#379 - Gavin or Gaggle

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss airplanes, gag-worthy stories, RTX 2016, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 6, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-06-07 15:48:13

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone water such as this week's ride your bike at Harry Hines and Trunk Club season trunk club twice at the same time sponsorshi Van Halen Runnin Burnie yeah it's awful we originally broadcasted live Monday evenings exclusively for sponsors on our website and click on the link below for a 30 day free trial and watch the podcast live and like that we're going to cut that out now but no we can't so you feel weird stuff that happens we've all been here together a little while I feel like fairly recently but it's been more off than on lately and credit let's Gavin haircut baby face for a long time over it you don't have it anymore I never I never 90 guys both had like that big enormous like Grizzly beard which is weird for both of you cuz you both have these like baby faces Gavin Lake how to like 2005 I think that's what kind of hair you had when I first met you when I was like your version of yourself I'm going to plane the other day and where are you going a boring story I was coming back from Cancun and I got to thinking about something on the plane like I'm on the plane and you know the triangles off the sound driving me crazy why is that the same phone what's up with that maybe it is Miami like we have 4 days in a row of sunshine on the weather forecast it has not Mike play on Twitter a lot of play Love weather and I don't know why I take a screenshot of the entire week and sports with good looks I know it was on lock so it's good weather and the price of gasoline I used to be very excited that I was like one of those people that it was the price of gas in it because it did not mean that in the weather were two things that I couldn't control but I had to take part in anyway so fuck it I'm not going to bother bother then I can worry about it I'm like that's what I'll just take off a layer and it's a lot faster the car that's what you wanted to know whether something happened 2 years ago where from March to June it just Rings straight now I am in Austin this year to April this year it's been raining for like I'm just picturing you two months waking up opening The Cutting live through the weather and one of many reasons you just got London's weather in Austin actually just was in London and the weather was to start snowing here in California where they had enormous amounts of drought for a long. Of time and Texas had the same thing we were having those pictures of people with troubles like here was the lake in 2000 and to hear it is today and it looked like all this seems like the end of the world seems like a climate change is real and it's all you don't get that feeling looking at those photos in California but last year in 2015 it just started raining and it didn't stop for like 3 months and then this year the same thing again or lake which was that 34% of you can make fun of the hipsters in the lake levels so there should be a 34% level and you're like all the homes out on Lake Travis or just a misery and now its 2 today it's at a hundred and 18% of its capacity holy shit like you're completely turned around in a year essentially it turned out so well they have to open the dam now to let a bunch of it out but they have to be careful because there's been so much fucking everything down stream because they're going to Lake crap yeah it was always underwhelming the table I want to get on the phone with some guy because his video the best or balloons or water that's and you can find water and balloons water said and you got me and I would have been like Jesus says I am over that with such an enthusiastic set up on your own time like that 37.3 trillion gallons of water fill in the state of Texas and then just enough water to cover the entire State and 8 inches still crazy what was it if everyone drink 8 glasses of water a day was enough water for everyone in the world for like 8 years or something like that it's on the same chart you lost me with that stuf 64656 billion glass of water times 8 times 8 years. You lost me on that one time with the status about coming it's just you can't relate to that anyway but I can't visualize a trillion gallons of water I don't know what that was switch the cups on every square foot of Texas to capture this water but like if it was if there was that a model work with you to make sure it was enough from freshwater to have everyone in the world have fresh water for like 8 years would work anyway because I go in I need to lose like an egg app space between the Cubs and touch each other and it's square is a cup a cup like you have gaps at the a square cut if the rim is the widest point that the park to catch the water love it if it if you were if you catch it a fun let's let's water how come it's not going to rain that much but if you catch it in the fun alerts let's water in there what is under the rim counts is if this was a known if I was hit a traffic cone every last word inside it it was you make if you make it car cup and does make a difference you're not getting enough to feel that you're not give me volumes are all the way around he did say that all right you can the water how many in the top of the cup you lose water Gus because as it goes down it becomes less and less like a Gavin how many calories in properly and it's just you just fucking wrong you just wrong you're not in the room you capture all the water there's actually get to a point somewhere that landscape where you overcompensated for cupcakes in a Blow To The Head raining over love and overflowing some technical institute to make a field of study for Gavin is hypothetical science and now you're talking about car cover the entire state of Texas let's there's nothing to that what you mean this isn't like that Lake square miles a bit yeah I mean Texas's hundred thousand square miles they're not going to cover 80 square miles even with cuts fun that much less Square cups and that's a real problem and I going to make it work and if they got enough water just getting to know there are 352 quintillion gallons of water on Earth no a quintillion was that National lotion in there. Naruto Lake 535 to 67000 quintillion what turn civilians by the by aliens a million is a model alien write a trillion a trillion quadrillion is a quadrillion and then the quintillion is a 5 billion so that's how big it is so it's a billions of water a billion trillion a billion trillion billion thousand million I do not like a billion trillion billion trillion it's a million thousand trillion 4 sex if I have an idea on Twitter at Victory 1140 suggest that the name of that Science Biology the science of what is that understanding the water turn a swimming pool I have no idea any idea give me the hundred no no how many square miles is have no idea to say 2.8 million square miles of 6800000 that was weird I was wrong its 268000 square miles and Austin you are my life the technician have you seen all of the results and older all the snakes that are coming out L Jesus really some rain would make snakes I wouldn't need a water I mean right I think it's like it down there I think a snake holes and the first thing he would fill up but they're not drying out they're not emptying so they have to find a new place to live water moccasins inside photos of Ellen on Twitter sent a photo of water moccasins crawling out of the Great Escape From The Rain what can I do with a copper water mocassins I don't think your last thing you'd expect to find on the back of a boat holy shit who posted that Gavin is that and I are viral thing you can't even control it was not me Hospital wait on it that's all and he will help you take the screws out here's what I'm going to do this in Nevada hold it down it's just barely underweight so if you want the bottle opener get fun so all this talk of water meet with you about a story I read a couple weeks ago I think it was during World War II there was a German submarine and Germans are kind of huge submarines and a bigger water underwater submarine was trying to figure out how to store human waste that normally would have septic tanks in the pressure lucke how do you get how to get it out of a sub on a Tech Deck the sex and Hulk vs. and largest pull out of a hole and use its proposed too much pressure so what do you put at the bottom of the sea if you could have a hole in a submarine would your anus get sucked out in the movie The Abyss they have opened thing they wouldn't come up to the bottom of the other space the sea station the little sea floor little thing they've got this contract that can swim up in that how does that work I'm talking about reality would you and if you have some time 346 plane severe what they raise the air pressure in the vessel to counteract the pressure of the water cause I'm sure there's a lot of pressure on the inside of a submarine Underwater World War II Marines normally this is what xray would hold all of the waste the Germans want to give her that sex is just like wasted space a couple people there you can make it up later if you all that shit around whatever it is right Lake a system of valves on a toilet that would allow them to shoot the excrement out of the submarine I Feel Like A Nazi scientist Gavin the problem is on one of its early voyages the captain use the toilet wrong yet everyone's on it and they were under water and sex summary what's a toilet and sink OU a submarine it just flooded it I guess I was wrong and I was like water inside the battery compartment Batteries Plus I'm going to strip down to the submarines drive to Turtle Bay Africa began producing chlorine gas so they had to the surface they were you need it we think that reminds me of a story which is that's a gross story which so I want to play a game of Gavin a minute but there might be horrifying story that we talked about before I believe which was about deep sea divers who came up from the depths and they were in a chamber to decompress if you remember this and like somebody opened a door wrong and the Chamber that they were in was still under super pressure and so the moment they open the door in like basically pushed everybody in that room through a very small opening because it's something I'm thinking crab getting sucked through the pipe with people through a small hole yes what's the DG simulations is so that we would make that there's no actual live footage of it happening it's just like I'm always fast the serious Budget on the animation how many people are watching Delta P videos in depth animation about how to turn sphere inside out have you ever seen it because it is 18 minutes long so in debt but I'm just watching it thinking who is this for like who needs to know how to turn a sphere inside out what does that mean turn a sphere inside out let me car actually do it's against physic the difference different rules and how you can do it and have to like twist it and push it in a certain way your body just like a conversation between a guy and a and a woman about how to turn a sphere inside out and it's fully automated like mega-budget understand it let's have some fun with me and you here take what you want one okay so I've done Gus don't you fucking read it so love stories and stories that went to the top so it's on the internet I want to play Speed and I got the stories from 5 sex stories that will make you gag so virgin play the gag reflex game you and I are going to start reading the first story at the same time ever going to see who can get the most stories not allowed here let's just read meeting barbar read aloud this is like and what would you want me to read it to you guys the losers who ever gag first I don't think I have that text for somebody telling a story about something Barbara Street and see which of you the head that story made you gag okay so long as she reads okay you ready Gus Gus you call it from this point on the vomit vacuum 321 Gallop my boyfriend and I are on vacation and decided to head into the bedroom for the night we had a little too much wine but still decided to have oral sex I threw up on his penis and my instant reaction was to suck all the following back into my mouth he later described it as a vacuuming sensation but you really don't I tried I even try to look away David for a second I believe what's weird to me as I'd already read that story what is going to find him alright the baby bird when we got to wait for them getting head from a girl who to say the least was extremely adventurous in the bedroom she insisted I come in her mouth after all was said and done I let out a few audible sighs only to end up with her baby birding my own come into my mouth she literally said it to me you can win the next through you can do this stuff Gavin gets one more though he went yes you got it right out there are you guys ready Mighty Mouse one of my best friend's boyfriend is going down on her and he unfortunately ended up with toilet paper that was that was there might have been a dirty diaper no I don't like you yeah this is the most shameful walk of all time I met up with a guy from Grindr and he had the biggest penis I've ever seen I had to take his penis out of my ass because it hurts so bad and he said damn you made a mess I saw it looks like a gallon of tea do let's hope there's more to the story but I didn't present my boyfriend came home drunk and wanted anal we had done it once before but when we are both sober and careful to go slow and usually by this time he was so drunk he poured Leve all over my ass let's shove this dick right and it hurts so bad I had to stop them after a minute or two the next morning he went to the bathroom and found it under his door that had been there all day and sweaty now I can't believe you thought that was it someone who is sirach 393 on Twitter said you can tell the fucked-up people are not real got here you want to Trouble game apparently other people are also gag in there right now mashup are you guys making vomiting earlier earlier both of yours didn't smell right it was like let's put your intestines in your stomach smell like now I never get to play Gavin Google everything 20 got to go thanks man marries RT through the city with the best comeback story I keep going back to my little nuggets of memory for me like nuggets of dirty toilet paper I just stood in the pocket Chas water this too was the all-time favorite dear Lord and burn score now it's like barbar me is Bethany, but she like she like everyone Tesla she was here for it but she showed up like right at the end so she did some stuff but it's like her first time doing it kind of solo well not really but it looks like it's less than a month away now and we have Palmer lucke their conversation it was actually really let's put on a good show it's phenomenal what they were able to do I have never seen a better performance from a group of people who do like gaming videos on the internet through other than let's play Live let's play the first night as part of my duties for the show I had to do just wanted to let you know what is the best preparation we've got Gus pretty stand-up is what would you say if you had to send it would you like go to and like your memory for Blake what skills you learn from doing what would be your best preparation for stand up in Proctor is a superfluid way that question by the way I'm probably doing problems are I feel like the closest thing we do on a regular basis that was taken just in it for the live a word that just that bar that you like that one too but it was kind of more of a regular podcast like forever ago that his reaction that it is it is you up but even though I gag turn off the pipes in the toilet was leaking everywhere that's my through right now during the party xray beef stew for the offer I don't know stuf camera white in the back of his head the head really isn't made he said his group actually got paid trip to Greece do you know what it is you're getting the plane and helicopter just killed himself little bit Cool J supergrass WhatsApp but the ones I've seen are like blood flow turn it seem like MRI stuf like when your swallowing food they show those and we can see the tongue and everything is coming down the opacity or no go through the X-ray or whatever I don't know if there's a different level of sensitivity can you put photoshop on the deck or anything like that but you did she like the woman's like vagina expanding somehow and Contracting like when a dick was going inside and I feel like just like Kevin Bacon yeah how are you going to visible penis like a button that before and it was making a penis look like yeah oh yeah that guy when you work next to every second most and it's really stupid let's whether they can hear you I don't like your head off and it was spasm in my eyes and let's go crazy and I'll come down and I'll explain where the guy just kept his name anyone like I just looked in the past when people get it they just said that the guy was going to try to blink blink his eyes as long as possible every time he opened his eyes and made eye contact and then twice did you hear about the the girl who she felt an icy Creek and she was under water for 65 minutes I'm going to say and after two hours they were able to get her to a hospital and they started warming her back up with a heart-lung machine which apparently I didn't know this when he give you heart surgery they will suppress your body temperature and when they do they pump the blood to the heart lung machine but then they put your body can sure why the fuck down because it says your tablet and then you don't use up all your glucose keep through vents like you having permanent damage to brain damage I did know that everything article so you can take me to warming the blood back up they like Lake Basin cancer tattoo needles and do with her I guess her femoral artery probably they said they wouldn't through her groin and pulled her blood out for warming up to this machine and she just after about 2 minutes open her eyes so she wasn't around she just got recalled and they were treating her for hypothermia so maybe she fell in the water and somehow didn't inhale the water I didn't yeah cuz if she's out of the water yet but she was after 2 hours they revived her like she was dead for 2 hours they revived her she was like two and a half years old times out two years later at least the article was two years later she said the only person be revived if it's that long a. Of time and have no Lake Urological ill effects from and she's now probably 4 or 5 years old I was leaving out that medical journals call it miraculous which is a weird word to read in a medical journal it was looking it up now think of another medical miracle skate everything that's like that's been overstated over the years he was funny he was here looking at a blasting powder that you put in a crack is making really and he was camping with a steel pole he was camping the blasting powder into the Rock Creek and it went off and and fire this thing that is holding straight up through his head like a live through the fun of it and I think he was and he was looking over shoulder talking someone that when his cheek and then at the top of his head which blew up in his talk the physician with an injury in the frontal lobe injury from remember and it permanently change his personality like he was a nice Lake Christian God-fearing man as they would say back in the day and then he just came with this miscreant like in a bar fight your mind is the Russian scientist who stuck his head in a particle accelerator electron go through his head right here live like and for a while he lost like hair in the section where with through an electron a particle and it happens all the time I always getting peppered with tiny stuf let's look at the role of those little holes that through it like a million miles an hour through the helmet stuf I think it's much more exciting a particle accelerator Michelle Funk Chim easy look up Ballenger Creek a master merge for 66 minutes when Rescuers arrived she didn't have a pulse and was not breathing three and a half hours after that a screaming 3 plus hours after that her blood was warm when it reaches 77 degrees Fahrenheit she came back to life and is still living to this day 3 hours she was dead but no heartbeat and then they just like I said they won't go back to the doctor had read about articles of them using this technique open heart surgery when they have to use the heart-lung machine anything industrial girl shows up with hypothermia any talk to the parents talk about the rest you can I was saying if we do bring her back after three hours she's probably going to have huge neurological deficits and they were like it's our only option do it a big factor that I would imagine so how to make yourself longest documented submersion with an attack in your a logical outcome driving to New York Times article was published July 26th 1988 is going to be on right up so you be careful going back to that stuff online subreddit today someone posted a video that they took with a VHS camera in Austin again in 1996 as a good driving around around town looking at different landmarks and the thing that's most shocking to me about that video is how little traffic there is because no one a little traffic there is in the video in 1996 love you video record on the drive through downtown it's like there's like one car in front of Scottish 1 24th Street towards what is Tower Records is now long gone in for everybody everything was really and she just to watch like how let's crowded it's easy to see that scene in the trailer where there was no cars on the highway and then they just did Austin hate Rooster Teeth like keep it down there was like at the inside of Harry traffic subreddit still feels like it was 40 I thought there was like 15 downloads of just like and I was like why didn't they talk about the Chili's at 45th and Lamar I think God if I stop playing with it God damn silly and immature in your gallery of it so I thought it was just as well it's a gallery like this guy going to Chilis so let me read this a fraction of the cost in the live room Casper Technologies phone and supportive memory foam sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right about the breathable design sleep School help you regulate your temperature through the night I've got a Casper mattress and I love it the capital of thinking about it very frequently and easily online completely risk-free Casper understand the importance of truly trying out a mattress that in all reality you spend 2:30 or live on Casper fre delivery and pains return to a 1 today. 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I wouldn't trust her with you around you probably switch my breakfast for someone else drive for me so I put the thing on the door the night before and I went to bed and I woke up maybe like 8:15 start getting ready and I was like by the entrance of the door where the closet was like looking at clothes I wanted to try on for that day and I ripped the biggest fart I like ever have in my life and the second it was over I heard a knock at the turn a really and it was the room service lady and she like walked in through it push your food through a cloud of your own farts really like fart particles and don't like infecting your own food Anatoli used to a lot of humanity right I mean like I leave hotel room Miami is I clean the hotel room just so I don't leave anything behind like I end up throwing away a bunch of stuff and all those Lake think that he was fucking binders about shit you're going to do in the city all the services at hotel I like jam that ended in the desk drawer as soon as I walk in the place but I just don't want that stuff it's like my brain says it's okay for something to be there on the top of the dresser or wherever it is and I don't want that I want to walk out the room overlooking every surface they're all empty and I hide the oil in the lamps under the same Lake I took the air conditioning down the parking lot international flights. All the shit out of the pocket and put it in the overhead bin so annoying buy bag on top of it but they have a pocket all to myself another fucking magazine their god-damned SkyMall will the safety thing Time Square like every flight Anatoli Nashua passport I have the pocket of a sphere the troubles not good gag earphones headphones I get my phone laptop by the water yeah it's a 12-hour flight dude come on I put my headphones you going to do it now you can do it now do it now what we put a water bottle in there and it Lake for some reason push it out 8 feet on to you I don't know why water bottle take it that much that it just ruins the illusion that you actually have any legroom whatsoever I do that he put all this crap in my pocket thermal intolerable Sky Galactic irrationally angry when I sit on a plane and there's like the previous passengers boarding pass in the pocket and I don't know why the fuk you Lyin I don't know nothing get mad at them I have trust issues clean the plane you hope you should see what I did to you at the hotel room that we just waiting on Phineas Gage where talks about the change of Personality after his accident that has L section Wikipedia but it's and Gage just wait to give you change of behavior after surgery but the nature extent and duration of the changes have been too difficult to establish only a handful of sources with direct information on what gauge was like either before or after the incident the mental changes described after his death were much more dramatic than anything that was reported when he was alive so urban legend became after that we can personally think I just passed that along 150 years later to talk about a different thank you perfectly the one that I don't need Burnie the outlet Phineas Gage through Phineas Gage he died at 35 years old for him but good for me I'm sorry I had a really fun time at kinda funny live I thought that was a really good they put out a podcast this morning that talks about kind of 911 they were praising you very highly appreciate it I'll listen to it if you didn't have a career with what you're doing now you'd be a great stand-up comedian love fun doing that that was a lot of fun did you prepare for 10 minutes I did I did I was still working some of the stuff out I mean I mean it was like you know I never really was my second time but I was coming Lake Folsom Public speeches that I've done what you're really like that's not really bad at what they do add up to 100 my first time speaking in front of a crowd like I thought that was disingenuous it was my second my head but I was actually the first time I've ever done stand-up ever and it was so basically it's a hundred percent new material doing that so that was like who knows but it was good very good no they can post on YouTube and somebody who's the host of the event and it's all worked out so when I'm on Twitter here says the next block Casper hear about how you're stuck another country because you lost your passport and phone on a plane because I don't want to lose my passport and my other son but I don't know why you need your passport L look and go there's the seat there's a pocket and nothing you know what my password is on a flight it's my back above my head if someone goes through your back while your sleep or steals your stuff now it's all hard in front of you I've been on flights where as I'm trying to get up the plane someone is reached up and grab my bag out of the bin and when I call him out on it that's why I put it back and then don't grab another bag like they just got off the freeway yeah that must have happened once it's happened one time one time too many laptop at the airport that one time when I said it was the person claimed was a misunderstanding and they grabbed the wrong laptop at security checkpoint it's actually like there's no other laptop attitude but they took it and they have to look at security footage to find the woman in the airport really camera fucking figure at the security checkpoint what that's amazing I pull my bag off the conveyor belt off to the X-ray machine and I thought I went through Austin and then I so my bag is already stood up I was like why is my body doing you a favor he thought it was his back so I was like alright so I just grabbed it was like apology apologize for anything it's amazing so I just took it sorry I think you might have to take off my bed you're not sorry because you did something to why you saying sorry because what if it is their bag what if my name was his first time ever on a podcast apparently through the fun of it wasn't fucking with the airplane why is that the sound sorry why did they decide that specific sound is the Chinese years Pacific Airline you talking about this this about inside what is the play where it's like poo poo poo it's like it's like a call on the does it twice and it reminds me of the one that signify like things to the flight attendant to the pilot report to the flight attendants have to know how my foot today my light button on the remote control the lights to rise behind me great play sound effect YouTube ecliptic until the storm passed she made the maid walk in on me and I saw that I didn't have one of those like do not enter signs on my door and I couldn't find it in the hotel room so he can stay in the room next to me so I just took his office door and put it on my left I thought I was safe to take a poop with the bathroom door open baby out of the occupant of the room and the woman walked in and saw me pulling faces at least it myself it was surprised as my legs up asshole on the way to get movie on the way back from the UK a couple weeks ago I was watching the in-flight entertainment and it was like a 10-hour flight coming back or something like that thank you I was watching the lights look at the little bar Sub menu inside like L the way it was different but it was an hour flight I said you turn the brightness all the way no the remote only have volume and channel change it was only on the display and it somehow because I know they have one that's like an entire section and I want to be the asshole asking about it and for some to reset a whole section of the plane because I was stupid so it's like I'm like button did you just try pressing that again the button I pushed yes I push that button several times it did not work I sent them to tell me on the flight out of it today and I pulled my movie cuz I was doing something fun like missing something and I realized I could hear her movie really quietly through my headphones a music now and I looked and 10 Cloverfield Lane is live music movie really couldn't hear it through headphones I mean really talk about without getting too much good I watch it and it's not very long like an hour and a half or so popsta was really good that it came out really good and really really funny people in it only like big Blockbusters can be like those huge model movie has Marvel movies wanted Star Wars and there's well I think it's like the perfect category movie movie it should be that healthy middle and yeah there's a lot of people in there for a long time it's like a fantasy football but we didn't broadcast very briefly burni have a certain amount of money and you have to fill each theater with the movie was great and you could do like two theaters have this movie 3 theaters have this movie or whatever I need to choose any movies are like big Blockbuster films but obviously those costs more and then depending on how they do that we can at the box office is how well you do it's a great idea it's really cool some people here before the internet was real BBS Stock Exchange and we can shut the fuck up that's what it was because but she just doesn't like being older than me and this she doesn't like being reminded of the look on your face I would never know it let's a flight coming back from London. I will have to go to the bathroom and then after I was washing my hands and I looked at myself and I almost never look at myself in the mirror I look at myself in the mirror on the airplane bathroom is far away from it I looked at myself as live but my forehead looks like she never told me hideous a blemish black girl fucked in to tell me I have a will you do when they was like because you know you have an age spot on your forehead and I feel like crap what is through it she said she never saw it but it's probably best that she could have come up with at the moment you called on my face for the bathroom bathroom all the time there's this like this like this unlike the top where the curve is coming up and I'm trying to take a piss at the same to you as often as you think it's like 2 inches below right right right down but I'm not doing this with you but you want to rub your head water is in the system never in a million years drink out of the faucet in the bathroom cuz apparently those are horrible is it right it's like I don't question the restroom in the washing her hands which would you would you wash your hands and then to the gym so early and you were just talking about the egg they did a series of their love and stuff podcast with a good personality through short podcast about one topic love and saved all the love and sex stuf love and sex I saved all the ejaculate once for me two different ejaculate ok to ejaculate on your woman's face or where it's ok to ejaculate on her and then another one I think about swallowin which is not out yet yes to both you want anything as long as you have to specify significant episode to take sexy photos if you're going to be like if you're going to be like somebody else right now and the whole the whole debate was and the photos gavi to me means they try to like get you into an article with something and then the Articles not about that at all. I like to think so it wasn't in the video or if it didn't have anything to do with that was the topic of the sexy photos people now want the thermal to just be still from the video okay Dan using the drill for eating corn and we could catch up over it so it actually spew out some liquid right I would use it but it looks like blood I like but that's just a still from the video like that's in the video this way we'll just don't know if you make it something intriguing I think that's good because I didn't quit being like it's lying to you yeah it so what exactly that's what is the correct definition what is nice about having someone special your face that you like it's just like the sexualisation of it I guess your face just the whole act like finishing on it I don't know it's like it seems like a dirty thing it's a dominance thing I think where a barbar does not break eye contact like that I was fascinated Gavin try to contact me we were talking about the plane the bathroom earlier and everything but this other story I read this earlier today or yesterday about how there was Malaysia Airlines flight from I think once it London to Malaysia people got to stop in Kuala Lumpur somewhere where they encounter turbulence so bad they weren't A380 big Airbus plane a double decker turn inside so bad it destroyed parts of the cabin on the inside I feel like to go to the hospital and I got some images from it really humid video on the floor oh my God that must have been the TV yeah yeah we're looking at like just like the different departments that they have for storing food everything a lot of them lose someone teet let's not do this so they didn't take on a plane or anything extreme turbulence and that's why they say even if your sleep and see the sun is off Leve your seatbelt on my throat when I was flying back to the day that I keep talking about the other day Austin and I want to play the plane landed in Houston and we were taxiing and you know we're still obviously on the taxiway and the plane stops and the like Pretender 15 people got up and started opening the overhead bin again in their bags out and I start making the way to the from the plane that I didn't like how to get on the intercom start yelling like and still we were not at the gate but you guys need to put all your shit back up and down might as well be a thousand feet you're still getting off the plane today he was pushing him down the aisle and she was pushing her she was on the other side and he was like you need to be on the other side of that is that what I need to be on the other side of the car and she was like can you just let me find it I'll turn around and go the other way and turn around so she had to then come back on the other side in my head that was more dangerous because she could not get trapped between them and tell them it's as if she's pushing the car into the car and that's fine but the other guy was really annoyed me because it changes for passengers between it the picture the other day but I came back I think was some kind of money live let's go back from San Francisco I believe Virgin America for the hell out of you what what's a sphere why do people get so good it's just that the staff are very friendly though they seem to actually enjoy what they do the seats are more comfortable just the lighting in the plane is nice they are there just seems to be more room to even though there's not I don't know how to explain it I love it I will ask her I think it's weird to me they did a whole segment of the show where they Mark the safety video from the Virgin americ but I think I was like it was like enough that the audience understood what they were doing like it was it's a very specific a safety video that they have on the airline's was like two people in San Francisco my fucking love this Maryland different Austin I was trying to race the latest thunderstorm cuz I don't get delayed anywhere and so I took an earlier flight is landing in Austin from La we're coming down weather was picking up and it was getting very humid and sometimes when you're in a plane the vent on the side when I turn the air conditioning will be like water vapor that comes out he's Austin looks great when she absolutely not going anywhere just staying in one area this was crazy this was like every vent in the plane and we're in the air and it says were descending usually turn your sink in the ground they brought it on this is as weird as sending it she starts pouring out of every vent and I was like wow I'm glad I've seen that before cuz I know what that is but I mean it went on for like a minute before people started through legitimate Lee Panic like they were and I knew it was but then I saw I was watching your butt is like on the 28th that was way back in the plane and I was watching people and it's funny how people don't want to raise a stink about something if you're not sure they should be scared about it they're not there just to look around like her but don't be the first but yes I can see that it's like that's crazy it's like smoke is coming out a lot like you couldn't see the ceiling and so it was and then it was like then somebody started to freak out and then other people start to freak out because like that like you just like what's going on what's happening in the lake looking for the flight attendant like looking around I was like I'm at the point where I usually would like to add to that anxiety that this is how it was you it was funny really funny for those snow on the pass again if there's like a bumble during turbulence it's like I say I fly all the time I run into you sometime this is not a big deal that he had the next video a little bit saying goodbye to pictures of his kids on the flight next day turbulence was so bad that the overhead bins open let's not all but some of them open it like that song but I can't imagine love turbulenc to do that while it can be done on a plane like twice in the last year said yourself no tell me yourself I even think I refused to get out the aisle status on WhatsApp the plane lands I don't get any I know I'm just like I'm opposed to it and if either sit there and let people clear off and clear off and clear off and I was just on my phone and then I'll get up and I'll go and to the point where some people who are the row behind me go are you getting off and so I'll get off in a minute go ahead and let them clear out of the aisle and then people are finally just going Road a row then I'll get up and do grab my bag and everything otherwise like like like like pressure from the person sitting next to me and I was like I could sense that they want to get up and get their bags just one right back there's no room and I always getting up the aisle to get it otherwise you'll be trapped and you got to get in the other let's do that and I've done that twice in the last year because I've been sitting there waiting for people to go and it finally cleared up alright awful when would you like it loves you back in a few need to pay all did you really think my bladder I feel good but I felt the Bulge in my nose water balloon what you're talking about like the condensation on the plane on a recent flight let's L flying and my wife is sitting next to me and we just taking off and delete your message you can AirPlay to find and there were storms and no big deal whatever you were taking off in the storm and it's raining like crazy and you know what time we were climbing and then like all the sudden I felt like this crazy huge updraft into the plane like I could feel myself like I could feel it in my in my seat and look down and I got pushed down and then my face was a change of something that we have never felt one strong people look at something oh yeah that's like 50% of the level of fun we got the power I can record it why can't you before we were descending the air play I thought I should record this because of you because you want me to and it's pouring out the side Vents and the top vents but that's it was like double that intensity for like a full 50 minutes of really cool it looks really cool it really did read to me like it doesn't like it doesn't like feel like and smell like burning wires or anything like that every time you fly more scared just like the chances probably was for a lot this year and I've never been so scared of flying that I was today and I keep falling asleep on flights and waking up thinking about it I really have about 4 or 5 times and every single time I woke up heart was racing that the plane was crashing and I shouldn't be scared do you think based on the fact that you keep her just like in my between states or just waking up I'm very rational maybe I was like freaking out maybe that's how you no I'm plane and that every time I wake up on a plane that I woke up because I was snoring let's party 4 million plane with what you do you put the person that's it I just leave him I have heard somebody it's is I feel 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whole time uwplatt so it's even more perverted Godzilla in Japanese translate testimonial for them when I was going down to the couch and we're boarding the plane right and I got an upgraded to first class for the follow up with you and so it's been delayed so weather in Houston and it finally like I just happened to be walking by the boarding area and I'm right here so I can walk person in group 1 on the plane right never had it never happens because I don't want to deal with that it was pure luck that and so you like we start boarding anyone with strollers you can come up and board first so there's like two families with strollers in front of me in their boarding this one behind me and you're the first person to those people freeboarding a premium to have those people in front of me I was like well I just turned around I cannot I cannot explain the situation to her she's like I can hear her talking to her I'm going to talk to him I was like oh my God I was like what the hell is going on and I can hear that it's okay I don't understand why group was like oh my God she was only likely in the play because I've never done it before never let people with crazy you're crazy that's why turn around look like help you had the interaction just ended as you're looking at it and pay for a premium ticket to talk to crazy people all day so fuck off fuck off Wikipedia the shopping cart thing where the lady yelling at me I don't think so video what happened to this is what you said back off and I said that's what I said because he thought I said I was getting in my truck and I had the kids with me and then I went to go get in my car and I'm a shopping cart was there anything I should grab my shopping cart and put it in that like the place we put on shopping cart seems like all the way across the and then came back on my truck starter pull out then pulled away and the lady told him I spot after me and she's fun she's yelling yelling at the top of her lungs out her window and Lake gesturing with her hand so I stop my truck I start my truck and I get out and she's not yelling or something it's actually understand what she was yelling and I was like did I back into your car was going to back out of the space that she was waiting in space and then she starts screaming incoherently is old lady starts screaming incoherently at me about me going too slow and messing around with the cards playing around with the carts to like slow her down whatever I say I just put my card back in and there's a guy I was just the guy for husband just kind of old with her and you just sitting there we like yell back and forth for like probably 45 seconds to a minute the guys just sitting there the whole time like this let's not engaging with me all and I'm thinking dude this guy's fucking life what a nightmare and she was just like she was livid about the fact that I took the time do you owe her too let's hurry up and get out of your spot I was waiting for you I had you know anybody putting kids in the car sometime nothing crazy you know yeah she was she was absolutely livid and remember I said she made me does Italy have no idea who I am I mean like yelling at people in the parking lot in the Gus and the guy shows up at 8 just like fun is like 40 years and without fucking bullshit one time I was driving downtown and it was a car in front of me that saw an open space and they decided to back into a parallel park and you there's another way and I could go around but I was in a hurry or anything and my wife was in the passenger seat so I stop by give you plenty of room and I stopped and I started turn and talk to my wife and you know he tries to back in he messes it up he pulls out I look at okay still going to try to vacuum again mess it up again pull forward a little bit then like opens his door and turns out it looks to me and you are going to go around going to sit there and watch me all night I'm not I'm not mad I'm just going around there's no reason for you to be that people freak out feel really freaked out in their cars people really freak out on their cars to different people they become a really different people thats phucked up have you fall asleep in your Tesla car severe the boys after we saw the video which we went out on the road together like an empty road and we tried to see what would happen because the Tesla when you put it on the video is not what we did was video of someone in traffic took with your cell phone of a Tesla next to them that was look like there's an autopilot mode because it seemed like the driver was asleep and liked inside the car was still here in turn forward and keeping Pace with traffic and it so it seemed like I was asleep in the car so yeah that's what I thought so I should probably video for this life or something like that how long and what the Tesla does is like every Pokemon ever not sure what the algorithm is what they say you need to touch the wheel like you have to physically put your hands on the wheel and you just said I just literally put your hand and talk to me like that and try to put it like that, I will try that everybody feels the way I think it's like I'm just touching it does it but I know definitely somebody doesn't register and the devil doesn't take it out of autopilo like the Nuance of that is actually really impressive because like you can leave it all drive out to go no no no go this way stay this way in the states it's part of Lincoln of the turn a car over like if you delay me to believe that the split for instance and I want to go left you can an ugly car to the left and then it goes off left but doesn't come out a little drive but maybe grab it turn it with any kind of like real force it immediately drops out on a drive but if you just going along I said the kids okay don't worry I'm here I got two hands right here let's see what happens and the car beeps at you and then about a minute after that if these again saying maybe 30 seconds and said you need to touch the wheel to maintain your speed and then it starts going down we were going like sixty-five and it starts going down starts going down starts going down and then it's RT BBB BBB stop beeping at you over and over and over again and then he gets down when he got down to like 35 miles an hour it turns on the hazards and just wrote it over to the right so it looks like the reason why you can't touch the wheel and you don't respond it's cuz you're unconscious for some reason they give me anything give me like a seizure could be a heart attack or it could be just fell asleep on the road which is a normal thing and it just pulls you over I even know where he's headed Arizona law for traffic is there a mod that'll let you control it with a Xbox controller pulling out of a parking space and stuf and you'll get movie summon feature and it was another video last week of the week before of a guy who used to someone future on the car while it's like his kid is in the passenger seat and the kids are freaking out of me but the car is like kidnapping you scary through Leve address to Friendly this change the what's in the news made it look like how model 3 and it's all play across the front and it's like there's no like to know grill or anything like that what it was it was like these people at a street light at a stoplight at a freeway of all places and they were all out and Y truck in the movie she's too like really tough looking dudes and the other couple the guy keeps getting in the truck and the woman keeps getting out of trunk and screaming at the two guys who the fuck knows what they only each other about 3 minutes out of truck gets his girl back around the pastor side he gets in the car until she opens door she almost gets back in the truck comes back out yelling at the two guys you don't you guys then like pointing at a boyfriend point with them yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it goes on for like a minute and then something happens and the two guys to start beating the living shit out of the guy and she musically she immediately went to that thing at the top of just getting your fucking truck and drive away before and after of the model S pulled up top when you inside not much I don't like it as much as it looks like the front yeah yeah a little bit better version of them on a bus and hit a woman doing that like hysterical screaming and I can figure out what's going on and this dude stumble popsta and like this back on an ATM and another guy swinging an axe let's try to kill the guy holding someone else tackled in bus station I was on a bus is driving through a town the closest bus is going from a movie actually look to see if I could see cameras but it wasn't it was just like it was on fire it was crazy crazy crazy like that Jeff and I were at a bar it's kind of a sketchy bar down in South Austin and it was like this really shitty bar next to a liquor store and we pulled into the parking lot so we parked going to the liquor store and as we're getting up to the door of the bar that was 15 years ago Miss anybody else with you know like the door like from the inside of the bar the door you left open and it is due to come out and they're fighting like you know like a cartoon on the ground lighting up and then stand up and stare at each other and one of them got let's just start spending it you know what and a grapple him to keep him from let's swing it around and we like that we're not going in there pickled eggs recipe get the fuck out what is off the chain but Jeff has another younger who would fucking start fights she would like on the street like a somebody looked at her wrong she wouldn't be like fuck you asshole like in the middle of the street at like midnight and the wind listen to Leve for L but yeah I would not want to deal with that now that if I stepped on that stuf did he go to explode all the time no no no no I want to put it before then I want to buy Trunk Club are two types of men out there guys who love 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little bit the price is like out of touch with how much clothes cost like 40 bucks you know that's what a pair of jeans cost 30 my head how much a pair jeans cost it's like a hundred forty bucks for a pair of jeans expensive that is true that is true I would not spend more than $30 on the perfect pair and they're like a hundred bucks it's like I'll splurge on that could last me for years and years and they are usually a better fit so we have a friend and he says weird things he talks about he doesn't wash his jeans he puts them in the freezer instead of washing because I said his house frequently you know just yet we haven't and I've never once seen his jeans in his freezer so I don't know what he's on about everything and anything downstairs character the chocolate I am also a clumsy mother fucker so I they like that we are here this weekend we were like experiment every weekend like to try something different and like this this week so it over like they were selling them stop stop stop walked into a Chim would like to bring something and you fun with it all over the room how to measure the podcast it was the time that we were together and you got fooled into thinking your reflection was another person you walk into a door that is glass and someone wearing the same clothes as you also reached with this symmetrical opposite hand you would know it's a reflection person with two different ones the one I'm thinking of this when I thought it was me but I don't see the shortcut to search for stuff on the PC just got to talking about what is this the Russian guy who look at the mirror Travis that I bought creative time tonight Visalus phone recorded me talking to him floor-to-ceiling Mirrors by that is very misleading here comes the camera store and there's another section of the restaurant looks like the right of my dick look like people Fantasy 1 lottery for tonight for something that you're going to have this game through rumor and it's supposedly a remake yeah that's really super excited through a lot I like the clothes more I like you know Dead Rising the first one was one of the games that was credited unofficially as being a cause of the red ring of death because it was like he'd used so much of the processing power that it overheated those original Xbox 360 is it also had unreadable subtitles instead of death love that camera looks like allegedly tweeted did you know how did you know he's only defended the barbar knows I know game information the only reason I know about I talked about it and what was it I gotta find it Gabe Newell tweet I don't know if it's a real account but it was like really gave and gave and gave and gave Soma bars looking that up let's talk about my phone numbers Google stop you stop I hate it I hate it I fucking a guy doesn't what does it have the music player on the phone and then had the iTunes Store and those are two different things and we want to shop for music that the fucking iTunes store now the plucking player is a storefront and in like when you try to search for your own fucking music it's like oh did you play my fucking inside default every time you go to search for something it defaults to Apple music with a service that I don't have it either and it's like oh okay no no put it in apple music what was the song yeah I didn't delete it quick get rid of any watch stream it this weekend like a band with Bill that's fucking crazy for the month or you're on a plane to realize that music not actually on my phone I still have it I just manually set it to only display music that's on my phone but I had to prepare for and had to listen to song over and over again and someone sent it to me in an email so I was like okay I'm on my phone I'll play it was MP3 in the fucking QuickTime Player app on the phone which then after 30 seconds fucking shuts off and goes away so much I'll just add it to my iTunes library L can't fucking do that because that would be too fucking son also fun if I know the way to QuickTime Player works properly if you lock your phone it's not playing right it is wrong if the phone goes a lot it just it just as much as I was never good enough a great you can have it just drag and drop on your phone that you would want to and now it's like a pile of stacked dishes on top of each other what each piece of shit on top of the other one and I was just about to the unstable sheet music play so bad it is so bad on the iPhone which is what started it started it app on if I get to Salem on the Rooster Teeth podcast write 3 tabs of my episodes feed and saved Christ is the difference that used to be one less and you can pick which ones you wanted one of those three different types of garbage for identical and saved a bunch of other get it the people that are in charge of the music player or just like it might be the lowest-ranked people adapt to just like it's pretty fucking iTunes this is no one ever we never got it right I just want to play song that you want to do you want to be up to see what you have and play it yeah that's all I want to do just want to see what I've gotten Play If I could write the music app IOS one before you can hold off I would take it it didn't play the song play the song that I know what you're going to love the rumor about the iPhone 7 to get even further away from the origin of the iPhone from the iPod gets what they're getting rid of the iPhone 7 through headphone jack I heard they're getting rid of the headache and I am going to make you have a lightning headset so you have to plug in a lightning a very proprietary I assume pair of headphones that end of the lightning cable be for you that's got like a huge blocks on it that you can get headphone adapter until you are fucking great bluetooth earbuds I love him I wish I could connect my Bluetooth earbuds to my Xbox controller but I can't actually got back to me she said it was not a real account it was just a troll but it basically said it's confirmed like that's all the tweets and the account was like at its Gavin or something but a lot of people were thinking that happens every year right before somebody tries to troll with a game the last game valve put out I think was Portal 2 right yes sounds right video I mean I'm sure the update for the new release 72022 and I'm looking at 2010 Dota 2 was Jill officially July 2013 said I would have been more recently how do you say yeah it was like 2002 which I'm not a big deal to play or so I mean for me it's been five years since the last major Leve since blizzard has put out a new IP which they put out a ton of games but they had a new IP since with OverWatch was the first one that put out in 18 years but it's crazy for me to think about that and I know people fun let's play Wilson you know like a little portal style dog that you like follows you around stuf and competitive the next version of the Bible come out because I think I'll get that one or not this one next one it might be like a half day or something like that I think it was close to the Matrix gloves I'll get it ready player one spend a hundred bucks on one it's worth it to me because it gets the kids using it and are using technology and a cutting-edge technology so it's like that's the kind of thing we would just have to rearrange my whole time thinking about building a Micro ATX computer Lake a small one that just doesn't have much on his head like one solid state drive and just use that for a VR machine but I'm worried that's going to be like a hundred bucks to do that so we'll go to Micro ATX computer gu car to fit in I don't know if you can find the correct video card to put on outside let's model the form factor I mean you could but there's just another thing that got me trippin connect to PC component on the wall stuf like a build a PC that's like everything on the desk in the computer is the desk to my desk