#393 - The iPhone 7 Argument

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the iPhone 7, confusing light switches, chipped credit cards, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on September 12, 2016, sponsored by Casper (http://bit.ly/2bgC0nt), Harry’s (http://bit.ly/2cnaTJp), Pizza Hut (http://bit.ly/2bxZ8mf), Squarespace (http://bit.ly/2aGmDo9)

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Recorded: 2016-09-13 15:29:24

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to receive podcast this week about you by Pizza Hut Casper Harry's and squarespac and personal check at 193rd note but right now you never texted a word 60 out of the last big milestone we passed the 400 come up soon give me by doing something it's on Halloween sweet I think Monday I think I sent you an email saying we should do something on it and then you never replied to my text on Monday and so I had to come to that trave Tuesday September 1st numbers in them a question so cute we live streaming but we should do something Sullivan County gets fired all the trick or treaters trick or treat the fuck you doing I missed you on Halloween give me the Tipping Point as a teenager when you still want the candy but you don't want to dress up and you see this fucking teenagers walk around like what are you dressed as a teenager guy he's taller than his mom now so he's about 5455 now guy passes a younger kid probably like a chipmunk when it comes to Candy just like the stuff in his cheeks like Jolly Ranchers JD was especially proud because he liked to have a scary costume that people react to and one year he had a cost and I don't even know how to describe it I think I talked about it when he wore it because he would have the podcast that was just a black cloak that was it altered at the ends of the arms and at the bottom by his feet and then it was a black like like a smile on Mac but just like his a blank over the top of his head was just black clothes black but you can see it and then you have these goggles he wore underneath the glasses that with these big red circles ice and had the world's most evil jaw game Journey that looks like that looks a little bit like that but it's all black I think he wears red and it will tell you what I think but we went to a house and he was a little kid like 3 years old 4 years old tiny little kid dressed as Superman and Jenny's walking up the sidewalk to go to the door and that little kid turns on the Comedown kid freaks out runs down the length of the porch was like the whole length of the house and jumps off into a Bush glycerine Happy Jack dog having baby just recently did it make you not want to have any more kids a tune that stuff out it was a crying baby on a plane this was one kid that I couldn't do note though mainly because I was in the same row as the kid but I wasn't like on the same side of the aisle so I was like looking across and it was didn't get a seat for the kid there was on the last two seats on the plane it was a 2 parents in their kind of passing the kid back and forth and it wasn't overnight red eye flight and the kid was just Nick it was just miserable the whole time screaming crying and screaming like like almost anger Tantrums yelling at the parents and like couldn't articulate 1 points hitting the dad was trying to comfort the kidneys having kids from the ceiling in plane switch you like the harness and I just feel like hanging from the dead by laugh out loud I was elastic chairs you stuck it how much it wasn't bad but the guys were very nice cuz I was about to go down this at one point in the mail guy got you on this one because it wouldn't up and closed cordevalle San a few more times hotter than while and make sure all the furniture in there tell me what we did at 2 for the football barbar and I went to go talk about her show always open switch to use this as a plane weigh Ashley and I did it to prepare for the Amazing Race I don't really know what is a blunt prepares us for but we just went you didn't tell me like we were shipped in Rockwall Rockwall climbing bouldering I like to sit down with you 2 Chainz Like a book and a half a week then yeah she kind of puts me to shame I thought I was like constantly stop book club a big deal is when she starts a series she doesn't want to start a series that any progress has Game of Thrones burn per on does that mean she's starting a book and its a 9 book series out he's not waiting around 7 or 8 years so I would like and I was a divorce first world problem ever but I got upset that the Direct TV on my flight wasn't working right we really like it was unwatchable was like what is this I want to plane I can watch TV Lou worst possible advertisement for Directv service right plane for hours let me know when you're phone Bend internet American plane out of the rain I'm telling you dude fallout shelter burnie's get it tell him that you 2 bread and your bread is awesome Gavin never gets the internet on plane ever too expensive it's a great time to hang out a bunch of email the truth you just send them when you laugh I guess it's true you actually waiting to receive emails and you know it sounds like hell clearing 2 premiere which ComEd is again and there's a guy in front of me to recline the seat back the second layer able to recline the seat back all the way and he's one of those people that like winter why didn't and so this is like a poorly note a metal person - don't go hide in the armrest and anything below it was touching my leg but you need to go but we almost lost his life Migos of the bottom of the top hit me in the face because I'm crunch van die just like when someone clicks just to get those little relaxing your back a little like him that no no no no Hue because you felt it was wrong a little click green on the back of the chair though Sundance movie like this it's like you're open and you cheated in your chest reform on your tray like totally stops the chair in front from the clinic you never know a lot to that you can use wants to establish his rule they can totally do like he says I would kick his gavi plane cuz it didn't like the color shirt he was wearing you gotta plane of Airlines doing what they want when I was flying back from New York this on Sunday I was waiting to board the plane and you don't know where they go to the house which would begin boarding now all that typical stuff then they started saying if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lose power it off to you know do not power time during the flight do not plug it into the in-flight power and do not put it in any of your checked luggage switch of course they're a little late for that one but I was like damn they specifically call the phone out and said exploding Reddit news a six-year-old kid had one but what the hell does six arcad do with a brand new note phone of your breath but it's expensive and given to a 6 year old is it how much are they got burned August 19th and then I think the rumors of the recall recall started about 2 weeks ago and I think last week Spokane Hue Bridge about Apple a lot and you know because you work in video games there's obviously brand loyalties that phone place there and people get very stodgy about those loyalties but I was reading a Reddit Thread about these exploding phone and it was crazy it was supposed to leave the thread on this kid got burned did the people on Reddit Russi World tickets bulb it's like it's not the kids fault that they manufacture phone that blows up quality control how does that happen to the point where we can out of the loop so that when I guy I want to travel with my drone before because it was like I mean he was a high death but they was like 7:20 with the fantasy that I have the new one I have does a load for kids gorgeous face gorgeous photos and put them in the blog which was at Travelin want to take it to places in Flyin crazy that's what we did had a shot of the rainbow of crazy I don't have time to edit he is okay with it so I looked it up and it's all guy flying on a plane with his drill and the batteries that come with this Phantom drone or cold LiPO batteries Lithium Polymer battery not fully with that are kind of hurt because they explode violently if they get pissed alkaline batteries dolphins are burning and all the reviews on what and the baddest obliterated guy guy so you can put the michae with the Drone not accurate on and they were trying to get this guy the video is trying to like bring it on that you can't bring that on game check if it's too big and gets no I can't because look at the batteries from us was checking on his way to the flight attendant needs thinking wow I just like straight-up kick the guy off the plane and his his soul some more of the story is just don't say anything about it but that's terrifying yet so there's going to be something that happens and I hope it doesn't but if you see something happen or there's a major crisis of a laptop battery how terrifying that is at work once a cell phone battery starts burni how difficult it is but that out your ass you just like Nick arrojo and it's like a volcano that it would produce enough smoke to completely engulfed the entire inside of a plane for sure but you won't get to see anything how much I know you know destined who does smarter every day by day he's a brilliant guy is a legend and your parcel on the guys you can go stuff you know very calcium as well and you know who's the other guy to take a note we saw him so that means you're part of the YouTube Community time to know each other I'm on the edge of it you're on the edge William in yours in there probably like to think about you a reference when your videos and dead is going to fucking kill somebody and I don't know it's like I feel obligated as another YouTube Creator 2 like reach out to the kids and come to cut the shit do you know this kid backyard scientist or seen a few of those that we were talking about this cuz I've seen I've seen a clip of him setting off bullets with molten aluminum first multiples a Florida a brick at dick height like he's just blowing up bullets one of them could just wants his penis and balls any size say something to defend and kill your neighbor note to self that's on him right but it's just like going to fucking kill somebody with that but thank you he has some he's had some close calls on Safelite car door almost ripped his on your door hits him and killed him and that's a tragedy but it still him we had heard his crew they think it was a fucking sign up for their first shoot with FPS Russia they should be in the fuck out of here Google search airport ice and we have on the table we have a pitch for something that it involves one or two live rounds of ammunition like from a real weapon is a what is a live round of ammunition always so we Van Gogh killed himself what is a live round of ammunition and it has like we have to we went to the crew we talked about it literally like half the people that normally crew or shows were like not doing it like that just wouldn't set foot on a set that has live ammunition on a cruise or like they know what you're doing what you're in for you know anybody with any amount of experience not worth the risk I'm not taking this job just to remind everyone that this is Pizza Hut dr. with electrolytes which classic games with people in attendance at Pax West with on the phone I played quite a bit actually we're going to be giving Star Wars who can answer trivia question about one of first with centipede in the original centipede when the Scorpion runs across the screen what does it do you know the answer tweeted using hashtags RT Podcast and hashtag the feed or Pick 3 winners 2 runner-up will get a $25 gift card and the grand prize winner win a $25 gift card and all the swag PC right over here it's the longboard Again original what does it do I thought this might be the first one I don't know the answer to that this one this one this is a tough one a little harder this time pizza pizza box at feature the plane goal post football triangle scorecard are all included that is available with purchase of any medium Pizza including one topping medium Pizza off the Pizza Hut $5 flavor menu Pizza give you the $5 flavor menu earlier this year and natural evil putting a medium one-topping pizza at burn out WingStreet Wings Tim stuck garlic knots the ultimate Hershey's chocolate chip cookie Hershey's triple chocolate brownie toscani pasta a double order breadsticks and 4/20 wrote this for just $5 each when ordering 2 or more on there to see a little football triangles make a little post it's football season you need something I was so excited when he was on here write it about Burnie song Barbara barbar be careful whoever counting what you say God damn skateboard Pizza cow Hoboken Pizza die Pizza Hut for sponsoring a podcast and for giving away stuff to her game that you can buy what is the thing you can buy from plane for plane Square I don't know because I have gets laugh plane pillo you can by just putting my strap it was with the headrest doesn't like your head over the pussy up so much and you just sleep on it yeah that's why he has something called ostrich pillow which is like or fre miles it's like BioShock Infinite with it's like a big bald head and 2 holes in having put his hand in there like that and it's a little hole for a space to set like this so we put his head down with it slac iPhone 4 no message yes I gets is pointless there's there's where we were on The Amazing Race we packed everything we could possibly need and then by the end of the race we were just like it was a metaphor for Travelin you travel by the end of the race you know three weeks later in real time we were throwing out literally and an extra shirt and that was it because we just care about his weight at the end of it when I go on plane to like stupid travel pillo in this fucking young things like you look very fancy but it's not so it keeps it dark and I talked about this before but my eyes don't close when I sleep a dry out on plane time a how you would do that on plane how do you know how you can stand a Travelin of your eyeballs before you sleep and it's not pretty I have to cover up as much space as possible should I do just literally like I just sit down in my seat like this and I just called in my brain off when it comes time to sleep just like God yeah I was trying to sleep for a long time I know this sounds weird but I have trouble sleeping when I was a teenager and I was just like presumptive title I clear my mind and not have it create your thoughts when I can iPhone stuck on Friday thinking about thinking latest bad headache I'm going to think of all the people I like and respect nobody said nothing first runner-up for the feed is Conrad Schmidt tdg underscore Conrad barbar anniversary over the weekend was also a selfish brat to my 10th anniversary so I went up to New York for a few days later I went around but I fucked up on one of them Japanese Yakitori Restaurant Story it's like a grilled chicken was like right there the next day the restaurant called me at like we want to confirm that you and him had a reservation for this evening also want to confirm that you booked the special table in front of you what you said that week's restaurant any like tickets to this backyard a teichert & off and it's like a tiny little almost like a sushi bar right with 5 seats and it's like extra nice sitting and the chef is about as far away as Gavin is and he's like hello I'm going to beat you know he's got to be cooking you and you look like ice boxes and it's like all these different because I'm going to be cooking all these different keywords for you and you get to pick if you would prefer Japanese Wagyu beef or some kind of crab one of his van die like a rice dish I didn't ask if it was my mistake to bring the stuff out okay this is a little weird a little weird then he brought out like 2 chicken hearts on a skewer the heart of a chicken liver that was like the arteries in the connective tissue around the heart can chickens oh wow that sounds gross but it was Hue and Ally slac Crunch Fitness weird because like and it tasted great but I couldn't let it show that I was nervous about it cuz I just watching me and it was a waitress just on my side watching me also understand that you like me like that a charger it let me see if I can write a bag of chicken ice Red Chicken topic now you can worry about salmonell is what you're worried about not by sight guy gets to have a very strict supply chain for the chicken so that they're able to do that mostly 7 when you kill the chickens they do and that's what causes salmonella and it was already this with members of the a red about a guy who invented a glue that they glue chicken's butts before they kill them what we become as a right the anus is of chickens closed my job I think when I see people eat the fish in the fish is still alive and can do that what's wrong with you it's like you want that like on the per what's the life like just don't do that you're going to see that one day so if you want what they did 20 or so you think when we are able so you mean like on the scale of a lot of weird like the upper bracket about that they were able to hear what it was I didn't read the article I just read the headline where they were able to do Dolphins chatter when they can now say that officially recorded a conversation that takes place between two dolphins which apparently theoretically the Dolphins were talking to each other but they couldn't differentiate between the chatter for the chirping or whatever they do when did and then the other one dead again Airport beautiful conversations back and forth right now is nobody the guy report something on the news this week you probably didn't hear this story a thousand fucking times but a car drove off parking lot in downtown off fucking thing everyone parking garag 2 it was little we're like sitting ice and I got it I didn't get it man that was holding up about 1:40 you made a mistake while at New York I went to the United History Museum tell me the cheese please in histor museum the Minerals and Gems exhibit and there's an exhibit just like a bunch of Courts and I'm just there staring at this stupid court system by the end of this season she's not as she does yes that was an earlier podcast you know she was okay what's a license to malicious I didn't know at the time but and gems anyway I'm looking at this like teenage girl comes up and out of the way and die picture this with her friends they're my favorite 4th that's the display the big one and then I saw this Penny press machine you know we put in the work order is an opinion like you spent you crank the handle and it spits out like a deformed Penny Burnie so there's a change machine next to it would be recorded but did not give you pennies Boulevard by the gift shop to go to the gift shop and get some change for anyone a couple days for the papers out there but we can't open it first unless you buy something there I just got like super and when I see some shiny ones in the register to pay you for those two and he's like he's in his register Ulta 2 shiny ones out to start examining this game on comparing the man in the shiny one for the time with the shield on them quick coffee at with a slightly different penny I told you I just want to go use the penny press machine can you please just give me those to put your panties guy gets depressed you have a stack of pennies and that you're looking give me crap feature if you want and see if it comes out but it's fucking awesome barbar point barbar airport always tell the time shut up a good time I got some note a fraction of the cost that's really shrooms passing that savings directly to the consumer Casper mattresses and obsessively Casper combines two technologies create an award-winning sleep service with just the right sink and just the right balance the breathable design sleep school to help you regulate your temperature throughout the night you can by easily online completely risk-free Casper understands the importance of truly trying out a mattress in all reality spin 230r life on Casper office redelivery and pens returns with a 100 day. So you don't have to lie down in a showroom that offers free shipping on returns to the u.s. and Canada get a Casper mattress for $5 for twin or 9:50 for a king size mattress compared to Industry averages an outstanding price point and you can save an additional $50 for the mattress purchase or and Casper.com / RT and trim promo code RTS Casper.com / RT promo code RT terms and conditions apply thankyou Casper for helping our listeners sleep more comfortably Casper Van Dien in the out of soda crunch time rooster out of my chest Mac defibrillated me off Circle time tweets after we go back take with but I thought you're going to get up so our second runner-up for the vide the green Lobster all that's left is our grand-prize winner will come get you. A grand prize winner with the Scorpion my mind resetting have you ever had to reset your mind because I think you should explain what you're talking about because I think you were talking about this before the party I couldn't and reset apps man he had note yourself on your phone and sometimes I come about note I don't know which one not enough to reset my mind I had to walk home about you can get on the wrong track in your brain and it's to fix you just gotta get away the Taps as I know not to come in again stuck of the out that's awesome I know I'm not about to do only after that one and I just didn't do that when I will send and I did some of the light switches on like I man need to look up this life but you can't remember what they will do forgot what to do to switch solver Titanic the fire outside is good there's three my kitchen just three and I never remember which one is which about 3 in my living room and wonder do you see what we're talking about a nation recently and these guys use to bulb and usually bulb you don't then I'll just have a good ceiling lighting but it'd be too expensive to pay for this you have to worry about that because it's just like you turned it on when they're off sinking ship in the switch ya switch in the wall a voice-activated Alexa operated switch I want that yes do it right a thing where there was a switch and light house that was just it was just wrong it was what it was and try to explain this but I can't so I'm staying indoors today and on my right is the door today and I'm I left is the room when I'm facing the switch the switch on the left turns the light on outside by the switch on the right turns on the light in the room it was me that switch closer to the outside door should turn on the lights outside I got so sick of like mixing it up constantly that I liked it the breaker got the switch is out of the wall flip them over and put them back in so that they would be in the right orientation how do you know I keep fucking it up and I was used to it the other way like that's one of the things in a house that's what I'm going to do some about this but what caused you to finally be like now is when I'm going to fix this so much like when I get to the house I just like I'm getting this shit done everything for me is not having art on the walls I didn't have like the stuff on the walls and I've been there a year and I'm going to gets tough I make to-do lists like a mother fucker with on your phone yes I have an application that I use that I use for my notes for the podcast and then man I have your name and I use it for notes for other stuff as well and it's like if I have like ideas for scripts and dialogue in stuck and and then I use it also for to do list and I fucking rock to do list I'm awesome at it I am great I always write notes in my phone and then never look at them again always think like all the references later or like and Ikea shopping list on my phone no right to talk about on this point I never write anything that's the worst time for them drunk dr. always do it to be nice to people when they tell me about some guy to pretend to be you might as well just right Farm barbar man you guys write scripts but you smell like Samsung does write scripts a reversible script time is one of the right now in the middle of ice I say things out loud to see how they sound I just do that I also want to sound weird I also find it's way easier to write a script I have one in my office I've ever seen it I have a little mirror and animators use a mirror to and during facial animation a look at it and do this I'll do that and I'll say dialogue to a mirror to see how it sounds it makes me feel like more connected to it I like testing it out as out of the house it just works for me so you looking right now like a fucking crazy person do you like yourself 2 different voices yes or like different infections and stuff like that or like try to find a better word for by I recognize that ice a office and you said stop it's like that goes I just seen 2 people are just like okay with that typo I'm like crazy busy I'll text tell she was doing text or speech to text for it we find it for you what does the thing except K is what what is not what I said okay alright it was nothing attracted to something just totally ridiculous I turn autocorrect off on my phone we went to LA with me to the crunch time Premiere and Ashley text me what hotel are you books at 4 tonight but for spelt flour and then I was like sweet speech to text Bro and then I tell her what hotel we're staying at she goes Indie dokie Beach on a message it made a little icon of said that before but it seems like a real text me so I know that when you read it your brain does a different correction that it does for and figure out what it supposed to be try to figure it out yeah I was the crunch time frame thing Grand Prize winner is fomo Momo JJ laugh it's all you want by knowing the off button not there we were filming a a show called commercial and no emotion emotion I was here they talked to me about doing the first member only thought of it like that I do like to bring Lab Rats for it I was going to be doing it but I had to go for it where were constantly working on so many things have to come in there so many Productions going you feel like you're missing out on stuff while you're working on something else it's like I'm doing PC man all the time it's like Endeavor production of the majority the Crunch Gym classes there a lot of different like guy gets influence as you call them were there as well tweets about it fans showed up as well that's just like your employer for not realize it's like a way you can save web celebrity without people going slac watch The Fault in our first trip to the crunch time phone out there for people to watch for everybody if you go to our YouTube channel or what you watching fre first episode I think you will finally understand what we were saying before about the trailers about how it's difficult to try to put that concept into like a one minute ice off or like you know what I love about it is that it's like this is part of the feature production group developed and produced crunch time and it's all of how far that group has come because the first show that the feature production group did was our Tes and then the second thing we did was Lazer team and then the third thing was crunch time actually was produced before a five-day fiberglass was just watching everything you learned as a feature guy gets super excited about all this like snowballs to me it's like the 45 and it will see you decisions because the audience knew about day 5 and honestly it's like the you know the rejection level for RTS switch with the first thing that I heard it was just like we're like okay this is something that doesn't have a lot of Hershey Personalities in it and crunch time is also has less Russi person I was in it so we can swap them out you know really just going to make it easier on the audience more than anything else I think having some of the guys around on various shows leading up to crunch time he'll become familiar with they're all fucking funny current hurt me every loves her cat AFV on on the spot with him or anything with him he's got some pilot Network TV show she's got the lead in the look at it really funny nick takes his shirt off at one point by the way is basically his twin no shit gets old identical Nick if he swapped out with this 21-day like it would you didn't tell anybody I would not be surprised at all and I think there's a picture of Nick and they just put out dead due date they really stepped a little too much will think of something though there was a hole in the game part of my life but the conversation at the beginning which is based with the card game is based on a so much about the stinker like just talked about inviting her over and over again each scenario is like a 20-minute discussion it is we talked for a very long yep be interesting too but maybe when they released just one I can't I a conversation about one scenario where we do playthroughs on Facebook with the game and it's kinda like that ice and participated when you have you know it some point we should do that that that do the the Life Instrumental are you sure I'm so I don't we time with the heads Casper a sourcefednerd place so there's somebody who's associated with the store said family hue I've got of that picture of Nick and his brother piano a cool Freddie Mercury called himself the brother first brother first that's fucking funny love that we have recently which is one of the Utah about you leave note on your phone and you would never go back and check them something I had that was that I would use and then forget that I had used it and then every now and then I would go was my old truck had in the visor it had a button that was recorded you record a memo to yourself and then you go back and go back and play later and recorded in that thing for my kids and all that stuff but then there's also just mean like just like talking and doing dialogue it's audio only gets Audio Only but I donated that truck essentially when I own the company I donated that truck to the company and it became a production vehicle a crazy person and it was mostly dialogue in there is first show that you probably haven't heard like the name of forever called a prism and out first we're going to work on collaborative it's with them we just never got around to making that show 2014 oh yeah we got that said before the Congress as well I haven't had that truck since 2005 2007 or something like that like I'm that blue truck in Forever it's not my other truck that's a great truck the blue truck so I didn't think I think I got a truck before I before I left the tech support company so was Teddy born baby at 11 so if it's stored on an SD card or something no it was the greatest recorded gets power from I'll pull it off you have an argument with your ex wife and to sneakily hit recorded 4 Note live-action Hue be stuck in the house I left a note in there and it said that you're talking about we talked about I guy I didn't like I said I took the best years of her life with her before she took the best years of my life which was a die a white an ex-wife and the new wife and he took on flute giving that truck many times I've never hit those buttons yeah it's just it's weird but it's like not even access them but you should play 16136 recorded in Note 3 Barbara - yeah it's basically voice memos but I would use it to be driving down the road or someone hits you can read the license plate and I would think of something for die Titanic and I think a lot of dialogue in cars that's when and I will take it all take all the other and release it as a big pug cost if your Yorkie is on by PC I should be there probably for Mac off I can check I got everything what am I doing this for the podcast Hy-Vee meat the Raiders even better and are keeping the price is exactly the same every by blade razors now include softer Flex in for more comfortable garag with trimmer blade for hard to reach places a lubricating strip a detective handle for more control when it's wet that's still just $2 per blade compared to $4 or more you pay at the drugstore and the quality is always one harry' will fully refund you have restarted it is an amazing deal for the $15 moisturizing shave cream 3 Precision engineered 5 blade cartridges and a travel cover love that travel cover plus a special limited-time offer for fans of the show as they give you $5 off your first purchase promo code rooster go to harry' stuck on right now and 2 code rooster at checkout to claim your offer is harry'.com code rooster by seriously love that truck over and take it with me all the time when I whenever I go somewhere seems like it's a lot lately but I'll travel I did a year really cute Michael and Lindsay and Chelsea Chelsea yeah that's why Michael couldn't go to in Japan with us for the lazer team Premiere cuz he was going to this German con he said retroperitoneal guy gets his good looks from no conflict how much travel International problem way from Lindsey I think that was I got the feeling it was a long time ago with Monday so should be fun I've never been there so with this a pretty important topic that might cause an argument having turtle on the Russi website on my particular profile it's now half an hour to leave the podcast or an hour in Brooklyn so this part of ice when we like to reach out to the audience and ask you what was the story we started to tell and then got off the track and we didn't get better till switch I do wonder if you're watching this on YouTube reduced livestream on Monday is supposed to be at Russi.com first members there is a link below you can click on it and you get a 30 day free trial and you can see it and then put that in the future you can respond to it and help us remember a story that we forgot it was like seeing people like I'm watching my first life was like okay I guess feel like your hands are you pissed about the headphone jack been going okay you can you see why people think it's over because they give you a pair of earbuds in there that connect to the lightning and you still want your old one to give there on a plane and your phone is dead or dying and you want to charge it and listen to music Mac cord breakout box with everyone going to the Best Buy song she will absolutely have to 18 Pizza that happened that's very specific scenario how often has that happened what was your phone so dead that's on you because full speed charger game today what time is going to choose between charging and listening charge and listen at the same time you never know feel something while you listening to anything I do but it's not because I need it I just have it set always have on and in different with the Apple case you could still do it what you mean the Apple case charger that like a movie that I can use my lesson plan for me you asked if it ever happens to me and I'm telling you what happens to me saving by removing the motion stabilization already had mercy burn send your love you think I was because I'm right up until this day releases thing I was totally ready to jump ship on Apple get completely out of the ecosystem I even have a list and everything else like with no stickers on it travels more gets more stickers this is so pathetic this is Ashley the other it's because I travel so much I need to be able to text people while I'm on a plane and I just can't do that with a non iMessage phone and I also can't text anybody who doesn't have iMessage can use WhatsApp die fit data service is the gigantic piece of fucking shit it's just and I see them pop up I hit enter and it goes away you have to click the Mac I told you this would cause an argument you're right Gavin winter it sounds okay but I just I just initiated a direct message with you by typing Gavin and then just from like the screen the chat screen look for my messages from Google Detroit why is there such fire I love you and I want to make money right now for their slac is amazing anyway I mean I guess so it wouldn't bother me too much but their love external things that work with a headphone jack like I use mics that plug into the wall and plug into the adapter for your body like you like me or something like that it's that scene from Titanic of Jack and Rose on the ship and I like iPhone 6 and then iPhone 7 it's just Rose it's with out Jack it's just little historically has history doing this they got rid of Serial ports and parallel ports on the old colorful Max in order to move to all USB but USB with an open standard it is lightning approach is just I think it's fucking garbage I think we talked about it speculated before the phone came out I was hoping you would have us PC as the center of that of course they didn't fucking do that cuz they want to keep their goddamn like the same of people need 2 says headphones but usually I going to play with one pair of headphones what should someone phone call I'm plug that plug into a plane icon has a lightning cable for my phone to stereo Bluetooth okay is that the iPhone was the most ubiquitous consumer device in history like everybody had a fucking iPhone 4 years then was the iPhone 5 they switch to the lightning Port write Geoff how many years was it when you went to hotels and and alarm clock on the desk and had the old iPod to the same everywhere just got those charge my phone because first of all they never put a fucking plug by the bed I don't know why and the clock that's sitting on the desk with on your hotspot Mac in it since they've introduced a lightning Port I have always taken one hotel tree connected to another one this is like the standard for all or do this going away idea sounds better about a look anyway yeah I mean I don't get it I'm already using Bluetooth headphones so I really don't care I'm not suffering from that regard for me listen to fucking vinyl records carobs it's like music in quality is completely wasted on me a listen out for you have you listen to stuff for analog lightning and Bluetooth like a taste test I have a test that I thought I could do it what are special event snapped at you soylen in my journal the topics people want to see most likely cow why is Geoff gets surface book that I was talking about the same laugh you know why Geoff gets 2 first 20 minutes are you ever seen your life and that's where time is it in off it is what are you ready are you ready right now great Burnie or you can put it on backwards and then flip it over the other use it and tablet but I can't touch the screen all the time like like like crap on stuff like to activate that window by a tap on stuff on it seems like something you would not like you not hate it when people touch your monitor Wisconsin a reason either now waste a day as soon as you can I want to see one more thing here on the strip it's not done yet let me tell you we have made it safe to sitting there like a project we haven't developed recorded probably pretty raunchy yeah it was very offensive it was with you maybe I will do some research he was saying it's not advertiser-friendly it is not that's the point of the show they make like I've got to get away the plot for the show but it's it's it's a really good gets of you finally made a 5 you know it's a big breakthrough before we make anything I've been around for a long time I finally happening right now but I'll talk to you by squarespac Squarespace site design regardless of your skill level there's no coding required to use tools to help you along the way and you get a free domain name if you sign up for a year so you're fre Charles like today at squarespace.com / if we decide to sign up for Squarespace make sure he's off recorded get 10% of your first purchase Squarespace build it beautiful you could build a fan site 2 Lightning headphones and Bluetooth audio and I would read it cuz I'm I'm all for Progress time off for change Gavin just texted me because I checked my phone what did you text me Gavin 7 ice text a bitch time Gavin wrote something very obscene on my hand and a Sharpie when we're at a party was writing something that she wouldn't do it and you have to trust them and I use it constantly constantly we weren't a whole time the entire time maybe it's pretty awesome Cricket time of year one of the things we got when we moved in the Congress office was we got these should I get my major they still exist to this day will and red Ikea lockers we got them from the converse Mac Center stor Triton in short we have these gold letters try to make words that Ikea out whatever letter i John Geoff slac on Rosewood one of their food stor about New York and then I'll be done so one of the other meals we had we went to this Korean restaurant and they had it was really good food but one of the things they had on the menu like I was looking for a bit and see if they have a drink that they described as unfiltered chunky rice beer unfiltered sounds pretty good and I was like yes I'm going to try that it was not a good texter didn't you you're way too drunk in this soil is more popular brand of those food replacement things we got a thing called coffiest once again the sales office I was just about to order some stuff online I got the sales office I got 8 boxes of this stuff just sitting there I was like please take him to keep sending us stuff and you can take some please take a blood sample or just whatever it's like people some of that stuff just like never makes its way to me I just like I wonder what am I doing wrong and I happy that we finished obligations or commitments I should say for the laser Team Funny campaign Michaels game time came out yesterday that on the website it'll probably out on YouTube I guess today Monday and that was it a super happy by the time to make myself a drink and I went to go make myself a makers and Coke didn't have any makers so I had a bottle of Jack Daniels a had opened I picked it up and note attached to this from a guy named Eric C 21 of believe is on the website Derek with a CK Derick c21 and I are sick Derek Derek you know I didn't know this was given to me by a fan and so I read the note and it was from him it was from RTX 2014 it was congratulating me on the end of the lazer team crowdfunding campaign and I was drinking it to celebrating out and it's like that I had a bottle of Jack Daniels a man sitting there for two years completely shot laser completely on opened that's crazy can I go to open the bottle of Jack Daniels yesterday I could I take pictures of everything I'm saying even if I can't keep it so I like I still have it digitally and I took it out I had a picture of the first thing I ever got sent since I moved back to the US and it was the Queen the solar Queen and waved and came a little note was like just like very early 2012 was like this and the person who tweeted to me that all my God I completely forgot about that I didn't miss anything I hadn't actually tweeted at the time I forgot I forgot to thank the person send it to me so I was basically just for you play on the same question for you SS office in in February of next year does it feel like more or less time that you actually gu I feel like I've been hit last time those photos with you guys we took outside of the converse office that was a delayed reaction miles was tweeting that a person behind the scenes of the on the Halo 2 like the video from 10 years ago that's all it is longer than 10 years is it Halo 2 Halo 3 by 10 years ago I think you gotten better with age I say you love the most identical to everyone a really strange it's what you mean what I say the most identical to everyone yeah that was that was that the look for the Butte Apartments I had to been a long time ago well that was that they didn't know that we were still in the spare bedroom so I must have been Note 4 in Ikea I first came in 2006 to hang out so of the decade certificate that was when you write on the mirror Akon you left before I did and he wrote by Gavin with soap on the mirror here in February and you haven't been like on camera yet I guess a lot so they give you a camera to film behind the scenes at Pax and like walk around packs to do things Brenda did I don't think you are getting recognized very often and you were actually in the booth many people you were just sent him a text with the setup the booth Dallas-Fort Worth always that one it was this want to talk but I think I was also the one where that dude took his show PayPal here you're right I do not look the same what it looks like you don't have to write it looks like it looks like if we should get team became important like a global level and they made like an exhibit in a museum that would be you like that Golf Club having the same yeah so if you in real life of me switch thing yeah but you're kind of in that in the outtakes at like 2 in the morning to of that thing you did I remember anything for the Halo 3 legendary what why you like push Geoff you always get a kiss and then I smack him in the face if you actually spell and hue problem did you constantly have back in the days when he would put his toe and people burritos fingernails and of the desk that I paid for so about a video we just showed 2060 x 32 out you are younger than I am now that's crazy that's meant to hear the same and 127th ice feel he could have been hanged so crazy I said no I don't never see you anymore we never had lunch you're supposed to come over today and it was vide hu come over Usher you would have been so hurt and I have a weekly lunch together on Tuesdays and tomorrow let me the first time we do it about 6 weeks what's up yet so if you want to let you know phenomenally busy spin on that that's crappy I would have never known it to be in a fight the entire time I've known him I got to invite my friend from high school there in hand the guy I talked about it I'm going to try to put in the blog he's a guy who he bought me my first video camera around back and was like a video 8 camera and it was like for what like to shoot movies on with them off or something I don't know if I don't know if I don't know if I'm at Liberty but he hadn't had a lot of money at young age and he was very like like accommodating to his friends probably more so than he should have a loan me the money to buy me a video camera camera game off but I had to pay him back the money that he bought for me but I was worried cause I know it's like a freshman in high school I've known him for a very long time and really try to calculate how long you been we stopped it was like I treat him to something a lot of fun with Barbara stage 2 and we played John Elway's team quarterback together we hadn't played the ice to go everyday After High School can we go to the West Oaks Mall and we will play John Elway's team quarterback and somebody on Twitter always listen to podcast guy holding in Twitter told me there's a listing and I bought the John Elway's but it's over and he's looking for that $1,400 including shipping was $60 so everybody from high school and we played an entire game which takes forever because it just would like to take orders from you the entire time and we had a blast today because he got home and family what is the Lou Garrett guy he lives in Austin we want you we want you 2 together my college buddies were just in town we got a buddy of mine there's like 6 of us will still hang out together I didn't get to hang out with you this weekend cuz I was going to run her concert and then I went to packs as well I don't have Notre Dame concert Notre Dame Notre Dame football game first day there my football buddies in town of Landis CEOs know it's funny because people Geoff and a Geoff with one my whole life and they're both Geoff fre also know it's Geoff Geoff the guy who runs amplifier because because I said to you Geoff Ramsey because I think it's really guy I was and I got a friend he's coming to town his name is also Geoff Please spell CEOs one FPS golf my friend you let off the gas at Geoff guy but he's a doctor he was guy doing the pre-med school when I was pre-med for meal for half years of my life of 4 years my life so wait when you hang out with you just give each other wedgies and stuff to just do like school stuff we do die each other off having friends at school a true friend so what time was it when you were watching each other constantly or just I just the way you like a pro and like a bro house bro yeah yeah yeah I was I was the world's worst fraternity like it was just like we got kicked off campus because there was always want to like try to patch up whenever I talk about something happened in 96 as you can 90s wear it was extraordinary early politically correct in everything with super political correct for about three or four years that's exactly the time that I went to college and now we're back political correctness because that wasn't it did have a negative term for getting that. Of time is one political correctness got a negative connotation to it I mean being politically correct it's not a negative term you know it's like you're being correct but now it's like oh you're being so PC John Favreau has a movie called PC you that he was a big deal is like contracts to have sexual consent forms before you would get in the bed with somebody always swing to the PC side of things and then back to the left and now even harder so you just sign to say you want to shut that door colleges that had that pin that no one else knows what's off about that the worst thing that's ever happened in your life is the fact that we now have chip reading credit card machine in America readers they've gotta go you can have it so that a signature goes away chip and pin but you did ship and sign which completely annihilate it's not that it's the out here swipe no chip then ship then song Don't time their sign this piece of paper it's like credit cards every topic in ballpoint signature hear it's supposed to I went to a restaurant the other day and was time to pay the waitress brought me the terminal to the table where is it was in New York and I put the chip in and complete the transaction on the screen it says please swipe card but she does that sometimes I take it out I just wipe it go through the process again it says sometimes it does that you can see you know I was here and it didn't works on that one you need the pin bit that's the important 7 everywhere whatever Jack on the iPhone 7 plus it's not stupid you can no longer use square or stripe you can put those purples in the swipe cards in it that's what we mention of it so you have to go to apple pie so I'm sorry if that was brought up to be able to have it or they'll have a Bluetooth I just hope it was that same way but you know how when you talk out the times and places where is the Amazon so you want to do this thing clear this thing it's good I'm in charge they called because I bought a bunch of stuff we talked about some last podcast and they said you also have a charge you're from Nepal on the map of the country and I don't recognize them from the charges directly on your bills I'm like no this is what they do they can cancel my credit card and issue a new number to me how much is it for which is 50 bucks more than $50 on my time now out all the places where I had the old credit card number automatic billing and all that other shit and get it 3 days later like in a row so I wish I knew you fire them I did use it on Etsy like 4 times maybe the bottle opener that the whistle bottle of her that I had one that was get the gets. But I like unique things like I think he has you need stuff on it I've gotten some stuff that's fucking garbage just like the lamps are lighted it's looks like some guy some guy like literally didn't even know how to use a miter saw and just like it's like glued together and with some nails and nails coming through ice yeah I'm going to talk about something else I saw an awful story awful story the other day can we pull up there and show them someone complain to Ikea in Norway that they bought this stool at Ikea and they were sitting on it in the shower washing themselves when one of their balls tweets 2 1 robotics a delicate operation covering by dangerous if he doesn't if he loses blood flow Nick and Lou it's a course of shooting European shower which by the way fucking catch up and showered looks like a red stitches a red circle with some holes punched in it has a moment switch button a jacket that he either remove the steam from the shower or put a towel over it before you said something anniversar desk reaching under right you could you reach under the stor blind with you anyway original dual and you're just feeling around out there that would have been painful but I imagine that felt really cool note like this right now it would have been like John fucking you ask your significant other for help and they just come in and go hue collision repair sitting there and noticing the accident I've been down to see what the fuck happened I realized the Lou hot water to expand and and quote the water turned cold by itself so I started freezing the water got cold even more cold and my mother-in-law smile when I married her entry point for the guy 2 tickles when you get in because you want to keep your balls close to your back and pull your balls warm so they get the family living like a certain temperature the track that would've been like if it's retracting faster than it's shrinking you've been building pressure man forget about it what's the closest you come to doing something like that or he was on Twitter is it Connor I said I have that chair in my apartment I will never look at it the same way what was the name of that just think he definitely remembers horse meat that may be the case people have listened to this podcast you talking about this please pull it up if you don't and we feel your face as you listen to what are you someone cut a video together of you explain in the cow counting Story 4 years ago the reason of the John Elway quarterback machine was totally cheated because I've been looking on eBay for yours or something so I mentioned his only contact hoping that someone will find it somebody was listen to the podcast in like five weeks prior they heard that I wonder if that things on eBay they looked it up what I've done a million times yes a listing had just started five minutes before she looked it up until you send it to me I probably bought this thing 7 minutes after I bought it instantaneously probably probably 7 minutes and it takes me like 5 minutes to click on a purchase that I was just looking for the 8 years I can't do it I think about it for like 3 or 4 years quarterback yeah your money back so we with the cow counting stor it was that they were calling me out for telling a story literally 200 podcast ago and I told the story again which is that with you too because I asked before I told the story I said I told him I've never heard that before Victoria BC is the podcast the listen to all of them in the span of months Russi one is a week apart I just spends multiple years is it possible to remember what was said on him and it was that off of here trying to determine like if you're sitting around with your friends like to try to remember every conversation you had with your friend at their house but not your house right now so like I said what's the office I watch the off this years ago I'm watching it again now I'm just making me laugh again I don't remember it on again Atwater other benefits life but a guy what you a keg party and he got drunk at a keg party is probably 20 college students tend to drink even though they're not of age before I can go back and figure he got very very drunk he went to the UT campus and he climbed up a little that's the fountain with all the horses in it yes he got up on top of the front horse's head always jumped off into the fuck holy crap which is about 6 inches deep and he paralyzed himself and show him and his family to the fraternity so the ruling was the fraternities could no longer have keg parties that was their big determination we all had to get this thing called him Colonel Insurance protection group or something like that we all had to buy it was an enormous amount of money we have basically let me know your house is falling down with this guy I used it as like the projects like he was just so run down we couldn't it was like everyone else on campus or any other organization could hear was like ten times as much with a card people we had to give up his fans and all the stuff that came with super over his one guy had a sword granted but you know it's like you know people have accents when they do things when they're drunk that that happens and then everybody else's fault today having a is moving back what happen to the guy you know guys that like I didn't know him personally but they're friends of friends and Eric man sued for hundreds of thousands not millions of dollars you know because they threw a party and I got too drunk and jump into a fountain and put them in the fountai that he's just drink too much and had an accident and anyway so are our four time he was like I can do that we're going to take part in a way that this is going to be in the store next week I have my very first clothing line in the Russi stor during September 22nd so it's the shirt and 3 other words you and when am I getting mine quotes out pretty burn citronella vicariously through Barbara note a t-shirt and there's a sweater since it's getting cold topic a man this one is available in both men's and women's cut tank tops Suns out guns out PC back we gotta note is that guys are asking will either be available in guy cuts which is the completed gets turned women have everybody sun's out buns out in our feature burn a cold Littlefield Fountain and it's on the University of Texas still has the horses and stuff I mean you guys next week nice pussy