#382 - Getting Snoop Dogg With High

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns as they discuss second-hand highs, Kanye West, Game of Thrones and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on June 27, 2016, sponsored by Pizza Hut (http://bit.ly/290v288), Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (http://fox.co/28SaleM), Naturebox (http://bit.ly/290uyzc) and Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK).

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello John Morrison podcast this week brought you by Pizza Hut Mike and Dave need wedding dates naturebo and Squarespace thank you to all of our sponsors for helping bring this week's podcast to make Krabby on it some kind of crappy I guess I'm Gavin should be good so you got a better job that is awesome it's really cool now that is really cool we get that hour somewhere this weekend and he had something and I looked at him I looked at it I looked at him and I go way back yet it was the right one but he couldn't talk for like 3 minutes and it really is that's all he loves my mess up he doesn't see you in particular Fallout of love when you pull up like a beautiful it's like you're juggling the words may be like trying to pull them down and then he like a flood from before times are on @midnigh cut it out where you couldn't see it definitely is hard to say sometimes I just on the podium in the floor so all of us PA and only two of us have to Barbara wheeler the pressure of not really needed spell I should on purpose not win so that I can give you a chance to win and you didn't like that yeah I came in like I was like going to be I was waiting the whole time how to get to all the independence I think Mario party at the end so I never one thing I don't think I have sometimes and there's somebody fucking jokes at work at this company that is now like when somebody follows them and they like screenshot it and tweet that someone is following them but everyone's going to AP about this PornHub check the Fallout is a 400 bored that's free advertising of course I might come like guys come up to the school so that I can however at the moment I almost did it this weekend because somebody said it was super insulting but somebody said hey I just saw Independence Day 2 and burni is like Randy Quaid is like the crazier version of Burnie like the older crazier version version of burni like I have he looks like and I was like a fucking asshole and there's a thing on Twitter where would somebody who's verified interacts with the Tweet where you're either mentioned or whatever that it'll let you know and Randy Quaid like that tweet but the weird thing was is that Randy Quaid by the way who is a lunatic right he's going to be right about the government the US government is doing these days I'm looking at in Independence what if you didn't know died in the first roadblock is saying that we have a little from RTX is coming in so we have like a lot of special guest here today we did one of these out today Barbara is preparing something special for you look really hot she said something I just couldn't listen burn and start tearing marijuana yeah hot box. Somebody we know this collectively known as a motorcycle Aaron has a motorcycle been around at like 6 weeks yeah he has a motorcycle that your blinking a lot what are you get about that I'm getting a motorcycle barbar with the Gavin try to make what a fucking idiot I get for not being around you because I am you of the reasons why every Department because you can't fire on his wife because people miss you when I get invited to do so like if I get like a thing in the Mike are you coming with me or do whatever so that people like you regret it God yes absolutely and I believe I lost a Barbara subset give me that game is tailor-made for that shows him in for you because they all had great fun terrible terrible it's all like plan all that kind of stuff it's funny the first time I did it super super super intimidating and I was like worried about Barbara all week cuz I was like what the fuck Heather like music playing from you also by the way not to sound like an asshole the street they're suggesting there's one that's way bigger and way nicer than the other two barbar the same one every time alternate first you had the one I was in was Colton got the nicer one you are you are correct wait a minute let me think about this the first time I got the nice one Gus did not tell anyone I'm looking it up the second time Colton got the nice one and I got the other one this is really boring conversation special in your dressing-room and that is like where you can just feel like you can get all brown M&M is or whatever I've never have you ever ask for anything Gus got no Gavin I can do anything Barbara she wouldn't first thing she would ask for sparkling water bottle of whiskey should you do wow that's a really nice offer I would love to have the same thing Los manager 3 people who live in the UK for his well some people tweeting about watching so hopefully if you dvr'd it and if not maybe you can watch it through some digital site that has it Barbara Lynn rusted the bloke in the front row during the commercial break crabs into it still dance for some of the audience members made it out of there I was wearing a skirt Sally TV publica front red Splash Zone are you disable Jean Arthur pussy John Savage on John pussy when you when you have to describe a female's genitals in front of your wife what do you say vagina vagina I've never had to describe this theoretical situation ever came to pass I would say vagina talking vagina vajayjay so was going to take my penis and stick it in your vagina just want to say I'm really grateful right now for all the vagina appreciate them enjoying the vagina hold on a second I need to fuck this 4324 s and Redwood you're currently enjoying this mattress sweetie you really need to help Dennis by the way that was killer ridiculous I don't know I wish my mom to like self-aware I get Mike to shut up bitch and that's just keep going everybody Barbara fiestas dog so I cannot complain because I lost it texi clear that right up now the dog he asked so yeah you have been out for a while was the last time you want to fuck dude I figured I hadn't been to a Monday meeting since before India the Summers a nightmare like I was at VidCon this last weekend which we should talk about the minute and while it was a good time we were talking about RTX being this coming weekend it's like it's like so consuming it's like there's some people who feel like the last month have talked about nothing but RTX and its people that work on it all year long so last weekend I was thinking about going back for RTX I have another event before RTX at a couple of days on Wednesday I'm going to I have a speaking for what I will take it down or you travel for it not to travel for your lunatic one of those things where it's like like he was in the podcast said it on the air but she said she doesn't agree to anything unless you would do it this week like if something is 6 months away on the counter and was like I can totally handle that I can go to and then go to the other thing and then go to RTX at that big deal and now it's like here and I'm like what was I thinking why did I do this to myself to let live RT remember me quick message super happy to have Pizza Hut joining us and help us create a Porsche the podcast we like to call the feed dun hang gliding in Magic Pizza Hut will be at RTX this weekend with the Retro bites arcade be sure to stop by as there will be lots of prizes to be won we will be giving away some Pizza Hut swaggasaurus Pizza Hut gift cards to our listeners and viewers who can answer trivia question about one of the games in the Retro bites arcade this up so the true question is about Mortal Kombat in the original version of the game how many characters could you choose from in the character select screen and as your answer by tweeting us using hashtag RT Podcast and hashtag the feet and both of those hashtags and let us know what the answer is the winner will receive Pizza Hut swag and a $25 gift card while the two runner-ups will each receive a $25 gift card Pizza Hut summer edition of a triple treat box includes two medium one-topping pizzas breadsticks and Hershey's Ultimate chocolate chip cookie and went to the inbox for summer for 1999 the triple treat box is an easy summer meal solution to bring the crew together convenient one bundle B of Summer crowd huge thanks to pizza from powering of feed should also make sure Pizza is graciously agreed to send Pizza to some watch parties around the country for watching RT Podcast live tonight big thanks to Pizza Hut one more time to question and the original version of Mortal Kombat how many characters could you choose from in the character select screen let us know and I'll take a couple of winners throughout the podcast don't the desert think I'm tied to a chair I can't get up on competition I want to eat today wish I could say that it's fine and it's only final and at first I didn't she come on so I'm going to need Congress of future Science and Technology leaders it's in Boston but that's all it is far but I get there by plane really very little thanks for answering help RT iFly the date of my speaking engagement and I fly back the day after using variables and I'll be here before RTX I'll be here I'll be all good if I have a shoot for a popular show from the network called the person that we're doing that night so I can't believe what does aldri billion years ago when I got a letter from Buzz Aldrin inviting me to this thing and I was like that something I got totally sucked in by that like I said I will absolutely that's because he's one of the first man on the moon that he doesn't like being called the second man on the moon at the same time armstron the moon comes right after first heat he was being held up by then she held up by the moon at the same time as another dude like at that moment when leader code lands on the Moon the Moon is the reason why they're being held up in SPO held up they're being held up by the moon throne andale andale andale need some strong stepped onto the moon walked out on his feet if you just dun out his hand to have been the first one to do that that's true I just did the exact same thing holding us up we're all on the Earth right now right so who was your first crush up what's up I mean but Sally that's a great idea also date a doctor Cliff English what the heck right now yes that's what I told her last week she's probably the best receive guests that weekend is already Pizza Hut feel like we just put the last one behind us and I can't wait to really the first time 19 worry about the nitty-gritty execution did you hear the big bombshell that dropped during E3 on that Robert khoo resigns from Penny roll yeah yeah Robert khoo being essentially the architect of PAG ibig video game convention that's all over the world now in Boston July 8th or 25th in Texas Neil burn because I do not know very smart guy very smart dude and I have your payment 60202 Man 3 date Rooster Teeth and I have to say I definitely feel like I owe portion of my crew at the very least to Robert khoo because going to Pax and seeing what they built there I mean it was very inspiring to us just from a business standpoint not in this early from the event standpoint but our first trip to Pax was that the one in Bellevue Wiz Khalif powercenter at me about that very first one and we were selling DVDs in like a suitcase like in the hallway remember that I was in the for your when you first walk in and get everything figured out that was great and every year we had like the main panel right after Dave and I go it's like and they've kept us in that spot has been there since day one so it's been awesome man and I can't say enough good things about Robert khoo he will be extremely missed a penny arcade but he will end up somewhere else and be told it's cool I'm in a place where there's a package I would hate that time he visited us when we're still the Congress to do and he was in Austin for some reason he's been like the day in the office it was just an email doing whatever it was back there early like 10 of us and I remember at the end of the day you know he's leaving and I can put the laptop up when he looks at his phone I don't know how you won't get anything done in this office then walk to help work is like this is terrible for a long time didn't really have like an organizational structure that people just kind of worked on stuff and for some reason stuff got done he was right there's no reason this company should exist I didn't know this weekend of income which is how do you determine what your first time should be like at what point when your video career she's okay then hire somebody else everybody in the panel Hank Green Harley Rafi fine and Strawberry 17 is that this Megan first I was all and all for of them had done that but just give me that green John Green it says he hired his brother in the vine the brothers but their brother was their first Tire worst way to do that we have a thing yeah we do that then we have to broadcast your dental procedure live as well Wiz ever hired at Rooster Teeth first person that was hard it was to think I was mad Neil at me like that like full-time job yeah thanks I guess so I don't know she really liked the original like Ensemble okay so I'm not counting it was like one person than 2 people than 5 people or one person and 3 people to final credit was there too but he was our bookkeeper she was like every now and then Sally Le page 8 right there bring me something at 9:07 that Chris has been around that long and still that stupid yeah he's dumb as we know something's going on she said of all gold everything turns grey Colton but remember that he got aldri I don't let her give me the window and like you said like over there the first one to right now for our trivia contest looking to the question first question was do we at right now how many winners you to select 201 winner the fight at the end I thought you were my first runner-up will be contacted by someone to redeem your prize it's been Brown at Ben underscore Brown 387 that job and it was Ben Drowned when he wins a $25 gift card for Pizza Hut all right Gavin I really want to eat that who will be on the flight what is on at 4 it's as if the floor is like the dirt that's why I don't like you I just think about life burn it and you're stepping and constantly out what do you mean if you're in and I literally in your body without you even realizing what what we say I'm sure tons of piss and shit and semen and every type of human bodily fluid goes in your body when you're eating with your trailer if you can use that quantity would you not want to reduce and quantity but clearly okay I'm almost 27 years I look like shit right now can semen in your mouth semen produced penis beta yo Baby I'ma stick my season produce and your vagina so that we can come in contact with another such confidence to elaborate at this I'm sure of it you sure if it happens you want to go to Lowe's and get some stuff in the bathroom whatever your whatever your thumb on a cat bit me Mike and his fellow when he's outside he likes to show off in front of the other cats cats like other cats in your backyard at what week at 11 what are the cats because I don't have other cats with other cats around so that public can see outside of the perception that other cats run okay backyard well. This happened while he was stuck between two fences he goes there all the time and sometimes I just put them out stuck between two fences Mike your friends and neighbors fence is my fence and then there's a tree out of the festival said the tree was like between the figure XM and I was like you come out cuz I usually just put them under the fence really badly put together so just open the flap and pull them out but all that was there so we had to totally differently there's a flap in the final isn't nailed on probably so I just put it up like that and he was growling as a person to stop and I assume that's as hard as he can because it'll be hard to realize he was about 20% power when he bites me no but he went full Federal hundred percent I just I just want it all the way through my thumb you know you can get it with this one anyway PA why did you pick up a pair it was you know there's always this I don't like him around of the Cab County Animal Shelter Mike too cool for you Can't Blame my dad Wes heart attack and bite it went through my finger but I need to cook your meat that's basically what they do every kind of money involved in fucking frisky lion or something similar to that Gus couldn't fucking can tuna hard the crew didn't know what it's like to pursue this for like ripping the jugular the cover of the meal functional dark that's what they do in fact that is true though it is weird to watch like cats like instinctively go for like arteries like they just know to do that like that go for next or whatever that was Usher digital artery was spewing was it that went 11 mean things an artery until it gets to like that turnaround point and then it becomes of and makes a u-turn I know that that's because mostly they travel up like the veins in your in your leg of Vault so that when your heart beats the blood doesn't flow back 201 red vine 311 of and down through your leg is because it's an upward going down that's when red blood Wiz blue blood blue blood question of arriving shortly probably Colton senior RT Charger Sally Way on the inside like At first if you cut your arm and your Vine Fallout but I didn't split even seen that movie no Gavin James Franco movie Cuts arm off Othello pocket knife but he has to cut through I guess it's like the main artery or pinch it off whenever it obviously is like the most excruciating pain ever and the way they acted in the film just makes you think I'm crazy just listen to describe it it's hard to watch TV like what the hell am I watching you return on it's like whatever Channel John that's fine you know and I turn on the TV in the hotel about 2% of the tightest end up watching that menu screen for like 4 hours to bring the Amazing Race because that's all we had we had a weird need a hotel room for like 8 hours between legs and you're just sitting in the hotel room but then they've taken everything else out it's up to you don't use the internet for the TV. But if they tracked using the internet trouble probably not they didn't have that we didn't have internet or TV or something yes so I saw this airline pilot pilot who rejected at faster than the speed of sound he rejected at like 720 - die instantly that was it was like everything below his seat was like hanging on by just like the skin was all it was like everything on his knees was just like he's connected to that in the water and he is completely ripped out basically his legs and his one of his arms one arm and is in the water trying to get up on a roof is from punch myself in the face and hopefully I right now universities I said the stupidest thing ever because it sounds like he's I just had to get up on the raft and I had to like I only had one arm 45 seconds get up on the raft for I just wasn't going to make it and then they then they like go to commercial break and I was like we got to go and I literally said I want to find out if spee have no idea where they are they have no idea what direction they're pointing and it completely lost Horizon I mean it's apparently something was wrong RT orientation yeah it's like he knows he worried that he was flying down with and just eject it to be safe they must have been because they were gaining so much speed I mean that was one of things we talked about I'm sure that all fighter jet Pilots are instrument-rated but he did something went wrong and he couldn't Mike calculator yeah it is his co-pilot dun what's the pilot was that really I never heard of that Trum Sally page so flat after the ejected Backwoods yeah didn't know what I think I think there's a lot of force going on right then pull up somewhere in there my Hotspot this shit never knows 1480 a Ford and a check to deposit spee the sound so that had was the sonic boom sound like supersonic speed you can watch the clip on YouTube if you'd like interview the thing that I was I thought you too different ways you're confusing Gavin you are the most confusing but Mike did you get confused when you can please let me let me read this before you talk to go support you your pay but you never called the fuck off back to bed according to himself think of the scenario a world where Gavin would call you and be like hey just letting you know that won't help us and didn't call you didn't call me is on the wrong day what did Oscar so we can plan other stuff around it and she was there for a reason so it's okay to assume that you have the correct information to give you where to go but she made me dinner and I was going to let me read this Mike and Dave need wedding dates you know the upcoming absolutely hilarious already comedy Mike and Dave need wedding dates inspired by true story Adam DeVine texi Divine Adam DeVine and Zac Efron star as hard-partying brothers Mike and Dave stangle to place an online ad to find a perfect date for her sister's wedding in Hawaii open for a while get away the boys instead find themselves outsmarted at Party by uncontrollable Duo played by Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza of great Supporting Cast as well with Sam Richardson from Veep Camille nanjiani from Silicon Valley and Stephen Root at all this and it's based on real events that what happened Mike Dave need wedding dates is a must see comedy the summer in theaters July 8th watch a trailer at Mike and Dave.com we had those guys on on the spot last week the single Brothers the actual Mike and Dave for we cannot get on the spot you know we always say we can make it before we come out they realize that the person who is doing makeup only does special effects makeup so they were like and we like that like black guys like teardrop tattoos and makeup artist game B episode about Saturday awful nasty looking black teardrop tattoo the side away from camera so you only like turned a couple of times to where you can really see it was I thought I was the first time I've been one of the worst wedding dresses and garters from him using only their teeth they were just go with it they were up there unbearable how does a couple of words you can't mention around him right now I walked outside today and you was on the phone and I am sorry really but just based on where officer and I walked by him and I go are you rich yet and he goes it's not yet and I go to leave when you probably B going to work here I thought you were Rich Plano here's what happened in that show the UK is part of the EU right now it's so here's what happened the currency of the UK that can travel to France and they can choose to live and work there if they want to but that created problems because anyone else when you can come live in the UK that people who do UK people didn't like feel like refugees and immigrants everything they came to UK and I would like that very much so last six months making fun of Donald Trump and the us having a presence candle like Donald Trump and while they were doing that he forgot the fact that there was a vote starting in their own fucking country that they should have paid attention to which of the vote to leave the EU including some people we know who voted leave and then the next day woke up and when I didn't think it would happen to people we know voted to leave the EU Los Terry short public referendum everybody basically England voted to leave not really nobody in Scotland voted to leave and send out in England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland have to fuck off out of the EU they're gone the British pound crashed stock markets all around the world when because it's all this uncertainty about what's going to happen and now there's the potential really really bad scenario for the UK a year ago Scotland had a referendum to leave the UK they chose not to leave the UK they voted to remain in the UK but now they have been kind of stood out of the EU by the voters in England essentially even though the majority to vote to stay Scotland Scotland population from this image Lewiston Maine Oxford London Le Bleu Delta Downs barbar me know what's up man while of man is the one that isn't covered in between Ireland and England Dave on of the few people who lives in the boxes vault what's the box that is that is that your card and there's a box in there too country the arcad B Jersey they did not vote gu Alaska and Hawaii in the boxes there decided to stay dude those are easy but these are in a room that you cannot Barbara to prove Scotland could be developed hey if we leave can we stay and remain in the EU and it's a big deal because there's all these rules now where the you for any new country that comes into the EU they will have to adopt the Euro which Britain did not do or B page that you the first time around so Scarlett is trying to get in where they can do that he doesn't want that because his region of Spain Colton which wants to succeed as well and if they get to stay in the EU and to seeds page is worried that that's going to happen but we're here is Scotland could fuck off from the UK stay in the EU also there's been talk of Ireland reunifying with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland staying in the EU as well Northern Thailand to the of Ireland unified Scotland break away from the UK and that leaves just page me England and Wales by themselves in the UK how long is a matter at this rate on its own. There is no United Kingdom that is just just England the country I'm going to see if I can change from being the Union Jack to being the white and red cross hour seems the right thing to say to you and you tell me if you need anything orkney and Shetland I guess Shetland Islands that right I think so I don't know I'm looking for your anniversary coming up in a couple of years ago who was the 27th president maybe he dun Williams having we have George Washington who's the first king of England was his name was candy invented? Somebody had to go hey I'm the king God says it's over the kingdom of England is usually considered to begin with okay Charles John Gavin Alfred the Great Alfred of Wessex one of the penny kingdoms to rule a portion of modern England England wasn't entirely England when that was happening when was the first Kingdom to rule all of the English his real represents the first unbroken line of Kings to rule the whole of England the house of Wessex the last monarch of England Cliff House Wessex I need to send in like basically like Westeros swear it's like all these people plotting all the time I got there you can we do something at the end of this podcast can we talk can we have a spoiler I will tell everyone on the public addition to the podcast don't roll your eyes at me best reloading buzz like an hourglass if we cut short the post show this weekend in a public Game of Throne sure when to turn off and what do I want to pick the next runner up for the pizza pizza how many characters were on the original character select screen in the first Mortal Kombat the second runner-up is Mark Howell at Requiem toxicity winter who will win a gift card and a bunch of Pizza Huts Wes we went to the YouTube gaming party and Megan I had a competition Le Donkey Kong arcade game and I destroyed it utterly cut off no I could be wrong but she's probably like eventually when I was a kid I thought man if I could arcade cabinet in my house that be like that be like super rich what is only which is a buzz with this game called pigskin 621 ad you play it right I don't think so future 6:21 Arch Rivals Gus komba football version of that but I'm evil like rugby with it's so great but there was a game bar called John Elway's quarterbac which they also made into an antenna game what are garbage it was the best football game ever because it had its own dedicated passing system and it was really fucking awesome and it's very hard to find because at a very unique controller setup so people can't just get like a Mame cabinet and its built-in has a good spring loaded lever that you pull the past you can legally pass need stuff so you like that game so much I look there all the time any coverage even brought it up to and ask the guys about it I might be able to do it was like in 64 yeah I know maybe this is this looks like it so I said yes B arcade cabinet Sally like a very specific John Elway's quarterbac and John Elway's team quarterback and team quarterback to play for players and would actually save your record in the game you put your initials in and it would save like all your passing records all your win Los and everything so my buddy Darren and I would go down to the Fun Factory in West Oaks Mall in Houston and we would play even if the time can't find someone I know that there's no the video game what's inside the video game Museum arcade site website that's what they call you on there in a race games based on Rarity and this is like a 2 out of a hundred or maybe to 400 it's a little bit of a hundred very rare and I can't find what right towards the end of two out of every hundred Mike Pac-Man's like to eat pack mentality but I can find some promotional posters for it and I even found a motherboard for it but unless you can build the controller's what's the point that Mike is good other marks could do it you're thinking we think alike I thought Marcos could do you do a lot of things if he was an employee feel but maybe he'd build one January 19th why the names are just as we're done with that already it's done it's done it's really a reminder when the box trying to eat better but thank you Tricia labels are confusing NatureBox has a snack for that they've taken out the guesswork and frustration so you can speak confidently and stop wasting time sitting through a nutritional labels NatureBox makes over a hundred ridiculously delicious snacks at the store from all over the world for you to choose from some of my favorites are vanilla bean Wafers and Santa Fe 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invented why do people watch the podcast at half speed Barbara people give me that good night RT Podcast at half speed it's hilarious it's like it's good we Wiz are you I got on Sunrise Highway the even slower 20 billion things to do online how do you do it you just click the settings and you put half speed on the podcast but what are you doing John Elway's team quarterbac so that's where rugb is it's right in the middle traffic I get to fight their way out in the middle of country that's pretty fucking Central there are five known instances of this machine on bike John Elway's team quarterback collectors 55 Jesus how much are original version game boards and one is a set of circuit boards to one it's just a stack of stuff it's the motherboard game ranks for on a scale out of 100 how much would you pay for an original one like 10 grand 509 Pizza she's pretty Jackson little hit a like for like eight hundred bucks each to think of it I would also love to get a LaserDisc game called Cliff Hanger which is based on the Lupi I think I played a lot of it or give another kid never seen that before Cliff penny look like it looks like a Japanese cartoon but it was real thing two years later somebody is watching I think it's called forbidden Castle or corporate of the castle cagliostro castle cagliostro and this game Cliff Hanger was that it was like a playable version of the anime 1983 and never heard of the Stop & Go near my house growing up and it's your fridge if it's alright I mean it's not like she has learned from gavi like a like a TV dinner Chris like within the last 2 years and I thought it's on the front because Austin TVs on the front screen so we can order food and that and if you're at the supermarket you can look into a live feed of the inside of your fridge to see what you need really that's meant to this very reason I think you have your fridge on the security cameras white lenses on what you mean by shut the door the show is getting the way where is the camp yet how close can switch like one for each level you can turn the TV on the front of the TV on the fridge into the feet on the inside can you put it was like around the time I was by the fridge that was an amazing technology but if you open the door differently it would open the door date of the dog that I put up the whole door $400,000 extra for that feature just so you can open the front panel and pull the milk out the door Le on pulling the door open and getting the milk out Chris of environment and its efficiency 4 Woodlake letting all the cold air out vs Justin volume of cold air Buzz your fridge for that really make a difference overtime over the over the lifetime of the fridge that meant you were Rich what was it okay that I just said texi leader on life became owning night vision goggles but Ashley's growing up was if you have water in the front of your fridge like where you can access and poor water she's like she's like she still has never had a confession I hate water from the fridge go ahead just like your fridge for you open it in the water's on the inside that I like yeah that's weird I loved it because I picture if you have water in the front of your fridge that at night when you were sleep cover the roaches all bugs and pests in your house come out because they know if we can get HMI Auto Body in need of the buzz but spray in his mouth catching tuna all the time now that the outside fridge spout is amazing the best the water that's left like the drops that are left there and you are forgiven I bet if we took care of that for you you never see any roaches dirty I leave my job duties associated with the crew on the floor and I've already stopped at the 4:30 so yes your floors but you know I love you I want to hear what was going to happen I've never heard anyone like what happened this off the floor and I died you know I've never heard anyway for anybody dog chocolate candy dog suck all day long over there just tell at the little Lupi the dog stop date for the second referendum K12 at Hillside B change your vote you can't you can't is it going to happen so is the brexit going to happen you know that isn't going to happen they have told him to get out as fast as I can but is it true does it have to happen wasn't an indication of the will of the people feel like because cameras that down it's going to happen right dun of his dish because it's real I don't want to step down get angry for second hopeful for what I know it's rare but it's going to happen I'm upset so I don't like the fact that the brexit pass I wish the UK with his part of the EU whatever the vote has happened I'm unhappy that there are no petitions to have a second Vote or petition that safe the referendum doesn't count if it didn't reach 60% majority you can't change the rules after the fact you went into this knowing the rules just because you lost you can try to actually say no but it doesn't have a do over by the way you at the rules leading into the vote have another one that's mine right really I don't know probably have another 2 years they already established a timeline for that okay if you don't have an established time line I don't know I don't think it's fair to me Milliken Scotland Independence referendum so here's the question let's say they go we want to go back to you like right now supposed to cool it off yeah they like to wake up with a hangover like forget this we're going we're going to vote again tomorrow they had to go back and do they have to give up the pound I think it's just another point in the Goshi ation and the right you're not at this point they have to they said they're going to get out there to figure out the legal implications of that oh my God I hope I'm sure it would be great for it though I'm still problems with it Terry green card at the Tropicana makes it easier right now American Free Trade Agreement would be like what if NAFTA went away we had a connection yosra thank you prefer the mix it makes you want to but you don't Trum doesn't want Mexican coming up with names for other European countries my favorite one was at checkout Port Richey Chucky Chucky and particles after that where people were saying or Texas separatists were saying that there should be at exit Texas could leave the United States imagine what I really liked and the great state and we were a nation at one point if we broke up that would just be the dumbest thing ever would you stay in Texas what the happened Chris going to be really weird conversation with some chilly gets chilly the chili is the place to go there and chill out if you like ca Mike Chile's mostly because it's got a life expectancy on par with the US a good place to go for chili that's right go rooster teeth. Do you want to go let me the Troy cheap cheap houses in Detroit we thought about it back in 04 we did we discuss it when Red vs Blue start to make a little bit of money I said everybody down there we don't have a storefront we don't really have to have a business in any specific place we can go wherever as long as you get access to the internet we can get access to PayPal account will get to make money from the stink Switzerland so we can go live wherever we could go live in south of France with a live in the middle of Kansas could you Gus was one of people that sucked it up because I don't leave Austin who who and not go anywhere could you just go and live in France you need to get like that I'm just saying options lots of options that we can go mobile I can do that would you give me like at 4 would you please just giving an example of a place that exists the option to really know we can pick up our business and move it somewhere else make it happen are you okay the company had wanted me to live here it's a lot of power and we have to feed it unified at that point it'll just be great it would still because of Great Britain is an island I think it would be Dave and name it something else got them called pretty great of Scotland scale of 1 to 10 1 being the most for her to be so how about it are you last year. Keep everything here is status quo Gus it's not like it was fun right he was so upset all day long every time when it was going through he was staring at his phone as miserable as refreshing results thinking who are these people I was watching the news that night and texi and and called it like we're calling it and leave wins the referendum I have every right to change it not going to happen happened did they have yes yes it was mainly the older people want to leave millions of people it's a big trouble when the election I don't think so you know if I'm weird about trouble is regardless of what your politics are he's a fucking idiot looking out until he's always pandering to the audience he's talking to you here's my problem the Republican party was out of power when Obama got elected and they all hated Obama is going to ruin the country of mom is terrible what to say let's assume you're right but Mom is fucking awful for eight years eight fucking years they complained about Obama and they complain about Obamacare and all the bombs policies everything about Obama this buy me that in 8 years the best candidate they come up with from the strip we have Fallout Obama was groomed by the Democratic party like they had a Mike giving the speech at the Democratic National Convention the election before and everything but it's like it's like going to parties like super smart like those Republican voters vote in line like they they stick to the party line like a Democrat sometimes I think themselves like this you know I can see both sides of the issue your problems like this in this way everything works out at 8 years sure I think they had a lot more faith that Mike Cruz and Rubio would get a lot further along but they just Neil got blindsided by this you know it's presumably outside candidate came along it was a big deal but the fact that I can't raise any money now or has no money this campaign B like he just gets all this press coverage regardless I mean he didn't have any money during everybody understands media that is very true he's like he's basically he's the white Kanye right I mean that's what she's Kanye West right there that whole of it what does Kanye Donald Trump of the fact that you said he's awake Kanye he absolutely there's a lot of very smart liberal friends that are on Twitter and they're all like I think they're so hilarious they always wait to make the next Donald Trump comment every time he says anything to jump on it they pounce on it and they're all like mystified as to why Donald Trump is doing so well it's like it cuz you're constantly talking about it all the fucking time it's like 50% of your post on Twitter about this fucking dun at is like the Donald Trump Bass Cat Boats for Donald Trump if he's constantly upsetting the like academically or whatever you know and America his loves watching those people get upset it's almost like Howard Stern affect where people get upset so then they want to engage more listen listen to people who know how to listen to the sound frequency Donald Trump voice that I can pay for and by the way watching videos or television I'm just not getting rid of mice I got I got one more winner to pick here I should have picked them before I said that so this will be the grand prize winner who wins the $25 gift card and the Pizza Hut swag that we showed earlier on our handsome Medic in the winter I picked the wrong answer you're going to pick another one Gavin how many people on the original Mortal Kombat could you select from the selection screen 7 Barbara I'm going to guess 12 and 7 it was a really good evening ComEd phone Mr combet was Sub-Zero and Scorpion were in the secret reptile reptile that right now that's the spirit of fire Destructo on this on Twitter nothing of what you just disappeared so what do you think about another 10 minutes probably can you believe it was strange how in the early days of the park actually was a lost podcast is it normal to have Los and I don't remember us talking about it all the time that he would have liked to skip ahead to this time try to avoid it lobster trap in from the pilot Denver Oceanic flight 815 the fucking look at and route from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes the plane breaks into two pieces the no section the tail section then another text to light the pilot the intersection crashed they decide to need to go find the cockpit and find the transponder to send out a message to let you know they're alive but you forgot and amazing bit where the guy gets sucked into the Jets somehow while the plane is upside down very critical moment to the plot you are correct I missed that somehow it'll do what's up on vault what was the kid what was the killer tricks dudes Kid to Kid Vincent Vincent at 7 monster and then the pilot is played by Greg grunberg if I pulled out and drop the transponder it really doesn't work then that's your friend so the gears and stuff yeah yeah and then reveals he's part of the Iraqi Republican guard he's a Communications expert Transmission in French from the other from that was on repeat Sprint of cell did you Le season 2 of Los was the best season you could not talk about it what is moving to Game of Thrones Telltale choices you want to talk about Game of Thrones hashtag hashtag RT probably nothing can block but sex brexit ignore them for the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 yeah you are going to 3.14 he actually did have to touch them in right it wasn't Fallout correct because then they don't type it in and like it fuck him what happened Netflix Netflix I've never seen an episode of Lost long I never really made a connection between the stations on Lost and the Vault San Fallout similar kind of similar like each one had a purpose and what is at 1 Vault what is the secret vault monitoring the other Vault and it was looking at me looking at it was a real experiment what was the person that was monitored Vault Vault and monitored and they were going to kill everybody in it and then everybody in the vault it was perfectly fine to be involved because the people who were going to experiment I think so I told her that but he's out and arrange them Gavin what are you doing with yourself there they're just burn go ahead so I just put them out I made a little skeleton texi see them until you remove the pieces when no one knows that I would have build up B reassemble them personal symbols from the store can you show us a picture of it to give a screenshot I could go back to the voice I'd love to see that I mean I'm sure that will have a full bones how many bones in a human butt Gavin 260 I believe that is correct because they future was 6 2/8 how many bones in a human but I think its 206 that's a number of different bones are the bones that make men have that women don't have an Aries is there a different web sites I heard that the interpretation of the rib Adam gave to make gu was a misinterpretation of a word that means basically burn her family gave her life give her up so he fucking action and she popped out I don't know how that works exactly maybe his dick was twice as long is that worth it 60 inch penis yeah whatever date you want to have something to put it in or the other this if you can arrange your bones if you alright let me see Cliff resigns people in the world Number of the Beast AP who doesn't know what the number was that me the number of the Beast number of bones in the skull killer that were correct Gavin Free at 2:06 Gavin coming in a solid to a 63 gallon of an adult human consists of 206 bones that was more the kit and get it what's the smallest burn your dick it way too easy I think gavi on the right and you AP the way it's too loud here we'll put it away or something with some bones of the ear is also brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace site so professionally designed regardless of your skill level there's no coding required to use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name to sign up for a year but your free trial site today at squarespace.com / which case we decide to sign up for Squarespace and make sure you offer code Rooster Teeth get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful you can make a website about the bones in the human body or a lost fan page or Game of Thrones spoilers whatever John Elway's quarterbac fan page that's what I would so go to go to Squarespace website we're going to look at the box right now you can you switch your friend recently yeah yeah okay so it's have a case on it I did not trust me Gavin I thought about that in fact we did an episode of million dollars but where I had to remove my phone from its case and I broke it the next day and I thought if I'd had my phone out of the case I would have assumed it broke because of that but it was like her to explain it will make sense when you see the episode but I took the phone out of the case I couldn't put it back in its case right away I'll just say that even though I really thought I was getting out of a car and I dropped it like it like that and I'm like I knew it in my heart I knew it and I was like no it's not that you can do it the wedding is broken you think I knew it I heard you say you just basically always think it's broke but you just forget you saw that when it's not you just gotta know I thought my phone was broken for sure this weekend face down onto a wood floor to ceiling is broken and it's been broken for 2 months or 3 months until the new one comes out when you send a text message that's why I on this piece of shit phone because the fact that every time we break about it I get so many messages that are like to switch to Android to switch I don't know what my problem is I don't know although we were going to dinner tonight then King is here from out of town we would get it science Gavin if you want to join us he said sure you leaving and I just won't even answer the question I just sent my location to him like he could track me for like the next hour that's the best feature on the iPhone that nobody uses Gamin like you to share your location with me for an hour I'll share mine with you from my location to head towards my little head I think you still can see my location burni cuz I shared it with you I think forever indefinitely allow what you want to know because I didn't know maybe I do have a question for you real quick about Game of Thrones in this like regular portion of podcast let's see what the ca Twitter says if so I'm just going to want to go in the control room or and people wonder what hour is it possible get like a graphic on the bottom it says like Game of Thrones spoiler or something that way people can need it right slowly cutting my thumb like swiping on the broken glass and Matt has an assistant named steps very nice lady and she said to make sure that your phone is broken and I ca get your phone fixed in the mall and get my phone I'll call somebody to come here in the and it cost about a hundred bucks to get it fixed at the store and got a hundred and forty bucks cuz it when they came out with the UK now had a little talk and I watch them disassemble my phone and you put a new screen on it and they have to be careful we didn't cause problems for some iPhone users a few months ago like that's what like that error 21 or something like that I don't talk about that is it right it was like a self fix it with duct tape the same price I didn't have to leave the office to do it I don't need a new phone turned up and I mailed it or not you have AppleCare navigate to Star what are you saying you fucking phones what's the door charge you the full amount and you have to do anything you just get your story straight because you have some dude coming here for the party top and on the inside it up and down the entire front of the phone number to believe him don't believe him he's lying to you obviously I can't tell myself that I don't even know what do you talk dirty in bed so we're back to that again she's looking at your question earlier Gavin this is the most British words possible AP what is the most I have I have to try to think the most British red lacquered Fallout vault got your answer replying to text and I will see if you message me and let's find out need stuff open to anything what would you be the judge can I say this no release date on Super Troopers 2 I was looking at the ca Super Troopers 2 have a release date yet because they did they're coming campaign about some time with you last and there's no release date yet on Super Troopers 2 Elway's at and responded that he is totally out of the blue date since our last conversation the same thing to me and I replied Thank You Gavin not sure if you went on a tear right they don't understand it group message you guys sometime before I was going to message you guys hold on the movie with the the best line of dialogue was it how do I say that kind of spoiler for the movies on Wednesday for everyone to you guys later Bridgeport Ohio it was just like I couldn't I couldn't tell him like what hour to put the people in because it would reveal what order they won and I just had to make a poster of all the people and so it's like I haven't responded I don't want to answer that's okay so you think I'm a better player what you said was my bad habit that you think I have to just leave it out and stuff but a dental snoring Wizard101 thanks barbar ok he is like he's going to dump me and I do this and I do this all the time is that okay let's all decide collectively where we going to go eat where we going to go to In-N-Out Burger of this will happen that you want to go to that list right now Pizza Hut I will always suggest another place to go after work I don't know why I do it with the kids I just want to put my foot on their necks and dog what it's like to be in the backseat and I'll look back there and I'll say I'll say Terry I said where do you want to eat a Gus I don't care I don't care I don't care we'll go eat Wherever I Go do you want to go on a double date I'm not going there that's one place I won't need to put out a fake one to say no to and then switch a double date red vine buzz like I'm not in it for the whole night talking arguing about where the fuck are going to eat it I'm going to murder you the fucking kill you of what will happen it might be my worst habit he do that when it's just us two it feel like walking through an apple or something like that somewhere else and every single thing you say it's all this food in my gut when we were doing the three covering the stream was on Sunday or Sunday night we were like we're going to go eat you suggested something I said great see you there and I immediately got out got my car and I didn't want to have this killer Cafe shrim place I didn't want to go but I think because of Jack and Gus left and went there and Hu have you told her yet I kind of told it that was fucking crazy dude that was I was at 10:40 today we were invited out to be part of the perfect weight for a person Battlefield 1 tournament E3 I was invited and I said hey you should also invite this young guy get away with your name in the Hat great game Gus great game we play this game right somehow like we got all sorts of bad information like it was a practice session for 3 hours and every practice playing Battlefield for a week before we went out there cuz I was like to represent Pro Battlefield players I don't know their names like sleepy and shrim and their personalities are being influences for their category and he was sitting across from him was rapper The Game Neil said it was dog and Snoop Dogg I'm not kidding Gus they were in a room or in a theater where they have the EA play event with a dually E3 announcements answer all right all of a sudden everybody's like this and we're all looking around because Snoop Dog had like come into the building somewhere and you can smell him from about probably about a hundred yards away like the smell of marijuana just like it was amazing goals I need to get a shih tzu which is really fucking cool so I'm next Wiz Khalifa taking from my perspective so so Snoop was like one over from me and Wiz Khalifa was right next to me and they were passing a cigarette of some kind I'm not sure what it was they were passing it back and forth and a blunt I was standing in a cloud of pot smoke for like an hour and a half just standing there like breathing in this one of the contacts on my contacts and I was kind of worried because you know the stuff that Snoop smokes I'm assuming it's like that off the flight killer like Pineapple Express Times and starting a heart attack Terry I was at the I was not at the battlefield 1 of it I was at the stream location drive by the way to be clear so we're sitting there in the room and we're talking like those pictures of Burnie next Wiz Khalifa and I wonder if you got a contact high from that the door swings open and burni walks in with like a fist full of red vine Mike Bilyk Twizzler but way worse it's like someone had it with her when they were 8 years old then they grew up and I tried to recreate it from memory basically that's what I Red Line it was red vine penny board it's like smelling plastic flowers that one now you have $200 I've had so much fun with the tree already Gavin law practice rounds no the lower value of amounts he plays like crap somebody at 10 bucks and he's like let's go a hundred on my need to make 20 bucks out of that came in the game yes see how about how are you saga no one ever says on the best in the world of halo only playable although I have to admit that Gavin was going to buy Terry Crew that was pretty cool it was weird red other names in there like of the names of all the players and is we don't have any plans I told Jamie Foxx just killed you that's kind of weird it was like I was going back through time from the people watching it and everyone said you just killed Wiz Khalifa bunch of people the friendly Farm killer 190 technology Thrones alright we can do that you'll have a sore throat or something at that graphics pot smoker but would withhold about nothing absolutely nothing that Chris is looking for a reason to make money with your fucking idiot called you find your Tweet and download it for 7 does critical at all right game show pretty sweet Los burni after we talk about your stuff was that the best episode of Television ever think so orchestral music part III more and more that was the best season of Television that's ever been ever on TV and someone is like even better than the last season of Breaking Bad the last season of Breaking Bad corrective season 4 and yes it was better than that in my penny and yes I think it's still out there for my favorite episode of any television this was like it's like so much stuff did happen the red of what to place on Game of Thrones outside it was like 80 page the end I kept thinking all this is the final show of the Season Snoop we go somewhere dr. divaris lift Marine to go to door until I set up the ship with the the martells of the tyrells then he went back to Marine to get on the boat to go back to Westeros Varys was on the ship at the very end with a burni just waiting Westeros I go hey guys I'm here on the boat shots of people standing at the CLE on both of their sailing into the ca always make me laugh because it's like alright how long you can stay like that and it's really cool for a couple months it takes to take a chair Library what is the beast in the ceiling how was it that make sense must have expected let the wind blow around have Game of Thrones real on this side yeah I figured they had something like that like realistically they would have that stuff he wouldn't take candles in and bring the books that's like it seem to capture the Sun and then I'm wondering if those of the cities and that's my life just like an entry is that because your favorite moments it was good for me was the reveal of the Wildfire like realizing what was going on the explosion was cool I like that they even went out of their way to make sure you knew that the High Sparrow died first and I never know Los credit she does the kids to the explosion that fucking like half smirk on her face that is like that's like the last moment of serious I think like I think at this point more than the sand on the throne no no no I think she's going at this point because that was like a plot of the Mad King's Terry got everyone agreed it was a terrible bad idea on what is now the Mad Queen that's why I think seriously because now she's the queen of Westeros and they always made a point about seriously is that her greatest strength was her love for her children that was a great of their love for Jamie greater than the love for power her love for her children was the thing that drove for the mugshot of Thomas yeah I like that quiet Mike your face that's just enough time Mike and it doesn't even hesitate no he looks like that chocolate chip cookies right out the window but she has no kids so she has all of her children are dead and you're still his dead mom and dad and so the only thing that gave her any kind of morality in any way is all fucking gone and she's dressed fully and black outfit was also I do the same conclusion that you did too like the Mad King in his plot and his only thing that was missing was her saying burn them all that was the only thing is when she's going to be a fucking nightmare from this point on she was conniving before I think now she just hardcore Jamie will be a clean slate as well dude I don't know like I'm so happy that Arya kills Walder Frey so far killer the exact same way that it said that position the song Perfectly like just let at 6:08 see if you think too much burn out like that there was people in the pie like right away the first time he asked where my son for the first moment you figured that out but didn't know it was a crazy one when Jamie and the other daughter sitting in the bar and they had like girls looking at them and they see one girl making eyes at Jamie yes was that are you yes it was the same woman who took the face off yeah she said it's not one of mine Chris Brown such a great character to do you really find out of my brown and need a headache can't be in the same room together that they can't fill most two in the same day will those two the actress just cannot be in the same room together like you never have seen over time that day and it was tremendous going anywhere I'm going with little finger travel across the country in less than about four years everybody else takes for fucking ever it's like when John left the wall and he's going I'm going to Winterfell it so I'll see you next year cuz that's all I'm going to take him for forever to get down there it's never going to make it pulled off the garden and left previously that plan however is close to the door he's going to kill her right I'm wrong Cersei had killed everyone it was about to kill her son and Grandson or granddaughter 7/8 with her son yes it was old she's even older than she was at Bunko and 60th James Bond I really doubt it that wrong but you know they played when says he sits on the cliff Los song anyone know what the name of this this is what the Watchman the same exact it's like the old shit this is Colton let's see if it helps him face off with Colton at of stuff with the nearest and the Hoosier Hoosier Terry oh yeah all that stuff was really well done the same with her and Tyrion was like I don't like them getting together I think they've had some good things but that was a scene I think I've been waiting for you when was the last episode where she returns and they're all packing your Marine City on the yeah I could tell that she had the advantage over. At that point like that he was there basically to serve her which is weird because Terry was such a central character for so long and I feel like he's kind of almost like a secondary character this point we the people to meet who were in The Game of Thrones were seriously Jon Snow Robb Stark Tyrion Lannister Daenerys Targaryen like a couple others but it's like he was very much somebody that was going all the way there through the end and potentially could be someone sitting on the throne I only see him as that anymore I never thought he could advance that far I will have an advisory role because I didn't think the people of Westeros with support in a smaller person sitting in our Throne the coolest visual and the best way to end the final episode of the show The Night King walks into the room sit down on the throne it turns to ice Terry wicked wicked no point in doing that like he doesn't care about the freeway crew visual the meeting which will stretch all the way down through to King's Landing a pretty cool actually the strongest Winter & winter with them so you would think that was crazy Wiz Khalifa mentioned as they finally confirmed the whole Jon Snow lineage here's what I love about that we talking about lost earlier I feel like a lost people have theories about what lost was all about and I think that a lot of those people were spot-on with that lost they were in purgatory they were all dead and they were just kind of trying to find their way through the next World and that's what lost was all about that's why every episode of her focusing on somebody's story of like trouble if they had in their life and there was some of that like in the CA in the finale but I think they got away from it was like they come up with the other like weird like nefarious or like nebulous thing just of the audience when you're right basically like some of the people that this theory about Jon Snow's lineage and Ned Stark's sister and rhaegar Targaryen Targaryen it was spot-on and I think they told the story and I think everyone super excited to see it and they were super excited to be right about it it was fucking bad-ass Wiz hated for no reason the whole time my dad was like that was the best person in the whole sheet to cook a lifelong sacrifice of Life his wife then they didn't look like it had yet his wife his wife was like the only thing that she has about him is that why can't you just tell the truth just like to chill out love I don't know why I couldn't tell Caitlin about it but he just he made a promise to his sister that he wouldn't tell anybody and that he would protect the baby and crew Robert Baratheon absolutely kills Robert Baratheon members on the show he was still alive he wanted to sail across the ca find the nearest Targaryen killer remember it would have been in the evil and Mike watch from a distance yeah so. And Johnson had a good season 1st episode and then Tyrion travel to the wall with it was called that engine back same guy so instead we're just left before we get to that there's one question what kind of touching on here I don't understand the line of succession it's a Baratheon Throne it is a Verizon Thrones why does Cersei Lannister inherited it was so many guys in gold armor in the throne room and after she liked brought the set down I think she just took it by Force pilot training crew marriage because that's why Renly and Stannis will fight for it after Robert died because they felt they should have transferred to that I just transferred her but of course now they're both dead so but what did happen to see Tom and dies who's left that could be come right out the window this is going to take it yeah I mean obviously she can't take the throne and it can be contested but it's already contested constantly anyway but the dude's and gold armoire the all the all the whole way to the throne room made me feel like that was her what you didn't like at any moment you didn't like on the last two episodes of the season have been so strong I didn't like the moment with the sparrow woman and there's a hidden something about that, but it was but it was like it was left open-ended like it gave me a really weird like that was just like took his house but that wasn't needed and left on next season so he didn't look as bad as I made it look like pic of how to get the big scar like the one on here that weird skin color yellow light gray well you should be getting a clear look at them either I like those whose Buzz Launcher Wiz I said that's awesome yeah the way he went out was great for the kids tabs in the ca Esther Price and my sister but she was not going to be at the 7 and was another animal services and that was the way to get rid of him okay just cleaning house right and part of nothing ever really came with him being fully fit I just pretending listen to show that he was just a really funny comment I didn't think I was going to Game of Thrones subreddit for someone said that the real tragedy was the The Prostitute who he did not pay he said he would pay her later I was at a real Marjorie Marjorie step right now what about the princess princess please and thank you like a lot I have to freely admit that she was kind of a minor player in all this even though she was the queen but like I really wanted to see like what she was she was working on some of the road he had a plan soul of the secret message cuz I don't think that's going to happen and she's not crazy lately so even when they're Diggin that like seven sided star seven-pointed star and her brothers head I was like she's going to sacrifice him to get there somehow what you doing here what you doing here and then blew a crazy expensive someone on Twitter someone who could come back as a throne Blackwater band forgotten fire was reported blew up but I like the onion Knight but it's one of my favorite characters yeah I thought killer Los Angeles Andrea I'm not mad at all the other Lords of the North like everyone jumping on the bandwagon now but yeah they were they all got up with of swords and their like teen the North and to love that little girl so what's your name leader that Mike one of my top 3 stuck his foot hurt you Mike staring at Ramsay Bolton Los Robert at the glove guy was being a great guy I've never seen him in a role like that he's quite famous English actor but he always plays like the media students is in Black at and he's got like a little nervous twitch that is funny like a bush get out of my way or all cool so who did believe the Blackfish castle with River Run Susan rowboat with somebody I forget who it was it wasn't it you can have an epic moment got to have like and she gonna end up with Jamie 2 and up with tormund giantsbane Excel who's left on and I are you right now it seems like and resigned to being north of the wall if he's the three-eyed Raven now he has to stay like for his powers greater well here's the other thing then John was very clear that's weird the wall is more than just ice it also spells or magic to keep the white walkers at Bay if bran crosses the wall the Walkers can follow him because he has the mark of the night King on him so I think it's situations that occur what brand is brought cross the Wall against his will to check his arm off and then what talk it over the wall and then follow it not just leave it off so he can wait what side of the on the Northside on the Northside of the Gods would wear one of those would be the place where it is so we would believe south of the wall where you go to pray to the gods that was just it was just game yeah I'm a little weirded out on hour cold hands is a car Terry benjen Stark basically in the TV show is his character cold hands but in the book cold hands is kind of like an undead member of the Nights Watch The Stranger who helped you Sam and Gilly get through the wall to the South and he also it doesn't help Brandon yeah he does enjoy it and it's always very ambiguous as to who cold hands really is killer and rides a giant elk and not a horse and it seems like he's been kind of in this and it's date for a very long time it closes super tattered and and faded and George RR Martin has said that in the books benjen Stark is not cold hands so it's weird that in the TV show benjen Stark is Colton it was just easier to control engine is in the state or he's dead and a walker but still sent and and good like he's not under he's a walker but not under the control of the 19 basically is there another Power cuz it was always speculation as well in the books that maybe hold hands was an agent of the three-eyed Raven not being controlled by proxy B at the Red Raven but he couldn't enter the Cave of the three-eyed Raven correct as a protected place them all the way to that I thought he died in the books or write outside of the cave but maybe he didn't think he was fighting outside the cave who was in the movie The Russians are coming up out of the ground that was cold hands in the book was in that same scene but he just wasn't he wasn't in this not even really that big of a character you know I mean he's not future never need science and the books right right he marries jeyne Poole who's pretending to be Arya Stark that is correct yes that's totally different at this point it's really really different all the books in the new book comes out the show will be done it's actually that point will you watch for you everywhere you go read the absolutely and totally different story I think the story a lot more efficiently I was not as much of a fan of the book the first time through but then as I read them the second time and I understood how everything tied in together I like them a lot more so I think I'd like to book more because there's a lot more detail as many more characters to keep track of going to wrap this up yeah what are you thinking predictions prediction NCAA B on Twitter it says said anything to us about want to keep it up for just a little while longer I think I'll be at date on the books it's not anywhere but she could show up it's only because because we saw Beric Dondarrion just a couple episodes ago we will not see her could you tell Eric Dondarrion okay okay the guy without and I got you at the red light right the Brotherhood without banners 23632 Minna Season 2 Season 7 Episode 3 Aria killed three people like that's a big deal she killed those two sons and then she killed Walder Frey it's your on defense right show me the face that she had there when she heard the price I what you mean what you mean the way this girl right now she's killing people kill people and Buzz whatever reason she was trying to do that and now she's killing people the Hound is alive if she runs into the Hound again is she going to kill the Hound who else is on the list Walder Frey Cersei Lannister Joffrey Lannister coffee breath in season mortal enemies list she also had cereal and pea Mountain Trail in Pearland killer fallou the show anymore so you don't think she can come you do for a limping I think she won't kill them just because they've moved on from him in the show the actor who played Sue Ellen Page of a really bad cancer so that's why I kind of wrote around that and what kind of removed in from the show Ellen Page Ned Stark's sword reforged at and that's the sword that at a time that we had as well and the job for having chores I think it was it was taken to a funeral they made a list of people that are still alive on arya's list it is grown in Four Seasons Ilyn Payne Cersei Lannister Joffrey Baratheon Tywin Lannister dead the Hound the mountain Melisandre she's on her way for taking Gendry Arya head just like most on her for quite some time and that she's aldri having been taken away Doris of Mirror Mirror and Trent news the priest and Robert Dondarrion back to life when he died on chicken before every season starts I try to watch like the last two before next season I mean like try to Marathon all them together this last season came out in February I think killer neck season 5 episodes and the one after that time so I think at this point and it would be for feeling like last night would've been fulfilling for now I really feel that way all the pieces are in place so I don't need to see everyone so fucking bad ass was tired of wool skin killer I don't want to Mortal skin kill that you would like it's no big deal and try to crazy cause I'm going to let you know before ya know it goes to the live and then what's the weather in my area game area I'm answering the question answer and you stole it from him to have been struggling with every other answers the first one to die the sunset and then nymeria ran off after page offering right and then a ghost is around and summer died in the cave to the to the dead dog just had came off red threatens but what was that Robert was Robert Walker Michigan the ca Wes Welker Mike and gray when do I get a Sally page of made-up bullshit future removed or 3rd if you haven't watched it you should watch it you should watch Game of Thrones such a good episode it such a good episode such a good way to wrap the should upgrade yes yes easily forgettable RTX see you guys this weekend love you bye