#388 - Suicide Squad Goals

Join Gus Sorola, Kerry Shawcross, Barbara Dunkelman, and Miles Luna as they discuss DC movies, the Olympics, stolen property, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 8, 2016, sponsored by Audible (http://adbl.co/2bgBJkt), Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), and Trunk Club (http://bit.ly/29tyrJm).

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Recorded: 2016-08-09 15:30:32

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone would receive my cash this week brought to you by audibl Casper & Trunk Club on Gus I'm Kerry I'm Barbara I miles and I'm Gus no wait a minute I'm confused out of the country at the moment and I'm kind of horny no I had something really weird happened the other day okay you know the bike Barbara away from whatever Barbara the Olympic opening ceremony right and it lasts like 6 hours every now and then that's weird I say okay I can tell you I don't I just want to give me a call next door like talk to you later we just went through all of his training for the Olympic laugh she travels a lot of events apparently okay I will will this down his & Her curling winter in Rio right now the weird my friend like playing at the football game no she has not been with you watching to computer abz she's got it all right so if you had to be in the Olympics are going to be in the Olympics and I supposed to compete to try to win you have to have to give it your all essentially you're going to continue going to compete and some of its highly unless one of you guys is the fucking superhero to Sky if you're going to leave something you're going to fail at on National Television which is something where there's a lot of people competing like running or swimming she does not look at it one person falls down abz bike hurdles right and one of the competitors like breaks their leg and then you're the person that stuff and like Kerry from across no one will know Kerry at you like sorry like the Olympics Army special think I was trying to blaze of glory because I got no I'm not going to win so I probably pull vaulting shows like the catalog that way there's like no I gotta run I didn't even know that situation I also hated myself biathlon ski and shoot of shooting at someone said he took an SUV bike V decathlo on on the 710 the men's decathlon which apparently is just structured differently in the women's the cat that looks like it's all the same as like we ordered a lot of time on the hundred meter run all day what you do all this and can you do that for me to do it and how long does a good time is like so I could do it like in gravity Longdale OK shot put plan 400-meter yeah I actually track the track I had problems doing the high jump in track because when we okay Michael classes they started out as a self defense for kids that I'm man enough to the borders of this do we have tournaments for kids to horde to the tournament we do high jump it'll be just like straight to jump over the belt when you do high jump in track you have to jump backwards over it I couldn't get my body to do it like my body was just I cannot do it hurt instead have to face my enemy between the two and I mean in Middle School track and go the fuck you want your ass like a corner competition that we see you in gym class I was always a winner of both high jump and long time cause I was a 5.912 year old just like fucking lie big step like going over V in Sweden to step over them it's an easy question to the Sailin to which is interesting to do like for me one that you like your in a group and you can like your pants and the same & Sherman center for the to what heir to days long D to get like a hundred meter hurdles discus throw pole vault javelin throw 1500 meter race why did on the track I could not do that stuff anymore that's what you want how far do you think we are out how this another time question no I don't think so but how far do you think we are from having something with Kyle at The Hunger Games but for real I don't think people but it's like paintballs or something like how far from the competitive survival The Purge The Purge for I feel like that's going to happen you're going away it's been like why are we doing this finally have them in Greece all the time that's just what we just build one think we stop fucking wasted money on it already just go as their priests could certainly use it so expensive to host the Olympics had a great Olympics I hate that wasn't one of the saddest moments of my life Nickelback Farm no because all Canadians were just like with the Canadiens his band representing with you like we do this we need to do to loot but you're the Pledge of Allegiance Bobby Capps Elementary Phantom I realized I felt my entire life grade school curry rice of the pledge allegiance trunk like what are you saying I always start off with I pledge of allegiance to the flag of the year how many years are in school yeah I just did that I just cuz I never pay their people like to say this shit or that was me his junior year I didn't do it you think you just blew someone's mind just like I never paid attention to the words that I said ever I remember no the weird thing to make a bunch of kids say everyday yeah it's definitely weird like when you got to like the World War II Germany section in the history books as reading that to stand up and be there and I don't even that's the national anthem at of maple syrup home and native land describe the types of flat Swiss laugh you have poutine it the Canadiens did you did you terribly Marshall at Charli FedEx but I remember the biggest problem I have his candidate was that I couldn't find a trash can in the recycling cans everywhere and I was like Brian Brassfield on Twitter says that I should have had to rush it said a nickel back so that I can get behind I think we may just on the Jeffersons in history that's always true no tomorrow what is the significance significance of that no idea 283 to family always seem like when I was a kid it didn't seem weird but then as I got older that was kinda fast right I was waiting for the second part where you raise your arm up that's what I was expecting someone on Twitter I thought it was visible under God that's a good thing for all I just I mean what is waiting for the second part of it it looks like it looks like you're trying to push the Invisible Woman down to give him a blow job but that's just something that we did the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag advertisement pledge allegiance to the flag indivisible the to that other got fucked up he got it so that was I pledge allegiance to the flag under God indivisible for all & Infused Orlando purg no welcome to America 3 uses against the council decide to go to this so the government offices federal government office last week and you walked in and I walked into this office no he's in my phone I was looking something up on my phone as soon as I can hear your car no cell phone and TV with a DVD player hooked up to it and they're playing Superman return Superman they probably have like days at their office like all right guys are doing superhero pledge recently I had to go somewhere to get something done for my Green Card application probably were at the same place and there were signs everywhere like no phone did you put my phone in my car such a Canadian singer absolutely not let me read something before I get to Suicide Squad as I said that I saw Suicide Squad how are you the Joker want to remind everyone where to buy audible.com so thanks audibl.com for supporting this absolutely podcast audibl has an unmatched selection of audio books original shows news comedy and more audiobooks The Great to listen to when you're driving at the gym or shopping for listeners audibl offering a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial if you want to listen to it audibl has its go to audible.com slash Rooster Teeth Bowser on Match selection of audio content download a title for free and start listening it's that easy get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial at audible.com slash Rooster Teeth that's audible.com slash Rooster Teeth actually just downloaded heir to the Empire the Timothy Zahn Star Wars books probably get that book came out probably for really listening to it now that we've had best Star Wars & good Star Wars sets a trip to to listen to & M think about me star think it was thinking about this morning about Star Wars nothing about heir to the Empire think about the amount of pressure is that the people making the force awakens must have been on there I can't even imagine this is going to be the movie that's going to ideally we start more movies in this universe to love and I did but like I think you're saying like the last decade before that everybody been hating on it like the action with it was going to turn it around Swiss Army movie I was excited for those going to sell the trailer and then just like that for a while until like the second or third trailer came out and it was alright I'm excited in in Carpinteria SK you probably have his money better better than this but like I told her I was really excited for Phantom Menace when the trailer the trailer that's like I remember thinking like maybe I was just think it was that bad actually don't trust me interested and excited I want to see him turn me off has such a rotten such a terrible Rotten Tomato score currently at 26% so to me it's too high so wow really so Suicide Squad I felt like I was in the exact same position not the exact same pretty similar position that the force awakens was in in that DC live action especially after Batman Swiss to him it was like we got the point wasn't Batman v Superman Suicide Squad was like at least for me and it seems like a lot of people the make-or-break moment it look like after baby suits bu suits time after that DC show listings for fans look Suicide Squad more lighthearted like we're not going to be a serious and down on it like every traile was like a ballroom call the shed and I'm like okay so I'll of villains yeah but I'm still I don't trust you yet he's probably that's what that was supposed to be no that was the movie that made her bring everything by the time when did Batman come out in long enough the problem is if they reacted to notes I feel like Superman and try to force it for some movie that wasn't supposed to be definitely look like something that's why movie duction of Suicide Squad that led to that but I doubt everybody that worked on that movie looks like it's going to be fucking awesome there's no way the way I just took a bunch of pieces to a movie and like a puzzle form what in the Box out of the box and then where everything kind of land is where they just have to puzzle Out movie 33342 movie is not the time to start going into a character's backstory that's not the appropriate time to do it and it feels like it started after like an hour the movie should have passed I don't fucking know what it's like what don't you want in your classroom it's like I don't know if it could be good but so far hasn't shown me a reason that could be expected to like it the first 30 minutes are pretty solid like the first building that movie is pretty cool like they're getting him back storie about deadshot's backstory about Harley and then there's other guys my biggest wrong with the movie well what I thought wasn't my biggest home with the movie was that after the intro they start having a rapidly go through stuff and it's really confusing like weed okay so this is the antagonistic Force right don't know what is their mission again okay alright and I guess these guys are coming along there's literally like you're getting on the helicopter to go to the mission after everybody's been introduced yet and like that you know what it is girl getting on helicopter taking off and then hey this is Katana she's coming with us too yeah she's not bad but she's my friend so let's do it I remember the friend so so about halfway through that movie I'm sitting there okay I see why people are arriving on suicide squad I think I understand it here's a movie that has taken a whole lot of really interesting quirky characters now and then a crazy like Escape From New York caspe Ramos and they managed to make it boring like the action is boring but personally like there is no cut there's there's 3 helicopter crashes movie none of them really hold any significance no the pilot & and there's there's a moment where they're infiltrating the building and then again this is this is no it's not relevant but I can't spoil this movie they're going in here we got Harley Quinn's just taking the elevator cuz she's crazy down here girl cut the in the elevator there's like three four minutes in your Harley for whatever reason she's doing her makeup in the elevator and somehow some bad guys enter through the top and side of the elevator she kills them they get to the top and they're like what's wrong with you like what are you looking at and walks out and in the same just carries on as if it never fucking happened there was a rumor that you know they did some research into the trailer that seems like one of those things we need to make this more fun because the whole thing is done to classic rock song how to the fact that the other was his reports about we shoot for Suicide Squad that's not out of the ordinary that's all the time I think the first was pretty apparent that I was completely another person in the in the out there somewhere but so so they have all these cool characters hardly any of them interact with each other ever think they'll all each individually no that's not even true Killer Croc like never talk to anybody so beautiful sometime the first night I was so so occasionally spend a whole lot of time an action that has no real consequence it's not particularly cool like his you come on with DISH at that fucking shit up on top of car was cool Charli for like literally the entire movie The Gag is I have a bad I'm not really useful here which begs the question why the fuck do you send in the whole objective for them to was really unclear like they're going just going to find somebody else does one medical man out of you know it's like she has a bad he's good with a gun it's like why could these people all the time heir to be there Katana El Diablo and Deadshot where the old think I guess Killer Croc like the three that I guess sending Captain Boomerang had no business being there fucking Harley Quinn head what was she so good at being crazy and Jokers best friend Cinderella she was great to look at and actually they're really good we were given were so bad think she so so I'm thinking I know why the movie is bad and then about 3/4 the way through the movie there's a helicopter crash that involves a particular binder and that's what I like this is something you see in a high school film which close your ears for 15 seconds if you don't want to go to Whaler's Will Smith finds a binder literally labeled top secret opens it closes after 5 seconds and then goes to pledge like to tell us about this by the way when they're going into the city Midway City DC like a giant think you'll see what we find here to arrest you no dirty bombs people with guns that kind of thing real of Suicide Squad bad guys on that ship unless of course you don't want to in which case he the good guys but not too good cuz remember your bad I think that is the fucking message of that way movie that makes them bad guys all movie the worst thing to do is steal a purse out of the store we had to do this remind them 73 character moments like this character is grown and then they don't and it's like oh this person betrayed us I'm not to to kill them but I won't even though they just betrayed us because I'm good but I'm not I don't know Harley Quinn he's a fucking awesome motivational speech it's it's like you said the lines get worse and worse and worse by the final fight Will Smith literally goes you are evil lady and that was about Cara Delevingne what she's like a super which actress she is a beautiful woman should not be an actress it was she speaks and very like old like way of speaking mannerism yeah she said you enchantress voice is weird you explain this movie to me is bothering me a little I got it like I like doesn't matter now hip the end of caspe on don't know Kerr in Delano until reviews game out in a few my friends saw it in a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in a while I was like let me see if you was okay but I tried like if I'm on the fence about something and it if I have no reason to trust the studio I will not pay to go see it if it is that's what it is 20 something around tomatoes with to make a billion dollars it's it's a PG-13 movie Transformers The Last Knight Rises boxe robot dinosaur age of Extinction Marky Mark so here it Batman and the Joker be one of my favorite villains my biggest problem I had with the movie is that the Joker is in love with Harley Quinn 1.1 billion don't know how that works out real quick what Transformers age of Extinction 18% Rotten Tomatoes worldwide 1.1 billion dollars so that's what he was going to go see this movie don't don't don't I hate the first 30 minutes was super entertaining and I was into it game that is like at the end of it like all of this conversation there was like we're going to go so he can be so so sorry here's the thing though great marketing because they all made us Kerr not be too bad dude movie trailers my dick inside of me was just upset that like both Harley and Joker have an equal amount of love and infatuation for one other and that's like I've never seen that relationship portrayed that way in like any of the books of cartoons game supposed to be supposed to be like the Joker and he treat you like shit and super busy but she's crazy or something explain Harley cuz I got a cartoon just like I love you and I miss to jail like she fell for him and wonder if you care she fell for him he busted out of the Asylum and instructor down and fucking electrocuted her brain and made her nuts and I was like oh that's fucking metal ship vocally he alleges was very Gravely and down here visibly obviously he kind of looks more like the green cap off a little can any other kind of gang leader you seem like a gang leader that happen to laugh and then he wasn't like I was like he wasn't terrible but he didn't do anything for the Joker don't know he wasn't like most Jokers like a good joke Mark Hamill Joker you still can't help but like him even Heath Ledger's Joker who Superman has a scene where he's walking out in a nurse's outfit and then there's a fire truck is kind of funny and scary and it's supposed to be scary but that's it will be further explored in the Standalone Batman movie and that they didn't have time to do that this time his of such an ensemble it's possible and that other thing in the fuck are people going to learn that you can't cry man propert time to catch up right now interest V character is one movie Matilda no fucking better job already said University and I still love that movie and I totally understood everything on character and where they came from they did awesome think even in the first of age they still do like flashbacks of the Captain America 2 set up like what happened to him and then where is in this is just like arbitrary arbitrary moments in the movie is when you decide when you decide to do a flashback to the character is all about Financial like Harley Quinn's like how she got her how much she loves the Joker don't know man it's so it was that I wanted to like it like I never want something to be bad you know you want people making stuff for understand Kerry not picky when it comes to me especially movie think that superhero movies actually like that as long as I'm entertained I usually enjoy are you not entertained I was not entertained I was how much longer is this movie did it felt like 2 hours Mile with a few friends we will section XI Movie 2 scenes and watching it I was like this seems like cinematic Mastery compared to you deserve better than this why don't know that I'm going to watch any DC movies I never saw out the riddle Superman but the one they did a couple years ago menace to I never Superman abz think I just I just don't have an interest in any of those movies Man of Steel best Marvel Marvel hit it for me in the previous Batman movies for me 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deal with some members of the group potentially achieving success I am & others not that sounds really awesome meeting them it's like it's got some comedic actors in it but it's like it's really like heavy on the drama situation I to offer to the movie theater very often 3 in the last movie I saw was Swiss army man before the family Soho after after Swiss army man then I'm going to get yeah it was like the laughing face and then like the awkward like D like to thank you for telling me but I won't cuz I know he won't notice but really good impro really Army character he's one of my favorite look at me I'm the micro Bakery do think twice about Swiss army man I'm glad I watched it okay I don't know that I would that's fine there's a few that one character is like it's like really close up shot on that character space and that character to the camera goes what the fuck that sums up the movie trailer what's real and what's real what's what's real what's imagined what's insanity and like yeah is there a combination you don't know Ma maybe that guy who stranded on a desert island me that's kind of the thing heir to Tazewell think she's right but yeah it's the first time I watch a dream I was upset that movie got made and what was just like I just so fucking ridiculous right that's one of the strangest things I've seen in a very long time it's not a reboot of something it's not a franchise it's like we're going to do something fucking weird that probably not everyone is going to like yeah come see it if you want it's what I get the fuck on don't like cool good like I wonder if they just made this way to be weird that's what don't I do not think that is the case so I will give it that I do not think it's weird for the sake of being weird Tomatoe 65% Don't Think Twice 99 percent the greatest don't laugh it's interesting because I think there's the think whatever have wide appeal so I'm free for the holidays at the movie got made I think I must have been a passion project not only for like Mike Birbiglia the actors of the people who financed that movie because I don't like I don't see if I'm going to make all my money back I have money I want to see this movie I want to watch that should be me man University trap on with the Harry Potter money they had a body double for like he farts and shit he's like now to do that oh boy here we go maybe they should have used it's just like going back to the thing I said about the movie like not knowing what's real Swiss Insanity what's imagined like maybe you like a fake mannequin would have made sense sometimes they're not an actual yes yes oh my God man that's going to go on auction somewhere like that return by 4:50 its dead corpse sexual surrogate assorted files it was a simpler time I'm guessing you did not enjoy that it was really it was think about impro and it seems like something that's very intimidating right like not knowing and having to be in the moment and I think after having gone through the classes like you look at it like don't think to start with like 3:10 of them probably don't think about it Gus and don't focus on the things you don't know focus on the things you know like his old looks like a lot of things that we practice doing that that were that were really helpful and I think I still think about this for ever it's been a long time years ago I really enjoyed it it was scary because I'm having to do improv in front of these guys after being a fan for so long was really nothing man who did a no was there anybody getting ready to the to several weeks were there the first day people are just like are going to stop working but I mean like so speaking of funny people are editorial department is filled with some of the funniest people that I have ever met some of my funniest night here have been of trying to finish the episode before it comes out the way here like late the day before and just like his attention it's like that's fucked up to the shot in & OK 30 minute render no we just sit around and there is a home I can call Richard Nixon has come up with Civ the best one I personally think he's the guy that says he doesn't want to be tickled but like really wants to be tickled tickle me though like that wouldn't you pledge Kerry okay I'm serious but it is another character he always just heard the word but so does that mean so you know what we really want think the word but is hilarious like a five-year-old so you like Kerry was just like completely freaked out by it like I don't know it we've spent way too many late nights and in the past 4 days we are on a writers Retreat to try and talk and catch up with his kids and I think Stacy wants to kill us now I'm pretty sure I have to look for something his whatever you do don't tickle me weight limit but I'm leaving but I just speaking of gone I guess whatever for the second time in four months stolen holy fucking night apparently it's a nice Community for bike thieves think it's mile so I keep fluctuating I've lost and gained 10 pounds like back and forth so I'm going back to the bike and did you like where is it stolen or are you people ask me on Twitter I see all my bike was on the go did you lock it so angry for you I really like the under the stairs to my apartment and it was it was attached with a bike lock under the stairs under the stairs cable lock it was a very good somebody like 4 months ago at like 11 o'clock at night cut and ran off with it didn't hear it didn't know anything think my dog started barking so I'm pretty sure that's what it was bad enough Charli no you can't miss of two nights ago I now have movie about a new bike the same bike brought onto my patio instead & lock it with a u-lock and then I walk it to the railing of my patio V in the morning I didn't get up till they hear a noise they didn't cut the lock that cut the railing to my to my apartment to the to the patio so they can just take the lock off and take the whole bike with one cup or 220 okay if you would still like to be cut yet to get age of Stephen Hawking yes I got fucked up you should file a police report and I'm going to in Austin you're not going to bike apartment yet I have not yet so it's kind of like you still the apartment think don't know why people both times it happened brought you so much joy I fucking love him and it has been taken from you I just I just realized I can't on the bike so I can keep it inside I had a bike stolen from me when I was in 1st grade I lived in an apartment complex and the apartment had like wooden wooden fences and Gates of the front but it was like the fences like I was a kid until like maybe like 6 feet tall I couldn't look over it was actually remember I would leave my bike there like a little Courtyard that was protected by the fence and one morning I walked out and was like I should have been yeah I would have to open it you know so they took your bike that day but they gave you a life lesson booby booby great life lessons and then I didn't have a bike here for like 2 or 3 they gave me a listen to whatever you like of bike fuck you it is now looking well laugh of the day now for her to walk her to the bus Kerry Price is not a good idea don't do this but the first person early whatever to the to be back here like to buy a new bike but attach a battery to it car battery car battery so that when they grabbed it because it's like Home Alone oily out don't even think it makes me think of different types of security camera and put an angel above it all to The Simpsons Square black everyone in town is like Lou dating is like riding going on at home or sits up like this makeshift alarm on the front door and you can't really tell what it is but it's like there's a rope tied to the door handle then it goes up and it's an alarm clock over like a fish bowl just watch the fish don't buy bikes don't Suicide Squad don't give me the Olympics because maybe people don't on bike so just you just rent them with no contract and you go beyond the universe redon bike you're still okay what is the person who stole the second bike his future Kerry I just tired of the old Kerry she's like I'm going to get my bike back d light flashes Superman I was the one that I want to know that they're going to set up like Batman Superman 3 scenes of this movie while drunk after watching Suicide Squad present day to the end Batman acts like Australian Wasteland he's in the back like soon but then also wearing a trench coat over and have a couple loses and shit in V humans from the heavens and Superman the evil one and then like think it is a dream battle batfleck whatever is whatever people call them wakes up his help & info Kerr in time to call you they're going there right out the gate I'm ready let me know that we have an entire the side conversation I made one joke he's explaining his or the whole thing the whole time just to make a joke return it tomorrow absolutely that's cool so I mean obviously game of think so I've only been following it I'm trying not to let myself get excited for movies and games anymore first off not knowing as much about a movie is great is a cabin in the woods with to the movie no Leader by talking on the phone months before it came out was Harry Knowles was like you think you're going to know what this movie is in the wrong and then he saw it and that was one of the best movie experiences I've ever had in my life so that's like it's cool like I try to avoid the Star Wars trailers because I didn't want to no yeah I'd like to see the trailers yeah I don't need to watch anything yeah sometimes I want to try that stuff so that's what I'm doing no man's Sky understand it's like for this thing is through the roof to the point now that Ford is starting to like crumble back under itself anyone no man's Sky money Civ to the podcast is also what about Trunk Club shopping is frustrating wandering from store to store only to find clothes that will fit in or not what you looking for skip it always trunk club with trunk love you don't ever have to set foot in a store and you get your very own stylus for free make it easy to look your best in clothes that fit you perfectly hand-picked my own personal stylist go to trunk live.com / Rooster Teeth typing your measurements show your likes and dislikes and you get your very own personal stylist the pick your clothes from over 80 top brands to ship them right to your door keep what you like send back what you don't make a statement of the next big event on your calendar with a look at 10 pic just for you and your style get started at trunk club.com slash Rooster Teeth that's trunk club.com / Rooster Teeth & Country what the key says it doesn't have to be for special event on your calendar you could just get your clothes and just look better especially this Thursday try it with the truck at the concert it doesn't cost anything to send you some clothes and try them on to see if there's something you like I'm not doing that so many times so that's great service no man's Sky controversy recently about this because the game really extremely out of it out of it that one you can reach the center of the universe life and everything like that all the time it seemed like more people seem very happy even people who were upset with the direction of No Man's sky and it was happy with it everyone seems universally very happy about this day one patch so I don't know I didn't see they had some other stuff that they were going to the game as a kid I am and I feel like there was something like less often like once every year or 6 months feeling and now it's like I remember when overwatc was like everyone was fucking foaming at the mouth that game and now I don't know if she's coming out Lucille Ball I think they're talking about I Love Lucy what the scary Luci statue remember that no I never saw that can you look up scary Lucy statue in her memory I boiled it everyone hated it last week they finally read it the statue and read it the face mile no matter what the Holy Father is someone else wearing Lucille Ball's face jacket in the pledge V statue essentially completely 1st and out don't like that's going to still not great if I were to ever accomplish anything worth having a statue made of me I wouldn't I would not want to be like me at the end of my line when I like some like the old dude that looks cool whatever I don't to be like me when I was 16 and like cargo shorts and like the city T-shirt with a Game Boy I want to be inside the Statue don't feel small Kerry no I was not what you want no I meant that 16 year old you and I just to the pedophile he had wooden teeth gu statue of like some shit head teenager will be like maybe I can get a statue made me even his statue George wars in the Constitution learn something today okay to things that were in the Constitution audibl to have to start return Journey battle Prince oily okay I have no no more did you know I've been I'm a guy that has a very short attention span and it's for both of us if you were saying video games don't seem as important now days I have a nice early something from that but I've suffered from like a meeting game for to buy a new game I'll play it for extra hours and then I'll go sad because it used to be like you said maybe twice a year but now it's like I have disposable income I just don't have time I always get back to Platformers and Shooters but that's just like my phone overwatc this one is overwatc for fun like I like just like I've got a problem with Lucille Ball Lucille Ball Hollywood Lucille the Lucille Ball height and you spawn in the goal your the fucking goalies that is your Jesus Christ novel so I'm going to make you angry with him I never wanted to play for the first time last night I never had not played it yet my second game and I didn't realize that I didn't respond in the Gulf as we go I guess I'll be going since you won't and I think some of them I wanted it was 620 and I scored 3 goals best top of the roller coaster and then I got put into a game with someone who swapped and became junker at another person who was trying to score goals against our own team miles me a junker but there's really no place you can hide from above spam the HP at the start of the match that you can get in Jesus it's a if it's going to take that job over there competitive game was a pick up on you but with randoms out August 2nd mercy so he was like horde time to use it right like it was like okay what Batman ball back in between rounds my teammates are like hey you can use the ultimate if you want you know what fuck you of course the grape in York a bit where they're playing as Reaper mercy and Reaper goes down his or her resume and we're so pleased as if I'm going to waste my whole day gift of Life on one person the next time someone dies no use my old & in trap his head that's pretty much it people that play on as if you stolen offensive character black fucking with or whatever I didn't do to something like and it was me I'm sorry to ya embrace your inner junk person and play junker out all the time notify the people you do you like a specific tax like Kerr character or do you have like one across the board with every character have one tag he's across the board it's the kid with the the cast of his arm I was just like run up to the wall and I put as high as I can I just family to do it for him plants can you put on the plant his face is all fucked up oh my God I love that guy no no no so like can we talk about this in the past couple weeks ago I had a chance to go out to breakfast and I play Civilization 6 & no dice Phantom meet me in the Stars it was yesterday I played civilization for about 8 hours straight are you wearing pants or shorts so in the past I've told stories before about how I used to sit on the ground and game and it would give you hemorrhoids think of that story sometime I missed & to the I bought it yet but I bought like a chair with like a hard wooden seat it so it's not very comfortable apparently I set in 8 hours and for 8 hours and didn't move before it was finally done I stood up and my ass fucking her my body after my friend going to bike my ass tailbone probably but why did you buy that chair I don't know Ma no I got it and I thought Christian to put on it your chair at the at 636 Hoover first moved in I forgot about that we moved into 66 like before we got the building like I think like homeless people live in squad on it or something like I just heard horror stories I never saw it but when that whatever the construction company left they left like the for man's chair and it was it having to be in your office usually this is mine now and you just like sat in that chair for like a good year probably great the whole people inside and it just the foreman he's the boss and now it's like this I remember its at 6364 the point stolen of animations Jerry no one in Sharpie now Bernie walked by I saw him come back out of his office with a chair leave his chair and take one of the chairs that we just left is the dividend on shares and they were all built but they were sitting in the lobby and I had been a really crappy chair for like 3 years to the point in this life is it cool if I take one anyway I don't care if you don't like any good Boston it's how we get the standards we have it was still sitting in that chair that replace the right away we had we had we had one share Joel man funny man when he started we gave him a chair cuz it's like the only time we have left we were like hey it's the new guy chair he sat in it for like a year and then he became a leader he was like I want to make sure it was like if someone else doesn't like this if it's like that for about 6 hours a day it should be a nanny for Barbara space on his act Kerry Spears no you do not realize what does kpop sonrisa birthday's coming up me to send an email out to everybody saying like what we were playing before that he was like Hey guys so my birthday is coming up and for my birthday I think would be really great if we all learn to Kpop dance together so I rented out this dance studio don't know what you're thinking he said it sounds like for your birthday you just want to see exactly what you tell us you are correct we were already planning out in cold probably he doesn't know because he's independent comes back from Japan I could be like they were going to Kpop & Go Ok I can't fucking do that then he came back from Japan that landed in colleges that pay you to hang out Charli fast fucking Lerner Kohl's the kind of guy that you introduced into a game once video game board game card game don't matter he'll play at Hulu so that's what we give another let's look at another shot let's wait one more time is a shark he was lying to you the whole time you played that game it no never intricate to Japan to sell on the black market and then you have black market don't they want my V bike toddler on my bike so you talked about learning Kpop dance did you see that that didn't d v videos everybody's home cheesy in the game she's a Korean professional StarCraft II player that also happens that also have nine to Pilot a MechWarrior robots like they had to go to war and they thought who better to Pilot our next in video game players bike slipped through the to the office decathlo it's that dance now we're all dead now Reaper is essentially Shadow the Hedgehog come out of it it's really good it's a really good surprisingly it's better than tracers that's true I thought probably not the best but I was wrong there's a lot of good butts in overwatc mile I can do a lot of images yeah we all have we've all seen overwatc in there it's okay imagine the hours that we spent on light crafting the cast of characters for overwatc Sleepy Man could be having some smart people think they're looking for me it was it was a bigger project beforehand to say they like precision-crafted each one of those character is to that like every like little traile but in a good way and like you get from the cost later so I can look like you have your girls okay there's me all scrawny dude there's junker out big dude there's roadhog again I just love so fast do really well with overwatc that's it it's done I think perfectly and there's no like Spotlight on it is the amount of diversity in that game I was like everyone's different country no different at all the only Olympics Games Macri's got a footrace got the Union Jack on it yeah she's got the badass Rising Sun on them fuck I want that's cool man I buy boxes no I did it once and I thought you can get the summer games loot boxes no one total VR II lens kit you are we including the price of the game I'm down let's go gu at 10 weeks boxe his how much is that can do boxers like to live in Lou boxe his childhood so I've spent $130 on my game so I bought the PS4 thought it was going to play it so I bought $40 worth of loot crate's then I heard is better PS I bought a PC and that became a man that had to buy $40 worth of Loot crate's on the PC as well and then whatever Hardware did you buy Kerry that had nothing to do with overwatc keyboard should not be included in that I'm sure those other things watching porn and then going to be there in like a decade amazonbasics keyboard and the mouse pad I had was a very wonderful day with your ones I remember you said that when you got the keyboard because you like it so it is like in the overwatc you and if you guys would like some water keyboard more but it doesn't have the headphone and mic Jack with USB port and once you find out you know but it says overwatc I can turn that on and off at school no this whole thing is just made me want to fucking leave this place and go play Bingo also go by PC really good time to do it just because with all the VR headsets coming out like now you know V statue need to hit and we're now at that second iteration of the are capable video cards so prices come down on what you need in order to make of your people right now monitors bare minimum to get a PC that's not right not better than them to get a PC that you could run VR applications on not counting the price of the headset you price for $2,000 Kerr help me out I was going to be able to build one for about 1300 I cannot was 1200 was $1,200 but then I was like well if I'm going to build a PC I'm going to build a motherfucking sweet DC and I spend a lot I did and it's funny about 2000 Arizona 1975 price think you could get $76 762 Avenue you could get a look at my new gaming PC not a great day that you get a gaming PC that can play games okay for like a hundred yeah you might as well that's when you buy PS4 okay now since a lot of it for like the whole Xbox PS4 debate like really comes down to what your friends play if your social game Heir think I don't know or if you prefer like a bunch of like I love the PlayStation plus stuff like I got Sleeping Dogs for free when he was still like 60 barbar and like I'm really fucking enjoy that knows really the first PC game I ever got really into so I think you know on that front like talking about like Xbox PS4 it's really if she would like something with Xbox play Anywhere the platform Xbox Windows 10 think game and then you have it on your PC and your Xbox watch TV there's problems with its fundamental promise to still have not fucking fixed everything about twice a week when I'm watching TV I'm like trap the frames I knew a player will not get the entire movie without getting off think I've not had that problem never had to hard boot my Xbox twice a week because of my television start dropping frames but I'd still hit add the I fucking hate you I think you guys are you guys inside of an Xbox One controller I can't turn on my phone Xbox on iPhone talking about set-top boxe isn't like the price for cable TV movie think about something I can't even talk to about this before it's something I've been keeping up with for a couple months I just never brought it up so you know how she D out if you have cable you have interface for cable TV if I don't have you don't get to pick your boxe the fucking cable box and it is what it is it and it doesn't know I don't have cable but my parents do and I have to do my fucking Time Warner cable box is not getting a lot of attention to essentially deregulate set-top boxes third-party manufacturers could make set-top boxes and you could buy set-top boxes and you have to rent a think you're right now your company like 10 bucks a month or whatever to rent the thing you don't know you can buy your own boxe the interface and then have it customized to whatever you want so it's like different kinds of providers can make a set-top box and it could really restructure the way that you find stuff right like nobody searches like you want to watch bridesmaids right I just said that movie like cuz you're a woman and so I sent it to the way it works right now I would like you to search search for bridesmaids push you towards their pay-per-view right looks like you may have access to it like at a service like Netflix but your set-top box is so dumb it doesn't know in the future if set-top boxes deregulate it you could integrate it with all your different Services you like I want to watch Bridesmaids no way to know he likes or wait until 8 p.m. on ESPN and I am coming I don't know Barbara age and says that they spent $875 on a new pc and it runs VR perfectly sound think that probably probably love the V dude I invited my family over after the comic out to dinner and then was like let's play VR I have to show you this because I was like I need my parents to know this is Christmas we take for granted that control is a huge barrier dance rotten controls on first person game is like it's like riding a bike right now but when I started I couldn't help it my fucking feet forever don't even have that right the original original PlayStation controller so I brought him over to try out the V yeah that I loved our taxes will probably best RTX over the hours I spent playing that with my family outside that entire fucking weekend like my the end up staying the night because they played till like 1 in the morning and don't want to drive bike San Antonio at night while my dad played the Brookhaven experiment & horde see my mom went to sleep he was like what's up the light on my parents family it's like he almost destroyed my television had such a hit among such a wide audience is because motion controls are more intuitive that we wasn't great at it like Wii Sports was awesome at the time but I think that I'm like That's a classic Wii Sports like I would out you know because I know how to get a perfect score in Wii bowling yes his mighty Shield to fucking play the Ruby Time to Say Goodbye bike steep Trails apartment 440 Old Bridge collection as it was it's exciting now to be able to share that kind of stuff with like my family cuz it's like I can you get the controls are so intuitive one of the coolest things went when I first went to your apartment and play that you put on the headset you held the controller is out in front of me and he said that he 1415 controllers and you touch it think about it when I show people VR for the first time and that's part of it I am slowly working my way sexy crazy bu I start with the laugh out so I start with the laugh which is like I would argue the Wii Sports of the V I think it's not like it does an incredible job of introducing you to the mechanics of the majority VR games like teleportation and like using that to get around the idea of picking things up and looking at things like I always run people through it like you want to start writing about whatever it's called in the lab is really cool it's like a little dog you can throw the stick and robot dog goes to get it and like all out super pretty the first thing I ever saw on the phone I was using the game grumps and Barry showed me the of science robot repair center Ikea out if I have a v 200 I got I actually got afraid when the floor opens up no walks towards you I think I survived the attacks and the funhaus guys try to before us and all Adam kovic told me was I saw a whale and it winked at me that's the first thing I show anyone and I think you'll really like drawing game & like a naked woman the will encounter you don't need controllers for first think and then after that we'll encounter them like okay then I had to look at something else agree with you on one point I think the controllers are not into it I think that is the biggest barrier right now there's some people handed to them like okay there's triggers and touchpad and there's some side trips you have to take it in stages so it's just going to have to trigger I always I always I think the controllers are fairly intuitive given the amount of control that you do need to have it when they complained with the Wii controllers at like there's not a ton you can do is separate but I think it also depends entirely on the developers you can't fucking Horde horde Z Nails just about everything I'll admit I have a hard time playing that game because I'm still very easily and that's to fucking real for me even if it's like safe and you know you can't get her to sing all the zombies return Rave it like you taking me anyway in space pirate trainer fucking awesome game weapons his other two circular trackpads on the controller's you press down on them they simply think I'd like to trap out on a laptop from the controller when you press down on the trackpad and a little circular man you rotate your phone Swiss no one can change to that time again it's very apparent what you were doing and it's easy to do when you're in a high-stress environment like first person shooters for D arguably more high stress because it's a horror title and you know they're there and he's running you it's kind of dark you have multiple areas got to check in for you know it's it's one wrong move you're fucked the weapon select in that game as you hold down the menu button a small button on top of the large circular track bad it's not the end then in 3D space a bunch of orbs appear around your controller at the moment you hit it the moment that menu button a bunch of spheres going to be around where your controller is and then you can push the gun forward or pull it back or move it move it to the right like you said she just touch the controller to the picture of the gun that you want to do weapons like different they're about $0.15 at least as far as I'm aware this the default you switch guns always talking about and it's it's it's a pain because when you're not moving it's somewhat intuitive but when you're in a combat situation you will accidentally I can tell you think I was accidentally fucking fucking junker different interesting when I want one that was filmed for her okay well maybe we're just old people that don't know the V hover junker the button down and then you move your hand toward what you want the hover junkers interface is interesting you sent me of you can't have your Lou it's similar to horde D but better in some way I guess because they take to get rid of what is a y-axis yes I mean like I'm holding my hands out I know I can't read that guy with the pistols out I can memorize the difference between that and that great game however the top menu button on the right of controller is like what is it weapons like you're something and then top bottom trackpad on the other one is still I can't sleep because I think it depends on the developer & Howell don't ever show that to anyone who's using VR for the first time there is it's like I want to say that just because of like a Sci-Fi nerd in me I like battle Dom more because of the Techno music and the Aesthetics of the Arena but there's more like battle doesn't do a very good job of letting you know if your successfully doing damage to the Army doesn't but I do like the controller I think it be really a lot better if they flipped which one the steam button was the system button because this is one of those hard to get you something I want to reach for it I think they should further up I just wish that they they did something like like bumps on it or something like I don't like when you're doing like the tutorial for example you can turn you looking don't my fingers I think on the button cuz you exit and see if think I feel like I'm playing games like maybe I don't know I think what's interesting about a lot of them game or not star the VR games right now is that there are some that will Thrive solely on Expedition are game mechanics so like what we said battle Dom has a lot of problems but it's fucking fun the ones that really shine though because most of them at this point are all still proof-of-concept protect them and game they're only $15 games that revolve around 1 basically act like the ones that really do have like extra policy job simulator to everyone with an imagination so first off it's really good like taking you can grab a bite at no point do you have to do this but like you can take a potted plant on the top your cubicle but I need the coffee machine turn the coffee on and the coffee what his appointment like it's bigger than people people who listen to the instructions and job simulator laugh people who do not even realize his job I'm just going to explore this is the last thing I do they made reloading funn active reload a mechanic is reloading in any shooter is like a pause in the action and that's good like it builds and pacing and any sort of an encounter you have to keep track of your ammo like it's cool think but then they added a game of chance to it if you hit just the right time and get bullet you reload faster & More & hover junkers made reloading funn if you fire that so there's no you have to if you have your security have to out 1 2 3 4 5 6 can out and then what is it you you push down on the trackpad click it that I know where is it it automatically refills and he flicked it back so you to your thinking out spin you spin it yeah and then you put it back in if it's a double barrel shotgun poom poom you flip it forward or twice but a man and then put it back and that makes it Wars best your individual units as well and if you possess like a sniper the way you reload if you shoot and then you gotta pull the Bolt background comes out you gotta put it down when you boil it put it in and it's like the 4th and then you can shoot it this is over the keyboard fuel sender mounting it to their headset and you can actually get hand tracking in games something like that Ma hands down think my favorite thing about VR right now specifically this is not going to exist forever his the community it reminds me so much of the first year of Xbox Live Xbox Live was my first experience with online gaming like I did wasn't a piece of game of like as a kid at least that point in time and neither were a lot of people don't like that was their first time I played it was a lot his brother in 2004 inflamed out online but on an Xbox with a fucking crazy it was great because it was for a lot of people because it was so new to them everybody was super polite and & understanding accepting like you forget it's like zombies game type which is being in every Halo game since Halo 3 at this point it was something that people just did and he will to do was say hey guys good match of team flare family this game that called zombies if you guys want to join you can't use it that one person could have Sonic the Shadow your go Excel for 2002 if you get killed by a zombie with a sword you have to win your dad just which degree and now if you try to do that if you try to go again hey guys I got to go shut the which to meet rec room it's like a kind of feels like Wii Sports but there's more of a social aspect to it if you make your character you spawn in the rec room in the exact same place as every other player spawns and people will be like oh you can wave at each other you let me see your hands there's a cheap mints for you can go to do a high five when you have V with another player the controller vibrates and it makes little Sparks laugh also social you can pull the trigger and pump and you like you like we think alike we did a line we ran down the line and gave everybody high-fives after game paintball it was super fun and give her my phone you can do this if you bring the control up to your mouth as if you're covering your mouth that is needed and if you do it again you're Army to join the game within 30 seconds I was looking at myself orange realize somebody taking a Gatorade bike water bucket whatever fuck you home and put a water cooler and put it over my head and I took it off Superman playing a show up here that's where of the hangout hotel near V and Alder Sony game of people you and then when you get close if you turn the corner there's an enemy we both treat each other there's a brief like 3 seconds where he was and you get paint on your face and you drop your gun and you can see the other person and I can we stop coming into work and just make the office in VR please so I can just sit at home to Arcadia right now I think I think I actually finally put it up for purchase but that a demo for a while really old it's it's a virtual on Arcade with like the Galaxy patterned carpet black lights as a bowling alley and one and there's all these cabinet arcade games his like a basketball arcade game and then there's an area where you can find cassettes throughout the room and then play them in the boom box that's connected to this online radio service but I put it in and fucking don't like something and I was like there's in the area and up the virtual in game couch with my actual couch in my living room I put a cassette in the tape and I sat down on the couch and I lost my God damn mind it was fucking unreal like a trust fall you like I do don't trust myself with that couch existed earlier that night I was trying to get to my keyboard to take a screenshot my keyboard imagine where the table is right now that's where my desktop was between me and the table was a virtual table and I was walking towards my computer take a picture and I stop them like wait I'm going to run into the table no wait that isn't a table there's no table here I can walk to the stable and I like gingerly walk through the table and I felt like I was committing some sort of crime against God and then I hit at 12 the first night I played a VR stuff there's the young the archery game in the lab don't like you walk up to it and it looks like a tabletop game and then you go down is like an orchard yeah I tried to lean on that table just like I'm playing by myself I thought that was real and then later that night I was brushing my teeth and then I went to the lean on the counter I stop myself no this one's really I was like okay everything I know it now I thought when does Oculus VR it can be fun give me in 10 years it'll be a thing no it's it's not working right now the more people that get it and now it's so expensive now the faster we're going to get you want I want I don't want my body anymore okay on our way people are musically talented or not sending song to podcast receive.com we can use your original pocket think please don't use license music you could have some trouble we find out we will find you so we will not use it to send a package through for watching you guys next week