#387 - The Fish Dressing

Join Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, and Burnie Burns as they discuss bizarre cooking, Twitter etiquette, remakes, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 1, 2016, sponsored by Betterment (http://bit.ly/2aYdbwx), Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), Braintree (http://bit.ly/2aYdvv5)

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Recorded: 2016-08-01 19:16:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger


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Transcript (in progress):

Pima County out this week brother by bettermen Blue Apron and braintre which gases in the final in the final version this will be their speed podcast you're watching your life I will be on Twitter my name is Burnie Burns and I'll be answering all your questions here on the televised program if you tweet us using the hashtag hashtag Nike podcast talk on the phone number phone number use the hashtag so I just use it the once just a normal sane person hashtag like a space and then RT Podcast and there? You still SE go to the website www.roosterteeth.com review save and is a WWII browser has made a lot of progress and had a city that has made a lot of progress today foliar the progress party Tire flash laugh and remember that came a point in time when I was constantly telling people don't you don't have to you don't have to come now you don't have to the www.address type whatever you want look for in a bad deal the worst thing united only visit just the same websites over and over and I'll just take the first two letters of it and if it auto completes I just hit enter if it does out here anyway by the way I'm Jon I'm Chris and I'm Gus and I'm Burnie and Burnie mad today Peg hashtag Burnie how is hashtag AR cheapest gas so when you read and you say I was like how would you write in a tweet and tag me that you went to my house for Game of Thrones night I'm asking you Jon writes like if I was going to say I was at Bernie's house right how would you write that on Twitter that the at symbol doesn't count I put 80 note I don't know I still think there's two ways you can write that on Twitter you could write I was at at Bernie's house for dinner like the symbol at on my tag name was right I was burn his house symbol burni Tire I was burn his house burn his house because I was burn his house I am going to dinner with you and I went to dinner with a Corolla that's how you say that here I am with her on my mind like seeing that that's just a quick to the person in that context so your mind will fix it when they when you say I was powerful four holy go to a meal of some kind probably not dinner lunch is more likely he went to the store to go grab breakfast so if I said at the end of the lunch hold on a second I got here let's take a selfie I need to tweet this on Instagram selfie fuck off the camera and I did it there sibelius it's like so better know something on the topic of hard being in her people and saying yes when take a selfie I went bowling with a bunch of people on Saturday and words and I was with Max Max Chris Patrick Matthews in Elemental form live action and I said hey Prospect babe there was like yes I'm just really all got in Squad formation rate for a selfie really people are that now I was reading it I feel like I was ashamed now I wonder what you're like how to the argument or something you said about like having a genuine moment without posting it on social media you don't get why don't you that the photo thing like I've dealt with that too much yeah what were people just don't think people feel good when they see you doing something that you have on your person I need to feel like I was being mean I just like I don't think I'm a weirdo weirdo but I'm going to clear exception of that sexy you like people gather people at a party or going out for them I'm glad I'm at home from like that a lot of times like you'll see it sometimes with some of the people that are company somebody will post out with a group and it is not the group's just like a great photo flat butts the flat smile Emoji gotha like that was pretty good the V side smile Emoji also pulled the chain in - it's a good one fom on chlamydia burni come on but then also once you also don't actually want to go do things mad at me they want the option they want to be asked if they can say no and I was like what is it laugh and I have a fear of missing out for like going to event I want to be there it's going to work yet have you heard written out - not said out loud that I would like for my phone,, jealousy has its own don't want to be left out of that thing it was a joke inside joke you don't want to be outside of the inside joke and inside jokes happen at things and events and when so you know whenever you like I wasn't there for people like me is right they want to be and I liked it inside you without actually going and doing something Mad Lib 1070 people laugh about it or something like that and it reminded me of this we're talking about the selfie being the default photo as I was reading an article about something and I can switch to watching a video about it cuz I want to see the background it was about a guy who got a Michelin star for a food stand that he has because he's like the only person in the world with a street cart that has a Michelin star Justice reading the story about him and I'm going to get it wrong but it's something like that something rice and chicken sauce stand and he got it he got invited out to the event and everything like that it was that I was watching the video and it was really cool to watch this guy like walking in the shoes I don't like Michelin hands out Stars I think we've talked about this before and I have the company that makes Tire and it became this Ultra prestigious thing Michelin starred in this guy and he was walking the go in front of disorder like sitting there taking a selfie and not taking one taking like 80 selfie stand like doing the whole streetcar it's a low res photo but you can see here that like their promotional images you were like well we're going to be reviewing this V Star restaurant downtown. Also invite me to all the guys for like spherical Tire Michelin tire is separate from the car it was because I much like a nano block Tire the light moves along with the car that's really weird driving Justice and they may have properly explained it last VR Tire strip joints but I would think like that gotha like it's some point you just gotta pull away you know I'm Bill start actually see that everything you got if you could come over watch the game Nano reminder burn never too late to save for retirement strange industry by making investing easier bettermen is the largest in - service manager more than five billion dollars four on over a hundred seventy-five thousand customers Financial Services industry has embraced technology and Innovation through the creation of automated investing mean that you keep more of your money with a feast and are a fraction of what you pay with your additional Financial Services bettermen is a member of Si PC which means you're messing with her protected Bank level security means your personal data is - right now get up to 6 months of no fees learn how out bettermen.com / teeth that's bettermen.com / teeth bettermen investing made better I think one of more interesting things about bettermen is if you're not looking to plan to save for retirement if you have a specific goal I can go to save for house downpayment go and help guide you to get to that goal so it's really survey Switching gears back to Ghostbusters watch that movie on a plane okay really takes off dumb way to go on a plane Warehouse - - go watch a movie the last one I watched was to see you Star Trek Star I'm getting like anything like Star Trek I felt like just another episode did the characters how they were the very beginning of the movie and where they were in Life or they were in careers of relationships did that change at all by the end of the film where any of them in it in any of those relations black I would say yes other than other than right on that and I almost 2 hours out to our film did they change it all but I mean it's like it is based on episodic television how much did they get the shooter in the end too much in a single episode but you expect movies that take years to come out and you wait for them in the end the movie itself is a 2 hour Bagels in the neck of it you know even if nothing happened it was pointless expression in terms of like even It's like Star Wars or something every movie they grow the reaction shift change they have A New Path and then not having seen the movie I can't add anything else be too much of a spoiler I don't think but the problem that I've got with the reboot of the Star Trek movies is in I'm going to talk a little bit for a second about in very general terms the plot of the new Star Trek movie by talking about the other one probably got was all three movies now basically have the same device for conflict which is there is a dude who shouldn't have better technology than the rest of the Federation of planets which is like the biggest agency in the Galaxy the amazing things even in this in this movie they specifically Sho something to have that's incredible basically it's the Enterprise on the road so we're all going to die hydrolyzed their ship in the first 20 minutes much like that this early like that it was the Voyage Home they were stuff like I'm just covered country was the only want to talk about with a guy on the planet Who develops his revenge with technology this the new reboot series like I mean you know in the first movie had that mining ship that was from the future it was way better than anything else yes Trek planets and Spock had that fucking really through whatever that thing was Monster again in the third movie it's pretty simple you can see the Enterprise get ripped apart the trailer that you know it's like we stumble across some unbelievably powerful people you know that they have a connection with reverse this movie was pointless talk to you since the movie came out that didn't like it it's the only movie I've seen in that Series in the reboot Series where when some of the action takes place I live like I said that the whole scene was like they're people fighting each other and in the end up in a certain place and then the thing happens and it's like whatever who cares everybody it's like I was flying all over the place and it's like really it's like why even the actions you just like one of the Lord is here 3% on Rotten Tomatoes directions to Fast Furious and it was also had a motorcycle in the trailer to my truck that motorcycle in the Star Trek universe how does that make any sense makes perfect sense that we have the classic and out of the first Star Trek film did JJ Abrams that's four things that bothered me about that the review for the fact they were the future was showing the motorcycle in the in the original Star Trek the JJ Abrams one but I'm really hoping for the next AR Trek to be like an Undiscovered Country like Star Trek V that was a great Star Trek movie and play it on my resume there's there's been some Star Trek films and also a big thing that was in the series which was dealing with that new races and they really haven't like I mean if they touched on the Klingons a little bit in the last one but barely and and I thought I loved him that's surface you know some sort of you know dilemma or or diplomatic problem or some sort of like I don't know I just love watching movies just like The Phantom Menace Sho go Big Hearted Star Trek was social commentary like a tackle diversity before anybody else would and it was always like going back to the Undiscovered Country would just want to talk about marriage you know that was something like a biscuit to clean underwear the Russians and the Soviet out in the fall of an Empire and dealing with it now humbled you know but they're still dangerous and was really it was cool and I think there's a lot of sinking of guys that you didn't know has a bad hip that will destroy you also one of the dumbest openings I think - Star Trek films that open like actually she was really dumb love him and I love Simon Peg when I saw it seems like what are you doing Simon Peg what up with that he was only writers but I was like this feels like gu V Simon Peg I don't know how I feel about this opening that was also the way I just heard the film it felt like a fan film as opposed to someone coming in from like a different angle or from a fresh perspective it felt like a fan wrote a bad thing in this day in age though go to the first was written by fans of the ritual AR checked and it turned that into a film you know I just felt like one long as opposed to that's kind of where we are now with big long-running franchises like green and I went out to lucasfilm and we sat down the Star Wars podcast everyone in there was somebody who grew up with Star Wars it is not working on Star Wars sense in dealing with the Final Fantasy Square save for a long time that he didn't want to make Final Fantasy 7 again because they were all sense of it felt like the fact that they were too affected by the project I think I think it was from someone who was a fantasy and then they make stuff the receipt I think something you should try to do even if you are soon as coming from that that the background is that make stuff for the fans not like you are one of the fans are like them that they make it seem like it was made by fantasy makers made for the fans like I don't mind Star Trek movie that was made for a Star Trek family I grew up watching the show but don't make it seem like it was just a really cool idea that some kid had what does that mean that's like really brought your like make something for the fans but not like by the fence so I think it's just like the general feel of it it just felt like a really cool like episode ideas was - I don't know if I felt like the first Star Trek the Reboot film felt like a fresh perspective at the Star Trek but it was written by a fan I mean Evans is a self-professed Star Trek fan but I didn't feel like I was just written by a fan the premise of Star Trek beyon has a lot more potential the one I think it delivered but it was still very fun like everywhere they go you know you know my mother want to give me something about that but I got to do something with you talking about long-running franchises is Gus I went up to San Francisco just North of San Francisco to Novato was a central figure the great Rice-A-Roni in San Francisco so amazing it's amazing it's the best and we went you should not be smiling that might take me a second civilization 6 and its current state of development and take a look at it and that is of course that the franchise has been around since 1993 somewhere in there so yeah maybe early early look yeah so that's a franchise has been running now for a very long. Of time in 20 years so there's people that work on that franchise he grew up playing that game and it's the same kind of thing so we'll talk more about it this week on the patch I will I will try to drop in and discuss that with you we might even have some stuff to sho from it as well the civilization for those franchises that even though I've been a gamer whole life I've been playing excess amount of games I got to think there could be a tire franchise that you just never touch you and see me I've never played Mass Effect 2 what he would do in the real world but I am like in the original one. He was supposed to be the most peaceful person ever he had the highest peace level whatever that meant and then through the game if you can do stuff to increase everyone's peace score and because he had the highest one is Peace Corps reset and went back to the bottom so you became the most four hungry like character in the game you never played Chris I know right so you've never played this game now so far the theme of this podcast is Chris talking about things gotha V Landing San Francisco Airport leagu selfie stick car his car service takes up to where we were going and we were in the car and bring my work using her phone so we are just casually talking about Pokemon go and the driver overheard us he's like a real team Pokemon go you're like yeah he's like yelling hurry to get where you're going tour around San Francisco - like you like I know popular Pokemon go spots and this is a cab no it was like okay I'm just save it to be a really smart way of like getting I like more your fair to make sure you don't the Undiscovered Country the movie was the first Star Trek series that was like a hundred people out there on their phones playing a little bit and they're running by Pokemon nobody said what's happening is it supposed Pokemon happenings Justice on the weekend if you got the Joker make charmanders all over now CA go to Auditorium Shores I went out into the stores on on Sunday and and did I go to work at like all the stops and got a bunch of Charmander that can feel good about the fact they did Pokemon go take away the feet social Footprints because they weren't working so the decision was taken way to fix them will just remove them and they also shut down all of the apps that track Pokemon four am fine with that uncalled Niantic Lab at Niantic laugh on Twitter and the actual Twitter account for the people made it Niantic Labs it so it's very hard to tell but they are like there egg hatching screen and they sent along a that you dumped your ex fuck you even so. That is a fake account like they should put every tweet should be very straightforward I thought you was already like that we are yes we've noticed the bug yellow we're trying to fix it Pokemon go yeah I do I do I did are you playing Pokemon go what level are you want to say I feel like it's embarrassing Delta 1821 power level the fac of a bunch of candies and stuff I'm just kind of waiting on music and just waiting for that moment when I've got like 2 hours ago and really liked everything in line and just like 30 minutes at a time where I like to build things up in my head gotha did you hear about the guy who specifically went out to hit the level cap on Pokemon go work currently exist with a level kit is level 40 and I can't find the stat here but the reason we could use the pot he freely admits he use them to help him hunt Pokemon go first I want that body Tennessee from game spot.com HTTP code can use a bot more than 50,000 XP a day for a year straight level which is just like I don't even know by 50000 experience I think it might level would take me up a level and a basic understanding level of difficulty or like her like longevity you got to build into games that seems a bit excessive scale and then they're just like out there that was the thing you remember that initially that was containment system there was stuff to put in there like we fucking putting this in there for like go ahead be number one in the world that wasn't right what was the name of the warden had to kill 10000 multiplayer kills seriously it was seriously really know hate the Riddler trophy thing every single fucking game control these hundreds of trophies and just go find them you gotta find them and then you'll see go to do a puzzle is stupid I hate you I really hate about achievement in video games is that I like to get all of them and it always seems like you never know going into a game it's like okay this game try to unlock it V achievements in your first place as a great on my way to get a hundred percent and then as you get into the game you then learn when you get that point out how do I get the treatment you look it up and find out that achievement that one achievement is going to take about three and a half months of plane do this and I'm never going to play any console games anymore I'm off now so I don't I don't do anything because he cares about the same things but the cheapest I like I like you know I like getting you know the fictitious award but anytime there's multiplayer achievements like well I'm not going Franklin's game cuz I do multiplayer on him I hate him cheapest AR how you make single player competitive I think that's what that great if you want to make a multiplayer achievements that introduces people to the multiplayer system and a game that people don't typically play multiplayer like Assassin's Creed and make it something like level 5 launch multiplayer something needs to be done and one straight play session game primarily multiplayer on Titanfall it so there's no single player campaign for the campaign I don't really care for multiplayer and so when who came out with DLC that then just had a cheapest with it then they were mad that you couldn't get to because they were in the rotation or text okay cool thank you for building score NBA hangtime - 10000 can't affect that your game getting on the popular let me know if there's very few games now very few games where a month or two after they come out they have any kind of you no appreciable V online population there's just so many games I was like it's just spread horizontally so much it's not like I was huge I play OverWatch constantly for the first several weeks out I think I lost it once in the last like 2 weeks yesterday around 50,000 XP in a day is the most you get for XP in the game is 1000 XP for hatching a 10K egg or you can if you have a lucky egg you can get a thousand I mean it BB yeah this is with eggs on every Pokemon 250X pieces today four years top 250 XP did I do that so many times 500 Volvo Pokemon which best Pokemon my battery on 2 Amp 1400 I'm really proud of my Flareon is what we are doing hundred look at what we this is a prediction that we've been making for years come true what is that prediction they were all fucking their nose Chris Penn VR VR the sentence thank you there's a hundred thousand dollars in a VR setup and it's just sitting in their living room right now but they are game comes along everybody in the fucking world is going on I'm really embarrassed but it's a picture it's not 9:31 talk again hold on let me see what I got he didn't level up your Eevee and then I show you Metal Mulisha I didn't know that when I did this okay Jon I get the feeling that talking about Pokemon and their Swiss CP stand for ComEd power coming out all wrong I love you Pokemon and their CP doesn't mean we won so you keep that shit here to help on the screen screen shots of you and your fucking Pokemon it's all fake anyway I'm sure have you seen Adam Baird's like he posted a screenshot he's got like 2000 no one is better than that impaired yeah it's got this it's impossible I refuse to leave as anybody makes me feel bad that she had a script that would analyze the map around the office and would tweet or like the Professor Oak really anyway wax on believing that group and it would go like it was like a private pokevision diabolical my best yeah I got it I got a champ and he's like 1400 I feel like 1400 four were like 26 points apart I got some gu Lake 201 201 New York City we went to get my Experian we going to like it said Madame Tussauds did you not mention it I think yeah I might have any way we could do anything you were going mad Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is in that spoiler go to that lot of fun with your proton pack is really cool to like weird that I'm really cool experiences with like child franchises that a loved one was I went to this mad at you sad thing and admittedly I love the voice and the technology and everything in me to leave this thing you balcony shipping between two windows on a New York Department building that was pretty cool I mean that felt like 30 stories movies link to save the kitty I would do that the VR Blue Sky Thinking save the Kitt yeah they're inside of a room and have a VR headset on and the VR scenario is that they're like on the high-rise and there's a wood plank that's going out over like you know nothing on the end of it is a kitty and if - save the Kitt on fantasy cat at the end of the blanket and is wind blowing on you so it really completes the illusion of you know people over and freak out freak out there that's their view but this is what foreclosed room do I feel like people really scared shitless they really on the floor like inching along guy stumbles you should be about Peg Century just look up save the kitty very important sta Kitt if not anything else you might get a different save that pussy if that's the new thing that people like animals having sex is it hold on to Mystic Force having sex now she doesn't know what it is or we get to four office four is having sex yeah this is really cool experience I had from a child franchise just recently as I play the Star Trek VR thing which I was like okay this is what I've been waiting for over the VR thing it was at Star Wars when I say sorry sorry that this one Star Wars going to tell your family and you get a V can download it trials on tatooin think I'll go to the trouble of tatooin what sounds like a George Lucas title for a movie that's really great it's really basic it's probably about 10 minutes maybe it's just like the Millennium Falcon here flies and we're watching a clip from your planet have not used one fucking VR headset not used VR yeah but I'm all set up in their head and I had when you're off come by my house I'll come by people setting up their V for 8 hours to meet if you plug in three things and it's it's all set the plug-in what plugs in then you like to ask where you're done and the lighthouse I don't need to be plugged into anything the White House's number - 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Last week V for Trek 15 years old I was making myself eggs it wasn't Rusty cooking until I feel like college really and I was like I made speed out I might my cooking skills have not progressed since College I make spaghetti and eggs and I think I've got a service for you what do you do 5258 some fish that AR source swordfish by fish up to the Butcher and go to V sexy go I want to I want to be just you know I put it in what I do for cooking is that whatever I'm cooking I just put dressing on it like Italians if it's whatever whatever dressing I have I just it's like I'm cooking fish or whatever it is I'll just put dressing on it and then I'm going to cook it and let's get that tastes like vinegar social it's like all these flavors mixed together into one go if I go to your house when you kiss me Chris and Teddy by 11 years if you can make better fish can we get a Michelin star four recipe fish in dress whatever starred with I can barely out my flavors by addressing a what matters is the dress Chris to come home and do what with it but I also need something how do you cook this fish typically what I'll do is I'll just put it in a pan and then I poured restauran Gus on both sides and then I'll just cook it in the oven thing frying fish in a pan base with and Trent Richardson's anybody on his part of the cooking process after it's cooked into it jok I cannot wait to see the animated Adventure version of this dead Grill ever since Marcus cookie iguan on it did you use the grill yeah but it's like it's fine and yeah it was really smelly edible thing you know there's a lot of people who will be able to eat in iguan out there is a quiz that is 27 questions that have nothing to do with politics and they determine where you fall on the political Spectrum out so I thought it made me it did I took it to you got me pretty well it was okay. Where to put your tire put me and put me pretty much dead in the middle but like probably one or two questions to the left more liberal where to put you about something they probably will bit further liberal than you yeah but it wasn't like in a hundred percent one or the other if it landed in a pretty good like actors four questions in there like damn I couldn't imagine what would be I mean if you said yes you believe that like any animals like their four people to eat essentially is that I said yes because I'm curious how monkey monkey I didn't I would need a person a mammal final boss VII feel like you're the I would maybe if I would like really hungry or that monkey was a good day really smart like that it's kind of like I might be willing to try everything see-through entire some questions or how much you were disgusted by the question the other question is I might be willing to try eating monkey meat under some circumstances the answers are truly discreet mileage speed neutral mildly agree strongly agree I think I passed Runner have to try that out later I would do neutral on the survey start over-thinking my own thought process they wouldn't survey strongly disagree feel like a survey like at a restaurant when they leave I the survey is on the table I do that a lot kick the survey like if you ever got anything from Chris Chris is very frugal person Chris also you're the one the one critiquing the taste of the food at restaurant and you cook Chris UK laugh or did you get a good cycle go where you get like free fries every time we go to a place or something Dubai burger and then you'll recall SE Jon survey and you'll get a free fries when next time you come while I'm eating the burger out feel it the survey acquire new four eyes for the next time I come and then get fries and a burger yeah it's just a constant cycle smashburge different sizes of different sizes and then go back Beat It featuring is Idaho Boston but always felt like AR solution for not having Internet Crystal better than is better than the best In-N-Out that's a better price but P Terry's close to me four we get off as crazy as I was reminded today of a funny story about you and me about when when I got divorced it was a very stressful time as most divorces AR Chris took me out to he want to see I told him and then he wanted to take me out to get lunch or something like I guess we celebrate the end of it V take me to CiCi's Pizza Pizza in the middle of the week again CiCi's Pizza by the way is just to be clear he's like 299 Buffet of pizza pizza is a relative which Sunday you go to CiCi's and it's the best day of your life as you eat enough for the whole week since I had a guy had a good time it so it's it's like a little hidden gem hack it's a bucket AR I'll be there and yeah there was it was it was a good time but you can dead by latest music that I do when I go out where to bring - Pokemon go then maybe going to discover this is now when I go out with people one of the questions I always ask people in a group of like six or eight people like you couples is where is a place in Austin to eat they don't think other people know about and try to find like a little place is in the crazy thing was some mention the place and then as word took us to dinner there and then we went to a brunch there like the next day so it's weird that I heard about this place and it ended up going there twice totally from somebody else's suggestions let me know so long as there's tons of restaurants at the same time and trying to make it once a week I'm going to a restaurant never been to a place around the corner from here they don't know what's wrong what was it was it was the beats AR times who I thought it was just too fancy like you try to be overly fancy for the sake of what it was kind of in a strip mall that sometimes I think some places over complicate the food and they try to make it like this new style of cooking so I know if I have a question and it says person who Moved Austin someone coming in town and you they want to have Austin BBQ where you take away nickel nickel Franklin's but if you don't want to wait four hours and very good but they have really good usually just about everything else it's all good Chris text me the address we want to go to like a nice place somewhere that serves beef where should we go oh my God it's really close to where I live metal work from here Chris is there I will do this where would take somebody is coming in from out of town days I think it highly underrated place that a lot of people probably for the same categories Bill Miller vs rudy' consistent every time you know it's going to be exactly like the last time you know about BBQ Texas BBQs mostly beef barbecue and barbecue takes a long time to cook and so as a result of that barbecue places feel like you should wait in line for fucking ever I don't know if a barbecue place where you just like walk up and order it rudy' can get that sometimes comes Bill Miller is there just constantly back there cooking cooking cooking cooking cooking your two hours before you even get a table sometimes you know when you go to Franklin's I've never done that if I ever do that you have permission to laugh at me because I will definitely laugh did not the V hours like that used to be a food trailer you're my old house right and I would walk there all the time she was like oh yeah I was thinking barbecue and then we got here it's up four totally like this like everything go up burn that is wicked witch Style Lockhart BBQ video I want to be a bad time to bring up today's podcast is also had some going to go back to my house and I'm going out of town but I'll try to try all the barbecue I think of this piece of sausage and I did it and it was so much grease in it that a stream of Grease shot out and hit the wall opposite across from the dining room table money shot the STA - still there food poodles and everytime I try to go to microwave make awesome okay that's it that's our tour of Austin bars I'm at taking four breakfast tacos more before going to barbecue it anywhere down selfie go to Taco Express Selden like a bunch of junk use his art and like this huge lady statue that was good I'm at work now caca Justice in Tulsa this week what are the video I watched over the week right what am I doing this up so the podcast is brought to you by Braintree payments by next year maybe even though will be the next Bitcoin the next Apple pay or you know who knows maybe even both for chili braintre East.. Platform is easily adaptable to whatever the future holds so you can adapt easily to accept everything from pounds to PayPal to that next big innovation from any device with just one integration and when that your payment method comes out you'll have all you have to do something a few lines of code no late nights no complicated recoating no stress about staying ahead of the curve Braintree payments is here to help learn more Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth that's Braintree payments.com / Rooster Teeth you can set up and take payments right there using that website and that URL thank you for sponsoring this up so the podcast so not having to do with the internet I watch a documentary it was it was a vice documentary over the weekend about is going to sound like I'm lying to you it's about this area in the mountains of Peru on Christmas Day everyone in the village gets drunk then they all come out into the Town Square and they all fight each other I love it if you had agreement if you had a grievance with someone during the year you call him out in front of the whole village and you fight you I know you're calling out your fight so it's the purge supposed to put someone on the ground Sho out if someone doesn't show up make sure everyone comes out if you're called out you have to fight the first W Sho the same the first one is kind of a festive mood it's kind of like a couple of half-assed punches but then they keep going further up the mountain and they get to another Village or not it's sucking on it like there's like a little kids fighting each other like I'm going to have like is April 1st like a birthday also and it should be that day and second that your whatever whatever probably had your done it's over you gotta love that because that's what you do we got a really precise with your mad at I can by a lot of people the first one can you go can you do burn emerging we were going to have to write Michael and Gavin do training exercises from the MMA video game holy crap no I would not do that but we figured a boxer would be bad because a boxer could actually give you brain damage and I MMA fighter it'll be so fast it'll just like really hurt you get all banged up but you probably won't have any long-term effects less likely than on jackass with the the female kickboxing champion Asian lady that took her right there she Kitt done done done in the stomach and it looks like one of the most who got his face shattered recently and the guy who was catching him but the guy who got kneed in the face like posted his X-ray of his face to Twitter it is just like shattered pieces from them in the face how to get someone hard enough I take something or somebody had a picture of Chris and the kitchen they send it to us do you have that I sent you an instant message so you can find the instant message I sent it to Patrick V exam SE me like a message so I don't MMA better better just wondering I texted it to you okay just curious Texas Scottish Rite Chris the X-ray that's gonna look like that many pieces should be different Manzanita Sol out with you before that you're ready history of it was really interesting I guess like this region and the history behind people getting drunk and beating each other up is there really a History either occupation and has vs occupation for many years like when the Spanish conquered South America they could not conquer that part apro the people to spot them so vigorously and before them and I would say it was the Incas work or concrete level the Incas never capture that area really and to this day people in that area BB can't speak Spanish but they still have their own dialect like the old language save held on for thousands of years now that they won't be anywhere else I like the cheapest because anybody who shows up on Christmas day they're going to fuck them up it's just a real on a real life 40 people not knowing people out there where would I find rooster Christmas Day and I don't know probably because the entire production star mad immersion at RTX and I discovered that the same person that I can tell a lot of people in this company even if their master and disguise him like that just when they walk you can tell me about holy could tell that I did that I did the sponsor only version of the emotion I had a fucking good disguise I was there immediately smashburge again I will stay with you in for this one survey is Michael game rooster text funn was a lot of fun it would you V burni on problem CiCi's CA are you going to V you see me now I'm four years gotha BB give you before you want to fight and who you are because I think that no matter what happens at the end of it like he's the guy that would be able to walk away from it I think Alan would wreck you all you do we're similar sizes you are suicide summer Bill Miller age and I feel like weed metal before the podcast I was asking if you would ever go boulderin and um and I suicide rock climbing oh my God can I think so okay will you please call the out gotha indoor rock climbing walls like an outdoors indoors boulderin the former Rock climbin performed without the use of ropes or harnesses what are the seasons like mad since up until like 10 feet high yeah there's something really SE 1520 the fan that serious probably give her one of those bouldering finals but they have their Ghostbuster speed climbin four crazy inhuman there any human it's it's it's not great but you said you couldn't do it besides there's no way I could lift myself up like that Google activity Bill to get up some of the other ones 2104 you can black ones we have to be upside down boulderin SE cuz you say headbutt in on this discussion about the fighting have you ever been in a situation where you actually wanted to fight someone I wanted to punch someone this weekend don't know if that counts what did you want to surprise them if I explain it you don't explain it I was I was at a coffee shop on Sunday I think as you please and I went there I was just a cup of coffee in the morning and take it back to my place and drink my coffee and I left it there so I sit down at the table here and on the side table is an issue of the chronicle I see you're so that's my issue takanakuy UC out the right there was like okay so I stood up to leave and give me back by the way that's why I'm just waiting Pokemon she got me upset what do the little what I'm doing a local Austin man punches himself tattoo though I've painted yeah absolutely it's just so yeah don't worry your little Pokemon are there everywhere I didn't know if I can take head unit out I started to tell this story should be like their chairs over there - Serena podcast long time ago but I'm running into the rare bird which was V Austin asshole when you run into like a dozen in your face kind of weird asshole and I ran into a guy like that and we were down off of South 1st Street you know the trailer park where she started and trailers were there and I forget we were in love that place that sells the Kitt shakes with the greatest thing ever to take a shake and I'm thinking they put a slice of cake in it and then blend it up and where is this it's just south of Barton Springs Road you know where that splits Riverside Springs holy cow holy cow holy cow red velvet and vanilla cake the color came out of nowhere that matter taste good I'll put you in as long as the cake where should a picture of right now on Mother's Day Blended a cake into a shape that's fine that's what you go there just to get the cake balls which by the way is speed of cake batter covered chocolate I know that pretty good for you beats with the kids and I think Ashley was there too and I was awhile ago and the guy behind me was with a girl and I was talking to the kids and I turned around and the guy asked me a question the kids were talking to me I got a question and I was like what and he goes do you know where they started or something like that I can't remember what the fucking question was I was like I said I don't know whatever and she in turn background was talking to the kids and I heard the girlfriend say what did he say and the guy goes because I don't know if that's what happened tell me assholes come in from California and they think they own the place I turned around I go absolutely infuriated me and I pulled the whole day like I asked I said I said how long have you lived in this fucking town and he goes oh I didn't I wasn't talking about you I'm talking about and you just you look like you look like a guy that I know who's from California so I thought you your a fucking idiot and the girlfriend like turns and walks away and I hear an asshole like justice I'm so aroused right now until Christmas day and come out fom by recording Shores something that we start and I've had people ask me about the guy that I met that was an asshole four years and it's like a story just that it's one of the only bad experiences I've had in Austin in 20 years of living here that's what you put there longer than just about anyone Bibles in Austin for over 10 years now and It beeped when I tell people that they're like here people are like oh my God you live here forever Gus was in when you come your night I was born here lived here when I was a kid moved away according to station move back when I was back in 9898 so I was over there everything okay Chris has one of those Smiles that lets me know that something bad is about to happen I was looking at this pillow I love Hitler as a verb and it made me thought it made me think of a date is going to Star they were the person that happened on the day I was on a date at some point and I'm listen to happen like did you see this person you asked about was it someone that you know like honestly that magic works for you if not in person a person you met in person or something in person so if you met a person from talking type thing conversation are you like I'm going to ask her out on a date it was coming out for a bit and I'm like oh you know goodbye be friends on Facebook or something and then from there kind of talking like a let's go grab a drink whatever okay I sent over Facebook after you got your purse okay anyway so I listen to audiobooks I am currently that was magical by the way I want to fuck you but anyway I'm sorry about some I am really into history so I'm doing one right now on Hitler and World War II so I cannot it's like if you notice like anyway so I've been hearing a lot of audio book about Hitler and at some point during the date Hitler came up we talked about Hitler nothing, it's easy to talk about how big of a dick Hitler was right down there so anyway we think we're weird she kept saying things that you can't like Miller survey lazines Runner like she was little things that weren't corrected I keep having to correct her about you blue correcting the facts about Hitler because I knew - and I be like is really sick so we are trying but like Hitler and his kids and like to start my own AR probably even his kids had other kids and like actually I don't think Hitler had any kids and I'd like correct you know about that killing actually later actually there are a couple other you don't seem like I like you Academy the correct I wanted to correct the Hitler mistakes misinformation out there anyway the point the conversation was on a date do you correct someone if they say things that are incorrect only if it's about Hitler going to play the girl can you ask me how the date was but like I asked you hey buddy how's it going crazy how about it can we go to is the accident AR dates I mean that's not yet this recently no four years ago you never know picture without them Chris is going through on the first date and feeling a lot better about it right now you know what I'm going to bring this updat tender Suicide Squad movie coming out this weekend Suicide Squad about it I don't know yet I know nothing about nothing about suicide squad they are working off a life sentence so they by doing these missions and - they put an anti bombs inside of them okay people are Runner and the mission but it's mostly it's like hey you have done a heinous crime that would never get you out of jail ever again will let you get some of your energy out and even maybe get to kill some people by doing like Black Ops missions that we can't have superheroes be doing and we can't have them seem to be doing stuff also have the potential to leave jail damage a level has exact same thing with the tinkle Thunderbolts so they're both of them to come back to make a movie out of Marvel comic they had were the people who clean up after superheroes destroy the city I can over game at all yeah if there's a name of the company is what they are damage control Chris - so many comic book Netflix series now I can keep up it's an easy place to pull four adaptations that used to be books as we got out of patience but like comic books are just so much I haven't seen Jessica Jones or the flash or any of that stuff or Daredevil and out that now they're going to be the defender yeah like this is Holy Daredevil Jessica Jones Luke Cage and Iron Fist for all the lead-up to The Defenders did you have to be a long discussion about Misses Marvel Miss Marvel Miss Marvel sorry thank you she's Carol Danvers right now and then just blonde lady but then there was a black Miss Marvel at some point which is part of the West Coast Avengers we'll just remember there's been like they're like different versions of like a lot of superheroes misremembering risinge Kamal is your name I think I think that's her and she's Miss Marvel Miss Marvel has never been anything but Carol Danvers the entire time 7 Ventura Karla sofen Kamala Khan Tre apply in person Chris jerk and he's moved back to California that's what I mean people are upset about this Joker a great gift set with Will Smith and interview and they were talking about another weird gifts that your little game to people cuz that's been a thing to talk about and it's will talking about how he's like he's like yeah I got a pig with its like your throat cut and that's what was given to me and the interview was like what did you do how did you respond and responses like texting like I do this is acting for me and I was like that's actually a really good response because it's stupid and I guess they're even there even though criticizing Heath Ledger but they're like how is Mark Hamill played Joker for 20 years and hasn't gone crazy or you know done something dangerous or suicidal and the answer is because he's acting it's not it's not like him you know and like yeah that's true he doesn't even do that to the character of his need to be walking around New York City Testing laugh out on actual people to see which one gets a crazy crazy person Debbie said I'm sorry about the movie I want to be very good PG-13 seems like I should be in AR everybody and there's like a date like in the one they're basing this on his the one I think they came out in the DC New 52 there's no the character that instead of like that's a crock there's this character called king shark and his constant biting people's heads off and ripping them in half and it's just boring stuff so I don't know I guess they're going to really follow it down to make it PG-13 you do well box office so it seems like everything is not doing that well this is what the people could put into the superheroes like the street that they have going this might be it will do regardless of whether it's good it will do great the first weekend I like about it it's been over - the end of the street performer that's what I look like 2 years ago the Ryan Reynolds what I'm saying that that's like there's been bad ones it's like the Marvel like when was Green Lantern released will there wasn't anything bad it made the run a hell of a streak with the word hell the civilization like there hasn't been one yet I don't know I mean I fucking hate or whatever the duck Howard the Duck you got so upset about him and guardians of galaxy I could anybody trying to make titanfal four on a flight to LA on Friday go to watch it it was recently and feels like it's been save hurts bad but I just I want to see it I was on the flight and when I got to the point in the movie where they finally got their powers not even an action sequence they just finally get the power is 50 minutes into out really really superhero action sequence in the comic what is it like page 3 crashed ship and all I have is a piece of shit fucking thing anybody Jon Dore podcast dreams it was a bad yes he apparently get out of here good movies to watch fantastic Joker in Killing Joke Killing Joke was 30% of Rotten Tomatoes should be lower the Joker been handled performed his lines well that's about the best I can say he really said every time they cast a joker there's never been a bad joker like no one ever said that I should not have played The Joker and I think the same will come true with Jared Leto come out Suicide Squad and he was one of the best things about me that you like your limitations mean Star Trek that's what Jared Leto as the Joker never been a bad joker the character itself is so fucking goofy that if you suspend the disbelief that I dislike murderous clown can be threatening and interesting that you're going to be okay with however anybody interpret that is there a Joker in the Gotham TV series is not a joker but I haven't seen it it's a real teenager watch that show it's stupid Jon Hate Everything I Hate Everything The Flash showing up in the Justice League trailer with blue stuff around them like blue and I like to Justice and I'm actually someone who I will admit that I enjoyed it still I think you but I think sometimes you can enjoy bad movies and I am and so I actually went inside twice in theaters enjoy it even more the second time and so when the justice of tre on the 101 Tre to come out I got excited I love what's the guy who plays The Flash Ezra Miller it's very similar to me with Tony Stark and Peter Parker in Civil War which was just four Spider-Man that's definitely the best Peter Parker like it's the best thing that's ever been in a movie before a good like the attitude you can bring to it trailers Revelation the podcast is a change over time you don't realize when they they changed on the internet and look up when was the last time if I said hey there's a Suicide Squad trailer out where do you go to watch that YouTube when was the last time you went to apple.com star trailers website to watch trailers and it's something that just turned up the traffic for apple.com slash trailers must have plummeted over the course of the last like 5 years I would love to see a graph I never really said but yeah you see destination for trailers now nobody I know goes to apple.com - 1 years HTTP colon slash slash could you in bed apro thing as a big thing then because I don't like it like apro out of film blogs and I'll tell you embed a trailer is that you have not yet I'm actually really happy they did something pretty shitty I felt like very early on which was they were a destination for people go to watch trailers and they got The Phantom Menace trailer was The Phantom Menace there was a clone what was bettermen fantasy The Phantom Menace trailer and in order to watch The Phantom Menace trailer either at a certain resolution or at a certain time that resolution you had to download Quicktime Pro and by QuickTime Pro to watch it when she came to watch a commercial basically for something else I used to have some coffee with you but I paid for QuickTime Pro Star Wars I was going to do anything I could to watch Star Wars stuff I remember a time when I had internet that was so bad but I wanted to watch trailers at their highest resolution that instead of like loading the trailer and waiting for the bus or some like that on Apple trailers you can download the and as I watched it because I dead set up like the first four years of red vs blue justice crap that's what I blue dead CDs at home vs Blue I'm going to say this because I already bought my tickets maybe we could you guys might want to go tickets are still available Star Runner is having a 20th anniversary party in Atlanta so that during DragonCon they're selling I'm really excited but I'm go to the bank and didn't invite me to go with you I did not I thought and then I would like to go to Jordan and I are very big Homestar Runner so we bonded over that he said to me today shooting million dollars by tomorrow AR customers to be such a long day or something okay caca theme songs - podcast remake and that we might use your theme song Dreamcast also if you are listening to this broadcast a podcast from somewhere in Japan Gavin and I will be in Tokyo Japan this coming Saturday for the Japanese premiere of Lazer team we will be there there's going to be some details posted in exactly that is in a journal that are put on the site probably Tuesday morning but we would love to see you come out and watch the premiere of Lazer team in Japan with me and Gavin not a pretty picture he's somewhere else right now in New Jersey