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Recorded: 2009-12-02 12:21:53

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Dubai the drunk tank to shirt by today at rooster teeth.com slash store how is dead it's awesome Penny this is for the podcast remember don't talk to me like an idiot I know what I am doing welcome to the spooky junkie new interview The Addams Family interpretation of the Red vs Blue theme song I Like it with a little bit nutrition Easton 4 the Microsoft store Microsoft make you feel it's turned off and then kind of morphed into Jon DJ Snake teeth shirt off is just action figures where he would use the action figures from the Joy Ride make right was it The Dramatics 320 Hennessy U controller same as left then when that 2 action figure theater with Machinima with a lot of live-action stuff is well I mean that I gets no love I also had a great Thanksgiving I was invited over to the burns house for Thanksgiving I think that makes my fifth Thanksgiving at your with your family that's true yeah yeah family and her mother and it's you and I get together I'd like that are you be out of it which part are you still there the other night giving I mean it's like it's like you guys this is the worst about that if I say sweep of this. Can you can you get the dustpan 4 mini computer gives me the best what time with the beat office us right now anyways so I threw out the gravy and I was told that they wait all year for that gravy and the leftovers were now useless without the gravy was the best part Google later I made my fried jalapeno turkey just for geof and his wife I think you so much that was as good as I remember then why don't you go out and buy like a whole fryer and everything for them I did hundred and $40 turkey the apparatus in the spring Will i Am abused nurse and then you read online over and over again if your me can I reuse this and never being comfortable is it food dispose of that much like cooking or what you're ultimately done with fly cover for you don't dump it down the storm drain or anything like that I don't know I had issues with that and I have issues with pain I never know what to do with kids of pain is giving them my wife so get used to it so no environmental impact new look what is the problem what are you doing to put on the front door didn't leave the sink at habitat man was remodeling his bathroom is like 5 years ago and remodeling his bathroom and he asked me to help him out and so we pulled that is old sink and he wanted to you wanted to donate left around the ring if you want I can take the rest of it was a perfectly usable think you could have wiped away and Okay cool so we want on the back of Habitat Humanity and they have like A6 foot tall fence and then goes to a broken nice wow well I guess you showed to cover recording the hundred and $40 I want to bring up some business did you guys $3,000 code just made a typo it's the single most stressful moment of the Year for me when you say that every year when I have to send this message I am paralyzed with fear them and so I spend about 3 days just reading over the same email every time and then going into the store back and making sure that the coupon codes are correct it's a whole process and then I had in my defense I had Griffin read it and then I had Matt hullum who also works in this company and who is in charge of those kinds of things are improved as well well I guess I was just in the previous years email as a template for for my wife and I as I left the date and at the expiration date in the email as January 31st 2009 the code actually expire January 31st 2010 and I found out very quickly when I started to receive thousands of you forgive me for the wrong thing someone will find it if you got that email yes it is did to Busan 300 time it was just I spent my most of my holiday on my laptop apologizing to cover more money now everybody got they deserved it and now burni gets to hold it over my head sells email but that would have been another $3,000 wow I mean we can just send out a notification to all the customers on the service it was a nice guy and you're talking thousands of customers and he put everybody in the CC field and had everybody else and then what was really fun about that is people started replying and it just started to snow wow wow 2 people start replying you know when when all the stuff is kind of new and nobody really knew how to not accept messages in regard to this message it was a problem when we worked at that place in Mississippi who's mail server started acting so we're getting a lot of calls from people who are like you someone who is like the California that kind of slow and goes I don't know 2 gigabytes drives so the guy that one lead me to the Friends of the director of The Wizard Penny code TV stand Ikea fitted hat U Know check on my episode of 30 Rock and the same sort of U accidentally forgot to put everyone in the BCCI have to face the people on the show hey next time you know like Saturday or whenever you guys get together for bowling about not tell him I'm a big fan of actually picked up by next spring I almost worked on it player first but it was like please please that's not right but trying something independently Todd Lee at the same time that says fuck in Todd for us and strange ground you don't talk about it wow for over a week at this will you in 9 days I think this is my seventh day we both quit drinking at the same time it didn't know we didn't tell each other to coordinate it we just going to come home and I was pain and I think that was part of the reason I don't give a shit Penny white sauce yeah no problem I have 16 years or so of drinking everyday Street and 28th butt a break I don't know yeah yeah you want to go any deeper with this you want to get on the couch what's your story I'm just broke helicopter Jac think they're week I'm not done forever I don't think I'd like to drink again I do but I wanna make sure I'm not U Know kill myself for your concern like 3 years ago and I went to the doctor they had all kinds of tests done on my kidneys my liver and it came back to me and they're like are you sure you drink all your internal organs look perfectly fine and healthy and I went to the doctor and I got a full game it a test run and he was like you are the picture of perfect health there is nothing wrong whatsoever and he's like after I quit drinking I got really sick for a couple days I don't know that you know that could just be coincidence that's what to the doctor last week and had it all the time talking about right clock tick tick tick tick only dying iron tribe 2 or 3 beers at lunch or a couple mixed drinks while we're out and then maybe a drink in the afternoon before I go home from work and then a couple drinks before million to bed I don't know just start drinking and start drinking week 4 for 2 weeks for 2 weeks and you start to feel a little Haggard when I have a party at my house and I always be just a little bit too much beer and then that beer will be in my refrigerator for 6 months before and shirt that has strings on the top in your cooler 4 years I remember that we go into your liquor cabinet we have to like that you can blow a cloud of dust all your body when you get a beer at Bernie's how to put in a bottle that you don't drink it out of the glass a great day for you when we get there how long will it last I don't know I really don't know I still like alcohol I can't wait to get back to it text I can take a break mix things up a bit right binge drinking to complete cold turkey that's that's healthy million operation probably got well my job is done I no longer needed clearly out of here a lifetime's worth of work in 30 years not to take away from my embarrassing I had to run away from that back towards Jac pretend celebrity friends and I for the last two days it had a kind of a weird celebrity sighting we keep running into Walton Goggins who played Shane on the shield you would recognize him if you saw him you know man he's been new porpoises a type of small part of someone else anyway I got in town from predators because they're coming out right now in town and for the last two days every time I leave the office he's downstairs like getting coffee or hanging out by the Japanese restaurant and we have both had this model or whether we should say hey we're big fans or not are you big fat U absolutely one of my favorite TV shows left alone in the morning coffee in the coffee shop and we just a couple weeks ago. Then I saw the dude from Office Space week and talk to him but that was weird fraction what's the guy's name who was on his show he does a lot of walking on the street and you looked at me wow I was something about me character was amusing to them butt tattoos wow so it's funny you mention James Franco Legend Franco Jac New Orlean of a James Franco on As the World Turns so good in the checkout character in General Hospital character James Franco soap opera magazine to the check out and it was what I think was Soap Opera Digest Ed of James Franco's face and it will Franco sleep with a sneer on his face looking for General Hospital everybody say hey if you want to hospital you can absolutely come and go hospital or just James Franco you know what I want to be there so he was on before I don't know watch Delco proper on Hulu Jimmy Jazz James Worthy of a nomination for his part in Pineapple Express part of them comedy category is about to give me tonight with any prizes in the kind of place with to do a medieval drug movie called high court I think it's okay I know you're so you know I was Burj Pineapple Express week a well-deserved win Jim Carrey one every year and I never get nominated for an Academy Award nominated for Man 4 man on the moon anyone for Eternal Sunshine Ed in either of those you've got nominated for Academy Award for a movie called Daredevil wow movie Amanda and I Jon Favreau has he played up when I get stared everybody you know what I'm going to say on that movie because I didn't know it was on HBO and it was not as bad as everyone that whatever it was it was bad every time and every time Jennifer Lopez come on the regular as soon as the plane touched down everyone and everything was always cheering and clapping I love it it's pretty awesome I appreciate your week look cage on the front line are buddies from school who I got to tag along interview Jon Favreau I work with Ed Shamrock all the wandering around I would never watch my eyes again and I haven't so 20 IMD 4 does body know I'm looking forward to it strip here of all different different kind everything else in the when he was a doctor in elephan was like man Favreau U put on some weight probably was The Break-Up and it was not look for Christmas or whatever that was with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn and he was UFC they're Mighty of Sean Astin in 50 First Dates film you are the best directors no kidding in the U S no kidding I mean you won't even even direct lenders no butt makes you wonder how much input he had how much I was him and his daughter movie Jac Samuel Jackson in a lot he wasn't good in Star Wars new really wow one good memorable iconic role a move for him it was Pulp Fiction yeah and it has been like going a long the entire time he was Goodfellas Black Snake Moan and black snake pain week after he was on something from out of Iron Man Brody in the first Iron Man and now he's being replaced by when she don't want you not enough stuff an out-of-sight out-of-mind that was called was that movie called The JLo movie and he had a bunch of liquor.. A bunch of high-profile roles and then just don't hear from him very often anymore the last night yeah it's really different Oceans 12 wow I really watch The Land of the Lost with my kids or about 30 minutes of it until I realized that is a gross horrible movie for a 4 year old watch what is it the point where a mosquito lands on Wow and sucks all of the blood out of his body and the mosquito is as big as like a 80 pound Blu of blood and he pops it and I was like I was when I had to turn it off also not a good movie you don't realize when you're watching a movie the kids are all the way in Astro Boy like I did you just realize datel of Bruno this weekend independently independently no no it was like it's in it's incredible that the same person could be involved in about the snow with such a travesty like them they try to fucking terrible to have some common thread right the brutal it was atrocious they were trying to leave in their to them it was none of the narrative it's not it's scary okay it's not funny the thing at the end I was talking about the UFC at all I found it kind of sad in 2 week at the end of last week because apparently about Modern Warfare 2 I'm 14 and I'm getting him for Christmas I can't afford that in the storyline from here on out let it let it be known that if you're going to listen to the drunk tank podcast U get spoiled that's something that is a possibility for 14 year old internet 14 years old the oldest person with any left 4 press release from valve this morning saying that they still 2 million copies of Left 4 Dead 2 in the first 2 weeks do they a medical PC + 360 + 360 + 360 93 the Black Friday sale Black Friday Best Buy ad Left 4 Dead 2 on sale for $35 or about a copies. I had a lot of time talking about 2 years old 2 multiplayer review Comic Cons in new all about it it was uncalled on the other stores in town and nobody's going to have it this game is hard to find I couldn't believe it was really weird I was like all the game the game stop by my house they didn't have it either so we're totally under my radar Tales Vesperia multiplayer games Leah so I was wanting Fable 2 with Jeff because we were trying to get the dog catcher achievement which he was like what I mean is he messing with you and I think we had together dolls that U collect in Fable to yes last night we met on Xbox Live but not meet up online like you claim that you never played online with geof white party with burni no I can't play games with me anytime I try to I have this problem now that you mention it I used to have that problem also but since I've moved and got a new ISP I've not had that problem at all but you're right we have now switch to Grande River week left and I probably a half an hour just to get into a game together and party together as well they just appear in your game so just wondering around its representation of them it's over the full surround with their icon but you don't have the extra menu Taco Bell Gavin is about to pick it up when you pick it up at the game and I redownload 4 year olds that are specific to your game character under to go get another one like that U can do in person you can go in and check their stats as well like what they done of the game so I decided to check to see how long he played and what he done geof how many times you have sex in the game to get to 2578 X 32 times 136 times he had sex with prostitutes I only play with Griffin and that's all Griffin I'm just I'm like What's called her henchmen will join her game and then I think you would ever get them done anything like this I read about the treatment and we went out we had sex with like 30 prostitutes even ever popped up and then I realized you couldn't do it with a prostitute U have to do with your marital partner so we had to go in at 6:25 time for their husband that's why I feel about you work as a result of trying to kill her the cool thing about that game is you have to get the achievement yourself or see someone else can you both play as heroes or just wanted to know if we both played we have 2 boxes and to get copies of the game then we could go to and its Heroes over Xbox Live but we played local butt shot was her hero and my instruments again we're going you can also just go back and you can get gold and experienc can because I'm sure my wife going to get into it so she can't use her account as the hero and then you just Lego Indiana Jones 2 although it does have parts of it that are the Lakers series do this do that you know complete base get a hundred percent the game and there's always one achievement so I just play the game play the game in this particular way in this a quick player mode every level on quick play exactly Star Wars 2 Michael Jac and um we had to play that game I think five or six times at the Huntley teeth to get all the achievements in how many hours replays entirely different teeth 2 kids I mean Jac time you know a lot of probably 10 minutes ago and there 6 levels 4 episode 6 episode 300 on the flip side of that I just finished Dragon Age Origins and I think to get all the achievements in that game if you need like a minimum of three places really like 50 hours of yeah that's the same with Tales of Vesperia I'm going to be in to see if we can make it through 2004 that game 3 playthrough 130 200 2004 I might I don't know if I would even be probably borrow it I'm sure God damn it seem like I don't even remember with him a couple weeks ago I love my brother-in-law James has 100 community and I would never have believed with all the Xbox my way up to that Bellator this week the avatar game comes out and then movie if you are playing the game a month probably not a Ratatouille ruin the movie in a totally different way that game was so bad I was so mad at that game a 1000 1000 1000 because I wanted to know I never had to touch the game again and wash my hands like it was so difficult through certain things that were so impossible to do I would I would literally got the point of frustration and throwing controllers and it's a kids game it's like platforming stuff and a big thing I think that I you had a thing where like you get a little umbrella like a little drink umbrella cuz you're at and you use that to kind of parachute from one part of the level to the other but you were drifting and didn't have a whole lot of control over it like that kind of thing happen the next time in the world feel like the first time I played it through I missed one collectible I found it and couldn't get to it right and I could do everything up to that point but I could not get back to it was a it was a mission specific thing or like right here all over again from scratch Arkansas can you have a collectible that there's a point after the game which you can go back out so I'm just get everything and it doesn't fall out that where there's one of those bobbleheads that if you don't get it during the mission U can't get it to blow up Megaton bobblehead the truth how to start looking for a place to go if all they're done right New Vegas is supposed to come out next year all that's right that's cool does a brand new game really butt the river saying that it was because they were going on right now a good question to maybe just 5 man that was probably one of the hardest games to totally complete yeah I got totally totally sucked in the Team Fortress only play that that she thought it was a ton of fun and I am going to go back and there's only 17 achievement something for her too but I'm going to get every one of them just doesn't have any updates difficult Supreme player Korea you said I know the other thing we talked about this is the thing about it we always talk about this job is that when we talk about love butt the moment here about somebody who's done something that's better than you U like that whatever I'm trying to pull up the story but it's just not loading any time I see somebody that has more gears to achievement than I do I don't like black box heater fan are you going back to him and trying to Perfect all of the Halo games tho because of the way I'm pretty close as it is I only need like 5 achievement in Halo 3 and then I'm pretty far because he was right which is like a hundred points what you have kill an enemy with what I need of you die how can you kill in the new of the talks of the damage they do I guess they do a little bit of damage fire to in 2004 the minigun rounds of the single life I don't even know what that means kill 50 enemies within 3 seconds of the attack your medic take a thousand points of damage in a single life to 10 wives or the damage in one life tho wow its 9:35 of them by the way just heavy achievement speak of Team Fortress DLC achievements in philosophy in that I always heard that Orange Box was not going to get DLC because valve was not allowed to put out free DLC shirt and that went against their personal philosophy and yet I heard that but they have left 4 dead paid DLC but I guess you're just never going to get DLC in 5 years when Half-Life 2 episode 3 comes out will they release portal as original loaded player really I saw him about it so I was on the phone the one I mean to get around to someday how tough is the 18 gold medals in Portal I didn't remember part of that on the other bigger cheapest Jordans come in half all the way to the game that was very fun and there was one about playing an entire episode of Half-Life 2 with only using one bullet and one episode one is it episode 1 season to shoot a lock off and that's it and then the last thing the very last thing I did was getting the gold medals in Portal a good I like that game and that was fucking impossible when is the third of the way through iron burni sitting at his desk and watching YouTube videos of people doing the gold medal runs on Portal and trying to like frame-by-frame up because they're moving so fast I couldn't understand what was happening yet and also bitching he was like obviously you can't there's different stuff the portal that sounds tough and then quickest 346 levels how many of them have you done for the first level just to see what it was and I think I got I think I can do any better one the other ones are just FPS twitch skills now I find another portal and I have to remember that one so they don't ever touch the ground the least that's one of the part time makes sense least amount of portals makes sense but the way in which the game measures a step isn't always consistent but if you're running a distance it's left us and if you're walking it's more steps and it also if you're running you come to a stop sometimes you take an extra step U don't need to take the measurements datel is sing about Sue in Microsoft I did it over the memory unit that you guys make those third party member U gets locked out of Xbox 360s and now they're upset about it something from code junkie which is the datel site okay there about like what what code junkie is about 10 code junkie was a show on Adult Swim code monkeys another welcome to the web game cheats and much much more code junkie is the official home of action replay the world's best-selling cheat system so you can always expect to see great code in saves for the latest great games as soon as they're released you can buy action replay and many more cool game enhancing products that are 100% secure online sword code junkie direct so I don't really care that datel got shut off I don't even care that I all datel a memory card in 2 years now this is where they want to put sheeting the about section of the about page of code junkie downloads right now is this I don't know this is all gravity more than anything else make sure you tune in 2 code U to receive your daily dose of game busting cheat codes and game saves game saves I mean why would anybody support these people for doing this is going to ruin the system of course of course I did I feel bad that we have that I didn't realize datel we are the example that the use of why they should be allowed to do it when people just want more storage if their Hardware that you will do what they want to with it but you and I agreed yes that people should not be allowed to cheat on the system now and we appreciate that Microsoft will go out of their way to cut someone off at the pass they have to destroy the Integrity of the system and why does he like datel think that they have the right to ruin someone else's left and right whatever right as a business to be able to do that. I don't I couldn't imagine anybody would support this lawsuit and I don't think Microsoft will settle out of court for something like that contacted us and said would we be a good helping and they point out to him and directed us to this last threat we have not been contacted by someone working for people who own their own the patent clearly discussing Red vs. blue I'm a sick wife and burni twitching at night pants for the patent podcasting would be happy to sell it to you absolutely would we settle in 7 billion dollars 20 7000027 billion dollars you want to million copies of Left 4 Dead 2 that's fair I think that game is really great and if there's anything anything more than a DLC pack for the first game that is absolutely incorrect I don't know how you could draw the conclusion I came in like 10 minutes and I can tell it's totally different than our normal things like Ed Center 4 start in the building that's on fire that's awesome on the side of the building to get around in the first Left 4 Dead acknowledge Cedar a lot more in their dialogue yet yeah I even touch the game and tho will throw some stuff out of the temperature Steve how do you say just me apparel how many burni to it does have a very cool cinematics team the whole game but I like the idea that there's no flat to that at all but it's just the shirt I mean the game is Left 4 Dead left left in the city is that whatever they should just call the game get the fuck out because you have you done the commentary for left in the car with the vehicle that you escaped the previous chapter all the first one but you can just imagine to their in the room and look here's what's going to happen we're in this room we're safe we're going to leave it today or just get the fuck out that's it you something and you should just keep moving keep your head down you're going to be like to come on the ground like a clue to what causes infection butt that leave that leave that week not going to get the fuck out Get To The Choppa Jac to lead the final run of Paris across the bridge into the chopper in less than 3 minutes Bridge Over Troubled Water to screenshot on the first Left 4 Dead blood Harvest level yes computer and it's got Francis when he was still like scruffy U have to be like scruffy beard original Lewis the black guy in Left 4 Dead if you leave the main menu on orange Spa and all the characters are different though and Bill are kind of the same but Francis and Francis and Louis are definitely different that's going back and watching old gametrailers like it like this with trailers in to see how things have changed like the Brutal Legend Trail original Brutal Legend trailers pretty funny and everything but it's different from what the trailer 4 Oni trailer animated trailer and I never made it all the way the big robot from Robocop and it looks like that can walk down stairs if I remember correctly his Achilles I know you're trying to locate the original design of the survivors dreadlocks U see they had to change the cover art in England for Left 4 Dead 2 because this is what Sam Jackson from Coming to America what are U brakes in 2 your father maybe they just the the infection just started this is where they start off not calling them zombies or trying to figure out what has happened in there when they're talking to each other a disgruntled office worker it's almost like sort of like you just got off work and started beating people if I could that I was going down Left 4 Dead 2 to be a bad player in the back office never see you online a lot Walton of pain in the ass that way I could see my videos and song anything I can do to lessen my screen pops to come up you're still popular but it's like it's distracting when you're making a video to have somebody send you a message microsof please get rid of the notification at least allow us to turn it off every time on the please get rid of that number yeah he's in court now really creepy doesn't like Damien wow exactly what I said the last time I looked wow everything is in a red jumpsuit mean I'm going into the court and standing trial for killing what was it 300 cats or something how to remember it's been awhile he killed too many cats string quartet have you ever ever hit a cow with your car it's the worst feeling ever I did I had cats my whole life and to kill someone's cat if you crushed me I never killed so I had a mercy killing once when I was in high school where I saw a car hit a kitten and the cat was like flopping around on the ground so I had to like it was brutal to watch so I had to literally stop in the street back up and cut was like Ed was broken in two places it was better so Dubai Financial what are the of 60 billion dollars and they can't make their loan payments so they're asking for my mortgage I would gets like $2,000 butt a good look at the amortization of the how long is the yeah I hear Dubai in the world Dubai the have debtors prison which could be a very big deal for now people who are always in jail for having debt write-off pain and America too far away from the video of the guy jumping off that they were constructing it like 2 or 3 guys made it to the top and jumped off $1 and it's trying to get creditors to give it a six-month standstill on 4 billion dollars worth of dead okay and that you were paying 7% straight commercial rate U want an amortized over 30 years or 15 years probably your monthly payment on a 60 million dollar loan a motorized over 30 years 7% interest 399 million dollars a month what the first roughly 400 million a month you're paying 4.8 billion dollars a year wow that's a lot of money is 245 billion dollars Pinterest gets 60 billion in property to run out tho wow you actually interested on that I'm trying to get to it so first 2012 pain in 2 years 3 years the payment of 3 parents and you will have paid in interest on the loan 83 billion dollars at the end of the week 90 millimeters U know when a mortgage sells wow but it's a commercial loans work somehow sue the whole Sunshine would you think about how they used every bit of fissile material in the world to make this bomb this is a movie by Danny Boyle Penny came out in 2007 sounds about right has the dude from Fantastic Four to to the sun is dying and this is the second mission that they're sending to restart the Sun the first mission something went wrong they don't know what they're doing either it's almost like 2010 in a way I kind of fell into the sun actually What U Want to See I saw I saw him about six months ago and I thought that you would really enjoy it I'm a sucker for a big time-suck a very cool experience actually went out to check out Dead Space Todd the night before or the next day they showed in the a big theater and in San Francisco they showed of Evil Dead 2 and then Sunshine feel like breakfast for the next day to play 20 in the Army the night before I qualify for the first time Full Metal Jacket the army how did the fat guy screws everything up teen in the bathroom you know with the with with private with the name fire in the bathroom wow that looks like in real life New Life movie the first 45 minutes I can't speak of the war for the Army I want to join the war was marked by pushing female reporters down and scrambling in 2 how that the duty does the U the Army commercials like the voiceover for Army commercials is in Modern Warfare 2 what was something wow 91 South 2012 the other day and before the movie started there was a like 3 or 4 minutes long Ed for the Army and all the fun like it was like you know what it is but you know whatever it was the Modern Warfare 2 Fox marketing 4207 Lake timber in my Left 4 Dead 2 with gets a Modern Warfare 2 how do you play the co-op mode a hard place back on it was so much fun 626-2113 I was running around is that is a unique gaming experience it is awesome it was it was terrifying and hilariously fun the level in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare on that mission and Jac was the guy in the ground in the video for it's time for the air and then what I'm sorry but I'm okay with you we have one of the first things that was I want to hear more about through with Griffin of Fable 2 oh yeah where people were playing Modern Warfare 2 even though they were listed in the Boy Scout troop meeting in the members list what they were playing and they're playing Modern Warfare 2 and he said he was going to say this is why they don't take kindly to it and I think it was actually wooden Ed the in Zillah on it but if you want of the recipe for my jalapeno turkey basically it's some I just take a turkey a regular like 12 to 16 pound turkey and very very very important part of it is that you have to get all of the ice and water out of it so you have to come and try it out with her towel and set on the counter for three or four hours even after you thought to make sure it's completely dry out if you don't like kids running around for Thanksgiving and stay the hell away from this event 2:15 don't get near this and make it a clean in there I know that look you do not look your get inside we're going to chain you to the poste Oni inside the house somewhere so you can screw with this thing but we inject inject come of this marinade with Jalapeno in it at all throughout the church and let them sit overnight before I completely thought out and then I take it outright rejected again with this jalapeno sauce fresh jalapeno slice them and put them underneath the skin of the turkey shirt head lice like little jalapeno kind of design I wasn't Todd awesome bay leaves underneath the skin of the turkey to look like something out of the Martha Stewart magazine and it's not as gross as it sounds super 10 degrees outside minimum payment of 390 then the other thing is that the big question now is what are good gifts for the holidays got any thoughts on that I can think of a couple the Red vs Blue Recreation RT Shorts Ed bundle $30 the new Zombie Planet shirt the comic year 1 2 3 bundle U Know This podcast is brought to you by chance have you seen the penny arcade the professional gaming shirt Dubai after you buy rubber sunshin Anarchy shorts on TV model there first part you know anymore he's a pretty happy guy someone to the guy General thread here at 1 o'clock about Blu Ray movies would recommend which made me remember that I bought Star Trek on Blu-Ray so it came out it looks so good future stuff and it showed a lot of like you know the real life location for used for interiors a shih tzu look like for the Kelvin the u stand against the Long Beach power plant and for the interior of the Enterprise they use a Budweiser brewery to brewery all over the place like a big one that's to try to figure out where to take tours of factories totally a power player that's totally a brewery I didn't see this the first time through on the name when they were showing and then surprise here and here's the first screening of the new Star Trek movie for the world and like some of that stuff next week he's good friends with someone I don't know we'll see I'm excited to hopefully to are you not going this year burni no no no I went 2 years and was probably the worst butt because 24 hours I'm not capable of it and I have to admit that he has a birthday party where he throws a 24-hour movie marathon and it's amazing the films of the gets for this thing where of the year that I was the first year that I went they had the 300 about 6 months before 310 graphics and stuff towards the end it was completed in 85 butt U have to go through it 9203 I don't think so if he doesn't know about it that's why you have that picture of yourself as your profile so it's 1138 so a photo from wow first and second year and what you just gave us all a chance in the next month whatever happened with that dead the HD DVD for Terminator 2 they showed us remember that we got we got we got a demo like someone from the hd-dvd collective or whatever was speaking the text and it was actually really 2 Blu Ray yes I should like some people Graphics a pop-up shirt of Miami Vice is what I have to say I bought that's Oni 3 for Sony PlayStation 3 Ed now is just my Blu Ray is Blu Ray is awesome it is by far the cleanest looking image that I've ever seen from anything that I should do that Star Trek Blu Ray gorgeous I'm really surprised by the sunshine and everything it's like of Warner Brothers logo comes up nothing looks good she cable the good movies that I've downloaded the biggest don't look good does it look better does Winn week you know so there's nothing there's no not 2 but I set up on 100th in TV and it showed everyone in the office and ask them which will look best if we look worse and everyone always Ray HD DVDs the best did you tell her she was over there was no comparison Blu Ray yeah the nights for my furniture I guess there was a reason someone that I think is Ballmer week that they were going to make a Blu ray Xbox over there they're very quick to shut that thing that we're not going to I hope they do I really do it was right now the shirt and my Xbox is really low Dr U can work on that you know make a silent drive if they butt if they put out today if they put out a new 360 that was redesigned and it was more reliable because I'm sure that it was quieter and had Blu Ray would you buy it I would buy it if it was just quiet I almost bought the other day about the Call of Duty 360 250 gig hard drive and I was like I was standing 4 360 really want somebody how do you know when a game is done with DLC so you can sell it is now free download on game where you don't U have to do with the Link Card to get Steve to play through again so there is a chance you can break your game I don't to leave again and then they put all DLC already downloaded everything so they're not published anywhere he found them on the Publisher's forum disingenuous General that's right what you're saying because you by accident yeah right exactly arcade games on demand cost the same as retail really know you know physical instruction manual Jac wow you gave me yesterday told me that he bought a new album Cage the Elephant Cage the Elephant and heating and air the same from Borderlands right primary song that use on Borderlands which I have and he brought in The discus Ed look at this already and its only 9 bucks you buy a physical album when you can buy digitally call center through everything in the park new boxing movie 4 Xbox is now if if you buy a game online only gets one Xbox download every time you play it or just wish you could do that is that true but I can't imagine iron consoles and their functions wanted next generation of consoles I think they were talking about like 2012 need anything more than this I certainly feel that way now so maybe in 3 or 4 years we'll see what's next static system U Xbox. The PlayStation 3. Cross Man U Bar 4 all of its gets a little scared of liking Xbox 720 because I've I like the current system so much and I don't know that they won't fuck with things like a cheese mints and Avatar and I don't know how they're going to keep going I would hope so video videos all the focus on DLC and it's really affecting the way you measure gamerscore points and that was against the rules deter second-hand books GameStop to do for free in the box but if you bought the game you there's nobody else in there to pay 15 bucks to get the DLC okay okay that's really interesting I don't know that I don't like that kind of need it that's what I look for in the Box immediately when you don't like which is the in the U P stop saying I don't like another accounts butt is like as you do things in the game that you can use to purchase things in Assassin's Creed to like another another thing of armor yeah I don't know Talks Like a Rockstar Social Club account all the GTA stuff if you want to check your shirt you got to have a Uplay account to have an ebay account you have that we U purchase items Fallout I can purchase things with bottle caps in a World War II penny with gold I don't need to get a real world point system through an account there to make it look like an Assassin's Creed that if I play Rainbow Six 2 or 2 or you can to help you in those private Network original on guys how about we should talk about text