#375 - A Case of Genital Gus

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Kerry Shawcross, and Miles Luna as they discuss cremation ashes, Austin’s Proposition 1, politician porn parodies, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 9, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-05-10 16:04:13

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone working to receive podcast and we've brought you by audibl Casper and trunk club thank you to our sponsors for sponsoring this episode of the podcast you're great I'm going to scream miles so you're not since 3 this afternoon I'm James was hell I'm Kerry let me break your finger and I can't see your text yes I'm close Gus you've ever been to the park and he just putting them in podcasts I'm going to go to deal with a of Gus sorola did he know that he was dying from some disease but really what's wrong Salinas and I thought I was doing the rounds Ed Sheeran your mom doesn't work here no the Benjamins Ben it's okay I think I can sell them if you can open a bank account know what people like and will likely hit to their cats right like this like rich people who like I live in leaving million dollars to my cat is there a version of a social security number print their asshole like it rubbing on it as an example give a little extra but holes are gross but they are animal buttholes that are like in cartoons are really cute in that same exact but holes are absolutely adorable exactly oh yeah I was playing I'm playing well but for the longest time I was only taking pictures of the cats if their butt you drove that from every life we got Gus a piece of paper could you draw a really cute butt hole itches yeah sometimes like if there's been some drama there you might have like a little behind as well like a round animal sold out of Florida I bet mine was very good but would like to to print the Seas I got Kerr V chip give a little like Flavor the butthole I can I find an algebra solve x cat buttholes that my thing here we are are there any work at 7:35 hidden holes in it go out somewhere absolutely yes we've been working on BTV and spoiler alert it's wise adorable he's remember she's probably got the biggest reaction we had a serious conversation about whether or not to put an asshole on it all weekend and then I had a comp review where I 60 accident print it I lose it in the further why she's doing it out that's why your salary is going to think about that we work at a company where there was a meeting about a cartoon but hole will make America great again can you table I December just ring when I got here the destroyed table was still sitting there it will just remain that way we make it like it like it was good for like baskets and stuff in the past why does this exist yeah so annoying like bits break off in the shop and I said I guess I guess we can look at the paint spray paint Leanne minimalistic stainless steel give me I like to do a lot of things at home and rest my sweat is so acidic should be Gus sorola disease I think I like to do for fun one of the rare times I actually leave my house to go to open houses to look at other homes if it's a weird insight into the way other people live their lives like I'm curious to know like the people that like a scientific mostly look for houses that are lights on in their windows open 60 lookalik what your life like where was like the whole the core would like that like wicker and very likely like country home and then the realtor was there and he was like Hey listen before you leave we like to fill out the comment card to give his feedback on the house let's plan this house alright fine whatever I'll do it when I'm sitting there and I'm like I don't know what to think I don't like this house because it's not modern I hand it to him Percocet disgusted look on his face looking like alright I'm leaving now do you always put on the options I had to rush off I had seen this house before he always been curious about it if I have an open house I'm actually able to see it when you say things I could do on the weekend I thought you were going to say was get naked and see how long you can run around before Esther like grass I closed the whole time you told me that you were just it sounds like to I just like I we just let Michelle know everything open till like 4 I will do that okay really Kerr you got something please don't embarrass the family underwear one last thing I can remember my brother hiding in the racks of clothing at the party let's get close you know you just like V of her despite the fact that she's calling out your name on the verge of tears worried that lost a child no I got with my brother to me and then you just give them instructions on what to do and when making them on the sidelines at the same time flushing run I just remembered so mean V ever tell you the story about some people make up languages and will talk to make believe I told her before I just tell my brother I said that we didn't make up a language we talk like British people we go every conversation start with and then it was like soccer hooligans I love like I love you and called me yet so let me see the on the brink of nonsense on the ring Apple TV and talking I'll see if you can understand what I seen in this of the United Kingdom's version of Boomhauer like I was watching TV Hil I wish I knew how it was hilarious character not thinking like that and then people became a television which actually need subtitles for people speaking I was watching Anthony Bourdain TV shows like we visit the country in this particular episode was like I don't understand people what are the subtitles like my cousins and my uncle there are mile like youngest cousin she would when I went over there like that the last time and she was like a 13 year old girl and my parents could not understand her anymore and she spoke too quickly with you Sean of an accident so I had to like be the intermediary for two English people speaking to each other let's make it Wednesday cuz I made it we just got back into Austin is like you lost me I don't know her dead solez Annunciation industry it's it's it's funny you know growing up almost all of my relatives spoke Spanish and you know it at the time as a kid like I picked it up I can understand I could talk with him but now it's like if I go back and visit them and like they start talking about I'm lost I can still understand like if you give me a sentence in Spanish to read I could read it I had like trying to listen to you I have no idea what you're saying like when I go to my dad's side of the family they definitely have more an accident and after about half a day I'll slip back into like talking like that my dad doesn't like my dad works for a high school cafeteria and he's got like a bunch of lunch ladies that are all like they do very heavy Spanish accent and remember I'm I got home my dad was very quiet guys I told you it was very good phone and ring and then I'll get it LOL if I was actually watching soap operas stories telenovelas there always such great promises HTC everything it really looks like Georgia State Champions roll with an earthquake healthquake electric lemonade the same here what am I doing this it's over Steve podcast is brought to you by audibl.com audibl is a leading provider of audio books and more than 250 thousand downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction and periodicals audio books are great to listen to when you're driving doing chores or at the gym for audience members audibl offering a 30-day free trial to go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth Now that over 250,000 audio programs download a free title and start listening it's not easy right now I just texted finished up the Game of Thrones series I just finished A Dance with Dragons and I actually started listening to Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings right now the 30 day free trial at audible.com audible.com / Rooster Teeth Lord of the Rings they have you know like is it like yeah I mean I'm surprised about with the version I'm listening to right now is I forgot how much music there is in there okay yeah that's what I was I had that on TV and actually that was a little Kerr dilute starts drama and you like singing like fucking my list Michaels I like that just like your room no I haven't I just started they're still going we still haven't gotten to let's call the prancing pony yeah that's like the first place for the left hand side of the Ring movies are coming out I reread them and then I just was like I think at this point I would say Lord of the Rings just because Lord of the Rings trilogy The Hobbit all of the games and stuff have come out since I feel like the universe eventually reach that point yeah like once they're done with the story like they're flushing out back story in history cuz there's a lot of history that they talk about but don't really delve into it honestly kind of thing but I like everything that can actually touch them self how much you think George RR Martin is actually available as well let's just get the books out there early that's it everyone is out melting it'll burn away all the letters on his keyboard that he wasn't there something that you can't even now okay I'm going to the Razer keypad was that I had the I got the cheap one is just green and other colors just like people that designed it ended up being like $5,000 or something I told him it was like a 100 by 100 shift and all the numbers all the kids are like flip case and then you know there was really no different King I was like 5 grand I don't like 96 college but I'm trying to pull up a little come over here to see if I can find it was cool I didn't actually do anything let's for the seeing impaired how to the fact that he would just change like all the different a different funny faces and everything cool and wholly implemented expensive it was just expensive it's going to be like probably the fact that you can shoot someone take out I just like a toy your Shield up you just know it's there you just said that way it looks like for the Super Nintendo stuff from Xbox 360 I actually feel of your hands Jack in the Box I just bought a new charging cable from Japan highly recommend them pretty good what's good about them so you know how I feel yeah I haven't like big splurge and quite some time I'm pretty good with my money you said you were going to go to lunch today because you want to save money otherwise I can save money then I remembered you're getting at prop art like just the plug and plug it into the controller and you just leave it there and then the cable attaches with magnet magnets or just leave it in all the time she's probably about how much pressure it puts on the controller down and it broke the magnets on the controller all the time it's more than just the headset on and it's dark in your shoulder Survivor on one and you can tell he's only got enough for that to you when he held up the flashlight in the gun like you see police to an area like a Battle Stance and heating fire V fire check your shoulder check again V is getting worse because my dreams making me shake 44 like they finally got close enough there's always enough to eat and he ran at about the same time he didn't know it hitting them in at work that continues to be where let's set aside I feel like most of the current we are going to come over around like 1:15 bucks right now and you know it's a lot of just like people are just getting started but the fact that it's already so developed is very very promising but like I think the way that you make your virtual reality game really stand out above the others days you just have to ask yourself okay if I just did that's what I wanted to do and I think that of the of the job Simulator the office of the other thing that you did for We Are the Champions was a great example of anything you have to say but my hand on it rewarding people for being of experimenting with some exploring the world one of the most amazing things to me was just the physics that they put in to spend some coffee and some porn the golf game I hit like one ball in the hole and then all I wanted to do was in just throw the golf club and see how far I could go and what would interact with them but it wouldn't it's like you just want to meet you want to try and break it and see if you want to see if you're smarter I don't think the one where you're in the mechanic shop and you cannot work on cars and stuff like that another level that cop was like let me put it inside the door and I like it over into the driver's seat and I was like coolest thing I've ever done and then at one point I wouldn't run into this thing that we accidentally on snapping the camera so that I could always see through my eyes like I was in the world but the screen that the other guys were looking at would look on it would like to take a fixed position the camera to see me you like moving around in the world and grab the camera so that I just took the camera and I was like walking and I'm missing some really funny but it wasn't funny from his point of view it was funny from like the fix comes with it so he gave me one of his controllers off the heat grab the camera and he just had the other one so I was in the room filming filming with a camera that didn't exist in your life is like falling right around like, cuz I was looking on the street I was like what am I right now Mile camera man what the fuck ever that someone could just like looking at it yes it is the future whatever new version of Source Filmmaker they have has my support and you can do stuff even with that you can smooth out emotions of a camera in animation or like a video game pretty well but it takes time especially because he's like a keyframe to make it but the fact that you could just use your arms feel like there's nothing more than that years ago on that behind the scenes for Lord of the Rings remember they had that segment during the cave troll fight they showed we're like Peter Jackson had the specie like a wooden block and it was a virtual camera that you like he was in that room nothing was in there isn't he regenerated and said they were his own camera was running that it was they were sensors tracking the movement of this wooden block with a camera and he was just like moving around the room not trying to kill me Gamin to what he's like doing that big ball of the fireworks that is same thing the animated the whole thing and they had to do and a camera with a digital camera like a screen in front of them he was just like so many have very natural kinda quick let's do that the next step in Cameron I can't believe how much attention this got everyone I told him he has been contacting me asking about Uber and Lyft in Austin prop 1 prop on the front page of Reddit today there was an article prop subreddit about Uber and Lyft leaving Austin and Lake the top, just me to tell from picture of United flight number 9 on the front page and the top comment was I can't wait to listen to the RT Podcast an article about it Austin I don't know that assume that if we took a crap and nobody okay I was basically your life Uber prop 1 didn't happen like that if they voted the other way so I left for like alright Monday morning was gone from Austin so the vote was that if people voted for prop 1 then they would allow Uber and Lyft basically self-regulate do their own background check they've been doing as they've been doing right if you voted against prop 1 it wasn't it all they won't care at all that wasn't the biggest one was for the city to take over like the background checks and fingerprinting and stuff like that so it's the language of the ballot was confusing as fuck fuck you guys I'm just a piece of shit out of Austin and then I went through it was like Ted was essentially they didn't want to be accountable for doing all the background checks on all the shit they wanted to push that to the city of the city pay for that and deal with all that fucking shit it was like we don't do that you fucking do that and Lyft and Uber said if y'all are going to make us do it then we're not going to hear something presidents it that's it they're going to deal with the city government can everything you drive is to get involved right I mean we really the City of Austin I thought was being very accommodating even though they were going to I was going to pay for the additional fee so it was no additional fee for the company they're going to have like mobile fingerprint check into let's make it easier for print only drivers to come and do it and I voted for prop 1 I voted for Uber and Lyft to continue doing things their way but it's I feel like it's almost like a temper tantrum like they're taking their ball and going home now so whenever bunch of babies getting to Let's to it he'll be back Kerr I think we'll probably end up doing it will end up arguing at a state level that we don't have to argue at all the cities so when the Texas legislature comes back into session in 2017 I assume that they will Petition of the state level to get exception so okay there's the ballot language okay this is when you wanted to vote you either for or against this shall the city code be amended to repeal city ordinance number 201-512-1707 V related to Transportation Network companies and replace with an ordinance that would repeal and prohibit required fingerprinting repeal the requirement to identify the vehicle with a distinctive emblem repeal the prohibition against loading and unloading passengers in a travel Lane I require other regulations for transportation Network companies you might as well just went off I'm pissed off about the prop when people too because I was getting so much fucking junk mail days a fucking loser Liv one of those fuckers texted me about it I was like no I got it I got emails about it they were fucking signs posted on my way to work today I passed the sign that originally planted in the middle of the road that you said you were alive like the fucking there an alternative already in the meantime other companies currently they got me real good they were in the office they have to expand like crazy now because would try to get a ride in your take forever but there were two drivers and then please send email to 500 drivers and they didn't BCC them so it's like everyone started replying and it was like this massive cluster fuck of an email the fair I feel like every company get to do that once and then I wanted to be behind the Shell station in Del Valle black Suburban just come by bring your proof of insurance for your driver's license to bring your banking information to come talk to me I'll be parked in the black Suburban Kerry company or the theme of the a Starbucks hopefully about caterpillar species together in the near future and everything will hopefully will just trying to get a fucking taxi earlier Fort even fucking talk to him was like how silly it is for Uber Lyft to essentially lay off everybody that works for them with 48 hours notice nothing in the bill that said when they had to stop I think it was like this when you go in for a year another nine months they don't want that principle we missed a trick because I left Austin this morning at 9 a.m. we could have kept to bring Austin by just calling a bunch of yuppies and just kept changing the destination so they had to keep driving around all day I just keep him go it was like the people that won the Halo 2 servers were shutting down how do I drive to destination like you're in South by Southwest I take an Uber at one point and I needed to get down to the convention center and I just request that the right I can put my destination in Uber king of predestination I usually do I need to put in the app you take me you not know how to taxi companies are not going to implement an Uber like app mean there's already been an app for cabs in Austin is it would not have been it's okay okay Texas is one of the best things are my favorite things that typically try to accept your fat and then immediately turn right for the complete wrong direction eventually go everywhere sometimes 20 minutes Hil the ring for a while and then eventually show up like 20 minutes later celebrity it's really frustrating if you have been in examples of Liberty where do you go after except PAX East I was getting a new brother was on Friday night and I'm standing in front of a hotel and I'm tracking them on the phone and then I think you get the point where I can't see them coming down the street and I'm pretty sure that's the car is coming towards me and then the street before the hotel is right now okay that's interesting and I'm staring at the end I guess he doesn't realize he's coming back and he just stopped there on the road in a few minutes so I walk over there in the corner London I get the car he's like what are you the weather in my pocket have GPS camera lens iPhone his pen. The GPS is off on his pen always be like 5 miles away from actually in town and he'll be in like the next town over just like in a field like that you're going to have to just because I was in the correct location everything for you all on the other side and lift I want it I've never used Lyft I change from week-to-week depending on who is having a sale sometimes without the u as usual if you don't like it I don't like that I don't get professional looking like that in your head like that you ride the black and silver you like the car with him fashion at the bar and had a terrible time Natalie I wouldn't use cab so just walk in Kerry in general in the world everywhere cancer fucking awful hope all this fucking bullshit about are you sure people who are driving our safe people write again which is a very important very important I've never gone into an Uber and thought this guy's fucking crazy every other cab I get into that guy's fuckin crazy that one time remember when we thought the Congress office and the cab driver looked at me in the rearview mirror and told me I'm going to put the light in you V Star self-driving Alex Jones I tried to get out of there as fast as I could racist taxi driver who was the guy who sounded like he was on the brink of Mudd she picked me up in his cab he had some other guy in the passenger seat or a slight setback in his friend with him just like talking him down and keep them called I was like I wish you would pick it up for this break down there I can do it but you everywhere you go it's been like so in Austin like Austin has one of the worst cab companies in the airport outside this is like the taxi line and it looks like it's like you go to Vegas over charging people from Vegas Airport to the strip the cab driver on the freeway the freeway on the freeway just want to fucking rip you off as much as I'd like I used to take a cab because it before it was around here from Jeff's house and live with Jeff all the way to the downtown post office and it be like that sometimes that's a funny one time the guy was like 60 I Look to me and it was like 60 60 bucks so I was like I can't sleep every time I do this all the time I can do a 4:45 look at the mirror what would .3 I call you on your phone it was like a plus yeah I'm going to pay you more than likely V and I think they finally tipped him V crumble under pressure in the movie never taken that route before absolutely would have Play 60 ride-sharing perspective is there's no financial transaction between you and someone kinda love you the app and you're done and when you're done you get a receipt mail to you with a fucking map showing right now like when I was in Australia for RTX Australia I don't think this is right I got off and I got the receipt just refund your money plot and take an estimate based on where the driver should have gone and they refund the difference this would be great regardless I don't want to sound like it's over I still think that they look forward to whatever company call me when that all the drivers they got laid off within 48 hours notice just don't go back with him into the van behind the Shell station in Del Valle in your banking information with them and leave them leave them and it was like every other month and I showed up there and it was like being in a terrible Convention Center like everybody there smell bad because of so many of us and the leader of the three managers there and just one of the time we're just calling atsum of the back room where they like to keep the games you like so you like your black leather couch so I can I have to like it but I guess you had to be able to talk about it at the time I mean you have to be like if you want me library books does he need to know short games alphabetical of children I fucking hate of children working I play scuzz King Wok and go shit myself let's go I just fucking reorganize the week space they always go for fucking Mario that fat piece of shit fucking parrot goddamn fucking Baskin-Robbins for we hope you good luck in that cell there is bad is that the weed is more of the video game turn it out here you'll find Baskin-Robbins ice cream ice cream from Baskin-Robbin play sorry sorry it was Cold Stone Creamery can check right now in this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by Kasper Kasper online retailer or premium mattresses for a fraction of the Cost Cutters revolutionising the mattress industry by cutting the cost of dealing with resellers and showrooms and passing that savings directly to the Consumer Price mattresses in a specially engineered mattress at a very fair price pepper combines two technologies spring latex foam with supportive memory foam create an award when you sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right balance the redesign sleep school to help you regulate your temperature through the night I got my Casper mattress is soft and comfortable awesome I love it you can buy it usually online completely risk-free Casper understand the importance of truly trying out a mattress at all really you spend a third of your life on Castor offers free delivery and painless returns with a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in the showroom Gus prop for free shipping and returns to the u.s. and Canada get a custom mattress for $500 for a twin or nine $50 for king size mattress compared to Industry averages an outstanding price point you're also saving a dish $50 for the mattress purchase by going to kasper.com / Rooster Teeth entering promo code Rooster Teeth that's casper.com / Rooster Teeth and promo code Rooster Teeth terms and conditions apply thank you cab fare for sponsoring the RT Podcast I would like to formally apologize there is no Baskin-Robbins however there is Cold Stone Creamery scoop it up for the way you want to play that should I wait I can't wait for the real version of someone who is actually good London black cabs that actually know where they're going to say they used to have to memorize London around with a book and everyone is expected to know 25000 roads and 50000 points of interest and pass a test called the knowledge do you have black car drivers are who they say they could study for years trying to learn it all even while they drive in the light trying to learn more and expand and all just really good actually and you can be like Pendleton Road the roads the roads are there the traffic is so bad they have to know where you're going and like the best options to get there depending on traffic I could be like that quotes on Regent Street in I don't know how to get to Trafalgar Square I just buy you nothing at work the old horse trails that I saved over there's a ship buried underneath it just horseshit better than anything the numbering system is quite good he's very handy number ring in the alphabet Austin the most confusing to me and Austin well there's a lot of confusing once in Austin the one of the most which one is the names of the north to south roads in downtown Austin of trees the rivers of Texas going from north to south that's why red river is closest to 35 the Congress I see seems like all the major rivers of Texas from north to south in States going from east to west Irish it isn't like he's at his change of direction for no reason fast like is like the numbers like this and it's like that you first so there is the first that goes the fastest there's that first you thinking about right now there's also other number streets down your old horse run North to South 1st Street and a street that run north to south how many minutes let's start at the Capitol and you go down all the way south and ends at a Walmart Android picture of a fucking squirrel or something right picture at 18th and Congress and I was like I wish it does not go north of the capital and I got so mad I open up Google Maps was like oh okay 18th and Colorado maybe they changed it recently. Ever since we left out of town this week I got really mad when I miss you I Look to them that goes like sick of not knowing anything about and you say I tried to memorize what stuff was gave up on me too long it looks wrong you know I'll figure out when I first moved to Austin it was going I was a long time ago back in my day before smartphones answer it was 98 the first year I move back I moved into my apartment there was a gas station across the next time I went over the bottom map of Austin and I taped it up to the wall of my bedroom and anytime I went somewhere I would put like a little push Fitness best tools for novice and the ACD came in what the fuck out of the freezer. that's okay it's funny how how much the world change in a minute I know yes I know you don't got a phone with literally all the information of the world all the information to manage ever existed is in my pocket and I'm just looking at porn getting a picture of a shity video game I looked up but hope you and your family kinda feel like it's really expensive right now and somebody might think we were broken up into it like some of the really big I can read the classics the whole set at once you could buy them one book at a time how to work your way up by P but I've got like half the city all day our first computer it must have been like 92 maybe maybe not at 3 and it had a CD-ROM drive in it and the computer came with a CD that had like an encyclopedia on it and I was like that's like $500 I remember that at the time. Mommy said fuck it I'm so old at the time that I want of John F Kennedy must have been like up anybody you know video of John F Kennedy give his speech about going to the moon and I was like wow this is the greatest thing ever but I was like so mind-blowing to me at the time you left definition for carefully it's like we've seen such Monumental change in such a quick amount of time you know it's gone from like this Giant volume of books that probably weighed 100 pounds or probably more like a compact disc 2 now you don't even have it it's just like a pedia print it and see how much space that took up print Wikipedi 2015 someone performing art project Wikipedia print it 86 of the 7047 3 volume 2 Wikipedia as it existed at that time I'm just doing the hundred six volumes table of contents takes up 91700 page volume past 3 years and the upload process took 24 days 3 hours and 18 minutes I meet recent kill trees that's like Seven Trees I just got an email from Liv apparently I can still eat live right outside of Austin City Limits castles for the lightning over Congress 131 if you know how I like those guys are okay this is companies that like print is never long until they sell little bits of the Moon in their backyard V Let's $100,000 so not easy to come by after some serious saving but for that price you can own their own the movie cop do anything with it and sell it when you die you don't know anymore doesn't get passed down to your family you can't make any money with it but you can say hey I don't know for how much is 100000 so would you do it I'm conflicted because my brain says no that's fucking stupid right then that's cool you know I feel like it Atlantis cab spell a drink on it and I would go in with 10 friends and only one tenth of the Moon weight Cards Against Humanity on the part of an island somewhere I own a part of an eye call Hawaii to square foot fact that they did like a year ago I think your field office within two years you got your cards and then yeah I know Nadine because we one square can you do that can you build so they gave you a flag that your flight I can plant the flag so you have to go there and put on the flat I mean if I want to play through it see if other flags Chris and I'm looking at Hawaii that we can apply to think right now Hawaii if I can funny it looks like it has a pineapple a lobster and a Snowman Niko Hawaii to these days because Island diamond island faces that you are in one square foot ladder I said you can do whatever you're free to use recreational uses not requiring structures such as fishing and hiking and for other purposes as permitted by Hawaii 2 LLC in this case however you can do that I'll be building or structure structure is just a single story structure coffee print let's navigate sprinkler yeah just like the beauty and pristine nature of Italy construct any improvements on the island the mailbox I probably take the whole license holders please do not leave your Cards Against Humanity flags on the island when you leave Hawaii to El of caretaker will periodically visit the island and remove any flights left behind I wonder who has that job then job turns to every Hawaii to God and remove anything like your kids taking you to school for like parent job do whatever that is and do like kids I'm not even going to bother explaining why they did this makes no sense lyrics play job that's a strange thing to think about we make anything Kerr porn well so far are you sure yes it looks beautiful Amica find my Square the taco truck on the road and we go do something and he was in my shirt and I was his and he was like that's that's that's a reference right like he just like stoneface office porn hub parody shaking a job can be one of those to be mine thank you reference write a text message okay that's not safe the moon when there's already that company that sells stars go out there out there is also a different company that sells parts of the Moon you can buy a lot of the deal actually the Moon Lakers move from the landowner from your plot for $150 part of the Monsters University few years ago I'm not I might not remember this right I'll look it up but I want to turn that NASA who like worked V with access to the Moon Rock space and he thought that was so cool that he took his girlfriend there and they had sex on the moon rocks let's try to analyze Optimus bumping on rocks would not be very good in Kerry doing 100 in your back in your butt intern who stole moon rocks I'm trying to confirm with him anal beads have sex on it sometime between the height of their names are Tiffany and that tells me that a range of the moon rocks on a bed and had sex amongst them so when they had a job interview this happened in 2002 I think about the docs is Roxanne existed in outer space for billions of years it may be only about 15 people who ever been on the moon and the rocks are brought hundreds of thousands of miles back to Earth for study and people are fucking next to them Ted Williams the biggest shotgun space kids are in school they ring those textbooks and they don't succumb some people that are actually whatever TT America some stuff that you just shouldn't have a Shack on like moon rocks YouTube of a royal the grave of Royal quite disrespectful of a royal and why not just a great because a lot of people died not sure if I'll ever recover president the politician that blood so it's okay let's funny I'm just making get out of here inside Squad Kerr the teet a little fucked up you know that play like would you be annoyed if someone checks on your old belongings with you that I hope you have a great day will probably and then like your body is being like bounced around I Kerr V not care anything about my body want something go to the beach the day we are hearing your kids your dogs spread your ashes on the table Fox on the beach and your ass and gets in her nice day threesome for some reason it burns caspe was one of them right there Ted Gus you choose which one gets submitted for the award V change the way it works is you have to pay to enter so give me someone else in the past I assume they're not going to pay it this time Kerry I now realize you were talking about the award with actual chewing gum on it when you said the phrase gum I see if you might come with a little Gus atsum soap crossroads right now right like in the discussion I can continue a ticket. I'm much worse right after work and try to save it I feel like out of it I wouldn't take it said yeah so we should probably ok I got my vote I regret my V pen some time are you talking about something like I've been going at it like yeah it's good you have for a while and that it's just like when you watch porn you're not even going for a long time like you're watching it it's like a banshee reproduce like rabbits Ted quickly because they have so many times that by the time its the money shot dirty job he's already been like 4 times and it was from the first Spider-Man movie the weather girls with perfect everything is just so gross income the whole process amazing the distance you can get out of it can go farther than you can. is it like the muscles just like such a small volume compare this why does the penis know that you're really close to a vagina when you visit anymore Detroit student + throwback back in like Primal times when like it was really sometimes it was aggressive non-consensual I'm sure that happened back in caveman days don't like him there could be some distance there are you really got to go back and really really make sure that it's in this out kingdom is there insects like they will come in and sweep out a woman a woman like a female dog go over just to make room for the bug lady bug what right sometimes humans like them Let's Fall In Love the type of slug in Spanish of the female slug sometimes I get stuck so what it does it by itself its own dick the female be like you're stuck to me let me get the stuff for you are on the other slug just be a few that can mate as a female from the point something that place that mate for life everything else is like how many stories in the actual scientific fact that the dogs and then that's just like eggs oh that's gross out of everything I ever thought about you go to that you go to that have already done caspe please don't shut the trunk and I forgot so what am I to the podcast is also brought you by Trunk Club there are two types of men out there guys who love shopping for clothes but are short on time and those of you who hate it either way take heart and get clothes that fit perfectly and look amazing without ever stepping into a store again thanks to Trunk Club make it easy for you to look your best in clothes that fit you perfectly handpicked by your own personal stylist for free with Trunk Club go to trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth typing your own measurements show your likes and dislikes and you get your very own personal stylist to pick your clothes from over 80 top brands of ship them right to your door keep what you like send back what you do trunk let's not just another way to shop online or so let's take the time to understand your unique look and if you live in Dallas North Carolina Chicago DC you can stop by one of the Trunk Club clubhouses to work with a stylus in person for fre trunk of status Subscription Service no monthly fee your stylist is free shipping is always free and you have 10 days to try on the clothes risk fre makes him at the next big event on calendar with a look at 10 pic for just for you and your style get started trunk club today print clothes expert advice no work thanks to your very own personal stylist at Trunk Club start today at trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth that's trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth Trunk Club cop said she has someone coming over here I haven't even opened it yet trunk of clothes that's because I didn't realize it Fitness I send it back up to my stomach I'm really sorry you lost something in a smaller size no problem this is a smaller size I want to look like check with you here yet this is fancy I like I'm a sucker for good packaging just like with the Red versus Blue Shield that's right and that's if you would have put it right back in there and put that in there it's really how many how many days to get it like right on the first one I got right away it was something like there was some things in there I never thought I would actually wear Let's Groove tonight and apparently it worked I had no idea I had was to stop drinking I don't want to do that Podcast Addict I can drink vodka and get more drunk for less calories Chase Elliott drink Vodka equivalent of a beer but it tasted like a vodka tonic or whatever so I didn't get you as drunk as a beer or vodka or Mike's Hard Lemonade or something not like Apple products I think it's downtown they had a mimosa manmosa Mimosa no I would prefer the most I think you want them the most so you just going to come what's it called if you just I don't know yeah I don't have I can however for mile what if she's like you have sperm inside of semen what if you just had a one sperm what is the size of all the semen that normally comes out just like Ted come out control be like catching the bus today are you going to do to me putting my laptop on its side is that like a weird hard drive in a new cat right it's all solid state I don't know anything about technology that's why I'm always doing that you like them Recollections Stephanie that is preferable because when somebody puts out on the first date dust in this would be like if I did something to collect anything that it wouldn't be a good I got mad at me I got people mad at me this weekend so is performing PS4 controller surgery on Christmas the 20th anniversary PlayStation PS4 comes with PS1 style control over it on the controller anniversary controller touchpad Alexis dziena is my Twitter so I thought all the buttons on it yet but I thought preferably I don't want to take a pot the other limited one because Meg I sent the other one right right okay so one of them has a special touchpad that is all of the little symbols from the controller buttons kinda why I'm not one that came with the console the one that came on and it has Docs in the right direction that she brought to life PS1 stop looking lentils of the black one was completely different so I the different colored circuit boards different shapes so when I put it all in I couldn't close the shower on it sounds like a different one and just replace the touchpad so I thought that I was like I'm going to take the touchpad of the nice ones like this and like trying to put it on the grey one that works because that one doesn't know extra crap on it controls three different cuts I don't want to see if like there's no way to tell what model would be like looking at the serial number on the back or something 01702 I do have one more black ones I might take a pond and see what was going to make you feel like you're a genius but the most rudimentary thing ever but something like opening up a ceiling wires for me because I was like controlla original everyone's different like you throw water on the phone tonight and see if it matches with any of the others probably just a couple of good weeks you only have all purpose not talking about the one big ass purse pom tassel instead of wearing a condom you just pull up quickly pour salt on it thank you but what is this mr. misaki the cute when you said she would feel it whoever said it yeah I just had a weird thing on my vagina V logos that look like you miss me the captive all think they can get arms eventually what if you like to have your attention it had a lifespan of Tacoma Humane Viv Austin of everyone that was really good thank you hope the Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show The Cleveland Show whenever I hear let's watch in the evening centers I watch Cartoon Network in the show you know like I said During adult swim King of the Hill and Bob's Burgers and then they show The Cleveland Show if I'm not in front of my TV and that theme song starts playing it's like a race to find my remote change the channel to view an app on my phone that I can't find can I look up the Frantic race to find that remote I feel like a rabbit on American McFarland had his name I got that really care about them when I get there tearjerker episode full episodes of the parody of James Bond and it's wonderful maybe the episode he stopped touching it Gavin poker whenever it's okay with highest number how do you play what was the highest number wins you can go first time watch the the National Pool Vegas vacation so there's a bit in it where they go to like an off strip casinos and they're playing like all this fucked-up weird games that you wouldn't think of is being casino games like rock paper scissors you know what number I'm thinking like that punchline the 27th Bellagio Go Fish in the Back to the Future was making fun of V Lord was making fun of Donald Trump and the second one about him Kerry I know Chris is also I have somebody for president Trump miles Cruz the important thing and you know I want to say how he loves Hispanics he is in control a Twitter account someone else controls that 201 Twitter there's no way he's typing those treats absolutely not he puts on his life one of those most people type in I love Hispanics and thought I was a good idea when hit it hit send play now they know it's true he really needs to not be president yep the world will not stand for it he will be assassinated can you message someone will kill it let's V JFK remember earlier anyone I just don't like going to be like stand down you're going to get bit no one's going to stop by there it's for your own safety get out go back to being an asshole billion that you're great at that you're fired we get it yeah but I can't wait for all the newspapers in the world they're just waiting to jump on that you're fired headline I can't wait for I just I feel like he's going to get a new president and then like the Prime Minister of England they're like a bunch people in Europe or something it's not like I told you we could do it the whole day going with the conversation a little bit did you see that woman who was on The Maury Povich Show a few weeks ago who looks like Ted Cruz selection is the Ted Cruz so there's this woman show who looks like Ted Cruz and I guess like they got so popular that some porn company offered to pay her like $10,000 to make like a homemade porn video oh my gosh I didn't realize she did it just like her boyfriend if I was a kid I would not kiss her either what do you think the porn was called the head that's pretty good I thought I was going to be Cruisin for a bluesin 5010 grandridge today Northwest surgery I had a baby what it look like scale down Photoshop the dad you have no idea what the fuck is a king called little daddy so much baby gu the Bleach character that was like the weird thing that was I don't want to think about that thing anymore yeah, well now that's definitely doable about life yeah, you better than that Nations parking space I'm watching she's fucking space thank you Jesse Nelson the game is who's your daddy who's your daddy Ted Cruz 60 the commissioner is another thing I knew we were getting close to know that I'm here if you want to talk about this TV show on right now we're talking about it right now I think it's on A&E 60 days in reality show where they take people and they create fake Back stories for them and then put them in prison good Lord and them in secret and they want to know the average people would experience when they go to jail for 60 days do they have any say in what they've done to get there no stories created for them any of them Ted like nobody no snow it is except for like more than one person in charge and then the people who are making the documentary because he wanted to find out if you are corrupt people for the first time right and not people who have not committed a crime but also right there and a bunch that like there's this group singling them out as well putting cameras on them and everyone to say that Jesus I really just like reality television that's really good like a bunch of rednecks and then you could almost say that like if you took the whole thing and then headed down because the documentary about like what it's like I guess I'm print on Prison gavi Austin didn't know I think I feel like that has more value than something like Real Housewives of Atlanta my dad loves Swamp People some of that I just told people that he is of the show swamp people look at him he's V Jordan battle is won hello Maggie I couldn't even deal with like the the auditions portion of American Idol which most people really love just connecte in Loveland story from what was understood that he was the one that was in charge of cutting the wristbands at the people who lost the ring I gave her like she's like I'm so sorry why would you like to control myself I just I don't like laughing at other people's expense let's something of that scale I guess I don't know doing something as opposed to somebody on YouTube for being a jackass but you know there's like producers and people that are like pushing them to behave this way and why getting people into like believing the shit that they scream on National Television who did the jail show did they get anything out of it other than some of them got beat up there has been physical violence I don't know really because everyone has a different perspective like people who are like oh I think it's going to be easy I think that it's not my family will go to prison and three meals and a place to stay and I think we need to reform it no that would have been interesting yeah actually that's also the participants about any of the other participants so there are 600 block who don't know that what are you in for 424 time we're going to come to the show that came out this year because of that we'd HEV and RT Yeah man so for those of you that but we have a new release schedule essentially a Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. Central is Ruby TV for sponsors office Sunday at noon Central is Red vs. blue season 14 again for sponsors Sunday 10 a.m. at 4 is for registered users fre count is Ruby to be Monday at noon is against 24 hours later if you have if you have a free account on the site you can watch Rivers I was in 14th and for everybody else every count they can watch at 6 days later we can count for nothing you just need an email to do that Friday Saturday Sunday we're doing Anthology CD collection of short stories we've got different writers directors also are two different styles and let's go the finest you're not going to see the enemy try to be back in 08 and it was on the Never released online it was ripped and put on YouTube was never officially released online Wisconsin on the season 6 DVD we added in some extra stuff and then also attached the trailer and some extra clips to it because it's still a bunch of people out there that are super confused as to what's going on so we felt like it was really hard to put the trailer on there as well it was cool to see that trailer because he got to see like a very quick glimpse of a few of the other stores are coming up to see you clips from not even all of them just a lot of them there's some weird I think this is I think of something pretty to the most expensive season play never made it as a really weird we really going all out with some crazy out-there ideas it can be like I've ever done and I think it's really exciting I know it's really different people don't like change but we had a lot of fun and it's a really good way to refresh and then like a new A New Perspective changes in style that's very the changes from like this like this is like everything every week it's just a fun light-hearted romp through the universe with upcoming also there next week is non-canon is no Canon so if they are in each other they're not don't be surprised it's just like your toys in Clinton I have a story to tell you after the animation tests and we also today released V and announced that is premiering June 19th for sponsors on the receipt website I think it's going to be a six-part yes one hour episodes sponsor exclusive series and then there was also no RT Shorts cop vs cop which is hi it's one of my favorite shorts of that we put in a while Blaine running out with the mustache police officer cheap of school at this point now with our coming has gotten so big that you know we don't really always know what other departments are up to like I I was looking like I got V are short we had actually done that a while ago I forgot about it now I really am inside probably if I had to guess back in November maybe oh my God just compared to blank muscles because he's not from lack of faith in Captain America from Civil War I'm going out thing was supposed to be on 46 lemon Guy season 15 starts up this week graduation season 2 not the same thing that I have a few other things coming up with kinda funny Live 2 San Francisco May 28th to 29th we have a let's play live in LA at the Dolby Theatre June 17th and of course RTX in Austin July 1st - 3rd I will put it like that then fine tickets trunk experimen I mean what about that I missed your text right now I was already going to this wedding was it in the pot the wedding was in the wedding party so I don't know I was like kind of in it but I wasn't and it rains it's like 18 months before and I was like man it's lens only exact same thing I'm telling you I'm not going to his wedding and he was pissed off I really Liv And I was like how can you be mad at you were you said you were doing this I was like Lord ruin a friendship out what kind of person was their wedding 18 months in advance and Kerry friend of mine is getting married and it is on the exact same weekend of RTX however here's the thing I just realized it about last week like I was tell me about this date seems familiar but your name is Kyle Kyle I hate to tell you this your bad friend miles is not going to be able to make it to your wedding he is contractually obligated to attend RTX there you go there is no way you can get out of it don't worry he'll go to your next wedding CA I just sent you this link V shorts I miss the convention right I said it I meant it hello less than three years he better have a title for it next time alright bye Jennifer Lopez