#373 - Construction Combat!

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss construction vehicle battles, Richard Simmons, Full House, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 25, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-04-26 15:24:54

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

Starwood Workers Local rooster podcast is brought to you by movement watches Shari's Berries proflower and Pizza Hut thank you all of our sponsors will talk to you about those guys a little later I'm going I'm Blaine Burnie and I'm just the thing you've got going on there on your laptop cover for the only one but if it has a Lego Rooster Teeth on is someone I went to a YouTube meet up and they had a guy there who was just making places like I walked in and I saw you had a fun hous one on the wall and I look at the fuck is this Austin Middle East which is what I like to hear the 13-inch to hear you made it there or did he have any reference to be like on a tablet like a pattern already pre-made a drug we clean it while you get drunk and fuck it up Igloo a drink sometime but I tested Gus what you did with your test include Blain I just want to see if they the pieces can come off and if you can add onto him and want to see his Legos not Lego is it is awesome for the guy is but it's like a piece of shit apparently the free software free Lego Star rooster try to give you a free cool laptop cover failed Street and Buckeye go back to free advertising you don't mind thank you it's always a joy to see you I feel like whenever I see a celebrity they wear tight jeans and black shoes with a white face yeah I guess they don't have to look it up in person you've ever seen in person the richest person person is pretty when we bumped into Donald Trump that one time I'll write you back in a Dru but not really know much about Premier like he just likes that outright for the rest of you so sorry hands right I'm not crazy I didn't like asking V me or anything but it would have been comfortable if you have heat and we did not Shake Donald Trump's hand reef is he didn't even know they're pretty but it's just people put it in the lab from here could I see both a people person Donald Trump or Michael del I would assume Donald Trump really say Michael del but he's looking to buy Delta take a private something you don't of them had to or he did because he was real opportunity Richard of York search bar type in their name a tight Network Donald Trump is worth 4 billion US dollars in Michael del is worth 19.5 billion what was he doing he was standing at where we went to record the vinyl up Podcast just last night when I saw it wasn't outside and wait for a table and he was standing there holding his wife's purse and it had while she was inside the purse normal like SUV give you that rich Michael del but it was okay hous of the things I looked at him and you look back at me and it's probably going to recognize every time he goes out there but you looked at me and I could tell he was like that guy knows who I am and you liked it I liked looked away just leave early just now but it was disbursement a person are symptoms of really smart guys are little you know like socially there's like they're in the zone you down there just like I don't I won't be able to pick him out if you send a Michael del you could be better I guess I just saw him I don't know I feel like he looks older and remember him looking probably don't like Michael del was like everyone was fascinated by Michael Dell computers they graduated from UT than normal normal bachelor's degree and then went to work in like but I have a buddy that he was an engineering major and then he went to work at a number of different jobs at Del but the main thing you did I think for a long. Of time was he customized the software that was installed on the computer when you get it and then they would just like to know that he's in charge of the system's over than almost anyone to take off Pizza Time over fight 95 back in her Windows 98 and so there was a situation where in the mid-to-late 90s kind of free.com right Gus when was the big Del run it was for it and it was a point in time where the Del stock split I think like 15 time with a bunch it was just kept splitting and putting is putting and I had one friend who his mom bought some Del stock at $4 a share and then it went to $10 a share and so she sold it to a big party with all the money that she made from a kid she had more than doubled her money she was like dude I'm getting a Del slowly over the course of the next like 3 or 4 years we calculated what the value of that party was it over time turned into like a $900,000 car because she sold the stock and had this event but my buddies had several buddies who work at Del and basically they all told the same story which was just on stock options at that company said I got to get there for like $50,000 years something like that they were all working next to each other in cubicles but just based on them starting this guy started one day he was worth million dollars on paper because of stock options the guy in the cubicle next to him started nine months later and was worth basically his paycheck and it was filled with crazy like everyone was kind of sitting there like not getting fired that's what everyone's goal was to not get fired so they can know that's their stock option than cash everybody who was living in Austin and working at Tech at the time wish that they could work a deal I know like when I was a kid when I moved up and I was working with you and I was like man I have so much stuff that even the janitors feel like I'm cashing in on the wall talk instead of taking cash and it was crazy what about your friends you know what the stocks going to continue to go up or go down if it's worth but it is at the moment super the right car but if everybody would do it the crash and second you know that I would buy it was cold so bad and it was a DSLR and I would buy this sucks so bad and I'm not working with the actual numbers here and I've become but he's probably out of business at this point but just from memory I would buy it when it hits $6 a share and then I would sell it when I hit it and we go back and forth from 6 and 8 dollars a share see this what what you go up and down the field at 8 and take them to take the same amount of money invested at 6 what caused it to fluctuate so.com is predictably I mean that's like 33% swing can I get 33% more money every time I get like 4 times and it was like I should probably sell it and then I looked again and it was at 4 and I was like and then it was basically gone at that point like it just like like it was absolutely nuts I don't know that is still around it looks like they've been sold and acquired a few workers they're really not the same company anymore yeah looks like looks like a guy since 1997 coal that has been delivering DSL Broadband designed especially for small and midsize businesses that sponsor joining us and help us create a portion of the podcast we like to call the feed is fucking Christ but we didn't get a chance to World Blain before the podcast that was going to happen the Richard fight arcade once again RTX and of course they were with us this past weekend at PAX East help us keep everybody updated about it we created the feed we're to be giving out to Pizza Hut swaggasaurus Pizza gift card to our listeners and viewers who can answer a trivia question about one of the games I was in the Retro bites arcade steps of crystal is your burni what game is Galaga a sequel to notice what Del a test and hash tag the feed Pizza and Pizza flavor menu now you don't have to choose between all your favorites all your Pizza Hut favorites are just when you buy 2 or more items that includes a medium one-topping Pizza boneless wing Street Wings Hershey's triple chocolate brownie pasta breadsticks or flavor sticks and Pepsi and you the $5 menu is stuffed garlic knots but you got some down there proof that any pizza order includes 10 garlic knots with melted cheese and finished with a garlic butter blend grated Parmesan and telling her to serve with the dipping cup of marinara easy to say yes and please a whole group with the $5 flavor menu huge thanks to Pizza Hut for powering the feed I should also mention that Pizza Hut has graciously agreed to send Pizza to some watch parties around the country are watching the RT Podcast live on Monday night on over that's when I would say thank you in than people to go away with Blaine and some of that PAX East past weekend and of course be back at RTX even bigger oh my God Blain Blaine Kennedy Staffing find will know each other all right The Garlic Knot is a brownie going to Pizza Hut for sponsoring but we really appreciate it I know you tweet us your answer to the trivia question so are we together will take a couple of winners to send us we're going to $25 gift card to and I will send some running around so my $24 gift card the last time the pizza party Dallas-Fort Worth yes but I'm not sure where it's going of this time we can figure out a time that was on a couple of pictures so that we can we go ahead and put them into on the street a lot of people are getting Twitter feed with the hashtag RT Podcast are you want to I'm feeling pretty good about their chances so I was just this past weekend you fly out Thursday night and come back Saturday night and she asked me to write a recap PAX East paint on everything I saw and I thought that maybe it would be more interesting instead of writing a recap of what I saw to write a recap of what it's like to go as a receipt employee and actually work and set up the booze and know all the work that goes into that she did Journal time about how hard you work and everything how awesome I am basically I'm the best person in the world and how I deserve more money and everyone else sucks you up pretty good at it and I can mention that but I really wanted to highlight some of the things that pop up that people don't think about like we had internet that right cuz I have to run our cash registers the wireless we took a router forgot power adapter and then you but I mean it's like why didn't we discover that at like 8:30 p.m. 30 minutes to find a riding mower for sale close at 9 I got 30 minutes to get to electronic store buy router otherwise we just I think I feel like I worked in the hotel room or something like that was a Austin Taxi Service today we had I get there great on a professional we have we have this election what over this election coming up in Austin where there's a proposition for the trying to figure out who's in charge of background checking Uber and Lyft drivers right after the season to do it over the companies are going to do it and earlier today the actual election is in a week or two so she did every modern business and driving away that's essentially what Airbnb no short-term and in one day the election it's all from the same organization telling me to vote the same way these three things telling you to do this is telling me to vote for prop 1 and what is probable is prop 1 Pro if you vote for prop 1 that means the private companies will continue to run their own background checks if you are against prop 1 than the city will run the background checks on their drivers make your plan to vote for prop 1 City oversight or city take over that's alarming size cardstock block doing the work that you I mean obviously I didn't vestment to because if they had the city regulations are going to be probably are the taxi company do they have to go to the city for the background check is cotton a dangerous whatever all I remember is the fact that before over and lift or anybody else or card cars to go should have been Austin we were all held hostage by a yellow cat and they saw they did not care if absolutely didn't care how many times I arrange for yellow cab to pick me up at a certain time take me to the airport now and it's like okay cool I'm going to supply one of them know where they go is that GPS might be generalising a little bit but I have noticed some experience with customer service experience is nicer with a little over driver than it is when you get in the cabin Austin all they do is tell you how she over is the entire time you're in the cavity are the best advertisement over that I've ever seen that companies will tell the driver to shut the fuck up about over like it started again over from the airport so usually when I walk out from the airport I'll just jump in a cab and go back home if I actually dropped me off at the airport but I'm getting back late enough to where I don't want to come get me the whole time 353 cabs in last like 4-5 months every single time non-stop the driver told me how bad it but next time call me I'll come get you will you look at that what you doing I just got home so I mentioned that you know what I need to get that router earlier that I took a cab and it's because I don't want to wait for new but I walked out of Convention Center in Boston there's a cop right there mine I just jumped in and a couple of a couple of times in a similar situation when I was up there and I never been in a cab but I never thought to do this before but you can use Apple pay in 2000 everywhere everywhere optimistic going to just to send it into a big fish it's well it's also like 14 years what was the time frame on that tun after your someone that are fake gu the prop amazing how that affects your opinion yeah what time someone sent me one earlier in 2013 a fact about how stupid we already than her nobody wants it and now it's like all that talk about on the patch every week is it too much because it's the first one to pick up on order wine shipping in May you did a great job with that but thanks I believe you have room for a Fiat you have that I'm not here and there's no space for it I got a bigger office and talk about life I'm kind of overseeing a lot of things a lot of the pr industry that's why I got emails about this Blaine fight scene crap crap crap crap don't you hate Bethany I do not have any much prop up dude are you drinking only beer and that thing that I say want to drink Blaine deposit I don't like that I don't like that Reef expect carrying case it's not like that improvements we talked about that today and how it sucks I'd rather kill sea life than being confused opening a beer horrible environmental headlines the first is that the population of tuna is now considered to be 97% of the country population of tuna population tuna Texas tuna ocean everybody over the overall tuna population of the world is now 97% below what it was before humans started fishing them I'm assuming those estimates to do a census of all the fish in the ocean before humans started fishing but they're just estimating from levels that they started that and how much we fish them than we fishing a triple the amount that we need that we're now at like down to like 2.7% of the total population of tuna Blain it's like right on the razor's edge of just fight it hard to raise the temperature of the ocean in Just Kill Them All Gus Richard always be to teach you this lesson again like more but then if that's the case and why other animals going extinct but feel like you can never get them all cuz I fish I really do let me that always be too close together how do you get every single fishtail power from 1:30 life that's gone endangered or extinct great abundance endangered everyone she was out and then come back and then Sometimes they come back too strong to become a pest but the red kite UC but it seems so absurd to me that something would go from endangered but then there's two of them left and in their past like that is a better price with the right guy never loves them they were hunted to the brink of Extinction there only two pairs left I think in the whole of the country or the world or whatever and now that they're like scavengers in this too many I will try to take him out you fucked up they just probably shouldn't cuz it if there's less genetic variants and so you know some diseases can take advantage of that like they're something that family it would not be immune to it would destroy all of those things right like hemophilia with the with the Russian czars they would do we had a bunch of inbreeding but it's like really feel like I feel like you have a baby with your cousin or your sister it's got like three is not at all the case it could turn into Dru LA traffic a did you watch the you did you like the plane and you rush and go directly back Saturday night I could have asked you to participate in a day earlier to take the day off after traveling does your but like a passenger pigeon go extinct in a second let me get my environmental Horror Story for the first renam of the tuna that there's 97% less tuna than they used to be now we're not 2.7% the other thing I read was a horrifying vide environmental news was that cholera that's so crazy the Great Barrier Reef half of it is now dead or dying or saw the Great Barrier Reef is going to be done pretty soon just going to say it but if I had to guess I would guess the change in the other small variances in the temperature of the ocean or just a change changing like the alkalinity of the one about saving something like that look over it really kind of screwed it up so it's like there's only fight we should be saving your is for sale Emma Frost and then we'll Del dyin boils off the layer of stink but it's coming when your sick and get a fever gets really hot to kill everything else and then it would Delta than enough of it. Shake It Off its existence according to Australian minister is only 7% of the reef reef has escaped bleaching what happens when the water warms and leave the coral to expel the algae that lives inside of it so the temperature of its food the living parts of it like it is the home too I have no idea why do crows living organism but I don't know like to eat out of me that's where this because his sin what means is living this is Gus sells the on rocks the definition of living if it has cells that aren't rocketdial Chris Gavin with the criteria for life are the the it sounds like a good thing at first but then it's actually really horrible thing which is the energy minister in India announced this week that solar energy is now cheaper than coal and India is in the process of meeting their goal of doing I think a hundred gigawatts of power but the solar for the country that's bad let me is going like there's so few energy is less of a barrier it's like it's just more humans that can have everything that they want and they just need more food and everything else like that official it it's just it's one less barrier to you know humans living longer which on a short-term basis great thing but when Maureen Hill the fish in the fucking car reef is 3% tuna it's like you can see how life on Earth the energy level is like that actually like a lot of other horrible things coal was becoming available that's why cheaper than coal over the fact that I was only getting more expensive probably have a question for you that's good thing why didn't you want Indians to live longer except for everybody let me know how to put that it's like lives longer but but that's what I hope life in Japan decline to be less than the sustainability rate I've read studies that try to map out possible population growth and that most models show in Oak the population never being sustainable above on state like 8 or 9 billion like we're close to the maximum sustainable number and that it will never really one of those things that at 9 minutes but talking about it just keep stuff in it that's it I'm getting elements from it as like a little something here but we have so much to do over here the fan like we're just totally fucked no come back I don't know that that you're already starting to see the fringes of that like when you think about stuff like super storm Sandy going up in New York great thing about Katrina hit in New Orleans like do you think that you're starting to see an increase in the frequency of ecological disasters I think that there's actually been the same level of disasters in the past it just might not have been recorded like during the Revolutionary War they went through like basically nice age so you know I just think that people just going to go is always bring up examples I'm thinking about warm ocean temperatures more powerful storms going to places that they typically go to in the past that like major things happen in terms of human life scales like things like the Dust Bowl we went through kind of a minor event here in Texas where would be 5 years where's terrible drought are late for training I was like oh the Lakes you're never going to come back they're never going to fill up and then there now with Lake Travis is at 105% it was at 38% at its lowest right now it's at 105%. Over two legs left Gavin than they thought they made some new link system we were going to get pretty serious drought in California is going to one of those right now having huge problems we are going to that I was like yeah this is clearly a climate change is the permit thing and I had a buddy who is a lifelong texting and he sent me this quote they just basically said Texas is a land of Perpetual drought interrupted by the occasional flood and that was made like back in the early part of the 19 hundreds and so is like so nothing's really changed like that you just need some perspective for a long period of time to see those things although it's hard to it's hard to dismiss the fact that we're having the hottest years on record every single year and I will see her over the counter I mean are you agree with the statement about a Counterpoint to think about it back then in early 1900 they didn't have the dam to Lake system that we have now in Central Texas or to try to preserve and maintain that water so now even with that system trying to preserve as much water as we can we weren't able to dancing photos of like Congress flooded like of the capital is usually water in a really the photos of flooding in Austin Colorado River Lady Bird Lake The Colony Texas smack in the middle of Texas series gnome the coastal region anywhere nearby a storm that came right by us we were on the western edge of it and Houston was on the Eastern Edge they got fucking hammered last weekend and is basically at sea level I mean it is they built this city on a small of people in Houston are so industrious right like Houston is not a coastal city and they wanted to be a coastal city so they built the fucking Houston Ship Channel is like we want to be able to get big ships your but is no way to do it it's big giant a giant 40 mile trench to the ocean so that giant ship can come into the city on a Galaxy moonrise Harrisonville Missouri is a crazy thing to say that I think so because you never get to really see the moon cuz it's already risen on the horizon Houston but I've been up in the sky what you mean yeah is San Francisco so that was the question hey did you see the giant wizard tower in San Francisco going to let you sleep with your head it's funny how was your trip to San Francisco you took a cheeky little vacation was lovely lovely turn on the Golden Gate Bridge in a little of your gold let me use my life slightly faster than walking but why would you why would you run we doing just that the fuck out of here did you escape from Alcatraz Island to Full House Full House TV show Full House cost for the offer but the thing was terrible I thought it but I didn't know it 544 but I want to run over to the podcast is also brought to you by movement watches rooster if we came up there to try and do something you will of innovation of companies that are changing Industries are in so we can introduce himself and send over some watches we're all really impressed right now I'm wearing the 40 rose gold with natural leather company with two broke college kids that wanted to where's dollars watches but couldn't afford them they did some research and found out that big watche rents were passing huge retail markets on of the consumer movement decided that by selling online to able to cut out the middleman and provide the best possible price movi watche it started just 95 Bucs a department store you looking at 4 to $500 moving has grown organically purely by supporters like you to join more than one million social media followers and get them moving watche today go to mvmt watches.com / rooster the give you 50% off your entire purchase mvmt watches.com / rooster thank you movement watches for keeping us on time with this podcast also wanted to mention and bring up our first runner-up I could for the contest Delta flight is Austin power what was the Angel game is 0 equal to wait until after I take my last breath did they record that vine World podcast for Game of Thrones and it was me and Ash and John and Blaine and Blain drink chocolate milk when he does that strike you as strange that he just got done with a workout and he's like a loading up a chocolate milk a six-year-old Fitness is that make sense to you that he would drink chocolate milk for Fitness than I do so I'm not going to question if you come the mine corded one today it'll air a story or Thursday or Friday Thursday and one of the questions we got on The Amazing Race podcast was what are some other teams at Richard he that you would like to see run the race and so we went through a lot of people we actually did something we have the package with you and Esther would make a great team of course but we talked about Gavin and Michael that they would just like they would be incredibly entertaining but they would be out by like the third leg and maybe just screaming at each other will Michael would be screaming a Gavin the whole time and he said you and Jeff would challenge the notion that male-male teams are athletically Superior Court the question I didn't 14 recently announced that would that affect you on a physical level at this point 14 I think I could make sure that he that you make sure did you did physically if I could do 14 was that a fun two weeks I wasn't sick or anything I don't have like withdrawal but I'm still young and we thought we'd take a flask with me to talk to people and not be you buy it yeah but you like money I like alcohol say it look up Podcast I'm impressed thanks brother I did not have faith in you guys yeah you wouldn't know no no no I didn't forget you I thought you know best case scenario my head was maybe bye week for this is why I was like that would be good and yeah it's really crazy to see those promos and it's like there's like 5 times now and that's it every day for the last few weeks so you know that he's coming out is as we get further into the race as the team down every week to get more more screen time because there's less people actually but we came in second in a row that expresses a kind of early and then we had that information the crazy week the preview shows that we are staying in Bali for another another episode and I like that location look beautiful or the temple or yet that was only the fruit 201 can along and then the state to the other is like that it looks unreal look out of this world we left the ball the airport ran out jumping cabs in there was a 40-minute ride out of town a lot and I need to pull those little numbers off of the hours of operation board actually and I got 3rd place so we were in the second group with the Tyler and Korey and then we slept outside under like an outdoor Pavilion that night and while we were there these two locals walked up and they were really fans and so they knew we were on it by that point so they just waited at the airport all day when they saw somebody just follow this out of town a lot and we took photos together like they look at self and then I have it here but I'll put it under the tree for a cab driver cell phone number 302 so is on the way to San Francisco round did you fall asleep Delta it was the weather like approaching the runway on the runway even did you fight Delta to see yourself in the safety video you get free flights on Delta because of that I saw your Tweet about it that was a fre fight so you like an employee was funny because I can't get them here the setting Blain a good deal when did it was an outright and then all the sudden the plane violently tun live over 45 degrees to the right one and like stuff was flying out of the backs of seats left for that was forced by the flight than his ponytail was like flew back and then we'd like great in the air and flung forward in my seat in the Allies had on the Run where I brake hard but I guess they just like down throw old really hard and then we split up again and we just went around the wheel hit the wave a message as it sounds good sounds like you got too close and we just missed it but miles back so we just want to let on they're going to tell you like what it was that caused that and then she said she was up in the front so but that's okay it was terrifying direction to the right or to the right so that was a the brake and accelerator was being In First Class be able to hit a couple Austin beets and like you like that like this which a solid than to say anything but you could have everything it was saying here's the alarm you never want to hear it come out of is the female voice saying pull up is like a horror story in bad trouble and then pulling up come on a first-class flight a couple of these vacation with you guys I'm assuming from your job Michael the most flights within the US I had to use those tickets within the year and I would like I was coming up on that invite let's go somewhere we don't normally do this but whenever we The Amazing Race we use the hashtag Amazing Race so that people can follow along as we tweet or they can use the hashtag if they don't want spoilers on the fucking hear about it Tyler and Korey Tallahassee fight billion Twitter dollars every week they don't treat The Amazing Race they treat their own team name and that's it they tweeted team Tyler and Korey and sell I just learned this so they've been trending every week as themselves so this week you and I are going we're going to Tweet with a hashtag Burnie and Ashley and I would never normally ask this but this is to defeat Tyler Oakley and a hashtag contest I would ask people to tweet Burnie and Ashley I'm going to I'm going to help you out you help me and I help you out I'll take what I can is Gavin not just a joke Ashley and Burnie tweet hashtag Brittany and the other Model T pictures of fitness models of construction that you came up with your acting like they're playing like this I was posing for the camera anybody like next to you and you just watching the video the only lady I know she looks like she might be Hawaiian you know but I'm talking about the American anymore not typically yeah yeah she looks like there's one of their senior flight attendants and she's awesome like a cheaper pristine clear voice there's this lady in the Qantas one that's like what she says who has the best safety video aside from Delta obviously cuz they included Gavin and other people from the internet really cool I love do stuff like that and Air New Zealand buy flower headbands public stuff before they did The Hobbit when they did entirely naked flight crew 1 yeah I've been to that fucking music video where to meet you and look away like I would like disobey the rules to the A I'm going to see that was fucking loved it I just loved it British Airways when does a really boring life animation a really weird article by Richard Simmons about how you are. No one has seen him like his personal friends haven't seen him in years ago he cries all the time like his housekeeper and his manager are like this is all allegedly the story I read about it later like controlling his life and who has access to him or doesn't your friend saw him it was said directly ask him Richard R you do you need help with your present he said yes and then that but nobody can like get to than you do a cargo cover of course and the people responded like they're your people idiots he's probably fine he's happy he just is enjoying his retirement while you're looking that up I want to say that the second runner-up for our food contest for the comes with the vide is Austin Sherwood Austin Sherwood 04 last night gold Austin you are running over to her over the phone what was the first in Austin weather where's the pictures of Lego cover no no no no in front of that dude first what is the thing that holds the record for beer drinking the point in your life when you think they left him on the phone I thought you were trying to say Ono but what is the address to read something about them and then dollars a magnet right I'm going to read this to read it real quick first I talked about the haunted Twilight of Richard Simmon is the name of the article to end this is the publication date is March 12th 2016 two years ago the flamboyant Fitness Guru abruptly disappeared from public life now his closest friends vanished from his industry Inner Circle have grown increasingly concerned they were the pop culture icon is being held against his will inside his Hollywood Hills mansion with one suggesting more Sinister Notions are a play and I'm sure this week a New York daily news I'm sure there will be many people who tell me how that is not a reliable source number less it's an instant or coal it's about Richard so it was like I mean like somebody just as they get older and it's just like that concerns me Richard Simmon start getting use to think about something team Burnie and Ashley that's a great idea get the pran what ocean is embarrassing is hashtag Burnie and Ashley look like over is like Del where's the hashtag Burnie and Ashley but we're going to do it during the show this was just a dry run and that is at 8 p.m. East Coast 7 p.m. central Ashley and I will be on this with this live tweet on Twitter this week during that broadcast for cash San Antonio to follow you on Twitter when you start and I'll be happy when they should start already and actually forget anything else I said Burnie and Ashley but that's what we're doing the tallest building in D there it is that's it you got it Burnie and Ashley thank you for the cast is also proflower mom is always mom is always been an expert on everything cooking relationship advice fixing your cuts and bruises the one thing you can't go to her for advice on what to get her for Mother's Day not to worry you look like an expert on Mother's Day when you use proflower get Mom a hundred blooms with a 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flight was is trunk I assume it doesn't use its trunk shocks a nose penis into the suck up water from a pond or something I've never seen a breastfeeding elephant one of those I was wondering how I got it right here for you the Simmons when I record I just sort of wanted to be for a little while what is that that a nipple to Elephant nipple that's doable it's like my scrotum do you have bumps on your scrotum look like Blaine you know about you just like in everything they continued fight in Dark Souls emergence Health exam the bad bedtime for ages solar Richard Simmons is good he said I was a guy who said was it was just like a light what all did they have the gun emoji the bullshit just want to be alone for a little just wanted I just sort of wanted to be a little bit of a loner for a little while Simmons said you know I had hurt my knee I lost my thing I had hurt my knee and I had some problems with it and then the other knee started giving me trouble because I thought like thousands and thousands of classes and you know right now I just want to sort of take care of me and he called the allegations about his housekeeper ridiculous so they've been together for 30 years are like a married couple so what are you saying fuck off daily news that was in March both of those things happen I always read the story you never read the retraction of the follow-up you don't realize like there might be a correction to come Richard Simmon take me to statement but I'm glad it brought up not to worry about Richard Simmons anymore trying to get into this whole thing but the Loose Change documentary on 9/11 so it is not Alex Jones Is it okay so there's a bit where apparently I was able to get signal on the plane and then call his mom and then went to this whole investigation about how there was like this government thing but they're researching like the voice mimicking technology and when he called his mom he was like hey this is Blaine Gibson like I said his full name than likely into all this whole thing and it was the conversation was really weird no I don't know I was just I thought is related I'm so sorry I didn't I thought Blaine would be good I don't know what you sound different if you were on a plane that was hijacked Blaine Gibson mom just one sentence Richard Simmons cell phone 9/11 that's it that was the whole fucken store who'da thought here the other Richard Simmons such a nice man calls 911 with a cell phone call that his mother had never imagined that so you were talking about the New York daily news right kind of Richard Simmons and I saw a video earlier today on YouTube that was posted by the New York Post back in 2011 and was a video titled Urban Gold Miner is about this dude who walks around the Diamond District in New York and he just like digs up the mud and oh yeah the stuff that gets stuck between sidewalk and he just digs it up and he finds gems diamonds gold it so you like collects all of this much that he takes it back to his apartment and he paint it like a prospect Urban process all of the gold out of it I found it I found it he said is a football coach in we used to go to the school in Rockwall Texas and they had a giant gymnasium and it had like one of these big hits full of is like foam cubes that the gymnast practice on they can fall in and no one heard anything like that so when I was a kid up there I dug to the bottom of the cube and into single is like probably like 10 feet deep but all way to the bottom and there's like watche Springs money like sores at the bottom of it so just go to the children it would be similar coming in the ball pit I mean you know someone is done at everybody that's not sexual at all that is not around the convention with Gavin see your favorite award show was just sitting right next to you on the table there the podcast of words that has a GoFundMe account and saw that it's a little rough though that's probably just but 25011 Rosecrans a raise in 30 days they raised 1200 it wasn't for anyone else just charge you for the guys you know they do okay yeah yeah yeah I know what time does the full no I just think that we're very happy with our work you know about her to help him out building with little currently moving even if you think one of these gold digger but I think it might be a special case scenario in employed for this instance he says he specifically targets the Diamond District because that's like people are more likely to have loose stones that they were going to take somewhere to sell or repairing loose stones out of a place and it will drop but they might drop it or if there's like a jeweler who's working all day on jewelry maybe has gold dust on him or on the bottom of the shoes and gets stuck outside looking crazy to think about being on the sidewalk and he's got like a little tool that uses to like scrape out of the mud so it's like you're like an Old Prospector trave I would like that's wanted the worst 49er in the world Pittsfield we keep telling you not the Pitchfork do the Jamal the work I got anything I need to set of guidelines because one thing that happens to me after the podcast again on Twitter after the podcast usually read the hashtag I know it's usually during the week like Wednesday when the podcast hits the public the but can we talk about a lot of things and we have you know a decent batting average but still we miss sometimes I'm like Pax and things like that the problem single thing we say and it's not everybody obviously but other the entire podcast there's always a handful of people constantly correcting me not the same people of course but like this like constant information that I'm Incorrect and I'm like oh shit over here something tells me that I'm incorrect on Twitter I always go to look it up and then I cleaned out most of the time then I'm correct and it's like what happened was I was and I said HBO now is now available for the Xbox One it just came available this week I thought people want to know about that 4 Game of Thrones cuz I can watch HBO now on Xbox to watch it because right now it's been out for over a year and then I just read an article that was this week so I went to look at the article it's so nice to him and he's like he's like I've been using that for a year to watch on HBO stuff and then finally he came back and gets all mixed up sorry was HBO GO vs. HBO now Blaine was thinking I mean the guy's like I thought you were talking about HBO Go no big the problem is I always find myself like getting involved with these conversations and looking to shut up and it's like we should I just ignore that completely or should I say like I'm only going to look stuff up at like 4 or 5 people tell me that I'm wrong it'll never be right I just actually look it up a email and I'm going to send a link or like if I'm going to Tweet a YouTube link I will copy the link then I open a browser I will check it paste the link to make sure I'm not pasting anything that's wrong even open a private browser window to paste it in to make sure I'm not logged into anything with him special access to watch it they just don't check anything at all it's like somebody came at me about the traveling gnome this week where I said that the Travelocity traveling gnome and the Half Life 1 is based on an old urban legend or prank that people used to do before the internet where they would steal people's Gardens gnome take them on holiday and then send the person Polaroid's other garden gnome on vacation that's where all that started it so somebody came back to me and not only that was the first movie on Wikipedia look up traveling gnome comes up I send it to the person that I thought was only I know but it's like but you're right should I tell people the wrong answer I gotta I gotta correct that so I can look it up if not I'm fine sideline you can tell me I'm wrong that's why I was wrong about just be like Google check that's it whatever Google what are the Star Wars movies note to check Google the great teacher he's a fucking cunt okay alright new Star Wars stories never big stars news gnome come and grab me because I'm like the resident Star Wars guy and I almost don't want to do that anymore because every time I go because every time I do a read of all of the information knowledge that I put into that read there's one bit that I might get wrong or slightly Askew and everybody will fucking jump on me for that and it'll be like he's not a real Star Wars it's where's sex on your planet but that corrected on is we do an hour and a half. Google Planet but if you if you could and Luke Skywalker you didn't Michael Smith speaking of pics on the internet people who are really into musical instruments can be pricks I put up the video hitting a drum is a slim a hit the drum power paint made a symbol and so many other comments from musicians who are the symbols upside-down Geniuses and it's like I mean we weren't trying to play a show doing the but a play the drum currently but I'm just sure not really aware that rolling it right at some point been noted and there and like I said if that deep into a genre and of these two idiots I'm lighter than what I'm doing now just Bolivia you said you weren't playing a currently I'm leaving the city right now that's why we are working to repair but I want to mine did this after the receipt project is also about to buy Shari's Berries there's no one quite like Mom every mom is unique and we wouldn't want to change a thing with Mother's Day just around the corner of a great way to show Mom 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the US thank you let me tell you a secret you get those that come nobody can eat all of them so you will get some and that's worth it and you will seem like a hero but you just be happy to be there when you like I can finish these here have one is fucking awesome strawberries but you could actually that's where the buffalo wings over there before this after this lunch for all the employees on Monday and today was like a scene out of Oliver Twist but how the people who wants 200 people that work here now but you got to be kidding you think we could be lying like to do differently gold is believed that but there's 200 people is not a few hundred 297 those three assholes but we had this today you have it today but by the time we got three quarters the way through everyone has eaten all the meat out of it and so it was just like curry sauce but we were taking curry sauce and putting on PJ's and eating that yeah I don't know I don't eat whenever she sees this I don't never had it either it was fucking line is ridiculous I have never forgotten something I need it for the meeting and I can run back and I came back and it went from you know where they set up the tables all the way back almost to my office I was like that's like 50 yards should be wrapped into tin foil and just long as a free lunch so you don't have to physically pay for lunch for lunch but she of the the lunch today was just like it was so sad watching a lot I was happy that I had a little bit of tikka masala sauce or whatever it's called on there and I don't like the last one that I tried you guys what's the last thing you try it right now she was the last one for you love it I still have 35 and 32nd go on I'll of Indian people I hate that food and my food racist no I don't think so do you think it tastes do you think burgers are the Supreme food now pizza burger sandwich the best things on a regular basis than I could ever imagine I don't like tomatoes kiwi eat a tomato sandwich it was just a white white bread a slice of tomato with mayonnaise and pepper on it and that was a sandwich that's what I thought that once on a flight I think England know it wasn't it wasn't a lot of people in the country and get something sweet in there sometimes it's school and put in the sandwich because she didn't but we're coming we would school I went to did you ever post that video when we take a plane ride to Sweden and Gavin but I think I got a cheese and tomato sandwich on the plane and it was about you know it was like a small submarine size and he convinced me to eat the entire thing in one bite and likes like literally almost died I almost choked didn't can we watch for mine craft but I try to find that vide like try to get this thing down months of 2010 was that that would have been exactly when that was that was July of 2011 to 2011 what do you do when you start choking on food I took him food probably once or twice of you find you Ashoka is there a food it's normally like greddy type of food probably like a hamburger ready just like there's some bread on their sandwiches I will check on that every time I fucking me like it like that goes down I don't think so that's what I first thought he had a horrible feeling of panic and then I like like cut off horse get back up but I'm going a sushi place so it's nice so it's like yeah exactly I fear I should get that all the time you know like freaking what's the closest drink and sometimes that you're in the kitchen and I drink it down and then it goes down we can meet Lee it's really weird to get bread stuck in your throat yes I think I'm going to die someday from choking on food I think that's the way to be are you make sure on the right Network off when I was active enough to just one but the other one should be there why didn't you everybody let's go out there and on I don't have it I had to switch because that email that's funny so I do want to mention our final or final person from the feet or winter is Jenny :-) at Square Mom that's not a real name it's like a little Sienna coolant change than likely change that I do also want to mention that apparently VIP watch party Arty California got the pizza this week so that to you I got it and I also wanted to mention the arcade that we had had had Gallagher now that we've mentioned other is now that we've mentioned the winter I can say that all you want us than to the crime they say that Del gold Galaxia but is currently out on him and I think I know that they released a sequel to Galaga I was coal Galaxia and 3 but it confused people cause people but pointing you the series has Galaga right they usually go for the Xbox One is weird arcade games in huge bundles and now on the Xbox one they're going back and doing them one of the time like right now you can buy Pac-Man Miss Pac-Man Dig Dug and Galaga in NHL in points is pretty much like the stage Thirty and forty years I'm not going to do it now fight recap a video of a burni in the whole sandwich you can get a deal I can the side window there George a Custer oh my God so that's one bite oh my God do that whole thing in one bite later back for the second fight so quickly it was a tuna sandwich tomato is chicken Caesar none of that we went to Sweden and had a lovely time we figure out the pricing of Swedish fish sandwiches yeah Jenny was also on that trip because we land at the airport and he was hungry so we bought him a sandwich and the same when she remember how much it was going to say 6067 right here like right there and said that was our basis for how much a Kroner worth is based on that sandwich looks like dinner was dinner a nice restaurant with three sandwiches a 67 Kroner is 8:22 where you at the airport there is a there's a what is it looks like that was your real well we go to Australia you know pretty regularly over the last 10 years and it's like now it's like the dollar in Australia look badass I don't want a dollar and even in Canada was like for a while I was like garbage but now it's all like the Niagara Falls and its 20 us and 30 Canadian 20 us is 30 Canadian but I was like I was 12 I went watche the episode of The Walking Dead from season 1 a man of such a big fan of the fucking she got something else the company has been fantasizing about it World project you would want to do it she says not her thing but essentially to replace spoilercast because I just don't think is enough of an audience for any individual topic but if we do have one or old one it's at least interesting to people who don't watch the show I gotta get the on spoiler culture we got to get beyond that I've complained about spoilers on Twitter from Walking Dead but at this point we were actually recording for Game of Thrones in this restaurant and I was absolutely convinced that somebody was going to tell us not to talk about Game of Thrones public because I know but it's like now it's like somebody I'm watching Game of Thrones internet please stop spoiling it the name of the show but I want you to read this article that Hank Green tweeted retweeted about somebody was about it was really fast and all about cholera outbreak in Haiti and doors a cholera outbreak a few centuries ago I believe it was in London and it's kind of like the gold standard for germ Theory where cholera cholera was like wiping out this is not what I would like is an epidemic a lot of people are dying from it and a guy basically mapped all the cases of mortality in the city like knocking on doors and asking how many people does House have cholera how many people have died from cholera and then he just made a heat map of the city and found it all centralized on one location and he went to this place and it was a water pump and everybody around that water pump in those houses had the highest rate of mortality for cholera Haiti fight of the woman whose child got the call I was putting like the dirty diapers or like throwing away the waste for it in this well yeah and that's what caused the cholera outbreak in the city so the cholera outbreak in Haiti the UN has been there trying to fight this thing and like trying to get for support but they haven't really talked about the origin of it or anything so somebody ran the same basic study they did the exact same thing they did the heat map and the outbreak centers on the UN facility and there's a pool there so they basically caused this massive but the outbreak in Haiti that's unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable like it and you can see why they just don't want to tell anybody that it's not what I should have to begin with but now it's like they're trying to raise awareness of this outbreak there we gotta read this article I'll send it to you it was amazing that you shouldn't do unpaid internships so what's that the Haiti outbreak right that's the Hot Zone one yeah and then oh they're comparing it there to the Broad Street pump cholera outbreak in 1854 London but that of the bottom rise against famous a map from like medical history that's really smart yeah and it was like to lead in the same that you seem really interesting article and the epidemiology and all the stuff that we love to listen if you're going to correct anything I just Google it that's all I ask that's all I ask just fucking Google it Pronounce celeriac cholera when I direct the Star Wars movie I will have a little character that says Haven than it and then everyone will laugh you will be like it's Canon now and I'll be like Texas Direct Auto Mechanic like that not the writer you know that you can buy the games in a bundle but they're all separate game just install them separately and everything I was talking about like game room on the Xbox One where you just have one thing to go to put all your arcade games like the Atari pack and your little one doing is talking about this I think it was a video that came out of China where these rival construction companies started fighting in the street and they had six bulldozers attacking each other like demolition derby style fucking didn't see that no one shows up and another one doing the work so they get mad and then it was like a demolition derby equipment give me David at Sabrina writing this somewhere in northern China football the cutoff for I think they're trying to get to the good part Gus from Urban can you on the front lawn flipped over and you feel like the dude it out French Montana the friend and the other one one on one side of it Titanfall 0.5 full the pilots will be as good as the Titans in some scenarios the dollars but would you please give me don't have it in this Austin a better way to help but we've never done this he said one day we wanted to rent Bobcats have Bobcat workers wanted on a tow truck can tow truck people to this day send me photos of Tow Trucks towing Tow Trucks towing burni somebody's living the dream what's a good night vision goggles I'm done you know I'm done it all my life coal safety Sixto trucks until each other which ones in front the one that's a dumb question front of the line paint over by the back on a the towing in a circle you did say that you left that but is 600 tractor Towing each other brainworx the universe works we didn't a fight that's why I love you like weird news I saw this bit of news about Austin made the front page of Reddit a couple days ago I don't know if you saw this when I guess there's some Robert E Lee Elementary in Austin haha yeah and there's a movement the people want to rename it so I guess there was a call to the public to suggest new names for the school Donald Trump Elementary Hitler school for friendship and tolerance nice Dru bru full but yeah they didn't let but your Facebook post about that if you see that everywhere aerlingus I want to have a kid named tun the kid face exactly dude playing Destiny like the national airline of Ireland bacon airline travel in the air the longest 2000 of the word what's the word cunnilingus come along Gus what's the weather like what's the notification a blowjob little tiny little bikinis and Dana of the dancers team her top was just like didn't fit and I don't know why she asked Corey of Tyler according to help her like I just tore top and Cory got back there's like I don't know I've never touched it like that is that something that you showed her uncomfortable with the top but I didn't show that predicts I mean the friendly show so I never had any concerns like I might have had a wardrobe malfunction during that process when we came running out of there did you make a little bit you can flash than some stuff came but it's gross stuff in places where stuff shouldn't be so it was like gold banned from twitch for revealing her vagina I don't know I don't know that's the one I was talking about like cancer kids recently she back with something Helena Bonham Carter and I am looking for research what girl I've never heard you out which Blain have you ever had and I have like he's really small other call the bad slip right go ahead actually had a but I went to the academy I like shorts they're shorter cuz I like showing off my thighs and stuff and that you know that's what you want so I get women's Soffe shirts in large because they know they look just like dude shorts with of your shorter anyways one time I wasn't wearing sliders is ringing like boxers and Sliders are athletic shorts I was just sitting there football the gym equipment Baldwin Public full to have boxes before in the privacy of my own home is different you are registered I just put a pair of really old boxes on but sometimes I come completely through the flat the point where I just of my penis and Nobles come through the flap on my books and my parents only bought me like sexual boxers by accident once they're like what does that mean there mr. Potato Head boxers I didn't realize until like someone stuck my dick to the slack that it made mr. Potato Head and from that day forward because the only way you are they should be more like those characters that the other night as your penis think that I'm sorry cuz people make fun of your nose strikes me so yeah that was rude of me to say that that's fine but I still see the park as the Canadian flag in the background she watche a car accident she has if you'd like to how to make a little when she stands up and we stepped over something and I never got back so I don't know if she got paid or anything like that but it wasn't intentional she can go wrong though I think I can happen it didn't look intentional Reef I but now regret having seen that video and I don't think that I should like share with any other states like shit goes wrong or like when somebody's photos get your hacked and then released is just like it's like that was a private thing they didn't than a posting that shit's Tremont Street can I say about thing you posted recently that you were concerned about getting caught with your finger in your nose in public like you know that kind of thing it's like someone took a picture of me from of but somebody had a picture taken of you when you're out and about then you know that you were like the look of it and I couldn't take him I know it's like when you're in public swear that was tweeted to me very weird the weirdest thing ever which is you were surfing your phone at the airport and when you got the top of your Twitter feed you saw a picture of yourself standing there surfing your phone cause I'm only like a like a like a like a over there you know Barbara 201 of the guys from raymon the picture of the guy cancelled Everybody Loves Raymond is whatever from Seinfeld seinfel that's the one Delta from all that really matter right now anyway while he was in the airport they took a picture of him anime tweeted it out I don't know I'm just I'm just saying I would not fuck with Jason Alexander a nice guy but it seems like you can't believe Michael Richards know he would lose out to the guy who plays Niles on Frasier was to him as well yeah all the time it seems like but you Michael Richard a few times to ever be on television and the fact that everyone for Blaine interaction between him and his parents still makes me laugh every time I watch episodes of him having to deal with his parents for some reason they're so great with his girlfriend so great there was one thank you for doing that and no I didn't put it so who does that who comes to his studio and plays ridiculously loud Bass soundtrack is soundproof but there are people outside if I can put a bunch of dumbasses on a fucking lot just so fucking outside in the parking lot to shut up all of all of the house up so but we did have a weird issue at a Pax East where we going to run our our our plan to sell the iPad right and one of the iPads didn't work like it behave like it didn't have any Wireless functionality like the button to turn on and turn off wireless was just great out and disabled to turn on wireless charger Wi-Fi so I like I try to software update it didn't work I tried to factory restore it but the factory restore it you have to turn off find my iPad to turn off find my iPad I need to agree to new terms and services and also agree to the terms and Services I need to download them but I couldn't download it it's a screen that you can charge it is that's all it is really worthless worthless I tweeted this reason I was on the plane San Francisco Gold on the Ceiling a plane so I used to play games I just thought I'd let you know. My old favorite games all of them need internet connections now Angry Birds in Trials Frontier only games I used to play but even if it's going to hold up that you can play it you can just play the old version it was just like no you not going to do this when the bass is going out to anybody else getting flashbacks from Jumanji is it is just me you know I'm sorry PSU cheaper said you mention for the first time that we a card game based on million dollars but when I mentioned I do there was this lady that came jumped on it and then everyone else you're excited about it and it's like this small team of people working on it nonstop and it's like we're in the process of developing and it's like we're really super excited about it I'm excited about it because I think that is something that potentially know I've always wanted to go back and do a crowdfunding thing because I had so much fun with a 14 but were you know where are you making movies and features and stuff like that we never made a card game before so in this is like if you look it like crowdfunding there is a huge cultural board games and everything else like that so it's like we would be the same thing if we did it we were just like you know this is a different release for it's actually like it's been something that we could produce I'm hoping by the middle of the summer and get it out the door so I'm super excited RTX and people like playing at the lines and stuff that would be so great I was surprised by how we like it easily it was to transition the show into a game yeah just like it's still like really like I got this is just works just a natural fit that people could contribute ideas to wear the card game and it was really cool to see that because it had a function or it would put together ideas like the way the card game War can I presented to you and I thought it was a really neat way to like test and see how everything worked out and you know if it was if it was viable and it was a lot of fun the back of the box said every time you sneeze someone to turn to. You're handling your hous of yours maternity photo shoot something so I'm super excited about that cuz it's like one of those things that's pretty neat and then we tried it out like the gaming guys were able to look a little prototype of it and then we all just we loved it we did like simply test everything that so it's like I think we're moving ahead with it it's going to be it's going to be really really cool so what do you think about is the iPhone 2 cameras what are than the poster because I'm just mad about the new iPhone specs that's been released its not been okay what's next week Delta