#371 - The RT Podcast Steak-Off!

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss steaks, edible anuses, cats scared of cucumbers, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 11, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-371

Recorded: 2016-04-12 15:07:55

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello welcome in Rooster Teeth podcast this week brought you by Casper nature box and trunk club check out we'll talk more about it V punches later right now in the meantime though you're making steak so the check was for that you and I apologize so we're about 50 minutes from your to being ready as long as I have like five seven minutes notice and I can pull mine out and get it Lennon Sisters to sound like a bad steak steak out of its back love you miss the pre-show this is Burnie Burns by the way I'm Gavin and this how could you keep this water bath in a very consistent temperature of 125 degrees job the voicemail that temperature will you could but it's a no how many dollar in Italian I'm worried about this the most confident and thought about you and your parents Phillip close guy solo the older the presentation because he's well they are perfectly cooked they don't know for like an hour hour and 15 minutes just answer this if they have to do is throw some call your cell phone it's a black pepper I put garlic powder on it to let me vacuum seal bags and lowered it to make yourself make sure you tell you're not to do it but that means you should do it it's our anniversary job open steak the music just about me pretty close about 5 minutes away it looks like they're super well done but it's a lot of the soy sauce in the marinade get the data alright you don't really have to what are you doing get serious wow Ferguson Fire to close to the Poconos guy hot pan the temperature out Guy 2 season 2 down wins barbar better not working for hey Siri set timer for 5 minutes left did you have in mind Jessica Biel Thank You Gavin how many fun outside help no stop gu call Christy right there presentation Federal in America guns let's Cooks in for the kill I've got some gross cooking Lazer tourist talk about on the phone do you want to be around him for the grand reveal organic juice I think that bubbles out of a meeting every time David Schwimmer says the juice in the people vs OJ Simpson TV show really funny Barbara think in all fairness guy that support you want to survive steak salad let's go and do it V something that I want you guys to know about the steak that's different it's all it's all rare it's rare to give me to pursue the outside it still works out just fine for me barbar to want to try this baby first the middle cats Gus you want to cut some pieces of after burni zones on its way to see the post from this angle walking around Canon camera The Amazing Racist botrytis impatiens Barbara the middle one there additional steak the Great Wall MLB players really good recommended sounds good man on the table oh my God so it's kind of a play on the Korean marinade garlic soy sauce sugar rice wine dark sesame oil garlic scallions and sesame seed mine doesn't have mine doesn't have let's just like just salt pepper and a little tiny bit of garlic powder God holy shit I know you guys got going the rest of your food you guys fucking points near me you gotta try some of both I guess you guys eat dinner beforehand steak to go around so often traditional steak steak marinated steak in some kind of Korean marinade translation is what our first category Gus Patrick Christopher awar V categories that were determined for upgrading I don't know I asked not to know there was flavor let me know if I'm wrong on any better flavor juiciness the truth what is the part of the rib is that is that like super marble. I don't know that's why you have that on your steak you're so good Gavin votes for steak presentation presentation Phillip barbar play that you rested it like revs up and Gavin You and I Lady in the Tramp is what he said the bar has a massive piece of meat hanging out of her mouth trying to entice Gavin normal Saturday oh my God what's a good time for you got it we like V Tumblr for sponsoring the podcast on the right I think I want to give you Kudos on your presentation I like the size of that steak that you made I do think the Lions could be a little bit better are you I'm not a big fan of cooking on the grill so you do is lay down at a 45 degree angle to worry about cooking the steak properly I don't want to worry about having my lines and how my life sucks and I feel like it's me so if you leave it 2 rare that's fine you know but literally like as you have if you have a sous vide cooker you can say okay the last thing I cooked was just a touch too well done or touched you cooks she can back it off like 2 degrees if you want to in to get to the point where it's like you know exactly how you want your steak to make steak even though on the surface it seems complicated yeah you only have to pay attention though for like 4 minutes so I do like that my plan was to have them cuz I didn't I was on the outdoor camping burner and we like had that thing cooking for like I think 15-20 minutes yeah I got it I normally I'm more of a fan of the traditional kind of steak as well as I want to do something a little different here it's very play this plate number one BBQ put on their applications and composition Gavin he's been running for like the layout right the Final Jeopardy oh I don't know but I don't know how to use that for steak isn't it just like runner-up in Miss Congeniality like in a beauty contest it's a nice personality I could never win they finish grading for taking way way too long I've never got around to it there's this guy who wanted to discover if you want to figure out if one human flesh taste like even if it was some of the muscle muscle extracted like a little bit out from the inside and then cooked it Maxim machine to analyze a smell so you can get to the slab and the analyze the smell of these cook because of his leg and in recreated what they think it would taste like using other meats that they can see if she ate your leg who's boot you want to cut off this leg and then figure out that I see you get some steak Gus to let him rest for a while and it's called a reverse gear where normally you sear it on a pan and then cook it in the oven this when you do it backwards for a memorial you it's been awhile since you first and then you cook it was to split or how it would read them out I don't know Thai Flavor with the first category flavor I gave both of you a five out of five minutes later I gave both of your V good representation by both contestants are still interested I tend to like to use your steak myself and that can also get a cut of the steak was one moment where I took a by of gases and blood like gold you just like shut down my throat and I couldn't get enough of it was one of my steak spent an hour and 10 minutes in a water bath and get you cut Gus the steak and it looks like it was super wet is actually impressive how much it was next presentation presentation I gave both of your okay I gave you three really just because Gavin you want to stay for both of us okay I love you and I never said I was nice but I don't care 04 I'm sorry I guess I can geniality which are not really sure how to play that steak butter Gus was a little Rooter in his presentation and cooking skills so I gave him before burn and give you a final result I think you win by 1 Point Gavin and I want Barbara clu when I only won by one point here you want by 2 points over there so you what is a one-point difference there you want um I will take the Burnie Burns wins the inaugural Rooster Teeth podcast steak off tonight yeah V Ann Arbor close you'll see this year not really I try to find a Toby Taylor premium a fraction of the cost caspe Revolution the mattress industry by putting the cost of doing with resellers and showroom and passing that savings directly to the consumer cats mattresses at mattress at a very fair price customized provides long-lasting comfort and support I got one and its really soft comfortable having operated about it many times and usually online completely risk-free Kasper understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress in all reality you spend a third of your life on Casper offer free delivery and payment returns with a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in the showroom because that's gross get a confirmation for V dollars for 2 a.m. or 9:54 size mattress compared to standard just as an outstanding price point you can save an additional $50 as one of our listeners are going to caspe.com / Rooster Teeth entering promo code Rooster Teeth that's casper.com / Rooster Teeth promo code Rooster Teeth really wanna make sure tourist attractions apply go buy a mattress or something thanks cats purr podcast thank you thank you so much to the crew together so you can get to steak good move I got steak hamburgers what's the story with that why would you do that what is it from the Ocean lyrics with so much steak life where I'm looking yeah so people who can't taste the steak for saying that they they like to look at both steak so that people aren't really your steak just visualize what the audience his favourite stabilization for that what's the guy name Steve raichlen BBQ University guy I love watching a show on PBS call barbar cats see it and then there's the credits would you the amazing one thing I love about and it's either the show it's like they do a hard cats season 1 they should just cut to the hotel room where they disobey you dude let's go you look like you know what the Bea she got the thing that you put your head through in this like the fake body Photoshop the streets I think it's like they're fighting Instinct like I'm trying to come out here professionals but they will disappoint you but I can't show you have for all that was it was basically this is a map of Tbilisi Georgia Bea kind of have to go to my camera for the steak at the ballet place was right here at the park we supposed to go is right here and the parking tickets to with Embassy with this I'd say a good 15 minutes in a good for like 20 minutes in traffic I wasn't kicked in 20 minutes coming back so we like actually got to take a 40-minute lead coming out of that place and it was just even say that 2 minutes ago Jack and Rachel they're like it's been a pretty quiet team in in the season I mean there's smartest can be frightening but would like we screwed up the best thing I didn't give up let's go back and finish up our impressed with the people who tried to the candy challenge and then just switch halfway through to go to the other challenge so much to do that it's like this is not happening to leave in the snow yes but the problem with the snow episode The Mountain episode was the reason we chose the challenge is on you whatever it was which is that they climb along it's like steel railing to go out to the summit and I knew it was a single file you're not going to pass me but he can't get up somebody like reach over them of their safety right now and then go on the outside of the mountain so I knew there was no way to change positions which is why we went to the tent to begin with that's what you're thinking about switching every like we're just walking ourselves into a leader position for sure like we will be in last place if we switch because by this point everyone's here and they're all lined up there but they're obviously so they've done this for all the challenges Amazing Race is before they were a little bit different that was amazing I know if I can get to do that because it was awesome the campsite that we had was amazing what they didn't show and I think I talked about this after that episode and I promise I will stop talking if you feel like there is a certain component of the audience that is just like stop talking about that was a real life that you can talk about it people who was explaining this to the rest of the cats inside Amazing Race with a thousand feet and we had to set up a tent the tent which wasn't the actual challenge the actual challenge was to dig a big hole in ice and snow that was the challenge we had to blow up the air mattress is that show on TV was blowing up two air mattresses and that was like every bit of it you're already winded when you're kind of terrible if you probably mattress pump with you and your back why people like people that are counter at one point we couldn't do anything digital so I really quick tally counters wins like at the entrance to the stadium clean the way that I was trying to explain it to the cats never see them occasionally like we get together and stuff sometimes for watch parties and I was in LA this week and I was able to talk with most of them as well and I had to explain how he and I will live tweet along with the show but then again the show we don't congratulate the winners and we don't wish the people that were limited as well and tell him how awesome it was race with which everybody was awesome that's always work because our audience is like if they hear a spoiler they get so fucking livid it's just like it's like if I said like last night I said or this week I said congrats to Zach and Rachel for getting first place cuz I felt like that was appropriate for us to do it cuz it was like we were racing towards that man and man you were just like I'm following you I can't it's not available in my country yet so I'm going to follow you there just plan for me and it's like what do you want me to do it's like I'm how long do spoilers last at this point it's like is It spoilers finding out before something is available and not like them when it's available it might not be that it had a chance to watch it East Coast the rest of the cast no understanding of that at all like they'll be in the west coast they will treat the east coast feed they say everything is okay and it's like they're like I don't know some of them were there was it so you need to like our culture like the gamer geek you know culture the Comic-Con culture where we want to call it it's just like it's it's really specific thing and I've been so immersed in it for so long I'm used to it but it's like they were just fascinated by that is totally different what is I like all the people that should have compiled a different order this is who I sent two different things so they understand there has been other than that fine the way back in the day hey guys check it out I got a new spoiler for the back of my car and I got it what's your favorite joke the margin of error is now like you have no idea what the fucking answer it so you always want to put those dancers for next year's for the second steak off we had different intestines right Gavin you two actually I think that's why we have that girl that was at the office girl what's wrong with Outback the with Grill over at the studio and I want to wear down downtown the picture of you from the 4th of July can with cooking steaks for everybody at the office 40 people picked up I just love doing them to me if you can no longer see you this morning I know you a hundred a lot of people so I'm not surprised people I think we were trying to figure out how many people made the move from the old Studio to this studio 60 Plumbing that was taking them right in the bag last week just like a few people walking around there and people can still hardly any change some people over to full-time Hoover contract and I think the amount of people that change to full time where the amount of employees when I started here Rooster Teeth wanna on the grill that use tonight oh yeah why does for social disorders the heat heat a little I wanted edible I mean it's an iguana Cooks in Aquatica iguana on a stick and fall out all the time so it's an animated gif of a iguana underwater eating stuff off the bottom of it was under water eating somebody in the Japanese horror movie that was really cool tiger underwater amazing to me that's why cats carry Steven the water the Tigers should go alright you're cool like we're not going to come in there after you but nope I'm really tired I can just go straight into water can't hold up under water no no I said I wouldn't find any animal that lives in the water like if it was chasing me and I had the option of going in the water and on land and water but I chased you into the water will that be better than chasing them last time and I think I should have better chance of don't forget I think I could be any animal could kill me that's why I said I could survive any animal attack that's so weird of any animal that's what I said I just by the words in the best light running up to them and you don't have to be your friend what percentage of them was like let's get out of here till like I'm going to hit you in the head and let's really greedy not one person down and goes after the other one else like 2 people very steak the best Cat by cat nutmeg was in the kitchen I was in the kitchen I think we're going to have the guy had an umbrella in my hand and I like and I like Swami umbrella all the way around like flipped it over but I did it in such a way that like the cat was about 10 feet away from me and it just that was hit the cats because you like perfectly chill and everything happy and in a nanosecond everything wants to kill them mortal danger the Cucumber video cats not purr cucumber near a cat is like eating food or whatever I didn't know it says the Cucumber freaks out this is like a universal truth I don't know guy really wants me to do it tonight and it seems like a really cruel to do it right now I don't think of all the headsets that has a lot of money turns around it season didn't realize that there was yeah it's probably cuz it like has a reaction of it being like a snake or something you know something built into cats the third like that shape and color I think it looks like a snake give a shit I can watch these all day the anticipation of waiting for the cats but it will race one that umbrella around nutmeg what like when she was on we have wood floors downstairs she is I felt so bad for her because she just took off at such a speed that you couldn't traction and she was like Scooby-Doo like she was giving up so much speed but not moving that you started drifting the 11th I love when animals do that probably 2 more freaked out is that like really walking on a treadmill you think it's what I want right now why would that be cool why would you want to cats on treadmill Bea the film so they're running running running running just like that that's just like nothing much at all just for fun just like commercials are so ugly in slow motion skin and fat is like shaking someone upside down and just look at all that we're going to do something I didn't want me and I want you and I did I was like let me know what's going on is everything okay there was people look ugly in slow motion is the same thing people always take like a fre trim a video on your face you're not used to seeing you looking at it in a moment between moments in the middle of talking I don't know that you probably get that all the time and he went out of the park as his loading or look like a fucking jackass yes yes it's in your eyes your eyes your eyes they make you boot your brain makes you blind for a moment that how does that work in a VR headset guy that looks exactly the same way right even though it would be that the movement is that if you're not looking your eyes I don't think your brain knows to do it maybe it's Gus is the woman who came down we're in the beauty office and She interviewed us for Machinima and she had this thing she wasn't she was a documentary filmmaker tourist anyway she wanted to shoot something with us and she didn't interview is over there and introduce ourselves and go from one person to the next by we would finish your interview and then we run the school and we would spend oh yeah and they would then spend through the next person and that's how they would do that and she said okay in this part of it that's like the hard part of it is we're going to spend but we just want you to lock your eyes straight forward and will spin your body but don't move your eyes at all just keep them locked up for it I couldn't do it just close your eyes naturally let's look at different things like take your focus blur it doesn't matter I tried to bring like what you're looking at right here I think I think I got her to abandon the entire the whole documentary because I can tell you're on camera lifted up there because we were outside we fell behind schedule a little bit tonight 2 for Xbox 360 by NatureBox try to eat better but think nutrition labels are confusing NatureBox has a snack for that Viv taking out the guesswork and frustration so you can snack confidently and stop wasting time sifting through nutrition labels Starbucks makes over a hundred ridiculously delicious snacks that they Source from all over the world for you to choose from but things like vanilla bean way 1st Santa Fe corn sticks NatureBox makes it really easy to find the snacks you want without questioning what's in them plus they're calling you and texting snacks for you to discover if you believe you shouldn't eat something I don't like sweet rice snack you don't like to replace it intern Xbox for free you can't do that with your other snacks go to naturebox.com / raichie the right now get 30% off your first box of delicious and unique snacks without any of the junk that's nature box.com / Rooster Teeth for 50% off first box of the best tasting snacks in the world in the box.com / Rooster Teeth for 50% off right now naturebo trunk outside I'm going to go for Valentine's Day guy rubs with honey would you like a couple of things a couple runs I thought it was significant ostrich going like this order and stuff you don't have to see her and she was excited because the woman came in it's all right really I just like to make it through and she was like whatever and this or like Steven Tipton pilot for the window is glossed over this order got messed up and I saw someone come in it wasn't me sit up at the bar have to take the stuff that guy was also a been unlocked and I looked out the window and so he's also experiences with bad hair why you avoiding the question it looks like a red light cycle somewhere else before call me if you do. So what do this hole in in college that fits he would move like normal and then like crap and Springs don't look directly at it have you seen I guess I guess I've never of nursing other to the middle using your own how are you doing you have to be there tomorrow probably I don't know Toby off right away and she was like how to take bottle away from the Sun so you've done that why do you want to see your butthole Securitas Security Services gu to check it out like what happened check out everything on a regular basis I want to make sure they did a good job so you check on every wax not everyone the first couple times but you've never seen your boyfriend's butthole guy you can't do that you're right it's like the Dynamics of male-female but totally different like it was a guy but like everything that don't do that in the. Where you're essentially there's too much Dynamics 2 the fart it's like this 4488 of this whole thing about how I shouldn't say this but he's kind of heavy guy I thought of it just like went into his own butt cheeks and the trap tonight what the male gooch the dick inside it go ahead like a dude from behind looks like his nuts. And then Falls and then the rest was naught but a female doesn't have like the hawk what's it what's the space in between the perineum is that what that is season that is HF shape to it but you're like steak in measurements what are you doing under there it's an excellent point in real life no you don't have any curiosity in that in real life but I just couldn't Gavin is obsessed with his own but he's supposed to Gavin you want me to put your butt print on your iPhone so I can open it with your anus and you wondered if your anus had a unique fingerprint like your fingers too I thought I was over my bed what you want me to talk to Miss is well just your butthole you have to push to get the others to come down on to the ones that you just have to push you have to push anything out and then we really have to want to use your phone how do I get real-time bus today you don't we should try using your nipples see if that works I have nipples doctor to see for talking about I don't know anything about the Lytro meet earlier today headline about like how it's going to destroy a green screen and write me when you can it's basically a light field camera but it will do video for Let's to do applications and they made that in life you can by the way you can refocus on the pictures you take a picture and then you can refocus after you take it what the cinema does is it captures all the data as well when you know you'll be like I want everything behind this guy, or I want to only save this little slice of data and then you can just extract it out and then not have anything else in the frame but they will not sell you just the camera have to buy I just like the software so I didn't like all this other stuff and they're not surprised how to think we're the ones they released all the ones I've messed around with was pretty crap like what megapixel Anu had two good looking and special View at to like click on that you want the cameras I'm going to 755 megapixels Anu 300 Francis II 755 megapixels I don't know magic seems fucking crazy to me but that's why camera there's a physical V digital the physical sense with a certain amount of pixels on it so to actually have that many pixels available to take in capturing you know the traditional 16 by 9 probably also capturing the data was included so it might be like a box of dead of a square or rectangle of 3000 by 5000 by 50000 write with something really really would like to get one but they're going to be ridiculous how expensive is too expensive if it's more than five hundred bucks what is the cinnamon it's going to be before the end of the story before we get back then got started that he could tell us your story fucking story police after starting a new conversation at one point I forgot what it was that always happens speaking about the part from earlier that we moved on from but did you see and I'm pretty sure it's fake but it might not be with the snowboarder whose record on a GoPro bitrate the commercial snowboarder Turner the whole time it's a commercial for someone composite salmon Shannon probably Rosenberg Hardware you watching the show Live 2 to 8 at hashtag shorty cast of you play job simulator on the Vive know but you guys did a guy should have even that right we put out today it's as if you're watching this it is what is it you desire and you just a cubicle computer desk you can do this you can do everything that you think computer grab the coffee mug and I poured coffee into it and not let me grab this morning I was pouring coffee from one month to the other hand you're saying stuff everywhere and then at one point I photocopy my face stuff is you can have can you photocopy your anus if you have one really yeah you have your own personal V play with these as soon as I he came and stole my pre Le make sure cats of Walnut do you like a computer monitor head but I thought you were bragging about your computer be ready for V our city should take this test and it was like it was maxed out as I can. He said the greatest thing of all time before this the greatest thing of all time was that Rooster Teeth anything that I liked was essentially a business expense computers movie stuff video games I mean that literally tax write-off for me you made a company where you can do all I was just going to come by for the company and then now that my kids to or like older in a new technology it's like now I can justify like any ridiculous check purchase cuz it's educational for the kids and I want them to have access Technologies like it's real Milford $800 bills legal the kids to help the kids and it's so good I love the vibe that was exactly because I was in there doing it how it translates to the audience watching us because it in that room in that bunch of rumors that messed up my stuff and I just watching like well head looks on the screen but I think it Pictionary game that was actually so special Pictionary it's probably the number one reason by the headset and the headset someone else and then just walking around inside your drawer we did that play test I think it was like one of the tests they had was that drawing game where you could take different colors and you'll see like a rainbow pattern and so do I did not the brightest the Stars like you could just like make a starfish that looks like falling snow circling my entire body was really cool that he's to do is when that thing is gloves instead of that there's 200 if it's like gloves actually sense with your fingers that's when it'll be great I'm sure that's not really cool animated gif about how good the tracking is in those things because I guy was in the headset had one of the handholds or whatever they called the Travellers had one and it's somebody outside the headset had the other one in through to him and he caught it because you can see it perfectly in the virtual environment and its recent call I was running the guy he said he's been doing it of my head it was like she was looking for a screen is that right grab this and I took it off him when he's like this happen in real life in real life for the first time 11 the ticket for me before you take your headset off like I never saw the controller at all the whole time we're up floating towards me and I was like what is this and I had to like feeling around with my hands and everything to get the feel for it and was close you can the camera not even realize but you can see out the outside while too if you want did you guys do the podcast show the video to so many people like in meetings and stuff to do we should watch the void that the our company has Anu to Chris to marry someone in the past it was constructed environments physical environments in a play or V are over the top of the physical environment I'm not really because we are the podcast for people that I see everyday Sam that's why a lot of times when I see Gus and Mondays I don't speak to me because I don't want to talk to you until later so call 800 dollars guy that device you're doing that I see me to really be sleepy so we are good. At least in video to say GTX 970 or better 9% of computers can run effectively 95 Seconds of Summer super excited about the by way more excited about hololen way way more excited that they told us about that I've seen footage of it and you just throw it on your head so you're not tethered any other controller sounds in the grand scheme of things it seems to make sense to me more that would be the next step in adding elements into the world that you have to worry about replacement men's fancy stuff will be great fun toys like a bus to a way you can like see the past overlaid over the real world baby like this building used to be here than if he'd like to build in front of you like what you like how you see you know sometimes those historic photos of post World War 2 Europe and she liked the destruction and how everything was rebuilt because like you said like a timeline for getting it like what are used to look like before the war during the war after the war and now today virtual Springfield edible anus tart barbar how many rhinos to make a print of your anus on chocolate so you can eat your own chocolate but yeah you can get you and go to it looks like it filled up your butt to get the in print and send it to them and make them all for the first time based on someone you know that yes I would eat chocolate no matter what so you would have to say this chocolate sure as long as I know there was a chance that could have touched it I can't hear my phone anybody they can charge it for me with your friend. It's my fault I didn't charge it but there's some 2 specialist on to something perfectly let's say somebody got a box of those like Gavin and they will now and he just gave you one and didn't tell you what it was would you be upset if I would be mad you should be mad if you went over how to people guy Thomas burn this disco Gavin like snickering in the corner you just ate my office I'll try to pull one over on me how do you say that kind of bother me like the day I forget where we were maybe it was for something and I found like a hair in my food and I just like it out and threw it away in that was it doesn't bother me in the slightest but I really did that why is that so sure that you feel like pulling your hair to be falling out and occasionally it's like I'm always worried it's like I'm starting to lose my hair and I don't realize it yet another thing we should look at our friends I would look so so much of it right because I started finding it kind of like that in my entire barbar the moment and I started getting crazy and it's beautiful just like her everywhere would you be exact mold of Jax erect penis into your mouth yeah go ahead baby I just Barbara Jean Jackson quesarito draw the line how that works for you so you think if I had Jack's in Norman would that upset me because you were sending me you are prepared for penis I think I would similar melting Jack Le tournesol encounter that situation cuz I would never be blindfolded and let someone here put something in my left how many penis is not just passively Jax Jackson would be honored to have Jax Beach Le penis in my mouth very interesting question that is interesting I have a question what if someone did that to you they blindfolded you and your you open your eyes to discover it's a chocolate bunny that has an anus on it that's your anus put on chocolate bunny Barbara won't have any electricity so what do you do with ink on the podcast we get chocolate anus is made of us only get like 3 or 4 sets we study 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that in the feedback option a completely different could I sign up to be a stylist for Trunk Club and secretly send Aaron a trunk everybody's close up picture looks like his cowboy boots in Floral create a profile as him and fill out what you want for him to have said that he didn't look at this the strings on barbar the leg are staying like her jeans are like torn-up jeans but her strings on her leg just like staying across but they're not connected how does it work micro threads that we still connected to make them look like torn up I guess so they can explain it ripped apart pants are now in fashion it looked like torn up and so I can try to explain that to someone yeah he went ahead and pay more for it may only just said that if we change the steak off to to be but that he's not making plushies for that I don't think she has it there is a sign that she made it so fun house related but I thought it was right Dracula the close I was going to ask Naomi to make something but I ended up asking instead it was actually Gavin is idea and I don't want to talk about it for a really long period of time but they just got done Colton Dunn has been having recently had a baby a baby daughter and Gavin had that we were trying to think of what we could do for cold and his new baby and Gavin said why don't you make him a pair of booties that are Lazer team boot with us and I was like he's probably the best idea I've ever heard in my 2 right before the spaghetti boot the cutest thing I've ever seen contraction for she was our first-ever costume she made the the email you receive a text saying that she did she did someone already isolated the in slow-mo the video of you need to shoot me in the face how did they really you're my dream come true and it was F12 hot like from 1 to 100% how many beans do you put in behind that kick you guy I'm going for it you got a hundred percent if I'm trying to protect you because I didn't go I'm going to have to hit him as hard as I can with this year and I think that is the official rule that you have to block someone's face you gotta blast almost got the perfect shot on you on the podcast has hit me right in the most in the in the head yeah make me broken nose would that be very bad about it I think after you just enough time to stop play on Wilson how that went the other way but it might just be broken twice I don't like the fact that I haven't broken some photos of planes landing in st. Barts not like there's a there's a video that's why there's like a weird artifact right there look around and watch it come in but I also almost died he almost let's be accurate he almost killed other people he's a fucking idiot in one of the most treacherous runways it's not like I'm not someone you shouldn't be it looks like he's on the road st. Bart's airport when you land at the landing strip that is what he said to you can watch a video strip is the water and the other end is a mountain and your hand towards them out burni Nico give me close but you should spend time their family at a place there and I was telling you about it cuz you invited me down to his place and my ex was like Mortal just don't worry I will show you this airport and I will show you that people in there all the time we load up the YouTube page the first time there is a plane like sticking in the water like this is it . old planes land oh my God so will you send me some the runway like the runway let me that's not his well yeah I mean there's a lot that play in the Pro to Apple is similar with the cause and in that it's like a level it's like a railway Crossing where Barry is coming down across the road the car stopped and a plane goes shooting by like $400 an hour the airport where the planes land and take a right on the beach and there's always able to standing on the beach of the plant itself or somewhere in the Caribbean right over their heads like climbing the fence Again by the Jets elegant you did well plan about an Apple product they consider your offer price guide the promise man I'm feeling pretty good Creek Barbara like what is it that was a total guess the images from that look photoshopped they look totally fake people to stand there on the beach I was going to say I was going to say something you call that feeling video picture of how crazy is when something so big is moving so fast it's also close to one of you had a crazy last week and forward to watching people try to explain it afterwards was just like nobody was in there saying that because we have a big audience paraphrase a big audience and so many things guy scientific fact that are wrong there's an obligation to correct things that were correcting the information the lava because on the surface there was a layer of carbon and then everything flows in different directions depending on the season and all the time like you but I can't believe you're still buying this fucking bullshit and everybody was writing a book on Twitter saying right now they use spectrometry from the light of the star with other elements are all the fucking flowery language about what's going on the planet it's all fucking bullshit it's all bullshit because it really this fucking thing the other day about this planet that's made of lava with a layer of carbon it's a hundred fifty goddamn light years away and it's like I want to go how many planets are in our solar system steak out 98188 our solar system but we're not sure the light bill over here was on the fucking telescope it's all guy shut up like a hundred and thirty fucking light years away for them to get like super crazy with it like the flowing carbon layer there's a Happy Meal there and it's just filled with McDonald's Happy Meals we don't know how they got there dog delivery NASA's creative writing program pick up my people excited about it the copyright Rock but everyone you see the light at the bottom of course immediately people make that stupid video of it Landing plan that I'm On A Boat song of course that's what I mean. I mean never will never will. I think it's a face when are people going to be what are people going to be at to put because with augmented reality will be everywhere at all times are people going to replace that face would like a version of that phase three of them that you would work polishing crap that that's really crazy dude I feel your pain I was never a fan of it to begin with like when it first started because it's like there's some unusual cases like I should be able to do it with like a $5 bill or matter tired of her face that she was just doing it at to a Snapchat 2 eyes above it and make it look like edible with a nose barbar to help thank you yeah it was something more realistic to the point where I think if everyone loved it Newton planet thank you to Anthony africano on Twitter for sending it to us plan it for the planet covered with cats getting scared by cucumbers I signed up right now would be cool is the COO of Minnesota what a fucking Basics backpacks that was cheap enough we can see if it's like if there's 8 or 9 but I'm not sure we think there's one out there and it's really dark and could be another son to see a picture of a surrounded by everything that we know about what episode in the middle to all the planets in solar system in all that crap close it off that way the distance is to the point when no one is alive because of the light the how long the light or you lost me price some stuff is 100 light years away okay it takes light a hundred you say there the longest age the diamond ring that off and then everything outside of that you're seeing from a time when no one on earth that is on Earth was that her and how much of it is like from stuff when we were let's blew my mind the oldest person in the world they lived in a time where no one else on this planet was alive somebody the oldest person was like the person alive on Earth right now was born when nobody else existed that is alive today thanks for everything like you how every female who has a male like destroy the line from the beginning of time right of females which is obvious but it's also cool fact right that's really crazy I didn't believe it at first I really have to think about that just like everyone had and if anybody has just won of one sex it breaks one of those chains going all the way back to the beginning of time praise or lease until sex is involved so crazy it's really something like to say like crazy before every person on this planet just as every other person there when you started your the oldest person on Earth you should get a prize like whatever the fuck you want next person that I feel that I can get on this plane and fly to whatever crazy like live Phillip so much longer than normal like a hundred twenty years that they outlive several Generations below them sometimes it's crazy like the grandparent and the great grandparent is missing but the great great grandparent is still alive by cats what is your daughter I have nobody right now my grandmother lived to 1898 and this is crazy she died in October of 1999 she lived three more months you lived in 3 centuries but at the hospital but she outlived her oldest daughter her oldest daughter died of essentially old age that's crazy guy and people must have left the ground or in the past and it might happen to me of grandeur and live longer than that because of old age to this crazy week is a crazy week with online stuff and crazy things and I wish I'd done more research to find out who it was did you guys hear about the livestreamer who she was talking about they were did some kind of livestream like event that went across lots of different channels and people contribute and look at your life it was something else and it was a livestreamer and she got on and she was drinking during your thing and then she went on this like a 15-minute discussion of what okay you need to listen to me cuz I'm a bum a bio major and you know these kids have cancer and you're going to die and they're meant to die and was like what the fuck is she talking about and then she goes and how these kids are supposed to die meant to happen and that we need to contribute to technology so the people in the kick in the future don't get cancer and some to my protein was in there it was fucking unbelievable it was one of the most unbelievable things ever team life just as you were there right where you were guys were looking at it what was the legendarylea he saying can you at can you by any chance know Patrick pulled it up so he showed some of that Gavin is fucking nuts it's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen on the internet this girl and I don't know what she does the next day that you wake up we will have gotten drunk and done stupid stuff but it's like she didn't live on lost her entire followed after doing that doesn't happen anymore I mean it's like I don't I have no mean that's just a horrible thing of all I like is everybody big portion of them don't have the audio on but I can see the video talking about the transference of the transfer of that property if you say it you say it I feel like we're all of us is perfect do we hear it at all possible it looks like to me trunk and not just like awar long arms and hands the angle Gavin trying to get a transcript here you guys can read it yes in Gus We Trust I am reading a transcript to tell you this so that it's obvious children that have cancer are going to die and they're meant to die if you get cancer and I'm not being mean I'm not being an asshole I think all of us know what a child in their family or secondary family that has died of it but the reason why children under the age of ten get cancer is because they have something to medically wrong with them it means something really really awful happened during the genetic sequencing of their bodies and their fucking protein that was supposed to catch that mistake didn't catch the mistake and here we are we don't have the fucking technology yet to do it but yes you should donate perhaps to further the research for the technology to help these kids! To something that doesn't exist yet V is what she said the children who don't exist yet he's a fucking lunatic that is absolutely crazy that is pure crazy trunk but it's like I have ever been so drunk the Beautiful I got so drunk that I like to meet up shit like when I was super drunk that I said well you did call yourself Captain tell me a funny joke but I told you yeah you said if you do this this is crazy Turner allegation so I don't look too much about that I read a little bit of some of us allegation said he had I'm totally paraphrasing here and she went on Tumblr and made allegations that were I think it's only three years old that he was abusive in a relationship physically abusive mentally abusive emotionally abusive and that he had but one point drugged and raped then she was holding about a drug problem and everything else and you are asking like what's our opinion of this I mean it's real simple for me but my opinion is is if somebody has committed a crime go to the cops I mean seriously go to the cops report the person that's what the courts are there for you know and I know that's a difficult thing in certain situations but it's not more difficult than going on the internet talking about it for sure you know it's like go to the courts and close for him if he think he's being falsely accused his brother falsely accusing that's also a crime punishable crime take that person of course you don't need to let the courts work this stuff out it shouldn't be worked out on the internet that's not how crimes work if you respond to it at all he just said he didn't do it you did it wrong thing and said that he didn't do it and then there was I back it up then there was a third girlfriend who came out former girlfriend who said he's just a super shorty boyfriend essentially but I don't believe in any way as someone whose else was in these positions that she's this girl was describing I don't feel like I was raped I feel like I was taken advantage of and I regretted being with this person but none of them really got to be on the table got a very specific details so they came of the messages like stop supporting him and like get rid of them from your life for him it was like a message in this whole thing up to make your own judgment unsubscribe from it and it was interesting to in that she saw an action figure of him being sold in the store alright I think I was like why she wanted to come forward about it which is it and who knows why you know something's triggered something in your heads and heads and other things don't but still it's like am I pregnant if someone hits me I guess you should go to the police and I don't think anybody on the internet should be you know saying one thing about someone making an accusation or somebody else who's accused of something that's what the courts we have the other people asking me if my opinion too because I follow him and I was like I don't know where I don't know what's true and of the truth so I don't think that's what the courts are for I have no idea if it's true it's a difficult thing for you know people historically when they have been victims of sexual abuse it's hard for them to go to the court but the new thing is to go on the internet that seems like so much more difficult to me that you're not you're putting your story out in front of millions of unchecked people who had this Anonymous soap box if they can stand on as opposed to being surrounded by professional people in a court of law granted there's gonna be some in the court of law who is trying to prove your story wrong but that's why you have judged and that's why you have lawyers yourself so I just said that's my penis let's make music ride around with the other going to grab an iMessage conversation never happened they can just be like let's see what they wrote back to in conversations like this apple encryption stuff like that then that's probably a third party however if I had a conversation with you Gavin and then I made allegations against you later I could subpoena or message because I was part of the message like that's a two-way conversation between two people and I think especially the state of Texas one person can record a conversation like if we went to like an office in my office I can record all the conversations in there if I wanted to because I'm aware the recording is taking place in some states both parties have to be aware for to be admissible in court and it texts it only has to be one that even if you have an admission the crime if they didn't know you were calling it doesn't count let's go ahead if you like it it's not illegal recording you committed a crime or not let me know people want to hear our opinions on it I mean you should be people on the internet what they think about it they should be helping victims and encouraging them to go to the authorities LifeLock right I know what I would think if I knew the absolute truth about either it outside I don't like I don't have one and I have to be for me to like like to analyze the veracity of somebody's statements on what is absolutely horrible thing you know so you do things you should a person buy the same thing with Sam Pepper when he was a little trouble as well just wondered what your opinion is Viv squeezing us like he says it's not real and I just don't know I met Toby probably about 5 or 6 times in total you know in events in Los Angeles or like on sets or something like that if you actually want to know if this is an interesting compelling story to you I highly recommend you go watch Phil DeFranco show from today he knows Toby he has employed Toby and he went very in-depth about his personal relationship with Toby so we know from his perspective and trust that I would go do that I'll go watch full show and I can see or feel to be one of the rational voices of reason on the internet I just got his stuff recently like him I think he's just real measure measure word for gaming but I believe I can do that what are you using for your award-winning fre what they are told shorty culture why was get confused between that one baby and screaming and I can never remember which one it was the weapons which kind of rub me the wrong way because we were in a people think they will be there and then I was working on it when I said that back in the day let's remember the time we were up for a People's Choice Award 2 or 3 or 4:03 or 4 against the onion for the humor category and red vs blue that year 2003 weird life to be like a big viral Sensation that year and the onion they had one the humor award from the levies every single year for like 8 years in a row but we were beating them like 70% to 30% and then they they turned off the visibility of the voting for 24 hours but a lot of the last three weeks we were winning they turned it over 24 hour to 12 hour with you at all they made it not visible for a little while and then all of a sudden the onion Bea just a made-up with 40% to be this interesting areas like bull Mitsubishi guy really turned off 2 awards for really long. Of time after that cucumber we asked the audience to vote for us and stuff like that and that really never ask me to do anything like that again or ever participated in anything but a great way the first stuff to get discovered and it's super important to let's play right now because they're launching the let's play network no people finding out about all these fucking awesome organizations that are coming together to make let's play Perfect of people in that industry and the people who are trying to prove themselves useful to send government and stuff of that because he's like you're going to be sitting in the chair waiting to find out if you want or not through a horrible fucking ceremony one of the worst night of your life then you have like 30 seconds of like adrenaline when am I going to win this or not either you will or you won't and it will get up and make a 1-minute speech and that's it and then another 2 hours after that we sit in your chair waiting for the God damn thing to wrap up the trophy on your shelf for the rest of your life no one is next weekend not this weekend but next weekend right now about it on the website we have a brand-new huge boobs were going to be debuting and watch a bunch of different people out there so it's like bigger than boot yeah well to find them 61 subcellular attach them onto a baby like in the back corner of us would be surprised to find them by trying to sell their shirts in or out of security mode tractors for sale store store sale going on till Wednesday till the 13th you said RT 13 for 13% off all merchandise code mega64 second but that also works with the whole percent of thing like it's gonna get out of hand eventually right I think it's something that you don't people stop making a joke about it what is Cantonese what are we doing the cat Chinese 64 the word emigrate steak off thank you for showing up look like this my plate is perfectly clean right here you're amazing how we think alike give me more than you of this no trouble to forget you