want to do the group stee so I was going to go to like see what it looks like here she had so she was like 2 blocks away from me so I can pay to set a waypoint to go find her but if you join me to her group and then she signed out of the game and log off Xbox forgive me how much are really fucking creep you out or something I don't know what happened but it was like she was gone off of Xbox completely like within 2 seconds ago and today Blaine is going to fix I get my mind off him even plan it pretty fair amount that is I think I'm playing a new game in the month it came out I went into the dark zone for the first time dark zone is the best and I really got killed by these two dudes who I watched them kill another guy and I was watching them from afar is like maybe they won't notice me I'll get away they turn on kill me with these guys I went in and I started shooting and I got one from down the other one he got him up and catching up I'm going to die the guy that killed earlier came in and we teamed up on them without ever communicating like this is the coolest game experience and is very well done of you the extractions I think I talked about on the podcast I talked about it on the show or the probably I think here come bring myself to put a game like Destiny a lot it's it's whatever Destiny is it's whatever gets me is that with the division is that this is on a mission right now it's up to us it's just an RPG shooter has levels has like in his gear and modifier apple an orange and you have stats for your character but it's not an MMO then play the same level in hitma never never have you really gave him this one's okay I just wish I could play but I have hopefully of celebrity followers like the Twitter account Jeremy had a video it said that she had died or D string died in The Fallout 4 that you can hang on for months it's been the most feared on the achievement on the channel is relatively new channels that have any over a million views yet for months has been the front-runner to hit that spot and had the most serious and the day before his video had a million views on the video an animal in the let's look at his head and I feel so bad kinda good so I said I tweet a picture of me would like this mug is face possible not reflect my neck in my face that you never see annoying I just want to punch you every time I see your face I will put on special occasions but I would only want on the front page of Reddit and within 2 days I had a minute I get there Rage Quit up third time's a charm 1 million inch all of your Twitter that I was proven correct I'm not going to acknowledge pulling pregnancy building on the back of the nickel is Monticello it's Jefferson the state not the Jefferson Memorial which I believe was the inspiration for the architecture of the Jefferson the world if I can place my life without my the seller was the name of the Jefferson Memorial but it's not before we took off yeah what's up with the Ruby tug screens really quick go ahead text Ruby volume 1 so if you live in and I think it's US Canada and New Zealand Australia the UK I think that's it we're doing screenings all over there and you could buy a ticket and you're to go see Ruby Blain like there's going to be bonus videos of unreleased Rooster Teeth stuff there's going to be going to get a 25% discount to the store for some trailers and you're going to get access to it will give you bed bugs at the screen wheelchair with the microscopic image of dust mites and how they look like massive like grazing elephants that live in your eyelashes and everything that lives in the roots of your eyelashes only place they are on your body you have it right now that shows the difference in scale that we have any kind of contact your perception for is the fact that if you took the Earth down and shrunk down to the size of a cue ball on a pool table it would be smoother than a cue ball but just by the variation standard deviation day on the surface of a cube all those are greater than the overall surface of the Earth and here I was trying to the Mount Everest in Cuba 00 there on Thursday if it maintains this the way put it the size of a cue ball I'm an idiot no you're fine you're fine let's get something in the astrophysics at least once a podcast kinda funny doing the Ritchie family Yours Truly to host the kinda funny live event kinda funny Live 2 that they are hosting it and look at his face so happy this is the first kind of funny that they did and they're going to kinda funny Live 2 and we'll have lots of people from Russia there I'll be amazing definitely the first night so it should be a lot of fun and it's alright doing some more stuff with them too we have kinda funny shirts now in the Rooster Teeth store you guys should definitely come and see it all and get a shirt to support your kinda fighter fucking awesome and we've known them for a really long time back when some of them worked at IGN and all of them at one point did and they were in The Gauntlet season 2 snowing the entire cost of the get there we got a suite we got Josh in Staten from the contestants in which season nachos but Stan was Joshua's first season right now he lost a $10,000 day man touches you got a job yeah that's the question we had for that was going to get ready so I just corrected me as saying Washington is also on the throne for his Monument but it still throwing like throwing up. Thanks for the correction thanks for the correction there was nice the guy knows more than you V constable it's just right there yeah I love those guys other than ours are probably YouTube kinda funny funny I love your podcast I was got it we're going to go one last thing I just finished my favorite of the game as you're open world games and everything like that was the easiest games to play on trenc GTA V Fallout 4 can you play The Fallout 4 DLC yet but I have nobody else about Rob but he plays it all out okay if not just come out and play with it and then for as long as I originally did but the game is still man I don't feel like there's anything left to hold back for DLC the original headlight doo doo where is he could go to the original one doesn't fall through a 360 full up to my brother was a huge fall-out they said it was my brother in the past tense speedruns of Fallout 1 and 2 and that very differently doesn't Hellboy like doo the voice for something he did the narration for the opening of Fallout Ron Perlman just not for why war never changes that whole thing that I don't need you I want Andy who was April in Halo 2 and 3 movie Norman Hood it was obvious he was in Savannah I know that I just watched a show and Rob us and he's married Leela from Futurama Mariana Trench and you want to spend on a planet that was a blown up people don't plan it so that you can see very mountainous and she was like 12 miles away right on a different planet with the answer is yes would you want to Summit Mount Everest or go to the bottom of it matters I want to go to the bottom of Marianas Trench doo doo never done it he's done it one Doo and it hasn't been here I think maybe a summary James Cameron went down to the bottom Mariana true what he said that both doo doo with a dresser that has been reinforced to become a vehicle that you can wear a suit so D Challenger Hellcat you fuckers Canadian barbar you should know this deepsea Challenger is a 7.3 meter deep-diving submersible designed to reach the bottom of Challenger Deep the deepest known point on Earth on March 26th 2012 Canadian film director James Cameron pilot the craft to accomplish his goal in the second man dies reaching the Challenger Deep was the first dude Liberty fine baby it's really cold in Sydney Australia by the research and Design what was the first year the gal look at 7 anyway so it's happened yet again another student leader see if I I would try to be the nice guy but nothing just dirt and monster sure and let let's go in the dark fish the bottom of the ocean dry on the stock Galaxy that 2. weeks actually survive then go to Everest yet I want to see animals that don't have been seen which I'm sure there's a lot in this dude as a joke I was on James Cameron ship as a crew member when you like jumped into the water at the Mohegan the water drop his car keys down there Buckingham of the crap that I don't know he's got a lot of it gets crushed by the time you talked about what put one in there with the jetpack holy shit no we never did talk about that was crazy version Chris crashed his jet pack in the water and hit with such force that he went down into the water later on to the ground at the bottom and it snapped off his GoPro and it came back out feeling with all day and he was like quick the GoPro is gone it has all my footage and we just got a great day and realized it so like it wasn't the end of the world kind of what is all this coverage yeah it was yeah so like I was like me good person we all from the wetsuits and we just started searching around it we could not find it so I can go down there so it's done and then I remembered her RDP like was like 3rd Street Little D so I gave man we're just like so excited footage like him pulling it up and it's just like freaking out it was supposed to say great art is easily what the happiest moment on a shoot that I've ever had so you guys cheering remember they should have tracking be put things on their price they get lost a lot here doo doll going to see more graceful than he was in real life was fucking hard that was not easy you guys were blasted by the end of that ride bu skateboard thing that had two water jets coming out of it that would lift you up straight up and you have no support the boots were like maybe this hard plastic and I were really tiny like awkwardly small feet that wouldn't fit in the boots so my feet were just kinda like hanging out there so I couldn't get my balance straight and I just kept being like Whiplash into the water was also like a freezing cold day in Suffolk on the lake Andy like you came back in really good job near death and life fell down so hard on to my stomach from about 50 feet in the air not wind up or we know what's happened let's go crash this edition of the podcast we have no idea to the table so I don't forget we're currently getting the other screenings for Ruby on tug and what to give a shout out to the guys that kind of money for being the latest addition to our family love you guys