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Rooster Teeth is short and not so sweet

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Recorded: 2009-12-09 16:40:32

Runtime: 00:53:45 (3225.65 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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    "Child's Play Charity" => "http://www.childsplaycharity.org/"
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    "Broken Arrow trailer (ain't it cool at 2:22)" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMPltkNOvgM"


Transcript (in progress):

the head how crazy is it Gus how how how how crazy crazy crazy just rest rest rest Gus Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Geoff Bernie Bernie Bernie Bernie usually that was fantastic and screwed actually going to learn that song is I'm never going to say my whole name is cool but you're right he gets an award for DJ Felix on the ones and twos 108 Felix the normal with the internet PHP helix feel like I'm Jack Jack Jack flight from Vegas to Seattle and then all the sudden bam there's Jack out of nowhere next to you on the phone and then this happened again so I was up in Montreal checking out Army of Two you brought me up there to check out some stuff for Achievement Hunter I was flying back and I knew it would Joel and Gus were out in Canada somewhere doing some work and of course Chicago on Saturday I'm at O'Hare Airport Chicago on my phone the first thing that pops up as a notification O'Hare International Airport I can of course Joel and I rode up in the front of the plane that's true forward without a part of the deal the pilot came out and said you YouTube got called up to the majors it was like a little restaurant in the Chicago airport Foursquare because as a direct result from Foursquare Jack was able to get a seat at a restaurant at the airport where we can watch college football it was a big football day and everyone all the TVs were surrounding Alabama that was probably what we say the fourth quarter of the Florida Alabama game in the Alabama game the problem was we watched the first maybe quarter of the Texas Nebraska Game and we had to leave we were sitting go to airplane in Texas was down 6 to nothing in the last tweet I read before I shut off my phone for the airplane was cool so I just got sacked looks like he's injured that was the last thing completely lost communication it was horrible watching the game there in Chicago who won the Nebraska fan clap clap clap clap that was definitely people who were anti UT fan it was that was the thing it was so funny that Jack was able to ascertain based on the Laughing Cadence they were rooting for Nebraska it anyway dropped nothing nothing nothing finding Nebraska defensive backs that the Texans receiver in college football what happened was Texas it it people think Texas got here on deservedly because we don't really play me a song it really don't talk to you minutes Oklahoma and I am not working I am the lone Alabama fan in the office being from Alabama and the rest of you one second of Gus who dropped out of college and actually tacos Tebow has the score of the game on his at 1:33 1630 1633 promo the score what was the funniest thing in the world you know what we should do is an exercise for homework for podcast people they should look up the score of the Florida Alabama game and then find the Bible quote that goes with that says everything CollegeHumor of the Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Florida State game every reference to his name and 7 Minute long video of you talking about Tim Tebow Tim Tebow as much until after you keep telling the story Tokyo restaurant Jack Ryan has pretty eyes what can I say he's probably the most onion Root Sports fuck you ever had on a couple weeks ago I don't think there's anyone else pulling his hair out right now I don't really care I'm just happy Ingram Micro smog for fuck and ever Gus Macker in Alabama will with fold Forrester hear about that everything is fixed apparently it's all 60 minutes 420 80% he would be the reason why that is because relationships ref and players like any certain dress like hated certain players based on that he would at the money I thought maybe he was betting on games he was officiating a game that you can do that Geoff bombing a joke dude that was awesome the ref told me painful Eye Care multiplayer modes are all the different multiplayer modes in soccer the producer and stuff and I'm looking forward to the game itself is a lot better than the first one the first one felt that the characters in it feel like they did something but that's the game looks a lot better than it did you play different ones there's one called extraction with the horde mode of of army of two but four players the decision of surrounded by enemies so they can be no place you can hide and be safe there's a bunch of different and there was one more which I can't for the life of me remember but they're all really fun and we get there so I can use standard in multiplayer you know going forward effect on hard mode you know that's sort of a cure for it in the vernacular I'm sorry mr. Webster 60 you never going to win when I try to be smart and big words big on my skateboard Pump Up the Volume afterwards Christian Slater presents for drugs Patrick is because stronger word than jail interview and US Tebow was there and the Steelers really in the story that L Twin Creeks apparently when Christian Slater gets drunk he gets super gay and just constantly was trying to make out and hit on Tebow and then eventually he ended up on the roof of the building and the cops he wouldn't come down and the cops got called and they had to taser him off the roof of the building and he fell ex Tebow called his wife and was like I don't know to tell you but your husband is off in the woods somewhere they can't find them and she goes yeah he does that when he gets really drunk he probably also got super gay with you right now allegedly paraphrasing big coffee mug I mean it's like okay what would you get famous or is it the other was a popular movie in the US what was the guy interviewing Tom Cruise IMDb Christian Slater interview something to me later he was arrested by Police and charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and battery in 1997 wow we can speculate in their Gus Broken Arrow Hollow Man 2 personalities does John with I think I think it was a hard rain Austin Powers uncredited uncredited he wasn't easily fooled security guard really True Romance cast in Robin Hood prince of Thieves Pump Up the Volume us to the wizard Heather's Ellie lost Forrester I mean that's a good American Casino Anderson Pump Up the Volume both for like there's like anthemic teen movies back I can't believe it that you know that's the last thing I mean Arrow Merlyn ever had this conversation but Christian Slater storm we were retrieving the cube play me the Christian Slater he was in that how long the darkness yeah that one night so we went to the Moon it was just like to go to a bar and get like drunk getting drunk and kill yourself with like a pair of scissors aren't sharp enough the terrible it is awful Joel is 2 months pregnant with it yeah I know we left about 30 minutes on it so bad what's your face was in that played a paleontologist finds a lovely lady I'm sure it gets to the point of the public figures out who you are and us where it's like well you just can't play this role it's a little warm but another rock on the in the same pile Tim poster will have a 30-minute Paws in the park I'm going to pick it up Target Woodridge the Griffins picking me up and we're going to go get some if you want but we also talked about just going to jack about it so what you want to do I don't know it's your first trip to the frozen tundra we saw it wasn't quite it was so bad there that when we finally got back to the hotel we found a restaurant in the hotel that sort of overlooked this so we just got to the hotel in downtown the curving road that went up the hill I think it's a good way to put it right and we just sat there and watched cars crash into each other for 3 hours trying to go up the hill every time was like you have some cars come one card the front of the group get stuck all bets are off and I work through a fresh new batch of cars, and they're not aware of that when I initially booked or travel I have booked us like a Ford Focus or something but you know what that's probably a good idea to get a John Deere for that trip or something did you know Chevy Trailblazer 4 wheel drive 4 wheel on the highway white patch with cars going in the same direction kinda and that's what we're doing and it off in the distance to this pickup truck and a pickup truck with just doing 360 is just one after the other it start to slow down it start to slow down and start to slow down its like I was going to stop in out of control can you be like I was I don't know what I was to another woman and we were driving on the New Jersey Turnpike it was a rainy day and she hit a patch at 3:16 Florida it like her with her response to going into with no spin what's that fuck in nail it and so was she when you looked over to her when she smiling now you pick it up on my problem was his first fuck him response to going into at 3 the fundamental understanding that the thing was he was spinning real fast for the first six games and then you slow down he almost stopped almost came to a complete stop and recovered and then accelerated right back up into those things again I mean like 10% of it makes any sense I mean there's like a minivan right next to it like slowly coming in Gus Gus you guys were up in this tundra tundra Canadian Town doing some shit Forrester and why would somebody with their you know that is funny because I watch the local weather that night and had like sort of a map in the map of -1 negative for 00 and it's just like it we're going to go interview some people now and it's like I guess we live here I mean just the just defeated broken people forget the year party drive that way in a few days you'll be okay but the thing was I was and they were doing the in a blizzard major storm II storm the storm continued on its way to California where people die from storm in California tell me what you guys survive that I'm very happy to have you back we're flying it was a lot of cancelled and delayed flight the one clear day probably the season 4 with my experience driving at 60 miles an hour was at 1 8204 we can take off big with Tren take a picture so I can look at the white it stretches into white end of the week and then like I mean like a pair of goggles appeared like above the wing like behind like this done and then like crap all over with apparently all you could see was like some dude in a truck shooting some green stuff fluid all over it that's got to be the worst job well if it helps you guys while you were gone we had some weather here to it rain then it was like 50 on Friday I was in the bathroom so I don't get to see it but I hear it's a four-letter word us I'm sure whoever the snowflakes flying up to a macaroni L on Thursday Jesus Christ have that was hilarious fuck you here in Chicago on Thursday but when I got to Chicago it was snowing and I miss the snow in Austin but I saw it snow in Chicago the day before it snowed in Austin probably was last time I was here I was here sometime like 2002 or 3 I remember oh really because I was looking for Wes then we build a snowman like 4 a.m. and put in the middle and then a truck hit it it was awesome and then the cops showed up and was like usually yeah me either the mission this year Wednesday is the best cell it anyway Bernie and Matt are out of town Jack 60 camera for Jack okay have you seen that commercial actually advertise or anything just to keep everything super secret so these broken companies are having to make trailer is a commercial based on older stuff and so some Spanish lost and it's like all the pieces are in place for the final and it's really really cool should I really it sounds like something I'll have to leave them it was weird 91 the day she was born We Are One the Jack and I are having a conversation yesterday, it was pretty exciting it was about whether an airport we were talking about we were talking about what we were going to do in January February March cool off and maybe pick up some the older games and go back and fill out for so many how many big trouble there are four or five Triple-A titles more than December and December it's a lot more than just had sex 3 mag magazine as well as Battlefield 2 it has no shock to it has fuck in Splinter Cell conviction which is going to be once again don't forget the PS3 Gran Turismo 5 April I think it seems like when we saw that behind closed doors packs for Red Dead Redemption very very much looking forward to it God of War 3 comes out Dante's Inferno is Dante's Inferno that could be very good company to at Comic-Con in the first the first it looks like it is coming out as well FaceTime to or without with a spoiler review for the movie I'm sure has nothing the 13th of March 9th just came out in November I haven't had a chance to 200 1943 yesterday finished finally Hunger Games 2 days ago nice it's true we shouldn't and we only made for this room right now do you want to know for sure so I can look it up hold on give me don't want to get him and I don't want to spend time in court he's going to make sucking dick jokes on the internet content standard shipping and they're right in our store but you absolutely that is if you do Next Day Air you can order as late as 2 p.m. and receive it on the 23rd of December 2 p.m. on the 23rd and you can receive it by the 2 p.m. central Time on the 23rd I gotta say this company to perhaps maybe send out an email to you and there might be a small Arrow don't write something somebody and it wasn't last night covered for about 30 exhausted painful minutes say hi yeah I am still getting them I don't know are you really getting off Wes when people piss me off or volume email addresses put them in a little bit low on cash so if anyone wants to submit one feel free to make us have to make our own email it right now probably 160 or so but usable once I might be down to like 20 hey speaking of current video make a good one and send it you know you want my wife so I guess you had your nose in your Twitter or whatever and it said she was going out of town for a few days she was gone so we can go out last night and I really like the camera control and I don't like that you can't hear me because you still get experience it in person I just went to Griffin the commercial too and we wanted to play another game because it was such an enriching American experience and so I started looking around and Tales of Vesperia it was an RPG that's highly touted and no where on the internet can I find anyone saying that both players couldn't get a cheese mints and so I bought it and had to buy on Amazon anywhere and started playing it played about an hour and realized an hour and that only play one it was your Amazon experience Geoff you know when I'm going to play Fable last night she is afraid her Xbox account to a gold account so I asked her you know what you want to be and I was with the process she's like Halper Santos L Halper did you do the credit card Santos L Halper with taken the game recenter the camera you can move the camera twice 60 right stick let you look around freely different finding or free look in local co-op as well and same problem is just okay single George has a really interesting way they do the coop the camera all the Lego games like Lego Indiana Jones Lego Star Wars stuff like that it splits the screen and it is really in the first Bernie yeah I guess it appealed the kids but I don't know how you go through level 50 times Anderson Storm video for Bernie for Lego Indiana Jones 2 1 Tim and it sounded and there are 90 levels in the game 90 stages in the game and you didn't have to be true on 90 and then to get another treatment you have to beat all of the first levels are like at 2:30 levels in quick play mode to play 220 levels to get those to achieve program the next version of Lego whatever and it will give you some achievements it's fucking ex ref that's intense man the time for to me you can sit down and do that play a game over and over and over again I guess we've sorted that point we're just sort of like to yourself it's a problem there's too many games out and you just can't about the time too if you want to play every game ABS problems 84 man speaking of entertainment I play I want to see fantastic mr. Fox on Sunday I was it I have absolutely loved every Wes Anderson movie including Darjeeling Limited with some people didn't like about the MasterCard commercial of the commercials are really funny and I can't recommend Santos image fuck it's kind of slow and stilted and there's not a lot there for kids aside from the visuals visuals point on there's not much to see there are some funny moments but orders online self-indulgent I don't know how to describe it but somehow it just felt really had the desire to go watch it that's good because like other people I don't know it's a problem with David Lynch to wear like a director gets to gets like caught up in and they're on their own said I got there and it was a lot and then and it's cool and if that's something really impressive and Tim Burton thing right but then they just like it it seems like an arrow and narrow and narrow it down until it's like it's not just that style and all the substance is gone I don't feel that to happen with a bunch of these and I'm starting to get that sense from at least from that that's too bad yeah it's a shame it's like this and it's impressive from the from the visual to make stop-motion tiny set but these are stop-motion it look like they would have been a Royal Tenenbaums or look like they would have been you know in Life Aquatic it look like it could have been it all feels the same and they do that in this movie and it's a cool thing that he does and he's not going to do anything different it was over and over again and I like he's like his odd quirky dialogue and pacing which were actually real live action kids movie he's crying right now speed of movies when I was flying back from the on this trip from Chicago to Austin like I was looking through it like the we're flying American Airlines if you like the American Airlines magazine that they have on the play and they keep talking about this George Clooney movie called up in the air hose coming out at the movie so much and I realize are fruit flies only American Airlines it has like 10 million event for contention what else has he directed I'm sure as soon as I was saying he also directed something else think of it right now it was awesome and that you're smoking ex award for the movie he also directed trip to the office you know that movie I couldn't get through it when you've been around a dozen 16 year old girl wrote that characters dialogue you know like I know he was trying to pull it up directing what other movies are coming out that are coming out next Friday Sherlock Holmes comes out Christmas day did anyone see a 2012 in that movie could be cut down to a 20-minute movie that would be awesome but it's a two-and-a-half-hour long the end of Las Vegas by us and storm ruined like it's that whole movie is that standing where we work 10 seconds ago really like Anyway John Cusack as an action hero it doesn't work maybe you what was the name of the rock is better than it was destroy that guy's car told me he was in that movie so the rock is so much better though I think the rock is Michael Bay Geoff okay you have me there I don't know yeah yeah I can watch The Rock Sean Connery so good in the Rock he's getting everything that's true well I want to see that Forrester voting that from the trailer while the person for great Broken Arrow going back to Christian Slater it cool like in the trailer that's where cool music official website 12 years old broken heart American 97 something like that this weekend hopefully hopefully Sherlock Holmes movie that I really like the trailer alright everything I talk about I should be wrapping up a little early and go by Salvatore I think that sounds awesome you know there's DLC for Saboteur dead nudity to the pits free in the box but if you have to pay 480.2 if you buy the game and don't get the code little down I have no issue that the trying to come back I think I can handle it