#385 - AH vs. Funhaus: Squashing Beef

Join Jeremy Dooley, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the AH/Funhaus beef, Pokemon GO, barf bags, and more on this week's RT Podcast! Plus, stick around after the credits for a special interview with Andre Meadows and Katie Wilson! This episode originally aired on July 18, 2016, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/29J7sJW), Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), and Harry’s (http://hrys.co/28SDlmw).

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-2016-ah-vs-funhaus-squashing-beef-385

Recorded: 2016-07-19 15:22:11

Runtime: 02:11:01 (7861.13 seconds)

Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jeremy Dooley, Andre Meadows, Katie Wilson




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Transcript (in progress):

hey everybody Welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast on Augusta day wilso vs yourself okay hey Jeremy you would never know just listen to the song yoga why did Jeremy stack fridge horsepowe want to thank our sponsors night audible.com blue apron and Harry's why do you hate me work together so rarely I think it was right when I said that panel that feeling before the lab that we did together for Sarge vs. Church Red vs Blue that was the first time you and I work together I think so yeah I'm pretty sure the go because it's it's it's rather - Talent there with the occasional let's play Let's watch occasionally and I dropped it on the Uncharted off on that one yeah yeah you dropped it and you were pouring out your soul to me about actually knowing feel like I don't know what he looks just like Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 Green harry' meet a very very to your own detriment to your own detriment which is U recently got married not where I'm going with this congratulations you fucked up when you when you got married you had a wedding as people tend to do right you did not invite Matt or I or maybe you did invite Matt and not me I didn't invite anybody from the go ah here's what you missed out on gifts you missed out big-time where was The Wedding the wedding was in New Hampshire no fucking way am I going to do what's right and here's what Jeff said to this because Jeff brought this up at PAX East life in front of everybody that I didn't invite him life I'm not I guess I never go to your house and not invited to your wedding all the stuff like that I said let's admit it right now the best gift I could have given you is not inviting you and he said you're exactly I mean name another place you up to now out of spite do it well it's not like I'm convenience in U by not inviting United State I hope they don't come because that because it would be one person to make that call and all defend any convenience as a verb plague venience inconvenience is Venus like an evil thing like I was someone prevented me from doing something not interfere with basically so lenient but I do need your answer is not a word congratulation on your wedding you like to post marking machine and post-market like earlier and just like send you that if we cut that podcast if you can even how are you all doing 1 coming the 2000 sounds like we went to we went to Wednesday - and I would never do anything like that ever has a family vacation with Ryan have a cheeky little lab open on stopping today Nathan just those jokes that bee loving favorite Meg Ryan jokes I'm not sure it is but you probably feel pretty but it's really pretty okay the second part of black rhino what barbar is talking about is there's a sitting on me what used to be the coffee table with lights yeah they're good they're machines they give you 2 say hello to it so this is the binaural microphone a lot of s Gavin and I were very happy to take part in the ASM AR documentary that we made called the world's greatest head massage we have decided to record this podcast additionally as a binaural podcast with a couple of these so far by the ones on RT lab how we did on RT lab STAAR test cameras in the company of Martia yeah since you got married go for it your relationship gotten worse because of head young eventually get married then it's like you're going to get married if they're really change everything I did the work here was like she sold the house for sale freshman high school at the pad? That's what you do and they might have liked head together 20 years if one of them dated somebody else before them and the imbalance at Arizona for me I did not mean for like 2 months plague comic honestly when we are leading up to the wedding is like I'm happy about this state but 1 what are the reasons that you guys got married like what was the driving Factor instead of just like staying the other living together and just going on life like that like why did you choose theater so we could have sex and God wouldn't cry living in a house but we had to be home we just had burni yeah but you have yours yet you have years ago what I said to you 3068 reason I'm asking you is because as I've gotten older this whole time in my whole life yeah I mean honestly I don't look at it jerem area someone Jewish that I think my parents have given up on that idea the whole idea no you didn't I tried match.com when I was single but never J day when you like someone dating service so basically there any lounges on this off secretly real real freaks people just like you so you know you could State like what level of Jewish U AR by at 6 that's head 2 ish is what I put emphasis on the edge wilso that mean like she's a keeper how do you say what you do with that Rooster Teeth so now you got someone arrested it wasn't until everybody's got their number at the company what's your number 87 is it really have no idea when I came on were you before last Christmas November 70 reclaim it so I have another question if you jerem it do you have a headache today Gavin we talked about this on off topic there's a hole in the achievement of her office in the ceiling that he is Niger Caroline it's just big enough for this yellow we have to hit it through the hole with the battle somebody probably Jack yellow plastic so that still goes farther because it weighs more and so you have to hit the ball with the once per day I'm going to feel every time until someone gets it in your box it has to do with the bat are you allowed to practice outside of the record of the U have an exclusive clip if it's ready and from what we found it yeah do we have it now he's not so tempted right there was this was thrown it up down at about a 60 degree angle that we're doing theater gavi East Coast away is to sit there silent a by stand up I'm going to be hit you in the head and that's 1 standing there behind me swinging the bat around like you like to flip it around his hand and he was just talking about it and it slipped out of his hand and went straight up in the air over me and what was his go life the my desk is in a bad spot for the G dead a hundred dollar home with her so it's reading what year did the Dead episode of day V that I think almost everybody at the company has worked on it 1 Point came out this last weekend and I said day 5 episode 4 and an ulcer ah world's greatest head massage from this point forward if you haven't seen it now is a perfect tribute a free trial get all kind of Hyundai v u see both parts of when Parts five and six of day V come out so you'll be able to see all of it during that so it's no excuse not to do it but I want to talk about this stuff because we've been working on it head massage documentary we were talking about for eight years and we've been working on for about 5 years and before and a half and then this episode in particular is 1 like this has the most of the previous generations or iterations of day V in it this episode that could have dead Souls character in it he was originally the main character when it was like a feature-length thing that we're going to cut up then there was a second take on that when Matt shot a 40-minute pilot for day V that was focused around that story that was last year on the anybody seen that anyone thought you said about the U Chris who work on the script for the 1 The Mad dead they are now Josh directed who directed for Kristen for the first shot for day V was the RTX several years ago was 2013 - 2012 when we when we shot this the crowd scene that head 1800 extras and it's just not send you a picture of Patrick from a picture that I took that day well this morning All Hands we asked how many people at the con work on that shot and maybe like 5 or 6 people put up their hands give me they were extras in the crowd that they actually like Ludacris Marshall a couple of guys raise their hands Jim Marshall has liked since left the company and then come back yeah it's before that someone yeah it was recording some crap and then left me was Natalie Wood getting hit in the head with a ball I wish I would have loved to see that in higher Clarity will you probably could see my eyes blur out for ah I went blind for 3 days but I'm sorry I mean I'd like swelling nueltin head like a stroke 1 of being blind and not being able to see you for a few days yeah you were really scared by can still see the light so I know it wasn't like it's not like I've turned off I just can't see through it because you banged your head you could always listen to books on AR Channel shows news comedy and more audiobooks are great to listen to when you're driving at the gym or shopping for audience audible.com is offering a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial if you want to listen to it audibl has it just go to audible.com / free state and browser unmatched selection of audio content download download a title for free and start listening it's that easy get a free audiobook with a 30-day trial at audibl.com / we should G that's audibl.com / receipts I always tell people to go watch the Martian the Martian audiobook watches the Martian just like habitually like me you supposed to be doing something else he watches he watches the movie The Martian like as a procrastination sure he has read the book I don't know where your dirty mod your Xbox slim I have on UHD movie disc disc with U HD Ultra high-def is what it is - 2 K UHD instacar series of things that didn't work yeah okay that's not okay because they trim the edges off a shot in the foot listen to one dude with his dick hous touch of Photoshop to this where if you look like - streetlights back the bodies didn't go that many blocks what you told everybody in so I had to kind of feel a little bit if it was interesting that you posted the actual photo people are crazy shot when we were shooting will be shooting this particular promo shot this is not the shot that's in the actual show that I thought would make a great poster of you everybody in the world that is actually a girl standing in the middle of them there's an apartment building that is just to the right of that first stoplight that's in the photo and we had all these bodies laying on the Congress which is the main road that's the Capitol in the background of this shot it leads right up to the Capitol Building to the main road that runs right through the middle of downtown Austin and this guy came out on his balcony was referring to Sunday at like what like 7 in the morning 2 to 8:45 or something so we had to work for 3 hours to get one shot it was really difficult if you seen the episode yet and why and the guy came out and we were at this point we're taking the photo the promo for this whatever he's laying down in the street and he comes out I got a megaphone so I've been yelling and he comes on his balcony would like a cup of coffee he comes he looked and it's just all these fucking dead people laying in the street anyway just pauses with his coffee cup and then he just walks backwards or some type of shell I'm assuming you did like he didn't want to be in it I was thinking I think that was amazing I think I took that with my iPhone is not s Prophet wait out back in that back in that time I would have I probably would use the 5D for that a Canon 5D I don't think in iPhone 5 by taking a photo like that with that depth of field and iPhone 5 was even out there I guess it would have been for us maybe yeah I'm surprised at how low resolution that photo it is you want to see what it looks like this is the actual size of the photo it was a lot of fun sorry but the character of Nicole was actually flipped from Joel's character character has a condition that can help them in these this version of the Apocalypse AIDS but Nicole the character that was originally G why she was up at 3 in the morning cuz ever had a reason why they were up at and up in the original draft that I wrote she was an insomniac and she just like she couldn't sleep over you know she just couldn't she couldn't fall asleep but she was always tired but she already been up for like 2 or 3 days before this and then that's like a handicapped a little bit yeah we did we talked about who had been up already twenty-four hours like they already had that horrible like Head Start what you really wanted to be with the guy who just woke up to check off at like 3 a.m. and happened to just catch it exactly what are you going to get the best sleep ever is it everyday Adonis while I was here so I got to keep your life straight right that's like it's not worth the effort you just like you can keep it all straight people hate people who tell the truth solicited yet or if it's like going to hurt their feelings that's okay just asking their opinion looks great do you like to have for real if you didn't like the hat would you tell me don't like that you really would I would tell you I would say it looks like it's like an old clock go ahead looks great very modern but after looking at it as a pair of jeans it's like I don't know how it stays together as a pair of pants like this part of their tour and in such a way that it's more legs than pants rip did you really just in case you like the drop of a hat it's three in the morning U waffle today V if the following movie naming have to be cool the week V so we have meetings about development of potential sequel to the day V Series Dead like an additional season or ever want to call and they're all the all those meetings are held the day 6 meeting so I'm just like I can't stand this Saturday what you call it something else again U season 2 2 of them I think about that 7 that was it that was moving head light what is what are those days in any way like near each other like this like this day to place and then 3 months later we had another fucking crazy day a picture of bug draws Garfield highest by by never wanted to know who drew Garfield life ever like if you look at truthful right now it's really tried everything the comic Garfield without Garfield by my favorite stuff Garfield button that was the phone I will have you ever met anyone as I have that much and isn't stone 2 dress up as Garfield for Halloween cats dressed up as garfiel box with a blanket and then the trail was on yeah that's it right that's all I was on give a cat right after you sent me the people for anything but her scooter and zipper night and they hate each other 1 crack open the door like that it's on his own and will crack the door open again so they can like see each other through it why have separate up when you get this and you can do a big house first a human-like 1 room so they can get used to like all the smells anything for you let him loose in the big house so just kind of want to take and I just throw it at the other gavi the best Godzilla it for like 2 weeks you don't see him and then eventually they're just fine like I said hamsters before did you ever put like I see more than one or just want to hamsters and the vet told us that they were both male and so it was okay for them to be together so we have 2 separate cages because my I had one of my brother had one who had to clean the cages at one point so I put them both in like an empty bathtub just like hang out and they instantly just like 1 at each other and were like there's blood in the bathtub AR like it was almost like it wasn't like I was a girl and this was hamsters Texas and my brother had hamsters but one of the other one U go certified mail and so did your brother in the hamsters yeah but then you found like the other one in the inside so I would get hamsters just to get one of those wheels that they go on like that Firewheel world's vertical does like slightly tilted ones in head 2 setting spins done by their hand size discs in lab for my remote on my phone and then flip over and then the two of them in there together and in their ass off the loses it tumbles but they can't understand there was one that was a little bit bigger ah man go fuck you that was just rude 30 seconds fighting illegal in the people praying mantis in fridge what is old day one of those 2 the disc has to get going way faster than 1 person run by 2 runs make legs with power pushing that thing finish that for you for me what was it two wrongs make a right theater of 2 people run at the same state you can go run at half of that top speed it said they were running top speed bee will put your card I can put weight faster they can push it and neither one of them can push it faster than their individual top speed of a moving platform and they're both running through both adding energy to the speed of the Platypus the same speed as complimentary 231 right otherwise you can get it you - Tritonal up the speed that you run and then I'll try to be faster that's not going to happen blue the silver person would be fun that should be running on a wheel moving it just the same as I can get a horse to in it sounds like the back lights on the front lines as like a crystal The Galloping what about day just got worse the drak something but what is it how many people you meet a dragon the Dragon Tattoo Michael Powers like a unit of measurement still used engines for sure I really do generation what is 1 horsepower the how many people are in a horsepower the unit in the foot pound per second or English system sometimes use express the rate at which mechanical energy is expended it was originally defined as 550 foot pounds per second - how does a human get up let me think about that weighs 550 pounds for your horse I mean I would say that to their face what are going to chase after horsepowe AR Carson horsepowe up with something you know that this car is faster than a car a car or has more power but you don't have to like 300 horsepower like you don't know what that translates to Costco by pushing the limits of what Cock & Bee what pushes on with the water horse can be like feel like horsepowe is there a horse that's like 2 or 3 horsepowe life measured its actual power how many horsepower is a horse could you ride a horse up dayligh is my child in horsepowe I would buy a car if it was in stairway horsepowe s wonderful s marvelous whee a steroid UCD iPhone 7 specs G s like right out of the gate iPhone S always like the currently is a fake because they are listed as s is 7 s u just bought my fourteen-year-old son how I got out of buying my oldest kid a cell phone a mobile phone up until this a cell phone give me some old ones a cell phone cell phone cell phone to cell phone if you wanted a mobile phone you sound like an English a smartphone good luck and I want to get into it with him like you know but I also don't have a good phone I forgot so he's like he wants in iPhone 6 and I'm like that's like 400 bucks so they're not doing that so I'm getting on the iPhone S II I want to get a colored one of those color back phone because I know those ones are cheaper and I thought that's a good starter phone iPhone S II the iPhone 5 but they don't call it that doesn't have a number just called the iPhone SE metal back like this morning in the old cameras because like almost everything it's like I don't think people realize like how many Nintendo stock is like just skyrocketed what every business has a focused on their business has skyrocketed That's crazy dude messaging through the a they have like the next WhatsApp and I mean it make a device that lets people play Pokemon go and sell that because my ten-year-old he wants to play Pokemon go on a mobile phone and give him the phone and make it an iPhone 5 and then he has to tether it to JD's phone now so that was a j D's deal to get a phone you have to be like your brothers like data hotspot day day did Operation have to do something about the only question I would like to if we could I would come up with the solution of like being a theater purchase a pokéstop for their business of people go there you can apply to and you can apply to get it taken away as well if you don't wanna stack Raiders game this game is already now the highest grossing mobile game of all time a pass Candy Crush Saga in Revenue so it's now the biggest how does it make money microtransactions people are in 25 please find them and I told her this is what I do at night yeah I work 3 days and I'm like yeah I get it I bought Pokemon to raise my bag limit and to raise the number of Pokemon that I can can you achieve that through play gyms in the hole instructions for the biggest a beta tester when you're capturing a Pokemon and you hold down the power button - Pokemon and I can't figure out when is the best time to throw the ball to Pokemon Bank the best time to throw as much smaller are the different anything to do with catching it it's just if the circle is really small and you get it in that Circle U got an excellent bonus and 200 more XP that is correct I've never gotten a great a hundred fifty 2 does getting the bonus make it more likely that you will capture the Pokemon look if you got an extra night or do you have to get the excellent excellent and then also get lucky and walk him and said I think you have to also get lucky yes you can hold up the ball down before you throw it and we will spin it like that the ball starts spinning and you throw it like to the left and it curves in and had some stuff that I think so it's not even worth it unless you're really good at curveballs and get to him the whole day and the time get it to the right like an idiot iPhone and then like we don't 2 life around barbar life creeping around hey what's up to answer your question no I don't do that not right now desert question when you're like you have to buy that stuff or can you do it right you can just do it I like capturing Jim State if you have a Pokemon in a gym and you hit go to the shop and collect now right U get coins from it for every Pokemon you have any Jim and you can do it again for 21 hours 21121 hours it's a weird time but I feel like I had a Pokemon go gym for like 2 hours and I was able to put Pokemon from it and it was a glitch or if it was a certain time of day when it happened or if I like glommed onto some over here already done it you can only holding a Jim is really hard because everybody's out there trying to help everybody out there just trying to get them and they're pretty easy to take even if it's a really head U take a Jim and then use real life means to keep people away from it do you keep it you can like a torch you could I was like a whole RT life great point we were down there try again YouTube day go for the kids also like waffle waffle house got business present U head there was a guy that when you were running around the parking lot RT life I was sorry that they're trying to catch up really bad if you didn't have to keep the app open to making a rock like you know when you walk 5 kilometers - 8 kilometers Amtrak yeah that's it so it's like it shouldn't take that long to do the V kilometers is 3.2 miles a right what does the big ones and little blue eyes 2 and 1/2 and 1/2 1 kilometers a track is 400 meters Jim Miles 4 meters to go around a track so it's two and a half times around like a normal track that's a kilometer that's not like that's not a serious distance to go and get it takes forever to hatch a God damn it no sense vs 3 like little ponies that thing doesn't even think this but it shouldn't be news white 1 Step it's right next to you 2 steps U pretty damn close just keep walking away U wear when went from 3/8 to 8 works for you fuck it could be in my cameras how many steps should day I should have Max at like 5 and they should come up with they should have like a fucking Compass if you click on something and she told you that direction like it it's that way you know just alright I should have a job yes we're okay call Michael today he was worthless he was trying to make him do it with me for like 2 hours this morning and he was just whee really we went they want to hear it till you 2 I thought take one step to get a Pokemon so I'll take one of everything at recess is like right there one step is like a block away 2 steps is your kind of in the neighborhood three steps as you're both on the same plan it that's what I can determine like some things here and it's three steps away and you start walking around something there with you in your car and I'm right next to it eventually be one there it is we're farther away life are the ones you like you're somewhere nearby and I vs or something like that but now everything is new Jack me in a barrel it like right next G fireworks 4th July this year I don't think so because it was the day after off we went watch the fireworks at Andre shorty life and I was worried about the zika virus so like a little ah you're worried about him getting zika come from first case of microcephaly from the zika virus in Houston just happened they're shipping it to the Pacific as it gets it that's a great question that's why I'm worried about it I don't think that you know for sure but some of those things it's like it's like you plague Plague Inc right or what's the what's the the same thing Plague Inc Plague Inc plague Incorporated the game where you play as a disease and you have to like your job is to infect the world and one of the things that you're doing that game every flood one of the strategies that you have over time as you try to have a disease that is very contagious but not very damaging and it evolved into being more damaging virus later that way people don't fight the disease prion bee yeah I do a conversion to become a deadly disease and then start killing every Dead Effect 2 head down here I promise you we will be checking RT Podcast but I also remind you that this podcast is brought to you by Blue Apron not all ingredients are created equal fresh high-quality ingredients taste better and are better for you so it's important to know where your food comes from comes from Blue Apron knows that when you cook with Incredible readings U make incredible meals so that the highest quality standards for the community of artisanal suppliers family run Farms fisheries and ranchers whether Japanese ramen noodles wild-caught Alaskan salmon or heirloom tomatoes Blue Apron is bring you the best for less than $10 per meal Blue Apron delivers seasonal recipes along with pre-portioned ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals Blue Apron features new recipes that are created each week by Blue Apron culinary team and are not repeated within a year each meal comes with a step-by-step easy to follow recipe card and proportion ingredients can be prepared in 40 minutes or less check out this week's menu and get your first 3 meals for free with free shipping free shipping by going to blueapron.com RoosterTeeth love how good it feels and tastes to create incredible home cooked meals with blue apron so do not wait that's blue apron.com slash Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook I did a really fun thing with my kids we do these culinary experiments all the time and up whee we take a trip to New York whee I wish I'd the hunting Pokemon New York by the way you want 2 Magnemite New York the World online yes I know you're all over and you are as well in Austin that has a bunch of up and Cat looked it up it was like we're going to this party like the old Power Station 2 a power station zika map Pokemon go Austin dislike people who founded map of Austin and has a pictures of a Pokemon ever where they've been found in certain places are just like a fucking breeding ground by my bed Lady Bird Lake that walk before in short shorts yeah I went for a walk at any the weekend I'm looking good stuff a couple eggs 880 degrees really nice nice nice it's a little brutally hot during the day but I don't want to do that it's doing that it's hard to get it working on it but she don't do it like me Georgia straight into the floor I don't because water that's what water does no I don't mean like environment but I mean money-wise perfect myeloma drugs water left in it I had this weird feeling that I liked service carpet dump it out on the driveway that's great that's that's the way it's supposed to work and then the water will evaporate don't do that my place over the last place I had I had too much stuff that was like a bunch of Little Rock's like gravel what are you doing I thought like a child Stone in your front yard xeriscape front yard in my own place yeah this year with zero scape AR plague I walk up your front door to get to the backyard was like the exact same way the whole the whole backyard but the first thing anybody moved in with head Dead Pool U have to walk on a graph the solution was U remember that in the grass I had these like cement steps like you like like lily pads that you can walk from one to the next to the pool they had those in the gravel but then all that would happen is a little bit Instagram tried me like I had like 3 Guys and I was dat jerem s electrocuted himself on her and I broke one of my toes I am going to the pool so that the deck around it was as smooth as could be yeah it is I give you the kids are running stuff and it would stop in there just keep going just like fall on your butt and it's like I'm really happy to be cracked her head open little string bald eagle that's why I like Michael was an electrician for years and it was a really high tolerance for everything zapping games by the way a photo of the kid in Mexico playing the car battery with the two copper rods game with the kids like he was like 7 years old he was playing this game was like in the previous podcast when we were in college we were go to Mexico because we weren't old enough to drink so we're going to border towns like Matamoros and Nuevo Laredo and we're like 18 it was 2 years older than me I could get away with that Katie blonde lighter complected completa venience 300 do you really that's what everyone else thinks so too but all the comments on every Pokemon is just like always I never talk because you I'm just making sure you bring up another subject and if I start to talk funny I don't even hang out with me all this time and you didn't great I like hearing me talk very fast and as a result of it pauses seemed very long to me even when ah I'm like going to panels to like somebody last question and nobody in the panel will say anything which to me feels like 10 seconds of just nothing a good answer and then some of those answer the question why don't you answer the question is so I don't see why it didn't happen so I just recognized my time frame for conversation is a little bit fat voices don't tend to have the same kind of power that men's voices do a lot so I think in conversation a lot of women feel like they get talked over by a group of guys getting out a powerful voice burni brings rhyme with like the silence where I mean that's why off topic is such a shame because like we're all trained men making Let's Plays to not let there be a silence that's why so hard for us because we have to be silent so that we can hear the movie in the audience can hear the movie that's so a noodles on silent so I won't be able to do can see how long you can do like 12 hours ago can go 24 hours 1 it's an extraordinary Talent as a Gift of Gab if you will Kids Corner experiment minus usually make something with something this time we did something else we went to a New York Deli for a last meal Katie really wanted to try up pastrami for some reason and he okayed it but I was like I'll give it a shot I just want a sandwich with mustard on it was like it was all ready to go and so I was like I was like yeah it's good with my shirt so give it a shot and see what it's like he saw the yellow layer in there that is I'm thinking some kind of cheese they tried it was like he had one half the sandwich anyway so we ate at a deli and we each had a sandwich I bought an extra sandwich because I knew that he was not going like this ah me so I got something else and we all had like a drink and then we had like two different whee head a cannoli that was split between us box for Domino's right near Times Square the bee that and then we came home that day the next day we we order groceries we had it delivered to the house we had like a half weeks of groceries delivered and was a hundred bucks soon as I sort of try to show them it's like that was one - three or four days of food that's only off Northeast and it's not much wonderful things about her going away that was instacar which is AR grocery delivery service is a thousand times better now what is that because all the drivers are available I think you think they would have been somewhere or passion or any of those instacar a chance to catch up on their hiring or something like that because now it's something better before it was like you could get any go the next day basically like well I guess you can order food what would a free throw instacar and if you are shopping you can see inside your fridge to see what you have you tell me picture of the inside from the outside door open yeah like when your home you want there to be an image like showing your life you push the button no the V Toronto go about as you can see a camera inside your fridge through your phone wherever you are I cameras wait to eat you the doors just write it down like I have a pen and paper to work for summer some people do but you're really saying is you can go this morning go figure it out when I'm there it's like those dryers that have the hatchet but I forgot my socks with the washing machine does the washing machine with the front U Pull up in the thing while it's on and you can buy extra crap in because you guys find something off to you put dryer yeah I meant was you in awhile what's this plague - c washers can you just like a bum what's a bum bum in the in the top of the fridge with a security camera 2 door why if you have one door on the washing machine and you put the stuff in there why don't you just open that same door instead of another door inside of that door because she has those things fills up with water yeah they have to wait for the water to come out Texas 2 unlocks U can put stuff in for ever for 3 seconds it's on you just gotta poop and water comes out of that not because it's like this is the front of a mailbox the shooting thing just did a whole lot of machinations barbar Tangled why would you because it was for really a better way to that you've ever put in the 10 minutes AR thought crap forgot to put it on my laundry basket Finnish traveling washer is not have any of these fridge is Andre paid 500 bucks for that on your washing machine so that you don't have to stand there for Dead 3 one day I'll be like the stand it Post in the ancient V AR is the news saying I was in the whole time go on AR comes out it's going to be way bigger deal like his will be able to go with it everywhere and it affect our real life and AR will be a much bigger deal to be ar what happens Pokemon go comes out and AR application and everybody goes fucking nuts U play without the other that will cover my camera what what is that camera yet but I know it doesn't count if it's not using the camera dat think this is surprising stuff over it's all meant in reality they're a Pokemon now because of this game you don't live in Austin in real life on your phone on iPhone is AR superimposing over life right that's what the Pokemon across the street can I see it across the street and said go get it or you should capture that Pokemon what would you do ah get up you would get up from here and you would go walk in scroll over to a dream like that okay I just feel like it has to be over like real visuals has to be like a piggy on a bench I think there's a way you can sit at your computer it's still a virtual reality game but it's better when you can stand up and move around right now but really if you can what is $27 U lab Twitter the original on my phone what if I called right behind me that's a really the worst Airline story I was right there I was I was like part of the story it was horrible so we're coming back their troubles a nightmare this summer you agree with that planes are late are you having more trouble with planes and you ever have with airline travel I think waffle right now try to sign in the county that you're doing well the airports are so fucking crowded all the goddamn time you are playing I was in JFK was returning from New York which by the way terrible apro Magnemite go everywhere everywhere everywhere does olive up like somebody doesn't like the Electric Slide the same thing dumbass stupid grin on his face Voltorb vs Pitt photos of Pokemon on Twitter said you don't need a compass to track your pops and green when you turn to but I saw that but like there's like 87 rumors about Pokemon go they said the tracker pop screen when you turn to face the one he still like in the tracker list and that was from a straight Rider on 201 you like to see what's near you and click on it and it will I follow it it seemed like when we were walking across the street ah so they are not at all sure where JFK AR plague was coming from Orlando and was late so we were an hour late and then because there was no other dates available maybe just delayed us in the plane after the newest 2 Planes worth of passengers at 1 gate waiting for the plane to show up and everyone was getting fussy and JFK the gates are already like enormously tiny like waiting here than they need to be and so it's a ton of people Jim didn't hear it was getting hot every once in the rush the plane finally shows up they said the cleaning crew and they rushed you the whole thing they get the crew comes in they get on the charger when you're bored let's go will want to get the hell out of that gate situation so we get on the plane I'm getting the kids all settled I'm in the aisle seat across the aisle from me is this nice couple in the window in the middle seat and this dude with his family was next to him like apro in front of us he was out here across from me and I don't know I was looking the right place right time but Bass she said she was getting ready really fast and everybody was like frantic and she goes and she's like I took all my shit out of the seat back pocket and I put it up in your head and what you hate that I do that without some more go do this from now on she's like going crazy she like shoving stuff in her back pocket she's doing a really fast she puts her hand put in the seat back pocket it goes into the airsickness bag which had been U and the cleaning crew is in a rush they didn't s she looks like kinda like a surgeon going to surgery kids how do you say 10 inches is object to this life but she has such a good attitude Blue flight attendant AR level antibacterial spray or like antiseptic and like that she did 2 different kind of spring it on her hand cleaner head off Wayne like a lab for your dad you the whole time to have it and I'd like to spray your. You could smell that antiseptic like I couldn't tell from where I was sitting 2 the couple was on the window in the middle seat the guy right next to me like across the aisle from me was the other throw it away like somebody's taking the dog for walk the dog poop they been down the bag to poop in were you actually can't get up or go back basically at all anymore it's like you're leaving pics of this could have been a few what is the day 2 day what is that I mean what's the moment of realization when you feel wet cold wet cold weather was still warm give me the day I'm just trying out the voice jerem flight from Austin to El a damn International Terminal the terminal that's not the podcast RT flights fly out somebody's the Flight of the international terminal when she's called the Tom Bradley International Day School 3624 1 2 & 3 & 4 vendors terminal 4 is American V and six other terminals in La there's a secret terminal that some American flights fly out of which you can only get to by going into Terminal 4 and then taking a bus pass the fucking car max out at 2 plague s and feel like small light American Eagle flight nonstop that's what I mean iPhone make sure people didn't think that that was actually answer except there is one rumor that you can control how your evening U can't decide what they evolve into another 2 the starter and my kids benefit from that they both got to choose for start-up fashion J do about the truck and we didn't apply dat Teddy just lucked out and got it like she's wandered away from the starters and ended up getting a Pikachu eventually it just like that shot that we did with the AR Texas tendies and everything but it's I mean the main thing is like I'm so excited the series is coming out I'd like to see it up down up the guy might have existed by 10 what year was at 12th 2012 I was not 13% artist trouble keeping track of who's that AR first year the commission said it was right okay 4010 East we're all assigned a guardian is like basically like our personal Guardian my personal Guardian that year was a kid who was the professional Pokemon player ah he would play in state tournaments so he did and he would train up his Pokemon all the time that's what I do this kid could professionally make money by playing Pokemon since last week do you know the names of more Pokemon to Pokemon now that one I think I lost last week he did I think I got an onyx that's a good thing you got right to it it's right over by the Dell Children's Hospital Samsung washer and Pokemon there's no Pokemon okay that's what I mean they turn into Charmander starter bee turns into Charmeleon then turns into Charizard in Squirtle turns in the first and then he also turns Western Dental in the U turns into you messenger I didn't work is because egoraptor's fucking hilarious Pokemon animation that you did years ago I have gotten so deep in Pokemon I actually watched an episode is it fair to con anim I mean anim the style is essentially one of the big tools that used to be a still image and the Ant or something like that or they get big U like the you don't know that they're using the a Pokemon to me the cheapest ever seen the fights I Gotta See what the fuck in episode where Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro and why that happens and like it was next Monday 7. That show is fucking my number I don't know how you guys can watch what up bro I thought it was like yo the character with the backwards hat like Slowbro go wrote is a Slowpoke with a Shellder on V shoulders life like they read the Pokedex and they read me the stuff and then the information about that's awesome they went because there's a Pokemon it's not crazy twenty years crazy crazy but then you read the descriptions of Pokemon there's terrible animals I mean they're just like like a drowsy is an animal that comes and sucks the dreams out of your that's what it really does suck that 1 225 it's a horrifying it is a good thing it's pretty bad yeah gavi 1 is especially like horrific this is what I said what are the dangerous Pokemon if 1 beckons you while floating in darkness you must never approach it this Pokemon will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away ah yes it's go back out and lick you until you die but never understood is how to get to the center of a soul how a Cuban has his mom's head on its mother was born with his mother is always dead there's a process and he's a human Pokemon national champ why is it a human much up I don't know why it's a person drinks a person drink another one white purple face there's a dude with boxing gloves head a man get a chance hit Martia Hitmonchan based on Jackie Chan Hitmonlee which is based off Bruce Lee the original Pokemon that sweet spot where it's not knowing anything about it it's no fun knowing a little bit about it it's a ton of fun knowing a lot about it once again go to totally not fun whatsoever like that I wish I didn't know what you just said to me what did I just say that it's based on Jackie Chan and that there's a mr. mime who's a human Pokemon I don't want any of that money and it's probably it's really creepy that doesn't work is the biggest mind blow a Pokemon when you find out that Ekans backwards is snake this is still from the first get out of here go ahead the color really well so that's the first one that you like it like this yeah so it'll stay the same for whatever I'll probably died a different color before the next life like a blue or red blue white Jim Cullum & A bunch of the kind of trend at the time were a bunch of people around you ladies had dyed their hair silver and U think it would make him look older just look at it AR The Faded rainbow looking head apro head when using beard Czar go away no because he just a heads up. Are you who are you like like a full beard or like at all that's good any more than that is a little life want to start getting past where your jawline is too much but like an inch or more wilso life is down there ah too bad I don't know that's true but it doesn't is continuously showing too much s you should stop compromising undershave and get started with Harry's for far too long you V they're paid too much for a come out of that or you sell for a low price but low quality razor Harry's off or something you've never had before a great shave at a fair price varies make its own high quality Razors Cuts out the middleman and ship them directly to you for half the price I believe in good shape good price it's simple get the best of both with Harry's berries makes just 1 racer with all U need for a close comfortable shave quality guaranteed a full refund if you're not happy harry' Starter Set The Truman is a great option for new customers and an amazing deal for just $15 you get a razor to get a razor handle moisturizing shave cream and three of his V blade German engineered razors plus there's a special offer for fans of the podcast below harry' will give you a $5 off your first purchase with promo code Richard go to harrys.com right now and look for the Truman said that's Harry s.com enter code rooster at checkout to get $5 off and that will help support the show that you love watching and we love making so stop compromising give Harry's a try today gavi you can go and get Harry's Razors U clean all of that migration and all those days life videos why do we call it was only like ten thousand people would understand that for sure ultraform up with 5 minutes left so this weekend we're doing a live stream with stack up which is a great organization were going to be streaming from 10 a.m. I believe for eight hours going to be rich your teeth to attack 200 funhaus that's 10 a.m. this weekend and then also after this podcast John and I did an interview with 2 people who are going to be at the Comic Con this weekend Black Nerd Comedy Andre Meadow sand Katie Wilson and that we do an interview with them so stay tuned for that the package was 3 people Black Nerd Comedy is Andre Meadows Katie Wilson most mispronounced Melbourne American American thank you for talking about your car can you say it's going to handle it so the board and a Segway U control it with someone forgot to build the top of a second to waste fucking thing iPhone is always out of you are you going to roll in when you break when you get it to be key card did you have 1 drunk U and I will check it soon after that was also before that even happened the crowd was all riled up so I ran out into the crowd around the place how much the amount of Guardians double and then almost triple the crowd was decided to run up to the thing started and stood up on one of the chairs in the middle of the audience and cat had a bottle of whiskey with it so I just started drinking it you better shut off on my shirt came off yet. Michael told me that Mike was telling a lot of people ah thanks yeah I just follow instructions Dead Space a lot is because he's drunk It's like a fountain and I was laughing at his phone just cakes and spit and he tried to wipe the phone on my face and I was just wrestling but I can to make sure I was going to but I was like I was nothing behind me I'll take this pill for fridge a bunch of times you can tell in the video he was fun and it hit me right in the face I went down on the child cameras a hold your check from that without touching the floor I'll be so impressed if you back into your check I'm just like go up there kids between your thighs like I was like oh wait a whole control thing that you can back into your clothes and stuff ah but carefully no I'm going to fill the fuck out on that thing related Prime day they had him how does he get it to work that says it's a pretty good that's the reason why S Voice go God Katie it's going to set you up real talk give me the laziest way to get around Goldfield step backwards without turning cold still meet old self the difference between stage 2 and you're getting 1 .6 miles per hour a good job you know gavi eat this is an example gavi just like cruising to the side it almost 6 o'clock when you lose your money still up there before we call it quits for this evening anybody else on Twitter anything on RT Podcast people want to talk about I think we're all set here so I got fifteen hundred bucks is a reason why I got it because I wanted me to get one of those unicycles powered unicycle because that's what knocked it out of The Amazing Race spoiler and so this was my way like conquering that fucking take an hour to Pokemon go I also thought it'd be fun to get those people go back and forth between the dayligh yeah we did feel like V life that's a terrible idea is your phone muted your phone what is making all the noises that's definitely dat I want to talk about it up on the way what I said right so Barbara is in my head I approve short as they come in barbar is an upcoming short which she had to make out with somebody else at the company grow through it I will be curious to see gavi you really took one for the team when you made out with Samantha Ireland in the video pretty cool and then I'm really tryna meet up Tom Booker in that same video that was so I was curious to see how you react to barbar is make out who was it I don't know I think I might give away that's not what she's going to like make out with somebody that was it wasn't no because I'm there yes I got everything you Garfield 100 what's going on so what happen is if you don't find out we always play against each other right and probably 9 times Outta 10 she went under wins plague put things right but we have very little about what we're about and care about like was it a good video with it funny which is usually a recipe for winning is if you don't care you're not all uptight then you can in the morning right in The Amazing Race they were like just having a good time that's funny as hell that is funny but when they play us they get mad and they get serious so we recently called Dead by daylight just one of my favorite games right now 80 billion streams for - it's it's okay what's a Katie slasher it sounds like you haven't watched a video that is correct I have not seen it it was before you can hear a heartbeat when the generator is working with the killer got in my car watching him and he was in there for survivors from funhaus so we released our videos released ah let's watch and they released their let's play them as the four survivors and it's just so radically different you know but but achievement AR 1 and so their claim was that we won because we played video games all day while they work and this sparked the whole thing between you know for Michael and Bruce were like she's going back and forth on Reddit and stuff and people are getting into it and there was just messages all back before the public Feud that it's only got just really real yeah it just seemed like it was a real fight so of course we're all making it worse like you know having in their lease is coming and you have and what are their conversations were like what's going on here the funhaus so are we on cameras anymore and that's what I've seen funhaus play against people and do great like that I need a collaboration I believe the creatures before we didn't do the creatures they play Counter-Strike that was a ton of fun to watch I don't think it's because everybody is off work they will just be on camera 2 different pieces of wa in fact it are you guys okay we love funhaus funhaus off work what's going on ah that was just like in the background as soon as I find out who's right and who's right in the mix Michael Lawrence Bruce Michael Lawrence Lawrence was like the one who is Lawrence is just the Mastermind behind the whole thing but who is this Chevron think about that I hate it when Mommy and Daddy fight so that's will come together in Chicago and we will let's play life is good if there's a few anyway who played against for living I hate when they fight so shut the fuk up a plague that was in the foot because I think I was going to see if we like doing all the stuff that I'm meeting funhaus come to town we staying at Humana by if you want I'm just does that we clear our schedule so we can make videos but they see that as we sit in the office all day like Twitter also was AR doing nothing so we should be more busy when I come visit everybody who is at Richard he works very hard and it is whenever someone new comes on I think it's someone we know come to work here I feel like I'm obligated to explain them saying look the number one thing that will eliminate you from working at Rooster Teeth is a work ethic because anyone that we have been able to work with it's always been like other people going there just not pulling their weight lately the one that currently what is lazy and waiting for the waiting for 5 p.m. to come by to be doing content making content which is what everyone feels responsible for the public people who binaural podcast shut off I'm like sitting here thinking about how am I going to correct that in turn that into a thing now because that thing like the batteries died on it and it shut off G the post as it by now they will do that just put that one out this week and I was able to catch up the video game time for Monday Trevor Browne day that we don't have the certificate from the United States government officially recognizes funhaus is registration love that I love it this Amazing Race ah yeah that's cool yeah so it's ah ya the other day if you watch the season of Amazing Race was the episode where 1 on top of the mountain and and I had this really dramatic and then we off that's my thing so it's passed now it's writing it in meetings going on an errand first so if that's cool let me know when I should yeah I mean I feel like all the stuff you've done is more deserving than me actually check my day was very famous people who win the Oscars they don't know surely win for their best work but over time the academy learn to appreciate them as an artist they say when your livestrea what is the question if you're going to see if I can go to the museum my first date with Ashley and I'll be a little kinder what is by the way that's a joke so that's what Imma make you all refer to me like funhaus has to have the registered trademark Circle Meadow saying that for me it's in AR style garage registered trademark Emmy nominated burni from now on whenever my name appears in print I want to appear as Emmy nominated burni by me and registered trademark trademark Dat Sack AR the store now from now on I'll always be nominated so that's going to send but then when I want a winner like I want to be humble in this I really want to try to be as humble as I possibly can J traveling traveling for the year really really really don't like doing stuff for us we don't do that do it so they really like once a year for the extremism in the sea vote for s in something and only those guys I thought you guys never asked you will do once a year you know it's like it's rare it's a very Lazer team Kickstarter exactly right or in the case of what's coming up is like when we do chill U live stream that's like that's like I feel like we're already asking ah nice to do something that's for a good cause that's the kind of stuff I like to reach out to people s or supporting us by voting for us is the way they could do that then they want to know if you like sometimes we have waited too long to the process to start asking people if they got this is a real thing and we should like to know that you're not a professional the U for best Channel whee like we started asking people to go first a week into a month-long process or not the last week of the month and process we started asking people to do it and if we just started sooner would have been differently like this what's off the go and pass them but started u livestrea like everyone can vote a hundred times a day or something bad system because it's a hundred times what stuff they want me to try to make sense for them to make sense why they do it and it also makes sense of why we know we would be no one to ask people to do it but we really talked about this year but other channels starting to do it it's like we're kind of just like we're not doing that there's a call for nominations that are publicly sourced I don't know anyway so it's one of those things that we may in the next couple weeks T-Mobile a Pokemon added to Blue dollars Nintendo's market cap gee vs Real a billion dollars Market at 8 billion dollar stock price went up so much it's a record for the Japanese stock market a billion dollars added to the value the company that is Pokemon go has added the value that is equal to what Disney paid for Marvel and for lucasfilm basically they did by 4 million bucks for a property that's over 20 years old just had 2 mobile game a mobile game we're going to be a little longer to hear anything else barbar making out with somebody anything that's good jerem also here how do you find your Facebook post was fun hey aren't you watching it for a while by like a hundred Lab Lake cameras so that's when I jumped on board he must like them the 2002 Emmy nominees burni you look great your hand on the screen thank you for turning into this week's vs podcast and if your sponsor not supposed to I have a special request that would like to make for a small group of sponsors is part number of members thank you buddy love you I'm okay I'm John hi welcome to the podcast post-show thing a majig Special Touch oh yeah I'm barbar by the way but you guys know we are so good at this we are so good I just remembered you guys last names right now so I have only blank out on names con sleep all day like Dory but just just last names all dayligh ah actually it's not bad my Amnesia of names go I had Paul Scheer on my shot on the spot and half of the show forgot his last name no question if you're saying the right now ah yeah they're just covering as much of Comic Con and U really possible whee iPhone resultat one like our up comic email all week long multiple times and then there's the show floor when there's stuff going on in a different room and everything and then there's outside where people have like special station is going on and it's in the Gaslamp district so all the shops and restaurants everything they see members themselves out to be part of it so it's like drugs and alcohol that down for you so yeah we have such a wide range of things that we love and especially at Comic Con really different aspect of Comic Con and all to cover the other will come together yeah that's cool if it's if it's animated jumping around in bee and 10 year old on of you guys right now and what you're doing absolutely but now getting to the point were being a part of this world working with sci-fi they have this the televised show that one it's going to hosting and then we're doing an online show on their Facebook and YouTube page to be able to bring Comic Con home to people so they can't go we're like bring it to them right now and it's a lot of fun it's like that yeah everyone on their tablets and their phones 2 shots going to be on every every one that's like in the land is near where we're shooting so it is never through and hopefully we can snag some special guest Gabriel what is your harry' I will be like at the video game harry' a woman like a turtle man that was outside and if you got them all you got to go to this Ninja Turtles anniversary party with a piece of cake today if you try to get crazy camp out overnight just to be able to do that but that first year I brought my Game of Thrones book with me and just happen to bump into all the cast members as they were doing their signing in that's pretty cool that's always one of the fun things is when the show doesn't pan out before it comes out and so it's like. I love you so much that's what they're like sitting there waiting for whatever the panel is after it and you like someone's like the real fan of that thing already and in the following year comes out is already and get some rest but if you try to come back ah I can either continue or just start ya Comic Con so much happening Comic Con it's a lot of white noise that you're really just like things that you guys do AR like what people need in order to be able to life digest Comic Con they need someone else to like Whittle it down give me the best of give me what happened so I think we'll always AR is it something that people do the stunts to like stand out like the Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man costume 2 too much there's everybody has a panel everyone get out up and down Cincinnati I tell people you pick one thing per day what you get inside a room you can just sit in there so what happens people will go wait in line the night before sleep over whatever go on watch panels all day long with those stages Pacific 1 so it's it's a lot what was the panel was it last year for someone to the panel and then yeah U dresses have U ever had a panel in Hall h and then JJ Abrams clears the entire apro face to face like the J J and Kevin get the go to see Star Trek Beyond Walter white mask around the floor Briarcrest dead seems to be like a trend now it's like what can you do to dress up and actually get her yeah well more than 10 days are go super whatever Channel or whatever you guys are doing I want a biscuit a couple days before empty boxes on the great work things out your way to go gazing up at all things like 1 day 1 getting all the game of throne we get to do when they shared some really cool news that everyone at home yeah that's what I thought they wanted to have a perspective of it because people who really go to the convention and really enjoyed it to be able to be the people that talk about it because it's only going to be a different vibe when you can I gotta say like when you watch things like to show you guys are doing like the presents kind of thing you can tell when someone is hired to do it he's just the face and like in a psych ward AR U have the day in other words you can actually explain and express and and you know geek out about the stuff they're they're announcing it that's one thing about it cuz there's just so much stuff so like there's things things that Katie will she thought in some way or form no matter what you're into there's somebody there that's ready to celebrate with you and you just get caught up in the hype and it's just so much fun is there anything you guys are really interested about Comic Con this year like anything you're hoping will happen during announcements looking for good question well as I always want to go to the game with I'm trying to think of anything else any exciting news well you know there's always things like you have is always some special announcement that happen I always like to see you if the Katie the movie studios will drop in a few trailers are there any cash or anything a collective Justice League panel yet it Comic Con where they've gotten like Ezra and you know mama and all the actors life together AR for real that's the moment that the internet go crazy over AR people start announcing it online and stuff like that so I think that you're starting to see more of the panels trying to find that that is where the things that they don't tell you about that just happens and people get excited about it but yeah but I'm really more like Wonder Woman I really want to see you are going to bring their needs to step up their game try and do that yeah yeah that will be it doesn't mean upcoming releases in that and that's why that's the thing that's why I can use it sometimes sneak in a surprise because I'll have like two three things listed in the in the by you and then if you like something pops up you didn't expect day of school surprises so we'll see what happens you never talk a second ago I was asking you about coming out and you brought a Power Rangers any brought up the fact that like you know how you wanted to con later yeah they brought the power protect you is everyone born topic through your pants minus just left any noise like that when you have a collective thousands and thousands of AR it's like I love those moments when you're in a huge crowd of people and then the person for the states like ask her when you make one sound or do something like a cracked egg a fan of the former Governor RTX that everyone flash their phones at him at the exact same time and I was like I would love to hear the sound of thousands going off the next RTX on whee 2 some hous how do you get a v u have a thousand boners slideshow like that you know like the night like the all the swords together so then just that and you will have a million nerds losing their shit yeah we'll see what happens you never know my trailer power morphicon probably the start of it there because all the Power Ranger in Fayetteville already there but I'm sure they'll be things at Comic Con as well you can't miss it it's going to be there this year where he's like you need to lose a little something where he would like some one has to question and he was about to tell you what I was asking like what was his favorite cameras made yeah and he said my favorite cameras in stone yet and he only started telling what the show it and someone down in the in the audience like a PR person as I can't stand no no no question I always gotta look over the corner there's always that person is like he has secrets about Star Wars that if he had only like him and to the people know so they know if it leaks it's got to be him and he's got incentives that if you keep them secret he gets like bonuses break this secret but it happens from time to time but yeah why is by keeping your mouth shut wraps and all the other issues that they're having a lot of times is that a lot of the panel's want to show exclusive footage U like life development test footage early Safeway - something anyone to keep it is supposed to the people there and then somebody try to pull out their cell phone it's been talked about like that there who knows that I was just like employee Star Trek Beyond footage and we had to put our phones in this little green packet so we got to keep the phone but the packet completely blocked the signal most messed up everything in the past they have to open it for you passivity of going to a con and we have the same thing at our own, or we have like there are certain things that we will cut the life out of the think the people at the convention or only ones going to see if there's another exclusivity to it but that's the point it's almost impossible so it's almost like they want to just show the footage instead of some in our city you know cam version of it exclusively for the gas at Comic Con and then they posted later online 2 channels but a lot of times I don't know if it's a lot of times but a few times companies have accidentally posted that exclusive content before the panel starts V 3502 Life OK guys since you're leaving I guess we got say it again so Thursday you guys are where it's at the shelter but like some people like that you just covering life - Syfy I'm super sad to see it just up Day Care