#381 - Pseudo Dicks

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, Chris Demarais, and special guest Sally Le Page as they discuss Brexit, tits, vaganuses, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 20, 2016.

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Recorded: 2016-06-21 15:34:57

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Gavin Free, Brandon Farmahini, Sally Le Page


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to receive podcast this week brought you by Kaspersky lab movement watches and squarespac big thank you to our sponsors for sponsoring this episode of the podcast I'm Gus I'm Gavin I'm Brandon I'm Chris and I'm Gus was the first one we do it feels weird to be back on the Park after having been out all of last week I feel like I was I was on air on the lifestyle week except for the podcast be fun if you spend a week away from the office it feels like so much longer because I'm going to get back to some reason I don't really know what to do I don't remember how to do this yeah I think the biggest problem I have lately is I feel like everytime I travel when I come back like that but Monday is going to kind of busy and then Tuesday I book we're going to shoot stuff all day like that's how we got here was 1/2 which had been out of the office for some reason and I came back and it's like all my teeth are gone with that we should do this and we do the same I'm shooting all day tomorrow again today and tomorrow and then you come back and have an email for me being like Gus - podcast was a disaster for the program last I checked you watch the entire Pokemon watche it's like I think you commented on this before but how weird it is to watch it when you're not here yet but you open up your phone in your watche in the act like it's weird that it's that time of the week and you're not preoccupied doing something I had when I was think that's an old one that I wasn't on but just to sit and think that's the newest one that exists and on the other your not contribute to the conversation about something I really wish this and then last cameras here and pick up the glass bottom of the same problem with anything no matter what and then you like work through figure it out and I'm like wait a minute all that happened a year ago and I can't the same solution with my your stuff like you have a new problem right now and your stuck working on it working on it you can't figure it out then you like step away from it for like 15 minutes e like I know what your answer is to come back and just focusing on it and not being stuck in that same routine that was at it when I'm editing it was typical that he said it's slim but I never do it all in one sitting Le split up into at least two days cuz then you can pretend this is all from week one of the craziest week we had as we know we did all of the E3 coverage in La we did Leslie live in LA just a week before it was camp Camp came out right now and I just premiered this past weekend and there was a trailer for The ASMR doctor that came out today like this so much stuff going on right now teeth at some point we'll just have to be full-time because people wouldn't have any stories from what happened in 03 last play live and I thought those went really well but you know then day 5 came out it was a project that I really had no involvement at all like I knew was going on you know that kind of stuff but I hadn't seen the first episode it also it wasn't until it came out on the website for everyone else that I was finally able to watch it and I thought it was fucking awesome you were involved in that right good job thank you it was really really good so how many parts are in it so there's 6 full episodes and then we might have some smaller kind of like Side Story episodes that are not fully no bugs bugs but yeah it'll be it'll be it'll be long and the hole available everywhere so it was on Facebook but then after that I just because everyone got to see it and if you know cuz it's a project that's been just dating for so many years and I was like okay it's finally out yay and everyone gets to see it wasn't like it the Leto it's cool man we can see how good it is really exciting and we all sitting here watching it maybe even know that we we all seen it a million times we still went ahead and washed it and you know a cheese and wine the mother found it but it's going to process the job for in 02 season directed that episode and is also like the showrunner for things like 2 weeks ago so I want to talk about a fight with him before the show came out and then we wrapped the podcast because like we talked about day 5 yeah I know I'm excited cuz it's it's like that to me it's like I want to get to the next episodes and that's because it's like to meet just build one of those things were so I'm wiggling Behavior for this week or next or next or treating you want to see what other people see it's just going to get the DVD cover a good Christmas so it was a long shot for longer than I want to say it was 49 days so it's like three movies or should we listen to Fellowship of the Ring to make give some conflict they have the big firework dragon in the book if you're OK. It is definitely a slow getting started right you know there's a lot of talking a lot of singing there's a lot of things a lot deep voice man is like roller Lord for an audiobook is it supposed to things and I forgot how much I hate it Tom Bombadil yeah you know what I am I don't Tom Bombadil character those are made in the movie a good reason there's like 2 or 3 chapters oh my God I did it affect the story at all so it's one of those things like it makes so much sense to cut Tom Bombadil and probably I mean from the books I mean it's whatever there's literally no conflict first book until I can trust the ring danger that there is day there danger in the mines of Moria in there and end up being hunted at all times whether encounter though they were down the river close to the end of the book or on the other side of the river so there's over there let's go to this side of the river how is impressions are the voices different characters a 10-minute movie reviews but you just don't book reviews on iTunes and one for each movie with your opinion but I'm going into town now but it's hard to say but they're good Downer after Fellowship - I don't want to do this you made it through to me the fellowship is is that is the slow one that definitely we just got to get through it or does your class right maybe why it's my favorite book and my favorite movie so I think I'll in the movie A lot of the stuff at the end doesn't make sense cuz they cut some things like that I always watche version Tom you really so boring and yes our your time seriously though I'm just saying it's it's okay same place again if you get a minute it's on Twitter at all purpose noticing JRR Tolkien was kind of out there who'd write a paragraph about an epic battle and one and a half pages about a piece of bread sounds about right he did or about like the scenery and then not the things that are happening he does a lot of that look of the setting the scene and described in the background and then you're not really so much in the present ever wonder what it would be like if the directed it even exists who directed I would love to have it so they just redid love JK Rowling new Harry Potter just do a movie again just like she wrote the script for the new Harry Potter movie I want to sell my be wrong but I think she like it's like she's right book she just wrote the script directed The only thing he is ever direct don't think he has ever directed his maximum overdrive dinner what you like and what you did right and it the screenplay for never see Maximum Overdrive 1986 wasn't the guy who did the crisp on graphic novel no thank you anyway TJ Page's the other guy Day Care who is TJ Miller comedian well you like to hear that stuff back for second - Clash of the Rings sorry I got to keep talking about it now Fellowship of the Ring Boris in the movies I don't know how I never made the connection like we clearly tell you but the book is so boring I must have zoned out every other time I never realized that our when is Galadriel granddaughter Camp tit yeah there's all sorts of little like you know that also a little like a relationship things that you don't need that you don't pick up on between the movies I think honestly I enjoy the movies and I've never the books I find the wiki fascinating just fascinating the movie reading about the characters really and like what kind of the Christ and then there's like a hole in the Lord of the Rings mythology explained more interesting than Fellowship of the Ring great and terrible Game of Thrones book narrator does the voices for every character that sounds like a creepy child molester only thing. Sometimes from book to book he forgets he was doing and the characters axle change LOL really like Aria became Irish in the fourth book no I think it helps a lot of people that's a lot of people a lot of money a lot of time a lot of a lot of money you can make that if we could just take the dialogue from the show will get to be somebody because the voices of great on the activity yeah but that's I don't know I feel like the the the guy who does the narration for Game of Thrones week before she was complaining all the people talking sometimes I can sense that I was hearing the other side of the tape from taking someone's kid I just uploaded it it's probably him reading on the other side because you flip it says Blu-ray the sound effect that had somebody talking or that's what it was it was somebody recording the game Mike on as well see you to that life might as well as that we didn't know I always liked including things like that in the outtakes that week that's what that was that was one with Jeff was doing laundry and he bumped his face on the mic or something so I recorded it for you I'll take some head Chris slim into same like a box but I put it I was you still have the little touches like that did you do that was the line I think in Recreation we're just trying to do a caboose line and he just can't get through it and like the Machinima for the outtake is just have to consciously try to do the line over and over and over and then finally Jo gives that we know they'll your side on the head completely epitomizes - oh yeah absolutely I would feel bad but I'm putting stuff away and I'll take it was really good though I remember whoever made the outtakes for Captain vide on it was brutal to Jo - there's one line he was coming over never again and he was getting annoyed and it was all that day on the outside either Matt or Nathan Zellner I mention it was Nathan who put those together we're back in the day a good time to go to know this but he still and I thought I would Express himself or your dad and I'll take the other the podcast is brought to you by kaspersk E lab thanks the Kaspersky lab for sponsoring this episode of teeth podcasts first e Labs award-winning internet security software the 400 million users the power to protect their banking browsing shopping and socializing from dangerous online threats they give you all my protection when you're on your PC phone or tablet to protect your banking browsing shopping and socializing from dangerous online threats the first gu Labs internet security software is participated in more independent tests won more Awards and placed first more times than any other Internet Security Company get 50% off kapersky Labs premium software 50% off Kaspersky premium soft rack kaspersk e.com and enter code RT Podcast at checkout that's 50% off previous security software at kaspersk e.com and code RT Podcast thanks to our new sponsor Kaspersky lab for keeping people's internet communication safe thank you I never knew it was pronounced that way yeah it is kind of intimidating I think it was read it differently I think it's cute and it's one of the more difficult ones to say it's like it's like Rooster Teeth like a whole other conversation then I did want to mention is that if you're watching this episode on YouTube just a reminder we do stream Teeth podcast recordings life Monday evenings at rooster.com and click on the link below in the description for more information on how you can watch and get a 30 day free trial so that you can also watch us make love that get cut out for the follow and tweet us right now so we have this week probably the most will receive guests we've ever had and the most requested to come back on the most requested Kayla page somewhere off-camera that she is going to pay for her this is the first time you've been on the actual set is last summer and some random bar we we got to ask all of our stupid science questions to you different questions Chris has no questions faces questions are all terrible dr. yes is toilet paper bad for you what are the podcast told Chris we were not doing any more questions he said can I still answer them I have my own theories about this Co alright well it's okay I feel like toilet paper end up like scratching your butt a lot like are you cutting Rin it was just like if you're cleaning your butt and then it says you keep going back and your like going back and go back that's why I think the days are so being so popular is yes they don't they can I bypass the hole like we just like I mean I think I buy pretty nice where do you live I don't know why I don't I don't have it I just like by 1 cheap one I just might like what everyone is like a nice baby wipes that's another thing do not flush baby otherwise get fat bugs with icebergs made of the Koko pieces of me behind would like pickaxes to get rid of the thought of people with a pull-down animal fights 05 the pool or the fat down the drain and then you can plug it in and manually I smell it smells bad enough as it is it's awful Google search a question like with Evolution stuff going to see it works there wasn't always toilet paper like how did people clean their butt before it was popped was the most popular method every light leaves and palm the same as wondering the natural sponges of the questions that I week I don't know my a mansion what are some cultures people still use hand tonight for the left or the right or something day that the rag and then they clean it afterwards may just hang it on the screen sounds is more interesting in there like a fatberg look up Google images of fatberg to not do that that is not in a few okay could you burn it as fuel Fatboy Gavin tickle week and it would be like candle that smells bad that people get some questions Brandon this is one of yours has technological Evolution replaced biological evolution in humans and in your library I need same drugs really go to library day the atmosphere gets smaller will have a cinema allergic to cinnamon and I would have died off if this would have happened during most of human history thereby keeping the human gene pool from potentially deadly genetic disease but now we just have to invent the cinnamon breathing machine if it would be fun I've never seen it when your skul cinnamon that way cinf congratulations that's what you say Brandon is the most unable to write last part of the question to your credit Google does not think that word is misspelled kids cartoon I check what I look for Alex someone's name but so has technological Evolution replace biological evolution in humans sorry my mind is going to make cinnamon as well know you're not the type in the atmosphere have much more relevant things for example diseases you could have and it would have in the great question of how we got to the point where we've - - technically mean that we can live with diseases that previously would have killed us Portland me group instead of those that group continuing to procreate with everyone else they would naturally die right there by eliminating the problem where is now last like e dolphin anyway if there was a situation in which one group of people were more likely to die yes that is what I am describing so before we had more than medicine children with asthma would die because there was no way to get around that's not fair that you get diseases and so in from all times he was huge what you learn Co Queen Victoria right after you saw something in those days you would have done now we have more medicine which is a technology and said because of that technology we have people alive with asthma should have done and so yet technology is changing the selection process the things that are killing us and so in that way we'll change it doesn't replace biological evolution but it also helps it but as humans we have an influence on all your info are there any like nothing around that question okay so do you think humans are weaker as a species because of our technology people still kind of the start of the twentieth century when a lord of this darwinian stuff in gymnastics of boys coming together is that founded Eugenics and Hitler unfortunately because if you take it literally survival of the fittest then you could say that we want to breed out genetic diseases but I mean there's no need to if people can live on Twitter 393 deleted Google fatberg I regret everything I told you not to do that like what was that we remember merkin same kind of ties into the next question Brandon does Darwin's survival of the fittest applied a Personalities in the early human history for example wouldn't Gus his disdain for hanging out in groups instead of a commute doesn't even make sense I probably started editing and I got distracted Gus is disdain what Gus is preference for hang out alone instead of in a community wiping out during caveman times velvety yes that was selection on Fast not until you interesting me humans are the only species in which we see personalities so a lot of money from the study great tit fucking on the great tit great tit tonight about great it's right that's not the question episode that they're small punching somebody comes to God but they have passed on as well so he's on the anyone's of humans are social species the reason we've done so well is because we fully social groups and a lot of the time we wouldn't be able to do things that are right and if it's ok if you are hunting permits one of the things that you can do it as a group of people is walk up to a lawyer and I'm not making this up you will have to learn it so schedule on the way and take it from him Chris I'm just getting away with a group of people if I'm sorry if it's a great tit has a personality then what why is there a word for it behavioral traits if you were able to socialize then you wouldn't get them and you die for something but that's why we have so many adaptations that help us to be increased so blushing for example they think it is a sign that you know that you've done something wrong so please don't like three stories of me and kill me I know I did something wrong there's no need to like kick me out of the group for doing this I'm crying as away if they think possibly directing attention towards you it's a visible Q can fake crying but you could blush what kind of your pictures right you mean the makeup there other groups of people that didn't have these features like people who didn't cry I didn't blush and they just didn't survive and still like this got kind of smaller attributes and it up becoming species wide because they the more you're more likely to survive if you had that definitely a person that didn't have it and died as a direct result of that but yeah it's a small change can increase the number of kids that you have slightly so on average you maybe like 2.1% more likely to have kids or something Book of Revelation every time any changes in how well you do it having kids will make a difference to a species when YouTube music things like you talk about crying as a way to like to direct attention that you need help and I think about like some work that people are doing in trying to make cars more user-friendly so if we could make a :-( on a happy face on a car that people can relate to a things humans are so good at finding faces in things I didn't a hole twitte the feed of Faces in things like you bullet Leto unhappy faces because with the design - Sports faces positive living and great thing but we'll stay positive but it's not a part of the right of that it's kind of the faces people are starting to communicate now with Emojis of placing basic communication for language I'm trying to pull up sometimes I actually do want to send but this is so much longer to type that alarm for something and it looks like a :-) but the cables are coming out of the mouth is hurting while you're here I think the next one is also Brandon I'm going to Le humans and all the hard ones out of the teeth correctly I'll let you know if there's any errors it's been hard to read your questions because sometimes they don't make sense and there's words misspelled and I that's why I've been kind of stuff like that trying to get through that okay humans and dolphins feel pleasure for sex what about all other organisms do dogs feel pleasure if is that why you same complex or they take it over by pheromones from females in heat so I guess the other animals procreate for recreation and not just for making making babies and I have sex so a lot of the time you'll have sex as a kind of power struggle hole a sew-in but everybody's a famous e day has sex every time they meet as a way to settle hierarchies within the group but I bet your panties every type of chimpanzee take this outside it's like this have an enlarged clitoris go to see their penis that's actually the women have dicks so you have an alpha female lead in on the males have to fill out the female he's talking to me as a kind of dominance same as super outdated tub pseudo penis what sex is there like a penis but it's not a penis I'm like Googling it right now suck my dick through that dick in many cases that penis is written into the Navy game today on menu vide Day Mother's Day tit - bleeding out the kid can't even breathe as an evolutionary sense how the hell did that in the place experimen humans split a little bit to tonight what when the tissue between the vagina and the anus split so just to come because you're pushing a baby I had no idea that's disgusting things I've never heard of vagina the term yes the pain is gone Spurs or is it like a social visit like Hulk Hogan like ripping off a shirt the babies rip basketball come out of your mouth it's because it's stretching so you're much more to book this reason just ripped the skin will split vaginas right now and it all makes sense so does it does the female stomach Lord as a mechanic or does it heal back they know what they're getting into that you didn't tell me this is like the ones that I saw on Twitter very manly Luhan sex god damnit my vagina is literally hurting with the thought of this which Dinosaurs - evolution until they weren't bigger 100 Day star from the asteroid hit and limited the amount of food available could that happen people I deleted the word fad that could that I guess I forgot I was like that's necessary dinosaurs became so big and then when food became more scarce than enough food to sustain them but like dinosaurs existed for like a hundred billion years immediately corrected hundred million the smaller dinosaurs big big in the world of Illusion same for those of you that don't remember me this is my English is not so things the best and then stop and then aiming towards something what I meant was they existed for such a long time I assumed they were able to adapt to their environment you know very well relatively of himself Asian partly because you get all those races so if you've got a dinosaur and a disease how can both of them be perfectly adapted to each other but has there been a preacher or a group of a type of animal that has existed as long as dinosaurs existed on Earth that you could argue like microorganisms black and white big red to blue and as it is any positive it is this and the same as acid week things have been changing all of that time nothing has stayed exactly the same it's just at what point do you call it something different at what point is a different species so we have these things called living fossils which I like to see the county said he's ginormous fish and a bony plates on their bodies and we have fossils of fish that look like they were coming from the dinosaurs all the exactly the same problems that rely on the site very similar yet things changed when you're not actually in class Chris dinosaurs still exist and my next question was what how do you define a dinosaur in biology we like I mean everything's all the tree Festival because the whole point of elation is that everything is connected so what point do you cut off it's always going to be off at 3 but a possible you like to take a in of the tree of life right the oldies brunch is coming off if you got this one and this one you want to have everything in between and not just trying to be like have that one and that one and it grew from that one in the middle so you want to take all the dinosaurs you go back to all the common ancestors of the dinosaurs and then you take everything out definition and then go back out to his mother's day your including a more than that to all the moms and dads on the extinct dinosaurs and so under that definition of dinosaurs themselves that would see big groups of on his own and dinosaurs Wichita the alien dinosaurs which included two your ex some of them died out some of them didn't die out and continue developing so yeah it does depend on how you things can you come back something from 50 million years ago I could have somebody born out of 20 of today's creatures as a mutation of just like Jesus look like something that's been so selfish tit out like the 50 million year ancestor of itself Central traits which show - Services of America and say for example there are humans born with tails because humans have a tailbone coccyx Chris wanted to ask Chris related to this so if you find your phone if I can. But it was fine we have those the jeans to make the tailbon even though we no longer need to tell but sometimes a mutation happens so that those tailbon the only tiny tiny in fused together so you can see it to extend to be more like your son did Me Maybe in Minecraft a little something and so you end up getting a title on a human who is the average size phone I got now I'm worried like I don't know how long or if you Patricia okay so years ago so I can feel a long time ago I once had a girlfriend who page thank you I thought had like a little bump like her and I asked her like if she have a tail when she was younger it was it like to surgically remove your cut off yeah I know I thought you were doing it for me but I must have been drunk I mean is one of those other people thought about it like that a little bit so my question was why do humans have tailbones and maybe you Delights in some way or what can we do with them so if you think we use for Thrones in detail know what you mean yeah I would love him yeah yeah I got it back I would love it a lot like a fairy tale right now practical to put it when what is ring of Sally could be around it would be waiting for me dude I mean which hand do you use you don't have to use and you get your tail for it could be like an elephant's trunk and suck up more and be like a CO it be cool regardless unless it's like why would we get rid of like what why would you get rid of the tail just like you said it like you didn't need to use energy to have done to your body because it cost stuff to make and you not getting any benefits that from it but I think I would and I think most people would I mean it's like character creation in a video game is like that a lot of points in other things like charisma yes I Chris Mandi India can we predict the future evolution of the human race based on everything we know about our past and where we came from yes you should you just take them with a pinch of salt yes I mean there's some that say that humans will split into like a subspecies and a stupid species with because all of the rich beautiful people marry each other and have kids with each other and all the short fat ugly people did Hitler come up with this one but for me not going to happen I mean we know you things like that disease is going to be a big one probably humans are going to get wiped out by disease if you don't say that I know I feel that way about them I mean how viable do you think they are as it was things left to speak you went to school to answer what about robot like you're saying E network like a bomb or something to tell us but also I think robots could be like you know the thing that kills us HPI wonder it was so cute a bomb or like each other like wiping out each other I could see us building a robot to destroy each other robot also then just like essentially we if we still like - bombs and robots I guess it's like a machine that we build we build something which we didn't intend to kill at the end of killing him would be something which we intended to kill you we didn't intend that could kill us but I think we would probably I think humans are most humans would end up using it to help people the same question for you if that was a race the human race power down liftforward 104 field whatever they are I guess if the robot so desire to kill humans they would have a plan at that point really cool now that humans are gone now we can do what is a robot or not what does a robot want that guesses what you're asking deep down I suppose a robot I guess a robot might have some it had that program some sort of like happiness we can make more like taking Chris and have him face the bunch of doors and if you like so if we got one more question from Brandon before I get to last question I do have one more thing to read here what am I doing this episode of the podcast is also brought you by movement watches on the roof Teeth podcast we came up with brands that are trying to do something you will of innovation a company that are changing the industry is there in - 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Alternatively how much did Homo sapiens and Neanderthals get it on yeah it was it like every now and then yeah I love this question you did it Brandon you like all of my questions alright right now I am currently here in Austin for deletion conference and there have been talks on this topic when is it that everyone thinks in the on the tiles as this really stupid like huge brawl that they don't know anything there's no sophistication that actually they're pretty sophisticated they had jewelry that used to probably paint themselves have tattoos day I think they found it a very recently where they had broken off stalagmite to the range in a set the way they had also they have to call you and yes he was good how sex in your toes and the amazing thing is humans are not considered humans I mean unbidden I can't read it yeah I hate that cut week that's got into the MOD Pizza Leto the Sally things wrong with humans and Neanderthals so we know that in Europe most used to live side-by-side for a long period of time but we also now can sequence tonight is because it's really cheap and we can see his love it when you look at European Jean I see bits and human love and human living human DNA isn't from homosapiens and not solely up to like 5% of a person's DNA can come from the on the toes and the only way that you get Neanderthal DNA in Homo Sapien genome is sex anyway that you get like between 1 and 4000001 and 4% of your time across all of Europe is having a lot of sex just like they could have had sex we got drunk when I st. Cloud - honestly there is evidence you need to have a substantial amount of days to get that much day into our genome was weird though is that they've now got to which one is it there's another species of human over in East Asia is not heidelbergensis a, which one it is they have a few things to it and some teeth and evidence of its DNA in our DNA they don't even have a hole status in yet and they've been able to find a hole species from looking at all OMG 917 like physical evidence of this favor you'd want something like a skul skul the really useful but with a few finger tips and teeth E Tom already told me she's not coming back out with computers this to whatever they like from Jurassic Park Style suddenly there were leaving museum with some of them look really here because she wants in Europe would have had your pain once a week and look at the time and we now can look at your Gmail and almost like 3D printed back from saying OK we know faces on book this one has red hat and not just read her in the same way that gingers have mutations in the I didn't say I wanted to let you know something which is what is the majority of Gingers protagonist into this yet and freckles same different email for Microsoft we can say that we have so we can do pretty good facial reconstruction Jo I went to you by people that really study this trying to work out with a similar enough that they could interbreed and have offspring that will still be able to breathe and not like donkeys and horses we get sterile and his response was well people have sex with pigs and goats and sheep so why wouldn't they have sex with but yeah I mean like Vitality rate is pretty high right so so a lot of people even make it to have to see you yeah but you said you're really going all the same color so like what happens exactly happened to Neanderthal is it like that I doubt we don't want to outcome Page's in just that we've bred your day is well if humans were able to breathe same as one of the standard definition for the species is group that can breed and have kids so we write actually consider them as a different species and if so it's not a matter of the Neanderthals died out it's just that they all positive thoughts got absorbed in a sequence of several years ago at the time eventually told you like what percentage of your DNA is Neanderthal same time 2.8% I just looked up a lot of people I'm in a percent where can I buy brass would you say would you think I have more or less than you so I can look up my results to look it up myself less than 8% it does not even look at you I'm going to say last just because statistically more people will have that I mean you said you were really hairy legs I have a question can you look at someone and then be like well they're about 4% neanderthal what can you tell you could tell like this person probably doesn't have a lot of European ancestry and so I probably wouldn't have had a chance maybe they have like that but I mean just think about the subject of homosexuality and how far back there's always been - species in Ohio sex shedscienc I have a sex drive same sex Behavior has been identified in about a hundred ninety-six species it's more of a matter of if we have enough a species doesn't show same sex behavior is just because we have been studying it for probably so sorry thank you Brandon I'm going to keep it I have a question about schools for you I'll ask you later creepy dead just pointing out that he had a bunch of schools to look at what I'm saying skul day. So I thought you meant like we had like skulls if you can Leto - videos on YouTube shedscienc because my mom made me get ahead because I wasn't allowed to keep all the skulls in bear things in the house so come by and see my parents tonight so I can of my like skulls and owl pellets in dead in Sex and because I was allowed to keep them in the kitchen and I said come in the kitchen was there anything in there like a lord or was it just skul how many miles dolphin great I think it's going to Le Raiders way a way to stop by a buddies and come up to him leave it to the Brits sometimes just definitely put on your Wellies with a CO what happened to everyone at least once so my questions my question started off as me hating the human body so one of the questions I have to ask is why do humans need to eat so much like I'm jealous of like snakes write like a snake can eat a mouse and it's good for like 2 weeks I supposed to eat 3 times a day and even then like you like snacking or drinking stuff like it's just annoying the difference between us as we all do you feel passionate about it and they all to use your fucking cold blooded and cold blooded animals that resemble cheetah all cold-blooded because I said but because that's a big when you move your muscles that generate page that says that they're able to track that he'd be hotter than their environment and lots of reptiles deliberately bask in the Sun so that they can be a good 5:10 The November Man even though they're not generating the heat it seems like a waste and so then we eat so much just to stay warm that it means that we can live in environments why you wouldn't be able to get your key for the environment so these reptiles are forced to stay in places where it's warm and in the winter they have to - 8 people told me I feel like you have to eat more in the cold so you have to eat more the more heat you generate so yeah if you'll in the cold so it when you're traveling across the Atlantic for example you have really high and your clients have to eat peanut butter oil to take fatberg with you peanut butter and he just kind of what we waste most of our attention so they've been not doing that and when they're digesting they just - Brando so that it said that energy required that something you would want to do that probably seems like we could if we all just always warlike insulated jackets and it's like our body heat wrap that we had to generate less heat is our body that stupid that is always trying to generate have your phone on you all the time and all the time I mean the other when we're still in the I see you're still in an ice age right and I'd like a mini ice age you got that right but then but no well when human beings were humans odds of getting some more of our history human history where we in like really cold weather or really nb-1 Brothers blooded but still it's possible we do have a limit to our range unless you start getting into technology was like what we're talking about other guys are amazing. I love you so on is a really revolutionary technology because once you can so you can so you'll be at Sue's animal skin together so the drops I got in and he will not he can fix it so that you're not kind of in a puncture while your arms and having to count on anything and everything cool sewing yeah but it's a bit hard to come by Glee than is the ride all you need is like asking someone throwing words great need some special combos you can I drop off gryll Gus a drink your own piss continue with the questions what are - episode cast is also brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace site look professionally designed regardless your skill level there's no coding required for intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year start your free trial today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure you look up the offer Co - Richard teeth get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful you could build a website talk to you do you can make your own space it's crazy to think how far is used to make websites April Fool's it's not I have my on my percentage losers Gus 2.8 - 22.7 - of brag about that more neanderthal the first among my friends are we not friends or social media sites compared your best friend is actually your first cousin or relative because it will connect you gavi Bear Lake no just a bit then you can go off on someone and you found him Great Britain skul - learning is Gavin just makes up words I'm open to a language you really like playing sometimes no that's my favorite one of all time is bun bun back to the back to the ring okay I don't actually use from Brandon also we got tacked onto one of my questions Le optional why will water kill us if we drink too much makeup your mind question was why you had to drink so much water vodka sodas can I get something that the human body is made up of whatever percentage of water and that you need to drink all this water why is it something that slick so necessary and it's a part of us why can't kill us if we drink too much of it pretty much so you know how cells make up the human body on a cell is by a membrane by with a Leto Wilderness in in in the classic tattoo a vagina PG&E Koko all of these salts and minerals and proteins and whatever its size and how much do you remember about high school biology do you remember osmosis that sounds it's absorbed through like contact pretty much like frogs or water through osmosis Brandon has a crush on the toilet to take a dump so it's the kind of a few Co High concentration in one case of a tonight so in one place and a new concentration of salt in another place in the world that will move to try and eat close to concentrations so in this case you'll have all the wars that meeting for the low concentration to high concentration of the Brave so if you drink a lot of water you are letting us also around yourselves you already delete stations in the family inside the cell the still really concentrating into the South squashing back down on the Brandon hole is high pressure on your brain causes same as dementia strokes and seizures and whatever and then you die from too much pressure on your break just come up with the perfect Evolution for a future just like it to vent maybe like a hole in the side of your head and it does not the last for actual ship access your poison or I've had too much of this type of Justice how to prevent alcohol poisoning in Spanish that's a question I had actually I was going to follow up with everything article about this guy who drilled a hole in his head because he thought it would like help his brain breathe or something as I can and just didn't sell pictures of Great Scott how to paint that sets it - I've got Spirits in your blood so if you left out some your blood it will get rid of the diseases they thought that if you drilled a hole in your brain that it would let out some of the spirits or whatever which in itself isn't too bad but thinking about how does she the medical equipment was in those days. We just got to actually getting a hole in your skull that would cut the skin around the skul but your brain doesn't have any nerve endings on the right knee pain on the hole in your brain headache headaches and migraines is when your blood vessels in the brain have been constructed and then they suddenly open up and let my blood flow through and for some reason that causes high tonight is like pins and needles of the brain green gravy for 1525 for panning you are so funny of saying back then the tools and things were bad and you get infections look like do this for people that have pressure building up in the brain same Game of Thrones shit right there any benefit like Beyond like someone has pressure building up in the ring like I day today like there are so many things in place to keep things out of your brain because it's over your skul off and then it would be doomed please don't know I mean they will be white blood cells so your infection-fighting cells around on the ground it depends how bad your saliva is going to be bear this point that's why okay next question what is the brexi where he stand on it and that's about it I mean I've already got trouble twitte your people are annoyed because I did live there and I shouldn't have the right to say what goes on that background here that's why I was curious to hear your feedback because currently Brandon is with in the European Union the EU which is a conglomeration of a lot of European countries and the reason that we have the EU is so good all the different countries can trade with each other and it started off off the world will teeth week is off to of was in here if we decided that we thought it kind of put some system in place that you're at doesn't completely kill itself and so I decided that yes that would be peace in Europe and everyone will be able to trade with each other I'm positive it was that someone in one country is free to move to any other EU country and even live there without a Visa and was as if I want to move to Paris so I don't have to fill out any paperwork of when getting a house and they won't keep track of it so yeah this is in the middle of you and everything you from it was multiple countries on the right the ones in green of have been added recently and the even smaller ones in Thrones and white also want to join turkey part of the EU Day one and I think it's really attracted to join the EU now because if you want to join the EU there a load of rules you have a second son to the human rights you have to have 7 trade things in place and we joined at the start and we don't get the stuff that we will possibly set it up when I say we I mean Brandon never did that we decided this is a great idea you guys so we just kind of we want to get all the benefits of the EU without having to actually pay any of the cost of the sterling ring faces Chris great so we have we have the power we have prosthetic than every other country probably tell me if I'm wrong Sweden Lakefront I can pay for things in Euros used in the same year as I would pay in Spain or in Germany this in itself causes problems because I mean this is it Germany has a really strong economy week has already poor economy normally countries can change the value of the currency in order to kind of balance out their economies if you were sharing a the currency Yukon change inflation rate someone that's fun to talk the most important thing about it is that we are currently having a referendum on the size day as to whether we should leave the EU bed but he wasn't a college on his body from a college student and I used to come to my town and let visit all the schools for it was there and then if we join everyone things like to come to the UK because it's part of being in the EU that is freedom of movement and also the E years 9% bureaucracy and so they think well if we wanted that we could save money and we wouldn't have everyone pays money into the EU according to how big that country is so we've had a lot of money into you week the vast majority of that money back in subsidies and losses a lie it was a great on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver last night talking about it saying this gu Lord but at least we have a seat at the table to change the Lord in our favor we could leave that we would still have to negotiate to be positive free trade because we're a tiny country week on Co if not trading with on there its neighbors so we're going to have to trade with Europe they won't let us trade with them unless we agree to some rules that say that all you were still going to have to follow the e the flipside write like you talk about you know it like you said people are concerned that citizens a foreign car or foreign countries would come in and take jobs couldn't you just go to a poor country with black a lower cost of living and then live like royalties and your more money from them from a wealthier nation data to show the immigrants are a net benefit to society they would pay more in taxes and they take in benefits and the NHS is a huge Hot Topic in the UK everyone loves the NHS a huge number of doctors and nurses come from the EU so we wouldn't talk about stuff in the NHS if we left for everyone he said I shouldn't because I don't live that new one because my family and friends that in the future I may spend a lot of my time so sod off great it's always interesting to me because I always feel like everyone around the track everyone treats immigration is like a boogie man it's like it's always you know if you can come and in our country but my parents are immigrants like I'm a first-generation American veterans cam from other country a movie or any like you're talking to me you wouldn't think that there from somewhere else separate a dentist a bunch of old racist whites things and let me know how divisive this this issue has become seemingly in the UK and this week she was shot dead on johnso it and the person called when on his name the death to traitors Britain faces in the polls of course like where all the young people United is it at with age the older you because it wonderful if we leave the EU it's probably going to be another recession yeah that's a good one I'm the only thing that you care about David Cummings in Bossier you just told everybody tonight Co a global recession now people in the streets what would you think about the price that it was because whenever I visit her when it's just like Donald Trump a Democrat flipping Lord let me do a bunch of clothes and what you like what you see this is on the internet very strict standards okay back to the stupid science stuff this is going this is going out on Wednesday for the reason teeth subscriber people go out and vote for Christ's sake do not rely on other people to ruin your future go out and vote is that just what we just did that so offensive science science center if humans evolved from apes why do apes still exist so if Americans came from Europe then what European still exist your right what's the point Mickey Mouse brexit us humans evolved from apes like ancestors on the 8th also of old from a flight I'm just as we did not have hole from loving as we both evolved from a common ancestor therefore we can both co-exist with yeah that's what you were saying earlier it's like the dinosaurs like the core it's there it's the same for in the everyone branched out he thinks that since were dinosaurs I have a question do you like that Fatboy Slim music video things like walking suggested I'll be right here right now the Pinnacle of evolution your pretty awesome and the video was made by humans we're running kinda low on time normally wrap up around 9 or so so I'm going to try to blow through a few of these this is one that we talked about for the Recently a couple weeks ago on the podcast can a human have too much blood and if so what happened kind of a cyclist do when they don't they stick more red blood cells in the blood so they can get more oxygen but the trouble is is that it makes of blood Matchstick yes they are more likely to get caught things are things like straight so if what does so over time like let's say I get like another pint of blood put in my body what does my body do to regulate it down so just really make eyebrows grow anytime yeah that's when you call and get rid of the brown is he like and yellow brown color when your poop is a your poop is white and it's going it's brown flush it down what does green mean his passcode what one time I had a blue I was really worried there was a blue food coloring on cupcakes does One A Day pills apparently gives you like neon yellow and I first saw that I was like oh my God a nuclear fallout I need to go to the doctor and crayons the casino Cullen Oaks teeth crowns Le Beast great scrap on YouTube why do some animals kill their partner after mating is why do some males feed themselves to the females often I think they deliberately throw themselves spiders in some months abroad fajitas tonight hooray for me of the mail can confirm and they would be fast asleep by feeding the female she has more food and energy so she can produce more eggs so he gets more offspring but also his next problem is if she remains with a different mail so that then faces go a hundred eggs today if she only mates with him he's going to have a hundred kids if she mates with someone else he might only have 20 kids and she'll have a few kids with the next mail so he wants to stop her from reaching as much as possible and so if she's too busy jumping down on his body then he said she's not going to be up she's going to be amazing smell like dead dude I don't know that wouldn't stop me I don't think there's a pretty girl tries but looking at you wants to make that do breast faces that white dick trade-off have the helmet feel like scooping other dude the other come out Bob's and spine vide damselflies and see if he doesn't take it if you look up seed Beetle penis yep. So, that's like Ridley Scott movie who are all over here to take a second I gotta see what you can see in Orange the old of it is the penis Arkansas so they want to scrape out the stuff from previous medications but why do we have happened I thought it was vines on top of the largest penis in the week looking day how the Sun looks like a weapon from Game of Thrones Love johnso slugs and snails have love. So it should say delete all shapes spine e things that they shoot pheromones and female body with the spine didn't go all the way around isn't it spins like a gryll the bed bugs you have traumatic insemination what it is like he needs of its own did I have Slim because all these magic last in there also dogs who who are dogs like after sex your penis swells up so they can't dislodge Uggs bear becomes female that I can actually live as a female that was his business his penis and have more than one because I'm fighting off so many times it didn't come already performed the female roles if its 27 hours Jo from mating with your female if her vagina is banged up either with us or with a calculator E plug is week old your in love day of the animals secrete Play 3 plug switch things up the female vagina after making sure that she calls I can go and meet with them and it was just an awful place and I just shut it off and it was like in there stuck in there and I would bet that she probably would have sex for a while but only because he'd be traumatized the dude just depending on whether your shoulder on the grill a the blood would just go out and it was just ring and just pull out your your getaway African animal out of why why are some people showers in Superior Grocers Chris Gus - 43 what I don't know I have to record it blood same besides lie to me it's on I guess it would be a thing where it's like somebody to take the smallest likes it is hitting puberty and being a man what is the smallest your penis has ever been smoked man like an inch as big as it is right now after talking about biting off your own dick like coming out of the freezing cold and you're just like whatever like Venice Italy comparison last year a hyena have a pseudo comparison sperm is 5.8 millimeters long from a fruit fly 3 millimeters long one day they will only say anything if they want to give around in the order of of 2253 millimeters long and they'll have 2255.8 millimeter long sperm in one in one go this is like if you have to fight a sperm that's bigger than you 10 times bigger than the Sun but yeah up into a neat little the female how did he die no choice but not stay on this is the female Choice long to text I'm really busy but I like long and stringy 357 thinking like anywhere else but relative to body size the Barnacle has the longest penis makes sense in a really move around you haven't sex with next to a female you need to be on - hello many many many times because it is itself with its penis if you cut the penis off bikes not day this is how you define it so it doesn't take as long as Chris is still were talking about earlier it what you want what are carbon-based life-forms and what is it how are they different from silicon-based life-forms cabinets and a call but it's a really cool element because it's really friendly it is really good at reacting with other elements and forming really cool compounds and you can get big ones you can get someone that can do this so much you can do with, which is why it's fantastic for making like he can make proteins carbohydrates and most of all Plastics hydrocarbons said that's called and based as well who installs Lord of engine comes with a really good it just happens to be by Tom Brady special and not by choice we have it why doesn't she look in this light bill tonight when is the next one down in the periodic table so it can also. I think it's just we haven't officially make silicon life I don't think so interesting coma what is another one that Sally told me to go to the doctor for quite your legs fall asleep when you sit on the toilet for a long period of time but not in a chair it was also I would say like chairs are squishy right you're sitting a squishy it's designed to be sitting for a long time because it's all spread out where is if YouTube ring so you know this but if your legs isn't doesn't have anything to put in it the other way it's being spread on the smaller but if you like I am on tonight Lord I just told me will say dolphin cam will we ever be able to communicate with animals already there was a Koko the gorilla Nintendo arm 1991 the glove and he could do was in the movie at least figured your hand signals and then Koko Dunston Checks In or something do you want raindrop drink Congo the Congo Koko the fact I think she was female I mean you look we'll correct me if I'm wrong like I was reading this I was thinking that they Propel themselves from my wheels on obviously but that was really one of these every week KitKat right that's not in Congo 06 Corolla but some just something little of the language capability of a small child I was able to name things so in that sense we could talk I mean there's a big controversy as to whether she was actually talking or whether she is kind of a calculator being conditioned response so she just needs it if she did the right thing should be rewarded with like affection or something yeah I'm probably will get an amazing story of someone wanting dolphin still alive house and tried to have seen the woman giving him handle it Sally so it seems to me that if you try to communicate with an animal that their fundamental differences in the way you experience the world so that even communication would be difficult to be with because you don't have like even a common understanding of what's around you start day so we think that faces the most important thing where is from mice animals such as baby pool and they will of smell and we have terrible smell and so the way we sense the world is very different the other That's the Way Love is All the Little flowers that look amazing in them but in the UV Spectrum which we called Steve and said they saw it why how did these bees know which part of the flower to go to when it's just a plain flour and basically the flower had like The Lion and the rose book in UV pigment that we can say is that when you're studying these kind of animals you really go to that in the mind of the animal and think okay just because I can't see it as a cue that doesn't mean that they can see why do we have that UV filter because I'll be able to get them off tonight why do we need them I don't know this is entirely UV is what causes cancer so I don't know if it protects against retinal accounts accounts with the iPhone they would be I mean we have pretty rubbish television is is there a species of squid that have I think so we have 3 different colors red green and blue they will spot you have a lot of beds have full if I remember rightly and some species of squid is something like 12 yeah it's one of those questions like can you imagine a color that you've never seen that you called you you have no idea what that last one is kind of a two-parter what is crisper and will it really be able to bring back animals from the dead Krista is Plus should I try to remember it posted repeated intervals note Co a palindromic repeats and then it said what you just ring of DNA he got like so your DNA is great e season Jesus different classes of the code and you get like a TCH TCH TCH TCH TCH you ever gotten so Chris but is basically the bacterial immune system so we got infected by bacteria and viruses bacteria can also get infected by viruses and the virus as well and said that DNA into RNA into the right area and it will go into the bacteria's genome so the bacteria have a scene and just like we do and then said it's DNA and so they need an immune system to get rid of this viral DNA so they have an amazing system which we found out about 25 years ago that they can book viral DNA what is molecular scissors Co - op in them that you can plant them with this isn't week and then two women are going to point out women in Science Channel page I was looking at you she is trying to be one of the next appointment is this is how big Chris Perez they realize oh my God we've discovered this not Jo technology that can find very specific sequences in the DNA a very specific glasses in the car and caught it at that exact point and once you have that technology and what they did was they might assume that I did so that we could use it in a live and choose which bits of DNA so we can say OK I want to always talk tit the ATT PGA a bit and now you've got a pair of scissors and you can tell the parents this is where to cut anyway in any genome and once you can cut things you can get rid of the jeans they say you got a gene for a disease cause its tickets and junk DNA in the middle you've got me to that chance of disease cuz you run to get another employee but you can come in a little bit of the DNA and I did another team and so maybe someone is blocking a game for an essential protein and you can stick in the ring of that message I need to know that any time that you want to change genes Chris the is just revolutionising it because it's more effective so it's more efficient it's really where it's supposed to I'm always supposed to previous DNA homosexuality is genetic can they just cut me in some gayness if they want to see you may find that there is no Jo Mason and genetic environmental components working together for a simple trait day you wanted to say one thing that often comes up if you have green fluorescent protein gfp This Is A protein that they found from a jellyfish that glow under UV light in the in the sea and so in biology we use this protein to stick it in other things so I welcome fruit flies I am trying to breed a lion of gfp 3 + 4x + 14 flies that glow in the dark so I can stop these the ones are those the ones like them all so if we did that and that's why you injected your Chris tonight system they would play but because you're already formed is another human you would need to in every single cell in your body with this when I say in fact if I could good for him it just means getting into a cell with dots do it where is if you didn't end was which is really controversial bit then one cell becomes every cell in your body so you have to do it once and then the hole if you would trade me to a follow-up question I'm glad sex with embryos so I've heard talk about crisp when it comes to working with embryos the potential for creating designer baby play with and talk about things like hair color eye color sex a Believer the ones that they know they could probably do right now drawing the line if we were able to fully utilize crisper to do to make any changes we wanted to put the human species become as could have as much variety as like say dogs or we could have different types of humans with different traits and really exaggerated features ugly dogs are very similar I mean yes so looking at them what we called the phenotype is very different but I think genetics e that in quite some of them could we create design by humans yes we know that yet will we ever get to the point and then moves away from being a scientific issue to a moral issue because science tells you can you do something and ethics in politics tell you should you should so how long should I wait should I put it off having a kid so young I really I really I would love to design it mutated so that faces a fertility decrease every time I say that your fertility decrease over time so it will be hard if you have a kid so it's just a cut hole so you'll still have low mutation Co more like ketchup on in tonight I always something weird about kids born from old sperm you just confirmed it weird that she like 80 years old never met someone whose father is really old something wrong with them through Weird Science proves correct the issues with making a fruit fly Go a different color are there seats of cuttlefish that I'm crazy and then kind of instead of digesting them in though I really like you how do you get orange because this beat a coyote man that is slightly toxic and if you eat too much of it you can't get rid of it since I've been tonight is when the on top tit I want to say tit on toxic explorers die from eating too much Co liver is everything too much tonight I don't know what I was of the body contains your skin same as Vitamin A eating more than fat than your body can get rid of it your skin is that they are really safe place to put things because essentially dead does it start to smell like him if you needed to know that the county will end up with orange Center what are people on Twitter right now I love you and I say everyone saying it's like their favorite podcast of year which makes me feel bad but I'm glad everyone else enjoyed it thanks for joining us again to do this more often to this Evolution conference glasses on and go to be so on with your on the screen we had your Twitter handle and Sally Le page and your YouTube channel youtube.com slash tit science science what do they think it was sad I thought I was thinking of the time always flies by when ever when ever we talk are terrible sights with you and thank you for watching and go we'll see you guys next week YouTube I'm sorry for talking about don't camp on Palomar bear report sponsors have the graphics on Spring I'm gone I'm gone I'm gone why can't I poop white nothing