#384 - Pokemon GO Problems

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Pokemon GO, Ghostbusters, Gravity, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 12, 2016, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/29tyrJv), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK), and Trunk Club (http://bit.ly/29tyrJm).

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Recorded: 2016-07-12 09:16:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

everyone to their mothers again the monitors are out there this week brought to you by Kasper Squarespace and trunk club looking for Bea my monitor is good your monitor so I'm looking at it but I just got to put my head I'm Gavin Burnie and off it never feels like we're doing the podcast during summer because it's still a hundred degrees outside and it still feel like rule Gavin of to LA then Austin on a globe but it is crazy how much lighter it gets and how much later it's Days Later gets chilly are not there it does was such a nice guy who's nice I wish I could spend the night with me on a lovely evening 4 degrees north 4 degrees further north than Austin so I was going to shoot some Drone footage into the city place city place isn't even Spaces in La and so I want to go out for my drone button won't get hassled about it and I suppose you want to go down like we went to the man Chinese he there that want to get some shots of that how big is a phantom to let's play like this it's about showing Barbara it's a Phantom drone it's probably about probably a foot square I thought it was I wasn't allowed to fly drones in La so I looked it up you can fly you can fly over 500 feet bide above 500 feet but that's less than this more than 25 feet away from a very good gavi like I just had to take it off in the parking lot a little never seen that before that he did that 545 norlakes fat he went and did it so he did gimbal is a little thing on the bottom of the Drone that keeps the camera steady so it was given loads of things ever is hold it steady did you perchance see the video do the video that was on and he has a CD player and apparently they had a bunch of CD players because he had three of these things and he he just so truly is built on that is technology just like CD player portable CD player just a little bit bigger than a compact disc itself and you just put it there let it go in space is floating in it and it flips all over the place and turned it on and it starts playing a disc in it and spinning and then he lets it Go and it's like a gyroscopically or hold it play in the same orientation he Taps it and it writes itself for the button yeah I'm enjoying the fact that I was going to have a camera but here's one that's off and I'm like it's spinning so that would like to maintain its orientation but that's it so if you say them together like this and she'll like how they can maintain the rotation the Sun rule of free time day working on this what is the cost for isn't it Navigate to 323 go now you want us to watch much more sweeter than I do that's all waste of money to feel we'll get out there and none of that I'm wasting time I'm glad I did it and I don't think it's always an experiment but just to take that you can take those things together tell her that to get that tape in that place was probably $10,000 for the day but I'm not doing that he could be doing at that moment the web 24/7 you know I didn't train I need to take hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and people to get to my job baby Texan players together with a couple shut up in the orbit of the moon play come back and sell it later like they would take like rocks in their pockets up with them or little figurines and stuff here but that little amount ques for sale in the page you give all the astronauts big farewell meal to eat a big meal for all full of poop next day what does that poop cause that most expensive to go to the Moon how much does it cost to send a book to them that's what I want to meet at church saying it up and shipped like blasting off ready to go right now it smells like poop I'm going to have to take them because you can get up and take a dump on the Rocket taking off the seatbelt sign on the plane you like it play to the back of the concert you know that sir the flight attendants serve mean specifically sit down ma'am ma'am do 2 things for example for comparison SpaceX like one of their big goals is to break the cost of sending stuff into space down to less than $2,000 per pound per pound how much is a pound 16 ounces are Outta nowhere live to .2 pounds is a kilo how much is a bit and falling I don't know this is pounds to kilos is 14 pounds of the stone I mean I know I just can't visualize a pound weigh 2 pounds is 12 fluid ounces quarter pound for those typically about a quarter pound the fluid what is base use a fire extinguisher as stressed to go for it if you would put just Out Of Reach of the rope and just floating in space next the right and I can you use poop as thrust yes and I checked with Matt about goods and reach the right 484 equal and opposite rule explanation it's like to be in zero gravity zero g until we were in it to like anything you do like it feels like you know you can move it somewhere I see those things like she's grabbing the tethers and gravity it's like I can just feel how frustrating it would be also screening talk about it also in the Martia about like velocity differences and about you know you can be close to someone but the speed isn't so different that there's no way you can't you can't do anything about it hit by a car fast 40 meters a second to get it down like 13 meters in a second we just passed what was 40 meters per what I thought you might have any meters per second is about 90 miles an hour no but 29 miles an hour can't recommend the Martia enough for a movie I would see the Martia or gravity which would you recommend to somebody gravity interstella like I don't have of Persia Matt Damon blows up the whole thing could video he brought it up but then you hooked up to the Martian where he blows up his thing and ends up at interstella the Matt Damon getting blown up Central he looks like he just gets knocked out different potatoes get off the plane so we should we should do what kind of Martia I would love it we should do an absolute podcast in the vomit Comet if you want twitte come in like a minute or two a couple times then $5,000 so that's $1,000 podcast in the back of it in it with a board his life what is the score on the vomit Comet 2 seconds before they play the video so what are things we need to prepare for the Amazing Race and I love where you indoor skydive ridiculous when they're comfortable admitting that you actually with your to the ground if you're good at what you went there there watching they can bring it like handles all the way down the side of your suit and for those of you who aren't familiar with it there's this place called life life like that thank you so much for that awesome and it basically it's like a wind tunnel that points vertically and then you get in this thing about a third of the way up and you're staying on the wire mesh but there's just ignore me ignore his fans when he can blow straight can I put a table and then sounds like a nice meal and have dinner with someone and then they cut it on and it's like it's like 40 bucks if you had to choose between skydiving bungee jumping or base jumping how to bungee jump die die I probably would Skydive is a reserve bungee cord and of Base Jumpin I would never I love you it seems really cool but man base jumping accident Oregon isn't bridge and tunnel structure Earth for someone that had no clue it's good for something if it was like you Jumpin off of the base pay for categories he was like you were Jumpin to another moving peanut basically it's for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump building and Tennis Pandora fat as I can okay everything's alright he would love Rockets Base Rock every song what are you Jumpin die everything we have came out of there so base Jumpin is everything you would like die 100 different Batman people base Jumpin you want to go back like what 5 million Bea see how far you want to go back 5 billion or just didn't like the moon wasn't there why Paul Simon's wife I'm saying everything we've ever made on Earth comes from Earth somewhere else I mean came from stars that came from star to star Jumpin you have a Universe Sandbox 2 right now isn't the r version he loves play it's like you're looking at this beautiful sun solar system to put them right here you can't make it base funhaus friendship trademar go from house to house with Circus the greatest never be better than what I have the list of names that Adam proposed Enbridge proposed I didn't see it but we talked about that one for a long time they were really it's like it's like just one house has felt like an identity number and the name of the podcast dudes to purchase perfect descriptive than funhaus what house was funhaus dude soup isn't true anymore but at least they're true what you do for the podcast name but I will say that I could go either way with funhaus or did you put them in it was totally their decision I just like put my two cents in there all the ones I had there just like actually like on the one-year anniversary button on the one-year anniversary of our emails from that we spent together and I said that they came back with that like that was the first pass on the like 3 or 4 pages did I get 2 gold play buttons cuz they hit they can hit twice hahaha that's pretty funny man no I mean we haven't lost yet but we can go out everybody Gamin lost a bunch of Subs the reaction I got from the audience the audience was one run center stage and I just noticed that even when funhaus at a million Subs in the whole live the voice of let's say even though I'm really good friends with those guys I'm sorry to see him go through it and the Fine Brothers were going to that awful fucking Mayhem there was one of the funniest shows I've ever read member when they putting the counter up and was going backwards and like they were approaching I think it was like 12 million and I was like oh my God I think I go under 12 inches and huge dick right and a guy wrote hey man really said it but you guys heading 12 million Subs because I've been with you guys is 13 million it's already over 14 million brother saying that I know if I fully expect you to get mad when you talk about anything is legal in any those and they were all theate it all three of the trifecta if you got serious however it is very easy to use the internet in a certain way to think that it is like the whole internet in a way in a way and it's not it's that mean they have millions of viewers who were not even aware of anything and anyone who just like they couldn't be bothered with it and I don't think that everyone was so fast that Nicole Arbour girl you crazy not know what that was supposed to help during that time and it came up scandals that one and then when she was a the Matthew Center what's the hair with finger only if I had known I would never know you going to pass by Kasper Kasper online retailer premium items for a fraction of the Cost Cutters revolutionising the mattress industry by cutting the cost of deals with resellers in showrooms and passing activities director of the consumer Casper's mattress 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So you don't have to lie down in the showroom ketchup with free shipping and returns to the u.s. and Canada get a Casper mattress for $5 420 $50 for a king size mattress industry averages that's an outstanding price point and save an additional $50 for the mattress purchase by go in the casper.com / Rooster Teeth entering promo code Rooster Teeth kasper.com / Rooster Teeth promo code Rooster Teeth terms and conditions apply thank you Casper for sponsoring a podcast and for your comfortable mattresses on a regular basis I would like to talk about it video game we can hit up okay stop from her bed and it came out this week last week inside play inside barbar to not raise your head so Gus isn't raised our hands Barbara has not but I think Barbara has a great understanding of the ending as we do even though she hasn't experienced it just when you think you'll get to grips with what's happening in that game they throw in something that's like well that was weird and I can get them okay well that's really weird fat at all I only know the ending 2 I don't the same let's see in 2 weeks very much like button but maybe some people absolutely gorgeous great game even though what kind of backing out if you're being like this it's one of the best games I played okay I recorded actually because she had passed away Italy possible we could not spoil this for you I know we can spend it I suppose but it's not like I'm selling point to the game the ending live with someone and not play it if they need to see if you if you're playing inside recorded her face if you hadn't finished it yet so we finished the game very curious how they came up with 2020 minutes on the patch this last week and I agree I like how they don't ever give you a tutorial of any kind has no HUD not as know even you press stop and then the boy comes down to just looking just like him but even weirder is limbo you start the game you don't know it's begun and you'll see you're watching the screen and you like almost wasn't Lakes are play at the beginning really dark the brightness level like when it's like resume as opposed to let's just like it says you really think if you leave the Xbox go back to the Xbox One review they do a great job of making little bits of the game where you're being chased and you have just enough time to make it the full Sprint he like there's a lot of really pretty everything on your mind when you first shot with tranq darts big Shockwave bit that is the indication of what the hell what that was I thought it was nuclear blasts in the distance is what I think it is behind this calorie okay I'm positive I could probably go back and play the game and not at all and it's play doll the one I think it's much easier to not die to live on only times I've ever done was going for that and we were down to the last live every freaking the fuck 2 a good game at least at least I did it for you and then we watch the secret he just did what he was reading said no no no no IFL weather doing that CD business if you guys want to are you watching this live on first then just tweeted using the hashtag Titanic who's on first squarespac are keep on doing what you love right now come first so talking about another video game Pokemon go take a the game everybody in the world is play people they're mad about it I don't want to what do I make 20 Pokemon much to it at all you just fling the boys stuff the game Pokemon socializing I had previously been dropped and I don't know anywhere that is crazy to see the people walking around lunch yesterday with with Maggie was going to happen today so what happened today I can talk about it would you can you change your welcome to my house the good place for brunch and I went to brunch at Connie and Ted's and it was It was supposed to stop so yeah Medicine by the people in this local to the phrase I was looking for Pokemon he comes up to us and guys you guys seen that your teeny he is like I mean I know what you're talking about are you on your phone search what do you see Blaine to park downtown Austin and there apparently were like 15 or 20 people also play Pokemon go and so he was like going after them asking them if they found this one or that one and then he saw a couple and he was like hey honey Pokemon are here and they're just like what the fuck you talking but we honestly we know 2 people that have already had a major incident because of Pokemon go when the one guy who got a ticket because he was driving while playing Pokemon go that this was both within 48 Hours again Bea at least know someone you know when the reaper he was he was a big part of the Arts Community for a long time now he works at digital isn't awesome dude he didn't credible Harry Potter short biggest hit a red vs blue video with a head Gus and I people thought that was a Red vs. blue InStyle quarter digital where that you like when he kills that kind of thing I thought it was also when I got the lines or never got that it wasn't until it was just someone history I talked to him on Twitter DM isn't working for memory here but I can't read it that is Auditorium Shores last night at like 1130 at night actually now these guys with their shirts off he said these guys were still there like so gangster and like just like one guy with a shirt off everywhere walking towards you but Charmander it was so fucking funny but we we took us 3 hours to get home from the airport last night God damn fre let's wait for Ashley's off before you went and saw the movie the other night cuz she was trying to catch up and talk for like 10 minutes to throw a bullet the security there is people trying to set up like a Pokemon stop where they were just robbed people in the middle the night is that you don't have people label people by themselves you don't to play for a bunch of people are going to go late at night when it's not as many people out here I mean it's just like I guess if you want cell phone which is the most dangerous don't go looking the Pokemon at 2 in the morning and still funny because it's getting hit by car let's play I was really career planning he really weird was that like this did the single mom get the way that's what the biggest plane that lands die no that's that was so crazy anyway I can't find them I have trouble searching through my messages but it's actually what he said was he went to the gym and it was already a guy there and he was parked he was supposed to stop that would make more sense he was at a pokestop has a lure on it there's a guy there in a van he pulled up he was hunting for the Pokemon as well and then while he's doing that the guy in the van just all the sudden backed up and smashed into him and got out was like you weren't here when I got here he was actually driving it will he was he was probably still Pokemon in and then like back to the van in to rent car discount bide the guy that was exactly right in front of us back into the trees and stuff and I was going to but then got into his car and drove off with his phone is hacked if you kill somebody it's probably going to be one death from autonomous driving everybody's going nuts I guarantee there's been probably several car accidents at this point due to Pokemon go probably know some Pokemon a dangerous the truth they could kill you I saw other services like that now like 2 or people in Craigslist Craigslist are offering to drive other people around so I can find Pokemon go ask my neighbor he said he didn't know what the hell I was talking about so let me get the base Pokemon are there because I feel looking for it because it makes you naughty stuff in the world that you never would have seen him I wasn't going down on this one coming up that's cool until then there's a pokestop over there it's sweet it's a weird phenomenon I mean I've always been like Pokemon I'm having a blast with this could be anything it's just like go out and hunt in the real world things could be sure but there will be other games that like this yeah Pokemon anything to be true this is base another game Ingres that is supposedly has way more features than Pokemon go but no one go he looks like a bear with people walking with Pokemon balls what is that Patrick Pokemon as a service just beginning Pokemon what's a service for the same of this is the car service that will take you to Pokemon X picking people up to take the service what's the fucker walking who's that what you doing he has any information County Pokemon do you have I had like $90 but I got rid of a bunch of duplicates you know how it is I didn't know why I had to go to one now which is Pokemon best Pokemon of high he said Vaporeon 8.645 one of the Eevee evolutions Minds a man champ Machamp Machamp think I have a Taurus I think it's called you could have married a guy named I've been people who are next to you and catch up 8 and so did you see the guy who named all of his Pokemon based on what auto correct correct the actual name of the Pokemon to its really pretty funny but I have one of these bad things and Bethany 320 but I'm just not die if it does I wonder how much more strain on the electrical grid higher than Twitter one time I reach would somebody put that set up that it's not Tuesday it's going to pass Twitter for more daily active users in less than a week it will pass that on Wednesday night I wish the Pokemon with more fixed to an actual location does it let you just getting there and it's like wherever your phone is working but it was actually on a park bench that be cool he was really confused because he was driving me and I was like oh there's a Pokemon he's like how was it in the car with us text message so if there is a certain barrier arcade would he rather be in probably 1930 Volvo S70 Magmar 151 Pokemon names not coming up with names if you had to name the first 250 pounds in the first game how many could you be there because we did have is today and Jeremy just off the top of his head named a hundred and I can split the Pokemon named M he typed it in no you're doing something he came up with names so what's the question you're asking if you have you so I can make that stupid joke about 5 Pokemon names you're saying come up that's what you're going to come up with names for the first hundred next to somebody Magikarp barbar and Nick's isn't a Pikachu Pikachu Charmander Squirtle go to school this morning because Bulbasaur Squirtle Squirtle and Charmander definitely there's a way you can start with Pikachu as your starter Pokemon look it up so they don't they put three out there and you click on the one that your starter that you fight and it puts out a Bulbasaur Squirtle and Charmander but if you just like walk away from them let's plan again somewhere else and then you keep walking this one somewhere else keep walking this point again this Sunday with issue with it and they can't use the Pikachu to this track I understand it I was well past it so I was like fuck you Charmander that just does not like the fact that everything is like this in the game statistically what was the hottest name all the types of Pokemon that do that fire ice water poison am I doing this right I'm totally making this up you got your go on their way though first love heart flying airplane is flying different than like something else that's flying its own thing you can put in a good word for lying the flying Academy air Jesus me like a rockstar Kid Rock slimed your direction when 2 minutes like it like that fine category that isn't flying mostly most likely that it's electric but can you be Charmander evolves into come with you vomit who is Germany playing against today and I vs. my Bros in Pokemon go the Pokemon writing down their names making up not you go I go to coming up with me because Gavin said and done he talks in circles some of them but they're not flying player demoted have ever seen a shaved bear techno or frozen hairless bear on the end Dallas beaver look up fucking weird that is what are you doing Define different paratus things like an elephant with a bad head Borat yeah but that means it's got a thing that makes hair come out where's all the hair off of a bear The Zookeeper that's why he's really into to you pulling for the Bears yeah I got some History Podcast is also brought you by Squarespace Squarespace site specially designed regardless of your skill level there's no cooking required government to Tiffany's he used tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year so your free trial site today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to sign up for Squarespace to make sure you saw that could rooster teeth to get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful I think squarespac probably one of the sponsors that we get asked questions about typically I think you are really really into it everyone always wants to know what the code is so they can make your own website Rooster Teeth it's a great great service you can use it to easily make a website where you can post pictures of hairless bears in Pokemon go fan site create your own discretion so before the the podcast and we typically get food in this week we have In-N-Out we did not very healthy and there so many cheeseburgers and french fries and I was looking at I don't catch up I hate ketchup but I was looking at the ketchup packet to give you an Out Burger tomato ketchup is there a non tomato ketchup I mean I seen a lot of things called tomato ketchup Why do you need that isn't all ketchup tomato ketchup isn't just redundan not why not Dijon mustard honey mustard right but yellow mustard is a type of mustard for different fruit ketchups are there other ketchup for fruits you can modify die Orange grape and orange strawberry calorie who is this site has a lot of fucking asshole shit what are the blueberry chipotle ketchup ketchup it seems like tomato sweet cherry ketchup and I can't find it honey but he used to work at Burger King and when there was down time we will take the tomato ketchup packages and twist them until they popped didn't take very many I did when I was a kid we go to the don't be perfect it's awful what you doing she's twisting it he wants to do it's going to happen let's go die right now candy live yeah I drink the creamers at the table he was like my brother Vol the little white cups with the paper live yeah just like 6 of them in a row I was a good kid and I thought it was milk CD that's a more expensive way to buy milk it's cheaper if you give me the diner isn't paying for that we should we should get a bowl of cereal and see how many creamers it take to fill it up enough to eat a bowl of he need 2 pieces he really individually wrapped 80 boxes of cheesy cornflake the normal IQ so milk comes in different kinds right there's like skim milk 2% milk whole milk and skim and half and half cream whole milk no cream ice cream ice cream is in whole milk they just didn't come off the top of the cream that you can get all of it and separated milk has more fat whole milk or half-and-half interesting Lauren healthy Nicole Miller water right now like a lot of whole milk in a milk can I drink skin or no skin cereal awful don't ever do it cuz I'm in the pit passes milk until you put it the situation was supposed to actually be mailed off of you if you drink it from the booze you can drink .25% base your answer on half and half in my cereal for Atkins people with some people to kick-start themselves on ketosis Atkins Atkins diet fat snake print backwards Atkins silicon 2 Bros I like ketchup Bros 4 overdue to kick-start their die if they would wrinkle cream little cartons of whole cream because they got their fat content play up your fat intake I should say and then you get your fat intake up to a certain point and your carbs low enough then ketosis kicks in when your body starts with burni fat what it sounds like this is a real thing I don't really know it's a good idea to put your body in calorie work is like if you got to eat bacon and hamburger meat and cheese you like I can't eat I can't eat 1200 calories because it's just like a bite by like 3 or 4 plates you like I'm gonna die so you can't can't binge on that stuff for a long. Time that's how it works Gladewater fat that's why I think carbohydrates more water it's like of carbohydrates like 2 grams of water to process then I might be there might be backwards on the ratio button calorie count for Stuff calorie count for amiable I mean that with food as possible can your body to process it but it really find out how many calories is play it safe I don't know how they do that he stood in that the white changes but I honestly don't know I have no idea what 2 colors make celery Burns instantly he likes older women burn more calories he doesn't put up an energy that's all that it takes too long and it's go up like a bonfire food Bananas Foster vodka almost like they're edible paper base of the paper I don't know why printer paper notebook paper when I was a kid and old man would you like a dot matrix the whole thing all of those really good how far is it to the library once on the lamest school trip ever rule that given bookmarks portable paper die cut paper today I probably could let's smoke weed like sheets of paper don't do that New Life Church of the Barbara Ann Gus Ali the package that came in first grade when we took a trip to the peanut factory for a field trip and I was super excited cuz I was like okay he just got there who is the richest candy to people eat and this is they're showing it it was a little hard dots on paper I know like a wolf a Tony doesn't try to take it off the paper it that you like take the paper off the paper with your teeth yeah somebody circus peanut to call Jeff and ask him about it Circus Bros boiled peanuts circus peanuts 2 inch styrofoam to put in a plastic bag and trick you into thinking that it's candy which for some reason the flavor no circus peanut he saw the look of orange phone peanut butter slimed banana let's just keep it you know nobody likes circus penis nobody wants to people there like this section of the grocery store we have anymore it was like a swirl of something I'm all about the plain white ones but I just sugar we would have Gavin this weekend to the Ghostbusters Premiere in LA and they had an after party afterwards I swear the after party was like twice the budget of laser to hit the bed so it was ridiculous the movie or the party I was going to the party because they had like a let's sit down at a table he always likes marshmallows dipped in chocolate to look like slime on it restaurants Burnsville of food that you could just take a spoon and then you have a spoon in the fine for that same reason we started the trend why is traveling back with the stacks of this. This. Play Mystikal smoke and laser beams and props from the movie and famous people from the movie with an outcast and it's a bunch of people from Lisa I don't he didn't was McCarthy at any point in time I don't think anybody Kristen Wiig and that was then and then like random people agreed so it's like Tony Hawk and all she was there for me on the spot because there people who this person is but it's like I know I shouldn't like him from something I never figured it out but for some reason they just went to the premiere the planets fine we were Tony hope it's right when I called you he did a really cool fat 48 years old never done one before known he had done it before 8:48 I believe he's looking would you like to confirm with your internet connection oh my God yeah I was already have a good memory but the movie was the movie The visit movie for a lot of people all the call is getting good reviews from established critics currently 76% are on tomato really good he is not out yet that was funny wasn't it funny moments in it so we can talk about this move for a second so if you really don't want to spoil it would not give me spoilers westworl anything I don't think it would be a secret if I said that this is based on previous movies that they've made it called Ghostbusters and I thought ironically all the problems with Ghostbuster for all the things they tried to do to like service or pay homage to the previous movies totally took me out of the movie every fucking time they tried to do that every single time it comes up like that I mean anything they did like that stuff is like it was can't stop it just like I mean I really was like I was in to the story that they were telling with these ladies and I also dislike think about calling it a recall or you know like a like a like a like a spiritual thing it's a hundred percent it's almost seems like it takes place in an alternate universe where the people from the first movie exist but this other stories like a completely new no the first Ghostbuster movies have not happened in this world very very clearly they have not happened he might have one of the funniest lines in the entire Ghostbuster franchise is it might be delivered by him what is really Darnell Simmons World feels like somebody like Ghostbuster too much and just started going nuts with it you know what I mean like you know let me see some of the gadgets that come up with it in the trailer and stuff I think it kind of go overboard I think with some of that stuff that 3D that you thought I was at CD it was 3D it was 3D IMAX in the corner we did have great seats and like 3364 the very end so you looking at it from the front comes around and other weird effect and that some of the perspective will be way off in some scenes but I do know why it was just Kristen Wiig been in every scene it looked like one of their eyes was a lot lower than that funhaus the extraordinary funny moments in this and I think if you're Ghostbuster trying to do like it I would take them better Ghostbuster moving Ghostbuster issue let's say a lot is that movie that was supposed to have 50% on Rotten Tomatoes the original cost he only did two movies trilogy he saw it when it came out but seeing it for the first time now it's like it's funny the first time he saw this weekend the first one not the new one that's one of my favorite DVDs to come out cuz after director's commentary and they did it Mystery Science Theater Style with the movie and they're talking about it and swallows them up and they're fully original the Reds record looks so cool and they just climb out isn't completely and totally pointless the writing room and there is so much base of what's out like the new Ghostbusters movie come out and Ghostbuster is 1 in 4k 34876 Trillium the Columbia movie to make sense Tony online services he would have it and also have that other pointless scene in the original Ghostbusters yeah really really weird just something about her do she want another super hot anime central part of that movie is the comedic role of a senior and what about you the wayfinder Galaxy S2 & Harlow I love that movie we saw it when we went to how big is 72 of it they had I don't remember them the ship with the ship from Galaxy Quest they have it hanging like in the stairwell a full-scale model but it's like it is big is that couch and the designation on the front of it is deep I don't remember from the movie I'm sure love people correct me but in the end he 9000 he doesn't ever make you take all the empty cuz it's not the Enterprise could they keep saying they're going to build this thing and I don't feel the Enterprise don't feel better price so I can try to pull it out of the spaceship in isn't on the list so funny great movie great movie Galaxy Quest I can say that I'm sure everyone's look it up for me you been really to 3120 cording to the internet I would recommend just super huge expectations people really like it 2 the chemistry is great people who don't like it 2 the chemistry of the characters doesn't work at all I'm like half and half I'm like a die their moments where it's like the movie felt super forced to meet there if they're definitely moments where it felt like that but then there's moments are really fucking funny really funny but I will say the thing that really took away from the move for me every time they did something that had to do with the first movie I was just like you're killing me with this it's like it was just like it took me it's like it was like feeling like almost like whenever they had a callback to the original Jurassic Park movie come out in the same yeah but there's a lot of callback still like but it happened there was one funny moments of one really fun of the funniest moments in the thing in the end in the new movie where they did like of callback to the first movie it was really fucking funny what they do want to point out here on Twitter Charming Sir Nick has a correction and he is he is correct run Tomato score 97 is not the favorability so 97% of rears give it a positive score not a 9.7 out of 10 so I got 97% positively with an average rating of 8.2 out of 10 original Ghostbuster movies are there and so differently than are video games isn't like what you see the movie or not that's base is it worth 2 and a half Stars was like go see the movie he the summer movie Gus Kissimmee the 2 + 3 movie types does the movie says wait for it on demand and this go CD is I can go see it this is like it's a great movie comes out and you don't go see it here I would tell her just he wasn't here I'm glad we would talk a lot for me to get out and see a movie I believe it usually Institute to watch some planes on Long flights to play it like a super huge budget like Avengers that's what CD is on the screen never seen one of them in the theate serious I saw Iron Man one and two Avengers Avengers Avengers 2 and I still haven't seen Civil War yet I'm more entertaining like action movies are like superhero movies on planes the captivating more than a comedy like a slip or the company might wander a little bit I will say this I think the people who were going this movie expecting that like it I think they're going to know there's a lot of people who just died come I don't like about it like the power all that stuff than that that's gets a little heavy-handed and sometimes and I think of you who are like going in to be upset by that they're going to be upset but they really don't won't be upset about that they will they will be upset but of course I change anymore that's for sure why do you want to stay in them hips 2 hotels where did you say he said the palihotel on Melrose Hotel GMC the same company alright I get it first of Nicole the hotel should definitely have some things no matter what starts going for it should have a phone you have a phone in a hotel room because I'm going to disagree with you is what they say if you need the temperature of the room call the front desk with no thermostat the manual turn the heat down could you call the CD when burning room and then ques was that was honking horn is a hooker in the book in the bathroom I don't know it just had a tag that said were you those robes at the front desk isn't that right son every time I even if I don't need to I'll just disrobe and put the robe on girl bits that they have to keep contained are here on the sides guys bits are dead center you can't wear a robe is a guy can like it's just going straight out to the flat part of you put the fold over the front it still doesn't work out for me you could say one step that interstella makes a break for it and then it pops out the other way you know else was done about this hotel at the end of the bed but the bed was like he shaved it was a blanket that said this blanket is for sale if you unwrap it we will Bill your $90 in Westin hotel Westin Hotel it was $200 and I booked two days in advance Chinese food by the way is not the name of that theater to see something Chinese man Chinese he is not the name of the theater like originally the heater Grauman's right yeah I know that we were just there for the Travelodge the penis to sit on the porcelain throne from the floor of the toilet that you did not isn't traction through the wall I guess you never got to think about this have you Barbara around I just want basic hotel to try to be cool in my face what's convenient and what's it mean the phone die peanut to change the temperature in the room hoping that is a luxury hotel let's see pictures of a nice hotel I like to Hotel rooster button and it looks nice okay you know I can't stand in hotels when there's no bathroom door it's like a little slide the slide isn't it to hear everything everything it's like just like a slight thing or if there's no door which I've seen before it's like a curtain 474 you to look up a YouTube video for like 5 hours of loud farts non-stop on Loop and display the maximum Valle Burn Center fitness centers go down to the lobby mezzanine they got some work for go to that when you it when we were at the hotel for let's play live in LA no one point I was on the mezzanine of that hotel and which is obviously not on the ground floor not the lobby it's of a couple of levels and there's a woman walking around with like 2 giant suitcases he was like do you know where I go to check into the hotel because I had to to the shopping so it was coming we used to attend events there and Kanye concert Indianapolis it's really close to Chicago we have attended events as what I said was a little yes in Chicago he going on a boat Chicago to Indianapolis 2 hour drive if you have an IndyCar it's like 50 minutes it's all good we just announced it and just put a can go to receive live.com if you'd like to see what tickets are available for super excited about it going to be similar but still different from the let's play live in Los Angeles little bit of a different program no consistency 2 tugg screening available in a lot of cities so with that I think you need to confirm a ticket by the 18th which is next Monday so if you want to go see it if you don't live in Chicago I mean they probably still have tickets in Chicago possibly opportunity all around the world Chicago style deep dish pizza fat will be heading to Japan for a relationship but yeah we're going on are you upset that on the book my travel it was so I'll be everything 2 wheels go to Charlie kind of fucking up yeah I'm going to put my travel okay let's do that I'm in a little bit I'm just done with it let's M and it's not so much I have a credit card so the corn IMDb live he came for me Roseann Japan August 6th tell Gavin I work for the premier of Lazer team so if you are nearby change come visit us and if you live in Japan where in Japan is Atkins you I will be coming your computer if you of nearby apartment Georgia cherry blossom what of what city I want to say yes sweet Hotel again isn't part of the quality fantastic Cinema collection around that time you know it and you wouldn't take the toilet to the face yet can we do it this time Michael will be there so yeah he'll do day go he wanted me to do it that sprayed me in the face the way I do it Roseann to do I don't feel I can trust you and I love you are you doing front of us right now go do that shit I'm just giving money out willy-nilly it's like a defeat but that's it it was the real City die Tokyo Joe's what's the story with the same words different okay Washington is the capital that way Lake City capitol or Capital City he just like reversed it Japanese culture very Noble culture that will be visiting early next month MyChart UCD Bea kill to my default as opposed to Tokyo East and kill me of capital Anthony's Cafe Eastern capital capital explain this you looked it up it still make no fucking sense to me why you make a big one New York the original what's the joke and it does have your key with you because you need to but I need to work and Kroy because I don't go backwards with a Pokemon I know that I just didn't like flipping the syllables makes any sense on any Nicole at York New York to do it we will be like that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard about Tony sensible decision the right thing slightly different but it's like you have East Capitol and then if you just changed to a different city Capital East play in Canada Newfoundland that's a stupid name for someone who doesn't think they're upside down the closest thing to an Australian person on your body is your foot today close this thing that's why they're upside down Rooster Teeth the closest thing to me to you always is someone else's foot and your feet are fucking 24th Street and he got you there Grauman's City Gus eventually have to register your like this our feet are the closest thing straight line RV drone Disney let's listen to that me outside becomes too great and got to go through the planet because I think about cover the distance between going all the way to play they have Lina I'm working through this in my head so I got points around mostly Rents Fargo North Dakota he didn't hear your feet are close together I totally agree with that but it doesn't make him closer like this your feet are so close together so he can leave will tell you the answer if you could be 60 degrees what are the first I'll see it later the ground at the chance if their head close to my feet on the ground that could be could be such that their head would be closer to me then their feet they just laid flat on the ground for both of us on the ground yes but I'm at an angle it so that technically would be the closest to you I would ask because but it would be awesome to fat cross section of a circle that's all you did you envision this as a circle and like if the guy is laying on the circle he's got a few going to happen for him go ahead now we've lost it entirely picture of the podcast is also brought to you by Trunk Club summer is here shopping takes forever and it's not always what you were looking for me he look your best personal stylist go to trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth type in your measurements show your likes and dislikes and get your very own personal stylist to pick your clothes from over 80 top brands of ship them right to your door keep what you like to send back we don't Trunk Club is not just another way to shop online your stylist take the time to understand your unique look and if you live in Dallas New York Los Angeles Chicago or DC you can stop by one of the Trunk Club clubhouses to work with your stylist in person for free look up scription service you get your own personal stylist shipping is always free and you have 10 days to try on the clothes risk fre make a statement at the next big event on your calendar with a look that 10 pic just for you and your style get started Trunk Club 2 day premium clothes expert advice no work thanks to your very own personal stylist at Trunk Club start at trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth that's trunk live.com / Rooster Teeth trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth thank you so much Trunk Club for letting me by the shirt and pants I'm wearing today I'm 1% right now Bethany a picture of you from before she got here before you start using Trunk Club insid dressing on ice and she was just like what is up with his pants what is Every Single Day by Pierce of us but why are they all dirty cuz they were all like 10 years old the shirt you had live with super big on you never fit right to find I know I can get fat no worry about it Gavin hanging off of the he better not ever Trunk Club congratulations Trunk Club Chinese trunk open alarms live backwards the hoodies and cats like to get out for a Ghostbuster I had a tan jacket and jackets hard thing to pull off a pantsuit just let's that's not a good color for people it's not a color so it set up with a linen jacket looks like inside of an old car you can let me know what they say it sounds like an appealing color yeah I did that was making your kind of paste paste your let's a pink undertone white with a pink undertone Bros paste should I get a linen jacket and I get a black shirt and a red tie so there's Real Ghostbusters colors like that and I had little bit of a pocket rule Slimer little of Light Lime Green that they might have slimed the first movie we go back and watch it and this is spoiler if you haven't seen the first Ghostbuster movies that I can 2 year olds 984-9500 and numerous assignments but he doesn't call me and I can find him in the hallway and he's covered in ectoplasm but because he looks like a little potato the cost for whatever this some slime isn't that I miss slimed Hotel Slimer Egon or whoever whomever fine him and he rolled him over and Bill Murray Venkman says he's lying to me like that line that line that he's lying to me that was such a fucking phenomenon that catch phrase their shirts there were stickers there with everything like people would go see Ghostbusters Just to hear Bill Murray say he's lying to me what was so good about it to this day National catchphrase remember the he slimed stuff stuff everywhere he was like like Spencer's and stickers at he said he slimed me on it like he slimed was like baby on board for me like the whole summer basically crazy isn't it was so different back then I looked up the name from The Animated show the real ghost he had a monkey in it that was based on the 50 show called Ghostbusters and then they made The Real Ghostbusters which was the animated version of the guys from the movie but it was invoice but then they were like it was almost like a graphic novel based on the show he gone was blonde as ever she could go smashes I don't know what that what why would you say that well I wouldn't bring it up why would you give up your reason my brother because he was I have her Gus Macker Dave Coulier played dr. Peter Venkman in the animated a crew leader from 87 to 91 before that it was a gorgeous Lawrence of Music really supposed Pizza he said I've heard it 2 second Ghostbuster fat piece of crap no I think it was like there's a more recent one and 360 Nicole and they would like start a stream that you can switch out the other Ghostbuster movie in the Trap Pokemon heard the term don't cross the streams before seeing Ghostbusters I don't know it's from Gus but I didn't know it was a scientist how to the big catch phrases like in the movie come out where he slimed Miss funny I can't even the catchphrase was and then we came we saw we kicked its ass and that was another with a come out the catchphrase from he said yeah when he came out of the hotel because people hated him for years after that after that Ghostbusters the original one when they do with the city it makes perfect sense like you fucking idiot to look in the mirror is yelling and everything the city scenes in this region once they didn't make sense to me like how do they make sense to you Gavin like what were the people in the city trying to do it was weird it was supposed to say we're at the city hall people like the mayor and the mayor's assistant of Christ that was you fucking idiot and shut up and people that just go to the they're checking everybody that was it for the one in this time is like obligated so it's best way I can say the same things I heard at one point oh yeah is it things are good it's just so great let's listen to the coffee guy who directed he obviously ques Ghostbuster trap with the pool with stuff that's up with stuff that's not giving away anything the movie like he gets sucked down like a shot so I can see the first Ghostbusters and they run of the New York Public Library and they're running down the stairs and like like lunatics and after his over-the-top clown it's like turn around a corner like a big crane down and all that stuff it's like it's perfect I think you're going to be upset Ella people say it's ruining my childhood the experience you have watching it button for Star Wars made me to like the other movies better didn't make me like him a lot yeah but they were even like that I didn't like Return of the Jedi then I saw someone as I returned that is great I think sequels can ruin the previous movie The Matrix is the same as Taken 2 and I don't like taking as much anymore but the same person people like Pocahontas to order those like the Strait of video like more than you pretend come to mind so wish I could have you back how do you like the thing John Carpenter's The Thing They didn't make it but they made a sequel to the thing I just feel like now there's Great Escape people living like they come back they should make a 3 I'd watch it never saw the first to have a firm answer what's wrong I just feel like I'd like too much celebrity kids in Euro he fucking wife by then and now 1994 is 87 - 1994 was 20 he went once when he was 20 I was you want 20 yeah I was afraid so what was the movie I saw that I was like I was completely blown away it was like I had no concept of what it was going to be about but we went to lunch or something dragged me to see Jurassic Park and I was that wasn't huge news as it was but I'm just so out of touch with that kind of stuff like like Hollywood movies I just wasn't time for her to drive me to see Jurassic Park on my come with his fucking 2 the movie Titanic 2 Vince Vaughn and vintage Titanic 2 James Cameron the fucking liar he just a big fucking dirty liar live people that look like a tree planted this what you're looking for I can the whole Expedition 18 gigabytes of video is about to the Capra peanut Bros old Roseann the deck of the ship she would like to take the time and she would go and fuck about your go base this whole dormitory spend all this money trying to find that thing is she knows where it is the whole time and didn't use it for sale SLC 400 mil drone the money she wants to go out that she's using them to go out there to revisit he is spending so much I guess we'll just cancel the Expedition what the fuck the fucking robot Anna doing the ship with the safety of that stuff she would just have some regular light on it Michigan City Jesus fucking tagging along so she can tell her fucking story to the people here gu play Fallout the safe making paper and they are checking it I just got your paper money to ship a diamond would be fucking awesome mention there's a funny story about my mom and then my mom came in town I had to work she had a diamond what's a that would give you a ride around town and she could she said she talked about Titanic he does do you think it's a good move you haven't seen yet you should definitely go see it okay because I think she does I think I have a good time we can watch them I guess I'm going to see that 3rd Street of Titanic that's really awesome half hours later he's like is like their daughter 19 minutes in and I really everything's everything come a point when he the iceberg is real time is it now I think it took 4 hours for to think really maybe that movie was incredible hit number one in the box office all time but I don't think it ever made more than 40 million dollars in any weekend it just made like 35 million dollars every fucking weekend for like half of your straight yeah it just kept going and going and going and going there was such a joke when it was in production I remember all that he's never going to make money that's ridiculous that's the stuff that we people there like he's crazy they lost it was no way it was quality the railing as a backflip if I was see what I can get away with this at this point like I don't know of major Hollywood Studios I'm going to make a 800 million dollar movie and it's going to be all about my left knee cap make it sounds fucking great Avatar was going to be this week it cost like a billion dollars to make or something I got a $500 to make and it was like watching the box office records fucking amazing with a guy but realize true lies great it's pretty comical to Greg tomorrow so fucking funny and True Lies come Arbour let's go this is so fucking hot weenies chunky I just had to know it was not trunk he was married or was that they were like they were like a nightmare just two together you know that Roseann was Tom Arnold married to you know that Roseanne Barr she had a long-running sitcom in the US with John Goodman and Roseanne Barr the comedian sang the national anthem at a baseball game circus of America CD the goddess of come in an era where if you had like 15 minutes of stand-up material you get a pilot of the sitcom he made so much money off of Roseann issue ran for like eight nine years he got replaced one of the main characters was another actress there in 9 years to that 70 show Roseann her older daughter and I never even heard of that then the then the carrots I had a friend in Seinfeld that played in the UK did not realize that was it to American probably did your voice the American office Ashley Gus the office isn't Ghostbuster the very beginning Silicon Valley play get right and then he plays a demon game candy go go to skinny guys play Silicon Valley Jared mixing stuff up thank you I totally get the treatment because everyone talk about this right now Game of Thrones super one of my favorite movies well I was next to you I love you