#380 - Apple or the Egg

Join Barbara Dunkelman, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Josh Flanagan as they discuss dating, E3, RTX 2016 and more on this week's RT Podcast! Check out the Mike and Dave RTX Contest - (http://fox.co/1YpDijG). This episode originally aired on June 13, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-06-14 15:28:09

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Participants: Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Josh Flanagan, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

everyone welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast there's nobody that's what I said just the kids and the kids is cousins not write cousin's kids cousins on Gavin I'm Barbara I'm Chris and I'm Josh and I'm Barbara you keep in traditional and I wish I was at the laundrymat this podcast starting off well is brought to you by audibl Blue Apron and me on DS3 great sponsors for a podcast day at 7:33 everyone I was just at E3 and I flew home today I was really nervous cause you weren't going to be here my flight was delayed by several hours so I only just made it when you get like 4 Blue Bombers and at Lindsey's parents ranch house which is like 2 and half hours out of Austin and Lindsey and Michael invited me and I said you ever Gavin might come because maybe 3 but Gavin still Mike um and they're like oh we can't come because he has to fly at 6 a.m. tomorrow on Sunday and was like where's he going I was that for Dad to wake up at 3:30 to pack because I never pick them up before work an idiot and I thought I'd do some stuff like feed the cat have some reason I decided to change my air conditioner filters as well at strea Netflix app Island at like 7 last night to stay up all day and I said I was it was the equivalent of being up at like 1:30 and then staying up till the following night because it's like time 24 Hours by the end of it I was just playing with Wiz Khalifa Terry Crews Snoop Dogg Zac Efron Jamie Foxx I know there's a lot of marijuana being passed around I told her I said the police are here I'll just sell it for basically someone decides to light up a joint and several Day game is run a line two lines and other two teams and the way that the AC was on hooked up all of the smoke was blowing down the line some of the guy next to me and we will see the trifecta of some other guy Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg's and the joint was being passed in like a triangle with bunny in the middle and I look why is she possibly from Snoop slums e Island and then we went out tonight to do the stream for that Bethesda and I was with somebody was eating everything but you did all this Yeah by Usher bring that into the convention we have 25 million followers on Twitter that I'm going to kick him out right that's how I feel like Snoop Dogg at the past you just expect that kind of thing too if he didn't do that stuff I guess it's not illegal that's why I was put away it was a hell of an experience that game it's 125 million Twitter followers by the word what are you guys get with your Twitter followers what would you be allowed to bring into a convention I call fre office Jos drugs will. Probably I don't think I'll get me anything in the real world you kicked out of the U or like any sort of falling for you like pizza chips once or something it was terrible for the game maybe because they're okay I don't know there's something on and it said I was like a person interviewing them and they're like What's your secret weapon for being good at this game he was so you'll see and then cut the rest of him with the joint in his mouth places to date you shouldn't drink anything before Chris and Jen Red Bull whiskey and tequila something to mix Walker like alcohol from Mike the old office that still back there and it was like half a shot of whiskey and Mike one shot of tequila and that's all there was in it what were you going to call that drink blood thinner is there any drink that maybe it's because it's Coke and sweet and sour the only thing I know the floor of the parking lot got drunk with Michael and we just walking away from downtown the floor fun stuff to Long Island iced tea have tequila vodka rum Triple Sec gin and a splash of cola Splash so wait so it doesn't have whiskey so that is literally the first drink ever made with tequila with medicine everyone an that play stuff in 4k for 299 but strea old game does it upscale them somehow that look good yeah I got skills HD anyway super up screaming during the week but we have some in due time you don't spoil anything and I think it's 17 days as of the recording of This podcast which makes my stomach go up a little bit when I say that at 1 and bring it right back and we have a contest actually that were doing a simile Mike and Dave need wedding dates is coming out this July 5th actually saw it at South by Southwest really funny but they are holding a contest for everybody where you could win two VIP tickets RTX and actually ends on the 14th of June what does VIP tickets get you early access to autograph front row seating in all the panels a VIP party with all of the rooster teeth staff on Friday night there's a VIP lounge on the floor and also you just get a nicer butt CIMB contest ends tomorrow but the rules are you have to post an ad to Craigslist in the Rants and Raves category explaining why you need RT xvip passes then you gotta Twitter Instagram link to your Craigslist ad using the hashtag Mike and Dave RTX contest and you need to follow Mike and Dave on Twitter and Instagram and so there's a link you can go to for official rules Mike and Dave RTX contes.com and ends tomorrow or today if you listen to Pakistan an Apple news because they and out stuff today you can now turn the background color of the Apple TV from white to black that's both right now what do I do watch and the phone and basically an awesome everything will be better hopefully everything I hate about the devices will be good you can get the new one does not e watch now this is new software what do you hate that's going to get better to the point where you just don't have to come back to him question do girls look at socks Mike and store them Captain Picard and the next I mean this is the new coach for the new set it so it looks like the patients into a man socks day so you try to get laid it's alright it's a one to one oh I just don't have no socks I was just buy white White Sox and bless them specifically tonight because I want to get on the phone black socks not gonna lie I like white ones that only go to there and it's just like like here and I are you asking that because you you are you having trouble and you're trying to find the correlation socks but you know it's it's always you always got to take everything in suit with black shoes and black pants and everything and have white socks that are showing between the Gap that's bad like you got to wear dark socks with formal wear for the guys already wearing it so are you not impressed enough formality of it and I would never that wearing KD socks with if I'm doing all that other stuff mad at like underwear looks like someone's dress is really sharp and then you can see their underwear I guess at that point doesn't matter if you what is the latest you can put off by a dude in like relationship into Advantage like between me and him and having sex with him for the first time I've ever had this is awful ugly out I usually don't care stains or holes in it so I have someone to withhold don't ever wear those and if it's like conveniently placed holes it's like a Super Bowl it's like there's no buts wedding rags to drive to soak up the sun place place where he gets a little hole in his underwear and pull through some skin you have to guess whether it's possible what is here I mean you can pull through some certain that doesn't have hair on it an idiot scrubs are pretty late so I'll be in to see the full like an inflated version of maestro an eye for at first with XI full bed maybe the best bet in the company maybe Jax has the biggest one usually but it's not Lego Chris you're so nice you're doing you better not be an absolute nightmare I mean it depends who you are I guess depends what your it's just a giant like I have to wear at 10:07 jockstrap all the time to keep it in control shrimp as I get older all around like the Gap we used to just like this year that I haven't liked that I care but it's like encroaching if you have a chance of Robin Williams forearms question have you noticed that your area in between your ball hair has gotten into you what is a channel I can see those maps of like when the Nazis took over Europe and it just like the other day that's good right now or not Forest swastika picture bunch of Nazis planted some trees and the swastika formation and then like four years later they saw it from behind or something like that use a bunch of trees that turn yellow other than all the surrounding trees so at certain time of year you could see him bunch of money like cut it down to experience something brilliant about that though it's like where is in Germany I don't know where that is so I don't exist anymore did they just cut the trees down and replace them with green ones or maybe they planted more trees made it into a big Square because yeah I know measuring Mike and at the Funhouse maybe 10 minutes today and James was going on about the community manager for YouPorn Katie about her like she's the best can you manage your ever it was just like that is a range of a drunk man how long does a divorce and I was flying all day since it didn't see any of it I know Adam was passed out what I should we still highlights strea and I feel like I never to dance with strea life I mean all of you have managed it right now I'm actually watching it weird to do that with her doing any drinking game going where I think it's like if someone talks about you tattoo if it had to rush out like that are you at the loser had to eat fish bones and that was me fish bones Detroit season fish but that's not what it was like back long bones and you could sleep and wake up and it was disgusting it was like the entire fish is compressed until its like concentrated fish pill fish baton RT Life One X fish oils made me bust in my mouth Dave I don't think that since then nothing I just disappear cover oil one you gave me was that and garlic octopus wants do we have to put it out then I don't think so I have time probably still have it as pretty as that I could do it was really bad can you give me $5 if I poured a cup of water into my crotch and I was like yeah it'll dry in life and it's just for a few minutes for the past day that when I was in the supermarket when I was about sixteen I went to bed by 40 quid that he wouldn't like being there was one of those sachets of ketchup and mayo and mustard and stuff and I just squeeze everything into one cup is like this much liquid vinegar as well stay I need fish down there and I was like how much is 40 quid I don't know, I think you should talk about we play the game of shuffleboar at the glass control we started I always thought love was like 5 bucks or something and I smashed and every low amount of money I one and it was like I feel good about this hundred dollars so this game anyone has nothing and I lost together hustled he was playing the game what kind of shuffleboar what was at the table shuffleboar dog like actually I was on the table on the side shuffleboar like retirement homes 32014 ready for retirement you accidentally wash your wallet in the pocket of my shorts would you would you if you're mad about it would you ever decide to let the one 5/20 hundred and he's like can you draw dicks contes and don't ask questions and I said sure that would stop you from spending the money did it really I think eventually I gave some of it back because maybe I lost a different day it's just money money with dicks on was up at 5 at 8:20 hopefully I can get it what got ruined so many business cards in my wallet looks like something Cottonwood Idaho money or something weird like a weird that's okay because it is a paper dissolves in water that sits a linen and cotton Watts if you go to the NFL straight does that mean linen and cotton of really valuable no no Pro and now it's like they used to be like the money you had it valuable plastic polymer never felt it in your hands you can trip there but I don't know I wasn't really can you do that 5 5 the same as England dollar coin 500 euro note how much is that that's probably six or seven hundred dollars apro that's amazing that something like it an amazing service $600 or six of one piece of paper and Roofing off during work did Aaron ever tell you what you should do when we're ballets downtown now there's this guy who used to steal stuff do we say this island guy who was the overnight guy and he used to steal stuff for her when she's still my girl scout cookies one night I was so mad like I watched him walk I had to go to the car and no you wouldn't steal from cause he was still from valet he would steal from Cars but Aaron and I we ran experiments overnight and so we would we would gather things and we would itemize them and we would hide them around the office to see what he would steal and so we would do like we did increments of money one night it was like weird Penny like three pennies and a nickel and a dollar and we put them in it we Chronicle in to see what was the lowest amount he would still hang out with him because he's the only one Mike and we have this week coming back in at 7 a.m. we fight know when at the high-tech old school like 6 but he had a broken Chinese finger trap once like we left it and we found it in the trash broken and so we wrote this whole report I'll show you sometime entire report about our findings and it was just like a Chinese Chinese torture Can you steal food he was predominately a food thief and so because he could e we so we left a candy bar at the valet stand for him and we came back like left left at 11 p.m. then I came back 7 a.m. the next morning and it was still there and I was like there's there's no fucking way like that was that was you know that was the biggest thing you could have left for her and I was looking at it during the morning shift and I realized it was not the same candy bar it was it was a double size of the same one and I put this together it through Clues later but at some point in the night he had eaten this candy for discarded it in the trash and put the cover is directed stolen a candy place thinking thinking otherwise with the wrong size at some stuff away yeah and it's all new it was not what happened I wish it was and I don't say his name confront him now it was fun to do like this it would have broken the illusion I think do you think he was aware that you knew no no no not at all until it was still this report that you could type show types discovered action figures we're seeing here is not so I figured I must have been so fun to experiment with so much and still do that we can make does she like 5 years later yeah he could we could we could try and just push someone to steal something start small if you could hire an employee and then some and one person like like teach them that that's part of the culture because you might be hungry later it's totally the trash is up for grabs to be just like them all these horrible practice and like everyone work together to teach them and then when horrible look out for Chris trying to teach you things that aren't true when you mad when I play the GoPro during the Great Scorpion and 25th weekend at the cabin I was disappointed and now it's I don't know who told me but someone told me you would be the best person to do that to and I apparently that was absolutely not true so Gavin people pranking Joel's what does it mean if you want to sit down and have breakfast I was having and I looked straight into the lens I was like and I was like oh that's a scorpion what's the word when you do like a big sale for someone in the area of the other people that didn't at all like Ellis will be automatically determine it just does nothing I'm so lazy does that area yeah but that one works pretty well I was in the break room so that got a bunch of people that's how you put one on my desk I did put one of you are here yeah cuz you're like it's it's seriously like you were I was literally like you know Paco an animation who worked on until it reaches with me I had to I had to let him know cause he's day even during shooting Tumblr rooster he was definitely going to be in the same room so I had to let him to do something and I don't think we would not really I mean it would hurt but not busy like a bee sting that's still the only scorpion I've ever seen I've never seen one in the wild Ranch in Texas worse than my biggest fear is that at in the city in Texas for the bugs that live under the toilet seat and let you know when it comes down to Chris lakes with swimming up someone's you bend and then you just say like a packet of testicles is hanging that it would be like the rapist fruit to buy I think if I came up and I would buy his girl just cuz it looks like what is the basket for and I have seen I've never seen balls hanging inside of toilets and speaking of speaking of fighting scrotums have you ever stood up a guy on a date and I date never never have you you are just like you I want to meet I only got two people 2 month OK hotels what's the name of the test you do internet the internet or whatever how well do you think she walking but it was a weird thing to be talking texting we talked on the phone like he was like what years were poor we texted that day a couple an hour or two earlier how about meeting up at or like meeting there or whatever and I show up and then like as I'm like pulling up I got it you know and it's like I can't do this I'm having a panic attack note like I think she told you she's having cold feet or whatever but it was like a weird kind of like did you try messaging her a message not even like I'm sorry you know it was really late and then later falling up being like sorry about you sorry I gave you a panic but like I say Mike one more follow me like it just you know if you're not interested that's cool too Fallout Mike hey sorry but audibl Island and their friendship anymore you just as I know this is a conversation is pretty much done that's it I'm going to do my best impression of gas and so I want to remind audibl.com is the thousand downloadable titles including fiction non-fiction and periodicals audio books are great to listen to when you're driving doing chores or at the gym for our audience members audibl is operating audibl offering a free 30-day trial just go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth and browse the over 250,000 Auto Audio programs download a free title and start listening it's that easy one of the books that I read or actually listen to One audibl Wiz bossypants and know if you guys heard that my Tina Fey you know what's a great book on Audible if at Birth you don't succeed by Zach anner that's audibl to exacting himself he's really funny too forever to read a book in an affordable furniture outlet Xbox like I'm about to begin a sentence and he's not ready do at the at it together like it's really awesome Mike how long did it take full days though he said it was he was so bad at it cuz he he sucks at reading as and let you know he like him just reading e is exhausted because usually does all the voices that sometimes you don't know what voice the character is until you come to the end of it and be like blah blah blah blah said Terry and whatever else you may have to remove the lines sorry about what I was just telling audiobook George RR Martin reading a different reason so it's not like the Harry Potter books which have awesome audiobooks for they change their voice every character you get her those are awesome different voices I would assume they would like color code each line that he had to do I go to see him but I must I must take forever and I swear an oath an order like I've I listen to the first book Game of Thrones the book because what they called the whole thing someone iced and find the fish game if you turn the volume up high enough you can hear someone else in the background reading a different book make smoothie on the plane going somewhere it was like 50 of the volume of my movie but when I post it I could hear her loud moments in her movie One Co Vines I just have good hearing what are the exact book is you can an audible you can playback at .75% speed just sounds all that whatever how to start playing an audiobook but at 4.5 speed and it sounds so wasted you know what you could do with all that sounds like it so have you you've never done like a Tinder date or anything like that and he's not online date and I never never never I assumed I'd be terrible at it I never even asked anyone out just like what like what you mean you never asked for that what are you I was just really really slow game but I'd meet someone about it I'm interested so I'd be like I try and be like funny and you know it but Advance into fluffiness and over like months eventually either it was so obvious that she would say I was just have a fear of rejection basically so obvious that we cannot mutually agree to do something together or I was just getting off to do something because I'm just way too scared of someone I just feel like I just said that way if you ever iced and when I said no cuz I can't imagine that happening Mike Raisor Ford you never been like hey let's go catch a drink now it's weird grab the movie but I mean have you been on lots of because you just one time and drove there I was at the place waiting for them in it but like I got cancelled at the event like why was there at least you cancelled so I'm sending it there yeah yeah he did he went viral with it but it wasn't what it was all the stunts what if there never was a girl and he just wanted a just a publicity order let me know what he does he acts like he's sad and then go to come up to and ask what's wrong what he did where to sell story Josh Henderson well they're okay so there was a that I said one and some candidates with shoes at a kindergarten teacher actually and it was the first time I've ever felt spiked like sexually used by someone not in like a like a weird like just like where they kind of get what they want and then you just sitting there like okay like what about me so we would go out and and we go back to her house and her like we would we would spend the night at our house in the middle of night she wake up and she just climb on top of me and it was like okay and then like start going like a flop off Dunn Suite like I'm just sitting there like and I got there she came ya should come and then be like oh instantly don't like your sleep and somebody like plate like it's fun but you going to wake someone up with gas when your bed again we go it's not like it's not that you want to keep going his roommate so yeah it was I mean I like I felt you that then I was like I would with your raging Central date it's like have more time that will cut that was one of those things where I kind of I just I stopped talking to her like I didn't really end it I just was you that you want to come over tonight I think just being a dad has never happen today yeah it was it was different I'm falling asleep just for the fun of it wasn't just like one so I went over there but I think three or four different nights and it was every every night it was the exact same thing Verizon one that was it yeah one of the floor maybe she didn't like it bad like fish bad for States an First Dates how many like disastrous one I only have one bad first date and it wasn't even that bad but it was a guy who I and I signed up on match.com sounds like a good way to meet people without having a girl and I met a guy who is really cute and we had a great conversation via text message she was really funny and like wedding and stuff and I met him in person it was like meeting a cardboard box where everything I said kind of just like when he wasn't talking he was very quiet like never really liked looks me in the eye when you are talking to us but he was also 33 you could be a little more comfortable with it was he like socially awkward in general was he just nervous around you I couldn't I mean I guess you and I will and would like neither of us texting each other after at like we both had this understand maybe he needed a couple of bags in it maybe we could go for a walk around a museum quality is it real is it tender date where it's like I was like if you like meeting up cute and some I was like I don't know we met up and immediately I was just not interested and partly because when she introduced herself she sounded like a 6 year old smoker I think she I think she lied about her age it would have and she just what you don't like what it is like to look at your pictures looked anyway so we're like I said I did not like we'll have a drink or two flights did two shots of whiskey Tuesday night 8 shots which is good because that's what came out YouTube day outside for a cigarette I'm like drinking but I like how long can I stay here politely without like being rude but check anyway we're talking a subject to travel came up and she was like well where's the coolest place you've ever been to and she like Saturday probably Australia crazy that's not where in Australia did you go you mean you went you went to New Zealand and Australia to New Zealand Australia because it was like a city or state or something in Australia director of iced so you know like where did and she kept correcting me it's like no and then I was like what why did you go to Australia Mike I don't know what why why the hell would you go to Australia for 3 days it's like there's a stripper come in a bunch of drugs and then then what if you give us like a parent like imagine like an attractive lady and then at 20 years of drugs and smoking and then that's that recent picture I think it really an Australian I would like to find her profile and see that she's like iced mocha I am matched with her on Tinder like this before I left my car on the way home the best birthday you've ever had and keep in mind some of you have girlfriends so we talked about that so thank you for that that's an interesting story for you want from me iPad I can really tell with the first date was right that's why I feel like as an adult I could tell you in high school or college but now it's like at your current one you worked with before right start hanging out remember the day you met him I do you think man look at his boots it was Chris was giving a tour to Aaron I think Josh you were there as a canner bread Mike maybe one other person it South Austin and I walked in and I was like hey what's up and you were like these are you known to my friends from college and stuff and I was like Hey whatsup an exact way if you wave and and light just wouldn't look at me it's like he's a fucking asshole yeah that's for some of them when I first met him what is a douchebag I know but I thought that it was you no but it was one of those situations where I guess I just hadn't already been working here a while and I just never it's right there with him to the point where we never like to introduce to each other I never said he became awkward directing an emotion that I was in a slide back and forth that's like I didn't really know anything about this guy and it's going on too long and hard to be like Gavin I've done it before sometimes it's like Josh it was like nice to meet you like Stone Cold as I know you know we've met before right right I don't know he's a weird one that much where I've gone a really long time without introducing myself and then I go to introduce myself and then like you know we've we've already you already introduced yourself and I'd forgotten that already just myself and I just like became more of an asshole people that work here that whenever they say hi to me they always say my name like hey Barbara what's up and I never remember what their name is it's always like the same person and I'm always like just say who is it you don't know you can't even say who it is dude I'm trying to come up with more clever ways that I could say something like Hello to somebody without reference at once but he would always do that he would always say Hey Kevin what's up and I'll be like it was trying to say he was like I know your name Daniel have seriously I just wasn't saying it but I felt so good I was like connected dog also did the dog with you and Britney was in the house they found was that like they're only there for a couple hours each day it wasn't all day every day looking for the bottle and care about you your space there really filmed with him some of that vomit while you at that yeah it was weird I don't know why you left yet because I don't really have anything private really pissed off because I was watching the footage of that video and your and my apartment and what scene does a basket of laundry behind you and that's my laundry basket full of my laundry they close the doors to let father for this rooster teeth Little People snooping around you should have what you need here to give you guys your bed and the couch I'll accept it so much why would you need a hundred an app for you there I was there I'm going to take Chris to work I was in the laundry I was there I don't remember where that was Gavin sweat so do has do girls ever smell do the laundry like as a thing sexual would you ever be like you get off on the laundry junk like a turn on I smell of the dudes like pheromones are like the text was junk junk pheromones from their head but I know you took it and I didn't Chester Vermont are everywhere girlfriends are girls that you'd like cuddled with their where they sleep right here and they like Massillon that's because not only comfortable but it smells good I guess it's like a girl's hair because that's a girl's hair the reason that Evolution has like need it so that females are typically shorter than men is because that's where the pheromones come out for a lot of women I guess and so like guys to be more attracted to women that they could smell the top of their heads of interesting or or is it in reverse where do pheromones come out the top of the head because women are shorter is it an apple or the egg how far is at 12 so I want to mention that this podcast is also brought to you by Blue Apron not all ingredients are created equal fresh high-quality ingredients taste better and are better for you like eggs so it's important to know where your food comes from Blue Apron knows that when you cook with Incredible ingredients you make incredible meals so this at the highest quality standards for the community of artisanal suppliers family run Farms fisheries and ranchers whether it's Japanese ramen noodles wild-caught Alaskan salmon or heirloom tomatoes Blue 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place where they where they match dates based on whether they like the smell of a t-shirt by everyone wore a T-shirt and then they put into bags and people just sniffle the shots and I pick their favorite one I think that's really interesting I would totally do that date or dating services department there was and that he thought your laundry smell great but she's the type of clothing like underwear I mean what if that was pick your favorite lady is at her parents so he asked you out we just started hanging out that's where how about that sometimes it will happen I never have to ask anyone out his life so you'll be able to see my laundry basket when I get there yeah that create a lot of anxiety for me yeah you shouldn't let people film and your place in my opinion if you have the chance to listen to him you might think it'd be great to come in and my place we famous they will trash the place I've never met a film crew that doesn't leave it the way it only telling you so that when you go to school for film and you were like and Scrappy like it's always someone's house or my house or your house or wherever and it's like if we have come to you and say hey can we film million dollars but exploding didn't know if you were in that so which one was it who was a bodybuilder one push a bodybuilder and I think Burnie and Ashley were in my bed together look like what we did in some dude's place where it was a scene where I was in a bad and I had to wake myself up with a fox like to sniff myself awake with his father and was like yeah just get in the bed I pulled the covers back that's bunch of like drums and had was like yeah I know it doesn't make any sense but I'm actually going to sleep on top of the covers I'd like an Airbnb or something you don't have any mental someone who the most unpleasant was eating the cake I told the story knocked unconscious on the set of million dollars but it said it was the one where you got attacked by animals and Max crumm he was operating as an eagle or something and I had to like bite my neck so I was like tending to be scared in bed of the seagullmen someone else's Fire and Blood and we thought it and then I blacked out when I came to that ever was at moving the cameras out of the room but they let you go to show up and I guess they thought I was just acting bad but I like it cut off the blood to my head or something but I was fully unconscious for like 20 or 30 seconds attacking your at this and then acts like he wasn't there anymore and was walking out the door and then skip busy for like 2 hours but I was acting like I was dying so it's probably combined to be the same like nobody noticing I didn't tell anyone cuz like I don't know if I'm dying so out of it busy for the rest of the day Maxine help me out I would be interested to see the footage at the end of that controlling I just migrate if I started snoring now be the absolute indicated I was unconscious would you snore if you're knocked out those people that just like deep snoring now you can't stay if you're lying down there right because painting it's just the blood getting drained from your head or going but if you faint from like anxiety or something or I don't know I like to be at the fall should I call you faint in your sleep you could but you could die in your sleep if it's if you do it comes out in 6 days comes on June 19th holy shit you would have been that for a long time for 10 straight weeks we were just ridiculous that was what Forty Nine Days 49 days we got received one day off so we Day Live stream the cast and I want to talk about the first episode we did some changes with that good Rio it's coming it's it's for everyone it's for everyone on the wrist you say on YouTube and pretty much every place how's that for announcement that Sony take that number one and it's not it's not like the first episode it's like 8 minutes on the first episode of how long is 45 minutes 45 minutes long so you see on TV Breaking Bad or Walking Dead or any say-so and three out of four people are in the show at some point up here one of us is not adopted out hoping for a better role in season time like I don't have it has advised me to wait to the second season what is too late now I wasn't even Netflix he said he wasn't yeah kind of it was really bad kind of vehicles out of the basket I was walking back from the left play in the big light light light yeah I was rapped and I'm just wrapping up some funhaus do at iced up Chris is walking towards me and he was like don't be at day 5 tomorrow and I was like alright he's like I got Gavin was like you're going to say things like I have anyone for this part we're just yeah Mike I'll find someone for this part that like it will be good rather than just like five minutes everyone is across the parking lot right now I will walk over there and I'll find someone I like walked over like Gavin and I walked back as I got what are some fun things and at what time like 5 p.m. day before with you everything going to at hot out I've never had someone you like being in stuff you never have a hot out typically usually you're there until it's shot but I think we got you out right at the minute and I went straight to England on top of things amazing we got this really true because the Texans and hopefully it'll come back and we get a lot more because from General e for that particular production it was good but the rest of the state had another really talented actor and yells episode which is that those that use a big party episode and we'll see what the context of the parties but there's a big end of the world party someone say she was an exotic dancer she was playing at Apolis and she's she's dancing so she goes to a convention in Australia try hardest person to direct in the entire show because they're doing this party and it's the damn furnace is everyone's without sleep for 5 days so it's supposed to be kind of messed up like out of it delirious and so she was dancing and she captain at heart so just like dance just dance really sad like just barely move your totally you know you're delusional you're staring off and she's already doing like a really big like Jos sexy that's a good thing it sounds like we just translated this lightly is going to the cabinet beside her and I was like I really do just lean on the cabinet and kind of like just barely move your legs just like the saddest dances ever seen this is what that translated to an offer on the same way but we just couldn't lie couldn't keep her because I don't know write what I couldn't do can you just get up against the cabinet and so she was um yeah that was the hardest the hardest dance sexy hair with a water bottle like stomach Magic what does 219 South Sunday Sunday Sunday 4 p.m. so I have a good story from day 5 with Joel's Joel's Joel's in a row hey man isn't a 5 and you should have a little later in the series he's like later and he's a character is introduced Like It season and we're filming the scene it's like well it's like she's not here and I get this call and then like Josh there's been an injury one of the actors have gotten hurt I'm like what happened the first time it's happened we've been good so far and it's like it's to find out what happened because he's going to the ER so here's the deal as we were filming a dialogue scene just dialogue there was no action what's its people talking in a room right it was like an entire shoot like for me like oh well we only got like this many pages to day it's just people talking to me to be super dizzy seeing the same the context is seen is Joel's character is running and he runs into the room right so he's like out of breath so what jail would do is before we roll the tape he would run like in place like he would run in circles and then So then whenever we like our action he run in and the method acting yeah sorry we were shooting and then and then the person that he's running in the building with its like she comes and she's like I don't think you should cut a Mike but I don't think we're going to shoot anytime soon like what are you talking about you not telling you what's going on just like you like and I was like I was running around the parking lot and he slip slip slip in a big puddle he was running and I like what he said to me that he's like he's covered in mud and water is like nothing else it would have to up his clothes off and make it a bit if you like so you're going to lose like 30 minutes while really trying his clothes and she was like well he's also covered in blood she slipped in a puddle and Mike face-planted the cement in the parking lot to parking lot and was like apparently it had like it happened and Joel's FAL and was so delirious Khalif he hit his face got up it was like covered in mud and water and blood and was like I'm good let's go let's go it's okay like you said it is like but I'm good I'm good no Joel's like he's totally committed and there's like no Joel's like sit down and rest and let you know thankfully we had all like me we weren't shooting his coverage and stuff so it wasn't like a big deal we're shooting stuff like behind him and like the back of his head but it didn't really affect production but it was worth it the top yeah I think Joel's good at it but he was like I got in a fight with the cement Joel's decide to head like a professional when it comes to like being an actor I was always amazed back in in the Congress office when we would your shorts he would always be very serious The Joker funny do you like joke and funny that when we were actually doing acting he was very serious that you can see if you watch the outtakes of Captain Dynamic everyone's always like blowing their lines and laughing and just remains like serious face strea and that he was being serious so even when I was broken he wouldn't do that Joel's like Mike and it would be like talking Enzo and an even snap in the character the opposite way you have them set to make it was like yeah he's awesome but he was like jumps right in the characters to watch something we watch the clip that we showed a couple clip but I know which one you want to set up two titles titles are super cool title sequence Sunday at 4 p.m. Central Standard Time so tell me the trailer of the word that came right before we came back with shaved hair and shaved yeah wait for that though so you gotta need to subscribe for that the show and we make it great I can't wait to see other people leave it to watch it like everybody in the community people even at the office for them see it for the first time I quit screening on Friday of last week episode one for like a couple people who want to watch it and like I was asking people who were coming in screening was like have you seen it yet and I'm like no I don't know I haven't seen anything from it and I was just like almost wanted to watch them watch it Chri for it now I think the response was pretty good people seem to like it I like the picture the promotional picture of you at people fish at in the cookie one of us is where I'm going like this and Lauren Crozier she like Photoshop Dave Pizza in one picture of a pepperoni all over my face she asked me if she's like are you cool with me too it sounds like you have really funny Mike and I sent you how many episodes 6 episodes and 6 hour Long Island like the whole British TV style like it take from the best sandwich day Fish Camp I seem like you a lot but it just like him can you give and Dave I would like to think that we should keep those working on this year that I was like getting to see so bad don't you see you seen two episodes of day 5 - fish 100 one more thing and then we may continue our conversation I really shouldn't bother coming back because I just realized I fly again at midweek to go to Let's Play Live I should have stayed that's whether you're 4 hours a day in your underwear but instead of making a statement like strea men's tights under his everyday 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man I was like it was kind of like I was checking my phone for Twitter yourself otherwise Barbara sucking at this stroke or something and look up in the Gavin poking with a stick hi Jessica if you know this but your eyes and mouth is so close to it what a weird at all day like from here to Hard Target to hit they try to get my nostril you should see if I can that game where someone is a blind the 40 film I try to get inside your nostril I'm deathly afraid of things going in my nose not at all I just don't want things in my nose I don't want things in my ears like things that I don't want things my ears or nose self inflicted or self-inflicted and there was that mean you can go into the front of your face day and night Chris is picking it's like under your sinuses that's what it looks like to put in an offer and you tilt your head an Jessica's video where he talks funny red jacket he was I think the only person on our website you have more followers than you yuuzhan rooster.com watched write 21 as at the end it was the day before I got officially announced at him and then who is Andy for a while but now he would say yeah yeah yeah that's true I think I've had more watches the news but I had the most something the reason why I was hired I don't report on your first message to me the other day what was it it was high with a :-) emoticon that's all that's it did you respond to it I think I did I think I responded with like a heart or something that you love me already and of course what was the context that message was sent what's up I was at least 16 I was 8879 to 90880 there are people now e at like 16 but they will get in the year 2000 people born after 2000 are like and how old enough to like kill you make a decision alone where to buy a 5 year old oh yeah guns just change everything you mean like with their bear I can easily lose a fight to a sixteen-year-old yeah probably oh yeah yeah yeah you were anyone past puberty I think I could lose a fight to not let anyone past puberty but like anyone I think it's one that's it. Chris has been disabled by a four-year-old I was wrestling my cousin it was for the time Wiz e an email to the entire finger up my nose nothing is in my brain strawberry jam where one is I slept in 2 weeks like the top of my nose was like sticky and gross with Jen I can get it out with soap it would have been but I don't like it sorry sir that's just chance that baby rooster Josh and Blake fling a booger into the mountains like just straight from nose to mouth now we demonstrate now I'm saying is that possible if you go if you win the Josh yeah if you lean back I think so if you were going peeling backing off of this guy he was called Molly that's what we told him we still have spit with motor riding our bikes and trikes we love and miss you and I can't because I was building up like this but I somehow with the movement of the bike in the wind iced at this massively get it about it spit Jos eating your own boogers is like good for your immune system and I'm sure that somebody has a kid the only I think the only fight the only fight I've been in as and as a person like actual fight was boots with Mike one of my best friends and like high school and we had goats at my house is set up and we were walking around in my backyard or something and my friend stepped in dog poop and then he white he took it is like iced and go poop and then he wiped his foot on on me has no clue that I was like what the and because it was your poop doesn't my poop it was like oh he's like that with his argument was it was like he was your goats poop like Mike Harris and so I spit on him and then suddenly got really mad at me and and then we got into a fight like looking at you funny an actual fight fight with the most Texas fight I've ever heard I like you because you like shit on me and he's like well that's not as bad and I was like yeah it's worse it's shit that is like it is like it came from your mouth I actually see it's funny because I don't know it's never as bad as anything a human produces experience such a hateful mood I've never spotted anyone like in anger in Huntsville but you know what he's like two people and I like the other one of them is cause I like all the other ones face it's almost worse than being punched so his face I spent on this like chest sjso fish to me I was like I'd rather get spit on me then poop but he was like you can spit then then then go poop yeah just be like white be like white up and down my leg he was just like oh shit there's no reason for other than the fact that he was at my house you know it's like it was like it was it was a visceral response was like shit on me yeah kind of why not to laugh for me here's the deal is on everything very well it was in the summer and we had like a pond that we would swim in and stuff swim in a pond all the time wedding bugs in my in my mind upon this is like it over with I'm sure it was unlikely 5035 Garside swim the pond with a rope swing and then we'd go inside and play and play video games in childhood the fights the 15 actually no that's that's not true there's one other fight one other fight that we had the same person add a bunch of friends spending the night like funeral sleepover type thing where like 15 or something and at some point I Mike it was late I go to sleep on the floor I'm sleeping and two of my friends like wrestling like fighting like fighting each other you know like as one like that so whatever whatever on the bed all I know it sounds sexual it was just like it's just like dudes fighting each other anyway so I'm laying on the bed and all sudden one of them like balls on my balls like and I'm sleeping I'm sleeping all I know is I have never been more like Primal wear it all the sudden someone is attacking my testicles and I like I went there I just left over and I just started punching him in the face like just like just like I can even tell it was like one of those things where I was sleeping also with someone was on my balls and the next second I was punching in the face feel like FAL but we always like you this is a very rare experience that thing where she's like 3 punches in an punches it was just like he was like because I just you jumped on my bed early jump on your balls it wasn't like let's jump on Christmas balls if it's no they got knocked off the bed what you would like on your back I was just I was sleeping on the floor one on your dick that would like the balls are what hurt the most was one of the things going to hurt the balls or what like really hurts the whole thing but the ball hit in the balls hurt your stomach like I got hit in the balls and liked it deep hip pain remember when we played dodgeball versus funhaus you got hit in the vagina screen Mike threw the ball harder than I've ever seen anyone throw a dodgeball and went straight into my clit the push up you know but I did like? Productive skills after that moment all the stuff you need to have a kid you can even find that clip but it's in that was we're trying to find the club right now video Barbara I'm so sorry I felt that I felt that happened in the balls because his Mo it looks like from that video what was the point of this video to iPhone like elaborate for this weekend with Josh one room that was maybe like 3 feet by 4 feet person looking good these days but something you the full of the latest one looks solid but the other GoPro is a bunch of mushy washed-out mess did you know that we talked about the story work on the immersion the jetpack immersion where we had the group we have GoPros on the jetpack right way to go for the face camera let me know anyway the camera on the face of the jetpack right the end of the day I like crash into the water it's like the very very end like the last like whatever sequence crash into water and come back in the GoPro is gone it just missing e Lake and we put floaties on it so it for the service didn't flip and it's like this is this is the face footage of the entire day and Mike and likenesses blue the entire super have to like go and recreate everything like go back up and redo everything and so we are just like we do everything like me and Blaine and then like RDP Jason and one other person Patrick got in wetsuits and just like with like locked arms and search the lake like it's searching for a call exactly we found the camp we found we found the camera and it was still rolling oh my God there's footage of us freaking out like to find a day that I don't know we didn't I don't know why we did it and you're all just look at what we have because we put floaties on the camera so that would fit surface but because of because it broke off with all like that they like the arms and and the casing of a lot it was wait it out it's like floating a foot above the surface of the foot above the ground was like right right and we find it slightly behind the scenes but it wasn't an otherwise you and I going up for you so that emerging Josh and I got to try we didn't try the jetpack water things I'd like to say was yeah cool the attached to it I guess if you still for too much you're being propelled down Josh yeah and I went everywhere I went down it's all going to crash then I corrected it just like shots Josh as a dolphin Mike straighten your back up so that you left and just go straight out of your face which is like terrifying for me I watch you do it and you're really awesome and I like you want to try and I was like yeah sure like it looks pretty easy I usually have pretty good balance I didn't realize that the boots attached to it are big and I have like a little bitty midget feet Mike Minor like size 6 and a half at 7 and I'm 5 foot 9 so my balance is terrible sick so they can only tighten so much so my feet were just like wobbling around and his boots like not able to get a grip on anything or like be secured and I was just flailing around in there and I came back and I was like shaking it was cold it was like watching movies like out-of-control missiles are like the other just like so we're like flopping around too much standing up and then like I would wiggle a little bit and just think I was going on that I didn't realize the time with everyone it was like red paint because there was paint in the balloons in the world Natalie Costello how to watch the island that jet pack shoot but then I had to set because I was on medical apps to home and I took call an ambulance and go to the hospital instead they're actually going to have me come in and be the other scientists I was already going to be a son too so they called me like an hour before why what's up and I like Gavin had to leave so we need another scientist just like my Mike and I just waited all the lies and talking and then it's funny because even if I'm not usually and you got me in trouble because they are ready to set taking a picture of you and it really just upset I'm just feeling an emotion that's what I have until one of you talk about without saying thank you I don't know say what I can say but I think there was fire I am at the gym so I'm not worried about time so yeah we are do parents go to be back next week and should be back next week I believe you been mom and dad got some Burnie and whose parents replace them with your parents not think I would love to see my parents what I wouldn't do for me give me a couple for you and your parents we should we're going to do that Gavin or Gaggle and I'll trust me I'm going to throw up I'll text you 17 days away from now I don't know what days from now today 5:30 you can also crunch time as well four days from now you can go to let's play live in LA tickets are still available for that as well yes your teeth live.com but no man is so good and I wish I was going what are you going to do I wish I was and I want to go anyway but we recorded a show after every park at your sponsor so excited for sponsorship and you'll be able to see the light live thanks for watching everybody love you love you