#37 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth gets seriously pissed off

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Recorded: 2009-11-25 16:39:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

hotels near River Street Savannah super March coyote is filet mignon section and of course the Road Runner is so tiny that they're all this like tiny little slivers hey let's finish this up and go to lunch I'm pretty sure that was the Road Runner cartoon steaks all the time I saw the in four for today's media once you see the Pretty Lights new referencing the fact that Fark partnered with USA Today just this morning yes I did hear that partnership in which in who owns Fark link it on his Twitter account and he linked to an article on Earth first.org that was the organization that announced that and so they're partnering for the tip I'm not exactly sure exactly what they're doing but yes Fark has partnered with USA Today only there was some other news organizations that like the Green version of USA Today anonymous unedited social networking site starting today USA USA Today the One-Stop guide for all things technology will become the exclusive host and sponsor of the geek page on Fark.com the pages available at Fark dot USA today.com interesting that sounds like a really cool deal I can't think of anything positive to say about USA Today can I see the hotel rooms it's for everyone but when I was a journalist USA Today was like the joke of Journalism wow I really like the connect the dots text yesterday about who's running Twitter says that he would take the IPO route if necessary he just raised another two hundred million dollars from I get T Rowe Price Investment Company and another venture capital company to her mother said that it U know if he needs I get more money has value in Twitter he's on Twitter that he believes a billion dollars and so if you were in TiVo price or I think was Insight Venture Capital they like that like an independent bunch of investors I guess basically the plan would be U Know to take this thing I feel if your zero price or your Venture Capital person that's when you cash in Glenside PA and then you know whoever the firm is they're going to advertise was about it gets sucker investors to invest in it and then that's right because with the Curve on Twitter right I mean I don't know right now it doesn't make any money Twitter hasn't been around very long either you know what I'm saying not in the spotlight it hasn't been that long people have been saying that about Twitter during its kind of people don't quite understand they know they know the name they think it's cool but yeah it doesn't make any money they have no way to make money I understand that I just goofy name they just don't understand it maybe another Craigslist it doesn't have any visible way to make money in 10 years down the road you figure out over they were selling ads in New York all the time I mean it's no money coming in and I think he said that they have some money coming in now and maybe we start here in turns like 2011 but they're looking at some Nigerian investors very seriously right now the trying to work out the details speak in the 2011 and profitability push back their profitability forecast to like 2013 Sony yeah let me know was possible by the end of 2010 but Sony is a brand was supposed to be profitable 2012 and other from 2013 to 2012 was a rumor that I was going to facturing of the cell processor and the official press release at IBM put out in response that was we'll keep making the same processor as long as Sony wants it so I guess there's no other that's all they're going to make it for the Sony you can crash at my place wow that's funny I use the power chips Motorola was making them Latin four the podcast lazy alien there's a company called Volo media and then we're getting all the second hand because only contact we has a patent and has been awarded a patent on podcasting where there's very specific language in it something along the lines of it allows people to get a subscription and download regular content based on their subscription to that show and that was it said cat periodic periodic regular contact electronic Foundation Frontier Frontier Foundation thank you very much for someone this kind of thing before they filed and were awarded a patent which was sometime in September of 2003 and we've been contacted by some people because we started Red vs Blue April 1st 2003 in which we had a subscription model unlike a lot of sites with a Twitter account just people love Twitter so much U Put a Little Bird by their name you know him how many users of they possibly can until we have to throw that down and then because they I guess so I guess so I don't know how you can go into business and do that like how do you get this what I'm doing my life to start a business of value to sell it to somebody in like some kind of weird haha 2003 Red vs Blue contact and then later in April we introduced our sponsorship model RC paten podcasting was just drunk a great big icann like I said I have to talk about it so it's kind of interesting I'm not a big fan of paten things that everybody knows about anyway and just somebody else to do it what is I mean I'm sure you would feel different if you the Jac has his first came up with them in the lab who came up with this idea of delivering episodic content automatically through the internet everybody knows about that I mean it's so funny that we used on the internet four we talk about this later PC gaming we say how much we don't like to see the value of paten and allowing people to make money composite was like how can we get APPL to settle how can we just get a little settled to each other right now I think I think they are Nokia suing APPL APPL countersuit is this whole thing going on he was making a lot of money suing people at this point and that damn digital recording video I mean once again is that really that novel of a concept people were doing that I was doing that in 1998 when I was making movies is the whole scheduling thing and have an integrated with the program if you don't have to it's not a manual process U Know U have company when you're getting to know for the love the Lord what's wrong with your Joe Jesus did U worms again they got viruses in Scandinavia apparently if your if your foot if you have a jailbroken phone you're susceptible to another virus put a worm on your screen that's how you know you have it you know we talked about it once before where I can touch her was doing this and you can people smoke to come out of their phone and tell them if they sent him 5 years that he would unlock their phone lazy black return to circumvent DRM and steal stuff so you deserve it really I mean I don't care about that kind of thing I mean that's that's they are using it like I know someone who has a jailbroken phone and she has jailbroken for she said she can download all the apps on the App Store for free I don't know from APPL the single programmers work in a bedroom but I love it four square hey yeah do you like that I'm in love with it I have been looking at four squares alternative four square is a social networking media that you go and download an app for your iPhone and geof one that you describe what happens from there when you download an app from your iPhone OK download this app and then you turn it on and it to find out your friends and then you going to go there and it's all of your friends and then it keeps a record of how often you go to that place more than anybody else Joe Francis town for like three hundred other people no I think there's a four square into hard yet but I have a Twitter app for my uncle Tweety and one of the weird features of it is that you can just hit a nearby church over and I'll show you all the tweets that happened within the little range on your Google Map I have terrific on my phone does the same thing is going on around you currently trying to become the mayor of the liquor store by my house someone that has it right now the the Twin Liquors over there I'm going to fight you for them the teriyaki place in icann by but that check in there and then just come up to your friends and there's no it's more active where is icann are you just sitting here thinking about getting up you know or whatever people TiVo could this line at Starbucks be any more hipster is there something like infected I can't believe I got third like people that I know in real life and makes me like them less because it is just an endless stream of weird kind of forced humility but you're bringing up stuff to make yourself look better like no one is important enough to use Twitter but no one is important enough to use Twitter and I don't need to know anything I don't even know the president the president to I'm going on they just introduced really cool but nobody and you realize how little people actually read the future they just changed you can just hit like you said I can't believe my wife has double d boobs or something like that and for me it would just keep everyone they had a gallery of geof with 32 photo was a bunch there was one photo of a desk which is common areas like bars and I'm making money you don't have to work has made for the stock market crash driving home after work in the MPR and we heard a story on NPR about how icann is thinking about changing the way you enter domain names in your browser to allow for non-english character domain names non English characters like Chinese characters Chinese characters characters they could only get to that domain name through that way anything they say the English language has an unfair and over domain names and that it should be Celexa let you know by this like a big search engine in China so we get there I'm sure they have the Chinese character equivalent but if you wanted to go there and you type like by 2. See you then you would be taken to like a different English language version of the site not the actual site they get in China also interesting that you and I have never talked about this and you and I look over to the left and we saw a homeless guy drink a bottle of cat drinking and he had a big catch up dude I don't care whatever was was a big red bottle of ketchup if it is even grosser that wasn't cat had a mouth full of rice Four Square I gotta say I never wear that sweater immediately replaced by a program that has GPS time into it Twitter's also used a lot on computers and computers that have GPS New Year's Day we're inside the GPS wouldn't work here what do you mean GPS doesn't work when you're in here you're iPhones use a Cellular Tower approximation the same functionality or no it's not going to be everywhere this sounds like a dumb thing to say Sony Corporation North Carolina and I could get information off of your iPhone and it was actually connected MMO Google Maps and see what it does it still have a blue dot and I don't know Verizon you really thought your satellite in your cat had an employee that is found the information turns over Google Map Mike I can upload my cat aggravates music I like offense and download thanks the GPS I found Ma at home all day long as I do that there for hours watching a bird thinking about you later be there was a video Joe talking about is some guys set up a video camera to record what happens in his house when he goes to work any wants to see what his two cats do all day long they literally did nothing all day it was to cat and they said it needs acting spot anytime Labs 8 hours or 10 hours over the course of one and a half they just sat there the entire day doing nothing but Joe is doing that was just kind of sitting here on the couch so we can get rid of all the cat that sounds good I call it my penis that's a couple weeks ago before Modern Warfare 2 came out Xbox Live and a whole bunch of people who were playing the game illegally has pirated it did you hear that they are now holding a class action lawsuit against Microsoft for people who got banned to contact them that was fighting for Injustice with the property Law Firm Abington IP I guess that's was trying to organize it I like this I would love to see their side of the argument I mean what is their side of the argument who knows I don't even realize when you signed up that big long list of user agreement that you never read and the end-user license agreement contract to come back and could have and should have no I mean you know what the problem is and I think everything of microsof has said that they take a very wide sampling and then they always scale it back for their color fined a little further here the from criticizing Microsoft for removing functionality not associated with Netflix video tell both of them I just don't get it it's really weird in this culture when we have people to Microsoft isn't playing fair when they don't expect to be able to play fair either you know they want to not play fair but they want the person on the other side of life air was like yeah I was fighting games was careful these guys have offices in Tulsa Wichita and Dallas people who want to paten was $200 really in the military how much is Facebook worth 3 billion so its like 5 billion then released let's play Left 4 Dead 2 I'm just really busy cuz we're about to purchase the building they were going to move into and potentially potentially eating up a lot of time with me because there's issues with the building Joe has a restroom for homeless people for the past month work is what you the code Department gets involved in it just want to make sure we're making the right decision by choosing this particular building and we fall out then you know what the building is it really is it is it icy water to people play at like 330 but I only played it work harder than the first one I can't play videogame because if I'm playing otherwise I can miss an achievement video so instead I play stuff like Fable 2 at home which is what I've been playing you know what Joe said there's a lot of complaints about Left 4 Dead to being much harder than left four dead serious complaints too much of a into much more of a difference fusing now dark carnival is harder specific bridge on the last level I can't remember but that last bridge where they throw there's one tank on the bridge and then there's a second tank by the helicopter I played it on normal I still cannot get on that you shouldn't you should watch my video I show you how to do it in 2 minutes on normal just killed the two survivors the earth kill the other survivors so they can't slow down and just one on the left side and the tank also get to the helicopter and then kills me is I have never had a problem easy and non with a in Japan but I mean how to get money back new casino in the Milford dark carnival to be really hard the other campaigns I did kind of take the phone in the car long in the mall it's going to turn off the alarm was going off of feel like that level stretch on for a long time yeah I don't know sometimes the developers like we're just going to make it impossible and that equals better from being overwhelmed by equipment choices before powerful machine gun and then I didn't know which was better or what the difference is four was good but very clear cuts what's the number to Cricket they have you never got achievement for all that the one I need level actually realize that there's some stuff in there that's really cool like hard rain when you have to look when the weather gets worse depending on how well you're doing and you have to go to a point that's what I heard supposedly like the better you do the worst the rain is to make it on the scale the difficulty for the only one but you're absolutely right that and then come back to everything remember it's confusing what is the ma Health Care also dead center at the very beginning when you're going down the building in they got to run through all the fire and super cool I don't know if you up yet but when you know what time it starts oh wait that was you guys there's definitely more replay value in Left 4 Dead 2 really I think I never play multiplayer on Call of Duty was actually before I left for dead 2 came out was great and that you're forced to play as a team with other players and you don't get that experience in a lot of for sure and I don't feel that way when I play Modern Warfare experience your headset is like screaming can you grasp out like a person is coming from only their own perspective when you play that game all that matters is that I survived it doesn't matter who cares turns into it it's time we talked before that crazy at the end but I'm the one thing about it is that it has no the game play so pretty and awesome and then they have a story which is a little bit ridiculous and a little confusing it is I'm not sure where they're going with it yeah I don't like the setup for the next for the general reaction to hold your hand after you after you go through the house level real to defend the house against the Russians and like the general cuz I need it was good job and I like fucking cat there is no way a general is going to be on a helicopter in the middle of Russia he would be in the Pentagon 17 feet of concrete above them fucking bullshit there be some perennial light Colonel who is awesome dude who spent his entire life in the field who can never get promoted because he's in the field currently no way no way no way I'm just I'm just from like a story just like how are they going to pay this off at the end on a cliffhanger they leave it up next game show banned what's base price are now going to be like Renegades they going to have like a less equipment resources absolutely but I hate to sound negative I really like the games it doesn't matter doesn't matter because the game is so much fun to play and yes I absolutely still be out there from you know but I didn't want to get too far into it because I wanted to do and you guys have experienced the first one and there at the end as well but it also feels really the same as the first one that wouldn't bother me I don't think I did it sold 1.3 million new moon highest opening number number one midnight opening Jac and then it was third highest of all time do you want to work was crazy I mean everything I'm reading about it because it's a pretty new game that's exactly what it is I'm going to show you the score of the first game for me and the first Batman movie UT OU game score no thank you but the thing about this assins Creed work I don't get out here when she don't get a whole lot of lately so they updated the zombie outbreak simulator did you guys see that couple weeks Google map where you can go around like a Google map of a city and see the zombie outbreak taking place and you can change the starting fighting with zombie what you're saying is in the future zombie will have GPS GPS company GPS it's going to be every with you quicker you can modify in the new zombie outbreak simulator modify your starting settings U have numbers 2 billion what percentage of those civilians are armed with a jump in at for a living in Texas civilian accuracy number of zombies and restart with which direction to move the zombie new movie zombie to normal I would argue that normal is slow and fast outbreak they speak in the zombies I just read this morning that there is a new startup that's making a zombie MMO for consoles that sounds incredibly awesome yeah that isn't MMO I will play and it was that work the survivors in zombie kill to survive and become a zombie map and just turn it into like a giant zombie Zone where you can get a couple players jump in there and have it be a giant zombie City Peterson has only to jailbreak at the who did you hear that of the boys taking some U like laser defense systems on airplanes they talk about the weapons on plane people that play in condemned shoot down other planes and missiles in mid-air wow into laser with the boys Nokia sold just the other stuff as well but yeah they're doing biggest they have lasers and machine guns and planes and everything handguns inside the airplane not outside but I want to sit in line for takeoff this system developed U to sing the laser Avenger scary in APPL post this is a sniper plane it is a plane that has a laser that can shoot you on the ground and even though the plane is traveling at 500 miles an hour the computers can change the trajectory of the laser and that's fucking crazy dude return here in the truck being burned is hitting a square about 1 foot square at 8 square on the hood of a Ford truck and it just incinerating the metal domain as a person and that's going 30 miles an hour that's not cool from 40047 they put them both right since I the only one 1010 we defend our boat so we could people start getting fucking into Jac wow I don't think I mean hey what are you guys doing today into it or laser my coordinates to strip club bomb proof wallpape to put on the explosion projectile if the building falls down the wallpapers not going to keep the structure that it will protect the rest of the bill this side of the building in the front of the building bend it like at the video they show it like a wrecking ball hitting the wall multiple times new structural Integrity isn't that great afterwards but it's a hell of a lot better not having a blast I'm not buying it wallpape cinder block wall and this wallpaper is keeping this thing up but the wallpaper is fast and it's something at the top and bottom of that wall no that's just that's just where they're securing the wall right exactly that's what I'm saying so on the whole there from the whole building the building from flying everyone in the building crumple I need the fuck out of here alright well you never have to imagine it was in the car you know for security reasons you can make your car lighter I like that he believes that a plane flying $500,000 of can sucking shoot with pinpoint accuracy on the top of a car but he has trouble with with with bomb proof wallpape wallpaper that's a great experiment to do that they're everywhere Lori and Brenda didn't go down and get it I thought I was really weird it didn't go down the stairs and into the door 15 yesterday afternoon you look up an answer the door to get up whatever the guy who a personal day after vacation time one time one time usually and then taking a personal day after and the day we have to work stuff out geof with me one time at USA and it's like okay we have to travel we and we have to leave on Thursday you know in the whole weekend it's like when you were with your friend the one the traction it doesn't matter what you actually do or don't do what everyone else the pain of what you do or don't do presidents tweeting this on Twitter I can sense a lot of hurt feelings coming on the last into the vacation I don't know I really don't know when was Latin the first week of September I took the week off and then I came back on Monday would you in town you're probably give me example when you by your house I think I can come over the house and do some bullshit you should use that wallpape on your house should you wallpape on his face when I hit with a really anytime his in-laws have to leave the house it requires got to help them considering I just never realized on airline for keeping people on a Tarmac for 6 hours that's of a controlled for the waterline was in August and a levy of $100,000 and $200,000 goes to the people I don't really want any money I just want let me know if I go to jail for robbing I don't know how to get to start Twitter was that it was because everybody's checking my map for something out of my ass a tent or a hundred percent I was hanging on every word work four hours in Kansas City that's a personal thing straight to the edge of the was not a single ask you and you're like all the time the last one and another thing that always happens with me geof everything you just walk in the office and tell you how long man I haven't taken a vacation over a year and half ago I mean I have not nobody fucking take a vacation take a vacation you leaving tomorrow you doing here's the bottom line when you walk on and talk about the people no one else cares I mean if you were paying attention the bottom just take your vacation when you take the vacation right you have a notebook I find the personal U make the personal to be funny I find that funny chips removed from the equation does personal day after vacation exist perception for Brendan's birthday they're barely gets surgery who the hell new do we have personal day after the podcast. I just want to have fun I'm sorry I brought it up I mean that what do you for asking Twitter fuck you're doing alright I'm done I hope everyone takes a very long vacation for Thanksgiving including your face hey you make it home okay that was about I don't have to make 5 gallons of people trying to work because 1 Bernice jalapeno deep-fried jalapeno turkey is honestly the best one of the best things about it it sounds like the greatest thing I've ever heard you and Chris Road jalapeno turkey like a fried chicken was Thanksgiving at your house I'm going to bring it which one I will bring it to you soon when we work together to bring Thanksgiving dinners to go for the guys with the work on Thanksgiving I hope they do I like turkey or something we would love that place with tons of food he from they sell Thanksgiving turkeys pre-made Houston restaurant people it was across the street from her office in Buda bomb of which was two ladies who ran a restaurant together it's not close but the best part of that place was you couldn't order anything you just walked in and whatever they were serving that day that's what you ate basically chicken wings austi the new changes are like that if I was going to the best and worst thing you can you can do to yourself sometimes it's not spicy like that was in the next text you get every single by for fresh jalapenos cut up and just makes it in there ass holes on fire for like 6 hours I have never had that very very very specific zero hours but yeah it's just a fresh jalapeno with cheese and and then wrapped in bacon the jalapeno was like the Russian Roulette of the paperwork Super Mario and the hottest I've ever read in my entire life and there's no reason it doesn't call or anything it's just totally but everyone has by means of jalapeno membrane of the membrane who knows man but I at one time on a hunting trip a bit into jalapeno we have hatch peppers and jalapenos and we were just eating them and I was and what he was holding his nose Arkansas has everybody gone I could not breathe I really sold your face and hope the first time another great on approve oh my God that's terrible you're going to have with the barbecue place in Kirkland call Dickey's Barbecue and you can go there and they have a special hot sauce they call them and they will walk around a little too much on the to ruin your entire day Magnalite escapes it's like a black hole like a black hot sauce like that before and it's just like and it's kind of weird looking one saucepan that he carries around and services you can order at the counter you just order your food and maybe this guy will walk around with this austi and ask him if you want to try it and then there's all the articles on the wall review Station Antarctica look like they're from 1965 put your sold but the dude in the pan or in the photos and they look exactly the same as the man looks like it was drained out of a 1965 Buick and put it have you ever tried to deliver La Casa restaurant was have a guy walk around with like a bucket of thumbtacks MMO has some of the slowest service like it's like The Soup Nazi on Seinfeld in order to pay for my food and like the woman at the register super long and really open four finish ordering your pillow so I can pay you in that stuff restaurants was like haha funny thing is we're going to treat you like fucking shit I feel like the and I like to be of service was always really nice to me he would like my ex-wife and he would like to come up and give her a hug had a problem at all the only there two or three times everybody was on the drag which was probably predates UT the original one yeah the little metal and glass door and it's only made for dinner so long and thin and icann on one side that's what you're talking about have you been to the new place icann to counter Cafe you know what they just had the 4th anniversary four the Xbox 360 just Hit It Sports approve which was really the fourth anniversary of zero our 4th anniversary it's going to take Eve ladies hoodies at zero hour which was the launch event for the 360 these are probably the best constructed garments I have ever seen in my entire life it's great except for that thing all the time I'd like to see how dare you sir but I believe how good it today before the 3:16 unit and we went to the line into the computers and all that stuff and then get it and to this day it still shows Xbox 360 gameplay was perfect and I got like 10 headshots set an appointment with the ministry that's going anywhere really live two or three or four four we played Air Force base with green white and sold the whole everything in there was a shade of green and it was weird at first but it was much weirder for the several hours after we left that event when we couldn't see other colors on the Spectrum I mean really all you saw were shades of black and green I was literally afraid that he'd ruin my vision that we stayed at the hotel in town only had one hotel or motel even for the event for the 2004 air show the whole part of the event Best Buy had an entire line of cash registers everyone a really bad horrible and that situation holds right there was like here middle-aged white bean bags everywhere you people assumed they were free burni people taking March for I have my launch party T-shirt transfer Xbox Live accounts from you just making me mad yeah my Zero Hour attendance U has one and I the other people video games and then white clothing and then they would give another Avatar that will cost you was like either icann generic Cost U with no meaning attached to it or they would dress up as KKK members and they said that every time either black or the KKK outfit they were always at their Avatar Choice clearly influenced hou they were given given all black clothing outfit multiplayer do you have any recommendations no she is it's got to be I think that's what I hear that is it icann The Coop and I don't like him he might have a chance because I think she would appreciate that kind of action Incorporated like every U know she went like left for dead she enjoyed playing that maybe you know what not every game has the popular to support four player co-op and I think a lot of games are falling into that trap I mean you just started a very popular title and U having trouble together people from the record online people everywhere Richard early in the podcasting work after 5 this week Xbox 360 for the was 15 years old only 5 years old and 7 year old when did you start playing it launched in November of 04 after playing January 05 how much is changed collection of videogame memorabilia World of Warcraft launch collector's edition signed by the entire original development team I mean it just seems like it was very first item ever auctioned at a child's for dinner that's pretty cool because it was one of those things where it was the first year A Child's Play they just started the auction and I'm the reason for wanting on it just to get the ball rolling maybe you should give it back to Charles Place they can option it again and use the money to benefit your brother give me a minute four five nothing how it how could it not be worth a lot more money down the line from here games hold up the way you think we had this conversation a while back I mean I did and I think we both came to the conclusion that there's no power in that right now even though there was a time back when PlayStation came out okay example when to get a copy of Chrono Trigger U have to pay 80 or $90 and then they just released on the PlayStation and then you can get them for like rent right here look at this Factory sealed box not even signed the cuts on EBA it's already $1,025 with nine and a half hours to go to Child 3 years if your feet with my brother used and he also used to pett was actually less or was worth more than the value than what I paid for it study later in the evening Somebody But Me I'm going to was going to definitely is going incredibly was Atari 2600 that's a touchstone for older people older Gamers who have money I could afford an Atari 2600 system 42 games and all original accessories signed by name to know how much how much system in 42 games the system and with the way your painting it right now makes me want a little ball it's a good idea you should 170 bucks I don't think it will have a long-lasting it like you want to go buy it like to see your into guitar signed autographed Chuck Berry guitar alright over $10,000 and twenty years from now you're not going to because it's so far past that there's no way to access the entertainment with in there and then nobody in the world is going to give it to the Developers does my they probably probably that's different let me know who Steve drinking the day before some developer becomes a billionaire and still develop some huge problem in from who do you think is the most famous person in all of video game development third Richard garriot I'm thinking more like clippy Blvd was a different American video game developers most famous four most like most men name probably today cause he video think this is weird too I have stuff signed by Richard garriot I have like the ultimate four the fourth one off the production line signed by Richard garriot I got another option unintentionally I got that copy of alphabet which is I think one of only seven in the world I think that's very collectible now I don't know that in 10 years it with him tarmac he was like Richard garriot is a guy who was very influential the game and then you spent your entire childhood playing his games really but I would wager that because he doesn't make relevant games anymore in his last game was kind of a failure that they were like I don't know if you name if you ask put 50% of the Xbox 360 users they would have most of it when you said his name here most they would have to look them up and like his his his famous exist because a lot of the same product amazing writers New Orleans fatality oh yeah like that like I supposed to be sore when the lots of events U know what does all the stuff you know it's it's a medium where every three years U replace whatever it is with a new version of the end of the old one becomes and what's your point the point where it's like we have power or whatever we'll just stop loving me Charlie Chaplin Valentino's I mean it was people out of here before that were there work in the early days that when you see it you the same thing you hear about old games now look at you how important this thing was you know it's pretty good in Lakewood icann was like oh it's not that I think this will in the theater 45 minutes and it's so with vanilla now to watch it and it's actually kind of a scary moment but at the time it was terrifying Hitchcock Psycho extremely well probably it was more than was originally $1,500 70 who's forever young to understand more about that is associated with one person even though clearly I cannot make it over who is the most famous person you can name most the people I don't know garriot I probably do because I want to save the two guys that make the to the two guys that start of Grand Theft Auto name they just left I don't know answer your question and a half ago I'm Miyamoto signed super famicom EBA for about 1500 bucks super famicom super famicom Super Nintendo regular what has more people who follow the NFL fans in the NFL work Eve people who play videogames all day how many copies of Madden sold I don't think it's an accurate way to look at that butt yeah I'm thinking probably more soccer fans than game offense though and what's your point here video gaming makes more money probably has more fans of your people money makes more money soccer or team in the NFL we can meet those people with a character in a game that might be an interesting thing did I say something you probably want to meet Daniel Radcliffe more than JK Rowling that's example wrote the book differently I mean how many from Twilight um I don't know people that make fun of other stuff that other people like that they don't like what you so stupid Boeing stock Silverdome in just one second but I love Twilight I love that in 2009 that there is still something in the world that makes teenage girls scream at the top of they always will I hope we don't get everyone is so jaded you don't control introducing they like it here's what I think the story of the for whatever you just don't well I know all the elements are involved in this you know you're good looking guy whatever put all the variables together I could write this and produced this but at the same time you have no respect for your own work could you do it could I do it you can actually make somebody else you know you just care that you can sell it to somebody other people 140 million dollars worth of value value value means something entirely different to me I mean entertainment totally different value the bucks right some of our wives right the twilights young filmmakers because I want to say what I want to say that I want to tell other part of his life Haitian for people who want to become a they want to be famous I think the thing that everybody just wants to be famous right to say that I set out to make a bad movie either though Catherine hardwicke I just put a lot of work and effort into it basically like you had people working on projects movies TV shows and it was just like very workmanlike where you think it's the position of arts and it's there's no art where it's just like I will take this variable I will put this variable into the formula I will take this people ask you this because you worked on Angel for a very long time for like 5 or 6 years old was on the air for some at some point at some level I'm assuming it's a Joss Whedon there is somebody that cares and is trying to make the best possible story absolutely true like Joss Whedon he I think karrde and it's like Eve Road something that he loved getting was Firefly sure he was in he had that that's the great thing right there is if you can upgrade them to level 3 U can both satisfy your own Creative Edge and it also appeals to people but it didn't appeal to people and not because Firefly you know cuz I seem like to me that was the project that he likes the most and had success the documentary or the movie in the movie movies Silverdome Pontiac Silverdome which was the former home of the Detroit Lions recently sold in Detroit when did they move from but they sold the Pontiac Silverdome for $580,000 you're correct somewhere in the neighborhood and it seems like a steal to another bottle because for 2 years ago apparently it was bomb taxpayers paid 54 million dollars to build sold for $580,000 something no just some dude what exactly what I had heard was make an indoor soccer stadium was $580,000 hopefully losing a soccer team ever was becoming this voice text it's really really scary when the recession first with all the stories about the trade I went and did home services in Detroit and you could buy like 3000 square foot like hundred-year-old Manor style homes and in Austin would be like 1.2 million dollars you can buy them for like six and seven Grand lazy wow put wow you know what I mean it's crazy crazy that will turn them the Lions play their first game at Ford Field September 22nd 2002 they probably developer that's his name clearly thought the same thing to his money third world Silverdome four 583 third world city Achievement First endeavor U build it cost $53 to build so we could have bought it for real headquarters 80000 people have people 80000 okay so think about that they made selling it then they did filling it in in one day absolutely correct one football game would have quadrupled U get all your money together like look for the of Magnum PA for re and you can buy that for $25,000 the problem is that the second engine service for that car is $10,000 so fucken cost but you're saying that the engine the engine service engine light would you really would you mind I look at them lunch and Mullen over for lunch