#383 - Gavin or Gaggle 2: Gag Harder

Live from RTX, join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss gross stories, RTX, bad signs, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 4, 2016, sponsored by Pizza Hut (http://bit.ly/29gDg90 ) and Casper (http://bit.ly/29gCLvr ).

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Recorded: 2016-07-05 19:57:47

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

you fuckers make Gus get up at 10 a.m. and your father took my microphone here and I can walk over there get a microphone what's up everyone I love it we have a son what day you're coming out in joining us this morning for the receipt delivery by Pizza Hut and I brought you by Casper as well we're so excited to be I think in the biggest room we had at RTX listen to the audio podcast welcome to the annual everyone that comes out yeah I always love anime Cartier is from this podcast cuz it's just like this giant Echo and it does not sound like he's got the sign but he won't hold up you got a fucken commit what does it say I will bet anybody $10 this is not going to be worth it is it going to be out it's not worth it it's not worth it looking for ass fuck off dude I was wrong hey hey what's your name Kacey security cases in the back row over there picture by the time you finish the poster did you get the joke on it because the rest has been alright. Space I will miss you somehow it even further apart from each other than we normally are at least they're behind us the whole way like I've been in some of the smaller panel rooms were just kind of like a little square covering one person everybody's overlap is just picking up for Instagram what size filter do we have a Snapchat filter do you take it off get rid of microphone emoji on your ass and stick it in there Burnie BBQ sauce have you like RTX 2016 I'm putting a microphone I'm going to Snapchat give me one minute that's what the kids say right you've been all over Snapchat this whole weekend I'm kind of an expert on what is your Snapchat name are you really got that Burnie was available chasing Daniel Daniel we were having a conversation that we probably should have saved for stage I was wondering I was wondering know how full it is because when you flush it out and comes in right so what happens there's a toilet and it refilled to appropriate level beware of this water at a certain level I give you the toilet fills up it was going to be like for you that's what it does that's how a toilet flushes it's a tank of water when you hit the switch it that water goes into the bowl which fills it to a point at which gravity pulls it down and it falls into the toilet overflows the most uncomfortable situation or if you could or if you pour the water in faster than it can bring it over when I flush it doesn't fill up and then drain it just drains and fills the same time because the reservoir goes into the bowl and then your pipes refill the reservoir raise your hand if you're really missing Sally LePage right now more than ever acheron when Brandon was there too it's like the dumbest people in the world and the smartest person in the world like it together and it was very hard to watch that's like the cross section for Chris to talk about intelligent things and talk about it in front of a girl this? What's going on I mean it was Barbara birthday too I guess we made a bigger deal about that right Marcy no big booya States Barbara find you later the event kind of are but you're all where you at the party last night quieter there three levels to place her in tears it's quite alright so long story short walk around if it has a different name a different location doesn't make it a different place X cellulite the Butcher Block Rockin Beats in life it's the worst part is like you talking to someone and I feel like I can't look at them while they're talking to me because I need to turn my ear to listen to you like you think about that I tried to post someone's instead of straight into it see a little bit of your spit land on their face and they and they know it's there and you know it attached to it then pretended and I like my bad theme from The Lion King solo it's it's it's been a really interesting article last night after I took off from the party I went to go get my car from a valet before I left it and I lost my keys so she came up to I was waiting for my car and eventually the chance do you still have your car with you if you keep looking behind you I don't I don't trust you Toshiba tecra oh okay cool so you said so I hear that you set out of valet station for 45 minutes I couldn't leave because I'm doing 45 minutes or so they're taking photos of people that's why I do like I still there and I waited and eventually brought me back to my stupid car I was so mad I was so mad I was very angrily smiling a lot of photos Eureka can you replicate your angry smiling comedy show your friends photos from the event is that half black half Korean we can I got harassed by a homeless guy on the way here and it was weird cuz what was the speaking of which your money he was on a bike and we said no so then he started yelling at your lunch break and he told me to go wash my pussy I don't like will do sir thank you for the tips from the douchebag do you get it I want to know the blues always start the same place it's right back over here did you watch it when you got home 10 minutes ago you're going to pick that up and sprayed at me so does that get in your head at all like are you thinking about your head like any smell it's no worse than normal Barbara I've noticed it's wet between your legs what is happening that I spilled some coffee too just talking about it I know part of the story OTP we are we had a Gavin I had to sign in yesterday we were joined by some impromptu special guest Dan + cold and join us for some good things going here for a little while the documentary how do I go on camera here for a second I'm sure you were going to be my favorite question and he was at the light and you want that Gavin a question he said he right here together because I'm a huge fan of you and the other guy Dan was sitting right there South for the rest of this recipe download the other guy the other guy he somehow I'm the man that now he's just some nameless dude you know I've actually seen more people taking selfies with Charles my God in that Den on the strip where is Charles we didn't think he was going to make it give me truck truck truck can do this yesterday that was a Gavin will be happy to know the $200 that I won from you find shuffleboard that I finally spent the last of it I had to spend the money so I can't talk to you anymore by sending you pictures of the hundred dollars bills enjoying themselves and random places but he would send me texts like shit and I'll be like what and then you send me a picture of the $200 bills and stuff but you got the camera guy to hide his monitor and check out and then $200 so I do also want to say that we will do maybe a little bit of Q&A at the end of the pockets for the rest of you say about that also have a question from the Pizza Hut Pizza Hut personal counselor standing by the like walking away tired of waiting on the first and the third game so it was good it was right next to you telling you what to do I couldn't concentrate and it was easier to close my eyes I don't know Josh $10,000 can I have like PTSD ringtone 33 really serious about that I felt like that was almost a joke right one movie without a place like someone building down and was going to juggle it all together right and accessories the joke is that we're going to make three movies the joke is we're going to make 4 and then wait for a big red blob that was right because apparently there's like people that I know that are in La that there's this thing that happens where they kind of put it out like a call that they're making what are they doing what are they doing what are you doing good for you look at the man behind the curtain is one of them in a big bomb movie scripts Sofia to write a little so hot paragraph the plot of Tetris would you come up with me yeah it's something about that I'm trying to be true it is never have to work ever again still it would be a movie about blocks falling from space very very slowly and I had to send people up to like maneuver them so they would fall in an orderly fashion I'm trying to figure out what they would do with that movie but this movie is on easy movies on how it's going like an inch per second was the inspiration for the skyscrapers that have different levels and the blog section of the building goes away what you said it was like he did that and then like I didn't mind it so much but people really didn't like him and Destiny was really offensive to have Peter Dinklage in a movie called pixels go all the way through it's like really tiny the crowd is not having any of it today it was like the wave in order the cheer we had a great idea at the heroes and half-wits panel that turned out to be terrible in execution we went we did some Q&A at the end of it and we told everyone when you get up to them like we've got a big 20-sided die and we're going to roll it if we were twenty you can't ask you questions if we were the one you would have to sit down without asking your question I do first person if you had a dungeon dragon shirt on over like I'm sorry you had to sit through the next site so then the guy asked a question and then I got you we accidentally put your next question is can I give it to the other gentleman thought of the other thing was 7/22 questions and I got to go up on stage to her question but we felt like you're such a funny idea and we got out there and was instantly one is like this was a terrible idea we should not have done this what does it look like there was an immediately so if you can get back up there and it was made out of metal when you hit the table right there I didn't stop even after like we got all gotten like this momentum going to work even after Jeff was like this is the name of the show is shut up it's like we just kept sending more and more names because Barbara was all that I think originally it was going to be the name that we had come up with was halfway to Heroes right and then I didn't know if it was you or me what you're making more at the end of making more guns and Dragons Heroes and half-wits because I thought it was like that kind of thing yesterday was so happy with was home-brewed but I hated that one I don't know if you're in Here lyrics a group in the community that had a panel which is its trunk Titans and dragons in truck that's it that's a no did they have a Snapchat filter yes fuck them listen Barbara I have something here that I met you I didn't know you're going to ruin you for the rest of the day a little bit probably need some recovery time so a few a few weeks ago we played a new game called Gavin or gaggle we're such a terrible idea you're not very sensitive gag reflexes I only have one trash can have one so you're going to have to do I have a little bit of advantage and I Barbie's going to be the host of this you're welcome she has a list of stories that she's going to read device and whoever gets first loses the round and to make it more challenging each going to drink milk between each other as wait this was in your bag at 7 tomorrow it's milk you don't have to refrigerate it till it's open house on refrigerated what the fuck I even have a special you want to wait till alright so what are we doing better how to invest like 385-280-3142 I have a bunch a bunch just let's go at 3 right raise your hand if you don't want to see it today Odessa weather Burnie when it's milk you fucking nerds what's wrong with you Gus was it weird to be opening one of these milk cartons without somebody trying to take your money from you is that weird how much you drinking hit me right in the head that once protein is in a cup of cappuccino call emilka, it's incredibly efficient you could have just put some big accounts that we stole it from the hotel so that's that's the way that works to the place where they had all the breakfast stuff and I just started taking notes and putting them in my bag and the person working there I like your mouth on the top floor that place I did the same thing she was like what question black coffee kind of day which one Barbara find out how I'm feeling Burnie nothing has happened nothing at the office today so I don't know why mini Gavin already took it will come to light Jennifer Gavin that's Gavin's receptacle WhatsApp I know that she has put the bag back in I don't know I'm not that's gross story Barbara what's a good one this one is called Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls trigger warning gross stuff what street was that they know that by now I'm going to watch them carefully to see experimenting with my partner and it wasn't actually wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated but as he was pulling out he moved too quickly and I just started leaking running come diarrhea you make it through this make it to the toilet and there was two on his size and all over our bed I was fine until I tried to picture what color that would be Burnie of dr. Dolittle what's up guys drink another one you want whole milk or 2% okay you know what I said do it you know it's an internet convention when people cheer a basket from 4 feet away thanks Marcie sweet I don't pay attention to people in the first two rows have you ever been to Sea World before 4 Gallagher show battle was for the audience to gallon reminder Snapchat around the Burnie last night browser next one is called the letter that was your idea I'm just putting that out there that was called the casual encounter I like it already we did anal for 20 minutes and afterward I felt not quite right when I got to the toilet seat was down and it had itself closed lid so by the time the lid was down I pooped all over the floor there was running it down my leg and it smelled awful but I didn't know what to do there's no shower in the bathroom and I couldn't bear to escape so I had to use half a roll of toilet paper to wash the floor and wash my leg in the sink that one I have soft close lives in my house that I can feel her pain last when you guys better for you keep it up whatever this game is that anal always with the bad stuff I like everybody sick and I feel that the first time my cat bit me the other day so now I'm on antibiotics to not get an infection in my hand but has a sort of constipation affect so they gave me a laxative to take with it which I took this morning and I'm kind of like squatting so it was so nice the first two rows and the first for sorry eyes I'm not sure which end do we get a second bucket for Gavin Clues don't get any milk from my butt or the seat could come out there hidden present I can't do it it actually is similar to a story that we've heard before my boyfriend came home drunk and wanted anal warts title sponsor I got we had done it once before but we are both sober and careful to go slow and use Lube misogynistic alright this one called Leaf the butt alone with God one day my man and I used to live with housemates so it sneaked into the forest to have sex okay one day we are in our forest place and put it in my butt so we had to clean up as best we could using leaves and my hoodie Burnie I got this I'm going to kind of climbing up here absolutely Spanish word for this is a smell test smelled us so we went through we went to blades desk and found an old protein shaker everybody's talking about it as tight as we can all morning so how do you want to work if there's a little bit in there I think we both at the same time how's that going to work that's too intimate that's too intimate I like your idea yeah it could be like when you share a milkshake I need to get off if I'm smelling something times Gavin there might not be any smell left by the time it gets to my nose you lost anyway time to gag ready sent very respectable 2.35 seconds .35 seconds you are the winner of Gavin or gaggle well somebody Fireblade Gavin is contemplating it help him out already give me a quiet place is a professional needs to go Gavin what is a dub so Kevin did have a time of 3.68 seconds but I think he has to take a pill the couch is clear just so you know he's got no problems congratulations text Patrick you don't get paid enough for the 5000 people feel sorry I like to think that time was I need to keep a bucket up here just in case you know that's going to be like some weirdo who really wants to smell it is going to ask her that question on purpose if you do that can okay buddy don't play for me I play sports at one point my life who was at the Halo text or talk about something when I was talking about so it was one of the leads over Halo and just an incredible person so fucking awesome sheet for whatever reason we gave away a plush grifball which she found one in a vault somewhere and they put a sticker under some of the help and it was like somebody like 12 rows back and then she handed me the grifball to throw out there that was like those other problems like that everybody for ever I can't wait to see you falling off the skateboard the other back and forth over and over full faster than normal humans what gravity is like 1.54 you leave I'm going to try to try to jump into the car without using your arms or was it was a challenge to jump into the car through the door open the passenger door of the car and I had to get into the seat sitting in the seat without touching the car and then landed on the side 2001 ever tried to do is really difficult how long do you think that's been on his desk it's actually pretty old ranch dressing and vinegar and that's what's in there Aldo Nocatee try that's all I'm saying if I can open it that working out totally fine really curious you don't have no smell I just have like I don't have a gag reflex with vinegar if you haven't yet you should come and check it out through room 17 on the 4th or it's amazing yesterday it was really good for us physical environment and they look like they're all the stuff that's in the world incense and stuff and everything put that on 401K after they did that video I guess they got contacted by Ghostbusters and they're doing the Ghostbuster one in New York where you go to like a New York City Apartment block and you bust out and feel like we're going up to do that as I heard about it was like 4 months ago and now I'm really cool now that it's out of like everybody trying to go and do this thing is amazing but it's also really cool I can do it but we'll see probably will like what I thought would be a passport to my driver's license Gavin 1414 Raven probably about this but I actually tried to like say hey let's go out on a back road if you want to drive the car and you can even like the auto-drive stuff just like that somewhere like my parents didn't like to learn how to drive and everything there was a guy who was killed while he was driving down the road and then tractor trailer turned in front of them and it was in such a tractor-trailer was indistinguishable from the sky behind it is well through it and it's all this press about like that you know this is the first time supposed to have died from autopilot and unfortunately I have to do stuff like that there's somebody who dies in the car at 70 million miles driven and it's been over 180 million miles of autonomous driving and this is the first fatality there not even sure it's like this guy was like all the first person when you feel like you're more aware of your surroundings when your car I get back because you like what I said to me was that you said you feel really safe when I'm driving Some People lyrics emotionally yeah you should absolutely Krista marry someone who used to work with us really nice to mean I think I know really I would agree if we're thinking about the same thing article a couple weeks ago about the science behind the way that I thought I was driving works and the decisions that it has to make like whether or not to kill the person in the car or just really trying to figure out what the best crash which people does it take for the I see your locked pic I'm behind them it's in the water are you like everybody else off the plane first or you like how we all boarded and in order to leave in order to be off the plane first absolutely scrambling over the top so that they would be children's heads to get out of vintage there's an Escape Plan locked door behind him now we're departing plane stories and everyone here is probably travel so I'm sorry in advance travel here for the first time on a plane wow really you cure first-time Flyers all of you well that's crazy hopefully you didn't hold up the security line I'm sure they did there's a crazy statistic wherein there is an incident on the plane if you need to evacuate your chances of success will you back you ain't go down dramatically if you're more than five rows away from the exit door no no no that's not the case so change your seat now 25 rows of exit door also the extra has more room leg room now that's like it's just been crazy the last 3 months back to what it was like in the middle of the week we're going to La what time is it we're going to really go with 13000 miles to go get a massage and the answer is yes that's exactly thank you guys so much on the work that we haven't talk to you guys about yet so if you have any ideas for documentary stuff that you like to see just a suggestion I would definitely watch the documentary very very quiet 1982 video game thank you anyway like shrunk by 98% over the course of a year dedicated to it so it's not to like specific types of reality reality shows that the real world I'd say probably that was the biggest first one I would say there was some in the other like last year that was like the first real world was like and it was like that before let's not do it so would you livestream your life for like a month and a camera light went on your forehead Casper pillow mattresses can often cost well over $1,500 but Casper mattresses cost $500 for a twin size mattress $750 for full 854 Queen and ninety $50 for a king by the Casper mattress is completely risk-free the Casper system engineer mattress at a shockingly fair price to buy spray latex and supportive memory foam screen award-winning sleep therapists with just the right sink and just the right balance Time magazine named one of the best inventions of 2015 in fact it's now the most awarded mattress of the decade free shipping return to the US and Canada Dry Casper 493 in your own home you don't love it they'll pick it up and refund you everything made in America visit Casper.com / RTX and use code RTX to say $50 on a mattress Casper.com / RTX and code RTX to say $50 on a mattress so thank you Casper for sponsoring this episode Hampton Barbara Snapchatting your filter for the mattress to take some questions for them to make sure that you and run P90 probably won't be able to get to that many questions so if yeah probably question for the Pizza Hut sponsorship where to go if you can answer the trivia question I give you a ton of Swag people in the line will probably give it all to the first person that everybody knows what was the name of the Japanese game no household items weigh if anybody knows the full title will be on the rest of it everything you do thank you for putting out so much thank you I'd like to know what is the dumbest thing that Gavin ever made a bet on in your opinion hiring the other guy probably would be the biggest dump ever I love you Dad you're my favorite other guy dumbest man ever losing 200 but it was fun to watch Gavin Spirits while that was happening because it was there and she was watching a hundred bucks it was like nobody that's cool what is that does a double yesterday he was like he was he had a bottle of tequila for you and even trying to give it to somebody else to give to you and it's like if you want Gus to get that booze you should give it directly to Gus that you did you give him is that it look at that fucking convenience store that was never tried it on Gavin I've only been once and I didn't I lost I didn't pay it was like the release date of the Super Nintendo was something dumb I don't know I don't know it was Gavin yeah if you don't do any dumb stuff that I want it today you couldn't be here I'm also checking questions on Twitter as well if you want to use the hashtag RT Podcast some people that are getting kind of heated debate before the podcast again so I have a Star Wars question for you would you guys think of his parents who do we think is what is parents race Star Wars I was like I know his mom she's hot as hell Ray Ray came from the internet he's just like I mean that came to life Star Wars Hut you know the answer it shut up I give you a lot more credit than you deserve I'm going to go ahead and say mister and missus nervous we haven't seen the characters introduced in the next movie hey guys I really found love all your stuff so you know our taxes already so amazing and came last year and this year and now it's definitely a must go every year so I want to ask you guys if you guys had all the resources you could possibly have what would you add to our team Moon artex on the Moon the Moon is going to sound really stupid I don't have a funny answer but I've always wanted us to have carpet in the exhibit hall is really expensive so it was $1,000 Clippers throw it away after I cut it to shape like your exhibit hall on the floor a really good idea because people say that they're terrible but tell them 45 degrees weird angles and nowhere and just like Freeman who is Awesome by the way you were telling them that and I just saw them like smiling and nodding and I saw the life drain from their face around using a cellphone while driving on the highway talking on their cell phones and then the only way he was able to be caught was the cell phone company says it's moving packet of just dead zone every day at the same time until they track the guy down and he had like his old truck which probably has like radiation from all this driving like this guy does God hate this guy and want to go to jail but you like this that guy is an American Hero every car that come with a cell phone jammer in it pet hotels and how they didn't pay for the Wi-Fi and they turned on their cell phone Jammers which hotels have or if you know people have big convention events Space Jam on the cell phone that is there was a hotel and they got in a lot of trouble and they're no longer so if you didn't get any so I could check out Pizza Hut swag.com and you can get some cool stuff like this Game of Thrones what I would say I would say you want to watch before anything gets really ruin for you like when everyone gets killed at that wedding or I don't care I'm going to do when you find out that Ned is Rey from Star Wars is dead otherwise it'll just be sure if you want if you can get all that sucks well for you just watch the show I mean it's a long way it's like what. So it's like it's just been like a month thank you all right I'd first like to start off and say thank you for making events like this and just great content and having just such a lovely Community but I'm also going to say can we go get a celebratory fuck the coin because that card just sucks and then I have to clean that yes yes it sucks I hate it I listen to your guy doesn't help that hatred that year and maybe a little bit for you would you ever be open to opening a subreddit for million dollars but where everyone create their own scenarios and then you guys pick the best ones and throw them into the miniature packets and start trying to sell them don't have any stretch goals and getting it out to me as soon as possible one of them were going to have his ass and we've actually asked the backers from the kickstarter campaign if they want to contribute ideas to it but also the first started we would never start a subreddit on her own if we're going to make any efforts to create a community thing it's going to be something like RTX another RTX somewhere else that's like let's play Live or you know having people come to the research site and make stuff there that's that's where we want people to be really cool and people go off and do stuff on other platforms you know like subreddits for instance but that's not something we would go out of her way to create ourselves did you give it away slippers no really can I have some of my throat I want to do that alright Hut two right feet bdawnfit please don't text hi I was just wondering and I know a lot of stupid things happen at the company what's the most hilariously idiotic thing that ever happened to anyone but the most the most hilarious thing was hilariously idiotic thing that ever happened to anyone the most hilariously idiotic thing that ever happened any one time I got a pair of slippers it certainly will be my answer to this question it's over here hi all this is my first RTX end I want to say this is great this is awesome I love this whole thing first time ever so I really don't really have a question I'm just glad to be here glad to see everything all the content that you guys do it's fucking awesome so thank you thank you thank you you don't know that was a terrible question sir I mean I think everything we do appreciate the thought but I do it when I look at you guys coming here definitely expresses that you know having this event and having everyone come from all over the world to be a part of it so we don't need to have like a preface at the beginning of every question that says that but I do appreciate the sentiment thank you hello hello my ass off I love all of you will come back to you hello if you guys could only eat one fruit for the rest of Eternity what would it be if anyone if you could only eat one food for the rest of Eternity fruit one fruit for the rest of Eternity what would it be I love you seen any shorts on eating many fruits pineapple you know what makes your taste good yeah maybe I missing an inside joke what Burnie pineapple to pick up here what's it what's the fruit the fruit the rest of my life RTX Sydney and had a passion for that was fucking awesome I just love the idea that screw up and 248 Hayden okay for a very strict upbringing know Patrick read aloud yes for now I feel like a lot of that excitement like that need is being satisfied with the largest at the moment but once it what type of snow we have we have those games we played when we got back from the time we just felt like all that Sunday like they were wondering do you want to come over you can come over you guys are going to hang out wipe the floor with them please let me know in what city is hilarious it's not as though I don't think it's necessary but there we don't play that and it's like I had one video games my whole life upside down next to me I put Tina and you played Helena Helena and I we played and I like I beat him pretty squarely I like had like half my life in the first round and I turned and I got a lot of you again sometime good and he says ok and then around and he got a perfect round I didn't hit him once he just said that he just does this Bill Gates net worth Dead or Alive 2 on the Dreamcast and when I played hell and I had like a weird juggle combo worked out where I could get a perfect game like if I got the first hit in the game was over and that's what happened and I got the first hit in the hole recipe do you want my or do I want it yeah keep it I have one Avenue hair dirty are they sorry alright this is just a reason to come right out don't worry alright I'm on Stephanie where are you okay Stephanie will drink the ranch out of the building how old are you 21 we have some forms for you to sign Stephanie I have one question why I want to Pizza Hut give us back our clocks don't touch that do we want to do this I mean is it just I don't know don't have to I'm drinking all of it I'm learning this medic you're doing allergy discussion right now okay cuz I know what's in it map maybe what we don't know is ranch and vinegar is like her favorite salad dressing the hat and also take this back to you thank you alright how much we don't have too much time to think maybe 2 or 3 more minutes do you want show me specially on his hand in here where's Hannah we're coming up here Hannah shelter stairs over here so how many of you this is your first time at RTX that's impressive how many of you here is very specifically last year okay hit you later I don't know how many of you are aware of it but if you were I'm sure you remember that last year on the first day of RTX we had a tragedy where 5 kids were coming from Virginia no car and they got in a horrible accident where somebody was driving a car the wrong way down the freeway and 3 of the kids in the car passed away one of them one of the passengers was able to walk away and then one of them had it here but was in a coma for weeks and has been through a process of recovery the whole time and she has made it back out to RTX the very next year to be with us and she's agreed to drink the rest of the ranch dressing I just want to see you the first time I met you so hard to see you in that condition and to see all the progress that you've made in the last year it's really heartwarming to me so glad to be here I actually wanted to come up here so I could think all of you I want to thank the receipt Community which is why I was saying it's actually more of a family because you guys have been there for me and it just I really appreciate it you are so all yours I can't I'm better words but you know what you're all so wonderful and I really I really appreciate everything you've done I love all y'all I just I think I'll be happier with a receiver so happy that you were so happy you were able to complete the journey and come your door TX what are we going to everyone for coming out I love you