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Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss troll dolls, Game of Thrones, genital jousting, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 2, 2016.

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-8-11-374

Recorded: 2016-05-03 15:30:52

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone and welcome to this week's episode of royc podcast every week this week brought to you by Shari's Berries proflower hand me on DS thank you for sponsors for sponsoring this week of the podcast I'm going by pretty good just me and I started liking it I don't like when you freak out and stuff doesn't make sense what you doing what's for no reason 4 inches man stroke Chum Chum Chum but it was closed so he couldn't do anything for you and it's like playing random music and I don't like to play for us you Geoff stuttering random words is it Geoff what are you doing when you did this but I haven't seen the video the distance from stretch play the rules of some Minecraft 2043 when someone floods I love it right after it but he was flopping for so long I start laughing like while he's well he's doing it cuz it just didn't end this which is exactly silver father oh my God that's why he knows the extent of the lyrics to The Hamster Dance lyrics hesitate 2 phones I wake up with my interview that the greatest in the world video earlier today he's due here in Brazil there in about their fishing fish props itself up on the side of the boat so they start feeding it beer the drinks a bunch of beer then hopped off the boat and goes back into the water is it but today was actually drinking a be really stupid drink with is cruelty to animals that kills the fish tank that my question was why I said this - it to the sub shop in high school I use the phrase drink like a fish in the guy who worked with me was first generation but he was an immigrant from Pakistan and he thought it was the dumbest expression because he said drink like a fish fish don't drink I'm like kind of like push it out I don't want to live on just oxygen balloon they probably just like ABS or be right there just always around them I don't know it's like I could be a fucking idiot right now the story on Reddit a couple days ago about this woman I think it's in Washington state who wanted to prove that humans only needed sunlight oxygen and water to LIF fish try to go hundred days with only those things that she died she made in 47 it was like 47 and then what I did and that's pretty impressive he lived I think I don't know how long he would have done just what he had left but he's like if I don't you know get out of here in the next day I'm dead and I was like he still had that much water love to sleep before you need food are you okay with a layover 4 hours 144 doing organized meet up where we have a little bit okay what time do you get in this is 11:30 at night how far is it from Newark how far is it from Newark Newark airport to Manhattan 25 minutes yo prefer flying into Newark today 2 hours a cab ride cab view in a rickshaw takes forever to show up at 11:30 and I fucking hate looking like to see what you're going to New York City New York I don't think that he'd be asking I was her only attention as usual on this like you're fine you're fine we're going for this a big industry-wide event that takes place in New York at this time every year it's called The Upfront for television and film his girlfriend the new front for digital hey what you feel in your to a new freaking phone number in ye something I actually probably have Gavin's I put him on trial for Gavin I probably have his God damn thing so this whole thing was avoidable hand barbar to my laptop and Spilled an entire be ready the full Snogging it's okay I guess you have to be on your to come back if she put me on Snapchat today I was in her office sitting there was it revenge for what I did I asked you if it was okay it was but it was revenge for do you want to say say the name of your friend friend I've been friends with on the website and in person for 10 years and barbar the most popular members on the rooster teeth community site there was also a girl in their group name who I got to know and she actually ended up marrying another member of the site his name is abandoned or Ryan or Ryan his real name is Ryan what was the British name for Facebook and she said hey a few years ago I played a prank on barbar where I put trolls dolls all over the place and she would discover the troll dolls and she didn't know who was doing it so if you guys would you help me do that again the plant rolls out dolls all over for barbar find it sorry and then at the end of it Donna said she's confused what I mean by the extended version of the hand shoots more on that in a moment and she said she can me can you put some troll dolls I'll send it to you from Canada you put troll dolls all over her office and then the last one you put with a picture of me so it's like she has committed this prank once again and kept it going after years worked like a charm mainly because I was like she had it and I wouldn't keep up with it and I would like one every two weeks so I dragged it out of the course 3 days and then nothing for a month and then another one in my purse so I found out about this I think on Friday I'll just last week when I was a picture of Britta and a troll doll and I feel like you didn't really miss but I was getting really paranoid and really frightened because like I had no idea who it was I thought it was or the fact that Britain had done this previously or was it like a picture of her on my desk because we had played that prank on each other we're at first I think I had the troll doll yo the toilet seat lid when you put it down and I had taped it to the bottom of it so when you looked it up it would be like staring at you of anything I was actually the troll doll that the control room has the big 102 guy still have it yes you do not interfere genital The Herald that's fucking weird enough on its own that's what you do is you drop the scalpel the highway patrol dollars and then hang them in my office and I put trolls ye be warned she hates him to see through most of them out there shit yeah everyone barbar his hung up The Troll Dolls and cut off their hair by the neck using convention Patrick Bryant art collection conventional energy has a Darth Vader statue in his push like one on after every convention or really he's got like 60 of them it's crazy when we first started doing events with Rooster Teeth I try to do the same thing and then one day I realized I just didn't care anymore if I had a big collection of them and then like in early on like 2005 or so is it really everything the only ones ever catch up with him that's really kind of conversations and if you ever go to conventions first-year conventions are just notoriously terrible because I just don't understand what they're doing they haven't figured anything out but I want to a convention the same week that Halo 3 released and I know that because we went to a convention in Florida where there was a first-year event that convinced me that we were trying to guy favorite go to his event would work out great for us later down the road I'm getting throne ascending the correct answer would you take a fucking middle space true with someone I know then I brought it to know sitting there anyone I know nothing I just like if I fall asleep I don't in someone's mouth in my mouth in your mouth horrible life do you think Geoff I don't think so stretch it would not identify that was ridiculous I'm sorry I can't hold him if you are having a stroke what is the procedure a conversation going on I would love it if you have a small straight my head right now what do you mean what's the procedure to take him to the hospital right now we have to put you in any position in the recovery position so I could you can just go straight to the hospital if you do not let them drive you know the recovery position on the ground and landed in the recovery position paint because it was like breathing it but if you like to do in public Netflix blood rushes team ever after the the Space Invaders shoots talks more ready to put her in the recovery position of playback - the worst Halo and there was less exhibitors at this event than there were never more than attendees more it just hurts like it was like 5 people walking around the floor you know the weirdest thing pressure on those if you feel like you guys are just going to sit on the floor and play it like play the video game in times like the convention gavi Shari's who's like there's nothing to do it's like we're just fucking say did we know nice about it was so dead we actually left we went to a store we bought a TV and an Xbox 2 player games but I do this again real actually mad that he suggested it yes I'm still working Rooster Teeth no I'm sure how it works what's the worst idea ever had a rooster teeth in my bathroom let me think about that okay what's the worst idea you've ever had a receipt we'll come back to that New York it also has a the end of it that YouTube brandcast which is is it's a big marketing sweatfest for people who make time to go and tracking Brands to like put advertisements on their shows and so YouTube fish huge huge event that they put on and light outage on green day but a great speech at the one last year and can look it up it was really fucking amazing versus all the advertisers she was it was amazing but they show videos in this thing and like every year for the last two years we're going to have a rush video in it and it was going to cut and sell every time it was also because I was gaming but something that a broader audience would understand immersion kind of our best bet in that regard because the people see the show and they get what it is immediately so I got cut the year before they got cut last year and are you going to contact those burni guy I swear you can be so happy we have another receive video in this year it's an emergency just here were going to put it to you turn off the advertising on this on this video be sure to me it seems I'm not it like that's where they put them on buses they put him on light up in Times Square he had a billboard but I got the one I did it's okay and I wasn't quite arrogant enough to go how about you should have understand Space Invaders like to get that and a bunch of people that you always all the fancy from Australia inside Madison Square Garden last year right now it seems like it's huge like it looks like Citizen Kane like Grace Helbig walks out and like the whole video all behind her like a hundred feet high is a big per fish in own amazing so it's like it's a huge presentation that a hot commodity that everything that you really that's awesome so we're talking about Australia let me think about another video earlier today related to Australia to - Kem his guys driving down a rural road at night fish comes up kangaroo comes up yet season jumps on his car like jumps like feet first into the windshield and it sounds like jumps a couple of times on the roof of his car and it takes off is it I'm asking you said fucking kangaroo the biggest I can come and think they're the common roadkill maybe the kind of reason just wising up there involving to hate cause because it takes down so many of that number they killed my brother Lazer sound oh my God jumps holy shit it's awesome I was just really stop the car and it looks slow down in front of them and then the guy gets down and starts doing the splits and like doing some sort of dance in front of the car and the car just drives around him and it was like it's okay write the name of the Viner Logan Paul his a good thing so it stops traffic his fucking around split in the middle like walking down the road and all the sudden just dropping to the splits like in the middle of a busy New York yeah this is it this is no this is like I think some Russian dash cam oh yeah drunk of a drive is of another property Act iluv iPhone a dash cam footage for people to fake injuries from car sitting them in Russia shirts for his other people have all the - games there are so of story kind of related to that where this was in China this guy wanted to commit fraud so he thought like a Mercedes Benz stopped in the middle of the street so he decided to get under the car and act like it hit him but he had an interesting Twist on the idea he took all of his clothes I forgot completely naked and then later into the car I want to make people think that like the clothes got hit off of questions if he was naked on top of everything else so just be like you the car where you can find the video of the dude in traffic with a bucket on his head heavy metal so you guys can put this is being chased by the police right jumps on hood of his car and it's like it's like one of the greatest bucket head it looks like bucket head weather today on video or in traffic in LA and the traffic was so bad when we got out and just like started doing skateboard tricks in front of the car what's the weirdest thing you've seen in traffic I have my of my ready guy some guy doesn't know the facts in the bucket piercing on the top of his car it was my bucket the brake light the think that's what he gets off if you want to look up purple thing on the hood but it stretch the light when he drives away what's the traffic like someone's in a car and then someone who's not in a car get in front of the car and start attacking them like hitting the windshield or jumping on the hood and that person is invariably the car just takes off with them on the hood and make it hurt if it is that's a good idea what is the end game of course the person going to happen so he was playing the drums he had a symbol in the passenger seat listening to music really loud and whenever it was talk to you just like get out of sticking the symbol to the song you are just a symbol is really what we thought it was like that was what we thought it was something else that she was just playing toddler car and we're looking seat of the car and there is a car next to us where there was clearly a woman's head in this guy's lap joint like this really was taking a nap and it was a bumpy road maybe she was playing this and that was it or should we ever - LA but when you're talking about there's a good feel the presence of Angeline nearby but you could have you seen look at the Angelina Angelina Jolie Ryan making something funny on YouTube Korn Never Never the famous La landmarks in the eighties and then you don't everything I couldn't tell you how many times I've been to La before father saw that fucking Hollywood Sign la like 10 times where can you get to it what can I do my my my my to it how to say you would like to work with the Hollywood sign what about you question how often For You Gavin does the thought in your mind of I can't do this otherwise I might be deported if I got busted for something like say I don't whatever like if I got on my car and what about my head they might take me to jail and got your loot get out of here yeah I did I would risk it I have a the law fully and always and honestly I didn't UK as well because you're push content to the US going to head to the US if you have a criminal record and I was very aware of that so I'm just going to a lot of criminal records about it if you get arrested of countries the sentence here really I don't like what do you think I'm going to do do Shady stuff but I saw my friends with I'm glad you brought up of a death sentence I have to start water to talk about for a couple of weeks now for the state of Mississippi I'm glad you brought the - Mississippi approves as an execution method really the year 2016 Mississippi of brought back firing squads to kill people he said that staff how many might take that overlay Cleveland Jackson just give it away if you feel like that's like a like a good shot though I don't think they would the dress rehearsal you just help me guy gets shot in bucket in Toledo in the dick guy would like to leave gets shot by drinking things like that would be horrible if the anus I'm picking up the anus but now you believe that yeah be careful though like me me too and see what happens all the time I just saw some really really guy was - and like what I was doing he was testing the laser sights Kahr trigger activated his head it wasn't his chest you know it could have been way worse I feel like it's so common that you do something that's maybe a little dangerous and her to say that I was doing that I could I would be able to a different shot yourself in the hand go head and it hurt and it stands hand you would lose it would you still get to feel the initial pain that you're to be like a phantom pain at that point right like you would think you still have it what if your body got stuck with that pain if you cut your hand off for the rest of your life your body thought you were freshly shot in the hand - because I was the last Sensation that the others gave off enough to kill yourself like nerve memory screaming the rest of your life because we get into it beautiful own hand is out slow bucket list Band of Brothers over the weekend such a great shot a long time so I see you like the Pacific or like the Pacific I like man to Brothers way but I wanted to like the Pacific as much but didn't think about it was better but we watched it in close to 15 years like close to almost as long as it's been out Ryan barbar brothers because you're like the Ultra Mega Series rings in the modern era like there was a series on television years ago like that is probably the most classic which stars live barbar the World Series if you watch it now it's like every single person in that as a young guy went on to be like a huge star and that's what I'm talking about do you know who was in yeah send a text it is American how old is he in it I knew you gonna say trolls restrooms at 7 p.m. reminder that I want to say Michael Fassbender Jimmy Fallon is it it sounds in it Ryan Nathan Fillion is the other Private Ryan did they go in there they identify they say they are all your brothers your dad starts crying and says I don't have 2 brothers that made the million but he didn't Ron Livingston is that in it as well and it's a ton of people that are in that is considered the best TV show according to IMDb is it really 2:50 movies have talks like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones didn't like it I would like an hour after the show and gifts that I see yeah I don't see any I guess I just like the front page of CNN today was like Jon Snow really is... And images like yeah whatever it's crazy it's crazy that happened so early on in the season I did like that they were doing some things that people predicted no spoilers here where man is able to see things like in the past and they were showing some of like essentially the things that happened before the Game of Thrones timeline of me and come back that would be cool if she was back in the early in the morning hand in all this be good way to kill time before the next book will be thought out some people made the conjecture that this entire season was going to be that in order to a drinking entirely flashbacks from this also been speculation that in the future there will be spin-off shows about some of the expanded universe to do 2 more season after this one make another season and then the last season whatever that is it I guess I would turn those into movies I would like one like in the whole thing that's what I was kind of looking forward to it 2 Day with in like an hour and a half movie is like in the snow but game Small Potatoes how do I convince Aaron to watch Game of Thrones why would he do anything that you will hold sex that won't do anything space and I do that all the time anyway to watch The Master 2000 to be like you I think it's like I think he probably thinks of it as like a big commitment because it's like he's afraid of commitment bucket red flag the last time it is a long time but but I can listen to watch the breaking bad cuz you never seen before and I will watch it with him and he loved it and so I want to be like we'll just tell him that you had better tell him he's a writer so this is a very popular so it would make sense for research purposes career to watch that what people like just one hour just one hour to tell me to have Aaron watch one episode of Game of Thrones and then fill in for us all the backstory you know we're not allowed to watch the first five seasons he can only watch the season at the end of season 6 what happened in season 1 through 5 of Game of Thrones name any character replay 2 masters of a Ryan and I guy called and little finger and explain who the character wasn't Game of Thrones you don't his Ryan the game right position so I don't know how he does this but will be playing and Jenny will like them there's a race called like the door locks Sprinter in interest and interest example I'm sick of them and then all of a sudden will get a news alert and it'll be this other race that errands went to war with the door locks and totally just rest relax and neither one of us plays the terrans or the door locks in the to go to war with darling don't worry about it like he has like this came down to where he doesn't like it something you were with that person or like all these other civilizations go to war with them it's like I said all I need 10000 credits to build this Wonder because he threatens all the other solution than to give him all the money he needs 1107 of that yeah I should I should I wish I was like a diploma 300 own ever get him at a swap meet are killing me with this what am I doing this after the podcast is brought to you by me undies are you wearing a suit or sweats it's been almost 24 hours a day in your underwear or Center making a statement like Superman's tights under his everyday clothes your underwear is probably boring meundie security change that every pair of my undies is made from sustainably sourced modal a fabric that's twice as soft as cotton nothing can describe the FIT in field me on this but once you try them on you'll understand why they're called the world's most comfortable underwear if you don't love your first period me and is there free no questions asked and he says dozens of styles and limited edition prints help you make a statement with your underwear where anyone can see them or not shipping is free in the u.s. and Canada and you could save up to $8 a pair with the meundie subscription plan his subscription or single pair get 20% off your first 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Scottish to any social Berrie but as you grow up it was from England to Austin with the English or American his job in German speaking English with a German accent but yeah it was just like whatever me I was on a flight family in the aisle right next to me and they had a really young kid and they are watching a movie on an iPad with no headphones loud like not quietly so just to kick it here at like loud to the entire plan could hear you I was in my previous job we had a guy that worked with us who had a couple of really weird annoying habit I like the guy a lot I know exactly what it was what he had to try and remember these but some of the early like cell phones it was a little little break about this big and had an ear piece and you move the earpiece up and that's how you answered it so he always have his ringer on full blast and you think not everyone of this one had a mobile phone so it's kind of like a new thing be like mobile phones and crazy was his lunch and his phone would ring and it would be ringing at full volume and he would get it like this pick it up and it's going to look at it going and they go and wait for it like this and it would bring the 4th I need a quick hello and so bucket be like what does he would always hold it there until it rang one more time and then he would answer it that he wants another slice when laptops were then also much more rare and look more expensive we're flying to La for some reason and we get to cruising altitude to bust out his laptop starts playing like that built in pinball game Microsoft Windows 2000 or something like that it's like it's like turn it off and he's like he's like it's fine let's play no way he's like 20 minutes at full volume a lunatic because that was the battery life for a laptop - 386 laptop computers terrible thought at the time it's like absolutely amazing you never like to see like maybe like a really rare like apple Lisa or something like that but they don't like their collectors computer to 8686 computer can't even connect to the internet after all my recipes on it laughing to think about the value proposition that computer manufacturers had to make in a pre-internet world if you want to try to sell computer - everybody in the world how do you justify them on his computer how you justify them at the time spending five or $6,000 on a computer that can do nothing essentially you can collect some word processing document it was a guy who was like he was our boss part of the tech industry for years and years and going back to the very very beginning he had he would ye convention he had a booth that there was a line around the convention center to see the product that he was displaying he was displaying a monitor that was black and Amber as opposed to black and green it was like amber colored letters like orange juice yellow easier on the eyes and like people that was so revolutionary people waiting hours to see that it said to think about that today but the people are lined up around 4 o'clock the Old Republic MMO when it debuted the caps in the first five minutes the line would fill up at 8 wow yeah what he was doing and ba now it's like you keep it right I mean who cares if they can put it down for the Old Republic out on the floor everyone walk by it at this point it's just like technology just falls off so fucking fast don't believe that we tried to go in before everyone else to try it it was I can't imagine how I only wanted to try it because I could go in before you fucking barbar do I get a booth at Pax I look bloated cost to get like A5 by 5 boots and get the exhibitor back so I think they're even get a 10 by 10 million exhibitor badge and then you just walk the floor before anything opens but then just leave you alone how to get to walk the floor and you can like see stuff even if it's like they're not ready to show you anything before at least you like standing there when the hall opens and they can't walk guy giving a lot of people ideas you watched of course you don't do not work for Secrets if you want to buy a booth at RTX I'll give you a fucking exhibitor but you and your best friend but I believe that RTX call Alan Abdi.com let me know when I was flying up - PAX East was the other week I had a layover on the way up there and you are probably enough and I was my flight from Newark someone into going to a bar to have a drink and I sat at the bar and right next to me was this guy with an iPad and hear to hear the Skype call if you would like it's calling his wife and was trying to have like a very quiet and German conversation with her and it just sounded super creeper if you like be sitting at your daughters like Whispering German staring at this future German German German the cafe only Mississippi if you don't understand the language Germany slow sending them now I'm looking at you I don't forget the chamber the Jewish present that's why there was a really funny video that I was very reluctant to show the barbar it goes on forever to hear that I don't think so if we have never given to the Scottish father talking to his daughter she wants a boyfriend dollars super cute and it's like he's giving her such how about like 6 or 7 is that your neighbor they had a daughter she was over Garden Wall people lining up to season a lot of connections a lot of comments we've seen a lot of games be marketed and come out and it was like okay whatever what do you think is the game that had an unjustifiable head of marketing in comparison to how long that was a popular game can you think of any can you work at 3 2361 to 30504 firefal go to the bar for a little while The Cure in the lobby of pets I don't think so which one was that was like the shooter MO they always had like a giant I have the video for I think yes I'm on game gu boyfriend's daddy daddy will take him hostage and keep him in a couple you got a boyfriend you're going down man but for Jesus in the story is it better to patch last week was released at least a year it's a good thing that game it was available at Pax 2 free to play in it I feel like it's been for fucking years July 2014 it came out come out Jessica but there are some examples for that's not the case like overwatc is launching today despite the fact this come out till the 24th okay explain this to me how does it launch and not come out if you preorder it you just are playing it no wait it's okay can you explain the difference to me between OverWatch and battleborn that's why that's why I think they're doing it his battlebor launches tomorrow so I think overwatc is trying to beat them out the door overwatc is Blizzard Ryan battlebor his gear box gearbox yeah okay and overwatc came out of Titan the MMO which fell apart movie overwatc more or just like team based shooter or as the gearbox what is more it's more akin to a traditional mobile can you escort around and you know try to take over parts of a map overwatc it's just like to team shooting each other I mean there are some very subjective stuff but it's not quite the same as to come out and they were out like 2 weeks ago I had the speedrunner his was out gavi playfully I know it was fun let's play in a while and people wanted to play Slither orio father I want to Mickey Mouse of the game bee who barbar slow remember when I used to - to see if you would like to but I've got to move - two-headed looking snakes and each player controls one of the heads and you can take me to a bigger or smaller and you try to move the ball across the court and seeing this now it's really fucking guy look at me now yo what's up PlayStation 3 game and it was houses that look for father push me. The dictation game barbar would love that haven't played that yet it's not out yet that's what comes out tomorrow I think I think if you're longer your weaker so you get push on my the little one like this for people playing right now the controls one head there's a button you can push to like me to serve longer and it but you can push to a retractable somewhere you keep them on one side of the fucking horrifying we need to play this that's horrifying so long push me pull you push me pull everything the dick jousting game was it called bucket to his release date is it out genital jousting send someone of cameras under their breath because I heard you could come out website is General jousting scroll down to consent okay releases 2016 a 2016 his about flaccid penises and consensually penetrating your friends the perfect gavi season 4 the jousting you play a penis and your penis has a but and so you just try to get your penis in the other players but but it's like a player the push on it white wine of the yo Othello my God this is like the bad version of humans longer in this one it was what's the bad version what's the weather going to be a be just like in real life the Caboose 66 of Shaggy each other which ones in front Perfect Circle then he wins we should try to make that guy barbar but that's okay I mean I agree with you that I feel like getting back to our original topic to many games have - extended period of time with like open Beta yes I do it's it's it's I feel like I can play the game but it's out and you've given it to me I've got the game now thanks I'll plan podcast as well Shari's his brother to Douglas and then Burns Titanfall is another game where the excitement was short-lived and it was short-lived so we should probably talk about the event and development and we're getting close to finalizing everything for the million dollars but card game and everyone is super super stoked about it everyone has so much fun playing it simply tests and everything and we're actually about to put out this is the lazer Team official script official back or scrap his role in the process of be signed this one is not signed but is that actually the very last physical good that we have to send out for Lazer team we just had to wait until the movie Ted come out in order to be able to ship the script of people otherwise I would because it would forward the movie his words for the movie nothing extra nothing less you just gave the whole book away for free nice one yeah the movie we were going to make sure there are crowdfunding campaign for Lazer 2 the script we had to see if we were in the process of printing it for it to go out and then the other thing was that I'm in the process of shooting the last three game times which were one of our stretch goals if you would do Lazer team stretch goals and then we would do we should keep a stretch goal is in game time is one of the reasons we're going to be doing 301 with Marcus and I still haven't decided who the last person should be dungeon dollars that hand and - Race to - out with you we British a to get my car back but I would like to talk to you like this weekend it was always talked about how his kids and his kids pull on kids his kids like the cutest kid in the world was that really the best take they can get he was cute as a button man that's a flashlight and everything Marshall guy like cereal or something and it was like unfortunately I don't know the names of Ryan kids because he's pretty private but it's something that was Eli Eli Eli said like you know what you have in those daughters name Olivia Olivia at one point I think that's my sister Olivia explain that to the Ryan who we talking about if they want to use the flashlight to light I just play some kind of game before they went to bed at me the front page of Ryan would be someone that would be a good one not everyone is Lazer team team because Ryan was supposed to be like who makes she was also in Lazer team like you were she was one of the two it is that we were but I don't see it anywhere so it's there I can't even stretch in say there's a reason for that people were pretty happy to be back to the office have a boyfriend don't be sad when you really himself how many what are you that when we were going through you're going to do a report card to make sure that we like to feel the Kremlin goal because as you guys know on the podcast we're very critical of the fact that we had a really good crowd funding campaign it was a lot of fun we did a lot of cool stuff made made the thing we said we're going to make it so frustrating just add the stuff doesn't come out to you know did you see that you forgot that somebody made of us talking about going we always so weird to watch his talk about something over a long period of time because everyone say about whether we liked it or hated it and that was kind of the head in the middle future podcast opening reverted on the queen to what it was predictions that were right everything except that conversation about the car we were not happy with you predicted the current level in Destiny tomorrow what is the newest YouTube 3:20 because you know that was to me the funny thing about that was we kept bringing up whether or not it was actually crowdfunding or not that was part of the conversation it was funny because you keep calling it no problem and if you could pre-order it was crowdfunded this we had this conversation because I just want to say I'm not sure what would you like from but they didn't make them until everyone has spent money you are correct so what's the difference though the note that makes it anyway that's what that's like to be considered for pre-orders until I can get him cash and he made a mistake and anyway I mean what can I use to play that same logic because it like Halo Halo 6 is going to come out you can pre-order if you want to come out obviously it's like we made Lazer team we made a movie so we try to figure it out and it's we never got a card game before so this is something that we've never done before so this seems like a perfect way for us to do another crowdfunding campaign but it's going to be super simple they were going to do for the million dollars but card game it's basically just going to be the cards it'll be the deck we have designed expansion deck and there might be like one or two other things I think I'm Lazer team they're like two years or something like that be all that stuff and it's pretty important to us because I think it was about the million dollars but card game me know about the million dollars but Kickstarter and this one we're going to start it next Wednesday May 11th at noon or 3:12 or 12:01 p.m. what time we're going to start it will have like to put them all sweaty have like a prototype made of the whole thing me so much fucking awesome we just had dinner with the team that was in charge of Designing a game just like game development graphic designers are merchandise head over guy for China last week and was like babysitting the Prototype of the came off the press just make sure be ready to go but Kickstarter has like this whole Community it's based around like tabletop and board games that head so it's like it just kind of the thing we could do it that way but if we're doing a Kickstarter it's like a way that we can get like a lot more press about it a lot more marketing and you know just get the name of that out there a little bit I think so I think to expand it beyond the reach of community cousin this is a game on it's like on the phone that could really be more involved with everybody who doesn't in this is really no Rooster Teeth also have of the campaign that would be like that live stream gameplay and all that stuff and it's a lot of fun I can't wait Wednesday May 11th at 12:01 p.m. central Time I'll have more for you will be able to but I did like everyone's like speculation and like trying to make the game themselves on Reddit and stuff I guess like them actually did it the way that we are we did it yeah what is a couple days ago I don't give a to the first day of the campaign is there's a couple different variants to like you more than just one game in the cards that I can play them different ways but was just walking by Ryan his off stage here giggling away and we were just walking by him we were we were like and I was like I was walking but based on million dollars but the show he's like that's a good idea and he walked away after like A2 minute conversation and the next day or the day after he had a set of rules and he had in like a 15 card deck essentially that he just made and like as a starter for his life from that moment it was just like he just took off everybody got it was from like the concept of it that we went to like 2 weeks and then play testing place in place and now we are here and ready to the point where we can get the door so you have a 100% the company we've been on the front page of Reddit more than any other company hydraulic press channel on the front page front page man frequently than every day we try to look at the front page of Reddit every should try to make we will find a way I can't pronounce it on Twitter she's of a Columbia and she was saying what's up Rebecca lumbia thank you she says alright we have a mission with crashed Kickstarter that's pretty much knew that to show up at 12:01 p.m. we can do that on Twitter because she did Amazing Race some time looking at your Twitter feed analysis of all of the remaining I'm in the final four actually not in the final four this is the second to last episode this Friday so she did a statistical analysis of all the placements and the trends of our placements of course the entire race then she did player plays his legs she didn't normalize prediction and then the pull statistical analysis to determine who is going to win so and it depends on you know which message you have for analysis some of them in the normalized one we come in second it looks like but in the stretch trending we come in first so sure if I like this version better if you come in first a million dollars but I have to work and shorts attached I can't wait this may sound selfish like against you but can we put that into an episode of million dollars but I make you a real one like I'm basically saying give us the money make a video actual episode this be the first person to agree to it that's an idea when our mind it would listen to the podcast is also brought to you by proflower Mother's Day is this weekend it's only six days away mom is always been an expert on everything cooking relationship advice fixing your cuts and bruises the one thing you can't go to her for advice on what to get for Mother's Day not to worry you look like an expert A Mother's Day when you use proflower to get Mom 100 blooms of the free class race for 1999 plus shipping and handling or make your day extra special upgrade to a premium base and a gourmet chocolates for just 999 more go to proflowers.com today and use code teeth proflower takes all the guesswork out of send your mom grandma or wife the perfect Mother's Day gift can't beat the price of convenience proflower takes care of all the details he's the only way to get a hundred blooms with a free glass race starting at 1999 is it proflower.com click on the microphone in the top right corner and type in teeth that's proflower click on the microphone type in teeth Mother's Day is this weekend order today time is running out this offer expires Friday at midnight push my order earlier today so I think ye proflower sponsoring this episode of the rich Teeth podcast I don't mean to distract you I'll talk a little more about the amazing race this past week's episode so you're really far like that his only put 4 teams left now it's only four teams left and are on our way to our final country people the word very curious to see how his goal return was going to play out like it was a lot of discussion about it not only in our community but in like The Amazing Race communicating with you his to put someone up there and they have to go back and do the other roadblock was a very important part of it you take it in your thing when you go through the leg guy and you get to the detour you get a clue from the clue but it says you're at a detour and you can do thread or you can do bread and if you do thread you have to go make a carpet that was in Armenia head do that still go to this carpet company and make part of a carpet and we'll show you how to do it or you but we have to find this Bakery his name of the bakery go there and make 15 traditional Armenian bread called the law should look so good nothing to do short and who hasn't and so some of them only have like three positions a little box thing only had three of it so if you got there 4th and 14th shows that that task the $14 I would either have to leave and go to the other one which would call sometime or just wait for somebody to finish which is just excruciating if you're in that position then after that you go to another 2 box when you finish whatever the task is you another box and then that usually 12 season or twice a season they will between the Detroit and the roadblock they will put a U-turn and I just when you get to it it's a board where you can put up another team's picture they have to go back and do the other detour now keep in mind the team split up to do the different detours and so you could get that you're bored and have no idea how long it took three people to do the other detour they might already be past that you turn and when they're past that you turn if you turn somebody you wasted it and what happens most of the time what is the term used the people already got past you know you turn Jimmy and Timmy as a Jimmy Jimmy you have already been by The Thing by an hour and you just wasted it and you know that you get a clue and run on to your next thing to the roadblock and you single so what happened in ours was a duck we started off the day with a detour the problem was with only five teams left Mississippi LIF of the last episode in Bali that we did what was really unique in this situation was all the teams did the same detour which is almost never happened so everybody knew where everybody was at that point in time so Tyler and Korey finish the detour first they start of the day about 5 or 10 minutes ahead of us and we spent the whole day just we had the fastest leg but it just we didn't we we we made up 9 minutes and 45 seconds if it's like his we're about 10 seconds behind into the mat and coconut to the chickens and then turn board first day you turned Brodie and Kurt who started the day in last place and work their way up to third in the detour but we were second so we get the more we see the Tyler and Korey have U-turn Brodie and Kurt and there's another space at the W turn where are some team can you turn another team our plan the whole time was to U-turn Tyler and Corey because they were the team right now in the race to the team that they're winning first place we're racing them to them at all the time bro and Kurt the Frisbee guys had the most first-place finishes but they were going to fall in love with but then it finished they were starting in last place and you go to these trips in the race so we will try and call you know but then we get to them at the U-turn that we see the inquiry already gone through they return breaking Kurt silver looking at everything okay what can we do with it this is a situation that were given what can we do to make this work so we looked at it ran to the stairs really quickly well we could you turn the dancers Matt and Dana or we can you turn Sharon Cole and honestly at that point we want to keep both those teams in the race because we feel like we can beat them in the finals so I would want to throw them under the bus and you know we not going out or what and then when you Sanders or the for sure and probably the dancers but I think that would be a bad choice so we made the decision instead of doing nothing are you turning what other teams we used our U-turn - U-turn Tyler and Corey because we took advantage of that rule that you might make a mistake and you turn it team with in front of you we intentionally you turn the team in front of us to do some waste are you turn and then that filled the board and to nobody else could you turn anybody else and that's what eliminated breaking her because they were the only people to go back and do the other challenge which was the same channel 1521 apparently did the same thing at one point so they were then they were calling you send a picture like if you wanted to come watch the All-Star season I think it was 24624 they're awesome they're like too I think you're from Sri Lanka and I just ordered two twin sisters that argue fucking constantly feel like doing it and I do anyway so they had to use that strategy one point I had not seen I had team in the All-Star season head limited but I hadn't seen the original season the qualified in front of people who have won back on the original 21 and came back for the All-Star 14 so I think that might have been my to 2424 but it was it was it was it was it was funny to watch people try to grab those chickens chickens chickens more worried about hurting the snake than anything else I do people. Are you worried about having a snake around your neck and I was like no I was worried about hurting me so a lot to her I know that grabbed it from my neck essentially so it's the worst by accident I feel so bad I was once I don't his bouncy balls bouncing around the house cuz I'm seven years old apparently but like going over the kitchen cabinet door I'm not sure what the problem was really big fans of breaking up with her till they get everywhere we went the world Brody was like this magnet let his his huge personality everybody loves his guy everybody and he can of his worker to the most respected Racers like people to be amazing race but it was like that was great that was brilliant strategy 10% of people like you are the fucking devil you're the worst thing that ever happened to The Amazing Race me head you'll tell me that Geoff good just watching The Amazing Race it's like guys from rural communities that are like 45 years old and they're like that you know it's like an audience that we don't normally reach with Richard Gere and like there's a devil what's my temperature the other 5% is still going what the fuk just happened somebody please explain to me what the fuck happened but they were very confused why Tyler and Corey didn't have to go back and do another test they were already past they never came back to you and you have to see your picture on the U-turn board and other in order to go back and do the U-turn so if you just run by closing your eyes you can't people the devil get screwdriver Water and Sewer like they might have they might have wanted the team they didn't like to get you turned and then Brodie and Kurt to beat them it was a very valid argument that the roadblock after the U-turn was a cliff diving one and it wasn't really one that anybody could screw up so whoever got you turned they basically didn't have a chance to catch up. It wasn't like it was a long time and then you just real thing which is something you can get someone who gets locked up and won't go off and then because he did what the challenge was they made us go to a paddle board shop and Ashley's or person who does all of our balance stuff that's what I would like and strength stuff and puzzles and she would do the balance and dancing and stuff Ashley and annual checkup and the doctor was like so how's your balance is like standing on one leg I try to like push it there may be but I was really disappointed in myself BYU you you give you balance his other skills The Silence of to walk across like I've been doing like challenges like on The Amazing Race so I can keep balance being something do we have to follow we just broke it up that way Ryan says that you agree with me right now so this thing is this if it's of Throne to the amazing but that we got the Roblox weird because that's where you have to choose one person to do it and then you can switch that person is doing a task to wear paddle board shop and the clue was who's ready to sail into the blue and it was like okay this is going to have to paddle across the Lagoon on a paddleboard actually going to do it so I know you're jumping off of 40 foot cliff and that's what they tend to do that looks like Switcheroo and occasionally people get mad at your favorite team but they want another team or there's just some people who don't think that you should use the U-turn in Amazing Race but that's not what that's for The Amazing Race his race and don't use the u-turn get upset about it also maybe they think that you're abusing the rules for using the U-turn in a way it's not intended to be you that's right but you're playing by the rules that is the way you're supposed to say you shouldn't be able to pack the board it's like correctly used incorrectly that that's what our situation front of us we show up when you turn you turn Tyler and Korey be long gone so we've wasted our you turn on Tyler and Korey but nobody else has the record for the most amount of consecutive the first time we will be tied to the reporters from last season who by the way should point out that one the whole thing they won the last leg so what's up because things tend to happen to know it so you know things happen on The Amazing Race something like a karmic traditions fuel season but yeah it's a good question I mean I'm one of those things are being in second place is like everybody in this to the man you know Tyler and Korey but hand Dana and Matt also have a win so everyone feels like they need to they can beat us but they could have beaten the man in first place many times so they probably felt like more of a threat to them even though we had the best average over the last five legs by for like or just crushing in the last five Lexington 62nd Place but it doesn't look like it cuz we're not waiting like a trip to Helsinki or something but we're like 20 seconds away Safelite the best we were never alone on the mat with Phil except one time card hand and that's it on the sea wall and we were like not that far behind Brodie and Kurt which one of the team or for other teams or eight other teams in Germany it's been crazy usually it's like Phil says your the 16 to check in and then you just answer a couple questions and you leave but every minute somebody running up to the mat like right behind you that's how close I was really even know when you're leaving the boat at the time it was very clear it was just his leg in the but it was enough to make up the deficit this is one of the few times where the finish time has carried over and been impactful on the next line anyway Amazing Race tomorrow and Thursday or Friday before the race should I win million dollars I was going to buy a Rolls Royce and use it for Uber and pick up people in a Rolls Royce but now I feel like I said that and now it's the front of 4 - Mike of but you have to kind of do right like the way I don't know call the circle the wheel with it stays upright the whole time he and I talked with cloud replace the on the wheels with the guy that doesn't race to be - Trend burni action on Twitter last week that was really fucking cool to see it on the parks you did do it was it was like 4 in the morning for me where I was I just have text Brandon Ashley so cute about that after your Limited man we lost anyone can get it country athletic finish in the u.s. was around the world in the u.s. is it ever in the same state as someone from but yeah a lot of times they start in La own end in LA on Sunday in New York or LA or they did like Nantucket last year Cape Cod or somehow I forgot about the final spot with outside your front door Rolls Royce Phantom drophead Coupe has a weight of 15 monthly car note if you want to buy the cheapest trolls let me let me go goal instead what is the wait time is important of a little over $200,000 slow money to million dollars that's a lot of money with the hashtag Battle vs. Kyle and Tyler no unfortunately we did not win the hashtag battle but we were closed much like our participation in The Amazing Race so far we came a very close second one it is also a Shari's Berries Mother's Day is this weekend only six days away there's no one quite like Mom every mom is unique we wouldn't want to change a thing with Mother's Day just on the corner with a great way to show Mom how much you appreciate her surprise Mom with something unexpected and as unique as she is Shari's Berries right now get Shari's Berries freshly dipped strawberries starting in 1999 plus shipping or double the berries for just $10 more exclusive offer for listeners go to berries.com click on the microphone at the top right corner and typing code teeth berries are dipped in milk white and dark chocolate goodness the top was rich chocolate chips chopped nuts and signature Swizzles you pick the delivery date you want and it's guaranteed customer satisfaction is always guaranteed or your money back it's a win-win the only way to get this amazing deal for she dipped strawberries starting at 1999 or double the berries for just $10 more its exclusive offer for of the stretch when you use code to visit berries.com click on the microphone at the top right corner type in teeth but a Berrie.com click on the microphone and talk own teeth - limited time offer and Mother's Day is this weekend so make sure you order now thank you Shari's Berries for making delicious strawberries and supporting this podcast I saw a story that I thought was really funny in the UK where this guy so I guy didn't know this but the UK unite I knew that they had like yo speeding cameras to catch people who are speeding obviously didn't know that you had mobile speeding camera so I guess I'll just park a van in an area it's got a camera on it and then they'll set it up to the cashier for speeding this guy noticed that there was a mobile speed camera set up so here park behind the van love this day and then popped up his trunk to block the camera having just walk to the pub then we could drink I just left it like that like to Lazer ice fishing Bridges you find them so shitty I hate that I hate automated traffic stop I hate it even though I didn't catch you speeding at the time like physically right we can put the camera on the stand I mean it's the questions you just look at the camera malfunction to be able to give you ticket for it right there is something to speeding ye just say no to the speeding said take a picture or call me why do the cameras lying or it's not a function of average speed cameras with 2 cameras are involved of those that takes a picture of you at one set and then like a mile down the road it takes. Are you still comfortable with like all these orwellian laws why you just so it's like completely comfortable with like a camera sending you would take it because the other breaking the law but you don't drive security cameras light cameras I feel safer with it that if I get mugged then some pranks on camera million me to put on your bedroom then and higher service still like monitors baby super dangerous but if you're asleep yes I have a mixture of like well on this busy street corner should have a camera it's a bad eye it's both it's either is 5050 what what Fish Bowl 51 Mississippi yes go ahead but that's like saying two different numbers game I don't know if I've seen two different number that's like saying everything that's like saying everything was useless said all the possibilities that question could be I said it's either a good idea or - panic but they could it be could it be immediately in every scenario it's a bad idea because I'm usually confusing to explain to me what you mean what he means is Tom daughte existence of cameras is either always good or always bad there's no Nuance to it it's not like in this situation it's good in this situation it's bothering you outside your front door and it's bad that means it's bad that you can't just say it's okay Amy Schumer said that she's not going to take photos with fans anymore apparently like some guys take a camera in her face and she was like paid you or like I paid for you before it does seem like she was walking down the street I know that they contacted us and said the thing like so that's the reason why this dude in Greenville a member card yo I'm not going to take photos with anybody anymore it's like wow Millicent a 2 numbers the park at to be completely pointless name a thing a football game it's either a good idea better Day flowers great but there's football games football games that are a bad idea a good idea or theirs and in there there's good football games to me a camera is it a bad idea to save your life and then leaves white pictures to the internet it was a good idea or a bad idea what you said it helps you in and it ruined yo where's the camera that saved my life where is that camera in your house in my house okay you get you get tied up and your head's under water but you're being drowned in a bucket head fish in a bucket the camera sees this and someone calls the police and I pull you out of bucket how to get in the bucket someone tied you up upside down and bumped your head in the back of cameras it sounds like my house ridiculous speeding you have cameras in your house no security cameras like outside my house but you just the same way there's always been those ones in particular that's a bad idea I don't want civil surveillance cameras a mile down the road to take another picture they physically can't take a picture of you they just measure how fast it take you to dinner soon they can calculate the time correctly or they will record the time for that to the time but they couldn't like the world clock right but there could have been but she doesn't see it can happen that every that's the fucking poor wasn't that much is for sure. Of time like 8 people never speeding do they give you like ten thousand speeding tickets over be all the cameras are broken a short amount of time what is the bucket for 1 minute but you know what if it's every minute I'm bee gavi I'm just trying to give an example I do not accept the fact that technology can break it could break anyway I don't have him so what about this one specific piece of technology Atlanta Braves that's like you and I don't get a fine for the government telling me I'm a criminal what if you didn't file your taxes but you did it just didn't go through the system what does a camera have to do with that I'm using different technology technology and electronics you also receive a record that way you have proof that it was sent you a picture of yourself speeding at the moment you're speeding ye be okay with that refute it with my own on-board system that's monitoring my speeding but your speed on there at the same time if I was in control of that and they were not in control of that but what exactly which is the legal situation I'm being fined by the government for doing something illegal for the right to a trial by want to say I didn't do this thing I go to trial and I face my accuser I cannot face my accuser if it's a fucking camera that's exactly but Cameron did you record the right time camer to sit still and yes I did he's like so he's guilty I think I'm assuming to be incorrect and the camera is always assumed to be correct if there's a picture of you throwing a Molotov cocktail at a pub as your face and you're doing that and then they show you that picture you just got to be like what if someone else to a million I get that all the time you like cameras and you're happy with security and being safe I'm not saying that break the law I'm fine with it it's never going to but I also basis of the argument about encryption whether or not the government real a break and we got that people saying you you don't break the law all right you have nothing to hide so you should be okay with the governor energy computer and be able to see everything you have because you don't break the law what you should be able to have stuff that you have to show up to anybody else with that I like my Sonic order you want to go on people the dates that you're right there is no what was it Chris but I can tell you because I get what you're saying that we cannot turn the tide on this a good idea coming from it don't like it terrifying and worth it in my opinion if you wanted anything wrong then what's the the Ruby volume 3 DVD I want the on this one be nice to it for personal cup what is it tomorrow or today feeling tired as you get it please Elvis Presley alright what does it have inside of it Barbara the DVD and Blu-ray release that way to a really cool insert compare Mars how much work I want to give a special shout-out to somebody who works the company did somebody really go to 8:11 you guys had a dream the other day which was the race with funhaus and Achievement Hunter the race to 1 million Subs on your YouTube channel in Bruce funny to say everybody going through right now and a bunch of people dead as a joke but Michael after the stream 8 hours in the morning that's very very much I did I told my but today those employed here for a month and see how she handles travel for a lot of people and if that's what you want was doing the travel when the podcast started and I said to her I said you also had it handled I have trash drop-off and she goes I miss you and I should get it just I don't know this is like Yo Gabba Gabba free how did you know she has no his totally know you know Stephanie's I can understand as an assistant to his will travel you don't a shocking to me just because you know to be your company haven't been so busy lately I asked if she'd asked me should I start handling Gavin's travel I can take that over today and I went like everybody in that Bullpen area sitting next to her desk every to go to that international travel as much as you travel for work and Slow Mo Guys everything would be an absolute nightmare push more videos this year than any other year so far you might have more videos in some entire other years you know that tomorrow is the five-year anniversary of the giant balloon video to really see how many views the giant balloon videos 90 million it is up to a hundred and twenty I'm going to guess a hundred and forty-six million tickets 137 trolls that the results of but I'm sure he's up on that once it tomorrow could have put up with the giant balloon but are you really to do anything I said it was cool and preparation did Dan in the balloon that was like money is that one going faster than the original one was the original now space yeah that would head his original rush rush and now it's pretty much directly in line with the other one that's really crazy crazy awesome