#392 - Alien Attraction

Join Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss aliens, old friends, sex horror stories and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 6, 2016, sponsored by Blue Apron (http://cook.ba/29J4MMj), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/2aGm9yg), Ring (http://bit.ly/2byor7r)

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Recorded: 2016-09-06 15:32:57

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

friend hello and welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast you don't are you I like when we don't guess but you know it feels like there's no like control usually we try to make plans something new when gas is not here but these nights member we had those lavalier mics and the one day he was here like Patrick get other lights is out and so we just could have done that any day that you can let's do it Christian likes these ones don't change anything anyway change the subject immediately today's forecast is brought to you by Blue Apron me undies and Rin almost got my phone right thank you all for sponsoring a podcast and making a possible who's on the space Blaine Gavin at the post office so they come to you that because you should have said your name again Gavin Blain PA storm on the podcast with like I'm the one person that's replacing one of the removed like senior guys you know because it's it's got to happen if you overthink stuff so I was on the phone with my dad last night and I was like yeah I got to go cuz I gotta shower and I'm going to say nothing deadly women I've had talks with my aging parents about the things that are done kids have said that they heard you say that the Seattle last year of experience it illegal illegal you're not have parent Rebellion back to visit your parents and your in their house it takes about five minutes before you fall back into the same old rules that you had for 18 years least that was always my experience plane take out the trash burn or it's like that my mom says are you going out at all it's like I'm fine I got this figured out how to remove your see friends who live in Ottawa my dad will watch me pull out of the driveway and drive away like how does you what you like maybe he just wants to see you I know how to drive a car but I don't know what is waiting for my parents to like as I drive to Dallas cuz its like 3&a half hours away from Austin but I'm leaving the do like the thing where they stand out on the porch and watch me go and wave as alien my sister and she was in my hometown so they always see her older sister I don't think you talk to about his sister's vagina like in death so where's that let's read this thing do you want to do actually this podcast is precordial really interesting point less than 24 hours after the other the actual major world events happened since we last recorded the podcast which actually have happened in the time between record the package when it came out for last week what does it but now we can talk about this one it'll be like as proven by his recordings on Tuesday the recording this in the interim from when we recorded the last night and when the public was able to see you can I guess what happened what happened that was a big solar flare your clothes your something astrology related astrology the sun of Capricorn do the big space thing that happened parent control room let's see let's go to UGA got chance of still here what's the big space thing that happened space cancer cured the Earth eclipse the sun I think it's like July of next year I'll have to the sun all the time when the Russian satellite dishes have a signal from outer space that everyone is saying this could be communication from a civilization yeah they're saying like this could be it Israel the end was supposed to go there what's the what's the communication is there SE but apparently there's different classes of civilizations like as a type 1 type 2 and type 3 Edit depending if it's a type 1 or type 3 civilization it could be two different things it was a type 1 civilization it's a narrow Focus beam that's being directed directly at R which would then mean they know where we are so they call signal or there days that okay there's there's life on that planet we're going to direct the message directly at them so we were something or we strong signal apparently said he does this every now and then for like budgetary reasons like but like like when every so often there's life on them every so often there's like water for the building where they didn't rule out that could be a military satellite that they're not aware of if you like a bunch of that out before you go down SE alien civilization or anything you know where it is what the constellations fuckin ripped I wonder if macros and a message for the left PEC of Hercule travel - sorry that's friend burni going to read this thing I let's dunkelma will make your your message came through and we got the message to woods and it just said I'm trapped out here I was on r sun on my new storie of May this is from an Australian news source extra terrestrial signal being investigated by study researchers highly unusual radioactivity emanating from a star in the outer reaches of the universe was detected by Russian astronomers more than 15 months ago but what they did next was equally unusual the decline to tell anybody about the signal despite the potential significance of such an event the recording of the distant radioactivity went largely unnoticed by the broader scientific community and now there's a desperate race to try to figure out what or who has caused this signal why do they have anything from A system that has a sun-like star they had paid in the article of what they did next was like paragraph by paragraph didn't have any Atlas turns possible explanations for the abnormal radio recording telephone the two categories with distinctly different applications one that posits the signal was a product of intelligence and was admitted by civilization far more advanced than our own and the decidedly less exciting exclamation That was the result of Earthly radio interference or the SE so I don't know if they're still recording or whatever but astronomy is not one of those things you can kind of keep under wraps once people aware of it there's there's a lot of civilians who have some pretty decent with the ham radio exactly the people that are able to pick up the signal if they know we're coming from with it communicate back with its 24 minutes back and forth between Mar Elsa girls potatoes out of shit what if what if we are doing this podcast and it shows on Monday of next week in Aliens already made contact in this is just like old news what if the aliens have taken over by next Monday and we're just like Cente I never had to put out of income tax - alien takeover how to see what are the implications but if like politically everything else if they said we don't even know what the message says but this is definitely communication from another civilization we have definitive proof that there is life somewhere intelligent life somewhere else made out to me and I would hope they would make a lot of people question there a lot of their beliefs you know I would want to know immediately how far away are they how long does it take them to get here I will be off Friday so we have to do is we have to find a mutual meeting ground like let's meet up on this planet only gone to the Moon Land Rovers and sending something like yeah and here's here's a shirt for my but like I have been six Presidents since I was in the office in time that it would do change society in the world but I don't even think I could describe it is probably the most Monumental event in the history of the world do you think God descending from Heaven want to swap I think they want to go to the planet life there was a time when five guys are doing for centuries it would be cool to have a communication with any but like even like I mean we can't fathom all the things I got the email I can send something via information that could somehow affect us like they send some kind of data that takes over all of our computer system something you can't even possibly imagine it was going to happen to have a telepathic skill to see if those thoughts of being someone out there like to listen to the planet because they know that the majority of the human race will be like no alien but we don't want to Pro alien thought of returning it the signal is like part of the protocol by which state they just being out in this direction and they know that there's like something in our solar system has identified a son that's like theirs and there's a plan to hear that so let me know far enough away there could be a couple thousand years ago that being something other direction and then finally shows up and then we bring something back and that's targeting system just hold it right of me to play with him at your intelligence that we are if we're on if the as probably Greg probably great if you're able to come to us and they're by far Leaps and Bounds ahead of us but you have to think for them to advance to that point in Civilization they would have to be peaceful otherwise they would have destroyed themselves they want to come to a logical and I think that they would also understand okay these are lesser beings they're not as intelligent as us I think it would be sold he really peaceful because they're able to get to us then I think we'll be ok is every time I need a different human race the fast and happens in a war take all the resources like it like that the shift that happened in books and movies where the future would like movies from the fifties the future was awesome flying cars and all that stuff and it's some of the eighties it slip that he's always going to be the end of the world that's what that's what the future meant was like deserts and it had to be because the Cold War right there just right now when you said something for the future it's always dystopi as always just talk as if we pride ourselves let me throw some logic at you for your positive alien civilization your free would not necessarily have to be peaceful they could just be the dominant species that wiped out everybody else or race or whatever you know on their Planet you know if you know the Germans had conquered the entire planet that would not be a peaceful planet with the Nazi regime that just happened to win very good koi but instead of the aliens coming they just sent over the cutest pets and we got like the alien version of kittens Kelly the cutest dog to ever exist - good to go tonight at 10 dollar cinema it's going to stay like handheld says forever it's like this this mall is not cruel it's a breed of dog that doesn't grow up penis in Lakeville horrible feeling of that dog must have internalized like I will always bed but I'm 90 years Vitamix I think it's a teacup poodle chihuahua mix - reason I'm not crazy about that made the perfect of cute animal ever burni signal and someone else I am I the I don't have the passcode for the iPad so I really try to get some of the tension but I don't know what it is I thought I'd give me the password. Jester fully grown dog is going to get like maybe like another 2 or 3 pounds bigger question as a dollar teacup Maltese what is it that you want to do violent things - acute angle Christian as its head rushes as have her so cute I want to bite my baby Patrick from live action told us that he's used to bite his ears there an issue with one of The Heirs who did this Patrick and his grandmother grandmother what is the creepy thing with flat Amir Putin like was killed out of money he was on a political stop and it was a kid there and you walked over the kids lift up the kids shirt and kissed him on the stomach and then walked away maybe blue raspberry and yeah kind of like that but like kids love that it was it was weirder than that it was weirder than me as a cultural thing do it in the privacy of your own home with your own kids or whatever so that I can happen if you take out the basket it's a whole thing yeah I figured it was something inhuman that makes you want to know on soft cute 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I'm sure I'll be worried I be worried about a lot of stuff with alien what is the weather like what is the weather like to take the call that alien alien xenomorph is it right xenomorp needs another species in order to propagate and cuz like a parasite and what are their names on their planet and they need to have another species that they can get in order to grow is a we could imagine one alien 9332 to but I'm sure there's alien life very close to it that we just can't recognize as being like a Christian the creature in my butthole when do the jellyfish have a butthole the creatures that absorb food and then head to the party I have an anus OU Jester tract really entertaining double gold fish that when it would ship it we always make the really like these long shifts because it wouldn't be like a little I thought they would be like a little turd shit the head but this was always like a lobster need it and we would always know when it was releasing it because it was thrashing around in the fish tank and it got really big so it makes a lot of noise and smash the Rocks around and then we would see this like a long string you ship floating behind it though so I'd like to have a clean the blue fresh fish three fish your food I got them with the three of them Monstercat I replace the filter space is worth $1,000 caring for but now I'm like that check up on it like a fish in a pond run like hell and your coil what is Joe the fish and then the other one is orange and white aquarium habitat I feel like I don't have an actual flight to Clarence I got my dad once but I want to still in the would be cool to have an aquarium in the wall sex Factor do worry about you make it hard to sell later going to go home and get there he's got a fish tank in the wall is that a deal breaker the expenses to be up to jump on it and then open the fish setting up fisher but I put everything I want this thing was that I got to do to this thing I can have this fucking nightmare I love you the name of them before returning Bauman's Farm Eagle of Lord of the Rings Star Wars the comic books it's okay I said tens of thousands and thousands of what United fallout shelter it just goes to show how far behind I am in video games Fallout shelte was like the only game I play is that only the play like 2 minutes anything else my but in the same place at the same time I don't want it on my mobile device I don't want games on my mobile device it's just too easy to get distracted walking down the street and let's play my phone game that's like traveling and planes and it's like it's not stopping my work but it's like it is nice I like to have time when I'm not busy I'm not mentally occupied and I can just sit there and think I have lost that in my life when I was a teenager not go to my job in Houston and I work at Town and Country Mall I would drive to work 40 minutes to work and then 40 minutes back as Houston's fucking in dorm where you were going to sit there for days and days of my life was spent sitting in a retail store awful version of hell as if you just had to watch her own life as an observer and had to watch yourself just waste fucking time and you have to watch yourself do it I think about that when I'm doing something for a long. Time to just like when I do it's like 5 hours or something like that but I just think about myself but I feel like if you actually had to let you know that you don't notice the value of what I'm doing at that moment the show that moderation what is is a nice balance to life and doing what you want to watch yourself to skydive like that should be a good day all the time because you would have to skydive again to watch yourself do it may I don't have the system or you could be like me just what you want to see if I can watch your fingers that Albert Brooks movie called what is parent - whatever but movie called with the let's see where he goes and yes it's called Defending Your Life you know you have a computer friend defending defend his life in court like why he should be able to have it and it's in his life and everything like that and then like he's like his own lawyer instead million dollars every month you have to watch every single time you had sex why are beginning to end you have to know sex and its of several days of that month dollars I would say when it when the p goes in the v okay sure yeah it's like you know like 15 minutes what you want to have sex because I get to million dollars yeah I mean like just in general I would you want your dick looks like dr. I just like to go out somewhere and but hold something up but you have to do one day a month maybe two days a month Andrea gets paid 10 million bucks the time I get there job doesn't I'm just really want the job your children well that's my passion so I don't want to go as much as your cumulative time you think if you would even the definition of crazy your 30 days times 30 it could be a while do you get snacks what you watching your cell phone you can do whatever you want you have to watch what time Niner Macy's hours today but that's it solid logic our everyday but still 30 hours was just a little over a day you were saying so are you going to have to eat in a month 31 days like 22 days a month for their jobs to get to make money you're giving them one day a month to make money to make tend to forget the point where 28 days of the month that you want to yourself but when you get to Days Inn do like a lot of sex that much what are you doing you like you are sex while your having sex be great how much sex you had the but from now until the end of your life it's all of you just like every month so it's like whatever happened in that month and start over again your delivery time but yet when you said it was like a periodical thing like in on February 28th I got to watch on my February sex sex - like last night in North Lauderdale knowing whether they got the hard part is you know sometimes you can go what's your shortest shortest if it was when we were in a rush because I was trying to get her to an airport I think you try to let you know we're running late probably submitted couple couple minutes of minutes when you start counting it right I mean so much you go for just like speed let's see how fast you can go from start to finish how fast you go why would you not like with a woman you don't speed run sex never try to agree on it then 7744 was like in my first relationship the other betimes was just like a movie too much for play you don't worry about it - plane Gavin imagine this imagine you're with a girl and you're taking her clothes off that would not be disappointed at all right she's like so excited that sex with you she has an orgasm before you get her completely naked the incredible Health extra but if it happens to a guy it's the end of the world yeah that would ever have ever had a premature orgasm yourself myself yes you have you like you're getting ready to have sex you have an orgasm I mean I mean it's not without touch or anything like some guys get so excited like before anyone other kissing whatever before his actual sexual contact like someone put their hand on genitals that happens genitals your genitals plural what does an elephant face what is genitals the Pants are pants but it's just one pair definitely what's the worst thing that's happened to you during sex 4 but I want head like a really bad case of the koi East do I feel bad to the point where like he pulled out and I started laughing and everlasting musician sex positions as it was I didn't create that error by myself earlier sorry everybody Cedar Avenue Rin sex it sucks because when you say the story than people I think listening are automatically going to assume it's the person you're currently with which we got real plane storie is pretty bad wasn't it was in the face behind the couch are they releasing the audio podcast Barbara is now demonstrating Gavin Sparta Tennessee the slide your legs are like kind of your butthole would be exposed he's on the couch anyway just let on purpose I'm sure it wasn't I remember it wasn't of the worst we have is just a funny story but I was house-sitting for a friend and I invited my girlfriend over at the time and she did that for me and I hope that everything's fine with my friends family they get back to their house and then like a couple days later he's like did you have as so-and-so over to visit and I was like oh why and he's like oh nothing nothing it was like tell me why define disdain Bartlett over the kitchen counter yeah and I make the Absurd decision to have some jelly in someone else's house Central States alike inject trees and things like that and she was she was like a babysitter and there was some incident that happened at the house I would like a break-in and she said yeah and they had footage of the people on the nanny cam and I was like anything they have like a camera in the house I was like no we had sex in that was like I had a point as a kid in the house gavi the receipt the suite sex tape somebody but if it's sweet standard as well probably friend was hooking up with a guy at her house upstairs and had as long as their way and you can hear someone coming up and he was like your new boyfriend's so when I was coming up to her or know her boyfriend and her were hooking up OK and he was doing things with his hand sticking her and her like this so then they think the first numbers maybe not sure she was anyway doesn't matter I hear footsteps coming up and it ends up being her dad and they rush and they get all their stuff together and he's like fuck that your dad just felt his daughters girls that have any sleep so when you go blue in the face by as it was at all put in for both parties but your hair to go parent yeah he was just like oh my God like I am so sorry and I was laughing and then I was like I don't like but I don't like this I just like you might know the beds in Jester dormitory you know they changed over the years but there's actually like their couches right with drawers underneath and then you can pull the bed out to make it a bit so basically when both the roommates are asleep they stay in their beds and it eats up a significant portion of the room right and then it's it's like up against the wall and I didn't know that I thought they were connected to the wall there not fucking connected to the wall and so my girlfriend at the time we got way too Fallout on the edge of the bed and the whole fucking thing when I got over on the top of us while we were like still connected and that's a lot of torque to be put in like with of the deepest do have it it was crazy it was fucking crazy she's really good she's awesome close - I don't even sex going to make me French but breaking your dick I don't think so but I've got in the bed that's like because I've been really close I want to hear about the friend on a trampoline figure out to stop anybody cuz they were headed like you think you really have no clue what you're doing it for your back to hurt me yeah I mean a lot of the sexual prowess of guys gets really evaluated yet you know and but really it's like there's there's a lot of like I don't think women sit around discussing technique racing yes I think maybe there's the perception that if they just lie there it's not happy that would involve like they're like sex will make it work you know you gotta be interactive with people that I like I'm not like a while and having sex then I'm not coming back to this everyone is talking about it's friend fingering his girlfriend friend was the girl your friends girls so the guy fingering the girls are now give me the jester and I was like interesting like lotion Jester refrigerator right there that's two fingers use that's a Jester that use this time like I have been fascinated by that that's why I was like I'm very uncomfortable with you all doing that so that I can the story about the girl that was my high school that she got a reputation because she did not to give a hand job and she would go like this taking it usually so if you if you would like and trying to help someone - do it like this but you just not know if you want to I can't imagine to see you can't you can't go down the hallway you just maybe some guys really love their penis would like to watch all the sex you had in a month or whatever the rate at which you have sex are totally different when you're in a relationship then when your single like if your single not attached to anybody like you're just completely single and you're like at a bar as you like twice a month or once a month he's a pretty good batting as because also when you're going to sleep together let's often should I have sex let's slow down over time relationships over and over it's like when you become exclusive with somebody that like first month. It's just like Double Jeopardy but then your frequency drops to make up for it definitely ninjas what kind of Olympus you do have to be like hey we should probably do something else all the other relationship stuff like the conversations everything you have that the rest of the time and you don't you don't have that on those like in person X do I get Xbox or Playstation you play online games with them like gold digital day it is awesome how many people are into video games these days the different world it is by the way I just got an Xbox and you've asked if I played Xbox for let's play sometime Madden rainbow snow but I know but she tell you she just play do you place Madden Call of Duty should just go for that. Want to be more than that that's not who I am it was embarrassing because like there's a really nice guy named red that came up to me at the fact the rad Brad on my way there today at the restaurant the Mexican restaurant give me a call my name is Love he left and I gotta roll server job so dumb right now did he come back over he's like are you guys ready to order lick it so good I'm impressed by your side jokes they come so far anyway she came up to me very nice and he came up to me and was like oh hey my friends text me when I tell you hey and some think that Jonathan says swipe right and I was looking for my family and me this is the first time I parent parent parents and my sister and seen me in a wreck with like the community more like this is surprising people get really freaked out by that he said it was like people hate my friends hate it that you're famous so if I go back to where I'm from in time and I'll see my friends and when I go to a pop maybe the guy behind the bar now so I am I never liked freaked out about you like they never get freaked out by it but we went to a movie together yeah my friends think it's like the coolest thing ever and all they want to talk about they're just like people know who you are Rakim I was with Drew was my eighties really good guy and he's okay he's okay right away the realization might be best friends and now we're like I'm just worried about it we're like I guess he has actual full lighthouse in his coffee in the world In-N-Out I walk with you I don't see very often to wear at a bar drinking some comes up and goes hey Burnie and receive picture message but I think about you all the way but I gotta know you like that you know I think I never got dad but not so much with my mom you know because she she didn't tell me she had passed away before I had anything of any kind of notoriety so there I was wondering if my mom when we showed Red vs Blue - Lincoln Center as that would have been a huge fucking deal to her because she's like a New York Chicago person to grow up in Chicago to move to New York so that would of like that in a big fucking deal to her my parents High School teachers and kids are somewhere but I didn't want to come up it's actually rather not I mean it's for me it's like you probably the most on average once or twice a week but almost every time we get stopped and I would prefer if someone where I am knows me like and I don't have an enemy I would prefer to know that I like because then if I hear later that they saw you at the coffee shop and I do want to say hi cuz you seem like you're busy but it would I say when I was the coffee shop you know - mean it's like I start to second-guess myself and also want to say hi to people you know to meet you there have a good day yeah I mean it's like you go to the doctor now the pharmacist anything else it's like you just like you got a ton of accept the fact that as a possibility some of them might know who you are you know what a bank that's all what that like if I'm in the bathroom that's the only time I think I would say is that my penis is out and in my hand just wait until I put it away one of the guys but I'm one of those guys that doesn't care I won't talk to anybody but if somebody's talking to me I'll talk back and I don't give a shit I would never start a conversation with somebody else already Rin of them exactly that you're not being uptight about it gavi stage fright but someone told me dystopi cancer but about this do you guys go to a hair salon R get your haircut by like an actual like person at a hairdresser Barbara Willy's Barber Shop of burn is washing your hair like your heads tilted back in the same the same as washing your hair is it ok to close your eyes I know what you're talking about there's something else too I wonder if it's ok to close your eyes I forget what it is but something as you feel like that too intimate like that you're closing your eyes headlight that spray I could get in your eyes and I will keep them close like here's the other thing I remember was is I was on the set and I was doing my makeup for of in the scene and it was like some serious like I can really go into why but there was like some special effects makeup until I spent some time the chair and when they worked whatever they were like had their hands on my face I would just shut my eyes and I'm not appropriate to be shutting my eyes have had serious Prosthetics and have you make up for it takes 3 or 4 hours LOL people fall asleep and that's like totally fine with it I think it's easier for the washing your hair and you close your eyes it seems like you're focusing on trying to enjoy it and it's like a real date do you like a whole like scalp and neck massage as well and I always want to close my eyes but I'm like is this going to be weird Detroit your 1990 also they give you like this like vibrating massage thing and I just sometimes I'm just like I'm sorry I had a long day I can actually sleep in prostate when is doctor stuck his finger up his butt and he said he never owned exclusively can you just leave it like becoming like OU would pull out on the internet think everything the reason why you want me to read this Blaine had a great way for me Horse let's you spend almost 24 hours a day in your underwear but instead of making a statement like your men's tights under as everyday clothes your underwear is probably boring mine actually is going to bring me out of here to change that every pair of my undies is made from sustainably sourced modal fabric that's twice as soft as cotton nothing can describe the FIT and feel of me on these but once you try them on you understand why they're called the world's most comfortable underwear and if you don't love your first pair of my undies they are free no questions asked me on these has dozens of styles and limited edition prints to help you make a statement with your underwear whether anyone can see them or not remember Superman 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a lot of people there's a big portion of the audience that likes repeated jokes so if I can latch onto something sometimes I just like I don't want that to be part of my day just like please don't please don't but then you have other people on the fucking punk and people like him, do you like throwing every now and then but the next thing it's like I did that as a joke a long time ago and it's become kind of nice actually note that I left in the most recent double gold box no shit there's a dick on that and you said that with a dick with people riding on Magic School Bus kids drawing in a pond kids sponsored would become double Gold members are you really concerned about that because you are much younger people to watch achievement the cleanest but you're in the room when people are talking about whatever Gavin has a lot of principles he doesn't SE cansaran curse words and if you want to go to church and if I can do it what's the nudity million dollars but I got myself several times and then dollars but there's no do you so I keep comfortable in vs like this scenario he wasn't making you happy because in the other one in the bed it was like you would not you would not get into bed with a girl that wasn't mad it is right if it changes the whole life thing it was I'll take it off keep it on that was Sam Island but yeah I'm sorry I forgot to give you the heads-up didn't react at all to your make out with Chris your make-out no kidding I will when we still not seen Brad who wrote that short we really wanted us to actually make outdoor space and stuff and if you like it and I was like I don't know like I would do it I guess just because it's for the short but I guess there and talk to them about it and he was just like no this is a little odd Christmas my best friend but it was my girlfriend also I think it's also did you like he like his my neck and stuff too and like I have a big hat so kind of blocks it but I think the thing is is that people come Mar Camino as as as a lot of comments were just like this is making me uncomfortable why are Barbara and Chris making out 1801 your signal and can't separate it you do that right I didn't do something for the other person my decision space your exact strategy I would definitely run it by Ashley I think I don't think do it in the way that anything I think he saw that I was using his uncomfortability as an excuse for me your bill I just don't think he wanted anything else in common with Christian want to like a new thing now Christian IRS, buddy. Christmas, but we have made love to the same woman who was first Blaine lack SME last couple weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks apart who is the friend and stuff and it really worked out Chris is like your father this thing between us it's a girl who makes her a woman that makes her own decisions it's like if she wants to do more Securities of light does anyone blue back with the lady later gold like who is who is better than the sex I just don't have that one do you have you had that with them I would not want to be after then the boys Military Trail as good dude but not much Madden how much Rosie O'Donnell yeah but you said you don't your topic what Rosie was thinking of like sloppy seconds type thing I'm thinking of like who could talk like for you to find out girl your dating I don't know what is relationship status is but the last guy she was dating is John Cena right John Cena song during she just got the world record for Make-A-Wish appearances as he's done more Make-a-Wish appearances than any other person. That's more than David Beckham because that's what he told me I like watching PewDiePie's I really like what he's doing on this game it's pretty bad when people come at him like a variety magazine for not disclosing as it was like give me a million 20600 + 60000 Planet laser beam is up to he's been up since like 630 right now somewhere in that neighborhood if I wasn't a date give me the Rosie video summer fantasy - Felix what's what's a do like an actor or somebody would love to work with you had not had the other night all about guys they were really cool present and they they came by there really like to be in Sharlto Copley I like your mom a lot Joseph very interesting interaction he likes you what Signa Mega chill just like you just like what I was doing I wasn't there for the shoot and I wasn't there for the one who was the first person I'm so excited about that I didn't think he was so great and not-so-great in hardcore Henry the track record like there's not many bad oh yeah I got stuck on you was with Greg Kinnear one yeah yeah 30 Taylor Street old but not sure if it's a way to as OU Southern College down to the front left and right now he had a job where he works for the state capitol in Austin the state capitals here and he he worked at a phone center where they would call me would you serve as agricultural surveys to be blue Atlanta Texas and asking a bunch of questions how many plane do you have to give me livestock how many cows do you have and so I don't know why I thought was funny I started talking and I said the Dallas job was to count cows for the government and that's what job was that he would go out and count cows the government became his long-running joke I was up late studying for chemistry test in college it was like 4 in the morning go to the 5 in the morning in the morning radio show comes on like the early start in the morning job the hours they work from like 6 in the morning till 9 and they were saying they had this contest for the worst job in Austin as funniest Asian impression call the Raiders I would like the time and I called them they got on there and they said we had our last conversation today I'm going down there now what are you do for living as I can tell the government you're kidding me and like I made a joke like your hamburger as well have counted as I had a jam box and I recorded on the audio cassette this thing and I was going to play it for everybody to dinner that I play this joke right down the radio going to take the chemistry test come home go to sleep like just in time for dinner cuz I just crash I'm doing an all-nighter studying I walk down to the dining room and on the bulletin board in the second floor is a note and it said call the radio station you won that contest and a? We? Thanks that was it okay so the one worst job in Austin contest intensive Workshop writing contest and as it turns out it was part of a nationwide thing where they're trying to find the worst job in America and so I played the tape for a buddy everybody laughed at dinner then we got a call a week later those were the top five finalists in the nation and he's going to be on the show called best of the worst so far was the show on Fox OK and that the panels are only job you're going to cover so I just don't even tell him don't know about it tell Matt I said hey my buddy called and he's the one who made the phone call I act like they're getting paid like his package but I don't I don't go out in the field I didn't you just beat that feel like don't worry about it don't worry about it will take care of everything as a wrestler high school but he's like why you guys was as wide as he is tall like he was like then I was like just under six feet but he's like just like super broad shoulder so it's really funny to begin with like a cowboy hat the bullet and had them out there like that and then all the stuff they show the packages on the front I'm sure he fucking wins the contest cheese National contest they're going to fly out to LA do they fly out to LA do I have on stage of the big check this week end of their season with a of a cow out on stage with him and everything and he wins he will take a trip to Seattle which at the time was a funny joke about a lousy trip because you know they like best or the worst trip I've got a trip to Seattle I like a $8,000 prize and then he got money for appearing on the show don't have to do anything like the whole thing up he got to go fly out to LA to be on the show and he said I get to bring a guest so I go imma bring Rob my brother his brother how much and I may come back as one it's literally they show the first episode of whose the Friday night show that showed of the episodes there is in the week in a room he'd gone out and film the show is back on Wednesday the show is going to air on Friday he gets a call talk to the one person he talked to John Kelso from the Austin american-statesman who's the guy who does the stories on like the back page of the front section of the paper until like feel-good stories like the down-home look at this guy he's a better and get over this Orchard for 80 years you know like $2 so we call beauty contest on Fox and dollars that's the funny part I don't even do that job it's all a big joke my friend like setting up and everything. Thanks very much Stripes play what a fucking cancelled the show they cancel the show they took the episode that was going to air all of Dallas but if they took it off the air and they just kind of put up a placeholder thing where a lady who I didn't pick ticks off of a duck of a research they won and the show was cancelled and they never returned because that was a big contest the whole thing fell apart fast forward three years later sometime later we're watching Jack Nicholson and Greg Kinnear and what's that movie that's Rin but if this is the you know Helen Hunt Jack Nicholson movie the psychiatric 100 storie by this as good as it gets watching that are you even asking for it so we're sitting there watching it go back and look at it soon enough it was fucking Greg Kinnear and he got fired from that show and then he went on to make taco soup as it became the huge star that is so if I burn I think I played an important to the entire world with the dumbest stuff anyone can fly isn't that what we really want in life that's a guy never mention this coincidence sounds like but like really funny he's like Austin born and bred and this is like his brother was like a really good friend of mine like you liked me job in my early years at the school he was like a big influence you know in my group of friends the college is a big group of friends reality yeah and they're such good friends that hang out your shirt with a dump like that and we don't like each other which is unfortunate but I think that from time to time like tailgates and stuff like that I thought it would be cool to see him like on my doorstep I could see through my door about something for sponsoring this episode occurring every 13 seconds this should be like 8 while I'm reading this and most happen in broad daylight the ring video doorbell has been proven to stop burglaries before they happen by allowing you to see and speak to anyone approaching your door using your smartphone now bring it sex and 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can ring the doorbell and you can answer from Tokyo from Australia did you really as I can usually r on the back they're just having some dude I would love that I have a package coming that I know it's signature required and I'm just know I mean they can leave it you know if you talk to the guy in your like he just wants to him he's like okay go do it now but if you're not there because I do not want to know there's nothing you can do lack emotion areas but if you if you can see the entire Street you can set it so it doesn't pick up your calls in the background stuff is not fun when you push the button as motion sensor on it that's cool as often of the Ring of security kit has several that has that has the additional high definition camera but I'm - I know what I'm talking about and you see all the terrible deliverie guys who display packages all recorded by those guys work hard while other people stuff delivered my Xbox One it just watching your life picture for as a server how much my life I wanted it would be spent popping those air bags that come now in Amazon packages like that's the number one way I shop I just like I'm very patient so if I want something I don't run out to Target and get it I just go to Amazon order and then two days later shows up now he's getting miles with Amazon money back that's what the what's the but spent too the bus received ratio I'm not actually sure that of my husband but like I just checked recently and I have like some points and that I could just use on for you guys a blue top of Reddit creepy creepy was a still from someone's Ring app and it was during the rainbow it was someone in a mask and they came in at like it he Bale will stop there are there notifications it was like 3 a.m. 4 a.m. this person just kept coming in they had like to screenshot this person is really weird he didn't say that it was okay I don't know it was like it was a white woman face mask that had boobs and stuff like that but it was like a black dude wearing it so it was just look like a floating head is really strange I was just as something and one of the other cast as the lead in the thing that I was one of the people from The Purge The Purge movie yeah yeah yeah like you'd be a great like horror on as you as well your scream in the million dollars but the ninja 1 I fucking love that when you bought that start out like that I was thinking that when I saw him was in the Mortal Kombat 1 when you rip off the ice Augusta Georgia Texas do this to really good moments in that in that lady's million dollar basement bar but that the katana and then do whatever the moment is when the ninjas like the trainer turns into the Ninjas for Lindsay and she makes that face it's so fucking funny as I've seen that probably a hundred times and every time it's really funny what was on my mind I just did some for Red vs. blue I got to go over-the-top angry and yelling and close it for that show it where I'm closed right now so it's going to be like will you talk to me about that before this same thing it was on I was on the set I had a really intense seeing a lot of screaming and stuff like that it's a horror thing but it's only going to be for that so the really intense thing and do they cut and they the movie upset they were going to shoot just something else you didn't need me so I was like wandering back and forth and said there's like there's like a 60 year old after dinner and for everything that you recognize the song but we definitely know it when you see him he walks up to me just like pacing back and forth and then he like put his hand on my shoulder and he stopped me like you give me as I can bring you back to as I was doing that was I think it's like it like this like that moment you like totally fucking show me I'm coming down you weren't weirded out or anything What actors are just generally like very ephemeral kind of people like I mean we've spent like most of the day would like to sit with a bunch of actors I don't think it to be exclusively an actor I think everyone is going to be awesome just an actor I feel like I don't like producing and other stuff to act for a living and that's only what they do it's a your approach to everything is like really different there they definitely think differently than other people you know I respect for people do it full time people get a really high level because like that Christian Bale thing when he went fucking Asian on a guy like you to see where he had to like react to his friend dying and he had to like be super emotional and as an actor it's like the camera for 3 hours they feel with the lights for fucken ever and then when it's time for the actor to do the job you like I felt like you have 30 seconds to get it right and then we're moving on I need to know he felt like he was doing it I could take it was like and then the last thing you think of is like an issue elsewhere while he's doing that so I totally get it we spoke to the guys do realize he was that was like from on high he's coming down I had my favorites cream in it it was in a let's play in the GTA when they just came out on Monday I guess this would be we could go today but we just play around in there which is like that you can buy you hasn't checked to see if it's kind of a long time to get them cuz I really supposed to go to drive to them I accidentally Flew Over the military base and they just shoot you down it was like really annoyed I don't like kind of ink as my plane was plummeting ice cream is like everyone is like in love with ice cream plane in session plane insertio usually when I'm about to die I was chasing them in the back of my favorite one that we had was You Gavin contagion with me because we lost a video on it it was the Left 4 Dead Burnie henr propane tank and it was right off the bat in Left 4 Dead 2 come out he didn't know that he was with Blaine who who put it out it's really frustrating to you right now like really why don't you just tell us to put it out because you do like he left for Texas this weekend some reason just left for PAX on Tuesday to go to Seattle that's where it is yeah that's what it was on the barbar on that I can hang out this week that he's drinking at 8 a.m. 8:40 in the morning he's drinking at the airport come on that's too much celebrating for 8:40 in the morning do you think if I'm at the airport in the morning I'm just I hate everything now and he's like I'm going to drink the idea of that at that time would probably make me want to throw up American Idol winners R Us but R 0 as for brunch this Saturday brunch with each other I was invited down to it was nice you didn't know you fucked up that's why I like going a long night Rainbow Six - I want to walk here to drop her off here like a bunch of ladies to join us and then like more people ended up coming and I was like oh yeah I was not going I was going I was not going and she goes he'll probably as he's a slut for brunch now quick John boyega really made it when he said he hit me up about places that I should be visiting Four Mile Lake do you want to do podcast podcast press 2 or 4 episode 8 I want to be on a podcast with John boyega play do you want to eat that remind me on Labor Day