#377 - The Chewbacca Conversation

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss viral videos, India, and more on this week's RT Podcast! Also, be sure to stick around for a special post-show interview with The Lonely Island discussing their new movie POPSTAR: Never Stop Never Stopping, in theaters June 3rd. This episode originally aired on May 23, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-05-24 15:37:17

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the podcast this week brought you by Nature Box and squarespac I'm so excited we finally have a new set the fucking bastard we all we did was we lowered it six inches has it perfect but usually you would drop off the end but now you can walk me but I kind of figured out so far that there's not a reset forever but it is and it's like we were talking about for about a year and people have figured out that we actually don't have any we don't have any so we just keep if you got signed up at 6 the new said we should just put a tear in a Pakistan that thing Monday so It spoilers Game of Throne is too close too close is Civil War found a way we can we'll talk about it on the 23rd Civil War actually about him sitting down at man does go the opposite direction to get big using Pym particles gavi Inside Man movie but this is way cooler than being cool but something to do Thomas the Tank Engine got really big fun of the fact he was small too much like he was in that final battle U how many ants are in the world we can't possibly name all what is this one number 247 really out of the 50 billionaires in the world that wants to for 7 so stupid most polluted from one a long time ago to see if we can show them the answer dead giveaway who is a 2010 Michael Douglas it was an OK movie but it wasn't very often also lonely again again trainer is it somebody Hollywood the most train people to play superheroes Mo everyone gets in amazing shape like nobody kind of like tries to get in shape and doesn't make it everybody gets fucking totally is DeSoto a superhero no she's going to training right now for the X-Men movie and it's fucking throne yeah cuz she plays psylocke and that was his review stuff X-Men and I know without looking bunch of reviews for it training still training she's probably trying to fight off all the fucking terrible reviews that may be getting it's called it's still better call the franchise ending movie but the third one of the original X-Men was as well know that the one that was Wolverine the third one was last and that's what X-Men movies are there this point like 2 Origins is 5 + 3 x 1/3 was the one with the dark Phoenix but was all fucked up never mind I still like Professor X like in the first 15 minutes of the Future Past X-Men 3 the X-Men movies that I cannot differentiate between them it's like 40 years old and I told her 7 maybe they thought that by the way it was worth going to see Civil War just for Spider-Man the way that they handled Spider-Man in and not spoil anything but there's no origin story for Spider-Man have been so happy I mean it's like it whatever they call it I know they're going to be the origin story for Spider-Man II can't resist I gotta chill the fuck in Spider and the Fly Michael we're done from whoever you are get the regular Spider-Man you but you're cracking up about that with you no that's his Gavin what is right I hate this I'm not scrolling down to get to United States And I Cannot drop down list when I'm feeling you like and that you're close the top really down there Uruguay press the phenotype U Uruguay U that's stupid roller thing where you can't even lie to you you got to let go the whole way through garbage garbage America the heat and pressure would want to be a hero episode of a lot of pretty Harley from yesterday at hardhome are probably my two favorite episode the last season where are the white walkers in Baytown and is like a big battle sequence in the standoff on the beach and in the boat so good it was so crazy how fast they walk from one place to another in this episode they got somewhere they want to go where is biggest man walking towards that wall if you like first 6 fucking years at this point because it's so I'll talk to me about that why can't the white walkers cross the Wall is there a magic thing or is it just in defense of their is made into the wall that prevents them from Crossing never heard this big fucking what is anything in that was when they constructed it there there was magic in food into the base as the wall was built up like it like a magic Diamond buried in it or is it just like the thing is I'm not on his own well there's a loophole it was because people say they're scared of spoilers will turn out okay I really did not respect spoilers on social media after that episode recognize the Steelers are up until the thing comes out and after the thing comes out you have an opportunity to watch it movie he's like hanging out of Twitter instead of watching the show that you really really care about you know I think it's like Siri what about India we can watch it I did actually watch the episode Indi right actually got Tricks dude but leaving it in India right now I steal other countries paying for will like when you want to watch a video that I cannot for your country get out of here not having it that you like everything nobody wants to put bike show anything in India where they must have rights holders that never the right the things we have and we got the street we can do you doing Chrome where you can change your location with developer tools like you have the longitude and latitude coordinates acts like a VPN like Los Angeles not your coordinates of Lake but didn't you check a box done and if we're doing The Amazing Race because we watch the east coast feed live and then we need to watch the west coast feed so we just like sitting Los Angeles we do can you come to his on that is a lot of people ask if he's on it go for it right now gu Ashley Brodie and Kurt will be really fun Jerry was asking me about it she want to come to surprise I didn't expect but it's Kevin's birthday Gavin I was when I met Gavin barbar time before the show and I think she's about the age that I was when I first met her yet but I will take for Gavin Give me Gus but Gavin was not caught up to me cuz you're older than twice a number is bigger than 2 oh yeah it looks in your car flipped over today you want to do the honors and just as we should have candles I can everes but they did not cut my hand I realize Arrow Slade I signed up for a rooster transport in Wichita Kansas off of my life I've been on Rooster Teeth it's terrible this week of April it's nice frosting on it for the U for the audio listeners Gavin is butchering a cake and this is point out that this is not a cake we bought a loaf of bread got it all wet and it frosted it for Gavin everything thanks so how old were you when you met Barbara 27 it smells like but this is not a wet bread to make cake really have a budget for 1 fart underwear July 15th in real life no I'm not I'm disappointed that it didn't like me to send them if it wasn't for stop be honest that's when it dried out the first time I met you you're stuck in terrible traffic Gavin I will give you I will give you $10 to eat it all of that web printing cake for everybody Gavin wet bread the Gavin I went to India we had canning with in India we posted some information on the documentary where we try to go and find Baba the cosmic barber in pushkar India India and how to make something for you to take to your yoga class that would be great that would be awesome you can feel your mouth will be like nothing much to do I'm trying to tell them without offering to do it where we were it was a Hindu holy city which meant there was no meat in the store I know that you're always but it is but there's no meat and no alcohol so it was a few days I think that's the longest I've ever been vegetarian is ridiculous you talking about what do you not understand about me correct we work together we know where is the forks for the food 47484 can I get to 2400 on your birthday so what is 28 like are you there anything here that's a big deal like we're looking forward to 20 or 28 just like now you're ahead. That's what what's the command used to change your location Chrome control shift I Ashley got a little sick in India and our director Matt Haynes they got pretty sick enough to but she was on the plane information she threw up on a plane that's like I've never done that that seems like a really low point and I feel like I throw up for anything you could relate and I was already there and so it kind of cursed himself that little bit and drank all the Gavin I did it from a street vendor can talk too much about it cuz his documentary produced by this but the last day when we were headed home everyone felt so weird of course we had A2 hour flight from Delhi to London and then a 10-hour flight from Houston to Austin so that was a horrible time for them to get a less cautious because they were all sick on these other point about getting off and I know you're about to get on a 10-hour flight is so depressing we did something I've never done before that we had a shower not separately separately just to be clear we took showers in the London Heathrow Airport Never by the way great pressure to take a shower at an airport international flight took a shower before I come the airline Club and when you can sometime pay to get in free what you got to the UK but what did I do anything Kevin Spacey pints are there in the space the bigger they are bigger it's like here are the four choices we have as I never heard of any of them go to the pub down the street totally different choices never heard any of those specific but sometimes he's like that was brought into this they've been serving this beer since 1790 okay your beer and your puppy is almost as in my country we would never be able to find anywhere else and I've never been able to find like a poop anywhere never the har ' s so when I went up to the bar I thought it was pronounced U charge and is producing like what there's Scotland and I was like glad to be one of those should I just go to the pronunciation Andy of your country kind of sucks we would deepen in Indian land and I've never before seen so many people taking shit in the same day we took a six hour train ride and just pulling out of the alley we can say this stuff right there just like 20 people in there on the railroad tracks take a dump on the tracks bushes or something everyone was just facing the train so I think it's a must be really exhilarating to take it down and have like feces coming out of your anus while there's a train full of people going by because what can I do about it I think that's why they do it where you stop at the break do something about the situation and while I was in London I took a day and I would have loved to Dublin and you know over and I when I woke up the next morning had to use the facilities I was no train your body to use the toilet and I realize people and I really must be fucking tough because that toilet paper at a nice hotel was like rock hard on paper it was like it was difficult to hold it holy crap yeah I mean it's pretty bad for getting all the guns out there some people like running away right now me wiping my on with like a wet wipe will be sending the skin of life what would you of course it was it doesn't make sense I think I think it worked better like sandpaper grade I'm going to I'm going to import toilet paper military 4 weeks you missed the one before the one before India we did the new from the presentations for people who don't understand anything about like digital media but fucking awesome 360 which is like a constant for 3 she has to find somebody who will sponsor that show and make it possible otherwise it's a ridiculously expensive show to try to shoot emerging in full 360 so if you want to see like if we get a sponsor and get a brain involved in that show can happen so it's a good thing you know and I can make content possible but that's not going to happen unless somebody like the size they want to help us make it busy helping other people Box nutrition labels are confusing NatureBox has a snack for that they taking out the frustration so you can confidently and stop wasting time sitting through a nutrition label naturebo hundreds from all over the world for you to choose from my personal favorites include vanilla beans and corn sticks makes it really easy to find the snacks you want without question what's in them sitting U Andy snacks for you to discover if you believe you shouldn't eat something you don't like to try that you don't like to replace it intern Xbox for free U can't do that with other snacks but nature box.com / she's right now get 50% off your first box of delicious and unique snacks without any of the junk that's nature box.com / 53% off your first box of the best tasting snacks in the world nature box.com / Rooster Teeth for 50% off so we can wait for you burni never had that because you haven't been by in a long time to read my stop and where do you apply for summer if I go there you have all the snacks and but you would have snatched from like 3 months ago that had been opened and then I would have to like pick Throne he used to be I remember that's all there is in the white cabinet your troll thing that you're dealing with I'm just Barbara's office today and I'm like so glad I'm like I have like like a pavlovian response when I walk in your office and I'm looking for places to hide the troll you had them one of them was great I said it like we parking lot facing the door under the street was perfectly in yeah that like somehow broke into our office and its place in troll dolls all around and also U put them in my purse there so I did that just so you know I would do that I would go and put it in there in your place while you were asleep smell your hair and and put the troll doll Andy rapper yeah that works in the office I had a few breakdowns did you cry cold like anything that I did about placing these things weird after you would take them cut their hair off and then hang them from your air ducts captain that was strange that I needed to send a warning to whoever was doing it that they're troll dolls are going to get flood message received the floor of my office when I was gone for the week so when I walk back in there was just a troll doll just sitting there who was the real person oh shit I have done it like 3 weeks I guess he was doing it you didn't hear the podcast Barbara's going to think she was troll dolls hidden all over the place and a friend of ours he's on the site years and years ago encounte but probably not as active as she was in the generation of like Babs and Gavin found a site that she married she married another member of the site it was in contact with me please prank with troll dolls and hide them around where Barbara was just something you guys didn't it was one and I know she said I'm a send you a bunch of them if you don't mind you could hide them as I love this time in Excel did it but I was to do it like I said over the course of two weeks in at 6 months so this last time I was in London I flew out when I went to Dublin I flew out of London City Airport said if he Throne have never been to this is a good National Airport how early should I show up for my flight the 40 minutes before your flight back into the plane to London and then going this way my passport nobody checked I just wondered that I want to ride out of here oh well I guess because you would have had to of had two possible to get in but they can from the US to the UK know I just like getting off of a normal flight I felt like I did something wrong gu passport holder did you get your like a push bar door and an alarm went off at 11 this but we flew into action for the trip that we went to New York for Gavin I flew into Newark airport but it was your fault that was my fault that I booked a flight and it was but it wasn't my fault you got your fucking bag checked all to my back checked we have a goal we did we decide to go to the bagel and the time we took it to go get a bagel they just went through so fucking slow Gus I mean we went to get the fastest possible thing to eat and it's therefore it took you from traveling bad decisions I'm like bad travel decisions what to tell me when I went with you to get bagels U let's grab a few times right now I'm going to do this I always come out in front but remembering that we were in line and U like I'm gonna get on this line because they cooled priority boarding but you went through like the denies boarding home because it was a short line I was like yeah but what if they didn't have to come to the party and it's exactly what is the back of the line just like a split-second decision and I would come out leaving India we got in line and it was like they think Gavin to do we need hard copies of our boarding passes like and I was like mine blinded by 40 minutes long and I say you need to print out and you're like I got to them they sent us all the way back there and it's pretty the Indian airport in in the Clover that that was a joke or was that Deli everes Deli but we're in the line and they wouldn't let us they wouldn't front door the checking to see that we have a boarding pass all the ticket machines are in the air front doors of the airport without boarding pass right where is in most other airports everes the world U go into the airport to print your boarding pass on your car to change because of the recent attack but the recent attack in the airport where they attacked in the common area the prophets right now and I agree that we have established that your IQ goes down well yeah we was going to bring each other down so what was your complete your work when you fly into an American Airport International it's awful when you're flying to an American airport America and it's like your first impression of America is one of these International terminals maybe except for DFW made LAX food is like a third world country and it's like throne what are they building at LAX International Terminal is awful I didn't do never hurt like this before your mind for the lowest of the low when it comes to airport San Francisco's alright fly to San Francisco from Australia and don't tell me to take your word for it and now has an international Mexico International to Mexico no that's you know it's rude to be smaller but yeah I've been there it's like a dedicated area for it's like they've got that thing where they like it they send you to the middle and then to the left and it's like putting a line that's it I'm actually because I can't use the machines that I don't qualify for that any of my stuff but doesn't mean I can just skip over the line in just go straight to an agent and get out so even though I'm like really inconvenient civil marriage paperwork for my Visa on the 1st out every single time it's really funny too because we've been flying with you have at this point for about 30 hours with all the travel and everything else and actually was like we finally got through the passport line when Austin was like Ashley Gus didn't Gavin needs a ride and I will try to go as I hear he's already gone he didn't say goodbye just going to look for my truck is gone he didn't say goodbye he just said he's going to text everybody when I was at home what's up for you if you can phenomenon ice cream so I don't ever want this job when we flew from Delhi to London was an overnight flight can I sell an overnight flight the lot of humanity but the thing is you are on the plane like slowly acclimating to all that Humanity as it gets worse over the course of the night right right I think about this the dude who stand in the way when the plane pulls up that's gotta be fucking awesome that's really gotta be like but it's like opening a tune Like an Egyptian what kind of fish horrible and the people have to clean an international plane and turn it around so fast but like all of that all that human recirculated just like sitting in there and and think of like a lot of these people are tourists no from India to adjust the in a bunch of Indian food would your Lord dear Lord that's a lot of gas and that's gotta be rough flying you always feel so fucking gross when you get off that flight I think it's cuz you sitting like for so long like an hour yeah it's true the fucking dead Indi under teardrop in your target vs gross environment growth and recycled air doesn't recycle that mean pressure see you at I don't laugh about this that's why I like jet engine can't go up there was not enough actual air if you can find it you can have it in right RT 70 birthday everes she's a vegan and she wanted to scale never rest up because she wanted to prove that vegans can do anything that people under a normal day I could do it so if you want to get to the center and I have not heard but I could tell he thought it was just telling you never drive up to really healthy lifestyle read the article here if you're climbing Mount Everest where people die like every single week that's an acceptable risk right that you know that that person's going to die it wasn't like she was walking down the street and got hit by a piano or something like that the weather like some kind of cartoon type accident woman trying to prove vegan to do anything dies that is doing the same as someone who eats meat never been unbelievable he said of the climb Mount Everest to prove that after developing altitude sickness Annapolis Area Intergroup you guys were not amateurs they were experienced climbers what I mean of course they're trying to climb Everest ride I'm headed out to prove that she could scale the mountain wa on a vegan diet the Monash University lecturer told the universe's blockquote it seems that people have this warped idea of vegan being malnourished and weak she said by climbing the Seven Summits we want to prove that vegan can do anything and more wow that is from break and I know so she could do anything that we either you can meet and go to all the time and don't I know it so that is exactly the expected outcome of going to the top top of the world essentially where there is no hair so I just thought about something going to be back at our next adventure the letter real question I'm thinking like you guys are playing U touch it and then you leave The Rock from Africa and I touched it that's not and all I have left at this point is Africa and Antarctica I don't know if it's single we're going to find out if this podcast there's if there's a single country in the world that doesn't teach Africa and Antarctica a continent because I found out that apparently there's a lot of things that I thought were continents that over there does people in the world that she just felt America is not a supercontinent that is cool that America it's just it's all part of the same thing but one big thing I agree with you though people are commenting that smoking was allowed on flights that you would actually pull in air to avoid recirculating Smoky air few months ago about how you know what the 7:47 SEC the big plan to docs been around for over 40 years at this point and when that plane first came out that in the cockpit they had a Sextant hole because they didn't have your navigation wasn't far enough along that when planes were out over the ocean the flight engineer have to bust out a Sextant look at the stars and make sure they were still on course that's cool that's in classic trap and and then maybe just to make sure that they were right but I guess they didn't need it anymore and that smoking was being phased out on flights some of the crew would use it as a smoking hole smoke and then go out there when is a whole likely Revenue said there was a hole hole 90600 Mama bullshit that's what they tell the co-pilot on the first day to Hazen is that like the little portal thing is it The Comebacks Game of Thrones spoiler there is the beginning of Game of Thrones of this last episode there is the nudity warning which we always call switch-a-roo what started off so well because it's um nice job please get the word out that was a close up extreme White close up of just a flaccid stretched. Never see what's on it never seen such a full-frame dick before all that full leg routine that was startling as it was like tourism and hoping for flaccid penis are you aerodynamic shaft it was like a flaccid stretched warty penis to work to order water in Italy I totally get that and I've been watching the first season of Game of Thrones again but the first couple episodes if you have HBO now on from afar and they say we are found on the screen and then do the same thing for things like showing the whole town the whole thing in the context of where establish that they're really cool and I'm sorry I'm but she might have been Staples Legos and how do I convince Aaron to watch it as long as you can tell if your penis is 6 seasons keep watching how many burni convince me to watch it with just the first episode was amazing like 2 or 3 and like mean the same time when it was first airing of that that sounds like the nerdiest dork you show everything for you you don't want to watch it but winter is coming winter is coming meme because of me so in the first in the first season when call Drogo Drogo or drug abuse for skits with the nearest there's a lot of like sex scenes which of the book I think they had better because it seems way more non-consensual in the show and it's not in the book trying to visit first I kind of is a first but they don't have to have sex until it's like them till she falls in love with him or something like that something between I like the way you phrased it in the book first come out with George RR Martin says yes what's the weather like right now the time which is kind of creepy going back and watch season one cuz it looks so much younger but Drogo is naked and she's like going to the bed at a but they're like crazy like you not cross over the hip Andy but if you like you could cross over at any point and get paid for it as I swear Ashley Sweeney trying to lean and tattoos that you can do other than drugs yeah yeah he was cross-eyed really going on with and love troll tell her again watch the first episode it's really cool I'm watching the first episode I'm watching now but I was about a year ago and the first episode was really slow and has lost in the first round in from the street and then ice cream and then ice cream who sells ice cream so he says we're going to go I know I already got this place there's an ice-cream seller that's the way he said it that sounds like a vendor and I got super excited what are those to my favorite 150 degree or 100 Ellie it's hot and he mentions that we're going to go to an ice cream seller Barbara what did you think it was I thought you meant like a wine cellar for ice cream so I thought we were going Wichita School Gavin he was relentless about this but he did not let this Die Antwoord game sell out it's just loaded with ice cream in it yourself and we talked about the street vendors I can be the documentary okay we need dead ice cream U know we got instead we got a it's called sweet paan paan and it's a leaf a beetle vine leaf and then there's some like liquid bark rubbed on it is that was looking like it was just like all these silver canisters was like 15 of them and he's like scooping one thing after another from all these different powders into it and then you wrap that up in the leaf and our guide who is God from planet he's like you supposed to put the whole thing in your mouth it was like a big piece of sushi this time she was like this is really bigger than that where's the middle by the force of is it a saucer so it's like a big deal it was like this big what was built around it was flat it was a square like a package U say it was much bigger at the ice cream store and I got this thing and we can but and I wasn't so game you don't have to the street vendor we agreed we were going to eat from Street vendors out here I'm living my life I'm have a bye this thing holy shit it was like it was like eating a handful of incense is what it was like one but it took me like it was 10 minutes to 2 the one by and get it down to just as the intensity of this flavor it was like it's so different flavors it was like eating a three-course meal and then like 9 breath mints at the same time I buy Gavin had a bite and then for the next 2 hours it was like the taste was constantly in my mind but I like it just like it was like we just in it for two hours and $20 a day it was crazy liquid bark on it America paste not sure what that was going to take him at face value on that and then we put line not like wine Citrus the stuff they the powder they put on dead body like that and then they put tobacco in their wrap that up and you eat that the line lacerate your mouth and allows the tobacco to get straight in and then there's what's what's the I need and Huntington Andy Cincinnati Summit number Philadelphia described U chew on that for about an hour and because it's a lacerated your mouth and it also feels at the same time you just spit out this bloody mess at the end of places but it's like dude I'm pretty much that crazy burrito Edison you're the worst it wasn't working anywhere like we need to be fun any menus we run into in the street we are and a lot of other people and monkeys because you think going to human nuts U with the traffic laws in India Gus you would have lost you in Puerto Rico the way they have always thought it was just like a bunch of inpatient Boston but they just beat the horn for a when it's but every truck has blow horn Run on the back getting what they want because the public Awareness on the road so if you're coming up on a call you have to honk and if you like going to go over to take everything you honk as well if you do like something ridiculously dangerous no but I'll be home soon and nobody yells RT Surface or anything so you know if your honking your horn and get in a fender bender if you're not at fault or something like that Isabel your car you're not at fault what if it's a smaller car or a motorcycle the Stop and like figure out the right there whose fault it was and pay each other but samber be there to get it fixed but I have a bigger car than you just don't stop you just keep going but apparently that's the rule that when they were never stop moving on the road and they just took that the wrong way down the road never around it's fucking crazy Edward push car and then once we got which is clearly marked in urban areas Street said that it was heading on the road and I can see an intersection there's no light it's just two roads across each other and it's just traffic crossing your path left right left right left right and we're just going we're going going gone in like a week and it's just fine hold you right between cars large type or because you'll be the greatest driver through a crowd of people and they barely Buy there's like two little but we've moved with their bodies and then never get hit what are barred I got clipped by a rear view mirror of a car when we were in. Didn't bat an eyelash just like real quick no big deal didn't even react to it cuz I kept walking and I'm jumping out of the way and I was like freaking out just looking out the window of the car and it was one of my favorite never been anywhere like that before I hope that when I went on The Amazing Race and I would go to either India or China and we went to China but we went to like a very but the tech center and China in Shenzhen going to India was I was so freaking happy and we did some really cool stuff that on me the documentary but Gavin I absolutely loved it I couldn't do in the race this year make up for it yeah I think it's in the pocket that I've always wanted to go to India the flight we know we're going to push the car we couldn't really figure out like where the shop was based on the other videos so and like we knew was in pushkar there was somebody in one of the video to show his business card so but we don't know how to read an address they didn't have the numbers or anything like to wander around the city and try to say do you know this guy like pointing at the pictures and stuff like that so is the plan for both budget I bought a leather messenger bag have a cell phone how you been to the street it was like well I was like make sure you check the stitching that is not in the office yet make sure you check the stitching because some of them put together is he a good seller selling things and he's pushed back and I think I'm going to switch all my stuff to start using this now put the strap to it put it on my shoulder and it falls to the ground what happens quick nowhere and I feel like we broke with the bag was crazy it was like 18 bucks equivalent but the problem is 8 times what I paid for the bag probably done in the US while I don't think we should have to scroll down to get to work country I will acknowledge that our vendors but why should the u.s. be at the top of the drop-down list the location for Country the list and not just the US that's why there's an American traveling overseas because we invented the Internet that's right I said it that's all you had to do the strap in a weird way is it last the last you say Hospital piece of material that the $9,000 for a leather messenger bags made out of cow hooves Mo high but I don't think I'm buying a Cadillac which part break them of this right here barbar so you can see on this side there is a little triangle that describe the next you will notice is missing on this side there's no trying to on there this little piece of leather snapped immediately does hot glue and Staples for about 45 seconds X-Men the whole place smelled like that probably some chemicals you buy Squarespace Squarespace site look professionally designed regardless of your skill level there's no coding required for intuitive easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year start your free trial today at squarespace.com so it still has rooster teeth when you decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure you use offer code Rooster Teeth get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful on your clothes don't get it thanks for the website and the website send me your oil burn Burnie Yorkdale of 24. I slept a bunch which was kind of throwing me off like I said I slept like 14 hours the other day of the live stream with the other day I think I woke up at 1 p.m. I've been up all night I didn't fall asleep till like 7 a.m. so you are not really for the podcast I was all set to know somebody knocked on my door and wants to like to make it up there like we had to go and he was like I'll leave you alone I'll talk to me dammit there was great for some reason I couldn't sleep last night either I woke up like at 4 in the morning and that was it a sin for a couple hours up until then I've been up since like 4 because of England travel but my body was like 2 hours five episodes much better this time YouTube schaffe Escalade Smilin sitting and smiling what does it feel like 4 hours straight would you do that you can do it for 4 hours that did the Trick Daddy but you didn't Four Seasons sitting there and closes it it was a but he said no one lives with him but he was committed to them staring at the camera like somebody funny stuff with stuff online to make it they keep doing it like crushing stuff in a press to put in a metal Bowl on it and knowing it you're watching it you just said that Smilin and I think he's like Smilin Smilin what are things involved I just couldn't so many but I think collectively he's been sitting and Smilin for over a month solid month of his life sitting at the light changes but I think it's funny and like the commitment school but also like what kind of person you have to be to go to do that funny moment when we were in India 2101 on the spot where Joe likes to spend his day usually and so I just zoomed in on that with a camera and I can access it from any if we could say hi to Joe and stop and get that at one point it had been 12 hours since I had and I brought it up and it was like Joe sitting on the window in the background like the sunlight coming anything the sun vime realize that was the old image and refresh it just goes dark for Nigel has not moved in the kitchen at night and it was good what is the purpose of the cat hey there fucking talk to me find it and send it to him I thought I saw the best crowdfunding never work out on his own to buy one of these for you burni no good what's it called it's called get a fucking job that what do you want to do just anything that's a cat really just exist to eat so that I can sleep for another fucking day that's what I thought what do you think of line would do if it enough to hunt or just eat and sleep like a dog but they're pulling up the thing licki break what the how the hell do I from yesterday with this exist it's just of Russia sitting around resting 2275 dollars that's why he's like these people are fucking mental but I can go Gus 36002 brush and pet your cat why do you have to pretend to be looking into your teeth YouTube finally we still should have made it barbar crazy talk about crazy Kickstarter as of right now and it will change depending on when you listen to this podcast we have on our way on our way to 22000 backers and we have $952,000 in dollars but we're going to hit a million dollars on the million dollars but card game of million dollars barbar going to get the stuff that's more people than people who lived in the town I grew up in really well the good news about that is that you know how to set up and people figured out that it's like a way for us to set up pre-orders for this thing and let's get this out to other places and give me the crazy part about it is that we don't have a lot of like extra perks like we did with laser team so we actually have more backers for this then we have a relationship we have more people that are on board with a million dollars but car game at this point in time we ended up with about play sitting and I mean it all depends on how you track it but right now we're tracking towards about like 38 or 40 for this so awesome if you could pick up like crazy at the end so it's fun getting but I have a lot of fun playing on the street me today especially when Nick and Avery came over just like the discussion this is all about making it like the show and presented and then you can have a 15-minute conversation yeah it was a great at the end of the same when we are like we are at one time it was one point when I was playing I was like this is great person to bleed a recap and it just put that on there 1140 of like you want to make yours seem really impossible and amp it up rooster you like you end up like camping up the person whose it is like you can tell they figure it out this is the rules for I end up forgetting which one I wanted genuinely the the hype about the situations and I just trying to make my own their own games and then like act out the scenarios and let make Throne episodes Mo Facebook and see what we come up with the show which of the game from the show and then try to find a way to be like Spurs that game and bad that people have that same shirt you gave like 4 different groups the same scenario as the discussions will be completely different I don't like million dollars but video that would come out of it would be totally different and that's what's cool about it not even giving and giving him the same cards to pick them out for that that's impossible never said I was like the worst thing ever like recreate the trigger you going to be LifeStream I had one that was every time you wash your hands you shit your pants sitting and people that go to the restroom here they leave it at washing your hands what are those people that you hate that Gus U and roll India and use the restroom okay and you turn around and it's a faucet in the wall that you know is completely untreated water and covered and people should hand washed in the water anyway so you know what do you wash your hands is it better to wash your hands now or is it better to like walk away with your whatever your penis turns out that you have I don't know you're probably safer I think I'm guessing it doesn't have any before do you wash your hands because of your addictions but whatever in a public bathroom I wish you could have touch like public bathroom handle United U wash your hands at home but I feel like it's just but in my opinion you just go I'm not either like to wash my hands wa never had the opportunity to wash my hands I was washing my hands in the bathroom sinks in India with public bathrooms and stuff like that cause I was the bathroom situation was way over exaggerated vegan there was options everywhere we went we could have a western toilet or the hole in the ground when they call the Western toilet traditional natural toilet French toilet the French version of the front door right outside on the street and away from the street and then giving people a lot of people in the documentary but I dropped my backpack into a river down every side of the road with a slight the slow-moving like slightly scummy funny grey would look just like slowly trickled down to be like and trash I think the other piece Mo bad love it and then you did and like a phone can I pick it up and was like YouTube life is pretty pretty worried about that so anyway that back and that's why tie dye took a shit go ahead here and there was untouched 50 years later and you can come it would you pick it up later for money or just get poop out of the way all the more so because from it and be hardened so it safe 50 years later the 2:50 to be there what will happen to it Mini Storage South Sossaman Road never rush into nothing this is your poop Stay Together hats off to Ashley I would need moment my life will be the moment I threw up in an airplane bathroom that's just awful she didn't even wake us up like I usually feel bad I was like a little bit but she when she went and threw up in the bathroom she don't like anybody yeah it was rough there was on so I have them and I almost feel like there's always tons of really strange stories that come out of China yeah I'm just like and tons of people and just like the population country that's in transition if one of them is going to be one third of the world there was a there was a Chinese businessman who is visiting a nature reserve and a monkey killed him by shoving a rock off of a cliff really well I threw a rock and they don't obviously don't know if the monkey was doing it on purpose trying to hurt him or it was just a freak accident but this guy is like posing taking photos in a nature reserve monkey above him on a cliff pictures over on him smoking monkey murderer wow but just had no sense of morality at all if you could train a monkey to kill something don't feel like if I do that then he would just point to the monkey austi but it's MO Washington kind of monkey can MO monkey did it so I never been shot by police Andy said the people who were there saw the monkey push the Rock monkey shot someone right people toddler people are weak dollars off of 3 like reconstructing a terrible accident like a monkey killing U The Rock really in true story about Mike Wallace the famous news reporter of us to go to store I'm talking about think so his son went hiking in Greece and disappeared and so and this is in 1962 and so Mike Wallace the reporter like want to know what happened to his son so he went over there when degrees went to the place where the hiking trails are followed the trail and investigated like literally tried to find the kid like asking around found out he went hiking went went the trail and found his son his son's body dead dead like that to me that's crazy like he found his dead son in the world that's not what it was you know what else is found in no one else no one else found it in my class went over there found that the kind of thing where you let you hoping to find and both are not to find out what happened was awful it was not a related story but another another trying to story that I read earlier today where the Chinese ambassador to Zambia had to publicly come out and say that imported Chinese meat to Zambia was not human flesh oh my god really I guess it was a rumor started in the country that China was exporting human flesh in cans for people to the supermarket their office at press conference before you have to go for to be like listen we know that it's bad it's not people not people that the people be bad we had this discussion a long time ago in the pocket you remove people on implicated meat that you can eat from a person and I don't let me never thought about this before I sent it would you eat placenta cause that's human no I want like a human stay I don't fucking placenta I would need a couple Center U Want like Fluttershy we're at least a little dog maybe you can eat it you can sell in a store can sell Cattle Restaurant cat or dog meat but I guess you can't read your and dogs Andy and but you kill your dog gets the largest motor that right I can get a dog it's looking like human does it or is that just propaganda propaganda like human home I'm cooking I don't know if this is true or not and I pray to God it's not true but there's a story of this girl who met a guy at a bar and they start flirting really hit it off and they start making out and the next day she was getting these like pains and her mouth is hurting feeling nauseous and is getting sores on her lips and she had gone to the hospital and they did some tests on her and they said we don't know how this is possible but whatever you have you contracted it from someone who the only way they could have it is if they just ate human so basically the guy who she had made out with the found out later that he had been killing people and eating them in his home and that she had just made out with him like probably couple hours after you finish eating the story because a lot of people how come the guy he's a fucking cannibal is getting a call I'm working my fucking ass off when it goes all week long and of the fucking but nobody's making out with me and then she never the quarterback out of the fucking cannibal well I mean that is probably the from the previous night yeah they're all girls that he was eating and whatever whatever that matters the love that story more than any other story that ever told and I know it's either that was on today I learned I read it on another look on the natural News website a couple weeks ago so I do believe that that is true. You left the China Story the night for me and I'm done in China they have and they have banned the erotic eating of bananas on live streams but like sucking off of but it was just in general not just live stream and also you cannot be wearing suspenders or at the specific role stockings live stream is not supported by Chinese like biblical law never read like Deuteronomy and its rules like you can't go to church if you have crushed testicles I know they put that in there too like to focus on one dude right that's waiting for 1000 Years there's a lot of weird if you spent your you can't go to church weird ones like that if you in the last day or so maybe I don't know 23 one no one who has been emasculated by crushing of the testicles made into the Assembly of the Lord they got $20 that way you from smashing your balls with the roof so you won't be able to go to church on Sunday if you do that what it's a very specific clause in the Bible like this also like whole sections about women. Never heard any of these words like this is Leviticus 15 never a woman has her menstrual period She Will Be ceremonial ceremonially unclean for seven days anyone who touches her during that time will be unclean until evening so we are here and are you looking up something there look at some different picture you took that picture you took a picture that said the same thing that there was a holy Lake and women are not allowed anywhere near it like a 01 it was like Don't drink don't do this blah blah I'm of the movie where of people who may try and take your attention by kicking the and rubbish at U and roll pay the toll U might have this paper to last and it was like the small print in a contract put onto a sign in different user the toll Gus is U might be the president of India hey you don't have to put up with the president of prime minister is but whatever lines take another road that she in the drop it websites like American Airlines or one of the lines just like your perfect mr. whatever really long like doctor and all the other ones and president is on the just put that on your truck down this way one person can U but I'm looking up at 8:30 the presidents in different countries hate other countries that of present-day countries that have presidents that not every country has a president does UK have President promised that a president how many presidents are there U said I just said it as a no the drop-down wow what a bad girl so did some of them it's a first lieutenant Hansen Lieutenant Colonel Captain president Professor Reverend General mr. sir second Lieutenant Commander dr. Miss mr. mrs. mrs. Linda. This Admiral doctor in Doctor Who mr. and mrs. Miss mr. Colonel Everton in why wouldn't mr. Obama like U but still and then could you like book your stay with one of those are good points of his doctor in Doctor Who Captain I see some woman being funny and it's like there's no there's no sense to this organization either it's not alphabetized I was cuddling Captain I'd like the whole list I can't find anything did you post this was forever and I was like 8 years ago like I was coming out so we can see it but we did you guys this is fascinating to me prank vs prank very popular Channel very popular couple that are YouTube creators they broke up or taking a break or broke up video where they taking a break from one another and they're taking a break from the prank 20000 x but they seemed very very genuine about the whole thing I feel like daily vlogging ruined and he said that and prank didn't do that what time they would like to leave work everyday and I think I can be so damaging but you didn't and their privacy never wanted your in life anymore you're making U like every single decision you make will be thinking of the audience my only I'll use that all cut that but it's like that you just making a video your whole life unless you could turn it on and off between like 7 hours but I would never be able to do certain things for myself in a situation that you would have to do that with her really have to film it that way it sounds like this video get more views than all of their other videos that's like the last year and it's just like the notion that people check their emotional crisis the way in like not not do that you know I'm going to take me to say stuff like that before I mean and I didn't talk about being engaged but it wasn't like a conscious decision or not country before you mentioned it we got engaged in January so but yes one of things that I don't feel like we really need to announce it any more important to announce when you break up I think that's pretty important I was going keep living your life feel like we will have some like that that's more important as a couple that they kind of have to do that it's unfortunate that they have to but I guess I do but I love stuff that's like so unbelievably real and they were like putting themselves out there they are putting themselves out there so we're not doing this anymore but that's that's a very real conclusion to the break right now the problem with helping you are if you stop it has a very very very short memory I forget stuff right away so that's a concern of someone million more than the channel FPSRussia stop for a while I think it still makes occasional videos but didn't get anywhere the views of the people on there anymore they don't like waiting for video using a different crazy but I found it where there was someone who looked at your captain patch you're very high level about it we can dig into it and we mention that we don't have any further information about it yet and other encounte but what I saw they had a bunch of followers on the followers never looked at their followers and sure enough they had like a bunch encounte changed 421 canal and as I looked at that account on Tuesday followed its all that person if a person be for something for something like this list of people including Xbox Sony and something else X Playstation Xbox and maybe YouTube Lonely Heart which as well and I can block people and then I could scroll down waiting for their mother and it was like 80 people but all the sun in the middle the 80 people found stain blocker people like literally the same block. this is crazy it was like literally the same block of people over and over again I probably looked at like 40 accounts like scrolling as far as I could I was like the same block of people over and over again I don't know I just said I found that fascinating and I thought I was asking if they found that interesting it's like a group of his followers the same group of people buying the same group of followers we actually see anyone stop in the from using a different account the person who buys but I have no idea I just like randomly sprinkling other people in the class would be like a bunch of people from music but then there was a section that is clearly the video game section all those same people was like 12 people and it was very clear no relation between those people over and over and over and over again through because I really thought I was doing a job for their clients that obvious of these accounts all of the people who actually witnessed someone who bought Twitter followers 20 from high school and I went to her Twitter account she had maybe like $400 or so and then went back to her account two days later and she had 3700 wa and it wasn't like a new account where all this and she's gaining followers like that it's like a value in the jobs are opportunities because of that I hate to admit that but their number does actually have a value that is engaged in there and you can't fake that I agree with that completely looking like the number for and then I see like someone who has many times the followers I do and they have the fraction of a lifetime Troll videos let me stop buying OverWatch loot boxes 24 stop how much is that he should have just bought fifty $21.64 record so far this and I'm watching you stop to watch the right now I'm not kidding dammit god dammit AR video this is like world would be like and we'll talk about your. And this guy was showing how they are and I believe this will actually be the technology the people walk around with all the time we're just takes our world and mixes realities together of information instead of replacement information which you know will just be over the top like it'll be constantly in your face like that they're showing the text like you look down at your phone for text all the time it was just overlay transparently in front of you Oculus but if you looked like the top right there's like system update you know amongst all this other garbage and then it in a min more practical but then the virtual reality but I think it'll be just the potential for abuse and just like altering the world in terrible ways are just like the potential to have navigation stop this really cool like he has a destination so it shows her like how to get to her destination and she's getting like loyalty points as she goes along because this was standard and U everyone had this and you can be paid an amount per day to have Advil of your life would you do it I think some people would I mean little sign over people's heads that told me their name when you like to eat would you enable it so anyone can see your nobody was able to think about like social media rights U can make it available to everyone or friends or friends-of-friends so maybe enable it for friends of friends but another 10 pictures about 50 stop it Daddy stop it I'm sorry I forgot to mention earlier in the podcast if you watching this podcast and YouTube we originally stream it live Monday evening so on our website so if you just click on the link below U get a 30 day free trial and check it out yourself and watch it before it even ends up on YouTube down there 30 days but she like what she like whatever on it I usually watch it but sometimes if I'm in England I like and I can't sleep and I'm up at 1:30 in the morning on my phone for some reason I'm traveling and I'm usually right now 24 hours or something Jessica B on it now and I watched do it I got out so I was like to put this away there's some really odd feeling and I think I may be a cynical asshole to tell me if tell me if I'm correct so there was this very popular video a couple days ago of this woman wearing this Chewbacca mask yes yes total marketing but I do not believe that that was a genuine video million views I like the matter somewhere Damascus sold out everyone glad you said that because I almost went to a store to see if the mass was sold out and I was going to almost I was almost positive they would be sold out which makes sense right so we have friends and I won't name names here but they have a big YouTube channel and one of one of them was talking to me about how much bigger YouTube channel that has hundreds of millions of views per video it's the unboxing Channel right now and there are he was nobody talks about this channel no but they've never been to a party where they save where someone has mentioned the idea to become boxing video to watch classic hits right that's what everyone thinks but like they've no parents and the parents had never mentioned it even though what they tell him that you're there I told my kid watches this lady unboxing Disney toys all day long I mean somebody have a quarter of a billion views on the one fucking video YouTube years ago that China was a juggernaut it was in his own Empire and give me the point if that was the case and kids are watching all these toys would be sold out that's what happens when kids watch these things over and over again they all want the Toys R Us and go back so why isn't that happening why is no one talking about it outside of the YouTube ecosphere and how come these toys are constantly selling out sure enough there's a viral ad for a Chewbacca thing or whatever viral video the features that of course it's sold out everywhere it's like really people go out and buy it and that's what I thought there might be something there the same Andy never pay for views but maybe somebody of a recycle around lonely I don't know Legacy Association where you could amplify to the point where it's dry enough it ends up in the algorithm Haverford videos and then you're just Off to the Races but I would be curious like how did your water balloon video prank now Indi watch this video next thing like some of those the hydraulic press channel do they go all these you guys you probably get a lot of traffic from the hydraulic press Channel I would imagine what channel's to human traffic from those as well what's got other people Mo it sitting there video but the same people all the time I start to get upset with Austin as a city because RT also that people notice that everyone is nationals at U burn pulled out of Austin I don't know that like a year before that we essentially banned Airbnb or we lock them down so they did a thing where you weren't allowed to short-term rent your property was how much should a license from the city but come on it's like no it's regulation this is important because of the hotels are having to compete against us we have you have to have a license you have to tax properly for it and it makes sense in everes like okay fine that makes sense totally totally makes it so great as soon as it came into play and they said we're no longer issuing any more of these licenses so they shut it down if there's no new growth for any kind of short-term rentals in Austin which essentially locked out Airbnb and HomeAway which is Father's Day this year gu Andy just left which would be a total dick move the regulations for that didn't take place didn't kick in until February right so whoever was not lose a cent until February of 2017 they pulled out the day after that and they absolutely made a stand my RT mean on Twitter but they put that on the backs of their drivers wear their drivers knew the boat was coming through but they could have given the notice they could have given them at least a month notice to find other language big digital but a good day know that like that was coming out that was a possibility it was going to succeed or fail but they knew that was going to be a pull out if it failed so it's like 2 weeks now we're leaving in two weeks we'll give you a month to look for a job when they come back and nobody uses them YouTube I will put a new thing is the thing is it rains all the fucking time in Austin now in the spring is broken like something's to reset austi the first times I visit the actual Summit but some of the heat was like a hundred days in a row the other hundred it was really try to come of the number it was like 75 days over 100 degrees for 100 days that year over 175 four in a row and now it just rained every day sorry but at the bottom it was like it looks like the sarlacc pit from Return of the Jedi and now it's like the dams are going to break because there's so much water there was a good thing you know it's hard to be from California that I could turn around so quickly was like what the fuck Throne rocks on the freeway 3 more times this week all the time now Crystal hey the overpasses on the freeway or he was throwing rocks out of a car going in opposite directions on the freeway they were punching through people's windshields and like getting glass all over if they were lucky the chest at 40 miles an hour never fasted 40 miles an hour and austi lunacy just like you guys are mental serial killer and it's like what's going on in front of a camera and smiles Austin or Austin's going to be going nuts if they call it was love that in in the UK from string swing down face hi there was talk on the Austin subreddit of people trying to warm up like vigilante groups to find this guy tonight because there was a reward put out really for information leading to an arrest in the case so let's just all go and we'll find this guy will just put the rewards like a posse in the old west police investigating total of 83 rock-throwing incident 13 U Want recorded over the weekend so I can eat won't be treated like attempted but should be right to do that never wrap it up waiting for us to unveil the new set we certainly appreciate you know it took a while but we think it was worth the wait I love you thanks for tuning in with us today for are supplemental course of the podcast we got the lonely island with us we wanted to on boy stuff out of the way but still we started University 13 years ago I think early and the company you know we didn't do a lot of vacuum a lot of live-action stuff but watching the concert you guys started producing it taught me early on that no matter how dumb I felt while we were filming I needed to come in to say I like watching the level of commitment you guys you know would put on camera I was like yeah U feel stupid when you're feeling but nobody sees that the final product that's really nice fix it later just in a safe place to sort of explore that and be like Oh I'm bad at this thing but that actually doesn't make me cringe let's put that and even when we do stuff like it like it will perform on The Late Night show or something that we still ask them if we can go into the but afterward if you like thank you to visit me I want to be productive that we just did the reality show The Amazing Race and that was the toughest part of it was like knowing that there could be somebody else like anything everything I can tell you when you go Italy Brad wheeler we are still in it so I can say right now chance to watch a movie the other day and it was great a lot of unexpected cameos like I watch the trailer and I was like you said there are more people yes you weren't expecting but I had to ask so after I watched the film I've never actually seen Justin Bieber's believe and so then I was like Popstar takes influence from that started it up and like the first set that he said the concert is like the same concert that kind of a real has even in the way more screens and most people have honestly how many times did you have to watch this kind of like fluff music dollars over we watch the JLo one of on to watch the Beyonce like at 3:01 o'clock to watch Katy Perry Part of Me both of Justin Bieber One Direction but like I said that One Direction was directed by Morgan Spurlock all of them stayed around a campfire in the woods just talking about MO Charmers stop switch them trying to get to the Seattle Airport using names like Gus kill Achilles 69 Jorma and stuff like that really kills me sometimes your first email name do you have anything else to go at hotmail.com call that open like DJ unspillable Rumple Skil kid so I think we know the Lonely Island a lot as far as being like that you guys in touch with the internet and reconnect the internet you know you U British video to get huge you know how how does that affect you like is it how do you deal with that feedback loops I feel like on the internet you know you produce something there's that instant like comment box of the instant reaction I don't answer these guys are from you personally goes right to my head yeah I got those go to write my but and then what you have well I'm just happy because I feel so comfortable and I know how you can talk about one without talking about the other and I think there's two sides to it something and then there's tons of tons of instant gratification like all your the best and in the other so it's always difficult to really try to reconcile and figure out where the other but how do you deal with trying to find that stuff I mean really really nice comments and then you read the one that is like I hope this person shoots himself in the head so they never procreate Remember the Titans take it like you know Kevin Smith black of that movie that they made about going and finding and killing the people that like I said it's not like him the project as well that really spoke to me so yeah I gotta watch what I say that are you just about everything for the professional on the internet but I remember getting online cuz I want you and I want to call him out and I was so mad at this review cuz I was like I like everything but I remember being so bad it actually created like a fake name and like I responded to this thing it was like well I'm going to let you know is Truth Now karaoke just trying to suppress their price by like putting a bunch of negative stuff about it but in the middle of all that would post that account made of like talking about the CEOs anybody noticing destroy the Southern Company stock price and on the other hand trying to inflate his own ego and yes you're missing a lot where I'll go online and I don't always necessarily make accounts to say good things about myself I'll make the captain say bad things about myself too hey man you're wrong the bad things people say about me before you talk to me like I want to see it on my iPhone fishing for infiltrate like that was called the flavor.com it said that the flavor and it's about a recent divorcee who moves to New York City to become a firefighter it's like characters doing like post from a character person is trying to get a job at the Hard Rock Cafe never be Smokey the Bear and I made a video by the artist who hate Smokey the Bear YouTube and then have a battle in comments whether they're commenting on each other so they hate each other traffic towards it or have any way for me to find it defensive what's your origin did you guys on me well when we met in the Akiva Junior High School in the Million Man Andy but we really started hanging out the three of us early High School like 14 15 years old in Berkeley California I'm just holding never hear the incredible true story the song camera equipment like everes today that like him we had cameras and like the home phone when I think about the first group was one of the earliest thing that was on it couldn't hurt people wasn't us it would have been somebody else I'm sure that's why the game is so much talk in the car history of dancer million well Jon Stewart went on CrossFire and just blasted Tucker Carlson those ladies that would like the two videos I can see where they put YouTube on the map I Love You video increase their traffic by 80% and I'm calling Time Magazine I really but if that's what wrong that's Time magazine's what is a magazine in 2005 and probably dropped out of watching SNL and it was the digital shorts that hooked me back in and I can make you feel younger than me that that was their first introduction to SNL was the digital shorts that you guys did that it was like a little bit, it's like you know it's producing and then you know as YouTube and other internet sites take off like an easy way to just spread it and market and direct back I think you look at you think about it was the kind of thing you would have shared on VHS tapes or like you would have a copy of a copy a little bit of Wayne's World text like when Kramer finds Merv Griffin Merv Griffin said that was the operation for the red RT and you get a new set this is in our table table with a good day can you break it yet yeah sure go for it what's the weight of it'll do it June 3rd we're so excited to do this is right yes it was very satisfying and now I'm all comfortable Ikea furniture in your home very well you're welcome to take down the other side the table if you want to you're mine now tell me if you're mad it was I mean my grandmother gave it to me if you can conner4real from the back to the mo you know the movies all about an emotionally stunted person you know who doesn't know how to deal with the with the changes that are going on in their life and I was a huge fan of the many laugh-out-loud moments and that's coming out how to say it with your face man Osaka U know there is we're hoping people who like the music to the crazy house because we really wanted to be tied of 82 minutes without credit and I got a song with Akon and like you said the movie is really tight I mean it's just like laugh laugh laugh just like set up lab setup that's really good I think was a great help so so I don't the internet to setup my account I got a soundtrack June 3rd Popstar never stop never stopping yeah thanks everybody