#391 - The Bridesmaid Boy

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss wedding customs, house problems, conspiracy theories, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on August 29, 2016, sponsored by Pizza Hut (http://bit.ly/2bxZ8mf), Braintree (http://bit.ly/2aYdvv5), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/290ucbK)

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Recorded: 2016-08-30 15:26:55

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

hey everyone welcome ownershi part at six weeks Rock You by Pizza Hut Braintree and Squarespace say welcome is a strong word for me watching them currently you have nothing better to do Blaine someone someone unplugged podcast drink a bottle of whiskey on Saturday did you really can you like things like that how would you be drunk I probably won't drink the rest of a bowl over the course of the day if you're listening to the podcast he's got a bottle of vodka what is it about drinks for me water that we drink on a daily basis here from Mexico monterre E McDonald Mountain was that not a joke love monterre before we get too far to Mount Airy Mount Airy Mexico favorite I wanted to say congratulations to Patrick over the weekend got engaged what is a guy and we got him a big Patrick they're getting it we don't get won yesterday I went to work early every go house cake the crunch I got two days and we get cake for him come get your kids get me to bread I don't know know know have you ever watch that are like to look at the sheet cake topping that's like Mr Barbara birthday was it when they got it wrong Barbara Jackie big plans in the morning I know that much okay so that's the story that he had I don't know that I would do something with actually what's I have all these plans and every man and you just had this moment it's the weekend celebration of the price celebration was that kind of house is ok Pizza Hut I'm not Patrick congratulations gavi engagement shoot how far away do you think you are Blaine from Glee writing bullshit bullshit so when you getting married is anybody here against this marriage in you guy Kenwood Cinema guy I think he gets it anywhere on the 5 Gavin what is it called when I don't know what that be another beer from the fridge like monterey jack with every I come sometime today it's the middle opener bottle opener three days last week and so I can't do it like three days mustache not really happy for him I can't I know La Blaine to go today cuz he hates think it's not your imagination Patrick what are you doing here you're killing me you won a cake celebratory typical Gavin I almost got the cake that comes up I'm an evil person no I didn't eat very much alike but I don't think you ever Cut the Cake I think he would have tried to freak you out and get really need a cake for the night for the Nook Color to try to get it to me to cut the cake vaulted back he definitely would have had to follow a piece of cake we got a bottle of Blaine putting his mouth on that are you really concerned about germs I can't believe I guy get for be here and we can do that or something good luck to you I would for light beer stuff for my LED light bar stop with the lights back there off of it ca man is like at the office House of Isabel I've never had like a like a stocked bar and so I'm in the process of doing that you become in the Drinkin a little bit little bit more to prove this device cannot start writing again that's why I drink too because you're right you have any advice anybody get good and drunk and edit sober speaking of marriage and Cake gu guy that you're wedding smoke cake in your partner's mouth no I hear that that's like super disrespectful or like you know it's like kind of shape they initiate or something I don't know what was the worst thing he just doesn't know the limits and fucks up completely but yeah that's what they will tell you that they would love it you know ahead of time it's not a spur-of-the-moment decision eventually go back on your life and you do get married just make sure you act like you just follow the rules just whatever just what am I doing am I going here where we don't like planning a surprise a surprise or bad idea that's not the whole point of this man I was of the I was a groomsman at my sister's wedding and you know what to do the garter toss I caught it wait wait wait wait the card it was really weird because I in our eyes it was like on my sister's Landin took pictures with me I was like did you part of the phone bill and then we no I was outside and I'm like I have it and has really weird this is a scenario that I think a lot more people are likely to be in when you're young you're at 2210 to go to a lot of weddings like mid-twenties to mid-thirties like a lot of people you know getting married I don't know what's it like to wedding so we have you been invited the more those things used to be when it happens inevitably for single till be that moment with it and then there's a relaxing cuz if they catch you they have to get married it's all just have a good time don't don't like being I like you jumping out there and like grabbing the Garter that's actually having the weird sisters to be really cool because most people like to hit the floor or something three times at three different to see if your appendix is to not really care what you don't have to go then go get married let's just have fun for someone like you or someone to listen to the podcast they could be going to wedding next week and then like everybody get up here and catch the Garter in the go Texas gets into the spirit of things in the spirit of things I might go to Michael's to be a bridesmaid what go to be a bridesmai I want to be like the lone guy Patrick for girls bridesmai makeup makeup makeup is responsible when you're confusing me Sho at me now he wants to be light I want to have a close female friend be like Barbara it does make any sense to me I want one of my female friends to tag me be a bridesmaid and I'll just be up there with the girls and I can shoot over to go to the bachelor party but that's where you can go on both sides or both it's just like you got to pick up flowers scrape the flower girl for Christ's sake Drinkin Beer they said don't ever have to wedding you know what you guys are doing about the wedding you can have whatever wedding you want it's free it's paid for everyone and everyone and anyone you just explain how many amps are in case we do need amperage for vaulted Sho you never to get killed I don't know I'll have her send a pulsing with 50000 volts and a few militants will answer the phone and it's like a bunch of people jumped on you vaulted never kill you right so it's just continually fuck you up worse than others can kill you if you explode there is this going to be a threshold is a million volts you would just pop but I can stop your heart writing pieces that it does not agree with you but there was a typical home situations you're not going to run into that voltage they probably won't but if he is you can get killed if you can get 20 amps thought you said you had a positive or light and power supplies and stuff old TVs I can people find the go to TV they got to be careful because those capacitors hold a charge for ever and people busted open and grab something inside the TV in the shop to show themselves their go to the junkyard and you shouldn't either big pit what about you throw stuff go out and we had to throw out old TVs and stuff and there's like this big Panic about throwing stuff away like we got a battery recycling bin here at the company and I have recycled every single battery of used for like the last 3 years and that back did you guys use that at all and I told smoke just check disposable batteries in the trash that's the thing that most people do that and you're not supposed to do everything that the recyclable batteries Barbara said it would be bridesmai no that's not an option if she's married she said to me she was pregnant last week Mr slow you don't get to do that that's what I was wondering what the Barbara have a Jewish wedding do you light the menorah no I to Christen your wife like a ship do the chair thing with a chair Pizza to the podcast is writing by Pizza Hut so shut up to Pizza Hut for joining us and helping us create a portion the podcast we call the feed sorry I screwed over so they don't go I keep stop nice if you can we are gets right Pizza Hut will be at Pax with this weekend with the Richard Wilde Richard bites article the question is what is the as in the original Donkey Kong using hashtag RT Podcast and hashtag the feet and I will be picking Hunter up so with $25 gift cards and one grand prize winner who wins Pizza the pizza so I can see back here and $25 gift card thing see all the way through the frame I don't know what's tub Montauk goal post football triangle tennis court card are all included the Box available with a purchase of any Media PA the national available Man U Future is 9/8 burn out WingStreet Wings Tim stuffed garlic knots ultimate Hershey's chocolate chip cookie or Hershey's triple chocolate brownie skinny pasta double order of breadsticks and 4/20 beverages for just $5 each when ordering two or more so they got they said it's actually one of the boxes here you can make it never used to play gets to play football report of a piece of paper and I like to do this Blaine edible in college but that was it good luck good luck go gu United Spirits to Blaine all Jesus wow wow alright I'll be a lot better than what I'm doing with that you guys do anything like this Gavin with burn in Donkey Kong I want if I don't get it I'm sure someone will also the name of a very popular Commodore 64 title report of the games I'm sure if you Google Google the answer the questions on the hashtag hashtag RT Podcast what happened to your at my house I'm trying to sell Sho how to get in there was a huge hole in the wall so I went there later that day and found a dead raccoon in the closet Mo trophy the same one that died just between that and me going on invoice to take remove the raccoon in ceiling the whole go out but it's been a lot of money in my players to run into somebody we know and he was like yeah it was a raccoon that was in house previously but then we couldn't get it won 230 bucks that was just captured the market is so hot you could do things like you could frame that is like a bonus like this has come to the raccoon I'm going to be going to be receiving an offer from the house like a petting zoo and Rescue raccoon that it is I moved out big find find play everything is great with the house I'm going to tell lies about you know raccoon Gene the ceiling caving in and luckily came down places like you just don't know what's going on there it's it's it's a nightmare just none of that I had to I had to split camera I had to replace a battery and one of my smoke detectors and when I moved into when I bought my current place is really huge vaulted ceilings and at the top with the highest point in won of the vaulted ceiling I was going to take you up there outside in a couple of years yeah I'm going to hit this and it finally happened this past weekend that ceiling is like at least 20 feet off the ground maybe twenty-five feet and if I had an 18-foot ladder look at the link I not the ecology ceiling card I had to extend it as far as absolutely go and I to get on the very top of it to reach up and I replaces the time smoke is go all the way up that it's probably too late anyway I wonder how smoke Rises this won Thunder to know what you put it at the high point is that's where the smoke collect likes and sets off the smoke detector give me a smoke detector is like lying on the ground and put on the floor find out if there's in every single ceiling that there was never LED where it's like a normal ceiling the guy was down there too perfume that the fire starts to the second floor to the first floor relatively new construction is the smoke detector not powered by electricity is plugged into the electrical yet of the house but it also needs a battery like a back up this train when the battery goes dead it never happens at like 2:30 in the afternoon it always happens at 4:30 in the morning and of course you're like the Pokemon go battery right now and buy an IV bag as he's to keep mine until the door frame next to this months you know you're a officially a homeowner when it's three in the morning you hear that beep like a thousand times that the smoke alarm needs a new battery to try to go out your house and you try to figure out which smoke alarm it is that's be pink and you do this thing really standing in a doorway like this I to I like 6 price City of Austin code I just have one in every bedroom and one in your kitchen to the front dorms at good and I just left I really feel like that's what he did he did he signed the thing under my sink do they do that thing that's like termites at your house for termites sold my previous house I had my smoke detectors installed but I didn't have batteries in them and it I cannot pass this house burning down well you can if you fall you fall I've been pondering a lot like that after boulderin with so like instead of like drink some beers and stuff and have 2 tables go boulderin everybody goes and that's good actually with color-coded I kind of did a racist for beauty big Sho like Reds and yellows are really easy and it was purples and greens and oranges and blacks so on so forth so black is like I'm about at black which is kind of difficult and there's another dude on set that it got done and completed a black and I was like super happy for I man I saw him and said it was like Drake what's up man is like you ready to kill some blacks and then light smoke I said that really loud in a neighborhood and there's like people around what would you say and I and everybody was staring at me and was like what and then awkward Blain First Time Felon to smoke someone has send me on Twitter Travis Jones Burnie you should write down when each one goes off then you can know which one most likely needs replacing but they also be so I was waiting to the stress test on a Min if it can I'm going to try the latter to six different smoke to three weeks to replace a different one over the weekend I just really like if you want me to just come up there and get it I'll do for you events in my calendar repeat every so often for that stuff but my dad was amazing with that kind of stuff he would people long it was in the glove compartment of your car and look what Daddy got the oil changed in the car and what the mileage was on the date that he got the oil change so like there's like five years he did the same with like 20 inches but it was still like super impressive that he took the time I don't like that I went through and replaced all the lights like the incandescent light with LED bulbs in it was about house and then I took a shower here and with me when I before I put the LED bulb in the socket I wrote the date that I was putting an in on there you just going to be mad on the light why because it invariably is going to burn out way before Sho the script like at 21 to sleep this late like 20 years old 20 years wedding because they were like 8 years what is it was 2 years and it went out big box in from Home Depot always fucking burn out too many amps so you light burns out light bulbs and you just replace the switch in the room with a I use casetta switches and I love you all the time what I have like a little project of that like I love replaces light switches light over somewhere LED bulbs they all say dimmable at the fucking lie LED bulbs are not dimmable light go go halfway down if you give them all the way down and I like to I would love to be able to like dim lights that's a big deal to me I don't just flick a switch in sexy time but yes absolutely sure what song is this Mr from go watch a movie and I want to like I'm some what don't you want someone what you want to do if it says something like if it's night time I don't want the light is bright as I want them during the day just got off work you're on fire tungsten or daylight bulbs light I can't get it the blue lights that whatever they have to get the soft white the the reddish bulbs because if I get one of those like white lights blue that drives me insane as good as you light and it's all of them yeah to you light switch of a 60 bucks a pop at IKEA lamp that's its got like for sockets I really want you light bulbs cuz I could say sexy time then goes red or purple don't know what that be like 200 bucks for you Burnie but you just need way too many and spend way too much money is a point where you use and that's why you get the switch done poems with just the light switch bit come on over and take a look at it I don't want it let me know Mr to come over he can switch out Michael for the raccoon did you record this I would love to see this I did record it I want to see this day find it we found it you actually show me where Michael won three tell La three at somebody living in Nevada I don't know if you told her that I want to the story about the homeless person runner up for our feet segment it's Roberto Villegas Vincent 404 you have won $25 gift card someone will be in contact with you congratulations congratulations won more running up and won more Grand price winner to go guy says Eric Mr Big strike on Twitter says I put an LED light bulb in my storage room and it was on and lasted for eight years it was alright yeah like a story once about our LED light years old it was a story about a light bulb that has been on for like 90 years of the fire part 1 the motel Bellingham be guy to like you put up a wall and the light with stone behind the wall for like 90 years and then like when they were renovating to knock down the wall they found that light bulb didn't want to turn it off he's afraid that like the temperature change with find to make it burn out and they just left and I'm convinced of that power with the power guys at the fire station light man with a busy at all today has been no fun anyway no fire but Light commercial LED bulbs it was some kind of Revolution that happened in LED power what about like five six years ago ceiling boards for messaging I mean like when I was a kid we had led games like there was something called Merlin to him earlier I'll see a picture of it was real look at phone but it was like watching games like I look like an old man yeah yeah I know that's what that's it had to guy with glasses that's crazy we had the same like stuff his kids let me say this when we were kids big kids with your Minecraft that's like half the reason I follow Gary whitta on Twitter he's the guy who wrote Book of Eli he wrote the first draft of the road won and he got it smoke that's it led to be steals old lights that are in circuit board easel led the high power LEDs we had today what games to play that is what you came for buttons dead Contracting its at August light so you can just put the picture back up so if any button you press it reverses the state of the other buttons around it was like nine games so we had to eliminate all the colored lights and that was that was on the logic puzzles that's one reason I kept thinking it was like Simon Says matching think you was fucking boring up there it was a remote control car with no remote you just programmed it where you want to go and then you just watch the go that was a fucking my dad would tell me about this game that used to have her like this magnetic football field and in the guy the go in and we watched it in like this is for us Mr track writing program big track and you say like a number pad look like track and if you got really dope and got a rich family first of all let me this was like probably $190 to won that there was an optional thing that came with it was a trailer that could talk it would jump out like a little back into the dump truck that would follow it so that your program and be like your Mo control your turn to the right and then you program it fire the cannon what countries are they try to make time for Whatever Gets I can play the military game which was a blue dot Freddie red.org play The Outlaw Cops and Robber games to the blue doctor kids we say about video games do you like to look at a screen it is right in front of me back to the future to write when displaying the arcade game and Elijah Wood like using your hands for the game that's a baby's game like some whole light recontextualization I can think of is like 4 years old and feels like it's like you wouldn't even interact with something the same way there's a lot of light conceptual pieces that are coming out based on what hololen could be and what are the ones that usually put it was like it wasn't Magic the Gathering but it's a magic the Gathering Style game and like how will be augmented by hololen guy has a card and you flip it over and it's a dragon and then the dragon comes out of the card and it's just sitting there on the table you know if we would get along and whatever kids back into chess pieces on the board house on the PC my cousin had it for like a Star Wars holographic chess with a plan die slanguage what's it called sorry that's the kind of thing that'll be that people have in the future will be like I said you guys had to go into a special room to play video game with the fox that you know I'm wondering like when they're to the point where I'm going to do that now but it's not like a whole thing where you can walk in place of trading it sucks nobody wants that I think it's a cool idea until you're out of breath after 5 minutes of walking 5 feet for her campaign but you take it before people got annoyed at the we like having them move their hands for a game for more than 30 minutes I think they're going to want to like walk or do stuff for to send it. Of time Pokemon go there that's not just like I'm going to Pokemon go right now from here to there and go hunting this weekend another fucking dead body in New Braunfels someone players light closed because of flooding which is weird you should break to find a Lapras boy that water was all your fault you were going out there was a buck that showed up at the Capitol which is an evolve grimer Gavin it was like 1800 until like the Austin Pokemon go subreddi it was like just lit up with people trying to nobody can get it of course we should have they should make the the rare Pokemon appear more often but just be impossible to get him we had a blast as for all the other day that was fun we had a blast in the parking lot every ball I had engage on Rocket or he waited he said like 18 Ultra balls on it to them or they just be very hard to think you would think the developer would be intended to do that 402 balsar to get more whatever they need to catch this is the way to make him people spend more money than dead Sho of a Pokemon you got I guess what you told your father I was Sho of my perfect but if you got your pants but then you can claim Pokemon as soon as you get a gym but it's like it's such a small amount it doesn't even come close to competing with just buying them for lunch and talk about this. and we talked about it did you hear about the snow or vegetable I know you didn't hear you Pokemon episode guy Braintree payments by next year maybe even next week there could be a whole new way to pay they will be the next Bitcoin or the next Apple pay maybe even both for chili Braintree Smoke Stack payment platform is easily adaptable to whatever the future holds so you can adapt easily to accept everything from pounds to PayPal to the next big innovation for any device with just one integration and when that your payment method comes out all they have to do an update a few lines of code no late nights so complicated recording no stress about staying ahead of the curve Braintree payments is here to help learn more braintre you payments.com / which people just bring three payments.com / Rooster Teeth big thank you to bring three for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast go except some money Pokemon Farfetch'd Harley flight Robinson's LED light Gavin Gavin wet bread so what department store was with him because we just went out for a walk then we went to get Japanese pancakes on the first morning get pancakes in Japan that was nice of for delicious pancakes so fluffy Jai Dee massage just Vogue of Pancakes find another one like that is a common as muck didn't see won for the entire rest of the trip writing the call was that he didn't see one single time so we just got super Lucky in light out find out who my second one we I Love Jenni longest Eddie and card won I login as Ashley and call won for her and then we got a second one later but that one is not spoken for because I was trying to catch one for Adam Baird and so now he made a dummy account that I was able to log into I got him a Kabuto which is now available in Austintown in McKinney Falls Park with them convulse right down there and find out that I have a second fridge so that if trading ever comes up in Pokemon go which I really doubt it will I will trade my farfetch to add a bear I sell my cards not a thing again point where people really interested in it you kept him alive a fuck to the Pokemon cards I mean find a double stack I need to page with which of the Pokemon in my card collections I don't like a limited release you but I can give it out to anybody the movie you're I got a fucking gyarados's Die the game the actual card game yeah I actually did won punch each other in the face of it getting cards and stuff but never actually play the game that's a fucking asshole neighbor steals won card won over and shoot them out you don't I just won the viral videos that they're actually so she with you with that I now know like why would she wasn't aware of them is like as a performance like Freddie Wong Gus I should watch this video of a guy playing Guitar Hero in his living room of his apartment with of get a cape and was on a motorcycle and came into his own living room and got off and just fucking shredded on Guitar Hero and then years later my I went back to let me know if you smoke detector video player gets I was like with Nick Rutherford I couldn't put a finger on it I think I know this guy I used to watch Good Neighbor stuff all the fucking time yeah him and Kyle Moon ridiculously funny Toyota Supra crunch but I was thinking about you said we was the viral video of the magic the Gathering tournament with the guys like bitching and bitching and then the other guy play some card and he grabs it to the table is going to flip it and I got a judge judge and then guy flips it and it's screaming yelling at the top of his mother that's really funny won to the Boogie and I didn't know that how do you doing is Francis character at the time so he was like just screaming and yelling and looking I had no idea the stage so I'm assuming she's a really bad loser Nick Rutherford the second crunch time trailers coming out this Thursday today I want to mention that so if you're serious I'd of crunch time as we all are the second trailer premieres this Thursday and the series premiere September 11th for Russia first numbers March 02 trailer led the first trailer we put out was met with cattle I can't make heads or tails of what this is then we have the screening RTX that we had some like some press copies of it everybody has seen that the feedback for crunch on this comeback has been great so that makes me really happy because it's like those can be difficult it's the first trailer was really made it feel more like mysterious more sci-fi and comedy so it's at school to see if it's cool to see people like watching it and actually really really enjoying it because we've seen the person we loved it so we're covered to be an interesting for employees and everyone was just amazed we had to put the other remaining episodes online watch the rest of it. Make me very very happy people who are really in it so you could check it out I think it's really really fun last week that meeting where we would with cedar and in the blog that talked about how one of the first things we did when we were coming up as companies we got invited to go to the Lincoln Center to debut season 2 of Red vs Blue and we were like oh okay I was going to show up to that but we'll go we'll go do it and we know we filled the Lincoln Center people came from all over the place to watch season 2 and that was it that was in his mind that was when a ship is a real thing that we can turn this into something really awesome and he commented that that was the first time we feel the future with fans in this is like we feel the future with staff members this time but that was our be won over basically the next few years to receive what we want to do in our mission statement or values all its at like you like me to make sure the concert they were making lines up with who we are as a company that's funny because we have I can take a long time and I swear that was necessary like we would all just like we were on the same page cuz we're all in the same room but like it was really good to see the feedback that we got on it was really really great rooms light trim will be to apartment right now just come I left but man head nail clippers on his keychain yes but we were going through Jeff's desk because we were looking for something for the store we find nail trim we found a drawer filled with me I had the day off and I did my in won with with just done this limitation was just slow even slow Mr sparkl very very nice is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me thank you house light Christmas of course I will but that they fix the problem they're like we have to make the best of it is this just a normal cup I want to buy that has a cup that counts how many glass of what you had to come with a digital counter I believe United Parcel the box to people always have driving gloves I've been tempted to buy go ahead like a manual but it look like a douche because you don't want your hands slip when you're Switching gears you know what are you doing Sho like Nirvana wearing driving gloves not too good luck I would go players you just wanted to have three clubs in the Jeep wave that's what the person I'm talking to for the first time liking it very much agree I don't back into be watching this weekend fucking awesome what's the name of the guy Robert Forster Robert for thank you it was a crunch and you had a great to Andy about that movie cuz I went saw it I was like at the Lincoln Theater the Galaxy Theater here wasn't even like Alamo 1 Riverside price Flynn theater I to Peters but did you know that Matt made the AMC that little clip guy he was on the last project you were done before you move back for Russia the little dude who danced before the movie that was made at like film strip that was not worked on that and you're like one of those things that light goes on for way too long when you're about ready to watch a movie it's like the Homegrown be G thing you're like talking in this thing and it was like miserable because it I'm at work myself but I wouldn't say Jackie Brown and crunch and she was there it was it was a cool event and there's a moment when Robert Forster is like in the foreground he gets like some kind of bad news and he just moved to the to the background but they don't change the focus at all and he just kind of like drips out of focus and apparel like that was an accident and it was like okay let's stop we gotta go get there right when you get focused writing that time so that I look at it and somebody Rock for your family was watching the monitor any turkey or Quentin Tarantino said you know what sometimes in life you just gotta go soft you know that he's like that was great it was like he just like went out of focus with this bad news or whatever it's like so they kept in the movie remember the moment the current CEO Tony hsieh go to I watch it when do you think about Jackie brow when you I think of when I think about that I think you're very specific time in my life all the time right after you ejaculate your pooping yellow but I'm in the living room taking a shit and then I masturbate my living Jackie Brown it's when I get off the plane at LAX and I get an at La yeah. That's the the big one opening Jackie Round Shot her standing there background I think about that every time weird because light terminals at LAX and I'm always in that terminal I was thinking Die Hard whenever I'm by the the luggage collection in LAX yeah because at the beginning of the hot chick with the big teddy bears gets walk through the Table Pizza big moving walkway tub gross normal Hollywood advertising is every time I go to that tunnel the entire length of that tunnel is won movie advertised over and over and over again make sure you ceiling Zoolander 2 was the last one I remember being in there I was just like 4202 posters in a row I'm not good like wall posters with massive displays that was a TV show last time I was in there yet TV show I thought the second runner-up for the feed also won a $25 gift card if Steven has a horse key house key I apologize cuz I asked you about that Russian reporter that got shot in the head on his birthday guy throws gets Russian any way to get kills very that's crazy you said you were talking about Slow Mo Guys anything about something I'll talk to Gavin the other day I sent him this animated gif I guess he was a hamburger commercial yeah we're just like it's like all the pieces of a burger in a kind of floating in air and then there the high-speed camera comes out with a robotic arm and then just kind of captures at least we have every piece of spends in the air and then just drop it so the whole Burger prompts together that's what I'm doing of his have the camera move faster than the action in front of the car super fast with it and kind of Falls with it so you just kind of watch the whole Burger fall and then I fall into place to get a composite with the mustard and ketchup here's the shot with the gun he shot with the vegetables whatever she back that to the commercial I got to hear a shot that's composite from all of the others wow did you know guy with the fucking beer fuck that shut up you may be mad at him the speed limit I think it's crazy that you guys can pull up to that remind you of the Matrix that when they have a hit the winner on the voice that looks exactly like a research gets to the point where looks like a liquid usually Tim and dead and they throw it through a mirror and they recorded at $120,000 second ticket see Light Glass shatters instantly but that you can actually see the shooter happen it's amazing and it'll do that I think in a movie looks fake like a fire looks fake and that scene in The Matrix look really fake when you watch it you know with high-speed cinematography like oh I guess that's actually look like I need to the fire tornado like a lot of that stuff look really real and there's a scene in goldeney 796 explodes the Lakes at Golden I don't at all blows up and of the shock of the go and in the in the ceiling you can see 5 but it looks like crap I was like why do they put like such a fake fire effect and I realize that when you film 5 from underneath that she looks like a little balls of flame moving around each other they look super fake Until you realize that it's real yeah that's why I was so confused as a kid it's like you almost have to be the way your mind interprets it versus the way it actually is because it doesn't look as cool in real life Freddie longest the saying that about my fights when I guy who's like nobody would buy that like if we can have high-speed cameras nobody would believe that's really what that was like perfect timing I just light up so much nailed dead I went to GE and I was just thinking I was crazy right three two one and they hit mid-air writing each other in conversation and I've seen people spend days building machines that do that they don't work as well as the complete luck that we got that one time with that right in the middle of y'all are like so in sync we were killing each other yeah yeah yeah that's with him a couple of frames I couldn't tell the difference between when the to like splashes of liquid they were testing the never went without it was like the hydrophobic so it will just be tough doesn't absorb in any way be or not to be smoke detector podcast I want to listen to people talk to us about it after the show someone to make sure we do something about it so an hour and every podcast with us if there's a conversation that we started when we got off track I didn't get back to it so I would pay attention to come back to it a second it's kind of like um with your stuff you want to talk about it was there he could when he falls and on the specifics but I feel that you never really explored while you work for a little bit like reflexes I can fall sideways on my feet back to a specific spot on your feet positioning in the ass you took them out and I know but you can like push off the wall and I control your phone down today though there's this one wall where you have to get a running start you have to put your foot in the At the Hop up and we can grab lunch and then work your way up from there and I'll show in this guy is he had this one is super easy like I've done it before he watched to take a step back I go running at it I miss the foothold completely and I just slammed the wall and his walls are like it's really thick heavy wood and they're Hollow so just like to hold you just like Shockwave ba I fell over in like everyone is looking I just started laughing I was laying on the ground so I do have something to talk about before I get to that I want to say that the grand prize winner from the feed is Alex Brown at Price brown sugar you're going to win the $25 off the ground should give her card as well as all of the swag including the Pizza Hut longboard that Blaine was skating on that one there's another one there was an incident at LAX yesterday and there were reports of an active shooter at LAX they put a ground stop at the airport planes cannot land it's going to take off people were told to efforts are to evacuate and shelter in place so people you know evacuated some photos people out on the tarmac in LAX I try to get away from the terminal LA PD showed up in the ocean clear there's people research include airport with no shooter with it like all the rest of your costume with a plastic sword at 8:40 20 minutes before report to the active shooter big don't know what happened they don't know if there was like it just got of hand of there's a hoax or if light be a social media people started spreading disinformation or what happened like white find of Interest we're going to be nothing cuz I'm going to learn anybody in this situation but I heard that story live from tweets from people I knew who were at LAX like Sandy three he tweeted he was in a car outside of the terminal and he saw people fleeing the terminal and he's like I hope everything's okay then our other friend April Underwood who is Gus I know from back in college home sick and she went on to be one of the huge Power House house is on the business side of Twitter now she's like she's like she had their careers article she said she was a little late when she was little bit late and they could not go to the gate because there was an incident going on at the thing and another person in the building I did not people I knew in that place at that time that we're experiencing all from different angles I talk through my crazy ideas so when they said today that there was no incident right now active shooter and I'm looking at these photos and what happened at the airport obviously people are scared LED I think there's a shooter so they evacuate wherever they can in some cases end up on the tarmac do you think it's at all possible it was all orchestrated to get people onto the tarmac into security restricted areas do they put people out of the car back or do they put who were already behind security door thrown the time actually right but then at that point they had to clear everyone out of the airport and every screen of all so what do you think that somebody planted something that he runs later right so we can get access to areas you don't normally have access to it under the guise of its okay its emergency at the night I think it was known that they would have been able to go on the tarmac and emergency situations leading to push out there to be back in that direction that's because everyone back to let me know if you call some like major saying la fear that it was no shooter the first thing I thought as well there were a lot of people in security sensitive areas in places they shouldn't be without clearance it just seems weird to me and I'm just like a paranoid psychopath but I'm just going to be if I have to go there I'm not going there anytime soon but this kind of stuff it was another story about a Southwest flight for the engine came off and it was in there in the people that flew into the cabinet it looks like thanks to a pilot and I was like I guess it was good that it was very honest as far as I know the only have 2 fatalities history of Southwest won is a guy that was killed by all the other passengers because he tried to storm the cockpit and its like $11 but they sat on them and they smother him and he died and the other person was they killed someone at a gas station there they were driving on the highway out on the street hit a car and killed a person the car but no one on the plane was hurt or not so Southwest ice to fatalities light air related fatalities and should have had people died on the plane before but you know every different LED switches won the guy that smothered by the past years and the person was killed when their car was struck by his house but that's crazy I never knew that extra stuff so that's a photo of it's not a great photo of the fuselage I saw one of the worst dash cam footage is I was on this side coming down this three people hit by the car coming to the way can you imagine being tossed out of a moving car hitting a car then you come back with a different car people flying out of the car all I can think is that a lot of G forces at play there and also if you could talk out of a car your chances are you didn't make a clean exit from the car you can just like hit the window perfect Today Show you know they probably had something on the way out it opened up flight attendant do you feel compelled to look into that and be like to these people survived and one of them died the driver died I think everyone who flew out lifting weights to of them three people thrown with you one of those videos I don't watch it unless I know that they all survived like a person die from a lot of subreddi I want to see you like that people do not exist 5050 space dicks worst subreddit on Reddit it ruins Reddit is writing prompts I fucking hate writing problem writing prompts house shot today by the Canadian National Auto be light on the front page liquor shooter news aggregation sites like people like little fantasy writing projects I can just think it's like in the prompts are stupid until you do whatever on this platform writing free speech and that writing prompts should not be a default subreddit top of joking with that separate existing for have fun Heaven's like weird fake false headlines in SHO the in the Middle with the wp at the end do you think it's wrong to use for HS light motion that Russian that flight is flying out of the car and it says what is the best example of wear seatbelts in my life I did you would need permission from the family to use it that way but you should be used I on TV I need the future with no driver's ed classes yet I also think we should have to go to Driver's Ed like every 7 years with no way to communicate to the population at large people have these ideas about the way that they're supposed to drive and they're just not right like the way the people merge the way we were just there just one and they think they're right they get that super popular video on Reddit right that's what it was really like oh I didn't realize that or I didn't know remedy of lexan erios St I like this more dangerous for you to not be driving faster in that later. Just use it for passing and even have the statistics about how if you're going the speed limit in that lane it's still potentially more dangerous than if you just moved over on the boards always never I never heard of it for the first time I flew into Ontario California light people who were on the set go to tell about house at work but your call time if you shoot till 2 in the morning by sag rules because the Screen Actors Guild Union light of unions you have a turnaround time a minimum turnaround time so if you finish at 2 in the morning you can't start the next day until 2 p.m. so over the course of a week you can shoot about 6 5 or 6 days a week and a good break over the course the week that I'm to keep sleeping later and later could you go later or later your night stuff later in the week as we got to light people coming to the set at 5 o'clock they were driving from LA to Ontario some of them were driving for 2 hours 3 hours like part of La it's like in the LA Metroplex at the east of LA and every hour commute to the sentence I feel bad I was thinking Hotel like 2 minutes away if you would think they would do the same thing just find a hotel nearby they were doing it a lot more doing it back right I just have to be there like some of my scenes won the first day of the shooting so it sounds like this and at first they were figuring that stuff and I think a lot of staying if you use Google Maps so you have to go 5 miles London you can easily go over an hour just to travel like 5 times when I've been to London and I've looked at the driving time and with the walking talking is way faster than trying to get a car right now and just walk 3 miles and I was connecting through Phoenix because I had to flight American the right area and I had to like I worked out I was leaving like 6:20 the morning I just want to get back into the kids and I wrapped it like three and barely made it to my 6:20 flight to get to my 6:20 flight to different our the tarmac waiting because this was the dumbest reason ever it was a discrepancy between the maintenance of the plane and what was in the log book everything the plane was fine but there's a discrepancy in the logbook so they had to get a crack in it took like 40 minutes very serious but I only have like an hour connection okay so I'm eating into that with this 40 minute delay so we are all going to look for connections Tramadol as far as that we may have some time in the air and I was landing at the Phoenix Airport 20 minutes before my next flight took off so it's already boarded by the time I'm landing and I probably have like 5 or 10 minutes to make it to run to that players that play I can play just like this and I jumped up grabbed my stuff got off the plane best thing ever my plane landed at gate b11 my plane that I was going to with that be 12 I will never happen so my total time in the Phoenix Airport with about 34 seconds it was amazing three people stand the at the guy comes I ran up to the gate agent go I have you called Platinum Jackie that's my that's like more than that group but I can take it now he's I was just bored most of the time for me and light up Gavin to say hi as I was walking past writing he said that was perfect timing turn Gus and I just wedding the different door going to be the one to bring this up to receive podcast is all subreddi ba Squarespace Squarespace site sacrificially design regardless of your skill level there's no coding required to do easy to use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for one year start your free trial flight today at squarespac.com / Rooster Teeth we decide to send a for Squarespace to make sure you saw the code Rooster Teeth get 10% of your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful you can build a website dedicated to that piece of cake right there Burnie Square you can have I was coming back from Mexico I had a connection in Houston and was the last flight from Houston Austin of the day because whether we were delayed in the timeline of the plane was gone so I just rented a car and drove from CA Mr flight to San Francisco last weekend we just light to the Apple I was I got blackout drunk for a secret project for Rooster Teeth and I got sick right before and I should have played and I just missed my flight and then I had to go through like rush hour to get there and it was the hardest one time years ago but we know what you meant by for that thing that you picked up that person for from the project big drug deal right with the Drinkin you missed you missed your flight to Star Wars to the yeah Blaine with moon La he missed his fucking flight and he was like two and a half hours late to Star Wars to the Lucas Riu Hotel with lax in the here's all Los Angeles slick at like 4 a.m. the morning wasn't there he's over there there was this for oh yeah and then man I got price three times a day the Star Wars the little guys are on the black writing I had a blast why is my go back a minute why is the to Bod leaving it's inconvenient as fuck when you are tall and you're standing up against the wall and the walls not straight and it's like it's curved in a ceiling fan of the doors of this why is it in Cuba die namic be like over there in the corner that thing is it's not Japanese ones it's like guy masturbating die I can have you guy I've seen motion public masturbation for three ways you try to hide it I was just sit down the confidence in home sky track of what they did they didn't let me know so what's that other store you want to talk about I guess it wasn't but it is like the year of with our we have to wait because the gate is occupied Airline travels man couple of things and I'm just like guy people that everyone is posting pictures of him and Gilda Radner gets Gilda Radner died very young age from some type of cancer I think ovarian cancer which is super 701 of the kids and Gilda Radner died and I and I believe they were married but anyway they were Partners the very least there's a lot of people posting photos of like Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner together thing over and over United this like you think he was married for 25 years total if you while their wife was just totally skipping over yeah I'm sure you know she had to kind of deal with the whole Gilda Radner thing her whole life you know that Gene was married to this one previously who passed away that people knew because she was very famous and then that's when your husband dies it's like you know the referencing this woman over and over again for coming I really don't know I never thought about those things when it snows blackface Vogue was Blazing Saddles it's won with him in Richard Pryor doesn't probably not probably not so we are going to enter the competition about the right now you're talking about Blaine missing flights this video a few weeks ago Ryanair flight for this guy Mr flight if they've got it up over here is a video of it you got to the plane was gone I didn't get to the gym she stormed away on his luggage and jumps down and chases after the plane on the runway for a ride Blain at this point nor do I want man is Ryan at players on The Fosters running from someone is trying to kill him right now he's running he's running from someone trying to kill him that's the only explanation for why you g directions guy sucked into one of those fucking turbine things on the jet lost I have a friend right now. It is definitely for me dies invites acciden I have dinner tonight with the guy who was like the one of the leads of Segway be like I said way to hik lips like price or something really quickly topics that I've got in my list of things to talk about the presence of them all together go for it light lose your faith in humanity EpiPen with people use get over allergic severe allergic reactions has gone up 5 times and price of the last seven years from 100 to about $600 and there's also a woman who give yourself an enormous raise and she was also had of his lobbying effort to make sure that all schools have EpiPen in them and the cost of the drug that's in the EpiPen has not gone up it's like Pennies on the dollar so you just need a different company to make this device probably they probably had a patent on it you probably I had an EpiPen fuckers I want when I get done everything that's preventing a person from dying and then they usually severe allergic reaction for peanut allergies I mean it's just trying to the whole medical Instagram of the GU be happy story next horrible story guy in Sydney Australia when you engage club and is accused of replacing the lube if there's a Lube dispenser in the restroom and he's accused replaces the roof the lube with hydrochloric acid and the reason I found the guy is because there's alarm before setting foot on dude's dick back in your life you posted there's another complex issue very complex what would you I don't know I think it's just this weekend was arrested to cause him to go and want what is he think is the threat to him right it's just like what a fucking detector fucking I hope that I can think of at the time but nobody was hurt that be offering more complex than the burkini swimsuit and I started trying to go after people who posted a particular image on social media of police with guns forcing women to take off burkini at the beach it's fucking crazy to take him off Gene with guns are forcing women to take their clothes off on the beach $0.20 and if you share that image the French government has threatened to take action to get the federal level or provincial for nice but they're not happy about that is it at one of the religious imagery on the beaches crunch you think is having a la for labor the baby gets better or worse from here like do you think light 2017 to be just as she did or didn't like the look back at me like that because this year let me different people in different ways every day but I feel like this is been like a giant shift upwards for mass shootings terrorist acts just like I guess but that's like a small slot machines every year slippery diarrhea more than ever because I feel like this year compared to a person and she was gorgeous she started a business where she lives in Northern California to California to start a business with subscription boxes premium subscription boxes for medical marijuana marijuana is legal in California marijuana business article did you know in traditional gets extra mile whatever friends back in Iowa to look at my friends and Vogue and posted the story on Facebook her friend is a cheerleading coach the fucken school brought her in and ask for her resignation because she posted about one of those business in California big little econ the spot is trying to fire this this woman because she posted about you proud of her friend I just I just went to Vogue article was treated by the fucking Vogue article publication illegal in the state for it's happening but she said it was she like remove but I did see on Facebook some the things you posted afterwards but I from what I understand it was just a post where she shared gets exposed to set up crunch with his wife were done that's not my Facebook but I have Facebook I'm going to get it it's cool and marijuana is not legal where she is but she I don't think she's doing anything to promote that kids can't drink right if you post a photo of her drinking a glass of wine now is that she know is she trying to do you know you have the kids be if you trying to the what's up with that it looks like Russian of the minor what's the word what's the charge they give you contribute in the league with him I mean I don't think she posted something about alcohol should be doing that is crazy and I'm sure will be this thing where it's like you're go back and forth for a while maybe we'll be able back down because I'll be more public outcry about it or something like that but it's ridiculous man three quarters and I always here for my dad because he's a football coach in like you got to yell at your kids and stuff like that teacher in the district that he worked out like go because it's something that happens to be very vague about it but like just like it sucks like this day and age with social media and just shaking around won kid filming you at football practice like you too and I couldn't light goes viral man fucking card so weird I read this amazing off at 7 years in federal prison because he was an asset in turn and he stole from the mass of vaulted lunch of moon rocks that have been researched on but then they were considered to be contaminated it can handle that issue they have been opened on Earth so they were stuck in storage so he went got them all out of storage still them brought them to a motel so we could bang his girlfriend on moon rocks then 417 can't put a value on how valuable those rock star there's no way to I thought you would take the entire amount of money spent on the space program and divide the number of pounds of Rock 12 moon with tea bags of go for the fucking moon rock your for 7 years for 10 seconds of fun okay it's not a crime if it's on the moon and there's Dead season 4 what are you in for the I store for the story that I read where this is Media more depressing won this guy got arrested in New York for shoplifting and was being arrested he resisted so he was also charged with you know what he's charged with the crime fighting police resisting arrest or whatever and while he was in prison his bail was set at $25,000 the prosecutor throughout most of the charges if people charged with shoplifting so his bill was reduced to $2 but nobody told him and he spent 5 months at Rikers Island because Bill was $2 too but he didn't know that he could build himself into a Still Life 5 months in prison for going to at that point it was a $1 charge through a series of hands in the system and so are most of mo guy while to box like no one noticed that and thought that's like people are ganging up on him I thought people just like maybe that's from Queens 5 months South Park for being the only animation that was made during SD error that made the transition to HD because they saved all the same files and just report of them is HD La I got your proof guy fucking furious 2 HD how do you beat a tree up in the Red vs Blue HD and it's like it so that was actually that's still the same animation writing it's still not Southwest produced animation with knowledge we can beat them we just go back to all the old animated adventures their shots that are filmed in the for three and we're experts in the for cake that will be the only item of property over to go from SD 43242 only ever only every other time