#370 - The Toothpaste Rule

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, and Burnie Burns as they discuss toothpaste, the infamous Burp Bag, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 4, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-04-05 15:36:14

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini


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Transcript (in progress):

400 Tre welcome to the tea party this week with an intro this week also brought to you by audibl Blue Apron and me undies it's been a week since he seen that intro yeah it's a for weeks it was the weekend before I think the last three didn't have it but for those of us on the audio podcast there's supposed to play a little but five second little 6 years old at this point A lot of people are missing for the past couple weeks sometimes it doesn't but if you watch the finished version on the website or on YouTube or any other platforms it's always added in covering your tracks that is one of the many benefits of watching live is sponsoring you get to see your watches fuck up and before we final product then you would if you just I want stupid things all the time with all my stuff and steak he was for pest control room that I'm not saying Gavin told her I just gave you stake your apro I'll write it the way that I'm just pretending they were eating the state guys what you think it is opens up for that window your 20 minutes to leave it in the white when they all run to the bathroom burni superlative so good the sex was good they were little issue with the state casino The Walking Dead I was just a witness to a conversation that was that was talking to him about pre-recording on second thought I think it should be live event on the podcast we should we have extra life distracted on my focus and my energies on making the best possible to have an open flame in here or Doo out their butt hole mean Skrillex I know what to do air blowing by with suck air through the house right it's science it is nice here is his walking the audience's sake they're probably going to be along for the journey right pre-made steak how long did it take you to get your state the state takes an hour for the first stage and then it takes like 3 minutes for the second stage of the for the first time I'm doing anything I just like it's like right that right then an hour where it does its own thing in the seaweed and then I have to cut it out and then hear it that's it it's something for an hour going to be here right now Brandon there is the option to record but I think you get extra points if you cook it live on the cut was that mean for me I mean D Wicked that bunch of for steaks in bags and they were here for an hour if you see the state coming out of the TV that's like a part of the process that you should not see because it just doesn't look that appetizing until after you see it registered with us and it's like maybe they just want to see give me a break my birthday since we started talking about science blue book that was talking about stuff I have a complaint website in general which is true it will take it up with Stephen Hawking my kids love them and they love it on the facts and they are always telling me about planet that are known in the universe are in the galaxy that talk to me about that I've lived on the planet my whole life there's this planet that's like 60. Light years away and it rains glas on this planet rains glass sideways all day that's what I thought so glas orbits the planet it's yeah I guess it just rains silicon so I guess that comes out of glas I guess that's what it is they're responding to me but I side with the planet that rains glass sideways as well I never heard about the planet it's all one big diamond ever that that plan is like a d light years away entirely diamond and it's covered with a thin layer of carbon 431 that .80 light years away how MA not that what you don't have I mean with your ready clean all the elements could possibly exist see if it was no alien discussion 300 protons in an atom and that would be the element we never see what it would be like to have you to stay together right that's the problem butterflies that like it's cool proton mass for some elements of the periodic table are man-made elements literally 1000 of a second in California and I am on the way up there to get that was once your complaint about this it's a great candidate for being you know a colonized Planet Sub all blue because he's got an argon atmosphere and all that stuff and I'm like okay no because it's really cool that can be discovered that the blue planet right there very blue is it and where how far away is 63 light years 60 okay that I like having a conversation with my kids and that's cool but then at the same time I read another thing by NASA and it's like oh the New Horizon satellite went by Pluto and look at it with a fucking camera it's like we think there might be water there is that and it's like you've got a fucking camera information Diggin holes in everything and they're still guessing what's there but they can tell me what's on a planet 63 light years away never seen the back of Pluto Pluto air filter getting so close the Pearly looking at how light reacts on the surface of the front of one of the Blue Planet as they can see what the crap is in the way I moved I never see the back of blue as opposed to the planet that 60 light years away would you have a great View Nightcore going to say this thing doesn't it just doesn't rains glass sideways if the planet doesn't spin in your view that house ever see the back of it you wouldn't see the back of right which is why the poor thing was cool from what I can tell and it's only speculating I am not a scientist Tre despite what you may think about me baby trying to find Buys in the water right now so I'm not and I'll be I know I always sound correct about science so remember I'm not a scientist I think with these planet that are far away if they move such that there between they come between us and another star that you can observe the way the light comes through in the x-rays come around it Pluto never comes between Earth and the Sun and they're getting glas going sideways because of the fucking like no one Doo the planet D beast in 2107 Mass Effect 2 infiltrator no this is hard Donuts game for some reason for retouched color I love it radio spectrometry of space is what is red-shifted or blue shifted so there must be color astronomical photos and I said well all these things are present but the human eye is not great at capturing light on like a cosmic scale so it's like this is what it really looks like the human eye can perceive it that way it's like flying in space or butterfly that's when he would see if it was safe that is 12 years old we know its name he took the the whole light spectrum and made one big California on the other end New York the actual visible light that we can see would be like 3 nanometers know like a real tiny or something real tiny like to put across that we don't see anything we hardly see anything that seems like such a crazy that I'm here across the country I think that there's that much more that we don't see the extra stuff pink up because you get any human mind can perceive them anyway The Suite Life on Deck what did the season finale of Walking Dead that's what I know corrosive that never see Walking Dead Twitter exist just as final walking trolling oh my God yeah but it's like it's the most popular show on cable television makes me not want to watch it the opposite effect of good marketing some reason I have the same woman like you only show the popularity of it makes me not want to watch it means you're so far away from being included on the joke or like the discussion and then as time goes on I get even farther away I'm just like not even going to bother people think it's cool if you watch it the next day it's like oh man I finally caught those crazy what are you doing watch Walking Dead Walking Dead fan in the whole company I don't know if I cracked a bone in one that she was a big fat huge fan of his Walking Dead what is my mom watching TV like there's a lot he stayed with the crossbow by people who watch Walking Dead and get them on here and talk with you spoiler Gus and Walking Dead and his walking not properly The Walking Dead Fear The Walking Dead is such a great concept where they were going to take the first year of the zombie apocalypse and tell a different story second just the first year when everything is falling apart and it's like you know zombies are everywhere everything year three in The Walking Dead then there are in the in the first like 6 days and I think it would be more zombies in the world of your zombie filled world after years where is it rains it was like it was like but then it's like there's baby like 10% of the population is left pretty quickly you hate the Batman Origin story had sent it already of zombie stuff zombie origin story it's not the same character over and Burnie has his Superman story about the characters involved in the movie Nike Reax the fastest cuz it like Apocalypse movies that that planet that you're talking about how the zombies are made or why it happens how that made you like what causes this is that I'll be able to with the apocalypse it so much more General than like a specific Comic character you guys ever played the game 60 Seconds Europe National Emergency that the bombs on the way to his 60 seconds to grab whatever you can in your house nothing and put it in the in the shelter and then the game starts and you try to survive in the shelter based on all the stuff to you and your family and then whatever supplies you got like maybe you found a gun maybe you got food maybe water and then after you leave missions that pop up that you have not have to leave and go do stuff every now and then I just really fun it's like directional invite device for Gavin if I smoke everyday just by virgin to this has just been meundie pipe in it what do you get water from hose not outside the shelter so comes into you cracked the doctor wave and then you just waking up you can literally get you will get you I reckon that all people have like storage tanks of oil today the oxygen right I mean if you have air to breathe but if you put the holes there and just have a air hose on you how much yeast affect you if you breathe it radiated you don't breathe a little bit you read a lot it's okay fear is what I'm sure will be a great gift you know like some kind of filtration system who has that in there like closet who has the show people but if you were the guy who didn't think of that you did everything else he had the water and the show air water food and waste waste the slot excrement with living quarters when you're putting together second to your everyday that's what I would have you buys something that toothpast back into drinkable they have it in the steam I don't think so that you could have a separate different compounds think it was Seward's that you're out and it's like water and uric acid and ammonia D I believe that is that right or my that makes it correctly if you drink a little after 8 see my thing to do with the following can you drink can D 91 + 96% of urine consist of one you can actually drink urine sterile it's not you keep saying that the end of your penis makes it still in your bladder but your mouth doesn't matter like how close you've been to like a you know like the man question what are the germs on the end of your penis if they don't come from urine what are the germs that you would like your penis just produces like what what are you doing down there because everyday germs you counter with your hands YouTube give me the special penis Doo 8 steaks at this man made reminding you this way what that is your jelly but like for a job your junk in the shower it's not touching anything that sometimes when your penis Tre what is sometimes right if you still on the phone you know I was going to get to go go ahead I don't you say I could fall into the ba your dick little big that it just rolls around well we hit the ceramic like your dick Brothers Star Trek would you be more careful drinking the very like the first third of the pitch or like the middle or the very end anybody want to know what you want what's the quickest way to get rid of the first part it's like all the Fallout the old is 9109 6% of Second Chance apartment and inorganic salts and organic compounds including proteins hormones and a wide range of metabolites we don't drink holder metabolites sound like an alien race like a byproduct of metabolism breaks down what you want to buy my tablet urin to not smell bad you let it go little bit now I gotta see my money sentry gun safe if you're in the for your life because you're that desperate for water or fluids you are not going to care about some knob germs at that point you are correct you are that kills you when you vomit or throw up and your only option is drink pissed you're going to be okay with it give me a call had to begin with Throne shut man Gavin Doo that mean result of you only wash your not because you have to like make it last as long as possible if that's like the key to like healthy drinking if you're drinking a big mug of pissed the heart I can drink it world if it was as I can ICP over ice because if you just feel like you're distracted by the coldness do you have to drink this but yet you have lice see what I can drink it cuz if so what is the temperature in Salt Water it will freeze to lower things like 20 x what is ice cold water 28 degrees 20.4 the water temperature around everywhere show me map of the world right go ahead does mass of the ass whatever whatever it is I'm leaving 9085 for scale yes we have the first one that you want isn't it something that looks more no that's not right yeah that's what I said that is that they also looking at an arbitrary angle yeah because we play It's like a mule the white one and in reality if you compare it to Africa Greenland is 1/14 the size of Africa Throne that map it's like half the size they did this for people who had to sail between endocrine what's what's a globe the best flat that was biased anyway to Europe and to the north for everything North is stretched like Russia is way bigger than actually isn't let me that lets you? Why is a globe also blessed in that way just Max just that map that the map for that name it was interpreted in order to help people the website is like the truth this shows the true size that you have to drag our country down to the equator and it shrinks to the actual size that it is based because it's more because of the north that is really cool it's like trying this massive Rush is not as big as it looks kinda is not as big as it looks right second computer screen so you can type ghrelin and I said books I recommended Greenland and outline. Look at the size that not drag it down to the equator next Africa look up big that it's important I've never seen that man before tryouts African working on it you just want these wiped off the face of the Earth just like the equator and Russia I'm assuming we're seeing the equator Falls and replace how much of the landmass the planet is above the equator or below the equator most of Africa is above the equator air brush it and drag it over the US why you calling the equator what is Ecuador Doo again I want to see Russia forgot what it was like a little game now right right right that over the US what are the u.s. you got this I got faith in you right now but I live up to this point has been a lie I trusted their sizes on the Gavin you didn't know that like why would I have a certain level like this is all about for the add map from any angle to me if you need to look at it Center it on the Atlantic Ocean to put like North America and Europe in front of you at any point and then you don't that was put in order to look at the planet from outer space and there is no the globe in a map either the South Pole or the North Pole would be up would we do I know what kind of matter is it in the other planets have a north and south do other guests because it was sorry about the polls again in Brandon show me this is something that would make anything complicated the Earth's on an axis but it's really just like shifted and agrees we could say that this is what the Earth actually looks like as it revolves around the sun right is that what you prefer original actress YouTube Pizza Hut spends this way does that is that what generates a magnetic field that goes from pole to pole I believe the spending has anything to do with what creates the Brandon truck and the effect it has on the core of the earth and that creates a magnetic field at the North and can we send you for always social media organic let me let me read something to get us out of this the steps of the Cross all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals audio books are great to listen to when you're driving doing chores or at the gym for on its members audibl down for your free 30-day trial just go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth brows over $180,000 programs download a free title and start listening it's that easy what other book you may consider is the turn of the screw Henry James 1898 Gothic ghost story Oscar Emmy and Golden Globe winner Emma Thompson let her tell it to the audibl student production about a governess who comes to care for two isolated young siblings who may be under the influence of malevolent Spirits Emma Thompson's performance brings Henry James Erie atmospheric novel too sugary life get a free 30-day trial at audible.com / Rich fear that's audible.com slash Rooster Teeth thank you audible for making traffic a lot more bearable you can also get the search for exoplanets what astronomers know what they think what they know people explain to me how they figure out like they like Burnie light reflects off certain elements in certain way that's how we can tell what they're I get that part of it but how the fuck can we not tell within the planet right fucking around window that was made off if that's the fucking kids like to hit them nowhere near that it really comes down to this weird facts about the that was when we talked about were Cairo is further north than what is it for the north of Rome is for the north the New York Times for the North in down in India is in a massive slow-motion collision with the rest of Asia like it's just the biggest Collision that you could imagine and it's happening right in front of us but we're so our life spans are so if you're looking for a New York of Madagascar was like tag along with India they're on their way and they got caught well I can't wait down the list what's the difference you said some days I feel like all of a sudden that we're hearing about people finding parts of that Malaysia Airlines flight like in Madagascar and like off the eastern coast of Africa now seems like every week it's like opens when you D floating to the coach because it went down in the middle of the ocean maybe maybe the pilot who turned off the transponder like no I did not know you don't know can I get to it where is it you can speculate it's not like they're rolling makes official probably use like there's a bunch of fuses overhead and if they like turn it off that's how I can turn off the transponder or the words I would say I don't know in that specific FedEx flight from the Air Force was next and he was just like in excruciating pain just sitting there having to hear everything he was freaking him out so bad I was like Turner's so did you hear it happened again United Airlines flight attendant in Houston today deployed DEA emergency escape slide rap female flight attendant disclose anything else about her I guess they landed pull up to the gate and she just open the emergency exit and jumped out that people spend their entire careers wanting to do that they must be suicide 20% of people if there's you know you have to deploy it there going to no I don't I don't think they asked you that before you job Tulsa pyramid it's going good flight down the other internet like a specific Brando something from you that's to be expected that for the next flight out and you just see the door fell off and the emergency she trippin you must be like that that delay this morning okay Google does not return what you're talking about like there's a book The Secret of jelly jelly mountai emergency someone in China Sonic Lane for the first time there was a line for the bathroom so they found another bathroom that had no line is emergency exit really hollow planes taxiing and they they opened up the emergency exit deployed the flight good Lord man you can't do that you know I mean it's like that when you shoot with a toothpast attitude so I'm going to put an out-of-order sign on that emergency exit for the slide for 50 year old Chinese woman who said it was her first time on board a plane and she thought it was another bathroom there wow that's crazy American Idol a very loyal very loyal virgin but because it's like a super customer service oriented super friendly Airline but I feel like I've always had very positive experience with Alaska Airline as well so does that mean that not yet I mean they just announced it today so it'll take time but eventually I would think so because I think it was like virgin top-ranked Airline again you know and then price by the fact that Alaska had the money to buy virgin like is Alaska yes yes no no the place is now it's not just like it's like the Austin that she had asked if I was there I wish there were more virgin flights out of Austin from Austin County flight to San Francisco let it go in there in the Austin Airport is already quite of the main terminal will it 6 the color the terminal it's basically like a empty building that they're going to start having like airlines fly out of like a legit and other budget Airlines so I can run to I don't know but yeah it's just basically like there's no luggage carousel the latter what is the cheapest the cheapest terminal that you can imagine but like they're going to have a whole bunch of more flights out of Austin Airport the opposite end of cheap flights I was talking to Gavin about this earlier there's a new company that's trying to reintroduce Super Sonic flight between United States and Europe so this is what happens many years if you're inside the Concorde with the previous you know Consumer Reports freaks like I would have told everyone I knew that in years then years later I realized that would've been like a $3,000 ticket for a kid at my high school or my school teacher parents would never but I just was convinced we'd for my Concord 1.8 the difference super steep takeoff what happened what happens after you pass the speed of sound like can you let me do it the past because I think you're in front of her house that's right but what happens when you slow down back below the speed of sound is it catch up to you that air sound the whole way through and you still driving if you drive it the whole time it was his overhead going at the speed of sound like they're going Mach 1.2 and I go over your head it's going to sound making a sound the entire time that's why I can't do it over the continental United States because he would just drag of Sonic Boom with you I thought it was like you're done now you're going to die what causes the sound what is it when you go about this on the front you just driving all the things that causes the exact why is there that sound is it you're moving you're moving so fast you're creating a vacuum where the air collapses back in or you're going what is it I've I've known about this like you my whole life and I can't explain to you what causes it I'm looking on how stuff works.com if you like it slow down pass that slow down its feel like boom boom boom boom boom it was a great video of like of course Russia where they did a flyby and hit the speed of sound and it shattered every fucking window in a building that was right there who is amazing the Boom is the weight of the plane sound waves all the sandwich that would have normally propagated ahead of the plan are combined together the first you hear nothing didn't hear the boom they create doesn't follow it that's what I'm trying to catch up more like it's like it's like being on the Shor of smooth like when a boat speeds past is no disturbance the water as the boat comes by and eventually a large wave from the week rolls on of the Shor is it supposed to be in front of a plane behind the plane with all the sound that normally supposed to be behind a bus if you look at a plane in the sky this the sound is coming from right behind it what you describe doesn't like anything special just sounds like an extra-loud play that's what I like a little bit louder game questions and answers and the plane was basically flying engines full blast it was just past the speed of sound according to the show everything went silent I mean they started up like forty thousand feet and then they just reverse Alaska we love you and hit it though because the trust is consistently of thrust and it's very aerodynamic thing what are the causes terminal the last we can't fall any faster is that surface area with the air differential will overcome gravity that you're not going to sell everything is dry however through the speed of sound faster than you could that be I mean gravity pulling it down and accelerating and as well as the engines and heavy air pressure pushing back up on it as much as you want after flying most planes even on super sonic plane fear relatively close to the speed of sound like you're flight Australia Planet like flight time from New York to Seattle and they just like right over the winter so it was everything was white and I'm looking and I saw a plane far enough away you know but it was in the flight path coming the other direction like coming to Seattle to New York that thing went by so fucking fast as you don't have any perspective for to get something that's relatively in your air space it went but it's like we were going 5 miles an hour it was going and that was like a head-on collision you wouldn't know absolutely nothing about it you would be dead before you could hear him I hear the sound that happened once and over Brazil it was a Brazil Air flight and a small private jet that had on our dead ones is over well it wasn't exactly the time they clipped Wings they said that the speed that they were going inside Doo it had like one second reaction time from that aspect off in the distance to where they're supposed to do that down down left Doo wherever you are as well like the rules of driving carry over to the rules of walking I have to pee syt e zi somewhere else with it but walking walking to the graduation but the rules of driving those are also the rules of walking world urin you can never get that thing where you like in America everyone to just go to the right that's what you should do because that's the side you're supposed to walk on so if you're coming at someone they should go to their right and you should go to your right correct and I said okay okay I didn't realize until 3 the way what's what I move to like you always always collided with you and you like to move the other way and I was like to go to the left free people that is always like whenever you travel internationally to a place that we're driving up there is always a of a shower I need to be walking on the egg toothpast for a day and then it seems like the toothpast I'm going to call toothpast for now the next time you told you this rule toothpast Gavin just invented exchange I'll see you next Tuesday I can't think of anything else aside from toothpast that that's like that you can my life I've never once thought of her crazy town house last night on his short-term memory is like but then it's going to say what is wrong with toothpast it's different it's different flavor you expect to you don't know you didn't consciously think it whenever you put toothpaste on your toothbrush You're Expecting last night you're expecting last night's play but I'm getting like ground beef but it would flavor Gavin but she stays with me the difference between completely different note something like bubble gum if it's working Lake City ultra white chalky toothpast baby Rembrandt like barely at the Rembrandts that awful what is Rembrandt it's a weird name for a toothpast it's just going to let you know that this is really fucking expensive toothpast good news I can prepare to the video today I've been talking about this for weeks you know I'm talking about I'm talking about I'm talking about the book bag this week I said I found it this is what I wrote on it the day I made it back about April 15th so much exactly two years ago 2014 I signed it and I don't video the Gus longer 5 Buckingham Clovis the down what is down south office winning an open fire probably a front front front desk from desk 5 oz butter what's the date April 15th 14 and it took you longer than a day but you did lose anything it's not very full but I guess I needed one mouthful of up into that you don't want a lot of like normal air in there can't have United that was the purpose are you making me star Throne of a two-year-old burp you've never had a chance to talk to your burp in your life now here's the question you don't notice the difference and then you leave and then you come back and I was in the bathroom smells terrible ever had that happen to you you know you did we talk before you go the bathroom it's a rule when you leave and come back in like 20 minutes later cuz you forgot something it was because your nose smell Doo stuff resets it that you think you could smell you'll know now what your burp smell like because you had some distance from this this is like this is how bad your burp smells in a bathroom how long does it take to take a poop in 5 minutes at work or at home 1043 Bassett of egg on my forehead donations close it up a little bit up to it Google rooster ba Brandon was like a generic Ziploc bag where is this what is this what the guy with the membership condom guy is this what he did we're not all of us down for 2 year old burp smells like I like that was a great moment of Pride When I Look to the ma nest and I still might but by being passed around 11 to see if I was really what down but nothing came of that was yours 180 it was literally the last day that's really weird to be there late May so you're moving in mid-april was right after our anniversary that's always the most expensive part of the bill that was funny is because we discussed in the past we're like pretending like it was her only happened a few months ago it was really back in 2014 we we did this but the 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for free at blueapron.com / Rooster Teeth that's blue apron.com / 3:30 Blue Apron a better way to cook in honor of blue apron RT Podcast I will wear a blue apron on our stake life I need you by red one Harry flight headlock Prescott from sniffing the pub even though you can be totally mental mental yeah it's like when you think about you it's not what you want Kevin to clinch a little bit so I just sent Patrick a thing that is fucking amazing I love with stuff happens like this out in the wild and there was an article that somebody posted to Reddit where it was on her status jelly man I'll give you a chance to pull it up but I'll just see the headline from read it it was under what the fuck one of my favorites WTF it was customers sweat build up with so corrosive that is aluminum handlebars on his bike snapped mid-ride and have a picture of it sounds like her and one for me the top post in fact like that's it right there 75% of the posts in that comment thread and there's a secret any comments there are 182 comments ICP 57% of them are about you guys really talk, is Gus from RoosterTeeth is the mic on it hahahaha that apparently I share with at least one other person in the world for a long time this was a test of the body can it be like if it wasn't if it was like the first time running at Doo to be like alien from Alien yeah it's it's it's not fun what's the purpose of the acidic blood with the alien Strang Gus carryout the alien xenomorph dead the blood as it is so that Prime off and it so you don't kill the facehugge about it wanting it said you just another defense mechanism friends with the person upside down to drain the blood and the blood Falls away from the face the ship and it just keeps like going through the layer layer layer is going on like let me give you a choice killed by the adult alien like running through the hallways and grabs you and doesn't like the tongue to the back of the head think or you get a facehugge on your face in the thing down your throat that is the most disgusting thing like horror movie about how did you do know if something happens words to date you probably probably doesn't play suffocate you to the point where it keeps you alive I need for oxygen still low because your mouth and your nose and it just puts you under like you know what I realized I have the same from you either way that's so much and end in the movie last night like you said I would I can I do that in the movie when they try and pried off the the tail coils around his neck even tell you where it is pretty much revolves specifically to attack humanoids designed for reproduction without any other animal it seems weird now as an adult looking at it thinking he has any other alien was he more subdued in the rubber suit is Jackie I did somehow the dog was the dog that got infected I was arguing and it wasn't one of the idiots that removes a normal person and he was saying the prison it's woman Tywin Lannister with a shape that of a jelly it's the one who pictures in it no that's for three is the one that's directed by the guys who did city of lost children were sitting. You that they want to see what the fourth the Terrible taking just a horrible environment to watch a movie tonight events Airline is ok all the characters that survived the last movie they died down the side of Alien Resurrection burni who by the way has made some really fucking awesome movies go see city of Lost Children fucking that's what the alien gets sucked through a hole in the glass and see the Lost Children Delicatessen and I'm only a great director did you hear in space Hellraiser in space fantastic franchise needs does he need to come back to is the video game franchise dead space I feel like I never played the third one cuz I'm 50 but that point but I totally want another Dead Space Michael Jackson wasn't very good and he said the third one was good too I told him play but I absolutely want another Dead Space game they also get some DLC for Dead Space 2 maybe 3 when was coming out we just all those motion Comics never down that was a big deal Gus and put them on Xbox need to download motion Comics I just hate that people made a big deal about it it's a great story if you haven't played like everything leading up to a certain point it's very cool environment good looking good with the putting the health of the spine and another game Splinter Cell that you can light me up a game on his back and you can tell when you're in the dark and I have always had the that can read out the bullets in the gun itself you don't want the game that's out now but you want more I can watch the bitter with the sweet I got a lot going for them blend together to meet so I really like for the Harry Potter movies all I remember is Gavi that's a little remember and remember they were in a tournament where they were going to win a cup to the giant shut no paintings that look at you what about the bloke on the other breaks back of his head blue ComEd with the crazy I know that he's in the back of somebody's head the turbine is the first world war and the back of the guy's head in the first movie you guys are going to say anything Harry Potter has made no impact on me I was going to read all the books one day I've never read the books I should read the for your gavi D reading for like the 3rd time like he's at a point now where we're eating stuff that I haven't read I still have 5 movies and read the first book but I don't know anything about the end you seen the first five movies so you didn't make it all the way through I made it through for Dumbledore burp 6 that muscle Harry Potter Dumbledore do like your father spoiler actually back in 2009 with the Dumbledore spoiler and that wasn't too long after work short with that game County Place Maple Street that was written about it I get pissed off at everything the trigger warning of the geek culture RT it's like it's pleasure your morning is basically a spoiler for your emotions that spoiler I think it's like someone people get really upset about spoiler I'm just like yeah I'm not overly concerned about it but was the first Walking Dead like that died in the comics and world history and I learned about the way the characters die in the comic which is different than the show in different of the game they blend those realities and they have like a little variances here and there the character that died in the comic I read the comic and I just wasn't up to date and I read in the comments section on The Walking Dead site to try to find a reaction to the season finale I read that a certain character died in a certain way in the comic and I was like oh shit I would have loved to read that comic which character died in the first described it so it's like the end of the fucking world to know and I should read the God damn common to step back for a second for a reply to that people on Twitter are saying that dead space is Xbox One Backward Compatible and it's this month's Xbox game with gold flight 1 going to work if I'm going to be upset about the Game of Thrones TV show now spoiling the books in my mind it's not it's not going to be covered so far is that I don't consider one of spoiler for the other but there is over it's over it's the moments in the right that's all you care about so weird so weird he just could not keep up with that could be so weird he just like a ghost writer partner with one of my favorite parts of the first Game of Thrones book is going to be filled with a flashback for season 6 it's something that you never really see they never really talked about in the TV show but you know it's a sequence the audiobook for the comeback game of throne again watching episodes from the first season and it's as crazy as you want to catch up yet 90% of the people on the show anymore because they're all fucking dead it's just crazy how quickly the characters and I think for The Walking Dead I'll be the same way if you want to turn through actors want working out or people who get too demanding on set that was on the first big spoiler the time I got to the cavemen just to see if it's a real how do you explain a spoiler to a caveman and I'm thinking like what with the first spoiler be this this pretty late and I think if you give someone the Bible or you start telling them about Jesus and then he spoiler a lot of human history just as I'm thinking about you I be mad woman The Notebook I guess would be entertainment would have to be entertainment I mean it's a big book so it's like you give somebody for the first time here but there have been there were definitely books before that and like plays and other pictures that's as far back as like I would try to think things that I don't even like the poems Homer wrote the Odyssey jelly so I mean no star way long enough it will be strictly narrative as opposed to just a list of people you kill them all rooster spoiler The Odyssey for you give me D thing like if you went back in time like something you just woke up and you were in primitive times with a kill you right away that would you would you be able to make it really kill me but you have like you have some rudimentary knowledge of either have lice your generation and like females great you don't know how to make a computer I thought about that and I'm off work where we down gredients like you want sugar sugar get some pain what does sugar cane look like Brandon sugar how you do that I know it's very there's a lot you can get malaria D shade the Sheraton meundie of the sugar out of sugarcane Justin Sonic can you tell me whether or not sugar tonight I would imagine it's a cylinder shape okay not okay you're right it's walking that sugar in it nevermind I don't think I have any redeemable skills to caveman times my computer screen I was going to check with my tabs are like two halves are in my inbox Wikipedia entry on urin where is Rome in customer sweat and who is the alien for direct or indirect picture of 84 on my Roman Holiday to get pissed stuff to talk about because my phone is dead 3 hours I'll check I know I complain about my dead I don't want to do that my text was to happen I think from like 2008 you go back that far. That should Gavin get rid of it feel like sometimes you remember a person they don't really see any more like friends anymore as a friend said he read the text messages that we were actually friends people that I've known for years and I got a text from them like like oh hey I'm going to be here the next two days I'm out of town and I'm like okay and then I see the previous text and it's something like you know do you need me to come over to shoot season 4 happy birthday thanks man screw up hey happy birthday what are you go back and look at your old life and you like looking like Ma texting Burnie text too much something must have happened to our text message to only goes back to November 2014 but when you finally got your text I have from you on here was you telling me the 5:35 was that pinball that I wanted a group hug bones arcade Texas Tree on your phone where you can go with that you have to load more and I have school in the morning and then for whatever reason you hit the button go back to the mainland walking on the Sun go to beginning button you can see all your pictures Strang able to the product I like my Apple products so I recorded Teddy that we're doing some science stuff this weekend we built this is really cool buys iron filings make it super-easy what does it take Elmer's Glue you put in the bowl like a bottle of Elmer's glue and then you take water fill the bottle back about half way with water tap-in Shake It Up don't the rest of it in there she cleaned up all the glue in the bottle then you take some borax which is basically laundry detergent you can get borax powder on Amazon 60 water in a coffee cup of water 1 tablespoon of borax and that started total solution then you slowly and that solution Elmer's glue stick slime final the super powerful magnets Brandon putting on the horseshoe magnet sweat Alie disc magnets so then we lined them up in a row on the counter and said he would throw one magnet and then they were all class to get it look it up each other up like that I've seen a lot of them inspired by like smarter every day could Beyond slow motion I had powder paint on each one and I still love those we could do that but I was recording sound on my iPhone and you can't send a slow motion video from your iPhone it just sends it in full speed at a high frame-rate really that's it and it's like I looked up how to send slow motion video from an iPhone if I can't do it but he said to me it works only in iMessage you be sending me a message as soon as you said it right now it doesn't send an email or send my kids on an Android so if I send it so I can to my hangouts and I send it to them if they don't get it I guess you have to like we export it or save it but you can do anything I was it gives you a normal Speed video that plays at 240 from second thought I want to watch that it's been almost 24 hours a day in your underwear and making a statement like Superman's tights under his everyday clothes your underwear is probably boring me I need to hear to change that every parent needs me for sustainably sourced modal the family got to talk to Scott nothing can describe the FIT and feeling me and you want to try them try them on you understand where they call the world's most comfortable underwear you don't love your first pair of meundie star fre no questions asked and he has dozens of Styles Unlimited in Prince to help make you down to get the star Edition prints to make a statement with your underwear where anyone can see them or not shipping is free in the u.s. and Canada you can save up 8 bucks a pair with the meundie subscription plan give his subscription or single parent get 20% off your first order when you go to wendys.com slash Rooster Teeth it's wendys.com slash whiskey for 20% off your first order wendys.com slash Rooster Teeth thank you to me and these for sponsoring this episode it was taken of you looking just that I was screaming he's interested I'm so worried that I might have a kid that's going to be way cooler than me going to have a kid that okay with you it's like anything that I want to like you know dude it's me right now that's that's that's lame I'm going to go see what the best part of being a dad to boys is is is like it's getting cooler as we get older like we spent this whole weekend Gus playing Masters of Orion multiplayer match and like they were like bugging me to play and I like them a little bit like in there play catch whenever I want to it's like I can always go play any cash you have a very very much so yeah I'm not annoyed but I wish I'd had a daughter as well as missing component girl let me give you a girl Air Services change the sex of a kid change the sex of a kid pick the sex what are there just like looking at it and get the go-ahead a centrifuge I think the one of them goes like a longer than others when you spend it and a cross with a cross on the right or the left double XXL of the heavier the fertilizatio legs and then they do a genetic analysis on them to determine if they have X and Y chromosomes are sex chromosomes and they can also look at other markers to determine things like hair color and eye color and then they look at the list of fertilized eggs you have this is a girl with brown hair and brown eyes boy with blue hair and blue eyes because you never know what you missed out on Google autocomplete why did they pick the sexiest man alive when of life that announcement from what is People magazine sexiest man alive 80 that look like that she looks good and then sometimes it looks like I just wasn't that and then interviewing with Superman that he's getting into let me see couples racing through our media I haven't seen one yet that we had some cool challenges that was that this is Georgia no this is Georgia that's next week spoiler I'm going to Georgia clearly and one beer mean if it's a lot of the flight a little pleasure to have kind of similar Flags like that you need to memorize you never know when you hit a memory challenging flags are important to know those memories in the flags of where we went it's like our media is kind of similar to the Colombian flag has of the crust but like the flag is just yellow color yellow blue and red yeah but it's like it so I have to keep it all straight and there's a lot of red blue and white flags and Armenia she is interesting it's here it looks yellowish but it actually looks really Orange in person it's red blue and orange and I can't see it but his dad he's at he's supersmart duties and he's a lawyer and he was you know you have down time so he will talk about stuff and so the girls especially like the models and it would pepper him with sexual questions a lot and he told us that this is something I overheard like you hear about Henry the 8th beheading all of his wives know all of them but a lot of them because they giving him daughters instead of sons and then the irony there is that it's the male that determines the sex of the baby and I've always known that since I was a kid so she's like I don't know I mean he throws them all over there whatever sticks it's not like you only know it's not like the old has ever knowing everything that you throw in there is a white chromosome in it you took them all over the term you talking about you talking about I've always learn Gus male determines the sex of the baby that's what I've always yes if they woman and it's up to them to understand what we're saying Brandon or is this confusing to you because I feel like this is a very basic call you saying that it's an extension and we are not arguing with you we are saying the exact same thing you're saying but you're making it sound like you're saying different things like the man she is it's like it's it's really it's up to what goes on in there on the underside Doo doesn't of experiment it's not the guy who Detroit that say that God determines no he throws it all in there burp that women have a selectio David genetics determine their body can determine which genes to use or which sperm to accept essentially no and even across like if woman for lack of a better term mate with multiple guys in a day I can select her body can select which is the most genetically compatible the first but that's because it's slow down the undesirables there's a video online that shows you exactly what it's like for the sperm that it's it's terrifying it is like the scariest thing in the world even like it when your sick and you're like reaching for it in sperm ba D for there's like these tentacles that come from the ground and like to grab you and hold you there it's it's still scary because ground in a woman's body the woman will like the tentacles that shock you same thing except it's game kill everything X Flight off our material and I'll add some to make it to the egg for this week let them because you are so the Journey of the sperm well how far is it really going to like this to someone just deliver the egg welcome to the United comes from the tube the Philippines in the ovary travel down the fallopian tube real centimeters how far does the sperm go through the cervix so unless you're really precise and you're really like it a clean shot I would say you're not hitting the egg how far is it how far does it travel to the swim block 15 centimetres 18 centimeters cervix through the uterus to the Fallopian tubes link yes when I have noticed that whenever you set a waypoint everything is almost always soon as you cross under put your plumber to switch to meters is 190 meters as soon as I set a waypoint I'm going .2 kilometers so the fastest swimmers can find the egg in as little as 45 minutes so the fastest one to get there 45 minutes later you're back then 45 minutes later so I felt something that's it in centimeters everytime you ejaculate every individual load apro about it the feminine or masculine load just buy like sheer numbers of chromosomes in it looks like you need to have an even split that's very unlikely you know what you want skew very feminine alert but you're right now what's this about what we looking at that but yeah it's like it's like what does it mean to have seen it with a jetpack I'll make it all window ba like it in the light is too much get it because I have the papers did you hear that this is a new trend in technology where there's a cool tool out there and the first party like platform or whatever is like totally fine with it for a long. Of time then they buy it in the just get rid of it and they're about to shut down two products that I use that make me upset or have one more so the first is red it shutting down Alien Blue which is the app that I used to know that while I never got it it's okay I like the letter the pilot you fuckers in like 10 days which is tweetdeck Harry that fucking tweetdeck is awesome for multiple accounts it's great for anything like I used to like my mentions I have everything in one playthrough that I don't use your phone for a bit then fucking smart guy alien no use it on my phone throne with you hello where that you throw I'm surprised you haven't rains it of the chips in bank card yet with chips and Bank on you were gone that I brought the here earbuds in that here but it's not it would have been really frustrated lately like we are in a transition to college right now credit with credit cards in the United States and I go to pay for something and I have a chip credit card and I try to put in the reader and they're like oh no no don't do that sweat different ways to pay one of them cuz I was like Terminal B in front of you feel like oh no that doesn't work give it to me I just want you back here the register the ship doesn't help anything can you still sign for it so different in every store should support Apple pay and whatever Google wants to do as well the few times you can use it you walking you hit a button you throw your watch your phone on the little thing and then you walk away you don't gotta sign shut it second to me that he signed air lock but that was for the top creators of YouTube what's that cuz we're top creators ba because you that Suicide Squad is not on this is a very disturbing headline reshoot for always the thing that made you think the move is going to suck that is always the case a lot of movies go to reshoot some the reason why to reshoot Suicide Squad is now and reshoot reportedly to add more jokes what I heard was make Dead Pool apparently every joke in the movie was in the trailer really enough people responded so positively to the human Airline but we gave away every joke so they're having to go back and add more like what are you banter between the characters tens of millions of dollars Guardians of the Galaxy it's like every 10 seconds Anna Suicide Squad could be a disappointment I fully recognize that that's a risky prediction I'm pretty good baby the same thing for Guardians of Galaxy was dead wrong I thought guardians of galaxy was to be too obscure for a normal audience however I got to say it so I don't feel like I'm part biased against deceased properties buyers but I'm not sure I am biased against easy I'm more of a Marvel person I've met that but at least I can be objective this fucking Doctor Strange movie every time I see you still from it I'm like there's no way people are going to see that right then I can go see doctor strange I don't I don't know what I'm looking at blue pits Benedict Cumberbatch plays a mystical what is a grange doctor it's like it's like some kind of spiritual appointment that you can get and only one Doctor Strange exists over the Earth at one time and he's doctor straight doctor who is supposed to be in sometime this guy's just mystical like things like banishes people to the seventh circle of hell and stuff like it's like what is question remember one of them at one time doctor Strang Doctor Stephen Vincent strange best known under his Alias doctor Strang list of Throne Strang sales number 10110 of former Doctor Strange serves as the sorcerer Supreme the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats they doing in the Silver age of comics the character has been featured in several several comic series and adapted in a variety of media including video games what video game is Doctor Strange's silver gold with silver the for of the golden ages ages are in the atomic chart accommodation Silver age before the Golden Age it is so very often I just happened to look so stupid it looks like my name is throne which is that 50 outside of Comic Con old Superman vs. Robin Hood yeah I don't know Doctor Stephen Strange AKA Doctor Strange Firefly from Serenity know we got the rest is history wish like hell I look ridiculous it's pretty straight I'm sure there's a lot of doctor Strang fans out there that are super excited about the movie I just can't imagine but I know it will it looks like the Star Trek movie where they travel back in time to the eighties fucking great you like Star Trek movies that has to be good oh my God that was going back like oh look how crazy this in our current time water story story for the ages that like it Star Trek movie cast the first Star Trek reboot that you like I like also like the generations in order Trek Star Trek 60 compete against Sonic don't feel like Star Trek movies that you don't this isn't Fun the original Star Trek movies African text the number thank you I love Star Trek so much shut up you're not really get out of your fucking love Star Trek I'm sorry Gavin down and I had to watch one episode of Star Trek next Generation and instantly her thanks but yeah I can pick the right episode what episode that I pick the one with the alternate universes with Worf when he gets sent over to her yeah the one who knows dads fucking great time showing the time loop on I'll have to look it up as good as the club though the club the classic growing up that was Star Trek so don't jump on of our marriage I was Star Trek the Next Generation what Vic said it the guy that played Crow and wrote Ruby comes apro be in Vancouver Vic mignogn Gus I can ever say baby together now so it's like we live in Australia many years ago and was never able to play his father and his father in the show I was fucking I was nervous I'm like I just a lot of time with the voice of the character is going to be acting against Crow you know that the strongest voices in the whole fucking joke anyway Hitler and Vic they make a show which is like a continuation of the original series it's a web series of the show but it looks fucking amazing it that they captured the look and the feel of the original series I think your spot on the back of lighting you know across the eyes and all that it looks great I see ye not to let her know I'm done I'm going to talk about my hole it today let's wrap it up so much of my list but we will cover it later to be good for sale is still going on Happy you can go check it out for 30% of all merchandise until April 13th using Code RT 13 apro happy 13th anniversary 20 it's pretty nuts it's pretty much over time with the funniest conversation ever the conversation we had Alex sepkus overtime as I that yeah we're talking grifbal was like I was back in 8:05 and doesn't get the gravity hammers and just for Halo 5 because you must be super proud of that I would just be proud he does well he invented grifbal your father liked it so much he was like just like to one person is like address example where it was really important. For like 6 months and then it's completely taken over by the community I got bad luck because I got banned from Xbox live right turn right toward the second tournament sweat cuz you have to be to be to be the commissioner of the whole thing and I was left out of order again and it was that when we also we're spending all of our time like going to doctors in downtown Austin ba