#372 - Ch- Ch- Czechia

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Czechia, grave robbers, gifs, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 18, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-ch-ch-czechia-372

Recorded: 2016-04-19 15:36:02

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the receipt podcas Squarespace and a special segment powered by Pizza Hut with how it will get to a little later not right now this episode of the podcast features Gavin and everyone who's watching this on YouTube that we stream or podcas live every Monday night at receipt. Come if you want to check in the info in the description below you can see more information about it and getting a 30 day free trial so you can watch it screw it all up live and then we just cut out all the bad stuff and 4 makes fun of your 2 weeks because I'm going to it right now. Do you want to meet us at hashtag RT podcas can get a receipt. if you watch only the video thing you can subscribe to it on iTunes coolest considering the amount of visual references we can make it at that first of all but the people have been viewing rooster for a really long period time that the longer someone's been there the more likely that they listen to the podcast but it's the podcas I've never met anybody I called you hear about rooster teeth feel like I just heard your podcas one day that's I've never heard that before I've heard like almost everything was a victory for starting to watch who she's constantly drivers blue and she Hunter Rage Quit video the big one if you have to really like the people to listen to you like we used to have it for a while and then once animated Adventure started to produce regularly at the intro of vectors you're right I have heard that the people like a ton of people saw an RT a and then binge watch like a hundred of them because it's like the one funny minute out of the 90 minutes that's it animated like a star from most recent and I went backwards why was supposed to go by there that they're just like podcas 114 exit 139 and I'm like why you going backwards for somebody said they still don't understand that TV on your wall what about yours gu 2 sons of bitches both of you would like just as one told about how to do anything about it so we had delicious steak great from the past what we didn't mention because they don't understand is that I spent the entire night with bomb and bomb weigh what happened no no no one got sick I will say this he did eat a lot more of your steak because it had a lot of your he declare you the winner and I noticed that I'm insecure about that that I watch every time Gavin over the course of podcas went to get a bite he will get out of yours and not mine I with my leftover steak inter inter I am at the funeral file share the night though so any contamination from your state would have clearly she's fine what's the state ligh kid what is that what is charged with the gyno the wrong one but I will say this about Gavin and eating the stake I don't know that I can but we can blame the steak you get food poisoning more than anyone I've ever met but that's politics and I've had food poisoning like 4 times and I just bought 3 more times and you poop your pants on a date with me and yes that was one of the time then there was the Salt Lake time these are all I can the last couple years a bowl of cereal did you eat on the mag Dead series bad I think galadon I think Barbara might just drop it I think I want to have like shrimp so something with Alan because you're coming from UK dying whatever you guys eat over there what's the weather like for him so his body rejected it let's take that he made was that was the fattest a gallon Barbara B feel like sometimes another poisoning but I had like animals I don't like seafood and I had one I was like I'm going to shit I didn't even know that you have a lower tolerance for fre you far as I know we should do no not because of the food you like Bruce Willis unbreakable but when it comes to eating food that sounds about right for me yes sir I think that's why I'm so meticulous about cleaning everything you can ask everyone I spent like 2 hours washing all of my utensils that didn't think I would have got it from serial do you have anything in England on the plane shrimp on the plane the worst idea why do they serve Seafood on planes I don't know I don't like seafood you're right that is as far away from play smell your into the clothes and cooking it on the plane but he did some left last of the cookies you get cookies on planes you can smell them making the first class in Illinois those cookies that I know and I'm good I'm going to try to sneak cookies or ice cream back into the economy is like this I did it like if they have an extra cookie or next Sunday and the play today the truth and then cover it with an acid hi. My dad just took from England back to Austin we had an arrow with a play play messed up so I had to get off and get back on and as we got off and took mental note of the seats in business class that one taking so when we go back on it was like I know this no one in the seat so he just said that he had a Manifesto first I was like if you get kicked out all the woman was I don't have anyone in the seat on my iPad here and I was like yeah I just got upgraded at the counter Chipotle the check that he did not the short list let's see if you say someone is like a device that you start off and you got someone facing the other way so he sat down on the guy was like why did you come from Pizza an economy harry' play never like cheering him on was worth a try it was made I was coming back from one of our trips to Australia and I remember I specifically spent $78 to upgrade to the exit row which on an international flight with a big play and it's like got like 5 or 6 rows of lady on there no problem in your feet your legs all the way out so I paid $78 and it's in that little section and nobody was that other stores like next to me and I'm like the biggest fucking 300 pounds and I was like 14 hours of a flight and it's just like I said I'll just see if I can see just do that is fun qanta Queensland service I'm trying to think of a word that has AQ RT how do words that begin with Q words with friends give me a word that begins with q that does have the you say I can only think of like Chinese words right like names that have liked you that's not a real ligh I don't think I think red would love to see you okay where you going after that kicks the video game controllers has AQ and I've never you after it let us know a guy name of an animal or something like that about the same here I want to Pizza Hut for helping sponsor this podcast and as part of it we've developed a segment that we want to call the feed you got me looking at it so anyway I had this someone under that table like staring at with that lady so as part of the we're going to be giving some stuff away we're going to be giving away swag UCR model back here with the symbol are Pizza Hut's live here and maybe not. never can successfully answer all retro bites trivia questions and the world ring giveaway 2 runner-up prize is a $25 gift card each to two other people who aren't quite as lucky as the guy who gets or the girl who gets all the swag so a connection the trivia question if you want to answer you on Twitter use hashtag RT podcas and will pick a winner before the end of the Pizza Hut sponsor the arcade at arcade games set up and I kind of thought behind the last question answer how many dots are on the first maze in Miss Pacman not counting the power pellets so just answer is using on Twitter using hashtag RT podcas and half bag of feed will pick a winner the top of the head I will be me will pick the winner to send play swag $45.00 2 runner-up $25 gift card each 4 super happy to have Pizza Hut joining us and I hope his credit score to the podcas call the feed on my pizza is going to be joining us with the Retro bites arcade this coming weekend at PAX East and to help let everybody know we created the feet would be giving out some pizza swaggasaurus pizza gift cards for Last of Us with an answer to the question about one of the game's with Miss Pac-Man and into question is how many dogs are in the first amazing Miss Pacman not counting power pellets Pizza Hut has its first-ever $5 flavor menu now you don't have to choose between all your flavorful favorites all your Pizza Hut favorites are just $5 each when you buy 2 or more items that includes medium one-topping Pizza boneless wings Wing Street Wings Hershey's Ultimate chocolate cookie with pasta breadsticks or flavor sticks and Pepsi and you the $5 menu is stuffed garlic knots is that them over there that's where they're the perfect size any PI order gnome cloots 10 large garlic knots stuffed with melted cheese and finished with a garlic butter blend grated Parmesan Italian herbs and serve with a dipping cup of marinara so easy to say yes and please the whole group with the $5 flavor menu a huge thanks to the pizza parlor in the feed also want to mention that Pizza Hut has graciously agreed to send Pizza to some watch parties around the country for watching RT podcas live tonight so if you are having a watch party and someone knocks on your door answer it cuz we may have that you Pizza long with the time so thanks I thought it was a really Coole a benefit I think we did some clever social social manipulation into pieces by and get my stuff sometime and I will the winners for the new Prius hatchback remember you got the cookie get all the use of cookies that's what I was thinking 34 door opener stuck in a broken table Airline discussion and this will be burni 2 minutes. The Amazing Race all they want to do and Amazing Race mini podcas like we talked about it for now right now we're getting ready I was actually on the team last year on The Amazing Race season 27 a crazy guy season 27 Justin and Diana it was a good season and he was like The Amazing Race superfan he probably with her using he was a student of the game like he understood ligh kid a lot of strategy and I think worked out really well he did he did say a sexually dominant team I want to see if they got like seven first-place finishes at 7 yeah I think they tied the record I orgasm the most in a row the record I think it's on the last night they were going in for that so I was on the road to do every Sunday night podcas last night classic one media youtube.com / classic one media the team was known for his like a really fun thing to watch on TV which I would do a ton of research that we had a system where early in the race with the models would talk as into an airport lounge or even in some cases they would talk me into like a store in an airport like in Columbia and convince the person at the counter the checkout counter to let me use their computer and then I would sit there behind the counter and I would look up like okay we're going to Colombia cartajena hear some landmarks we know they're sweet and when you were going to come out of mud volcanoes settle up and got some information is actually behind the scenes on Youtube which shows where I left a note at the mud volcano 4 the models Corps workout system if they were on a later flight information with them get me in somewhere and then I'll just feed them information like a book by the time I was like that Oregon spoiler by this point they got they didn't make it past Geneva but I had a map that I drawed of Dubai which was busy just a referential map which with different landmarks like here's the Burj Khalifa here's a poem for my repairs Atlanta see all the major landmarks so if I knew I was at this Landmark I knew which direction I had to go to the next one we can really helped us because we were driving ourselves in this one and it's kind of not really it's boring travel directions but it really made the difference for us and it like the other things I used to do all the time was we would jockey for position when we were on the same plane we're just being in row 9 verses being wrote in that you could run to the airport faster than everybody else because you know three rows back that can be like 5 minutes no offense assholes are like getting their stuff out Edsel was one time when I talked my way up to better seats than the other talk to me into it was like you tell her so aggravated with me cuz I like leapfrog a bunch of people and Roads and stuff like that so it's like a part of you know you're on a plane into Customs I don't get to see that stuff I just had to make my connection at the country that night so I just I was that guy who just barged in the front let's see if I can even come off as I didn't miss my flight let's take a look at someone's like I'm going to show up at work please get off and somebody sent a word that has AQ but doesn't have Au after it has aw after work is there a happy about his discoveries as well with a W the character on Star Trek who are the Ferengi on Deep Space Nine they were too deep if it's 9 with just one step too far for most of the guy that played Superman he was Corps so yeah I'm not sticker on there now I do I have you now Corps United what are the yeah maybe that's the only time that I will say it was way what has a funny name like it it sounds like it's not mine but it is fun Texas a computer what is what are not even part of the UAE and about that probably do PI are known your kids are really stupid to my head racist cop barbar the Fox news report of the u.s. quest for woman that literally was just a pulled out to everybody the way it was reported it was spun in a very particular way it was it was it was it was just forward that message to everybody everybody what rank is short for tranquilizer I don't like that did anyone into that has a you that doesn't have Au after it that's all fucksake guitar Hubert Grove the woman at the Toronto Zoo who jumped the fence to jump the fence to Tiger enclosure to get her hat fell off her head how that worked out for you so if there's two fences there's a big fence and then in case you jumps a big fence there's another fence so she jumps a big fence to get her hat and a tiger just run straight at the little things and it just staring at it right away selfie gets out and end up in a minute or so you seem like one of the other guys there I never seen a Canadian do it just starts yelling at her telling your a moron for jumping over the fence and I just dropped your hat by Tiger leave it on a roller coaster so he jumped over the fence back on the roller-coaster and knocked his head off black into their lap old is Fabio dust gets hit by a steamroller somebody like somebody came by like the 1st train tracks taking a selfie kicks in and got his leg out till I can't into with the guy's head and put him out of the way to be so close to the train kicks off on a train track is something like that's what they give clearance 4 Isaac taking the headache you might think it wasn't Summit Racing The Good the Bad and the Ugly there's a scene in it where to go jumps off the train you ain't got the guy that walked up to him and they say that the actor almost got his head taken off by a step that came off of the train yeah I guess it wasn't there and rehearsal and that I just wanted to shoot it was like a little stuff that comes out your keys on the front of the train across the tracks so he grabs another railroad tie that's on the train and throws it hits the end of it and knocks it up and off the track for the trains but when he does it that I would like a piece of wood like that because his face and breaks his jaw broke his jaw in the shower I seen that clip he did was absolutely ridiculous the frame of the house frame falls on him and it has to be standing in the right place with the open window so it doesn't crush them so I'm not so messed that up in Jackass 2 with an overly crushed by the face the story about the stunt man on octopussy James Bond movie where he was born stubborn he was hanging off the side of a train and their house that a lot but then forgot to take the train went slightly further than it ever had and I was just like concrete pillar was something that was just like by the train and he's hanging on to the side of the train hit him like she just has to keep his from a helicopter and he was like hospitalized for a long time but who starred in the movie in the movie because it's like they have so much mass so much power behind it you don't even a low-speed with crazy earphones now everyone's walking around with an iPhone music play in your pocket you just see all these people like walking across where a train is like with no idea that the train is here but I've been there you know it's like right got hit by a train Pi the Butte office a few months ago what are you serious now that you know the one on the North side but the one on the South Side he was too I supposed to look for walking on the train track at night and I didn't hear it probably I don't know what the circumstances were but one of them got hit and killed by a coffin and I'm blowing away like if you're walking on a train track you should be at the field with the fellas and try and hold on to those you may have been a different start and what your kitten broke his jaw broken a lot of it is that you would like when we were the problem only images they put out with me with a camel and somebody wrote to me is that a rent a camel or do buy it I love that bike race try that was awesome something that didn't quite make it actually was not in the right gear you could tell what I can spend joke right before week's I had this thing where we showed up we had to race these camels and all its dead in the clue was Go Race 2 racing camels and time I've thought about that I thought a race to me and my head is just by default a hundred meters like that's hella far and I thought okay maybe we get a head start into the full speed and I need the camels were going to fast-track it is a 2 kilometer race like we are renting road bikes for 2 kilometers and the Campbells are so freaky fast they run like more Huntsville AL the track in a pickup going on with them screaming at the top of the the first people to track Zac and Rachel made a wrong turn and Miss accurately missed a turn and those eggs without them the parts I need and have to go a long way to catch up to us and to tell her story and then actually showed up and I was like to actually like him back there's two cables already ready to go back with him back with them breaks the camel's first because I want to a scope it out but I really thought okay they're showing off when you that's what I do most of the coverage of showing you what the event is unlike those are going to be the fastest of the day they said out there they want to show us how fast do camels are so I'd like to let them go but then they were so let me get on the bike and they were road bikes to have those curved handlebars to go down but I would what I would normally called ten-speed and the gearshift being on top like this they were done with the brakes are they were on the inside of that where you can put him left and right like shifters on a tiger Pi into Spanish RT paddle shifters and show them that Ashley I showed her the paddle shifters and Corey sitting there watching him do it and I don't know what happen where 10 seconds and actually I guess turned recording goes where the ships are going to go to these bikes don't have them and that was it in so that had the shifters and she did not and she pedaled like 1500 meters in first gear like full speed I could tell it was like she does not know if she could shift gears or anything because her feet were going like crazy and she was moving so I could work out the other day 4 thus if you didn't if you 2 Campbell the first time yeah you can see the shifters they are down below like those other shifters pointing down so they were in a weird place for shifters that's cool thanks there's a lot of people who are watching The Amazing Race the first time they gave us the gnome as a Left 4 Dead joke or half like people talking about that as we carry the gnome all the way yeah that's great for years and years that day there's one leg that's why everyone it's like part of the tradition of the race we were like playing with her gnome and have fun so that was in half life I know I just think it fits mascot for Travelocity why was also in half life one of the first things that ever went viral and it really viral before the internet was around was a guy who stole his neighbor's garden gnome anyone around the world with it and kept sending the guy Polaroids of his gnome on vacation I don't remember that no no no Army was early internet I remember that bench like he was just like retire I took I took them for 7 months the morning of the world anything I post the freeway so how dry it was I forgot it was like just sucked all the air out of your lungs I figured like when Ashley was talking like that was like she must have just have like dust in her lungs there is a behind-the-scenes video that's on The Amazing Race YouTube channel which is 5 minutes of actually just hacking heater in the back seat as we drive to the other detour and just like she literally I couldn't see your cuz I was driving by here this in the back seat on my baby okay National Television I'm like you sure you okay but straight up dry heaving crying oh oh yeah it was the whole mess yeah she was just trying to not throw up basically she was even the guys that the camels they had to lay on the ground for like 10 minutes to recovered video on the first day the owner Sprint that I wasn't there for the second heat but it was a significant Head Start it might have been might have been five hundred meters so it was three-quarters of the distance Publix 30 metres off from the second Campbellton as a clam iRacing so hard actually behind me and I had actually given her the advice before we started hey if we're not going to beat the camels just kind of like laid-back don't don't go too hard and then we'll be have fresh legs for the the Head Start leg and she just couldn't give anything less than hundred percent and it was just like I got ahead of her and I didn't look back and see cuz I was like because I was trying to pay somebody how hard it was going to be in this like I was like probably 5 or 6 meters in front of her nose like shit I should just be just like laid-back with her I could probably convince her to slow down. That the cables on the way down there you know we lost and then they were much easier to beat them in the second don't seems like the strategy to do the first one you ever ask yourself why razors are one of the only products in the drugstore that are locked inside a plexiglass case when you stop and think about it it's because razors are so overpriced that people are actually more likely to steal them than just about any other product in the drug store good razors cost too much which is why do guys like you started harrys.com they sell high-quality blades to provide a close comfortable shave for half the price you're used to harry' the only shipping company has both amazing quality and low prices there 5 blade cartridges are German engineered and quality is guaranteed the factory direct prices cut out the middleman and shipped right to your door harry' star $0.02 call The Truman is a great option for new customers and an amazing deal for the $15 to get a razor handle which I can shave cream and three of Harry's five-blade German engineered razors plus his special offer for fans of the show harry' will give you $5 off your first purchase with promo code rooster go to harry'.com / Rooster Teeth right now that's Harry s.com slash Rooster Teeth make sure you could rooster at checkout 2 no we sent you thank you 2 harry' 4 sponsor the podcas and for helping me keep my cheeks and hair 4 you I like my GIF with somebody for years until I was convinced convinced like a guy friend pro-life became the boyfriend but they're stupid when I do that she convinced me to say yes and I think it's time to break up does that mean you're wrong she's wrong the thing that convinced me the guy who said it was the word scuba you don't States cover you say scuba will you ask you but what's the point what's under water is that is what they use dance for taking underwater the graphical the grass I guess so but under underwater you don't say bye you say scuba but that's not a rule necessarily the people who made it pronounces people first look at the work and school but you don't say that gif gu but you know I know because Cuba doesn't have it with him if it's cool that you do with GIF and GIF I got to school but there's a scooter that's how you pronounce gu is sco it's pronounced what horses that look like Barbara is that people say GIF giraffe giraffe people say GIF is part of GIF can you say gift you don't say I'm going to give you a birthday gift but my arm is like there's a word scooter that sells scooters pronounce do when you pronounce the word Scuba the weather guy pronounces amazing images what country made the animated gif I don't know. I agree with you I forgot his GIF forever and I was like every time you will grow out of that gun guys from the Ice Age coming now for our earlier to the question pizza so this person will get the $25 a piece of Pizza Hut gift card to me or the Pizza Hut gift card to go to James Mason at prodigy prodigy underscore James game congratulations you won a $25 gift card how far in the past is something have to happen to be a Coole back everything in the past is in the past Lane indoor or outdoor was it Christ alive was at your house inside at your house not Was Made For You masterbating are you barefoot have an idea you'll never get it why we do it if you're painting The Weeknd with what we have fun with your lover basically I don't use Emoji very much so when I do I feel like an idiot because sometimes people reply to with Emoji time right now how did you know about that and I'm always like just scrolling through it and where anything is I love you but I just like the first one the best one so I sat down and I tried to learn Emoji what you want to the whole where is Lake Goodwin baby girl and turns into an asshole this is it let's send them to Dan who you sending emojis 2 just Magnolia caliper the heart emoji but only :-* emoji and then this emoji and fist emoji let's the time there right now tiger the app also before we get too far away from this burni texted me he said the you in school but is also available they follow different grammatical rules also I love Ashley it's on the wrong woman there's not there's no chance of you bringing pronunciatio can I get into it anyways garbage it's GIF GIF is proper which is the changing of the spelling of the word well over time and people will constantly when there's an article about how well his change spelling the 7th and I wrote him and told other day and said he was in the podcast and I never knew there was a different way to spell what he spelled woah and wondering if I can go out a different way that's the right way it just like this. It's 2 days and like some people do it one way and some people do the other there is literally one correct way to spell the word well what do you think he said when he had that revelation how do you say time in Spanish by the fact that we're watching language change that has happened throughout language no no this is what happened so fast and a lot of people who don't even know that there was a proper way to spell were three or four years ago it's crazy to me they are they change the name of the country this week part of the Czech Republic 2 I was like dystonia parrot how to pronounce this word what how you pronounce it the way it was written Churchill hu hu but that sounds like gu United States czechi somebody said that that czechi the check yesterday thank you 3220 how to pronounce hu to touch you I also czechi 2 t-shir Church yeah well where do we change your name Czech Republic the Republican czechi Hu lady about the check yet that would be a big pain in the ass it's like to sit around for no reason today is a special day like this Google Maps Hu let me that's what's up today at what's in it but Google Maps is not always entirely accurate but you know that depending on the country you're in Google Maps Coole draw country borders differently if it's in the disputed area gnome cool yeah so like if you're always when Russia was invading the Crimea Peninsula if you were in a rush and looked it up it will show Crimea Peninsula was part of Russia but if you're in the Ukraine it showed as part of the Ukraine similar like that it's just depending on who you ask time I remember in the early days of Xbox live there was a problem that a very small group of users had theirs I believe this a disputed Island that's disputed between South Korea and Japan and the people who are living there were trying to enter their address as being Japanese but Xbox Live only recognize that Island as being South Korean so they could not sign up for service on Xbox live in Japan and South Korea relationship with with China but we still maintain a difference in a really complicated one of my favorite video on YouTube where the guy goes into detail explaining what enclaves and exclaves are and countries within countries and countries that exist like the way that borders work and have typically a border is a very straightforward idea but then you encounter situations like country live in countries or even put his with him that that make the whole thing very complicated and trying to figure out who owns what was an example of the Vatican City is in is a common example of Lesotho as well there's parts of Belgium and the Netherlands where the borders just costly crisscross each other before the end of the pictures you can make you look it up online you'll see like pictures of a cafe with pi goes down the sidewalk and one side of his a Belgian what size is that one of your favorite videos on YouTube is one of most boring 4 I was right on the border I believe is Belgium the Netherlands and he told me that as one country citizen but the other country was texting him because his front door his house was on that side of the country Canned Heat the star for attention fuck that guy the flags different Publix Belcher Clearwater just taking that guys don't drive because Russia where the Russian like sticks way down into another country and instead of making people in the other country drive around this piece of Russia is one road that you can take that just goes straight through Russia or not to stop and there's like there's like a God and as long as you get on the road and just floor it and go all the way through you have to show up or anything but technically you are on the land of Russia for that little dry remember the countries involved having a bit of an Excursion and we found out something really bizarre is that you can't go to India if you've been to China within the last 3 months is that right something like that some of that there are some countries where you a ring country turkey in your a Muslim country there something if you have a stamp from a different country if possible they just won't let you in the air Maps made a terrible with that looks like the beach I like to see that I can't believe you said video it's like that place is messed up someplace before the podcast but I had a 2 our Dream House I thought it was super long the entirety of the dream Gus was me trying to set up a dashcam in my car I'll come so boring I was mad at myself at you like why am I wasting my dreaming time setting up a fucking gasket and not doing it well I got mad at it and I'm trying to figure it out and troubleshooting I hate when you have dreams live troubleshooting video of dreams I like you more than Trump what kind of issues we coming up against USP stuff there was something about current ligh your brain just makes it up but it makes your brain dumb piece of the lens that I broke and I can't put it back in right now my brain invented the problem is like so annoying and where is it fall out the window that's all fucking dash cam what form would you like with the do you want to do this in real life Corps from college now the rundown Audi with me lady yeah they're always about real life like recently my car got ran into it was parked so I like my bumper is all fucked up I had a dream that I was driving with my fucked-up bumper and someone hit I thought I was 2 my insurance I was like I got hit on one side of your bumper and the other if you got hit by a when your breaks at the thought you were going to send your self over throughout the whole dream the people I'm with you're sweet like 2 other people in your dream like it's from your first person perspective but then it's not do I have a weird so you looking at you sometime or itself time I called myself setting up a dash cam the framing changes but I'm not I feel like I'm just watching a movie in the train it's not like I'm in control of anything 2 there's a shitload of it that just doesn't make sense but your brain is like this fine it's good enough information here to make stuff in your brain in your dream you try to explain later and that doesn't make any sense but your brain just made it made sense by accepting it doesn't really busy but if you try to remember a dream the light you just woken up you're trying to remember the dream the process of you trying to remember stuff left over rights the truth with the dream and then you lose it forever YouTube horrible game Dying Light harry' play that I never played it is that when you're running to the city which is filled with zombies and you gotta kill a zombie Gavin de Becker zombie games got you run up and you smack it with a bat or you shoot in the head nothing move on correct do that you go to kill a zombie that's it takes you about a minute-and-a-half like you just like a knock-down drag-out fight like 5 or 6 times I do wait for stamina to recharge your wailing on it and it finally a diamond oh crap I don't know where that point even in someone's head you wouldn't eat them in a totally great and what you came to her brothers had created an elaborate plan where she was like any zombie apocalypse there was such a thing about my reports window tools you want to take the dog to the cat we could only take one 2 and it's not like she under the influence of heavy narcotics she was still making better decisions than most people in a zombie apocalypse movie mil the cat with much hesitation in decision-making you just like to switch to gut reactions she was on Ellen and they asked her why she made the decision they asked her if she wanted to see a chocolate cake or Funfetti cake and she said Funfetti like instantly and Ellen was like why did you choose Funfetti over truck then she's like well you know it's colorful so it felt like it he said during the zombie apocalypse to have like chocolate cake and also you don't have ice cream so you don't eat chocolate cake with ice cream and it's like got that on lock he's preparing zombie apocalypse somebody's actually grabbing fun to have them drop it drop it drop the Funfetti dip trash picker-upper thing can we do with this thing I want to pick one of the other Runners up here for the winter one of the wonders of you Crystal Montgomery at Roswell Gavin 91 Twitter you correctly guessed the answer Target card and all the swag they see Barbara mission with the end that was on the menu Mandarin Pizza Bounce House time? I wonder what it is we're talking about alien sequels on something was on the show we're time with this supposed to alien and it was last week's post with us and that we have each other like 20 minutes of podcas that's only on the website sponsor alien isolation is actually one of the best sequels to the original alien I would say it's it's in the same vein as alien and just a little bit under alien but still better than 3 and still better than 4 alien isolation is a great sequel to the original alien but game drives me crazy after a while I love you left a candle in the game I feel like they really need it so I'm wondering about ya look at that school like seventy-five 5 of those phones with everything that was a time all the technology like this please from 70s and stuff that she really coolest time is it in Switzerland with sat in front of the monitor they would protect what was on the screen on their faces like they know what happened let's try to what are the first thing that what's the first thing to do but why don't they let all the streets down they always do that so those streets just hope they just look cooler because the the light reflect reflect and everything like that but that's how streets in the streets are constantly probably just beautiful out maybe you don't know I never forget you don't when they find the alien do the people in the alien Universe in that fictional universe is that the first alien ever seen or is it to have the run of the alien before it and it's just a bad one but it seems like it's the first one the first ever ligh 4 I never felt right into it once because they find the space jockey and there's not like a moment I don't recall from Alien of like this is a fucking alien the time I met the guy who designed that he was a guy we were down in Australia was really like this guy who just like older men a Long White Beard he looks like George RR Martin a little bit and I was talking to him about web stuff and Gus have been fascinated by this internet stuff and I was talking with him I put my foot in my mouth and he's like like these I have website I put some stuff up and then it turned out this guy had designed like every major piece of sci-fi art that I had grown up watching those who designed the DeLorean from a future he designed the cars in Blade Runner he was part of that whole thing I can't remember the name now but he was eight years ago but it was like I was like the name I could be wrong it is a simple name like that Timberland Hampton let's not him I was hoping that time wheelchair or something like that I think I pronounce his name is Jeff the qanta Madam list of all the coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy coincidences are the people looking for patents in the fucking stupid joke if you can find to buy tickets online most complicated and they all try to sneak in here to check out that's why you need to try seatgee the other than ever to buy and sell sports and concert tickets and you can take it all the work and hassle out of shopping for tickets with all the tickets available on other sites into one place so you save time and never miss a deal even set alerts for upcoming a seatgee let you know if the ticket prices fall even better every taking on seatgee Corps rank based on value chicken immediately find underpriced seats and before you buy you can you see kicks detail map to see the view from your seat a bit about 6 always honest and upfront about the price unlike other sites they show you the full ticket price from start to finish and never try to trick you with huge fees on the checkout page our listeners get a $20 rebate after their first seatgee purchase to get your 25 to get your $20 rebate download the free seatgee cap go to the settings tab and click add a promo code enter promo code rooster seatgee Corps send you $20 after you made your first ticket purchased download the free seatgee cap enter promo code rooster today and I'm going to take a look here I've got the app up here on my phone and I was going to show a little earlier Herbie Hancock's going to be playing here in Austin and you can see if they got two different readings here the color coding for the different tickets so I don't spend that much so this one is still a green ticket so I will buy 2 proceed to checkout our Wi-Fi is a little slow let's see if it works but there we go handloading Wi-Fi sucks up there it is there's the thing and then I'll do anything about my Smashing Pumpkins tickets on the path previously so I'll go check that out next time write something sponsor in the past and check out the download the app and use promo code rooster 4 a $20 rebate after first purchase 4 tech companies there were two atoms all the time about it and they said they're trying to fix it but what's frustrating is that it's bad right here in this exact spot like this spot is probably into this spot and the break room or the 2 or sponsor white and ring set should have a Wi-Fi hotspot bill into a gavi something something like that did you hear that story woman in Texas I think was in Odessa who they're looking for her because she broke into a funeral home and if she stole a ring off of a corpse in a coffin that's fucked up she going for that ring was she was probably just robbed and she walked in she saw an unattended a corpse in a casket and then pull the ring off of the Dead person's favorite people it was apparently a plastic ring that's only worth $10 if I had a ring I would want to be buried in it Gus absolutely OKC saying like good I'm glad it wasn't real ring what's a good idea but I don't care what I want someone to take it fucking her did you read the about the that Apple from broken iPhones extracted I want to say was 2000 pounds of gold from broken iPhones last year does that mean that's an enormous sum of money do recycling like when they taking broken iPhones and recycled individual components over a ton of Golden Valley ring over 68 million dollars gold and I was a little bit of circuitry what is a component of the usability connected somewhere you can go and break it down and extrapolated how much dollars of gold per phone that was it was like 8 bucks or so 60 million bucks with the gold it would have been like hundreds of Millions worth of iPhone going to video the math right now can you read it the price of lithium recently told that some of these people for a lot of people at Pizza Hut get with you yeah your photo I think they do with this group we should have found a way to Skype in live to them so the DFW Pizza look at that you lucky guys and girl you're welcome people ask you to say something I have a question about those stickers did you have those lights or anything we buy we can buy in this I just ate so many of them or a from a set but I purchased these different we started with my trip to Ireland distance a suspiciously in with give me to tell you about them before I went to the countries and I didn't know where I was don't know what I mean that that's what I'm saying what does providing mean of course do I buy them before I stick my laptop and yes I bought a zoo 313 what is it let's find one every week I bought a bunch of flags and I didn't go I don't want it to spoil the results of The Amazing Race to Amazon so I only bought a zoo all about flags for places that I didn't go yet I'm planning to go there so there places the recovered .3 by we would say something dumb and then act like I'm an idiot cause I didn't understand it so I left before the race you just said pre buy water heater did you buy the flights every week and you buy them all at once why did you ask that question what does pre dying what does that mean no I didn't provide them your pre-order for you get the bonus DLC I did buy one pack that has every flag in the world a recovered .034 grams of gold price phone which is about 82 per phone which works out to 21.4 million iPhones in a year that's that's a story by itself that's a lot of alien iPhone 2 upgrading her blood turning in old ones like smashing the lines are that whatever the class which by the way the new iPhone supposed to be glass on two fronts now $27 there was a left my with metal on the back really like the 10th iPhone is playing right the night the tap the back of that phone the back of the phone Barbara you like remember the sound it made in the fight was definitely a metal never never touch the back of the Sun never happen for me ever ever ever ever so you were in that speak of iPhone connected. Finally came out which I thought headed to 45 minutes long the response from it was amazing like when I got so many tweets a building like that had a really like intense impact on me I think that the people sell the trailer people were kind of ready to be insulted that they thought it was going to be there was in the trailer Millennials so insulted by Millenia documentary yeah that's it right a way to summarize with the documentary series we are really enjoying the hell out of that we're doing some fun 1010 to talk about the next one that we do yeah I did something in Connected for approval I did something to you guys that I guess it didn't really work out so that they couldn't use it get it from for 5 days so there's a lot of stuff that didn't make it I made a playlist of the top 100 songs in the year you were born the top 100 songs Blaine was born and I would call their answering machines from the office phone and I would put the phone by my computer speakers and play the top 100 stocks for them and just fill up the answering machine and not telling who it was when it left the audio quality was so bad they couldn't even understand what she was hearing love that song and I was like what the fuck is going on for four and a half minutes and I was play with into and then it ended and then another machine answering machine message are playing at with the song again and I was like okay maybe at the end of this so say something and sure enough it was just everything else the music Source but it didn't F1 message the first night and like Glen and I didn't have any form of communication with people we had to be 4 we could receive messages on it we had a landline and that was it and Gus with cheeseburger cheeseburger phone a little Caesar 1 and Gus left me a message that said hey Barbara I just want to let you know that you did a really bad job today and you smell but you know if you think any of this is wrong or you just agree with me just to send me an email or text RT I really wish that made into the dock it was 1 from school with you guys when you also also when they were handing out the Flyers on campus yet the Twitter and the Facebook links these two weren't very proficient with the typewriter but I was so I made a stack of flyers for them to hang we got handled every now and then I would sleep place phone number in there like this call me winky face we're in I think was a Jamba Juice right after it finished up and he still had to stack of Flyers including the phone number and he said cute girly she's like fuck it I'm going to give this to her and later he regretted it seems like I should have just talked to her what is the typewriter cover the last time I have an idea I wanna run by you guys anything I can imagine being forced to use it again for like work and trying to get better I feel bad for Chelsea he was allowed to keep all of these days we're coming full circle the paper did you hear the thing that I wanted to design for you in particular 4 Twitter Pizza in the eighties was the sticker takes like that was before the internet you can the best people had like a 15-minute delay on the stock market but like the ticket if someone get a ticket taking with counseling for that her Twitter feed other than great there's a 60% live sacraments in the pod wedding with 8 Grand for it like his was even for sale when you can do it we can do a thing about it and get me one of those machines just give them a reason to be so you also think of all the internet savings you would have remembered from the Snapchat last week while we were doing this take off and I was with my methodology for preparing it or not somebody asked on Reddit last Hey where's the video of burni making it take someone to see the message until like mil time Snapchats what's going on it's like that so fucking dumb to me but I have to say I had a great time doing that people really liked it there is something to be said for its 30 seconds and it's like you don't try to even make it good you just into everything is a throwaway on Snapchat it just like record record that's it don't be gone a 24-hour the interesting thing about Snapchat is it like if you record that and if you make a bunch of videos it's not like you're feeling someone's feet with it they often 2 watching it it's like oh I see that Burnie Macy's lady was in the grocery store I do want to watch that and it's not just like all presented to you in a linear fashion we did this morning they took it over we got a message she just doing the filters for the stupid funny faces and you left to pick the winner for the feet congratulations Corey matter at May 3rd 62 you have one for your contact so we're going to send you all of the GIF Corps to send you all of the flags shirt hat sunglasses I think it's pillowcases in there and you also get $25 gift card so you said it was Corey matter to her Twitter haters can't see him I wasn't sure which it was made up Mater Mater Mater Corey Mater Mater those were the times when I like to visit word that ends in ing but if you take it off it's just slow what you get yeah what are you doing is my favorite word questions ring is ugly you like clutch let's go at 1:25 instead of the Avengers good lunch tomorrow or dinner woman you have any favorite word enclave mean if they say you can't help it so I like traveling Charles Osgood traile a citrus light what size is a trellis that is unlike any word that you saying at times it just doesn't sound like a word for everything a shape with your mouth and it had just been very self-conscious about what my mouth is dry when I say a word over and over you know we gotta stop at what at what point do you think I don't know whatever happened yet but one point the future will people start to call the alphabet like the letter Emoji ligh point takeover for the word letters or how old is emoji 3 year was like well there's a modicum of something different that was the first things in them came about at some point what is Japanese for something specific but the NFL into like stuff so they've been around a while why was it stupid rainbow barf build into Snapchat emojis so I could you find me the street fucking dumb Brit the best use case for emojis that I can think of is something that I do have a hard time communicating with my in-laws they speak English very well but it's like were texting then communicate via emoji and I can understand what they mean or what they're saying pile of poop i saw a shirt that you would love to know the truth is it's a traveler shirt with just a bunch of like symbols but it's rows of like 40 different symbols and it just looks like a design shirt doesn't look like anything crazy but when you point that you realize it's like International symbols for things not the standardized one more modified let's be clear like I need food I need a bathroom where can I catch a car let's go make some point we could I get a shirt that just like all the most popular languages 2 says give me a beer dude interview what is the universal symbol for play I love that shirt it's nice I thought you would like that growth rate so you're saying play is a triangle a triangle play sandwich the triangle pointing the way it's the universal symbol for stuffed squash the stop sign ask why did they make a stop stop button octagon let's I guess remind a person to stop by this cutting into is that what that is don't stop and pause anymore together like you used to it's always one of the other somebody pointed out just recently and was getting with chocolate podcas with the power symbol is both the on and off combined pran into the circle the power symbol the time buttons it's on and off so we just combined the one and is 0 for on and off into one simple brilliantly originated in Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s concluding in a triangle indicates which direction to tape and tape Auto reverse triangle with the triangle like the very tip top of the triangle triangle square with a triangle on it is just with the triangle cut off the square with the triangle and it just has evolved so that there's no longer the square on it and it doesn't make sense but that's why it was the arrow that points in a line a line with an arrow explain my friend love ya why not do it now before you let's do it on the logo for the podcas to take out the rooster in the sea is just like that 3D microphone we have I think we can do something different there taking never once used my friend looks exactly that we have that yes that they have that microphone is with me and I know now the logo that logo is is really cool and it looks great in that 3D intro but then it's like when I see it like on dying classes and stuff it doesn't look as you like it off topic logo was designed to be and design flat that looks really cool that way but also looks good in 3D I think I'm currently going to receive podcas live I think it just looks good in 3D you know it doesn't look as good as in like to do things like that a lot of times I'm like no shirts or something like that to anyone in the Triangle what does someone have that YouTube has it here it's got a little cut at the top of the air out here it's got like a little Shadow so why is in the red is that this is like the push into the really doesn't do anything for me Lady Foot into companies logos the are the guys from the a to the vet because I feel like everything I got everything from A to Z many times is the FedEx logo inside of it what is the one service that like when you stick your package via what is it that USP let's talk and you can control that with Amazon so if if you know if you're expecting it soon it says tracking number USPS to let her see that and USPS which is United States Postal Service at the post office please now they have like some functions that the private carriers have had for years like tracking a package I was expecting a couple months ago and it a new tracking was like in Austin new update for 2 weeks into the post office and I'm expecting a package it says it's in Austin like hold on they disappear for half an hour and I come back there he go fucking tell me if I sell one of the best things ever it was either UPS or FedEx I can remember who and he said it attempted delivery and required a signature and then written like over the disclaimer on it or whatever the guy had written marker I'll be at the Burger King have lunch from 2 to 3 if you want to come get your package and the guy I like went to Burger King that's all I got his back is like awesome do you like to pick up something because it was delivered and I left it with your landlord I don't have one I mean left and I had to come a chick like pretending to lose my head it's like summarizing a story about is getting really annoying it's like I'm talking to a chat but he doesn't know any other 12 wouldn't you be annoyed it's with your landlord and was like making like really mouthy, it sounds like over pronouncing it like I'm an idiot who's live on Limonite I am the landlord she would have just said to me the same thing that she Indian I was just like and I just turn when it you will tell the door and I just feel like I can't get the things you sent me you need to send them again I've got a similarly frustrating story I'm going to read this first and then I'm going to talk about it what am I going to receive podcas is also brought you by Squarespace with Squarespace sites a professionally designed regardless of your skill level there's no cleaning required after intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name to sign up for a year start your free trial site today at squarespac.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure to use offer code Rooster Teeth get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build a beautiful squarespac sponsor for a long time on the podcast so thank you 2 Squarespace for sticking around 1 today. Space I don't know I don't I don't know why you keep sponsor podcas but we appreciate it you don't know why they keep sponsor we talked about all kinds of gross stuff and I'm the bait they don't stand so one time I held my mil you know where I was going to be out of town for a couple of weeks after we got time for a couple of weeks so we told the post office you can fill out a form online you say I'm going to be I don't want my mail delivered on these dates so why not just come back to it was there I don't want someone to steal my mil I don't know I just had the mail held and then we came back from our out-of-town trip they deliver at the end of it they deliver all of your accumulated mail so they deliver all the mail and I looked at it and it's someone else's mail and I'm like oh this isn't my mil this is someone else here and there it ended today but this is theirs so I go down to the post office and then to come out and I'm like my mail held here is the confirmation for my mail hold Curtis you gave me this mil this may belong to someone else is it any relation to your address. Like a totally different part of town where is my mail I would like my email said you probably have it in the back they took that other men like to thank you and as I closed the door but there was like you have my mail somewhere I was gone for 2 weeks I know I have mail where is it now your mail carrier that's the mil I put in my box so I call you tomorrow okay I know the mistake was like okay I'm going to go home and I'll wait and see if they deliver tomorrow the next day comes I get like one letter but that's not my mil I go back down to the post office member we talked yesterday now for 2 weeks I got this LOL that's all you got for 2 weeks I have my mil is it probably didn't get anything for 2 weeks parking lot in a check in there who knows who knows it return something and then be like to have the receipt and you like yet here it is and I just got to have the receipt I just give it to you all you need the receipt so did you have it one time one time I went to Home Depot I had bought cable a coax cable and I had gone to Home Depot coax cable went home and if I didn't need it so I didn't even like take the cracks out of the package so I can just go over to the stable went back to the Home Depot okay I bought this cable yesterday here's my receipt can I just have a refund there like this but at this Home Depot yesterday here is the receipt I paid for it like we can take this back we don't sell this brand Michelle Tanner like they were right there was no other of that brand on the Shelf like this is where I grabbed it from feel like we don't sell that looked it's not there how could you charge me for it if you don't sell it that we have not give me I'd like to buy this should I feel bad I was just so flabbergasted I hadn't what happened eventually there until I call their manager in the manager that we don't sell it and I think I walked away from it it was the security footage of this time yesterday I'm not getting the $7 back there shortly post register return it value time very Pi lady I mean $7 play to get lunch for that but you really gotta get in your car Frank let me know if you can throw it away that's all into it I can't work myself what is a quarter and there's got to last week when we had when I left the week before last week when I thought we were going to the stake off and I brought those steaks and I was ready to cook him whatever I still made the states anyway in game two the crew your welcome fuckers throwing away meat is like that's the lowest feeling to me is when I throw away meat that I didn't use like maybe a lot like a chicken breast and it like I didn't cook it in time and when gavi in the fridge I got thrown away I just feel that it's the worst feeling to me that I'm throwing away like that from some animal for the refrigerator in the industry because they would kill you and eat you and your life because I was hungry the hungry tomorrow too but if I get hungry today so I just killed you and hu I just feel like it's horrifying really when it comes to a fight if they killed you and then just walked away from you about the motivation for killing you just cuz I don't know I have it remind me of that I just seen that now fucking tremendous tremendous I saw pixels on the plane so what do you think why it was a really long flight member I like Adam Sandler I like the way he does his funny I like the way you just yell sometimes and he'd like that so A really sucky character I just want that I want like that movie I don't want like a big dumb thing kind of character is he in pixel he was that is so much other crap going on I like big daddy Big Daddy kid here funny Happy game was good let's ride to the interview with him for good movie trailer for the new let's play live event it was 4 different trailers for you I made a mistake with me that that was really no choreography at the beginning whenever and runs then he just kind of have to fight like people just doing whatever we like customized actual specific bit from the club but the main line run in and fight was just like to see what happens and I thought it be funny if I just run laps around the fight holding a grenade you. As I say every time gavi stated that that like 8 times about it I was like I'm dying out here because I just and you can see me later you just see me later cell phone filming yourself Drake the weapon I can't believe you're doing it again let's play Live at the Dolby Theatre a lot of insight into her Bethany's taking a break from all of that sorry about that he's been planning it we went out there it's it's it's a beautiful venue and it's way the hell the Oscars I think they just did the Civil War Premiere there like any big thing is always there at the theater or super excited to be bringing it back June 17th right after 3i think it's it's really good timing and week's RT a kind of funny Live 2 which is also going to get a couple of crazy ideas were really excited I'm really excited that you're doing last time but it was fun it worked out after the fact like I can look back and be like okay it worked I think that day I walked 10 miles and I never left that building but only in the ACL live theatre I walked 10 miles in one day that's a fucking terrible but it could be fun so I think it's going to be tremendous athlete and we have a lot more of this operation so just why we made so many different groups and participating out there I love the kind of funny in traile pi just remembered that dead guy from Langley burn what was what like 20 of you 25 people more thing to say it was a reflection of each other reflective but I'm trying to do is taking place and live life to its taking place in San Francisco and that will be May 28th I believe it's a two-day event at 2829 meeting podcas things and so if you want to go to kind of funny. Com / tickets and I will be there at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco and San Francisco are you allowed food in San Francisco remember to make a recommendation to the underdogs was right across the street from where ash live when she lived in San Francisco and they have tacos there their dogs and there's a place to get a lobster roll Supercell and every time your mommy Burger San Francisco Hammond LA to with them and temperature to bake what to pack to go to see really I got food poisoning from it how much a McDonald's one is really flat and Thin Meat what I don't like big fat meat with grease and like bacon that's not bacon trap America Burger Joint a barbecue if you want to be bothered medium-rare ground beef and a lot of places will cook it goes bad what's a little bit but it's a surface area the surface of it that gets the bacteria on it and then when they grinded up anything strange about that stuff in it that's why if anything ever has like an E.coli outbreak or something it's usually ground beef zombie video thing you can be in the middle of the field it's likely if you have like infected or diseased piece of meat ground up and that one bad piece can be conceivably makes into many different pieces dry aged steak a regular steak and conditions for about 38 days and then when he gets all black and moldy they just cut that part off and then Grill the rest of it for you looks like she's in there when you see the actual process of writing this one have a good bad but for sure we never like if you leave a cat that was the oldest bottle of wine right now would it be good to turn to sludge I just found like a jug of wine from an old Greek vessel that was sunk and it was like in such a way and the pressure at the bottom of the ocean was just right to preserve it for into a couple of thousand years but I think that's an anomaly like that normally does not happen what is the oldest I'm really fascinated by these videos with people to see an old MRE 4 219 a million years I wouldn't like something that's pretty fascinating as we went with the old Brandon 2 it's like a relic look up fruit fruit in my fridge it was like 45 days but if it's not and it's not like a rotten looking it's got to be six months in the bush for winter dude what's a bushel measurement nothing wrong with milk in America ligh it's real and It Last Forever a glass of milk in my fridge that expires in like the first week of June 5th 01 the cow jumping on front what does that mean organic and It Last Forever have no idea what the milk I buy mil it left Canada drink milk out of bags and that's it we have mil command like deliverables that you just get you wake up can you milk everyday because mil class about 2 days and then gavi so get it mil last longer I guess ultra pasteurized no bacteria in it filled with bacteria I just don't like I don't like this rooster and I texted you a picture that Horizon looks like look this milk goes bad after RT and then I shipped my pants my pi to renew my Visa last year I was like man this is MIL can stay in pasta nearby a long time the track pick it up also do Game Time episodes a few pics so it was part of the crowd funding campaign that we get ahead I have 3 more basically we're going over everything from crowdfunding campaign to the cracks like I had done 3 and you know that's right you already I didn't want Matt let's plan again so I feel obligated you know even though a ways out that I should make the next three game time is Lazer team related but I'm really like stretch that a little credit you should 2 Ed Robertson on a pool table be great actually that's a fantastic idea he had a couple 2 really really good what was that thing you just said the other one was when Colton had his baby he recommended that we make a pair of Lazer team baby boots a whole made those and they are the fucking cutest thing on the planet just delivered some time pran the number one person request it is actually so watch out Gavin Kenobi talking to me sometime very soon she's up for it wants to do it will probably take a look at some other from Chris Chris was involved and then we played Daisy in lady very briefly she was little bit and we're going to be recording what it's like we want to make sure we hit everything you said we were going to help and it's like I was like surprises so sure that we have these three game times the end I need to get those done ASAP and it's like everytime I read something about money it's about they don't make the think they don't they take all the money and then they don't make the thing with the drone company that went out of business and you really think about this coolest cooler Gus oh yeah it's like they got all this money was the second highest Kickstarter ever and then they get the cooler done they're shipping into retail stores and like all of you want your from the kickstarter give us another $90 I will ship you want me well they're going to start selling them in stores it was like fuck you we paid for these things where they just cost more money to sell them in stores to raise money to make the ones we bought kicks the way their phrasing it is you'll get express shipping in the first shipment goes out at the same time or a little bit before retail sales go out it's damaging to like legit kicks does damage in your car like to check a remove that language about like class action lawsuits anything I'm surprised we haven't seen something from the recovered soon from lady talking about what would be upset with you RT lady like the nation as hundreds of people we have not seen recently like I was like people are just like that I'm really disappointed about that too but I'm looking forward to that the pi was good let's get out of here so thank you nobody with you guys next week Gus attractive women barbar show