#390 - Gavin Free Is a Vault

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss American citizenship, panic attacks, keeping secrets, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 23, 2016, sponsored by Betterment (http://bit.ly/2aYdbwx ), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg ), and NatureBox (http://bit.ly/2bvzA3K ).

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Recorded: 2016-08-23 15:27:58

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone and welcome to this week's after the podcast do you buy bettermen e undies and nature box in this episode of the podcast I'm here I feel like. Cuz he can't see you they look like the Unabomber everybody doing what you did you come to the office 3 times today already what's up you got any so what's up I was in a foul mood and ech do you say dick head car what the term of endearment there's a motivation for that though Barbara because we have actually do want to do want to do this right now I'm super sad about it so Barbara actually has a really big message it's really cool that happened over this weekend can you guess what it is either vide of the Duff Gus that knocked up what I thought you was coming up somebody's butt Twitter hashtag hashtag to podcast high and I will you Barbara of the dog because I know that anyway how to put your announcement about the new show that's a good idea now or at so is that a no that's a no blast with you and Erin break up quotes Breakers BBQ one tells what was the cool miles on it this week so Gavin and I both moved here to United States of America five years ago and I have both been working really hard on trying to make her time here permanent did you do it and this morning I received a message saying congratulations your green card was approved your rushmor directions to have one yet so I was abusing Barbara all day American take American but a resolution American snout Barbara senior citizens barbar is a permanent resident and I'm some dude who has a long commute Sun as most excited to tell you that very happy for you and proud of your day will come soon for me to be miserable you're helping that you're going to be so sad when you go what's it what's the school working underneath the surface there what you got blast one I want related no not quite the same I recently applied for and got my Global Entry which is I didn't know this they said you're pre-approved now you have to schedule your interview in 30 days otherwise you lose your hundred bucks yes at the schedule it doesn't mean the interview has to happen within 30 days and I had like 4 days left so if you want to look for like early next year to get around in Houston and I did my interview in Houston cell phone out of the same at the end you were here with terrible do Mister & Pete cast the short version is since you can't use your cell phone there's nothing to do in that office they have a TV on the wall and they were playing Man of Steel so I had to go to Houston to do my Global Entry right to be able to figure out where you were will a bad cuz I knew I was going to have this date picked out the date was a month in advance then like the night before the flight I got an email from the airline saying hey you in a couple minutes I upgrade to First Class Suite overlooking my boarding pass on my phone it doesn't have a seat it says see agent but I guess that's at the airline that was your night so I get to the airport before you go through security I'll check for you you know where your first check in for the flight and help me with no no just go to take care of it there okay so I go to the gate on my boarding pass down and it turns out that was smaller than we thought we were going to get so what I said you got there they told me they said you got upgraded from economy to first class but the seat you're supposed to sit in first class doesn't exist well we're trying to move you back to your seat in economy but we can't get it to work but I really need to come get it or it's just not working everytime I do it says like you know some whatever database connection error with some of what you're going to do don't worry we'll get this straightened out okay everyone it's just me top 25 minutes to take off the latest on the plane was like in the Sun check right I've already done all that so then I walk up to the gate and the ladies ladies like she just told me to walk over here and get on the plane do they let me on the plane she's at school so I didn't like the first row of Yukon River War Book myself I laugh at your first class forgot on the plane and if we didn't fix it and the thing the whole time I was stressed out stressed out I was freaking out about that I thought it would be way easier Mister interview locations in the Houston Airport one inside of security at one outside of security I thought of myself of insecurity because less people going to go there it's easier to get in and out so I could take care of it so that's why I thought it was an interesting experience I just did laundry laundry and it's upside down it just has no interest I don't know that so I walk into this office in Houston right now the office is about the size of this park Canada no really it's tiny and it's like one dude like one Customs officer at a desk all day tomorrow he's interviewing someone I dislike doing their Global Entry interview needs like I'll be with you in a minute okay I said down whenever they finish up and go up to do my thing and in talking with him information to do a background check on the internet and watching movies to American fashion so then he's like yeah he's like I really like good films you know I hate that trash she feels like a friend of mine invited me over to his place he's got a pool and get a screen for that movie Shark Tank oh I was like what more like flying if you don't know like I was a really good movie you like everything else in that one I just got to work just called tried to call you. Steve Buscemi in it right so he's testing you by throwing up you should have been like hey what's up big natural disaster cold with the Wind danco one of the things I said it was at the time the iris Barbara's first day with green card Shee War the most fucking Canadian shirt that you can possibly imagine she looks like a lumberjack Monty I also have camo pants of course did you think you take in one more step down the road to becoming an American citizen is at the no resident flight 12 hours on your days you could save like 5 minutes at a time over the next 10 years I would like an out if Trump becomes president what are you take down the road towards American citizenship at least and not have to worry about it I'm like that too residency that you could give it up now we have to give up our city today you can make a decision as to renounce yeah you gotta hold your head up some special words orange monkey let me know if your stuff is not American citizen have to pay American taxes no matter where you are or where you are and if you're are citizen you have to pay taxes on all your income even as I can but I became a non-resident American president biggest to renounce your US citizenship and even then when you renounce it it's not necessarily that easily that easy I've heard before that when some people try to be nicer citizenshi for this reason the government will force them to pay for your projected lost Revenue over the rest I'm trying to get to the lights and I'll be a citizen in the u.s. is just like tonight you one of us safe of Florida yeah you probably trouble for that gu take out $80,000 in taxes Schoo you can give me to pay taxes somebody on Twitter whose name is Boston Tom who said he's a British citizen with meme like Boston's name to call yourself I don't have to give up British citizenship when I became a US citizenship got his US citizenship he did not have to get up Thomas remind me to place but it's like I don't know if I'm British and I'm moving to Boston that's such an ass Boston's gavi gavi TX more so much God damn rain in Austin high pressure you get pressure the pressure pressure more than just a headache headache to talk the entire time I see you got a friendly face no but it wasn't even if you would and you talking about the window seat when I sit down dances that to show that I did he was like looking at something I was just playing Candy Crush on my phone cuz I got my laptop was dead earlier so if your home wanted to I don't he was like a and I keep asking you what level order you know those bottles of wine I can get on the flight with a baby these are the bottles of wine if you get on flight he ordered four of these show you my Global Entry Ira friend was really on the plane I sat next to him he's very vague about this some months ago and this person was on the plane and I was on the same plane and I saw this person get on the plane and talk to every other person like in the aisle seat as she came down the aisle and doesn't mean a person is chatting and I was sitting far in front of my friend and she also had a dog a full size dog with her like a decent sized dogs that one of those it was a service dog she is sitting right next to my friend on the plane and the service dog had to go underneath the seat in front of her barely fit but luckily was a well-trained dog how big was the dog so what kind of service dog flight from Baltimore FEMA is IRA stand for but it's like the Federal Emergency Management emergency response like it's fem of the team that went to New Orleans after Katrina we don't know when to rescue an actual type of dog looks like a lab that's either a rescue dog or an even sadder kind of dog which is the dog that's there to find dead bodies probably have it just give it out to everyone not just that purpose to train a dog to find dead bodies do you think the dog was for anything else if you have a dog for Gus probably fine but I look for that looks very good if you renounce your citizenship you have to file taxes for the next 10 years anyway that is no longer the case but if you are if your net worth is over 2 million dollars you have to pay exit tax how much is exit does not flight deal with always confuse chat chat chat chat chat and he said it was emotional support dog never have heard of them at to get pet when you can see you're upset never have heard that it's pretty awesome that dogs can be used for that are so versatile you something huge delay like some huge issue and like every flight was delayed for 2 days and they brought in dog like Comfort dog the roads in Washington DC they had dogs like people everywhere bed at 5:10 cold everyone Reade one of my mentees what they're wearing a suit or sweats he's been almost 24 hours a day in your underwear but instead of making a statement like Superman's High Sanders everyday close your underwear is probably bored and communities is here to change that repair music from sustainably-sourced motel prices gotten 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me out this probably also like some dog the trees off that they can help people with really bad diabetes like they can smell when people's blood sugar is off right high blood sugar you know people are to me that's blood pressure pressure barometer pressure you do need a browser you can tell you have low blood sugar usually people say I have high blood pressure I feel like I have high blood pressure but there's apparently no way to tell if you have a cold when you feel disconnected from the I probably have the feeling that I always got was that things would flatten out like everything felt two dimensional to me Ira how else to explain it and I felt it was for you it was right after college and I finished my movie graduated from college and broke up with my girlfriend all within a one month period but I guess I didn't realize the stress or the end of a lot of stress and I just like wait what triggered it for me was I was doing something like cleaning out a box of shit that I had like you just like random knickknacks stuff I'm going to go to that box and I got like a really fast heart rate from at like I don't know why I got like a hundred twenty hundred thirty and I thought such a measure your heart rate no I mean like you actually went out of your way to my house when to measure what's your resting heart rate Gavin cold you say what's a normal resting heart rate for a human being 7 and I think 72 is what it is actually really fast is it really not my brother on 9290 as well fucking dickhead flight Yelp Lance Armstrong's this is like 45% what is it like what time is it the steroids take off of that mister straight in his fucking ass Hartley using Mister Lance Armstrong's then let's go back to Barbara's what you want now In-Shape bit slower it is but I don't know if that's true well if you can prevent beats faster you'll burn off a lot of more calories if you like different size hot to yes they do Did You Gavin bit people like a slightly different size yes a baby's heart rate is faster but that's what their bodies are also smaller right so it's like the less force needed to move the blood around do I still get up to the brain pretty quickly so that I can keep up just like it's just part of a larger body if that's the way you know you're hot one minute you can feel everything that I need for your blood type flight everything slide down I used to be a lot more of a hypochondriac my mother raised me so I feel like she was a very nervous person to those words we can get hurt and it's like that's what it's like hypochondriac that's right we did say with it either hypochondriac have especially if it was physically wrong with my car I thought I was having a heart attack that made me way more nervous and kind of like it was this thing the FED on itself and then later like the next day when I have like a panic moment I thought I was having another one of these episodes I thought of the physical problem so I get this whole thing we're like they want to see a cardiologist and they gave me a monster cardiologist flowers in like 2 or 3 weeks with different doctors general practitioner specialist in everything and then just wondering if I'm stressed out and I don't want to imply that it's easy for a lot of people think I was like because I was scared of like having something that was going to cause me to pass out and have a hard where's now when you have a stress I could be escalate very quickly I remember North one day he's saying that if you decide you like me to take them I got the feeling the pressure yet but started taking that if it was like late nineties so probably better stuff right now but they gave me zolof at the time and I was like if I feel like if I started taking the pill I would never stop to that I'm trying to tackle this on my own yeah you probably didn't send it so I feel like I have the opposite of that the other day while I was out of town who was real quiet and I felt like just no I don't really feel like I was fully awake and I feel your heart 2 p.m. flight attac from the world right now I feel detached from reality I feel my footsteps very well I could also probably over focusing on it like that like all your body and yeah yeah I know that feeling very well so I just quickly like 10 on vide guys think about the size of your tongue in your mouth and stop thinking about her without any sort of no at all like if I'm home I live alone I'm always alone I can't be in my apartment without something give a white noise machine or you just like turn on the TV or TV just like anything or just like I put Netflix that's what triggered it because usually those maggots have him in the dog is always running around also dog Schoo on Mexican the cat was asleep and the air conditioning was off it was just like complete silence do anything just come from one of the rooms I just was like maybe this is a living the Lan assistance of the management good night and um Perry any followed up with don't anybody say anything so he told Gavin on the pas I don't know I just like any reaction that is true I should have said I should have realized that his Gavin does not get jealous that's true things about Gavin that I think the average person who watches all of your videos with across a cheap mint Hunter Rooster Teeth and The Slow Mo Guys one of the things that I do what did meundie to be a very interesting trip but Barbara has a woman been a problem whatever tiny bit jealous in the way that like what else is a negative so when you just started going too far going to appreciate me right and Valley like kind of like if you know maybe they see you with another guy or something they get that 10 just like you like me flight of investment Lake Point 00012 just weird when you say jealous in IRA Cross is also kind of it is weird say that to say that I just feel fortunate to take me by Gavin fact that Gavin is Gavin is probably the most trustworthy person I think for like when you talk to him Gavin will never repeat anything anybody else says no one's business no I know I was like I know I talk to Gavin about some stuff over the years Demi bit like long trips together we had a lot of time together I'd never hear else has said something that one of those people who's at fault probably more so than anyone have you ever want to murder somebody you like Gavin the Gavin no tune into my new show next month cold other people's problems from Andy reminds us that for some people no you have to say Hey Cortana turn off piece of shit addition to the Xbox yep and she regularly talk to the Xbox and now she says like Xbox do whatever I can I know you're at work Cortana go to Netflix Netflix Netflix Netflix is that really what you can do biggest turn-off Annette bit of the thinking thing is it's yes or no and you say it takes like 4 times longer it's like sending do mice like Siri there before it was just like a little thing between you and your Xbox Xbox off it goes off no no no it's like being an Xbox high do do you have you ever use the microphone thing is that going to the internet or just within the Apple TV Mister New Vegas the same as serious as the internet have an Alexa Echo like you say Alexa to get her to respond to you but you can also change it so you can to Echo or Amazon to can you change anything on my phone just you change it from something other than Alexis there's someone in your household name Alexa right there do they have a product always lets me know that has a name but that the name you call it isn't Yelp to be cold Echo and now it's at the hotel around the chair movie the Amazon pylon control thermostat which is nice here I love it here do you have like all those like Wi-Fi enabled flight I got a lot of stuff I'm not going to go into details what I have because I don't want Gus get in there and messing with my stuff I'm going through stuff but I walk out my house out and shit all the time do this tell me what this mutation more than anyone I know which is why whenever you talk about Jeff and attack suspect gkff and I like to no no vijetha Jeff happened once still talking about it really yeah he can use Dragon dictate and Ani flight was awesome Gavin I said I use any headset actually if you look at my desk right now I see you Mike and I just I put that right in the middle like keyboard I just talk when I want to write stuff that's great it was imagining watching you type I am terrible at like probably 15 or 16 feature-length Lancaster episode more than that probably in the high twenties and I can type it was older than myself out like a big scraggly beard everything this week I have to go do a thing it's not a rush thing but they could play an older person older than myself no I can't because we talk about this because I saw the fucking shit for your new show and it's fucking better also it's completely done and it's over very happy for you very happy one what no I said you were here I don't think every time I make a new set it's better than the last one I would like to point out this was the first one that Trend perfectly damaged bit this is better than every other kid metal table The Grill at this the longer we wait for this on the most has to get made in between now and then better also I would believe that if I couldn't see our sets like right behind me and she can put the new boss is just like it's it's like it's like an abandoned places in the desert what airplanes are buried in the sand I said a couple chairs at Target we may change the set where we usually on rolling platforms this set is not so it takes a crew like how much longer does it take to set the set up every week how much longer a lot longer 10 minutes like twice as long a lot longer even our platform on which to build our new set and I said to you I said to Patrick I said when do we move the set off the platform so we can start building the new 7 flight July I think it's May it's okay it was March yeah yeah yeah I forget what you said that they hadn't done something by that was way back in March that's when that's when I move Nelson on the floor it's not that I mean to say that the show that I announced last week always open actually premiering September 1st shuts what's the release schedule for pilot episode for first members only their place on the Thursday night Thursday night live stream so you can watch it any point in time and then we're going to do those four episodes and then if it gets green lit and good to go 10 p.m. 10:30 p.m. central for everyone hope Lan action action bit so so so so tired of you looking at for that were actually filming episode this week thank you for everything today been a good day rooster you did it very very Barbara filled weekend no I'm very happy for you with your fucking awesome set and everything else I can't explain it was like that's cool I'm at no I was very happy I was very happy I was like I was like here's exactly Mac Mini talking Spectrum here between Gavin burni it's a great it's a great site it's a great so I think you're just learning about something Gus runs through Pakistan the sandwich was fine it's fine Gavin do that how long did it take you to get to buy a smaller couch for the receipt I guess that was a year-and-a-half to two years but I see this as you see this couch everywhere I see so many movies you don't like but you can't lay down on it I don't like that collects no crumbs in the holes Stone trucks in on it let me like anything about it naivete special attention to them Ikea like she picked up she picked a bit of like Temple Dark Link out of my belly button flight horrified no I just like because I was like a new step in the relationship and I didn't just like it wasn't no it was just fun picking things like like pimples or like if there's like an ingrown hair like pulling actually very much she's always like that like you get pleasure like I have that too I have a couple of super long hairs in my eyebrows don't like those are going to see that like the base of your eyebrow no Wenatchee season drop trailer vibrator no show me the story of Barbara's neck hair story of Barbara's neck hair is that she's got one hair on the side of her neck the side over here and it grows out really long and thin and every night with you plus it is like she doesn't feel at all like an invisible barbar Adam's Apple used to be and it's like a one long hair that grows out that new Shee the Bears every now and then it's like a long hair the front so I can like in the beard male facial hair region that women don't everyone have hair in Gus the hair on your neck at both ends which way is growing have one that care and all always plug it when I see it let me tell you something you have thousands of neck what's the number I put it the next day it'll be in a different area it's like a fucking whack-a-mole so it's it is only one of the time that's the door like right now it's right here right now to try to get away but every time you look at it try to find you hiding spots and one of them stuck out flight LAN in a different place long I'm sorry I forgot the G in law you didn't like it okay if I just done to you that Amazon hand me something no no we got itself in a shot of your belly button on the phone that's a given ESPN Twitter just Burnie doesn't ever get asked either All Purpose on Earth you wouldn't get any sleep from no doubt that you know what am I do this episode of The Parkers yes one is not going to try to eat better but I think nutrition labels are confusing NatureBox as a snack for that that's what you do to take it she said confidently and stop wasting time sifting through nutrition labels naturebo to make silver 100 ridiculously delicious snacks that are made with better for you ingredients if we choose what snacks you want and they are delivered right to you the great ones like dried white peaches honey crisps I think we got professional Power Plus receiver and simply spoke e nut mix of cultures are one of my favorite snacks ReDiscover every month plus you shouldn't eat something you don't like you don't like nature box or replace it in your Xbox for free do that with your other snacks Lakewood city take a risk in order the simply smoking nutmeg mix twitch all the dog do respect your sponsor I don't think I would like that but I'll give it a shot they showed up on the website can I get a free window replacement in the next box experiment right now 2 bags of delicious snacks without any of the junk for free that's nature box.com / 423 bags of bold and unique snacks delivered right to your inbox to come so I just get two bags of snacks for free so my kids don't like anything Xbox candy that you don't mistakes as a parent it takes so much bargain power off the table like I don't deserve anything you can hold over them pictures how did you potty train them like what was your like incentive for them because I wrote it my parents would give I believe it was one Eminem to me and my brother if we like to use the toilet you were sold you can remember being potty trained at always a big thing with us they told me this that was the ship you have a really tough time doing one thing and then I had a really easy time doing that thing really works barbar North Shore like that on the podcast I just realized I guess I don't want one of these parents do young parents especially if they like tell each other like what month the fucking kid did this tournament they did that it's like this weird like competitive thing with the kids that are under a year old basically like you rolled over it 6 months or whatever and it's like you never learn to roll over friendly kids at 4 the animals get up and walk around them it's that wonderful time of year for social media filled with everyone's pictures everyone's kids went back to school and talk about things I do not care about how lucky would you how lucky would you think yeah I mean it's like your time whatever it's like that what time will John ever have any trouble with anything but I felt like it was taking too long was my oldest JJ to Jack at the time we gave him a pacifier like no kids take kids take pacifiers Again The Pacifier exactly what age but then liking him of the pacifier was a probably felt like a three or four month ordeal trying to break in on the pacifier so I was just like he was way too hard and then so we just didn't do any Best Buy or 10 basically just learned our lesson but like no vide Israeli funny thing where when you learn to crawl he would use his legs and face back legs do this weird thing where he wouldn't use his hands he would just point his forehead on the ground like a tripod wood floors any one just like this in the middle of his head do I clear skin of flight soundtrack in the other dancing when he was younger because he started high school today so it's great flight always like little baby stories about him JD started High School to 801 height by the way if everybody is suffering cute back to school sorry about that that sucks dude that's like the worst thing ever it gets better like right now in my life today is great letters that you don't the schools like 34 bit what's the at what you don't know how good you have it honestly high school high school I think high school was probably like looking back the couple years of my life high school was probably the worst time in my life I fucking hated everything about that 1 million times better right now this is the best time of my life always don't even know how good you got it diesel in Cumming High School working remember fem YouTube before you make money that you do you know that accounted for basically you know you know what you have to dispose at work do you have read did you think when you are waitress was terrible payment was the actress Schoo of understandable high gear and I was like I can just be like hey I'm waiting for his money Ira doing it was like I wasn't paying rent during High School stores in Eugene can I print screen High Schoo who you of the way through it all the way through your day once what is there a 11 Supercut of Utah no swimming cscc cscc bit please fre done with all that stuff no I was doing that stuff I was 16 stops Gavin whenever you talk about school don't take that as something with me like of course I was only 16 so of course I was doing my old levels from a no it's like when you can you work at 15 in the UK for like 15-20 business is correct people treat me if I'm wrong I think you could work if your 15 as long as you're not handling cash that's what's really driving age in Canada 15 you can get your G1 which is like I think you have to be drive on his permit have to drive with someone who's had there full licenses for I think $4 but how can you drive in UK come on do you really know that well I'm thinking only briefly I want to thank the person to do a better job of making notes as to who when somebody send me something I get behind a take a picture of the note by do I'll do is I'll look at the note and I usually save the envelope if they didn't write their address in the note they sent me that was somebody sent me their college textbook it is the game design textbook a rules of play Anthology edited by Katie sailing and bettermen and in it is a whole section on Red vs. blue to text people have always said people always take pictures but I've never actually seen a textbook in person where there's a whole chapter about like permissions for that we have I don't remember this one in particular the publication date on this bad boy more than from the MIT press very prestigious it's to Hampton Inn to Gavin was about a chef 2006 like a modern museum in Germany in German people study at 4:50 outside the US educational stuff and museums can just use my stuff for free one in it my Kinect for my Xbox one I saw this picture of this thing did you know that when they when they say the connect plug is like can ask where bit like a corner cut out right kind of like a fat always liked usb3 you very very very annoying I thought that to us before the end the power plug now it takes up to outlet to power boxes to split the connect to USB and power also anyone that the picture of it it only works in one of the USB ports have to pick a specific it has to be the one next to the hdmi-in what is a disconnect that's a good plan but I use voice commands laser from controlling the Xbox One S have just had a mic and it doesn't have the time of your phone and your Mac and you like it and you probably controller use a headset for voice commands like a headset on a show that's connected to controller but she's about down control your mind what are you supposed to come out if I could to be wearing a headset all the time twin like when you wear a headset Cincinnati Bass Masters walkthrough the flight left the TV on Xbox to turn off whatever without having to find a controller turn it on and then use it for doing that she's not in the room it's annoying I'm pissed off I would love to hear how I talk to I'm going to pretend like I'm going to say having a conversation with my device but to be nice to people who have what in their homes I'm going to say crab box but I talk to my devices always like I'd love to hear recordings of myself talking to myself because I like talking to a kid that do not listen to me I said take it like a very like a Cortana sex turn off turn off work so whatever to if I talk in a robot voice that works with Siri that's why it's because we took my Apple products and never noticed I use after my father's death and everyday you get Shee on freezing Apple it's like sometimes I appreciate Apple because Apple never would have made that Abomination to connect the Kinect to the product and it had a device that two boxes and three plugs and one power that they wouldn't rename Siri halfway through the cycle just because whatever probably the size difference between the Xbox One and Xbox One S Kinect Xbox One British one to be really yeah it sounds fancier listen to Bruce Lee no she just she just be back in British if you're up there since you're my car has a different voice for Siri and we have another one doesn't have that since you're so upset about the Kinect on the show do to make you happy this is a sheep dancing competition in Wales zolof to see if this guy is so entertaining what is one fucking she was checking to see what the fuck dude how's it come to take a one Knoxville to Chattanooga what does like you doing this blackface sheep is literally the only one that does Sirius is secretly really cool and that's it on a hot plate or something shocked that you are sending them put peanut butter on the roof of that was a load of bollocks it was just a well-trained histor Mister Ed Mister control himself before the link to that video Oakley made from his head and ran 8 years ago 9741 the 10 out of on IMDb unbelievable I don't know why that video reminded me I just sent you a link to another video I don't know why this reminded me of this video but I saw this recently I think I read it and it made me laugh super hard to hear is that you look young Bodega so this is what high school no don't don't don't cut away from this I want to see which one I don't know are black still alive he would have he would have design to do that with the ultimate residents that would definitely win the race 100 Subs car no problem I got another flat tire more flat tires War II once and that was the last letter I got said that was when we filmed in the Quarry I got a flat tire then I got a flat tire again today different tire different car no didn't go to the more Cory's although I did drive over to the Armory and so we have the weirdest names for stuff here that's when I get them too when you go to the armory blast you ever really cool when you are done making a set for a production not our people just anybody who's using this area for production take a handful of screws and just a term across the parking lot I've gotten more flat tires since we've been in this facility then I have probably in the rest of my life combined one been here like two or three years but their point so I think it's very frustrating me Microsoft is because the Tesla does not have a spare tire in the car because you're not allowed to jack up the car yet to jack up a very precise way you are not allowed because it would break the card so you need a bigger twitch the supply on a regular basis anyway that is true it seems like it's pretty easy to spot and you just have to hit right on it and jack it up from there if you miss it there's a risk you could punch through puncture a lithium battery and then your day is a lot worse really really could use your car just called 505000 pounds it's over two tons 2/2 tons are normal car with us right we're probably about English by 23000 pounds so you that's 2000 pounds to a ton isn't it that's what is the u.s. at War One artists 2000 2000 twitch is putting out this thing where they have you buy bit and then you give people bit when they're streaming it when there's no telling bits for a buck forty Brewing it's a heartbeat they detach the value of real currency from their currency so when you spend to get you have you really aren't connect your sound like I'm 25 but I'm spending 7 do you lose it so whatever the first thing you do when you if you figure out how much money does yeah but if it's inconvenient amount like 1.4% or something it's like always being around it like it's not at all the same day is done I don't like at all so they do it's really beneficial for another reason from Nexus to the other reason is that they are the payment processor directly which is a big problem for some people will give a big donation a streamer then initiate a chargeback on their cards and it wasn't this is separate because then the transactions happened previously you've already made your transaction for the bit and then you just give it to someone else it would be like 20 or 30 people and then refuted all the charges or like I did a chargeback on the mall and they honored all of them and charge the kids like an outrageous amount from Australia believe in to give a $10,000 donation and he would reactions and then post those as his video so he's messing with emotions they made him pay all of it I mean really just making an example of that one person but what about less people didn't know if you're really on the hook for it there Microsoft you just buy things directly do you don't have to do it but like things that make you have a wallet like a steam wallet or whatever point I don't really agree just because basically people Global e Gus why would it be better for Global because then you don't have to say this game is $17 and here is 12 pounds you just say this game is 2000 Microsoft points in at 1 but then do the calculations for selling the point is they don't have to make multiple when you were the Xbox 360 in the point system existed how much were arcade games when you downloaded them what was at 400 points now I need the 800 and 1,600 North I believe you're correct I believe it was 400 400 yes I'm with you does down as you buy more to her office stating the actual value of the bit Amazon do I change the amount of so from what I hear it's right you just give a donation or subscribe because apparently they they they wanted to move to this bit system also when you do it has like a little animated graphic 3112 do it so you got Barbara no I forgot I'll of at least rumors everything is great I'm about a hundred dollars with a bit she spent a hundred bucks we can multiply that by like 4 million users than 4 million people have given twitch a hundred bucks each and it's just holding all those months just at that point whatever money they one and they said to wait to pay it and it's smart on their part for sure you spend those all those over the course of 3 or 4 months or 6 months and it's typical thing these platforms is the aggregation of all of that is a very powerful thing I mean twitch Amazon payments as their processor for all of these payments so they get their the processor to get do you get charged even less flight transactions is because I seen them making them money on a PayPal donation but now they can actually lose money on that now it's like it's all there do you see those in the chat Gus green to I don't really like when people do like those animations on the screen or things like that cuz it's just like I'm trying to watch this person stream or do this thing it's like I'm constantly seeing like this person donated $5 the Cold Truth yeah I just like it it makes it hard to watch Twitch streamers when it's like that for me I just want to see them play the game I just wasn't the place to do that buy Nexus underscore Ninja on his birth certificate as it turns out is an 18 year old kid from Australia named Anthony Archer and we discovered by Reddit users months ago reportedly suggested he has Panic RAC card to pay for the shenanigans were you make large donations and then do a chargeback on the card apparently. That kind of load just fun and it and then Pay Pal said they're not going to refund them that's it he's got to pay it all properly going through this person's Twitter timeline I saw pictures that let me to believe that he will not miss them very very much younger dude did you say those things that people love to hear that songs about you by bettermen it's never too late to save for retirement and other financial goals bettermen has changed the industry by making investing easier bettermen is the largest independent automated investing service manager more than five billion dollars for over 175,000 customers the financial services industry has embraced technology and Innovation to the creation of automated investing meaning you keep more of your money with these at a fraction of what you pay with traditional Financial Services bettermen is a member of the SPC which means you're faced with are protected Bank level security means your personal data is to try to get up to 6 months of no fees learned how at bettermen.com / teet that's bettermen.com / teet betterment investing made better very smart so I spent a lot of time on their website looking over the service but I'm really concerned about long-term planning flight plan and shotgun and 3031 maybe I'll try to fight these guys like hell all the time like that maybe a life insurance you know things like that would you get married some of us had kids the rule of 72 which is how you determine how long it will take for any invested amount of money to double based on the interest that you're getting basically go the rule of 72 because you take your interest rate because even straight and you / that number straight 7 years 7 years how old do you think you might like to just guess I'm hoping at least was a 1995 house 2727 to 3441 then you go 4855 then you go to 62 when you have 6976 that you had 83 and it makes 90 and 90 that's 9. That your money will double so let's say you really right now you put away $10,000 Pre-K what do I get if you put away that's a $10,000 the singer to scrape together $10,000 you put that away doubles 9 times to get 20000 + 40000 + 80100 + 60300 + 20000 + 640000 + 1.2 million - .4 million and 4.8 million dollars what is at this location it was 6% then it's the whole thing if you get stopped with a penny but it doubles everyday for a month and you end up with a crapload of money but that's typical scenario 1280 really funny it was from my butt Mitzvah did you say you did but what's done with the night Mister bomb it says format is bah bah bah Mister Bat Mitzvah but what you do with that like you just invest in stuff I mean my parents did it for me to check on a regular basis see how it's doing really just don't want to take me like 40 Gus before one take forever and you look back and it's like because the company will put more money into a 401k for no bettermen.com money doubling heavy meundie take me to how many degrees will also be something put away some money you no problem is they don't have a wedding have take the money in a 401k think of anything more boring sounding 401K really want to send it what you want it to sound like I have retirement money plan funn fre what the fuck is a stupid thing to say that stupid like at 10:44 more taxes and what's the number of 418-4412 is the law right the other ones around it 421-410-4100 okay because $401,000 is the ideal amount of money I hope everything is alright the biggest decide between a traditional IRA for retirement stuff for a Roth IRA before any company I work for had. And I think you wanted it essentially if you can't get a traditional IRA you put the money in and you get a tax benefit as you can so you can put your money and say I got $100 I can put $100 in and I have to pay taxes on 100 cuz I put it into an IRA so what I see down the road when I pull it out War I need $100 in a Roth IRA pay the taxes on it I pay 33 a month plus whatever you paid $33 in taxes I got about 67 bucks left I put in a Roth IRA whatever that turns into I can pull up text fre attack something so at the school system in the UK is pretty much on the car right now you are getting to getting take attack someone depends on your age but you take your time if you're close enough then you can make money by not having a text on the way out yes I mean to start with a little principal right theoretically that's always nice unless it's not too much later what it is and you never know if the tax laws change in the over the length of time in the short-term immediately go down that's always awful long do you on that stuff if you're planning for retirement and has been to in my life so far the reset on financial stuff they're pretty fucking serious when they happen like the.com crash was pretty fucking serious when 2008 housing crash 2000 very fucking serious but you always have you always have to have faith that things will work of the opposite of Joel Heyman the economy will eventually recover Barbara's the way I look at it is that there's enough people involved the system that they're invested to make sure that it works just that that's that's more so the faith that I have the all the stuff actually does make sense as opposed to like you let me look what happened 2008 it all fell apart it was it didn't here's your money you're okay you're fine you're fine and it doesn't work there to make this economy will collapse the paper currency nothing and people want gold and take your food out there and learn how to grow corals Gargoyle Router 33 a gallon at the pump for gasoline but on the fuck did I tell you said to me one time which made me no he tamoxifen anything this is like I think right before I start working at Rooster Teeth I was talking to Joel about something and he said he was looking into buying a Hummer and I was like that's cool why isn't very known jewels of card idea that's a very non choke on it I said why do you want to get a hunter and he said well you know it how to shade everyone goes crazy I want to be able to drive through the crowds of people losing their minds and I was like hahaha no I'm serious I'll be able to drive through everybody and nobody will to touch him make such fabricated science a two-way more philosophy than science that if you go deep enough you get to like sci-fi stuff you really do you get to like he gets to play bitcoi which is just crazy twitch bit and twitch tears tears or whatever you like twitch bit do you like bitcoi I like the idea of bitcoi specifically I like the idea and they think is better no it's like I mean basically anything if you decide value yeah if everything goes to crap it's nice if you have a bunker ready for food and your Petro to be someone who enjoyed life the entire way and then we're screwed for a little bit and it's supposed to completely adjusting my life and preparing my entire life for something that may or may not happen and maybe not living my life to the full there was a really cool thing that was on Reddit earlier this week and you see it is at 5001 shelter underneath the Nevada house I do not see the head like I think it was it looks like Barbara bit of a fall-out movie it's like it feels like the first time 10 Cloverfield Lane looks like raving about the movie when is out so I'm going to check it out it was not what I expected I was so excited every time you came back is like 300 the movie tell me that link to that all children read of this week send it to me that you're feeling I absolutely have and it's a great movie it was really don't have a great job with the trailer this year an ad for the feeling was one of those movies that I really really enjoyed the bomb shelter I liked it flight bettermen best fake trees this is underground Newtown blast from the past that movie The Conjuring project to actually hoping to use you're trapped underground for three decades I mean that would be lost for the end of the world okay I thought it was at 10:47 where people would put wall to wall carpeting in their bathroom toilet in my bathroom things around the toilet for the we will put a link to this and Link them so that you can see it as well but it's an underground complex has a pool and they're too immature to me the stuff on the walls or ceilings artificial light I know but somebody Mister rule of command I think you're I don't think Joel is like a pessimist and he wants the world to end I just think he wants to have this scenario where the most amount of people are wrong and he's right that's what I think he's trying to set up it's a very long play but it just seemed so it's so much easier just to not worry about it that's your only worry about it don't even think do they hold episode on The Good Mythical Morning attack Yelp review of a laser tag place on Reddit last week guys who are friends look like they're in their early twenties at laser tag at the laser tag place and it's like I said there's like 15 little kids there and they're like talking to the kids like you want us to split up and we split the teams and the other grown-ups on both the teams and the kids start chanting his kids grandkids just like the three of them against 15 little kids and of the Yelp review goes on to post pictures of the final score which was 73700 - -1100 how about we just proceeded to wipe the floor and destroyed is 15 to the negative straight and then like the Yelp review has a picture of them with 3 guys and then also hit the scoreboard a picture of kids crying is it Opposite directions is usually kids are real 32nd fast it literally mold in my bones Creak no coordination the the burn that makes it squeak so maybe slightly controversial topic but I'm curious to know your opinion on this and the series podcast Gawker shuts controversial about the way that they have handled all of this announcement in the way that they portray themselves throughout this entire ordeal and all of their sister all their children's sides whenever they report on it is like our parent company Gawker shuts down after was revealed that there was a clandestine legal attack by billionaire Peter to like really come on that's really how you gonna from the news Reddit if you really like submarine their business but he put them out of work and business funding which by the way is billionaire game Hogan sex tape was banging his friend's wife who the hell put out of business and came inside a terrible thing posted a video of a girl having sex with drunk and having sex in the floor in the bathroom never heard before and a girl cold to take somebody else recorded it and it was in the public so they can post it and then Dad called and said like over it floor filled with picked up I left it sitting isn't that I think you're right their response was actually to the effect of deal with it Christ that was attributed to people who you are so just like kinda like just go with it it'll blow over now so I've been very surprised by their at their almost like a flippant attitude about the loss of the shutdown Reade in on this clandestine legal assault by Peter to the person of a fucking wrong in the past like stalker take a video of Erin Andrews or do they post that video I don't know Gawker posted that he didn't know anyone who would it's still in in the appeals process which is why I think they never apologize for it and maybe why they framed it this way so you don't have any admission of wrongdoing until the appeal process exhausted I don't know but it's just weird to me to see them always talk to and if I don't like it there other sites like anytime to talk about Gawker sitting down has like the same little boilerplate about this clandestine legal assault so it's just weird the stolen iPhone at one time was different different company yeah just gives Moto I need to talk or just pile them into the Same Love More of me fucking crazy they would they're just being Boston's Yelp disrespectful and the worst thing to me which really infuriated me was the time that they went to a trade show with one of those remotes that you can push the button and it runs to all the turn off utilities c.e.s huge convention here in the US and it was a button people use in bars you point a TV to push the button to find the remote code to turn off the go through every remote code for all and so in the middle of presentation they could be shutting their stuff off typically they're showing off that product to a group of people and produce anything to take over the IR sensor on a no shutting off any published its blog and they did this and then the response of people got upset with them for ruining people's jobs their response was I will get over it don't work presentations with brand new televisions being unveiled and demoed for the funeral attack website is ruining the future of television Company Connecticut shuts for years after that video came out ever take over our IR sensors we had this place in our booth because there was like great now we got the idea they're all going to fucking do this at every event so great so thank you for giving me all that extra work to do here but this one was he wanted bring up and I saw this YouTuber who went to North Korea and made a music video Forget the guys they will have to look it up he's I believe the British YouTuber who he has like a travel Adventure blog and he went to North Korea for 7 Days Lewis cold and he did travel blogs for 7 Days in North Korea and then maybe I Didn't Know It music video was car surfing in the dprk that's it and it's really bizarre he says that of course that it wasn't sponsored by the North Korean government but it's a really weird thing to do with one of the most repressive governments in the world to go and he said that you don't keep talking to people there you know what he's being shown but it's like you have a very limited scope on point you can see if I feel like talking to Everyday People you're talking to like it's actually actors were being paid to say certain things and act a certain way in front of you and it was just really really bizarre to me to go in and make those videos and publish them of course they're all really popular and tons of people that he's basically using a second Channel no fun food for kids pivoted he was like yeah this is like anyone point to Vanity Fair asked him his representation if he was being paid by North Korea for propaganda and response was this trip to North Korea was inspired by a friend who has been of 17 trips North Korea since 2007 when the humanitarian relief work in communities which need it the purpose of the trip was a joint team of volunteers and teaching local tour guides and children how to surf and skateboard as part of an annual surf camp twitch first first launched in 2014 is that American saw this as a unique opportunity to be immersed in the culture is the American guy who stole the poster still stuck there do you still think he's a documentary there's a lot of interviews and you don't know how much it is to believe that there's a lot of interviews with people who have supposedly escaped North Korea gu who will draw images recreated what they experienced in prison camps in North Korea and it's like images of dogs eating people and the people just change up in rooms and being tortured by dog High by guards its there's a lot of really really bad stuff of yours is way worse than mine I wasn't about Creepy the take grocery stores can you buy groceries with food in it so it looks like everything's going great and everything you can see from South Korea so it makes it look like there's a documentary coming out I think it's a couple of people they went to North Korea to the film is documentary bit of course the government go through all the cards over one and keep the other one in the camera and Secret what is out of the country and it's it's supposed to be really really enough people do this somebody's get caught doing this and we're never going to hear from the person you don't know what happens you know it's one of those things but the is it the Cincinnati Zoo no they just released a statement saying don't make any more jokes about harambe don't they don't want anymore means let it die please you know the people take care of this really love this gorilla and they had to kill the gorilla the to put it down and that you've been just a lot of people all over the world come of laughing about it you know and it's like this tragic incident and it's like people just come out with it I was just one of those things work so I can if some is repeated and just busy because to me you know that's it and then the repeating becomes its own thing but something like this would mean that statement that just kind of like you know it's going to make it last probably another 3 months now that they asked people to stop doing it so I was going with that but the people understand and control the means he said free speech Free Speech Free Speech Gus well about time to wrap this up the serious Edition Bring It On of the number of the immigration law what dog 7