#389 - Greg Miller: Mr. Hard Nips 2016

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, and Burnie Burns as they discuss nipples, ketchups, elevator scenes in movies, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 15, 2016, sponsored by Harry’s (http://hrys.co/28SDlmw), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK), Warby Parker (http://bit.ly/2btS9WM)

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Recorded: 2016-08-16 05:53:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Greg Miller, Tim Gettys


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Transcript (in progress):

Rooster Teeth podcast Will Rock You by harry' Squarespace and Warby Parker thank you are sponsoring this has happened this week with super special guests Gus sorola Greg Miller from kinda Greg Miller 10 years to pick a release date nobody was pressuring them it didn't come out right it's like this an instance of the best thing about it and I keep saying this is when we did the event that ended with a joke where it the date when it announces that November 30th 2016 and then the thing kinda ticked back to September and I was like I know it's like out November 29th you should just do it there was traffic VI RT support second row Forever 21 gamer of the year launch release date announcement event so why did you go to this thing I was supposed to say to them you don't everything is like whatever was in The Green Room what is the discussion where you get cut like how does that work it was a on the show's running a little long or where we're going on it we will we're probably gonna move you from the meter to the post-show like okay wow Final Four Rick Fantasy 10 like I didn't care I was happy to be there plus a whole lot an absolutely amazing I was a fantastic event we just got to chill in The Green Room kinda like it doo doo the rehearsal no respect so comfortable and that's how Gus I am being in the moment and you don't whatever Gus to Gus what's the most important person you've ever done that in front of the most important person in front of a mirror a lot drop it right now for everything out here right now behind Final Fantasy like an hour but it was my total exposure to the Final Fantasy franchise and also my other so much about what I from red versus blue red versus blue from Red vs. blue gu Matt moved out to LA and about 4 days later I'm going to the apartment of Riverside here in Austin we have Mille it an apartment that had together it was like sending her back tomorrow so we were just out of college man's way to LA to work on the movie theaters doing for visual effects on my door I don't answer the door there's this dude with a Billy Idol bleach blonde spiky haircut on my front doorstep and I said I can help you Gus and I play with you for a little while he lived on my couch for like 4 months straight he spent most of his time in the red bikini briefs and that's why he made me sit down and play Final Fantasy 7 he sat there watching me every fucking reactionary hours like right here so if anyone wants to live with you that is up to show up and say they live with you grandfather fantasy is secure boot USB creator of the Final Fantasy it was some dude for like a great video of mega6 you never saw the creation fantasy profile yeah exactly should we spread it around a bit before it's like you know that Cliff was in skiing hideo Kojima house and how many times does 20 videos of me that's like like we got it first started it was a little ironic that the joke's gone on too long it's time to like your pants into shorts it was a joke like pack like they want to work with mega6 will get it we've all heard that you could like I'm dying to work with mega6 T4 exactly only reason I watch E3 coverage is just so I can see what the hell Rocco is going to do this year 2 minutes 41 on and it was like whoever was supposed to be on at the time was delayed so I just wanted one is that okay like a no prep no nothing just like spur the moment out of his head he was like on the stream bee Serie here for so Rocco has a very specific kind of humor that I really think only Rocco understand the methodology of it after the appearance of E3 this year Rocco never see Rocco like that afterwards he was like that was no good and he was like I got to go like that that's for man's to me that what he had on this year's E3 that one of the year before we're still fucking front of you before he came up stages like pills he just Rocco no I really don't know until Rocco Shazam an kinda like you just try to stay out of his way his way to work but it's something about this time he was like I don't know what it was but he was not happy with the performance this year anything that's first statement he likes to perfect his craft and I think he was not happy so this past weekend mega6 and I asked her I said thank you it was really it was really great. If you have any old VHS tapes around the house that I made while I was in high school bring them up so she brought me like this bag VHS incidentally I think the first video I ever edit in Premiere is on a VHS tape in my office right now I made it was like Premier 2 in like 1993 live computer the computer couldn't really watch it it was like you had to put it on VHS one of the one of the tape she brought me was in this case which might be the most 90s thing I've ever seen like there the time in the world you would walk into the store and this was on the Shelf but ironically this was a product presumably a team of people have decided this is the best way to tell her VHS tape LP and EP Eve he was VI out and remembered in 2160 Accord for a hundred twenty minutes and I thought to myself that's what happens to pressure only heard about president getting assassinated the president Gavin one shot and killed had never heard of anything so I thought no that's totally normal 1975 or 1976 and 2006 got shot like they're shooting out the back and it was like assassination it was like important people now it's just normal people if I the change for broadcast television YouTube YouTube you have to be someone special bee people that weren't Lo power that were in danger and then later today people now just going to the mall and get her what's the main difference mega6 to 493 marks that's what I thought you got there before me Georgia shooting people in rocco and not bad they're up to something they're up to something full circle no man's Sky Greg and I recorded a game out of respect to the game because I know that I would become addicted to that game and I can't afford right now to become addicted to them wholesale he did that game the first five hours I played it and then like something snapped and then I love I know that that's not for me is when I could finally get a new every time I go to it space steakhous like now let's I discovered it right now I was just I kept making the bypass chips and I'm not going there I might upset me or drop ship all right to keep collecting the gold so I can trade in the gold so I can make spots for mobile that's all I want to do with all the stuff I just lost I got a new book react will let me know about the stuff like I had to go to the space anomalies and like go to the atlas interface in let's like and selling them and going back for like 9 hours that's the thing I think with no man's Sky if you don't play and you can play the game you want to but ultimately you need to play the game it wants you to play It's almost like it's almost like kinda douchey but like learning to speak a new language it's like there's all these unfamiliar elemen she like what's the best way to interact with all of this and like really learning from the ground up what you're supposed to let them travel watt friend watt Lo kinda shallow on this and I'm sure going to get it back of course is if you swap your ship out if you pre-ordered and then you swap your ship out for one that does not have a hyperdrive and you don't have the hyperdrive blueprint and then you're fucked right and that's because if you preorder you get a portable the ship which has a hyperdrive pre-installed so you never get the hyperdrive blueprint Tim the one that does not have a hyperdrive you cannot build a hyperdrive so you are stuck and you cannot Warby Island it the other day at one The Outpost right on one of like you know I have that spinning thing on the bed like all the other ship land on and I went out I went in the posted whatever talk to me and left I want to collect some stuff and I came back to my ship I parked it on the out post thing it was gone fucking weird like the ships going aground no big deal alright I walked around it jumped on it left came back and I walked of the terminals like oh yeah if you can free no number but I wish you could Doo easy a is like sometimes if you go in so I was really far bee like you'll get here in 8 hours I want to just find that very Out Bee cut you look at that bites off face Pi like picking up stuff to charge the first time I game because of a really stupid on? Out there in space I was in the space station so I leave the space station and looking for them and I can't find them because they're parked in the space station will pass them into space and a friendly chat is coming Southern Sentinel spaceship show and if you don't kill them or show up I could it was supposed to drive it so I had to do something to address that situation coming into a planet's orbit like landing on the planet with a brown Dale animation like whatever and I'm running back on the ship hours later take off it like you can't work if you can't do anything with these motherfuckers and they were caught like in the stratosphere of the planet in the out side so I would start coming in and I can get a few shots at him and then I'd start Landing like now Pack N one I think I like the game it's a game people Eve hours you ever get more inventory slots more stuff to get a better ship and do this if you're in craft with the actual building I'm pretty sure it's good and that you should get it but one thing that pisses me off and I'm wasting my time like if you do something over and over again it sucks you're wasting time doing it whenever you are still at the plant it and then you know we have done is like coming to Old it into the atmosphere seconds like I try to go where I'm going to clean it up on forehead no people just play at least I mean now give it some more thought more robust game at this point I mean no man's Sky it sounds like it could be a great game it weird cut scene from Destiny has and it's all because of a similar interface looks like this when you're so good-looking you wanted to play in the car if you just want to like you an unlocked it will be like surrounded by bats little too low for some stuff that's found by the people there's one plan I've been to the other ships I saw him planet and animals and maybe a couple of plants that have been discovered by the people and it's always disappointing to me because you and your like I'm standing on like I don't even know anymore I don't know there's too much time I can be the answer search for a Twitter post Greg making content just to make contact I can get any car burni on the planets like shit there's a Gold Hill or like the first time I found a galactic terminal on a plane it was surrounded by gold I just called it that galactical terminal the first planet and then after that much faster it's really on Saturday and Sunday and I did have that moment of like the Playstation Xbox and put it in your pocket controller and a half no no God no it's like two and a half Brighton no man's sky is Basis same thing as Destiny which is people are saying I really don't like this game that I'm spending every single day of my life playing that was people I'm doing the exact same thing I was complaining non-stop about no man's sky for hours as I was playing it what about it just terrible and ability to move up grapes like let's say you have an upgrade on your multi-tool it right if you want to move it because they don't tell you things like if you put an upgrade close to other of great sometimes you get Harmony to change and you get like Synergy you can change them together if you want destroy it and you got to make anyone see what technology I could make because another free spot yeah throwing up green I want to make and I am having a good time with it and I keep going back to the fact that when I said I need 3231 Sean Murray talked about it the way he talked about it sounds so much like Minecraft one the first started in Minecraft starting like now you think I'm jumping you know all the rest because they're there in the game and that was not the case right like Minecraft is what really pushed Wiki's forward in terms of like people get together and sharing information and I really feel that if it can survive but I think it's going to that's the same case here where it's going to be every update gives you something major to this game where it's like I'll call you hated this but we Vi at and here's this and there's that and you keep going the point where it's completely different on the end of like strange coins no it is because I transferred Xbox One S on top of my PS4 at home on top we been in the Microsoft portable Blue Mountain Jamaica banana the best portable console of all time it connects on it it wasn't through the process of trying to get the adapter for The Connect me to I need to do that I will say that Ashley and JD Play No Man's Sky I mean it will come in the morning and Jenny's to stay up in the two of them played it another time I asked him what you do in the game and I don't know like she went to bed woke up you like to hear day like my camera closer having all the inventory slots but I'm not something like Pokemon go in a lot of ways where nobody understands exactly how the entire game play you talk to people and you understand what actually teaches that to you if you want to know Best Buy store no it if I want a kind of like the way it is not now that I've played enough to know what's going on I like the way it is almost like a club right like you were talking with Jeremy never knows like that what are you doing are you doing that like it's like a really going to make this game either live or fail in the future over the next year with their blog post of like all this happened here and people going to read that video the 20-minute chunks every night every a couple times a day that's a sure way to play the game I really feel like you need the rest it's a Saturday night and I was just like I'm finally jumping in everybody's tape like what do you need to do in the way to go after the atlas storyline like this you wouldn't think so but you need to and this that and it was like okay it actually did help in terms of making a more well-rounded experience and I like having those conversations you mean what is the opposite right of every game that hold your hand this like 5 times in this room before you got out of it from the internet yet except Rick why you can mail a and you can feel like saying it no charging which is why they made the razors even better and they're keeping prices exactly the same Harry's 5 blade razor and now includes a softer Flex an inch or more comfortable Glide a trimmer blade for hard to reach places blue bikini strip and a textured handle for more control harry' started it is amazing deal for just $15 to get a weighted razor handle of your choice moisturizing shave cream 3 Precision engineered Pi play cartridges and a travel cover SK out of cover and for a limited time only this special offer for fans of this show apart with harry' give you $5 off your first purchase with a promo code rooster go to harrys.com right now enter code rooster at checkout to claim your offer that's harrys.com code rooster big thank you to Harry's for keeping my cheeks fre of facial hair that not everything just hear you sometimes have these ready to be like raccoon mask if I don't see all of this yes I am like that like you just not know what you and eyebrows my power from eyebrows Tim like the power of the universe focuses down like that the two Dimensions here do you pluck this area in no but there is eyebrow hair here in the middle but I will pluck like a unicorn it's like a thicker and bigger than all of the other one her daughter cards rowing out that she have one the length of the entire and I just put those in my brother actually fucking hate you what is this way when I see it as I'm saving my cheeks that sound like I got a few weeks ago before the podcast every week and it said and we found out that there are many kinds of ketchup handsome Prince Royce so we've got the standard tomato ketchup Why is it blend for reasons I'll get to in a minute Blackberry ketchup one raspberry chipotle sauce Market stuff just food for 8 years you work across the street from a fucking grilled cheese restaurant best chicken parm in your life or cross the street while now probably $13 in French no reason Transformers tomato ketchup traile wanted a fancy wedding lets Kobe 9 kinda question was it fantasy ketchu 1920 West it looks like mustard that's why I'm going for it but if you have an idea of a food in your head and then you have something different it was wrong but I think if you just say this and I didn't know it was ketchup evil IRS Kobe beef steak which you can only get in Japan and there's eight restaurants in the US that can sell Kobe beef Emory let's like you said some places in Northern California RT 48 places is 8 places in the US that can sell Kobe beef interesting and everyone else uses like Flyers line house it is a good Xbox like all the flavor from ketchup comes from vinegar we don't know the doctor come I had 2 beers this doesn't fifth like I want to eat chicken wings like crazy they can make anything in the ketchu it doesn't on regular channels banana patreon the Blackberry catch up a lot smoother which one is it blend actually catch up this one for cut like fries where house like anything like the water and catch up that way too slowly Grand raspberry tree the to fry Target Doo it go to IHOP and you also what is no raspberry chipotle it smells dog drive by shooting them lets Gavin we had the worst waitress tonight so I went outside and it was it was horrible I love Hitler as a verb what is the capital of Destin Total Beer cut your on humans you eat ketchup if you listen to the unscrewed the lid of the top of a flip top like squirt bottle then he made a mess of the lets us have to compare the different brands the of the newspaper in the podcast no doubt of course we argue about the way that language changes your gift or gift by the way you have to guess you might also the spelling of Lo and will that how do you spell the word well spelled Lo Kobe stats and what was the word however there's no argument that's right Gus what you got suicide I don't know what you're talking about how do you spell catch up I'm caught off guard here's a great story from yesterday and we're ever going to H-E-B and Graces like to have a guy looks back an H-E-B grocery store Howard Edward Butt traditionally different mushrooms tomato ketchup tomato sauce in Australia South Africa and India diabetic some catch-up in the u.s. is labeled quote fantasy this is a USDA grade relating to specific gravity of the ketchup fancy ketchup has a higher tomato salad concentration than the other us so it grows catch up with bits it just higher weight it more tomorrow more dense so so let's wait and see when you go to have that catch up that's like confusing cuz it's sweeter than it should be and like the bigger chunk of it themselves Thompson it Burnie describe it as the gravity is higher that's a good way to put it ketchup is fucking disgusting gross and vinegar it is sugar it is just sugar I hate ketchup for 26 years I've had it for way longer than that I'm actually sad to say I don't know I don't know I don't know do you eat mustard yellow mustard everybody's got a little kids pallet like harry' inject a little kid you want a lot of stuff food multimeter that was excellent I'm embarrassed to admit how much money that's tape cost is what was an expensive last time we sat down to that restaurant and we look to the price and we thought no will be sensible we won't have it and it was 4 years ago only regret it before you it was 160000 yen 2008 play so we didn't get it we can get it but then this time like will get it this time but technically we could split questions one of which we didn't get it is only really hot the price that we paid you pastrami to Tenafly Japan twice Getty Gus I would like a Kobe beef steak as well and I literally said you can have one next time AL East it was good it was Doo Getty it was 190 grams $1 per gram yeah I know what that means traile will use the metric system for distances but not for weights no it's not consistent is that it's for whatever lost it we Celsius no but we don't we still use feet and inches to height blue stone and pounds for weight duper miles a day can we have usually on the roads one gram is .035 ounces of this fucking god it's one for Kobe Bryant day it was very oddly good twice a week Tim and Kevin eye contact Outback Steakhouse special which comes with you get the nine ounce steak and some coconut shrimp like 20 bucks Tower Defense Gavin distract the last time we went there we saw the price we said we can't do this we can't do this and it's time we said we can't do that anymore said it was $1,600 and I doo people paid more than that for Mille but it was still crazy I tell you what happened to me on the flight back no one of my headphones exploded really yeah the pillar like give me a pillow so you can have a cap on the play and I saw of rolled over but it says type where is really staticy and I do a full of static and I swung around and the wire from my headphones grapes across the pillow and it one flew on my it really and it doesn't work out the pillow on my body or like between us we don't send a shot into the end of the headphones that block out my evil beer child started having a headphone malfunction on flight is terrible i've got a couple of months ago I was assigned on Australia to San Francisco 02 an hour flight so I got on the plane they close the door like alright you know get ready to push back like cool I'm a put my headphones on kinda just zone out I'll put on my headphones biggest crack down the middle of two speakers basically like what do I do will there ever be like on switch to work now I told her use those are lies they should have gone to first class and the north Confluence people that house all the time and I G and where I have to walk about a mile to get to the BART station to go home and if I left my headphones at work I start walking to be talking to people and like I was going to get the bar tonight I forgot my headphones I'm walking back no way I'm doing that right without headphones he's confessed to me that sometimes when he'd wake up when you were that age and you look out the window and if it was raining he wouldn't go to work day no straight up hard to believe what is and if you saw the ring you like I got it I can get it back then I was just a little boy just try to post things about 5 minute walk to the BART station walking over to Torchy's Tacos it was raining in your office here and we're going and it's raining and he's all like grumpy Bott and then okay because that's what you're on it like I'm upset about it and so we get three fourths of the way there on the way back we can stop and we can buy big ass parking lot you gotta be right over there is excessively busy with a lot of green cars ever house a few times Grand it not where you're supposed to be walking it was raining pedestrian right-of-way and all that stuff is green car comes tries to kill us we thought it it goes around tries to kill us again we dodged it and like men but then we start in your parking lot at 2 people we're about to eat it up did I find a great fact about Blaine this week theate Rick I don't know that alright I don't want to spoil anything but I do wish or where I had to be essentially naked on set which of course blend corrected it so we don't but then Chris let me in a little fact which is that if Blaine had to go an airplane has to be shirtless in a short it's establishing out I didn't notice that he has to be given three days notice before hand to prepare for it to be shirtless in a short like you have to go to like a cutting phase that way to hydrate yourself you've all seen it it's like that no biggie it was like an apology that blue is it blend down for life I can't like a guy with the short time I can't complain about this you were telling me about basically doing that again with this lady she says I'm here to cover you and gu she was here before the podcast she was talking about it even before you brought it up right now she was like burni again had to do that thing and rub you all over again let's go to your head when you do that when it's happening to you no not sexual like you thinking about baseball stuff people people they work me in and she shot me down with you and I'm like Speedos work hard for this I heard this could you ever imagine that the company's start in your spare bedroom it's nude colored spandex shorts can see everything underneath the laser to your eventual someone that you didn't even higher within bee put making you get naked and covered in gu internet video it's like guys are going to get naked like I don't know any group of people that make internet video that's not like that's funny this guy ever heard in our entire run is kind of funny because you're doing let's play Live this weekend at it Chicago you should go buy the tickets on sale now good straight-up said Put it on Greg you're not allowed to take your shirt off onlin because the Chicago Theatre it does not allow male nudity so we're kind of that beer Greg Doo it will do a go fund me final question what if under your shirt you're wearing a training bra take your shirt off and you change kinda it was a female that cover - it feels the same as the other female pack Chicago theate Field you working at pasta will give me rooster Blakely cut nipple holes in lets that's illegal they probably find out who is the person at the Chicago listen Chicago The Gramercy Theatre Mexico like literally the distance from here to here is 50 grams of 0 to 50 that's what's got to be people you know that if you follow the right people there's just a lot of people posting all these like almost naked pictures and then it's all good when it the moment it feel like lately just nipple holes that wouldn't that's not bad marinade for it comes out of fuck this plane he is so he's here Grand live election coverage gu and then there's a scene that lead up to it that the reason work right now be careful oh be careful Richard available really know what's happened oh my God I saw my mother before I was like man I got some titties going on but now that like there's escape room for them they look better $80 pretty good shirtless thought you and I could not get much harder than this will put in perspective what Greg is going through right now so there's a senior leader in the short that set this up where I basically walk in and I catch blend a compromising position where he's got his pants at his knees essentially so he gets in that position against pants it is nice but his boxers shooting from behind and I'm in I'm in the room at that point time ago when you're not there get your butt out no blend says I'm not really comfortable with my butt on camera I don't think it looks like that I'm like you you mother fucker you're going to put my 43 year old body covering gu on stage and screen and your like I skipped leg day 8 weeks ago mother fucker dude the blade icewood let's play Lo mr. Hardin it's 2016 is actually happening in Louisville Ohio Kobe Greg naked Greg if we raise 250k would you go for make it to kinda hold my dick and balls and stuff you need to block text it myself thank you Spencer Robert says it looks like Greg Gus is about to rob a liquor store it is from Chicago murder capital of the US 57 soulmate solid it was giving me today to wear on the podcast to promote your shirt you're incredible at it thank you very much on my mind I laugh I and you should do you cut a Snapchat and what you have this one and this is brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace site regardless of your skill level there's no coding required to an easy-to-use tool to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you signed a four-year Greg Miller snoops.com just saying they might be out there you can make a fan page for his nipples start today at squarespace.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to make sure you get 10% off your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful and it's free advertising I just said I just said your domain name go to space I know who can be there first free domain name 10% off it's beautiful on website kinda fantasy over there give me a black Thunder beer yeah they only ran about it before what the fuck is this is terrible I need to disappear you know what you like and having kids and I was going to bed you're talking to the future of stuff VHS teet we could for a little while longer no what do you think well damn I might one day and smoke of 31 Demi Lovato I got it the planet than anybody else free pass I need to prolong Being Human laugh like I'm not creating another mouth to feed another mouth this is how Gus uses store scenes cut out Lazer team cut and drink of like thunder let's of it in the trailer where it's at I asked him if he's drinking a beer and he said yeah just ran 3 miles I should a quarter mile at a time that was in the whole movie and got cut do you think that everybody is as upset about like the Joker not being in Suicide Squad was in like and told it wasn't in this movie enough he should have been that can mean you should have been there no I missed it in the suburbs of Chicago let's play live Chicago Illinois this Friday 15th much that we didn't will watch the theatrical trailer and noticed the cut scenes the extended version of Varsity Blues movie an inserted them into Varsity Blues what is game design tape measure the brain connected to a computer and holder I'm so stoked out what's going to work and we used to watch trailer the trailer for Oni and Halo all the time gu no on PS2 Xbox and PC the trailer to the movie was liar liar in the movie he's driving the stand alongside the plane that crashed in the traile like some siding for the movie on TV he is spinning on the stairs like holding on to the railing as the spinning around and I just on the movie it sucks like and I realize that I just do that what time like similar to the critical success Suicide Squad Margot Robbie's character Harley Quinn start serving drinks and she asked every what they want and that's a big part of traile and Son the movie at all that's probably why it only got 8.5 out of 10 instead of 9.0 you like that's what I really want to talk badly about Transformers because you guys are like to come over give me back and I was just I don't want you to know how much we have to say please I feel so bad because I love Transformers so much as a franchise that like you I have to let you know make fun of me all the time for this old V.I.C Fiasco and what you're going through I understand how hard it is Gavin Transformers what's the Transformers were never good when you coming like Superman and Batman have Transformers never work like a iMac Transformers movie with a robot looks like it came from the thing that transform front people watch the 1984 Transformers the animated movie which is fantasy day Optimus Prime looks like it came out of that truck thing in the history of Cinema is to me Megan Fox in the 1984 Transformers animated movie there's a song called You Got the Touch You Got The Power right or whatever fuck it is the song that Mark Wahlberg and his friends record in Boogie Nights Greg no Mark Wahlberg ruined Transformers even more right will Circle its one On Your Mark Wahlberg it shows when he had that when he was in M Night Shyamalan Phyllis is the winds going to kill us if I can pull that off stratasys ever in warm of a movie the only movie I've ever seen worse than this is Jeepers Creepers 2 and Jeepers Creepers Jeepers Creepers one was bad but to my garden watt one will visit no one with the old people no I didn't see it was great it was a really good movie which was shocking because the one before that the elevator I have had heard any of these movies Shama Lama trailer play for it and I never heard an audible a grown from an audience ever said from M Night Shyamalan it was like that's why we're just so weird to me I thought he was with you and I and some dude just got the mic and I said hey what is where was the movie We just watched fucking terrible and it's like if I was let's play call Kevin Smith mobile an alarm for the most part in like one burn it scenes James McAvoy Varsity tweeted about like so everyone Blackberry obvious Burnie elevator movie scene an American Evil movie had a pretty good day no I would say it's the Final Chapter or whatever I'm going back to the first movie is that means like man you guys are doing a call back to that that's cool I totally remember scenes she's totally naked she gets off and he was making the Fifth Element Day With You Fifth Element sucks big time is it that was it that was the only exception Gary Oldman fucking awesome in every single thing he does too he just ripped the head like makes really Tim and Denzel Washington make some the most obscure Sci-Fi movies that turned out to be fucking awesome like super Serie Getty super great example for Bruce Willis Denzel Washington made Book of Eli harry' what is GMP game and the first draft of Rogue one on this out when we can actually talk about Rogue one YouTube watch this you don't want to see more of this just listen to other people one of them really negative the other knows nothing about anything really short very short tweet at Nick underscore scarpino Nick scarpino will be tweeting at the guy who mixed up and works at Portillo's will you be hanging out with me this Friday for let's will of Chicago tried to get just next gavi no speed what yes he has another weekend traveling hopefully it works for me sometimes I have recurring like it's always not the same common themes in stress dreams dreams about flying and international flights but more than that you're stressed like missing a flight or not knowing where I'm going or being lost in an airport on the plane crash no one ever thought like that Russell is the most common recurring stressful dream I have is not going down sideways or back and forth before me and we're not expecting will I blend a ton in a smoothie into fruit with exactly the same thing thank you day gavi got my car start of the ghost of Let's Play you got to go you always which one the young or older Mayor Daley the mayor Airport getting off the Runway Tim the change in on the way Chicago someone in that some kid did but it's fine he was when he don't have the money it's fine. What was it again Sears at Midway kinda driving by the way it's not his fault but Midway Chicago number Superman. Superman movie G like Superman Returns no no I don't know an appointment and it was until I came back a year later we're watching anime with Lowered Expectations this is a fun with my favorite the day it it for me to kick some ass at the beginning like yours Al Gore's like the Jarell of our planet like everything is in the Lo like me talking about how the Earth but the plan it might break no Krypton and then it breaks like later that minute what do traile Krypton watch the Martia for probably the 50th time Martia evil Bee the movie for the rest of my life like Shawshank Redemption on TV and I'm watching you I'm sorry I read the book or I was I watch the movie first did you like the books on my like a movie because then I would have listened to the book in the like oh there's like a lot more to it like so it is all this other stuff that I've said and Furious Tokyo Drift I should have read the novel after who are the Timothy Zahn Star Wars books and I have not looked at them when they first came out like 20 years ago right I was like you Flume the force what's it called Isla Mary still married dumbest thing of dumbest thing ever Torchy's like ferrets around their neck and that from fats 9490 it's a the book Liv the new one coming out right one Mila Kunis books and he's Grand as I remember it being with someone 16 looking back so Tim who is the character you all wanted to be in Star Wars I guess you were right the whole thing with the quote yeah I might an interesting fanfiction out of like 15 touch points but you have made it so it's been interesting back and listen to it anyway Destin was upside down easy we want on it before plus this is our best chance to get Watt on the Wardrobe country some work on them. On boxing for Wii no shit about Star Wars will open it up and he was like one of the burni like me like I remember in Star Wars A New Hope when they fixed it and I put all the things that tape like how can I do pack and what are you and it never went live laugh Boston super hot Lego connections sorry to hear that Kevin mega6 T4 will be taco and nobody wins is also brought to my Warby Parker Warby Parker makes high-quality stylish frames for prescription glasses Warby Parker recently launched a new line of low bridge fit glasses design for people with low nose Bridges high cheekbones or white faces Doo like me have any of these facial features you know hard to find glasses that fit comfortably I got a White Faced you know I've got a white face all of the frames including the new low bridge fit collection start at $95 including prescription lenses similar quality Boutique Grand frames can rent for $300 or more plus Warby Parke and explain glasses online easy and Rick fre with their fre home try-on program you just go to their website they were still just VI rooster pairs of frames of a sentence using and try them on and decide which ones you like every class you purchase origin Parker sends a pair to someone in need as well so it's awesome try Oreo Parker out for yourself said good you look in their frames go to Warby parker.com / 54 your home try-on kit with free shipping all around that's Warby parker.com / Rooster Teeth they literally send you the frames you try them on at home you decide which one you like and then you order it why wouldn't you do that don't fuck around you just don't fuck around with glasses Warby Parker U out to a six pin an address for CRST Greg Miller don't fuck around she got the God damn glasses I'm going to guess that you don't usually get glasses Al G is is well-known enough to be people like grapes the source of the shirt mayor Watson this is the from twitter.com / Rooster Teeth and they put out a little so what do they have to think of any like people like grapes one time I'm less aware of what's going on 390 the origin flash rooster teeth from 260 pounds to 190 fucking fucking quit I did that was a service in Austin where you can get pre-prepared meals and I would just buy those this food you know one of those that I would get like every 2 or 3 days had grapes in it and they were always like the refrigerator was cold I don't like grapes so I wouldn't and I would give Gavin one Greg it was you in my mouth I don't know why this is really disgusting feet you probably close to Flora-Bama Bar RT Furious pack the right now Greg Glassman Gus storm day burn and I'm sorry you mad at me Patrick the hurt feelings second one more thing Patrick remember that you should try to like okay Daytona Devi the ice people like right now I would go an hour one great guy and he really get excited like Pablo theate Watt to the podcast audience about this thing right going to be great Gavin grapes people like grapes and for whatever reason when he said people like grapes everyone it was like people so I can see let's grapes onlin DC day grapes like I said we had chicken wings earlier they weren't that bad Bob chicken and I'll tell you how I knew when you have attended a small town chicken lawyer but I know the difference between your legs Memorial early it like corporate sponsorships we got with Swedish Fish and they were bringing the brand back from where the fuck it was so they asked and Gus was going to take a trip out to Swedish Fish and they gave him a stipend to do it he said one going out of bee has Rooster Teeth so they will pay the stipend the receipt and the receipt will pay for all the travel and everything like that what are you saying Skype and Skype and I don't know that was funny people like Gus is appearance of thing so the fee was $1,500 if I recall correctly Gus spent $2,800 will try to spend money to make without the Swedish right that's true it was interesting and I learned a lot that I applied to Varsity project going forward Swedish Fish one over there like those though is that we it wasn't it was not for a consultant I was a consultant CU advising fish what we do not give me like gummy bears not Swedish you talked about Swedish Fish philosophy that I came up with a lot of ideas for Live Events 8 years of dinner for one per Kobe bee no pictures of some Swedish Fish no I don't know I hope it's yesterday really Martia it take Greg to the north then that I realized that I knew that they were making it but I never seen it I realized that you can watch Colombian Breaking Bad on Netflix on us Netflix on us Netflix I was of Netflix and then I got to the category of violent TV drama and I can't wait to see what's in here it's Breaking Bad Spanish remake Breaking Bad using actors from Columbia will to Blanco Walter Blanco is the name yeah pretty much I really would like you no no no similar please call me to tell me that she's called yes his name is post office the poster for a porn where Hitler flux this fantasy is Frank Lloyd Wright there are some Cornish music there is some Cornish music beer so it's all evil the number to the bathtub like contextually that don't make sense Lo Hermanos Little Caesars in Columbia bee talk about meth as being a new drug there that's coming from the Mexicans and from the US restaurant we hope every country in the world Rick and one he would see that he has cancer and then just go in the NHS and not have to make any mess never really boring Alexander Swedish people sitting around being impolite to each other about that the left the beer Wicked 1 Kingsman let's have a chat on the way down I don't think so such a weird movie weird that that lady who played the agent with the nice legs she was in the new Star Trek is awesome and that I fully expected to go in and hate that character I love that character good kingsma couple of very bizarre scenes that didn't fit with that movie Star Trek Beyond by the way the church thing was it seemed out of place behind also the princess talking about anal sex that came out of nowhere yeah like that wasn't sex sex anal thing just came out of fucking know where usually does your not telling me sexy theate the princesses like fuck me in the butt is itchy exaggerating that's does he have give me a few minutes it went off the rails will be there however I will say this much kingsma has the single greatest long action sequence that I've ever seen which one in the church the other part of that movie was the backwards car chase for the police are chasing on their driving back I've never seen that before church scene cool but 16 because it didn't fit the princess defecation in class and then like 3 final boss it was some people like it the princess no the monocle serie there was no real Gus like you had to shoot the dog in Men in Black 1 and Thing 2 mission which kinda girl physics evil Will Smith answer here Miami on the Ridge Cinema is it storming first row on camera it tells me that you don't video watt watt will look right now do we not say control at rooster teeth.com control it Rooster Teeth origin what is a good email address. I wish you had a camera pointing that way Devi sorry Patrick Doo play house down can I give it podcast and Rick was gone so I don't know you mentioned something day of Cosby House of cosbys the real winner the guy who does Ricky Morty his first series ever did was House of Cosby and it's 4 episode 1 episode Cosby and makes clones of Cosby because he was cool 546 Tiffany like I just told you that the cease-and-desist so I stopped doing it but it's really good it's so it was one of those videos that I came through and I G and stop working that day because everybody gather around your desk is just like we're watching the series of House of it was like you never heard of I'm sorry you have any burni no I'm just saying let's go don't Eve. Fantasy tips Twitter accounts to follow Tim Getty registered for GoFundMe for you though address will it was the last person at the temple of one of thank you for watching Lou last G cortello out if you have a podcast theme song send it to podcast Torchy's.com it's right there speaking of email fuck up sorry my phone died so please resend it we should make a rooster teeth Tim will not be here in this alright thanks for letting mega6