#386 - Dicks Out For Harambe

Join Jon Risinger, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss #dicksoutforharambe, dating, innies vs. outies, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on July 25, 2016, sponsored by MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), Naturebox (http://bit.ly/2aGm9hW), and Squarespace (http://bit.ly/2aGmDo9)

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Recorded: 2016-07-26 15:35:08

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Participants: Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the podcast but I'm not God who are you I'm John I'm driving I'm Barbara on Blaine and this episode is brought to you by Nature Box me undies and Squarespace thank you all of you we love you when you text me last week saying I'm producing next week SPO but pretty sure you mean emailing 3 other people and making sure they do I think double thing I'm cool and you're cool you like I'll be producing Monday SPO causes a freezer they asked me I was it yeah they're like hey Dustin I bring as I guess now I can be on Francisco would you produce and host a podcast ah well I'm sure let's do it I don't know this too much pressure I've already done part of my duties I introduce a but I said who's this who's the sponsors direct do it well what happened to Focus as we realized it you know the Daddy is gone so you know what we came up with not like with short six Barbara fun I mean it's going to be it's going to be lousy agenda is Bali fun for the people playing right the kind of hate you right now set a big I think I've been this Jin you're going on TXV it party it was fun and I was like I dare you to go to kick it down of thing as a joke because they were like 5 people playing Jenga and she just walked over to it and kick that I'd like to do it the thing up jeng go really for those listening to the audio podcast the jeng a tower just fell over already Winter Park High I might have done something this weekend cuz my lips are like in Mexico City today actually today well that's rude very full your own lips the Barbara bring your phone over here the never tell because I can use the Polyjuice Potion to be the other dude wait what time is it in a 10 inch it was that which one it was it was like he was I don't know what to go to Azkaban harambe they had a sign up it says something about her ah out for harambee what does it mean I don't know Muriel said he was looking at his for a Hispanic like an important dicks at but out here is he doesn't know guess what the follow on Twitter to tell me I don't know I just want to I got the hook up yeah and people to tell me what it is Barbara but was your week like good week my week was good why do we sneeze why do you look so horrified because I had a ma we went swimming we went swimming a very very warm pool the bath water because chance to cool down its the gorilla that got sniped great black widow shop Winsted the dead gorilla what why is why is why is why are people saying 100 in the pool you were black randy Blain you would not stop texting me trying to wrestle me circling me like a crab it was my but you are swimming with the people you were off it says no I didn't know you're there explains alright you guys are at the it was it was Bethany Barbara Ashley whatever the fuck her name in it hey my stomach was like that's prolly and Josh all your friends are hanging out without me that's why I can suck so then I was like wish I could be there if it's Mike on now just like always great to know what you do that you do that I think it means as a group you also texted Josh didn't you Josh everyone from now on just remember every time you hang out Cub Blain listen all right a couple I don't have a lot of friends transplanting from transplant yes as in like someone who's move somewhere transplanted to feel like Blain friends that I've never met that you got my friend in a book first trapped within this little bubble like you go out with Rooster Teeth friends you talk about Rooster Teeth I'm sorry Barbara for make you feel trapped with my cherished friendship no it actually really does suck a bad way Trattoria workers season I will talk about it it was just talking about Rooster Teeth all the time and then you just got to like I think about that sometimes when I this job is one but we're so socially and for a significant other to come for the first time to a gathering that night she hated it who did she wasn't there but yes you would know who she was she wasn't there she was at home because she came late and she didn't like it okay it wasn't there no because I remember this is going to go on the entire Pott physical address of scrap in the day free and fun crazy California for that tell her we're going to like a little tiff with you me I will tell you which were actually from Futurama Blaine with you making that just emerged and then every time I look away he did Vance a little shopmissa he was actually stronger in that area it does not stop attacking me in a pool if Blaine can assume play Interpol now like right now like a Blaine what on the ground pads parents are here bro I like the rain fall I need to get to Anne racquetball we put we put pads down down this path we're nothing but a little hard hard I did alright can't do that before you did that I I might have done it before you got there but I did that same stuff exactly and I always try to do the stuff that I actually can be doing to make sure that's cool it sounds like kind of like I'm like a ticking - nothing too serious though just Mike Mike Anderson and it's very helpful to do that it sounded make it there okay sorry my friend yeah there's like yeah that's it that's the same shoes that we did the same day Jon was in August something a little Anne Road it was something the Volga Northern the better right and I'm just like please help me but she's like you Zach and then I will make sure double check my homework life Mike space went through hell that day it was rough for me voicemail of August 10th August and for weeks is raining today my hair is going to do this like Helix thing was just like really weird so I keep checking my camera Blaine Segway abilities in this podcast I really gotta catch up on my car there and everywhere on it and now it's like fucking clean as a whistle ending to each other I'm just saying there's a lot of shit someone like slugged yeah it is female I'm looking for a female excrement very different from excited what of wetness female wetness when used go spread eagle you just lock it up I don't know why and your family God I smell Mount Jon it was the smell of it and I said Jordan 4 cement stranger thing bald like chlorine or something else in his life chlorine smell that smell never smelled it she's not like a cub connoisseur 2099 Goodyear it into a wine glass IT Auditor it like never I smell I smell double IPA what are some I like would you describe the smell of it, why don't you just very sterile heavier than fat Gavin jerking off and then not Super Sonic drive to the idea of shots what never mind what's up of someone asking you asking if that will matter if I come there I don't think so Nazis in the world I hate it's messy The Giver of Life protein today he's like sounds like working out because it shows that I'm like thank you and I it to fry piece of the chicken would you make the face you make ending make this the stupidest like face possible you hate compliments I don't hate them I just don't know how to properly react to talk earlier if you like is like him and now extreme I see someone give you a compliment right now how would you take it and give me a call - real nice pussy ah that was from the other cub like expecting it I figured you just say you're supposed to say thank you and just that's it thank you yeah that's what you do that is why I do give me hey Gavin I natural he took the compliment shoes Gavin yes you do have a right I could you can it might be I thought I hoped for it cuz the color life you too much if you'd had more like but I didn't I didn't go to traffic school so I should have consulted you but I didn't go to school either you learn how to do the floor it's just you know I threw it but I don't you desire me some company I would love to sign some papers and then I will make him available in the store that be fun except that there's no way in hell we never get a collaboration of Commerce I mean ah the guy that I wear or just had an electrical ech but I've got at least 15 to 20 pairs it RT 15 pairs of those three or four to converse with million dollars but I had to run around someone's kitchen with soup and then with it you're one of you couldn't walk anywhere I'm always right I always forget it's probably going to be one as well I'm sorry about your but season 3 for myself into that one yeah his friends and a good he's going to say when I hang out this weekend is the kosher it RT 335 at the pool and tell her season 4 Jon together like a logical pairings Randleman dicks bags never met that really the first time they did rooster like they weren't friends Usher ma out that he'd be fired thing barbar spoken to him Hal conversation phone number thing is really good and it's a lot of fun it's so much fun like we we we went on a haunted house thing at RTX and we pulled him out of his wheelchair next dollars wa Burnie Cub going somewhere after that went on a Chris wants row we were trying to break into a spa at hotel and we basically just let Zach leave the group of us because no one is ever going to using his gifts for crime Mike stop him there there's a bar in Austin called The Elephant Room so I can jazz club but it like underground space to be able to go there when they were like 1819 cuz they would just get the service out are you serious structural damage in the cave at any moment elephant great place for a first date here's my problem with that area Boston too loud every you a very loud voice I do actually I'm very instruments dispatching first night life just trying to talk to all these people and Anne it really life air conditioning never liked it just like a hotel somewhere near the speakers on the dance floor with no AC I found it was it was I found a slightly cool corner and just like people would just come up to me and I didn't have to like walk around mobile the second floor the Church of Burnie Burnie give me more people can steal your card and I was also in heels so it's not going to be I should have worn heels before the drug party in my ass looks fantastic my legs are like E.T quads mini quads and I am Anne I would like address and stuff like that looking for dragging you shave your legs RT pictures of this I find some for them anyways this was out as well after this is college I was like this is like Blain Prime but I want to be around you say pasta in a pan I want to it seems like with West Campus is walk around in a dress and I have life - 48 packs of beers on my shoulders with heels go with of that I don't want to think I was into jet Mike I don't mind the music that's why I'm not super into this I had a few date night where we went and saw the Jazz drummer movie with I gotta fart again what's the guys on here it 900 Whiplash song Whiplash in a Zach I know of a jazz place and we're just Scout the Jazz movie Let's Go to Elephant Room - dead to watch the Jazz movie never listen to Jazz a text to jazz music I appreciate it like I would laugh if that I appreciate attorney at on I know I've never purposely do I need Amazon Alexa play playlist 22 Alexa play Korn double as fuck me in the ass your welcome I like so what is love I figured that that machine is awesome when it works I just don't like it when I it goes out no it sorry I didn't understand that flights to and you can say like Alex a bedroom on in your bedroom and it's great when it works like when you're laying in bed you just Hal it sucks it fucking sucks and I I end up getting a new Lexus face in like with someone AI technology like that's wrong I'm waiting for them to Max - 10 - sometimes you like where is John Carpenter why was out I was out and he went datin a text and every time anybody ever dictate to text it's one of the funniest things play out where we were driving to that haunted house for Anne RT life Anne Adams erections in the first it mr. Q the command to call your ex girlfriend through with actually called Jennifer you have to keep it home automation alley conducive explosion listen you guys have to pull over for it seems our go do you really find on the internet but they're not going to try to I think I could you said you I'm sure he does he doesn't because I've never heard him fart - 9 Lin's house but yeah I'm worried about like becoming unattractive to me because of it but I forgot Giant Eagle Nest whether you're wearing a suit or sweats you spend almost 24 hours a day and like Superman's tights underneath a Model A fabric that's twice as soft as cotton nothing can describe the FIT in Philippines but once you try them understand why single pair get 20% off your first row when you go to me Rooster Teeth for 20% off your first order I like the other picture your underwear you have on right now the ones where ya I like to. I like them so I discovered something I don't know what this is one of those things where it's like can you stand - Peru stor RT stand - white for you said - life right you guys were talking about how your key cards attached to your belt loop would go on the floor of the bathroom when you want if you're into stalls make sure you employees that if you doing the number to but someone sits down in the cubicle next to you typically there on the right side that ID badge like flying on the ground and come on to the sides of Mike put your pants all the way to the ground when you take them off to go to I don't that's because you're a girl and you know how I like balls and penis - like a balance because we've got a life spread her legs so you're cool did you actually have to space bullshit it's like it's this little piece of furniture that goes around the powerful X-Men an actual Squatty Potty it it reenacts the thing but it's not the same it's not the same height and it's not the same make of the actual squatty of it's just a piece of bread commercial that they didn't Jackson Heights laundry toilet to be shaped differently but that's right now what the and the feeder angled on Earth was constipated was like tatooin holes properly squatty but I'm worried the - will come out to follow like your prolapse yeah from what I want to see that I have to slowly get SPO how to predict SIM iPhone to LG right there's a lot of hunting motivation temperature lights and that alarms I need to be about on the phone it just says Ah good night and good sleep tons of Lights makes it cold that feeling right and then in the morning you should pick up your phone it's like you're right now and all that stuff because the stuff you have to do we go to school to be a Lexa actually could do that you have Wi-Fi life you can say like bedtime and you can program that turned everything off and to do everything The Hub but if I feel like it tonight it should be life thing that controls like the whole ship in that space movie computer yeah no not the computer I'm sorry I can't do that 2001 dr. vs latest Nollywood crap isn't a good movie that's cool we wait before we get too far for talking about parties I have a question I'm wondering if what's on TV Anne Squatty Potty reminder deeply like disturbed by those toilet paper commercials with the Bears Charmin Charmin the others Ultra strong odor of gas is more like it stiff these bears that are sitting in the woods but they Shake It On - why is this asshole on his hand with his hand why is his asshole bear and a hassle where is the processor on this hand it's between his back legs and show the picture trying to figure out because that's not it this bear is out of vagina that's been his hand a stupid I hate these commercials was you looking in a mirror to look at it listen to God can you say your name have you ever looked at your anus never seen your but hole in the thing sentences as you are Gavin I'm shocked that you haven't looked at yours in the mirror it probably had to go through the forest of here'th ah your majesty that Spartan but you're stuck with me who has won it has I work I don't know I had it Towing but one less like her to have an accident or something he was wearing swimming shorts probably had a short time to hang out with him it was under the shorts maybe he's to be overweight and he got excess skin ending out just like you just texted into the sunshine are you creeped out by outie it depends on how the BMW Hal how do you say depends on Mike how out it is like a pretty pronounced outie Mike Row K20 hypothetical but I for some reason haven't been physically you're totally into her she was beautiful and then you take off your shirt one day and it's just like I don't like girls have a flat stomach I know cuz it's staring at me no just like the tip it would be like I would be can train her to be finished reading me barbar I wouldn't be able to align belly button Gavin SPO - ma vs R Truth Prince I stor says he likes girls that have to be overcome on it would you to do this of course would line up and you could pretend that you you got to just take it back I think there's a way to do it but I'll try magnet put together to go to school at night and it died from magnet stick go up your nose feel like there's Spartan like if you had a big magnet a little one on his nose and then pulled it for the back probably multiple magnet yeah I'd like some time together within a. Just like I know that you had that explode on the way to generate heat and energy is like magnet pushing together at high speeds and height I don't know isn't everybody fuck you and stuff magnet California California 27 on years of my life so it's quite over it but now I kinda just miss you Austin on a mountain I was very close to the beach is not the same it would have this is the final soccer dollars I had a really really like personal mom and I think with Bruce where it was my first time in Los Angeles seems like a really early I think before I am funhaus it was like the thing and I was like I was over there Smuggler's mountains near Lake Ozark Mountains there's lots more California it was fairly recently when I went a couple years ago yeah my first time Universal round Seafood a giant Coronas how are they remember that pretty well I want to go I love Services go I love to visit the kind of funny guys out there and then just bumming around song how to say everything is fucking expensive as hell to talk explains of London London to Sydney I want to say I'm going to go see Star Wars movies based out of I talk to you about that home visit and you didn't seem very excited about it there's two elements to it leading up to it I wasn't I wasn't allowing myself to get excited because like of course but I really felt like you guys were and then when I got there it was like he's fucking thrilling they print me twice though one I don't know for every release it but they basically Burnie convince me that he was actually there and I was standing in the lobby with like my check-in bag and I I was late for my flight so they are just standing the security guard told me to leave and I was calling Burnie is like a pretty help me and he's like I'm an awesome dude he looks like it came out with Jason and for the people to keep trying to want me to hate Star Wars thing they're trying to ruin that says he's your the other one was I was on there biggest Anne as if I I always have said that I was a big Star Wars fan Anderson of the biggest world's biggest horse make yourself one of those correct eats I was friends but it's actually I mean yeah every now and then I'll throw in one of those Blain the world's biggest spring you it kept calling me that it was like okay something's about to happen and in public it all go it was there like ending master came in and told me that even in the vide you could tell that you weren't very excited about that title and like the trivia questions I got 2 wrong and I get to write and then we should the - the top actors but I got a pretty high knowledge of comics you think alike high-speed cameras or something from him so I don't know much about the brands of ice we camera stand a pretty good of friends as you did that video where you explain how shutters work yet scripted but with that you know about you and Eleni but how come she wants to yeah I really like that video I wish I could you had to film a bunch of other than you like you got extra footage of like showing how the the blurring happens or how the shutter goes down or when you moving in so there's like shifting in the frame is so you like when gavi row Los a chocolate but also the hottest part of that was the camera shots so fast that the Phantom isn't fast enough to film it so I had to lower the resolution to about like a tiny box like this but then take a plate of the whole frame because I was only filming a sensor in the middle so I set it up and everything and I was the one pushing the button yeah I basically buttons in that frame Roo the show move down the whole frame is actually only at 2500fps accept debit with a shot that is just a tiny square of 10000 FPS I take a plate of a much bigger frame and make sure not to but the camera so I could have never done that before people like inventions and stuff like that and it's like smart people now he knows a lot he's like really Savvy I like it when Dad starts talking smart I can't talk about guns or something explicit I know nothing and he strikes out a lot does reputation pussy Slayer but really he just like he'll do something and then not like coconut the same as thing I want to say that I must be totally done with everyone the Jin vs Blain I have a sniper approach identify something at Target and focus in Helena shotgun it person strike up a chat just about anything interesting what you're saying you don't give a fuck I don't like talking to people but then doesn't he's just saying that he's directions of people okay that's fine you know he's cool and UPA Charles I guess I'll just cause I love that your PA is named Charles as there's like some sort of online but let's say you just let me know what you think when you met me just know Mike I thought you were nice this is crazy here's my number Mike a good impression I was doing that still a no have genuine interest in people to accept me if I was telling someone something and I'd like to I keep make my make me keep talking about it and that she didn't have to do that you know I'm a total piece of shit and I don't want people to be like I mean that could be perceived as rude but I would rather not have a fake interaction with someone I'm agreeing with Jon Gavin I can sense when he's not in the mood for it and those who actually invited me over to your house just play videogames on out come on over I was literally that was really fun we drink a lot of Matrix play mr. Bartlett that played on the older boys and your balls in your court now Blaine your cat is mental yeah I remember that anytime I've ever been around cats ech I stay with Jack for a while and he's got a bunch of cats and cats are the weirdest thing when you just on dog's row life your cat would just have like cocaine Momo Woodside it like someone shot the cattle prod of sneeze anus he just would do crazy laugh when he was a it was like a year older thing little bit million out on your hand JoJo's never outside anymore and you always the out side watch the cats a lot when Burnie Anne Anne - there out and every single time that I go watch him I know where Joe is going to be at go upstairs is going to be on Burnie that and you'll be there and I'll see how to tell if you just like not moving up Adam and make some noise fighting slash play with me like life to me and Jose never done that it was like getting frisky thing like because he's outside like their defenses are up because they're there and sometimes he come back hunting of man must have overheated but it turns out whenever you guys outside he starts breathing really heavily able to stop panting and then he went will be touched or anything you like a sensory overload or something but I don't know what it is I just keep them indoors never being an intern in Joe go under a truck and was like oh well classic Rooster Teeth Momo Jason Zach out of your truck so I just write it like an hour to get him pasture RT life out by the movie theater right stor something like fell over and almost hit Burnie and he reacted like this and he said that that's his like instant row reaction that things went very proud that he's a fighter he will punch thing is going to be hard punch never going to try to find you guys RT 38 it during the Monday morning meeting Amazon hoverboards I can if we had thing took out some shelving last week but it's been fun really fun we had a big company lunch on Friday but we had a visitor here and Burnie like it rolled in on his scooter and he went back behind where the washing machines are not it all the sudden we heard like a ma should we turn around Burnie upside down off the ramp and everything okay are you okay Zach the guys that stuff last it cuz you just feeling down and try to like 50-60 people - it is to laugh when I'm in pain in front of people just like it just happens that I mean to but it I think it helps pull things up a little more gracefully Jack's life is so great you can hold the camera still give you love and kissing his fans the the one at RTX yeah I would like to I was walking down the stairs I couldn't keep a straight face because he would be looking forward at the camera I don't really think about it for he will be just thinking about it too much Blaine would be like 10 minutes about things of that Hamilton ending it starts at the top of life Davis messages we can actually see it was funny about it is he was coming down the stairs behind us and we were just looking forward to the camera just listening and waiting for him to mess up his lines Seven Lions you for the hit like talking points and they could become really flexible legs coming out I do remember the intro it feel like being a scientist is lost in the mail a breath now push it Wilmington never quite elaborate you just literally show up and do the of Duty event a fight with natural reactions to memorize this paragraph it's so easy for you how many hours you have to do that Happ as being verified Kelly-Moore bag psychiatry the suspense of the answer to that but you have to wait trying to eat that are confusing frustration so you can see I'm sifting through nutrition labels a lot of naturebo Jon the opposite of like in Tyre bins full of them we got here we got pistachio power clusters whole wheat vanilla animal cookies that sounds good to me donation box around here which makes it really easy to figure out what to snack on for you in Greek the nature box is constantly adding new and interesting snacks Roo the try a snack and you'll like it needs about for a place it in your next box for for you can do the snacks you eat it and then Rooster Teeth right now delicious snacks without any of the junk for free that's nature box.com / Rooster Teeth for - 3 bags of bold and unique snacks delivered right to your nature box.com / rooster to get 2 bags of snacks free it's free food people just go get some free snacks like them or if you don't naturebo to the office it's awesome they come in these you can buy them in like the most bulky bags and we'd like a giant bags of I can dry my nipples and stuff then people here who helped me feel overall over snacks put in he's like little tiny little machine sewing machines dispense it and take cub E.T I have to pay for it one of the best things in life they just throw something it comes out right without having to put in coins they are Gavin Free play Mike it that's like that's like drugs I didn't for drugs yeah ending machine you're talking about? no it's not the same as the field to be verified Blain bo staff magnet made of thing it means nothing it has no you guys raise your hand if your verified I don't to be that guy again this is us bowling Jon but I'm going to be there tonight the bear vide I think I think I was going through and I think Caleb did - Mike King frisbee true it won't shatter the Frisbee Chevy bear that's funny Team all year I'm still talking shit he's married he is still like 16 years old still living I think he's 27 he's only I was for ever forget that but I still think of that's when I met him he was like that age you were fifteen when I met you how to on the moon hey kids drugs are real when we met it was 2013 so what was of the view that I was Your Guardian yes I know you met me there before then I'll call you I walked in got me back for registration has leaned down put in thing my backpack and look over and you like you're just standing there and we just like to look at each other and I'll just continue them no I put on the front out I put her in the friend zone really quick I'll give your friends my friends knows I have plenty of girlfriend in one of those like what you see personal assistant however that's not really a position of dominance jeng the girls are older than me do chores and you no problem technically shorter than me but I always wore flat shoes and heels or sneakers so he liked made himself a little taller than Jon Jon are you asking because you're talking to a girl that's taller than you know I was looking and I don't know if like you can be if you if you you like it because for me personally I didn't a guy who was about half an inch shorter than me but he was also like much skinnier than I was so I felt very masculine in the relationship didn't like that did not like that you know since then I have come into my own so since then it's not that big of a deal so if you mother man you would not be if you're attracted to him it would not be a problem feminine why so I want him to be you find yourself drawn more to masculine men yet heading there now tall muscular it was like tonight what is the guy with skinny of shorter but it's just funny as heck um you guys still be sexually attracted to the person and tell you go get you guys paid you to let you know I went out with her it was no problem didn't even like giant over me it was like a couple inches taller E.T excessively did you the tender thing I didn't thing to do thing is fine I found that tender not everybody goes inside good I actually had a good amount of band we be having my good a day even though let's meet up and then when it would come time of the place that's when it comes it would end they go they drop off the map it gets too real for some people possibility but it but not a confident person when it comes to being out with someone like that kind of format but I just fucking fake it on my girlfriend just jump in and do it is quite common in guys is that you may seem confident the first time you going to date but you just totally fake you just totally feel my mind is just racing the it first date with someone now I'm I give off the air of someone who can talk and who's this guy energy front I'm just some acting almost so that I can actually like if there's a doesn't know how to keep a conversation going so you're but on sieg I like that like where I was just like holding for any type of response and any type of conversation where it was like oh my God can I please go home now but it's also I found I went out with a girl once and she was really nice girl and we had an OK time but I found that it actual the other party never asked anything about you and that's not going from but you married it was it was somebody once the entire night ask anything about me back or even like if I brought up the topic she would be like and what about you you know it was qualifications that girl has to meet in order for her to be like that like material I don't thing wrong with the lifestyle that I would not be able to keep up with and it would impact me and like a social it like dating a person you just feel like it so their element having to find a restaurant to go to so I can begin this hard so it's not actually the division brackets the physical activity that could be Anne give me super in a hamburger I'm trying my best and healthy get myself into shape lose weight and all that kind of stuff and it's diet and I went out with a girl for a while that I need a horrible but she ate like pretty bad trying to lose it was a problem and I think I probably put on like a couple pounds while you're dating nothing was like I think I drinking too much that's like sometimes you just can't keep up with that and then if they don't like my Jeep it's a big handles for a second there they would be like a nice I just like it how do I get in well first of all wa HH out Lumpy flight 10 second actually went one time when I but was in the Mike miles recently had to go into shopping for a new car and ending Tina as well and everyone hates shopping for a car no one like shopping for a car why is that house with that stressful yeah yeah yeah and did you like worry about making the right decision if you would like you know you're going to buy this house Anne faded you know you like I serve a purpose and so if I do Usher but I wish you could get online you could get that still like him still stressful I think I've been really stressed out to buy a car at never seen yeah yeah yeah no it's not for a week or so away you would you have in your life Skillet but I like changed yes so technically it's your call but way cooler and way better for you yeah yeah yeah I totally remember I was I got to be able to get a 95 Jeep Wrangler 2000 it was like I'm in the Box on Wheels go on Safari actually forgetting at 3:44 what does that mean well yes that Cub because compensation his penis must be small but usually a big giant truck RT the midlife crisis men's call that's not using but he also has a motorcycle so does that Scout almost dies actually wrote on it with him the other day and that I side streets to go get breakfast what time do we leave physically more attracted to him not to let your daughter it was pretty cool and like he is extremely safe on that thing like every stop that he likes dog look every single Direction and then life slogan on it like a skirt so just like poop such a careful driver that he's also like a careful passenger like if you're taking a turn that he's not sure about the go the sound is old man life is like wa never like anything startles him like this you don't like and he always asks for the time and it scares like it it we're pretty sure Anne and I are sure that he's like a ghost haunting our apartment complex because he fucking pops out of nowhere in the pool that's right you guys say he like practically lives at but I saw him coming so like when you go to Aaron's apartment and when you're going in the front door you could also see the door that's like can I see the pool so you can see people coming out of the pool when you're going in the front door until I saw him coming out of the pool so I kind of waited to open Anne Cub I don't have to talk to him that's why I saw him pass by and I thought he left and so I open the door and I went into the elevator and he's like hold the door and I'm like but if he gets in he's wearing a bathing suit but it's hyped up into his ball sack so I can basically see his entire leg upper thigh and like maybe a hint of a penis Pott band out there it's true and he has no shirt on and no shoes he just it saggy old skin tripping and this is the kind of guy who we go and then about - Arizona thing still going I hate I hate for small talk in like that consideration it's part of like why I hate going to get my haircut wa never go get a trim this when people talk to me while you're doing it I hate when life Dental people like hygienist talk to you or a barbar life like this don't talk to me and I'd rather you just act like I is American this is very friendly so if you can buy something Southern I like how you how's your day is Mike still I don't know if I want to say I know you don't care about my day it England never life scan scan this much money thanks for coming yeah it's really hard being - 2 + 1/2 out process you have to make small talk for that amount of time and it's exhausting but sometimes I just like to pull up my phone pretending I like answering an email or something just so I don't talk I just can't deal with it for that amount pretty decent small talk and very friendly but people don't think I'm for me and I'm very friendly to strangers a kid friendly very friendly with that I make I stopped wearing 80s music of my phone in the middle of night when you sent of the camera somewhere that life Never Ending Story or something if you like ah there's like this is like RTX of forever ago I really like her Rainbow Six Siege places but I also like you're playing at my favorite characters Sledge and you pics life and I got it and then you're like whatever like Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer it life so did you guys watch the latest episode of day 5 no I got caught up this weekend I haven't seen one it was intended for them also like I'm going to get a lot of people on that shit then I went home and I watched the other seven I need you that was a jinx - yeah I'm very much a person who cannot stop watching something that I'm Into You like that I was only just fart again just want to point that out listen to find me Chipotle thing a question did you like E.T I don't remember do you like Super 8 never so let me listen it's got really good music it Scout great music great characters stranger a line very much like Stephen King meat real bear Bo Burnham eats Richfield Jon Carpenter little bit little John Carpenter never seen the movie it follows I just saw that for the first time today I could not have been more tense and I'll enjoy it but it is a perfect movie I I contact your thing it follow ah a demon-like Apparition that when you are marked when you are the mark of this thing you it is at a slow pace but it's a constant of walking towards dicks a matter wa it was in concert before it tells you that you're going to see something turn around a corner and they're going to tell me what is gavi I can yeah if it gets to you it kills you live in a hole in it so that's that's the kids are teenagers and I only have like Expendable income to go just do like Solutions like that basically and so it's like clay pots it around like gold shot each other and like you like she'd just found some strangers and follow but it's it's horrifying the whole time just kind of like afraid of sex but I did watch the movie and then go walk around in the dark in my neighborhood - go find Pokemon it did someone just walk straight towards somebody because you think about it very much like a cougar or even like old school and my Charmin style where is very intentional Framing and very intentional shots were done with that wouldn't make it very long takes that would make you be worried about something being coming into the frame or or or a purse can I get that is like extras just like hundred yards back and then you can just see them walking life it was very scary when it comes to scary stuff it hasn't scared me I think I'm going to watch an episode done when you come over make some room but I've been wanting to watch The Matrix again no girls allowed only pain six for chicks we should we should like it like go million Vegas stripper paintbal paintball or Lake boat paintbal you know so trying to get some it looks like too much calories whiplas ice but you but you went camping and slept in your car and so it I never liked and we both have hatchback cars Cub never been a good guy with a good 10 my friend show up and I have like 10 with rooms 2 bedroom 10 I'm going to be like but you can't stand up to his damn head stuck in the go up to your knees you never use it as an a - internal band 221 that did you how many carbs in stuff like on my a traffic safety but you gotta learn to use the ladies when you come early thing I got was that we both know what the fuck is a Weeble logos tiger Scout Bear Scout Wii blows an eagle I don't know you that I know it's true they just made that up for you cub and scout out for good I got like second place the pinewood derby The Coming of Age movie moments the pinewood derby to the W make little wooden cars in Anne a zoom down the racetrack the guy that I ended up being neck-and-neck with that ended up taking first place was a kid that my young stupid age I was kind of bullyin never really realize that you are pulling for you and I and I would poke fun at him because he's like one of my best friends and I didn't realize it was like a very grateful for because the 28th like I still think about him I ah well I can get annoyed that they did it the quiet it was like an island you should not like let that affect you though because if you look at your life place at where you are and I'm sure if you look at the bully that kid that was bullying you like where they are right now and they're life like yeah I'm sure shouldn't bully people because it sticks with people life for the people act like you don't know that yet why some kids like will my friends bullyin this kid so I'll do as well as sites like 2nd 3rd grade I didn't really understand what I was doing really mean until like it was really hard never it's the other way I think I hope that didn't turn out well nothing to stop you could just a horrible it sometimes is more damaging I do like the people at bullyin of fat kill em with kindness but I can I got so good to see you how's it been I don't feel like super nice don't talk about me how are you never super 900 because I was just like really nerdy and stuff and they were like all I was like 5 foot 9 in Mike a hundred and ten pounds and then I thought and now it seems like wa the Barista or I'm a waitress or something wrong with his mother almost like but we live very like what the fuck are you that's what made fun of me and like this so fun but I had so much fun it it is important section it will just hang out it is used as a really cool Bunny come from organic it yourself out to be Keen to work I thought you I thought you work hard then your money behind this site you can get pay raises based on performance and there are some people who come straight out of school into a job like this and then all is good how old how old are you when you a it works of a supermarket 66 the legal age of 15 for me but not family businesses speaking of really important stuff Blain I want to see the ad Jon I'm waiting for your apology give me the pawn shop what's the address give me an apology Blain I want to because I wanted to read the ad but I don't want to they're probably remain outside Jon thing clean I fear and I appreciate you I appreciate our friendship Nave pretty quick you're very pretty man making websites doing it for many years of my life important to have two microphones ending website always hated it when I always hated the never that I had to like sit up servers like that squarespac I love it takes away all of that you guys are lucky bastards that you now live in a 4 square space exist sites look professional design regardless of your skill level there's no coding required they offer intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help you along the way start free trial sites dicks last rooster teeth when you decide to sign up Squarespace make sure you offer code rooster to get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace To the Beautiful You guys anybody who has any sort of like a business or if you're you should be using up my squarespac it's just like damn if I'd version doing websites I used I use that and it's fantastic GO Launcher talking about being lucky I loved recently Bo Burnham you can out of the special make happy and even on Conan and it is great speech about about how lucky he was Geordie of the follow their dreams don't don't follow your dreams you know don't settle settle and I can't get up sure if it's hard but there's a truth to it that there's like an entire like what they should be doing they think that they're supposed to be the person they think this is their their gold Joe Rogan talks about that a lot Dirty Jobs guy only people that are like assholes guys for like he not advise on what would I do where to get a job with you guys don't do something in hopes of getting a job or position at some certain company do something because you're interested in it and because like maybe you're good at something or you like to see yourself doing that when you're older you just because you didn't like his stuff makes you want to be making stuff like being a YouTube or something just make stuff put it online and there that early to go get but you have to do it and then eventually you can make something good like everything I know is from practice. I didn't go to traffic school just got a general like Visual Arts degree that that barely anything to do with graphic designer Photography in fact they like at the very end of my degree hired like some stupid lady that eats and crafts class and I knew at that point more about the programs represent that she'd it's all or nothing for her and now it's a the majority of like what I use in my day-to-day job is just self Pott just like I think it is because that's the stuff you're most interested in physical information and probably doing it because it but somebody else to even finish that you look into out of bed size close enough you can see code from The Matrix running behind as it is. does you guys give each other the cheap way when on each other him and Steven Pearson art Department what are two ways by the way so that you can see a Jeep on her coming towards you Anne go do this and in the way back in like we connected really fellow Jeep owners for the community or that you'd run into any go and they don't wave back of the responses you band out of that Hal you like your vehicle for life which eats I was always told the Jeep some more feminine but I like to know surrounded did there they made some RTX Never Dies band sometimes I may can they tell me make this and they don't tell me for a bit or text Mike recently flavor like of the featured RT mix and they told me that we need ah okay cool what what's what flavor for Coke and so in those instances off and I will just write the dumbest shit possible and sometimes I write something a Mike I know they make me change it cuz it offensive or a bad joke thing you put in the app we're not going to put it Gavin Free quote at the bottom that we kept it I don't know so those banners that you made and we often for long entire week of next year so a lot of people asking how to get those if you are first member or if you sign up before the end of July we're actually going to be giving away 25 of them to random people who are double gold member so he's I prepaid I want one and they told us that week twins Phillies view from where I wrote stuff I think is the dumbest joke possible they're going to change this and I said not like Bethany and got there like which one is I just didn't like the stereotypical gay voice gay people talk normal as well I've known people like that why you got a picture of people on The Voice early in your mouth would make a great pet anime deadly I was so happy you're in the Monday meeting and I had another a and then someone came and put Anne Out of Heaven why life is like a Pizza Hut sponsored episode and then we gave you a bunch of swag on the on the show and I was like I like this hat Mike I don't want to give away but giveaway and pizza hurt me and like my page unified Mike funny videos on my friends magnet post the video thing you know Monday made it it was a funny video I was looking outside mantis mating Hal conventions I would like to text squatty the stuff I should reply to the person that I hate to admit it but it a high point of my life talking about make me on read it and I kind of lost it was I made it on the sub Reddit ladyboners what is that like man crush - Jason Momoa one of your hundreds of selfies yes probably ah now there's audio player there's another really funny on Tumblr walking through odysse close to some trees so before we songs so if you have one that you would like to send it send it to podcast podcast theme bonus points if you have to do they have to keep the exclamation mark on the outside of the quotes like that no it is actually correct make it something make it that's going to piss off Becca he's a good night I will see more of her work ah I wish I had kept up with life becoming more musically-inclined when I was younger music Savant it just makes me sick every time he does that Jason Lilo in the background that I do Minecraft OMG he says if you just hold the trigger on the Note Block I like pictures up that's funny when I make the next Holly Musical yeah she didn't want to say that I regret like I'm sure a lot of you Blain it and I'd I don't retain anything that I've learned I teach myself power - and learn as we play the Wii Twilight dropped it when I went through you like 24 you have I went through like you know in post puberty that I had and they just scheduled your puberty is essentially I mean I made appointment to go get shot the height of website yet but tomorrow I will be an adult I'll be home it did look at the band keep on growing I didn't have excessive growing peanuts it was Ma change really like in Mike the course of two days that you're not feeling Jesus Christ I had a boner for like 6 months wow it was just non-stop erections it was horrible beat it like a whole as much as I could shock of like just shopping Bo hormones in the make hair not of that here now I just carry a directions I did get my body the puberty or in pairs it locks on your right there that's all I got can even season 2 camera 23 Chesters one is named Chester arm hair back Bear bar's got blond hair and get away with it I actually have when you can't see it cuz I'm blonde but like female Robin Williams of him so I got here he's pissed off a lot of people cannot give it better hair it but yeah we got to the post for first numbers which is not life I have to take a pee so thank you for watching you have to take a piss at 7 so I've been holding in his entire time or anywhere else can you get the star thing keeping you up super a llama give us a final thought Gavin thought I thought to send off these wonderful people can't stand to it and give us a follow now it's just Gavin moment Jon Hansen eggs barbar I love you this is Gavin